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Mufon ufo journal   1983 4. april

Mufon ufo journal 1983 4. april






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    Mufon ufo journal   1983 4. april Mufon ufo journal 1983 4. april Document Transcript

    • MUFONUFO JOURNAL(USPS 002-970)103 Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, Texas 78155RICHARD H. HALLEditorANN DRUFFELAssociate EditorLEN STRINGFIELDAssociate EditorMILDRED BIESELEContributing EditorWALTER H. ANDRUSDirector of MUFONTED BLOECHERDAVE WEBBCo-Chairmen,Humanoid Study GroupPAUL CERNYPromotion/PublicityREV. BARRY DOWNINGReligion and UFOsLUCIUS PARISHBooks/Periodicals/HistoryROSETTA HOLMESPromotion/PublicityGREG LONGStaff WriterTED PHILLIPSLanding Trace CasesJOHN F. SCHUESSLERMedical CasesDENNIS W. STACYStaff WriterROBERT WANDERERColumnistNORMA E. SHORTDWIGHT CONNELLYDENNIS HAUCKEditor/Publishers EmeritusThe MUFON UFO JOURNAL ispublished by the Mutual UFONetwork, Inc., Seguin, Texas.Membership/Subscription rates:$15.00 per year in the U.S.A.;$16.00 foreign. Copyright 1983 bythe Mutual UFO Network. Secondclass postage paid at Seguin,Texas. POSTMASTER: Send form3579 to advise change ofaddress toThe MUFON UFO JOURNAL,103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, Texas78155.FROMTHEEDITORLets keep some perspective. on the nature of the UFOproblem. Despite the high interest in — and high potential payoff of— abduction and crash/retrieval cases, they represent extremes(rather than the "norm") and no totally convincing evidence hasemerged to warrant acceptance of either as fact. Both do demandcontinued close monitoring and investigation. CE-II cases,especially, constitute the core of the mystery. Supposed links ofUFOs with Bigfoot, cattle mutilations, etc. remain to be proven, anduncritical assumption of such links does nothing to advancescientific UFOlogy. Comments to the contrary are invited.In this issuePOLICEMAN ENCOUNTERS DIAMOND-SHAPED UFO 3By John F. Schuessler14TH ANNUAL MUFON SYMPOSIUM .By Richard HallTHE GERMAN HYPOTHESIS .. 6By Foster MorrisonTHE RESIDENT CRITIC: A COMMENT 10By Willard D. NelsonLETTERS 14(Plus other news and features, including CRITICS CORNER, p. 12; INOTHERS WORDS, p. 19; DIRECTORS MESSAGE, p.20)The Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Tax under .Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a publiclysupported organization of the type described in Section 509(a)(2). Donorsmay deduct contributions from their Federal income tax. In addition,bequests, legacies, devises, transfers, or gifts are deductible for Federalestate and gift tax purposes if they meet the applicable provisions ofSections 2055, 2106, and 2522 of the code.The contents of the MUFON UFO JOURNALare determined bythe editor, and donot necessarily represent the official position of MUFON. Opinions of contributorsare their own, and do not necessarily reflect those ofthe editor, the staff, or MUFON.Articles may be forwardeddirectly to MUFON.Responses to published articles maybe in a Letter to the Editor (up to about 400words) or ina short article (upto about2,000 words). Thereafter, the "50% rule" is applied:the article author may reply butwill be allowed half the wordage used in the response; the responder may answer theauthor but will be allowed half the wordage used in the authors reply, etc. Allsubmissions are subject to editing for style, clarity,and conciseness.Permission is hereby granted to quote from this issue provided not more than 200words are quoted from any one article,the authorofthe articleisgiven credit,and thestatement "Copyright 1983 by the Mutual UFO Network, 103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin,Texas" is included.
    • POLICEMAN ENCOUNTERS DIAMOND-SHAPED UFOBy John F. SchueSslerFlying discs, spheres, and cigarshave been reported nearly continu-ously for the past 35 years. However,during the past decade an ever-increasing number of triangular anddiamond-shaped objects have beenseen in the skies, adding a newdimension to the UFO mystery.During the 1980 Christmasholidayseason, three people encountered alarge, glowing, diamond-shaped object,hovering over a dark east Texas road.The injuries they suffered are nowfamiliar to UFO investigators aroundthe globe. Nevertheless, the objectremains unidentified. (The Cash-Landrum radiation injury case - Ed.)A similar object was sighted nearCleveland, Texas, on May22,1982. JonMcDonald, a deputy sheriff forLibertyCounty, was on routinepatroljustafewmiles from the location of the earlierincident when he observed two brightlights just over the top of the tall pinetrees.Officer McDonald explained howstolen cars were being driven fromHouston and abandoned in that darkwooded area. At 10:57 that night he wasalone in his patrol car when his UFOencounter began. The surroundingswere familiar. He was at the pipelinecrossing on Gladstall Road, a favoritedumping spot for stolen cars. Becausethe pipelineis the only open area in thedense woods he checked to see that thearea was closed to traffic by a heavywire fence. To his left he could see thered blinking lights atop some towers;but just beyond the towers appearedtwo very bright whitelights.The east TexasPineyWoodsisstillrelatively unspoiled; covered with treesand dense undergrowth. The humanpopulation is sparse and the nightsdark. An officer on patrol must knowthe location of homes, businesses, andother man-made items. When anunusual light is spotted the officer isimmediately alert. Therefore, whenGRAY COLORRED LIGHTBRIGHT WHITELIGHTSROUNDED CORNERS FLASHING REDLIGHTCleveland, Texas, UFO; May 22,1982Deputy McDonald saw the two lightsjust over the trees he immediatelyflashed his spotlight in their direction,he figured the lights were ona low flyingairplane. Nevertheless, he got out ofthecar for a look around; but the lightssunk out of sight below the treetops.Soon the lights reappeared. Hesaid "They would just come up and godown. I mean, stairstep itself down andstairstep itself back up. I shined myspotlight on it and the lightswent out."The officer was on one side of thepipeline and the object was onthe other— about 500 yards away. At that pointhe could see red lights in a diamondformation, with one blinking red light inthe center. Its flight path was from thenortheast to the southwest, directlyover the officers head. He said it wasabout 1,000 feet in the air and closingrapidly.When the object went overhead heshined hisspotlight on it. "Icouldplainlysee it," he said. "It was in a diamondshape, yknow, all four corners wererounded; but it was in a diamondshape." He went on to describe thecolor as grayish; like a dirtygalvanizedsteel — "a dirty,dirty gray." And it waslarge. "Id say you could fit ten cars intothe square it wouldform ifit was placedon the ground."The night was warm and humidand the sky was partlycloudy; but theforest was very still. In fact, he didnthear the normal sounds of the cricketsand smallanimals.The object, too, wassilent as it glided overhead.Officer McDonald switched off hisspotlight and stood in the darkness asthe huge diamond-shaped objectmoved on to the southwest. In a fewseconds he heard a whine and theobject just took off. That was all. Whenasked to describe the sound, he said "itsounded like a, not a turbine, but itwould have to be something nuclearpowered."Fortunately, the officer had aninteresting experience without illeffects. When he reported theexperience to the dispatcher via thepolice radio, he was told to submit anofficial Offense Report. OfficerMcDonald gave his permission for thisreport to be made public;suggesting itmight be helpful to others in futuresighting situations.(Editors Note: Mr. Schuesslers reportincluded a copy of officer McDonaldsofficial "Offense Report".)
    • "UFOs: A Scientific Challenge"FOURTEENTH ANNUAL MUFON SYMPOSIUMBy Richard HallThe 14th Annual MUFON UFOSymposium, with the appropriatetheme of "UFOs: A ScientificChallenge," will be held July 1-3,1983,at the Huntington-Sheraton Hotel inPasadena, California. Pre-registrationreservations should be sent to MUFONof Southern California,P.O. Box 2723,Sepulveda, CA 91343, with checksmade payableto "MUFON ofSouthernCalifornia." Pre-registration for allsessions is $17.50. (For additionalinformation, seeDirectors Message, p.20.)Based on the turnout in SanFrancisco, Calif., 4 years ago, anattendance of 1,000 or more isanticipated for this yearssymposium;Pasadena is adjacent to Los Angeleswhich has long been a center oforganized UFO investigation andresearch in support of the National-Investigations Committee on AerialPhenomena (NICAP), Center for UFOStudies (CUFOS), and MUFON.Pictured here are Bill Hassel —physicist), symposium chairman, andother organizers, along with some ofthe speakers. Topics to be coveredinclude Southern California UFOsightings, UFO propulsion, E-M effectson vehicles, pilot sightings,crash/retrieval reports, Governmentcover-up, cattle mutilations, and UFOson the international scene; (Speakersand titles are includedin the DirectorsMessage.) A variety of displays andinformal caucuses will round out theconference.We suggest you make yourreservations now for what promises tobe the outstanding U.S. UFOConference of the year.MUFON1030LDTOWNERD.SEGUIN.TX 78155Bill Hassel, Symposium GeneralChairmanWilliam L.Moore,author of "TheRoswell Incident"J. Allen Hynek, PhD, ScientificDirector of CUFOSAnn Druffel, Journal columnistand author of "The TujungaCanyon Contacts"
    • Symposium, Continued1983 MUFON Symposium planners, I. to r.: Vince Uhlenkott,Treasurer; Walt Greenawald, Program Development; Jerry Hiers,Publicity.Richard F. Haines, PhD, Paul C. Cerny, IM. Californiaexperimental psychologist State DirectorREADER PARTICIPATIONThe Journal is a publicationof, by,and for MUFON members orsubscribers as a forum for exchange ofinformation, views, and commentaries.Your participation is invited. All news,information, or articles should besubmitted in typed and double-spacedform. Author guidelines are availableupon request.Maximum article length,with rareexceptions, is 12 manuscript pages(about 4 Journal pages). Shorterarticles (about 500-750 words) arealways welcome, and may be publishedas "Comments," "Notes," or"Responses." Letters to the Editor,commenting on any material publishedin the Journal, should be under 500words.The "Data Mart" column is aservice to members/subscribers otherthan businesses who wish to request orexchange information or offer UFO-related items for sale. Brief notices arepublished free of charge, either withyour address or, if you prefer, with areply code so that MUFON canforward responses to you.MEMBER SURVEYWhat wouldyou like to see moreofor less of in the Journal? We wontknow if you dont tell us.For the rest of 1983 we will beconducting a member survey todetermine your interests, and afteranalyzing the results we will report onthem and make the changes yousuggest insofar as we can consistentwith MUFON and Journal policies.Do you have a favorite column orregular feature? A special interest incertain aspects of the UFO problem?Do you want more sightinground-ups,reviews, analytical articles? Do youfavor more dialogue1between UFOproponents and skeptics? Whatinformation is most useful to you? Whatcolumns or features are ofleast interestto you? Let us know via a post card orletter addressed to:Member Survey, MUFON, 103Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, TX 78155.
    • THE GERMAN HYPOTHESISBy Foster MorrisonIn attemptingto evaluate the UFOphenomenon we find very little of theprecise data most scientists areaccustomed to using.Allwe really haveare a lot of complex, but ill-definedevents out of which we can extract nonumerical values of aything.Contemporary management sciencehas provided a means of coping withsuch situations, which are typical ofthose faced by businessmen,executives, and bureaucrats, asopposed to the carefully controlledworld studied by scientists intheircleanrooms and laboratories. Themethodology is known as DecisionAnalysis.In principle, Decision Analysis isjust the application of probabilitytheory. The mathematics involved isabout 200years old. Anybody canlearnthe basics, but most people never reachthis level in their formal education, noteven the heavily schooled lawyers andfine arts PhDs. Engineersand scientistsuse the theory all the time, usually in ahighly developed special form such asleast-squares regression. It is the stock-in-trade ofallthose socialscientists whouse numbers more than eloquence, nomatter their ideologicalbent.This essay will not attempt theconstruction of a rigorous decisiontheory analysis of the UFOphenomenon. Instead, the methods ofA. Conan Doyle, as demonstrated byhis character Sherlock Holmes, will beapplied. What this means isthat a storywill be created out of a sequence ofvaguely related events. The storycouldthen be tested for possible validity byDecision Analysis.There are good reasons why thiswill not be done here. The first is thatthe author, though an appliedmathematician, is only familiar withdecision theory, but not facile with it.This problem can be solved byobtaining expert consultants, ifsomeone could find the money for theirfees. The entire UFO phenomenon6should be subjected tosuch ananalysis,which ought to be revised on a regularbasis as more data accumulate.The hypothesis to be outlinedherewould not win the accolade of "mostlikely" from very many experts at thepresent time. If a comprehensiveDecision Analysis were done, severalvery different stories might outrank thevariations of The German Hypothesis.There are, however, some goodreasons for doing the analysis at theessay level. For one thing, it has beendone at least twice before. The first trywas UFOs, Nazi Secref Weapon?Written and published by Canadianfarrightists, the little book suffers fromsloppy composition -and shoddyscholarship. There is no documenta-tion to speak of,except some reprintednewspaper clippings. Little distinctionis made between hard fact andspeculation. Despite its flaws, thepublication does serve the purpose ofraising some interesting questions.Some people would say "frightening,"which is always interesting.The second effort isinthe form ofanovel, Genesis. Almosttoo much of theperipheral UFO baggage is taken intothis book. The central character of thestory is a villian of such Olympianproportions as to dwarf any historicalperson or even hypothesized extraterr-estrials. He is an American namedWilson from the corn belt, far moreversatile than Leonardo, who vastlyexcells Stalin at political intrigue andmakes all other scientists seeminsignificant.As a workofliterature, Genesis isa"pot boiler" novel, but it is intended topresent possible historical facts as adramatization. A bigimprovementoverUFOs, Nazi Secret Weapon? is thatthe author has documentedhissourcesthoroughly. The message of the twoworks is much the same, though theaudiences and purposes diverge widely.One is trying to cheer up discouragedracists and the other to warnoverconfident liberals. (Now guesswhich does which.) Evenifone is not ineither of these groups, it would be wiseto take the message to heart.The rest ofthisessay will constructa more plausiblescenario based on thecommon theme of Genesis and UFOs,Nazi Secret Weapon? It will not beclaimed that this is the current mostlikely explanation of the UFOphenomenon, even in the not toohumble opinion of the author.However, this is a serious effort toconstruct a far more plausible storythan the ones in either of these books,and one whose likelihood is notnegligible by any means.Space TechnologyThe UFO phenomenon to somepeople seems a violation of the lawsofphysics. Most, if not all, of the basicphysics and mathematicsfortheNASAshuttle and Project Apollo date fromthe nineteenth century or earlier. Ittook two generations and more for thetechnology to catch up. As it is, theShuttle is an unwieldy, Rube Goldbergcombination ofa reentry vehicleand anairplane, that pushes existing scienceand technology close to the breakingpoint. One might call it a triumph oftechnological machismo over Murphy(and his Law),now that we have seenitdoes indeed fly.In stark contrast, thetypical UFO outperforms dirty, noisyshuttles and military interceptorseffortlessly and even quietly. Shuttleand space colony enthusiasts hateUFOs so much that they simply refuseto recognize their existence.Most books on relativity tell aboutthe curvature of space and time. Butspace and time are not merely curved,in some sense they are not real, asuseful as they may be to mostengineers. Space and time are notabsolutes. Mathematics calls thisbeingnon-holonomic; the jargon ofrelativity(continued on next page)
    • Hypothesis, Continuedsays they are not invariants.Experiments have shown that if anumber of (very, very accurate) clocksmake round trips through differentenvironments they will record differentelapsed times. Things as common aselevations show this samemathematical property inthe context ofclassical, Newtonian physics. Veryprecise elevations must be correctedfor gravity variations because thesurfaces of equal potential (such as astill pond) are not exactly parallel orconcentric. Spaceand timeare not justcurved in the world of high speeds andstrong gravity, they are even ill-defined.The theory of relativity provides thecorrection equationsto make sense outof the numbers we read from our rulersand clocks under all conditions,whereas classical physics is goodenough for our workaday world.If we are to explainUFOs in termsof physics we understand to somedegree, it seems essential to assumethey are capable of generating artificialgravity fields, much as we producemagnetism with electriccurrents. Hereis where our science is fatally deficient.Einstein and many others have tried tocome up with a unified field theory. Theresults have been verydisappointing, tosay the least. But a completelysuccess-ful theory would, supposedly, tellus how to generate a gravitational fieldfrom an electric current or other formof energy. Presumably we could cancelout the earths gravity and acceleratevery quickly in any direction. Perhapsthere would even be a way to convertmass to energy without the massiveequipment and radiationhazards of ourpresent nuclear power plants or fusionprojects.The very high accelerationsdemonstrated by UFOs imply verystrongly that the gravity force is beingused. Only gravity could accelerate avehicle and its contents, includingpassengers, without settingup the largeforce gradients that would tear themapart. Because all our familiar aircraftuse Newtons second law andmechanical pressure (ultimatelyderived from microscopic electro-magnetic forces) to propel themselvesand their cargoes, most people have// we are to explain UFOs interms of physics we under-stand to some degree, it seemsessential to assume they arecapable of generatingartificial gravity fields....concluded incorrectly that UFOsviolate our basic concepts of physics.Instead high accelerations prove thatUFOs use gravity forces. One mayhypothesize a fifth force, not nowknown to terrestrial physicists, but thisdoes not solve the problems of how togenerate or control the force and addsan unnecessary assumption.German Breakthrough?For The German Hypothesis to betenable, it is virtually essential toassume that a team of Germanscientists devised a very successfulunified field theory and probably in thetime frame of 1933-1939. The Germantechnical expertise was surely theworlds best in that period, thoughother European nations and Americawere not far behind. We do know thatgravitons (the particles that transfergravitational energy and momentum)and photons (the particles that transferelectromagnetic energy andmomentum) do interact.Einstein predicted the curvatureoflight by gravityand thishas indeed beenobserved. Perhaps this interaction isenhanced by resonance of thefrequencies of photons and gravitonsand that makes gravity manipulationquite practical. Such a phenomenonwould create havoc with the geometricelegance of relativity theory ascurrently conceived, but quantummechanics has done that alreadyon theatomic scale. There are no otherphysical processes where the behaviorof electromagnetic radiation (i.e.,photons) does not depend critically onfrequency.Some may object that the Nazisdeprecated Einstein and his work andwould be the last ones to expand uponit. Here we must differentiate betweenpolitical rhetoric and technicalexpedience. For one thing, the mediahad built up Einstein as a folk hero, abrilliant, but eccentric, lovable manwho wanted peace and just enoughmaterial goods to sustain his quest forscientific truth. He became a symbolofprotest against the Nazi treatment ofJews.If indeed relativity and a unifiedfield theory have the practical militaryand economic values of leadingto UFOtechnology, it would make the mostsense from the viewpoint ofcounterintelligence to denounce themas "Jewish physics." To publicize sucha possibility might have jarred Einsteinsmind into action again. After he wasabout 40, in 1919, he neveraccomplished very much. And therealso were (and are) many very brightyounger physicists, to whom Nazismwas an anathema, and they would havebeen stronglymotivated to work on the• problems. Confusing the issue withpersonal attacks on Einstein and hisracial and religious background was agood strategy and it dovetailed soperfectly with NSDAP (NationalSocialist German Workers Party)ideology that it would arouse nosuspicion.One may ask how Germanphysicists could make such abreakthrough without it beingduplicated in the past 50 years or so.Frequently scientific discoveries aremade almost simultaneously, but notalways. InMarco Polos timeChina wasthe equal of Europe ineverything whereit did not surpass the West. By thenineteenth century China hadregressed while the West had madeenormous progress in the sciences andtechnology. Recent successes ofChinese scientists show us that bright,creative people were still being born inChina, but that the society had becomeso ossified that it stultified them.Opportunities in other areas ofscience and the awesome Einsteinpersonality cult have served to deterpeople from following his leads orquestioning his hypotheses, as aphoton-graviton resonance wouldrequire. What is more, graduate andprofessional schools tend to drive outcreative people in favor of mediocreworkaholics, who are better atmemori--zing trivia than thinking. Creative peopleare likely to be eccentric, undisciplined,(continued on next page)
    • Hypothesis, Continuedand lopsided in their intellectualdevelopment, as was Einstein, himself.Nazi sympathizers, on the otherhand, would have been stronglystimulated to debunk Einstein andwould go over his work with a fine-toothcomb, ifthey had adequate capabilities.In the process they could well havesucceeded in extending and improvinghis work rather than totallydiscreditingit. If they could get that far,the militaryimplications would be obvious. Genesissuggests a conventionaltechnologicalmodel for flying discs, though itmentions anti-gravity as a possiblepropulsion method.One may wonder ifHitler ever wasaware of the flying disc project. Theexistence of such an effort is welldocumented in Genesis and less so inUFOs, Nazi Secret Weapon. Thecruxof The German Hypothesis lies inwhether the disc was a genuine UFOtype of craft or we have a case of anhistorical coincidence of UFOsappearing while Germans are workingon a totally crackpot aircraft design.The existence of "foo fighters"suggeststhat the German disc may have beenviable. Genesis postulates that derFuhrer was ignorant of the wholeprocess, which was carried out underHimmlers aegis.Another viewpoint suggests takingNazi ideologyseriouslyanddiscountingNazi rhetoric. The NSDAP lauded theNordic subrace and was down on slavsand hostile to Jews. AnthropologistCarlton Coon has shown that most ofthe population of Germany is of theAlpine subrace. Earlier studies haveindicated a very strong correlationofNordic with Protestant and Alpine withCatholic. Nazi propaganda insisted thenon-Jewish Germans were "pureNordic," but the party experts hardlycould have believed it themselves. Themajority of Germans were (and are) .basically Alpine, much like the despisedCzechs, Poles, and Russians.Not only were the Alpine types amajority, but they.were the grass rootssupport of the NSDAP. Nazism alsowas very unpopular in the Nordicforeign nations of Scandinavia, theBritish Isles, and North America. Hitlerhimself was an Austrian. Despite an8endless wave of anti-Nazi books andTV programs, thisglaringcontradictionis never mentioned. Lack ofconsistency, however, isscarcely aviceunique to Nazi politicians.We Americans always have beentold Hitler wanted to conquer theworld. That seems to be a typicalexaggeration, but he did state explicitlyhe wanted Germany to become apowerful imperialist state, a positionfrom which Britain was slipping at thattime. AllGermans then, no matter theirpolitical persuasion, were saturatedwith history and aware of OswaldSpengler and his ideas. Another fact isthat the Nordics were (and are)becoming a smaller and smallerminority in Germany. They were thelosers in a demographic derby, as aretheir WASP cousins in contemporaryAmerica, whites in South Africa, andJews in Israel. An expanded,imperialistic Reich would haveaccelerated this process, we can besure. So, whats another littlecontradiction?We do know the Nazis took theirracial theories seriously enough to setup special facilities to produce idealhuman specimens through selectivebreeding. As students of the Aryanconquest of India, they must haveknown that caste systems ultimatelyfail. The best wgy to produce a truesuper race, instead ofthe imaginary oneof political propaganda, would be inrelative isolation, pot in the middleof animperialistic state, where commerceand political intrigue soon submergeclass, caste, society, and culture. Avictorious Third Reich undoubtedlywould have set up for its chosen aspecial colony isolated from the turmoilof central Europe, but the long-termviability of such a Utopia is dubious aslong as it is a dependency.The new disc technology,however, with its ability to borewormholes in space and time, openedup vast new possibilities. Why not takethe best and leave both Germany andits enemies behind? Now Isuspect thatmost German Nordics, like their kinelsewhere, were appalled at Hitler,Nazism, and all else that is illiberal andanti-intellectual. There must have been,however, a minority of fanaticalsupporters among this minority. Atleast some of these would be moved tothe Antarctic and the Amazon regionand then, perhaps, to a colony on aplanet revolving about someconvenient star.If one can conceive that this mighthave happened, and that isasking for avery open, imaginative mind, thenspeculation about Hitlers role is nowappropriate. We have been sosaturated with propaganda aboutHitlers crimes against humanity that.we fail to notice some real peculiaritiesabout his career. Hisrise to power andsuccess was meteoric and reached apeak in 1939. Then he wrecklesslylaunched his country into a hopelesswar and it and much of the rest ofEurope were devastated. It is too easyto say that Hitler was crazy. Suchstatements explain anythingand henceexplain nothing. A more realisticevaluation is that age and stress caughtup with his frail, war-damagedconstitution and his physical andmental health deteriorated.But why did he allow the war tostart in 1939? Germanys submarinefleet, its only answer to Britains andAmericas powerful navies, wasobsolete even then and the V2s,missiles, and jet fighters on the drawingboards were years from production.Germany would have needed vasttechnical superiority to hope to matchthe far more massive productivecapacities and manpower pools ofFrance, Britain, the U.S.A., and theU.S.S.R, Her allies were Italy, Hungary,and Bulgaria,all of little value. Not onlydid Hitler start a massive war ill-prepared, he mismanged it so badlythat some of his generals tried toassassinate him in 1944. Near the endofthe war, for example, he made theLuftwaffe use the newMe-262jet fighteras a fighter-bomber instead of a muchneeded superior interceptor. Not onlydid he not want to win the war, he didnot want to delay defeat.One can speculate that Hitlerescaped with his hypothesized chosenfew or stayed behind to assure that heprogram remained a secret and thatGermany was thoroughly demolished.Would he abandon his faithfulsupporters, and maximize Itheir defeat,(continued on
    • Hypothesis, Continuedto pursue an ideologial dream?Although a skilled politician,Hitler wascertainly a "true believer." He was anascetic, like Gandhi, not the type ofhigh-living grafter that fills our electedoffices. Could he cynically leave hisdevoted Alpine followers to the tendermercies of the Soviet Army? Certainly!As a fanatic he would have put asideevery consideration except the successof his ultimateproject. The situationinEurope would keep the worlddistracted for years while the New Manin the New Germany was busy at otherthings. After Germany was defeated,everybody tried to outdo his neighborblaming itallon theirformer leader. Thehypothesized cynicism would havebeen well justified.According to both Genesis andUFOs..., the escape to the South Poledid not go undetected. Did AdmiralByrd probe for Nazi exiles down there,who retaliated witha show offorce overWashington, D.C.?This istoo specificaseries of events to analyze withoutintensive research, some of whichmight require classified or otherwiseunavailable materials. Instead, let usanalyze some typical UFO behaviorpatterns that indicate a terrestrialsource with a critical edge in science,rather than an extraterrestrialcivilization hundreds or eventhousands of years more advancedthan we are.For one thing, UFOs take keeninterest in secret military bases. Thishas been reported repeatedly. Asociety so very far ahead would becontent to read Jaynes annuals aboutour destructive toys. UFO encountersare always incredibly bizzare. A highlyadvanced alien culture would be cool,rational, and detached, even ifsomewhat curious, and could avoiddetection completely. The apparentlyexotic behavior seems to be intended tokeep the scientific community and thebourgeoisie (including Sovietapparatchiks) blissfully incredulous.The cheapest and most effective partofany security system is a flow ofinformation that is high in volume andlow in coherence. Whatever the sourceof UFOs, they are doing an excellentjob of this. The mission of the UFOsThe cheapest and most effectivepart of any security system is aflow of information that is highin volume and low incoherence. Whatever thesourceof UFOs, they are doing anexcellent job of this.obviously is spying, and perhaps evensome piracy. Human abductions andcattle mutilations indicate they may beinto molecular biology and aresomewhat ahead of us, as Genesissuggests.Best EstimateOn this side of the fence what ishappening? The best estimate is thatthe intelligence community is keepingitall a secret from elected officials andthat no President or Congressman hasbeen able to learn more than you have.There are two motivations for thiskindof behavior and its not clear which isdominant inthis case. The inner coreofthe intelligencecommunitymay harborNazi sympathizers, who would not liketo see the noble experiment disturbed.There also is bound to be a strong fearof retaliation ifa threat wereto develop.Underground research and securityfacilities have been built by the U.S.A.,much as Germany didduringthe ThirdReich. That is where the UFO actionmust be, ifthere is any within the U.S.Government.A massive retaliation of unknownproportions might accompany thelaunching of a conspicuous Americanprogram to duplicate UFO technology.The UFOs are not as easy to spyon asthe Soviet Union, so the intelligencecommunity keeps walking on eggs. Forthe same reasons the "spooks" mustcooperate, willingly or not, with theUFO effort to remain incredible. Ifelected officials and most of the upper-middle class became convinced of thereality and hence importance of theUFO phenomenon, the debate wouldmove out of the shadows and into thelimelight of the democratic process.The results of this are totallyunpredictable to the "spooks," to theUFOs, and to your author.Fortunately, even if a politician orscientist reads.this article, he (or she)wont take it seriously. These people,though not really stupid, are asstubborn as the proverbial mule; youhave to hit them between the eyes witha sledge hammer to get their attention.The German Hypothesis indicates thatWorld War II was started, expanded,and deliberately lost to distract theattention of the majority of the humanrace .from the true directions ofNational Socialist scientific and socialprograms. This strategy would permitthe Nazi colony to expand its technicallead tremendously, while the vastlywealthier U.S.A. and U.S.S.R. wouldwaste their time and money on dead-ends such as chemical rocketry.Lots of speculations can be madeabout certain details of the UFOexperience. UFOs, .Nazi SecretWeapon?, in fact, makes the(undocumented) statement that theseGerman exiles have contactedextraterrestrials and are collaboratingwith them. Genesis speculates that theapparent aliens are short ParaguayanIndians, captured and robotized bybrain implants. Either or both of thesespeculations might be true.Now that you have swallowed TheGerman Hypothesis hook, line, andsinker, we may proceed to predictfuture developments. UFOs willcontinue to monitor earth verycarefully. Even if interstellar travel hasopened up vast, new frontiers, it will bea long time before the colony has grownenough to feel secure from apotentiallyhostile home planet. Would the colonyever invadeEarth? Ifinhabitable planetsare as rare as some scientists think,itisa distinct possibility. Or mostinhabitable planets may already haveformidable societies.Provided that living space is stillnot too scarce in the Universe, thecolony maybe content to letus proceedon our path of wiping out most life onEarth, and ultimately ourselves, withenvironmental destruction and perhapsnuclear war. We can be sure anyUFOnauts have read The Global 2000Report to the President, even if RonaldReagan has not. We may be left asabadexample of the results of democracyand egalitarianism to instruct futuregenerations in their evils.(continued on next page)
    • THE RESIDENT CRITIC: A COMMENTBy Willard D. NelsonBob Wanderer stated in a letterafter reviewing my "Viewpoint on theAndreasson Affair" that our positionsseem .fairly close and that we both aredubious of that case. I am only "partlydubious," mainly because of the use ofhypnosis to obtain the story. Actually Iam very open to the whole thing,including the fact there may have beena real UFO and real entities involved.Maybe this is because, as Ive becomeacquainted with the UFO phenomenonthe past 10-15 years, I believe that realUFO events occur. I think he bycontrast, believes real UFO events donot occur — which makes him a"skeptic" and me a "believer."I would wear my believers badgewith honor even though the NOVAshow used the term in a derogatorysense. The term does not mean thatIma weak-minded dupe. It is the verycontradictory and anomalous natureofthe UFO phenomenon that drives meto study and consider the nature ofreality itself. And I would be the last totry to tell others what the whole thingisall about or how they should thinkabout it. That would be presumptuousand egotistical.As for the article on the NOVA"The Case of the UFOs"(No. 178, Dec.1982), Wanderers position is that theshow which the UFO movement wouldlike to see made cannot be madebecause the standards of TVdocumentaries are such that itwouldntbe considered since it would not besufficiently focussed and easilyunderstood. To that my. response is aloud "Bull--, Mr. Wanderer!" Theproducers may have had that thoughtHypothesis, ContinuedEven ifyou consider The GermanHypothesis an outgrowth of anhistorical accident, some of thedeductions of this essay remain highlyplausible. The natureof the game beingplayed by the UFOs and the intelligencecommunity with each other and withthe general public has only oneexplanation. Even advanced aliensmight be concerned if the U.S.A. orU.S.S.R. developed UFO capabilities.Obviously the "spooks" know a lotabout UFOs and do not want any partof it to feed into the political process, forthe reasons given previously. It is morethan a concern that stock in NorthAmerican Rockwell would plummetbecause the firms technology ispotentially obsolete. Only an addledsocialist ideologue would come up withan explanation like that.Unless there is a fluke event,where both UFOs and "spooks" losecontrol for too long,civilian researcherswill continue to be stymied by lack ofresources. There has been no UFOactivity escalation sufficient to perturbthe smugness of the scientificcommunity or the middle class as awhole. Lets recall the muleanalogy. So10far we have been tantalized withfeathers. Freedom of Information suitsare not going to dislodge anythingsignificant unless they happen to triggerthe unlikely event. A Federal judge, andsome rather flaky people now holdthese jobs, might freak out and spill itall.As a UFO investigator, you areincreasing the likelihood of the fluke.Do you want to open up a PandorasBox out of which may flow aliens,economic and social upheaval, andperhaps even revenge-mindedNazis? Ifyou are a UFO investigator,you havemore curiosity and imagination thangood sense. And if I can pop the lidbefore you, I will.REFERENCESBerry, Adrian, The Iron Sun: Crossing theUniverse Through Black Holes (Warner Books,1977)Calder, Nigel, Einsteins Universe (PenguinBooks, 1980).Coon, Carleton S. The Races of Europe(Greenwood, 1972).Harbinson, W.A. Genesis (Dell Publishing Co.,1982).Macvey, John W. Interstellar Travel (AvonBooks, 1978).Mattern. and Friedrich, UFOs, Nazi SecretWeapon? (Samisdat Publishers, Ltd!, no date;available from publisher at P.O. Box 11132,Station "E", Buffalo, NY 14211, $4.95).but they didnt want, actually,to try tofocus the subject any more than hewants to be a "believer" for fear hewould be considered stupid.Dr. J. Allen Hyneks editorial inInternational UFO Reporter (Nov.-Dec., 1982) outlines the many feet offilm that ended up on the cutting roomfloor, which could have gone to makethe show that Wanderer says couldntbe made. The editorial also discreditsthe Persinger "explanation" for suchUFO events as Travis Waltons orDeputy Val Johnsons — a theory Iintroduced to Mr. Wanderer inorder togive him something to chew on, to seehow he would behave. My ownadditional objection to the NOVA showis only a logical one. It concerns thescene showing the compressive rockfracture experiments. The electricsparks appeared during the rockfracture. "Real" UFOs are not seen atthe . same time . as an earthquake,although there are known to be largediffuse earthquake lights sometimesassociated.Harley Rutledges letter to APRO(APRO Bulletin V. 30, No. 11) agrees.He says, "Having lived in the vicinityofthe New Madrid fault for 20 years andhaving directed a long-term scientificfield study of UFO phenomena, duringwhich I observed some 150UFO lights,I do not believe that any of these wereproduced by insects or earthquakes —nor~ were any of the seven craft Iobserved."Its an interesting theory, but theNOVA show stated rock fracture as thesource of UFO lights. That is not evenwhat Persinger is saying. He points to asix-month or longer lag that he thinksoccurs in his hypothetical UFOconnection between earth stress andeventual earthquake. His mathematicalanalyses are based on a lag.Ill bet Id beable to prove anythingabout anything ifI were up on my multivariant statisticalanalyses. As for Persingers additionalwork connecting the conscious contentof UFO experiences with the supposed(continued on next page)
    • MUFON EXHIBIT IN CORPUS CHRISTIBy Walt AndrusIn a combination sales promotionand UFO public education event, wehad our first opportunity to utilize ournew portable display exhibit boards atthe elegant Sunrise Mall in CorpusChristi, Texas from February 15ththrough the 19th. A personalappearance by Scott Carpenter, theformer astronaut and the display of a12-foot model of the Space Shuttlepreceded MUFONs exhibit by 2weeks. Continuous visual aids were anattraction to visitors to the shoppingmall and our exhibit. In additionto thefour display boards (both sides)exhibiting 8 x 10inch photographs anddrawings of close encounter cases ofthe first, second, and third kinds, oneboard wasdevoted to hoax photos.Jensflares, and objects frequentlymisinterpreted as UFOs.The most popular attraction wasthe continuous showing of UFOprograms, movies, and documentarieson a closed circuit VHS videodisplay,provided through the courtesy ofVideoConcepts. Some of the VHS tapesfeatured were "UFOs Are Real," "TheUFO Experience" by KPIX-TV in SanFrancisco, "Chariots of the Gods,""The UFO Incident," and thequestion-able NOVA series, "The Case of theUFO." Between videotape shows,slides of UFO photographs wereprojected on a screen depicting closeComment, Continuedelectrical events, I have no comment.Now that Wanderer has made acommitment to the "pine long"solutionto the great Loch Ness Monstermystery ( No. 176, Oct. 1982), I wonderwhat he thinks about the 1,500 hoursofsonar-grams with multiple contactsmade by the latest study, reviewed inarecent New Scienfisf ("The BiologyofLoch Ness," Vol. 97, No. 1345,17 Feb.1983)?Apparently the scientistsare notready to close the books on itas soon ashe is.encounters of the first, second, andthird kinds.The public exhibit also providedthe first occasion to display MUFONsnew 4 ft. x 6 ft. banner. Made of woolfelt, it has white letters and logo on aroyal blue background with gold borderand accessories. This banner will beused at all annual MUFON UFOSymposiums, starting with Pasadena,California, as a prominent backdropbehind the speakers lectern.Since favorable UFO publiceducation is one of MUFONsobjectives, photographs have beenincluded in this article showingconstruction details of the displayboards and exhibit layout as ideas forour members who may wish to utilizethem. MUFON is personally indebtedto Sherman J. Larsen and the Centerfor UFO Studies for their novelconstruction ideas to build individualboards that are not only portable fortransportation, but selfrstanding andmay be assembled in5minutes after thephotographs have been attached. Ourdisplay consists of six boards (bothsides), however only four were used inCorpus Christi.It may be extended to anynumberof boards without any revision indesign. Aluminum tubing for legs andextruded aluminum channelingprovides the frame and strength foreach board. Angle brackets are usedfor the corners to attach each board tothe upright legs with appropriate autohose clamps. One-half inch thickcelotex, 3 ft. x 4 ft. in size, and paintedwhite on both sides was used for thebasic boards. The timefor constructionis no small task, considering thenumber of extruded aluminumchannels that must be cut and fitted,and the drilling and insertionof 240 selftapping screws in the bracketry for sixboards.Plans are being made to have boththe UFO exhibit displayboards and thebeautiful MUFON banner at the 1984MUFON UFO Symposium in Dallas,Texas.11
    • CRITICS CORNERBy Robert WandererHow to Avoid Being "Abducted"Are you concerned that you andyour loved ones might be "abducted"onto a UFO by "aliens"? A fascinatingnew study suggests a simple way toavoid such a calamity: If you do notbelieve "abduction" is possible, you willnot be "abducted."At least thats the interpretation Imake, adapting the results of a study of"past lives" hypnosis to the problemofUFO "abduction" stories. I considerthat "abduction" stories and "pastlives" stories involve essentially thesame procedure: you are hypnotized,asked (explicitly or implicitly) to tell astory (about being "abducted" or abouta "past life"), and then your"unconscious mind" (or whateverterm*> you prefer) produces the requestedstory.The study was conducted byRobert A. Baker, a psychologist at theUniversity of Kentucky. He recruited60 students who had been hypnotizedin classroom exercises and wereconsidered good hypnosis subjects.Each person came individually intoa room containing a comfortable cotand was told they were participating inastudy or relaxation, where they were tolie down and listen to a tape recordingon "past lives regression." Threeslightly different recordings were used,each with 20students. After hearingthetape the subject was hypnotized andregressed into a "time machine" goingback down through the years beforebirth. They were asked to describethemselves and their surroundingsthere. After intensivequestioning,eachsubject was returned to the "timemachine" for a second and then a thirdattempted excursion into the past.One group heard a tape tellingabout a "new and exciting" therapyusing "past lives," and suggesting thatthe subject "relax, let go, and do as Itellyou" to journey back to another life. Ofthese 20 subjects, 17 reported on a"past life," and 15 of those reportedmore than one "past life" in the three12attempts. Only three didnt come upwith a "past life."The second group heard a moreneutral tape about "past .lives," sayingthat "you may or may not drift back toanother lifetime." Of these 20 subjects,12 reported on a "past life" and nineofthose on more than one. Eight of the 20reported none.The third group heard a tape about"a bunch of far-out therapists on theWest Coast have come up with yetanother crazy kind of therapy" andadvising the subject that "you mightaccidentally, by chance," experienceanother lifetime. Of those 20, only tworeported a "past life," onlyone reportedmore than one, and 18 had none.Baker concludes that "it seemsclear that the suggestions made prior tothe induction and regression attemptshad a significant influence upon thepast-life reports."I suspect something very similargoes on in"abduction" cases developedunder hypnosis. You report some"missing time," some time you cantaccount for. You wonder whethersomething strange happened, youveheard that people sometimes reportUFO "abductions" in suchcircumstances, and you go underhypnosis wondering/expecting/believ-ing in some mysterious unknown. Andthen, the story you "expected" comesout under hypnosis.As Dr. Baker concludes:"Past lives regression phenomena,rather than being examples of thereality of reincarnation,are instead theresult of suggestions made by thehypnotist, expectations held by thesubjects, and the demand characteris-tics of the hypnoidal relationship."Replace "past lives regression"with "UFO abduction," and "reincarna-tion" with "extra-terrestrial aliens," andyouve got a provocative thesis aboutUFO "abduction" stories. It would beinteresting if someone would test thatthesis, similar to the study of "pastlives" hypnosis.We hear of cases where people arehypnotized, allegedly to find out what"really" happened on some occasion,and suspecting that "somethingstrange" may have happened. Itsometimes turns out that they thinkthey were "abducted" onto a UFO. Arethere ever any cases where people arehypnotized expecting to have someexotic story revealed such as a UFO"abduction," where they tell underhypnosis that they werent "abducted"but actually had a perfectly normalexperience? Are there hypnotizedsubjects withsuchexpectationswhodonot get what they expect?Dr. Baker, in the article reportingon his study, cited other cases goingback to Bridey Murphy in 1956 whichshow "how easily human subjects willrole play extreme regressions ondemand." In allthese studies, he pointsout, "the power of suggestion seemsparamount. If a hypnotic subject istoldhe will go back to another lifetime andifthe hypnotist expects himto do so anddemands that he play such a role, it isdifficult for the subject not to comply."Hypnotists in"abudction"cases, pleasenote.Reference: Robert A. Baker, "The Effect ofSuggestion on Past-Lives Regression," AmericanJournal of Clinical Hypnosis, 25:1, July 1982, pp.71-76; summarized in Psychotogy Today, April1983, p. 25.STAMP PROGRAMWe acknowledge contributions ofcancelled foreign stamps from M.Kislosky, Georgetown, Pa.; Greg Long,Kennewick, Wash.; and AudreyPatrick, Kennett Square, Pa. Proceedsfrom the project are applied tointernational exchange of UFOinformation. Send stamps to RichardHall, 4418 39th St., Brentwood, MD20722.
    • MUFON SPONSORS E.T. CONTESTBy Walt AndrusMore than 50 original extra-terrestrial models were entered in the"Make your Own E.T. Contest"sponsored by the Mutual UFONetwork in Beverly, Massachusetts.These models were on display duringthe Ideas Exchange Fair whereMUFON scientists studied them andjudged them on the basis of originality,detail, and appropriateness of theenvironmental conditions on the homeplanet for supporting each newly-invented life form. Mrs. MargeChristensen, MUFON State Directorfor Massachusetts, was the coordinatorfor the Ideas Exchange Fair at BeverlyHigh School on October 30 thatattracted 650-700 visitors. TheMUFON judges were David Webb,Bob Sampson, Jules Vaillancourt,Barry Greenwood, Joan Thompson,and astronomer Jack Eddy fromColorado.Kevin Christensen, 1st prize,Grades 9-12Prizes included a copy of the 1981MUFON UFO Symposium Proceed-ings held at M.I.T., complimentarytickets to Sack Thesters, "E.T. PhoneHome" bumper stickers, and "E.T."posters. In the 9-12 year old category,Kevin Christensen (son of David andMarge Christensen) won the first prize.A special thanks is extended to theMUFON judges, I to r: Dave Webb, Joan Thompson, BarryGreenwood, Bob Sampson, Jules Vaillancourtjudges pictured, and congratulations toKevin for his unique "E.T." model andorginality in depicting life and livingconditions on a fictitious planet.We should all be proud, becausethese young people are going to be thescientists of the future!SUPPORT MUFONMUFON needs a largermembership/readership in order to bemore effective in pursuingour goals ofUFO research and public education.We suggest that State MUFONorganizations, and individual membersas well, consider gift subscriptions tothe Journal, for friends, relatives,libraries, or your doctor or dentist forwaiting room reading material. Stateorganizations should encourage theirmembers and consultants to take outadditional subscriptions as a means ofsupporting MUFON and disseminatinginformation.Also, if you know someone whomay be interested in becoming amember or subscriber, send us theirname and address and we will mailthema complimentary copy of the Journalalong with information about the goalsand purposes of MUFON.And dont forget, MUFON is anonprofit, tax exempt organization.Your contributions (other thanmembership fee) are deductible fromFederal income tax for U.S. citizens.oREQUEST FOR PROPOSALResearch Analyst to compile,analyze, and summarize informationabout reported UFO"abduction" casesin order to determine patterns — orinconsistencies — and to facilitatefuture research. May be collegestudent, librarian, abstractor, or otherwith strong verbal and analyticalskills.Successful applicant will be provided amodest budget for supplies, typing,anddevelopment of a card catalogue;guidelines will be provided. Submit aletter outlining your interest and theskills or experience you could apply tothis project (deadline July 1, 1983) toRichard Hall, Secretary-Treasurer,Fund for UFO Research, Box 277,Mt. Rainier, MD 20712.13
    • LETTERSUFOlogist Sheaffer RepliesEditor,In his article (No. 178, Dec. 1982)Virgil Staff quite adequatelymakes thepoint that he did not like what I said onKGO radio last year. However, I wasencouraged to see that he was unableto point out any specific errors in whatIsaid. I do occasionally make errorswhen Ispeak, as do most of us mortals,but eitherI made none on that day, orifI did, Mr. Staff did not find them.Mr. Staff starts right off on thewrong foot by spelling my name wrong,which MUFONs editors apparently didnot bother to check. He then claimsthat I was host to the Jim Eason Show»that afternoon, which is incorrect. Mr.Eason hosted the show that day, as ishis custom; I was the guest.Furthermore, I am astonished to seethat Mr. Staff would say that "untilrecently, there has been a paucity ofdata for evaluating the work of Mr.Scheaffer (sic)."My book The UFO Verdict hasnow been available for two years. It hasbeen reviewed right here in theMUFON UFO Journal. ("Offensiveand inexcusable": McCampbell; "Aninsult to the intelligence": Andrus.)Tsk, tsk. Ive fared far better,however,in reviews in real scientific publicationssuch as The New Scientist and Sky andTelescope, where my book wasrecommended highly).I was an invited speaker at the 1980Smithsonian UFO Symposium inWashington, , D.C., which receivedmuch attention nationally. Inaddition,my writings have been published inmagazines such as Omni, Astronomy,Official UFO, Frontiers of Science,Fate, and others, and have beendiscussed in practically every majorUFO publication. I cannot imaginewhere Mr. Staff has been these past fewyears.In fact, I see no statementattributed to me which I would care todeny, or change even if I could. TheJimmy Carter UFO was undoubtedlyVenus, whether Mr. Staff likesit or not.Anyone who insists in taking14unsubstantiated eyewitness impress-ions as "gospel," instead of what theyare (impressions)has obviouslylearnednothing from the last 35 years ofUFOlogy. And yes, it sometimes isnecessary to interrupt long-windedstory tellers on radio shows, becausethe actual timeavailable on such shows(minus commercials, news, etc.) is infact extremelylimited.When someone istelling you abouta sighting which occurred 30 years ago,and cant even say what date itoccurred, and .I have no star tables,weather records, airline schedules,etc., in front of me, the chances ofmaking any intelligent evaluation ofthatincident in the next minute or two arenil. Everyones time would be betterspent by goingon to the next call. While•Mr. Staff apparentlydoesnt realize thenecessity for a great deal of specificinformation before evaluating a UFOsighting (he says it makes no differencewhether or not the-date is known!!!), Iwould hope that MUFON does.Robert SheafferSan Jose, Calif.(Editors comment: Why does Mr.Sheaffer think that an "instantevaluation" is what is expected of himon a radio show? Is it not moreimportant to try to determine from thecallers "impressions" whether asimple, natural explanation isapplicable, and if not, to workbackward from that point and try topindown an exact date so that realinvestigation — as opposed toskeptical assumption — can beundertaken?)Reviewer Response To AuthorEditor,Harley Rutledge (No. 179, Jan.1983) has made two allegations aboutmy negative review of his book. Bothare totally invalid.First, he stated that I was"befuddled" about there beingno radarcapabilities to deal with over CapeGirardeau, Missouri.Sorry, Harley,butyou should have checked with theMemphis Air Route Traffic ControlCenter across the state border. Theydid have radar coverage of non-transponding targets over your hometown down to 6,000 feet, even back in1973. Recent additions to the systemhave improved that figure by anotherthousand feet. The FAA also couldhave contacted those targetsrepresenting light aircraft by radio.Rutledge didnt pursue this prospect;he merely wondered how many of his158 UFOs could have been aircraftlights!Second, he claims that I have"persisted" in "persuading" a heavily-referenced member of his field team to. "impugn" him.Imet the latterinAtlantaby accident, where he initially offeredunsolicited doubts about the emotionalatmosphere affecting many of hisexperiences with Rutledge in the field.Once he learned I was planning to do areview of Project Identification, hebacked off, not wanting to hurt hisfriendship with Rutledge. Thus, Ipublished nothing in Fate about ourconversation! Of what "antics" am Iguilty?I stand by my pan of ProjectIdentification. The book promised a"first scientific .field study" withextensive use of instrumentation andthe insights of a PhD physicist.Instead,the reader got an amateurish"skywatch" with a startlinglack of fieldequipment use, no photographs of the41 "Class A" UFOs, subjectiveestimates. in place of systematictriangulatibn and assumptions aboutthe intelligence of a UFO phenomenonpersonally attuned to one HarleyRutledge.Allan HendryTucson, Ariz."Space Aliens" TalkEditor,In reference to Mr. Lucius Parishstatement (No. 179, Jan. 1983) referringto the Dec. 14th issue of the NationalEnquirer, about the "nutty possibilities"of space aliens talking throughh y p n o t i z e d clients and theendorsement, I wonder what basis hehas for his statement. Seemingly,to myknowledge; he has witnessed none ofthese hypnotic sessions nor reviewedsome 50 hours of video and also 50hours of casette.Although I know this seems a"way out" form of communication, I(continued on next page)
    • Letters, Continuedcannot help but remembering areproduction of an article that was inthe New York timeswayback when thetelephone was invented.The NewYorkTimes was calling Alexander GrahamBell "nutty."The article went something likethis: "There is a man by the name ofAlexander Graham Bell who istryingtotake the American public on the nuttyidea of being able to talk over a wire.Anybody in their right mind wouldknow this was an impossibility. But ifitwere so, what earthly use wouldit be?"Jiles HamiltonDaytona Beach, Fla.(Editors Comment: Mr. Hamiltonenclosed newspaper clippingsidentifying himself as a "licensedhypnotist" in Florida who accidentallystumbled across alleged "aliencommunications" through routinehypnosis performed on people withpersonal problems. The "aliensvoices" allegedly used the voice boxesof his subjects to communicateinformation. People knowledgeableabout "trance states" and "multiplepersonalities" are invited to comment.)Journalistic StandardsEditor,A basic difference between BillMoores journalism and mine hasindeed been identified in his response(No. 178, Dec. 1982) to my article.Myfeeling is that the selection anduncritical repetition of secondarysources does indeed constituteendorsement and I believe bothjournalistic ethics and legal standardsare closer to that view (thats onereason Moore is being sued by at leastone person about whom he merelyrepeated some offensive nonsense.)I believe to claim otherwise is toabdicate an authors responsibility toverify the accuracy of his material —but of course one does have to trustother people, yet when that trust isshown to have been misplaced (as inMoores case), one should take oneslumps like a man.Paraphrasing Moores attitude asexpressed in correspondence with me,he claims that merely repeating a storyin his published works does not implythat he thinks the story is necessarilytrue, or that he expects his readers tobelieve he isattesting to the accuracyofthe story in question. I do not thinkthats cricket.I am flattered that Moore admitsmy research has "consistentlydemonstrated an access to information(in many cases Soviet) which is notgenerally available to the rest of us."That is what most reviewers wroteabout my book Red Star in Orbit(Random House, 1981), althoughTHEY meant it as a compliment. Iwould modestly attribute that not toany inside information or surreptitiousguidance, but to uncommon diligenceand resourcefulness.Yet Moores point about footnotesand sources is well taken. The mainsource of my information has beenCharles Sheldons Soviet Space. Programs and the issues of Spqceflightmagazine (published by the BritishInterplanetary Society in London). Icertainly do aver that Ihave had accessto no classified data or analyses —mywork is totally originaland Im damnedproud of it.Regarding the dispute overCUFOSs alleged violation of Sovietcopyright on the "Gindilis Report" re-publication: I am entirely accurate onthat count. The USSR signed theInternational Copyright Convention in1973, routinelyviolates it internally, butkeeps a stringent eye on Westerntransgressions (although it has,admittedly, never sued anyone sofar).There is a loophole, sanctioned bytradition, in which government officialinternal use of translations is toleratedso longas no commercial value accruesto the material (the National TechnicalInformation Service, or NTIS, isauthorized to sell certain translationsbut the Soviet government receives itscut).Publishing the Gindilis Report forsale is clearly illegal; what I wrote isentirely true. Perhaps Moores off-baseaccusation isjust "yet another exampleof [his] well-known penchant formaking pronouncements from on highwithout bothering to first check hisfacts" (the words he ironically used todescribe my own statements!). Forverification, check with theDepartment of Commerce,Mr. EugenePawlikowsky, (202) 377-1362.James ObergDickinson, TexasN.Z. Radar CaseReference Bruce S. Maccabees"open-letter" (No. 178, Dec. 1982)relative to statements made by me onthe NOVA UFO program, he iscorrectthat itwas 7minutes after Capt.WilliamStartup first asked the Wellingtoncenter about unidentified radar blipsbefore he mentioned having a TV crewon board, as I promptly acknowledgedto Maccabee on Oct. 23, 1982.1 regretthat age is taking its toll of my memorycells.But -the facts are, as Maccabeeknows, that traffic controller GeoffCauser did not callthe pilot(Startup) towarn him of unknown radar-blips in thevicinity of Startups aircraft until thepilot chanced to ask. As the controllerexplained to Maccabee in a telephoneconversation on Jan. 14, 1979, barelytwo weeks after the incident, he hadbeen informed by the man he replacedthat Startup had a TV crew on board.Further, that he had been monitoringthe disappearing-reappearing blipsbecause he "was expecting him(Startup) to ask me." Then thecontroller laughed.When Maccabee asked if thecontroller had ever before seen suchoddly behaving blips, Causer,informedMaccabee: "Yes I have. I think if youdcheck with most of the radarcontrollers at Wellington,weve allseenanomalous propagation, or unidentifiedreturns from time to time. We haventtaken too much notice of them. It wasonly because of the interest shown bythis particular flight and by the previoussightings on the 21st of December,youknow. There was a lot of interestshown."The controller alsotoldMaccabee:"The thingwithall these (radar) targets,with the exception ofone Ispotted laterin the evening, they were erratic. Youcouldnt track them in the acceptedsense. They showed no afterglow."(When monitoring craft-like objects,the last position appears brightest, with(continued on next page)15
    • Letters, Continuedeach successively previous positionappearing less bright.)As Capt. Startup himself reportedin his own book (p. 98): "Geoff (Causer)had been watching the curious radarimages down the coast for almost halfan hour. They were erratic, though,appearing and disappearing inrandomfashion, and he did not consider themto be solid objects. "(Emphasis added.)Inasmuch as Startup at no timechanged course to try to avoid apossible mid-air collisionwith the blipsreported to him, I must conclude thathe shared controller Causersopinion.Although Maccabee haspublishednumerous papers and articles on theNew Zealand case, including severalinthe MUFON UFO Journal, he has notrevealed what the controllertoldhimonJan. 14,1979, whichwouldindicatethatthe Wellington radar blips were causedeither by anomalous propagationconditions, a malfunction of the radarsmoving target indicator, or acombination of both. Perhaps this keyomission indicatesthatadvancing yearsare taking a toll of Maccabees memorycells as well as my own.Philip J. KlassWashington, D.C.Cash-Landrum RadiationEditor,As one who isactively studying theCash-Landrum case, and who hascorresponded with Dr. Peter Rank onnumerous occasions, I must expressmy amusement at Paul Stowes"Technical Review of RadiationEvidence in Cash-Landrum Case" andDr. Ranks response. (No. 178,Dec.1982).Dr. Rank begins his review of thearticle by congratulating Mr. Stowe for"the depth of his knowledge and thethoroughness of his analysis....!wouldagree totally with Mr. Stowesanalysis..." He then proceeds to rejectmany of Stowes assumptions andconclusions:(1) Regarding assumption of totalbody exposure, "This is by no meansclear."(2) RegardingStowes estimate of200-300 rem exposure, "Ido notbelieve16Joe Santangelo, Director of MUFON Amateur Radio Nets andEastern Regional Director of MUFON. For information about thenets, contact Mr. Santangelo at 20 Boyce St., Reading,MA 01867.that a general dosage level can beassigned..."(3) Regarding assumption ofmonoenergetic source, "It is thereforemisleading to assume thatmonoenergetic rays of any kindare theprincipal determinant of the patientssymptoms."Dr. Rank reveals that "there wereno well-documented changes in theblood..." According to Table 1,whichaccompanied Stowes article, thiswould indicate total body exposure ofless than approximately 50 rem,insufficient to account for the reporteddiarrhea, vomiting, hair loss, and non-healing ulcer. However, if thewitnesses managed to ingestadditionalradiation, and apply still more to theirhair (while somehow avoiding totalbody exposure), perhaps this casewould make some sense.As it now stands, there appears tobe no rational support for thespeculation that Cash-Landrumrepresents a genuine radiationexposure case, much less a "UFO"case. I would stronglyurge MUFON toencourage the witnesses to take aproperly administered polygraph• examination (perhaps on F. LeeBaileys television program "LieDetector"), to assist those of us whoare searching for the truth in this case.Gary P. Posner, M.D.St. Petersburg, Fla.Letters to the Editor are invited,commenting on any articles or othermaterial published in the Journal.Please confine them to about 400words. Articles of about 500-700 wordswill be considered for publication as"Comments" or "Notes." Allsubmissions are subject to editing forlength and style. Please type anddouble space all articles.UFOs as "Pop Culture"
    • Directors Message, from p. 20is still availablefrom MUFON for $5.00plus $1.50 for postage and handling.The 1983 MUFON UFOSymposium will be held on July1,2, and3 at the Huntington-Sheraton Hotel,1401 South Oak Knoll, Pasadena,California; telephone (213) 792-0266.The toll-free number to make hotelreservations in the U.S. is 1-800-325-3535 (In Missouri 800-392-3500),Eastern Canada 800-268-9393; andWestern Canada 800-268-9330. Roomreservations per night are $57.00 for asingle and $67.00 for doubleoccupancy. American Airlines is theOfficial Carrier for the 1983 MUFONUFO Symposium in Pasadena/LosAngeles, California.To take advantageof Americans special Meeting ServiceDesk call toll-free 800-433-1790 for U.S.and Canada, and inTexas call 800-792-1160. They will advise you how toqualify for Americans money-savingfares and discounts.The featured speakers and thetitles of their papers are: Mrs. AnnDruffel, "Southern CaliforniasStraight-Line Mystery in UFOSightings"; Alan:C . Holt, "UFOPropulsion: Pulsed Radiation andCrystalline Structure"; James M.McCampbell, "UFO Interference withVehicles and Self-Starting Engines";Richard F. Haines, PhD, "A Review ofSelected Aerial Phenomenon Sightingsfrom Aircraft from 1942 to 1952";William L. Moore, "UFOs: Uncoveringthe Ultimate Answer"; Paul C. Cerny,"The Continuing UFO Deception andConfusion Syndrome"; Peter A.Jordan, "Cattle Mutilations and theImagined Culprits: A PsychologicalPerspective"; and J. AllenHynek, PhD,"UFO ActivitiesAround the World."The host committee has advisedthat the price of individual sessionsvaries between 3 and 7 dollars,totaling$25.00. Pre-registration is a bargain at$17.50 versus the entire symposiumprice at-the-door of $23.00. With astudent identification card, the studentprice at-the-door is $15.00. Pre-registration reservations should be sentto: MUFON of Southern California,P.O. Box 2723, Sepulveda, CA 91343,with your check made payable to"MUFON ofSouthern California."thisyears symposium theme is "UFOs: AScientific Challenge."Two new Research Specialistswere recently appointed. They areThomas C. Billingslea, Route One, Box636, Ore City, TX 75683 in ElectricalEngineering, and Michael G. Barrows,2008 McKinley St., Philadelphia, PA19149. Mr. Billingslea has a B.S.E.E.from Texas A & M Universityand Mr.Barrows has a B.A. in Sociology.MUFON of North Carolina hasannounced that their 7th AnnualMUFON UFO Conference will be heldon June 11-12, 1983, at the NatureScience Center in Winston-Salem,N.C. Speakers presently committedare Dr. Willy Smith, Paul B. Norman(Australia), George Fawcett, andBernard Haugen. For furtherinformation, please contact theChairperson, Mrs. Gayle McBride atP.O. Box 46, Winston-Salem, N.C.27102. We have invited Mrs. GayleMcBride and HenryMorton to considerthe possibility of hosting the 1985MUFON UFO Symposium in NorthCarolina. Mr, Morton is the State-Director for North Carolina and Mrs.McBride is the Assistant StateDirector."UFOs: Past, Present and Future"is the theme for the Scientific BureauofInvestigation (SBI) 1983 UFOSymposium to be held August 12, 13,and 14 at the Ramada Inn, 1228Western Ave., in Albany, NY 12203.Hosted by the SBI of Northern NewYork, Dan Lowenski is the symposiumchairman and Pete Mazzolawill be themaster of ceremonies. Pete was soimpressed with the format of the 1982MUFON UFO Symposium in Torontothat hehas structured theirsymposiumin a similarfashion. The speakerswill bevolunteers and should submit theircompleted papers by April 30th.Advanced tickets for each of the fivesessions on Saturday and Sunday is$6.00 or a package price of $25.00 forthe entire symposium. Advancedtickets may be secured from The SBI,P.O. Box 193, Staten Island, NY 10312.Hotel reservations are to be madedirectly with the Ramada Inn (518) 489-2981.R. Powell Adams, State Directorfor Missouri, has announced that an"Investigative Group TrainingSession"for Missouriand adjoining States will beheld in St. Louis, Missouri, onSaturday, August 20 and Sundaymorning, August 21, 1983, inconjunction with the annual picnicsponsored by the UFO Study GroupofGreater St. Louis on Sunday afternoonAugust 21st. A copy of Mr. Adamsletter of March 18, 1983 was sent toeach of the following State Directors:Forrest R. Lundberg (Iowa), Stanley J.Fouch (Kansas), Leonard W. Sturm(Illinois) and Burt L. Monroe(Kentucky).Powell and his committee are to becommended for this ambitious project,that ispart ofa program to organize theState of Missouri into a stronginvestigative team. The new thirdedition of the Field InvestigatorsManual will be an integral part of theprescribed training. Required readingof Obseru/ng UFOs prior to the trainingcourse is beingconsidered, plus severalother books. Your InternationalDirector is now planninghis vacation toattend both the trainingcourse and theannual picnic. Preliminary plans arealso being made to meet with theMUFON groups in Memphis,Tennessee, and New Orleans,Louisiana, following the St. Louissession.Ray W. Boeche, State SectionDirector in Nebraska, has advised thatthe University of Nebraska at Lincolnand the Nebraska Association for theStudy of the Unexplainedwill again co-sponsor a conference at theUniversityof Nebraska on November 11, 12, and13, 1983. In november of 1982, thename of the conference was "ExploringUnexplained Phenomena," featuringDr. Roy Mackal, Dr. J. Allen Hynek,Ray Boeche, and Linda MoultonHowe.Dr. Hynek, Linda Moulton Howe, andTom Adams have confirmed theirinvitations to speak for 1983.Milos Krmelj, Representative forYugoslavia, has recently mailed copiesof the UFO/Fortean magazineODISEJA (ODYSSEY) Numbers 30and 31 that is edited by Mr. Krmelj. Hehas plans to publish an English editionin the near future with Governmentpermission. Milos has rewritten andpublished several featured articles and(continued on next page)17
    • MAJOR ANNUAL METEORSHOWERS(Compiled by Walter N. Webb, MUFONConsultant inAstronomy.)ShowerQuadrantidsLyridsEta AquaridsDelta AquaridsPerseidsOrionidsTauridsLeonidsGeminidsUrsidsDuration (Approx.)Jan. 1-6Apr. 19-24May 1-8July 15-Aug. 15July 25-Aug. 18Oct. 16-26Oct. 20-Nov. 30 .Nov. 15-19Dec. 7-15Dec. 17-24Peak (Approx.)Jan. 3Apr. 22May 4July 28Aug. 12Oct. 21Nov. 2Nov. 17Dec. 14Dec. 22Hourly Rate (Avg. Yr.), 4 0152020502515155015 Radiant*(Constellation)BootesLyraAquariusAquariusCassiopeia. (Near Perseus)OrionTaurusLeoGeminiUrsa Minor*Note: Shower meteors become visible some distance from their radiant points. Therefore, the observer should scan the entiresky when searching for such meteors. Bright fireballs can appear at any time and are not necessarily associated with meteorshowers.Directors Message, Continuedutilized photographs from the MUFONUFO Journal in his publication for thebenefit of their subscribers. In theCash-Landrum Case, he illustrated thearticle with photographs from theJournal, he prepared the text frommaterial published not only in theMUFON UFO Journal, but theA.P.R.O. Bulletin, CUFOS, andNational Enquirer by Bob Pratt.Kenneth Arnoldsphoto from the coverof the Journal illustrates an articleabout this famous pioneer. His currentaddress is: Milos Krmelj, Mildnskega 6,61000 Ljubljana, Slovenija, Yugoslavia."Project Rainbow Circular —L e t t e r " was i n i t i a t e d as acommunication supplement to thework of Provisional InternationalCommittee for UFO Research(PICUR) to organize all UFO groupsinto one world-wide federation. It isbasically a newsletter to relate theprogress beingmade inUFOlogy in thereporting nation, and to adressproblems confronting PICUR betweeninternational meetings. The followingRainbow-members, organizationrepresented, and Nation areparticipating in this round-robinnewsletter: Per Anderson (SUFOI),Denmark; David Haisel (UFOCAN)Canada; Peter A. Hill (BUFORA)18Scotland/England; J. Allen Hynek(CUFOS) USA: Bertil Kuhleman(URD) Sweden; and WalterH. Andrus,Jr. (MUFON) U.S.A. Peter A.Hill is thepresent chairman of PICUR.The nextPICUR meetingwill be held inAugustinc o n j u n c t i o n with the ThirdInternational UFO Congress in theUnited Kingdom, August 27,28, and29,1983, sponsored by BUFORA inBucks,England. Michael Sinclair, InternationalCoordinator now residing in London,inMUFONs representative to thePICUR meetings.Ilkka Serra, MUFON Representa-tive for Finland, has forwarded twocopies of the "AnnualReport 1981" byThe UFO Research of Finland,published in English. Twelve of the 14pages are devoted to investigated UFOsighting reports from 1974 through1981. The annual report replaces theformer quarterly report and is used intheir "exchange program." The staff ofthe publication is composed of LasseAhonen, Editor-in-Chief; Ilkka Serra,Gosta Malm, and Kalevi Pusa,Translators; Olavi Kivinieni and Kari A.Kuure, Board of Editors. The addressof The UFO Research ofFinland is:SF -17950 Kylama, Finland. Ilkkaconducted a workshop session at the1980 MUFON UFO Symposium inClear Lake City, Texas, and alsoattended our 1973 symposium inKansas City, Missouri. He has offeredhis best wishes from Finlandto allof ourjournal readers.The work of the SteeringCommittee of the North AmericanUFO Federation will be completed byJuly 1, 1983, per John F. Schuessler,Chairman. The success of the 1982UFO Summit Conference in Toronto,Ontario, dictates that a follow-upmeeting be held in Pasadena,California, on Monday,July 4,1983, inconjunction with the 1983 MUFONUFO Symposium at the Huntington-Sheraton Hotel to take final action onthe implementation of the federation,adoption of bylaws, specific business,and election of officers if appropriate.In order that the travel plans ofrepresentatives and attendees will notbe disrupted, the meeting will beconfined to a half day (8:00 a.m. to noonor 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.). The SteeringCommittee has already been advisedby individual correspondence. UFOgroups or organizations that were. unable to be represented in Torontoand desire to be part of the new NorthAmerican UFO Federation, shouldadvise the Steering CommitteeChairman, John F. Schuessler, P.O.Box 58485, Houston, TX 77058 assoonas possible, identifying yourorganization and representative.°
    • Lucius FarishIn Others WordsIn the only recent NATIONALENQUIRER article on UFOs, BradSteiger tells of his childhood encounterwith a small humanoid. The eventoccurred in 1940, Steiger says.However, if memory serves correctly,the details of this particular incidenthave changed considerably sinceSteiger first wrote about it. For thosewho are interested, the article is in the".ENQUIRERS March 29 issue.The "Anti-Matter/UFO Update"column of April OMNI deals with theMinnesota case inwhich a woman diedof cold and starvation whilewaiting for aUFO landing.William R. Corliss second volumein his "Catalog of Anomalies" series,TORNADOS, DARK DAYS,ANOMALOUS PRECIPITATION,AND RELATEDWEATHER PHENO-,MENA, is now available. The contentsare broken down into nine categories,covering such topics as unusual clouds,falls of animate and inanimate objects,giant hail, rain from cloudless skies,dark days, tornados, whirlwinds andother atmospheric phenomena. Forthose who are familiar with the lateMorris K. Jessups writings on theseeming link between UFOs andunusual sky events, there is much toconsider in this Catalog. As with all thevolumes in this series, there are fiveseparate indexes, as well as numerousillustrations. Anything from Corlissalways carries the highestrecommendation. Copies of theCatalog may be obtained for $11.95from The Sourcebook Project, Box107, Glen Arm, MD 21057.Zecharia Sitchin is one of theoutstanding writers on what has cometo be known as the "ancientastronauts" subject. His second book,THE STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN,continues his research into the historyand mythology of the Near East.Abundantly illustrated and containingan extensive bibliography and an index,the book is now available in apaperback edition. It may be orderedfrom Avon Books, Mail Order Dept.,224 West 57th Street, New York, NY10019. The price is $3.50, plus 50f forpostage and handling. Sitchins firstbook, THE 12TH PLANET, is alsoavailable from this address, for $2.50(plus 50$). Both books are highlyrecommended.Brad Steigers latest book, THESEED, continues his "Star People"theme, presenting his theories andspeculations on possible ancestorsfrom the stars, as well as reptilian formsof life whichmay either have come fromouter space or originated here onEarth. THE SEED is available fromBerkley Book Mailing Service, P.O.Box 690, Rockville Centre, NY 11570.The price is $2.75, plus 75<P for postageand handling.riUFO NEWSCLIPP1NGSERVICEThe UFONEWSCLJPPINGSERVICEwill keep you informed of all the latestUnited States and World-Wide UFOactivity, as ithappens!Our service wasstarted in 1969, at which time wecontracted with a reputableinternational newspaper-clippingbureau to obtain for us, those hard tofind UFO reports (i.e., little knownphotographic cases, close encounterand landing reports, occupant cases)and all other UFO reports, many ofwhich are carried only in small town orforeign newspapers."Our UFO Newsclipping Serviceissues are 20-page monthly reports,reproduced by photo^offset,containing the latest UnitedStates andCanadian UFO newsclippings, withour foreign section carrying the latestBritish, Australian, New Zealand andother foreign press reports. Alsoincluded is a 3-5 page section of"Fortean" clippings (i.e. Bigfoot andother "monster" reports). Let us keepyou informed of the latest happeningsin the UFO and Fortean fields."For subscription information andsample pages from our service, writetoday to: UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICERoute 1 — Box 220Plumerville, Arkansas 72127iUFOalert as mystery light passes over BerksTHE Thames Valley was on UFOred alert last night.Air force bases throughout theregion scanned the skies after aglowing white object was spottedwest of Reading.Battle radar at a US Air Force basetracked the mystery object In the night*ky."We are picking op a primary target", said a USAF air traffic con-troller.But the UFO disappeared from thesky above Reading at about 9.15pm."I thought I was going mad, said aHnngerford woman who reported theslowly-moving bright white light to theEvening Post earlier Inthe evening.But NATO air traffic control staff itthe USair strike base it UpperHeyfordconfirmed they had had reports of asighting earlier In theday.Berkshire villagers reported theobject, which was movingslowly west.Astronomers at the Royal GreenwichObservatory at Herstmonceuz In Sus-sex confirmed there should be nothingIn the western sky except for Venus:USAF Upper Heyford air traffic con-troller Sergeant Byrd Cormier said:"Aprimary target means that the light Isbouncing backoff something out there."This Is a primary target bat we havenot been able to Identify It, and do nothaveradiocontact with,IfOther key alrbases In the Thane*Valley scanned the sky for the object. .RAF Brlze Norton air traffic control-ler Corporal Candellln said they wereunlble topick up the object.SightingsHe said the Oxfordshire base knewofa barrage balloon that had slipped Itsmoorings at Stratford and was beadingsouth, Cut the timing of the balloonsprogress did not tie In with the Read-ing sightings.Squadron Leader Haves at RAF Ben-son In Sooth Oxfordshire said: "ThereIs nothing on the radar. Oar almanacsIndicate That Tenai wwU a* In A*western On tonight, bat that may wellnot bewhat was spatted."_ Mrs Patricia Horrlgtn, of TamnUHill, Hungerford, ssldi "I thought 1wasgoing mad."We were going to watch a sciencefiction programme on the televisionand I was going to hang the washingout. I saw a brilliant light In the sky. Itwas very, very bright and at about 9pmI saw It moving, growing yellow anddimmer."USAF Upper Heyford said theyreceived several telephone calls Ironpeople claiming to have seen the UFO,bujdespite the sighting on tbelr battfewere unable to say what Ike19
    • DIRECTORSMESSAGE byWaltAndrusAfter many months of preparation,the third edition of the MUFON FieldInvestigators Manual (edited byRaymond E. Fowler, Director ofInvestigations) is now available. Itconsists of 20 sections prepared byauthorities in each of their respectivefields of expertise. MUFON is indebtedto the following people for additionalsections in the new manual: MichaelHough (Australia) for Section 2 of XItitled "Lightning Strikes as the Causeof.Some UFO Ground Traces"; RichardNiemtzow, M.D. and John F.Schuessler for Section XV, titled"Evaluation of Medical Injuries fromUFO Close Encounters"; StephenClark for Section XVIon "Hypnosis asan Investigative Aid"; Thomas P.Deuley, for Section XIX, titled"Radiation Survey of Landing Cases";and Walter H. Andrus for Section XXon the topic "The Challenge toUFOlogy by the Mutual UFO Network.Updated revisions of existingSections have been contributed byFred Adrian, Joan Jeffers, BruceMaccabee, and William H. Spauldingin"Photographic Evidence"; RonWestrum for "The Field InvestigatorsCode of Ethics"; Richard F. Haines,PhD, for Aerial Sighting Reports (Form11); T.P. Deuley for ResidualRadiation(Form 10); Fred Meritt and WaltAndrus for Computer Input (Form 2);Walter Webb for updated "BrightPlanet Location Charts"; P. WayneLaporte for "UFO Apparent Size atArms Length Chart"; and majorrevisions by Ted Phillips in "FieldInvestigation of Alleged UFO LandingSites." The new manual contains 161pages, 8/£ x 11 size, in a standard three-ring binder format. The third editionofthe MUFON Field InvestigatorsManual is dedicated to J. Allen Hynek,PhD, for his untiring efforts to bring theimportance of the UFO phenomenonto the scientific and academiccommunities. (The second edition wasdedicated to the late James E.American Airlines — Your Official Carrier ToMufon InternationalU.F.O. SymposiumPasadena, CaliforniaJuly 1-3, 1983Call toll-freeand save:(800)433-I790iIn Texas, call (800) 792-1160S.T.A.R. File #55624?$l^:^or^S^:-All it Likes is one ailI toAmerican > s|x-cial Mix-ting Services Desk and ourconvention inivel wor-ries are over. Vuell confirm your flightreservations. Tell you how to qualityfor Americans money-saving fares.Helpyou uiku advantage otdiscouiiLsand oilier special considerations suchas special meal selection, pre-reservedseating and car renul reservationsAnd distribute your tickets direciK toyou or through your Travel AgentLet us show you what our bestmeans to the convention traveler. Callour Meeting Servians Desk 8:30- 5:00Monday through Friday. Youll receivethe same great Scr ice Irom the limevou make vour reservation until youarrive at lour destination. Becausenuking business travel a pleasure isone of ihe things we do beM. Call todaytoll-free (800) 433-1790, in Texas,(800) 792-1160.AmericanWereAmericanAirlines.Doingwhatwedo best.McDonald, PhD.)Since the MUFON FieldInvestigators Manual (copright 1983) isan essential tool, the price to currentMUFON members is $6.00 plus $1.50postage and handling. For all others(non-current members), the price of themanual is $10.00 plus $1.50 for postageand handling. State Section Directorswho have been planning FieldInvestigator training courses, utilizingthe new manual, may now expeditetheir plans.A very fine supplement toMUFONs new manual is the bookObserving UFOs by Richard F. Haines,published by Nelson-Hall in Chicago.This outstanding trade size paperback(continued on page 17)