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Mufon ufo journal   1983 12. december
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Mufon ufo journal 1983 12. december


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Published in: News & Politics

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  • 2. MUFON UFO JOURNAL(USPS 002-970)(ISSN 0270-6822)103 Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, Texas 78155BOB PRATTEditorANN DRUFFELContributing EditorLEN STRINGFIELDAssociate EditorMILDRED BIESELEContributing EditorWALTER H. ANDRUS, JR.International DirectorTED BLOECHERDAVE WEBBCo-Chairmen,Humanoid Study GroupPAUL CERNYPromotion/PublicityREV. BARRY DOWNINGReligion and UFOsLUCIUS PARISHBooks/Periodicals/HistoryROSETTA HOLMESPromotion/PublicityGREG LONGStaff WriterTED PHILLIPSLanding Trace CasesJOHN F. SCHUESSLERMedical CasesDENNIS W. STACYStaff WriterAL BARRIER, M.D.AstronomyNORMA E. SHORTDWIGHT CONNELLYDENNIS HAUCKRICHARD H. HALLEditor/Publishers EmeritusThe MUFON UFO JOURNAL ispublished by the Mutual UFONetwork, Inc., Seguin, Texas.Membership/Subscription rates:$15.00 per year in the U.S.A.;$16.00 foreign. Copyright 1983 bythe Mutual UFO Network.Secondclass postage paid at Seguin,Texas. POSTMASTER: Send form.3579 to advise changeofaddress toThe MUFON UFO JOURNAL,103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, Texas78155.FROMTHEEDITORHow many times haveyou heard someone say, "Ninety percentof all UFO sightings can be explained," etc.? Or said it yourself?Wherever did we get that figure from? How valid is it? How valid areany UFO statistics? The fact is, we dont have the slightest idea howmany people have seen UFOs. Many (most?) people never reporttheir sightings, for various reasons. And many sightings that arereported to the media or police die right there. Some witnesses arereferred to local UFO investigators or someone life the NationalUFO Reporting Center inSeattle, but how many? There isno singleagency that collects all the sighting reports. And how manyinvestigators clutter their files with data on IFOs? Whyshould they?So, how valid are UFO statistics? Does it even matter? What we doknow is that inthe files of researchers and organizations around theworld are the investigation reports on hundreds of thousands ofsightings ofwhat can onlybe called unidentified flying objects. Thoseare the statistics that count.In this issueNINE AMATEURASTRONOMERS OBSERVE UFO 3By Milos KremjlUFO HOTLINE REPORTS 4By Bob GribbleJOIN THE CAMPAIGNTO LIFT SECRECY LID . .6PYRAMID-SHAPED RAY FIELD VANISHES FROM TOP DOWN 7ByGEPUFO SEDUCTION CASE IN BRAZIL 8By A. J. Gevaerd1979 FONTAINE CASE IN FRANCE ADMITTED TO BE A HOAX.... 10By Jacques BonabotUFO TECH NOTE: Voice Stress Analysis 11By John SchuesslerTHE CLOSE ENCOUNTER THAT WASNT 12By Stan GordonSOME HIGHLIGHTS IN AUSTRALIAN UFOLOGY 14By Paul NormanREMARKABLE METEORS: A COMMENT 16By Richard HallPlus other newsandfeatures, including Computer Networks andMUFON, p.17; Bright Planets in 1984, p. 18; In Others Words, p. 19; and DirectorsMessage, p. 20.The Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is exempt from Federal Income Tax underSection 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. MUFON is a publiclysupported organization of the type described in Section 509(a)(2). Donorsmay deduct contributions from their Federal income tax. In addition,bequests, legacies, devises, transfers, or gifts are deductible for Federalestate and gift tax purposes if they meet the applicable provisions ofSections 2055, 2106, and 2522 of the code.The contents of the MUFON UFO JOURNAL are determinedbythe editor,and donot necessarily represent the official position of MUFON. Opinionsof contributorsare their own,and do not necessarilyreflect those ofthe editor,the staff, or MUFON.Articles may be forwarded directly to MUFON. Responses to published articlesmaybe in a Letter to the Editor (up to about 400words) or ina short article(up to about2,000 words).Thereafter, the "50%rule" is applied:the article author may reply butwill be allowed half the wordage used in the response; the responder may answer theauthor but will be allowed half the wordage used in the authors reply, etc. Allsubmissions are subject to editing for style, clarity, and conciseness.Permission is hereby granted to quote from this issue provided not more than200words are quoted from any one article, the authorofthe articleisgiven credit,and thestatement "Copyright 1983 by the Mutual UFO Network,103Oldtowne Rd.,Seguin,Texas" isincluded.
  • 3. NINE AMATEUR ASTRONOMERSOBSERVE UFOBy MILOS KREMELJMUFON Representative for YugoslaviaNine amateur astronomers wereamong a number of inhabitantsofSplit,Yugoslavia, who watched anunidentified flying object for about tenminutes on the starry evening ofOctober 3, 1983.Two weekly newspapers, AS andIllustrovaha Politika, reported that theamateur astronomers had gathered atthe municipal observatory in Split.Two of them, Tonci Qsibov andIvica Vucemilo, were in the cupola,where they were observing theconstellation Vulpecula through atelescope, watching for meteors.The others were in the club onefloor below, working on theoreticalastronomy under the tutorship of oneof them, Goran Ergovic.A few minutes after 8 PM, theirstudy was suddenly interrupted whenOsibov and Vucemilo began shoutingexcitedly. The seven studyingran up tothe terrace and all watched as apeculiarobject flew at great height from thedirection of Solta Island toward KastelaBay.Their first thought wasthat itwas asatellite, but then they decided itcouldnt be because of the brillianceand because it kept changing inintensity.They continued to watch and,unable to determine what it was, theydecided to carefully observe it andchart its movement, watching itthrough the telescope and otherDiagram shows how smaller object moved around main objectinstruments. It was then 8:10 PM.The object maintained the sameheight and speed for the next fourminutes, but the intensityof the bluish-white light kept changing.It flew over Ciovo Island,KastelaBay and the peaks of Kozjak andseemed as if it would disappear at anymoment behind the peaks of Marjan.But..."It stopped!" shouted Ergovic,who had been following it through thetelescope.In the next moment he spottedanother, smaller object that gave off astrong orange light. The new bodybegan to circle slowly around the frontpart of the primary object and itwas notpossible to observe it all the time.This lasted for three minutes, andthen the orange-colored object seemedto fuse with the blue-white one, whichthen turned a bitto the right,grew moreand more red and headed north at afairly high speed.It disappeared beyond the forestsof Marjan in three minutes.Impressed by what they saw, theywere inclined to believe the object wasmost probably a UFO, havingcoresponded to descriptions of UFOsthey had often read about innewspapers andliterature.Their observation diary reads thatthey observed an "unusualphenomenon" and emphasized the factthat "any similarity to airplanes orsatellites should be out of anyconsideration."They calculated the objects(continued on next page)
  • 4. UFO HOTLINE REPORTSByBOBGRIBBLESept. 19, 1983, 8:55 PM,Tompkins Cove, New York: Asquare-shaped object — estimated tobe 40 feet in diameter and showing fourbrilliant white lights —was observed ina stationary position over high voltageelectric transmission lines. The threewitnesses were riding in a car andreported that the object followed themand approached to within 200feet of thecar. The witnesses fled to a neighborshouse and observed the object until itmoved away. From inside the housethey could hear a humming sound.They had the object under observationfor about six minutes.Dec. 7, 1983, 9 PM, nearCedarburg, Wisconsin: A car with amother and twoyoungchildrenhadjustexited from the northbound ramp onI-43 when they noticed a brilliant whitelight descending from the sky andapproaching their vehicle. As the lightgot closer, the driver stopped the carand got out for a better look. The lightstopped when it was directly overheadat an estimated altitude of 200 feet. AtBob Cribble, director ofthe National UFO ReportingCenter inSeattle, Washington,has graciously consented tofurnish the MUFON UFOJournal with a monthlyroundup of reports of UFOsightings received by thecenter. Although most of theincidents must still bethoroughly investigated, it wasfelt that Journal readerswouldappreciate knowing what iscurrently being reportedthroughout the nation. Thenames of all the witnesses inthe accompanying report areon file at the Center in Seattle.that point the mother observed a hugeobject as large as four jet aircraft andshaped like a cooking Wok. Lightedopenings were observed on what wasdescribed as the front end of the craft.The witness heard no sound as the crafthovered overhead for approximatelysix minutes.As the craft departed fromthe area all of the windows on her carfogged-up.Dec. 20, 1983, 5:30 PM,Riverside, California: A small sphere— estimated to be six-to-eight inchesindiameter and having pegs protrudingfrom the surface — approached towithin 20 feet of a car at windshieldlevel. Constantly pulsating from red tosilver, the bright ball maneuvered infront of the car for about 45 secondsbefore moving away. According to thedriver, other cars were nearby andshould have seen the object.Dec. 26,1983,9:33 PM, Omaha,Nebraska: Several witnessesobserved a square object descendbetween two buildings and stop atabout the second story level. Estimatedto be about three feet indiameter, theobject had an X-patternof white lightson its underside. After viewing theobject for several seconds at a distance(continued on next page)(Yugoslavia, continued)course across the sky covered about120 degrees, movingfrom the directionof the constellation Vulpecula, passingthrough Lyra and Draco and comingunder the center of Ursa Major beforeheading north.Ergovic reported that later thatsame evening, at exactly 10:01 PM, hesaw another object as he was goinghome."I spotted a smaller object in thesky that moved in the same direciton,"he said. "It emanated a strong orangelight. Together with some passersby, Iobserved it for a full nine minutes."Newspaper reports said the4"object" was a natural phenomenonthat results from a change in airpressure which "formed electric loadsin the shape of a ball and a secondarylight that enables them to change theirshape, size and direction."The newspapers also said the nineamateur astronomers stated that whatthey saw was "only atmospherics."This angered the amateurastronomers."None of us ever gave such astatement," said Ergovic, "and on thebasis of our observations, we mostdeterminedly refuse such aninterpretation."The object was oblong shapedand of whitish-bluish brightness whileatmospheric clearances look likeheated balls. Besides, they moveextraordinarily fast while the unknownobject was visible for ten minutesand itfloated for three minutes in one spot ata very great height."Ergovic said the groupscalculations indicated that as the objectmoved between Cape Marjan andCiovo Island, its speed was 257kilometers an hour and its height was60,641 meters.The other witnesses were DraganNakir, Dragan Solic, Darko Selakovic,Ante Denic, Ivan Babic and Ergovicsbrother, Zoran.Split is on the Adriatic Coastapproximately 100 miles southwest ofSarajevo, site of the 1984 winterOlympics.
  • 5. (Gnibble, continued)estimated to be 500 feet, the objectascended at an angle and moved out ofsight. No sound was heard.Dec. 27, 1983, 10:30 PM,Indianapolis, Indiana: A small disc-shaped object with eight bright greenlights descended from the sky andlanded in an open field across the streetfrom the home of the witness. Afterabout ten seconds, the bright lightssuddenly went out and the disc was nolonger visible. Hoping to see the disctake off, .the, woman continued toobserve the area for an hour beforeretiring for the night. A second .reportwas received from a woman driving inthe,same area duringthe1same time,period. She observed a fixed group ofbright green lights descending from thesky and appear to land in a corn field.Jan. 4, 1984, 10:40 PM,Crescent, Iowa: For about 60secondsa stunned witness observed a brightlight with a red glint make an angularhigh speed descent from, high altitudeand come to an- instant stop. The lightthen shot across the sky at high speed,making several 90-degree turns andthen makinganother instant stop. Thenthe light went into a highspeedverticalclimb and faded intothe clear night sky.Jan. 7, 1984, 3:45 AM, NearEdenton, North Carolina: A fatherand his 15-year-old son watched inamazement as a meteor-like objectmaneuvered at high altitude and highspeed, makingseveral 90-degree turns,Ipop-to-loops, upand down movementslike the line pattern on an oscilloscope,instant reverse of direction andinstantstops and starts. The aerial displaycontinued for 50minutes against a clearsky.Jan. 8, 1984, Night, Framing-ham, Massachusetts: A narrow shaftof green light — beamed thru aMUFON103 OLDTOWNE RD.SEGUIN.TX 78155bedroom window —was aimedinto theright eye of the witness. The man saidhe could feel heat and pain inthe eye atthe time. During the estimated five-minute duration of his experience, hesaid he could hear a whirringsound andnoticed the faint outline of a "being"outside the window, then everythingsuddenly vanished. His wife said sheexamined his right eye and that it was"all bloodshot" and that the left eye wasvery normal.Jan. 9, 1984, 6:30 AM, nearCapron, Indiana: While driving histruck down a country road, thewitnessobserved a large meteor-like object ,in ahigh speed verticaldescent to,the left ofhis vehicle. He lost sight of the objectfor a fewseconds at tree level. Sudden-ly, an object covered with white lightsappeared at treetop level on the left sideof his vehicle, maneuvered aroundbehind the truck, then passed the truckon the right side and moved down thehighway and out of sight. Thedriverdescribed the object as looking like afootball turned up on end, metallic-greyin color, about 150 feet tall and movingabout 50 feet off the ground and about100 feet from his vehicle. He coulddetect no sound ,and observed theobject for about one minute.Jan. 9, 1984, 8 PM, about 15miles north of Mojave, California: AVolkswagen camper drove under asubmarine-shaped object while drivingsouth on U.S. Highway395. The driverand front seat passenger said the objecthad several red lights on the bottom,appeared to be stationary over theroadway at an altitudeof about 100 feetand that it had a diameter about twiceas wide as the highway. The driverstopped the camper on the shoulderofthe highway and the four passengersgot out to watch the object as it movedaway to the north. They could hear nosound. Later when they stopped forgasthey talked to several people in fourother cars who said they had also seenthe object. We received twoadditionalreports from witnesses who saw theobject from two different vantagepoints.Jan. 9, 1984, 10:30 PM,Hawthorne, New Jersey: While1984 Symposium to beJuly 6-8 inSan AntonioThe MUFON 1984 UFOSymposium will be held at the HolidayInn North-AirportArea in San Antonio,Texas, July 6, 7 and 8.Rooms will be $35 a night, doubleor single. Reservations can be made bywriting to Sales Department, HolidayInn North-Airport Area, San Antonio,TX 78206. Be sure to mention thatreservations are for the MUFONSymposium. The hotelsphone numberis 512-349-9915.Tom Deuley, president ofMUFON of San Antonio, the hostgroup, will be chairman of thesymposium. Speakers will include:Dr. J. Allen Hynek, director of theCenter for UFO Studies; Barry J.Greenwood, state section director in. Massachusetts and co-author of thebook Clear Intent (Prentice-Hall,publication date May 15); JohnSchuessler, deputy director ofMUFON; Alan C. Holt, NASA scientistand MUFON research specialist;Marge Christensen, state director forMassachusetts; Cynthia Hind,MUFON Coordinator for Africa; andPaul A. Norman, MUFON statedirector for Victoria,Australia.driving on Route 208 West, the driverand passenger observed a strangeobject with lights descending andmoving away from their car. Afterdriving another 300 feet they spottedanother object directly over theroadway and shaped like an invertedparabolic radar antenna. The carpassed directlyunder the object; whichwas moving slowly ,at an estimatedaltitude of 200 feet. When the drivermoved the car to the side of the roadand stopped, the object increasedspeed and moved away toward thefirstobject, which was about a mile away.He estimated the object to be about 75feet in diameter and he said, he couldhear no sound coming from it. Theduration of the incident was about fiveminutes.5
  • 6. JOIN THE CAMPAIGN TO LIFT SECRECY LIDHow do we finally pry the lidoffgovernment UFO secrecy?One wayisto getCongress to doit.How?By organizing a letter-writingcampaign aimed at pursuadingCongress to hold open hearings onUFO secrecy.This suggestion came at aninformal meeting of MUFON membersand other researchers at the secondannual conference on ExploringUnexplained Phenomena, held at theUniversity of Nebraska in November.Ray Boeche, organizer of theconference, said he had had someluckin 1983 in setting Nebraska SenatorsJames Exon and Edward Zorinsky toquestion the U.S. Air Force on UFOsecrecy."Senator Zorinsky has agreed totake a list of 10 to 15of what we feel arethe most pertinent questions to beanswered regarding UFOs and he willdirect them with his endorsement andhis push for correct answers to theappropriate agencies," Boeche said."Its easy to pay lipservice to this,but how manyofyou would be willing togo home and write to both of yoursenators and say, I want answers tothis?"There were 20 to 25 men andwomen at the meeting and all raisedtheir hands.It was agreed that (1) the lettersshould not be identical and each lettershould be tailored to the writersindividual interests, and (2) the lettersshould be accompanied by copies ofseveral previously classifiedgovernment documents relating toUFO incidents."Demand an explanation whythose documents exist," said LarryBryant, who has campaigned againstgovernment UFO secrecy for a longtime."Zero inon secrecy, not on lightsinthe sky or Project BlueBook, but zeroin on those documents that point to thetip of the iceberg. Stress the fact thatUFO secrecy exists, that the Senateshould know about it and that thecitizens are opposed to it."6Some documents suggestedinclude those relatingto the intrusionofUFOs over the nuclear weaponsstorage areas at Kirtland Air ForceBase inAlbuquerqueand the landing ofa UFO outside a U.S. AirForce Base atBentwaters, England (No. 188, October1983).Said Bryant: "The thing is toseparate the executive and legislativebranch and make the legislativebranchdo its homework. Inother words, havea subcmmittee of the SenateIntelligence Committee, which isheaded by Barry Goldwater, holdhearings and.subpoena witnesses fromthe ranks of retired military and fromsources that maybe Len Stringfield andBill Moore know about, and go forlegislative jugular vein."One person familiar withgovernment operations also suggested:"Emphasize the fact that there area lot of people in the intelligencecommunity and the Department of theAir Force, many of whom are nowretired, who have a lotto contribute —but out of FEAR, absolute fear, wontsay a thing, and until that threat is liftedthey wont come forward and talk."MUFON members who write totheir congressmen might also want tosend a carbon copy to MFUONHeadquarters and keep us posted onwhat the reaction is from yourcongressmen.SAMPLE LETTERFollowing is a sample letter that can beused as a guide in writing to yourSenator or Congressman:Dear :If we were to havea publicopinionpoll on the question "Do you believe theU.S. Government has leveled with theAmerican people on the UFOproblem?" Im afraid that more than 75per cent of the respondents wouldanswer "No."Thats one of the inferences Iwould draw from a recent UFOresearch conference at the Universityof Nebraska-Lincoln. Anotherinference is that unless the U.S.Congress acts to hold open committeehearings on the scope and purpose ofofficial UFO secrecy, the public standsto remain ill informed (if not mis-informed) about the continuingrole ofthe federal government in UFOresearch.Periodic "leaks" of official UFO-related documentation to the public,plus recent actions under the U.S.Freedom of Information Act on the partof privately funded UFO researchers,point to the tip of the iceberg that hasinternational implications.That tip shows a deliberate,sustained effort by certain federalagencies to collect and analyze hard-core UFO date —alongwith an equallysustained effort to keep the resultsofthat analysis secret.In a nation founded on citizensparticipation in governmental decision-making and on the publics right toknow, the continued federal policy andpractices of UFO secrecy — rangingfrom agencies denial of access toofficial UFO-related records to totalsuppression of data on alleged crash-landed UFOs and their retrievedoccupants — ought to be enoughincentive for the Congress to reviewthat policy.Enclosed are copies of officialdocuments that have been obtainedunder the Freedom of Information Actthat show definite UFO intrusions intohighly classified areas of some of ourmilitary bases. How can this happen?Why does this happen? Why does thegovernment keep such things secretfrom the public?It is time for Congress to requirethe Executive branch and the variousagencies involved to explain why theyare keeping such matters secret.
  • 7. 18.00 D 18.01-18.0318.10PYRAMID-SHAPED RAY FIELD1VANISHES FROM THE TOP DOWNThese sketches were made by aGerman UFO organization,Gemeinschaft zur Erforschungunbekannter Phanomene (GEP)following investigation of a sighting onMay 24,1983, in Juchen, which is nearGrevenbroich, West Germany.The lone witness in the case isJurgen R.,. 14, a grammar schoolstudent who was standing with a walkietalkie at the edge of a field about 30meters behind his parents house.It was about 6 PM when he saw ared, relativly round object comeshooting down out of the clouds. Theobject positioned itself above someelectric power transmission lines about350 meters southeast ofhim.After a short time, the objectbegan to build a "rayfield"over the linesin the shape of a pyramid.The field wasred with the inside area a lighter shadeof red. It was also transparent and hecould easily see trees and bushesthrough the rayfield.A short while later, the ray fieldbegan to slowly disappear — but fromthe top down to the ground. After theray field disappeared, the ground still"glimmered" for another ten seconds orso.About 20 to 30 seconds later, theobject accelerated back into the skyand disappeared.Throughout this time, Jurgen wasunable to contact hisCB partners, withonly hum-like sounds coming from hisradio.Jurgen estimated the sightinglasted about ten minutes altogether.The ray field built up in five to tenseconds, existed for one to twominutesand then began disappearing, takingseven to eight minutes before it wascompletely gone.Jurgen heard no sound from theobject and GEP could find no otherwitnesses. In a report to MUFON,Hans-Werner Peiniger of GEP said theinvestigators believe the youth wastelling the truth and they haveconcluded the sighting is authentic.GEPs investigation indicated theobject was about 68 meters above theground and that there was a cloudlayerat an altitude of about 200 to 300meters. The object itself was round witha flattish bottom. Its size was estimatedto be 10 to 15 meters in diameter.
  • 8. UFO SEDUCTION CASE IN BRAZILBy A. J. GEVAERDMUFON Representative in BrazilThe Jardim AlvoradaAffair is thestudy of a UFO abduction involvingsexual relations and dialogue with thecrew of a UFO. It is an unusual casebecause of its(strangeness. It occurredin 1979, a relatively poor year for UFOsin Brazil.This case will show us much morethan we already know about UFOabductions. Rarely does a UFOabduction show sexual relationsbetween the witness and theextraterrestrial.This case has some resemblanceto the Villas-Boas case, which alsooccurred in Brazil about 20 years ago.But the Jardim Alvorada Affair is farmore interestingand shows us not onlythe episode of sexual relations but alsopoints out the interest of the aliengroup in our development in geneticreproduction.The crew of the craft introducedthemselves as a kind of "team forresearch and study of Earthandhumancivilizations," something that theycalled "Unity Agripo."The case was investigated byCPDV, or the Center for Flying SaucerResearch, although at the time of theinvestigation the group was calledOPETOVNI, or the UFO TheoreticalStudies and Research Organization,composed of 30 to 40 members. Theinvestigation included a number ofinterviews with the two main witnesses,who are brothers, and ten hypnoticregression sessions, which werecarriedout by Dr. Oswaldo Alves, an MD.Although there were no otherwitnesses to the abduction, there werea number of other people who saw theUFO inthe vicinity and one couple tookthree photos of it with a Nikon camera,the photos showing a bright sphericalobject crossing the sky inside someclouds and in front of the moon.The incident occurred on the nightof April 13,1979, in Jardim Alvorada,asuburb of the city of Maringa in thestate of Parana in southern Brazil. Theprincipal witnesses are Jocelino deMattos, then 21 arid an electrician orlinesman, and his brother, RobertoCarlos, then 13.The incident began about 11:30PM and continued until about 1:30 AM.The brothers had gone to a sistershouse to watch a religiousprogram onTV (April 13 being a religious date inBrazil), but because the ceremony wasnot goingto,begin until about midnight,they decided to go home.ConsistentIn every interview, the brothersstories were consistent, changing onlywhen occasional new bits of informa-tion were dredged up. Here isJocelinos narrativeas told to us in ourfirst interview with him:"My brother drew my attention toa strange star. He was astonished byitspresence and I said to him it was only astar and he need not be afraid of it. Aswe continued walking down the stree,the star looked as if it was following us,and it astonished me too."When we arrived at the cornerwhere we normally turn right to gohome, we felt a strange sensation. MyA. J. GEVAERDMUFON Representativefor western Brazilblood started to run wildly in my veinsand I began to get nervous. Idont knowwhy, but-webegan to walk towards atree in the rhiddle of a plowed field. Ididnt want to:;go in that direction butsomething compelled me and mybrother to walk towards it. It wasdifficult for us to walk because it wasplowed and already prepared for•planting. . .• . • ,• . ."When we were immediatelybelow the bigtree, we both fell down tothe ground! The-strange object wasabout 10to 15 meters awayfrom us andabout two or three meters, above the ,ground. It was floating silently, andthats a|l I can remember except that Iheard a kind of voice that saidsomething like, The job is not ended,we will be back. I do not know how Iheard that voice but I remember it as ina dream. ."Some time later .we woke up withdifficulty. Neither of us could walk byourselves and.I helped my brother upand he helped me up. We held eachother and walked towards our house.We took a long timeto reach the house.It seemed so far. We were dirty withmud and I was feeling a strange andsudden hunger. Ive never left like thatbefore."Our legs were so weak. We weretrembling. Some minutes later wereached home and as wewere about toopen the door our legs became weakerand we fell downsuddenly,breakingthedoor open."My mother and brothers werewaiting for us. They ran towards us andhelped us up. We explained to themwhat had happened. At first theydoubted us but later they went outsidewith me and I pointed out the star,which was still there."As we stood looking at the star,silently hoveringalmost over the trees,about 300 to 350meters awayfrom us, I(continued on next page)8
  • 9. began to tell my family what hadhappened to me and my brother."When I started telling them this,the object seemed to observe us fromthat distance and suddenly my brotherand I received some kind of a shock, sostrong it hurled us to the ground."My mother, another brother andmy sister were not touched. Mymothertold me later that when they touchedme or Roberto, we felt electrified, orsomething like that. We did not feelelectrified, but we couldntmove even afinger."Then the star went away and wecould stand again."Some time later, after a numberofinterviews, Jocelino agreed to undergohypnotic regression. All the hypnoticregression sessions were taperecorded, and the transcriptions nowmake ,up part of a book (not yetpublished) called The Jardim AlvoradaAffair - The Cosmic Connection, by A.J. Gevaerd.The following is part of thetranscription from the second hypnoticsession with Jocelino. Although hesometimes refers to himself and hisbrother as being in the craft, onlyJocelino entered it."...the moment we turned thecorner, something started pulling, us,attracting us to the star. We foughtagainst it, but couldnt. Suddenly, westarted to walk, and walk... It seemedas if we were walking very slowly andthen we were walkingvery fast."My heartbeat started toPhotos taken insequence (left to right) nightof April 13,1979, with object passing moonand clouds as shown belowMOONBEHINDCLOUDSaccelerate, rapidly. I felt my bodychilling, something bad. It was the samewith my legs, in all my body, a badsensation.Floating"We continued walking. It seemedthat it was impossible for us to thinkofanything else. The onlyobjective was toreach the place where the star was.When we arrived, we fell down to theground. We stayed in that position forabout two minutes, and after this timesomebody came and caught us andtook us up to a height. We were takenfloating to that height."I was astonished to see somethingso incredibleinfront ofme. Then a doorwas opened, at the side, and Iwent in.Then there were two men in thedoorway. One of them came in front ofme and looked at me veryattentively."He took up an object which Ididnt recognize, touched the object tomy left arm, and gestured to me to getinside. From that point, we walked alittle bit and we arrived in another roomfull of computers and there was somekind of command display on a table. Ithad different lights that I did notrecognize and cannot explain."After that, they took me toanother room full of motors, things Ihad never seen before! They were nothot and there wasno noise. The motorswere conic or something like that."Then they took me to anotherroom where there were somephotographs similar to those of earth. Icould see that the photographs werefixed on the wall in a kind of video-tape,a TV screen or something like that. Icould not distinguish it very well."Then we arrived in another roomfull of equipment like hospitalequipment. It was a medical room.They asked me to lie down and as Ididso, they examined me. Then, after thisexamination, they collected sperm, asmall amount. (Note: Later sessionsindicated this was done by inserting atube into his penis, with the samplebeing collected in a plastic packagesimilar to cellophane.)"Then they made me sit down on akind of table. They put someinstruments inmy head and they spokeamong themselves in a language that Idid not understand."Then...(Jocelino stopped for(continued on next page)
  • 10. 1979 FONTAINE CASE IN FRANCENOW ADMITTED TO BE A HOAXThe following is reprinted from theEnglish summary of the October 1983SVL (Belgiums Studiegroep voorVreemde Luchtuerschijnselen)Journal, edited by Wim Van Utrecht.By JACQUES BONABOTOn November 26, 1979, at Cergy-Pontoise, France, not far from Paris,three young peddlers, Frank,Fontaine,Jean-Pierre Prevost and SalomonNDaye, created a sensation in theFrench press with their claim of a closeencounter during which Fontaine wasabducted by "extraterrestrials" andreleased one week later.Many doubted the authenticity ofthis abduction. The gendarmarieshowed little interest and GEPAN(Groupe dEtude des PhenomenesAerospatiaux Non-identifies, the officialFrench government agency studyingthe UFO phenomenon) discoveredobvious contradictions.Several French researchersmentioned theirdoubts about the affair,but all this could not preventthe storysbeing publishedon the other side of theAtlantic in American magazines.As far as we were concerned, wepublished a simplenarration ofthe factsin the GESAG Journal of March1980under the title "De Zaak Fontaine" (TheFontaine Case).It was JimmyGuieu,founderof the"Institute for Advanced Studies,"science^fiction writer and author of twobooks on the UFO phenomenon, whogave unwarranted attention to thethree heroes in his book ContactCergy-Pontoise.By means of a local radio in Brestand afterwards in the newspaper LeParisien of July 7, 1983, one of thewitnesses, Jean-Pierre Prevost — whohad not ceased drawing attention to theaffair since November 1979 by clairninghe was in contact with theextraterrestrials, and more precisalywith "Haurrio," whom he said heencountered. in January 1980 —.confessed."I confirm that the Cergy affair wasa hoax from the beginningto the end,"he said. "I am the only one to be heldresponsible. I organized and puttogether the whole story. I can proveit."And the proof he gave consisted ofa very easily verifiable comment:"Frank Fontaine had spent the eightdays of his disappearance in theapartment of a friend of Pontoise. I tookhim there and also brought him back."Prevost confirmed that he likes tohave a laugh and added: "How can oneimagine extraterrestrials coming toabduct a buffoon?"By why then this set-up? The"prime witness" explains:"By inventing this story I got apublic. It was a way of setting peopletogether and to pass on to them mymessage..."For Jean-PierrePrevoist wanted tointroduce a new way of living: "Knowingthat people are not interested any morein traditional religions and that theyneed some support, I thought ofextraterrestrial beings..."Since the Cergy affair, he hadindeed tried to establish various sectsbut always in vain.Nevertheless, Prevost does notexplain why he waited carefully for fouryears before he admittedthe hoax. Oneshould know that after three yearsthere is proscription of what is called"outrage a magistrat" (thestatute oflimitations had run out? — Ed.)The newspaper Quesf Franceprinted a similar account and addedthat "Frank Fontaine, hero and victimof the event, has been in prison sincethe summer of 1982 because hecommitted several robberies."Gevaerd, continuedsome minutes and the hypnotisttried tomake him less concerned)...but itscares me so much....After someminutes a woman arrived in the room.She touched me. She caressed me andit excited me. Then we started to makelove."After (the relations), she stoppedand told me: Perhaps the seed willcome alive. I did not understandanything."She went out of the room andthey spoke between themselves and10they told me in thought (telepathically)that they were for peace and that theirobjective was to study, to understand,the earth. They spoke to me about life,the fights and the wars and I reallythought they were for peace, that theywere peaceful people, friends."Then they told me: We thinkitstime to leave you. They took me bymyarm and we went the same way we hadwalked to get to that place until wearrived at the door. I jumped to theground together with them and theywent floating ahead to where theycouldcatch me. I felt myself paralyzed,totallyunable to move."They made me lie down on theground , exactly the way I was beforethey caught me. Then I came to mysenses."***Jocelino and Roberto have for along time been ashamed to live amongtheir friends and family. They livesilently, talk little and dont participatein communal life. When we first talkedto them, almost a year after theincident, Jocelino was still disturbedand looking for help.
  • 11. UFO TECH NOTE: Voice Stress AnalysisBy JOHN SCHUESSLERCopyright© 1984 by John SchuesslerUFO investigators are generallysincere, dedicated volunteers whospend countless hours and dollars intheir quest for answers in this complexfield. Periodically, they waste a lot oftheir effort because of deliberatefabrication on the part of witness. Thismay be because the witness wants toenlarge upon the story, wants publicity,or just wants to try and fool the expert.On the other hand, there has beenan increase in attempts by professionalcharlatans to use their tools ofdeceit tointimidate witnesses and investigatorsalike. Some investigators have gottenout of the field because they do not liketo associate with such characters.Others continue to waste their timeandmoney on such fraudulent activitiesbecause they are too dedicated to giveup. Still others are considering legalaction, a longand expensive process, toeven the score.But, there isanother answer — theuse of electronic analytical methods.One such method is Voice StressAnalysis. The Voice Stress Analyzerhas been likened to a lie detectorwithout wires. Adherents claim it isconsiderably more accurate than theliedetector, while critics claim theopposite. This Tech Note will not try toresolve that issue.The specific objective of the VoiceStress Analyzer is to use the humanvoice as a medium of detecting andevaluating psychological stress,thereby eliminating the wires andattachments of the liedetector that areoften a contributor to stress in thewitness.Therapists specializing in stressdetection and reduction recognize therelationship between the psychologicalstate and they physiological responseand work on the psychological state toreduce the stress. It is a treatment thatworks.The human voice is affected bystress, both on the conscious and theunconscious level. The musclescontrolling the membranes of the vocalcords are workingmuscles, subject to aphenomenon known as physiologicaltremor. This is a minute, sub-audibleoscillation which corresponds infrequency and nature to Alphatraces inbrainwave patterns.These tremors cause the musclesto constrict at an uncontrollable rate.According to the literature on VoiceStress Analyzers,the change occurs atthe rate of the physiologicaltremor andcorresponds to the amplitude ofmovement caused by the tremor. Thiscauses frequency modulation of thevoice fundamental at the frequencyofthe physiological tremor and therebycreates the sub-audible changes invoice.The amplitude of the tremor isdirectly related to stress. A non-stressed person has minimal tremors;but as he stresses, the tremorsincrease. Therefore, superimposed onthe audible voice frequencies areinaudible frequency modulationswhose strength and pattern relate tothe degree of psychological stress.Certain functions of the body mustfunction on an automatic, self-regulating basis, operating below thethreshold of awareness. Someexamples are breathing, beating of theheart and other life-supportingprocesses. These bodily functions arecontrolled by the Autonomic NervousSystem. Since the voice is operated bymuscles under the control of theAutonomic Nervous System, thespeaker cannot control the minute,sub-audible changes that occur in hisvoice. He can neither cause them norsuppress them by voluntary action;however, the Voice Stress Analyzercan detect them.Use of the Voice StressAnalyzershould not be taken lightly. Beforeconducting a test, the investigatorshould collect all available data, studythat data, and formulate a set of testquestions. The test subject shouldbeina nominalstate, free from pain, hunger,fatigue, wild emotional swings, and notunder the influence ofalcohol or drugs.Questions should be formulated ina way to permit the SympatheticNervous System to react to relevantquestions that indicate chicanery.Irrelevant questions can then bestructured in a way to permit theParasympathetic Nervous System tonull out the reaction andreturn thebody to a baseline state. This can beaccomplished by use of controlquestions and outside issues.The user of the Voice StressAnalyzer has a responsibility to be,properly trained by the manufacturer ofthe device and then to use the device ina proper way. A.person has a right toknow if someone is lying to him,especially if he is to invest his time,money and reputation on an activitywith that person; but that does not givelicense to operate in an unethicalmanner.As a word of caution, some statesdo not permit the use of lie-detectors,voice stress analyzers, or otherdevices. State laws should be checkedbefore utilizing any of these devices inan investigation.What should an investigator do if asubject is found to be lying? Oneanswer might be to reconvene onanother day and repeat the testing,utilizing a new set of questions. Areview of the case data should beconducted to see if it matches theresults of the testing.If the investigator is convinced thesubject is lying, then he should close thecase and apply his resources to someother case. Even then, he should becourteous, but firm, and permit thesubject a face-saving exit.As responsib-le investigators we should be interestedin the data and refrain from playinggames with liars. We cannot solve theirproblems.11
  • 12. THE CLOSE ENCOUNTER THAT WASNTBy Stan GordonSlate Director for PennsylvaniaWhen one is involved inconducting research into anyphenomena, it is essential to investigatethese cases on a direct basis with thosewho took part in the actual occurrence.Many times second hand informationcan be totally false or be a distortion ofwhat actually occurred.An example of this was a UFOincident reported on October 21,1983,near Rpckwood, Pennsylvania. We hadbeen contacted a few days after theoccurrence by a close relative of thetwo eyewitness, who wanted to makeus aware of the incident.. .Mr. and Mrs. Parker*, the twoobservers, had been renting a cabin inthe scenic area where ,the incidentoccurred, but had returned to theirhome in Florida shortly afterwards. Therelative went on to explain that thecouple had heard a loud, high-pitchedsound at approximately 3 PM on theday of the occurrence. When they wentoutside to see what was causing thenoise, they observed a large roundobject in the sky that was droppingsome type of material from it.The relative gave me the addressarid phone number of Mr. Parker inFlorida, but it would be a short timetill I would be able to contact him.Within a few hours after this initialphone call, our PASU UFO Hotlinebegan to receive other calls fromindividuals who had heard of thisincident as well. Further detailsrevealed that the UFO allegedlyhovered low over the cabin, thendescended into the woods and landed ashort distance from the witnesses. Atthis point an occupant from the craftwas reported to have emerged.According to these informants, theParkers then notifiedthe state policeofthe incident. This story was, of course,of interest to us, but the Parkers had tobe contacted before we could begin anevaluation of the case.In the meantime, we contacted thestate police, who verified that a trooper12had been sent to investigate an incidentinvolving an unusual substance fallingfrom the sky, but there had been nomention of a UFO involvement.A short time later we were able tomake contact with Mr. Parkerandobtained the first hand details. Parkerexplained that he and his wife werewatching TV when at about 3 PM theyheard a loud sound which gave them•the impression that several aircraftwere flying together over the area.They went outside to look, but noaircraft >were in sight. They did,however, observe a strange doriut-shaped object that was a bright pinkcolor that was motionless. The objectappeared to be approximately39 feet indiameter, with the ring sectionappearing to be about 9 feet inthickness.They could look up into the center,of the donut-shaped structure andcould see the cloudy sky above. Afterabout a minute,the circle of pink beganto dissipate.The sound which , had beenprevalent during the observationseemed to stop at the same time thatthe circle faded away.About 20 minutes after thesighting, Mr. Parker went outside andnoticed small particles of bright orangecolor on his porch, as well as over thetrees in the surrounding area. It wassoon discovered that the substancehadalso fallen in areas about half a mile; northwest and southeast of thislocation. The material was not presentprior to the sighting of the unusualdonut-shaped ring.Mr. Parker, thinking that thismaterial could be of some type ofhazard, then notified the state police. Atrooper arrived at thescene,took somesamples of the flourescent orangematerial, and then notified thePennsylvania Department ofEnvironmental Resources, who arrivedat the scene a few days after the actualevent. They, as well as our PASU unit,obtained samples of the residue forlaboratory analysis.After hearing the details of the(continued on next page)STAN GORDON. State Director for Pennsylvania
  • 13. Gordon, continuedactual event, we began to realize thatthere seemed to be a naturalexplanation of the sighting. The rumorsof a landing were unfounded. The.laboratory analysis had indicated thatthe substance was some type of dye,but, the actual identity cou|d not bedetermined.PASU, in trying to track down thesource for the observation, madecontact with numerous agencies, someof which included the U.S. Air Force,The U.S. Geological Survey, TheDepartment of Agriculture, the U.S.Forestry Service, Civil Air Patrol andThe Pennsylvania Game Commission.None of these sources could give us alead as to whythis substance would beused.After several weeks of searching,we believe that we have identified thesubstance. It iscalled Dayglow, a water-soluable material that is a bright orangecolor. According to our informant,Dayglow is used by aerial sprayingcontractors, who use this substance todetermine the actual spray pattern•emitting from the aircraft.. The unusual ring seems related tothis emission from the aircraft. It seemslikely that some type of sprayingoperation was taking place over theRockwood area.****Pseudonym for the name o/ the actual witness,which is on file with MUFON Headquarters.***•Correspondence may be sent to (PASU),Pennsylvania Association For The Study Of TheUnexplained, 6 OakhillAvenue, Greensburg,Pa.15601. The PennsylvaniaUFO HotlineNumber is412-838-7768.LETTERSWhat A Real UFO Is1< .1 Editor,In his critique, "What Are UFOs?"(No. 184, June 1983), Mr. BobWanderer appears to be confusedabout what Icould possibly mean by theuse of the term "real UFO." By realUFO, I merely mean those pesky,objective, out-there UFOs that are notthe conscious or unconscious creationof the witness. By the word real I meanthe invariable, the objectivelydetermined inTime and Space.Im gladto note that Bob is concerned aboutwhat is real.Willard D. NelsonVilla Park, Calif.13
  • 14. SOME HIGHLIGHTS IN AUSTRALIAN UFOLOGYBy PAUL NORMANCopyright© 1983 by Paul NormanOfficial Australian investigationofunusual aerial phenomena was inprogress even before the foo fighter eraof World War II. As far back as 1930, asquadron-leader was sent by theAustralian Air Force to Warrnambool,Victoria, a town west of the OtwayRanges, on the north shore of BassStrait, where people had reported"aircraft" flying over the coast.The official investigatorfound thatthe objects were not aircraft belongingto Australia or any other power. Theycould not be identified even as aircraft.In short, they were unknown objects.After retirement, the investigatingofficer became a highly regardedmember of the Victorian UFOResearch Society (VUFORS). He wasSir George Jones, the former AirMarshall of the Royal Australian AirForce, during World War II.Note that this first documentedofficial investigation of unidentifiedflying objects took place on the shoresof Bass Strait, which has become theoutstanding "flap area" of Australia,where strange sights inthe sky and overits waters reach back fortwo centuriesand beyond. During October 1978,UFO activityreached an alltime peak,consummating with the greatestmystery in Australian aviation history,the Frederick Valentich Case in whichthe young aviator disappeared in anencounter with a UFO.***Within a seven-day period in June1954, an object described as cylinder orcigar shaped was reported over thesuburbs of Melbourne. One witnesssaid her wristwatch stopped at 6:23PMand the batteries in her small flashlightwent dead while the object —about 30feet long by 15feet high—was nearby.At close range, a canopy with awindow on top could be seen. Therewas a window at each end of the silvercolored cylinder as it rose above ahouse and sped away.Witnesses in the Melbournesuburb of Maldon said "dark shapes"could be seen within the craft. Apoliceman reported the object hoverednear the ground near where he wasstanding and he could see shadows ofpeople inside before it sped away.A radio announcer, who sightedthe object from another suburb ofMelbourne, said he was saying goodbyto friends when he heard a sound likeadial tone of a phone. "It travelled at afantastic speed, yet it appeared to bemoving slowly, as iftime and speed hadbecome distorted."When it reached its lowest point,shapes like human formscould be seen.He said, "We were too amazed to talkfor several seconds, we were soimpressed that each of us wrote downour individual impression and theytallied almost exactly."The object was last seen travellingtoward Bass Strait.***The newspaper SUN displayedthis front page headline on December16,1954: NAVY FINDS SAUCERSONOUR RADAR. The encounter was anoutstanding radar/visual case. Theincident had occurred three monthsprior, in September, but the story didnot become known to the press untilDecember.A Navy fighter was flying toAustralias Navy Base at Nowra justafter dark when two disc-shapedobjects took up positions, one on eachside of the aircraft. The pilot requesteda radar check, which was done. Threeblips showed up on the radar screen.Nowra directed the pilot toexecute certain movements to identifyhimself from the two objects. TheUFOs gradually drew away andvanished. All the movements wereconfirmed on the radar screen.***One of the best sightingsto comefrom the Tasmanian side of Bass Straitoccurred in October 1960. An objectwas sighted by Anglican Minister, theRev. Lional Browning, and his wife, ofCressy, a small town near Lonceston.They observed a grey cigar-shapedobject with vertical bands on the sideand a "rod" projected from one end,which might have been an antenna.Rev. Browninghad been skepticalabout "flying saucer" reports but statedit was no normal aircraft because it wasdescending below stalling speed. Afterabout a minutethe "ship" stopped andhovered for about 30 seconds, at whichtime five "saucers" swooped out of theclouds as if joining a mother ship.He estimated they were at thattime about three miles away. Hedescribed them as being flat on thebottom, with domes on top.***On February 15, 1963, a disc-shaped object with a transparent domedescended to a lowlevel near a milkingshed at Willow Grove, near Moe,Victoria. The main body of the objectwas described as battleship gray.The UFO hovered a few secondsbefore flying away.Duringthat time thecattle panicked to the extent theycouldnot be milked. For a period of manyweeks the cattle avoided the spot overwhich the UFO had hovered. CharlesBrew was the only witness to thesighting, although hisson Trevor, insidethe shed, heard the swishing soundmade by the object.Although, the sighting was of shortduration, VUFORS investigators madethe 90-mile trip from Melbourne and ,found that official investigators hadalready been there. The witnessdeveloped a headache, which he rarelyever had but didnot realizethe painwasassociated with the close encounteruntil an official inestigator hadquestioned him.A scientist who accompanied theofficial investigator took rock samplesfor analysis, an indication that at least20 years ago, Australian officials were(continued on next page)
  • 15. Australia, continuedmaking radiation and human physicaleffects resultingfrom close encounterswith unidentified flying objects.***There is a strong possibilitythat aUFO caused the death of 19-year oldGary Taylor at Bourkes Flat,Victoria,while he was driving to St. Arnard onApril 7, 1966, three days after a UFOencounter which had taken place at thesame spot. (See No. 145, March 1980).Ron Sullivan, of Maryborough,Victoria, saw an object rising from theground. As he drew near, he could seeitwas disc shaped with beams of light inevery color of the rainbow. Suddenlyhis headlight beams were drawn in thedirection of the object and "bent" inaVshape back toward the road.The case was investigated byVUFORS and the Victorian Police. TheUFO had left a depression inthe freshlyplowed ground. There were no tracksleading to the spot were the depressionwas made.A few days after the incident, amotorist phoned VUFORS that he hadbeen approaching from the oppositedirection and saw the object in thepaddock but had fled but he wasconcerned that he had not reported theincident to the police for fear of theviolation.Twelve years later, VUFORSfound further confirmationthat a UFOwas indeed at the same location wereGary Taylor had crashed into a treeopposite the depressed spot inthe field.Another driver who had been followingsome distance behind the victim alsosaw the lights from the object. Hereported that he thought the lights hadblinded the youth who crashed.The encounter occurred during amajor flap in Victoria. Just prior to thedeath at Bourks Flat, a science teacherat Westhall High School, together withscores of students, watched a silver-colored object rise out of a paddocknear the school and soar into the sky,leaving the grass depressed in anoblong football shape.The incident was investigated byVUFORS including interviews withwitnesses. Later, military vehicles wereseen in the paddock and menexamining the depressed spot. Afterwhich the field was burned off.***Other restrictions regardinginformation on UFO encouncers areevident. For example, a UFO wasfilmed by the captain of an airliner whileon a flight to Port Morsby in NewGuinea. The captain reported theincident to Townsville control. He wasinstructed not to have the filmdeveloped until he returned toAustralia. Upon his return, two officialswere on hand to take the film.***Australia has its share of UFOencounters involving aircraft. OnAugust 22, 1968, UFOs sighted from aMurchison Air Services charter flightwere reported by Captain GordonSmith and Captain Walter Gardin.They were flying from Adelaide toPerth. The pilots were interviewedbyapsychologist, who sent Captain Smithspersonal report to VUFORS.An object was first seen byCaptainGardin. He immediately arousedCaptain Smith, who was asleep. Thetime was shortly after 7:30 PM.The twopilots observed the large object openMUFON Amateur Radio NetJoe Santangelo (N1JS), managerof the MUFON Amateur Radio Net andRegional Director, has submitted hisannual activity report for 1983. Twenty-five different stations participated bychecking-in each Saturday morning at8:00 a.m. Eastern Time on 7237 KHzinthe forty meter band. They wereN1BDC, WlBIs, N1JS, W1LHV,W1ZFI, W2COF, N2COO, WB20GS,K3COZ, K3HWH, WB3HWU,KA3JJC, WA3QLW, K4HXC,WA4NKZ, WA4RPU, N5AFH,WA5CTJ, W5UAA, K8MRS,K8NQN,WD800B, W8ZDX, WAOOBN, andWAOTEQ.David L. Dobbs (K8NQN)andLesVarnicle (WA3QLW) shared the netcontrol responsibilities with Joe. BobGrattan (WA4NKZ), State Director forViginia, has utilized his computer andword processor to update theMUFONAmateur Radio Directory. Joe alsotook advantage of his computer andword processor to compile hisannualreport.up, at which time smaller objects flewout of the main object and continued tomaneuver with the larger UFO.At the time this operation was inprogress radio communication failed.Communication was restored after theobjects flew away. The objects were lastseen after they joined again "as if at asingle command" before speedingaway.***In Victoria, an interesting buildupof UFO activity began in September1977 along the Murray River, nearLeitchville. This flap reached a peak inDecember. The UFOs were not onlydemonstrating their mysterious activityin the sky, they were landing in thepaddocks and leaving physical traceson the ground. VUFORS investigatorsspent a total of 30 days within a three-month period interviewing witnessesand compiling reports, some of whichare still to be published.One of the more spectacularsightings began on the night ofDecmeber 13, witnessed by 12observers who climbed to the top of amilking shed to watch the display. Alarge UFO was first seen by Mr. andMrs. Tom Church at a low altitudedescending at about the landingspeedof an aircraft.After it hovered, three objectswere seen flying from the main objectwithin three minutes. One of thesmaller UFOs flew 25 mileswithin twominutes before it took up its positionbetween the witnesses and PyramidHill. Within five minutes two otherobjects flew from the parent object andtook up positions between the largeUFO and Pyramid Hill.During the course of four hours,the witnesses saw what they thoughtwere meteorites falling to the ground.All of the "meteorites" fell within the 25-mile zone as if they were being drawninto the zone by a magnetic force.About one in every three"meteorites" curved up before burningout. They fell at about the rate of 15perhour. After four hours all witnesseswere asleep. An interesting case forfollow-up hypnosis analysis.15
  • 16. REMARKABLE METEORS: A COMMENTWhen is a "meteor" not a meteor?.When it hovers, maneuvers, changescourse, and has an angular, size manytimes that of the sun or moon.1In response to my review of hisbook UFOs: The Public Deceived,Philip J. Klass continues to insist thatso-called "fireball"meteors can last forminutes, and thus Jenny Zeidman iswrong in concluding that the UFO inthe October 18, 1973, Ohio helicoptercase 2could not have been a meteorbecause the sighting ,lasted severalminutes. In support of his contention,he sent me copies of five "meteor"reports in which the phenomena wereobserved for 1to 18,or more minutes.Mr; Klass annotated his paper tothe effect that Jenny Zeidmansays "...ameteor-fireball, under the mostfavorable conditions, could not bevisible for more than 30-40 seconds."The enclosed cases were intended torefute this"naive" contention, and were"DEDICATED to Richard Hall, whoaccepts the Zeidman Limits asGospel."i In my book review, I hadendorsed Zeidmans statement. Theendorsement, however, was based onwell-established facts of/observationalastronomy, not oh faith.I repeat here my (unanswered)challenge to Mr. Klass to have, thecurrent president of the AmericanMeteor Society review Zeidmansreport on the Ohio case and offer anindependent opinion on the fireballhypothesis.A brief review of the cases whichsupposedly establish the realityof long-lasting fireballs instead, amusingly,establishes the reality of some verystrange aerial phenomena, not one ofwhich could conceivably have been ameteor.Case 1. On November 20,1902,inAustralia, a slow-moving"fire ball"wasobserved for four minutes by anastronomer at the AdelaideObservatory. No details ofthe observa-tion are given. (Source: Charles Fort,based, on Australian newspaperreports).16Case 2. The U.S.S. Supply case ofBy RICHARD HALLFeb. 28,1904, whichhas been reportedin many standard references. The three"meteors" are have movedin "echelon" formation, firstsoutheasterly below the clouds, thenturning and climbing up through theclouds,and disappearing to the westnorthwest. The angular size of the leadobject is givenas " apparent areaofabout six suns" (i.e., about 3° of;arc),the second "meteor" about 1° of arc,and the third about l/2°. The sightinglasted, "over...two minutes." Thereporter, later to become a prominentNavy Admiral; noted: "The nearapproach of these meteors to thesurface and the subsequent flight awayfrom the surface appear to be mostremarkable." (Source: MonthlyWeather Review, March 1904:)Case 3. On July 8, 1868, at theRadcliff Observatory in Oxford,England, a motionless cloud-likephenomenon "about 5° in length and 1°in breadth" (i.e., about 10 times theapparent size of the sun or moon inlongest dimension)was observed nearPolaris, the North Star. It appearedcomet-like. Then " appeared to startinto motion, taking a course directlywest...leaving a trainbehindofa greaterbreadth than itself...[and] disappearedbelow the N.W. horizon." At one pointit turned south, then, turned northagain, remainingvisiblefor "nearly fourminutes." (Source: English Mechanic,July 10, 1868).Case 4. On February 5,1883, nearArvika, Sweden, "...a meteor ofunusual size and appearance wasobserved...." It first moved fromsoutheast to northwest, then afterabout 18seconds reversed course andheaded back southeast. (A veryremarkable meteor!) "During itsprogress to north-west... the meteormade several digressions from itsplane....At the point of changing itsdirection, when it was so near thesurface of the lake that its path wasreflected,therein, it possessed adistincttail...." It finally disappeared to thesoutheast after "nearly fifty seconds."(Source: Nature, March 1, 1883.)Case 5. Oh August 1, 1871, atMarseilles, France, a "remarkablemeteorite" [sic] was observed to moveslowly across the sky, its coursecarefully plotted against the starbackground. It moved in an easterlydirection for about 10 minutes," ...remained for a moment stationary,then, changing its course took anortherly direction...[then] to the west,and again stopping...." Another coursechange to east, another stop, then arapid perpendicular fall toward thehorizon, during which " gave out[bjrilliant scintillations." Sightingduration was close to 20 minutes.Theapparent size was at first about half thatof the sun or moon. (Source: Nature,Oct. 5, 1871.)This article is dedicated to PhilKlass, who accepts that meteors ofgigantic proportions can silentlymaneuver through our skies, hover,change course, and otherwise defyconventional knowledge.Dr. Bruce S.Maccabee has stated elsewhere, ajsoinresponse to Klass, the principle thatconventional phenomena advanced asexplanations for UFO :reports must.obey conventional physics. These"meteors" obviously fail the test.It isalso noteworthy that the fivecases all date to the late 19th and very,early 2Qth century, and that Mr. Klassapparently was unable to cite anymodern cases based on instrumenteddata — or even anecdotal data fromexperienced meteor observers — tosupport his strange contention. In fact,it is an untenable position and I oncemore call upon him to retract the,meteor hypothesis for the Ohiohelicopter case.NOTES1. The arc of the sky from horizon to horizoncovers 180° or half of a complete cirlce.Phenomena observed against the skybackground may be measured (angular size) byhow many degrees of arc they fill ("subtend").Both the sun and moon subtend approximately/2°. It would take 360suns or moons placed rim torim to reach across the sky from horizon tohorizon. Objects or phenomena of the reportedapparent size in these cases would be up to 6-10times the angular size of the sun or moon!2. A Helicopter-UFO Encounter Over Ohio,Center for UFO Studies, P.O. Box 1402,Evanston, IL 60204,$9.00.
  • 17. COMPUTER NETWORKS and MUFONBy WALT ANDRUSConsidering the large number ofpersonal computers presently beingused and the potential for greaterutilization in the future, it is wise for theMutual UFO Network to seriouslyevaluate how this electronic devicemaybe used to perform many clericalfunctions in our office, store vitalinformation, and comunicate UFOsightings and investigations with otherUFO organizations, investigators andresearchers, just to mention a few.The Fund for UFO Research isconsidering setting up a computeroriented quick response UFO report"hotline" system. They have invitedpeople who have equipment forcommunicating by telephone with adistant computer to adivse them of thetype of equipment that they possess.The minimum requirement for thiswould be a so-called "dumb"terminal.Other types of equipment include atypical home computer, plus a modem,plus a display. An information storagecapability (tape, disc) and a hard copydevice (printer)would be helpful.The Fund is seeking people whohave equipment that is no longerneeded to donate as a tax deductiblegift. They would cover the costs ofshipment of any equipment that theyaccept. Dr. Bruce Maccabee hascontacted MUFON to determine ourcomputer capabilitiesso as to be a partof the "hotline." We must sadly admitthat our headquarters office is not soequipped or has the funds to purchaseequipment at the present time.Dr. Richard F. Haines, Director ofthe North American UFO Federationhas also proposed the development ofanetwork for the interchange of UFOrelated information betweenresearchers with micro-computers.The large number of UFO researcherspossessing the necessary equipmentmakes such a development areasonable goal for the near future. Heis also proposing that a studycommittee be established within theNAUFOF for the standardization ofcomputers within the field of Ufology.Dr. Haines has submitted thefollowing list of equipment required andsuggested manufacturers:(1) A computer such as theAppleII, TRS80, IBM-PC, Exidy Sorcerer,Osborne, Epson, Hewlett-Packard,Commodore 64, using a program thatpermits the computer to communicateover an RS-232 interface with othercomputers within the same "network."(2) A Coupler or Modem: (eitherdirect or acoustic type) which connectsthe computer to the commercialtelephone line.(3) Some preliminary workingstandards: In order for two computersto communicate with each other via thetelephone, both must agree in advanceupon the data transfer rate (called the"baud" rate. . .for bits per second. Dr.Haines has recommended 1200.)Full-duplex is also recommended,if one does not need to see on hisor herCRT screen what is being typed orbeing sent out to the other computer.Otherwise use half-duplex. This willprovide the user with a duplicate ofwhat is being transmitted on onesownvideo display.Like the Fund for UFO Research,Dick Haines is requesting informationon potential users to ascertain thefeasibility of setting up a computernetwork within Ufology. It is necessaryto know how many computers andperipheral equipment now exists.Another proposal has beenreceived from Michael D. Hart, aMUFON member in Seattle,Washington, to establish what he haselected to call "The COMPUFONInformation Network" (ComputerizedUnidentified Flying Object Network).Mr. Hart, in his correspondence, isadvising that he will be initiating a newservice on a continent-wide basis togather information relating to UFOactivity. He is an online member of theCompuServe Computer Network andthus has access to two mainframecomputer systems which have vaststorage capabilities.He will be gathering informationthat issent to himon aweeklybasisandcompiling it into an information recap.This recap will be mailedto all membersof COMPUFON, PSAPR, and anyorganization that would like access tosuch information. He hopes to establisha nationwide network of reportingstations.Michaels proposal is in its infancy;however I have brought it to yourattention to give MUFON membersanother idea of how computers may beused inUfology.We have been accumulatinga fileon computers, peripherals,manufacturers, models and prices inpreparation for the day when theMutual UFO Network can purchaseappropriate equipment to become anintegral part of a telephone-connectedUFO communication system. Athorough evaluation of the equipmentavailable and the cost to provide theessential services in the MUFONheadquarters office is presentlyunderway. However funds are notavailable in our budget to make such apurchase.After determining exactly whatfunctions and processes we will expectthe computer to perform, usingavailable software programs, and thenecessary peripherals, a manufacturerand model will be identified. Knowingexactly what will be expected of thecomputer, hardware and software, aunit may be purchased in the mostfeasible price range to fulfill theintended purpose. As funds becomeavailable, MUFON will purchase onepiece of equipment at a time until theplanned goal is reached.As suggested by Dr. BruceMaccabee, MUFON would be veryreceptive to donations of compatiblecomputer components as a means ofestablishing a UFO hotline, wordprocessor, UFO case file, etc. At thistime, we are setting up a special bankaccount for the purpose of receivingtax-exempt, donations and gifts to beearmarked specifically for the purchaseof a computer.As one of the largest UFOorganizations in the nation, it behoovesMUFON to maintain its position ofexcellence by joining the world ofcomputers to better serve Ufology. .17
  • 18. BRIGHT PLANETS IN 1984(Constellation locations of planets at mid-month and evening/morning visibility. Compiled by Walter N. Webb, MUFONConsultant in Astronomy.) •Month Venus Mars Jupiter*Probably not visibleConstellation abbreviations:Aqr - AquariusAri - AriesCap - CapricornusCnc - CancerLeo - LeoLib - LibraOph - OphiuchusPsc - PiscesSco<- ScorpiusSgr - Sagittarius, Tau - TaurusVir - VirgoSaturnJan.Feb.Mar.Apr.MayJun.Jul.Aug.Sep.Oct.Nov.Dec.OphSgr-AqrPsc-Ari-TauCncLeo -Vir-Lib-Sgr -Cap-AMAM , •-AMAM . ..AM*- AM/PM*-PM*PM*PMPMPM --PMVir- Lib-Lib-• Lib -Lib-Lib -,Lib-Lifr;ScoSgr-CapCapAMAM,PM/AMPM/AMPM/AMPM/AMPMPMPM ..PM-PM-PM< , iSgrSgrSgrSgrSgrSgrSgrSgr..SgrSgrSgr. Sgr-AM-: AM: r-AM ,.-AM- AM ,- PM/AM-PM/AM-- PM/AM-PM-PM-PM • • -PMLiblibLib; Lib,,LibLibLibLib• -LibLib, LibLib-AM-AM- PM/AM- PM/AM-, PM/AM- PM/AM-PM-PM-PM- PM*- AM*.-AM ,Directors Message, ContinuedSaucer Research (C.P.D.V.), thelargest Brazilian UFO organization.Another valuable addition to ourteam from Brazil is Cynthia NewbyLuce, who has an M.A.inExperimentalPsychology and resides in Sao Jose doRio Preto. Having lived in Brazil formany.years as a U.S. citizen,Cynthiaisbilingual in Portuguese and English,which will make her ideal fortranslatingUFO sighting reports and investiga-tions originating in Brazil. Cynthia wasrecommended by Mrs. Cynthia Hind,Continental Coordinator for Africa,and served as her translator whenMrs.Hind delivered a paper at the April 1983Second InternationalUFO Congress ofBrasilia, Brazil. Both Cynthia NewbyLuce and Mrs. Cynthia Hind will beattending the MUFON 1984 UFOSymposium in San Antonio, TexasthisJuly.***On January 28, 1984, MUFON ofSouthern California sponsored a UFO18Seminar at the Civic AuditoriumofVeterans Memorial Building in CulverCity, California, featuring Stanton F.Friedman, William L. Moore and DavidFroning. Jean Waller, State Directorfor Oklahoma, conducted, a FieldInvestigators Training Meeting inNorman, Oklahoma, on Saturday,February 18, 1984.Ken McLean has .announced thatthe P.R.O.-U.F.S.s Contactee SummerConference will be held June 14 to 18,1984, at the Universityof WyominginLaramie. This particular weekend wasselected so there wouldnot be a conflictwith the dates for the MUFON 1984UFO Symposium.***Jim Leming, ActingState Directorfor Montana, has suggested that theupcoming release of the book ClearIntent by Larry Fawcett and Barry J.Greenwood (Prentice-Hall) would bean ideal time to promote the book andMUFON in a cooperative program atthe book stores ineach ofour localities.It has been proposed that MUFONprovide literature that can be handedout by pur people and answer questions,about the organization to interestedpeople.This will require obtainingpermission from the individual bookstore owners or managers prior to theApril or May 1984 release date andadvising MUFON the quantity ofbrochures needed. It is essential that arepresentative of MUFON is present todistribute the brochures and answerquestions if the cooperative program isto be effective. An alternative, todecrease shipping costs, would be toprovide a master copy of the brochureand have it printed in each personslocality. Please give this proposalserious consideration since timing ifofthe essence. MUFON has received a fewdonations from members to be appliedto financing the North American UFOFederation with suggestions that/theindividual members not be assessed butto rely on donations to thisworthwhilecause for unity in Ufology.
  • 19. Lucius ParishIn Others WordsA summary of the "crash/retrieval" cases investigated byLeonard H. Stringfield is the subject ofthe "Anti-Matter/UFO Update"column in the January issue of OMNI.Writer Casey McCabe gives a brief, butfair, review of the evidence for suchevents.The January/February issue ofSATURDAY EVENING POST has thefirst installmentof a two-part article byDonald A. White, "FlyingSaucers: AreThey Us?" As the title suggests, Whiteemphasizes the theory that UFOs aretime travellers, returning to their past(our present) from the future. While nopossibility can be ruled out, some ofWhites reasons for rejecting othertheories of UFO origin appear to bebased on faulty reasoning.Dr. Bruce Maccabee contributesan interestingand much-needed articleto the February issue of FATE. In PartIof his presentation, Maccabee asksifthere are any "TRUFO" (TRue UFO)sightings which remain unexplainedand which cannot be placed in the"Insufficient Information" category. Hethen gives good examples of just suchcases. The concluding part ofthearticlewill be in the March issue ofFATE, withadditional contributions slated for laterissues.The Aquarian Press of GreatBritain, in conjunction with ASSAP(Association for the Scientific Study ofAnomalous Phenomena), ispublishinga series of titles on various types ofunexplained phenomena.The first of these, THEEVIDENCE FOR UFOs by HilaryEvans, isnow available. Itisanoverviewof the UFO subject which the beginnerwould find quite useful and which olderhands might also wish to review.All the basics — photographicevidence, visual and radar evidence,medical effects, abduction cases, UFOoccupants, "Men In Black," thegovernmental view, paranormalphenomena, etc. — are summarizedinseven chapters, withthe eighth chapterbeing devoted to Evans personalassessment of the subject.He believes there are at least foursources of UFO reports; psychologicalin nature, biological objects whichmanifest as balls of light, secretgovernmental devices, and "structuredartefacts of extraterrestrialorigin."The book has several photos andillustrations, as well as a bibliography/reading list and an index. A nicely-donepaperback, it can be obtained fromUFO NEWSCL1PP1NGSERVICEThe UFONEWSCLIPPING SERVICEwill keep you informed of all the latestUnited States and World-Wide UFOactivity, as it happens!Our service wasstarted in 1969, at which time wecontracted with a reputableinternational newspaper-clippingbureau to obtain for us, those hard tofind UFO reports (i.e., little knownphotographic cases, close encounterand landing reports, occupant cases)and all other UFO reports, many ofwhich are carried only in small townorforeign newspapers."Our UFO Newsclipping Serviceissues are 20-page monthly reports,reproduced by p h o t o - o f f s e t ,containing the latest UnitedStates andCanadian UFO newsclippings, withour foreign section carrying the latestBritish, Australian, New Zealand andother foreign press reports. Alsoincluded is a 3-5 page section of"Fortean" clippings (i.e. Bigfoot andother "monster" reports). Let us keepyou informed of the latest happeningsin the UFO and Fortean fields."For subscription information andsample pages from our service, writetoday to:UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICERoute 1 — Box 220Plumerville, Arkansas 72127Arcturus Book Service, 263 NorthBallstonAvenue, Scotia, NY 12302. Theprice is $5.95, plus 85<f postage &handling.PROFESSIONAL FORUMBy WALT ANDRUSIn our effort to upgrade theMUFON UFO JOURNAL, James M.McCampbell, Director for Researchhas suggested Professional Forum asthe vehicle or title that is characterizedas a place for open discussion amongmany people.We want to encourage our mostqualified people to contribute articlesthat analyze the availabledata on UFOsand provide insights pertaining to theirprofessional specialties; Contributionsare not limited to only consultants,because research specialists and manyof our members have specializedtalents. Each paper must be identifiedby providing the authors name,degrees or educational level, and yourMUFON Title or occupation.Drafts of submitted papers will beforwarded for preliminary screening toMr. McCampbell. Worthy materialwould be distributed for review toappropriate MUFON consultants forcomments on the technical soundnessof the article in all fields that we havecovered. Suitable revisions oradjustments would be negotiated withthe authors, whenever necessary. Atthis stage, Jim would forward themanuscripts to the editor of theJournal, Bob Pratt, along with a recordof the reviews and comments.Publication would be at the solediscretion of the editor based upon hisassessment of general interest, long-term value in the literature, clarity, andcompetition from other submittals.Such procedures are envisioned toappy to only a small fraction of theJournal content so as to preserve themajor portion for articles of generalinterest.Please forward a l l . articlespertaining to the Professional Forum toMUFON at 103 Oldtowne Road,Seguin, Texas 78155.19
  • 20. DIRECTORS MESSAGE byWalt AndrusOn January 6, 1984, theMUFONMetroplex group in the Dallas, Texasarea elected not to host the MUFON1984 UFO Symposium when LindyWhitehurst, the replacementchairmanfor the Rev. G. Neal Hern, securedemployment in Houston Texas. Thelack of an enthusiastic and dynamicchairperson discouraged the hostcommittee, resulting in their decision.Not to be discouraged, the SanAntonioMUFON group voted on January 12thto host the 1984 symposium in SanAntonio, Texas with Tom Deuley asChairperson.As noted inmyDirectors Messagein the November 1983 issue, a fewrevisions were being made in thefeatured speakers. The followingpeople will submit papers for theproceedings and speak: Dr. J. AllenHynek, Barry J. Greenwood, Mrs.Cynthia Hind (Zimbabwe), Paul B.Norman (Australia), Mrs. MargeChristensen, John F. Schuessler, AlanC. Holt and Tom Adams. Moredetailswill be forthcoming in the Journal asthey develop.According to Steve Lewis, one ofthe producers for the ABC-TV NightLine program, the plannedUFO specialhas been delayed until somethingnewsworthy breaks concerning UFOs.Since all of the preliminary filming wasdone at the University ofNebraska, Dr.Hynek and Walt Andrus will probablyhave only one day advance noticewhenthey will appear live from the nearestABC-TV affiliate station. The ABC-TVnews team thus feels prepared to leadtheir competitors when the nextsignificant UFO news item breaks.***In the October 1983 issue(Number 188) of the MUFON UFOJOURNAL in my Directors Messageconcerning Philip Klass attempt toscuttle the University of NebraskaUFO Conference, Robert A.Mortenson, Director of Conferencesand Institutes, provided the followingcorrection inhis letter receivedJanuary6, 1984. Quoting from Mr. Mortensonsletter, he has said: "Your messageindicates that a call was made toChancellor Massengale here at theUniversity of Nebraska - Lincoln. Thisstatement is not correct. Mr. Klasscontacted Mr. Russ Free and myselfonly and did not directly contact theChanclelor. It would be appreciated ifyou would correct this erroneousimpression that the Chancellor wascontacted directly and that theChancellors office conducted anyinvestigation or held interviews inregard to this matter."Due to the exceptionalcooperation of Mr. Mortenson at theconference, it is imperative that thismatter should be clarified. Mr.Mortenson is to be commended forrecognizing the ploy by PhilipKlass andinitiating the original letterofAugust 23,1983, to Dr. John yost, Assistant to theChancellor, thus keeping theChancellors office advised.***KENNETH R. McLEANMichael A. Lewis recentlysubmitted his resignation as StateDirector for Wyomingdue to businessresponsibilities and recommendedKenneth R. McLean, a former StateSection Director in Colorado, for thisposition. Mr. McLean, who resides inLaramie, Wyoming, has both a B.S. inPsychology and a B.A. in Journalism.He attended the MUFON 1982Symposium in Toronto, Ontario, andthe University of Nebraska Conferenceand has been very active in thesponsorship of the P.R.O. - U.F.O.sSummer Contactee Conferences at theUniversity of Wyoming with Dr. R. LeoSprinkle. Ken will be soonannouncingthe appointmentsof new State SectionDirectors tofillvacancies in Wyoming.Michael D. Swords, Ph.D., aprofessor at Western MichiganUniversity inKalamazoo, has become anew Consultant after attending theNebraska Conference and reading theMUFON UFO Journal as a formersubscriber to the Frontiers of Science.He has already submitted technical-scientific articles for publication in theJournal. As a teacher, he has theunique ability to write technicalarticlesthat are down-to-earth and readilyunderstandable by the lay person.Dan R. Wright, State Director forMichigan, has appointed the followingtwo ladies to roles of greaterresponsibility: Mrs. Dorothy I. Lewis,presently a Provincial SectionalDirector for Lambton County inOntario, has been additionally assignedas State Section Director for adjoiningSt. Clair County in Michigan. Over theyears, Dorothy has been lecturing onUFOs, and making radio and TVappearances throughout the Sarnia,Ontario area.Harriet Beech of Lansing,Michigan, has been promoted fromField Investigator to State SectionDirector for Ingham, Eaton andJackson Counties. Harriet hasattended all of the recent MUFONUFO Symposiums, thus becoming wellacquainted with MUFONs goals andobjectives. As an executive secretary,she has typedmany ofthe UFO sightingreports emanating from Michigan forDan Wright.William G. Hinrichsen,Continen-tal Coordinator forSouth America, hasrecently approved the followingorganizational alignments in Brazil:Jose Victor Scares, who has beenMUFONs Representative for Brazilsince 1974 and living in Gravatay,R.G.S., will now become the SectionalRepresentative for Eastern Brazil.Professor A.J. Gevaerd, a colleague ofMr. Scares in C.P.D.V., has beenappointed Sectional RepresentativeforWestern Brazil. Prof. Gevaerd livesinCampo Grande, M.S. and is thecoordinator of the Center for Flying(continued on page 18)