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Mufon ufo journal 1980 7. july

  1. 1. THEMUFON UFO JOURNALNUMBER 149 JULY 1980Founded 1967 $1.50.OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF JHCAFOJV/ MUTUAL UFONETWORK, INC..Karen and David Kissinger greet registrants at 1980 MUFON UFO Symposium,Clear Lake City, Texas. (Photo: Dennis Stacy)
  2. 2. The MUFONUFO JOURNAL(USPS 002-970)103 Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, Texas 78155RICHARD HALLEditorANN DRUFFELAssociate EditorLEN STRINGFIELDAssociate EditorMILDRED BIESELEContributingEditorWALTER H. ANDRUS .Director of MUFONTED BLOECHERDAVE WEBBCo-Chairmen,Humanoid Study GroupPAUL CERNYPromotion/PublicityREV. BARRY DOWNINGReligion and UFOsLUCIUS PARISHBooks/Periodicals/HistoryMARK HERBSTRITTAstronomy . •ROSETTA HOLMESPromotion/PublicityTED PHILLIPSLanding Trace CasesJOHN F. SCHUESSLERUFO PropulsionDENNIS W. STACYStaff WriterNORMAE. SHORT ,DWIGHT CONNELLYDENNIS HAUCKEditor/Publishers Emeritus , .The MUFON UFO JOURNAL ispublished by the Mutual UFONetwork, Inc., Seguin, Texas.Membership/Subscription rates:$15.00 per year in the U.S.A.;$16.00 foreign. Copyright 1980 bythe Mutual UFO Network. Secondclass postage paid at Seguin,Texas. POSTMASTER: Sendform3579 to avise changeof address toThe MUFON UFO JOURNAL,103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, Texas78155.FROM THE EDITORThe 1980 MUFON Symposium, reported in this issue,demonstrated that UFOs can be studied scientifically —at least thatscientists find ample data for technical discussion. Several talksdealt with the "theoretical physics of UFOs," suggestinggravitational waves, electromagnetic phenomena,magnetoaerodynamics, and other principles that appear to beinvolved. This was a worthwhile effort to show that UFOs are notnecessarily inconsistent with modern physics. What we dont knowmay be due to our own lack of enterprise in applying scientifictechniques to UFO study, or it may be due to the fact that someoneout there is far ahead of us in engineering applications as well asbasic scientific knowledge. All this suggests that it is premature torule out "nuts and bolts" explanations. It is incumbent upon thosewho prefer mere exotic theories to outlinehowthey propose to testthem. Theories are a dime a dozen, and the proof of the theory isinthe testing.In this IssueELEVENTH ANNUAL MUFON SYMPOSIUM.. . 3vBy Dennis W; Stacy .•• , ,AUSTRIANS FIND "DARK SIDE" TO UFOs ......;... 14By Mildred Biesele" ..STATEMENT BY LEONARD STRINGFIELD. ...-.: 15MUFON ANNUAL CORPORATE MEETING !.....;.. .r. 17By Walt Andrus _ - :IN OTHERS WORDS : . . . . . . . . . -;-....;.... 19By Lucius Parish - •DIRECTORS MESSAGE . 20By Walt Andrus _The contents of The MUFON UFO JOURNAL aredetermined by the editor, and do not necessarilyrepresent the official position of MUFON. Opinionsof contributors are their own, and do not necessarilyrelfect those of the editor, the staff, or MUFON.Articles may be forwarded directly to MUFON.Permission is hereby granted to quote from thisissue provided not more than 200words are quotedfrom any one article, the author of the article is givencredit, and the statement "Copyright 1980 by TheMUFONUFO JOURNAL. 103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin.Texas" is included.
  3. 3. ELEVENTH ANNUAL MUFON SYMPOSIUM"UFO Technology: A Detailed Examination"By Dennis W. Stacy(MUFON Director of Publications)The Eleventh Annual MUFONSymposium convened in Clear LakeCity,Texas, theweekendof June6,7,and 8. Clear Lake is the home of theNational Aeronautics and SpaceAdministrations Lyndon B. JohnsonSpace Center and a moreappropriate location could hardly beimagined for a Symposium whosemain theme was "UFO Technology:A Detailed Examination."Media coverage of theSymposium was well coordinated andexecuted, including television, radioand newspaper interviews with anumber of featured speakers.Advance announcements of theSymposium were carried in theweekend events calendar sectionsof both major Houston newspapers,"The Post" and "The Chronicle," aswell as in the local NASA housejournal "Roundup." Feature Sundayarticles also appeared in bothHouston dailies.Perhaps the best feature of themedia publicity, however, was theestablishment in the public eye ofwhatmight be called the "NASAConnection," the association of thescientific investigationof possible UFOtechnologies with our countrys ownspace program and technology.The Symposiums host group,Vehicle Internal Systems InvestigativeTeam (VISIT),for example, contains anumber of key MUFON-NASApersonnel, including Project VISITPresident John F. Schuessler,Symposium Chairman, who is NASAProject Manager for the Space ShuttleFlight Operations Support. DavidKissinger, VISIT Secretary/Treasurerand a MUFON State Section Director,is a NASA Environmental and ThermalSystems engineer, active in the designand testing of spacesuits and spaceshipenvironmental control systems. AlanC. Holt, another VISIT member, hasbeen involved in astronaut trainingassociated with lunarsurface andorbitalphotography, Skylab ApolloTelescopeMount solar experiments, and currentSkylab systems.John Schuessler, SymposiumChairman (photo: Dennis Stacy)Raising the public consciousnessin regard to the sincerity and qualityofthe continuing scientific investigationinto the UFO phenomenon has alwaysbeen a prime MUFON concern. Inthissense, if no other, MUFON 1980 mustbe judged as a significant publicrelations success. The abovementioned Project VISIT officers, aswell as members Dr. Richard C.Niemtzow, Granvil Pennington, andDonald Tucker, along with theirnumerous co-helpers, are to becongratulated for lending theirreputations, time and attention in aselfless undertaking which reflects tothe credit of us all.Besides the scheduled slate ofspeeches, including Stariton T.Friedmans keynote talk on "FlyingSaucer Technology,"a number of otherevents transpired to make this yearsSymposium a well-rounded overviewofthe most recent developments inUFOlogy and related areas ofinvestigation. Several Saturdayworkshops were conducted, including"Scandinavian UFO Research" byIlkka Serra, MUFON Finland;"KirlianPhotography," by Joanne Cusack,Houston; and an Isocely Workshop, byJean-Francois Gille, Paris. Abstractsfrom an Advanced PropulsionWorkshop, Alan C. Holt, Chairman,were collected into a single pamphletpublished separately from this yearsProceedings and available fromMUFON, Seguin, for a cost of $2.00.The complete Proceedings are alsoavailable at a cost of $10.00, postagepaid.ELeonard H. Stringfield (photo:Dennis Stacy)Leonard H. Stringfield, MUFONDirector of Public Relations and authorof The Crash/Retrieval Syndrome, wasallotted a special slot during the
  4. 4. Saturday morning session to report onthe most recent developmentsconcerning the likelihood of crashedUFO retrievals by our government.Stringfield informed the audience thathe was now in the possession of 8photographs of an alleged humanoidbody maintained at Wright PattersonAFB. At the same time, he cautionedthe assembly that much moreinvestigation and analysis remainedbefore the authenticity of thephotographs and other such relateddata as he had acquired could beestablished as incontrovertible fact.(See the text ofhis statement elsewherein this issue.)Another occurrence that hadconsiderable impact on the Symposiumaudience was the video screening of"Strange Harvest," a 90-minutetelevision documentary made forKMGH-TV7, Denver, Colorado.."Strange Harvest" is a penetratingexamination of the mysteriouslivestock mutilations which continue toplague western and southern states inthis country and have apparentlyexpanded now to include several prairieand western provinces of Canada.Linda Moulton Howe, the filmsdirector and producer, attended theSymposium in person and in thequestion-and-answer sessions followingeach of Saturdays three showings,proved herself well schooled andresearched on a subject that is highlycontroversial, to say the least. Lindasown gut feeling is.that the governmentis somehow involved in the macabremutilations.What could have been a majordisappointment — the inability of Dr.Alain Esterle, Director of the FrenchGEPAN group, Toulouse, to attenddue to fund-raising obligations in hisown country - was more thanameliorated by the apperance, in hisstead, of Deputy Director Tom Babits.Tom reviewed the present status ofGEPAN within the French NationalCenter for Space Studies and theoutlook for increased future researchand personnel expenditures. At themoment, GEPAN is the only official,government-funded agency in theworld looking into the UFOphenomenon. The continuing healthand status of this group is, of course, apromising "sign for everyoneinterestedin seeing the UFO phenomenon receivethe kind of scientific and governmentattention it so obviously requires if astatisfactory resolution of the mysteryis ever to be made public.The annual MUFON Symposium,we feel, plays an instrumental role inthis worldwide process and isindispensable not only for educatingourselves, but the greater public atlarge. Clear Lake City, the eleventhconsecutive g a t h e r i n g of ourorganization, marks the beginning ofthe second decade of MUFONdedication to these principles. We hopeto see as many more as are requiredforan ultimate solution of the UFOmystery.Summaries of the Symposiumpresentations follow.ADVANCED PROPULSIONWORKSHOPAlan C. Holt, ChairmanThe Advanced PropulsionWorkshop consisted of a number oftheoretical proposals outlining variouspossible UFO and future propulsionsystems. These abstracts have beencollected in a single pamphlet which isavailable from MUFON for the price of$2.00.The following authors arerepresented: Stanton T. Friedman,"Advanced Propulsion Concepts";Peter I. McNeall; "Aspdens Theory";William F. Hamilton,"The Ether.-Key toSpace Travel"; Dr. Henry C. Montieth,"Possibility of New Propulsion MethodsImplied by the Theories of BurkhardHeim"; Alan C. Holt, "Prospects for aField Physics Breakthrough"; ThomasE. Bearden, "Toward a PracticalAntigravity Vehicular Drive"; RandallB. Curtis, "Physics, Philosophy andSpace Travel"; Ronald J. Kita, "GravityControl: An Event on the Horizon";Russell Nelson, "ElectromagneticPropulsion"; Jerry A. Reynard andJames J. Wasil, "Practical PseudoAnti-Gravity."VISIT. Host Committee, members, I. to P., Alan Holt,Granvil Pennington, and Dave Kissinger. (Photo: Paul Cerny)
  5. 5. "STRANGE HARVEST"Linda Moulton Howe(A 90-minute television documentaryfilm produced, written, directed andedited by Linda Moulton Howe,Director, Special Projects, KMGH-7V7, Denver, Colorado. Photographyby Richard Lerner.)Of all the perplexing eventssometimes associated with UFOsightings, the reported mutilations ofcattle and other livestock are surelyamong the most bizarre andcontroversial.For those who attended theSymposium in person, the screening of"Strange Harvest," a made-for-TVdocumentary, proved to be one of themost talked about events of theweekend. Award-winning producerLinda Howe was present to supervisethe video replay and to answerquestions following each of Saturdaysthree overflow showings. "StrangeHarvest" was first aired in Denver only2 weeks prior to the Symposium anddrew an immediately interested publicresponse.Historically, the most famousmutilation, and perhaps the first,occurred in September of 1967 nearSan Luis, Colorado, and involved anLinda Moulton Howe presentingdocumentary on mutilations (photo:Dennis Stacy)Apaloosa mare named Snippy, whichwas found stripped of all flesh from theneck up. UFOs were reportedlyobserved in the immediate area duringthe same period of time.Mutilations in near plagueproportions did not get under way untilthe winter of 1974 and the spring of1975. Since that time, more than22,000mysteriously butchered cattle havebeen found in 22 southern and westernstates. At this moment, reportedmutilation activity seems to haveshifted to the Canadian prairie andwestern provinces.A so-called "classic" mutilationinvolves incisions, often perfectlycircular, in the animals hide, theremoval of numerous external parts,including the sexual organs, eyes, earsand tongue, and the frequent drainingof all blood from the carcass.Mrs. Howes cameras visited thesite ofanother mutilation near San Luis,Colorado, that was discovered onSeptember 29, 1979. A dead steer wasfound, its tongue cut away, all fleshstripped from the animals lower jaw,and perfectly oval cuts made in its hideand around the eye sockets.In an effort to learn more about thenature of the strange circular wounds,Linda visited with Laser Surgeon ArlenMeyers at Denvers Rose MedicalCenter. The film graphically portraysattempts by Meyers to reproduce thecuts on two chicken bodies, using alaser beam on one and a scalpel on theother. The laser-inflicted incision cameclosest to matching; however, Meyerswas quick to point out the nearimpossibility of transporting a.similar400 pound device, along with its powersupply, from one mutilation site toanother without attracting undueattention.The mutilation mystery isdeepened even further by the completeabsence, in most cases,ofvisible tracksor other physical evidence, even whenthe mutilated animals are found inmuddy, or snow-covered fields."In fact, the most disturbing thingabout these mutilations," Lindasaid, "istheir apparent preciseness andpeacefulness. Other than the animalitself, nothing else is disturbed."Besides nocturnal lights and otherUFO-like configurations, a number ofdark-colored helicopters, unmarkedand silent in flight, have been reportedin the immediate vicinity of themutilations. To check oUt theserumors, Linda and crew traveled toFort Carson, an army base situated ineastern Colorado, to investigaterumors that the armys Cobra was aquiet helicopter. Linda filmed a Cobrapilot taking his aircraft out a mile,circling, then flying back overhead at analtitude of 500 feet. The Cobra o>asdark: it was also noisy, especially onlandings and takeoffs.Finally, "Strange Harvest" lookedat the possible UFO connection,concluding with segments of a grueling4-hour hypnotic session conducted byLeo Sprinkle with Janet Doraty,perhaps the only eyewitnessaccount ofa modern mutilation on . record.Doratys close encounter andabduction took place near Houston in1973, almost a year before themutilations began in earnest.Both Judith Doraty and herteenage daughter were allegedlyabducted aboard a UFO that hadtrailed their car for sometime. Judith,however, had the sensation of beingimmobilized next to the rear of her carat the same times that she was able towitness events aboard the UFO. Underhypnosis she reported seeing a calfdrawn up into the UFO by a beam oflight. Once it was aboard, the animalwas operated on by humanoids using"knife-like" implements. The calfsblood was drawn. Then Judithsdaughter was subjected to a rigorousphysical examination. At one point herbottom lip was pulled back and skinscrapings were taken.Investigators were later unable tofind corroborating reports of either aUFO or mutilation on the night of theDoratys experience.
  6. 6. UFOCAT AND A FRIEND WITH TWO NEW IDEASFred MerrittUFOCAT, a computer catalog ofUFO sightings consistingof more than62,000 individual reports was originallycompiled by David R. Saunders in 1969and donated to the Center for UFOStudies, Evanston,Illinois, in 1975. Thetask of continually updating UFOCATfiles and searchingthroughthe reamsofdata for meaningful patterns has fallenonto the shoulders of Center vicepresident Fred Merritt.After a brief review ofcataloguingprocedures, Merritt summarized someof his most recent findings. First, therewas a definite correlation between asightings duration and what may becalled its "strangeness" quotient.Typically, UFOCAT reports areclassified into 9 types, consisting of 3groups of 3 types each organizedaccording to increasing degrees ofstrangeness.Group one, those reports containgthe least strangeness, consists ofUFOCAT Type 1, 2, and 3 reports.Type 1 refers to sightings of lights orstationary objects and ischaracterizedby long viewing times, suggestive of atrue celestial body stimulus. Type 2reports, lights or objects seen incontinuous motion, are of shortduration and frequently turn out to bemeteors, misapprehended aircraft, andso on. UFOCAT Type 3 refers to lightsor objects in which a singlediscontinuity of motion is observed.Duration time peaks in the 1 to 14minute range, significantly differentthan either of the two other lowstrangeness type reports.The medium strangeness groupconsists of UFOCATTypes 4 -6, whereType 4 refers to lights or objects seenwhich exhibit multiple discontinuities ofmotion, Type 5 to close encounters,generally within a distance of 500 feet,and Type 6 to landings. Duration ofeach of the three types of sightingspeaks within a time period of 5 to 15minutes.Finally, there are the three type •categories comprising the highest levelof strangeness. UFOCAT Type 7involves reports of occupants seenoutside an object,or with no UFO atall.The duration of such sightingsfall intoreadily recognizable patterns: thoselasting less than a minute, and thosetranspiring in a time frame of from 5 to14 minutes. UFOCAT Type 8 reports arethose in which contact is made, i.e.,actual two-way communicationcommences between witnesses andalleged entities. Contact reports alsodivide into two different periods ofduration, one of from 5 - 14 minutes,another of one hour or more.transpiring for an hour or more.Using the 5 - 14 minute timeduration as a standard formedium andhigh strangeness incidents, theconforming, or regular reports arethose involving multiple discontinuityofmotion, close encounters within 500feet, inside occupants, landings, andlasting physical effects on witnesses.The irregular reports, where durationtimes are significantly longer, thenbecome those involving entities with noUFO, outside occupants, landings,contact, time lapses and abductions.Since all three categories of the highstrangeness group contain twodifferent peak periods of duration,Merritt suggests that investigators mayactually be looking at two different" •.* ,*. jr "•- "^> , •*. «•**v;-;v-:^-r-Si...-•••i.-^-.?.^:^vyFred Merritt, left, and John Tlmmerman of the Center for UFO Studies(photo: Paul Cerny)Type 9 sightings, the catalogshighest strangeness classification,refers to those encounters in whichinjuries to humans or animals, timelapses, and/or abductions are reported.And once again there appear to be twodistinct periods of time involved: thoseelapsing in 5 - 14 minutes and thoseevents.Merritts second set of statistics,derived from a computer analysis ofUFOCATs physical trace catalog,links report attributes with UFO-objectsize. The general inferences to bedrawn are as follows:(Continued on next page)
  7. 7. PROJECT VISIT — AN APPROACH TODETERMINE "WHAT ARE THEY?"L. David KissingerJohn F. SchuesslerHost group for the; llth annualMUFON Symposium was VISIT —Vehicle Internal Systems InvestigativeTeam — a local,non-profit corporationcomprised largely of aerospaceindustry personnel from the immediateHouston-Clear Lake City area.VISIT President, John Schuessler,was also this years SymposiumChairman, David Kissinger, co-author,serves VISIT as both Secretary andTreasurer. Other members include Dr.Richard C. Niemtzow, whopresented apreliminary analysis of medical injuriesarising from UFO close encounters,Alan C. Holt, who chaired theAdvanced Propulsion Workshop,Granvil Pennington, and DonaldTucker.VISIT was described bySchuessler as a project-typegroup andhot a popular membership organisationper se. Itwas inspired by NASAs groupproblem-solving approach employed sosuccessfully in the manned Mercury,Gemini, Apollo, and Skylab spaceflights. ,The primary focus of the VISITeffort is an engineering and scientificstudy of the internal systems of theapparent craft involvedinUFO or flyingsaucer reports; with a secondaryinterest in the physiology of the beingswhich occupy these vehicles."VISIT members usually have twogoals in mind. First is the common goalof successful project operation andeach contributes to that goal. Thesecond is the personal research goalofeach member. Hopefully, the groupcontributes to the individual goal andeven enhances the chances of personalsuccess. VISIT members are currentlyseeking consistent, correlative datafromclose encounter and abductioncases to construct a technologicalmodel of what is happening in the field."The objectives of this researchare to (1) determine if there is acorrelation of scientific andengineeringdata from case to case, (2) identifyinternal systems which are mostprevalent, (3) evaluate the purpose forthese systems, (4)determinehowthesesystems operate, and (5) share theinformation obtained on these USVs(Unknown Space Vehicles) with thepublic at large."Humanoid descriptions areimportant because they too can giveclues as to the workingof the vehicle.Our own space vehiclesare designed tobe compatible with the astronautsphysiology. .Utilizing data about thehumanoid size, shape, strength, anddexterity, a comparison with humandesign standards can lead toknowledgeabout the systems operated by thehumanoids. Other factors, such asmouth and nostril size, apparent skintemperature, body coverings, and eyeorientation lead to knowledge about thehumanoid, the type of life supportsystem which must be required,as wellas the dynamics of the vehicle.Unfortunately, the humanoid aspecthas proven to be the most fear-provoking in the witness arid istherefore the least accessible totheconscious mind."To dramatize how the recovery ofminute, perhaps seemingly meaning-less, detail from the close encounterwitness might lead to educatedguessing concerning UFO technologysystems, John asked the audience toimagine themselves abducted aboard aknown spacecraft — none other thanSkylab itself. By means of an effectiveslide presentation, John moved theaudience through the first hatch andinto the long Skylab entrance tunnel.Scenes of control panels, fan units andducts, portholes, and astronaut lifesupport systems followed. Surely, theaverage audience abductee, Johninsisted, could return from thisexperience with a minimum ofremembered technological detail. "Theinability of an abductee to describeanything about the interior while havinga vivid recollectionof other detailsmaybe cause for suspicion as to theoccurrence of a real incident.""In conclusion, Project VISITpersonnel are dedicated to findinguseful information in the vast bank ofUSV information that is beingaccumulated on a worldwide basis. Wehave the expertise available to do thejob; but- we must depend on thewitness, the abductee, and other UFOresearch organizationsto provide thedetailed information necessary to bringthe project to fruition."(UFOCAT, Continued)" 32 foot objects are noisy discsassociated with circular traces.- Individual reports often combinethe presence of occupants withEM effects.16 foot objects are most fre-quently associated with occupantsIndividual reports often combinetemporary physiological effectswith the presence of occupants.128foot objects are most frequent-ly associated with EM effects.4 foot objects lack occupants.Individual imprint reports do notinvolve disc-shaped objects.8 foot objects are not discs.Fred hopes his findings .may pro-vide others with promising researchleads and sugggest some ways in whichstored UFOCAT data might behandled with view to a future overallclassification.system.
  8. 8. UFO CONTACTEES: CAPTIVE COLLABORATORSOR COSMIC CITIZENS? R. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D.Dr. Sprinklehas interviewed morethan 200 alleged contactees who claimto have experienced some kind ofpsychic impressions related to theirUFO encounters. Approximately 50ofthese claimants participated inhypnotic time regression procedures asa means of further exploring their "lossof time" experience reported m thecourse of a UFO encounter orabduction. These persons recallmemories of apparent abduction andexamination by alien beings,, or. UFOLK. Many reported unusualphysiological, psychological, and.psychic manifestations, along withfeelings of being monitored and/orreceiving "mental messages" from theirUFOLK contacts.As a preliminary measure, themore than 200 participants in theprogram were subjected to a batteryofstandard psychologicaltests, includingthe Adjective Check List, MinnesotaMultiphasic Personality Inventory,Strong-Campbell Interest Inventory,and the 16 PersonalityFactors Test. Ingeneral, participant scores were in linewith those of normal American adultsand failed to support any notion of a"psychosis hypothesis" which suggeststhat people reporting UFOs. areundergoing neurotic .or psychoticreactions at the time."However," Sprinklenoted, "thesepersons often express the fear of beingconsidered "crazy" or being ridiculedby relatives, friends, or neighbors.These persons often express reliefwhen they learn that other participantsreport UFO observations and relatedevents, e.g., dreams, visions,physiological symptoms, poltergeistactivity, apparitions, electromagneticanomalies, and "mental messages"from entities who claim to come fromouter space."If one listens to these persons asthey describe their initial memories.or8Leo Sprinkle CPhoto: DennisStacy)impressions of abductions, then onecan conclude that these persons viewthemselves as capfiues. Most arefrightened; some are frantic and almosthysterical as they describe theirabductors, and as they relive theabduction experience throughhypnotic regression sessions.,"If one watches these personsduring their daily activities, one oftensees them as obsessive-compulsive (orcreative!) in their behavior. Contacteesoften act as ifthey were co//aborafors:working; with unseen demons whopush, nag, cajole and/or encourage thecontactees to complete a project ormission. Some contactees feel obligedto move to another area; some beginreading about ancient civilizations;some receive impressions or messagesof scientific theories and devices; somereceive impressions or messages of"future" events."Dr. Sprinkles hypothesis;; afterpersonal observations made over aspan of years, is that these people are.somehow changing from PlanetaryPersons to Cosmic Citizens. "Theseindividuals seem to exhibit a caringconcern for allhumankind, as ifthey areexperiencing compassion for all otherpersons, not only their immediatefamily and friends. They seemed tohave developed ,many of .thecharacteristics which have beendescribed as those of CosmicConsciousness." . .While he admits that manyobjections remain as to the objectivityof abduction testimony, recoveredunder hypnosis, Dr. Sprinkle offers onehypothesis that experiencedinvestigators are in position toconsider: those persons who claimUFO encounters, but whorefuse to "gopublic;" may risk social ridicule butdifficulties in developing successfullives; those persons who claim UFOencounters, and who become"witnesses" or who are .willing to "gopublic," may risk social redicule buttheir personal lives will be enhanced.This is a potential behavioral patternreminiscent of "born again" religiousconversions and certainly worthy offurther study..Luminous beingssqueezed my headSanlu Rosa (La Pump*)A MAN was attacked byI*D ".strange .luminous cre-.uiurcs".acc{>rding to his owndccluiuiion lu. I he police hereyesterday. The man, NelsonI u mm Sj>ago, was lln-.pilu-• -li/cd on Tuesdayiiight,.appa-. .rently suffering- fioni a ner-vous crisis. ..Sayago said thai the car hewas driving suddenly slop-ped, due in Miine mechanicalbreakdown which he couldnot explain. He was imme-diately approached by two"luminous creatures", whosqueezed his head until, hepassed out. When he wokeup, he was ten blocks away from the spot where it had alloccured.A passer-by led him to anearby hospital, where hewas admitted with a severenervous breakdown, and the •doctors who received himsaid afterwards that hehadnt been drinking. (NA)
  9. 9. THE UNIFIED FIELD THEORY AND THE UFOHenry C. Montieth, Ph.D.Dr. Montieths paper on theUnified FieldTheory of Burkhard Heimwas one of the most complex andmathematically involved of theSymposium. Those seeking a moreextended exposition of Heims ideasare referred to the complete text ofhistalk as .published in the 1980proceedings.Heim, a blind German physicist,has formulated a unifying vision of theuniverse which combines electromag-netic and gravitational forces. Asidefrom a theoretical paper presented tothe 1978 Dayton Symposium, Heimswork seems to have gone largelyunnoticed by both American physicistsand the UFO community. Yet histheories propose a means ofgeneratinggravitational fields of accelerationwhich could theoretically allow forfaster-than-light propulsion systemsand also account for a number ofphenomena currently associated withUFO behavior.According to Heims involvedcomputations, it should be possible togenerate specific f i e l d s ofelectromagnetic radiationand organizethem inproper patterns whichwould, inturn, create a gravitational effect.Whether Heims Unified FieldTheory isultimately proven correct or not,hypothesizing that UFOs employ somemeans of gravitational propulsionexplains a number of side effectscommonly associated with UFOs. .Among the effects which mighthave gravitational origins, Montiethnoted the following: (1) microwaves,which could result in exterior skinburns; (2) sonic waves produced bylong range gravitational pulses whichcan sound like explosions, humming,singing and/or squeaking; (3)disruption of electrical circuits resultingin automobile and small appliancefailure; and (4) ionization, resulting inaurora-like effects.Dr. Montieths talk was also theSymposiums most pointedly personal,laced with near black-humorobservations abut human nature andsprinkled with almost evangelicalexhortations for individual members ofthe audience "to get up off their seatsand take their own personal evolutionin hand.""The authorhas great reservationsabout the development of thetechnology necessary to generategravitational fields. Human historyshows that the first applicationswill betoward weapons, the likes of whichcannot even be imagined at this time."The development of gravitationalmachines will enable man to threatenthe domain of space people who havebeen visiting the earth for perhapsthousands of years without interferingwith the life evolving on this planet. It isobvious that once man "invades"space, he will immediately interferebecause of his materialistic animalnature. It is the conclusion of the authorthat man will either destroy himselfbefore he is capable of this or he will bedirectly kept from leaving the earth inthis manner by the space beingsthemselves. Such power in the hands ofirresponsible humans is a grave andfrightening possibility, for man is not yetready to enter space on the interstellarscale."* Oj*.j,-; c^> J-^ ;.:> .Dr. Henry Montieth, right, talking with Symposiumattendee (photo: DennisStacy)
  10. 10. FLYING SAUCER TECHNOLOGYStanton T. FriedmanKeynote speaker of this yearsSymposium was the increasinglysought-after UFO lecturer, StantonFriedman, whose Saturday eveningtalk, handsomely illustrated withnumerous slides and interspersed withwitty asides, was particularly .well-received by an enthused audience.Critics of alleged UFO flightcapabilities, Friedman suggested, makea fatal case for their arguments whenthey fail to familiarize themselves withcurrent state-of-the-art technologies.First, as for the reputed inabilityofliving organisms to withstand thestrenuous forces encountered insudden, high-speed directional turns,experiments under NASA auspiceshave already been conducted whichshed some interesting illumination inthis little understood area. In fact,NASA studies show that a trained andhighly motivated pilot can perform atracking task while beingaccelerated at14Gs (about 300 miles per second) for2minutes! Starting from rest, he wouldbe movingat 300mph inone second,at3,000 mph in 10seconds, and at 36,000mph at the end of 2 minutes."It should also be noticed thatastronauts have their backsperpendicular to the directionofthrustrather than along it as in an elevator.This is because back to frontacceleration is much easier to handlethan head to foot acceleration. Thebody environment is also animportantfactor in withstanding accelerationforces. A person completelyimmersedin fluid can withstand much higheraccelerations than when not soimmersed."Secondly, Friedman agreed with asentiment expressed earlier in the dayby Henry Montieth of SandiaLaboratories, that the chemicalpropulsion rocket is a notoriouslyinefficient and cumbersome device fortraversing the vast distances ofinterstellar space. Again, however,10other more practical methods ofpropulsion have already been tested inthis country.Fission rockets were built and firedas longago as 1967, he noted-. The NRXA-6 nuclear rocket motor, contained ina package less than 10 feet long andunder 5 feet in diameter, produced apower level in excess of 1.1 billionwatts. In June, 1968, the Phoebus-2Bunit, only slightly larger, generated 4.4billion watts of potential energy..Fusion-powered propulsionsystems would be even more desirableaccording to Friedman. Byemploying afusion process which results only incharged rather than neutral particles,the high-energy charged particles,directed by the appropriate electricaland magnetic fields, could beexhausted as light ions having10,000,000 times as much energy asthey can receive in a chemical rocket.And by using helium and hydrogenisotopes, two of the universes lightestand most plentiful elements, a constantsource of energy for interstellar flights isStanton T. Friedman (photo: DennisStacy)readily assured.But what of another favoritedebunking argument: that these samevast spaces mitigate againstextraterrestial visitation, the distancessimply being too great to be bridged inasingle lifetime? Friedman points outthat there are 1,000 stars within 55 lightyears of the earth, 46 of whichare verysimilar to our own sun."An important aspect ofthe designof any interstellar propulsion systeminvolves taking full advantage ofAlbertEinsteins relativity postulates. Theoryand experiment both. have clearlydemonstrated that as things such aspeople, particles and starships,approach the speed of light (c) timeslows down for -them as compared tothose not movingso rapidly. The extentof times slowingdown depends on justhow close one approaches the speedoflight. For example, a one way trip of 37light years (the distance from Earth toZeta 1 or 2 Reticuli) at 99.9% c wouldtake only 20 months crew time. At99.99% c it would take only 6 monthscrew time. Thus, even a tripto agalaxysuch as Andromeda, 2 million lightyears away, would only take under 60years crew time if the intergalacticshipcould somehow manage to keepaccelerating at 1 G using some as yetunknown technique."Friedman generally suggests thatmuch apparent UFO technology isalready a matter of known, earthsidetechnology. "Earthlings would becapable of building both fission andfusion deep space propulsion systemsshould they be willing to expend thetens of billionsof dollars required. Theyare, however, not the only possiblitiesfor interstellar travel. Several otherpossibilities exist, including:1. Lasers based on the earth, or inorbit, or on the moon, to be aimed atthe back of. the rocket spelling off
  11. 11. QUALITY CONTROL OF THE UFO DATA BASE:SOME SUGGESTED TECHNIQUESJames E. ObergAbly occupying the critics comerat MUFON 1980 was James Oberg, anemployee of McDonnell Douglas whoworks in NASAs Mission Controlcenter.He is perhaps more widelyknown as a frequent contributor toOMM Magazines ."UFO Update"column and as author of the prize-winning essay in a Cutty Sarksponsored competition calling for thebest paper on the science of UFOlogy.Oberg had three main bones ofcontention to pick: (1) the highlysensational stories surrounding UFOsightings and photographs allegedlymade by both Russian and Americanastronauts; (2) the grossly gullible andfantastic accounts of recent UFOencounters in the Soviet Union carriedin this countrys tabloid press, and allhaving as their source a smallcoterie ofRussian ."experts" with dubiousacademic credentials; and (3) theapparent willingness of many UFOcommentators to perpetuate suchsuspect accounts as part and parcelofthe "objective" UFO data base.It was Obergs suggestion thatUFO reports traceable to a knownspace tchnology could be used as ameans of calibrating the reliability ofindividual UFOlogists and UFOpublicists. As examples of identifiedterrestiaNorigin stimuli, Obergmentioned the now-defunct Echosatellites, satellite re-entries,and rocketlaunchings.However, Oberg stressed, of allsuch cases, "the astronaut UFOgenreis by far the most spectacular. Myconclusions on the subject are wellknown. There isnot a single case whereastronauts encountered phenomenawhich was not normal in terms ofexpected spaceflight occurrences.Accusations of coverup are spurious ifnot fraudulent/And many ofthe bestastronaut cases involve deliberatefalsification of evidence by writers."There are unidentified andunexplained sightings by astronauts, Iwant to make clear. But,myconclusionis that such cases are notparticularlyconvincing evidence for extraordinarystimuli. To be fair, some of the objectsseen arid photographed by astronautshave not been identified; however, I findno compelling reason to believe thatthey were anything but what theyappeared to be: other man-made spacevehicles orbiting earth."The conclusion of this report isthat UFO reports based on spaceevents — spaceflights, satelliteburnups, rocket launchings, etc. —may not be significant in terms ofoverall populations of UFO reports, butthey are important in providingcaseswhich can be researched moreprecisely than most other UFO cases.They can provide solutions againstwhich the original perceptions can bematched in a valuable series of controlexperiments to determine thelimitations of human perception andmemory."Lastly, such solved cases are notjust IFOs for the record book. The aretest calibrations by which thejudgement and reliability of UFOspecialists and authors can be judged,and the experience to date has nofbeen encouraging for those whowouldlike to think they can rely onpublishedaccounts of other UFO incidents."(Technology, Continued)material which would exhaust towardsthe laser and push the rocket forward.This has the added advantage ofputtingthe power supply elswhere than on therocket. . 2. Systems producing energy bywhatever as yet unknown processpower the strange stellar beasts knownas quasars. Watts per gallon of fuel areenormously greater in a quasar than ina typical fusion powered star like thesun. -3. Systems utilizing whatever typeof force holds subnuclear particlestogether. In the nucleus involved infission and fusion the amount of energy,per particle is much greater than in themuch larger atoms involvedinchemicalprocesses. Going inside the nucleusshould also decrease the size of theparticle but greatly increase the amountof energy available per particle.4. Systems using some means ofbending space and time so as to "pop"from one place to another withouthaving to truly travel along the pathbetween the points. Picture a sheet ofpaper first flat arid then bent so a pairofdiagonally opposite corners fold over totouch each other. Obviously travelbetween the corners would then bevery much more rapid than ifthe paper— space — had to be kept flat.5. Systems that we cannot as yetirriagine, just as fusion is the primaryenergy producing process on the sunwasnt determined until 1937, althoughit had been going on for 5 billion years.Any study of technological progressclearly shows that progress comes fromdoing things differently in anunpredictable way. The future,technologically speaking, is simplyNOT an extrapolation ofthe past or thepresent."In summary, flying saucertechnology should be looked at fromthe vantage point of 1980, not 1880."11
  12. 12. PRELIMINARY ANALYSIS OF MEDICAL INJURIES ASA RESULT OF UFO CLOSE ENCOUNTERSRichard C. Niemtzow, M.D.Dr. Niemtzow, another .VISITcharter member, addressed himself to.the question of the multiple medicalinjuries frequently reported in UFOclose encounter situations and theirpossible technological implications.The first category isolated foranalysis included injuries of atemporary nature, such as paralysis,dizziness,- nausea and vomiting,headache, and conjunctivitis,sometimes resulting in temporaryblindness. Parallel with the medicalaspects of this first complex of injuries,Niemtzow noted, was the oftenrecorded failure of automobileelectrical systems.Niemtzow. also observed that theparticular form of paralysis underexamination is medically distinct fromthat .type" of .nerve, paralysis, orimmobility, brought on by extreme fear.For one thing, paralysis-involving theUFO stimulus: seems to be selective,i.e., witnesses ambulatoryat the timethey are "seized" do. not reportparalysis of.such a nature that it causes.them to.lose balance and fall to theground. This would .seem to,indicatethat while the voluntary motor nervescontrolling arm and legmovement areaffected, those nerve fibers governingthe autonomie functions required tomaintain bipodal standingor stationarystances are excepted. There thistime, he said, insufficient data to explain ,the mechanism behind such a selectiveparalysis process.A second category of injuries dealswith caustic skin lesions, or burns,which sometimes appear following aclose UFO approach: These arefrequently attributed to potential hightemperature exposure, ultravioletradiation, or possible megavoltagephoton or electron skin reactions.None of these stimuli, however, seemsufficient to explain a diamond-shapedburn left on the chest of a Tyler, Texas,12witness in January of.1979, after a CEIII experience. This case was reported insome detail in the MUFON Journal forSeptember, 1979.The third category, also in theTyler incident, involves parapsy-chological manifestations which maydisrupt the witnesses normalemotional behavior.These effects mayinclude telepathic communications aswell as audio and visualhallucinations.Heightened sense awareness seems tohave been brought on in the Tyler caseby the extremeanxiety associated withthe event in the subjects mind.Unfortunately, Niemtzow noted, .most CEIII witnesses have not beensubmitted to a complete physicalexamination immediately followingtheir experience. Inassociation with theFrench GEPAN group, a battery ofmedical tests were agreed upon whichshould be performed whereverpossible. These include: (1) a completeblood count with differential, todetermine :if -the patient has beensubjected to periods of.weightlessness;(2) serum control tests, to ascertain ifrapid displacement from geographical/time zones has occurred; (3) weight.loss test, as all but one U.S. astronauthas lost weight in space; (4) serum andurinary potassium, sodium, andchloride observations; . (5) urinecalcium and phosphorous tests; (6)urinary ketone analysis, whichsubstance should increase followingperiods ofstarvation;(7)serumglucose,a baseline test; (8).a standard chest X-ray; and (9) biopsies lesions.. The results of such a test battery,Niemtzow concluded, should be quitevaluable .in assessing .the credibility ofclose encounter and abductionwitnesses.Dr. Richard Niemtzow (Photo:Dennis Stacy)STAMP CONTRIBUTIONS* • • . " • . Contributions,of cancelled foreignstamps are acknowledged from Ann,DruffeI, Pasadena, Calif.; , BarbaraMathey, Los Angeles, Calif.; FredMerritt, Lombard, 111.; and ProjectStarlight International, Austin, .Texas.AdditionaJ contributions ofcancelled foreign stamps areacknowledged • from Lucius Parish,Plumerville, Ark., and R. BruceJordan,Palo Alto, Calif. Two .largecontributions of very attractive stampswere received from Henry Durrant,Paris, France, and M.A. Delhom,Lafayette, La. Proceeds are applied tosupport international exchangeof UFOinformation.
  13. 13. INSTRUMENTED, SENSING, RECORDING, ANDDOCUMENTATION OF TRANSIENT PHENOMENAIN UFO EVENTSRay StanfordAs Director of the Austin-basedProject Starlight International, RayStanford supervises the most up-to-date and well-equipped UFOobservatory in the country, if not theworld. Prior to hisspeech,Stanford andhis assistants displayed an impressivearray of the Projects portablephotographic and electronicequipment. Among the instruments onview were a number of synchronizedcamera systems, an automaticrecording magnetometer, a gravimeter,and a coupled telescope-laser-photo-multiplier-video system for UFO lightpulse and light bend studies. Inaddition, the Project is in the process ofinstalling its own radar complex on thefacility grounds outside Austin.Yet Stanford wouldalso be amongthe first to admit that UFOs arenotoriously unpredictable phenomenawhich seldom display the "professional"courtesy" of appearing where they canbest be observed and instrumented.Infact, a 2,800-frame color motion-picturefilm shown by Stanford in conjunctionwith his lecture was filmed impromptuaboard a Boeing 747 commercialjetliner on December 12,1977,while theauthor was en route to Dallas-FortWorth International Airport.A frame-by-frame analysis of thefilms most significant sections made upthe heart of his talk. As the film clipbegins a dark circular object is seenmoving swiftly to the cameras right.Almost as soon as it vanishes fromview, another object becomesapparent, a cigar-shaped tube of highluminosity which seems to be emittingpulses or beams of intense light fromone end, much in the same fashion as ahand-held Roman Candle firework.In the intervening 28months sincethefilmwas taken ithas been subjectedto intense photogrammetric analysis.Several UFO event phenomena ofRay Stanford with UFO trackingextremely short duration werediscovered. In some instances eventstranspired so rapidly as to fall below thethreshold of human visual perception.A single frame of the film, for examplefocused on the dark, circular object,reveals that object suddenly flaring witha surface-encompassing pulse of light.Another PSI film strip exposed onNovember 11, 1974, revealed exactlythe opposite effect, namely a brightlylighted ball-shaped object pulsingapproximately 30 times •per secondwhich gave a visual appearance of acontinuously glowing light source.Another highly transientphenomenon revealed inthe December1977 film was the emission by thesecond, tubular-shaped object ofcolumnar shafts of iridescent light, orplasma, of a duration ranging from 1/6to 1/24 of a second. These columnardevices (photo: Dennis Stacy)pulsations were emitted from one endof the object alongits greatest length oraxis.Stanfords second filmed objectalso exhibitedsome unusual effects notpreviously instrumented. At timesshock waves seemed to form in thesurrounding air propagatingoutwardsat the speed of sound. Anotherunusualoccurrence was the apparent formationof concentric circles of light and darkareas centered around the tubularobjects axis.Stanfordemphasizedthatthe positive identification of thesecircular rings is as yet tentative, butcould possibly result from aphenomenon known as "Faradayrotation," the rotation of thepolarization plane of light passingthrough an atmosphere permeated byamagnetic field.(Continued on next page)13
  14. 14. INSTITUTE FOR EXTRATERRESTRIAL RESEARCHThe Institute For ExtraterrestrialResearch (ViaCavour 57, Rome 00184,Italy) is a non-profit privateorganization whose aim is that ofpromoting a vast interdisciplinaryapproach to all issues or problemsrelated to the possibility of existence ofintelligences, or civilizations, other than"human" in the common meaningof theword. A particular care is given to thestudy of all technological, social,psychological, and evolutionaryimplications of such a possibilityeitherin the past or in the future.The main role of the Institute in(Instrumented, Continued)In the case of both the columnar,plasma-like emissions and theconcentric ring formation, theirultimate interpretation, he suggested,should prove instrumental to anunderstanding of the high energyphysics associated with some UFOevents.A second set of findings madepublic at the Symposium by PSIconcerned instrumented recordings ofpossible UFO magnetic field strengthsmade on July 19th and 27th, 1978, inArizona and far west Texas. Theseevents were filmed, gravimetric_ readings were made, light spectrainformation was taken, and audio taperecordings were acquired. A completeand final assessment of the datagathered still needs time and access tothe proper analytic equipment.Stanford concluded that "the dataand the analysis results to date compelthe author to encourage seriousstudents of the UFO phenomena toorient their efforts toward a realisticworking philosophy: If UFOs arephysically real, we can instrumentallyrecord them. Ifwe record them, we canrealistically study their physicalnature.And if we objectively study theirphysical nature, we may be able moredefinitely to learn things about them,than had we only collected reports."Also, let us carefully examine thephysical data. It is not inconceivablethat in doing so we may make findingswhich could greatly benefit mankindthrough basic new understandings ofcertain physical processes."14carrying out this plan is that ofpromoting and coordinating , activecontributions by. scientific structures,researchers and institutions,as well asby the information media/The Instituteperforms research work inthe statisticsfield using a very Jarge and elaborateelectronic system, and maintainingclose contacts w i t h similarorganizations allover the world.Also aparticular work of psychological/sociological research and interventionis carried on by the Institutes staff. Allother research projects are performedin collaboration with existing and highlyqualified scientific structures. The" Institute hasclose links withauthorities— political, administrative,military —for a useful exchange of information.The one most relevant policy thatthe Institutefollows is that of not tryingto induce into research and informationpre-organized ideas or solutions, andmaintaining a strictly neutral positionover any issue that is not officiallyaccepted.The Director is Giulio Perrone.Other members of the Board ofDirectors are Dahiele Bedini,Giampaolo Cuomo, ClaudioGallo, aridLuciano Montemurro. The group alsorepresents MUFON in Italy.AUSTRIAN INVESTIGATIONS FIND"DARK SIDE" TO UFOSBy Mildred BicseleErnst Berger and Louis Shonherr,after surveying 30 years of UFOliterature and studying more than 100Austrian UFO reports, say that theyhave found "a dark side" to UFOexperiences. Writing in AustrianAbstracts, the internationalnewsletterpublished by MUFON-Austria,Bergerpresents a well-documentedargumentfor their claim that psychosocialinfluences can be identified in old caseson record and can be studiedexperimentally by clinical means inmore recent reports.Without denying the possibleobjective reality of the UFO itself, theysay that an investigator should ask formore than descriptions and opinions:he should also probe the witnesss"psychic state of mind." They suggestthat a "mirror effect" takes place,"reflecting "psychic elements, thoughts,wishes, experiences and models, aswell as shapes of his everydaysurroundings existing in his memorybefore the encounter." These may"flow into the UFO experience to formparts of the phenomenal details."Their research suggest thatalthough polygraph tests and hypnoticregressions may yield strong emotionalreactions and convincing stories withinternal consistency, they still do notconstitute •proof; and hearing, sight,touch, smell — allcan offer false data tosupport a delusion. They conclude thatin this "new age of darkness," with itssymptomatic "new regression ofhuman thought," UFO spiritists such asColeman, Keel, Michel, and Valleeshow their own fears by projecting thethreat of manipulation by UFOs intoour "restless reality."Whether or not one agrees withthe writers rather negative position, itis obvious that much thought, research,and experience have gone into thepreparation of this paper. It addsanother layer of complexity to aproblem that already is simple only tothe simple.Ernst Berger, MUFONsrepresentative for Austria, can bereached at Nussdorferstr. 7, A1094Vienna, Austria pi.
  15. 15. STATEMENT BY LEONARD STRINGFIELD(Introduced by John Schuessler, Mr.Stringfield made the followingstatement at the MUFON Symposium,Saturday morning, June 7.)I prepared some of my notesduring the happy hour last evening sobear with me.Yes, I must confess that Im theauthor of two recent papers —Retrievals of The Third Kind, and TheUFO Crash/Retrieval Syndrome —and, here I am as living physical proofthat I have not been axed to shreds bycovert forces for my disclosures. I askonly a few minutes of your time so asnot to interfere with the MUFONagenda to relate my recent progressinmy great endeavor. During, and sincethe preparation of Status Report n, atotal of 19 new sources, with varyingdegrees of data, have surfaced to me.They involve informants who haveparticipated in retrieval operations, orhave been in position to observe thealleged alien bodies, or known to haveartifacts, photographs, or documents.To put my position into properperspective, all data referred to hereand now, or in the past, must beprefaced by the word, "alleged." UntilI can prove any or alldata known to me,I must therefore "allege" its status —but, I can see the word "allege" fadingaway like a Cheshire Cat when I lookat the overall data received fromindependent and reliable sources in thepast 3 years.In this business Ireceive a numberof leadsconcerning crashed craft;somequestionable. For instance, I receivedseveral months ago from ananonymous source, a photographpurporting to show a saucer-like deviceon top of a low-boy truck outside anairport hangar. The photowascheckedby professional people and it wastentatively determined that it was ahoax. Was this intended to test ordeceive me? Possibly. Yes, there havebeen other tricks and ruses and Iexpect more. Fortunately, I do haveresponsible people to turn to foradviceor counsel within the MUFON group.They will be utilized to the fullest as Icontinue my ventures.Now to highlight a few of my newsources and/or data:• Person assigned to largemanufacturer to performtechnicalwork at Wright-Patterson in1960s. He allegedly saw sevenbodies. He was driven to area in amilitary vehicle with curtainsdown, blindfolded and escorted towork area. During the period heworked there he was confined to acell-like room at night, withoutoutside communications. Hesigned papers. He isfearful and willnot be identified.• Former G-2 Air Force Officer,1948, who saw Top Secretmanuscript about crash of UFO inNew Mexico. Craft and bodiesretrieved.• I am working through anotherresearcher to get more details re:retrievals of crashed UFO, 1953, inLouisiana. All data will be withheldpending further contact with afirsthand witness who stood guardduty during recovery operations.Both live and dead entities aboard.• Three separate sources known tome worked on recovered craft atWright-Patterson in past years.Their involvement was highlytechnical. I managed to get up tothe proverbial doorstep of thesources, but the door wasslammed shut. Their emergenceinthe near future is doubtful.Technical data about the craft is aNo-No.• I have limited medical informationrelative to alien bodies from anoverseas source which ties in withnewly acquired data about amedical center in U.S.A. wheresecret studies have beenconducted.• I have several stories fromresponsible sources concerningthe fates of people who knew toomuch about certain secretoperations. I will not elaborate onthis sensitive matter at this time.Now, among the more interestingnew sources and data to surfaceconcern what purportedly may be amajor step toward achieving abreakthrough for research and perhapsthe media. I hasten to relate that I amnow in possession of 8 photos eachalleging to show an alien humanoidbody contained inside a glassenclosure. Location, Wright Patterson.Inside the glass case are beaker-likeunits, showing the vapor of liquidnitrogen. Alongside the prone body isarow of vents.Physically, the body appears to bemore muscular and to have broadershoulders than the body Ihavedepictedin my recent paper. Analagous to myprevious medical information, the headindicates a deep set brow-ridge, nonose, ears, hair and a narrow mouth.The arms reach down to the kneejoints. One of my photos shows theclaw-like hand joined to a skeletal ribcage. This is curiouslyanalogous to thedrawing of hand in my recent paper.My source emerged nearly a yearago during which time, I havenegotiated the use of his photographs(Continued on next page)15
  16. 16. (Stringfield, Continued)and other data. I met my informantonce to review our relative positionabout the release ofhisdata. His sourcefor the photographs is a person servingin the Intelligence community. Mysource is aware that I am relating thisinformation today in Houston. In fact,he told me that he may be willing in the future to step forward to back up what Iam relating today and show newphotos, etc., etc.Indeed, I am aware of moresupport data concerning myinformants involvement with crashedUFOs. Allof this material, I muststress is still in the alleged category. Allof it requires more inquiry, but I feelobligated to report to you in researchsome of my findings, whether or not Ican prove any of them at this time.I have properly called upon anumber of responsible people here inHouston to witness the photos inquestion. They will attest to theirexistence, but they, like myself, willreserve any judgement aboutauthenticity at this time.To name afewof my witnesses — Walt Andrus, DickHall, Tom Deuley, John Schuessler,Dr. Niemtzow, Dr. Sprinkle, Dr.Monteith, Dr. Gille of France, etc., etc.The photos will not at this time be madeavailable for the media for obviousreasons. We need time to assess thematerial and the status quo.Indeed, when I learnmore from mysource, and when I am in a betterposition to evaluate everything knownto me, you will hear the whole story —perhaps in Status Report III,hopefullypublished by MUFON.SMITHSONIAN U F O SYMPOSIUMThe prestigious Smithsonian Institution has scheduledan all-day UFO Symposium in Washington, D.C., Saturday,September 6, under the Resident Associate Program.Moderator wil 1 be Frederick C. Durant, I I I , of theNational Air £• Space Museum (author of the 1953 CIA .Robertson Panel report). Speakers are Dr. J. AllenHynek, Dr. Bruce S. Maccabee (MUFON Maryland StateDirector), Allan Hendry, James E. Oberg, Philip Klass,and Robert Sheaffer. . ;10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., each speaker will discusshis own research and study of UFOs. From 2:15 to ^:^5p.m., each will address specific questions, followedby a panel discussion. Questions will be accepted fromthe audience.The symposium will be held in the Baird Auditorium,Natural History Building. Price for Associate membersis $25, for non-members $30. Address:. SmithsonianInstitution, Washington, D.C. 20560.On Friday, September 5, Dr. Hynek wi 1 1 give a separatetalk, and on Saturday night Stanton Friedman willspeak, sponsored by the Fund for UFO Research. Sitesare to be determined. Watch for news releases or an-nouncements, or contact Fred Whiting: 703-998-8670.MUFON103 OLDTOWNE RD.SEGUIN, TX 78155HUMANOID PHOTOSUPDATEAs noted elsewhere in this issue,Len Stringfield announced at theHouston Symposium that he hadobtained photographs purporting toshow alien humanoid bodies. Hestressed that their authenticityremained to be established. Inresponseto numerous queries for follow-upinformation, Stringfield asked theJournal, in a telephone conversationduring July, to report that he is probingin several directions to try to ascertainwhether they are a hoax or the realthing.He is aware that one of thephotographs has appeared in asensational context in two popularmagazines in a manner that tends tocast doubt on them. His source, who.denies responsibility, has suggested aplausible explanation on how the photomay have leaked out. Nothing definitehas been established one way or theother. Requests for additionalphotographs, as originally promised,have not been fulfilled as of July 21."Ifthey are a hoax or an attempt todiscredit me," he added, "we .certainlywant to expose it Thats what we aretrying to do with all the crashed saucerstories —establish that they are true ordiscredit them." — Editor16
  17. 17. MUFON ANNUAL CORPORATE MEETINGBy Walt AndrusThe 1980 MUFON AnnualCorporate Membership Meeting wasconvened Sunday, June 8that 9:00 the Sheraton KingsInn Hotel inClearLake City, Texas. Officers seated at thehead table were John F. Schuessler,Deputy Director for Administration;Thomas H. Nicholl, Deputy Directorfor Business Management; Richard H.Hall, Editor of the MUFON UFOJournal; Dennis W. Stacy, Director ofPublications and acting recordingsecretary; and Walter H. Andrus, Jr.,International Director presiding.John Timmerman, Chairman ofthe Board for the Center for UFOStudies (CUFOS) gave a shortpresentation on the problems that hewas endeavoring to resolve at theCenter, the discontinuation of theInternational UFO Reporter in its priorformat, and the goals and objectives ofCUFOS.The new dues structure for theMutual UFO Network, Inc., effectiveAugust 1, 1980, as acted upon by theMUFON Board of Directors in priorcorrespondence was presented.During the discussion, many felt thatthe membership/subscription rateshould have been higher than the$15.00 U.S.A. and $16.00 foreign, sincethe Journal is still the finest monthlypublication in the UFO field. Thelogistics for implementing the changewere itemized, after which themembers voted unanimouslyto acceptthe newdues rate. The details appearedin the June issue of the Journal whichreached our members during the laterpart of June or the first week of July.An 11 month financial report wasdistributed to the Board of Directorspresent. The final report will beavailable after the closing of our fiscalyear on June 30th. The schedule forfuture MUFON UFO Symposiums wasannounced; 1981 Boston, Mass.(Cambridge); 1982 Toronto, Ontario,Canada; and 1983 Los Angeles, Calif.Firm bids for subsequent years weresought from p o t e n t i a l hostorganizations. The PennsylvaniaCenter for UFO Research is doingpreliminary planning for 1986 perGeorge B. McKain, Jr. and MUFON ofNorth Carolina is seeking additionalinformation as possible hosts for thesymposium in Winston-Salem, N.C.,through Mrs. Gayle McBride andGeorge Fawcett.Verbal and writtenannual reportswere received from the followingContinental Coordinators: Mrs.Barbara Mathey for Africa, JerryJohnson for Central America, andWilliam G. Hinrichsen for SouthAmerica. Ilkka Serra, MUFONRepresentative for Finland, gave hisformal report during his workshopsession on June 7th for all theScandinavian countries. MichaelSinclair, International Coordinator,submitted his writtenreport, since heisworking in Africa for about 5 months.Provincial Directors from Canada,John Magor (British Columbia)gave usa verbal up-date on his activities andHenry McKay, Regional Director forCanada, filed a written report. Pat DeLa Frahier, Director of the StratfordUFO Research Team (Stratford,Ontario), related the work being doneby her organization and delivered acopy of the March 1980 issue of theirnewsletter titled TROFUS. BillArmstrong, WONC, reported for vheMUFON Amateur Radio nets in theabsence ofJoe Santangelo, NUS,whowas preparing for his upcomingmarriage and honeymoon.The following State Directors gavetheir annual reports: Willard P.Armstrong, Missouri; Gary Levine,New York; Forrest Lundberg, Iowa;Mildred Biesele, Utah; Paul C. Cerny,Northern California and WesternRegional Director; Joe Santangelo,Mass., (written); Bill Leet, Arkansas;and Robert Hipp, Pennsylvania(bothwritten). Reverend G. Neal Hern fromDallas, Texas, was introduced andvolunteered to help coordinateMUFON activities in the Dallas-Ft.Worth metroplex area.Tom Deuley and Richard Hall,representing the Fund for UFOResearch, made a short presentationconcerning the work of this group andits successes to date. Anannouncement was made for theNorthCarolina MUFON UFO Confab to beheld in Winston-Salem, N.C., on June21 and 22. Brief information wassupplied about the new motion picture"Hanger 18" presently being filmed bySchick-Sun Classic Pictures at anabandoned Air Force Base in BigSprings, Texas. Stanton Friedmanwasinformed that "UFOs Are Real" will beopening in 11 theaters in the SanAntonio, Texas, area (includingSeguin)the latter part of June. We have beenunable to obtain a confirmation of theexact date as of June 15th, but willendeavor to do so. To date, this film hasonly been available on Beta or VHSvideo tape from FOTOMAT.The annual meeting was wellattended by our MUFON members,since this was an opportunity to hearfirst-hand what UFO activities andprojects were taking place worldwide.The meeting was adjourned promptlyat 11:00 a.m. so members could checkout of their hotel rooms and arrive atthe NASA Lyndon B. Johnson SpaceCenter for the special tour at 12:10p.m.17
  18. 18. (Directors Messaqe, Continued)Astronomy. The brother of DavidWebb, Co-Chairman of MUFONsHumanoid Study Group, Walter wasthe original investigator of the classicBarney and Betty Hill abduction case.He alreadyplans to become involved aspart of the host committee for the 1981MUFON UFO Symposium in Boston. Ihave taken the liberty of quoting acomplimentary evaluation from Mr.Webbs letter, which I would like toshare with our readers: "I wish toassociate myself with an active, viableorganization. I have been watchingMUFON carefully for a year or so,having subscribed to the Journal, andam now satisfied that of all the UFOgroups, MUFON seems to be doingthebest overall job. The Journal has aconscientious, scientifically orientededitor (Dick Hall), publishes regularlyand on time, and is a realbargain, price-wise. I like the idea of keepinginterestup among members by holding localmeetings and an annual conference."From a professional who has servedthree national UFO organizations overa 28-year period (NICAP, APRO, andCUFOS), Walterswritten testimony isappreciated. Mr. Webb resides at 5Willow St., Westwood, MA 02090.The newState Section Directorforthe Louisiana parishes of Rapides andGrant is Walter R. Briggs, P.O. Box412, Alexandria, LA 71301; telephone(318) 443-0298. He will be providingsupport for Michael A. Delhom, theState Director. Joanne Cusack, 1250Cedar Post #21, Houston, TX 77055, aworkshop speaker at our recentMUFON Symposium, has volunteeredher talent as a Research Specialist inKirlian Photography.Terry hansen has advisedMUFON that he is the producer of ataped program designed for NationalPublic Radio, titled "the UFOControversy: Anatomy of a ScientificRevolution," and to be released inAugust 1980. For further information,please contact Mr. Hansen at 2222Nicollet Ave.,Apt. #1,Minneapolis, MN55404.Berthold Eric Schwarz, M.D., aspeaker at MUFONs 1974 UFOSymposium in Akron; OH, has writtena new hardcover book titled"PSYCHIC-NEXUS Psychic Phe-nomena in Psychiatry and Everyday18Life," published by Van NostrandReinhold Company, 135 West 50thStreet, New York,NY 10020 (price notindicated)! This eye-opening volumepresents an up-to-date scientificevaluation of the psychic com-munications which may occur betweenpeople. Your Director is the recipientof an uncorrected proof copy of the up-coming hardcover book titled "TheRoswell Incident" by the authorsCharles Berlitz and William Moore,scheduled for publicationin September1980. This book deals with the eventssurrounding the allegedUFO crash andrecovery on July 7,1947, near Roswell,NM. Bill Moore, a MUFON StateSection Director in the Prescott,Arizona, area, has done extensiveresearch and travel to document thematerial in his book:A few collating errors by theprinter have been detected in the 1980MUFON UFO Symposium Proceed-ings. Ifa page was duplicated,it may becorrected by simply removing it,however if a recipient should find ablank page or the incorrect sequence ofpages, please advise MUFONinwritingand a new proceedings will be mailedfree of charge. Morgan County Printerswould like to apologize for thesediscrepancies, however last minuterevisions by one of our speakers andpress breakdowns contributed to thisunfortunate situation. Most" of thepublished papers were receivedpromptly by the established scheduledate, whichwas verymuch appreciatedby the Co-Editors. The proceedingswere delivered to Clear Lake City,Texas, for the symposium on June 6th,thus meeting our deadline. A briefreview of the MUFON AnnualCorporate Meeting is contained in aseparate article of this issue of theJournal.The inside coyer of the 1980Proceedings has the followingstatement: "The 1980 MUFON UFOSymposium Proceedings arerespectfully dedicated to Paul C.Cerny. Recognition ishereby bestowedupon Paul C. Cerny for over twentyyears of diligent and outstandingdevotion to the study of UFOlogy in aleadership role. Presenting a challengeto his colleagues, he is a superbexample of what an interestedindividual may accomplish with anavocation. It is with profoundgratitudethat voluntary dedicated service maybe honored in this manner."r UFO NEWSCLIPPINGSERVICEiLThe UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICEwill keep you informed of all the latestUnited States and World-Wide UFOactivity, as it happens!Our servicewasstarted in 1969, at which time wecontracted with a reputableinternational newspaper-clippingbureau to obtain for us, those hard tofind UFO reports (i.e., little known,photographic cases, close encounterand landing reports, occupant cases).and all other UFO reports, many ofwhich are carriedonly in small town orforeign newspapers."Our UFO Newsclipping Serviceissues are 20-page .monthly reports,reproduced by photo-offset,containing the latest United States andCanadian UFO newsclippings, withour foreign section carrying the latestBritish, Australian, New Zealand andother foreign press reports. Also• included is a 3-5 page section of"Fortean" clippings (i.e. Bigfoot andother "monster" reports). Let us keepyou informed of the latesthappeningsin the UFO and Fortean fields."For subscription information andsample pages from our service, writetoday to:UFO NEWSCLJPPING SERVICERoute 1.— Box 220Plumerville, Arkansas 721271980FORTFESTThe annual symposium of theInternational Fortean Organization(INFO) will be held August 10 at theAdult Education Center, UniversityofMaryland, College Park, Maryland.Speakers will report on UFOs as well asother "Fortean" topics (unexplainedmysteries as chronicled by CharlesFort). Basic admission price is $5.00.Information: .7317 Baltimore Ave.,College Park, MD20740; 301/779:1873.
  19. 19. Lucius FarishIn Others WordsThe NATIONAL ENQUIRERSaward of $2,000 for best UFO case of1979 was shared between UFOresearcher Allan Hendry andMinnesota deputy,sheriff Val Johnson.An award of an additional $2,000 waspresented to Dr. Bruce Maccabee forhis investigation into the New ZealandUFO film. Details of the awards aregiven in the May 27 issue of theENQUIRER. The June 3 issuecontained a UFO article which is notavailable to me at this writing. In theJune 17issue, the "abductee" researchof Judithand Alan Gansberg isdetailed.The Gansbergs recent book, DIRECTENCOUNTERS, contains informationrelated to nine separate. abductionincidents, involving thirteen people. Dr.Harley Rutledges research ; intoSoutheastern Missouri sightings issummarized in the June 24 issue.The first issue of a newmagazine,NEWSWEEK FOCUS, contains anarticle by Patrick Huyghe which dealslargely with the governments attitudetoward UFOs over the years. Themagazine is to be issued bi-monthly andthe first issue is dated June/July.June OMNIs "UFO Update"column is an interview with Frenchscientist, MauriceChatelain,the authorof OUR ANCESTORS CAMEFROMOUTER SPACE. Chatelain tellsinterviewer Charles Berlitz of hisspeculations on UFOs andextraterrestrial life.To partially replace the now-defunct INTERNATIONAL UFOREPORTER, Allan Hendry of CUFOSwill have a columnon UFOs in eachbi-monthly issue of PROBE. The firstcolumn appears in the July issue andincludes a selection of recent reports,plus a section on "balls of light" whichseemed to attack moving vehicles. Inaddition, this issue has a "UFOFaceoff" feature, with Robert Klinnproviding a pro-UFO article (basedprimarily on the research done by thelate Dr. James E. McDonald) andRonald A. Oriti of Griffith Observatorycontributing a skeptics viewpoint onthe subject. Rounding out this issue isareport on Vaughn M. Greenes book,ASTRONAUTS OF ANCIENTJAPAN.The #8 issue of UFO UPDATE,like most of the previous issues, islargely rehash, although a few of thearticles contain material of interest.Again, rehash is the keyword forthe #11 issue of IDEALS UFOMAGAZINE, although EdwardLunguys article on a physical evidencecase and William Retoffs contributionon Canadian airship reports of 1896-97are the.highlights of this issue.A few interestingarticles in the #18issue of TRUE UFOs & OUTERSPACE QUARTERLY, but most of thematerial here is familiar also.August UFO REPORT has a goodarticle by Wayne Laporte on UFOpropulsion theories, plus aninterestingcontribution by the late B. Ann Slate.Book excerpts from Richard WingatesLOST OUTPOST OF ATLANTISandHugh F. Cochranes GATEWAY TOOBLIVION are included, pluscontributions by Jim Miles, Gary T.Enders, James E. Oberg and others.The long-awaited magnumopusofUfology, THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OFUFOs edited by Ronald D. Story, isnow available. The books 440 pagescontain entries on specific UFO cases,theories, organizations, researchers,etc. Photographs of many Ufologistsare included, along with their "PositionStatements" on the UFO topic. UFOphotos and illustrations are foundthroughout the book, as well as a centersection of color photos. TheENCYCLOPEDIA project is amonumental one and Story (andConsulting Editor J. RichardGreenwell) deserves credit forundertaking such a task. It isunfortunate that the book is marred bythe "super-skeptic" contributions ofKevin Randle, Robert Sheaffer, andJames Oberg. Also, some of Storysown entries leave something to bedesired, in terms of thoroughness orobjectivity. In short, the EN-CYCLOPEDIA is like so many otherUFO books — a mixture of goodmaterial, rehash, and outrightnonsense. It is available in a largepaperbound edition for $12.95; thehardcover is $24.95. The publisher isDoubleday & Co., Inc., 245 ParkAvenue, N.Y., N.Y. 10017.Dallas couple caught in UFO spotlightEU.KN ANN QIINNHerald Staff WriterA Dallas. Texas, cou-, pie was caught in thespotlightof what theysaid was a UFO early1Wednesday on U.S. 49 inSimpson County.Howard and JuliaPickrcls car lightsflashed on and off whentheir car went through abeam of light radiatingfrom a glowing disc sev-eral miles high In theair, they said. The cou-ple were en route to visittheir daughter. JuliaMcAfee of LongBeach,when the encounter tookplace about 3:30 a.m."1 dont know what itwas. Ive never helirvedin UFOs before, but Iknow what I saw." Mrs.Plckrel said. "It was toohigh, too big and toobright to be a regularlight."The couple had eyedthe light glowing In thesky for miles beforethey rode below It. Mrs.Plckrel said from theground it looked aboutthe same size u awash-tub, but it was severalmiles high :in the air.There was a beam oflight making a spot oflight about as long u afourth of • city blockand a* wide u our car."she said."When the beam oflight was on the car. thelights went on and offabout seven or eighttimes. It was just likesomeone was turningthem on and off. Thenwe.drove out into thedarkness, and the lightsnever flickered again."she aald.She said they saw noother vehicles on thehighway for severalmiles.Neither the SimpsonCounty nor the Cov-Ington County sheriffsdepartment had reportson the beam of light,department spokesmensaid. A state highwaypatrol spokesman saidthe patrol did not re-ceive reports on thelight either.19
  20. 20. DIRECTORSMESSAGE w .fir*v ; Walt AndrusSince DennisW. Stacy, Director ofPublications and Staff Writer forMUFON, has submitted the featuredarticle on the 1980 MUFON UFOSymposium in Clear Lake City, Texas,. for this issue of the Journal, I will onlytouch, on some of the highlights thatwere"not previously.publicized. All ofthe presented papers by John F.Schuessler and. L. David Kissinger;Henry C. Montieth, Ph.D.; James F.»Oberg; Ray Stanford; Richard C.Niemtzow, M.D.; R. Leo Sprinkle,PhiD.y Fred Merritt; and Stanton T.Friedman, plus a submitted paper byThomas .Bearden are published in the1980 MUFON UFO SymposiumProceedings, which may be obtainedfor $10.00 postpaid from MUFON, 103Oldtowne Road, Seguin, TX 78155.U.S.A:One of the more popularpresentations was a 90-minute TVvideo, tape documentary on Midwest•cattle mutilations by award winning producer Linda Moultpn HowefromKMGH-TV7 in Denver, Colo., aMcGraw-Hill Station. "A StrangeHarvest"- was first aired on May 25,1980 in Denver. We predict that it willreceive national exposure in the nearfuture. Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle andMUFON State Section Director DavidPerkins are featured in Linda Howesdocumentary with State SectionDirector Tom Adams of Paris, Texas,• as technical consultant. Mr. Adams isprobably the most knowledgeableindividual on cattle mutilations in theUnited States and Canada.> , A bombshell was dropped at thesymposium when Leonard H.Stringfield, author of "The UFOCrash/Retrieval Syndrome"announced that he had brought eightphotographs showing a preservedbodyin a glass box with possibly nitrogen gascirculating within the container. Thesealleged photographs are prints, both inblack and whiteand color, givento himby a person from an intelligenceagencyof the U.S. government. Thephotographs seem to confirm thedrawings appearing in Mr. Stringfieldsbooklet distributed by MUFON. Pipesare shown connected to the glass box,probably to control the circulationofdry gas around the body. I wasparticularly impressed with the bonestructure of one arm and hand and theabsence of genitalia. The angle of thephotographs makes the body appearmore stocky, and with a more squareshoulder. configuration than thedoctors autopsy sketch appearing inLeonards booklet. This could beanother breakthrough, but continuedinvestigation isrequired to substantiatethem. The informant has advised Mr.Stringfield of the existence of 40 morephotographs of this nature.The Advanced PropulsionWorkshop, chaired by Alan C. Holt,had as participants Stanton T.Friedman; Peter I. McNeall, William F.Hamilton HI, Don Reed, Ray Stanford,Dr. Henry C. Montieth, and Dr.DanielHarris withadditionalpapers submittedby Thomas E. Bearden, Randall B.Curtis, Ronald J. Kita, Russell Nelson,Jerry A. Reynard, and James J. Wasil.A limited number of copies of theAdvanced Propulsion Workshoppapers (31 pages) are available fromMUFON for $2.00 plus postage whilethe supply lasts or from Alan C. Holt,15803 Echo Hill, Houston, TX 77059.Ilkka Serra, MUFON Represent-ative from Finland, Chairman of UFOResearch of Finland, and specialreporter for the Finnish magazineULTRA, presented a workshop papertitled "UFO Research in Scandinaviaand a Possible Explanation to UFOEnergy." Excerpts of his paper appearelsewhere inthisissue.JoanneCusack,MUFON Research Specialist in KirlianPhotography, conducted a workshoptitled "Kirlian Photograghy.— ResearchTool for Close Encounters?" Jean-Francois Gille, Ph.D., MUFONConsultant in Theoretical Physics,from Paris, France, held a workshoptitled Isocely." Thomas Babits, aComputer Scientist from Toulouse,France, employed by GEPAN, CentreNational DTitudes Spatials, substitutedfor Alain Esterle, Ph.D., on theSaturday evening program.The 1980 Symposium was held atClear Lake City, Texas, the home ofthe NASA Lyndon B. Johnson SpaceCenter, so participants could tour thisvast installation. The MUFONattendees received a special guidedtour arranged by John Schuessler andDavid Kissinger of the Mission ControlCenter, wherein we had the rareprivilege of beingon the floor where ourspace flights are actually beingcontrolled. Cameras were flashingeverywhere as some of us werephotographed sitting at the controlconsole of the "Flight Director" inMission Control. The tour includeddisplays in seven other buildings,including the Space Shuttle trainer,Skylab trainer, and an opportunity tostand alongside and photograph the323 ft. long Saturn V rocket that haslaunched so many of our astronautsinto space. The Apollo 17capsule wasalso featured, along with Mercury andGemini spacecraft, the LunarExcursion Module, and the Rover carused bythe astronautson the surface ofthe moon, just to mention afew.We would like to welcome thefollowing new leaders to MUFON thismonth: Walter N. Webb, AssistantDirector of the Charles HaydenPlanetarium, Museum of Science inBoston, has volunteered to serveMUFON as a Consultant in(Continued on page 18)