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Mufon ufo journal 1980 2. february

  1. 1. THEMUFOH UFO JOURNALNUMBER 144 FEBRUARY 1980Founded1967.OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF AftAPOJV/ MUTUAL UFO NETWORK, INC.,$1.00Non-Flying Saucer: Turbojet Fan-Driven Air Cushion Machine Built byA.V. Roe, Ltd.,in Canada for the U.S.Government, Now at the ArmyMuseum, Ft. Eustis, Virginia. The Project Was Halted in 1961.
  2. 2. The MUFONUFOJOURNAL(USPS 002-970)103 Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, Texas 78155RICHARD HALLEditorANN DRUFFELAssociate EditorLEN STRINGFIELDAssociate EditorMILDRED BIESELEContributing EditorWALTER H. ANDRUSDirector of MUFONTED BLOECHERDAVE WEBBCo-Chairmen,Humanoid Study GroupPAUL CERNYPromotion/PublicityREV. BARRY DOWNINGReligion and UFOsLUCIUS PARISHBooks/Periodicals/HistoryMARK HERBSTRITTAstronomyROSETTA HOLMESPromotion/PublicityTED PHILLIPSLanding Trace CasesJOHN F. SCHUESSLERUFO PropulsionNORMA E. SHORTDWIGHT CONNELLYDENNIS HAUCKEditor/Publishers EmeritusThe MUFON UFO JOURNAL ispublished by the Mutual UFONetwork, Inc., Seguin, Texas.Subscription rates: $8.00 per yearin the U.S.A.; $9.00 per yearforeign. Copyright 1980 by theMutual UFO Network. Secondclass postage paid at Seguin,Texas. POSTMASTER: Send form3579 to advise change of address toThe MUFON UFO JOURNAL,103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, Texas78155FROMTHE EDITORAs a UFO activist of 25 years standing, I am an interestedobserver of the latest trends and fashions of so-called "ufology" aswe enter the 1980s. Extraterrestrial "nuts and bolts" are "out."Other dimensions and mind manipulators are "in." Large UFOgroups are (mostly) "out." Numerousscattered study groups are-"in." Shy, evasive humanoids are "out." Abductions, medicalexaminations, and "messages" are "in." While not allofthe changesare bad, some sound suspiciously like impatience to havesome finalanswers so that subjective and rationalistic approaches are beingsubstituted for empiricalscience. The truth — whatever it is — willnot be found without a concerted, cooperative effort amongallthosewith relevant skills to offer. We may be impatient for answers, butunless the "source" provides them it is unlikely they will be foundexcept by the painstaking methods of science. Since "weekendwarriors" can only do so much,a primary goalshouldbe to enlist theaid of professionals so that meaningful analyses are conducted inCE-II and CE-III & IV cases. Science and the intelligent public willrespond to well-documented evidence. Personal or subjectivetruths, no matter how impressive or gratifying to an individual, areno substitute for measurable, mutually verifiable facts.In this issueINTERVIEW WITH ARTHUR C. LUNDAHL 3By Patrick HuygheLANDING OF BARRE-DES-CEVENNES v 6By J. TyrodeRAAF PHOTOGRAPH TAKEN IN MALAYSIA (News) 8REPORTS FROM NORWAY . . . . . . 9By Anton LidstromPLANE DISAPPEARANCE CASE STILL OPEN 11By SUFOIUFO SECRECY UPDATE: THE PAPER CHASE . . . 12By Larry W. BryantMUFON PHYSICAL TRACE RESEARCH GROUP 16By Ted PhillipsNET NEWS 17By David L. DobbsIN OTHERS WORDS 19By Lucius ParishDIRECTORS MESSAGE : 20By Walt AndrusThe contents of The MUFON UFO JOURNAL aredetermined by the editor, and do not necessarilyrepresent the official position of MUFON. Opinionsof contributors are their own,and do not necessarilyrelfect those of the editor, the staff, or MUFON..Articles may be forwarded directly to MUFON.Permission is hereby granted to quote from thisissue provided not more than 200wordsare quotedfrom any one article, the author ofthe article is givencredit, and the statement "Copyright 1980 by TheMUFON UFO JOURNAL, 103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin,Texas" is included.
  3. 3. INTERVIEW WITH ARTHUR C. LUNDAHLBy Patrick HuygheIn December 1978, the U.S.Central Intelligence Agency releasedmore than 900 pages of UFO-relateddocuments that attest to the Agencysinterest and involvementin UFOs overthe past 30 years. Among the CIAsUFO papers were documents writtenby, concerned with, or addressed toArthur C. Lundahl,the former directorof the CIAs National PhtographicInterpretation Center (NPIC).Lundahljoined the CIA in 1953 and served asNPIC director from 1963 to 1973, theyear he retired. In the course of doingan extensive article on thegovernments scrutiny of the UFOphenomenon for The New York TimesSunday Magazine (published on Oct.14, 1979), I interviewed Lundahl atlength about the CIAs 1953 RobertsonPanel Report, Edward CondonsColorado UFO project in 1967, theCIAs involvment in UFOs, as well ashis own interest in the phenomenon.Question: What kind of help didthe CIA provide the Condon UFOproject? Didnt the Air Force contactyou in February 1967to help Condon?Arthur Lundahl: Yes, thatscorrect. But I really couldnt provideany real help in the substantive sensebecause I dont know anything aboutUFOs at all. You see, Dr. Condon hadbeen away from Washington for sometime and he was unwittingperhaps ofthe status of technology in thephotogrammetry field. You knowthere are allkinds ofesoteric hardware,new kinds of photographic techniquesfor enhancing images and things likethat. Since at the time I was director ofNPIC, the Air Force asked me ifI wouldhave Dr. Condon and two of hisassistants over to talk about the state ofthe art in the photogrammetry field. Hewas a very nice man and a brilliant, well-known scientist. We had a nice visit andI think he came back another time. Butas far as any substance, any additions,or suggestions going into the report, Iclaim none of those whatsoever.Q: In a CIA memo dated February7, 1967, you state that you wanted to"preserve a CIA window" on theCondon UFO project. What did youmean by that?AL: That, in the parlance of thetrade, means just a seat like a mouse inthe comer to hear whats going on. Itinvolves no responsibilities, onlycuriosity. I, the little mouse in thecorner, was interested because I wasresponsible for interpreting any kindofpicture that the United States mighthave at its disposal, whether it beCuban missiles or anything else, so Isure wanted to know a little bit aboutthe phenomenon involved.Ifthere wassomething worthwhile coming out ofthe Condon project that would aid inthe interpretation of subsequentpictures, I thought it wouldbe good forthe nationalwelfare to knowwhat thosecharacteristics were — what theyfound.Q: Other CIA memos in 1967mention such things as "the secondUFO project assigned" and "UFOMensuration Support project." Whatdo they refer to?AL: Well, mensuration isfrequently used alternately withphotogrammetry. But I didnt have anyUFO project. I think it may be a vagaryof the text. Idont know the answer butIll offer a guess that Condon may havesaid "Ive got this thing here in mybriefcase" and passed some picturesover and asked us to give him adimension on the object. You probablyknow, but I should mention, thatphotogrammetry is the science ofextracting quantitative information onthe real world from measurements offof pictures. As Idig back inmy memory,it seems that instead of being called aproject the better word would havebeen "task."(*)Q: The CIA memos also show that youadvised Condon not to make anyreference to the Agencys help in hisUFO project. Why?AL: The phenomenon is a fulminatingsubject, you see. There are lots of wild-eyed nuts in this field who sit onmountaintops doing drugs and waitingfor the sunrise. There are guys withpsychic phenomena pouring out oftheir ears. There are weird people allover. And of course, the CIA isa kindofexciting enough name in itself. And ifyou mixfire and kerosene together, youget the whole place excited. Iwanted tobe careful and not imply that we weresubstantially involved. I was hoping hewouldnt make a bigcase about the factthat the CIA was in the project.Q: Were you satisfied with theconclusions of the Condon project?AL: I really dont think they did avery good job as scientists. Speaking asa geologist, I really dont think of theCondon project as a detached, cold-- blooded view of the subject. Some ofthe staffers realizedthat they were partof a big sham; that itwasnt going to bean even-handed treatment of thematter. They found that Condon wouldjust produce a great big kind ofdocument that was going to sweep itallunder the rug. The biggestwhitewashof all was when the National Academyof Sciences put some kind offorewordon the book. I dont think they evenread the damn thing.Q: Did you join the CIA before orafter the CIA produced the RobertsonPanel Report in 1953?AL: I joined the CIA justafterwards. But I knew a little bit aboutthe Robertson Panel because at thattime I had been working for the U.S.Navy Photo Interpretation Laboratory(in Anacostia, D.C.), where I wasassistant chief engineer. Some naval(continued on next page)
  4. 4. (Interview, Continued)officer named Newhouse had takensome pictures out in Utah in a placecalled Tremonton. He had turned themover to the Air Force, and they hadscanned them and did whatever theywere going to do with them. Then theAir Force passed them over to us. Iwasin the front office handlingbudget andfinance at the time, so I didnt do anyanalysis of the film. But I had a couple ofmen who worked on it. They spentquite a fewhours lookingat the images.While we were studying the photossomebody called up from the CIA, Ithink it was General Phil Strong. .Hewas the executive secretary of thearranging committee for the Robertson. Panel, I think. He explained that theyhad these noteworthy scientists comingtogether and could someone from ourorganization bring this film over andhave it projected and stand by toanswer whatever questions they could.Robert Neasham and Harry Wooshowed the film to the panel many timesand told them what analysis they haddone on it. The problem was that theydidnt have a single number to go on:they didnt know how big the thingswere or how far away they were. AsArchimedes said: "Give me a place tostand, and I will move the earth." Well,we needed one number to getthe other.So they had blocked out a hypotheticalmatrix of possibilities .and presentedthem to the panel.The panelwaspolite,interested, and respectful and thankedthe men for coming over. Mymen weredismissed, and that was allthere was toit. But I found out years laterwhen I wasreading paperbacks on the episode thatthe Robertson Panel pretty muchthought the images were high-flyingbirds.(*)Q: Did that upset your men, whohad spent 1,000 hours analyzing thefilm?AL: No, I dont think it upset them.We didnt know what it was we werelooking at. The imageswere notsharplyresolved; there was no clear cutgeometry that anybody could see.There were objects up there, but noneof us knew anything about migratorybirds. Althoughithad seemed to us thatmigratory birds at that height, whateverheight it was, would not have been ableto make a good target on the film.Q: Was the CIA officiallyinterested in UFOs?AL: I dont know what the CIAsinterest was. I never found an officialversion or opinion of any CIA positionon the matter. In fact, I found a grosslack of interest as far as any of thepeople Italked to were concerned. Thepeople that I talked to didnt seem tohave any interest. Now,there mayhavebeen other people in large numbersworking on this that I knew nothingabout. Maybe I shouldnt say a grosslack of interest; its simply an excitingsubject. But there was no officialpushing attitudeon UFOs.Gen. Strongfollowed it. He was in the Office ofScientific Intelligence (OSI), and wewere just friends.Q: What was Gen. Strongsinterest in UFOs?AL: What I remember best ofStrong and the Robertson Panel in the1950s was the concern over the welterof UFO reports coming in on variouschannels that might clog the NorthAmerican defense pattern. Had therebeen some kind of real attack or threatof some kind, it might have gotten lostin the shuffle of confusing information.Ithink Phil Strongs main interest was tomake sure that communications wouldnot be done in by this thing, illusory orreal or whatever it was. Thats the mainthing that got the CIA and theRobertson people together in the firstplace.Q: Was anyone else in the CIAinterested in UFOs while you werethere?AL: I remember another CIA mannamed Al Moore in OSI who was veryinterested in this subject in 1953-54. Wewere both Naval reserve officers.Moore was just wrapped around theaxle full of interest in the UFOphenomenon. As I looked at his faceand listened to his words I formed afeeling that this guy was moreenthusiastic about the subject than PhilStrong ever was. He eventually left theCIA and opened up a patent law officein Mississippi. He was of the opinionthat UFOs were something very realand that the extraterrestrial hypothesiswas probably the least unacceptableone. That was his personal belief.Nothing official.Q: Did the CIA have an activeUFO project while you were there?AL: I had a job which got me involved with everybodys business. Apicture can be made of anything, andipso facto I was involved witheverybody and everything. It seems tome that had there been some realongoing UFO project I would haveknown something about it. If they hadany pictoral evidence they would havehad to bring it to my place for analysis.They knew Iwas trustworthy and not acrackpot. It seems to me that Iwouldhave had a fair chance of knowing.But Inever heard of a single project, a singlefunded endeavor of any kind dedicatedto finding out some kind of answer tothe UFO enigma.(*)Whatever I knew about it wasentirely coincidental. I read paperbackson the subject. But some outsideobserver might look at my job, whichwas very important, and notice myTremonton background and mymeetings with Condon, and theydbelieve that I had a huge bunch ofprojects going on, analyzing pictures,reporting them to the President just likeCuban missiles, and keeping all thisfrom the public.Well,I can assure youthat nothing is further from the truth.The interest in UFOs may well haverandomized among its employees, as itdid with me. But I used to go to budgetreview functions, I used to listen tomission summations; and no wherealong the line did I ever gather theimpression that this was a real ongoingeffort with the CIA.Q: Within the past year or so theNational Investigations Committee onAerial Phenomena (NICAP) inWashington, D.C., has undergone areorganization. Were you not offeredthe position of NICAP director?AL: I really wasnt offered theposition. Somebody called meup abouta year or two ago but Ihad no idea if hewas calling from the DefenseDepartment or NICAP. He sounded offhis name as if he were familiar to me,but I never didfigureout who had calledme. Anywayhe started telling me aboutNICAPs financial problems andchange of command. At one point hesaid there would be someone new totake over at NICAP. Then as an asidehe said: "Hey, Art, that might bea good(continued on next page)
  5. 5. (Interview, Continued)job for you in retirement. Youre notdoing anything now." I said: "Are youcrazy? If I were starving I wouldnt takea job like that." And he asked me whynot. I said: "Do you realize with thebackground I have in CIA, if Isuddenlyshowed up at NICAP, I couldnt evenhold the front portals until the 4:30whistles blew. Thered be more crazypeople in there than you could shake astick at with allegations I could nevercope with — wild!" He said: "Yeah, Ididnt think of it that way. I guess itwould be a fiery mixture." You bet yourboots, I said. If you call that a job offer,thats what happened.Q: How do you feel about youremployment with the CIA?AL: I dont have any slings andarrows to throw at the CIA. I foundthem to be an excellent employer. Ithought they were wonderful,.dedicated people. Ive had tremendousexperiences there, meeting people, anddealing with big issues. I dont knowof. any job I could have had that I wouldhave enjoyed more. I guess the onlyway to top itwould have been to have agreat big fat UFO land out there on themonument grounds and wed covereditfrom three sides with metric cameraswith all -kinds of things includingmagnetic spin recorders and then wegot it all measured up and we went onNBC live at 8 oclock Sunday night andtold the world what was there. I guessthat would have been a topper, but wenever had a shot at that.EDITORIAL COMMENTThese notes correspond tosections of the interview marked withan asterisk.The question of whether ArtLundahl and the CIA are or were"officially" involved with UFOinvestigations is an important one.Lundahl has always denied it, and hasoften professed great ignorance of thesubject. However, it is known fromprivate sources that during the early1960s the Air Force routinely referredmovie films of UFOs (from gun camerasand other sources) to NPIC foranalysis, while Lundahl was NPICDirector. Also, Lundahl had another"window" on the Colorado Projectthrough a friend at RaytheonCorporation who did some photo-analysis for the Condon Committee.The Navy photo-analysis lab didhave "numbers" to go on in analyzingthe Newhouse film, and Lundahl musthave known that. They had lensresolution data . and someone ingovernment had frames of the filmshowing one of the UFOs disappearingover the horizon .(frames that weremissing when the Air Force returnedthe film to Newhouse). Ex-MajorDewey Fournet, Project Blue BookMonitor in the Pentagon, told NICAPthat the Navyanalysis specifically ruledout birds, " would be necessary toconclude that Newhouse was lying inmany. of his statements in order toconlcude that the Tremonton objectswere birds," Fournet said, and theintelligence officers considered him tobe "completely sincere and somewhatreserved." (See The UFO Evidence,p. 112.)The evidence indicates that boththe CIA Office of ScientificIntelligenceand NPIC, under Art Lundahl, havehad a long-standing and official interestin UFOs and that Lundahl probablyknows more about the nature andperformance of UFOs, as determinedby photoanalysis, than anyone in theworld. He is also part of an informalWashington UFO "underground" thatincludes Robert C. Durant (writer ofthe 1953 CIA panel report) and Dr.Charles Sheldon, expert on Russianmissiles and rockets at the Library ofCongress, among others. By makingdisarming public statements andprofessions of ignorance, Lundahl hasserved as a CIA "cover" to concealfrom the public the extent of the CIAsscientific data and top-level awarenessof UFOs.-Richard HallMUFON personnel who have notalready done so are invited to submitphotographs of themselves, and of anyspecial equipment or facilities used forUFO investigation or research. If youare part ofa group that meetsregularly,group photographs also would bewelcome.NEWSNOTESThe Scandinavian UFO Inform-ation (SUFOI) organization inDenmark has announced ProjectFOTA, a new program ofinstrumentedinvestigation including a new electronicUFO detector to be distributed widelyin the country. A series of recordingstations using advanced electronicequipment will be part of the program.SUFOI has a special interest in soundrecordings of UFOs, and presently isstudying two such cases. Information is .invited from other researchers.Address: SUFOI, Box 6, DK-2820Gentofte, Denmark.At this writing Len Stringfieldsmonograph, to be published byMUFON, is in galley proofs and shouldbe available in February. The title is"The UFO C r a s h / R e t r i e v a lSyndrome," subtitle "Status Report II:New Sources, New Data." It will beabout 44 pages.Orders are now beingaccepted forthe monograph, whichisinpress. Price:$5.00, from MUFON, 103 OldtowneRd., Seguin, TX 78155.The 1980 MUFON Symposium isscheduled for June 7& 8 at Clear LakeCity High School near Houston, Texas,hosted by VISIT, P.O. Box 877,Friendswood, TX 77546. For Sundayafternoon, a tour of the NASAJohnsonSpace Center has been arranged. Thefull line-up of speakers, movies, andworkshops will be announced later.Make your plans now.DEADLINESIn order for an article to be included in thenext issue of the Journal, it must be in the handsof the editor during the last week of the precedingmonth. Because of a backlog of material,submission by deadline will not assure immediatepublication but it will make it possible. Articlesthat are not typed, double-spaced, that are toolong or require extensive editing, or specialartwork for which clean originals are notprovided, will be delayed. It is the responsibility ofthe author to assure that proper credits andacknowledgments are made. Regular columnistsare requested to submit an extra column or twoinadvance in order to assure continuity ofpublication.
  6. 6. THE LANDING OF BARRE-DES-CEVENNES (LOZERE)By J. Tyrodc1This affair took place at thebeginning of the year 1956, at 1 a.m.The witnesses were two gendarmes onduty, now both retired — M. Barbouleat Huchaud (Card) and M. Simon atSaint-Die (Voages).The village of Barre-des-Cevennes, which has 240inhabitants,isconstituted by an uninterrupted rowofhouses bordering route N.583 forseveral hundredmeters and a few smallstreets that are difficult to negotiate.This configuration is due to itssituationon the slope of a mountain, whichextends to the NE, parallel to the road,and peaks at 1015 m. The mountainfallsalmost precipitouslyto the village, andthe slope continues toward the NW.On that eveningearly in the year,M. Barboule and M. Simon werecoming back from their tours of duty atCassagnac, heading through themountain gap in the directionof Barre,pushing their bicyclesby hand. Itwas aroutine evening;they had encounteredno one on the road. They wereabout toarrive at the summitof the hill and sawbefore them the dark mass of theCastelai, on whose slope rests thevillage Barre-des-Cevennes. Beside theroad was a barn.When they arrived at this barnthey suddenly heard a great noise,which they thought was the motor of atruck climbing the hill. They leanedtheir bicycles against the barn wall whilewaiting for the truck to pass. Then theyrealized their error; the noise wascoming from the opposite direction,i.e., from Florae. In a few seconds thesound increased intensely and wasnowa deafening racket, and it seemed nowthat the noise came from above theirheads.Suddenly, opposite them, a fewmeters from the ground, about 50meters away, an enormous engiriappeared. It was a sort of black masswhich may have been about 10 metersin diameter (assuming that it wascircular) and 1.2 m high. At least thatwas the first impression, but thereimmediately appeared to them, at thebase of the engin, about 60 cm from theground, something like fluepipes(fuyeres) from which emerged shortreddish flames. They were arranged allaround the object at its base. The twowitnesses also spoke of "red mouths"when referring to these.At the same time as this strangevision, a strong hot wind struck theminthe face, pushingthem against the bamwall. Between the moment when thenoise was noticed and when the enginwas seen, about 1 minute elapsed.The object continued on toward aflat surface between two hedges, withthe barn at one corner and the baseabout 100 m, and 150 m opposite.When the object passed in front of thetwo witnesses, they noticed that thereddish openings gave an impressionofsomething heated that was coolingdown, "red-hot iron which wasblackening as it cooled." The objectwas then about 50 meters from them,and they noticed that their trouserswere whipped by the wind givenoff byit. •The object arrived at the platformand landed. In about a minute,the flue-pipes became nearly dark. A sort ofcupola on top of the object becameilluminated an opaque ivory-white. Thiscupola was not visible previously. Theluminosity seemed to come from theinterior. Immediately, between the baseof this cupola and the upper surfaceofthe black object, emerged rays ofvarious colors — green, yellow, andblue, blinding like an electric bulb. Therays went off in alldirections, but somewere more blinding than others.After the appearance of the rays,the witnesses saw the cupola change itsshape, or rather an object protrudedfrom it. A kind of "white balloon"(nearly round protuberance) detacheditself from between the cupola and theblack part, from the same regionwhence the colored rays were emitted,because it seemed illuminated by theserays. The "balloon" was itself luminous,but not blinding, and one could easilylook at it, as they realized once it hadmoved obliquely to their left. Its colorwas matte, ivory-white, of the samecolor as the cupola.After a short oblique trajectory,the "balloon" went off in a straight linein the direction of Castelai, then itseemed to follow along the slope. Itsspeed was slow, about that ofa bicycle.On arrivingnear the peak, on the rightslope as seen by the observers, itdisappeared behind the crest. Itreappeared on the left slope, andcontinued on around the hill. It wentaround it twice in the same way, thenreturned slightly toward the landedUFO, passing within 50 meters of thetwo gendarmes.Meanwhile, duringthe flight of the"balloon," the witnesses had noticedthat "personages" were movingaroundthe UFO. There may have been fourofthem. They appeared in the night asshadows moving on the ground. Theyhad the silhouettes and stature ofmenand moved around the UFO severaltimes, illuminated by the lightemanating from the cupola. Inthenight,in spite of the light of the UFO, it wasdifficult for the witnesses to see detail,other than to note that they had ahuman aspect.Two minutes after the balloondeparted, it returned. The beings werestill passing around their vehicle. Theballoon landed on the cupola, or re-entered the interior — the witnesses1. From Lumieres Dans la Nuit No. 116, 2/72.Translated by Lex Mebane and edited by AnnDruffel.
  7. 7. (Landing, Continued)could not with certainty say which —the beings re-entered the object, it isnot known how. The only thingcertainis that the gendarmes no longer sawthem.What were the beings doingduringthe flight of the balloon? The witnessessuppose they must have beeninspecting their vehicle. Thehumanoids remained upright all thetime. They seem to be fairly large andwalked slowly, like a person who islooking for something. Then theluminous rays disappeared, the cupolalight extinguished, and the violentwarm wind began to blow again. The"pipes"that had been seen as red at thetime of arrival did not glow again. Adeafening noise was produced and theUFO rose vertically from the ground.The gendarmes had only the time to lifttheir eyes to see it disappear in thenight.Commentaries by the WitnessesWhen the beings made theirappearance, the gendarmes were verymuch afraid.M.Simon instinctivelyputhis hand on his revolver, sayingbetween his teeth, "Ifa rombier comeshere, Illdry him!" M. Barboule did notunderstand at first what his colleaguewas saying. His attention wasconcentrated on the scene taking placebefore him.Both had trembling legs and feltparalyzed. Duringthe wholeduration ofthe observation, they did not speak aword to each other, except when theysaw the UFO arrive, they said "Its asaucer!"They stated later that fear, butalso the rays, was paralyzing them, andare incapable of analyzingtheir stateofmind at that moment. M. BarbouleHadpreviously had occasion to feel fear, forexample during bombardments, butthis fear was different. He has afraid offinding himself faced with a powerfulenemy against whom nothing could bedone — fear of the unknown, of beingtaken away or destroyed. Both of themfound these moments extremely long,though they lasted only about 5minutes. At one point, when the hotwind blew on them, they thought thatthey would be grilled like sausages.M. Simon could at no time take hishand away from his revolver holster,and he thought that the beings wereparalyzing him. Once the object haddisappeared, they both noticedmuscular pains, due perhaps totenseness duringthe observation. Theyhad no other after-effects.According to them, they wereclearly seen by the occupants of theUFO, who did not trouble themselvesotherwise about them. For them theobject was really an object; theyimagine it to be of metal with a plasticcupola. The light seemed to come fromthe interior through a translucent layerthat did not permit one to see what washappening insideit.When the rays weredirected toward them, they appearedas bright as an arc welders light..When the UFO had gone, thewitnesses fears were not dissipated.When they remounted their bicyclesthe two gendarmes were tremblingalmost as much as when the beingswere there.M. Barboule had a "Lip" watchwhich he had bought in 1955. From theday of this observation it no longer keptgood time. He took it to a watchrepairman in St-Andre-de-Valborgne.This man, after examiningit,asked if hehad not passed an X-ray machine withthe watch in his hand. He replied that itwas possible, and M. Valmalle, therepairman, told him: "If it continues torun badly, bringit back to me." It neverran properly, and M.Barboule put itinadrawer where, several years later, hischildren found it and took it apart.Official InvestigationThe two gendarmes related theirobservation in a report addressed totheir commanding officer, whoreported it to Lt. Guillaume, in chargeof the Florae company. Guillaumewentto the site. Although at first he wasmuch surprised by the story, he endedup crediting it. One fact militated infavor of the two gendarmes. Severalpersons in Barre-des-Cevennes thatnight had been awakened bya veryloudnoise that seemed to be just abovetheir heads. They did not get out of bedto investigate, but they were muchintrigued. Some of them theorized thatit might be a secret experiment at theRhone factories, which proved to befalse. Persons came from Marseille tostudy the phenomenon, but thegendarmes were not made aware of theresults.The twowitnesses indicated to methat the noise they heard was like thatof a caterpillartractor or a chain-pump,or a clacking like. several hundredmotorized tumblers (cu/buteurs demoteurs) allgoingat once. M.Barboulereproduced the sketch he had made atthe time, both of the landing site and ofthe form of the engin which he and M.Simon had the occasion to observe.POLICY STATEMENTBeginning immediately, theJournal will not publish lengthy articleson abduction stories or allegedhumanoid encounters unless theycontain clear-cut evidence of criticalinvestigation by the reporter or originalinvestigator. Only brief "news story"reports will be included, untilinformation is available about thecharacter and personality of theclaimant, the accuracy and veracity ofhis/her checkable statements, and thenature and evaluation ofanysupportingevidence. Preliminary reports thatcontain much or most of the possibleinvestigation results will be acceptable,provided that they show an effort toobtain complete and objectiveinformation. For example, the"Possible Abduction in New YorkState" reported byBuddHopkinsintheJuly 1979 (No. 137) issue meets thesecriteria. Once some meaningfulinvestigation has been accomplished,the results — pro or con — will bereported.DAILY EXPRESS,London, EnglandDec. 1, 1979UFO feveras girl sees*silver manJPARIS : A new wave of flyingsaucer fever gripped Franceyesterday after a teenage girlelalmed to have srrn not justthe saucer hut "a silver man "walking alongside one.The elrl was on her wayhome frinn school in Porcieu-Amblagnicu. near the Alps InSouth-K:ist Trance. She ranterrified to a m-ighliotir. Laterpolice found an are:i of flat-tened grass..The ••higjiting" follows Ihr-disappearance of a youngdriver from a Paris vlll»i;r.shortly after another UFOwas stfhlrd.
  8. 8. National Echo, Penang, Malaysia, 4 January 1979. Submitted byAhmad Jamaludin, whoreports 6UFOsightings in the Northern Peninsula near Penang Island during January-July 1979.• THE UFO photo taktn by the RAAFpersonnel yesterday.BUTTERWORTH,Wed. - An un-identified flyingobject (UFO) wasreportedly sightedhere by a RAAFpersonnel. And tosubstantiate hisclaim, the RAAFpersonnel, who re-fused to disclose hisname, said he hadtaken two photo-graphs of the sight-He told the NationalEcho today that he wascoming out of a super-market in Jalan BaganLuar Road when hesaw a round silveryobject in the sky atabout 6.15pm yester-day.He described theobject as "glowing inbright orange colour"and had several port-hole windows liningthe edge. The objectwas snaped like aflying saucer.He said that he took12 shots with hiscamera but when thefilm was developed,only two shots showingthe object came out.The pictures weretaken near the TownCouncil soccer fieldopposite the super-market.According to -him,the object was hoveringin the sky for nearly20 minutes before ftNews of the lightingis spreading through thetown although manypeople are still doubtfulthat it was a UFO.8
  9. 9. REPORTS FROM NORWAY(Submitted by Anton Lidstrom, NorskUFO Center, 7882 Nordli, Norway)The farmer Oskar Kvetangen andhis wife, resident in Nordli, .Nord-Trondelag, had at 06.30 in the morningon October 2, 1976, a strangeobservation, seen from the windows oftheir bedroom on the first floor.Kvetangen describes it:"The weather wasbrightand clear.My wife had just risen, and looking outof the westward window, she cried;"Look, what is this!" I ran to thewindow, and although I did not see thefirst phase of the incident,Iat lengthgotsight of the square, shining objecthighest up in the valley. It moved in anorth-westerly direction anddisappeared in the forest. Thedistance I estimated to about 12 km."At the moment my wife observedthe object it was, however, muchnearer. The object moved southward,coming from the.riorth, and she clearlycould see it in front of a tree-coveredhillside, away. A moment afterwards,the object came gliding toward thenorth again. The speed was about 150-200 km/h. It continued at that rate upthe valley, but I did not get sight of ituntil the object made the last zig-zag-turn. We could not see how the objectturned, but the whole time the squareshape was clear with distinct outlines."The thickness of the rectanglewe could not find out as it seemed theforeside was toward us the whole time.The breadth we estimated to the halfpart of its length. The color wasyellowish and reminded us of the lightfrom a bigstar. Immediately before theobject disappeared, it passed the lowerpart of a snow drift up in the mountain.We believe that the object passed verynear to it. The snow drift was by one ofmy neighbors estimated to be 50-60meters long and about 15-20 metersbroad. The object seemed to cover one-third of the snow drift. The observationtime was 3 minutes."From late August until mid-September, 1976, there was a UFOwave in Norway.Saturday, August 21. About noonHelge Evensen was baskingon the lawnat his home in Nordbygda (Hedmark).Suddenly he heard a hissing sound anddiscovered a blackobject with form andsize like that of a disk. The objectrushed straight beyond the roof of hishouse and continued down the field.Sunday, August 22. Between 09-09.30 a bright cylinder-shaped objectwas observed above Ringsaker church.The object was quite noiseless, had nowings arid there was no smoke to beseen. It moved in a westerly direction.The elevation was about 70degrees andthe angle extension was 4cm measuredwith stretched arm (about 8 times thediameter of the moon).Thursday, August26.Oneor moreshining objects were seen by a numberof persons in Trondheim and both ofthe Trondelag counties. Among thewitnesses was a police sergeant andtwo traffic pilots. In Nordli, Nord-Trondelag, several people reportedthey had seen a shining globe-formedobject, on one occasion ascending fromthe ground only about 40 meters fromthe witnesses, two younggirlsdrivingina car. The object was yellowish of color,but the light from it was much strongerthan ordinary moonshine. The size ofthe globe they estimated to about 25-30cm. The girls were very scared whenthe object suddenly rushed up from thebushes, and they were on the pointofdriving into the ditch.Effects on CarFriday, August 28. At Malsjoen,the guard, Steinar Langeland, wassitting in his car waiting for his huntingcompanion. The motor was going, butwhen he was about to start, it began tomake trouble. This had neverhappened to his Mazda before, and hewondered what it could be. As he gotout of the car, he observed a shining,square object coming over the hill. Theobject sank down the mountain side,straight above the tree-tops, keepingthe same distance to the ground allthetime. The object passed only about 30meters from the witness, andLangeland says that the light was like asquare window and he suspected theoutlines of a big, dark object around it.There was no sound, but when theobject passed, he heard a crack fromthe motor of the car. As Langelandexamined the motor, he found that twoof the sparkplugs were broken across.(They have later been examined atNUFOC, and it is ascertained that thebreaches have come up in aninexplicable way.)Several people observed strange,shining objects in Stryn, Olden,Hornindal, and Nordfjord. AtSkredestranda a shining globe cameclose upon the road in front of a lorry.The driver, Jan Rasmussen fromNordfjord, says that the globe was notmore than 10-15 meters away from thecar and moved to and fro on the road.Itmade for a way-mark near by where ithovered for a while at the same heightas the mark. Then it disappeared intothe bushes.Sunday, September 19. A shiningobject was seen above Olden in Sogn,and on Sunday, October 3 aluminousobject lifted from Bispeveien atTonsberg, only 20 meters in front of acar. Investigations were made at theplace by NUFOC.Landing and Burn MarksDambraten at Hageltjern:"It wasadreadfully sharp light — so sharp that itwas impossible to open the eyes fullyand look straight at it. My wife saw it(continued on next page)
  10. 10. (Norway, Continued)first, and then both of us observed theshining globe above the tree-tops. Itmoved towards the left, and nearedbefore it landed on the meadow, some40 m. from the house, and then itdisappeared. In fact it was like puttingout a parafin lamp, and when I cameoustide, there was nothing to be seen.The next day I saw the print in thegrass, and the burn marks on theground. I am 72 years old, but I neversaw anything like that."Thus Georg Teige related theexperience he and his wife hadSaturday night July 29, 1978, at oneoclock. He reported the incident to thenewspapers "D.T." and "B.B."becausea great deal had been written previouslyabout rings in the grass.The diameter of the ring was about40cm., and around half ofthe circle, thegrass was burnt. "There was muchdew, and that must be the reason whythe grass did not catch fire," they said.It was the wife who first woke upfrom the strong light. She aroused her xhusband, who brushed it off with — "Itis nothing but the moon." But soon hechanged his opinion, and after havingtried to stare toward the light, he put onhis clothes and shoes ina hurry, and ranto investiate at the landingplace.Therewas nothing. During the whole event,,the weather was calm. The marriedcouple scarcely dare mention the word"UFO," but they do not really knowwhat to think about the strangeepisode.Additional informations from theInvestigation Section: Mrs. Teigeawoke suddenly at 1:00 oclock onSaturday night. She did not know why,because at this time she used to sleeplike a log. She rose, went into thekitchen, and there she saw that thewhole kitchen together with the wholecourtyard was illuminated. She calledher husband and told him about thedreadful light over the courtyard. Shedescribes the light as beinglike the lampof a car, and thinks there probably wasan indication of some red in the light,outside of the intense white.When she at first discovered theobject, it moved about as fast as acyclist from northeast to northwest,and it also passed behind some trees.The distance to one of the witnesseswas now perhaps 60-70 meters. When10the husband joined, her, the objectcame fronv NW in an even coursetowards the house, as if it took aim atthis, and the speed was graduallyreduced. The light was now the wholetime constant, until it stood about iy2meters above the ground and some 25meters from the house. Then thestrength of the light decreased. Thenthe object landed, and as it hit theground, the light diminishedand made ajump like a feather as it glowed andlanded once more, and now 6 metersnearer to the house. About 5 secondsafter the jump, the man ran out to seewhat that could be, but there wasnothing. Next morning they both wentout to look for marks on the ground,finding that two circles of about 35 diameter were singed down into themossy and grass-covered ground. Thewitnesses remarked that the prints hadan oily smell, but this decreasedgradually.The prints had no clear/cleanoutlines, as the object probably didnotstand there for a longtime,even thoughit had a violent radiationof heat. As thewitnesses were completely dazzledduring the observation, they cannotdescribe the shape of the object, butthey believedthat itwas round, and thatthe object had a diameter of about 40cm., which agree with the prints.Georg adds that the object made alimber landing, and it seemed as if dueto conscious behaviour, under controlthe whole time. There was, no soundduring the observation. They had a dogat the farm, but he did not notice theincident:The NUFOC Investigation Sectionarrived at the place on Monday,July31,and took soil samples, mademeasurements, and so on. Theincidentwas not reported to public authorities.Measurings of the samples on August 1,carrried out by means ofgeiger counterand metal detector, gave negativeresults. Measuring with geiger counteron August 2 at the spot in question wasnegative too.UFO LandingTwo boys, 14 years old, JohnnyMyhr from Holmestrand and FrankSverre Mandt from Prestfoss in Sigdal,both pupils at Aim School, observedTuesday, November 1, 1977, anunknown object on their way homeBoys descriptions of UFOThe landing trianglefrorq the bus. It was a flying objectcoming from the north and its shapebecame clearer as it approached. Theobject landed on a newly plowed fieldclose by the sports ground, about 100metersfrom the school. Ten secondslater the object rose from the field andleft behind three marked tracks in theground. The object was light green withwindows, and behind one of thewindows a man was seen by the twoboys. They were not able to describehis human-like body in detail, but nodoubt about it: There was a humanoidonboard that vehicle.The trustworthiness of the twoboys cannot be doubted. In addition tothe two boys, one of the attendants atthe school also had seen a shiningobject at the same place, and militaryauthorities confirmed that something(continued on page 15)
  11. 11. PLANE DISAPPEARANCE CASE STILL OPEN(The Danish Scandinavian UFOInformation organization received thefollowing letter from the AustralianDepartment of Transport in regard tothe disappearance of pilot FrederickValentich in 1978. Reprinted fromSUFOINEWS 79/1, Box 6, DK-2820Gentofte, Denmark. See MUFONUFO Journal No. 129,August 1978.)To begin with, Imust apologise forthe delay in answering your letterregarding the flight of the Cessnaaircraft VII-DSJ which disappearedover Bass Strait on Saturday, 21October 1978.Firstly, the pilot of the Cessna heldan unrestricted private pilots licencewith a night V.M.C. (visualmeteorological conditions) endorse-ment. This permitted himto operate atnight in conditions which enabled himto have constant reference to the. ground.On 21 October, the pilot filed acarefully prepared flight plan with theBriefing Officer at Moorabbin Airportfor a private night VMC (visualmeteorological conditions) operation toKing Island - and return.The flight was to be conductedoutside controlled airspace.He planned his course direct fromMoorabbin, Victorias main generalaviation airport, acrossPort Phillip Bay,to Cape Otway, which is the turningand reporting point for light aircraftabout to crossBassStrait to KingIslandand Tasmania.The pilot left Moorabbin at 6.19pmon 21 October and operations to CapeOtway were normal.At .7 pm the pilot reported toMelbourne Flight Service, atMelbourne Airport, Tullamarine, whichwas workingtheflight,that he was overCape Otway. In the absence of anyother comment, it must be assumedthat nothing untoward was happeningto either the aircraft or the pilot at thattime.The first indicationthe pilotgaveofany unusual circumstance was at 7.06when he requested information on anyknown traffic below 5000 feet in hisarea.It must be remembered thai theflight, was being made outsidecontrolled airspace and, therefore, asisnormal, no radar watch wasmaintainedon it.In any event, the pilotsubsequently reported his altitude at4,500 ft, which at the distance he wasfrom the Melbourne Route SurveillanceRadar head at Melbourne Airport(more than 90 miles) he was below theradar scan.When the pilot reported unusualaerial phenomena, the Flight ServiceSupervisor immediately requested AirTraffic Control to make a particularradar sweep to see whether either theaircraft or the phenomena could betracked.The night of 21October was warmand still and temperature inversion wasexperienced in the Cape Otway area.Additionally, the Otway Rangeshampered the radar scan, as a result,no identifiable return could be seen.Communication with the aircraftwas maintained from the time it leftMoorabbin until 7.12:28.(ESST) whenunidentifiable noises describedsubsequently as metallic were heardthrough the open aircraft microphoneand the pilot failed to respond tofurthercalls.At this time, the Search andRescue distress phase was declared,the Rescue Co-ordination Centre atMelbourne Airport was activated aridarrangements were made to launch asearch and rescue missionimmediately.A night search by a light aircraftwas made covering the last knownposition of VH-DSJ but nothing furtherwas seen or heard.Subsequent appeals to the public,by radio and the other media forsighting and hearing reports of theaircraft yielded no information relevantto VH-DSJ or the phenomena.The resulting publicity, however,did generate some public response tothe newspapers and the Departmentfrom people remote from Cape Otwayabout objects in the sky over PortPhillip Bay and along the bayside.Two independent groupscampingnear the Cape Otway light did reporthearing a light aircraft in their area atabout the time but as neither of thegroups had a watch they could notdetermine the exact time.Neither of these groups noticedany unusual aerial activity at the time.While the Department, is stillinvestigating the incident — as nowreckage has been found it is notclassified as accident — naturally it hasno official comment on the probablecause of the disappearance.Unofficially, however, and I muststress that this is my personal opinionand not, repeat not, that of theDepartment — the pilot, 20 years oldwas not an experienced pilot. He hadabout 150-200 hours total flying time.He had not long held the nightVMC rating; his night flying wasextremely limited and this was his firstnight flight over water.His flight plan, according to theBriefing Officer at Moorabbin was verycarefully prepared for a two way flightto King Island. However, by design, orinexperience, he did not arrange tohave the King Island aerodrome lightsturned on for his arrival.He had an ETAat King Island of 7.28 pm.The Departments file on themissing aircraft is still open and,because no wreckage has been found,(continued on page 15)11
  12. 12. UFO SECRECY UPDATE: THE UFO PAPER CHASEBy Larry W. BryantBack in the sixties, when theFederal Governments UFO-investigation program was swimming ina sea of indecision/foulup/coverup, anoccasionally enterprising reporter orother journalist would raise theperiscope enough to get a clear view ofthings. One such observer, MortYoung (author of UFO: Top Secret,published in 1967 by Essandess SpecialEditions, NYC), observed:Flying saucers have presented us with anideal reason to explore the misty realms ofGovernment. Because all UFO material issupposedly availableto the public, thefieldofinquiry is open to every citizen of the UnitedStates. Yet when the Government iscontacted and asked about UFOs, theknowledge gained is not about UFOs butabout how the Government really operatesday to day.Unfortunately, what was an astuteappraisal 13 years ago applies eventoday. Despite the qualified successofthe freedom-of-information lawsuit ofGround Saucer Watch, Inc. Vs. U.S.Central Intelligence Agency — bywhich the UFOlogy community againcan say, "See, you are sowithholdingvital UFO-related records!" — despitethat picked-over, censored, andotherwise suspect package of severalhundred documents released pursuantto the suit, were still cloutless when itcomes to making the Governmentaccountable for what its done, doing,and laid plans to do in the UFO-research arena.A battle has been won, so to speak;but the war continues.Amidst the skirmishing and thenoting of casualties, we now have areport from the front line. Itcomes to usin the form of a press release, based onmore-or-less ineffectual pressconference held at the Bronx, N.Y.,offices of GSWs counsel, Peter A.Gersten, on October 25, 1979. It wasineffectual not because Gersten had12failed to do his homework for thedocumentation shpw-and-tell. Itsweakness, rather, was, that its totalmessage amounted to ho-hum news—a tired old record being played byanewdisco-jockey. Flashy, yes; juicy, no. Asa result, there was a modicum of mediapresence at the conference. An NYCTV news reporter was there to seek anew angle, I understand. But in generalthe audience consisted of UFO-oriented writers who had been alertedvia the grapevine. In effect, Gerstenended up deliveringhis message withina play-back mode. That brings to mindthe reason why publisher RalphGinzberg abandoned his livelymagazine FACT: "We found in ourreadership surveys that we are writingto ourselves, and thus were a terminalaudience" — or words to that effect.Anyway, for the benefit of you whowerent present at the conference tosnap up copies of the 6-page pressrelease and its accompanying "presskit" of key official leaked/releaseddocuments, Illtry to summarize themhere.Citing the aggregate of3,000 pagesof UFO-related documents acquired ina years time from the Departments ofState/Army/Navy/Air Force, theFederal Bureau of Investigation, theCentral Intelligence Agency, theNational Security Agency, and theDefense Intelligence.Agency,Gerstenspress release credits the now dormantpublic-interest group Citizens AgainstUFO Secrecy (CAUS) with acontinuing analysis of thedocumentation. In Gerstens words,"CAUS can now report that thedocuments expose the policy of thisgovernment to debunk reports of UFOsightings by the public and of therebysucceeding in minimizing theirsignificance." This and otheraccusations in the press release arekeyed to the documents reproducedvia the press .kit. (See theaccompanying table for listing ofdocuments.)According to the pressrelease,theCIA and NSA currently "admit towithholding 57and 18UFO documents,respectively. Furthermore, the CIArefuses to acknowledge at least 200other UFO documents that were in itspossession, while NSA refuses toacknowledge the existence of any of itsUFO documents. Presently the AirForce is withholding all informationrelating to unknown tracks, its latestsynonym for UFOs."In dealing with this officialintransigence, the press releaseannounces Gerstens plans, under theCAUS commitment, to pursuefreedom-of-information litigationagainst the ;NSA and USAF."Futhermore," says Gersten, "within30 days, as part of the Ground SaucerWatch lawsuit against CIA, I will beasking the U.S. District Court inWashington to enjoin the CIA fromwithholding the 57documents it refusesto release."The press release concludes bycalling upon Congress "to exercise itsoversight powers and launcha full-scaleinquiry into whether the Governmenthas thoroughly investigated the threatto national security that some UFOsmay pose." It asks that the FederalGovernment respond positively to thefollowing demands, which CAUSconsiders will be echoed by the generalpublic:• Reverse the official position thatfurther scientific investigation ofUFOs is unwarranted• Immediatelydeclassify andrelease .all official UFO documents that donot legitimately affect nationalsecurity(continued on next page)
  13. 13. (Secrecy, Continued)• Unconditionally waive all searchand copying fees for UFOdocuments.As to the publics role in thisprotracted UFOpaper chase,thepressrelease calls upon the American people"to come forward with anyinformationconcerning UFOs and thisgovernments suppression of UFOevidence."With this milestone in the politicsof UFOIogy, can we predict that thenew decade of the eighties will beknown as the Age of UFOEnlightenment? Perhaps... especiallyifCAUS/Gersten can acquire thefinancial backing and public supportthat the ongoing and planned litigationdemands. And especially if we candiminish this truism expressed byMortYoung in his book UFO: Top Secret:Government-sponsored studies pertainingto extraterrestrial life have shown thatUFOs are extremely bad politics. Theireffects can be damaging: so severe, in fact,that more than one government wouldtopple. Political stability cannot beguaranteed if these ridiculous-seemingflying saucers are actually journeying fromanother world; even to admit the possibilityis tantamount to politicalsuicide. Consider:Would you vote fora Presidential candidatewho had as a platform plank the promise toget to the bottom of the UFO mystery, whostated he would employ the Army, Navy,and Air Force as UFO hunters when andwhere necessary? No political party couldsurvive the nomination of such a candidate.Who would dare vote for a maniac?DOCUMENT IDENTITYTABLE -- Press-Release Documentation SummaryCOMMENTARYNORAD (North American Air DefenseCommand) 28th Region Senior Directorsinstructions, 12 Oct 77NSA report, "UFO Hypothesis andSurvival Questions," circa late 1968Standard Air Force form-letter reply toqueries and Fact Sheet inuse since about1975 (first page only)"Rees Letter": AFOSI (Air ForceOffice ofSpecial Investigations) 17th District,Kirtland AFB, N.M. (letter to director ofAFOSI, 25 May 50)"Chadwell Memo": CIA Office ofScientific Intelligence (OSI) memo-randum to CIA director, 2 Dec 52 (pagescombined, attachments removed)"Algerian Case": American Embassy,Algiers, Algeria; message to State Dept.,7Mar 75"NORAD Classified Message": NORADDirector of Operations message toSecretary of the Air Force, et al., 13Nov75 (still classified CONFIDENTIAL;Titled "Replies to UFO Reports," this 1-page standingoperating procedure wasissued to clarify the publicly announced role of the Air Force in processingsighting reports relayed by "local citizens." It emphasizes the semanticdistinction between "UFO" and "UNK" ["unknown"].Made availableapparently ina lapse offorethought to researcher Robert Todd,this curious, 7-page survey ofthe philosophicalside ofofficial UFOIogybears noauthors by-line and, in this rough-draft form, contains no references to anyother NSA-produced literature on UFOIogy.Bearing the subject "Summary of Observations of Aerial Phenomena in theNew Mexico Area, December 1948 - May 1950," this formerlyCONFIDENTIAL, 3-page letter (minus4 inclosures) contains possible leads toas-yet-unreleased UFO documentation. One of these might be RANDCorporation Report EHO-41(25July 1951), titled "Report ofAerial Phenomena,Holloman AFB, 21 February 1950 through 31 April 1951," by Edward T. Doty.(Efforts are underway to acquire a copy of the RAND document, and if anyreader knows its whereabouts, (s)he is encouraged to contact this column.)In addition to exposing the U.S. intelligencecommunitys behind-the-scenesconcern about the ostensible myth of flying saucers, this classic factor in theevolution of the politics of UFOIogy also confirms the veiled CIA referencescontained in the 1956 book The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, byformer USAF Project Blue Book chief Capt. Edward J. Ruppelt.Among the recipients of this telegram about Algerian UFO sightingswere theU.S. Commander-in-Chief, Europe; the Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Navy,Europe; and the Commander, U.S. Navy Sixth Fleet. It is not known whetherany of these addressees bothered to respond to the embassys plea for a"serious reply" by whichto explainto Algerian officials the originofthe reportedstrange "machines."This and the five associated documents listed below formed the basis for theserious interest shown by The Washington Post and The New York Times inthe late-1975 "unknown air activity"over/near U.S. military installations.Theyalso gave rise to a new entry in the lexicon of UFOIogy: "clear intent."(continued on next page)13
  14. 14. (Secrecy, Continued)DOCUMENT IDENTITYleaked to UFO-research group in late1976)Loring AFB message to Air ForceHeadquarters, 29 Oct 75.Air Force Intelligence/AerospaceIntelligence Division/Alert Center Branch(AFINZA) log extracts, 1975-6Secretary of the Air Forces Office ofInformation (SAFOI) message toNORAD, Strategic Air Command, andSecretary of Defense, 12 Nov 75SAFOI letter to Robert G. Todd, 17Nov77.Air Force Security Police (AFSP)message to 15Air Force bases, 10Nov 75(first two pages only)"Iranian Message": Defense AttacheOffice (DAO)/Tehran message to DIA,retransmitted tb CIA,NSA,White House,et al., 23 Sep 75 (first revealed by leak toUFO-research group in late 1976)DIA evaluation of Iranian Message, 12 Oct76."CIA Moroccan Comment": CIAClandestine Service message, 23 Sep 76American Embassy Kuwait message toState Dept., CIA, et al,, 29 Jan 79CIA/OSI/Physics and ElectronicsDivision memo for actingchief of OSI, 12Jul 55, with attached message from 64thAir Division, Pepperrell AFB,Newfoundland, Canada (U.S. base), toAir Force Intelligence, et al., 6 Jul 55"Tauss Memo": CIA/OSI Weapons andEquipment Division memo to deputychiefof OSI, 1 Aug 52"Cuban Incident": Air Force SecurityService 6947th Squadron techniciansstatement to StantonT. Friedman,Oct 77CIA Information and Privacy CoordinatorGene F. Wilson letter to William H.Spaulding, 26 Mar 76 (first page only)14Peter Gersten at podium; left to right Stan Friedman,Bruce Maccabee, Brad SparksOriginally classified CONFIDENTIAL, this widely circulated and critiqued; report :of a sensational airborne encounter with UFOs in Iran, along with itsevaluation by the Defense Intelligence Agency, isallthe evidence anyone needsto confirm the sustained interest of the U.S. intelligence community in thesubstance of hard-core UFO incidents.A 99-percent censored excerpt (page 21), stating, inparagraph 3:"23Sept...with personal request to investigate UFO sighted Morocco."The message is titled "UFO Sightings Cause Security Concern in Kuwait."The airborne-reported and ground-radar-monitored sighting described hereprobably was excluded from Project BlueBooks cataloguing effort becauseofthe high-strangeness level and the fact that it originated from, and remained in,official reporting channels. The ultimate question is:howmanyother such hard-core cases remain to be uncovered bythe "archeologists"of official UFOlogy?The roots of the CIA-USAF UFOIogical courtship and eventual marriage (viathe Robertson Panel deliberations)?The celebrated, non-NSA-confirmed incidentof UFO hostilityinthe skies overCuba in March 1967.The oft-repeated (but ill-supported) disclaimer of pre- and post-Robertsoninvolvement of the CIA in offical UFOlogy.(continued on next page)
  15. 15. IMark R. HerbstrittstronomyNotesTHE SKY FOR FEBRUARY 1980Mercury — It can be seen low in rhewestern sky after sunset. Greatesteastern elongation occurs on the 19th,at which time it will be 7% degreesabove the horizon.Venus — In evening Venus andMercury move northward along thehorizon at about the same rate. Venuswill stay about 20-30 degrees to theupper left of Mercury. At magnitude -3.6 Venusis the brightest object in thesky except for the sun and the moon.Mars — It.arrives at opposition at 1:00a.m. E.S.T. on the 25th. A day later itwill be at closest approach to Earth. Itrises about 7:00 p.m. E.S.T. and isin theconstellation Leo.Jupiter — It is at opposition at 1:00p.m. E.S.T. on the 24th. The 4 largestsatellites are visibleina smalltelescope.It rises at 7:00 p.m. E:S.T. and is on themeridian at 1:00 a.m. E.S.T. on the15th. . . . .Saturn — It rises at 8:00 p.m. E.StT.and is on the meridian at 2:30 a.m.E.S.T. on the 15th.Sirius, the brightest star at magnitude -1.45, crosses the meridian at 9:30 p.nrTE.S.T.(Plane, Continued)its air safety investigations are unable todetermine a probable cause of thedisappearance.Your sincerely,Ken WilliamsAssistant DirectorPUBLIC RELATIONS£ UFOs sighted^ in ChinaMONO KONO. Sept. 32 (APIA PcklnR newspaper has belatedlyimported sighting of unidentifiedriylnp. objects over China. Chinasdomestic news ncency reports.Th« report, quoting the yeslerdayt.T.nft of Giiangmlng (Kwong Ming)lilly. unlcl the first slighting wasirportrrt by a hteh school studentover Mnhel (Hupel) province Inrentrnl China one eventne In 1377.The report, seen In Hong Kongtodny. said tho student reported theslchtlng to anthropologist YuenZhauxlii who wu working in theprovince.Mr. Yuen, according to /the re-port, told the dally that the stu-dent and other witnesses describedthe object as ft basin-size roundobject, beaming with yellow andvvhll-e lights mid moving slowly Ina rlreiilnr rout*. The object re-iniitiicd In view for about one mi-nute.The report said sightings of UFOhod also been reported "collee-lively" by troops In Hobel (Hope!)piiivlnre In north China and InnerMongolia.It did not mention the dates butdesrrlhrd the object over Hobcl »sa "moon-like ball surrounded bylor.-llke nn*"1*."The rciurt said the object"spurting Jets of gases rose high Inthe sky for n few seconds. It rosehlaherspurtlne Jetfi of gases againniicl dlFiyOpcnred after a few ae-conds." ~ f " , •1Moon Phases: Full Moon February 1at2:21 U.T. (Universal Time). LastQuarter February 9 at 7:35 U.T. NewMoon February 16 at 8:51 U.T. FirstQuarter February 23 at 0:14 U.T.(Norway, Continued)strange was reported at Gardermoenairfield. On November 2 pictures weretaken and samples of the soilsent to thelaboratory to find if they containedradioactivity. After the samples hadbeen taken, the Norwegian UFOexpert Dag Heim was convinced thatsomething unusual must have landedon the field. One of the reasons is thatthe grade of acidity in the soil is muchhigher than the surrounding ground(soil). This must be because of thelanding, and is by the way not unusualon these landing prints, rather a rule.ASwedish UFO expert, Karl KarlsonBackman, who also has visited theplace and made investigations, isconvinced that the boys must haveseen a real UFO.Dag Heim has sent a report toRingerike police office. On the basis ofthis report itwill be decided whether theWar Defenceought to be involved in thecase. The UFO case has aroused agreat commotion in Ringerike and lotsof people have been visiting the place.Gypsum casts were taken of thelanding print, and these werecomparatively usable. The samplesshow that the foot-formed print iscaused by an object with a curvedbottom — i.e., the print is slightly U-shaped. The length of the gypsum castis 36 cm inthe longest dimension,about14.5 at the broadest and about 7 cm atthe narrowest. The height is 10cm. Thenarrowest side points toward thecenter which is common to all theprints.(Secrecy, Continued)CIA letter to Peter A. Gersten, 14Dec 78(pages combined)CIAs list of 18 documents referred toNSA for declassification review pursuantto GSW Vs. CIA case (from affidavit filedby CIA)COMMENTARYAs the CIAs release transmittal of some 900 pages of UFO-relateddocumentation, this letter purports to satisfy GSWs complaint,whereas it isGerstens contention that this package ofdocuments represents nothing morethan what the Agency had gathered for researcher Brad C. Sparks beforeinvestigation of the GSW suit. Thus, the Agency has yet to perform a valid denouo records search (and to produce the results thereof) incompliance with theDistrict Courts order. This issue, of course, remains in litigation; but itlooks asthough the judge is accepting the Agencys position on the de novo searchwithout double-checking the facts.The documents are listed only by date of origination, rangingfrom 1958 (seven)into 1978 (one).
  16. 16. MUFON PHYSICAL TRACERESEARCH GROUPBy Ted PhillipsTed PhillipsAfter 10years ofgatheringphysicaltrace reports associated with UFOsightings I have decided to form aResearch Group within the MUFONorganization. Physical trace reportsaresolicited from MUFON members. Ifyou have reports not previouslypublished, or if you are interested inworking with the Research Group,contact Ted Phillips, P.O. Box 615,Sedalia, MO 65301. Periodic reportswill be submitted to MUFON forpublication. These reports will includecases ingeneral and analysis results tokeep you informed. The ResearchGroup will providea means foranalysisof UFO related traces. Members of theGroup will receive information onsampling techniques and a copy of theTen Year Report.Ten Year Physical Trace ReportSince the trace catalog (TraCat)was initiated 10 years ago, the authorhas gathered 1,525 reports from 52countries. A study of reports fromTraCat is nearly complete and shouldbe released in early January, 1980. Anumber of significant statistical factsare obvious in the preliminary study.Physical trace reports show amarked increase beginning in 1964.Since then such cases have increasedat a constant rate. During the 10-yearperiod 1950-1959,casesaveraged 17.7 ayear; from 1960-1969 they increased to45.6 per year. From 1970-1979, casesaveraged 63.5 yearly.Most physical trace reports occurin October, followed by July andSeptember. The UFOs involved weremost often observed between 9 and 10p.m. 49 per cent of the events tookplace between 8p.m. andmidnight.TheUFO emitted sound in 8.4% of thereports, most often described as ahumming or whistling sound. Lightbeams have been reported, projectingfrom the object to the ground before orafter a landing.Humanoids were observed in14.3% of the events; 71% of thehumanoids were less than normal inheight. Effects (animal, human,electrical) were reported in 14.1%of thereports.39.2% of the reports involve two ormore witnesses. 25.7% of the multiplewitness events involve severalwitnesses. 39% of the witnesses werewithin 50 feet of the landed or nearlylanded object. 64.6% of the witnesseswere within 250 feet of the UFO. 43%reported an observation of from 1to 5minutes while 8.6%observed the objectfor 30 minutes to 1 hour. 65% of thewitnesses were male, 35% female.Witnesses occupations: police officers,military officers, priests, farmers,professional engineers, airline pilots,and physics professors.74% of the UFOs were describedas beingdisc-shaped. 34% weremetallicin color. Outstanding UFO featureswere ports or windows, domed uppersection, external lights, light beams,vapor or smoke, and high speed verticalascent. There is a definite indicationthat two major types of objects arebeing seen. Type One has a diameter of8 to 12feet; TypeTwo has a diameter of30 to 35 feet. The first type is generallydescribed as havinga brightly glowingsurface and does not make groundcontact. The Type One event does notinvolve humanoids. The second type isthe typical disc with a metallicsurface,slightly domed top, flattened base.External lights are seen along withopenings or vents. Many of thedescriptions include a three or four-legged landing gear.77% of the landing sites werecircular with diameters from 4 to 45feet. These areas are described asburnt (49%), depressed (33%) ordehydrated (18%). Perhaps the mostinteresting cases are the dehydratedsites. Many of the sites would notabsorb water for up to one year afterthe reported event.The siteswere mostoften found to be either 5to 15 feet or 30to 35 feet in diamter. In manycases, thecentral area shows no change, creatinga ring. 10% of the sites also haveimprints arranged in a triangle(61%)or, rectangle (39%). Inconjunction with theprimary effects, fluid, footprints, andtree damage are frequently reported.The midwestern section of theUnited States has been found to bequite active. In reviewing thedistribution of physical trace landingcases in this country, it was found thatthe leading states are Missouri, Iowa,California, Ohio, Kansas, and NewYork, in that order. Landing sites havebeen reported in 47 states to date.The 72 high strangeness reportsfrom this catalog have been discussedin a separate article.16
  17. 17. NET NEWSBy David L. Dobbs, K8NQNMUFON AMATEURK RADIO SSB NETS:SATURDAY 7237 KHz 1300 UTC N1JS3975KHz 1400 UTC WA9ARGThe holidayseason brought joy tothe heart and a multitudeof amateurradio operators to their microphones.QRM (interferencefrom other stations)was at a high level. Despite thecontinued lull in UFO sightings, withperseverance some .interesting trafficwas passed on the MUFON sets.PY2UAW is a young man namedHilton in Sao Paulo, Brazil. A contacton 15 meter CW (code) early last yearresulted in correspondence aboutUFOs. In a recent letter, Hiltonreported on the First InternationalCongress of Ufology which was heldinBrasilia from October 26 to 30. WaltAndrus, you will recall, mentioned thisevent in the September issue.Translating from Folha de SaoPaulo, Hilton wrote that the congresswas attended by more than 800 peopleincluding Dr. J. Allen Hynek from theUnited States. A highlight of thepresentations involved an incidentconfirmed by the Brazilian Air Force.Clocked by flight controllers at 3900km/hr, a UFO literally flew circlesaround an Air Force jet. After beingjoined by.threeother objects, the UFOsmoved around the plane, appearingfirst on one side, then the other, theninfront. The flight was en route fromBrasilia to Sao Paulo.The article translated by PY2UAWconcluded with an intriguing remark byone of the speakers, Sanches Buenofrom Spain. He was quoted as saying,"The government of the United Statesdoesnt give any information aboutUFOs because they want to capture aUFO and with its technology dominatethe world!" Hiltons communicationwas reported to the 40 meter net onNovember 10.We enjoyed an unusualcheck-inby W9EQT, Dan McKee of Decatur,Illinois. Dan has been experimentingwith techniques for recordingmysterious voices using an openmicrophone and background of whitenoise. When one of the voices advisedhim to "use single sideband," hesucceeded in capturing statementspurporting to originate from orbitingspace ships. Strangely, the voices wereclearly audible when the tapes wereplayed backward. Following the net onNovember 24th, Dan broadcast aportion of one of his tapes for some ofus. Intelligible words were loud andclear. Dan told us that the voices dontanswer questions directly, but only withanother question. Consequentlylittle useful information has beenobtained so far. Hopefully W9EQT willupdate us on his experiments in thefuture, which some will recognize as anextension of the Raudive method forrecording "voices of the dead." (Or aleg-pull.--Editor)Bill Armstrong, WONC, reportedhis impressions of the new book, UFOContact with the Pleiades, Vol. 1. Itcontains manycolor photos ofUFOsofundocumented origin, and its price willdiscourage the casually curious.Relayed by WONC, WA5CTJ kept thenet informed about the new group inSan Antonio. Bill also described aninvestigation conducted by the group,having received a copy of the reportfrom Elmer.On the last net of the old year, Billabstracted some interesting clippingshe had received from Joe Brill. TheChristchurch, New Zealand press onDecember 5 reported an apparentabduction which occurred in France.Ina small town northwest of Paris, somefriends were packing their car to leaveon a trip before dawn on November26.A bright object of tennis-ball sizeapproached the car and came to rest onthe hood. One man ran into the houseto get his camera. When he returned,his friend who had remained in the carhad disappeared. The friendreappeared a week later, but thoughtthat only 5 minuteshad elapsed! So farnet members have seen no otherreports on this fascinating incident.(MUFON . has received clippingsindicating that authorities suspect ahoax. We are monitoring the situation.--Editor)Dr. Armstrong, who is a memberof the National Enquirer Award Panel,told the net that the panel would bemeeting in Las Vegas, probably onMarch 15-16, to select the UFO caseofthe year for 1979. He also reported thathis lecture on UFOs to top businessleaders of St. Louis at the MissouriAthletic Club had been very wellreceived on December 28.A new UFO net was born onJanuary 5 in the ten meter band. At2000 UTC (3 PM EST), propagationwas so good that heavy activity around28.8 MHz forced the net down to 28.790to find a clear frequency. With twoother Cincinnati stations on hand, netcontrol KA8BVO and K8NQN werepleased to hear WA5RON check infrom Austin, Texas. "RON" is Jerry(Continued on page 19)17
  18. 18. THREE BOYS FOUND UFO NEAR CATTLE SHED(Translation from Bintang Timur, Penang, Malaysia, 30 May 1979, submitted by Ahmad Jamaludin.)KULIM, Tues. — Two adultsand threeboys in KampungNaga Lilit, 17 milesfrom here claimed to have seen anunidentified object (UFO) recently.(May 26, 1979--Editor.) The object wasround as a tray with three legs andemitting rays of various colors whenseen near a cattleshed inthisvillage lastSaturday.When observed the object, aboutIY2 feet above the ground, was movingslowly pace by pace in a hoveringfashion. Those who claimed to haveseen the object were two students ofthe Padang Serai National SecondarySchool, a pupil of the NationalTamilSchool near the village and two adults,A. Muniandy, 27, and Raja Kumar,41,who works as cowherd and milker.The boys, Vijaya Kumaran, 14,A.Kumar, 15, and K. Kumarlinggam, 10,claimed that the object glowed verybrightly which made their visiontemporarily darkened. Vijaya Kumaransaid they sighted the unidenified objectwhile they were playing near the cattleshed."While we were playing we saw anunidentified object movingslowlyabout1% feet from the ground. The objectemitted rays in various colors whichshone into the eyes, had threelanding gears but all three legs of theobject did not touch the ground."According to him, he approachedthe object and tried to touch it butsuddenly a beam of intense light shotout from the outer rim ofthe object andhit his eyes and as a result he felt hisvision darkened. Both his friends alsotried to touch the object but the objectreleased the identical beam which hitboth their eyes.According to Vijaya Kumaran,immediately after that they cried forhelp and it happened at that time A.Muniandy and Raja Kumarwere nearbyand rushed to the scene. After listeningto the story from the students, RajaKumar went to the mentioned siteabout 50 feet from the cattle shed andhe managed to see the object.According to Raja Kumar when heapproached he saw an object a littlesmaller than a tray moving slowly intothe jungle nearby. "Iwas afraid to followthe object into the jungle after hearingthe story from the students," he said.(Directors Message, Continued)persona] check or cash for $5.00 toMUFON, 103Oldtowne Road, Seguin,Texas 78155 U.S.A.From the author of the book"Science, the Public and the UFO"(1967), we now have Arthur Brayslatest —"The UFO Connection" (1979)published by Jupiter Publishing, P.O.Box 5528, Postal Station F, Ottawa,Ontario, Canada K2C SMI. This well-documepted book on the status ofUFO research in Canada inparticularand the remainder of the worldrepresents 32 years of investigativework conducted by Mr. Bray. ArthurBray is one.of the pioneers in UFOresearch in Canada and presents aconsiderable amount of information onthe research accomplished by WilbertB. Smith. Mr. Bray has subscribed tothe MUFON UFO Journal since 1978,however, he does not quote anyreferences from this publication in hisbook. It is recommended reading forthe serious UFO investigator. Thequality softback is available for $8.50.18"The RoswellIncident" by CharlesBerlitz and William L.Moore ismore onthe UFO Crash/Retrieval Syndrome,but relates primarily to one eventoccurring in Roswell,N.M.,inJuly 1947of an alleged UFO crash landing.It hasbeen published by Grosset and Dunn,however, Ihave not had the pleasureofseeing an advanced copy. As relatedearlier in this message, Bill Moore is aMUFON State Section Director. I didhave an opportunityto visit with him,atlength, at "UFO 79" and found that hehas been "doing his homework" on"The Philadelphia Experiment" and"The Roswell Incident".In the June 1979 issue of theJournal, the featured article coveredthe important segments of theParlimentary Debates before theBritish House of Lords on UnidentifiedFlying Objects. This UFO debateinitiated by the Earl of Clancarty(Brinsley Le Pouer Trench) fills about70pages of the HouseofLords "OfficialReport." The entire report may now bepurchased for £3.25p including postand packing from Pentacle Books, 6Perry Road, Bristol 1,England.If you enjoyed the paper presentedby David Stupple, Ph.D., entitled"Contactees, Cults, and Cultures" atthe 1979 MUFON UFO Symposium,you will find the small paperback "TheUFO Cults" by Weldon Burge offurther interest. It may be secured fromPamphlet Publications, 10857 ReadingRoad, P.O. Box 41372A, Cincinnati,Ohio 45241 for $2.20.Tom Adams, MUFON authorityon animal mutilations,has advised thathis publication STIGMATA will be aquarterly publicationin 1980, beginningwith the next issue, No. 8 (Spring 1980)with a price increase to $5.00 for thefour 1980 issues. You may subscribe bywriting to Project Stigma, P.O. Box1094, Paris, TX 75460 U.S.A. Theredefinitely appears to be a relationshipbetween UFO sightings and someanimal mutilations, therefore peopleinterested in this aspect will findSTIGMATA intriguingreading.
  19. 19. Lucius FarishIn Others WordsChilean Air Force jet pilots havehad various encounters with UFOs,according to an articleinthe December25 NATIONAL ENQUIRER. Aphotograph of one huge triangularUFO accompanies the article. A 1978UFO abduction case from WestGermany is detailed in the January 8ENQUIRER. Italian security guardFortunate Zanfretta nowclaims to havebeen abducted by UFO beings on fourseparate occasions, according to theENQUIRERS January 15 issue. Thisissue also contains the opinions ofErichvon Daniken and Charles Hapgoodconcerning ancient advancedcivilizations. A fireball UFO withintense magnetic power wasresponsible for considerable damage tobuildings in Islampur, India; full detailsare presented in the January 22ENQUIRER issue.The December issue ofAMERICAN HERITAGE has beenan interesting summaryof the "airship"report from California in Novemberand December, 1896. Drawings fromcontemporary newspapers areincluded, along with editorial cartoons.James Obergs "UFO Update"column in February OMNI deals withthe various scientific opinionsregardingextraterrestrial life (or the lackof it) andhow such views bear on speculationsofUFO origins.The February issue ofGALLERYhas an interestingarticlebyArt Gattionthe various CIA, Air Force,Department of Defense, and otherofficial documents which relate toUFOs and which have now beenreleased to the public.A new 2-album record set, "UFOEncounters," presents an interestingselection oftestimonies and opinionsbyUFO witnesses and researchers.Contributors to the album includeKenneth Arnold, Colonel RobertFriend (former Project Blue. BookDirector), Bill Pecha, Ted Phillips,Travis Walton, Father William Gill,Herbert Schirmer, former Air ForceMajor Paul A. Duich, Louise Smith,Leonard Stringfield, Dr. R. LeoSprinkle, Betty Hill, Marjorie Fish,Stanton Friedman, former astronautGordon Cooper, Jacques Vallee,DavidSaunders, and others. An additionalbonus is President Carters personalrecounting of his 1969 UFO sighting. Aspecial section inside the album covercontains 6 pages of UFO photographs,plus photos of most of the personsheard in the records. Some of thematerial relating to "crashed saucer"stories seem questionable, but allin all,this is a good selection of recordedUFO material. Available from:Investigative Research Associates,Inc.,Suite W, 430 West Diversey Parkway,Chicago, Illinois 60614; the price is$8.95.(New News, Continued)Johnson, MUFONs amateur radiodirector for Texas as~ well .as?:/aconsultant for South America. Weenjoyed talking to Jerry again, havinghad the pleasure of meeting him at the1978 MUFON symposium in Dayton.Socorro, New Mexcio! From thatportentious QTH (location) KA5CNEadvised the Saturday Afternoon UFONet and Roundtable that local activitywas currently limited to cattlemutilations. Paul, who worked for aradio station in Alamosa, Colorado, atthe time of the first publicized animalmutilation, participated in theinvestigation. Remember Snippy, thehorse, back in 1967?Paul told us that the famous UFOlanding of April 24, 1964, remains atopic of conversation in the Socorroarea. Lonnie Zamora, the chief witness,still livesinSocorro but isno longer withthe police force. Paul is a technician atthe VLA (Very Large Array), theworlds largest radio telescope nownearing completion. He promised tokeep the net advised of futuredevelopments in his area.Following net operations, W7TLA,who had been monitoring, gave me acall from Great Falls, Montana. Orvreported that cattle mutilationscontinue to be a major problem in thatarea as well. A number of recentsasquatch sightings along the MissouriRiver have caused some concern, hesaid.Future sessions of thisindependent net will be held on oraround 28.795 MHz on Saturdays at2000 UTC. It is hoped that more of thestations who were listening will checkin, with or without UFO traffic.California amateurs are particularlyinvited. Information of merit will bereported to the MUFON nets thefollowing week, and in this column, nCORRECTIONA letter from Joe Santangelo,MUFON State Director forMassachusetts, supplements andcorrects the story ofthe Massachusettssighting published in the OctoberJournal (case report MA 79-7).He says that the exact locationofthe event is significant. It occurred onMarthas Vineyard in Duke County,which is an island just off the coast ofMassachusetts. Although, as StateDirector, Santangelo submitted thestory to the Journal, he says that creditfor the investigation goes to JoeNyman, a member of MUFONsNorfolk County team, who traveled tothe scene by ferry and carried on theinvestigation at his personal expense.The name of the witness is WesleyGrunden, not Gruman as reported inthe Journal.--Mildred Biesele19
  20. 20. DIRECTORS MESSAGE byWalt AndrusIllobrand von Ludwiger, Directorof MUFON-CES, and MichaelSinclair,International Coordinator, are elated toannounce that the eminent TheodoreAuerbach, Ph.D., Staldenstr. 7, CH-5412 Gebenstorf, Switzerland is ournew Representative for Switzerland.Dr. Auerbach, a professor of physics atthe university in Zurich, has devotedhis UFO research to the application ofphysics, and BurkhardHeims theory inparticular, to UFO propulsion.Recognized worldwide, Dr. Auerbachhas been a frequent speaker at theannual MUFON-CES UFO symposiumin West Germany.William L. Moore, P.O. Box 189,Dewey, AZ 86327, a former StateSection Director in Minnesota, hasbeen appointed to the sameresponsibility for Yavapai County inArizona. Bill is probably best known asa co-author with Charles Berlitzof "ThePhiladelphia Experiment" and "TheRoswell Incident." He has traveledextensively throughout the U.S.A.assimilating information for his books.Hal Starr, 312W. Frier Drive,Phoenix,AZ 85021 has volunteered his servicesas a Research Specialist in PublicEducation. Hal, a radio-TV writer andperformer, organized the recentsuccessful "UFO 79" conference inSan Diego, Calif.John F. Schuessler, DeputyDirector of Administration for theMutual UFO Network and Chairmanfor the 1980 MUFONUFO Symposiumon June 7and 8inHouston (Clear LakeCity, Texas) has confirmed thefollowing speakers for thisinternationalevent: R. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D.,Laramie,Wyoming; Stanton T. Friedman,Hayward, Calif.; Ray Stanford,Austin,Texas; Henry C. Montieth, Ph.D.,Albuquerque, N.M.; RichardNiemtzow, M.D., Houston, Texas; andJames Oberg, Dickinson, Texas. Eachof the presented papers will be orientedto the theme of the symposium,"Technology and the UFO." StanFriedman has appropriately titled hispaper, "Flying Saucer Technology."Allspeeches will be deliveredon Saturday,June 7th at the spacious Clear LakeHigh School on Bay Area Blvd.Beautiful hotel and motelaccomodations are availableacross thestreet from the NASA L.B. JohnsonSpace Center on NASA Road ttl wherethe symposium headquarters will be setup. The Annual MUFON CorporateMeeting, Sunday morning June 8th,and the tour of the Space Center onSunday afternoon will originate fromthe hotel complex. The tour of NASAslargest and newest research anddevelopment facility will include moviesin the Exhibit Area; Mission Control;and Mission Simulation and Training.Participants will be able to view aSaturn V rocket, all 3 stages; aRedstone rocket with a mockup of theMercury Capsule, and a Little Joe IIrocket with an Apollo commandmodule and service module topped offby the launch escape system. Thenucleus of the members of VISIT(Vehicular Internal SystemsInvestigative Team), the host group forthis symposium, are all employed andwork at the SpaceCenter, soanticipatea personalized tour.Under the direction ofRaymondE.Fowler, MUFON isinthe processofup-dating and revising the material for thethird edition of the "Field InvestigatorsManual." Many of the originalconsultants who prepared completesections on their area of expertise havebeen invitedto submittheirrevisions sothe manual mayreflect the "state-of-the-art" as of 1980. Several new sectionswill be added to include newtechniques, tools, and methods forinvestigation that have been developedwithin the past 5 years. As a guidelinefor those individuals who have beeninvited to update their present materialand to the others who plan to writenewsections, a deadline for submission ofmaterial has been established forSeptember 1, 1980. Since we have anadequate supply of the present FieldInvestigators Manuals,the thirdeditionwill not be publisheduntil early in 1981.Please submit your papers directly toMUFON in Seguin,Texas, and theywillbe forwarded to Mr. Fowler, MUFONDirector of Investigations.Due to popular demand, the Julyand August 1978 issues of the MUFONUFO Journal, which containedLeonard Stringfields two-part article"Retrievals of the Third Kind," are nowout of supply. MUFON still has anadequate supply of the 1978 MUFONUFO Symposium Proceedings thatincludes Mr. Stringfields original paperon this subject for $6.00 in the U.S.A.and $7.00 in all other countries.After interviewing numerous firstparty witnesses to crashed UFOs andrecovering of small bodies now ingovernment possession, LeonardStringfield has written a new booklettitled "The UFO Crash/RetrievalSyndrome" — Satus Report II: NewSources, New Data, published by theMutual UFO Network, Inc. Since thebooklet has been typeset and is nowinthe proofreading stageas ofJanuary 21,1980, we confidently expect it to beavailable for sale by March 1,1980. TheTable of Contents follows. Part I: TheFirsthand Witness Report: A Study ofHumanoids and the AnonymousHuman Factor; Part II: New SupportData; Part III: Statistical Analysis ofUFO Crash/Retrieval Events;Epilogue; and Attachments: Drawing ofHumanoid Based on Medical Data,1979; Drawing of Humanoid Head,1978; Concepts of Human Physiologyby Tom Deuley;etc. You may secure acopy of Mr. Stringfields diligent andpatient research into one of ourgovernments most closely guardedsecrets by sending a money order,(continued on page 18)