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Mufon ufo journal 1979 8. august

  1. 1. The MUFONUFO JOURNALNUMBER 138 AUGUST 1979Founded 1967OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OFDr. J. Allen Hynek, Director of CUFOS,addressing thesymposiumBill Spauldlng, ArizonaState Director, beingInterviewed by KGO-TV, San Francisco$1.00MUTUAL UFO NETWORK, INC..Ed Cervantes and NBC-TV crew filming for"Real People" showMedia Workshop Panel, left to right: WaltAndrus, Allen Hynek, Paul Levy, and BobTaborMUFON 1979 SYMPOSIUM
  2. 2. The MUFONUFO JOURNAL(USPS 002-970)103 Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, Texas 78155RICHARD HALLEditorANN DRUFFELAssociate Editor LEN STRINGFIELDAssociate EditorMILDRED BIESELEContributing EditorWALTER H. ANDRUSDirector of MUFONTED BLOECHERDAVE WEBBCo-Chairmen,Humanoid Study GroupPAUL CERNYPromotion/PublicityREV. BARRY DOWNINGReligion and UFOsLUCIUS PARISHBooks/Periodicals/HistoryMARK HERBSTR1TTAstronomyROSETTA HOLMESPromotion/PublicityTED PHILLIPSLanding Trace CasesJOHN F. SCHUESSLERUFO PropulsionNORMA E. SHORTDWIGHT CONNELLYDENNIS HAUCKEditor/Publishers EmeritusThe MUFON UFO JOURNAL ispublished by the Mutual UFONetwork, Inc., Seguin, Texas.Subscription rates: $8.00 per yearin the U.S.A.; $9.00 per yearforeign. Copyright 1979 by theMutual UFO Network. Secondclass postage paid at Seguin,Texas. POSTMASTER: Send form3579 to advise change of address toThe MUFON UFO JOURNAL,103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, Texas78155.1 1FROM THE EDITORThe 1979 MUFON UFO Symposium, specially covered inthisissue, was remarkablenot only for the high attendance, but also forthe depth and breadth of its subject matter. The participation bysociologists as well as physical scientists, engineers, theologians,and many others directly reflects the complexity of UFOphenomena. Social scientists and psychologists, particularly, canplay an important role. A special caucus or panel of behavioralscientists might be a good feature for next years symposium inHouston, Texas. Meanwhile, the northern California MUFONcontingent—Paul Gerny, Stan Friedman, Jim McCampbell, TomGates, Marvin Taylor, RichardHaines, and allthe rest—receive ourplaudits for a job extremely well done.In this Issue1979 MUFON UFO SYMPOSIUM SUMMARY 3By Walt AndrusSYMPOSIUM PHOTOGRAPHS 10By Fred SvihusNEW MEXICO UFO-MUTILATIONS CONNECTION? 14By Tommy Roy BlannHUMANOID PHYSIOLOGY 15By Richard C. Niemtzow & John F. SchuesslerNEWSNOTES & MORE SYMPOSIUM PHOTOGRAPHS 16UFO TECH NOTE 17By John F. SchuesslerIN OTHERS WORDS ; 19By Lucius ParishDIRECTORS MESSAGE : 20By Walt AndrusThe contents of The MUFON UFO JOURNAL aredetermined by the editor, and do not necessarilyrepresent the official position of MUFON. Opinions ofcontributors are their own, and do not necessarily reflectthose of the editor, the staff, or MUFON. Articles may beforwarded directly to MUFON.Permission is herby granted to quote from this issueprovided not more than 200 words are quoted from anyone article, the author of the article is given credit, andthe statement "Copyright 1979 by the MUFON UFOJOURNAL, 103 Oldtowne Rd., Sequin, Texas" isincluded.
  3. 3. 1979 MUFON UFO SYMPOSIUMINTENSIFYING THE SCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATION OF THEUFO SURVEILLANCEByWaltAndrusThis theme typified the speeches,films, programs, displays, andenthusiasm of all participants atMUFONs Tenth Annual UFOSymposium in Burlingame, California,on July 6, 7, and 8, 1979.Since thesecond theme was "Stressing PublicEducation of the UFO Phenomena,"multiple programs were beingconducted simultaneously that wouldappeal to both the scientificcommunityand the general public. This article isbeing prepared for the people aroundthe world who were unableto attend inperson. Attendance has beenestimated at 1,400-1,500 people. A briefreview of the 11 featured speakerspapers that are published in the 1979MUFON UFO Symposium Pro-ceedings is included.Publicity for the symposiumsuccessfully utilized all media:newspapers, the international wireservices, radio, television, magazines,and public appearances by committeemembers. An attractive UFO art andphoto exhibit on the mezzanine greetedall arrivals to the Airport MarinaHotel.After short greetings and a welcomefrom Tom Gates, ConferenceChairman, and Walt Andrus,International Director, the audienceselected one of four speeches orprograms to attend that was the mostappealing to their personal interests. Itwould be impossible to review each ofthe informative talks given, but wewantto thank each of these speakers fortheir contributions to the finestsymposium ever conducted byMUFON.On Saturday morning, in additionto the featured speakers, the followingpeople made presentations: MarvinE.Taylor, Assistant State Director forNorthern California - "InvestigatorsWorkshop"; William H. Spaulding,Director GSW - "Three Decades ofUFOs and Holding"; Tom Gates,Astronomer • "The Zeta ReticuliModel"; Thomas F. Bearden -"Investigators Workshop" on hisspeech; David Swift, Ph.D., Sociologistfrom University of Hawaii, Honolulu,"Who Believes in UFOs?"; and thenone of the most popular events of thesymposium titled "Witness CaseWorkshop." Paul Cerny, MUFONWestern States Director, introducedand interviewed selected witnesses ofclose encounter cases and abducteesliving in the northern California area.The audience had an opportunity topersonally meet and listen to JudyKendall, Grace OMara, Bill Pecha,Anita Sowles, and HelenWhitetelltheirexperiences. In addition to theseevents, the Allan F. Sandier colormotion picture film "UFOs, Past,Present and Future," narrated by RodSerling,- was shown at periodic intervalsthroughout the symposium. .The Saturday afternoon programsincluded a hypnosis workshop by JeanRichards, therapist, titled "HypnosisSession and Demonstration"; WitnessCase Workshop, James N. Hershey,Ph.D., theologian, titled "My PersonalEncounters with- UFOs, IncludingTelepathy"; Walt Andrus, "UFOPhotographs"; James M. McCampbell,Technology of UFOs"; Alvin H.Lawson, Ph.D., "Abduction Analogs:Parallels With Other AlteredAwareness States"; Tom Page,educator, "A Personal Account of aClose Encounter"; Terry Hartman,State Director for Oregon, "MindDevelopment, Telepathic Conscious-ness, Other Life Forms"; MarvinTaylor, "UFOs, A Reality to Be DealtWith"; and Richard F. Haines, Ph.D.,"Everything Youve Wanted to KnowAbout Witness Drawings, But BeenAfraid to Ask."On Sunday morning, while theMUFON Annual Corporate Meetingwas taking place, the followinggentlemen were giving presentations inother rooms: Stanton T. Friedman,"UFO Propulsion Systems"; TomGates, "A Discussion of theAndreasson Affair"; and TerryHartman, "Entities Among Us."Sunday afternoon special programsconsisted of variousworkshops such asTed Peters, Ph.D. and David Stupple,Ph.D., "Religious and SocialWorkshop"; William Spaulding andStanton Friedman, "Dealing with theMedia," Part I and Part D, with shorttalks by Bob Trebor of KGO Radio,Walt Andrus, Tom Gates,Allen Hynek,James McCampbell, and MarvinTaylor; "Government InvolvementWorkshops" with William Spauldingand Stanton Friedman.An unscheduled but very popularaddition to the symposiumwas theNewZealand motbn picture film madeDecember 31, 1978, that was shownand narrated by Bruce Maccabee,Ph.D., MUFON State Director forMaryland. By starting, stopping onindividual frames, slow motion, andreversing segments, Bruce gave ananalysis of his study that has beenpublished in the May and June issues ofthe MUFON UFO Journal. And ifthiswasnt enough, for an added thrill,David Crockett — the photographerwho made the film — was at thesymposium with his new 30-minutevideotape documentary covering thismonumental event. His videotapedepicts the entire experience includinginterviews with the pilots, radaroperators, and film crew as they re-enact their part in this sighting. Threemajor factors — multiple witness visualsighting, radar confirmation from both(continued on next page)
  4. 4. (Symposium, Continued)ground and aircraft units, and a motionpicture film — thoroughly documentthis UFO case as authentic andsubstantial evidence that a UFO wasobserved. Rocky Wood, a NewZealand UFOlegist, also attended thesymposium and assisted with theshowing ofthe films and videotape. Oneof the most impressive aspects of themotion picture film was the directcontrast of motion from an apparentlyhovering attitudeto the fantastic speedwhere in one frame of film, the objectmoved through a pattern like theampersand on a typewriter (&).Since this article is aimed towardthose people who could not attend dueto the vast distances to be traveled, weare showing numerous photographsofthe speakers, symposium committeemembers, "gophers," and a fewattendees. Everyperson involvedin theplanning and implementation of thissymposium from the host NorthernCalifornia group is to be congratulatedand highly commended for the largestand finest symposium in our 10-yearhistory. At other symposiums the wivesof the host committee could always becounted on for help, however, at theSan Francisco symposium practicallyall of the beautiful and gracious ladieswere individual members who devoteduntold hours of their time to make thisprestigious event a success —roses tothese gorgeous gals. Anotherinnovation at this symposium was theever-presence of young men (mostlyteenagers) performing vital functionsand each being proudly identified bytheir large round badges as "Gophers."With both ofthese groups working withthe host committee and State SectionDirectors, "our hats are off to thesefolks for a job well done.The international atmosphereabounded at this conference withparticipants from Japan, Australia,New Zealand, the Philippines, and alarge contingent from Canada headedby Henry McKay, our CanadianRegional Director.FORBIDDEN FRONTIER — COMMUNICATIONS WITH UFONAUTSBy James M. McCampbell(MUFON Director for Research, Belmont, California)Jims speech and published paperwas inspired byMUFONs fourth basicquestion: "Assuming that some craftare piloted by beings (humanoids orentities), what can we leam from theapparently advanced science andcivilization through study or possiblythrough direct communications withthe occupants of these vehicles?" Thatwas a bold statement of the problem 10years ago when the idea of directcommunication was so tainted withprejudice, incredulity,controversy, andrevulsion. Atthat time,even some UFOresearch groups could hardly bringthemselves to admit that UFOs mighthave pilots or to acknowledge thatprospect in public.Jim then proceeded to developdifferent facets of the study. Theparagraph titles will whet your appetiteto secure a copy of the 1979 MUFONUFO SYMPOSIUM PROCEEDINGS.They consist of "Hello, Out There!","Cosmic Post Cards", "ReligiousVigils", "Electromagnetic Shouting","Eavesdropping on the E-MSpectrum", "Search for Extra-terrestrial Life", "ParanormalApproaches", "Accidental Contacts,"and "Official Contact."The "Role of Science" sectionmakes the following observations,evaluations, and recommendations toanswer the fourth basic question:"Scientists may be justifiably criticized4for being overly conservative andimpatient with new facts that disrupttheir beliefs. Science itself, however,should not be reviled. It is the historyofthe intellectual achievement ofmankind. It is the body of reliableinformation on every topic and themethods that were employed to acquireit. That knowledge is obtained throughexperimentation withextreme care andaccurate reporting. Analysis of resultsmust be mathematically valid. Thework must be published broadly andsubject to open debate. Researchfulfilling these requirements producesnew scientific knowledge that isgenerally accepted."Consider Science* to be a giantcircle enclosing all knowledge that isreliable and universallyaccepted. Onemay reasonably inquire, What liesoutside? The answer is vast realms ofthe unexpected. Relativity was one.Allsorts of human experiences that arepoorly understood lie out there. Somewould include the subject ofUFOs, anddirect communication with UFOnauts.Somewhere out in the south forty onewould find telepathy, telekinesis,unexplained disappearances in theBermuda Triangle, Bigfoot, psychichealing, and the like. Because ofcontinued research in numerousfields,it is the nature of science to expand,,eventually engulfing some of thoseareas formally lying outside its circle."This concept well applies to thequestion of communication withUFOnauts. The subject is amenable toscientific research that could lead to itsgeneral acceptance and many avenuesare open:a) study of the early contactees;b) evaluation of current claims ofpsychic communications;c) detailed investigationof currentcases where communicationwith humanoids is claimed;d) continued emphasis onabductions;e) technical investigation of casesinvolving electronic devicessuch as radios, TV, taperecorders;f) design and performanceexperiments permittingverification of contact withUFOnauts; andg) utilizing legal means to leamwhat the world govermentsknow.A scientific approach to the study ofcommunication with UFOnauts is achallenging and potentially rewardingexperience. It may be hoped thatMembers and Consultants ofMUFONwill contribute significantly to eventualcommunication with UFOnauts that isestablished on scientific principles, isdemonstrable, repeatable, reliable, anduniversally accepted."
  5. 5. THE RELIGIOUS DIMENSION TO THE UFO PHENOMENONBy Ted Peters(MUFON Consultant in Theology)Do unidentifed flying objects haveanything to do with religion? SociologistAndrew Greely says UFOs along withscience fiction give us something whichour modern churches have lost, namelya sense of "wonder." Famedpsychoanalyst Carl Jung wrote 20years ago thatflyingsaucers representcollective psychic distress and thedesire for supernatural salvation. CarlSagan, Cornell University exobiologist,who directed the search for life on theViking probe of Mars, says withderision that UFO believers projectreligious fantasies onto phenomenathat only science can fully explain.Many skeptics thinktheyhave dealt thedeath blowto UFOs by hurling phrasessuch as "true believers," religiouskooks," and "lunatic fringe."But these identificationsof UFOswith religion often are haphazard,superficial, and slanderous. Ifthere is aconnection between UFOs andreligion, then the time is ripe for aserious scholarly study of the matter.With this introduction to his publishedpaper, Dr. Peters proceeds to developpertinent questions and answersunder the headings of (1)Transcendence, (2) Omniscience, (3)Perfection, (4) Redemption (5)Theology and ExtraterrestrialLife, (6)Should We Heed the UFO Message?and (7) Possible UFOlatry?A few quotes from Tedsconcluding remarks are very significantin relating his personal thinking in thisregard. "Neither traditional theologynor the established church hierarchyislikely to crumble with the advent ofeven the most startling UFOrevelations. But there should be a noteof caution. As people begin to make anemotional investment in UFOs and pintheir hopes upon them, the situationisripe for idolatry. In this case, we maycall it "ufolatry." An importantingredient in the Hebrew and Christianfaiths istrust inGod. Whateverwetrustwe worship. To trust in anything otherthan God Himself is to violate the FirstCommandment. It places an idolbeforeGod."Dr. Peters goes on to say: "Wehave learned to place a great deal oftrust and confidence in technology tosolve our practical problems duringthiscentury. There isa constant temptationto elevate technology, to view it as thesolver of our moral and spiritualproblems, as well as the practical.UFOs present our imaginations withthe possibility of a superterrestrialtechnology dedicated to meetingallourmoral and spiritualneeds. Howwewishthey could end war, stimulatelove andbrotherhood, provide peace on earth.But these are problemsconcerningtherelationship between the human heartand the divine will. They can be solvedonly through Gods work in our lives.No technology can do it, whether it beterrestrial or extraterrestrial. To placeones trust in UFOs is to build a houseon sand."Ted sums up his speech byreiterating the meanings in the priorparagraph.."UFOs resonate within ourculture with a disguised symbolismmaking us aware that our religioussensibilities are still alive and well withinour secularized and technologizedculture. But there is still reason forcaution. UFOs may represent anunconcious hope that technology willsave us from allour ills. But such a hopefails to recognize the someofour ills aredue to problems with the human heart.From these God and God alone isableto deliver us."INFORMATION RETRIEVALS: A CASE FOR UFO COVER-UPBy William H. Spaulding(Director of G.S.W. and MUFON State Director for Arizona)Civilian UFO researchers havelong asserted that United Statesintelligence agencies are aware of theexistence and origin of UFOs.Throughout the past 25-plus yearsmany individuals,both inand out of theUFO field, have.maintained that thegovernment knew more about thephenomenon that it was telling. Eachtime an interesting encountertranspired, one that gained publicrecognition, government officialswouldbeat the incident to death withstatements which bordered on theridiculous. The old standby of"probably a weather balloon" or"possibly the planet Venus viewedduring unusual conditions" workedvery successfully.Bill and some key people — W.Todd Zechel, Peter Gersten, and BradSparks — were convinced that theintelligence agencies knew far moreabout the UFO mystery than theywould admit. The new Freedom ofInformation Act gave them the legaltool to break open "pandoras box." Inhis paper, Bill only exposes "the tip ofthe iceberg," since more importantdocuments exist within thevoluminousgoverment files. Citizens Against UFOSecrecy (CAUS) has demonstratedthat through persistent effort, thesevital documents may be obtained viathe Freedom of Information Act.vehicle.Mr. Spaulding,inhispaper, quotesfrom the 1,000 documents alreadyreceived, during their 14 long andgruelling months of legal maneuvers,tremendous costs, and long hours ofresearching the CIA and otherintelligence agencies. In conclusion, Billhas made this recommendation. "Nowis the time for. all UFO researchers tocollectively apply pressure to the CIAand its offspring in the intelligencecommunity which are suppressinginformation. Every effort should bemade to utilize the Freedom ofInformation Act (FOIA) to the fullestextent of the law, within our means, tosecure this valuable material.". (Continued on next page)
  6. 6. (Symposium, Continued)NEWSPAPERS AND UFOsBy Walter H. GreenawaldFor the years 1975 and 1976, 760newspaper articles dealing with theUFO phenomena in the U.S.A. werereviewed. The following areas wereexamined for pertinent conclusions: (1)UFO sighting categories (NL, DD,CE1, CE2, CE3);(2)UFO sightingratesby state; and (3) UFO biases ofnewspaper reporters and papers.In the introduction to his paper,Mr. Greenawald had this to say,"During the past 32 years everynewspaper reporting timely news hasprobably published at least severalarticles on the UFO phenomena....asubject ofgeneralinterest toan averagereader. Since new UFO information isrelatively scarce, UFO related itemsinany newspaper are worthy of carefulscrutiny byserious UFOresearchersasthey may verywell be the startingpointof a new UFO adventure. Initially thiseffort started out as a simple studyofUFO classificationtypes,but continuedstudy ofthe raw data ledto unexpectedresults possibly of interest to otherUFOlogists. The UFO CLIPPINGSERVICE, a monthly publication fromSeattle, Washington (Rod B. Dyke),was the data source for the report.Each issue of20legal-size pages costing$5.00, contained the followingapproximate content: (1)60%domesticUFO items; (2) 20%foreign UFO items(mostly English); (3) 20% Forteanasubjects (Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster,Big Bird, Cattle Mutilations)."Mr. Greenawald then proceededto categorize the results of his study.Two of his conclusions bear out thethoughts and feelings of mostUFOlogists. The majority of new UFOsightings as reported in newspapers. come from small-town publications.Large city papers are more prone to beanti-UFO and rarely report localsightings. News reporters ranged fromcomplete disbelief to completeacceptance of the reality of UFOs. Agroup polled was decidedly more infavor of the realityof UFOs despite thefact that theywere not well informed onthe subject, which isconsistentwith thegeneral public.(To up-date the service utilizedinthis study, it is now operated byLuciusParish. For subscription information,please writeto UFO NEWSCLIPPINGSERVICE, Route One - Box 220,Plumerville, AR 72127.)"ALIEN" ROOTS: SIX UFO ENTITY TYPES AND SOME POSSIBLE EARTHLY ANCESTORSBy Alvin H. LawsonA few comments from theintroduction of Dr. Lawsons paper andthe abstract will set the stage for hispresentation. "The two thousand or soUFO entity reports have presentedufology with a. fascinating butbewildering array of descriptions ofsupposed alien life forms. While manyseem recognizably human, humanoid,animal, or robotic, there are frequentaccounts ofseeminglyuniquecreatureswhich are anatomicallybizarre, ghostly,or similarly resistant to categorization.The situation has resulted in aconfusing if not chaotic body ofliterature about entities. Previousstudies have helped prepare for amuch-needed entity classificationsystem, but more work of this kindshould be done."Dr. Lawsons abstract to his paperis quoted verbatim."Descriptions are offered for sixclasses of UFO entities (human,humanoid, animal, robot, exotic, andapparitional) which account for mostreports of supposed alien visitors. Thissix-category system is supported by asimilar six-part classification which isreadily found among creatures fromtraditional sources such asmythology,folklore, and fantasy literature."Although few UFO entitydescriptions lie outside thesecategories, scientists have proposedseveral intelligentalien life forms whichcannot thus be classified. The rarity ofsuch CE-ffls implies that UFO entitytypes are more closely connected totraditional models than to actualobservations."In addition, image-parallels withfolklore, science fiction, and hypnosisnarratives indicate that UFO entitydescriptions involve Jungianarchetypes which are in the minds ofwitnesses before they ever have aCE-m experience. It follows that, whileactual perceptions of entities may bestimulated in witnesses by the UFOphenomenon, the entities merelyindicate that a stimulus ispresent; theytell nothing about the nature of thestimulus."Various explanations aresuggested for category similaritiesbetween UFO entities and traditionalcreatures, but there are manypersistent and unanswered questions.Only continued research into CE-fflcases will determine whether suchaccounts relate more directly to outeror to inner space."
  7. 7. CONTACTEES, CULTS, AND CULTUREBy David Stupple(MUFON (MUFON Consultant in Sociology)1andWilliam McNeeceReligious cults traditionally havebeen a source of amusement tooutsiders; but since the Jamestownmass suicide, amusement has changedto fear. Since we correctly sense thatcult organizations are inherentlyunstable, cult members are assumed tobe irrational. In so many words, theman-in-the-street, and the researchscientist alike,openly wonder: "What iswrong with these people that theythinkstrange thoughts and act in a bizarremanner?" In this paper David andWilliam argue that this pathologicalmodel of cult membership is bothgratuitous and inaccurate.The success of a cult, at least aflying saucer cult, requires theexistence of four factors: (1) amystagogue, (2) an epistemiccommunity, (3) a seedbed subculturefrom which members are recruited,and.(4) personnel with requisite skills andmotivation to perform the tasksrequired for the cults ongoing life. Dr.Stupple and Mr. McNeece thenproceed ,to discuss the first three ofthese factors and then consider theirapplication to a concrete example —the Institute for Cosmic Science, aMcNeececharming, if disarming, Detroit areaflying saucer cult that,during the period1967-1974, involved over 100 personswho, at one time or another, workedonthe construction of a flying saucer thatthey hoped would fly into outer spaceand save Earth from impendingdisaster. (The Institute for CosmicScience is a pseudonym and the namesof its participants have also beenchanged.)This is a true story, with manylessons to learn, as viewed by twocompetent sociologists.INVESTIGATION AND ANALYSIS OF SOUND PULSES RECORDED DURING A PERIOD OFUFO ACTIVITY IN BRAGG CREEK, ALBERTA, CANADABy Dennis R. Regan and William K. AllanDr. Regan, MUFONConsultantinAeroacoustics, tackled one ofthe moredifficult subjects in UFOlogy when heelected to analyze sounds emitted byUFOs, since so few documentedrecordings exist. With the help ofseveral people, including William Allan,he concentrated upon two specificincidents in his laboratory studyconducted in 1975.In his introductory comments,Dennis reviewed the various soundsassociated with UFOs such ashumming, buzzing,whistling, whirring,whining, beeping, swishing,and hissing.Because different witnesses may usedifferent descriptive terminology todescribe the same sound, Dennis hasgrouped the sounds in terms ofrelativefrequency. Low-frequency sounds(humming, buzzing and whirring) areplaced in one category and high-frequency sound (beeping, whistling,whining, hissing,etc.) are in the secondgroup. The existence of low and high-frequency sounds implies that perhapsthere are at least two different typesofsound-producing UFOs or twodifferent modes of UFO soundproduction. The beeping soundclassified in the high-frequency groupdeserves special attention because ofits unique characteristics and isdiscussed in detail in this paper.Copies ofboth tapesweremade byWilliam K. Allan in 1968 from actualcases in Canada that he investigatedand submitted to Dennis for analysis.The complete background on thesightings and tape recordings isreviewed by Dr. Regan and Bill Allan intheir paper. Dennis has included in the1979 MUFON UFO SymposiumProceedings, a diagram of theexperimental setup used to analyzethetape recordings, listing all of thecommercially available test equipmentand instruments, so that others mayutilize his research in the field of UFOsounds. (The laboratory testequipment used is commerciallyavailable, but more expensive than thehome experimenter or ham radiooperator might have on his or her testbench. Both Dennis and Bill areamateur radio operators.)His paper is divided into sectionstitled The Bragg Creek Incident, TheMidnapore Recording, Sound Analysis,Things that go beep in the night, andConclusions. Section 7 onRecommendations for FutureResearch is quoted from his paper."During the course ofthis investigation,it became apparent that a significantnumber of birds inhabiting NorthAmerica make sounds that would beclassified by most people as a beepingsound. It is highly recommended thatUFO investigators become familiarwith the beeping sounds made by birdsindigenous to the region of interestthrough the many recordings of birdcalls that are commercially available.With regards to the presentinvestigation, more studies are neededof the beeping sounds made by thePygmy and Saw-whet Owl. Inparticular, we need to know, if it isindeed possible for these latter owls toproduce an extremely long series ofsound pulses with a high degree ofregularity without chirps or raspiness."Dr. Regan is to be commended for •research into UFO sounds. Journalreaders who have access to recordedsounds emanating from a UFO shouldcontact either Dr. Dennis R. Regan orMUFON at 103 Oldtowne Road,Sequin, TX 78155.(continued on next page)7
  8. 8. (Symposium, Continued)A REVIEW OF SELECTED SIGHTINGS FROM AIRCRAFT FROM 1973 TO 1978By Richard F. HainesProbably the best way ofreviewingthe data that Dr. Haines presented istoquote dire«tly from the introduction,since this provides the background andvalidity for the study."There are five major reasons forreviewing sightings of anomalousphenomena from aircraft; First, pilotsand other crew members tend to beeducated, stable people who are taughtto recognize a wide variety ofmeteorological and other aerialphenomena; they are also trained to beobservant — to see and be seen duringflight. As pilots accumulate more andmore flight time they also have anopportunity to see and identify unusualillusory effects in nature. These factorstend to enchance their reliability aswitnesses. This is not to say that pilotsare not as subject to certain motion-induced (and other) visual illusions asobservers on the ground but, rather,that pilots are more likely than not to begood eye witnesses."The second reason is the uniquevantage point from which the sightingcan take place. Aircraft flying highabove the earth make itpossible toviewthe aerial phenomenon below them,seen against the earth background.This is important in helpingto establishthe maximum distance to thephenomenon, a far more difficult taskwhen the phenomenon isseen against asky background. Not only this butpilots usually have availablea wide fieldof view and they can quickly maneuver.their aircraft to see in other directionsas well."Third, almost all commercial,military, and research aircraft and evensome private aircraft are equipped witha wide range of on-board equipmenthelpful indetecting, reporting, and evenanalyzing certain characteristics of thephenomenon encountered. Radartransmitters and receivers, UFH andVHP radios, radio-magnetic and gyro-8compasses, automatic directionfinders, air temperature and pressuresensors, and other standard equipmentcan become important during aerialsightings. The rapid use of the aircraftsradio can also alert ground monitoringfacilities to search the skies for thephenomenon over a broad geographicregion and can request the visualsearch assistance of other pilots flyingin the vicinity. The pilot can alsorequest detailed weather informationvia the radio so as to determine if thephenomenon might somehow. beassociated with a particular weatherpattern."The fourth reason is namelythat,particularly for commercial aircraftflying at high altitudes, the possibilitythat;the phenomenon is bird, prankballoon, or other deliberatelycontrivedhoax launched from the air becomessmaller and smaller with increasingaltitude."The fifth reason for studyingsightings by pilots is the fact thatprofessional pilots have reputations atstake. What is the basis of thisstatement? It is that most commercialairlines conduct specially preparedscreening programs for candidate aircrews in order to try to eliminatethoseindividuals who are psychologicallyunstable, those whoare unableto copewith stress in an appropriate manner,those who cannot assume a leadershiprole as their professional careercontinues, and those who cannotdemonstrate an ability to make rapid,sound judgements inemergencies. Andthus, by predisposition, selection, andtraining, pilots tend to possess suchtraits as leadership, dominance,alertness, j achievement, andconsistency of behavior to mention afew. Maintenance of such a public andcorporate image is very important.Therefore, if pilots do come forwardwith details of an airborne sighting it isreasonable to believe that they have,indeed, seen something very strange tothem, strange enough to file a reportand risk some degree of ridicule."Certainly, the above is not tosuggest that pilots are less (or more)likely to perceive illusory effects ormisinterpret a natural phenomenonabout which they may know little.Rather, it is reasonable to assume thatpilots will be more likely to test a widevariety of hypotheses concerning thesighting before makingtheirreport and,if a particular hypothesis is reasonable,they will probably not make a formalreport."To help improve the chances ofobtaining reliable sighting details oftruly anomalous aerial phenomenaonlysightings by two or more persons on-board the aircraft were analyzed here.And, to help reduce the chances thatthe phenomenon (or object) was aweather or research balloon, a bird, ormeteor, the duration of the sightingswas taken into account. In general, thelower the sighting altitude (i.e., thealtitude of the phenomenon) the longerthe duration had to be to be includedhere."Troy Challenger and the authorreviewed a total of more than 300sightings from the air for the period1947 to 1959. The present reveiw ismeant as a continuation of this earlierreview. The interested reader shouldalso consult the following articlesinvolving pilot sightings from the air(Greenawald, 1977; Ruppelt, 1956;Shanklin, 1955; Wichman, 1971;Wilkins, 1954; Zeidman, 1978; Zigel,1968).The objective of this paper is topresent the results of a review of aerialsightings predominantly by pilots forthe period 1 January 1973 through 31December 1978."
  9. 9. A MIND/BRAIN/MATTER MODEL CONSISTENT WITH QUANTUM PHYSICS ANDUFO PHENOMENONBy Thomas E. Bearden(MUFON Consultant in Nuclear Physics)In his paper Mr. Beardenintroduces a model of mindand matterand their interaction that is consistentwith the entire experimental basis ofphysics, and which offers mechanismsfor paranormal phenomena of all types,including the UFO phenomena. Themodel is speculative since certainconclusions drawn by the author fromquantum mechanics and other sourcesare not generally held by mostscientists. Certain conclusions arereached by a new "fourth lawof logic"advanced by the author and not yetgenerally accepted by the scientificcommunity at large.Without a doubt, Tom Beardenspaper was the most technical speechdelivered at the symposium. Byutilizingprojected transparencies on a screenand confining his vocabulary to avoidtechnical words, he held the audiencespellbound with his dynamicdelivery.After stating 16 principles in hispaper for a base of understanding, hedivided the paper into the followingsubjects: (1) AFour-law logical solutionof the problem of mind; (2) Mind, life,and consciousness; (3) Layers ofunconsciousness; (4) Dreams and thecollective unconscious; (5) The ColdWar, psychotronics, and UFOs; (6)Cattle mutilations; (7) A final numbingpossibility; and (8) Conclusion. Themajority of the participants at thesymposium could not comprehend theformulas Mr. Bearden has used in hispaper; they are for the mathematicalphysicist who is qualified to explore andexpand this line of reasoning. (In the1978 MUFON UFO SymposiumProceedings, Illobrand von Ludwigersubmitted a paper that delved into themathematics and physics of otherdimensions, to explain the UFOphenomenon in Part n. After studyingPart II, Tom Bearden stated thatIllobrand von Ludwiger has done anoutstanding job in presenting BurkhardHeims "Unified quantumfield theoryofmatter and gravitation" and personallyendorses his work.)It wouldnot be feasible in this briefreview of the 1979 MUFONSymposium to go any deeper into Mr.Beardens work, however, weencourage qualified people to do sowith these words of encouragementfrom Tom.Again, we do not wish to present this work as"finished." Instead,itisonlyjust begun. However,we do point out that the theory is directlyapplicable to practical devices, and that one ormore devices operating along these lines hasactually been built.Finally, we wish to stress the importanceofrecognition of"virtualstate" as a complete kindofreality alreadyused in physics, and thenecessityfor earnest study and experiment toward theability to directly engineerthe virtualstateitself. Ifone can controlthe virtual state, one cancontrolall electric chargeand electromagnetics, hence allchemistry and all physical effects andinteractions.We also urge an endto the resistance to thestudyof "mind" in physics. Quantummechanicsitselfhas long sincereducedphysics to the studyof therelations between perceptions; indeed it hasnothing at all to say about a possible concreteworld lyingbehind itsequations, as Margenau andLindsay pointed out.To our colleagues in the study of UFOphenomena, we point out that -- literally- thepresent model includes all others. The modelpredicts the existence of every kind of "reality"".format imaginable, and variousof these formatsare continually being stimulated. Thus we canactually get "visitors from the stars" (from aparticular alternate reality format), hardnosedspaceships with steel hulls, space-suitedastronauts, little humanoids, robotic figures,sasquatch-like figures, angelic beings, impishbeings, etc. And yet we also can get simplynocturnal lights, which still comprisethe bulk ofthe phenomena. Finally, we point •out thatmechanisms for almost all aspects of the UFOphenomena --including disabling of vehicles andcommunications, activation of geiger counters, .paralysis of contactees, the unreal and dreamyfeeling that accompanies contact, etc., arederivable and have been presented.- •->>• -..• ! .i. .Finally we urge our colleagues,many ofwhom are,/:more qualifiedthan this author, topursue-thisline1of endeavor in our continuing effort tocomprehend the worldwide UFO phenomenonthat so far has resisted our best analytical effortsalong conventional lines. The phenomenondefinitely involves both mind and matter, andunless we can present a scientific model of mind .and matter and their interaction, consistent with the present experimental basis of physics andextending it, we cannot hope to have a science:that can be applied to the UFO phenomenon and explain it. •.-;THE LEGION OF THE BEWILDERED SILENT AND RELATED TOPICSBy J. Allen Hynek(Director, Center for UFO Studies)Dr. Hyneks paper this year wassomewhat of a .continuation of. hisspeech from the. 1978 MUFONSymposium, which was entitled,"UFOs as a Space Time Singularity."He discussed one of the outstandingcharacteristics of the UFOphenomenon, which sets it apart fromthe "nuts and bolts" hardware worldthat we are all acquainted with. Whilethe UFO decidedly has physicalaspects — it can be photographed,picked up on radar, emits light andsound, makes imprints on the ground,can break tree branches,stopcars;;and;cause many physiological effectsybii;man and animal — it differs inone great;respect. Almost always it is reported in"one location and then is reported to-disappear, but who sees it next?(continued on page 12)
  10. 10. MUFON SYMPOSIUM-1979(Photographs by Fred Svihus)Left to right, Mava Pearce and SharonMelton, Host CommitteeTom Gates, Chairman, and AndreaLenox, Coordinator, Host CommitteeVisual UFO Display10Walt Andrus, Director, andPaul Cerny,Western Regional Director
  11. 11. Photo Keys: 1. Peter Tomikawa and Bill Spaulding. 2. Tom Benson,New Jersey State Section Director. 3. Dr. Alvin Lawson, speaker. 4.Terry Hartman, workshop speaker. 5. David Crockett, N.Z filmphotographer, and Rocky Wood, New Zealand visitors. 6. Dr. TedPeters, speaker. 7. Stanton T. Friedman, speaker. 8. JamesMcCampbell, speaker and Host Committee.
  12. 12. (Symposium, Continued)Allen then reviewed the manyreasons people do not report UFOsightings, especially those of highstrangeness and close encounters ofthe third kind. The motion picture"Close Encounters of the Third Kind"made talking about UFOsmoresociallyaccepted and flushed more old reportsto the surface. A sequel to this pictureand a planned reissue of the film in theSpringof 1980 may bringout evenmore"oldies and goodies." The Legionof theBewildered Silentwill alwaysbe with usuntil the "ridicule curtain" or "ridiculebarrier" is finally demolished.Dr. Hynek continues to probe thequestion ofhow we get people to reporttheir sightings.Whether the witnessesare sophisticated and worldlywise, orsimple and naive, they are still puzzledand bewildered. He then relates hispublic contacts from several sourcesconfirming the fact that the presentreports are only the "tipofthe iceberg."The ridicule factor may be diminishedby reporting sightings to reputable andresponsible UFO organizations, whereone can report in complete confidenceand with dignity.Allen reflectsthatitisapity that the tabloid press, which haveample funds for investigation, cannotbe enlisted by the responsible UFOorganizations for financial aid. But aslong as the media seek only sensationalstories with which to titillate theirreaders and make no attempt at deeperstudies, all that can accrue isunfavorable publicity for the UFOwitnesses and consequent ridicule.On the other hand, it is also quitenecessary that the ufologists to whomthe confidential information has beenentrusted have the freedom and thetime to dojusticeto the particularcase.After the data have been collected,collated, and studied, the case shouldrapidly be made available to thegeneralfield by being published or at least asynopsis distributed to students of thesubject everywhere. In such apublication, it is still necessary in mostcases to keep the nameofthe reportersconfidential. It is the content of thereport, and not the names of thewitnesses, that is important.Pseudonyms can be used withoutdestroying the validity of the report, solong as the caliber of the witness iscarefully stated.Dr. Hynektook thisopportunitytopoint out that affiliations with one UFOorganization or another, while veryimportant in one respect, can beroadblocks to research. MUFON andthe Center for UFO Studies havemaintained a friendly cooperation thesepast several years, and he hopes thatwill continue. However, UFOinvestigators and researchers shouldtalk and respect each other for whatthey have done, what they know andhave published so they may exchangeideas. He also advocated regionalUFOresearch groups so as to makeattending meetings more frequent andless expensive.THE CASE FOR THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL ORIGIN OF FLYING SAUCERSBy Stanton T. FriedmanSince Stanton Friedman useddocumented material from hisnationwide college and universitypresentation titled"FlyingSaucers AreReal" in his MUFON Symposiumlecture, the original materialpublishedin the 1979 MUFON UFO symposiumProceedings is more appropriate inreviewing his talk.Abstract"Careful review of a vast array ofrelevant evidence clearly leads to theconclusion that SOME unidentifiedflying objects are intelligently controlledvehicles whose origin is outside oursolar system. Allthe arguments againstthe extraterrestrial origin seem to bebased upon false reasoning,misrepresentation of evidence, neglectof relevant information, ignorance ofrelevant technology, or pseudo-sophisticated assumptions about alienappearance, motivation, .orgovernment secrecy.12Introduction"The most important step in thedetermination of the origin of flyingsaucers is to ask the proper question.That question is not "How can theyget here?" or "where do UFOs comefrom?" or "are all UFOs ETspacecraft?" or even "why dont theydo this or that?"The proper questionis"Are ANY UFOs ET spacecraft?" Toanswer this question requires reviewofboth the evidence indicating SOMEflying saucers are ET vehicles and thearguments raised inobjection.Whileallflying saucers are by definition UFOs,few UFOs are flying saucers. Thus thedefinition of "Flying Saucer" is "anunusual object in the sky or on theground whose appearance clearlyindicates it was manufactured andwhose behavior in conjunctionwith itsappearance clearly indicates a non-Earth origin." It is very important torecognize that determining that someflying saucers are of ET origin ismuchsimpler than determining the mode ofpropulsion, home base, or purpose ofthe visit of each individual saucer.There is no easy way of obtaininganswers to these and many otherimportant questions. But they need notbe answered to establish the EToriginof some flying saucers."It mustalso be acknowledgedthatthere may be as wide a variety oforigins, alien humanoid types, alienmotivations, and vehicle models asthere are types ofvehicles, people, andtravel motivations at O"Hare Airport.Furthermore, our present inability toduplicate UFO flight behavior in theatmosphere or to buytickets for aquickinterstellar trip tells us nothing aboutwhether or not a more advancedcivilization has been accomplishingthesedifficult-to-us featsfora longtime.It is also extremely important torecognize that a particular vehicleandits inhabitants may well originate inanother solar system withoutnecessarily having justflownto or fromthat solar system in the observed
  13. 13. vehicle. Our own navies have formanyyears used huge aircraft carriers tocarry dozens of very much smalleraircraft to the local area in which theaircraft make frequent short haultrips.That the residents of the area overwhich the aircraft fly rarely see thecarrier doesnt mean it isnt nearby,justas the fact that the airplane is incapable(by itself) of returning to its nation ororigin doesnt mean it cant get there"piggy-back.".Evidence"The primary UFO evidenceconsists of UFO sighting reports, multi-witness close encounters, still andmotion pictures, radar trackings,simultaneous radar-visual sightings,physical traces (environmentalchangesin dirt, vegetation, trees, etc.) producedby UFOs, abductions by aliens ofEarthlings, and very likely (in hiddenlocations) crashed UFOs andpreserved alien bodies. The world-wideorigin of the various data collectionsindicate similar experiences occurringand being reported independently allover the planet. The overall qualityandquantity of reports is far better thanmost people —especially open mindedsceptics and scientists and newspaperreporters — are aware."The primary difficulty isthat thereistoo much data, not too little, and thatit is scattered and uneven and notreadily available at most libraries. Thegood evidence is mixed with a muchgreater number of low-quality reportsof lights in the sky and smallnumbers ofcrackpot and hoax reports. That thereare a few such reports should come asno surprise considering the fact thatpolice everywhere receive amultitudeof useless tips inwhich are mixed a fewvery important leads. Also, as anypolice artist would testify, most peopleare far better at recognizing unknownpersons and things than at describingthem."The fact isthat most sightings arenot very exciting and that most can beexplained in relatively conventionalterms. It cannot be stressed toostrongly that this fact is quiteirrelevantto the search for truthabout UFOs.Itiscertainly a fact that most chemicalscure no disease, that most people arenot 7feet tall, that most isotopes are notfissionable, that most people cannotrun a mile in less than 4 minutes, thatmost people do not commit murder,and that most metal is not gold. Allofthese facts in no way change the realfacts that some few chemicals do curediseases, some few people are 7 feettall, some few isotopes are fissionable,some few people can run a sub-four-minute mile, some few people docommit murder, and that some metal isindeed gold."It is simply irrationaland illogicalto assume that since most sightingsturn out to be conventionalphenomenaseen under u n c o n v e n t i o n a lcircumstances, then all must be."It may be appropriate to ask thequestion Arent most people poorobservers? The answer isclearlyNO... . since the only reason most UFOsightings can be explained is that thewitness descriptions are usually quiteaccurate. The problem is with witnessinterpretation. The sceptic seems towant to play both sides ofthe street. Heknows a particular UFO was Venusbecause the direction, time, angleabove the horizon, and brightness asreported by the witness all matchVenus. But when a witness describes ametallic-appearing disc-shaped objectwith a dome and alternately hoveringand movingvery rapidlywith no noise,he must be mistaken and it was just ahelicopter."The notion that most sightingsofUnidentified Flying Objects are dimlyseen under poor circumstances byincompetent observers for a very shorttime is both irrelevant (even if it weretrue) and demonstrably false on its face."There is no doubt in my mindafter 21years of study and investigationthat the evidence is overwhelming thatplanet Earth is being visited byintelligently controlled vehicles whoseorigin is extraterrestrial. There are noacceptable arguments against flyingsaucer reality, only people who eitherhavent studied the relevant data orhave a strong will not to believe thatEarth is at the bottom of the heapsociologically and technologically in ourlocal galactic neighborhood."After deliveringhis usual dynamicillustrated lecture, Stan closed bystating his personal convictions onUFOs and offered a challenge to allGRENADA UFOSTAMPS AVAILABLEFROM MUFONThe.worlds first postage stampshailing UFO research have been issuedby the Caribbean island of Grenada.Grenadas $3 stamp has a simulatedflying saucer on the left, next to apicture of a strange flash of lightphotographed over Bells, Texas, in1965. The islands 35 cent stamppictures a radar antenna probing theskies, and six infrared spots, whichcould be UFOs, around the moon.Grenadas 5 cent stamp shows awoodcut reproductionof an object saidto have invaded the skies ofNuremberg, Germany, on April 15,1561. Also on the stamp is anillustration of a flying saucer asdescribed by George Adamski. Thisseries is titled "UFO Research IntoUnidentified Flying Objects." A fourthspecial commemorative sheet 3 by 4inches with a 2 dollar stamp in theCenter depicting the United Nationsand UFOs issued October 7, 1977, is• included in this offer to Journal readersfor a total of $4.00. These particularstamps have special significance toUFO enthusiasts, but have evengreater importance if one is also aphilatelist.Please send a check or moneyorder payable to MUFON for $4.00 toreceive your Grenada UFO stamps.those present."I would like to conclude byurgingall with an interest in the future of thisplanet to study the relevant evidenceabout flying saucers and technology.Stop being apologist ufologists! Stopbeing closet ufologists!Tell it like it is. Isthere any better hope for our ownmaturation than a recognition that weall on this planet are Earthlings. There isno better way of seeing ourcommunitythan from the viewpoint of our alienvisitors who undoubtedly think of us asa primitivesociety whose majoractivityis tribal warfare. It takes courage torecognize our own limitations ratherthan to hide behind the oldnationalistic,egotistic, self-serving mottos of thepast. The year 2000 isapproaching. Willwe blow the lid off the cosmicWatergate? Will we bury the oldmythlogy? The choice is ours."13
  14. 14. UFO CONNECTION IN DULCE AND TAOS, NEW MEXICO?By Tommy Roy BlannRecently we have been hearingmore and more about UFO sightingsbeing reported in connection withanimal mutilations. One such casewhich broughtimmediatereaction fromthe news media was the finding of a"mysterious" substance on some cattlein Dulce, N.M., on July 5,1978, byNewMexico State Police officer GabeValdez, during the height of animalmutilation activity in. the area. Whileunknown to Valdezat the time, another"similar" substance had supposedlybeen deposited on topofapickup truckduring a UFO sighting in Taos, N.M.,three days prior to Valdezsfindings.The incidents were not released tothe public at this point-in-time, due tothe fact that it might yield some clues asto the culprits behind the mutilations.After several months, the tests thathadbeen conducted bySchoenfeld ClinicalLabs in Albuquerque and the LosAlamos Scientific Labs werereleased tothe news media. The Los AlamosScientific Labs were not mentioned inthe news media reports, but they didrun some tests on the substances todetermine the trace elements such asthe rare earths, as told to me by GabeValdez when he visited my home inLewisville, Tex., while on vacation.Since the newsmediaalreadywereintrigued by Valdezs investigationsandhis thoroughness in obtaining clues inthese bizarre mutilations,the impactofthe release ofthe "semi-secret"analysisof the two substances was more thanenough to trigger an AP-wire release,which resulted in numerous misquotesfrom overactive imaginations of somejournalists. Some, of course, werehonest mistakes and a matter ofsemantics.One such newspaper storyindicated that "According to theSchoenfeld Research Labs inAlbuquerque, N.M., this powder wasidentical to the substance depositedupon a pickup truck by a hoveringUFO." This is a totally erroneousstatement, since Dr. RobertSchoenfelddid not say the substance found byGabe Valdez in Dulce was identical tothe substance supposedly depositedupon a pickuptruckbya hovering UFOnear Taos. These same statementswere unfortunately picked up from thisnewspaper report and published in theMUFON UFO Journal, May 1979 issueon page 18, much to Walt Andrusregret, since the MUFON UFOJournalstrives to maintain the truth on suchmatters associated with the UFOphenomenon.Let us nowtake a look at the facts,as well as some of my own findings,about this most unusual case. On thenight of July5,1978,StatePolice officerGabe Valdez and Dulce,N.M., rancherManuel Gomez had penned 120 ofGomezs cattle in a corral and movedthem through a squeeze chute underaseries of ultraviolet lights. Most of NewMexicos mutilations have taken placein the Dulce area and Valdez waslooking for new clues, since he hadbeen informed that certain animalsmight be "marked" before they aremutilated. His suspicion proved fruitful.The examinationrevealed that fiveof the animals had a "glittery substanceon the right side of the neck, the rightear and the right leg." This was toomuch of a coincidence, so the tworemoved samples of the affected hidesas well as unaffected control samplesfrom the same cattle. These were thensent to Dr. Robert Schoenfeld at theSchoenfeld Clinical Laboratories inAlbuquerque.Dr. Schoenfeld said analysis of theaffected hides had detected significant,"highly suspicious" deposits ofpotassium and magnesium. Thepotassium content was more than 70times above normal and the substancewas water-soluble and he doubts thatitwould have occurred on the animalsthrough natural means. "How it gotthere, I dont know," he said.According to the analyticalfindings supplied to me by GabeValdez, the most significant elementwas Potassium, then Magnesium,Calcium, Aluminum, etc., with amarked decrease in, Sodium in thesample versus the control.As mentioned previously, threedays earlier on July 2, 1978, at 12:05a.m., a verybright orange light hoverednear rural homes, located 3 milesnorthwest of Taos, of which Valdezwas not aware at the time of hisfindings. Mrs. Elias Vargas stated, "Ihad just gone to bed and suddenly theroom lit up with a bright orange light. Ithought maybe the neighbors werethrowing firecrackers (remember thedate isnear July 4), but then Irealized itwas too bright to be that. Iwent to thewindow and opened it and / couldheara kind of crackling noise.The light wasso bright I could see for some distance."At first I thought the neighborshouse was on fire, so Iwentto the otherwindow. I saw this form, it wasnt adefinite form, but it was roundish andabout as bigas two cars, maybebigger.By then it wasnt orange anymore; itwas sort of a gray color, It stayed forabout two minutes. I rushed intoanother bedroom and opened thedrapes, and it took off to the north anddisappeared in two seconds. All you could see was aredlight. Ithappened sofast, I got real scared; I dont think Iwent to sleep until five inthe morning."The object had hovered lowbetween her house and one close by.Both she and the people in that house,as well as the occupants ofyet anotherin the immediate vicinity, saw the UFOjust above a 500-gallon fuel tank and apickup truck. The next morning theyfound a thin powder on the roof of thetruck; nothing apparently was found on14
  15. 15. HUMANOID PHYSIOLOGYBy Richard C. Niemtzow, M.D. and John F. SchuesslerCollecting data relating humanparalysis with the UFO phenomenon,the authors have discerned that theprocess seems to involve largediameter nerves associated withvoluntary movement of striated muscleas opposed to the impunity of smalldiameter nerves found in regulatoryfunctions delegated to the autonomousnervous system.Humanoids of the 1 to ll/2 metertype have been reported at close rangeto the paralyzed victims (CharlesBowen "The Humanoids: 1977")without being affected. This is notsurprising. What remains ratherintriguing is that information suppliedthrough Project VISITsuggests that thehumanoid is not composed of striatedmuscle, but rather smooth muscletissue. This information is difficult tosubstantiate as validscientific fact. Theconjecture that humanoids arecomposed of smooth muscle to escapestriated muscle paralysis may appearnaive. Nevertheless, the humanoids areprone to a rather limited behaviorpattern, somewhat expressionless, ifnot stereotyped, apparently lessdependent on striated muscle systems.Perhaps we are dealing with a quasi-automatic intelligence, if not a clonedspecies.The authors have receivedinformation that these smallhumanoidsare most likely deprived of oxygenatedblood and devoid of any cellular bloodcomposition. This also includes thelymphatic system. Furthermore, theyare lacking a digestive and excretorysystem. Rationalizationof the data isextremely difficult not have examined ahumanoid, but arguments supportingand refuting these statements arenumerous. If we accept that life in theuniverse follows many derivatives, weare not surprised that UFO literaturenegates these humanoidsofwearing lifesupport systems. We wouldexpect ittobe rather difficult for them to adaptdirectly to our Earth conditions unlessadaption means privation of certainbiological components which wouldeliminate the problem.We do not wish to manipulatebyimpressive arguments the certitude ofhumanoid physiology. We do wish tocommunicate that this information iscomfortable to live with when UFOliterature reinforces evidence that thesmall humanoid appears ageless, has.abarely visible mouth, may use a food pillfor nourishment, lack a spacesuit, etc.We realize that this paper is highlyspeculative, but it represents an areathat needs to be seriously addressed.We are doing just that. Each section ofthis summary paper isbeing consideredin detail and we hope that future papersmay support these contentions.(New Mexico, Continued)the 500-gallon fuel tank.Dr. Schoenfeld said, "its possibleto find allthese elements inthe soil, butthey do not occur naturallyin the air. Ifyou say it was found on top of a pickupcab, there would have to be somethingto have moved it up there." He said itwas possible the powder was afilmofoxidized metal but he really didntknow. "Were going to do some morework on it," he remarked.Other authorities refrained fromjumping to conclusions, but clearly thepossibility of a tie between the residueand the substance on the cattlefascinated them. "Right now the onlycorrelation is the potassium and themagnesium," retired scientist HowardBurgess said, "and thats notsubstantial enough to say the two aredefinitely related. But its intriguing."This particular analytical testresult supplied to me on this caseindicates that the most significantelement was Calcium, then Sodium,Potassium, Aluminum, Iron,Phosphorus, and Magnesium in thatorder. Note that there isa high amountof Sodium in this samplewhere there isa decrease in the other samplepreviously mentioned.Another interesting factor in thisUFO test sample is that most of theelements listed in their respectiveconcentrations seem to suggest that itcould be a combination of dust (soil-elements suggestive of this such asPotassium, Magnesium, Calcium,Sodium and the rare earths noted intheanalysis), paint pigments (elementssuggestive of this such as Cadmium,Zinc, Manganese, Cobalt, and Lead),and a highly oxidized metal (Iron,Aluminum, Nickel, and Chromium)from the top of the pickup truck.Potassium, for instance, is widelydistributed but not easily availablebecause most deposits of potassiumcompounds, in the form of feldsparrocks, are insoluble and weatherslowly. Large deposits of potassiumchloride, crystallized with Magnesiumand Calcium compounds as complexsalts, are found in Texas and NewMexico. Since these complex salts areavailable in the soil in Taos, one wouldexpect to find high concentrations ofthese elements in such an analysis.The sample found on the cattle inDulce is definitely not identical to the"UFO sample"found inTaos, althoughthere are certain similaritiessuch as thePotassium and Magnesium. Theamount of Potassium is considerablyhigher in the cow-hair test sample thanin the "UFO sample." Also, the "UFOsample" found in Taos was not apowdery substance such as that foundin Dulce, but chips ofmaterialabout 3/8of an inch long, 1/16 of an inch wide,and about as thick as a sheet of paperand of a dull gray coloration.Due to the abnormally highamount of Potassium found on the cow-hair test sample in relation to thecontrol sample, it wouldseem that thePotassium in this case did not comefrom the soil. Another possibility wasconsidered that it might have comefrom some type of fertilizer, sincecertain fertilizers are high in Potassiumcontent, but the placement of thesubstance along withthe fact that itwasfound on only five cattle out of 120quickly diminishes this possibility.Just exactly what the substance isand how it got on the cattle is still amystery. To my knowledge, since noone has applied the ultravioletlightsonother cattle and horses in the areasofmutilations, the incident may remainjust that.15
  16. 16. NEWSNOTESThe Fund For UFO Researchnow has an official mailingaddress:Box277, Mount Rainier, MD 20822. AFounding Contributor program hasbeen established whereby anyonedonating $100, $500, or $1,000 byDecember 31,1979, will receive a rangeof benefits (certificates, copies ofpublications, etc.). Funds willgo towardstart-up costs and establishing a bankbalance, and the Fund is scheduled tobegin accepting proposals earlyin 1980for scientific UFO research projects.A new documentary film titledUFOs Are Real, produced byGroup 1Films of Hollywood, is scheduled forgeneral theater distributionbeginningin late September. According toStanton T. Friedman, technicalconsultant and script co-writer, the filmtakes a definite stand that some UFOsare intelligently controlledextraterrestrial vehicles. Many still andmotion pictures filmed all over theworld are included, a number ofwhichhave never been exhibited intheUnitedStates. Persons involved in landingcases, abductions, and other closeencounters are interviewed.More than 1,200respondents toanopinion poll of research anddevelopment scientists andengineers indicated astrong belief thatUFOs exist (61%). The poll wasconducted by Industrial Research/Development and reported intheirJuly1979 issue. Younger researchers(under 26) were more than twice aslikely to hold this belief than olderresearchers (over 65). Among therespondents, 18% said theydefinitely orpossibly had seen a UFO themselves.As for origin or nature, 28% said"natural phenomena" but 44% said"outer space." The most notablechanges since a similar poll by themagazine in 1971 were a 7%increase inUFO believers and a 12%increase in"outer space" advocates.A new flying book with achapter oh UFOs has been co-authored by MUFONer William D.Leet and LouJaques.TwoofBills UFOsightings have been reported in theJournal; he wasa bomber pilotinWorldWar IIand troop transport pilotduring16the Korean War. Brigadier GeneralRobert L. Scott, Jr., has contributed aForeword. Pre-publication " price(before December 1,1979) is$11for thehardcover edit.ion and $6 forpaperback, postage and handling free.(After December 1 add $1.90 to coverregular prices plus postage andhandling.) California residents add 6%sales tax. Order TO RULE THESKYfrom Palomar Publications Division,B-L Enterprises, P.O. Box 1086, Vista,CA 92083.Tom Benson, a NewJersey StateSection Director for MUFON, reportsthat he taught a course entitled"UFOLOGY 1" during Fall 1978 attwo adult evening schools and will beteaching it again in Fall 1979 at MercerCounty Community College. He plansto develop additional courses in thefuture. For further information, contactTom at P.O. Box 1174, Trenton, NJ08606.We acknowledge donations ofcancelled foreign stamps, whose tradewith a collector helps supportinternational UFO informationexchange, from Donald A. Curtis, DesMoines, Iowa; Ted Bloecher, NewYork, N.Y.; and Larry Fenwick, Co-Director of the Canadian UFOResearch Network, P.O. Box 15,Station "A," Willowdale, OntarioM2N5S7, Canada.John Schuessler, left, andWalt Andrus at SymposiumWalter Greenawald, speakerBob Stawer, MUFON StateSection Director, and sonsDoug andDavid,"gophers" atSymposiumPat Reid, Symposium HostCommittee
  17. 17. UFO TECHNOTE"EVOKED POTENTIALS": A BETTER LIE DETECTOR?By John F. SchuesslerTools used in UFO investigationsrange from personal reference checksto lie detectors and regressivehypnosis. A major problem lies in thefact that none is foolproof. One cannotdeny that each of the tools available isuseful and contributes to thestorehouse of knowledge we haveamassed. However, every researcherwould like to havethe results presentedin more concrete form.The March 1979 issue ofPsychology Today in an article titled"Brain Potentials: Signaling Our InnerThoughts" provides another option.The technique is called "evokedpotentials." By utilizing the advances incomputer technology and inelectroencephalography a largepositive wave known as P300 or PSwave is monitored. This isaccomplished by using an EECmachine to trace the brains responseto the stimuli and the computer toextract, via an averaging process, theresponse evoked by the specificstimulus from the sea of backgroundnoise that results from the brainsnormal electrical activity.According to the article thisprocess could be used to predictlearning disabilities in children,diagnose senility, provide an earlywarning system for mental illness, andfor truth tests. In the context of thisTech Note the last application is mostinteresting. Without denying theexistence of theoretical squabblesabout what evoked responses reallymean, the article provides a scenariothat makes the standard lie detectorappear quite tame by camparison. Theclaim is that P300 responses couldprovide a truth test far superior tocurrent lie detectors, because it doesnot depend upon subtle changes in thepersons outward skin responses.When the person is asked anunexpected question, his P300 waveisa far more reliable index of surprisethan any change in outward behavior.Even intelligence agents that aretrained in the art of disguising theiremotions cannot easily control theirP300 response.It may be some time before thistool is available for use in the UFOinvestigations area, but it is good toknow that limitations on our work arebeing lifted as technology progresses.IMark R. HerbstrittNEW HUMANOID DATAThe following statement fromLeonard H. Stringfield was read toMUFON members at the 1979Symposium:"I am pleased to announce to allMUFON members and otherresponsible researchers that I havereceived significant new andconfirmatory data relative to alienhumanoids from a medical source.This source, whohasparticipatedin the autopsy of a recovered body, hasobliged to annotate corrections in mydrawings of body, head and hand I hadsubmitted to him for appraisal. Alsoreceived was corroborative data ofcertain anatomical features of theexternal bodyplusother newand highlyuseful data. These data will be includedin a paper I plan to write for theMUFON UFO Journal."Mr. Stringfield reported on his"body retrieval" research at the 1978Symposium in Dayton,Ohio, and sincethen has received many new leads toinformation of thistype fromseeminglyreputable persons in responsiblepositions. His investigations arecontinuing..stronomyNotesTHE SKY FOR AUGUST 1979Mercury—It is at greatest elongationwest (19 degrees) on the 18th at whichtime it stands about 16 degrees abovethe eastern horizon at sunrise. On the30th, it passes 0.7 degrees north ofJupiter at sunrise at which time theseplanets are about 10degrees above theeastern horizon.Venus—It is too close to the sun to beseen, being at superior conjunction onthe 25th.Mars—Moving from Taurus intoGemini, it rises about 4 hours beforethe sun and is well up in the east atsunrise.Jupiter—It istoo close to the sun to beseen, being in conjunction on the 13th.Saturn—Early in the month it can beseen with great difficulty, verylowin theWest after sunset, but by the end of themonth it is too close to the sun to beseen.The Perseid meteor shower occursfrom the 10th to the 14th.17
  18. 18. BOOK REVIEWWorlds Beyond—The EverlastingFrontier, edited by Larry Geis andFabrice Florin, The New DimensionsFoundation, published and distributedby And/Or Press, P.O. Box 2246,Berkeley, CA 94702, $6.95Here are the latest ideas aboutspace: colonization, industrialization,extraterrestrial life. Jacques Valleewrote the rousing Foreword andMichael Toms, Director of the NewDimensions Foundation, the preface.Current leading experts contributedthe 34 brief, varied and stimulatingarticles; photos and resumes of theauthors add to the interest. The UFOsection is excellent and well covered,with sequences by J. Allen Hynek, TomGates, James Harder, Stanton T.Friedman, Jeffrey Mishlove (aninterview with Charles Bowen andGordon Creighton), and JacquesVallee.The last phase, "SpaceAgeMyths,The Future is Now," is fascinating,featuring Timothy Leary and asequence on cryonics, with a prologbyJ. AllenHynek.Anappendix consists ofa Resource Directory divided intothreesections: general aspects of spacetechnology, including astronomy andcomputers; UFOs ("The MUFONUFO Journal" and "Skylook" werelisted separately; I informed the editorsof the error); space settlement, andspace industrialization. The Directoryis thorough, detailed, and mostinteresting. Thought-provokingillustrations by Geoffrey Chandler addto this original collection of excitingideas. To find UFOs seriously treatedina serious book by superior thinkersisthrilling; the subject finds itself in goodcompany.-Barbara Mathey(Directors Message, Continued)filmstrip has been added to MUFONslibrary produced by Adrian Vance inHollywood, Calif. It is a set of six colorfilmstrips with taped cassettecommentary titled "UFOs: Challengeto Science Series," and includes ateachers guide, having been designedfor presentation to school classes. (11)James McCampbell, Director ofResearch, suggested that MUFONestablish a corporate educationcommittee to define and select films,photographs, loan charges, etc.Adolph Schneider, Dip).-Ing.,Konrad-Celtis-Str. 38,8000 Munich 70,West Germany, has agreed to serve asRepresentative for West Germany aspart of MUFON-CES (Mutual UFONetwork, Central European Section)directed by Illobrand von Ludwiger.Herr Schneider has been MUFONmember since 1975. West Malaysia isnow being represented by AhmadJamaludin, Vet. Res. Ins. 59, TigerLane, Ipoh, Perak in West Malaysia.Mr. Jamaludin was educated in WestGermany as a laboratory technician.A new member who attended therecent MUFON Symposium in SanFrancisco is Mrs. Ruth M. Butler,B.A.,now representing the Philippines. Ruthteaches English and Social Studies in aManila High School. She may becontacted at the following address:P.O. Box 7411, Air Mail ExchangeOffice, Manila Intl. Airport 3120,Philippines. It is a pleasure to havethese three people represent MUFON18in our expanding world coverage.We would like to introduce threenew State Section Directors toour Daved E. Rubien, B.S.,Woodsia Road, Saunderstown, RI02874, telephone (401)294-9474,will beresponsible for Washington, Kent, andNewport counties in Rhode Island. TheKentucky counties of Boyd, Lawrence,and Carter will be covered by GeorgeParsons, Jr., 1300 Mills Blvd.,Ashland,KY, telephone (606) 325-2010. Georgeis a police officer. Joan L.Jeffers, B.S.,who has been very active as Director ofthe Pennsylvania Center for UFOResearch since 1976 and a StateSection Director, has been reassignedthe counties of McKean, Warren, andPotter. Joan has now moved back toher permanent home at 112Maplewood Ave., Bradford, PA 16701.Daniel H. Harris, Ph.D., 1401 E.Rundberg Lane, Lot #238, Austin, TX78753, telephone (512) 837-9373, hasvolunteered to serve as a Consultant inAstronomy. Even though hisdoctorateis in astronomy, Dans major emphasisin UFO research is in the area oftheoretical physics. Seven newResearch Specialists have joinedMUFON in the past month. They areH.D. "Mitch" Mitchell, Foster City,Calif. (VisualCommunications); JamesH. Ingram, Felton, Calif. (Photo-graphy); Robert Wanderer, SanFrancisco, Calif. (Communications);Weldon Burge, Middletown, Del.(Theology); Stores Barrett Williams,Menlo Park, Calif. (Acoustics);Raymond E. Revere, Babylon, N.Y.and Jack Guisti,Jr., Naugatuck, Conn.A paperback book (253 pages) onUFOs by Takao Ikeda, MUFONSectional Director for Southern Japan,published in Japanese in the TairikuUFO Series was recently received.Basically it covers the span of historicalobjects that could be interpreted to beUFOs up to modem cases such asDelphos, Kans., Santa Ana, Calif., etc.He acknowledges reports andphotographs utilized from APRO,MUFON, and NICAP publications.Another MUFON member, whohas just published a book titled "UFOTerms," is Robert S. Somerville ofWarren, Mich. This 197 page (8% x 11inch) paperback book (publicationdate: September 1, 1979) is nowavailable in limited numbers for $8.00,which includes postage and handling,from UFO SCHOOLS, Inc., P.O. Box21, Warren, MI 48090. It is acomprehensive listing of UFO terms,definitions, explanations of variousrelated phenomena, and a very goodreference to cases by basic categorieswith samples.The 1979 MUFON UFOSymposium Proceedings are nowavailable (226 pages, 8% by 11 inches,off-set printing)by sending a check orpostal money order payable in U.S.funds for $8.00 in the U.S.A. and $9.00in all other countries to MUFON, 103Oldtowne Road, Seguin, TX 78155U.S.A. (Texas residents should include4% State Sales Tax.)
  19. 19. Lucius ParishIn OthersWordsThe May 22 issue of NATIONALENQUIRER tells of research into theSanskrit writings of ancient India whichcontain many references to flyingmachines and extraterrestrialvisitations. The May29issue reports onthe ENQUIRERS awards totalling$9,500 for the 1978 UFO cases whichprovided the most scientificallyvaluable evidence. Animal mutilationsand UFOs are discussed in the June 5issue. The June 12 issue reports onFlorida contactee Lydia Stalnaker,whoclaims to share her body with the mindof an extraterrestrial being.In the June19issue, a Japanese womancredits heraccurate predictions of UFOoverflights to her telepathiccommunications with aliens.The June 12 issue of THE STARtells of Australian TV newsmanQuentin Fogartys traumaticexperiences following hisinvolvementwith the highly publicized New ZealandUFO film. Fogarty is in the process ofwriting a book about the incidentand itsaftermath.The "UFO Update" column in theJune issue of OMNI is written by ArtGatti and deals with the UFO-relatedmaterials released by the CIA. Moreexcerpts from the CIA data may befound in the Julyissue ofSAGAand theAugust issue of UFO REPORT.Hayden Hewes article in the Julyissue of FATE deals with a supposedUFO photograph which has beenassociated with the late GeorgeAdamski, althoughitwas actually takenby someone else. William Spauldings"computer analyses" have revealed thephoto to be a hoax, according toHewes.The Volume2, Number 5 issueofNEW REALITIES reprints Stanton T.Friedmans contribution to the bookWORLDS BEYOND, which has beenreviewed in a previous column. Wellworth reading.An excerpt from Allan Hendrysforthcoming book, THE UFOHANDBOOK, is found inthe July issueof STARLOG. This feature deals withthe proper procedures for taking UFOphotographs. Hendrys book is nowslated for publication by DoubledayinAugust.The Fall 1979 (#4) issue of UFOUPDATE has a considerable amount ofrehash, along with a fewnew reportsofinterest. The #14 issue of TRUE UFOs& OUTER SPACE (as it is now called)is virtually all rehash and/or materialnot relatingdirectly to UFOs.IDEALS UFO MAGAZINE isapparently trying to outdo OFFICIALUFO in the nonsense department. The#7 issue contains, among otherimaginative offerings, a totallyficticiousaccount ofthe Valentich disappearancecase from Australia. Save yourmoney!BOOK REVIEWInterstellar Travel—Past, Present,and Future, By John W. Macvey,Stein and Day, New York, 1977, $9.95This literate and charminglywritten book is a treasure-trove forthose who, like me, flunked physics.Macvey, an internationally renownedexpert and writer on astronomy andastronautics, is a Fellow of the RoyalAstronomical Society and a member ofthe AmericanAstronautical Society ofthe Pacific and the BritishInterplanetary Society. The owner ofhis own observatory, he specializes inobserving variable stars. He has themarvelous ability to explain, calmly andlucidly, such timely tangles as spacecurvature, non-space, otherdimensions and non-space tunnels innormal space.When Macvey gets through withBlack Holes (both natural andartificially generated) and thedestruction of time and distance, not tomention tachyon travel, you haveseveral good notions as to how theUFOs might get here from there. Howthe aliens might navigate, theircomposition, their possible connectionwith the Bermuda Triangle, andevidence of past visits to Earth arecovered, with many fresh ideas andsome new material (new to me, at anyrate). A chapter of UFOs deals withsome carefully selected cases andstates the writers position:"The writer,for his part, must confess to a timewhen quite arbitrarily he dismissed allUFO reports as simply due to somepeculiar hysteria of the times. Now,very sincerely, he believes thisto be nolonger possible. Undoubtedly manyreports are fakes, undoubtedlymanyare false, but alldo not come intothesecategories. Something decidedly oddmay be happeningout there and in thelifetime of many of us the answercouldbe revealed." There is an Appendix ofUFO sightings and a list of references.Macvey has also written Whispersfrom Space, Alone in the Universe, andJourney to Alpha Centauri. Afterenjoying Interstellar Travel Im going toget the others.-Barbara Mathey
  20. 20. DIRECTORS MESSAGE byWalt AndrusMUFONs Tenth Annual UFOSymposium will be remembered as thelargest and finest in our first decade.The MUFON Northern Californiagroup, host for this auspicious meeting,is to be highly commended for theiroutstanding planning and implementa-tion to orchestrate such a detailededucational weekend of UFOlogy.Compliments have been flowing fromeveryone that had the privilege ofattending.The tremendous success of thissymposium is a tribute to theorganizational structure of MUFON,whereby the leadership in a particularpart of the Nationhas ah opportunity tovisibly demonstrate their talent andabilities. This factor not only makesMUFON the finest UFO organization,in the world today, but it gives thepeople managing the symposium afeeling of satisfaction for a job welldone.Congratulations must be extendedto Tom Gates, Chairman; StantonFriedman, Publicity; Paul Cerny,Displays and Treasurer; and JamesMcCampbell; all of whom spearheadedthe numerous active committees. Wehad hoped to list the 40 to 50 peoplewho performed so graciously, from theState Section Directors to the ladieswho are MUFON members, and themany teen-agers who were identified bytheir badges as "Gophers." This issuewill feature the highlights of thesymposium for our members aroundthe world who were unable to attend.The MUFON Annual CorporateMeeting was held from 9 to 11a.m. ohJuly 8th in conjunction with our tenthannual symposium with Walt Andrusand John Schuessler presiding. (1) TheAnnual Financial Report for the fiscalyear July 1, 1978, through June 30,1979, was presented showing receiptsof $19,324.72 and expenditures of$17,071.61, leaving a net bank balanceof $2,894.11. The bank balance carriedforward from 6/30/78 was $641.00.Copies of the detailed financial reportwere given to the membersofthe Boardof Directors present, and the remainderwill receive their copies by mail. (2)Plans have been instituted to startrevising and updating our FieldInvestigators Manualinpreparation forthe third edition printing. BruceMaccabee, Ph.D., has been invited towrite the section on UFO photographsand analysis and Richard F. Haines,Ph.D., has suggested submitting asection on UFO shapes and visualinterpretation. (3) Final preparationsare being made for MUFON to requestIRS tax exempt status in the next fewmonths assisted by Bill Shead, one ofMUFONs legal staff. (4) A rough draftof the MUFON By-Laws has beenwritten. Since there are 15membersofthe MUFON Board of Directors, it wasproposed that anExecutive Committeeof three to five members, composedofthe officers, be given the authority tomake decisions for the corporationsbusiness. The full Board of Directorswould be too unwieldy for minordecisions. Each of the Board ofDirectors will receive preliminarycopies of the By-Laws for theircomments before submission to theInternal Revenue Service.(5) Bids were formally submittedfor future symposiums. VISIT will hostthe 1980 symposium at Clear LakeCity(near Houston), Texas on June 6, 7,and 8. The 1981 symposium will behosted by MUFON of SouthernCalifornia in the Los Angeles area on adate to be announced. Henry H.McKay, Regional Director for Canada,invited everyone to Toronto, Ontario,for the 1982 event. Other suggestionspending for 1982 are eitherWashington, D.C., or Boston, Mass.".Following the overall plan for regions,1982 should be in Canada or theEastern Region. Each of the citiesproposed has strong, capable hostgroups that could serve as the hostorganization. A firm bid for 1982 hasbeen received from Toronto. We inviteWashington and Boston to evaluatetheir plans for a future symposium.(6) Bruce Maccabee, StateDirector for Maryland and Consultant,discussed the formation of a grantgroup in the Washington, D.C., area toadminister UFO grant money, receivedonations, and disburse funds toresearchers based upon writtenproposals. More details will beannounced in the Journal as the planisformalized. Three MUFON membershave been elected to the board as ofthisdate. In addition to Bruce Maccabee,they are Richard Hall and JohnCarlson. (7) The meeting with AlainEsterle, Ph.D., Chief of GEPAN onJune 23rd in Houston was announcedas a means of establishing goodcontacts between MUFON andGEPAN in France. (8) Paul Norman,State Representative for Victoria,Australia, and David Crockett fromNew Zealand were introduced. Mr.Crockett isnoted for hismotion pictureof the UFO sequences in New Zealandon December 31, 1978.(9) Annual reports were eithergiven orally,or submitted, by Henry H.McKay, Canadian Regional Director;Michael Sinclair, InternationalCoordinator (written report); Mrs.Mildred Biesele, Utah State Director;Bob Neville, Nevada State Director;Gary Levine, NewYork State Director;Tom Benson, New Jersey; Paul C.Cerny, Northern California; PaulNorman, Victoria, Australia; BillHinrichsen, Continental Coordinatorfor South America; and JohnSchuessler, Texas.(10) It.was suggested thatMUFONbuy more films to loan to members.Members would be responsible for thepayment of shipping (mailing) andinsurance both ways. A new 35mm(Continued on page 18)