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Mufon ufo journal 1979 7. july

  1. 1. UFO JOURNALNUMBER 137 JULY 1979Founded 1967OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF iHUPONj MUTUALUFO NETWORK, INC.,$1.00Ik,I. Brand at MUFOnl—C.E.S.conferencecomparingHelmstheory toEinsteins relativity theory. -Senator Harrison Schmittheads mutilation hearingsfphoto by Tom Deuley)
  2. 2. The MUFONUFOJOURNAL(USPS 002-970)103 Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, Texas 78155RICHARD HALLEditorANN DRUFFELAssociate EditorLEN STRINGFIELDAssociate EditorMILDRED BIESELEContributing EditorWALTER H. ANDRUSDirector of MUFONTED BLOECHERDAVE WEBBCo-Chairmen,Humanoid Study GroupPAULCERNYPromotion/PublicityREV. BARRY DOWNINGReligion and UFOsLUCIUS PARISHBooks/Periodicals/HistoryMARK HERBSTRITTAstronomyROSETTA HOLMESPromotion/PublicityTED PHILLIPSLanding Trace CasesJOHN F. SCHUESSLERUFO PropulsionNORMA E. SHORTDWIGHT CONNELLYDENNIS HAUCKEditor/Publishers EmeritusThe MUFON UFO JOURNAL ispublished by the Mutual UFONetwork, Inc., Seguin, Texas.Subscription rates: $8.00 per yearin the U.S.A.; $9.00 per yearforeign. Copyright 1979 by theMutual UFO Network. Secondclass postage paid at Seguin,Texas. POSTMASTER: Send form3579 to advise change ofaddress toThe MUFON UFO JOURNAL,103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, Texas78155.FROMTHE EDITORWouldnt it be nice if there were a publicly supported fund tomake grants for UFO research? Well, there is — or soon will be. Asmall group of MUFON members and others in and aroundWashington, D.C., has partially organized a "Fund For UFOResearch and hopes to get underway early in 1980. A progressreport appears in this issue. The group also is making plans for a"rapid response capability"to assure that importantnew cases withpotentially high scientific yield are promptly investigated. Then, if thecase looks promising, the Fund will consider granting money forwhatever follow-up research or analysis is needed.The Tenth Annual MUFONUFO SymposiumJuly 7&8in SanFrancisco was highly successful. The August issueofthe Journal willprovide special coverage of the symposium,includingphotographs,for the benefit of those who were unable to attend.In this IssueCHIEF OF GEPAN VISITS UNITED STATES 3By Walt AndrusFUND FOR UFO RESEARCH 4By Richard HallGERMAN CONFERENCE REPORT: NEWSCIENTIFIC THEORIES . . . .5MUTILATION HEARINGS HELD IN NEW MEXICO 8By Thomas P. DeuleyUFO POLL 9By Dr. Dan J. DukePOSSIBLE ABDUCTION IN NEW YORK STATE 10By Budd HopkinsKOREAN WAR UFOX 13By William D. LeetDID RADAR TRACK HILL UFO? 15By Patricia McMahonCALIFORNIA REPORT 16By Ann DruffelUFO TECH NOTE 18By John SchuesslerIN OTHERS WORDS 19By Lucius ParishDIRECTORS MESSAGE 20By Walt AndrusThe contents of The MUFON UFO JOURNAL aredetermined by the editor, and do not necessarilyrepresent the official position of MUFON. Opinions ofcontributors are their own, and donot necessarilyreflectthose ofthe editor,the staff, or MUFON.Articles may beforwarded directly to MUFON.Permission is herby granted to quote from this issueprovided not more than 200words are quoted from anyone article, the author of the article is given credit, andthe statement "Copyright 1979 by the MUFON UFOJOURNAL, 103 Oldtowne Rd., Sequin, Texas" isincluded.
  3. 3. CHIEF OF GEPAN VISITS UNITED STATESBy Walt AndrusThe summary of the GroupedEtiides des Phenomenes Aero-spatiaux Non-identifies (GEPAN) 5-volume, 500-page report dated June1978 created a worldwide stir amongUFOlogists. The original report,published in French, was confined to140 copies and has had very limiteddistribution. The summary wasreleased by a person well known toMUFON and CUFOS, who hadaccess to a copy in Europe. In ourmeeting with Alain Esterle, Ph.D., onJune 23 and 24 in Clear Lake City,Texas, he confirmed that the summaryas reported in the October/November1978 edition of the International UFOReporter was essentially correct withonly one correction. In nine of theeleven cases, the conclusion was thatthe witnesses had witnessed a materialphenomenon that could not beexplained as a natural phenomenon ora human device.Since the conclusions drawn fromthe GEPAN report are very significantto UFO research, we asked Dr. Esterlefor GEPANs official statement. Inorder that there would be no doubt, hepresented a copy in French of theirconclusions and promptly translated itvery carefully intoEnglish.Considering the elements we have collectedfrom the observers at the very place of theirobservation, we are convinced that amaterial phenomenon originates the quasitotality of the observations and notice thatthe description ofthese phenomena is similar(in particular in the following cases:Gondrecourt, Bize, Lucon, Bolazec,Cussac, Sauvigny) to that of a flying machinewhose origin and propulsion and/orsustenance modes are totally out of ourknowledge.Since the MUFON UFO Journal isdistributed throughout the world,someof our readers may prefer to do theirown translation to obtain the fullsignificance of this importantAlain Esterlestatement, which some may considervery conservative.Compte tenu des elements que nous avonsrecueillis aupres des observateurs, sur leslieux memes de leur observation, nous avonsla conviction quun phenomene materiel esta Iorigine de la quasi-totalite desobservations et constatons que ladescripton de ces phenomenes sapparente,en particulier dans les cas suivants:Gondrecourt, Bize, Lucon, Bolazec, Cussacet Sauvigny, a celle dune machine volante,dont la provenance, les modes desustentation et/ou de propulsion sonttotalement estrangers a nos connaissances.When the "Presentation of theScientific Counsel of GEPAN of StudiesUndertaken Duringthe First Semesterof 1978" was published, this concludedone important phase oftheir continuingwork under the funding of CentreNational DEtudes Spatiales (CNES),which may be likened to NASA in theUnited States. At this point,Dr. ClaudePoher, who had headed GEPAN fromits inception, elected to take a 2-yearsabbatical to travel around the worldinhis personally constructed sailboat.To fill the vacancy created, Dr.Alain Esterle was promoted to theposition of Chief of GEPAN, or in theU.S.A. we might say the manager orhead of this prestigious scientific group.Alain received a degree from Poly-technique (Paris), a B.S. in Political.Sciences (Toulouse), and thencompleted his advanced education inthe U.S.A. at the University ofWashington (Seattle), where he wasawarded a Masters in Aeronautics andAstronautics and a Ph.D. in AppliedMathematics in 1973.Dr. Esterle is32years old,married,and has a son who is20months old.Hiswife, Genevieve, has participatedactively in field interviewsmade by theGEPAN investigative teams. After(continued on next page)
  4. 4. FUND FOR UFO RESEARCHBy Richard HallAn organizing meeting was heldJune 2, 1979, for a different kind oforganization — one that couldrevolutionize UFO research. Since allserious UFO groups share the sameproblem, lack of money to pursue in-depth investigationand research, itwasfelt that a publicly-supported fund setup to make grants would be beneficialto everyone and would have thepotential to advance scientificknowledge. We know that over 50% ofAmericans take UFOs seriously, and awell-publicized fund to which theycould donate for scientific researchcould be a reallying point for publicsupport.The Fund will have a 15-memberNational Board, at least 5 of whom willlive in the Washington, D.C., area andconstitute an Executive Committee.The Committee has been formed: Dr.Bruce S. Maccabee, Navy scientist, isChairman and Craig Phillips, zoologistand Director of the NationalAquarium,is Vice-Chairman. The other membersare Lt. Thomas P. Deuley, USN(Secretary); Dr. John B. Carlson,astronomer, University of Maryland;and Dr. David Schwartzman, GeologyDepartment Chairman, HowardUniversity. A number of nationallyprominent persons are being invited toserve on the Board; the Fund is tryingto achieve some kind of balance amongscientists, other professionals, andpublic figures.The Board will evaluate proposalsfrom anyone, on their merits, anddepending on the Fund balance, makegrants for projects that show potentialfor advancing scientific knowledge ofand public education about UFOs.The Fund is in the process ofincorporating and applying for taxexempt status, and hopes to beginaccepting proposals about January1980. In an effort to obtain seed moneyfor start-up costs, a program ofFounding Contributorships is beingoffered for the balance of 1979. Anyonecontributing $100, $500, or $1,000 in1979 will be eligible to receive a rangeofbenefits according to the amount. Untiltax exempt status is obtained,Founding Contributorships may ormay not also be tax deductible. Taxexempt status can be made retroactiveif there are no hitches in the applicationprocess, but the Fund cannot promisethat this will happen.I am Acting Treasurer and analternate to the Executive Committee.If you are interested in becoming aFounding Contributor and want moreinformation, or ifyou wish to be notifiedof future developments, write to me at4418 39th St., Brentwood, MD20722.(GEPAN, Continued), spending two days withAlain,we foundhim to be a very intelligent, perceptive,and congenial individual. We lookforward to a fine degree ofcooperationbetween GEPAN and MUFON in UFOscientific investigations and research.An exchange of publications hasalready been established. Interchangeof reports will be concentrated in themost significant cases involving closeencounters of the second and thirdkinds.Since Dr. Esterle also wanted totour the Lyndon B. Johnson NASASpace Center during his visit toHouston, Richard C. Niemtzow, M.D.,scheduled the meeting with Alain forSaturday, June 23, at the librarymeeting room in Clear Lake City,Texas. He was particularlyinterestedinthe work being done by the MUFONgroup in Houston, known as VISIT(Vehicular Internal SystemsInvestigative Team) who sponsoredand hosted this private, but veryinformative meeting. John Schuessler,MUFON Deputy Director ofAdministration, chaired the meetingand introduced the participants.Presentations were made asfollows: John Schuessler —"Introduction to VISIT"; Walt Andrus- "Mutual UFO Network Inc."; AlainEsterle — "The Activities andOrganization of GEPAN"; RichardNiemtzow, M.D. — "Medical Effects"and "The Tyler Case"; Jack Sassard—"Tape Analysis in the Tyler Case";Dave Kissinger — Vehicle Analysis";and Paul Levy (Senior.Editor of theNational Enquirer) — "Enquirer Plansand Current Cases under Study."A delightful dinner was heldSaturday evening when some of thewives joined the informal session —Kathy Schuessler, Jackie Niemtzow,and Karen Kissinger. More informalsessions were held on Sunday morningwith a brunch hosted by John andKathy Schuessler, followedby a tourofthe nearby NASA Space Center in theafternoon. Richard and JackieNiemtzow entertained a small group ata barbecue honoring Dr. Esterle onSunday evening. Dr. Esterle was highlyimpressed with the caliber of talent thatexists in MUFON and the host groupVISIT. Thomas K. Nicholl, MUFONDeputy Director of BusinessManagement (Leawood, Kansas) andRay Stanford, Director of ProjectStarlight International (Austin, Texas),planned to attend this outstandingmeeting but reluctantlycancelled at thelast minute due to other commitments.VISIT will be hosting the 1980MUFON Symposium on Saturday andSunday, June 7and 8,at the Clear LakeHigh School, just south of Houston,Texas, with speakers, movies, andworkshops on Saturday. The AnnualCorporate Meeting of MUFON willoccur on Sunday morning, and theafternoon will be devoted to a tour ofLyndon B. Johnson NASA SpaceCenter where such attractions as theSpace Shuttle, Skylab, Apollo, LunarLander, and Moon rocks may beviewed.
  5. 5. GERMAN MUFON CONFERENCE REPORT:NEW SCIENTIFIC THEORIES(Editors Note: The Central EuropeanSection of MUFON, German-speakingmembers, held their1978 conference atthe University of Tubingen, Germany.The program schedule was reported inJournal No. 130, September 1978.MUFON-C.E.S. placed a report on theconference in the magazineESOTERA; Hlobrand uon Ludwigerhas provided this translation.Comments for publication are invitedfrom scientists about the theoriespresented. Hlobrand von Ludwigersaddress is D-8152 Feldkirchen-Westerham, G.-Hauptmann-Str. 5,Germany.)The 1978 annualMUFON-CentralEuropean Section-Conference washeld in September at the University ofTubingen, Germany, with presentmembers (30 scientists and engineers).A. Schneider presented asummary of UFO sightings andtransparent fireballs during WW2 overGermany. For example, in 1959 thefollowing account was given by areliable source in Russia: "One of ourpilots flew straight into a fireball. Aninvestigation upon landingrevealed notthe slightest trace of a collision. TheUFO simply expanded shortly beforecollision and allowed the airplane to slipthrough w i t h o u t resistance.Immediately afterwards, the fireballcontracted again and flew on as ifnothing had happened. Strangelythough, the etheral object displayed aclearly intelligent behavior inattempting to evade the planesmachine-gun fire in a wild zigzag flight." On account of such descriptions,many scientists regard the contentionof extraterrestrial origin of UFOsextremely skeptically. It is possible thatinfluences from parallelworlds or otherdimensions are evincing themselves asH. .Malthaner discussed in hiscontribution. Such considerations havebeen especially elaborated by JacquesVallee in his book Passport to Magoniain which the sometimes strikingsimilarities between UFO contacts andfairy stories is noted. J. Keel takes thisastep further in his belief, based on themanifold Psi effects in the vicinity ofUFOs, that the phenomena areparanormally effected.It remains uncontested in spite ofsuch speculations that such flyingobjects have already been sighted byhundreds of thousands of people and insome instances photographed as well.This was illustrated by the filmsobtained from the U.S. AirForce by C.Huffer, a mathematicianin Berlin, andB. Biffiger, a student in Wallis,Switzerland. Though a strip fromMontana showing the flight of twoUFOs (spheres) was already familiar,the BBC film appeared sensational.This strip, which was recentlybroadcast bySwiss Televisionas partofa program dedicated to UFOs, shows around bright white object approaching. a flying Concorde from above. As theUFO reaches the right wing surface,itstops descent and flys slowly past theplanes windows toward the cockpit.After the object, of about one meterdiameter, has passed several windows,it takes off again vertically anddisappears. (MUFON-CES willanalyzethe phases of motion and the relativesize of this flying object and attempt toobtain the original of this film.)Various experts have continuallyraised the question ofwhyUFOsare soseldom sighted on radar screens. Thisis partially due to the fact that UFOsgenerally travel in velocity rangesdifferent from those of normal aircraft.In order to construct a radar devicesuitable for UFO monitoring,a series ofpremises must, according to Dipl.-Phys. H. Brauser, first be clarified: the"monostatic" radar systems of todayare in general unsuitable for UFOsighting. Bistationary systems withseparate .transmitters and receiverswould be much more advantageous.Secondary radar, inuse f&r manyyears,which operates on the "transponder"principle (i.e., which transmits codedmessages and receives the activelytransmitted response ^from theairplane) is not capable of detectingpassive objects. Thus UFOs, whicharenot equipped with transponder^, aresimply suppressed on the radar screenin order not to encumber the flightcontrollers with irrelevant information.Since civil flight control is atpresent not equipped with suitableinstruments for UFO detection, we areas dependent as ever on eye-witnessreports. In an impressive number ofreports, there is talk of strange lightrays whichappear almost solid and aresometimes curved or interrupted andoften stop abruptly in midair. Dr. A.Bucher, a laser specialist fromSwitzerland, treated the topic of theobservation spectrum of such "solidlights" in detail; the rays are usuallycylindrical, hollow, or solid and aredirected from the UFO toward theground, the sky, or the witness.Occasionally they scan thesurroundings and sometimes the raysare slowly advanced and withdrawn.In several cases, the rays alsopenetrated house walls, weatherfences, earthen mounds, or even handsand arms which were put into the pathof the ray. The witnesses noticed astrange prickling sensation andsometimes a slight warmth.Occasionally the rays or invisiblefieldswhich were contained in themappeared to cause strong mechanicaleffects — there are reports of carsbeing stopped, witnesses being thrown(Continued on next page)
  6. 6. (German Conference, Continued)to the ground, or even persons orobjects raised or pulled into the UFO.Electromagnetic disturbances arefound as well in connection with these"Solid Lights."It is remarkable that animals ingeneral show no signs of panic whenexposed to such light phenomena. Onthe other hand, a series ofpsychological and psychic aftereffectsare often observed inhuman witnesses.If one classifies 139 typical casesaccording to the probable purpose ofthese lights, the following pictureresults: in 41 percent of the cases, therays were clearly used as a defensiveweapon in order to prevent closerapproach to the UFO. The rays servedfor inspection in 28 percent and fortransportation in 23 percent of thecases; only in 8 percent of the caseswere aggressive intentionsunmistake-ably observed, whereby the actualreason remained, of course, unknown.Current physics appears incapableof explaining the phenomenadescribed. It can hardly be a matteroflaser radiation in the normal sense,since these always follow straight linesand cant stop in midair. A moreinteresting hypothesis is that of protonbeams as proposed by A. Meessen,professor of theoretical physics at theCatholic University of Louvain,Belgium. Such particlebeams in fact dohave finite lengths depending on theirenergy content. Asa resultofscatteringin the air, however, the beam fans outconically at the end, which effect is notobserved with the "Solid Lights" of theUFOs.In order to produce a beam lengthof 180 m with a diameter of 3 m, anexcitation energy of 170MeV would benecessary. Simultaneouslya currentof30 mAwouldhaveto flow to produce anillumination comparable to that of aneon tube (as was observed forinstance in the Trancas case). If anobserver stands relativelynear the endof such a beam, say at a distance of5m,there remains an energy ofapproximately 22 MeV,which results ina penetration depth of 3.5 mm into theskin. Under these circumstances, thirddegree burns would have to haveoccurred. The calculation becomesdramatic, however, when one looks atPhysicist W. Bucher discussing"solid light" cases.the radiation damage: In one second,the witness wouldhave obtained a doseof 10to 50 million REM —a value whichotherwise occurs only in thermo-nuclear explosions. Radiation dosesofover 500 REM are already sufficient tocause incurabledamage.In view of these quantitativeresults, whose orders of magnituderemain essentially the same onvariation of the assumed input data,proton beams can be ruled out as anexplanation of solid light phenomena.Above all,however, theyleavethe oftenobserved gravitational interactionsunexplained. A light ray which acts as alift and sucks up objects should moreprobably be connected withcontrabaric effects in the sense ofHeims "Unified Quantum FieldTheory."The unbelievable reports on theproperties of the UFO light phenomenacall forth the boldest of speculations.Perhaps, thus the opinion ofDipl.-Phys.I. Brand, the foundations for aqualitative explanation of some of thestrangest of the UFO phenomena canbe derived from several theoreticalconsequences of this new theory. Theworld model according to Heim (a non-linear 6-dimensional quantizedgeometrodynamics), which Branddiscussed in a detailed lecture, is aformalism capable of describing suchvaried phenomena as elementaryparticles, biological, psychological, andparanormal phenomena by cascadesofgeometrical structures and informationlevels within the context of a generallogical calculus.Dipl.-Phys. Burkhard Heim hadalready presented several results ofthis30-year project in Innsbruckin 1978 atthe "Imago Mundi" conference. Thetheory contains Einsteins relativitytheory as well as quantum mechanicsas special cases. Whereas Einsteininterprets the space-time-structure-evolutiori as a consequence of thematter present in the universe, Heimstheory deals with an evolution ofstructure quanta independent ofmatter. The two additional coordinatesare imaginary controllingorganizationsof matter states. These "entelechal"resp. "aeonic" world directions areprinciples in the timelike coordinates ofthe 5th and 6th dimension. Allmaterialbodies are "condensations" of somefundamental metric tensors. Becausethere are only area quanta (metrons)these are not genuine tensors butrather "selectors" according to Heim.Parallel to the metron theorywhich yields a "mass formula" for thecalculation of all the properties ofelementary particles, Heim hasdeveloped a completelygeneral systemof formal logic capable of describingstatements about quantitative relations(i.e., mathematical aspects) as well asthose concerning qualities (organi-zation pattern and information, forexample). Complex concept structureswhich are built up from simple logicalconnectives form so called"metroplexes." These constructs are,so to speak, the continuation ofmaterial structures intothe 5th and 6thdimensions of the world. They arepractically "ideas" or informationpatterns which, although they do notappear directlyinour space, can, undercertain conditions, displace theprobability states therein for statisticalprocesses ifthese condensations of the*5 and X6 structures (gravitons)intersect our space-time. Weexperience such processes, forinstance, as psychokinesis.If such informationpatterns affectthe various metroplexes of an object,then the probability distribution of themacrostructure or microstructure willchange. The very smallenergy required
  7. 7. for such an entropy reduction can, forexample, be extracted from thesurroundings. An advance technology,as to be assumed in the case of UFOs,must be capable of controlling suchphenomena. According to Brand, afuture "metatechnology" should alsopossess the ability of transmittingstreams of information into themetaregion and synchronisticallycoupling them to prescribed similaritystructures. Then projections wouldappear at certain predictable locationsin the space-time continuum whichcould assume the most varied formsand trigger a variety of physical andparanormal effects. If such a"syntropode channel"*were totransferorganization patterns of thesurroundings into which it submergesback to the starting point, one wouldhave an ideal information transfersystem.Some UFOs, according to Brand,could be interpreted as the appearancein our world of the projected tip of aninformational "tentacle" stretchedacross the parallel spaces andoriginating at a position in the cosmosarbitrarily distant from us. Asunconventional as such an explanationmay appear at first sight, it appears allthe more reasonable when we considerthe sometimes bizarre shapes andpatterns reported occasionally of theUFOs and their occupants. Above all,however, the mutability of the formssimilar to Foo-fighters, which becomelarger and smaller and sometimes eventransparent, speaks forthe applicabilityof this theoretically conceivableprojector model to UFO and Psiphenomena.According to this theory it is to beexpected in addition that theinformation patterns projected ontoour space-time will appear, as visibleforms because of the insuppressibleenergy radiation. Naturally such"objects," which would give the illusionof completely solid material bodies,could not be captured or destroyed.Machine gun or cannon shots wouldleave them unaffected. There arenumerous examples of frightenedwitnesses to UFO landings whoshot atthe occupants without their havingtaken the least note-of it.On the other hand it must bepossible on the basis of such"telekinetic technology" to teleport (orabduct) matter. For this it would besufficient to suitably influence thecorresponding organizationvariable ofthe metadimensions. An object underthe influence of the "syntropodechannel" which changes the probabilitystates of matter would, for example,collapse into itself in a fraction of asecond and just as quickly —materially— appear at another location.I. Brand conjectures that UFOscan be either spaceships which cantravel "faster than light" according tothe Heim-Lorentz-transformation in sixdimensional space or stationaryprojector devices or rather shape shipswith projecting apparatus on board.Thus can the often observedphantoms, the melting of solid objects,the vanishing into thin air as well asfireballs and "Solid Lights" beexplained. The syntropode channelsshould also have the unpleasantproperty of affecting the human psycheand triggeringtelepathicphenomena aswell as other parapsychological effects.It even appears conceivable that ithas already been possible elsewhere toinhibit optical and thermaleffects at thenozzle of the "information hose"entering our region to such an extentthat our world could be viewed andlistened into from the other end ("worldtapping") without its becoming knownto us. It could thus be explained, forexample, why UFO formationssometimes appeared on radar screenswithout having been perceivedoptically.To be sure, such possibilitiessmack today sufficiently of the absurd,but we recall the comment ofArthur C.Clarke to the effect that the technologyof tomorrow will hardly bedistinguishable from magic. Whateverthe case may be, there are indicationsfor the validity of the projector theory.After all it is a theoretical consequenceof Heims unified quantum field theory,which to date is the only theory thatpredicts all properties of elementaryparticles such as mass, lifetime, charge,spin, isospin, and strangeness in aunified and completely consistentmanner. The first volumeof the unifiedfield theory of Heim will appear shortlyin English in the Springer series.MUFON103 OLDTOWNE RD.SEGUIN,TX 78155NOTE TO AUTHORSArticles forMUFON UFO Journal should betyped, double-spaced, using paragraph indents.Photographs (glossy), sketches, and otherartwork are welcome. Please use India Ink orother comparable dark ink for sketches anddiagrams. The maximum length is about 4,000words or about 12-13 manuscript (double-spaced) pages. Multi-part articles are notencouraged unlessthe content isofextraordinaryimportance. Shorter articles are always needed.For case reports, please begin with asummary in narrative style. A formal reportoutline is not appropriate for the Journal.Technical matter and documentation can bepresented in tables, charts,or graphs; footnotesand references may be used.Aboveall, the articleshould be readable. Summarize what you arereporting in one or two concise paragraphs, thenelaborate the details in subsequent paragraphs.Use shortparagraphs.A review of paranormal lightphenomena, which can probably findan explanation as well in theframework of the Heim syntrix method,can be found in the conferenceproceedings of MUFON-CES 1977titled "Strahlenwirkungen in derUmgebung von UFOs,"** whichappeared in 1978. It contains allcontributions deliveredin Ottobrunn in1977. Also included are the talks of thenuclear physicist Dr. H. Beck onplasma phenomena in connection withUFOs as well as a paper onphysiological and physical effects ofUFOs by Dipl.-Ing. A. Schneider.The conference proceedings withthe 1978 lectures will appear early in thesummer of 1979. It will containcontributions on modern radarprocedures, a historical study on "foo-fighters," a treatise on "solid lights,"and an exposition of the essentialfeatures of Heims quantum fieldtheory, on which the projectorhypothesis is based. •Syntropodes are designated by Heim ascontinuations of the metroplex structure ofhigher organizational states of the metaregioninto our physical space."Actions of Radiation in the Surroundings ofUFOs."
  8. 8. Mutilation Hearings Held in New MexicoBy Thomas P. Dculey(Editors Note: MUFON has no officialposition as to whether cattlemutilations are in fact related to UFOactivity, but monitors the data andkeeps an open mind on the subject. Atleast some reports have linkedmutilations and UFO sightings byapproximate time and location. Thesteps taken to conduct a morethorough investigation arepraiseworthy. Mr. Deuley attended thehearings and filed this report.)On April 20, 1979, SenatorHarrison Schmitt of New Mexico co-sponsored with Mr. R. E. Thompson,U.S. Attorney for NewMexico, a publichearing on the cattle mutilations thathave occurred in New Mexicoover thepast several years. The hearings wereconducted in the Albuquerque,N.M.Public Library before an audience ofover 200 people. The hearing wasinformal in that it did not have anypower to cause actions. It wassponsored for the purpose ofbringingtogether a wide varietyof persons whohad had experience with cattlemutilations.The speakers came from a widegeographical area and representedjustas wide a variety of backgrounds.Statements were made pro and con asto the existence of a real problem, withthe general •conclusion an apparentneed for much more investigation,cooperation, and coordination. Thescope of the problem was well coveredwith general agreement among theparticipants that some form of positiveaction must be formulated. Just suchplans for positive action wereannounced at the hearing: a requestfora grant from the Law EnforcementAssistance Administration(LEAA) hadbeen made bythe StateofNew Mexico.Within one week of the hearing thegrant was approved allowing for thehiring of a dedicated investigator.8Senator Schmitt opened thehearing with a prepared statementemphasizing his concern thatunpunished criminalacts in the formofanimal mutilationshad no doubt takenplace in New Mexico over the pastseveral years. Hisgreatest concern wasthat because a great many ofthese actshad been perpetrated, leaving no clueas to who may have done this damage,the number of incidents and theamount of damage could rise sharplywithout the public, the rancher, or lawenforcement personnel beingableto doanything about it. Senator Schmittclosed his remarks by expressing thehope that this public hearing woulddefine the scope of the problem andopen the way to a solution of thesebrutal crimes by drawing in theassistance of the FBI, other stateagencies, and agencies from adjoiningstates.Senator Schmitt introduced a listof eleven speakers and solicited theaudience for anyonewho felt theycouldadd to these proceedings. During thecourse of the session, severalindividuals responded to this invitationto speak. The speakers includedUFOresearcher Dr. Richard Sigismond andUFO/mutilation researchers TomAdams, Tommy Blann, and DavidPerkins, all MUFON investigators.There were also veterinarians, lawenforcement personnel, professionalresearch scientists, and those with thegreatest concern, the rancher andIndian officials who have had personalcontact with the mutilations.The UFOand mutilation investigators, and somelaw enforcement personnel, gave someexamples of some of the more bizarrecases. The private researchers eachpledged to make their files and recordsavailable to law enforcementpersonnel,and further each, in general,encouraged vigorous investigation ofthese baffling incidents, which, intheiropinion, seem to defy all reasonableexplanation.One of the thrusts of the hearingwas to show that these crimes are notisolated in New Mexico but are spreadout over manystates.The ideawasthatthis fact alone should require the FBItobecome involved. This wasfound not tobe the legal situation. However, FBIAgent in Charge of the Albuquerqueoffice, Forest Putman, conceded thatdue to the fact that some of themutilations had occurred on Indianlands, the FBI. had jurisdiction toinvestigate and to applytheir capabilityto this mystery.Some professional scientists whohad been officially involvedin mutilationcases pointed out that they had neverseen any evidence that they consideredstrange and that inmost every case themutilations seemed to be the work ofnatural predators. Law enforcementpersonnel and mutilation investigatorscountered this argument with severaldocumented cases that fullyestablished numerous situationsdemanding much more investigation.Mr. Carl W. Whiteside of theColorado Bureau of Investigation wentstatistically through some thirty casesthat his state had investigated. Heconcluded that there were more thanjust a significant number of cases thatremain with no apparent solution. Hewarned that should the FBI and theState of New Mexico decide to puttime, money, and people intoattempting to clear up these crimes,they must accept and appreciate thefact that even a great deal of resourcesmay bring little toward answering thequestions surrounding these cases.Mr.Whiteside further stressed thatbecause so little is known, it isabsolutely necessary to keep an openmind and maintain a willingness toapply imagination, intuition,and a lotof(continued on next page)
  9. 9. (Mutilation Hearings, Continued)very hard work.Senator Schmitt closed thehearing by thanking all of theparticipants for appearing and bysumming up with the hope that thismight be the beginning of a closecooperation among the various state,local, federal agencies, and privateorganizations and individuals, to bringtogether the information necessary tosolve the mutilation crimes.After the hearing, a pressconference was held that allowed for agreat deal of local and state news, andfor some publicity to the effect that atleast one aspect of the UFOphenomena will get an official look.During these proceedings, Mr.John Remming of the New MexicoCriminal Justice Department revealedthat his office had requested $50,000from the LEAA for the purpose oflooking into these crimes. On April 25itwas announced on Albuquerquetelevision that $44,000was granted andthat Mr. Ken Rommel of the Santa FeFBI office was contracted as the statesprimary investigator. Mr. Rommelretired from the FBI on May 25, 1979,and will assume the duties of the statesmutilation investigator the followingweek. He stated that he wouldapproach this investigationjust as hewould any case he had ever worked onin the past; that is, he intends to use thebest available investigative techniquesand instrumentation. When asked ofhis approach to the UFO claim, hestated that if UFO occupants were atfault he would bring them in by theirlittle green ears.Although Mr. Rommel was jokingwith his remark, itmay show signs of hisnot being aware of the advice of Mr.Whiteside, the Colorado investigatormentioned earlier, who warned of thefrustration which anyone investigatingthese cases may have to face. It will beenlightening in the future to hear follow-up statements by Mr. Rommel. Thehearing was interesting, if notnecessarily meaningful to UFOresearch. The outcome of the actionstaken after this hearing will be worthfollowing because they may be the firststeps toward the scientific study ofcontemporary unusual phenomena.UFO POLLDr. Dan J. Duke, psychology professor at Appalachian State UniversityatBoone, N.C., conducted a UFO poll of both male and female students in hispsychology classes in response to this statement: "Some say that UFOs may beextraterrestrial visitations, that is, space probes from other planets inour own orfrom other planetary systems. In my view, this hypothesis..."(1) Cannot possibly be true(2) Is possible, but unlikely tobe true(3) Is possible and a plausibleaccount for UFO sightings(4) Is not only possible, butI believe it is highly likely to betrueFemalesRes. %12 6°/iMalesRes.Combined Res.Res. %86892441%42%11%4 3%57 44% 143 41.9%48 37% 137 40.2%21 16% 45 13.2%211 100% 130 100% 341 100.0% •This poll was completed on December 21, 1978. Dr. Duke is a MUFONmember and a very active member of the North Carolina MUFON stateorganization. Choices two and three were not conclusive;however,when choicefour was added to number three, 53.4% of those polled leaned toward the extra-terrestrial hypothesis as a possible explanationfor UFOs.iMarkR.Herbstritt.stronomyNotesTHE SKY FOR JUNE 1979Mercury — By the end of the monthitcan be seen low in the West, just aftersunset. On the 26th and 27th the Moonmoves eastward past Mercury andJupiter, respectively.Venus — It rises about an hour before. the sun and can be seen with difficultylow in the East at sunrise.Mars — Moving from Aries intoTaurus, itrisesabout 2hours before thesun and is low in the East at sunrise.Jupiter — In Cancer, it is low in theWest at sunset, and sets about 2l/2hours later.Saturn — In Leo, it is well up in theSouthwest at sunset, and sets at aboutmidnight. At the beginning of themonth, the Moon makes a pretty scenewith Jupiter and Saturn, passing 2degrees south of the latter on the 2nd.FIRST LONDONINTERNATIONALUFO RESEARCHCONGRESSThe British UFO ResearchAssociation (BUFORA)issponsoring a2-day International UFO CongressSunday, August 26, and Monday,August 27, 1979, at the Mount RoyalHotel in London. Planned speakersinclude Dr. J. Allen Hynek, J. BernardDelair, and Norman Oliver. About 8main papers or talks will be presented,and there will be displays and abookstall.BUFORA previously sponsorednational conferences at Stoke-on-Trentin 1975, at Birmingham in 1976, and atNottingham in 1978. Now itproposes tohold the first international UFOconference to be convened in England.Its publicity materialstates:"Behind thescenes leading researchers will try tothrash out a common policy onterminology and classification, dataprocessing and software, with a view torecommending a system of standards,that ifendorsed by the Congress,wouldcarry sufficient weight to attractinternational recognition."
  10. 10. POSSIBLE ABDUCTION IN NEW YORK STATEBy Budd HopkinsOn Friday,November 7,1975, twoyoung Brooklyn men (Vincent L.-andJohn D.) drove into the CatskillForestPreserve (about 100milesnorthwest ofNew York City—see map) for an off-season, weekend camping trip. It wasraining heavily when they arrived andthe overnight areas were almostv deserted, abandoned by campers andrangers alike. To keep dry the two menpitched their tent under a rough,wooden picnic shelter, a structure;.., consisting of four columnar supports••?.*... and a high roof.Sometime around 1:00 AM theywere awakened bysounds comingfromthe garbage can. (Afterwards theynoted that they had found themselvesunusually and simultaneously wideawake.) As John prepared to frightenoff the animals presumed to beexploring the garbage, he unzipped thetent and put hisflashlight on the groundoutside; the instant this happened the,. tent interior became darker, and bothmen realized that something akin tomoonlight had been shiningthroughthesemi-translucent tent walls.The men stepped outside but sawnothing. This in itself was unusual sincethere was no animal near the can andno animal tracks anywhere on themuddy ground. (The men had assumedtheir visitor was a raccoon, but fearingthe possibility that it had been a bearthey were anxiouslysearching for tell-tale tracks.) Whilemoving the garbagecan farther away from their tent theyheard a strange "sonar-like sound"passing back and forth above them,which they presumed, in the darkness,to be some kind of bird.They noticed back in the woodsnearby what looked like a "streamlinedcamper-trailer" and which theyimmediately assumed had been thesource of the lights and sounds. Somecampers had arrived, theydecided, andafter a moment John headed into thewoods to get a closer look. Hehad gonebarely a fewyards whenhe realized thatthis was no ordinary camper-trailer; ithad a smooth, irregular shape, a mast atone end with some kind ofspinning unitmounted to it,but most surprising of all,its entire surface appeared to be faintlyluminous. Vincent, who was walkingbehind him, had the same startledreaction at the same time; they trampedback to their shelter and sat down,trying to convince one another that itcould not be what they thought it was."Theres no such thing," John said,"theres no such thing."He was holding the flashlight,which had not been turnedoff, and inanidle swingto his left, illuminated a figurestanding in the woods. This figure,which appeared to be lookingat them,was tall and simplein outline, with twolarge dark "eyes" and a series ofdiagonal slashes or strips on one cheekbeing the onlyinterruptionsinthe clear,undetailed shape. Its surface was alsofaintly luminous.. Thoroughly frightened, Johnswung the flashlight beam around andpicked up three more of the creatures,one of which was apparently in a tree.They were absolutely silent andidentical except that the number offork"Naw Brunswick"cheek stripes" varied. For momentsJohn and Vincent believedthese figureswere some sort ofapparitioncreated byslide projectors, or something like it. Itwas only when the creaturesapproached to within 15 feet that theyrealized they were "more dimensional"Drawing of "wagon-like" object by John D.10
  11. 11. Sketch of landed object by Vinnie L.than a more flat, projected illusionwould be.A state of siege ensued. Thefigures approached and withdrew,approached and withdrew. Theymoved with incredible ease when oneconsidered the dense undergrowth inthe woods. No arms or legs could bediscerned within their closedsilhouettes, and most mysterious of all,each time the flashlight beam fell uponone of the figures it would stop,remaining immobile until the beam wasremoved. One three-striped figurewhich hovered towards the back of thegroup seemed to control the others;when the light beam fell upon it, all theothers were simultaneouslyimmobilized.The two campers were convincedthey were goingto be kidnapped.Later,when Vincent recounted thenightmarish experience, he said, "Ireally thought Iwas goingto die there."Brandishing axes, they built up theircampfire, realizingthat in light and firethey had their only defensive weapon.Their car was parked nearby, perhaps100 feet away, in a cement parking lotthat serviced the picnic area, but bothmen were too afraid to leave thecampfire to make a break for it. FourDuroflame logs had swollen the flamesto dramatic proportions, and after ashort while the mysterious figureswithdrew. John and Vincent hadnoticed earlier that one of thecreatures, way over to their left, hadbeen slowly approaching themaccompanied by an apparentlyhovering flat object that Johndescribedas looking like a small, wheel-lesscovered wagon. Perhaps30inches wideby six feet long, it had several hoopsrunning up across its width, and thesehoops supported what boked like atransparent, plexi-glass type of cover.All of these descriptionsboth men insistare as accurate as theycan remember,though they underlinethe fact that theywere totally petrified during theencounter.John and Vincenthadtransformedthe various picnic tables and benchesaround them into a "kind of Alamo"infront of their tent. When the creatureswithdrew back into the woods, Vincentthrew their possessions into the tent,cut the ropes, and raced down to thecar to start the engine. John remainedunder the picnic shelter at the firesideand prepared to photograph thecreatures which had at this momentbegun to return. Before he had raisedthe camera to hiseye, Vincent shoutedfor him to put it down — "Theyllthinkits a weapon" — and John complied.Everything was now in the car and theywere ready to flee. John dumped somewater on the stack of flaming logs; thefire sputtered out, and at that momentthe figures rushed towards thecampsite.John went down the stairs "six at atime" to the parkinglotbelow, but therewas a problem with the cars engine.Vincent recalls that at first the motoralmost died, then surged forward, "thewheels leaving rubber," but Johnremembers "the battery going dead"and the car not startingimmediately.Above the obviously panickedmemories, it is clear that the car did notperform as it should have. Momentslater,John and Vincent raced out ofthepark, heading for home in a stateapproaching abject terror. John recallsa stretch of road marked by small,Drawing of figure by John D.metal-enclosed glass reflectors downthe center strip: The moment theirheadlights picked up the row ofglowingspots both men nearly cried out inpanic, assuming that their luminoustormentors were still with them.At 3:30 AM they passed throughthe toll barrier at the New York StateThruway, an hour to an hour and aquarter drive from the scene of theirencounter. Since the action had begurrwhen they awoke at roughly.1:00 AM,-.the entire experience had lasted a"minimum of an hour and a quarter.AftermathActing on the correct assumptionthat probably no one would believethen, neither man reported theencounter to the authorities, thoughthey told their parents, their girl friends,and their girl friends parents. BothJohn and Vincent were thoroughlyshaken by what had happened, and inthe week following skipped schoolclasses and more or less remainedindoors. Stella, Vincents fiancee (andpresent wife) told methat he was "whiteas a sheet for days, and Vinnienormallyhas almost an olive complexion." Also,she noticed a day or so after theincident, that on his back there wereseveral diagonal abrasions above oneanother, which straddled his lowerspine. The faint scar marks persist to(continued on next page)11
  12. 12. (N.Y. State, Continued)this day.Johns case is even stranger. Henoticed some days after the event asmall "burning" mark near his navel.Itslowly expanded downwards towardsthe groin, and was consistently painful.As the weeks passed two other similarmarks developed in the same region.Eventually he consulted his doctor, butwithout mentioningthe incidents at thecampsite. By April, 6 months after hisencounter, the condition wassufficiently disturbing for the doctor tosend John to the hospital for tests. A.kidney tumor was suspected. Akidneyspecialist and a dermatologist werebrought into the case. An exploratoryoperation was suggested andeventually cancelled; nothing was everfound to be the cause of the disturbingmarks. John was released after 7 daysand pronounced perfectly healthy.John, like his friend Vincent, is anhonest and direct man of normalintelligence and down-to-earthpracticality. There seems to benothingin any way exotic in his makeup. Yet, atthe urging of his girlfiend Maria, hereluctantly told me of another oddfeature of the months following hisencounter in the Catskill ForestPreserve. He had occasional episodesof absolute clairvoyance. On ashopping spree, for example, he lost hisnew sunglasses. The next day at workhe "saw" the salesman in a stationerystore they had visited pick up theglasses, slip them into a brown claspenvelope, and put them on the thirdshelf from the top behind him. He andMaria returned to the store. Thesalesman who had waited on him wasoff duty and the new man had not heardof any glasses being turned in. "Try thethird shelf," said John, "and see iftheres a clasp envelope. Theyre inthere." And they were.These episodes became lessfrequent, and ultimately ceasedaltogether.EvaluationI have interviewed Vincent and hiswife Stella, and John and his girlfriendMaria, a|l in person. I have interviewedVincents brother-in-law by telephone.There isno doubt inmymindthat thesetwo young men are reporting, to thebest of their ability, what they12experienced. I was able initially tointerview Vincent and John separatelyby telephone, so each told me his storytwice; no important discrepanciesappeared in the accounts — in fact, theseparate versions dovetailed perfectly.Their truthfulnessis beyond question.Also I believe that they probablywere abducted, the abduction takingplace either be/ore they "awoke" intheir tent at the very beginning of thesiege, or afterwards, from their carwhich had difficulties achieving powerfor the escape. The marks on theirbodies, of course, are a strongindication of a probable abduction.Both men independently entertainedthe idea that they were taken, becauseof these physical traces as well assubsequent dreams and apparentflashbacks. Vincent has a recurringimage of himself lying on some sort oftable and looking over his rightshoulder through a round window towhat appears to be earth below. John,while in his hospital bed, experiencedunusual fear when a nurse bent downover him foi a routine check. Onanother occasion he had a flashback ofbeing "picked up," a rare experience,he points out, fora tall man whoweighs245 pounds.. Neither witness is particularlyversed inthe UFO literature.After theirencounter John purchased and readthe Blums Beyond Earth and HyneksThe UFO Experience, while Vincentwas frightened enough not to want tohear or read anything on the subject.Neither man has ever sought publicityof any sort;on the contrary, each insistson complete anonymity. Vincent is anautomobile salesman and John isemployed by a large insurancecompany in Manhattan.Future InvestigationTed Bloecher and I discussed theidea of hypnosis with both men. Eachwants to find out what, ifanything,he ispresumably unable to remember, buteach is afraid of hypnosis per se. Wepostponed any decision in the matterafter offering them the possibility tomeet and talk with .the hypnotistwithout any obligation to undergohypnotic regression, to thistheyappearreceptive.An 6n-site investigation will bemade sometime in the spring of 1979byNORTHERN OHIOUFO SYMPOSIUMSaturday, July 28,1979, marks thedate for the First Annual NorthernOhio UFO Symposium to be held at theLorain Palace Civic Center, 6th andBroadway in Lorain, Ohio. The doorswill open at 12noon for registration anddisplays, with speaking programscheduled from 1:00 to 5:30 p.m.Speakers representing the followingparticipating Ohio groups will makepresentations: Larry Moyers (Akron),MUFON Ohio State Director andFlying Saucer InvestigatingCommittee;Rich Hilberg (Cleveland), NorthernOhio UFO Group; Charles Wilhelm(Fairfield), Ohio UFO InvestigatorsLeague; C.J. Rastetter (Sebring), Tri-County UFO Study Group; and DeanHaslage (Lorain), UFO ResearchCenter.An added feature following thedinner hour will be the showing of themotion picture "2001: A SpaceOdyssey" at 7:15 and 9:15 p.m. Ticketsfor the speaking portion from 1:00 to5:30 p.m. will be $4and may be securedby writing to the UFO ResearchCenter, P.O. Box 593, Lorain, OH44052 or calling (216) 245-1273.Admission to the motion picture isextra.Bloecher and myself,to photograph thelocation and look foranyground traces,since prior to their seeing the glowingobject on the ground, before theyemerged from their tent, they hadheard sounds of tree branchessnapping. Also, we intend to interviewJohns doctors.One very interesting final pointshould be made: This Catskill incidentoccurred in a time of high UFOactivity.Five abduction cases have beenreported within the 13day period fromOctober 27 to November 8, 1975,including both the Travis Walton, andPoland Springs, Maine cases.If either or both of the two menundergo hypnosis there will be a finalreport on this case by thisinvestigator.—December 15, 1978.
  13. 13. KOREAN WAR UFOXBy William D. Leet(Copyright 1979 by William D. Leet)As so many UFOs are reported tobe, this one was really "foxy." To say inthe vernacular that it was "playing"possum" is no exaggeration. The timewas July 18,1952, in the heat of the warin Korea, that I had the privilege towitness the marvel and tremble at itsawesome performance. To this day Iam consoled that other men saw it too,not only because shock, like miseryneeds company, but because of theacute interest in the event by thegovernment...twenty-seven years ago.Tokyo, Japan gets hot in July andTachikawa Air Base, 17 miles to thewest where I was stationed, was evenhotter as the busiest airport in theworld. I recall reporting to the 21stTroop Carrier Squadron Operationsthe morning of July 18 in my cottonkhaki uniform and sweating, notknowing that I soon would be in a coldsweat. My primary duty was in theLegal Office and Idid not flyoften, onlyonce every week or two. Ihad not beenchecked out as aircraft commander onour C-54 Skymaster —a veteran cargoand passenger airplane of WWII andthe Berlin Airlift — and flew this day asco-pilot with Lt. Arblaster on a routinemission with several stops inJapan andKorea, carrying troops, mail, andfreight. I do not remember Lt.Arblasters first name, but recall that hewas a nice looking blond, young fellow,conscientious andeager to accomplishthe mission without a hitch. I dontremember the name of the flightengineer either, but they both sawwhatI saw —and Im sure their names are inthe same folder as mine in a file inWashington. There was anotherwitness to the apparition.We took off from Tachikawa to thesouth, heading toward Oshima, a tinyisland in Tokyo Bay that had a radiobeacon and was the aerial entranceandexit for greater Tokyo. Arblaster wasintent on maintaining a 180 degreecourse, and rate of climbof 500feet perminute. I was monitoring the flightinstruments, and with the engineer theengine instruments, but reveling to bealoft again I was stealing glimpses ofMount Fuji and lower mountainsto thewest. The clouds were in distinctivestrata or layers, and my glance caughtsomething that made me do a "double-take." .In a perfectly smooth layerofcloudI saw a trough. Had Michaelangelosculpted the trough in marble it couldnot have been more symmetrical andclearly defined. It was rectangular butthe lower corners were gently rounded,and in the center was a cloud shapedlike a perfect sphere! But clouds arenever shaped like balls, I knew, andstratus clouds never have geometrictroughs carved in them. Neverthless, Iwas looking at the trough, and theperfect circle the same shade of grey asthe clouds. I should point this out toArblaster and the engineer, Iknew, butdid I really know what I was seeing? Iwas a victim of the UFO-witnessdilemma. Of course I knew what I wasseeing, but what I was looking at wasimpossible. And nobody wants to makea fool of himself. I decided to study theabsurdity for one more completeminute before calling it to the othermens attention.I silently suspended my co-pilotduties and fixed my stare on the out-of-this-world weirdo. Neither the greyglobe nor its delineated troughwavered. During the 60-secondconfirmation, my memory leaped backto November 24, 1944, when my B-17crew and I were accosted by a Foo-Fighter on a Lone .Wolf mission overAustria. Our Army Intelligence, notifiedby flight crews of numerous Fqo-Fighter (UFO) encounters, did not seefit to relay the vital knowledge to of us flying men. One result was theawe and confusion experienced by myB-17 crew and me when the Foo-Fighter joined our plane for a 50-minutefly-a-long. IfIhad permittedthe gunnersto shoot the Foo Fighter, as theywanted to do, it may well have beenimpervious to our 50 calibers whilequite capable of destroying pur FlyingFortress.Another unfortunate result ofIntelligences taciturnity was the lossofany contribution to the understandingof UFOs we mighthave made ifwe hadbeen supplied the information alreadyacquired. Now, 7 years later, althoughIhad learned nothingmore about UFOsthan a vague impression from readingAir Force Regulation 200-2 whichordered us to report them, Iresolved toglean every detail about this unnaturalsphere I was observing.After assuring myself that what Iwas watching was not impossible —that the object was every bit as real andsure as majestic Mount Fuji, andknowing that it was neither man-madenor earthly natural— I pointed it out tothe flight engineer, who was seated nextto me. He studied the object andscooped-out cloud intensely for acouple ofminutes, looked at me saying,"What in the hell is that?," and got backon hisjob. Arblaster was busy as a birddog piloting the big Troop Carrieraircraft, but he glanced at the wonderfor a few seconds, straining to lookacross the engineer and me and out mywindow on the right side of the cockpitwhile holding the Skymaster on aprecise course and climb.At this time, a lieutenant came intothe cockpit and at my indicationwatched the object and took severalpictures of itwitha small camera he wascarrying. He wore navigators wingsand I, not well versed in Troop Carrieroperations, assumed that he was amember of the crew. I asked him for,- and he agreed to let me have, prints of(continued on next page)13
  14. 14. (Korean War, Continued)his photos but I later learned that hewas not on the crew. He was one of the"R & Rs" — men stationed in Koreawho periodically got a fewdays respitein Japan for rest and recuperation —and was a passenger on the flight. Ididnot knowhisname or airbase and neversaw him again, and of course did notreceive prints of the pictures he took,but the image of the apparition isinerasably filmed in my memory.A glance at my watch told me thatwe had been viewing the UFO for 7minutes, during which time it had hungmotionlessly in the center of itsdemarcated trough. Iwas astounded tosee it change its shape! From a circularform it instantly flipped into one thatwas elliptical, just as a magician wouldtransform a basketball into a football!And in the same few seconds of time ittakes to tell you this the UFO flewtoward the west and beyond our rangeof sight! How foxy can you get?Arblaster didntsee the conversionof the UFO and its near-instantaneousflight into disappearance, but Imreasonably certain that the navigatorand engineer saw it with me. Wecontinued our mission, making severalstops at bases inJapan and Korea bothways, and landed at Tachikawa aboutmidnight. The next morning, afterresting and recovering from the tiringmission and uneasy experience, Iwentto Group Intelligence to report theUFO sighting.The reception I got wasone of righteous indignation. "Whydidnt you report the UFO to GroundControl Intercept?" the captaindemanded to know. "GCI scrambles F-94 fighters to intercept UFOs themoment theyre sighted. Why arentyou informed on APR 200-2?" Itold himthat I knew the provisions of theregulation, and that it required flightcrews to report UFO sightings afterlanding.There wasan amendment to200-2,he said, ordering that GCI be calledimmediately if UFOs are sighted. Itoldhim Ihad not seen that amendment, butthe Intelligence officer said that madeno difference — I was bound by itanyway. It had not been distributed butall personnel were required to know itsprovisions. I told him that ifhe wantedto initiate any punitiveaction foundedon such idiocy, to come and see me atthe Legal Office. No more was saidabout that, but Arblaster and theengineer were called in at once. Wewere put at separate desks and told towrite descriptions and draw a diagramof what we had seen. "A board ofgenerals in Washington iswaiting to seethis," the Intelligence officer told us. Iwas the first to finish and, the captainhaving stepped out of the room, lookedover their shoulders to see as well as Icould what Arblaster and the engineerhad done. The diagrams they haddrawn were remarkably similar to mine.I was surprised to see that Arblastersdrawing and mine, showing the spherein the trough, were so alikesince he hadsuch a limited view of it. Ididnt attemptto read their descriptions of the sceneand related action, but noticed thatboth wrote about half a page.I didnt flyon another missionwiththe flight engineer and I dontremember seeing him again. It waswar,there were 7,000 Americans on thebase at Tachikawa; or he could havebeen shuffled off to another base orKorea, or rotated to the States.Two or three nights after thememorable flight, Iwas having a beer atthe Officers Club when Arblasterappeared next to me at the bar. Hewasnot exactly pleased with me. Men inwarare as lavish with rumors as they arewith their money on payday, and arumor must have gotten home to himthat was not too complimentaryof hissanity. I knew how he felt — since ourUFO confrontation some of the smilesin my direction bore an element ofleersand smirks, as though Ihad slippedmytrolley."Why did you want to stir up thishornets nest?" Arblaster demanded ina question that sounded like anaccusation. The expression on his facewas that of a serious man who isundergoing taunts and harassment. Iknow today that the young lieutenantwas enduring the second dilemmaofthe UFO witness: whether he shouldhold true to the realityofhis perception,or hoist the white flag in his ordeal ofderision."We were required to report thesighting," Ireminded him,"and you sawthe same thing the engineer and I saw.Are you saying now that you didnt seeit?Lt. Arblaster had been lookingdown at the bar, but now he wasdirecting his eyes straight at mine and Isensed that he would not retract thetrue statement and diagram he hadmade. Still, I was sorry for him in hislonely quandary. If our sighting hadoccurred today, I could have told himthat the latest Gallup Poll discloses that17 million Americans report seeingUFOs, and Id have supplied muchmore explanatory data. Despite officialefforts over 30 years to conceal thetruth, these facts would have subduedhis conflict. In 1952, unfortunately, myknowledge of UFOs was limited to thelittle gained from the WWIIFoo-Fighterexhibition, so I was not of much help.A benighted policy had done harmto a fine young flying officer, andprobably to others. More damage thanthat was committed. The UFO mayhave been foxy by trying to look like acloud, but there was nothingfoxy in thebeclouded heads that were suppressingUFO intelligence, and obstructing ournations comprehension of thephenomenon.Mark R. HerbstrittstronomyNotesTHE SKY FOR JULY 1979Mercury — On the 3rd, it isat greatestelongation east (26 degrees) at whichtime it stand about 17 degrees abovethe western horizon at sunset. It makesan interesting configuration withJupiter and several bright stars. By theend of the month,, it is at inferiorconjunction.Venus — Though technically amorning "star," it is too close to thehorizon to be seen.Mars — It is movingeastward throughTaurus, between the Hyades and thePleiades at the beginningof the month,and 5 degrees north of Aldebaran onthe 10th. It rises about 3 hours beforethe sun and is well up in the east atsunrise.Jupiter — Early in the month it can beseen very low in the west after sunset.Saturn —In Leo, it is lowinthe west atsunset and sets a few hours later.14
  15. 15. DID RADAR TRACK HILL UFO?By Patricia McMahon(Editors Note: Ms. McMahon is aMUFON Field Investigator Trainee inAnnapolis, Maryland. She submitted awell-researched 13-page reportreviewing the evidence in the famousBetty and Barney Hill abduction caseof September 19, 1961.1The two keypieces of evidence supporting the case,she says, are the Marjorie Fish starmap2and a radar tracking thatcoincides with the sighting. We haveexcerpted her comments about thelittle-known radar sighting and herconclusions.)The second key piece of evidencesupporting the reality of this incident isa USAF radar tracking of anunidentified target which apparentlycoincided in time and place with theHills visual sighting.Books, magazines,and one television movie so far havecommented on the Hill sighting.Yet, Iknow of only one media reference tothe radar tracking. It is, perhaps, themost neglected aspect of this incident.A television dramatization of thissighting appeared on the NBC networka few years ago. A couple of monthsprior to its appearance the NationalEnquirer printed an article concerningthis movie and the Hills sighting. Thefollowing statement was made:NBC-TV takes no position on theauthenticity of the Hills claimed experience.But it points out that in 1970 the Air Forcereleased confirmation ofradar trackings of aUFO which was believed to have landed inthe White Mountains at the very moment theHills were driving through the area — andwhich was later picked up on radar takingoff.3It is this statement that first informedme of the radar tracking, and it is theonly time I have ever seen the radartracking mentioned in any publication.If one visits the Blue Book files,however, one will find that the Hillsighting did coincide in time and placewith an airborne radar unit trackingofan unidentified blip. But this is allthat issaid about the radar report. Nothingfurther concerning the maneuvers ornature of the radar target is recorded inthe Blue Book files. This is extremelyinadequate. But then, so is. the AirForce conclusion that the radar echowas the result of atmospherictemperature inversion. Whiletemperature inversions are known tocause radar beams to strike the groundand return false signals, the anomaliesare well known to radarmen. There areprocedures used to check suchspurious .targets.4In this case where the radar targetwas viewed visually, temperatureinversion is not a factor. Certainly,it isnot a coincidence that the radar UFOand visual UFO occurred simultane-ously. Indeed, the visual sightingconfirms the radar tracking and viceversa. The visual sighting is not relatedto any atmospheric phenomena. As asafety check, I would like to havereviewed the radar report myself.However, as I have mentioned, it is notto be found in the Blue Book files.I have looked elsewhere fordocumentation on this radar trackingwithout success, even goingso far as tocontact the.executive producer of theUFO INCIDENT/the television moviementioned previously. When I read inthe May 1978 MUFON UFO Journalthat the Air Force has not releasedUFO sightings that have generatedCIRVIS reports, Iinquired anew.5Sincethis was a military radar sighting of aUFO, it seemed likely to havegenerated a CIRVISreport. I wrote tothe Air Force Chief of CommunityRelations on November 19, 1978,inquiring about the nature of CIRVISreports and their classified status. Ialsoasked if this particular sightinggenerated a CIRVIS report.On December 13, 1978, ColonelAlbert W. Schumann, Deputy Chief ofCommunity Relations, replied in part:Communication Instructions for ReportingVital IntelligenceSightings (CIRVIS) reportsare used to document various sightings ofunexplained or unusualevents; thus they aresometimes started by UFO sightings.CIRVIS messages report information of vitalsignificance to the security of the United1States and Canada and their forces, which inthe opinion of the observer, require veryurgent defensive and/or investigative actionby the Armed Forces. Due to their sensitivenature, many CIRVIS reports are classifiedand not released to the public.Unfortunately, I am unable to explain themissing radar report in the Blue Book filesthat you checked. As you suggested, thesighting in Lincoln, New Hampshire, mayhave generated a classified CIRVIS report. Ifso, it will now be impossible to determinesince the North American Air DefenseCommand (NORAD) purges its files everythree years, and the sighting in Lincolnoccurred 17 years ago.This reply leads one to believe that thecomplete set of details on this radartracking are no longer in .existence.However, the fact remains that asimultaneous radar tracking isdocumented in the Blue Book files.In ConclusionFor the past 30 years UFOresearch has been bogged down inarguments over .which of asuperabundance of theories mostplausibly accounts for the UFOphenomenon. It is not possible todecide which theory holds the answersuntil each is tried and tested in theconventional scientific manner that hasserved mankind so well in thistechnological age. It is time, therefore,for each and every UFO researcher toturn his attention to seeking evidenceacceptable for scientific study of thisphenomenon.For example, here is the Hillsighting. Two key pieces of(continued on next page)15
  16. 16. I"By Ann DruffelUFOs AND APPARENT SIZEBy P. Wayne Laporte(Once again our guest writer from NorthCarolina, Wayne Laporte, offers a concisesolution to a problem faced by all UFOinvestigators. It is a problem, too, whichpuzzles most UFO witnesses.—AD)One of the important items that aUFO investigator should determineduring an interview is the UFOs"apparent size." This differs from "truesize" in that it is an estimation of, theangular size of the object, as seen fromthe witness viewing position.Knowledge of apparent size helpsthe investigator mentallyvisualize howbig the object looked to the witness andalso may enable calculation of theUFOs true size. The following formulacan be used to calculate the actuallength or diameter of the UFO:UFO length = (.009235) times(UFO distance) times (K)."UFO distance" is line-of-sightdistance to the UFO. "K" isthe ratioofthe objects apparent size relativeto theapparent size of the full moon. Thisformula is derived from the basicformula relating proportional distanceswith .009235 being the constant derivedby dividing the moons diameter of2,160 miles by its distance of 238,857miles.The UFO, distance is determinedby dividing the distance to that spot onthe ground over which the UFO wasseen by the cosine of the angle of- elevation of the UFO. Determining theground distance is frequently aproblem, because most people cannotaccurately estimate line-of-sightdistances. However, it may be that thewitness was able to establish the UFOas being over a specific object on theearth. For example, the UFO mayhavepassed low over an electricaltransmission tower or cast a light on abuilding.16It may be that two witnesses at twonearby locations sawthe same object atthe same time. If so, ground distancecan then be calculated by triangulation.Triangulation is accomplished bymeasuring azimuth bearings(horizontal compass readings) to theUFO from both sightinglocales. Thesebearings are then plotted on a scalemap ofthe area. Where the plottedlinesintersect isthe point on the ground overwhich the UFO was seen. Next, scalethe distance to this point and dividethescaled distance by the cosine of theelevation angle to determine line-of-sight distance.Determining "K" can also be aproblem. Many witnesses will mentallyrecall an apparent size image largerthan it actually was. It is important topoint out that the apparent size of thefull moon at zenith isonly as large as anaspirin tablet held at arms length.To illustrate the concept of"apparent size" to a witness, hold anaspirin tablet out at arms length andcompare it to an object on a table orhanging on a wall.The next step is to hand anapparent size chart (See Figure A) tothe witness, preferably at the actualscene ofthe sighting. Pointout the scalesize drawing of the full moon. Ask thewitness to select the appropriatesilhouette of the UFO. Then have thewitness hold . out the appropriatesilhouette at arms length and select thesize which just covers the apparent sizeof the UFO he is reporting.After the witness selects thecorrect silhouette size, measure it witha metric ruler. Then determine K bydividing measured size by 9mm(diameter of aspirin tablet). Forexample, if the measured size is 27,then K is 3 (27mm-:-9mm).If the UFOs apparent size islargerthan the biggest silhouette, have thewitness hold a tape measure at armslength. Ask him to pull tape out while atthe same time mentally recalling theapparent size of the UFO.At best, the calculated true size isonly an approximation. The azimuth,elevations, and apparent size are after-the-fact estimations. The final resultwill, therefore, also be an estimation.But it may indicatewhether the witnesssaw a UFO the size of a smallplaneor a747 jetliner.(Hill Case, Continued)independent evidence support thehypothesis that Betty and Barneyencountered extraterrestrials. Theradar tracking confirms the visualsighting, and the star map confirmstheabduction. Now, if the extraterrestrialhypothesis iscorrect wemust be able tofind much more supportive evidence.This must be found through furtherinvestigation of UFO sightings ingeneral.(Ms. McMahon then propses severalareas of investigation that would makeor break the extraterrestrialhypothesis: similar cases of amnesiaand possible abduction, reportedelectromagnetic and other vehiclefailures, type of UFOs vs. type ofactivity, and studies leadingtoward theability of investigators to arrive at thesite while a UFO is still there.-Editor)REFERENCES1. Fuller, John G., The Interrupted Journey(Berkley MedallionBooks, N.Y.), 19742. Dickinson, Terrence, "The Zeta ReticuliIncident," Astronomy, December .1974 (reprintavailable through UFORI, Box 502, Union City,CA 94587)3. Pratt, Bob, and Granville Toogood, "Aboard aFlying Saucer," National Enquirer, August 19,19754. Battan, LouisJ., Radar Observes the Weather(Doubleday & Co., N.Y.), 19625. Druffel, Ann, "The Importance of the Past,"MUFON UFO Journal, No. 126,May 1978
  17. 17. FIGURE A — UFO APPARENT SIZE AT ARMS LENGTHCHARTBefore showing chart to witness, first have witness sketch UFO. Then have witness hold this chart at arms length. Point out size of full moon onchart. Ask witness to select correct size of UFO, keeping in mind size of full moon. If object is not shaped like any of objects illustrated, havewitness 1) select triangle which hasthe nearest base length; 2) then nearest height of object seen by witness. Then measure these lengths with ruler.Reconstruct UFO using these two measurements and sketch in details.FIGURE A17
  18. 18. UFO TECH NOTEPROFESSIONAL COURTESYBy John SchuesslerIn a recent news publication Dr.Frank Press, science advisor to thePresident of the United States, waspleading for more emphasis on newscientific developments, more fundingfor scientific research, and arecognition of the necessity forscientific leadership in the world today.His plea was soundly based. Thenumber of U.S. patents issued per yearto U.S. inventors reached a peak in1971, and has declined steadily since.Inthe past 10years there has been almostno growth in the research anddevelopment field. In 1975, Americasprivate industry actually employed43,000 fewer scientists than it did in1970.One of the problems identified byresearchers was the intolerance ofindividual scientists, writers, andpoliticians for the individuals that dareto expound on new and innovativeideas. The "if it wasnt invented here, itcant be invented" philosophy hasstopped or at least delayed vastprojects. This problem isnt limited toenergy, transportation, and medicalresearch alone. It has beeninstrumental indelayingsolutions to theUFO problem. Too few are the voicesurging inventiveness in the UFO field.Stanton T. Friedman has continuallyreminded us that new inventions arecreated by doing things differently. AndDr. J. Allen Hynek has soprofoundlystated that "there will be a 21st centuryscience...." Nevertheless, mostindividuals with new ideas andtechniques concerning UFOs are notstopped by the limitations of ourscience; rather by the pressures oftheirpeers, the fears ofdamaged reputationsif they dare to be different, and the lossof income if they do not recant.Over the past few months I havenoticed articles in fine magazines suchas Newsweek and Omni that havecompletely failed in taking a scientific18look at the phenomena. Instead theyhave, sometimes withtongue-in-cheek,put down the researchers and thewitnesses, and contributed nothing tofinding a solution. Through theapplication of professional courtesy,perhaps something of value could havebeen the result.The solution to this problem seemsto be one of personal approach to thesituation. An article in the McDonnellDouglas engineering publicationTechnical Idea Exchange sums it upvery well. The remainder of this TechNote provides a quotation from thatarticle, with comments in parenthesesby the author.Traditionally, the term professional courtesyhas been used to designate gratis servicesamong those who practice medicine.I thinkthe meaning of the term should bebroadened. Even though engineers andscientists may not perform free services forone another the same way physicians do(except in the UFO field), they also need aform of professionalcourtesy. Iam speakingof a public demonstration of mutual respectfor one another.No individual possesses infinite wisdom ortias been endowed with universalknowledge. Therefore, exhibitions ofprofessional arrogance are unwarranted andshould not be tolerated. Yet publicindignities and discourtesies do occur, suchas the calculatedly embarrassing questionaddressed to a speaker and the patronizingorflippant response to a legitimate question.F u r t h e r m o r e , i n t r a - p r o f e s s i o n a lundercutting seems to be tacitly acceptablein some areas. And inter-organizationalrivalry and petty interpersonal sniping arereflected by explicit or implicit attitudesexpressed in self-serving remarks.Professional courtesy should not be aritualistic repetition of "Please" and "Thankyou," but an expression of respect, or atleast an honest acknowledgement of theideas, labors, or even the basic individualityof others. A willingnessto listen, especiallywhen others appear wrong,isan integral partof communication; it should be practicedamong professionals as a matter of course.No idea or person should be written offwithout adequate audience.I think we can all agree that technicalarrogance serves ho one and thatmannerisms of insult, insinuation, orantagonism are counterproductive.Certainly, they preclude objective evaluationof people and ideas and hampertechnological progress. Such attitudesrepresent a waste of energy, a waste whichwe can ill afford.I UFONEWSCLIPPINGSERVICE 11The UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICEwill keep you informed of all the latestUnited States and World-Wide UFOactivity, as it happens!Our service wasstarted in 1969, at which time wecontracted with a reputable. international newspaper-clippingbureau to obtain for us, those hard tofind UFO reports (i.e., little knownphotographic cases, close encounterand landing reports, occupant cases)and all other UFO reports, many ofwhich are carried only in small town orforeign newspapers."Our UFO Newsclipping Serviceissues are 20-page monthly reports,reproduced by photo-offset,containing the latest United States andCanadian UFO newsclippings, withour foreign section carrying the latestBritish, Australian, New Zealand andother foreign press reports. Alsoincluded is a 3-5 page section of"Fortean" clippings (i.e. Bigfoot andother "monster" reports). Let us keepyou informed of the latest happeningsin the UFO and Fortean fields."For subscription information andsample pages from our service, writetoday to:UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICERoute 1 — Box 220Plumerville, Arkansas 72127
  19. 19. Lucius FarishIn Others WordsA report in the March 27 issue ofNATIONAL ENQUIRER states thatthe Soviet Academy of Sciences hasasked Russian citizens to report allunusual sky phenomena directlyto theAcademy for study and evaluation.(See related articleinthisisue—Editor.)Another article tells of the manystrange events which allegedly havetaken place in the "Triangle of theDamned" along the Adriatic coast ofsouth-central Italy. A short feature inthe ENQUIRERS April 3 issue reportsthat more than 7,000 letters to theWhite House, protesting NASAsrefusal to investigate UFOs, have beenignored. Dr. James Harders researchon UFO abductees is presented in theApril 10 issue. Dr. Harder claims thatmany people have had multipleabduction experiences sincechildhood, with the memories of suchexperiences blocked out of thepersons mind. The April 17 issuereviews Kenneth Arnolds famous"flying saucers" sighting of June 24,1947.The April 3issue ofTHE STAR hasa report on a UFO film taken nearPease Air Force Base, N.H., which issimilar to the much-publicized NewZealand UFO film. The first installmentof excerpts from Raymond E. Fowlersnew book, THE ANDREASSONAFFAIR, begins in the April 10 issue.This is the detailed account of allegedexperiences with UFO occupants, astold by Betty Andreasson.The "UFO Update" column ismissing from the April issue of OMNI,so it is uncertain whether or not thisfeature will appear in future issues.However, the April issue doescontain afeature on UFO photographs, severalof which are dubious, at best.An article by E. A. March in theApril issue of FATE suggests thatwitnesses to UFO "close encounters"may be enchanted—literally! That is,the energy emitted by UFOs mightcause the percipient to lapse into atrance-like state of alteredconsciousness. Wendelle C. Stevensarticle in the May issue of FATE dealswith some 1977 UFO events in thevicinity of Tucson Arizona, involvingUFO occupants, "mystery heli-copters," etc. Stevens articles arealways well worth reading.Readers who may have purchasedcopies of French researcher JeanBastides book, LA MEMOIRS DESOVNI, DES ARGONAUTES AUXEXTRATERRESTRES, (mentionedinaprevious issue) are advised that M.Bastide has available a list of "Errata"for that book. Copies may be obtainedfrom himat: 5, avenue Maurice Blondel,13100 Aix-en-Provence, France.Lynn E. Catoes UFOs ANDRELATED SUBJECTS: AN ANNO-TATED BIBLIOGRAPHY, originallypublished in 1969, isnow availableagainin a hardcover edition from GaleResearch Co., Book Tower, Detroit, MI48226 ($24.00). This is definitely one ofthe better bibliogfaphies that has beencompiled and it has been updated tosome extent by the inclusion of KayRodgers UNIDENTIFIED FLYINGOBJECTS: A SELECTED BIBLIO-GRAPHY, which was published by theLibrary of Congress in 1976. The Galereprint edition has a new Introductionby Leslie Shepard and is veryattractively presented. The pricetag isabit steep, but the book is a valuableresearch tool for persons desiring tolearn just what has been published onthe many and varied aspects ofUfology.MUFON—NC.TRAININGCONFERENCEThe Tarheel UFO Study Groupwill be the host for the Third AnnualMUFON of North Carolina TrainingConference to be held Saturday andSunday, July 14 and 15, 1979 in theActivity Room of the Hanes Mall SearsRoebuck store in Winston-Salem, N.C.Registration will open at 10 a.m. withthe speaking program starting at 12:30p.m. on Saturday and concluding at5:00 p.m. for the supper break.Speakers during the afternoon sessionwill be Nolie L. Bell, President ofTUFOSG; Wayne Laporte; and Dr. J.McCormick. The evening session from6:30 to 9:15 p.m. will feature GeorgeFawcett, State Director for N.C.; SamJacobson on "Sound Encounters"; andRay Rhein on "Spaceships of Ezekiel".The Sunday afternoon programwill start at 1:00 p.m. with Sgt. E.G.Baker of the Winston-Salem PoliceDepartment discussing "The Polygraphand its Uses and Limitations." He willbe followed by Dr. R. Nash on thesubject of"Hypnotism, a Special Tool."From 3 to 4 p.m., an analysis of fake orhoaxed UFO photographs will beshown. On the social side of theconference, a reception will be heldSaturday evening at the home of Mrs.Jayne Ware at 10p.m., and on Sundayafternoon at 4:45 p.m. a picnic supperwill be hosted by Mrs. Mary Ann Bell.All APRO, MUFON and NICAPmembers are invitedto this conferencefrom North Carolina and the adjacentstates, and encouraged to bringinterested visitors.19
  20. 20. DIRECTORS MESSAGE byWaltAndnisMUFONs Tenth Annual UFOSymposium will be a memorable eventin the livesof those who attended whenthis message is read by Journalsubscribers. It is appropriate that ourtenth symposium also marks the firstdecade of the Mutual UFO Network,Inc. Some of the new high pointsestablished this year are (1) largestgroup of speakers, (2)largest and mostcomprehensive Symposium Pro-ceedings (226 pages), and (3)attendance exceeding that of any priorMUFON UFO symposium andprobably the largest ever conducted ofthis nature in the world.The successofthis symposium must be attributed tothe terrific and dedicated work of theNorthern California MUFON groupheaded by their Committee Chairman,Tom Gates, and his close associatesJames M. McCampbell, Paul Cerny,and Stanton Friedman. Many othersserved in various capacities on the.symposium committee, for which weare indebted. These industrious peoplewill be acknowledged in the Augustissue of the Journal, which will featurethe 1979 MUFON UFO Symposium forthose of you who are unable to attend.Mr. Jean Bastide, 5 AvenueMaurice Blondel, 13100 Aix-En-Provence, France, has been appointedas a Liaison Representative for France.He has specialized in French humanoidcases and isthe author of the book "LaMemoire Des Ovni," printed inFrench.Jean has been a frequent contributor tothe MUFON UFO Journal during thepast few years. Paul B. Jackson, Box1310N, G.P.O., Hobart, Tasmania7001, Australia, has volunteered toserve as our State Representative forTasmania. Paul has been active as headof the Tasmanian UFO InvestigationCentre and a MUFON member since1974.Brent M. Rayries, former StateDirector for Maine, has beenreassigned as the State SectionDirector in Tennessee for Wayne,Hardin, Decatur, Perry, Lewis, andLawrence counties. Brent now lives atRoute 1, Box 66, Waynesboro, TN38485, and may be contacted bytelephone at (615) 722-9422. Heoriginally joined MUFON inJune 1972,being interrupted by a tour in the U.S.Navy. Don B. Burns, 607 NorthArmour, Wichita, KS 67206, has beenappointed State Section Director forSedgwick and Harvey counties inKansas, workingwith Stanley J. Fouch,9714 EnsleyLane, Leawood, KS 66206,who is the State Director. Don may bereached by telephone at (316) 682-9187.Clive 6. DeLong, 903 Vincent Place,Pflugerville, TX 78660, has volunteeredhis talent as a Consultant inPhysics andPolygraph Examiner. Mr. DeLongreceived an M.A. in Physics from theUniversity of Texas. He has heldnumerous high level positions in theaerospace industry where his primeinterest is devoted to the gathering ofintelligence, analysis, and UFOpropulsion systems.Neil Bockman, 511 Apodaca Hill,Santa Fe, N.M. 87501, has become notonly a Field Investigator, but also aResearch Specialist on AnimalMutilations, teaming up with DavidPerkins, State Section Director inColorado, to form AMP (AnimalMutilations Probe).It is with extreme sorrow that weannounce the passing of William E."Bill" Danielon April 7,1979, at the ageof 50. A subscriber to SKYLOOK andthe MUFON Journal since itsinception, Bill worked via telephoneand correspondence with all reputableUFO groups, but will probably bemissed the most by his close associatesin Dallas -^ Bill Dexter, John O.Williams, and Stan Ferguson. His.extensive UFO library will be donatedto one of the major UFO organizationsby his parents in memory of Bilj.We thank the following foreigncorrespondents who have submittedUFO sighting reports from theircountries. A consistent contributor hasbeen Ignacio Darnaude, ManuelSiurot,3 Bloque 3 in Seville, Spain, over thepast fewyears withthe most materialinSpanish. A relatively new organizationin Italy has sent us Italian UFOStatistics published in Englishby"LimitScientific Research Center Pioneer,"Via Cardinale Garampi n. 184, 00167Rome, Itaiy. The Director is MassimoPigliucci, and the Contributors areMarco Gilardi and Antonio DiGiovanni.Their reports covered the period fromOctober 27 to December 19, 1978.As announced in the June issueofthe Journal, a closed meeting was heldon June 23 and 24th with Alain Esterle,Ph.D., the new head or chief ofGEPAN(Groupe dEtudes des PhenomenesAerospatiaux Non-identifies) fromFrance during the visit in Houston.GEPAN is the UFO study organizationwithin CNES (Centre NationaldEtudes Spatialies), the Frenchequivalent of NASA in the= UnitedStates. A separate article is includedinthis issue of the Journal covering thissignificant cooperative venturebetween GEPAN,MUFON,and VISIT.The 1979 MUFON UFOSymposium Proceedings are availableafter July 15th by sending a check orpostal "money order payable in U.S.funds for $8.00 in the U.S.A. and $9.00in all other countries to MUFON, 103Oldtowne Road, Seguin, Texas 78155U.S.A. (Texas residents should include4% State Sales Tax.)MUFON103 OLDTOWNE RD.SEGUIN, TX 78155