The MUFONUFO JOURNAL(USPS 002-970)103 Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, Texas 78155RICHARD HALLEditorANN DRUFFELAssociate EditorLEN STRI...
INDIANA SIGHTINGSby Charles L. Tucker1(MUFON State Director)On January 8, 1979, Mr. MarionRitchie and his wife viewed a UF...
(Indiana, Continued)Jims brother Paul was walkingwith him,and he said he thought thatitwas just a jet because ofthe loud n...
TWO VEHICLE EFFECT CASES FROM AUSTRALIABy Keith BasterfieldFebruary 1979 brought twosimilarvehicle effect cases only 4 day...
ANOTHER "BORDERLINE"UFOBy Wayne LaPortcIn the past year and a half therehave been many reports of "borderlineUFOs," that i...
white (3)blinking redwhite (3) blinking redArmy helicopter flightformation flight UFO illusion(Borderline, Continued)was d...
HIGH STRANGENESS GROUND TRACE REPORTSBy Ted PhillipsAfter a longand critical look at the 1,477 ground trace reports onfile...
BEINGS OBSERVED IN A QUASI-LANDINGATBEAUSOLEIL*(Investigation by Anne-Marie andPhilippe Maissa, Theirry Leplat, andEric Zu...
(BeausoleU, Continued) < •it. It was at this moment that, heuncovered in part a second"personage," likewise seated, whomth...
Book ReviewThe New Soviet Psychic Discover-ies, by Henry Gris and William Dick(Prentice-Hall, Inc.,) $10.95.The National E...
Figure AFigure Bit"Figure C£I I I • I I I I IWist Virginil UFO; Octobtr 24. 1970Figure DFigure E(California Report, Contin...
MUFON-NC THIRD ANNUAL TRAINING CONFERENCEBy George D. FawcettMUFON of NorthCarolina held itsthird annual training conferen...
George Fawcett, MUFON-NCState Director Cphoto: DennisBeck)Ray Rhein, retired engineer(photo: Dennis Beck)(N.C, Continued)W...
PRESERVING THE UFO LITERATURE: A STATUS REPORTBy William E. Jones(MUFON Field Investigator)Over the past 30 years or so th...
LETTERSPhotomultiplierEditor,In the September issue (No. 139)Russ Reardon discussed the use of aphotomultiplier, which he ...
(Directors Message,. Continued)800 still color and black and whitephotographs of UOs, seven differentsegments of 8mm movie...
Lucius ParishIn Others WordsThe October 30 issue ofNATIONAL ENQUIRER reports on aMexican housewife who claims to be incont...
DIRECTORSMESSAGE byWalt Andrus"UFO Technology, A DetailedExamination" has been selected as thetheme for the 1980 MUFON UFO...
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Mufon ufo journal 1979 12. december


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Mufon ufo journal 1979 12. december

  1. 1. The MUFONUFO JOURNALNUMBER 142 DECEMBER 1979Founded 1967.OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF JtfC/^OJV/ MUTUALUFO NETWORK, INC.,$1.00WHITE LIGHTS RED LIGHTUFO sighted by Cathy Wilfong and Cindy Bridges,Greenfield, Indiana (See story, p. 3)
  2. 2. The MUFONUFO JOURNAL(USPS 002-970)103 Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, Texas 78155RICHARD HALLEditorANN DRUFFELAssociate EditorLEN STRINGFIELDAssociate EditorMILDRED BIESELEContributing EditorWALTER H. ANDRUSDirector ofMUFONTED BLOECHERDAVE WEBBCo-Chaimien,Humanoid Study GroupPAUL CERNYPromotion/PublicityREV. BARRYDOWNINGReligion and UFOsLUCIUS PARISHBooks/Periodicals/HistoryMARK HERBSTRITTAstronomyROSETTA HOLMESPromotioiVPublicityTED PHILLIPSLanding Trace CasesJOHN F. SCHUESSLERUFO PropulsionNORMA E. SHORTDWIGHT CONNELLYDENNIS HAUCKEditor/Publishers EmeritusThe MUFON UFO JOURNAL ispublished by the Mutual UFONetwork, Inc., Seguin, Texas.Subscription rates: $8.00 per yearin the U.S.A.; $9.00 per yearforeign. Copyright 1979 by theMutual UFO Network. Secondclass postage paid at Seguin,Texas. POSTMASTER: Send form3579 to advise change ofaddress toThe MUFON UFO JOURNAL,103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, Texas78155.LFROM THE EDITORAn appropriate New Years resolution for all of us would be to"clean up our act" — to be more thorough, and critical in ourinvestigations of and reporting on "high strangeness" UFO casesinparticular, and UFO reports ingeneral.To some degree, both AllanHendry and James Oberg are correct intheir criticismsofrank-and-file "ufology." Both, however, paint with a broad brush and seemunable — or unwilling — to recognize competent work by others.Oberg, especially, uses the excesses of irresponsible orincompetent investigators to brand us all. Without consideringmotives, it must be stated that what they say is grounded in fact.Careless, incompetent, incomplete, uncritical investigation andreporting abound in the field. Ifwe hope to be taken seriously, wemust upgrade the quality of our work and set exacting standards oftruth and accuracy.In this issueINDIANA SIGHTINGS 3By Charles L. TuckerTWO VEHICLEEFFECT CASES FROM AUSTRALIA 5By Keith BasterfieldANOTHER "BORDERLINE"UFO 6By Wayne LaPorteSPANISH AIRLINER CASE (News) 7HIGH STRANGENESS GROUND TRACE REPORTS 8By Ted PhillipsBEINGS AT BEAUSOLEIL, FRANCE 9By Centrede Recherches Ufologiques NicoisBOOK REVIEW ("The New Soviet Psychic Discoveries") 11CALIFORNIA REPORT 12By Ann Druffel (Guest columnist Willard D. Nelson)MUFON-N.C. 3rd ANNUAL TRAINING CONFERENCE 14By George D. FawcettPRESERVING THE UFO LITERATURE:STATUS REPORT 16By William E. JonesLETTERS 17IN OTHERS WORDS 19By Lucius ParishDIRECTORS MESSAGE 20By Walt AndrusThe contents of The MUFON UFO JOURNAL atedetermined by the editor, and do not necessarilyrepresent the official position of MUFON.Opinions ofcontributors are theirown,and donot necessarily reflectthose of the editor,the staff, or MUFON. Articles maybeforwarded directly to MUFON.Permission is herby granted to quote from this issueprovided not more than 200 words are quoted from anyone article, the author of the article is given credit, andthe statement "Copyright 1979 by the MUFON UFOJOURNAL, 103 Oldtowne Rd, Sequin, Texas" isincluded.
  3. 3. INDIANA SIGHTINGSby Charles L. Tucker1(MUFON State Director)On January 8, 1979, Mr. MarionRitchie and his wife viewed a UFO oncounty road 138 right in back ofFairfield High School, Indiana, for acontinuous 5 minutes. Mr. Ritchie is aresident of Rome City, Indiana, and anemployee of Starcraft Industries inTopeka, Indiana. He knows he viewedsomething he had never seen in his life— an unidentified flying object.Mr. Ritchie, a credible man in hiscommunity, viewed a cylinder-shapedobject over an open held about 50 feetfrom the road with lights of white, redand green. At first he thought it was awater tower, but as he drove under theobject he knew it couldnt be. The timewas around 8:00 PM.When I interviewed him onFebruary 1,1979, Mr.Ritehie describedthe cylinder as being 15 feet long andhovering about 75-100 feet from theground. The lightssuddenly became sointense that it was hard for Mr. Ritchieto tell what the object reallywas. As thelights grew brighter and brighter, theobject zipped off into the cold clearnight. As Mr. Ritchieand his wife droveoff, they were silent at first, then brokeinto laughter and exclaimed that no onewould ever believe what they had justviewed.During the interview Mr. Ritchiestated, "No wayam Itryingto hoax this.I know what I seen and I feel it wasdefinitely a UFO."On November 8,1978, Mrs. CathyWilfong and her sister Mrs. CindyBridges viewed a UFO nearGreenfield,Indiana. You could say they had verygood proof that they did see somethingunidentified by the large imprint, about140 feet long, that was left in theirsoybean field in the back of their home.It was around 9:00 PMwhen Cindywent out to get some firewood, whenshe noticed a big fiery light coming•down towards the soybean field. Whenshe went to investigate what the objectwas, she becamefrightenedand startedscreaming for Cathy to come out andlook at this thing that was comingdowntowards the field. Cathy knewsomething was wrong when she heardthe screaming and her dog, Babe,barking wildly. When she saw theobject coming down she couldntbelieve it.Although frightened, Cathy ran tothe garage to gether camera. When shecouldnt find her camera she ran intothe house petrified. At this timeCindywas in the camper watching the objectfrom the inside. She stayed in thecamper for an estimated time of 4minutes. When she noticed Cathyrunning into the house she decided shehad better go into the house too.After calling the SheriffsDepartment, Cathy then called hermother who lives6 milesaway from theWilfong residence; she cameimmediately and saw the lights of theUFO as it departed. (She watchedthese lights as she drove towards theirhouse, and first saw them from 4 to 5miles away as she approached on stateroad 209.)The Wilfongs live 8 miles from theSheriffs office, but it took them at least30minutes to get to the house from thetime Cathy called.Upon the Deputys arrival theyinformed Cathy that what they hadseen was a "helicopter." This so-called"helicopter" made no soundwhatsoever, had no propeller so itjustnaturally threw no propwash, did nothave any night flying navigationalbeacon as required byFAA regulations,and was 120 to 140 feet long!As described by the witnesses, theUFO was oblong, very, very huge with akind of greenish-dray color. (Seesketch.) It had three lights,one red andtwo white. The UFO did not have anysound, and it moved flying sidewaysbehind the barn and then took off flyingfrontways.Cathy stated, "the thing movedlike it was in slow motion. It was veryhuge with three lights.There was somekind of circle in the middle of thebottom or underneath side. The wholetime we watched this object, we couldonly see the bottom side." Theestimated time they viewed the objectwas 40 minutes.This UFO incident attracted theattention of the Center for UFOStudies in Evanston, Illinois. They sentout one of their investigators, AllanHendry, who isthe top field investigatorfor the Center. Hendry stated, "Thissighting was one of the two mostsignificant sightings the Center hasexamined in 1978. Due to the fact thatthis sighting was at such a close rangeby two credible witnesses and also dueto the physical evidence the UFO left,which was the impression in theirsoybean field." Hendry went on tostate, "The impression left in the field issimilar to Saucer Nests found andreported in Australia and elsewhere inthe World, also indicated the UFOnever didtouch the ground." The stemsin the bean field were not uprooted atall, and the stems were intertwinedandmatted together.The case also was investigatedbyMUFON Field Investigator, ArthurMorros of Zionsville, Indiana.On September 25, 1978, a veryunusual thing happened to Jim Altees.Jim was walking out inan alley near hishome in Indianapolis about 10PM whenhe heard a loud noise. The noise grewlouder and louder, then the groundseemed like it began to shake. Helooked up into the sky and saw a brightobject coming nearer and nearer to theground about 100 feet away.(continued on next page)1. Director of International UFO InvestigativeBureau. P.O. Box 228, Nappanec, IN 46550
  4. 4. (Indiana, Continued)Jims brother Paul was walkingwith him,and he said he thought thatitwas just a jet because ofthe loud noise.But as the two kept watching thisobject, they knew they were witnessingsomething very unusual.What was theobject that they were viewing? Why didit have so many lights?Jim ran into the house and calledthe STAR, the local newspaper for theIndianapolis area, to come out and takepictures of this UFO. But the STARtold him to call the police. When Jimcalled the police they gave him anumber to call to report hissighting.Hecalled the number, which wasa numberin Washington, D.C., and they took thereport.The object was described by Jimas being as large as two houses or two747jets. George described the object asreminding him of a World War nbomber. He stated, "I never seen anobject in the sky with that many lights!"There were 18 lights that flashedon, 18 floodlights that beamed verybrightly upon them. The shape of theUFO appeared to be octagon. TheAltees only view ofthe object appearedto be the bottom of the craft. Thebottom was described by Jim as beingof a shinysilver material with the lightsall around the outer part of the craft.Right inthe dead center of the craft wasa green blinking light. The objectremained visible for 4-5 minutes.The Altees were shown a UFOIdentification sheet that the Internation-al UFO Investigative Bureau providedthem to see ifthe UFO theyhad viewedwas the same as any pictured on thesheet. They noted that the object wassimilar to one seen in 1965 only more"square." (See sketch.)When I asked them what theythought of what they had seen, GeorgeAltees, the father, stated, "it could beone of three things. A secret weaponthat the United States has got,something from Russia that doesntshow up on our known radar, or itcould be from some place else outsidethe earth." Jim stated that "it was astrange experience...!wanted it to landso Icould get a better observation of thecraft." But they both were convincedthat what they had seen was notsomething they had ever seen before.Drawing from chart of UFO shapes resembling Altees UFO, exceptobject was "more square"ADVANCED PROPULSION WORKSHOPSCHEDULED FOR 1980 SYMPOSIUM1980 Mutual UFO Network SymposiumJune 6-8, 1980Clear Lake City (Houston), Texas(Adjacent to NASA JSC)Advanced Propulsion WorkshopWorkshop Coordinator: Alan C. HoltOBJECTIVES• Provide a forum for imaginative, creative, and/or speculative propulsionconcepts and research (UFO related or resulting from other research)• Formulate propulsion research requirements and priorities• Discuss plans for a special Advanced Propulsion System SymposiumFORMAT• Two hours of presentations: June 7, 2:00 - 4:00PM• One hour of discussion: 4:00 - 5:00 PM (June 8, 9:00 - 11:00 AM optional)ABSTRACTS REQUESTED - Due March 1, 1980• A maximum of 8 abstracts will be selected for the presentations• Allabstracts submitted will be included ina special publicationwhich will beavailable at the symposium• Abstract requirements: 1-3 typed pages (single spaced). • Ifyou plan to attend the symposium and wish to participate inthe AdvancedPropulsion Workshop (travelfunds currentlynot available), send abstracts to:Alan C. Holt15803 Echo Hill XHouston, Texas 77059713-488-5117Alan C. HoltNASA Johnson Space Centeror Code CG 6Houston, Texas 77058713-483-4794SPONSORSHIP• Currently (11/9/79) limitedto the Mutual UFONetwork, Inc.and theVehicleInternal Systems Investigative Team, Inc.
  5. 5. TWO VEHICLE EFFECT CASES FROM AUSTRALIABy Keith BasterfieldFebruary 1979 brought twosimilarvehicle effect cases only 4 days apart,although the physical locations in-volved were separated by the lengthofthe Australiancontinent. Investigationshave recently been completed and thefollowing accounts are courtesy of theTasmanian UFO Investigation Centre,GPO Box 1310 N, Hobart, Tasmania7001 and UFO Research (Far NorthQueensland) PO Box 1585, Cairns,Queensland 4870, respectively.Lawitta, TasmaniaOn February 5, 1979, a Hobartman (name held on file) was returninghome from Hamilton in the DerwentValley when problems occurred withthe car he was driving, and it wasenveloped ina dazzling white light. Thenext thingthe man was aware ofwasofbeing stopped by the police for drivingwithout lights. He couldnt recall whohe was, nor anything of the past periodof time. In fact he didnt recallanythinguntil a nurse at the Royal HobartHospital shone a torch inhiseyes, afterhe was taken there for a medicalcheckup. The following account thenhas been reconstructed by TUFOICs. investigator, Keith Roberts.The reporter estimates he leftHamilton at about 9:30 p.m. on a fineclear evening to drive back to Hobartvia the Lyell Highway, a distance of 71kms. The event occurred at Lawittasome 42 kms from Hobart at around9:50 p.m. (time is only an estimate),there being little traffic at the time.He recalls that his car radio diedout. Pressingthe station buttons hadnoeffect and the radio remained dead.Seconds later an intense white lightseemed toenvelopethecarand hecouldnot see beyond the front of the bonnet(hood - Editor.) The cars lights and themotor failed in the same instant.Beyond this things are vague. He thinkshe tried to start the car when herealized the engine had stopped. Tenminutes may have been occupied by astop at this point but we arent sure ofthis. Ifhe did stop it must have been insuch a manner as not to bringattentionto himself from any other cars travelingalong the road during this interval.Recollection after this is of drivingup the rise in the road from Lawitta,then slowing down for the intersectionof the Midland Highway at Granton, 21kms from Hobart. Shortlyafter this hewas pulled up by the police fordrivingwithout lights. He did not know wherehe was going, where he lived, nor whohe was. The police looked at hispersonal papers and took him home,leaving the car in town.He was then taken to the RoyalHobart Hospital in an apparent dazedcondition. Reports quote a pulse rateof100and a state of shock.Anurse shonea light into his eye and he backed off as ifscared,and then seemed to recoverhismemory, although even at the timeofwriting, he still couldnt recalleverything which occurred.His vehicle,a Ford Cortina 71 TCstation wagon, was recovered later. Itwas found to have a flat battery and theoil level was low. This is puzzling asaccording to the reporter it waschecked 3-4 days earlier and he hadntbeen anywhere since then except forthat evening. The battery was fairly newwhen the car had been bought 12months prior. The cut-outswitch on thealternator needed replacing, as didwiring especially in the headlights. Itwas bubbled over as if overheated.Radiator water was also low.The reporter does not want toundergo hypnosis to attempt to recoverthe missing details, which isdisappointing for we shall probablynever know just what didoccur on thatnight. An inspection of the times ofdeparture, arrival, and expectedduration of the tripdoes not allow us todetermine ifthere is any missingperiodof time which might have allowedfor an"abduction" style event to haveoccurred. The main reason for this isthe uncertainty of the reporterstimings, which are only guesswork.Liverpool Creek, QueenslandAlmost exactly 4 days later to thehour, about 9 p.m. on Friday, February9, a banana farmer was driving homealone to Mission Beach from Innisfail,North Queensland. Driving down a hillabout one kilometer north of theLiverpool Creek bridge on the BruceHighway he noticed a dull white lightwhich appeared to be sitting on theedge of the bitumen on the left-handside of the road.Nearing the light he noted whatlooked like a dark beehive shape behindit. The light then rose vertically, andwhen it was an estimated 10 metersaway from him (one meter off the road)there was a blinding flash. Uponregaining his sight he realized that thecars headlights, dashlights, andenginehad ceased to function. The reporterput the car into neutral (automatictransmission) and coasted to a stop inanearby truck rest area.He was just lighting a cigarettewhen the headlights and dashlightscame on of their own accord. Hetherefore tried the enginewhich startedsuccessfully the first time and drovehome carefully without incident. Theobject was not seen during this triphome.Once home the car was inspected.The battery leads were tight and ingood condition and the terminals freeofcorrosion. No lasting after-effects werenoted on the vehicle since the event.Ms. H. Goriss, investigator forUFOR (FNQ), interviewedthe man andreported that he was very unsettled bythe event and had absolutely no idea as(continued on next page)
  6. 6. ANOTHER "BORDERLINE"UFOBy Wayne LaPortcIn the past year and a half therehave been many reports of "borderlineUFOs," that is, UFOs which seem tobetrue UFOs but may actually be sometype of aircraft. Sightings of such aUFO occurred in Scandia, Minn., onMarch 22, 1978;Orange, Calif., onSeptember 27 and 29, 1978; and inWheeling, W.Va., on November 3,1978. On March9,1979, a "borderline"UFO showed up inthe Charlotte, N.C.,area. It was seen by many, but exactlywhat everyone saw is difficult to say.For on that particular Friday night aflight of military helicopters flewthrough the area. Furthermore, the"choppers" appear to have been flyingwith non-standard - navigation lightswhich created a fantasticUFO illusion.During the first two weeks ofMarch I received several "good" UFOreports. Most of the witnesses.requested confidentiality. However,one very credible witness, SteveMorton, elected to "go public" to seeifany others saw what he and sevenothers sighted over a field belowMonroe, N.C. Local newspapercoverage of the sighting resulted in 11(Vehicle, Continued)to what he had encountered. After hestopped the car he said that he had afeeling that hed just had — or justwoken up from — a nightmare. Thelocation was inspected with negativeresults and a magnetic signature checkconducted on the vehicle, comparedwith another wagon of the same make,type, and mileage, showed no largesignificant differences had occurred.NOTES: For some speculation on this type ofevent see, "A matter of fact" ACOS Bulletin No.10, June 77, and "UFOrepoftsrvehide effects"ACOS Bulletin No. li, Sept. 77, both by thisauthor. A specialized reported form for vehiclecases is currently being usedby all Australianorganizations to gather fine detail on the behaviorof the vehicle in such cases. Copiesavailable fromUFO Research (SA) 2A Castle Avenue,Prospect, Sth Aust 5082.more, cases being brought to myattention. All encounters occurred onMarch 9 and a total of 37 people wereinvolved. However, a routine checkwith the local F.A.A. and ThurstonAviation (which has a military refuelingcontract) indicated that all .thewitnesses may have seen aflightof fourArmy helicopters that refueled at.Thurston. So, I queried the Armyhelicopter field at Ft. Bragg, N.C., forflight information on any flights in theCharlotte area on the 9th of March.The answer came in 2 weeks.According to.the Army,a flight of fourmilitary helicopters flying in diamondformation did arrive at ThurstonAviation at Douglas Municipal forrefueling about 8 p.m. They left at 9:15p.m. The flight approached from theN.E. on a 250° headingand departed ona 090° due East bearing. They were noton military maneuvers, but on a cross-country trainingflightflyingfrom PopeAFBto Greensboro, N.C., to Charlotteand back to Pope AFB, N.C. All flightswere direct. There were no other Armycopter flights in the area that night.By knowingthisflightinformation,I was able to identify 5 out of the 12cases as being misperceptions of thehelicopter flight. However, the otherseven cases appear to be a sightingofa"borderline UFO" which movedsoutheasterly out ofCharlotte while thehelicopters were still on the ground atDouglas. The seven -cases of the"mystery object" were abstracted andpublished in the May9,1979issue of theCharlotte News.NEWS, Charlotte, *CMay 9, 1979The first sighting came at about 8:30p.m. when a Charlotte couple heard ahellcopter-Uke sound and went outsideto see two white lights and a red lightIn a triangular shape traveling towardMonroe.At 8:45 p.m.a Matthews woman saidshe beard a noise like a tornado andwent outside with her daughter.Mrs. Nelda Bahr said she saw threeclusters of white lights In a triangularformation with a blinking red lightnear the rear.•At about the same .time, three teen--agers, traveling west on U.S.74 be-iween Monroe and Indian Trail, saw anobject traveling southeast near Ken-drlck Brick and Tile Co. with whitelights In a triangular shape with a red . light at the rear..Between 9 and 9:19 p.m..UnionCounty building Inspector Steve Mortonwas traveling toward his home In theWhite Oaks subdivision with his family•nd several neighbors la the car.Morton and his family reported see-• Ing • blimp-like object,with three row*of white lights, a red light oa the topand another on the front Up.At about 9 p.m, a woman andsever-al companions spotted an object theythought was the Goodyear blimp Justsouthwest of Monroe.In Pageland, S.C, at about 9:15, acouple watching television heard asound like helicopters outside and wentto Investigate.When they got outside, the soundstopped and they aaw a rectangularob-ject with many red and white lights.The object moved slowly away.However, the most intriguingaspect of this case is the possibilitythatthe helicopters- were flying withoutconventional helicopter lighting.According to eyewitnesses who had a"close encounter" with the helicopterflight, no green,, lights were visibledespite a head-on approach. Infact, thelead helicopter appears to have beenflyingwith only the red blinking light onwhile the following three only had theirwhite lights on. The red-lightedhelicopter was flying the lead forwardpoint of the diamond formation.Allthiscreated the illusion of a huge blimp-likeobject with white lights on the rear anda red blinking light on the nose.Military and F.A.A. flightregulations both require that ahelicopter, have a: blinking red light,visible 360 degrees, and a starboardgreen light. Of.course, its possible thatthe witnesses may have overlooked thegreen light. However, about 2 yearsago, I personally witnessed a flight ofhelicopters -pass over my .house. Iquickly noticed that none ofthe copters(confirmed on nexf page)r
  7. 7. white (3)blinking redwhite (3) blinking redArmy helicopter flightformation flight UFO illusion(Borderline, Continued)was displayingany green or blinking redlights. Their approach .was head-on andthey were flying at about 1,000 feet• altitude. After they passed overhead, Inoticed a blinking red light on eachhelicopter. But, I never saw any greenlights. And, a total of seven helicopterswere in the formation.A friend of mine and Vietnamhelicopter gunner veteran related howin Nam they would paint out some ofthe lights in order to confuse the VietCong. Such tactics would prevent theCong from successfully identifying thegunships from the troopships. If suchtactics are being used stateside duringmilitary maneuvers, they may alsoconfuse . many witnesses and UFOinvestigators alike. Some of the"borderline UFOs" may be nothing.more than military helicopters onmaneuvers and flying with some of thelights painted out.(Note: Assisting: in the,investigationwere Gayle McBride, Henry Morton,and Dave Oldham.) .. •SPANISH AIRLINER CASE(Note: MUFON is investigating thisradar-visual-photographic casereported by United Press International,and will publish a follow-up report.)Madrid, Spain, November 15(UPI)--Whatever a governmentinvestigation decides, a reported.UFOsighting over Spain must be one of thebest-documented on record. The caseinvolves a.Spanish airline pilotcarrying109 passengers who made anemergency landing over the weekend.The pilot claims unidentified flyingobjects buzzed his plane andthreatened a collision. An airportdirector-among others-says he sawthe UFOs, too. AndAirForcejets werereportedly sent up to take pictures.Spains Transport Minister, ordering aninvestigation, said- "It is clear thatUFOs exist." sThe 34-year-old pilot of theSpanish Caravelle jet broke his silenceon the weekend incident Wednesdayand explained why he dropped 14,000feet and landed in Valencia-on Spainseastern Mediterranean coast-ratherthan in the Canary Islands. FranciscoLerdo-who has 15years experience asa pilot-says he saw two "intense redlights" streak across the sky toward hisjet shortly before midnight Sunday.Within minutes, he said, the objectsclosed in. Thats when he ordered, hispassengers to fasten their safety belts,and he dove toward Valencia. Lerdoclaims radar in Madrid picked up theUFOs, and saw them plunge 12,000 feetin 30 seconds in an followhim. And the Director of ValenciaAirport says he saw the mysteriousobjects hovering over the airport. NEWSNOTESAlain Esterle, Manager of theFrench National group GEPAN, hassubmitted a circular letter to U.S.groups describing his organizationsstructure and activities. He asks forcollaboration and exchange of data,and announces that technical andinformation notes (in French) areavailable from M. Metzle, CNES/RPE,125 rue de 1Universite, 75007 Paris,France.Pedro Redon, General Secretaryof Centre de Estudios Interplanetarios(CEI) and Director of Stendek, reportsa case of UFO sound recorded onmagnetic tape, part of which isbelieved to be related to the propulsionsource. He asks for reports on similarcases and offers details of theirscientific analysis in exchange.Address: Apartado 282, Barcelona,Spain. The 1980 MUFON UFOSymposium, to be held near theNASA-Houston Johnson SpaceCenter, is set for Saturday, June 7, andSunday, June 8. The host group isVehicle Internal Systems InvestigativeTeam (VISIT), P.O. Box 877,Friendswood, TX 77546.The Center for UFO Studieshas, embarked on a. fund-raising/publicity campaign, and has changedthe format and content of theInternational UFO Reporter. Also, thesecond issue of the biannual Journal ofUFO Studies is due soon. Address:1609 Sherman Ave., Suite 207,Evanston, IL 60201.7
  8. 8. HIGH STRANGENESS GROUND TRACE REPORTSBy Ted PhillipsAfter a longand critical look at the 1,477 ground trace reports onfile,Ihavefound that the vast majority lackinformation tosuch an extent as to preclude ratingthe cases objectively. Of the total cases,68appear tooffer ahigh levelofstrangeness. Moredetailed information on these reports could result in an increase or reduction of the rating.1950:1954:1957:1958:1959:1960:1962:1963:18112241Italy 4France • 9Portugal 1Argentina 11Sweden 1United States 170100:0200:0300:0400:0500:0600:0700:0800:23152-111One 2One+ 3Two 16Two+ 2Three 13Three* 2Four ; 6YEARLY DISTRIBUTION1964:1965:1966:1967:1968:1969:1970:1971:310422213DISTRIBUTION BY COUNTRYBrazil ....4Australia 2Uruguay 2Peru i.2S. Africa 2TIME DISTRIBUTION0900:1000:1100:1200:1300:1400:1500:1600:11100001WITNESSESFour+ 1Five 2Six......... 3Seven 2Seven+ 1Eight 1WITNESS CREDIBILITY1972:1973:1974:1975:1976:1976:1977:1978:TOTAL:4 334331368Spain...EnglandCanada.Finland .Mexico .514211700:1800:1900:2000:2100:2200:2300:0000:Thirteen ...Seventeen .TwentyTwenty-fiveThirtySeveral .-...1134542511.1119Unknown 50 Fair ..Poor 0 Good. 013Excellent 58
  9. 9. BEINGS OBSERVED IN A QUASI-LANDINGATBEAUSOLEIL*(Investigation by Anne-Marie andPhilippe Maissa, Theirry Leplat, andEric Zurcher, of the Centre deRecherches Ufologiques Nicois. Date:Summer 1951. -Witnesses (3): Mme. X,40 at the time, no profession; M.X,49,electrician; M. Y, 50, policeman.)Mme. X was going together withher husband and a policeman friend(both since deceased) to the littlesquare in the rue des Martyrs atBeausoleil (Alpes-Maritimes, France).They planned to attend a performancegiven by a traveling theatre which was•Translated by Lex Mebane from LDLN #175(May 1978). Edited by Ann a play, "Lucrezia Borgia." Theweather was clear and warm.When they turned into the street,Mme. X and her two companions saw,60 meters away, a small ovoid object,entirely transparent, which wasmotionless at a height of7or 8meters atthe level of the square and behind thetheater. No one inthe audience seemedto have noticed it. The play had alreadybegun and everyones back was turnedto the eng/n. It was still daylight.Intrigued, the three witnessesadvanced toward the object anddistinguished a "pilot". Hewasseatedinthe front of the vehicle; his heightappeared normal. He was dressed in alight-colored suit (combinaison) andseemed to be "thin and aged." Indeed,this individual had a long white beard,and it was this that most impressed thewitnesses.The beings skin color was normal.He wore nothing on his head. Thewitness (Mme.X)no longer rememberscertain details of nose, eyes, mouth,hair, etc., but nothing apart from thelong beard particularly shocked her.The being seemed absorbed in thecontemplation of the play, and he waseven leaningforward to better observe(confirmed on next page)(Ground Traces, Continued)Unknown 26One minute 2One minute+ 4Three minutes 1Three minutes* 1Four minutes+ 1Five minutes 1Eight minutes 10-50 , 1950-100 4100-250 4DURATION OF OBSERVED EVENTEight minutes+ 1Ten minutes 4Ten minutes+ 1Eleven minutes 1Twelve minutes 1Fifteen minutes* . 1Twenty minutes 1Thirty-five minutes 1DISTANCE TO UFO (feet)250-500 8500 - 1,000 5Forty minutes 1Forty-five minutes 3Several minutes 10One hour 1One hour+ 3Two hours ;... 1Three hours 11,000+ 1"nearby" 5OBJECT STRANGENESS123458927.240TRACE STRANGENESS1234518262040(1represents lowest rating;lownumber of high rated traces due to lack of analysis)Partial analysis 17 casesComplete analysis 0Insufficient Information 55CONCLUSIONSProbable Unknown Unknown 69
  10. 10. (BeausoleU, Continued) < •it. It was at this moment that, heuncovered in part a second"personage," likewise seated, whomthe witnesses could not clearly makeout.Mme. X did not see the slightestmechanism in the engfn — or, as ismore probable, she no longerremembers very well the details shemay have then observed.Presently, Mme. X found herselfvery close to the UFO.- Afterreconstruction at the site,wewould saybetween 7 and 8 meters; the .objectbeing at an equal height. It measuredbetween 4 and 5 meters in length. Atthis distance, the witnesses began tocall out to the spectators at the theaterto have them confirm their incrediblevision. The object then immediately.took off, very rapidly and with a slightwhistling sound. It disappeared in onesecond to the NNE,behindthe roof ofahouse.The witnesses could not convincethe spectators who had taken noticeofthem that.•. they . had really, seensomething, and they passed "formadmen." This was a lesson to Mme.X, who did not speak ofit again, outsideher family, for 26 years! •The observation initself was rathershort, about 20-25 seconds. Thewitnesses felt nothing; they were notfrightened. There were no:consequences for any of the three.They were simply intrigued.While theywere descending the street toward thesquare and the object, Mme. Xshusband heard voices "like Russian."As for Mme. X she no longerremembers. Oh the other hand, theobject seemed to her, with respect tothe ambient light, lighter in theinterior.Mme. X was not able to give an answerto the question: "Ifyou could comparewhat you saw to aprecise memoryor toa common and familiar object, whatwould you compare it to?" What shesaw is perfectly unknown to her andevokes no comparable memory.Some RemarksA. On the witness.We are allpersonally as convincedas it is possible to be that thewitness isofgood faith. Mme.Xisagood -woman, perfectly well-10balanced and poised. Her son hasconfirmed to us that, when he wasquite small, he always heard thesame account, without anyvariation.B. On the observation.This observation attains,undoubtedly, a high level ofstrangeness. Thisscene wheretwobeings seemed to watch atheatrical play astonishes ussomewhat.. How long had theybeen there? How does it happenthat no one, not even the actors,observed the engin? Was it visibleonly for the three witnesses and forno one else? There are so many. questions , which must remainunanswered, in view of the longtime since the event, and aboveallthe fewelements which we have atour disposal. Nevertheless, wecansay that the general context of theobservation excludes, in ouropinion, any error ofinterpretationon the part of the witnesses.It is to be remarked as rare thatsuch an "entirely transparent" objectshould be observed by day.This type ofobservation is much more frequent atnight and seems linked to theluminosity of the phenomenon.After reconstruction at the site,wearrive at a rather embarrassinginterpretation. It seems that themachine must have been inclinedtoward the witnesses in a way that,whether voluntarily or not, favoredtheir vision. When we were at the sitewe particularly insisted on this point:Mrs. X definitely saw the beings "inprofile" and not from underneath, aslogic wouldhave required. Itisforeveryreader to draw reflections andhypotheses from this observation inrelation to his own experience of theUFO phenomenon.A last word concerning the voices"like Russian" heard by Mr. X.Research in the archives has shown usto what a degree the onset ofthe 1950swas marked bythe cold war. The pressof the period was impregnated with it,speaking notably of the war in Korea,but also of a mysterious machine inpreparation bythe Soviets whichwas togo around the worldat a high altitude ina very short time (Sputnik). It istherefore perfectly possible that thewitnesses made an immediate andunconscious association between theobject observed and the sounds heardon one hand, and the psychologicalenvironment of the epoch on the other.In this view, the exact origin of thesounds has little importance, theprocess described above being muchmore interestingtoanalyzeand to note.We could just as well reverse thethought and speak of "mimicry" on thepart of the phenomenon, but in thiscase we have discovered no elementable to come to the support of thishypothesis.C. On the beings observed.We will classify the humanoidobserved as Pereiras Type 1,variant 1(i.e., occupants ofnormalheight who resemble us feature forfeature). This type of Ufonaut isthe most frequent in the Frenchobservations of the 20th century,both in the number of cases (14,thus 11.2% of 126cases) and in thenumber of beings observed (70,thus 19.02% of 123 cases).Between the years 1950 and.1962,these beings have been seenseveral times on the Mediterr-anean coast. This type humanoidis apparently not aggressive,indeed quite the contrary, theirattitude frequently betraying agood knowledge of the terrestrialhuman environment.On the other hand, it isextremelyrare for bearded personages to be.. observed in this type. This testimonyofMme. X thus constitutes a notableexception, whichadds a supplementarynote to the "differences" usuallyobserved under the resemblancesclassed by types and variants.Donations of cancelled foreignstamps, whose sale to a collectorsupports international exchange -ofUFO information, are acknowledgedfrom the following: Lou Parish,Plumerville, Ark.; Jerry Johnson,Austin, Tex.; and Barbara Mathey, LosAngeles, Calif.
  11. 11. Book ReviewThe New Soviet Psychic Discover-ies, by Henry Gris and William Dick(Prentice-Hall, Inc.,) $10.95.The National Enquirer sent theseveteran reporters to the Soviet Unionon six separate trips to gather thematerial for this most absorbing book.Henry Gris, Senior RovingEditor, is anexperienced Russia-observer andspeaks the language. William Dick, aGeneral Editor, specializes in the latestdevelopments in science, particularlymedicine and parapsychology. Theyused special contacts inside the SovietUnion to reach leading scientists andresearchers who had never beforetalked to Western journalists. Theauthors obviously know how to getalong in the difficult world of Sovietbureaucracy; in fact, the obstacles andtheir resolving are part of theadventure. Because of their specialcontacts, the approval of their missionby the Soviet government, the helpofthe "Novosti Press Agency," thetireless assistance of their two friendlyguides, and theirownperseverance andcapability, the interviews arefascinating. The style is thorough,honest and colorful. Sidelights on thecountry, citizens, and customs give itextra appeal. There are many goodphotographs.The book is in three parts, and"Part Two: The Search for New LifeForms on Earth and Beyond" is of vitalimport to ufologists. Here are freshcases, different researchers withuninhibited theories, and above all, onevery side, support from thegovernment."The Search for ExtraterrestrialCivilizations" (Chapter 11) covers theeffort to capture light or radio signalsfrom space, and to study telepathicmessages from UFOs to Russianwitnesses."The MissingPlanet Phaeton"tellsof the theory that a planet similar toEarth but with a more advancedcivilization used to orbit the sun justbeyond Mars. A tremendous explosionblew it to bits; tektites found inAustralia, the Philippines, Czecho-slovakia, and finally in 1975 near thesouthern border of the Soviet Unionare evidence of this explosion.Professor Felix Zigel and authorAleksandr Kazantsev think thatrefugees from disintegrating Phaetonwere forced to flee to Earth 500,000years ago, thus providing the modelsfor the Honshu figurines found in StoneAge Japanese graves. At this time Zigelrefused to talk aboutUFOs,.but thetactful persistence of the reportersresulted in the interview, told word forword in the next chapter."Professor Zigel and the SovietUFO Controversy." Like us, Zigeldeplores the skepticismofthe scientistswho have not studied the subject, andthe sensational aspect. To furtherresearch, he recommends buildingmodels of UFOs, exploring the moreexotic problems of contemporaryphysics to explain the physical aspectsof UFOs, and active experiments withUFOs using laser beams. He considerscooperation between American andSoviet scientists in the study of UFOsto be both possible and desirable. Hesays that the Academy of Sciences ofthe USSR in its Program of PossibleCommunications with ExtraterrestrialCivilizations, published in 1975,recommends a system of continuousobservation of the entire heavens byradio and radar to discover probes"sent out by extraterrestrialcivilizations which may be at presentwithin our Solar System and possiblyeven in orbit around Earth."Zigel expects that UFO sightingswill increase, and considers UFOs themost important area of researchexisting today. He could not permitGris and Dick to examine hisfiles,butthey resourcefully found their way to"The Club of Fantasts," a meeting ofcivilian UFO investigators, where theauthors heard about individual cases.Although the press .no longer printsUFO news, active investigationcontinues. Gris and Dick contacted,asenior instructor at the Department ofAutomatic Devices of the MoscowTechnological Institute, an engineerwho is trying to devise an automaticprobe similar to UFOs. . He hascollected many documented casehistories, spoken to witnesses, lecturedon UFOs and tried to analyze theirpower source. He thinkswe aredealingwith a fourth and fifth dimension, and isexperimenting in this direction. Thecases in his files, which the authorsstudied, are similar to those in theWest. Among the cases described is afascinating one • investigated byProfessor Aleksei Zolotov, head of theKalinin Geophysical Expedition whichis still being investigated."The Tungusky Divo (magicmiracle) — a Warning Shot fromSpace." This chapter gives useyewitness accounts of the famousevent, and tells of the efforts made tofind the cause. Zolotov believespassionately that the nuclear explosionwas caused by an unmanned,automatic spaceship, deliberately sentto blow up inan uninhabited region. Hefears that another great explosion fromout space might be interpreted ashaving been initiated by somebody onEarth, and thus start a nuclearwar. Hehas sworn to let hisbeard growuntil themystery of Tunguskyis solved, and it isalready very long!"On the Trailof the Almasty —theCaucasus Abominable Snowman." Inthis chapter Gris and Dick interviewamilitary doctor who examined aBigfootcaptured by partisans in the Caucasusduring World War II. Besides thisunusual story there is a lively interviewwith Dr. Jeanna Kofman, whose life isdevoted to trackingdown the Almasty.Her aim is to bring together a Bigfootand the Soviet parapsychologists, "toexplore the recesses ofthe humanmindas it was when we were coming intobeing." There is no suggestion that theAlmasty is connected with. UFOs."Part One: ExtraordinaryIndividuals," deals with famouspsychics, mind reading, clairvoyance,telekinesis, the Kirlian effect and Kirlianhimself, healing, and psychic ability ofall kinds."Part Three: The ScientificInvestigations" covers dream study,aspects of hypnosis and the possibilityof using it for mind control, sight-by-touch, use of the Kirlian effect againstdisease, the latest breakthrough in PSItechnology, and acupuncture.The .final chapter, "Conclusions:the Aftermath of the Toth Case," is athoughtful and perceptive pullingtogether of the whole subject as relatedto the policy of Soviet authority.Gris(Continued on page 17)11
  12. 12. By Ann DruffelLIGHT EFFECTS AND SHAPE SIMILARITIES IN RECENT REPORTSBy WillardD. Nelson(MUFON State Section Director for Orange County)In recent UFO sightingsthat Ihaveinvestigated in Orange County, Calif.,there have been noted similaritiesinlight effects and UFO shapes withnationally reported UFO events in far-spread geographic locations. Forinstance, in the MUFON UFOJOURNAL of Jan-Feb 1979, the"California Report" columncontributed by MorreyAllen1describeda definite UFO shape accompanied byangled lightbeams, seen bythree youngwitnesses in Northridge, Calif., onDecember 14, 1976, at approximately4:30 p.m. (See Figure A) Comparingthese boys sketch with a sighting Iinvestigated in Orange, Calif., about 45air miles southeast of Northridge,definite similarities are evident.On February 4, 1978, at 5:30 a.m.,the Semaza family, living in Orange,viewed a similarly-shaped object withtwo light beams angling sideward. In theSemaza sighting,both light beams werered (See Figure B) rather than one redand one green, as in the 1976Northridge sighting. The Semazaobject, fully described in the Jan. 1978MUFON UFO Journal,2also flashedbright white before departing. (SeeFigure C)In this interesting category ofintense white light flashes, let us look atfurther information regarding theOrange, Calif., sightings of September27 and 29,1978, which werereported in;the MUFON UFO Journal of March-April 1979.3Both of these sightingsbegan withan intense flash oflight in thesky and then, according to thewitnesses, "there was the UFO." Sincethe publication of that article, I haveprepared an addendum which notesthat two additional persons inthe same12apartment complex also saw theflashes.4Mrs. Maureen La Lavenoted it"looked like a big flashbulb going offbehind the neighboring apartmentbuilding," but she didnt know it wasUFO-related until later after shelearned what the neighborhood yellingand excitement was all about. ShellyMurphy, a high-school senior, saw a"blue white flash — not white, notyellowish — which lit up everything"intheir patio area outside.Thisturnedoutto have been when the UFO wasdirectly overhead. She went outsidelater to see what the commotion was allabout and watched the UFO departsouthward.Now let us compare bright flashesfrom some other reports:1. The report of Officer Amparanoin Kerman, Calif., on May 13,1978, asprinted in the International UFOReporter, had a detail that wasmissingfrom earlier newspaper accounts. IURreported, "Suddenly the light source(from the hovering UFO from whichhe(Amparano) received a sunburn) shotout a beam of blue light like a cameraflash," just before it departed.52. In the same issue of IURreferenced, the following descriptionappears in a discussion of the Belton,Mo., radar-visualcase:6"Prior to this, awhite flash or light was seen . . .witnesses actuallyheard a loud pop orcrack of sound accompanying theflash."3. APRO7reported that a Mrs.Kiteveles and a neighbor in OrandagaCounty, New York, said a bright beamof white light "lit up everything" justbefore the UFO departed. "Like aflashbulb going off." Where have weheard that before?4. In the Lumberton Report(CUFOS 1976) a cluster of NorthCarolina UFO events between April 3-9, 1975 were described by Zeidman,Speigel, and Phillips. One reportmentions that Patrolman Hagens andJohn McPherson saw a triangular-shaped object give a "blindingflash oflight which lit up the woods like a giantflashbulb" before it rose slowly abovethe trees.In the final comparison, pleaserefer to the sketch of the West VirginiaUFO of October, 1978, in the MUFONUFO Journal8in which there is anelongated projectionto the UFOshape.This isa decidedlyasymmetricandnon-standard shape. (See Figure D) Yet ayoung man in Orange, Calif., onNovember 2,1978, saw a similar shapeonly nine days after the West Virginiareport. Mike Kinnards sketches (twodays apart) both show a noticeableprojection pointingto the left and awayfrom the witness, the arrangementlooking strikingly like the West VirginiaUFO except for lighting and colors.(See Figure E.)On Thursday, November 2, 1978,Mike and his friend Al Rogers, a fellowsixth grader, were viewing the skythrough a hand-held telescope of 15-20power. They were taking turnssteadying the scope on each othersshoulders as they viewed the stars.The night was especially clear with anew moon in the west. The scope wasfacing east. At 7:00 p.m. a red lightmoving up from the south attractedthem. Traveling east, the light covered30-45 degrees azimuth over the trees totheir right in approximately 2 or 3seconds. It then stopped in a clear sky(continued on next page)
  13. 13. Figure AFigure Bit"Figure C£I I I • I I I I IWist Virginil UFO; Octobtr 24. 1970Figure DFigure E(California Report, Continued)space directly in front of them at about45degrees elevation. Mike immediatelyaimed his telescope and saw that it hadtwo red lights on the aft trailingportion,and the body shape glowed reddish.There were no white or flashing lights,only red. Later the boys drew identicalpictures of the object.What impressed Louise Kinnard,Mikes mother, was that both boysdrew a hump or lump oh top of thegenerally ovoid shape, and alsoindicated a projection inthe direction ofmotion. "It was like some jet planeshave," said Mike, wondering if it weresome sort of radar dome. During thesighting he noticed "a beep sound"which he thought was coming from thecraft "about once every 2 seconds."The thingstopped, or was moving veryslowly, for about 3 seconds, as thoughhestitating inits path. As itstopped, thetwo red lights blinked out, but theycame back on as the craft beganmoving again, accelerating north andmoving rapidly out of sight along itsoriginal trajectory. The beeping soundstopped after the object went away. Itsdistance was difficult for Mike toestimate, but it filled about half of thetelescopes field of view. I looked at acar about a block away through histelescope, and the car was of similarsize.The boys hurried to tell Mrs.Kinnard what theyd seen. Mrs.Maureen LaFave, withwhom Mike andhis mother were temporarily living, alsoverified what followed. Both Mike andAl Rogers looked frightened. Mikesface was pale and "he had goosepimples on his arms."When askedwhyhe was scared, Mike responded,"Because I dont know what it was."They next sat down and drew picturesof the object for the adults. Mike wasstill fearful and went outside againcautiously, but watched the sky for along time afterward.Mrs. LaFave stated that allduringthe day and particularly into theevening ofthe sighting, her pets —a catand dog —had actedstrangely, slinkingaround with ears laid back, avoidingpeople, which was very unlike theirusual behavior. However, this might-have been due to the fact ofnew people(Mrs. Kinnard and Mike) in theapartment.Interestingly, both Joyce Dehner(West Virginia) and Mike Kinnard(Orange, Calif.) described the featureon top of the UFO as a "hump" ratherthan as a "dome," which is moreusual.With the great variety of shapesand phenomena in ufology, it issomewhat comforting that there aresimilarities of detail and repeatphenomena among geographicallyseparated events, even if thetechnological meaning of suchsimilarities eludes our presentunderstanding.REFERENCES1. "Are Child Witnesses Reliable?," by MorreyAllen, pp. 14-152. "Canine Mother Hides Puppies from UFO."byIdabel Epperson, p. 73. "UFO or Aircraft?: A case Study," by WillardD. Nelson, p. 104. "Addendum: Orange, Calif., Sighting of Sept.27,1978," by Willard D. Nelson, in MUFON files.5. International UFO Reporter, CUFOS, Sept.,1978, p. 10)6. ibid., Sept. 1978, p. 47. APRO Bulletin, Oct. 1978, p.48. "West VirginiaFlap --Part 2," by Ted Spickler,Jan-Feb 1979, p. 913
  14. 14. MUFON-NC THIRD ANNUAL TRAINING CONFERENCEBy George D. FawcettMUFON of NorthCarolina held itsthird annual training conference inWinston Salem on Saturday, July 14and Sunday, July 15, 1979. This yearsconference, hosted again by officersand members of the Tar Heel UFOStudy Group of Winston Salem, waschaired by Mrs. Jayne J. Ware.Representatives, from the four majorUFO groups in the United States,APRO in Arizona, CUFOS in Illinois,MUFON in Texas, and NICAP inWashington, D.G., were in attendance.The pioneer leaders ofeach group werepraised at the conference.Almost .50 investigators,researchers, members, and guests ofMUFON-NC were present from 17towns and cities in North Carolina.Henry H. Morton ofWadesboro servedas Master-of:Ceremonies for the 2-dayconference. Newspaper coverage priorto the conference arid a;follow-upinterview over WFMY-TV inGreensboro at the close of theconference reached an even largeraudience.The conference opened" with abrief cassette tape entitled"Encounters: Past, Present andFuture" and also a taped message fromWalter H. Andrus, the internationaldirector of MUFON, who congratulat-ed the Tar Heels for theiraccomplishments and achievementsover the years in the UFO field and whourged continued cooperation of allpresent with the combined efforts of thefour major UFO groups, alreadymentioned. Henry Morton, anelectronic research e.r fromWadesboro, who a MUFONField Investigator, was the openingconference speaker. Mortons topicwas "ScientificPhenomena Associatedwith UFOs." Morton: outlined theinstrumentational approach to, UFOsightings by "Project Starlight" inAustin, Texas. "Magnetic, electric,gravitational, electrostatic, andradiation effects have beendocumented worldwide during UFOappearances over the past threedecades and such incidents arecontinuing and need to be investigatedby the scientific community," Mortonsaid. A study of these effects could leadto an understanding;of the means ofpropulsion utilized by UFOs, which wemay be able to duplicate someday, headded.Nolie L. Bell of Rural Hall,president of the Tar Heel UFO StudyGroup and anengineer, whoservesasaMUFON State Section Director, nextoutlined the organizational structureand activitiesof thisgroup. Bell alsotoldthe audience about the types ofexhibits on display at the conferenceand handed out a Field InvestigatorsKit listing of items needed by UFOinvestigators.Sgt. E.G. Baker of the WinstonSalem Police Department and acertified polygraph operator spoke on"The Polygraph: Its Uses andLimitations." Sgt. Baker outlined thehistory of the development of thepolygraph and the trainingrequired forcertification. Persons using drugsand/or alcohol can fool the polygraph,as can ones own strong personalbeliefs. Despite this, Sgt. Baker saidthat the percentage ofaccuracy inusingpolygraphs today borders around 99.1percent. The United States andCanada are the only two nations in theworld who use polygraphs at thepresent time, Baker said. "Polygraphtests by qualified personnel can be usedeffectively with UFO experiences toserparate truth from deceptionsuccessfully," Sgt. Baker stated.Dr. Jim McGormick of WinstonSalem and an employee of the BowmanGray School of Medicine next gave anillustrated slide presentation on"Dolphins, Most Unusual Creatures"and spoke of the difficulty encounteredin trying to crack the code of thedolphins language. Dr. McCormickmentioned NASA studies, whichshowed that the dolphins had brainslike humans and communicated easilyamong themselves. Governmentstudies were undertaken bythe pioneerJohn C. Lilly in 1964 in hopes that oncewe were able to communicate withdolphins, we would open the door tocommunication with extraterrestrialintelligences in the Universe someday."The dolphins have the smarts, but notthe machinery to speak English," Dr.McCormick stated. He also told ofsome of his experiences with dolphinsat the Quinlan Marine Attractions inLincolnton.Opening the evening program, Ipresented a talk entitled "Where DoWe Go From Here?" I noted that wehave learned two things: the peoplewho have seen UFOs have not liedabout their UFO experiences, but thevarious governments who haveinvestigated their experiences have liedand are continuing to lie about theirinvestigations. According to newrevelations, some uncovered by therecent Freedom of Information Actlawsuits against the CIAand others yetto come against the USAF, ourgovernment agencies have made theUFO enigma the biggest publicdeception in American Historyregardless of motives.Sam Jacobson of Winston Salemwas the next speaker and his topic was"Sound Encounters." Jacobson, apsychic who teaches self actualizationmeditation for relaxation, commentedon the importance of recognizing thespiritual implications of the UFOphenomenon. "Through a relaxedstate, we are able to more fullyunderstand ourselves, as well,as theimport ofUFO activity,"Jacobson said.(continued on next page)14
  15. 15. George Fawcett, MUFON-NCState Director Cphoto: DennisBeck)Ray Rhein, retired engineer(photo: Dennis Beck)(N.C, Continued)We can obtain more guidance for allwedo than well ever have time to use, aswe learn to master alpha, theta, anddelta brain waves and learn from ourown personal experiences, the speakerstated.Ray Rhein, a MUFON FieldInvestigator and a retiredengineer fromPfafftown, was the final speaker for theevening. He gave an extremelyinteresting illustrated talk on the topic"The Spaceships of Ezekiel," where hecorrelated the Old Testament prophetEzekiels vision 2,500 years ago withour recent technological advancestowards space travel. Inessence, Rheinfeels that the Bible tells of space ships,and the ones that Ezekiel encountersand his experiences sound identical tosome of our own space programs andUFO visitations today. "Scientists whoexamined Ezekiels claims found outthat they could duplicate the devicesseen, that they would fly, and they alsogot a patent on their work and it will beincorporated during our own futurespace missions," Rhein concluded. Theconference closed for the evening andall present enjoyed a reception hostedby Dr. and Mrs. Jayne Ware at theirhome.The Sunday sessions opened withan illustrated and well researchedspeech given by P. Wayne LaPorte ofMatthews, a facilities industrialengineer who serves as a MUFONState Section Director. LaPortes topicwas "UFOnauts: Major Types &Characteristics." LaPorte describedmany of the different types of UFOoccupants encountered in Poland,California, West Virginia, NewEngland, Mississippi, Kentucky, NewHampshire, New Mexico, etc. Hedescribed the use of hypnosis,psychological stress evaluators (PSE),lie detectors, truth serum, and voicetape analyzers by scientistsinvestigating these encounters, whichinvolve many different type entitiesbeing seen. "Some of the UFO entitiesseem to be able to take on theappearance of humansand perhaps liveamong us, while others appear to besinister and frightening and moreanimal-like rather tha i human,"LaPorte said. Cases number in thethousands.The final conference speaker wasCarl Ruchte of Lewisville, aprofessional photographer by trade,whose topic was "Fake Photographs."Ruchte said that people will see onphotographs pretty much what theywant to see and mentioned that he wasextremely suspicious and skeptical if-UFO films he had seen to date.RuchteSgt. E.G. Baker, Winston-SalemPolice Department (photo:Dennis Beck)told the audience about the differentthings to look for, such as grainstructure, photos out of scale, lightshadows, the placement of the subjectmatter, perspective, second or thirdgeneration UFO photographs, filmdefects, different camera and lenscharacteristics, etc.Ruchte said, "If the time c&;neswhen you see a UFO, try to remaincalm and get as many shots from asmany locations as possible and otherwitnesses as well. As soon as possibleafter the incident, you should sit downand write every bit of narrative datapossible and then take them (the films)to the best processing place and keepthe films inside the camera at all timeson the way to the processor."Ruchte admitted not knowingabout the computer enchancementphotography studies being utilized byscientists of Ground Saucer Watch inPhoenix, Arizona. The speakerconcluded that he would assist localinvestigators in their f u t u r einvestigations that involve UFOphotogrpahs.The 1979 MUFON.NC 3rd AnnualLeadership Training Conference thenadjourned for a picnic hosted by Mr.and Mrs. Nolie L. Bell at their home.15
  16. 16. PRESERVING THE UFO LITERATURE: A STATUS REPORTBy William E. Jones(MUFON Field Investigator)Over the past 30 years or so theUFO phenomenon has become a partof our 20th century history, ifnot a partof our science. No matter what onesview is concerning the reality of theUFO, the phenomenon is undeniably areal part of that history.During these past years manybooks, bulletins, journals, and otherpublications have appeared on thesubject. Some of this material has beenpublished by the major publishinghouses and has been readilyavailable.Unfortunately, however, most of it hasbeen printed by small companies orprivate individuals and this material hasnot been so available. As a matter offact, much of this material is nowextremely hard to obtain and willbecome lost for all time ifsteps are nottaken now to preserve it.An interestingpart of our history is in danger of beinglost.Over a year ago MUFONundertook a small project to identifylibraries, universities, historicalsocieties, and other similar institutionsthat would be willing to assist in thepreservation of this material. It wasdecided early on that, in order toprovide for adequate preservation andaccess, the material should be treatedas "rare." Inother words, the collectionshould be stored in an area of limitedaccess and used on a non-circulatingbasis, in the library itself as other suchrare books and materials are used.Proper indexing is essential. MUFONhas identified several institutions thatare interested in this problem and arewilling to take the necessary steps to.adequately preserve and makeaccessible this material.Mr. George M. Eberhart1,MUFONs librarian who is with theUniversity of Kansas, School of LawLibrary, has been working withUniversity Microfilms of Ann Arbor,Michigan, to try and interest them in16microfilming and making available a.greater array ofUFO material than theypresently handle. At present, they haveavailable the UFO Investigator, theCanadian UFO Report, and RayPalmers Flying Saucers for 1973-76. Itis hoped that, at the very least, theywilladd a complete set of theSkylook/MUFON UFO Journal totheir collection.The Ohio State University Library,Special Collections Division, inColumbus, Ohio, has already started aspecial collection on ufology, usingprimarily my own material which wasdonated to them in April 1979. Mr.Robert Tibbets, who is the director ofthe division, is very interested inobtaining as much quality material aspossible in this area.Columbia Universityin New YorkCity has had an established collectionfor several years. This collection wasthe gift of Dr. Leon Davidson andcovers the period between 1950 and1970. Approximately 1,955 items are inthis collection.A number of other libraries haveexpressed an interest in helping withthis project. Their only problem islocating established collections in thehands of private collectors that can beused to start the effort. A current listofinterested libraries follows:Columbia Universityc/o Butler LibraryNew York, NY 10027Attn: Mr. Kenneth A. Lohf, Librarianfor Rare Books & ManuscriptsUniversity of Florida145 Library WestGainesville, FL 32611Attn: Mr. Charles WillettTexas A&M UniversitySterling C. Evans LibraryCollege Station, TX 77843Attn: Mr. Donald H. Dyal, Head,Special CollectionsThe Ohio Historical Society21-71 and 17th AvenueColumbus, Ohio 43211Attn: Reference LibraryEastern New MexicoUniversityGolden LibraryPortales.NM 88130Attn: Mrs. Mary Jo Walker, SpecialCollections LibrarianThe Universityof the SouthSewanee, TN 37375Attn: Tom Watson, UniversityLibrarianThe Ohio StateUniversitySpecial Collections Division1858 Neil AvenueColumbus, Ohio 43210Attn: Mr. Robert A. TibbettsNow that these institutions havebeen identified, further help is neededfrom the MUFON membership andother ufologists. In order to keep theseinstitutions interested, weneed to startdonating material. As a rule, mostufologists will be hesitant to give uptheir collections. However, there arestill ways to help. If you are in a groupthat publishes a bulletin, one or moreofthese libraries can be added to thedistribution list.Ifyou have extra copiesof bopks, journals, bulletins, and otheritems, these could be donated withoutreducing the quality of your researchlibrary. Keep in mind that a donation toa tax exempt organization, if properly(continued on next page)1. Sec: Eberhart, G.M., UFOs, Ufoloysts andthe Library, Wilson Library Bulletin,.February,1978, pp. 489-493.2.The Ohio Historical Society isonly interested inmaterial that covers UFO events or groups inOhio.
  17. 17. LETTERSPhotomultiplierEditor,In the September issue (No. 139)Russ Reardon discussed the use of aphotomultiplier, which he claimed"could take us a lot further down theUFO road by identifying the origination(sic) of its light."It isclear to one versedin optoelectronics, the science ofcombining optical devices withelectronic devices, that Mr. Reardonhas confused a part of a complexspectral analysis device (aspectrofluorometer) with the completedevice consisting of many parts. Aspectrofluorometer, operates byilluminating a sample in a smallcontainer with a particular frequencyoflight and then measuring the intensityand color of light given off by thesample. The "fingerprints" referred to(Preserving, Continued)documented and valued,can be used toan advantage on the next income taxreturn.Many ufologists spend years and asizeable amount of money building uptheir UFO research library. This librarybecomes a real source of pride. By theproper use of a will, this library canremain intact long after the ufologistsdeath, continuing to serve the UFOresearch community of which theowner was once a part. If you areinterested in using your will to disposeof your UFO library,see your attorney.It is always a good idea to previewyourestate plan every few years anyway.The story ofthe UFO, as told in theliterature that has come out over thelast 30 years, is well worth preserving.Contact one of the institutions listedand let them knowofyourwillingness tohelp. Ifthese dont interest you,contactthe library of the university yougraduated from or the one nearest youand see if you can interest them. Themore libraries and other institutionsthat wecan get involved,the better ourchances will be to preserve theliterature of one of the most fascinatingand challenging aspects ofpur history— the search for the meaning of theUFO.If you help out with this project,please keep MUFON Reardon and illustratedinhisfigure 1are contour plots of flourescencefrequency vs. excitation frequency.Hisfigure 2 shows the photomultiplier,labelled PMT, in the upper left handportion of the diagram.His statement that thephotomultiplier by itself would allowone to identify spectra isincorrect. Oneneeds a frequency (color) selectivesystem and optics (a telescope) aheadof the PMTinorder to be ableto use thePMT (and associated recordingelectronics) to plot color spectra ofdistant sources such as UFOs. Theimpression that one gains from readinghis article is that the PMT is a simpleand inexpensive color analyzer. Inactual fact, the PMT is not expensive(only $100 or so for a useable one), butthe associated parts can run tothousands of dollars. The assembly ofaphotomultiplier system to spectrallyanalyze UFOs could be quitecomplicated, although ifdone correctlyit wouldcertainly provide useful data. Amuch simpler but nearly as effective(Book Review, Continued)and Dick realized that the entrapmentof Robert Toth revealed that theSoviets took parapsychology veryseriously; they rank it with nuclear,rocket, and other strategic secrets.Early in 1977 theybegan to stopthe flowof psychic information to the West.Parapsychologists were no longerpermitted to attend meetings in othercountries. Also they were reevaluated,and some interviewedinthis book havesince come to grief. Briefly mentioned isthe revelation in 1977 of the CIAs vastprogram for research on all types ofmind control. The newspapers exposedCIA secret files by means of theFreedom of Information Act.Gris and Dick can read betweenthe lines. This timely and well-presented book is packed with news,descriptions, and impressions that"give one to think." It fills the gapbetween Psychic Discoveries Behindthe Iron Curtain and the present. Rightnow there is no possibility of learningmore in the future. The authors say,"We had gotten our parapsychologyprobe out just in time, just before theIron Curtain slammed down, tight..."-Barbara Matheydevice for providing UFO spectra is adiffraction grating which can bescrewed onto the front of a camera.Bruce S. MaccabeeSilver Springs, Md.Editor,I am writing in response to theSeptember 1979 Journal article "Howto Hear and Fingerprint UFOLight"by Russ Reardon. Some things Mr.Reardon has said in his article aremisleading and Ibelieve they need to bepointed out. Inhis first paragraph and inthe caption of his figure 2 he has madeitsound as if a photomultiplier were alarge complicated device capable ofdoing a host of uniqueoperations. Thephotomultiplier itself, the roundschematic figure, left center of figure 2,designated as PMT, is very similar inconstruction to a standard radio tubeand can do no more than convert a lightsignal to an electronic signal in aproportional manner. It is Only throughsophisticated optics, filters, and stateofthe art electronics that thephotomultiplier can be utilized toaccomplish allMr. Reardon has alludedto..The circuit infigure2could surely beused to contour plot a light source andcould also be caused to givean audiblesignal proportional to the lightexamined; but a photomultiplier cannotfingerprint or hear.From the second paragraph —hundreds of other light sources eachhave set wavelengths of light emissions(Angstroms) — all sources of light aremeasured in Angstroms. An angstromis a unit of length;like an inch.They arenot tangible,asthe article makes themseem. One angstrom equals one-onehundred-millionth of a centimeter.I am certainly a proponent of newideas and I hope Mr. Reardon keepsthinking, and that the same "disease"spreads throughout the UFO researchand investigativecommunity.Thpmas P. DeuleyFt. Meade, Md.Reply to Book ReviewEditor,I have been a student of UFOs for14 years. I have known Jacques Vallee(and other reputable UFO researcherswho know and respect him) for a(continued on next page)17
  18. 18. (Directors Message,. Continued)800 still color and black and whitephotographs of UOs, seven differentsegments of 8mm movie footage, andphotographed numerous landingtracks in the meadows near CantonZurich in Switzerland.In the midst of the investigationbyWendelle Stevens and his group, Mr.Meier said he had a contact during thenight (his 105th), wherein he was givena small package of amber crystalsdelivered by "Quetzal," expressedly forStevens to have examined. Eventhough some of the photographs weresubmitted to photogrammetricanalysis, each of the objects purportedto be a UFO has a clear distinct edge,whereas the remainder of thephotograph is out of focus whether inthe distance or close up. There are fourdistinct types of craft (or models)depicted in these "unusually beautifulcolor photographs." After receiving acomplimentary copy of the book fromWendelle Stevens and studying itscontents, I advised him in writing that Icould not under any condition endorsethe authenticityof material in the bookand the bizarre claims made. by BillMeier. At "UFO 79," Jim Lorenzen,International Director of APRO,disclaimed any endorsement of thebook which Stevens had previouslyimplied in advertising literature. Onlythe naive attendees at "UFO 79" wereimpressed with the book, since itallegedly offers evidence orinvestigation into the credibility of theclaims. If you are overwhelmed withVolume I at $24.95, be prepared topurchase Volumes IIand III, which arepromised. Need I say more?From your Directors viewpoint,this book could be one of the mostdamaging pieces of literature availableto the skeptics, since they will have a"field day" on the lack of authenticityfor its claims. Wendelle Stevensadvised that theyhave published 10,000copies. It has been estimated that thiscould consist of a $60,000 investment,which is a reasonable cost, consideringthe professional caliber of theprocesses involved. I am using thisvehicle and occasion to make apersonal statement concerning myevaluation of the book, before theskeptics have an opportunity to startmaking innuendos for lack of a publicdisclaimer. When one has beeninvolved in the controversial field ofUFOlogy for 30 years, all of the.evidence must be scrutinized,evaluated, and applied whereverfeasible to the resolution of thephenomena. This requires an openmind to newly discovered scientificevidence that will help solve thisenigma. If "UFO...Contact From ThePleiades" proves to be scientific fact, itwould be the greatest "breakthrough"in modern UFOlogy. If my personalevaluation of thisbook is incorrect, Iwillbe the first to apologize to Col Stevensfor this statement.A new column titled "UFOSecrecy Update" by Larry W. Bryantwas inaugurated in the October issue(No. 140) of the Journal. This wasbased on the decision to suspendpublication of the newsletter JUSTCAUSE due to lack of broad publicsupport, limited operating funds, andthe inability of such a specializedorganization as CAUS to reach a wideenough audience for its message.Correspondence between LarryBryant and your Director to negotiatean arrangement whereby the MUFONUFO Journal would fulfil theresponsibilities of JUST CAUSE to itssubscribers has been taking place fornearly 2 months. MUFON heartilyendorses the fine work that Peter A.Gersten, Larry Bryant, and BradSparks have been doing regarding thelawsuit under the Freedom ofInformation Act (FOIA).In the meantime, Larry Bryant hasbeen able to publish and distributeVol.1, No. 9 (December 1979) of JUSTCAUSE to present subscribers. InBronx, N.Y., on October 25, 1979, apress conference was held by CAUSlegal director Peter A. Gersten topublicize the latest developments inthelitigation of Ground Saucer Watch,Inc.vs. CIA; to highlight the plans file (on behalf of CAUS)FOIA lawsuits against the NationalSecurity Agency and the Departmentof the Air Force; and to dramatize theconcern of CAUS members and othersthat the Federal Governmentsapparent mishandling of legitimate,hard-core UFO data could endangerthe national interest. ,Since many JUST CAUSEsubscribers are alsoMUFON membersand receive the MUFON UFO Journal,we are using this medium to advisethem that as of December 10, 1979, afinancially satisfactory arrangement formerging JUST CAUSE with Journalsubscribers has not been consum-mated. The Executive Committee ofMUFON recommended several stepsand alternatives to Mr. Bryant toalleviate their financial situation. TheDecember 1979 issue of JUST CAUSEcontains some of these recommend-ations. Since MUFON endorses theobjectives of CAUS, we are seeking aworkable compromise that will assistthem in achieving their goals.(Letters, Continued)slightly shorter period of time.I do not find Messengers ofDeception* to be paranoid. To me itstates a possibility:that some humansare simulating the UFO phenomenonfor their own purpose. As I understandthe authors reasoning, there is both a"real" and a "fake" UFO phenomenon.How can we tell the difference? Aninteresting question.To me Vallees research andinvestigations are original andsignificant. It wont do a bit of harm toask yourself, after reading yet anothertedious, personal and Freudianabduction report, "Could this havebeen engineered (either physically,mentally, or a combination of both) byhumans?" What about UMMO,declared a hoax by Dr. Claude Poher?A lengthy,expensive and serious hoax.Why? What about the Meier case, notyet accepted by researchers? Dontthese arouse your suspicions? They domine.A fresh point of view should not beattacked emotionally, but kept in mindas one more clue to the murky UFOmystery.Barbara MatheyLos Angeles, Calif.•Reviewed in MUFON UFO Journal, No. 139, p.16, by Vincent R. White18
  19. 19. Lucius ParishIn Others WordsThe October 30 issue ofNATIONAL ENQUIRER reports on aMexican housewife who claims to be incontact with alien beings who havegiven her a formula for "cosmic water"which she uses to heal various fatalillnesses. A UFO, traveling at 6,000miles an hour, exploded over thePersian Gulf on August 24, 1979,according to an article inthe November6 issue. Another questionable report inthe November 13 issue contends thatUFO aliens are using Saturns moon,Titan, as a base for their visits to Earth.Another feature in this same issue tellsof Dr. Richard Niemtzows researchinto the "paralysis effect" often noted inthe vicinity ofaUFO. The November20issue contains a report by an Indianphysicist whoclaims that a tornado-likephenomenon near New Delhi, India,was actually the exhaust from anuclear-powered UFO.THE STAR for October 23features an article telling of mysteriousnoises and UFO sightings on the islandof Bermuda.In a welcome change of pace,Harry Lebelson contributes the "UFOUpdate" column for the Novemberissue of OMNI. Some very interestinginformation on UFO physical evidenceis presented, includingan update on thefamous Ubatuba, Brazil, magnesiumsample.The December issue of UFOREPORT features contributions by thelate B. Ann Slate, Wayne Laporte, andothers, including excerpts from AllanHendrys THE UFO HANDBOOK.A special "Collectors Edition" ofPROBE magazine is now available,containing several interesting UFOarticles. California UFO researcherRichard Zimmerman is the editor ofthisedition and PROBE evidentlyintends tomake areappearanceonnewsstandsasa regularly-scheduled publication.The #16 issue of TRUE UFOs &OUTER SPACE ishelped somewhat byBill Retoff s article on the 1979NationalUFO Conference, held at Norwood,Ohio. Most of the remainingmaterialinthis issue is rehash.It takes little prophetic insight topredict that UFO...CONTACTFROMTHE PLEIADESwill shortly become avery controversial volume. Thedisputes and arguments will centeraround the photographs ofalleged alienspacecraft, plus the fact that saidphotographs were taken by a Swissfarmer/caretaker who claims to havebeen in contact with UFO occupantsfor many years. The research into thiscase, spearheaded by Wendelle C.Stevens, has unearthed an amazingstore of data. The present volume—one of a series of books on the case —concentrates on the photographs,while giving a brief summary of thecontactees claims, plus excerpts fromalleged conversations with the"Pleiadans."The photographs, genuine or not,are veryimpressive; more than a dozenare enlarged to 12"X 12", with othersbeing 12"X24". The book also containsphotos of claimed spacecraft metalsamples which have been supplied bythe aliens. One must admire theperseverance ofStevensand the otherswho have labored hard and long topresent this case to the public.Whatever one may think of the photos,the contact claims or the otherevidence, these research efforts shouldnot be ignored.UFO...CONTACT FROM THEPLEIADES is a beautiful hardcovervolume, sellingfor $24.95 per copy (plus$3.00 postage and handling) from —Genesis m Prod., Ltd., P.O. Box 32067,Phoenix, AZ85064. Credit card ordersmay be called in to (602) 266-3001.Ifyou are not satisfied with the book,return it to Genesis ID within 10days ofreceipt of a complete refund. I wouldhope that this evidence will be givencareful and serious consideration,rather than being automaticallyrejected because of its association witha contactee claimant.IMark R. HerbstrittstronomyNotesTHE SKY FOR DECEMBER 1979Mercury — It is well placed forobservation all month; it is at greatestelongation west (21 degrees)on the 7th,at which timeitstands about 16degreesabove the southeastern horizon atsunrise. It is 6 degrees north ofAntares on the 18th.Venus — It is rapidly becoming easierto see, as the anglebetween the eclipticand the horizon increases. It is low inthe southwest at sunset, and sets about2 hours later.Mars — In Leo, it rises in late evening,and is high in the southwest at sunrise.It is 1.7degrees north of Jupiter on the13th. Saturn is only 15 degrees furthereast, and the moon joins the array onthe llth to 13th.Jupiter — InLeo, it rises inlate eveningand is high in the southwest at sunrise.Saturn — In Virgo, it rises beforemidnight and is high in the south atsunrise.The Geminid meteor shower occursfrom the 10th to the 13th.19
  20. 20. DIRECTORSMESSAGE byWalt Andrus"UFO Technology, A DetailedExamination" has been selected as thetheme for the 1980 MUFON UFOSymposium in Clear Lake City(Houston), Texas on June 6, 7, and 8,hosted by VISIT (Vehicle InternalSystems Investigative Team, Inc..) andsponsored by MUFON (Mutual UFONetwork, Inc.). Speakers alreadyconfirmed are Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle,University of Wyoming; Ray Stanford,Director of Project StarlightInternational; and Stanton T.Friedman, nuclear physicist andlecturer, who has titled his paper"Flying Saucer Technology" to fit thetheme of the symposium. Twoadditional features of the program willbe a tour of the Lyndon B. JohnsonSpace Center on Sunday afternoon,June 8th, and an Advanced PropulsionWorkshop, coordinated by Alan C.Holt. A separate article inthe MUFONUFO Journal will detail the plans forthis workshop and the dates forsubmitting abstracts to Alan C. Holt.Featured speakers are advised tosubmit their papers to Walt Andrus byMarch 1, 1980, for inclusion in thepublished 1980 SymposiumProceedings. Other featured speakerswill be announced in the January issueof the Journal.The September 1979(No.50)issueof the Japanese newsstand magazine"UFOs and Space"hasasits lead storyour Tenth Annual 1979 MUFON UFOSymposium in San Francisco, Calif.,devoting three full pages of colorphotographs, a 5-page story with blackand white photographs, and 9 pages tothe presentation deliveredbyDr. BruceS. Maccabee on the New Zealandmotion picture UFO sequence. Itwas apleasant surprise to open the cover andfind a color photograph of PeterTomikawa shaking hands with yourDirector. The entire credit for thisoutstanding exposure must be given toMr. Tomikawa for his photographs andarticles, and to the UniversePublishingCo., Ltd., the publishers of UFOs andSPACE. The address of the publishingfirm is Yamato Building, 5-1-6, Ueno,Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan. The price of asingle copy is 450yen.Inaddition to thisfine coverage, another page printed inEnglish gave an overview of thesymposium, the Mutual UFONetwork,Inc. (MUFON), and the announcementof our 1980 symposium to be held inClear Lake City, Texas, on June 7and8.A second article of prime interestwas a photographic introduction to theleaders of UFOlogy in Japan today. Abrief resume accompanied thephotographs of MUFONs threeofficers in Japan; Jun-Ichi Takanashi,National Director for Japan; Yu"Masaru" Mori, Deputy Director forthe northern Japanese islands; andTakao Ikeda, Deputy Director for thesouthern Japanese islands. Several ofthe J.S.P.S. members who visitedMUFON in August, pictured on thecover of the October 1979 issue of theJournal, are also featured in this samearticle, including Shinichiro Namiki,President of Japan Space PhenomenaSociety.The Royal Quality Inn in SanDiego, Calif., was the sitefor "UFO 79"on the weekend of November 16, 17,and 18, sponsored by Hal Starr andR.H. Peck. The entire conference wasvideotaped for possible use on nationaltelevision. The speakers in order oftheir appearance were Walter H.Andrus, Jr., "A New Look at the UFOEntity Evidence"; James A. Harder,Ph.D., "Do UFO Aliens Communicatewith Humans? — An Overview";Stanton T. Friedman, "UFOPropulsion Systems"; Alan C. Holt,"Hydromagnetics and CloseEncounters"; L.J. "Jim" Lorenzen,"UFOs and Cattle Mutilations"; R. LeoSprinkle, Ph.D., "UFO Prophesies";and Cleve Baxter, "The Efficacy of thePolygraph in Determining the Validityof UFO Encounters."The informal Saturday eveningbanquet was devoted to honoringpioneers in the UFO organizationalfield, Donald E. Keyhoe, Major USMC(Ret.) and Coral E. Lorenzen, withcomplimentary expressions by HalStarr, Chairman; J. Allen Hynek,Ph.D.via a prior videotape titled "TheNecessity for Cooperation BetweenUFO Study Groups"; Coral E.Lorenzen; and Walt Andrus with ashort tribute to Mrs. Lorenzen andMajor Keyhoe. Due to the seriousillness of his wife Helen, Major Keyhoewas unable to attend to accept therecognition due him as the formerdirector of NICAP. Even thoughseveral speakers such as Bruce. S.Maccabee, Ph.D.; Marcel Vogel; J.Allen Hynek,Ph.D.; and Major Keyhoewere unable to attend for variousreasons, the speaking program was asuccess. However, it was adisappointment that none of thedemonstrations promised such as anew supersensitive magnetometer,photogrammetric analysis of pictures,and "metal samples delivered byextra-terrestrials" were available for theattendees to view Mr. Starr and Mr.Peck are to be congratulated forbeingvery gracious hosts for this event.An even greater disappointmentand a prime subject of discussion at"UFO 79" was the public introductionto the newbook "UFO...Contact FromThe Pleiades" Volume I by Col.Wendelle C. Stevens and publishedbyGenesis IIIProductions, Ltd. It isbilledas "The amazing photo-events andphoto-experiences from the moststartling case of ongoing Alien Contactto appear in modem history." Eduard"Billy" Meier claims to have had morethan 130 meetings with the Pleiadiancosmonauts (named Ptaah, Quetzel,Semjase, Asket, and Plaja), made 600-(continued on page 18)