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Mufon ufo journal 1978 6. june

  2. 2. The MUFONUFO JOURNAL103 Oldtowne Rd.Seguin, Texas 78155RICHARD HALLEditorANN DRUFFELAssociate EditorLEN STRINGFIELDAssociate EditorWALTER H. ANDRUSDirector of MUFONPAUL CERNYPromotion/PublicityREV. BARRY DOWNINGReligion and UFOsLUCIUS PARISHBooks/Periodicals/HistoryMARJOR1E FISHExtraterrestrial LifeMARK HERBSTRITTAstronomyROSETTA HOLMESPromotion/PublicityTED PHILLIPSLanding Trace CasesJOHN F. SCHUESSLERUFO PropulsionNORMA E. SHORTDWIGHT CONNELLYDENNIS HAUCKEditor/Publishers EmeritusThe MUFON UFO JOURNAL ispublished by the Mutual UFONetwork, Inc., Seguin, Texas.Subscription rates: $8.00 per yearin the U.S.A.; $9.00 per yearforeign. Copyright 1978 by theMutual UFO Network. Secondclass postage paid at Seguin,Texas. Publication identificationnumber is 2970. POSTMASTER:Send form 3579 to advise changeofaddress to The MUFON UFOJOURNAL, 103 Oldtowne Rd.,Seguin, Texas 78155.FROMTHE EDITORCertain areas of UFO research loom larger than others today.The following topics, in particular, need to be fully explored anddoing this would constitute a worthwhile research program: (1)Evaluation of humanoid reports and reporters, witness credibility,report content credibility, cultural influences .("filters"),psychological factors, etc. (2) Ways and means for collecting andstudying physical evidence cases of all types (physical traces, E-Meffects, phsyiological effects, etc.); kinds of appropriate laboratoryanalysis and tests on soil,foliage, animals,humans, and vehicles.(3)Radar, photographic, and other instrument cases: how best toanalyze them and derive reliable information from them. (4)Historical research: gathering still-secret reports from crediblewitnesses so far unwilling to talk; prying loose important casesknown to exist somewhere in U.S. Government files; studying therole of the CIA and others in suppressing information. (5)Methodologies: We need to know far more about the proper usesand limitations of such instruments and methods as computerphoto-enhancement, polygraphs, psychologicaltests, psychologicalstress evaluators (PSEs), chemical analysis, and hypnosis.In addition to case reports and general news, the Journal willpublish articles related to these five topics to encourage a coherentresearch program. We urge all staff members and contributors tofocus on these areas of research.In this issueWATCH STOPS DURING VIENNA SIGHTING 3By Ernst BergerAUSTRIAN CAR PACED BY UFO 4By Ernst BergerSEEKING THE MECHANISM FOR PARALYSIS 6By Richard C. Niemtzow and John F. SchuesslerPROJECT VISIT 7By Dave KissingerCASE WITH HUMANOIDS (FRANCE) 8By J.-L. Brochard and Pascal GireaudotUFO TECH NOTE 12By John F. SchuesslerMUFON—NORTH CAROLINA TRAINING CONFERENCE 14By George D. FawcettThe contents of the MUFON UFO JOURNAL aredetermined by the editor, and do not necessarilyrepresent the official position of MUFON. Opinions ofcontributors are theirown, and do not necessarily reflectthose of the editor, the staff, or MUFON. Articlesmay beforwarded directly to MUFON.Permission is hereby granted to quote from this issueprovided not more than 200words are quoted from anyone article, the author of the article is given credit, andthe statement "Copyright 1978 by the MUFON UFOJOURNAL, 103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, Texas" isincluded.
  3. 3. Watch Stops During Vienna SightingBy Ernst Berger(MUFON-Austria)The night before an Alfa Romeocar was paced bya UFO for 20minutesnear Wiener Neustadt (see our report"Austrian car paced by UFO"), a color-changing domed disc wasseen atcloud-base height from a road 13 kilometersNNE of Wiener Neustadt. Inthe courseof the event, witnessed by a couple ofhigh social status, a wrist-watchstopped for no apparent reason. After-afirst report by Mrs. B., Ernst Bergerconducted a field investigation on thiscase on July 18, 1978..Gertrude B., 48, masterhairdresser and chief of a fashionablesaloon was sitting beside her husbandHerbert, a realtor, 62.Leavinga privaterifle range near Neurisshof -in theVienna Basin, SW of Baden, LowerAustria, he steered the family Mercedesalong a rough lane through open fields alittle after 2200 hrs. GET. Night hadfallen and the sky was overcast.Mrs. B. recalled: "Suddenly ...there wasan intense orange,disc behindthe dark clouds, like one of my mirrorsin the hairdressers saloon. I told myhusband: Thats strange, look! and hereplied: Its the moon. (in fact, themoon —one day before first quarter —set at 2306 GET, but the object becamevisible 30° up in the southwest -E.B.)Do we have full moon? I asked him ...then noticed he slowed down the carconsiderably. I asked Why are youdriving that slow?* and he recalledBecause its uncanny. ... The orangedisc, first partially hidden by clouds,seemed to twist, standing at a tiltedangle like airplanes in a curve beforeapproach... was blue-grey...a cold colorand looked like a pot-lid how or, so tosay, a disc with a center hump. ...Suddenly it changed again into twoorange dots and disappeared on thespot... "I said:Switch on the interior light,Imust get the time of this and he did so.It was 2215 GET... Drivinghome I keptboth eyes on the sky, to no avail...When wearrived home, mywatchhadstopped, still showing 2215! ...I dontlike to mention this, Im not crazy, but ithad .stopped at the time of theobservation...and when I just turnedthe crown two the watch wasstiH almost fully wound-up, the handsmoved and all was OK again." Thewatch was an expensive gold Longines(Swiss) ladywrist-watch.In my field investigation, the Bsdrew a sketch series of the event andgave more details. The observationlasted about 1minute.First, aclear-cut,intense orange disc of 1.5° stood at 30°elevation between dark cloud stripswhich were not illuminated by theobject, "unlike the moon rays" (sketch1). Mrs. B. also compared the color tothe light of sodium vapor high-pressurestreetlights at the end of SouthernHighway, Vienna. As the car movedahead slowly, the elevationdiminishedto 10/12° with the same azimuth ofabout 250°, towards Southern Highwaynear Holies. Instantly, an "ice-cold"metallic blue-grey tint, was seenilluminating a domed disc (sketch 2).Shortly afterwards, the scene wentdark except for two orange points oflight (sketch 3) which disappeared "asyou switch off an electric light",according to Mrs. B.The cloud base of an altocumulusfield near Vienna at 2200 GET wasreported to be 12,000 feet bythe airportweather service. Therefore, takingintoaccount the different sea levels and the30° elevation, we can assume 6.5kilometers slant range distance and200meters true diameter for the beginningof the observation, if the reportedvalues are correct —an enormous sizeindeed. Tilt, color change, and "switch-off are other typical patterns. Thewindows were closed and the carengine functioning normally, with nosound from the object: Furtherdiscussions on the affair ended with thecomment of Mrs. B. that she often hashad vivid precognitive dreamson minoraccidents, etc. whichwere verified dayslater. Her husband does not take thisseriously and puts it off as "unbridledfantasy." A tank commander of WorldWar H, he has .-been an enthusiastichunter for years withgood eyesight andcorroborates most details given by hiswife. Both are familiar with Austrianmagazine and newspaper details ofUFOs and reported the incident as aUFO, "something weve never seenbefore."On July 21,1978, the freshly tape-recorded data was presentedvforpsychiatric analysis to Prof. Dr. O.A.ofVienna University,a renowned experton psychopathological processes suchas visual hallucinations.His commentscan be summarized as follows:"I do not personally know mesubjects, but ... a change of one shapeinto another single one israre inshapedvisual hallucinations. ... Often,hallucinated forms are interpretedimmediately in a symbolic way bypatients — e.g. a triangle as HolyTrinity; abstract reporting is not verycommon. ;.. One has to observe thatorange and blue are frequent naturalcolors of the sky, basic colors of theeveryday optical stimuli.... This leavesan illusionary misinterpretation withinreach. A circulardisc is a normal shapein the sky, but not a tilted disc. ..."Observations through a carwindscreen contain other physicalfactors like chromatic diffraction,..butare not relevant for almost verticallinesof sight through the glass (as was thecase in the B. incident • E.B.),,, andclear, non-shaded windscreens...(Visual) hallucinations are rather shortand modified/intensified by theemotional stimulation: ... A standing(continued on next page)
  4. 4. AUSTRIAN CAR PACED BY UFOBy Ernst Bcrger(MUFON-Austria)A globular, strangely illuminatedUFO was seen between 23and 24GETon July 13, 1978, near WienerNeustadt, Lower Austria, by twoteenagers driving home in their AlfaRomeo. The object first followed everymanuever ofthe car through the southoutskirts of the town, then paced thecar at the highway and was finally lostover pine woods. A field investigationby Ernst Berger and Heinz Szabo onJuly 16 yielded the following tape-recorded data:Harald, 19, state railway enginefitter, and Josef, 16,an electrician, bothnormal-sighted, sober, and mentallystable residents ofthe Wiener Neustadtregion, returned to their town, 40kilometers south of Vienna in theVienna Basin, in the last hour ofThursday from Pottendorf (see map).Harald was driving his Alfetta, anItalianAlfa Romeo sports car. EnteringWiener Neustadt (position 1 on map)Josef spotted a luminous object ofmorethan full moon size stationary 40° rightoff the road heading, at about 10°elevation, the direction of airfield(Vienna Sightings, Continued)visual hallucination will last 10 to 15seconds at maximum, but definitely lessthan a minute without motion.Developing hallucinatory episodes canlast somewhat longer... The secondpart of the observation may containsubjective colorings, interpretationslike the cupola typical for UFO reportsand the lights suggesting "take-offrockets".... The primary experiencespeaks against a illusion/delusion asthe persons involvedhave had no otherhallucinations and were not under theinfluence of drugs or alcohol."The result is a psychiatrically-attested genuine UFO, the third in theBaden/Wiener Neustadt region of theVienna Basin since mid-June 1978.Wiener Neustadt-East. Itwas strangelyshaped (see sketch a), like a paleorange-red half moon with a ragged leftcontour and dark dots or spaces overthe surface. Harald thought they werefolds, and both took the thing for aballoon. The light shone steadily andseemed to illuminate only the object.No lateral displacement or rotation wasnoticed. Driving through the townsouth, then westwards, the object wasnot lost behind but remained visible forseconds to the right of the car."I had the impression it wasmoving with us, but didnt believe it,"Josef recalls. Because he was notdriving, he had the better look ateverything that happened. At theoutskirts, "we stopped at anintersection..waitingfor the green light(position 2). I rolled down the sidewindow and looked closer."The objectwas now a full orange globe (sketch b)with dark spots, sharply outlined, andhad stopped at 300° azimuth and 5°elevation. "Suddenly it moved acrossthe road infront ofus to the left side (az.260°, el. 2°)and stopped again ...nowwe got it: Thats a flying object!"The UFO halted way over a firmrooftop, moving up and down, evendisappearing behind the roof. "Whenwe got a green light and went left (nowsouthbound), it started and kept at ourright again... I got a peculiarfeeling kind of being followed andWatched." The object stayed right ofthe vehicle, at low altitude so it wasfrequently lost for secondsbehind treesor buildings.The Alfa Romeo reached anothercrossroad near a gravel pit (position 3)and stopped. So did the object. "Itoldhim (Harald)to go straight on to thepit,but he turned left, and when I lookedright there was the object again" flyingsoutheast beside the car. "It alwayskept its distance, though it was big, ormaybe smallerand nearer."For slightlymore than full moon size, a truediameter of 5 meters is equivalent to500 m distance, for instance. Haraldsped westwards over the SouthernHighway approach road. The UFOkept its place. Southbound on thehighway Josef still had the thinginsight
  5. 5. to the west over the Steinfeld pineforest. "We picked up speed toover150kilometers/hour, but couldnt shake itoff. It was there, at times higher, thenlower, but still there." Turning intoNeunkirchner Alley,a perfectly straightturnpike of 10 kilometers length, theAlfetta passed a gas station (position 4)"and then I saw it in the left backwindow, looking back." It kept aposition 130° left of the car heading,now and then obstructed by trees."Then, there was one of thoseclearings (position 5)...and I saw itsuddenly trail a kind of a thesame color, but fainter," which wasdescribed by Josef as a cone 2 or 3times the globe diameter, fully mergingwith the contours of the main object(sketch c). Josef held the driverswheelfor Harald and shouted "Look at this!",but seconds later the light cone wasgone. At St. Egyden they turned the carleft onto a road through the pine forest.Josef caught glimpses ofthe globe moredistant at 130° left, 5/10° elevation(position 6) through the passing stems.Then he lost it from sight. Apparentlyitremained ina lowposition over the pinewoods. Heading back to WienerNeustadt on Federal road 54, Josefsighted the globe again at the sameelevation, 90° left of the road after thebranch-off to Fbhrenau (position 7)."Itlooked smaller—then moved off into thedistance (to the north - E.B.) (position8) and we lost it... Isearched the sky allthe way home; but it was gone."" Somewhat disturbed, the twoyoung men entered Wiener Neustadtafter their 20-25 minute drive. July 13was a fair summer night with fewclouds. Subsequent calls revealed theWiener Neustadt region had had nocivil or military flight activityof any kindat the reported late hour; Althoughthere have been no corroboratingreports on the object forthcoming fromthe area so far, the boys testimonygiven during a field investigation drivealong the originalroute was honest andcolorful. The incomplete globe shape,color and dark dots ofthe early sightingphase remind us strongly ofthe Viennapolice report on a similar object in northVienna on February 27, 1977 (see"Policemen watch UFO", MUFONUFO JOURNAL No. 112, March 1977;page 17): That object also had peculiarAustrian car paced by ITFO, sketchSketch Series of Object by JosefUFO sightedby local familyA Morgan Hill family of four had anunexpected encounter Monday nighl onthe way to church, they sighted a UFOwhile traveling along Highway 280 inthe San Jose area.Encountering the craft which theydescribed as a flying saucer anddefinitely not an airplane or helicopterwas (arol Sanford and her threechildren, Trisha, Harris and Suzy.Although believers in such sightingsdue to the num« rous accounts of persons in the United Stales andelsewhere, it was the first such oc-currence for Sanford family members.The Unidentified -Flying Object wasfirst seen by Trisha, a student aI LiveOak High School, who initially believedit to be a helicopter but a closerexamination proved otherwise.The Sanfords were traveling on High-way 280 between Story F<oad and KaccStreet shortly after 7 p.m. when theUFO was seen some distance awayhovering over a section of San.Jose. Thecrafl slowly turned enabling the Sanlords to clearly see window-likeopenings similar lo what is observedwhen a passenger (rain passes by in thenighl . .".Theres no way il could have been aplane," declared Mis. Sanford. aclerklypist at theCilrov Police Department.1We were running late for church so Ididnt pull over on Ihc-freeway. Now, Iwish I did," shesaidMrs. Sanford said Ihere had been loomany reports worldwide not to believein UFO sightings."I cant believe others didnt see it,"she added The Sanfords did see anairplane thai appeared lo fly nearlydirectly over the UFO which continuedlo spin slowly the entire lime they had itin sight ••"I thought il was a helicopter at firstIt had square windows with a spacebetween them On top there was around hump (hat gave off a . glowsimilar -to a yellowish, flourescentlight." Trisha commented :• •"We were .excited, not scared,"Trisha continued, adding that she isnow a confirmed believer in-UFOs.Head ion from classmatesand teacherson Tuesday was more a willingness tolisten lo the lair rnlher than skep-ticism. . ."They didnt look at me as if I waskini! ill cra/y," Trisha advised "One ofmy-Iriends said her father has seenUFOs three times.At- lasl sighting when, (he Sanfordswen- in (he church parking lot. theHying saucer shaped UFO was spinningslowly and heading in a northerlydirection toward San Francisco ,Gilroy, Calif., Dispatch — April 5, 1978dark dots or spaces scattered over itssurface, a fact which was omitted inpreparing the reporffor the Journal.Contact address: Ernst Berger,MUFON-Austria, Nussdorferstr. 7,A1094 Vienna, Austria.
  6. 6. SEEKING THE MECHANISM FOR PARALYSISIN CLOSE ENCOUNTER CASESBy Richard C. Niemtzow, M.D.(MUFON Consultant and Former APRO FrenchRepresentative)andJohn F. Schuessler(MUFON Deputy Director, Administration)The Houston based VehicleInternal Systems Investigative Team(VISIT) has focused its efforts on thescientific study of UFO internalengineering systems. This studyrequires the analysis of the obviousclues and full consideration of thesecondary effects so often noted. Onesuch effect is the paralysis of witnessesin close encounter cases.Witness paralysis has been welldescribed in the UFO literature. Forexample, Vallee, in Passport toMagonia, identifies a number of suchcases. On June 19, 1951, JosephMatiszewski of Sonderborg, Denmark,saw a UFO land in a meadow. Whenhe approached within 50 m he foundhimself paralyzed. Mr. Mercier ofBouzais, France, found himselfparalyzed on September 28, 1954,when a luminous mass landed 50 maway and three figures emerged.Messers. Gallois and Vigneron, alsoofFrance, saw a craft only 50 m awayinapasture on October 11,1954, and wereparalyzed until the craft left. OnOctober 21,1954, a youngmanwalkingin a field near Melito, Italy, saw a craftland and found himself paralyzed. In asimilar incident near Scotia, Nebraska,on November 5,1957, a man watchedaballoonlike craft that came down toground level. He too was paralyzed.Significantly, many of the victimsdespite the loss of motor functions inthe upper and lower extremitiesdo notfall, and death has been rarely reported.Because of the selective paralysis ofsome body functions and thepathological absence involving theautonomic nervous system,Niemtzowhas suggested elsewhere (APRO,March 1975) that the clinicalmanifestations and paralytic pathwaysavoid the vital functions of theorganism and that nerve trunkdiameter seems the differentiatingconsideration of the paralytic process.This process seems to involve the largediameter nerves used in muscleinnervation rather than the smallerfibers associated with autonomicregulation essential to the maintenanceof life.It is not unknown in ufology thataccompanying the humanparalysisareother physical manifestations whichmay be related to E-Meffects. The carmotor that fails, the extinction ofelectrical and radio systems, and thesilencing*of animals and insects are allwell knownto the reader. That this E-Mprocess may be the culprit ofuntowardeffects on the victim is not surprising.However, it is an essentialconsideration that the resultingclinicalsigns must not be confused withionizing radiation effects which maymimic E-M biological effects ofextremely lowfrequencies.Perhaps itisvery naiveto suggest aphysical mechanism involving such apoorly understood phenomenon;nevertheless, it becomes quitesuggestive. Schwann, 1957, andHasted, 1973, propose that the humancell membrane having such a highdielectric constant and lowconductivity does not permit current toenter through the cell membrane;instead, it is bypassed throughelectrolytic components of interstitialfluid. It is thus possible to calculate theactual current density in the interiorofcells within tissue and to ascertain theintensity of an external electric field tocause dangerous cellular damage. Wefind according to Schwann, 1972, thatan external electric field of 5 x 108volts/meter is necessary to cause achange of 1 mv in cellular membranepotential. From these considerationsSchwann states that it is virtuallyimpossible to evoke dangerous currentdensities in the humanbody by externallow frequency fields. Unfortunately, theauthors do not believe that a 1 mvchange in membrane potential issignificant to normal physiologicalsituations. The electrokineticproperties of cells are such that certaincompensating mechanisms exist andslight variations in intracellular andtrans membrane potentials arephysiological.More related to the UFO problemis the consideration of magnetic fields.Unlike the situation with electricfields,the external magnetic field is notattenuated by the body. Allportions ofthe body have the same magneticpermeability as free space. ACmagnetic fields can induce currentsthat will flow inclosed circuitswithin thebody. It can be calculated that a 1g,60hz magnetic field induces a 2 mv/melectric field in a a circuit radius of 0.1meter, composed ofmaterialhavingthesame resistivity as body tissue. Thisinternalfieldproduces acurrentdensitythat is comparable to that produced bya 2.5 kv externalelectric field. Thus themagnetic field can induce greaterelectrical currents in the human bodythan comparable external electricfields. Interestingly enough,microwaveeffects on the large motor nervescausing a propagated electrical spikeinafferent and efferent directions alongthe axon can block physiological actionpotentials and thus be capable ofinhibiting muscular movement(McCampbell: Ufology, 1973).Concerning UFO paralysis, it maybe possible to hinder the actionpotential of a nerve without producingtetanization and effectively achieve astate of immobility. The autonomicnervous system may be placed in aquasi balanced state during thisphenomenon. Itshould not be admittedthat paralysis may be aimed at themotor center ofthe brain. The effectsof
  7. 7. PROJECT VISITBy Dave Kissinger(State Section Director for Harris and Galveston Counties, Texas)Project VISIT (Vehicle InternalSystems Investigative Team) is anonprofit corporation consisting ofprofessional members includingdoctors, aerospace engineers, andscientists as well as supportingmembers such as secretaries, artists,and news personnel.Within the field of UFO study, ourorganization has focused its efforts onthe scientific and engineering study ofthe internal systems of UnidentifedSpace Vehicles (USV) and of thephysiology of the beings which occupythese vehicles. Scientific andengineering data is obtained from (1)transcripts of conversations betweenpsychologists or case investigators andthe UFO abductees, (2) followupconversations with the abductees, (3)abductee critique of mockups of USVinteriors built by VISIT, (4) physicalevidence resulting from the contact(including medical evidence), and (5)physical evidence at the location of theencounter.The objectives of this research areto (1) determine ifthere is a correlationof scientific and engineering data fromcase to case, (2) identify internalsystems which are most prevalent, (3)evaluate the purpose for these sytems,(4) determine how these systemsoperate, and (5) share the informationobtained with the public at large.To date VISIT has cataloged 40abduction cases. Of 18cases for whichinformation is available, 15indicate thatmedical examinations were performedon the abductee. Similarily, of 19cases,15indicated the presence of some sortof light beam and of 18 cases, 15indicated medical aftereffects. Of 17cases, 15have some sort of descriptionof the internal systems of thespacecraft.VISIT has comprised a list ofquestions which will aid the investigatorof abduction cases. The questions dealin detail with the space vehicleengineering systems, medicalexamination and instruments used,physiology of the beings, and thephysiological aftereffects of theabductee.A copy of the questionnaire can beobtained by qualified investigators bywriting to VISIT. Our organizationcannot achieve its goals without thecooperation of the expert investigatorsin the field. In return for caseinformation, we will provide theinvestigator with a scientific andengineering critique of the dataobtained in the case as well as providethe expanding findings ofour research.Although we hold all particularcase information strictlyconfidential, itis our objective to provide the generalresults of our research to educationalinstitutions, government agencies,doctors, scientists, other specializedexperts, responsible. UFO organi-zations, news media, and the generalpublic. The interchange will beaccomplished through letters,quarterly public meetings, articles inscientific journals, television and radiopresentations, written articles in UFOorganizations journals, and byparticipating in symposiums. VISITwillhost the 1980 MUFON UFOSYMPOSIUM to be held at theUniversity of Houston at Clear LakeCity near the Johnson Space Center.The subject of this symposium willrelate to scientific and engineeringfindings of abduction cases. The datewill be announced in THE MUFONUFO JOURNAL when it has beenfirmed up.VISITVehicle Internal Systems InvestigativeTeamP:O. Box 877Friendswood, Texas 77546I Mark R. HerbstrittAstronomyNotesTHE SKY FOR AUGUST 1978Mercury — Itis too close to the sun forobservation, being in inferiorconjunction on the 18th.Venus — It is 18 degrees above thehorizon at sunset. On the night of the7th both Venus and Mars are occultedby the moon.Mars — In Virgo it is very low in thesouthwest at sunset and sets about 2hours later. . . . . . •Jupiter — In Gemini it is about 22degrees above the eastern horizon atsunrise.Saturn — It is too close to the sun forobservation, being in conjunction onthe 27th.The Perseid meteor shower occursfrom the 10th to the 14th.(Paralysis, Continued)E-M on the brain with animals is poorlystudied and any hypotheticalcorrelation of ,UFO paralysisphenomenon would be beyond thescope of this paper.The untoward effects of E-Mradiation reported by Asanova andRakov (1966) on clinical studies of 45employees of a Soviet 400-500 kvsubstation suggests similarhematological findings that one mayfind with low level ionizing radiation. Itappears that E-M fields may indeed beresponsible for what ufologists havethought to be "radiation sickness";emphasizing the fact that E-Mand notatomic radiation is associated with theUFO phenomena.The E-M field effect noted hereinmay be studied in the laboratory withanimals to provide additional clues toidentify the UFO systemsinvolved.Thelong range gain from such study wouldbe twofold; to permit modeling of thesystems themselves, and, unfortun-ately, for use as a weapon inthe controlof human behavior.7
  8. 8. CASE WITHHUMANOIDSATRIEC-SUR-BELON(Finistere) September29, 1974"(From Lumieres dans la Nuit No. 145,May 1975, pp 6-8. HumCat Case No.1361.)In a letter full of sincerity Mme.Le Bihan, 46, told us of theextraordinary events which, with herhusband and son, she had witnessed,and asked us to send a LDLNinvestigator to whom she could tell thestory in full, This article summarizesthat visit, which was made with thecooperation of the Pont-Avengendarmerie brigade, more especiallyof brigadier Rampt, whose perfectcooperation M. Brochard wishes toacknowledge.Riec-sur-Belon (Michelin map58, fold 16), near Pont-Aven, is acommunity of southern Finistere, with1,233 houses and 4,400inhabitants.On Sunday, September 29,1974, it was 0045 in the morningwhenM. and Mme. Le Bihanwere brusquelyawakened by their son Younic LeBihan, 20, a sergeant in the Air Force,returning from an evening out, whocame into their bedroom to ask them tocome into his room, taking care not toturn on any lights.(Mme.Le Bihan tellsus she believed the house was on firefrom the way her son "irrupted" intotheir bedroom.)They could then contemplate,from the second-floor window, orientedS-SE, a spectacle ofrare beauty... M.LeBihan, 46, a merchant seaman, madethe following reflection: "One wouldhave said it was a steamboat lighted upin the middle of a prairie..."The object, some 500m away asthe crow flies, appeared to themthrough binoculars as a hemispherewhose upper portion resembled at alllevels a "furnace" with vaporous,indefinite outlines. In its center, some8Investigation byMM. J.-L. Brochard(LDLN Delegate)andPascal Gireaudotsort of portholes emitting a very brightlight of a very beautiful color, but ratherdifficult to define, resembling bothorange and green.At what seemed to them to bethe base ofthe object, on each side, wasa light "twice the size of a carsheadlight," of a very vivid red, its colorresembling that of a cars "stoplights,"circular, but also with vaporous andunclear contours.No foot was perceived, and theyeven thought that the object might beresting on a cushion ofair, for it seemedto vibrate, oscillatingfrom right to left.Perhaps it was rotating, but thewitnesses could not say so withcertitude. It is certain, though, that theobject was not touching the ground;itwas about 60 cm above it.It appeared to be of largedimensions: 10m wideand 7 m high.Atno time did itmove:the witnesses sawitat all times opposite them.All at once, there was onlydarkness there, where a fraction of asecond earlier there had been theluminous object. M. and Mme. Le Bihancould see, high in the sky, a yellow-luminous point that disappeared at highspeed.It was at this moment thatYounic perceived three "beings," andpassed the binoculars to his mother,asking her what she saw.Three "humanoid" appear-ances, fairly tall, perhaps 1.7meters, ofgreat corpulence — Mme. Le Bihancompares them to the Michelin "tireman" — were moving rather heavily,rocking from side to side —exactly theway the astronauts walked on themoon. No detail was visible; they wereenveloped by suits of the color ofmolten metal — or of aluminumfoil —but not dazzling. Their heads wereround, but no detail of their faces wasvisible. They wore no headgear.Suddenly, the three "beings"changed their direction and camestraight at the witnesses, inV formation— one in front in the middle, with theother two on each side — the samearrangement as on the cover of LDLN#132. They seemed to fly above theground, traversing all obstacles.Panic-stricken, the witnessescried out: "they have spottedus...theyre going to irradiate us...wemust evacuate the house..."It was done at once: they lefttheir house to seek refuge with theirmother, living farther up the street.They kept looking back, expecting atevery moment to see the "beings."Mme. Le Bihan was so terrified thatafter a fewmoments she stopped in themiddle of the street, incapable oftakinganother step, crying to her husbandand her son toflee,to abandon her, thatshe was sacrificing herself so that theycould flee, and so that there would besomeone left to tell the authorities ofthe nightmare they had experienced.Returning, M. Le Bihan and his soncarried Mme. Le Bihan, but, puffing,they put her down at their nearestnieghbors, a retired gendarmes. Theseneighbors told us that the witnesseswere "green," their faces deformed byterror. They spent the night there.M. and Mme. Le Bihan have adog, Fox, who howleddreadfully beforethe event, and continued to do sothroughout their desperateflight.The weather that evening wasstormy; a short time before theobservation, two thunderclaps ofunusual violence had rattled thewindows ofthe house, and a downpour
  9. 9. The MVFONUFO JOURNALOFFICAL PUBLICATION OF MUFONJ MUTUAL UFO NETWORK, INC.WHAT ARE UFOS?We dont know. Some of the things reported as "UFOs" are balloons, hoaxes, airplanes, aerial gases, andthe like. The "hard" sightings are yet to be explained: daylight discs, objects with lighted "portholes,"objects simultaneously tracked visually and on radar at fantastic speeds, objects which leave physical evi-dence after landing. These "hard" cases cannot currently be explained by anything we now know. It isin this category of sightings that the serious UFO researcher is attempting to gather additional evidence.The JOURNAL has access to and publishes UFO sighting reports from all over the world as investigatedand reported by M.UFONs international liaison representatives. It has a staff of reporters and columnists,second to none in the UFO publishing field. Guest writers include members of MUFONs Advisory Boardof Consultants, most of whom possess doctorates in their respective fields of expertise.The JOURNAL is our most significant means of sharing details of UFO sighting reports and vital infor-mation related to the UFO phenomenon with our members and readers throughout the world. THEMUFON- UFO JOURNAL .(Successor to SKYLOOK founded, in. 196.7) .has established itself as one ofthe leading monthly UFO magazines in the world today. A subscription to the JOURNAL is included inthe annual MUFON membership dues of $12.00 for adults and $10.00 for students under 18 years ofage. There are people vitally interested in the UFO enigma, but for various reasons prefer not to be ac-tively involved in UFO sighting investigations or research. They may elect to join MUFON as a "Con-tributing Subscriber" at the regular membership rate of $12.00. Other interested individuals may sub-scribe to the JOURNAL for $8.00 per year in the U.S.A. or $9.00 foreign, however they are not corporateMUFON members. A sample copy may be obtained for $1.00.If you are interested in finding out the latest on UFOs on a monthly basis, why not join the worlds fast-est growing UFO organization and begin reading THE MUFON UFO JOURNAL.For your convenience please mail theattached subscription blank to:MUFONMutual UFO Network, Inc.103 Oldtowne RoadSeguin, Texas 78155 U.S.A.SUBSCRIPTION BLANKName-Address-CityPlease begin or renew my subscriptionwith the issue ofTHE MUFON UFO JOURNAL.-State- -Zip_Country-I enclose $—fj Check Money Order(Please do not send cash, except for a samplecopy. Thank you.)XA red check in this block is a reminder that your subscription expires with this issue. In order to keep current withthe latest worldwide UFO information, sightings, and news, please renew immediately. Thank you.
  10. 10. had followed. Curiously, the elementshad calmed completely at the time ofthe observation: wind practically none,sky overcast, temperature relativelymild.Mme. Le Bihan observed thather clock, which had been normallywound up that evening, stopped atprecisely the time of the observation,though it was going normally the nextmorning. No observation concerningwatches.The presumed place of thelanding, searched by gendarmes,showed no traces. The soil wasparticularly full of water from the rainsthat had fallen in the last few days.No geological fault in the area.(The map at 1:1million shows the greatcomplex which begins near Nantes upto the point of Le Raz, of which onesouthern fault passes S of Quimperle,1.5 km to the north of Pont-Aven,andapproximately 2 km from Riec-sur-Belon.) Two power lines, of low andhigh tension, above the presumed placeof landing.Physically and mentally, Mme.Le Bihan remained greatlyshocked for3 days after the observation. She hadinsomnia, headaches, the feeling ofhaving the brain wrapped incotton, andfelt pricklings all over her body, as iffrom needles. This prickling sensationdisappeared as suddenly as it hadcome, several days later. Apart fromthese sequelae, Mme. Le Bihan lost 12kg inweight.M. Le Bihan,like his son, cannotfree himself from this vision in spite ofthe time that has passed: they too arestill somewhat shocked.A "complement" to theinvestigation will be furnished by M.Brochard.The difference between thesketches of Younic and his mother willbe noted. Younic draws a structuresuch as his father describes. M.Brochard furnishes no explanation forthese differences.It seems, judging by thedrawings, that there were severalphases. At the beginning of theobservation it was a question ofluminous masses, the form seems notto have become precise until later.Then Mme. Le Bihan took thebinoculars given her by her son... Wasthe mise au point properly done?..; HasMme. Le Bihan properly reproducedwhat she saw?... Didthe object becomemodified meanwhile, and is this theaspect that it subsequently took on?...These are details of a certain interest,but which bring no new element to thereality of the observation, and thepresence of an object whichtraumatized the three witnesses.Complement: Declaration ofYounic Le BihanOn Sunday, September 29,1974, about 0045,1was comingback tomy house. I had just escorted Mile.Maryvonne Cadic home.When Iarrivedat the door of myproperty, there was a very intenseshower going on. I went in and went tothe kitchen to take some refreshment.While I was in the kitchen there was aviolent thunderclap. The noise gotlouder up to a burst which appeared tome very near. This lasted about 30seconds. I opened the living-room doorat the moment when the sound ceased.It was about 0050. After making one ortwo steps I perceived a fugitive light ofyellow-orange color. I thought of thelights of a nearby house...It took me about 10 seconds togo up to my bedroom. As Ientered theroom, I immediately perceived a red-colored halo through the window. Ithought of a fire.:. Without turning onthe light, Iput downmyjacket and wentto the window. I perceived, at a placethat I cannot specify but which seemedto me to be near the "la Villeneuve"crossroads, 500-600 m away as thecrow flies, a bigfirethe sizeofa house.Iwas still thinking of a fire in one of thenearby farms.I went back to put the light on,then Itook my binoculars. What I sawat first was three rectangles of brightred light, like "trap-doors" abovewhichwere doors that could be raised or shutdown. Almost simultaneously I sawpassing, well below these trapdoors,three luminousmasses of phosphores-cent white, without definite contours,but of about the size and form of asheep. These three masses suddenlyappeared, and disappeared toward theleft, making an arc as if going aroundsomething.Examining the red rectangles, Iclearly made out a form. Itwas a sortofhorizontal pedestal about 1meter high,sloping at its left end, surmounted at itsmiddle by a sort of cabin inthe form ofatruncated cone, about 4 m high, whichsurrounded the three red rectangles.The contours were sharply defined bystraight lines. Only the base of thepedestaj was invisible.The whole thing was of a graycolor, seen against the darkness ofnight. The engin, stationary inposition, appeared to be held insuspension and seemed to vibrate. Icould, only see part of the object: theright-hand portion was masked by anobstacle which I cannot specify,probably a hedge or a screen of trees.The countryside around it was notilluminated; I could not see it.To examinethe nearer ground,Ilowered my binoculars slightly and Ithen saw, in front of the.engin, in mydirection, silhouettes having theappearance of human beings. Theywere of the same color as the threeluminous masses seen at first, the colorof an electric arc.They seemed to be the size of ahuman being, about 1.7 meters. Theywere of stocky build, the headproportional to the body, and I couldclearly distinguishthe legs.I then went downstairs rapidly towake my parents on the ground floor. Isaid to them "Come quickly, but aboveall dont turn on any lights," withoutspecifying to them the object of myintervention. They came upstairs rightafter me. This took me a minute or aminute and a half.On arriving in my bedroom, myparents took the binoculars. I wasobserving with the naked eye and I saw(continued on next page)
  11. 11. ,eiool(liIunianoId8^G;ontinued)only the "fire" Ihad seen at first. On theother -hand, I clearly saw threesilhouettes such as I have alreadydescribed. They were in a "V"formation, i.e., one ahead and 2 slightlybehind at the sides. They were movingin our direction. Itook back the glassesand I could see them distinctly; theirwalk was slow and heavy, but theyseemed nevertheless to progress at thespeed of a person who walksquickly.With their slow and heavy gait went aslow rocking back and forth: theirmovements were perfectly synchro-nized. They did not seem to makecontact with the ground, but it seemedthat they nevertheless had somethingto stand on. I could make out nofeatures of the face, and I did not see"superior members" (arms.)I lifted my glasses slightly, tolook at the engin and judge thedistance which separated it from thesilhouettes. At that moment it seemedto make aslightlateralsomersault, thensuddenly disappeared. I had a slightrecoil and, instantly,my eyes perceiveda red-orange light, very fugitive, to myright and very high in the sky, a sort offlash.The three silhouettes were stillon the ground, in the same position,and still advancing upon us...It was at that moment that,fearing we had been spotted, I decided. to leave the house, and urged myparents to do the same. Wetook refugewith M. Cadic, about 300 m from ourhouse. Itook my dog along. Duringourwalk, Iturned around several times, butsaw nothing. My view of the apparitionhad lasted 3 to 4 minutes.The night was very dark, the skyovercast, the stars and the moon couldnot be seen.The engfn, taking into accountits hidden portion, may have had alength of 9 to 10 meters.During the whole durationof thephenomenon, I perceived no noise orsound. I felt no effect, eitherimmediately or later, of any kind.When we took our dog, heshowed no reaction. Oh the otherhand, when we went back, about anhour later, he continuallymoaned asweapproached the house. I noticednothing else abnormal in his behavior.The silhouettes appeared to bedressed in head-to-foot suits. 1 amcertain that I saw an "object," and thatthe "personages" were real. It cannotbe a question ofa natural phenomenondue to the thunderstorm or to someother cause, but certainly of an"engin" having well-defined contoursand proportions.Investigation carried out by:MM. Jean-Louis Brochard (regionaldelegate) — Pascal Gireaudot(Investigator 56.)Complementary Investigationat Riec-Sur-Belon(Finistere) by M. J.-L. Brochard(From Lumieres dans la Nuit, No. 146, (June/July 1975). pp. 16f.)Witnesses: Mme. Marie-FrancoiseDuigou (26),M. AlexandreDuigou (36).Address: Le Bel-Air, 29124 Riec-sur-Belon.Profession: Monsieur: Fish warden ofWaters and Forests.Madame: No profession.Date: Night of Saturday, Sept.28, 1974, about 0045-0100on Sunday morning.AccountBetween 0045 and 0100 th?night, M. and Mme.Duigouhad gor > tobed, when the.y were suddenlyawakened by a very "dry" noise (a littlelike the sonic "bang"of an aircraft) veryclose to them, in the direction ofMoelan, which shook the windows ofthe house. M.Duigou thought of athunderstorm, and decided to get up tounplug the TV set, as he usuallydoesinstorms. He tried to light the light, but itwas not working... At this moment, animpression of extreme heat made itselffelt in their bedroom, and M. and Mme.Duigou had the stupefaction of seeingthat an intense light, comparable to thatof neon, was filtering into their roomthrough the closed shutters. Thiswindow opens to the SSE. Theelectricity came back on about 5minutes after M. Duigou had tried tolight his lamp. Unfortunately, M.Duigou did not have the idea ofopeninghis shutters to look for the originofthisintense neon light.Two weeks passed, then M.Duigou noticed, looking out hisbedroom window, on the second floorof his house, three rectangulartraces of60 x 90 cm, where the grass wascompletely the lawnbelonging to the house.M. Duigou then went down tolook more closely at these traces (hehad meanwhile heard of the Le Bihanobservation) and observed that inthesethree rectangles the grass wasnonexistent, burnt, but not by a flame,for the ground was not blackened as aburning by fire would have made it, butscorched, as if by some chemicalproduct...(here, too, M. Duigoudid nothave the idea of telling the police.)The grass did not grow againuntil recently* but one of these tracesstill remains very visible;the two others,though much effaced, neverthelessremain visible, when seen from thesecond-floor bedroom window.These three traces in atriangle,of which I enclose a photograph and adrawing, are they connected with theobservation of the Le Bihan family?Several facts make all this verydisturbing...(1) The house of thesewitnesses is situated on the exact axisof the bedroom window of M. YounicLe Bihan...(2) It is also situated less than 50m from the crossroads of laVilleneuve...(3) We have searched in vainwith M. YounicLeBihanfor the "mask"which prevented him from seeing theright-hand part of the object, and wefound nothing to correspond with it inthe presumed zone of the landing (i.e.,10
  12. 12. in the fields adjacent to the laVilleneuvecrossroads.)--. Now, from the gardenwhere the traces were found, a house,about 100 m from the Duigou house(between the Le Bihari house andtheirs), corresponds perfectly to this"mask"...(4) The heat felt by thewitnesses and that intense neon light,while the sky was very dark that night...To conclude, I will say that M.and Mme. Duigou appeared to mesincere in their declarations.Nevertheless, certain pointsseemed nebulous to me and aftermentioning it to them, they toldme thatthey had not thought that theirobservation had any great value,thinking even that it was, all in all, tooinsignificantly to justify a deposition tothe police...However, Mme. Duigou spokeof it to Mme.Le Bihan,who toldit to thepolice.P.S.: I was able to take several photosthat I will send you as soon as they aredeveloped, with their negatives.I also have some corrections tomake inmy report "Mme. Le Bihan": towit, that their dog, as well as theneighbors, howled like mad 5 to 10minutes before the observation and notduring the observation...Also, the Le Bihan family did notpass the night with M.and Mme.Cadic,as I thought before, but only a fewhours, then they went back home.Scene observeepar M.Le BihanYounicpbjet avect rappes" lumineusesforme et direction suiviepar Ies3"masses" t=—lumineuses au debutde Iobservationf or me, des "personnages"RIEC-SLJR-BELON.les traces suspecies.11
  13. 13. UFO TECH NOTEEyewitness ReportingBy John F. SchuesslerAccording to recent Gallup Pollsmore people are accepting the reality ofUFOs and more individualshave had aUFO experience. Often the witnessesare experienced observers such aspilots and law enforcement .officers,while many others are of the untrainedvariety. Nevertheless, the eyewitnesstestimony reveals a continuing patternof unexplainable events.Critics are quick to point out that-the subjective phenomena of visiondepends on the brain as much as theretina of the eye — much depends onwhat we thinkwe see. This issupposedto mean that if we see a UFO it isbecause we wanted to see a UFO;therefore, the eyewitness testimony isof "little value/Such thinking is purehogwash.In a fairly recent meteorite case inTexas, witnesses were spread overhundreds of square miles. The incidenttook place at night and lasted onlyseconds. Even so, the eyewitnessreports were so good and so consistentthat researchers were recreatethe event and determine the path of theobject. Admittedly, this was anuncontrolled event, but with highlysatisfactory results.Results of the U.S. ArmyPROJECT SKYFIRE study of attemptsto improve visualdetection through useof search patterns and optical aidsshowed a similar success with visual.observations. In the February 1973HumRRO Report No. TR-73-3, a"summary of research being conductedto ascertain the visual skills ofoperators of low-altitude air defenseweapon systems, a remarkable.consistency in eyewitness reportingwas shown. This was inno waya UFO-related project, but the results areapplicable. In 2,500 samples an F4CPhantom jet aircraft was detected at arange of 12,000 meters, with little12variance in the data. The conclusion ofthe study is as follows:"The most general conclusion thatcan be drawn on the basis of researchreported here is that the greatestfacilitator of visual detection is a pair ofsharp eyes. Although it cannot becategorically concluded that opticalaids and systematic search patterns donot have beneficial effects upondetection time, the studies reportedhere certainlyindicate that itisnot easyto .improve unaided visual detectionthrough either optical assistsor trainingin systematic methods of searching forsmall targets. Rather, it would appearthat fundamental characteristics ofvision such as visual acuity and,possibly, the field of view are the majorsources of variance in determining thetime required to acquirevisualtargets."The interesting point in all this isthat the F4C aircraft used inthe studyisof the same size as the typical disc-shaped UFO — about 35-40 feet wide,and the detection .distance wasrepeatedly in excess of 7 miles. Visual.detection is very important in thislife ordeath situation, so why shouldnt it beequally important to the UFOresearcher?,,, I1978 MUFONSYMPOSIUMPROCEEDINGS(131 Pages)A SURVEY OF CEIII REPORTSFOR .1977 by Ted Bloecher,.New York. NY Co-Chairman ofHumanoid .Study Group andMUFON State. S e c t i o nDirector.1 967:THE OVERLOOKED UFOWAVE AND THE COLORADOPROJECT by Richard H. Hall.Brentwood, MD. Editor of THEMUFON -UFO JOURNAL andformer International Coordina-tor. • : . . . .RETRIEVALS OF, THE Leonard H. Stringfield,.Cincinnati. OH. MUFONDirector of Public Relationsand State Section Director.UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJEC-TS by Illobrand von Ludwiger,West Germany. Director ofMutual UFO Network-Central-European Section/MUFON-CES. . •.UFOs AS- A SPACE-TIMESINGULARITY by Dr. J. AllenHynek, Evanston. IL. Director ofthe Center for UFO Studies(CUFOS) and .former Astro-nomical Consultant to theUSAF.BEHIND THE UFO SECRECY byMajor Donald £.-. Keyhoe,USMC. Ret.. Luray.VA. Authorand former Director of NationalInvestigations Committee onAerial Phenomena (NICAP).Price: $6.00 in U.S.A. and$7.00 in all other countriesPost Paid from —MUFON103 Oldtowhe Road-Seguin, Texas 781 55 U.S.A.
  14. 14. TIMES-PICAYUNE, New Orleans, LA - April 9, 1978 CR: T. PetersAstronaut Cooper BelievesUFO Sightings No JokeBv THOMASOTOOLEWASHINGTON - Muhammad Alisaw one eight years ago, AID directorJohn Gilligan saw one when he wasgovernor of Ohio. But all these celeb-rity UFO sightings may be nothingalongside the news that former astro-naut Gordon Cooper believes alienspacecraft may be buzzing the earth."I keep hearing these stories fromcredible sources inside the governmentand they just wont go away," Coopersaid the other day from his office inGlendale. Calif., where hes now vicepresident for engineering of W.E.D.(Walter E. Disneyt Enterprises."I cant tell you the names of thesesources, but theyre credible and frank-ly I think the government should re-lease the information these sourceshave, no matter that the White Housethinks"Whatever the White Mouse thinks,Cooper w i l l be on. telc >ion Mondaynight to air some of whai he thinks onThe Merv Griffin Show Just a fewminutes into their dialogue. Cooper andGriffin get into a discussion of IFOSand their bclievability. •,TUBS, Konree, WI - April 25, 1978Juda man reports a UFO with a light red center" while- *flriving on Wis. 11-81, a mile westof Juda at about9:15p.m.Kaderly said he viewed theUFO for about twominutes beforeit disappeared.observingA necond unidentified flyingobjwt (UFO)has been reportedin the area The first was sightedApril 11 west of Monroe.Jake Kaderly. HI. I. Juda. toldthe sheriffs office Monday nightthat he- saw "a flying oval, darkIf You Think You SawItYou Certainly Are Not AloneCR: B. Greenv-ood ByDAVID J. SPARLINGNORWICH —There were six of them in a row Dying to the southwest overthe Thames River at about 9:30 Saturday night.They were triangular inshape. They had red lights at the rear and either"white or yellow lights on the front.At least four people reported the crafts to State Police in MontviUe. OneNorwich man called the Bulletin. Hisdescription matched the ones given tothe State Police.A spokesman at Troop E said calls came in from Montvilte and Ledyard.State Police referred the callers to the toll free number of the Center ofUnidentified Flying Objects Studies.the young woman tafirtg these messages, who asked to be called R2D2,said the callers sounded sincere, not a quack among them. And all the re-ports were the same.So if you saw those triangular crafts, those red and white lights youre notalone. Literally•z:oIooHIGriffin lowers his voice as he tellsthe story of a spaceship landing-in therecent p a s t somewhere in NorthAmerica..a story that sounds suspi-ciously like an oft-repeated tale of acrash-landing in Mexico with two deadaliens and a third near-death."There have been stories there wereoccupants." (inffin says, "and that ourgovernment was able to keep one alive"I think its credible," Cooper replies,"and I would like to see the time whencredible people would investigate thesestories or refute them"Griffin goes on and says the question.-everybody wants answered is: "Wha£did the occupants look like? Reportshave it they didnt look any differentfrom us." • • , . . .Coopers reply is the clincher "Fromeveryone abducted or any contact theyhave with them," Cooper says, "they allagree even under hypnosis that theoccupants are no different from whatwe are."Does Cooper really believe alienbeings have visited the earth? Does theastronaut who flew twice (on Mercury9 and Gemini 5) in space trust in theUFO?"Ive been struggling to put my fin-Kors on something." Cooper says, "and1 must say there is a good possibilitythat thi.s thing exists, that the incidenttook place. It makes you wonder."It makes Coopers astronaut col-leagues wonder, too Veterans TomStafford and Mike Collins said theynever heard the stories Cooper says heheard. Chief Astronaut Donald K Slay-ton wondered when Cooper startedhearing the tales he heard.."I never heard Gordon mentionUFOs the whole time he was an astro-naut," Slayton said Thursday from theJohnson Space Center in Houston "Thelast time I saw.him was last fall and hedidnt say boo about it."One must remember Cooper is theguy who said he could see truck tracksin China and railroad tracks in Texaswhen he flew, the sixth Mercury- mis-sion more than lb years ago. None ofthe five astronauts before him sawwhat Cooper saw.13
  15. 15. MUFON-NC TRAINING CONFERENCEBy George D. FawcettMUFON ofNorth Carolina held itssecond annual training conference inWinston Salem on Saturday, June 17,and Sunday, June 18,1978. This yearsconference, hosted again by officersand members of the Tar Heel UFOStudy Group of Winston Salem, waschaired by Raymond C. Rhein, aMUFON Field Investigator and retiredengineer from Pfaffton, HenryMorton,Also a MUFON Field Investigator andelectronic researcher from Wadesboroserved as Mastcr-of-Ceremonies forthe 2-day conference. Newspapercoverage prior to the conference aridaUPI newswire follow-up story after theconference reached an even largeraudience.Almost 50 investigators,researchers, members, and guests ofMUFON-NC were present fromWinston Salem, -. Wadesboro,Lewisville, Lumberton, Moyock,Lexington, Lincolnton, Eden, Boone,Pfaffton, Greensboro, Statesville,Germanton, Matthews, Clemmons,and Jamestown. The consensus ofthose present was that new personneland funding should be made availablefor future UFO investigations, but itwas hoped that this could come fromthe private sector rather than from thegovernment. It was felt that APRO,MUFON, CUFOS, and NICAP shouldbe part ofsuch a newundertakingintheUFO field. The MUFON-NC 1978conference was open to card-carryingmembers of the above-mentionedgroups.Dr. Dan Duke, MUFON memberand a psychology professor atAppalachian State University in Boone,was the opening conference speaker.Dukes topic the "Highlights of a UFOWeekend at ASU," covered lecturesand debates on UFOs given by non-skeptic George D. Fawcett and skepticRobert Sheaffer on the ASU campus.Dr. Duke said, To my knowledge it14was the first college or university inNorth Carolina to have opposingviewpoints on the UFOenigma debatedoh its campus." Dukestated that he feltthat allviewpoints, both pro and con inour quest for UFO truth, should be. heard and that this would lead to abetter understanding of the UFOphenomenon.Wayne P. Laporte, a facilitiesindustrial engineer who serves as theMUFON State Section Director forMecklenburg, Cabarrus, Gaston, andUnion Counties spoke on "UFOsMimic IFOs," covering hisinvestigations of cases where UFOsmay have posed as such commonlyreported IFOs as airplanes,helicopters,clouds, etc. Dr. Duke also gave anexcellent presentation on the "TungusMystery." This topic concerned thepossible extraterrestrial vehicle thatentered the earths atmosphere, madea trajectorychange, and then explodedin Siberia in 1908. The event resulted inconsiderable scientific investigationand speculation as to the nature of itsorigin. Dr. Duke used maps anddrawings to detail some of the currentand older investigations.Greg Cooke, a young memberofthe Tar Heel UFO Study Group, thenshowed the MUFON slide-tapepresentation entitled "UFOs: AProblem for Science." This proved tobe a valuable visual tool for trainingMUFON members andtheir guests andfellow investigators on the multipleimplications of UFOs and the inherentneed for scientists of all disciplines toface the UFO challengehead-on withallthe facilities at their disposal. After asupper break at the nearby MorrisonsRestaurant at the Hanes Mall ShoppingCenter, the group convened for theevening program and heard two tapedinterview cassettes presented byGeorge D. Fawcett of Lincolnton.Posterboard illustrations of theeyewitnesses original drawings wereused with the cassettes.The first interviews covered themultiple experiences with UFOs over aperiod of time from 1954-1977, whichwere reported by Bob Brannigan, aWPNC radio announcer fromPlymouth, N.C. Brannigan sufferedinjuries when a UFO forced his car offthe road in 1977 and four out of fiveencounters involved half-globe shapedUFOs, lime-green incolor, that gaveoffsulphur-like smells and caused bothphysiological and electromagneticeffects.A taped interview with pilot FloydP. Hallstrom near Santa Monica,California in broad daylight on January1, 1978, proved to be anotherinteresting case. The air-to-airencounter involved a dome-toppedUFO and Hallstroms detailed reportdrew lively audience interest andresponse. (See No. 122,January 1978.)Later in the program, Fawcettpresented illustrations drawn by threeout of four witnesses to a closeencounter of a "dome-topped UFOwith windows and landing gears" thatwas reported by Mrs. Bruce (Jeanette)Stewart, (31), her daughter Holly (8),her son Robert (10), and a neighborMrs. Joseph McDonald (67). Theincident occurred in Belvidere, NewJersey, on May 5, 1966. The drawingsby the witnesses, who drew theirsketches inseparate rooms, turned outto be almost carbon copies of eachother, despite the age differences of thewitnesses.Wayne Laporte then gave a reporttitled "CEIIK Landing"on his personalinvestigation of a UFO landing inCharlotte, N.C., on March 5,1978, alsoinvolving multiple witnesses. Thewitnesses.(names on file) reported thelanding of a dome-topped UFO withtripods between two trees spaced 10feet apart. The UFO had green,yellow,
  16. 16. red and bluelightson it.Asevidences ofthe visitation, the landing gears formedan isosceles triangle with markings onthe ground 8 feet by8feet by6feet.Thegrass at the landing site was killed andthe soil was left sterile, andluminescence increases were detected.The case is still under investigation.Nolie Bell, president of the TarHeel UFO Study Group and theMUFON State Section Director forDavidson, Rockingham, Guilford andRandolph Counties, presented a talkon"An Unusual Nocturnal Light,"covering a case of a nocturnalmeandering light that had puzzled arearesidents for months. Upon closeinvestigation by Bell and other MUFONinvestigators, the UFO was determinedto have resulted from afterburners onjet planes as they turned to make a finallanding approach at the area airport.Jayne Ware, with her father, thelate E. Z. Jones, State Civil DefenseDirector of North Carolina,investigated the near landingof a UFO,complete with an "occupant" in RedSprings, N.C., in December, 1951.Jayne, now a resident of Advance,N.C., related howthe UFO returned tothe same area that dusk, after havingappeared earlier in the day leaving aburn mark on the ground near thefarmhouse. The UFO with itspilothadbeen observed earlier in the day byvarious members of the Sam Coleyfamily. On its return visit the"occupant" was not seen, but the UFOwas viewed at lowaltitudebyJayne, herfather, two policemen, two of the Coleyfamily children, and Mr. and Mrs. SamColey. Duringits close approach to thefarmhouse the observers smelledsomething like burned electric wiring(ozone?), arid the droning sound itmade seemed to cause their heads andinternal organs to vibrate.Mrs. Wares talk entitled "CEII,Psychological and PhysiologicalAftermath," told of the effects of theUFO during and after the incident. Shereported that she suffered from skinburns, scars, headaches, nausea, eyedisorders, etc. The UFOwas estimatedto be about 30 feet in diameter andchanged from a dull to bright orangeand red color. Estimation of theduration of the encounter ranged from5 to 10minutes.The Sunday afternoon sessionopened at 1 PM with a 40-minutesession on "Astronomy forUFOlogists", part ofa training programdirected by Nolie Bell. It proved to be ahighly interesting and informativepresentation and resulted in a livelyquestion-answer period.One of the highlights of theconference was presented by Dr. TagGuiton, school administrator of theGuilford Technical Institute atJamestown, N.C. Dr. Guiton, acertified hypnotist,spoke on"HypnoticRegression: A Special Tool." Dr.Guiton said that the process ofhypnotic regression can be used as atool for memory recall, but that itmustbe used carefully with the view not onjust truth for truths sake, but for thepurpose ofrelieving the subjectthroughtherapy. "Encountering UFOs can be atraumatic experience - for theeyewitnesses, but the trueprofessionalshould ask himself before proceedingwith any case, what right do 1have toadd to the trauma?," Dr. Guitonemphasized.The conference closed with avariety of exhibits and demonstrations.The closing remarks were given byGeorge Fawcett, who mentioned thatMUFON now has representatives inover 60 of 120counties in the Tar Heelstate. Fawcett urged MUFONmembers to recommend qualifiedpersons in the areas not alreadyblanketed by the organizationsnetwork for variousMUFONpositions.Fawcett said, "UFOs lead to a study ofmankind and the spiritual, military,scientific, and academic implications ofUFOs are ones we must continue toprobe."MUFON1030LDTOWNERD.SEGUIN,TX 78155MUFON-NC Conference Plan-ners, left to right: Jayne Ware,Dr. Dan Duke, George D.Fawcett, Agnes Roudabush,Greg Cook, Raymond C. Rhein,Francis King, and Nolie Bell.Nolie Bell, President ofTar Heel UFO Study GroupP. Wayne Laporte, MUFONState Section Director15
  17. 17. BOOK REVIEWSThe Walton Experience By Travis WaltonUltimate Encounter ByBill BarryLook in your bookstore for twonew paperbacks on the Travis Waltoncase, Ultimate Encounter by Bill Barry(Pocket Books, $1.75), and The WaltonExperience by Travis Walton himself(Berkley Publishing Corp., $1.95). Myadvice right away is to buy them both,but if you think that two books will tellyou more than youwant toknow on thesubject, here are some pointsyoumightwant to consider inmakingyour choice.Both books assume the premisethat no fraud was involved; theypresent what might be called theWaltorVAPRO version ofthe story, andthey present it persuasively. TheWalton Experience is, of course, apersonal testimonial and would beinteresting for that reason alone, but ithas more than that in its favor. Notghost-written, it bears out what I haveheard about Walton from people whoknow him, that, far from being thehayseed type, he isa quiet but articulateyoung man with a sharp mind. He tellshis story clearly and matter of factly,actually with less "gee-whiz" than Barryemploys. In addition to his advantage ofbeing able to write in the first person,Walton also had access to pictureswhich give graphic dimension to hisbook. He has photographs of all thecrew members, plus local law officers,national investigators, and even the oldboardsided truck that the crew wasdriving in the forest. The poor qualityofsome of the photographs iscompensated for by full-colorreproductions of the paintings by crewboss. Michael Paine, done fromWaltons description of the interior ofthe craft and its occupants.In Bill Barrys book, instead of thepersonal point of view we .have thebroader perspective of a competentjournalist with a good backgroundknowledge of the UFO phenomenon.He tells the same story of the CEIII and16its immediate aftermath, the twopolygraph tests, etc. He counters atlength Phillip Klasss claim, based on anarmchair investigation, that the wholestory was an elaborate hoax. Hegives abehind the scenes picture of the family,the crewmen, the press, the critics, thelaw—all working, for the most part, fortheir own separate interests with aremarkable and deplorable lack ofcoordination and ultimate concern.Barry brings up the Moody case,another possible CE IIIwhich occurredthe same year,; 1975, in New Mexico.For good measure he throws in avariety of more or less related subjectsranging from animal mutilations to anti-gravity propulsion systems.These are both good books to addto your -UFO library.-Mildred BieseleMUFON AMATEUR —RADIO NETSSATURDAY: .40 meters, 7237 KHZ.0700 (COST). Net Control-N US75 meters, 3975 KHZ.0800 (COST)Net Control-WA9ARGAn encounter ofan unusual kindTHE strange arrival of cobwebs inFeilding paddocks on Monday shouldnot be laughed off. Neither should theybe accepted uncritically as evidence of. unidentified flying objects.The angels hair phenomenon,delicate strands falling from the sky,hasbeen observed before in other parts ofthe world. Samplesof it have beenhardtoanalyse.The threadsevaporate beforethey can be scrutinised closely.Two aspectsofthe Feildingcase makeit likely to be angels hair and notcobwebs. That well-known UFO inves-tigator Harold Fulton described thethreads in detail without seeingthem.His description camefrom those he hadread after sightings overseas. Also,coincidental really,is the fact that Erichvon Daniken, Chariots of the Godsauthor, isin New Zealand promotinghislatest book which claims to prove theextraterrestrial origins of man. In hisbook he has an illustration of a manna-from-heaven machine. Are the threadsmanna?There are many who would likethem to be.Add to this the openingof EncountersOfThe Third Kind in PalmerstonNorthon Friday,and wehavealltheconditionsfor a sudden burst of UFO sightings.There are many puzzlingoccurrencesbeing revealed to a public hungry forevidence of the supernatural, paranor-mal, call it what you will. The solidreality of the external world is becomingflimsier andflimsier- almostvanishinglike the threads that fell on thoseFeilding fields.EVENING STANDARD, THURSDAY. APRIL 27.1978. - 3WORTH, WEWtE*CAWP C.R:,H-FuiT0JsJ
  18. 18. A friendly EncounterClose Encounters of (heThird Kind (Odeoa). CY, 136minute*.Visually superb, andweirdly effective. Close En-couoten has an impact thatmust impress even the mostscepticalof aerial phenomena.Although based on in-credible eye-witness reportsfrom people whosaytheyhavemet aliens from space, thefilm is no fun fantasy. Itblendsdazzlingspecial effects,with human reactions, cul-minating in a believabledocumentary-type footage.It has not been made tofrighten, but is more of afriendly epic, patiently de-tailingevents leadingtoactualcontact between extra-terres-trials andhumans.The final 30 minutesarethemost startling as the mothership eases its wav ftentlv intothe receiving station. Gasps ofamazement from the audienceas this "carrier" swept intosight lent further drama to aremarkable, and possible,contact.And apart from the saucersfilms(tart, the audience is takenfromone different situation loanother, a proverbial mazethat finally leads to DevilsTower mountain, the meetingplace.Richard Dreyfuss cleverlyportrays the power companyrepairman who is "frozen"bya UFO, shaken, stunned, andfacially burned byits powerfulrays. And his obsession withthe mysterious mountainleads him to a unique inter-planetary communicationset-up.Close Encounters, whichbravely and successfullyfocuses 01 the unknown, hastaken a historic place in movieentertainment. BobWilliams.The New Zealand directorfor the Mutual UFONetwork,Mr Harold Fulton, hasprepared the followingreview:You will find yourselfthinking about things in thisfilmdayslater-andtryingtoslotthem into their correct cor-relationsor meaning. Dont beupset if you cannot managethis to your satisfaction, youhave lots of company.The movie makers, whiletrying valiantly, cleverly, andwith noticeable success,tocastillumination on the greatmysteries of the skies, createadditional riddles themselves,the solution of which onlybecomes evident in the last fewminutes of this mind-stretch-ing footage.Columbias special effectswizards faithfully reproduceother worldly examples ofalien vessels, even down lo"flying eyes", the colloquialterm to describe what isbelieved to be small, un-manned remotely-controlleddevice*.The theme of the movie willlose you at times. It does notalways flow, itjumps, doublesback, and then finds itselfagain. The look of utterbewilderment on a frenziedmothers face(she istotingherlittle son)-to what?Close Encounters ii farmorethanS19million wortholcelluloid, but represents acrash course for humans intotomorrows world, or is itworlds? Top marks toColumbia for theirinitiative.World Government* haveyet to brace themselves to facethe task, to telj the masses -"whaton earthishappening?EVtNING STANDARD. SATURDAY. *PRIL 29. 1978: — 9CR."DISPATCH, St. Paul, MN - June 20,1978MORTH,EVENING STANDARD, THURSDAY, APRIL 20,1978. - 15SIGHTINGS of aerial phen-omena have increasedthroughout the world duringthe past six months, the NewZealand director for the Mu-tual UFO Network, Mr H. HFulton, said in PalmerstotNorth today.And Mr Fulton said inves-tigating groups throughoutNew Zealand had alsoreceived a notable increase inthe numberof reports."The Waimale Valley nearGisborne, and the Gisbornearea generally, have gene-rated more than 200 reportsfrom the public inthe past fivemonths."Gisborne. in the past, hasbeen noted as a very quietarea for UFCMike reports."Behind the scenes, thepublic is intrigued and verycurious about these phen-omena and there is an ever-increasing ground swell ofinterest."Mr Fultonwas commentingona numberof nocturnallightobservations above Palmer-ston North during the pastweek.Sightings were madeon fivenights of an eight-day period,with Hashing lights, at timeschanging colour, moving atmoderate andfast speeds, aswell as remaining stationary.Mr Fulton said some sight-ings could have been a lightcommercial aircraft whichnow visitsthecity, althoughinthe flashing light sightings. DOUFO may have leftSightings trace, Ayers saysof UFOson theincreasesound hadbeen detected"The public, in fact, arebecoming more proficientand critical of their observa-tions in anticipation of havingtheir claims lightly dis-missed. An increasingnumber are checking thesightings by first contactingMilson and Ohakea airportslooking for rational explana-tions," said Mr Fulton.CourseDetectsUFOsAn unidentified flying object(UFO) may have left a "physicaltrace" near Square Lake inWashington County, according loinvestigator Brad Ayers.Ayers said he inspected thearea March 23,the Jay followingthe reported sightings of a UFOnortheast of the Twin Cities."Although a number of wit-nesses reported it nearlytouched the ground, only onesuggested a possible area ofphysical trace," the investiga-tor stated in an interview.What, was It?NEWS, Springdale, AR - JuneCAPK r.IRARnF.AU. Mo.iUPI) - For $50, SoutheastMissouri State University isoffering two hours ofuniversity, credit and ascientific kit to help detectunidentified flying objects.Harley Rutledge, chairmanof the schools physicsdepartment and a recogni/edauthority on UFOs, said hisweek-long course that beginsJuly 24, will include a field tripto r^edmont in southeastMissouri, the site .of several"A GENERALLY CIRCULARspot on the ground, six to eightfeet in diameter, where the snowhad melved very rapidly," Ayerssaid.Ayers, representative of theCenter for UFO Studies,Northwestern University, Evans-ton, 111., declined to give the ex-act location of the spot, otherUwn to say, "Its in a familysgarden."He also refused to identify theperson who reported the "physi-cal trace."13, 1978UFO sightings jpreported1073.Rutledge said reportedsightings are morenumerousnow than at any time since1973, and he thinks theres anoutside chance the class willspot aUFO.The course, titled "Scien-tific Methods of UFODetection," costs $50, and thefee includes the detection kitKutlnlgo did not <my what thekit incUirtes. 17
  19. 19. (Directors Message, Continuedfrom back cover)MarceUo Truzzi, but have divergentviews from Dr. Truzzi in regard toUFOs.The Mutual UFO Networkemphatically takes exception to havingthe scientific study of UFOs placed inthe same category as the other diversesubjects being treated as one packageby CSICP. The title of this article is notonly disgraceful,but itshows the lack ofcontinuity and the failure of CSICP tolive up to its published purpose — toinvestigate unusual phenomena withopen-minded skepticism, and to helpthe public distinguishbetween fact andfiction. If the public was to accept theprejudiced viewofa "committee of one"— namely Philip Klass as the self-appointed authority on UFOs, andignore the scientificendeavors and datacollected by hundreds of qualifiedcompetent scientists, educators, andengineers throughout the nation,scientific progress in resolving "thegreatest mystery of our time" wouldimmediately become stagnant. It is apity and a shame that Readers Digest,a publication read throughout theworld, should allow itself to be avehiclefor such unscientific triviaon UFOs andbe literally "used" by a few people,posing as experts. Iwonder what brandof catsup, Phil will use when he has to"eat crow."In direct contrast to the article inReaders Digest, the United Nationsand its secretary general KurtWaldheim recently asked aninternational panel ofscientists to makerecommendations for historys firstworldwide study of Unidentified FlyingObjects. The five-member panel,composed of noted French andAmerican scientists, have alreadybegun the initial .probe .of UFOmaterials never before released byvarious governments around theworld.The five members on this panel are Dr.J. Allen Hynek, Dr. Jacques Vallee, Dr.David Saunders, Gordon Copper, andDr. Claude Poher, who heads theofficial French UFO Research StudyGroup.MUFON was represented at theUnited Nations planning meeting bytwo board members, Leonard H.Stringfield and Ted Phillips, and18member Lee Speigel, in addition to ourclosely allied colleagues, Dr. Hynek,Dr. Saunders, and Dr. Vallee. Themeeting was originally requested bySirEric Gairy, Prime Ministerof Granada,and his to UN ambassadors GeorgeGriffith and Francis Redhead. BothLeeSpeigel and Sir Eric Gairyattendedthe meeting with Secretary GeneralWaldheim and the five member panel.Lee is presently spearheading a visualaids program on UFOs to be deliveredat a future date to a large segment of,United Nation representatives.STIGMATA — The ProjectStigma Report on the ContinuingInvestigation Into the Occurrence ofAnimal Mutilations. Issue NumberFouror the Summer 1978 edition of thisfinepublication was recently received fromTom Adams, MUFON State SectionDirector in Paris, Texas, who hadspecialized on study of UFOs and theirpossible -relationship to. animalmutilations. Project Stigma representsan ongoing probe into the relentlesswave of animal mutilations andmutilation-deaths, and is an attempt tocoordinate and assist in information-gathering activities on the part of thepertinent and responsible investigativeagencies and individuals. We inviteMUFON members and Journalsubscribers to send newspaperclippings on animal mutilations, notonly to MUFON, but also to ProjectStigma, P.O. Box 1094, Paris, Texas75460.After the very successful "SecondAnnual North Carolina MUFONTraining Conference" heldJune 17and18, 1978, in Winston-Salem, N.C.hosted by .the Tarheel UFO StudyGroup, Forrest Lundberg, StateDirector for Iowa, announced at the..MUFON annual corporate meeting in:Dayton that he and Co-State DirectorGary Graber will sponsor a similartraining conference at Drake Universityin Des Moines, Iowa,on September 30,1978. For more details please write toForrest at Commodore Hotel, 3440Grand Ave., Room 207, Des Moines,Iowa 50312, or telephone (515) 255-2141. He is presently arranging thespeaking program. It will beremembered that Forrest was themaster of ceremonies for the 1975MUFON UFO Symposium in DesMoines, Iowa. They were representedin Dayton this year by Donald Curtis,Mrs. Ann Repp, and Dr. GaryWoodman, State Section Directors,and Co-State Directors Gary Graberand Forrest Lundberg.It is with regret that weacknowledge the passing of Dr. WillFranklin, a consultant inparaphysics atKent State University, Ken, Ohio44242. Our sympathyisextended to thesurviving family.Linns Stamp News, in their June26, 1978 edition, reports Granada willdepict UFOs on a future postage stamprelease. "Unidentifiedflying objects arethe subject of a stamp trio and souvenirsheet which is slated for release byGrenada in - June, advises Inter-Governmental Philatelic Corp., 48West 48th St., New York, N.Y. 10036.The 5-cent stamp features a 16thCentury German drawing of flyingobjects and a 1962 United States viewof a flying saucer.Aradarscopeprobingthe skies and spots on Mars aredepicted on the 35$ value. The $3denomination depicts a saucer beamingdown and a recent UFO photograph.Sir Eric Gairy, Grenadas primeminister, is portrayed on the $2souvenir sheet with the United Nations,New York skyline, and a UFO in thebackground. Designed by G. L.Vasarhelyi, the set will be printed bymulticolor litography at Format Int."The wedding of Prince Ranier ofMonaco and actress Grace Kelly wasfinanced through the sale ofcommemorative postage stamps bythesmall European nation of Monaco. It isconceivable that Sir Eric Gairymay usethis means to finance the "SecondInternational UFO Congress" inGranada which he has proposed as afollow-up to the meeting in Acapiilco,Mexico, In April of 1976.Stanton Friedman, MUFONConsultant in Nuclear Physics, will beopening his 1978-79 speakingengagements on September 13; at 8:00PM at Ithaca College, Ithaca, N.Y., andSeptember 14,at 8:00PM at SUNYA&T at Morrisville, N.Y.Other Septemberdates will be James MadisonUniversity, Harrisonburg, Va. on the .18th at 8:00 PM; Longwood College,Farmville, Va., on the 21st at 8:00 PM;(continued on next page)
  20. 20. Lucius ParishIn OthersWordsThe sighting of a very large UFOnear Pittsburgh, PA, in early March isreported in the May 30 issue ofNATIONAL ENQUIRER. The objectwas apparently seen by many people,with the majority of reports giving thesame general description ofthe UFO.AFebruary sighting by air trafficcontrollers and other persons in theSalinas, CA, area isdetailed inthe June6 ENQUIRER. The June 13 issuereports that the $7,500 prize for mostscientifically valuable UFO evidence of1977 has been awarded to fivepolicemen in Memphis, Tennessee,who observed a large triangular UFOover that city on May 17, 1977.The June 6 issue of THE STARcontains an article on a 1965 incidentover Edwards Air Force Base, CA, inwhich an F-106 jet pursued a group ofUFOs.TV GUIDE for June 10 has anarticle on UFOs, giving the opinions ofvarious researchers and scientists. Theinspiration for the article is the TVseries, "Project U.F.O.," which hasbeen renewed for a second season.The July issue of UFO REPORThas an interesting interview withLeonard Stringfield, plus articles by Dr.Berthold E. Schwarz, Brad Steiger andothers. Good material ispublished side-by-side with very questionable articlesin UFO REPORT, so reading it is verymuch a "pick and choose" operation.APROs Coral Lorenzencontributes a good articleon a Brazilianabduction case in the July issue ofFATE. This particular claim has beenthe subject of some controversy (butwhat abduction case is not?), so it isgood to see all the details brought tolight.The #3 issue of IDEALS UFOMAGAZINE is now on sale.Unfortunately, it is merely one morecollection of rehash and highly dubiousreports. If you are not a collector ofUFO literature who must haveeverything published, good and bad,you will be well advised to skip thispublication.French UFO researcher JeanBastide (a contributor to various issuesof MUFON UFO JOURNAL) hasrecently had his first book publishedinFrance. It is entitled LA MEMOIREDES O.V.N.I., DES ARGONAUTESAUX EXTRATERRESTRES (THEUFOS MEMORY, FROM ARGO-NAUTS TO HUMANOIDS). As thetitle suggests, Bastides materialrelatesto UFOs in history,folklore and legend.From allindications, it should be a mostinteresting work and well worth yourattention. With luck, an Englishtranslation will be made available fairlysoon. In the meantime, those readerswho speak French may order copiesfrom: Mercure de France, 26 Rue deConde, 75006 Paris, France. The priceis approximately $14.00.Recent paperback titles haveincluded: SITUATION RED: THEUFO SIEGE! by Leonard Stringfield(Fawcett Books); THE COSMICPULSE OF LIFE by Trevor JamesConstable ( P o c k e t Books);ULTIMATE ENCOUNTER by BillBarry (Pocket Books); CREATURESFROM THE OUTER EDGE byJeromeClark & Loren Coleman (WarnerBooks); and UFO ENCOUNTERS OFTHE FOURTH KIND by Art Gatti(Zebra Books).UFO NEWSCLIPPINGSERVICEThe UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICEwill keep you informed of all the latestUnited States and World-Wide UFOactivity, as it happens! Our service wasstarted in 1969, at which time wec o n t r a c t e d w i t h a r e p u t a b l einternational newspaper-clippingbureau to obtain for us, those hard toImd UFO reports (i.e., little knownphotographic cases, close encounterand landing reports, occupant cases)and all other UFO reports, many ofwhich are carried only in small town orforeign newspapers."Our UFO Newsclipping Serviceissues are 20-page monthly reports,r e p r o d u c e d b y p h o t o - o f f s e t ,containing the latest United Slates andCanadian UFO newsclippings, withour foreign section carrying the latestBritish, Australian, New Zealand andother foreign press reports. Alsoincluded is a 3-5 page section of"Fortean" clippings (i.e. Bigfoot andother "monster" reports) Let us keepyou informed of the latest happeningsin the UFO and Fortean fields."For subscription information andsample pages from our service, writetoday to:UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICERoute 1 — Box 220Plumerville, Arkansas 72127MUFON103 OLDTOWNE RD.SEGUIN, TX 78155(Directors Message, Continued)Chevy State College, Chevy, Pa., onthe 25th at 7:30 PM; and Santa AnaCollege, Santa Ana, Calif., on the 29that 8:00 PM. The St. Louispeople shouldplan to meet Stan on November 9 at8:00 PM when he speaks at Forest ParkCommunity College in St. Louis, Mo.MUFON members attending one ofStans lectures should identify yourselfprior to the lecture so that Stan maypublicly introduce and refer local UFOsighting reports to you for investigation.19
  21. 21. DIRECTORSMESSAGE byWalt AndrusThe Mutual UFO Network, Inc.(MUFON) annual corporate meetingwas held in Dayton, Ohio on July 30 inconjunction with the Ninth AnnualMUFON UFO Symposium. Some ofthe highlights of this meeting, whichwould be of interest to MUFONmembers and Journal subscribers aresubmitted in capsulated form.Charles L. Tucker, State Directorfor Indiana, was elected CentralRegional Director to fill the expiringterm of Elmer A. Krai, former StateDirector of Nebraska. Also elected tothe MUFON Board of Directors wasJoseph Santangelo, presently StateDirector for Massachusetts, who will fillthe expired term of David F. Webb asEastern Regional Director. Paul Cernyand Henry McKay, Regional Directorsfor the Western States and Canada,respectively, continue on the Board,since their terms have not expired inthese elective positions.Activity reports were given by thefollowing State Directors: JoeSantangelo, Massachusetts; HenryMcKay, Ontario;Willard P. Armstrong,Missouri; Paul Cerny, NorthernCalifornia; Ted Spickler,West Virginia;Forrest Lundberg, Iowa; CharlesTucker, Indiana; Mrs. Mildred M.Biesele, Utah; Bruce Maccabee,Maryland; Larry Moyers, Ohio; TedBloecher, New York; Mrs. CynthiaHind, Rhodesia; and Marilyn Eppersonfor Mrs. Idabel E. Epperson, SouthernCalifornia. Joe Santangelo reported onthe success of the MUFON AmateurRadio Net each Saturday on the 40meter and 75 meter bands with therecommendation that the 20 meter neton Sunday afternoon be discontinueddue to the inconsistent "skip distance"for satisfactory communications. Dr.Willard P. Armstrong gave a resume ofthe subjects discussed at theConsultants Meeting and theirrecommendations for greatereffectiveness in helping MUFONresolve the UFO phenomenon.Mrs. Cynthia Hind, MUFONRepresentative for Rhodesia, stressedthe need for a strong InternationalCoordinator and recognized the needfor Continental Directors to providegood communication links with theForeign Representatives and NationalDirectors. Work is continuing toimplement this structure withadditional people volunteering to fillsome of these important posts.Emphasis was generated tocontinue improving the professionalstature of The MUFON UFO Journalunder the capable editorship of RichardH. Hall, and many suggestions wereoffered to increase Journalsubscriptions and MUFON member-ship. Formal bids were placed in theminutes to have the 1980 MUFONSymposium in Houston, 1981 in LosAngeles or Southern California, andprospects for 1982 on the East coast orToronto. The 1979 MUFON UFOSymposium will be held July 6 and 7 atthe Airport Marina Hotel in SanFrancisco. Houston will soon beannouncing the date and location forthe 1980 event.Theodore Spickler,State Directorfor West Virginia, has appointed DavidA. Bodner, Box 122, Elkhom, W. Va.24831, as State Section Director forMingo, McDowell, Mercer,Wyoming,and Summers counties. Davidstelephone number is (304) 862-3635.Dr. Benton Jamison, State Director forNew York, submitted his resignation atthe 1978 Symposium. Acaucus ofStateSection Directors present from NewYork nominated Dr. Gary Levine,CPOBox 1485, Kingston, N.Y.; telephone(914) 339-40%, presently a StateSection Director, to the position ofState Director for New York. Hisnomination, election, and approval wasimmediately forthcoming."UFOs! Horoscopes! (And OtherNonsense)" by Kendrick Frazier,condensed from Smithsonianmagazine is published in the July 1978issue of Readers Digest.Itappears thatthe editors of Readers Digest havebeen duped again, but to a far greaterextent than by RonaldSchillers "ThreeUFOs — How Real Were They?" thatappeared in the November 1977edition. The Committee for theScientific Investigationsof Claimsof theParanormal (CSICP) has taken theliberty of lumping such diverse subjectsas the Bermuda Triangle, AncientAstronauts, psychokinetic keybenders, biorhythm, astrology, exoticreligious cults, unidentified flyingobjects, Bigfoot, and the Loch Nessmonster intoone package and assignedvolunteers to attack each segment. Thetitle of the article, by Kendrick Frazierwho is editor of "The SkepticalInquirer", the CSICP publication, isdesigned to catch the readersattentionand, without scientific grounds, tothrow UFOs into the same "black pot"that they label as unusual paranormal.Not allscientists, however, dismissall claims of paranormal in the field ofextrasensory perception (telepathy,clarivoyance, and precognition). EvenMarcello Truzzi, professor of sociologyat Eastern Michigan University and aformer very vocal CSICP member,takes exception to lumping"protoscientific" researchers — thoseinvestigating ESP, for example, with"mystical" occultists whose claimscannot be demonstrated empirically. (Itis interesting to reflect upon the factthat two of MUFONs Consultants inSociology, Dr. David Stupple and Dr.Ronald M.Westrum, are teaching in thesame department and university as(continued on page 18)