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Mufon ufo journal 1976 2. february - skylook

  1. 1. Number 99"We tell it as it is"SKYLOOKThe UFO Monthly$1.00February, 1976OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF AfCSJPOJV/ MUTUAL UFO NETWORK, INC.A very unusual effect from a UFO was reported by Mrs. N. 0. unusual, the strange effects did not stop there. As the UFOas she was driving her Volkswagen in central Belgium. Her moved away, the car reportedly restarted itself and beganengine seemed to die, as did her radio, as she approached the moving forward—in fourth gear. This and other reports fromUFO sitting on the highway in front of her. While this is not Belgium begin on page 10.
  2. 2. Founded 1967SKYLOOKThe UFO Monthly26 Edgewood DriveQuincy, Illinois 62301Dwight ConnellyEditorCarolyn ConnellyBusiness ManagerWalter H. AndrusDirector of MUFONTed BtoecherHumanoid/Occupant CasesJoseph M. BrillEditorial AssistantThe Rev. Dr. Barry DowningReligion and UFOsAnn DrnffelCalifornia ReportLucius ParishBooks, Periodicals, HistoryMajorie FishExtraterrestrial LifeStanGordonCreatures &UFOsRichard HallInternational CoordinatorMark HerbstrittAstronomyRosetta HolmesPromotion/PublicityTed PhillipsUFO Landing TracesDavid A. SchrothSt. Louis/Mass MediaJohn F. SchuesslerUFO PropulsionNorma E.ShortEditor-Publisher EmeritusLeu StringfieldCommentaryEditors ColumnPart two of the saga ofTravis Walton is included inthis issue. It is interestingto read the reports of APRO,NICAP, and GSW (Ground SaucerWatch), but it is also frustra-ting. APRO indicates the caseinvolves a valid sighting andabduction, while NICAP and GSWfeel the abduction portion ofthe story, at least, is a hoaxor "a psychological phenomena."On the surface it appearsthat APRO, while not first onthe scene, ultimately producedthe best-qualified consultantsto aid in the investigation.Perhaps they also entered thecase with less initial skepti-cism, which, whatever its pos-sible demerits, made APRO moreacceptable to the Waltons.NICAP apparently questionsthe sighting itself, sayingthat the polygraph tests of thewitnesses were not conclusive.GSW seems to accept the sight-ing portion, but not the abduc-tion story.It is interesting that GSWand NICAP question the back-ground of the Waltons, empha-sizing what GSW indicates is anobsession with UFOs, while APROcontends the Waltons had only aminor interest in UFOs prior tothe sighting. What are thesources for these varying re-ports on the witnesses?Obviously, this sort ofvar-iation between the findings ofestablished UFO groups doeslittle to encourage confidencein cooperative ventures involv-ing investigations, since onegroup would naturally questionthe approach and competence ofanother. Likewise, the generalpublic is likely to wonder whymajor groups investigating thesame case have come up with op-posite findings.Whatever the results, allgroups involved deserve a voteof thanks for releasing atleast the main details of theirinvestigations, rather thansaving them for a future bookor "technical report," or de-laying release on the pretextthat the case has not beencom-pleted. (Is a case ever com-pleted?)In this issueTexan reports electro-magnetic effects, occupants 3APRO, NICAP, GSW disagree on Travis Walton case 5California report: The mystery helicopters 8Strange electro-magnatic effects reported in Belgium TOSt. Louis Study Group views 1975 reports 11In Others Words 12Strange cases reported in Pennsylvania 13Virginian reports glowing ball landed, then exploded 13Clovis, New Mexico, news report 14MUFON Deputy Director John Schuessler resigns 15Stockton, California, pilot reports encounter with UFO 16UFO conferences held in Australia, Great Britain 17MUFON Directors Message 18Herbstritt explains astronomical terminology 19Astronomy Notes 19Recapping and Commenting 20The contents of SKYLOOK are determined by tbe editor, and do not necessarily represent theofficial position or judgment of MUFON. Opinions of contributors are their own, and do not necessarilyreflect those of the editor, the staff, or MUFON.SKYLOOK THE UFO MONTHLY is published monthly by Dwight Connelly, 26 Edgewood Drive,Quincy, IL 62301 USA. Subscription Rates: $8.00 per year in U.S.; $9.00 per year foreign; single copy, $1.00.Advertising rates: $5.00 per columninch. All ads subject to approval of the publisher.Copyright 1976 by SKYLOOK THE UFO MONTHLY, 26Edgewood Drive, Quincy,IL 62301. Permissionis hereby granted to quote from this issue of this magazine, provided not more than 200 words are quotedfrom any one article, provided that the author of the article is given credit, and provided that tbe statement"Copyright 1976by SKYLOOK THE UFO MONTHLY, 26 Edgewood Drive, Quincy, IL" is included.Second Class Postage paid at Quincy, IL.62301.
  3. 3. This was drawn from a sketch by the witness, and from additional details supplied by the witness.Texan says truck buffeted, lights went outTwo occupants in craftDate ofsighting: May 3,1975.Location of sighting: San Antonio,Texas.Investigated by: Gary Graber.By Gary GraberOn the evening of May 3,1975, Mr. Alois Olenick, 48,was westbound on Mogford Roadsouth of San Antonio at approx-imately -9:15 p.m. when his ve-hicle, a 1959Chevy pickup, wasapproached, spotlighted, andnearly buffeted off the road byan unidentified craft carryingtwo occupants, he said.Mr. Olenick states that hewas driving to a nearby storewhen he noticed a strange ambercolored object "rise rapidlyupward" from a grove of treesabout 900 yards into the pas-ture adjoining the road. Thisobject then approached the Ole-nick vehicle "at a terrificrate of speed, losing altitude"as it closed on the pickup.During this rapid approach,the primary light on the frontof the vehicle changed fromamber to a "bright, cherryred," becoming most intenseduring the close encounter.Says Olenick, "When the craftgot directly over the top of mypickup my lights went complete-ly out and my engine was dead.And as I was trying to get outof the pickup, I thought it wasa chopper passing on top of me,at first, it happened so quick.Then when they hovered over thetop of me and I got a good lookat it, I knew it was no chop-per. I thought to myself,"Thats got to be a UFO."Globular shapeAs the object hung in placeabove the pickup, Monk Olenicksaw a craft globular in shapewith two roughly conical pro-trusions, that may have consti-tuted a shelf-like projectionencircling the transparentupper section. The bottom ofthe vehicle was "highly polish-ed metal" that cast a reddishglow, possibly as a result ofreflection from the primary redlight. (Possibly due to airglow)?Olenick told this investi-gator that the hovering phaseof the encounter, during which-he clearly observed two occu-pants, was on the order of only10-20 seconds.During this time, however,the vehicle was tipped at anestimated 37-40 degree slantand oriented so that one of theoccupants was directly in Ole-nick "s line of sight. Thetransparent upper portionthrough which they were seenalso seemed to be backlit witha diffuse reddish light, makingdetails of the occupantsfea-tures quite plain."They appeared to be justas interested in me as I was inthem," Olenick says. "Oneofthe occupants, the one farthestaway from me, appeared to bethe pilot and had his hands onwhat looked like controls. Hewas looking up and away fromme. The other occupant lookeddirectly at me, a side viewright at my windshield, and ap-
  4. 4. peared to be observing me.Got a good look"I got a good look at bothof them. They werent humanbeings like we see here." Whenasked to describe their physi-cal appearance, Monk statedthat "they couldnt have beenbig men, probably not over 5feet tall. They were bald,with long prominent ears, and along nose. Their eyes did notappear very plainly, they justlooked like slits." (INVESTI-GATORS NOTE: there is a pos-sibility here that more promi-nent eyes were covered by lidsor protective membranes, a-gainst the glare, giving onlythe appearance of slits.)Olenick added that theirskin was "not like our skin; itappeared to me to look sort oflike sharkskin, sort of a greycolor." He also noted that theskin was tight and firm, with-out wrinkles. The two occu-pants had a wiry, firm build,but he could see only a1portionof the arms and upper torso..Olenick never got a "look atthe hands of either occupant.They appeared to be resting oncontrols below a dash-likepanel, above which he could seeseveral apparently T-shapedhandles.The witness also seemedcertain that neither of the oc-cupants was wearing a headsetor other such apparatus. Theonly possible article of cloth-ing might have been a shirt-like garment on the torso, madeof material like leather. Heis not sure about this point,however. "It was over so fastthat I have to think carefullyabout the details."No motor noiseOlenick says that he watchedthe object depart. "There wasno motor noise during the timeit was over my truck, just awhirring (shriek) of wind. Itwas very loud; it sounded to melike a cyclone, and Ive beenin a lot of storms. I did nothear any engines whatsoever, noSketch drown from witness descrip-tion and verified by witness as aclose resemblance.whir as from engines."He says he saw the bottom ofthe craft as it "took offstraight up. There was a ter-rible thrust that buffeted mypickup and then it vanished al-most instantly." When asked ifhe felt the .object actuallyvanished or merely turned offits lights while leaving veryfast, Olenick had no real opin-ion. "It was just like turningoff a light bulb. It happenedinstantly."Several additional detailsare worth noting. Olenick no-ticed a "very (strong) severeodor, like burning copper orelectrical wiring" as the crafthovered over his truck. Hestates that this odor persistedin his truck for a long periodafter the incident.The witness also sufferedeye strain (and possible slightdamage) from the intense redlight present on the craft. Atthe time of .the interview, onAug. 22, the witness (who workson an outside sheet metal job)was still wearing dark glassesto protect his eyes and preventheadaches.He experienced no physiolog-ical effects during the en-counter, such as paralysis.Other than emotional stress andprolonged nervousness, whichmay or may not have had a phys-ical cause, Olenick has proba-bly had no other lasting ef-fects from the encounter. "Ifeel like they got a look atme, and maybe got my picture orsomething, and then turnedtheir lights off and vanished."bepointsyearsanswered,seemfor instance,Questions remainThere are a number of ques-tions regarding this case andother sightings in the areastretching back severalthat remain toSome positiveclear, however.The police,did log a report from the Ole-nicks at 9:30 p.m. on May 3,and responded within 20 min-utes. This was probably dueto both the agitation of theOlenicks and the fact that thepolice were interested in anypossible connections with therash of mutilations in theirterritory (as they told theOlenicks).Despite several previous un-explainable sightings, this isthe first report made by theOlenicks or their neighbors.Like other citizens of San An-tonio, which has at least threemajor Air Force bases, the Ole-nicks are familiar with thetypes of aircraft they oftensee.The likelihood that AloisOlenick could have misidenti-fied a helicopter seems extrem-ely slim even if we disregardthe reported electrical effectsand descriptions of the occu-pants. A helicopter, even atnight, would have shown manydetails of superstructure, thecharacteristic air chop of theblades, and a distinct motorwhine—none of which was re-ported even at close range.It is this investigatorsopinion that the majority ofevents happened as related andthat Mr. Olenick has sincerelydone his best to accuratelydescribe the sequence of eventsthat occurred. His account onAug. 22 was nearly identical tothat printed in THE SAN ANTONIOLIGHT on May.5, two days afterthe event.Further field investigationis needed to verify air trafficpatterns on the night of thissighting and to expand the listof other possible witnesses tosightings in the area in therecent past.
  5. 5. Travis Walton case continuesAPRO, NICAP, GSW reports disagreeThe APRO BULLETIN for Novem-ber, which was received Feb. 4,has what is apparently thelat-est and probably the most de-tailed information on theTravis Walton case. (See Decem-ber SKYLOOK for the basicstory.) Additional details ofthe case as reported in theAPRO BULLETIN include the fol-i lowing:The object allegedly seen bythe seven-man forestry crewsouth of Heber, AZ, on Nov. 5,1975, at approximately 6:15 p.m. glowed like "a Coleman lan-tern just being lit." The glowof the object was interruptedby dark, opaque dividers or aframework. (See sketch on page6 of December SKYLOOKV)Walton had jumped from thetruck carrying the workers, notwaiting for the truck to cometo a halt, and walked quicklytoward the object, which washovering over a pile of brush.As Walton approached the ob-ject, other workers in the-truck heard a "beeping" noisewhich sounded like a warningbuzzer in the passenger sectionof a commercial airliner. Then,as Walton stood looking up atthe hovering object, there wasa sound described as like agenerator starting, and addi-.tional rumbling noises.At this point the object be-&i gan oscillating or wobbling a-bout its vertical axis. Sud-denly a bright narrow ray of( greenish-blue light came fromthe object, striking Walton. Hewas raised about 12 inches intothe air, knocked backward, hisarms were thrown outward, andhis head was knocked back.The crew, terrified, hurried-ly left. One witness said hesaw Walton fall back to theground. Approximately one-fourth of a mile away, the crewstopped, looked back, and saw alight rise and streak to thenortheast. They decided to re-turn to the scene, arriving a-bout 15 minutes later. NeitherWalton nor the object could beseen.The frightened crew thenrushed into Heber, 15 milesnorth, and reported the experi-ence to Deputy Chuck Allison a-bout 7:35 p.m. Allison saidthe men were very upset, andthat one was weeping. He isquoted as saying that if thewitnesses were lying "they weredamned good actors."Despite extensive searchesby the authorities, Waltoncould not be found, and he waslisted as a missing person Nov.7. (Three of the witnesses hadreturned tothe scene with theauthorities, while three re-fused.)The witnesses submitted to apolygraph (lie detector) testadministered on Nov. 10 bypolygraph expert Cy Gilson ofthe Arizona Department of Pub-lic Safety. Five of the wit-nesses "passed" the test, whilethe sixth (Allen Dalis, 21) wasjudged "inconclusive." Gilsonreportedly considers it impos-sible for that many persons tolie without being detected bythe polygraph procedure. Heindicated that perhaps Dalishad not seen the entire inci-dent.According to Deputy Allison,tests by the Sheriffs Depart-ment showed no unusual radia-tion at the scene pf the sight-ing. Bill Spaulding of GroundSaucer Watch, one of the firstresearchers on the scene, saidhe detected "high residualmag-netism" at the site.Walton .returnsIn the early hours of Nov.11, Walton, missing for morethan five days, reportedlycalled his sisters house froma phone booth at a servicestation in Heber. Slowly, Wal-tons story of being aboard aUFO came out:After beingknocked uncon-scious by the light beam fromthe UFO, he said he regainedconsciousness and found himselflying on his back on a table.The lighted ceiling seemed veryclose to him. There was somesort of apparatus lying on hischest, and he felt pain in hishead and body. The air seemedmoist and heavy, and it wasdifficult to breathe.Three entities were present.He described them as being a-bout five feet tall, with largeeyes, no hair, small noses,small mouths, and small ears.Walton said they reminded himof human fetuses. All weredressed in what appeared to beloose-fitting brown coveralls.Frightened, Walton said hejumped up, knocking the appara-tus from his chest; he said theapparatus rocked back and forthon the floor. He struck out atthe creatures, who seemed notto be disturbed. However, theydid leave the room.Walton says he also left theroom, went through a corridor,and found another room. In thisroom was a chair with push but-tons on the arms and what ap-peared to be a transparent wall(what seemed to be stars werevisible). He sat in the chair,pushed some of the buttons, andthe "stars" seemed to move, sohe quit pushing buttons.A humanoid appearsSoon a man wearing blueclothing and a transparent hel-met entered the room, gesturingto Walton to come with him.Smiling, but refusing to re-spond to Waltons questions,the man took Walton out of thecraft, through an "airlock,"and down a ramp. The lightingwas now brighter, the airfresh, and breathing was easi-er. Walton now found himselfin a large enclosure containingseveral disc-shaped objects.The man took Walton to an-
  6. 6. other craft, where he saw threemore humanoids—a woman and twomen—who closely resembled oneanother. They also wore blueclothing, like his guide, buthad no helmets. The guide leftthe craft, without removing hishelmet.At this point something sim-ilar to an oxygen mask wasplaced on Waltons face and heagain lost consciousness. Whenhe regained consciousness thesecond time he was lying on hisback on the cold surface of aroad. He felt heat from a disc-shaped object which he saw ris-ing into the sky; doors on thebottom of the object were clos-ing.Walton recognized the roadas being the one leading toHeber, so he walked into townand called his sisters home.He had been in the UFO justover five days, according tohis account.After Bill Spaulding leftthis case, following difficul-ties with Travis Walton and hisbrother Duane, APRO took overthe investigation. The NATIONALENQUIRER agreed to pay expensesinvolved in keeping Walton in aPhoenix hotel sequestered fromthe press until he could regainhis composure.The APRO investigationDr. James Harder, APRO direc-tor of research and one of -twokey investigators handling thePascagoula case in 1973, ar-rived on Nov. 13. Harder re-portedly used hypnotic tech-niques to relieve some of Wal-tons tension.An analysis of a urine spec-imen (Spaulding had requestedthat the first urine sampletaken after Waltons return besaved) and a blood sample tak-en Nov. 13 from Walton showed"absolutely no evidence of druguse." (One individual involvedin the case early had suggestedthe possibility that Walton hadbeen hallucinating as a resultof drugs.)APRO says Walton did not takethe polygraph test as scheduledbecause "the press had literal-6From CONSERVATION NEWS, National Wildlife Federation (sent by Paul Cerny)ly laid seige to Duane1s homeand were camped at the buildingwhere the test was to be admin-istered and Duane did not feelhis brother was ready to facethe press."APRO says that Duanes judg-ment "was vindicated later bythree psychiatrists...who saidthat a polygraph test at thattime would be meaningless. Thepolygraph measures stress—notlies--and Travis Walton was ina very distressed state duringthe two weeks following his or-deal."The Rorschach (inkblot) testhas been administered to Waltonby Dr. Harold A. Cahn, a physi-ologist and APROs consultanton parapsychology. The testreportedly indicates that Wal-ton "is not highly suggestible,and has good, normal basic per-sonality structure."The Minnesota MultiphasicPersonality Inventory test wasconducted on Walton by LamentMcConnell on Dec. 16. This testindicated that Walton was nor-mal and showed no deviationspointing to phychosis.Jim Lorenzen, internationaldirector of APRO, says there
  7. 7. has been no change in any de-tail of Waltons story to date.APRO also says that, despitereports to the contrary, Waltonand his mother, Mrs. Mary Kel-let, are not UFO buffs. Walton"had a mild interest in thesubject," according to APRO.Also characterized as inaccur-ate was a report that Mrs.Kellet had said upon learningof Waltons disappearance thatshe did not expect to see himagain.NICAPs investigationNICAP has apparently taken asomewhat different view of thecase, according to the Januaryissue of the UFO INVESTIGATOR.The NICAP article begins asfollows:"As with all contactee cases,the alleged abduction of a 22-year-old forestry service crewmember has created undue ex-citement and interest through-oug the country."NICAP says that its investi-gator, Dr. William S. Bickel,questions the lie dectector(polygraph) test which was ad-ministered to Waltons fivecompanions. According to Bick-el, the test was given in threeparts:(1) Was any witness involvedwith foul play or angry atTravis Walton? (The polygraphtest was given at the time Wal-ton was still missing.)(2) Did any witness know ifanyone else was involved withfoul play?(3) What did each witnesssee?Bickel says that correct an-swers to parts one and two ofthe test constitutes "passingthe lie detector test," eventhough part three is failedcompletely. He considers partthree to be the only relevantquestion, however, so far asthe abduction is concerned.NICAP also reports thatSheriff Marlin Gillespie saidthat Walton had called the MCof a radio talk show before theabduction and volunteered toappear on the show. The MCreportedly called Walton a"kpok." Following the. allegedabduction, Walton reportedlyagain called the MC and asked,"Whos a kook now?" (It shouldbe noted that this informationmay or may not be correct.)Based on these reports, NICAPconcludes: "These.facts natur-ally throw the case under greatsuspicion, and it would seemthat either a hoax has beencommitted or that a psychologi-cal phenomena is involved."GSW conclusionsOn Feb, 6 SKYLOOK received afinal report from Ground SaucerWatch, Inc. (GSW) which alsoconcluded the abduction was ahoax. This GSW report includedthe following comments:The six witnesses were givenlie detector (polygraph) tests,with five of the tests indicat-ing they were telling the truthabout what they saw. The sixthtest was inconclusive. Some ofthe questions asked included,"Did you kill Travis Walton,"and "Did you see Travis takenaboard a spacecraft?" They allanswered "No." Inconclusivedata.Walton was scheduled to takea lie detector test on Nov. 14at the Arizona : Department ofPublic Safety (DPS) headquar-ters in Phoenix, but failed toshow up. Hehas never takena polygraph test! Sheriff Gil-lespie issued a statement say-ing no further attempts will bemade by his office or by theDPS to administer a lie detec-tor test to Walton. Gillespiesaid earlier that he had doubtsabout Waltons story based uponan interview with Walton onNov. 11.William Spaulding, directorof GSW, said he also had in-formation that led him to doubtWaltons story. Spaulding ter-minated the investigation byhis group due to Waltons re-fusal to submit to scientifictesting, including an interviewwith Dr. J. Allen Hynek.Dr. Lester Steward, a con-sultant for GSW and MUFON, in-terviewed Duane and Travis Wal-ton and said their behaviormade him suspicious of theirstory..They refused profession-al testing and evaluations.An on-site investigation ofwhere the UFO was reportedlyseen was conducted by experi-enced GSW field investigators,and high residual magnetismmeasurements were recorded. Noindications of any radiationphenomena were observed or mea-sured -, nor were there anyground markings, including heataffected areas.GSW Evaluation:After a time-consuming in-vestigation, the,Travis Waltoncase is considered a hoax basedon the following:1) Walton never boarded theUFO. This fact is supported bythe six witnesses and the poly-graph test results.2) The entire Walton familyhas had a continual UFO his-tory. The Walton boys have re-ported observing 10 to 15 sepa-rate UFO sightings (very high).3) When Duane was questionedabout his brothers disappear-ance, he stated that "Traviswill be found," that "UFOs arefriendly." GSW countered, "Howdo you know Travis will befound?" Duane said, "I have afeeling, a strong feeling." GSWasked, "If the UFO captorsare going to return Travis,will you have a camera to re-cord this great occurrence?"Duane, "No, if I have a camerathey will not return."4) The Waitons mother showedno outward emotion over theloss1of Travis. She said thatUFOs will not harm her son; hewill be returned and that UFOshave been seen by her familymany times.5) The Waltons refused anyoutside scientific1help or any-one who logically doubted theabduction portion of the story.6) The media and GSW werefair to the witnesses. However,when the story started to "fallapart" the Waltons would talkonly to people who did notdoubt the abduction story.7) The Waltons "sold" theirstory to the NATIONAL ENQUIRERand the story was completelytwistedfrom the truth.
  8. 8. California reportThe mystery helicoptersBy Ann DruffelGradually, over a period oftwo or three years, there havebeen hints of helicopters ofunknown source connected withUFO and possible UFO-relatedincidents. Are these casesmerely coincidence or misident-ifications, or is there, in-deed, mysterious .helicoptersurveillance of UFOs?A startling example occurredon September 3, 1975, in Tunun-ga, California, a mountaincom-munity about fifteen milesnortheast of Los Angeles civicCenter. Nestled in the foot-hills of the Angeles Crestmountains are numerous homesand cabins built on steep,winding roads. .The home of Mr., and Mrs. C.1boasts an east to west view ofthe mountains. About eight o-clock p.m. Mrs. C; heard a hel-icopter over a nearby canyon.Since the sound-of a helicopteris ,often the first sign ofjeopardy from brush fires, Mrs.C. stayed out in the yard towatch, accompanied-by Mrs.C.B., her sister, who was visit-ing in the home..Mrs. C., particularly, isfamiliar with helicopters atvarying heights, since the areais patrolled regularly in thisfashion. She was struck by theextreme height at which thiscopter was flying—in her esti-mation about 2500 feet. As shewatched, she noticed a round,brightly lighted object abovethe helicopter, an estimated1200 feet higher up.Intrigued by this hovering• light, Mrs. C. got binoculars,and she and Mrs. B. took turnslooking at the curious object.In the field of the binocularsthe object was magnified toabout one-half degree angulardiameter, or about the size ofthe full moon.A vari-colored light patternwas clearly, visible. The top8was a vibrant blue-green, themiddle portion white and thebottom a distinct glowingred.The light pattern encompassedthe entire disk, and the wholeobject was "very brilliant."Helicopter circles belowThe object remained station-ary in the southeast sky whilethe helicopter circled below itin a tight surveillance pat-tern, as though studying it.As the two women continued towatch they were amazed to seethe object "changing shape fromround, to diamond, to chevron,and into a classic saucer." Itthen started to zigzag over asix-degree area of sky. Mr. C.joined the women in watchingthe object at this point.This "snake dance in the sky"was not caused by eye-jiggle,magnified by the binoculars.She firmly anchored the glasseson a stationary stand to checkthis. Even without the binocu-lars, the shape changes and thecolor pattern, plus the franticgyrations, were visible to thenakedeye.After a few minutes of sur-veillance, the helicopter spedoff; presently two helicoptersreturned, flying in tandem. Itseemed they were trying tofol-low the object in its wild mo-tions, keeping always a certaindistance from it, as thoughcautious. The gyrations of theobject and the movements of thechoppers were such that thewitnesses were forced to watchfrom different areas of theyard to keep them in sight.Mrs. C., with the aid of thebinoculars, could see into thecabin of the helicopters andnoticed a faint red "flash"within from time to time. Shehad seen this same phenomenonat close range during a drugraid in the neighborhood, sev-eral years previous. On thatoccasion a police helicopterpink flashes from within thecabin. Mrs. C. had been toldby a neighbor that the policewere taking "infrared photos"of the action on the ground.She assumed, therefore, thatthe flashes noticed during theUFO sighting indicated that thechopper was obtaining photos ofthe UFO.Eyes start hurtingAfter the first twenty min-utes of the sighting, Mrs. Cseyes began to hurt, and she puton colored glasses, which aredesigned to show true color.But the entire incident lastedabout three hours. The wit-nesses did not watch all thattime; Mrs. C. watched more thanthe others. At about 10:30 sheMsaw the lights go on at theNike missile base," in themountains near her home. Thiswas an extremely rare occur-rence, and she wondered if ithad something to do with theUFOs being in the area. Atabout 11:00 the object disap-peared from view in the west,still followed by a chopper.All three witnesses reportedthat their eyes hurt after theincident. Mrs. C. sufferedblurred vision. All three wit-nesses eyes were streaked withred that night and felt asthough sunburned. The nextmorning they were still fleckedwith red and felt "grainy." Bythat afternoon, Sept. 4, theireyes had returned to normal.Mrs. C. stated that all threewitnesses seemed "hypnotized"by the object. She personallyfelt "theobject was .focused inon her." Although the streeton which the Cs live is notisolated, it did not crosstheir minds to seek additionalwitnesses. Mrs.C. thought oncethat the police should becalled, but Mr. C. abruptly de-cided it was not necessary. Hejudged that the authorities
  9. 9. were aware of what was goingon, because of the helicopterssurveillance. Mrs. C. followedhis advice!-Looking back on this, Mrs.C. regarded her failure tocon-tact the authorities as unusu-al. The next morning she de-termined; to track down a sourceto which she could report it.She made severalphone calls topublic service agencies, andfinally was referred to SKYNETby the Griffith Observatory.Use of helicopters deniedChecking out the possibilitythat photos of the UFO might beobtainable, the writer calledevery known facility involvingofficial and private helicop-ters within .a 300 square-mileradius of Tuj unga. Absolutelyno source would admit to sight-ing the UFO,or to having heli-copters in that area at thattime. Most of these agenciesindicated that only rarely dotheir choppers fly in tandem,since doing so creates danger-ous air currents. The onlyhelicopter which admitted tobeing in the area at all was aLos Angeles Police Departmentcraft. The pilot stated thathe took off from the LAPD Heli-port at 8:00 p.m. in constantcommunication with BurbankAir-port. He had no infraredpho-tographic equipment aboard. Heremembers traveling up a washnear the scene of the sighting,but it was a straight flightwhich encompassed only a fewminutes. He did not see anyother helicopters or any unusu-al object in the sky. However,surveillance helicopter pilotsgenerally look down at theground, not up at the sky.Regarding the report byMrs.C. that "the lights went on atthe Nike missile base" nearby,it was learned from an AirForce Public Information Officethat Nike missile bases are nolonger operative, having beenphased out over the past year.The base in question had beenturned over to the Army Corpsof Engineers. Why the lightswent on at the base during theUFO sighting remains a militarysecret. *No infra-red used?During the search for thehelicopters source, inquirieswere made at the various offic-ial agencies regarding the useof "infra-red" photography,possibly involving faint redflashes. All sources deniedthat/any type of equipment likethis was in .use.In consulting with AdrianVance, former MUFON photo con-sultant, it was learned that inthe 1950s infra-red cameraswith red filters over flashbulbs were being used, and thatpeople viewing this camera inoperation straight on would seea faint red flash. However,infra-red cameras now in use donot involve any light sourcevisible to an onlooker.This case is strange; equallystrange are other mentions of"mystery helicopter" in UFOliterature. For instance a re-cent NICAP case2concerned anoval-shaped object hovering lowover a field, seen in Enfield,Connecticut, at 9:30 p.m. onMarch 4th, 1975. The lights itemitted were blue, green, andred, strangely reminiscent ofthe Tujunga case. It was movingslowing in an easterly direc-tion and was in full view oftwo witnesses over a period offorty-five minutes. During theobservation the witnesses saw ahelicopter flying very close tothe object. The NICAP investi-gator and the Enfield PoliceDepartment, tried to find outthe identity of the copter. Allmilitary and private installa-tions were checked; all inquir-ies proved negative.Animal mutilation casesReports of mystery helicop-ters have been linked with theanimal mutilation cases of re-cent months. Whether or notsome of these weird events areUFO-linked is still in ques-tion. Although articles havebeen printed in popular maga-zines3claiming proof that themutilations are performed bysatanic cults, the mystery isfar from solved in some re-searchers opinion. Equally asstrange as the way some of theanimals are drained of bloodand mutilated without anytraces left in the area arethe numerous reports from citi-zens in Kansas, Colorado andother states who have seenhel-icopters hovering over cattlepens and other areas wheremut-ilated cattle have been dis-covered. The mystery helicop-ters in the cattle mutilationcases often are described asArmy Bell helicopters. Theyoften fly without lights andextremely close to the ground,and in some incidents wherethey have appeared close towitnesses, no numbers werevis-ible on the craft.What is the answer to theseseemingly related mysteries.? Inthe Tujunga case, were theretruly two helicopters of un-known origin, flying equippedwith 25-year-old cameras? Whichcan we believe—the rationalwitnesses or the denials by of-ficial sources? Is it possiblethat the aerial displays in Tu-junga, California, and Enfield,Connecticut, were from a sourceinaccessible to civilian re-searchers? Were they from themilitary complex of the UnitedStates?Is there a pattern here? Doother researchers have cases intheir files regarding similarincidents? Perhaps it wouldmake an area of specializationfor a researcher so inclined.Footnotesreport, investigatedby Ann Druffel. Contains fullidentifying information on allwitnesses. In MUFON files.2UFO Investigator, August.1975, published by NICAP, Na-tional Investigations Committeeon Aerial Phenomena3For example, SAGA,-NovembeT1975 "The Terror Cult Terroriz-ing Mid-America"
  10. 10. SOBERS investigation in BelgiumWoman says UFO restartedBy Richard HallInternational Coordinator(Credit: Societe Beige drEtudedes Phenomenes Spatiaux-SOBEPS)As part of an internationalinformation exchange program,the Belgian UFO group, SOBEPS,headquartered in Bruxelles, hassubmitted two carefully invest-igated 1974 UFO cases. The re-ports are titled "Landing atAische-en-Refail" (6 pages) and"Easter UFO: A SOBEPS Inquiry"(9 pages).Electro-magnetic effectsThe landing, in central Bel-gium January 24, involved elec-tro-magnetic effects on a carmotor and radio.A few minutes after 4p.m.on a clear day, Mrs. N.D. wasrapidly approaching a hill,driving her Volkswagen 1300model, when she noticed a redobject about 150 m away on theground to the left of the road.Suddenly her motor began toslow down, and she thought shewas running out of gas or had acarburetor problem. Her carcontinued to slow, the radiowent dead (except that itslight remained on), and the carcoasted to a stop as the motorfailed, with the shift still in4th gear.She was now only about 10 maway from the object, which wasabout. 1 m in diameter and ^mhigh, and had a red flatteneddome on top and two rows of"spots" around the circumfer-ence (see cover sketch). Thesurface appeared like unpol-ished metal, non reflective.After 4-5 seconds the UFObegan to move, rising about 50cm, then dropping back to theground. This action was re-peated a second time. The thirdtime it rose slowly and steadi-ly to 3 or 4 m above the groundand moved above the car, re-vealing a flat, gray, feature-10Jose Moniet, above, (and, earlier, his wife) observed a moving object which waswhite on top and cherry red on the bottom. It disappeared by blinking out—firstthe top, then the bottom. The sighting took place about 9 p.m. on Sunday, April14, at Vedrin, Belgium.less underside.It seemed to hover over thecar for a few seconds, then re-appeared to the left side andmoved away on a curved trajec-tory, but without zig-zags oroscillations, making no sound.Motor restarts itselfIt was then that the moststartling event happened. Thecar motor restarted by itselfwithout Mrs. N.D. touching thestarter and,still in 4th gear,the car began moving forward.The UFO could be seen disap-pearing to theENE.SOBEPS had investigators onthe spot within 48 hours,checking for physical evidence.However, no traces were visibleon the hard clay ground and noradioactivity was detected. TheSOBEPS investigation includedsix hours of questioning, andreconstruction of the incident.The car had recently beenthrough a check-up and was ingood working order. The witnesshad nightmares for several daysand suffered from "abnormallassitude." Otherwise, she wasunaffected. She was not a UFObeliever.Later that spring the carstarted having problems withthe motor misfiring, and wasfinally taken in for a garagecheck in July. It then had afaulty distributor which had tobe replaced.The Easter UFOOn Sunday, April 14, mostlyin the same area of centralBelgium southeast of Bruxelles,there were widespread and inde-pendent sightings of a UFO be-tween 8 p.m. and midnight.SOBEPS documented 12 sightings,interviewed witnesses, andchecked weather conditions,satellite passages, and otherconventional possibilities I"without finding any explana- *tion. :At Floree, a silver-white $•globular object was seen cross-ing the road. At Couthin, aluminous red "bar" with well-defined edges, two times themoons diameter, was observedmotionless at first, then mov-ing slowly NE. At Barbencon, aspinning disc with two rows oflights was seen.Two of the more detailedsightings occurred at Vedrinand Hoeilaart. At Vedrin, amoving ellipse, white on topand cherry red on bottom was
  11. 11. her autoSt. Louis group reviews156 reports from 1975seen at 9 p.m. by Mr. and Mrs.Jose Maniet (seesketch). TheUFO disappeared by blinkingout, first the top portion,then the bottom. A red cres-cent-like object, apparentlythe same UFO, was seen inde-pendently from a separate lo-cation in Vedrin.Two cars of witnesses driv-ing in Hoeilaart saw a large,cylindrical, apparently metal-lic object "like a dull-graytorpedo" hovering at tree-toplevel above the road. Eight toten lights were visible on theundersurface. Both cars drovedirectly beneath the UFO with-out incident.The final sighting in theseries was about midnight atLes Bulles, where a round, dullgray-brown metallic looking ob-ject moved slowly across thesky from NE to SW. At its frontwas a blinking red light, andat its rear a steady yellow-white light. The UFO passed lowover a nearby farm, illuminat-ing a farm building with a red-dish glow.International coordinatorneeds exchange materialsMUFON International Coordin-ator Richard Hall notes that heis now receiving valuable datafrom all over the world: first-hand reports, journals, news-paper clippings, photographs,conference reports, etc.Hall is issuing an appeal toall MUFON members and support-ers for spare copies of reportsand newspaper clippings, photo-graphs, or documents "to sendto our generous allies and sup-porters overseas in exchange."Hall concludes, "Anythingyou can spare will be grate-fully received, and will con-stitute an important contribu-tion to MUFONs internationaldata exchange program. Addressthem to me: 4418 39th St.,Brentwood, MD 20722."By David SchrothHighlighting the Januarymeeting of the UFO Study Groupof Greater St. Louis was a re-view of UFO sightings reportedthroughout the greater St.Louis area in 1975. This year-end review of local UFO reportswas presented by Mr. Leo Wick-linski and Mr. William Chris-tian, two of the groups mostactive field investigators.In addition, details of aclose encounter UFO experiencethat occurred in November,1975, were discussed by theprincipal witness in the event.For some years now, Chris-tians residence in south St.Louis County has served as areporting center for personswishing to report UFO sightingsor to request information aboutthe UFO Study Group of GreaterSt. Louis.Christian reported that in1975, a total of 156 telephonecalls were received fromper-sons reporting UFO observa-tions. These 156 calls wereevaluated as follows:Astronomical Phenomena(stars, planets, meteors)....92Aircraft (advertising air-craft, helicopters, planes,).24Balloons (alltypes) 19Satellites 6Insufficient Information 5Unknown (no apparent conven-tional explanation 10Total: 156Christian reported that thefigure of 10 "unknowns" for1975 was consistent with thepercentage of unknowns in pre-vious years, when anywhere fromsix to ten percent of all callsreceived remained unexplained.Details of a close encounterUFO experience that occurred onthe night of Nov. 15, 1975,were related by the principalwitness, Mrs.Betty Prichard.Mrs. Prichard was drivingwith three companions near Pa-cific, MO, when the incidenttook place. Shortly after 8 p.m. she and her companions spot-ted a luminous red object hov-ering in the eastern sky. Theykept this object in view forseveral moments and reportedseeing a smaller white lightemerge from the original ob-ject.Mrs. Prichard estimated thatthe original object appeared toher to be about as large as abasketball .held at armslength. (It is felt that thisis most likely an exaggeration.Subsequent questioning, ofMrs.Prichard suggested that the ob-jects apparent (angular) sizewas probably on the order of1.5 to 2.0 moon diameters—i.e., about 1 arc-degree. How-ever, this exaggeration byMrs.Prichard is not considered todiminish the value or credibil-ity of her report, for mostpersons have a tendency tooverestimate angular sizes ofobjects .in the sky.)Mrs. Prichard reported ex-periencing an unusual impulseto get out of her car and ap-proach the UFO (which remainedairborne throughout the experi-ence) , although she did not doso. It was also reported thatinterference on her car radio .was noted at the time of theUFO experience.Following the incident,Mrs.Prichard contacted the UFOStudy Group of Greater St.Louis. The next afternoon, Mrs.Prichard was interviewed at thesite of her UFO experience thenight before. A search forphysical traces revealed noth-ing out of the ordinary. How-ever, a magnetometer held inthe vicinity of Mrs.Prichardsauto (andseveral other cars,for comparison) indicated anunusual amount of magnetism waspresent in thecar.This incident was investi-gated by Leo Wicklinski, Wil-liam Christian, Erwin Enders,and Thomas Mulligan. A completereport on this case will besubmitted at a future date.11
  12. 12. In OthersWordsBy Lucius ParishThe Jan.6 issue of NATIONALENQUIRER featured an article onthe Air Forces Project BlueBook files. Significant infor-mation is now being deletedfrom the files and the publicwill be permitted to examineonly censored versions. TheJan. 13 issue of ENQUIRERsum-marized some of the many1975reports of UFOs from Wisconsinresidents.The Dec.23 issue of THE STARcontained a UFO article. Twoother weekly tabloids have re-cently published special UFOissues. NATIONAL TATTLERSspecial is available on news-stands for 50$ and the MODERNPEOPLE issue is available from:UFO Special - 11058 W. AddisonSt. - Franklin Park, IL 60131.The price is $1.00.ASTRONOMY magazine has pub-lished a special reprint of alltheir material relating to theBetty Hill/Marjorie Fish "starmap" research. For those whodid not obtain the individualissues of ASTRONOMY containingthe article by Terence Dickin-son and letters relating to it,this special edition is partic-ularly welcome. It is titledTHE ZETA RETICULI INCIDENT andmay be obtained for $4.00 from:Zeta Reprint - ASTRONOMY - 757N. Broadway, Suite 204 - Mil-waukee, WI 53202.The February issue of FATEfeatures an excerpt from Dr.David Jacobs book, THE UFOCONTROVERSY IN AMERICA. Thispertains to the CIA involvementin the UFO subject.The #6 (Feb.) issue of OFFI-CIAL UFO is available at thiswriting. It contains the usualamount of interesting material,including articles by JoeBrill, Don Worley, Claude MacDuff, Walter Webb, WendelleStevens, Dan Clements and DonBerliner. This issue alsocon-tains a profile of MUFON byInternational Coordinator Rich-12ard Hall.An article in the Februaryissue of SAGA discusses thepossibility that there weresurvivors of Flight 19, the1945 incident which seems tohave begun the "BermudaTri-angle" controversy. Militaryreluctance to discuss the ques-tion of possible survivors maybe interpreted in various ways,but this article is writtenfrom the viewpoint of the wifeof one of the missingmen.SAGA will also be publishinga 1976 UFO ANNUAL, consistinglargely of reprinted materialfrom the four 1975 issues ofUFO REPORT. This should now beavailable on newsstands.Two additional booklets byDr. J. R. Jochmans are nowavailable. These are THE MEA-SURING OF THE MACROCOSM ($1.25)and AFTER THE FALL ($7.50).The former title concerns it-self with "out-of-place" astro-nomical knowledge in ancienttimes. The author cites suchexamples as Babylonian inscrip-tions which mention the cres-cent phases of Venus, supposed-ly visible only through a tele-scope, Hindu astronomical textswhich speak of the Earth as a"globe in space," as well asseveral other thought-provokingpassages from ancient works.The latter booklet is largelydevoted to Biblical chronologyand geneologies, although italso contains material relatedto supposed "Antediluvian" ad-vanced technologies and scien-tific knowledge, a la thetheories of von Daniken andother writers. These publica-tions may be ordered from: Cre-ation History Research - Box6463 - Lincoln, ME 68506.Don Wilsons OUR MYSTERIOUSSPACESHIP MOON is an interest-ing compilation of materialwhich details the various mys-teries of the Moon. Wilsoncites the many examples of"transient lunar phenomena"which have been reported virtu-ally since the invention of thetelescope. The basic theme ofthe book revolves around .theconcept put forth by two Sovietscientists, suggesting that themoon is actually a giant space-ship which was placed in Earthorbit by an alien race. Far-fetched as this theory may seemat first, the many "coinciden-ces" and peculiarities connec-ted with the Moon are enough tomake one wonder. There is alsoconsiderable information onlunar UFOs, the Apollo expedi-tions and other similar topics.If one allows for a bit of oc-casional over-enthusiasm on theauthors part, this is a goodsummary of lunar riddles. Itis available for $1.25 (plus25<f for postage and handling)from: Dell Books - P. 0. Box1000 - Pinebrook, NJ 07058.Hynek resigns fromBlue Ribbon PanelDr. J. Allen Hynek has an-nounced that he will no longerserve on the NATIONAL ENQUIR-ERS Blue Ribbon Panel. SaysHynek:"The Center for UFO Studies,in an effort to expand itsscientific and educational op-erations, has necessitated areassessment of my priorities.I must give increasingly great-er attention to the primarygoals of the Center."In view of the above I feelthat I must withdraw as a mem-ber of the Enquirers Blue Rib-bon Panel whose aims have notproved to be in harmony withthe scientific objectives ofthe Center and its associatedscientists...."Hynek has not indicated whateffect, if any, his resignationfrom the panel will have on theemployment of CUFOS OfficeMan-ager Margo Metegrano. Half ofMiss Metegranos salary was re-portedly being paid by the NA-TIONAL ENQUIRER.
  13. 13. UFO broken by womans broom?Strange reports from PennsylvaniaBy Stan GordonPennsylvania Center for UFO ResearchEven though most of the re-ports of flying objects thatfall into the unexplained cate-gory normally are in excess often feet in diameter, there area number of reports1from allcorners of the world that des-cribe small, aerial devicesranging in size from about fiveinches to one foot in diameter.Some of these objects appearsolid, while others appear moretransparent. These mini UFOshave reportedly been observedduring daylight on heavilycrowded streets, inside ofhomes, and even gliding aroundinside parked is speculated that,thesedevices.are remotely controlledand act somewhat like a two-wayaudio-video transceiver whichwould be used by the UFO occu-pants of a larger craft to ob-tain various types of informa-tion on the area which theymight be studying at that time.Two reports. There have been two reportsof these devices in Pennsyl-vania in recent months. Thefirst sighting occurred onSept. 20, near. Punxatawney. Amarried couple was cleaningtheir mobile home about 9 p.m.when the wife pointed out toher husband a strange-looking"spider web" that was abouteight inches in diameter andshaped like a disc, about twofeet outside their back door.They watched it for a fewseconds, then realized that itwas not a spider web, as itturned on^ its side and flewfrom about six feet from theground, where first observed,to about ten feet into theair.After a few seconds it re-turned to the ground and re-peated the movements and hover-ed over the top of the witness-es trailer. They noticed nosound. At this point, the wifebecame disturbed by .this un-wanted guest and took a nearbybroom and hit the object,breaking it into two identicalsmaller devices, and each flewoff in a different direction.Power failureAbout five minutes after shehit the device, there was re-portedly a complete power fail-ure in the trailer as well asthe neighbors trailer nextdoor that lasted for only a fewseconds, and unusual TV inter-ference prior to the power out-age.The second monitor device wasreportedly observed by a younghousewife in a rural area out-side of Greensburg. At approx-imately 4:30 p.m. oh Oct. 2,the woman began to take downsome curtains in her bedroomwhen she was .shocked to find ametallic, spherical object a-bout a foot in diameter hover-ing just outside her window.The object was described as be-ing a brownish-green color andhaving spikes sticking out ofit on all sides.A low beeping sound emittedfrom the object. She looked atthe object eye to eye for sev-eral seconds when suddenly thedevice spun slowly around, andwith.what looked like an open-ing, pointed at the woman. Theobject then ascended straightup into the sky and vanished.Virginians reportexploding objectSeveral persons in the Emory,VA, area reportedly observedon Sunday, Jan.18, 1976, amysterious ball of light thatmoved across the countrysidebefore exploding.One witness, Mrs. Roy Bar-ret, said the object, "about asbright as a cars brightlights," drifted slowly acrossthe clear sky, passed in frontof the moon, moved between twohills, landed, "glowed for a-while," then exploded."When it passed in front ofthe moon," said Mrs. Barrett,"you could see something likegases coming out of it." Theobject was observed about 8 p.m.Dan Ryan, assistant chief ofthe Meadowview Volunteer" FireDepartment, said reports fromwitnesses in three separateresidences indicated that theobject appeared to explodesomewhere in a triangular areahaving sides of about two milesand a base of one-half mile.An intensive search of asmall grazing area near Meadow-view Sunday night and Mondayafternoon failed to uncoveranything unusual. However, anumber of low-flying militaryjets were observed in the areaon Monday, an unusual occur-rence. The Air Force deniedhaving planes in the area. AnFAA official speculated thatthe planes may have beencon-ducting training exercises inconnection with a military fa-cility 15 miles west of Emory.(SOURCE: Bristol, VA, HERALD-COURIER, Jan. 19, 20, 22; sub-mitted by Joe Brill.)Hyneks conference set for April 30 - May 1The controversial and form-erly secret "state of UFO re-search" conference called byDr. J. Allen Hynek has now beenscheduled for April 30-May 2 atthe Lincolnwood Hyatt House inChicago.The "think tank" meeting of"workers in the field" willfeature discussions in smallgroups. and selected papers"which can serve as spring-boards for discussion."Originally, 138 persons hadbeen secretly invited to themeeting, which is now termed"closed" but not secret. Thelist of those involved hassince expanded. The meeting isby invitation only.13
  14. 14. Clovis, NM,sightingsDate of sighting: Jan. 21, 22, 23, 1976.Location of sightings: Clovis, NM, area.Source: DPI wire services.Submitted by: Joe Brill.Editors note: Following is a prelim-inary news report on the Clovis, NM,sightings. Additional details are expectedin time for the next.issue of Skylook fromRay Standord, who has taken some of theProject Starlight International detectionequipment from Austin to the Clovis area.According to police dispat-cher Diana Kenemore, "nearlyeveryone" in Clovis called inUFO reports on Friday, Jan. 23."That many people cant bewrong," said Miss Kenemore."They all saw them at the sametime. Plus our officers sawthem. Every citizen that calledwas real willing to give hisname, address, and phone num-ber."Police said that more than30 silent, mysterious objectswith pulsating lights were re-ported between nightfall andmidnight. According to MissKenemore, several callers re-ported a group of 20 objectshovering over the Sandia Ele-mentary School in the northpart of the city.Miss Kenemore said threefrightened young boys reportedseeing several flying objectsland in a pasture near theirhome in the south part of Clo-vis.In Texico, a community of1,000 persons on the Texas bor-der, Town Marshall Willie Ron-quillo said he followed up on areport and spotted a silentlighted object hovering about900 feet above the town. Hesaid it had green, yellow, andblue lights and made no sound.He said he notified state po-lice and gave chase when theobject began moving northward.Several state police officerslater reported seeing what wasbelieved to be the same object.They said it was last seen mov-ing at a high rate of speed to-ward Tucumcari, NM.A spokesman at Reese AFB, 9014This photo was shot by Scott Price, a reporter for the Clovis NEWS-JOURNAL,on Friday, Jan. 23. Taken through a telescope with a 35mm camera on a tripod,the photo reportedly does not show all that was visible through the telescope.Says Price, "Two black circular areas that appear vivid through the telescopedont show up in the photo due to the focusing problem." Whether this photo isof a UFO or a celestial body was not known as SKYLOOK went to press. (Submittedby Joe Brill)This photo, somewhat similar to the one taken in Clovis, NM, was shot nearElsthorpe, New Zealand, on Jan. 14, 1969, by Michael Bennett. Both Bennett andhis wife watched the object, described as "a point of light but brighter than a star,"make "random patterns—shifting its position, stopping for five or ten seconds,then moving into another spot." Mrs. Bennett, who watched the object while herhusband looked for film, said two smaller objects followed the larger object. Thisphoto, one of several, was taken with a 120 camera with a 180mm telephoto lensset at f/4.5 and a shutter speed of 1/4 second. The film had a speed of 100 ASA,and the camera was on a tripod. The above photo is, of course, greatly enlarged.(Submitted by Joe Brill)miles east of Clovis, said thatnothing unusual had been pickedup on base radar. Maj. BertRhoton, command post controllerfor the day at Cannon AFB, aTAC base, said the base had re-ceived numerous inquiries, butthat "as far as the military isconcerned, it is strictly nocomment."
  15. 15. Schuessler says UFO info unavailableMUFON deputy director resignsJohn Schuessler, deputy di-rector of MUFON, has submittedhis resignation. The full textof his letter to MUFON DirectorWalt Andrus follows:Dear Walt,Thank you for the invitationto meet with you and Jim Mc-Campbell on 8 Feb. at yourhome. I am sure that it will bea vital and interesting meet-ing; ,however I have chosen todecline your invitation. Inconsidering the total situa-tion I have decided to withdrawfrom the UFO scene in generaland this seems to be as naturala breaking point as I willfind.Please accept my resignationfrom all present positions heldwithin MUFON, effective as soonas you .find suitable replace-ments, hopefully within sixtydays. Until that time pleaseaccept this letter as my proxyin . all matters requiring myvote. If you see fit, I re-quest to be added to the listof MUFON field investigatorsfor the Houston area, so I mayprovide local data to the or-•ganization should the occasionarise.I have chosen to make this anopen letter so that critics ofthe UFO organizations cannotgenerate rumors or fables aboutmy resignation. In the follow-ing paragraphs I will list(briefly) .some of the thingsthat helped to formulate my de-cision. The order of the itemslisted is unimportant and ir-relevant.At this point I want theworld of Ufology to know, Waltand Jeanne, that there is. nobreakdown in our friendship. Ifeel a warm glow of kinshipsince we have worked the UFOfield together since the mid-1960s. I am proud of the fineorganization you have generatedin MUFON and even more proud tohave been permited to serve asdeputy director. These pasttimes I will cherish throughthe rest of my career, whereever it leads.As anyone can plainly see,MUFON is loaded with all typesof good talent, both profes-sional and non-professional.Critics may take pot "shots atvarious individuals from timeto time; but these are justgood people trying to do thebest job they can. I know MUFONis here to stay, since it hastaken the lead from the oldleaders. The mixture of freshtalent and seasoned Ufologistmakes an unbeatable team. Ihope the result will be realprogress.Now for some of the itemsthat grouped together cause meto withdraw from the active UFOscene.1. First of all I am underno pressure to get out. It isno government plot, MUFON pres-sure, employment pressure, norfamily pressure. The first-three groups could care lesswhether I am in or out and myfamily would just as soon seeme stay in.-2. No individual has causedme to bail out. I have met someof the finest people I couldever hope to know, all withinthe various UFO organizations.These people are generallynice, friendly, generous, openminded, and talented.3. The accumulation of thingsleading to my decision was cul-minated by the forthcomingCUFOS sympsoium in April. .WhenI received the invitation toattend I was quite thrilled. Ithought it would be an oppor-tunity once and for all toreally get an interchange oftechnical information flowing.As you know I have longed forsuch an interchange for years.I have been disheartened by thetotal lack of anything worth-while coming out of GUFOS (and.many share -that view), so Ithought maybe something was fi-nally going to come out. AndWalt I thought you had influ-enced the addition of my nameto the invitation list, sinceyou have been very close to Dr.Hynek for the past couple ofyears. When you called, ob-viously dismayed because youwerent aware many MUFON peoplehad been invited, I felt as ifI had shirked a duty by notmaking sure you were informed.4. When I received the Dec-ember SKYLOOK a few days ago Iwas surprised to find out thatDr. Hynek is the featuredspeaker for the June MUFON sym-posium. Needless to say I foundthat to be a curious turn know-ing of your dismay with the"secret" CUFOS meeting and theCUFOS opinion that UFO symposi-ums are "unprofessional."5. I have been frustratedby the lack of useful, factual,technical information availableto the individual investigatorand researcher. I do know thatsuch information exists, beyondthe shadow of a doubt. How-ever, it is carefully protectedby everyone so that it doesntget diluted or used. This isnot a MUFON criticism, but ageneral criticism. The "it isfor me to know and for you tofind out" attitude prevails allover the world. It is like UFOsare supposed to be someonesproperty. The only way the UFOproblem will be solved isthrough teamwork, not throughdivision.6. I am tired of hearing howmany IFOs have been found. Itseems to be a form of apologyfor Ufologists (in every organ-ization) to dwell on the IFOsthey have come across. It islike saying "I am really OK be-cause I told someone they saw astar unusual condition,"not "I am OK because I worked700 hours on a case and it IS aUFO - and -remains unidentifi-able." The organization namesare CUFOS not CIFOS, MUFON notMIFON., etc. People should quitapologizing for their involve-ment. It IS an honorable ef-15
  16. 16. fort.7. I have seen numerouscases put down through poorfield analysis and/or arm-chairanalysis. Again it seems tostem from the desire on thepart of the "expert" to give ananswer, and a well meaning de-sire at that. The T. Blann newsrelease of the Clovis, N.M.,sightings last week is a primeexample. Sure the twinkles inthe sky had a natural explana-tion, but what about the bankpresidents sighting of thebrown cigar shaped object? Wasit the result of a temperatureinversion? Hardly!!!!8. The other extreme is justas bad. When landmark cases arereported they should be openedup and investigated and dis-cussed without excuse or prej-udice. Protect the witness--yes. But cover up the data--no! I have been looking backover my notes of the years andhave found more than a hundredcases, any one of which couldhave provided useful informa-tion had it been released.These involve airplane crashes,daylight disc sightings, mili-tary installation sightings,etc. After a while it makesone feel foolish trying to ex-pose future technology usingonly the lights in the skycases, while hard data exists,but is "not available."9. The recent Arkansas eventexhibited a certain infatuationfor P. Klass by many of thehierarchy present. I found thathard to believe. Of course adevils advocate is good for TVdebates and game shows. Itmight even be good for scienceif it is responsible. P.Klasss effort cannot be con-strued as responsible, when itignores facts, selects onlydata that fits a personaltheory, and results in shoutingdown the opponent or at bestdropping to the level of char-acter assassination. He saysthat when he gets two differentstories on a case he throws outeverthing related. Well, hewrote two books that conflictin explanations-so by his owncriteria all his effort shouldbe ignored. He is a distaste-16California pilot encounters UFOEditors note: Additional details of theAug. 14, 1975, UFO sighting near theStockton, CA, Metropolitan Airport (seeSeptember, 1975, Skylook) have beenreported in the NATIONAL ENQUIRER.This sighting was one of several in theNorthern California area of Gilroy, SanJose, and Stockton. More recent sightingsare currently under investigation.Maj. Claude Riddle, 40, wasapproaching the Stockton air-port in his helicopter at 900feet at 2135 hours when airtraffic controller Joe Savageadvised him to take evasive ac-tion.Says Savage: "I saw theseflashing lights closing in onthe chopper on a collisioncourse. I radioed the copterpilot and issued evasiveorders. As I did, the objectturned orange and shot up to5,000 feet, where it hovered."Maj. Riddle, an 11-year Na-tional Guard copter pilot withmore than 5,000 hours of flighttime, had meanwhile looked tothe rear.Says Maj. Riddle: "It ap-ful character that should beplaced in the category ofgos-sip columnist.10. The hours I have spenthave not been wasted. They havebeen interesting and rewarding.However, I do not want to go onbeing teased by the drabs ofinformation that flows from a-round the core of hard datathat does exist. The totalvolume of information in BlueBook, the various intelligenceorganizations, and the privategroups is staggering. If onecould use it now we could ex-pect a quantum jump in thestate of technology. Unfortun-ately, it is unavailable.In conclusion, my interestwill remain. I do have a deepinterest in technology and thefuture. I hope some signifi-cant advances will be madesoon.peared as if a strange lightwas tailing my chopper a mileor so away. As I swung my cop-ter around, I saw it shimmeringlike a diamond. It was as bigas a jetliner. A tremendousorange glow radiated from thetop, but the bottom was dark.From the sides came two bluebeams, probing out from the fatoval shape."Dan Long, another air trafficcontroller, had been the firstto spot the object. Says Long:"Through field glasses I couldmake out a definite form. Theobject appeared disc-shaped,like a flying saucer, and itsbody was radiating an intenseorange glow."As Maj. Riddle maneuveredhis aircraft to keep the objectin sight, it drifted over theairport for perhaps fivemin-utes. "I wasnt really inter-ested in getting too close,"said Riddle. "It scared me."He said the object suddenlyturned bright red "and blastedoff. I cant estimate itsspeed. It was faster than any-thing Ive ever seen. Ive ob-served enough rocket launchingsto know we have nothing thatcan compare to the speed ofthis thing."Maj. Riddle said that "sec-onds before it shot out ofsight, a gray mist formed a-round it. This was followed bya blast of green exhaust whichpenetrated the cloud like youdput your finger through a smokering."Another air controller, John-Paul Ammirata, said he watchedthrough binoculars as the ob-ject departed. "In five or sixseconds the UFO went up to60,000 feet and completely fad-ed from view."
  17. 17. Six Australian groups holddiversified UFOconferenceBy Richard HallInternational CoordinatorA wide-ranging UFO Confer-ence, with 22 participants andrepresentation by six ; UFOgroups, was held Oct. 4-5,1975, .at Terrigal, N.S.W. Acopy of the Proceedings hasbeen received from Keith Bas-terfield, Adelaide, S. Austral-ia.In many respects, the con-ference paralleled the OctoberUFO Conference in Ft. Smith,AR, demonstrating a new mood inUFOlogy in recognizing the needfor closer cooperation amongUFO groups and a concerted ef-fort to study UFOs scientific-ally.Conference Chairman KeithBasterfield noted that, in thepast, personality clashes andsheer distance have preventedcloser cooperation among AUSTtralian groups. He invited arepresentative of the Depart-ment of Defense to participatein the conference, .but the in-vitation was declined.Participants reviewed theactivities of their groups(whose memberships range fromabout 14 to about 300) andfocused on specific areas ofneeded research. Talks weregiven by representatives of theCorrections listed forInvestigators ManualFollowing are correctionsthat should be made to theMUFON Field Investigators Man-ual, according to Raymond E.Fowler, MUFON director of in-vestigations.Page 45, the Form 2: Cap-tions under Latitude and Longi-tude should read: Degrees -minutes - Seconds, NOT Hours,Minutes - Tenths;Page 85, Chart/August, TheAzimuth for Spica = W (NOT E).Page 128, last paragraphshould read - The equation onpage 128 can be solved...(etc.)UFO Investigation Centre (NewSouth Wales); the Tasmanian UFOInvestigation Centre; the Vic-torian UFO Research Society;the Queensland UFO ResearchBureau; UFO Research (SouthAustralia); and UFO Research(Central Coast).The Australian Co-OrdinationSection (ACOS) for the U.S.Center for UFO Studies was rep-resented by Harry Griesberg,who stressed that it was notACOS intention to try to forma "super group" for all Aus-tralia. ACOS was formed inNovember, 1974, at the-requestof Dr. J.A. Hynek, and servesas liaison between the Austral-ian groups and Dr. HyneksCenter.Dr. Geoff Stevens discussedanalysis of physical samplesassociated with UFO sightings,and Dr. Herbison Evans talkedabout the use of diffractiongratings and polaroid materialsto obtain spectra of light fromUFOs.Techniques of research, datagathering, UFO detectors, andthe attitudes of scientistswere other topics of discus-sion. The uses of computersand problems of information ex-changes also were explored.The possibilities of estab-lishing one high quality UFOmagazine for Australia and acommon report form for allgroups were discussed, and willbe the subject of continuingexamination. It was unanimous-ly decided that a UFOCON (UFOConference) 2 would be held in1976 at Mt. Gambier, South Aus-tralia.The Conference Proceedingsnote, in summary: "It wasthought that we should continueto present the subject as aserious one which demands theattention of science. We shouldnot make bold statements as tosuch things as the nature, or-igin or purpose of UFOs, merelyto state that a phenomenon ex-ists which cannot at this stagebe explained."BUFORA conductsUFO conferenceBy Richard HallInternational CoordinatorA scientific UFO conferencepreceding those held in Ft.Smith, AR, and New South Wales,Australia, during October,1975, is reported by the BUFORAJournal, July-August 1975 (Bri-tish UFO Research Association).On May 10 and 11, 1975, BUFORAheld a National Research andInvestigations Conference atHanley. As in the other con-ferences, discussion focused onmethodology and investigationtechniques.Speakers were Professor JohnTaylor of Kings College, .Uni-versity of London, noted forhis researches into Uri Gel-lers claims; Leonard Cramp,aeronautical enginner and a BU-FORA vice-president; Dr. Joa-chim P. Kuettner, chairman ofthe AIAA UFO Subcommittee, nowassociated with the WorldMeteorology Organization inGeneva; C.A.E. 0Brian, geolo-gist and Fellow of the RoyalAstronomical Society; andTrevor Whitaker, opthalmologistand founder member of BUFORAsYorkshire Branch.New book by ValleeThe INVISIBLE COLLEGE...WHAT A GROUP OF SCIENTISTS HASDISCOVERED ABOUT UFO INFLUEN-CES ON THE HUMAN RACE, byJacques Vallee, in hardback wasreleased by E. P. Dutton § Co.,Inc., New York, on Jan. 15.It is being published simul-taneously in Canada by Clarks,Irwin and Company Limited, Tor-onto and Vancouver.The following statement byDr. Vallee suggests the pur-pose of his fourth book on uni-dentified flying objects:"I believe that a powerfulforce has influenced the humanrace in the past and is againinfluencing it now. Does thisforce represent alien interven-tion, or does it originate en-tirely within human conscious-,ness?" The 216-page book islisted at $8.95.17
  18. 18. Directors MessageBy Walt AndrusNew personnel announcedThe MUFON Board of Directorsof fifteen has now been fullystaffed with the selection ofMr. Sam Gross as corporate sec-retary. Sam is a partner inthe law firm of Benhow andGross with offices in San An-tonio, Texas. Sam, Jackie andtheir three children reside inSeguin, Texas.John Donegan, president ofthe First National Bank ofSeguin, assumed the position ofMUFON treasurer on Jan. 2,1976, as previously announcedin SKYLOOK.To further strengthen ourresearch activities, P. JoePantermuehl, 606 Vaughan,Seguin, Texas 78155, has joinedas a research Specialist to theMUFON staff. He has a B.S. andM.A. in Physics and is a seniorresearch scientist at SouthwestResearch Institute in San An-tonio, Texas.Richard H. Hall, interna-tional coordinator, is extreme-ly proud . to announce the ap-pointment of Joachim Fernandez,as our foreign representativefor France. Joachims mailingaddress is 3 rue Rosette, Tou-louse, 31500, France. His majorUFO interest concerns Type I(landings), and he has special-ized in his Type I French Cata-log.Pennsylvania coverage hasincreased with the appointmentof the two following state sec-tion directors: CDR. Robert M.Hipp, 7241 Paxton St., Harris-burg, PA 17111. Bob is a com-mander in the U.S.N.R., and hasa B.S. in Organic Chemistry.He is now directly involved inrecent UFO sightings in hisarea of Lebanon, Dauphin, York,Cumberland and Perry counties.James Dow, 220 S. Main St.,Muncy, PA 17756, a pharmacistwith his B.S. from Purdue Uni-versity, is covering Lycoming18and Montour counties.Allen S. Mariner, M.D.., whohas been serving as a consul-tant in psychiatry, has takenon the added responsibilitiesof state section director forthe New York counties of Wayne,Ontario, Seneca and Yates. Dr.Mariner may be contacted at3503 W. Lake Road, Canadaigua,N.Y. 14424. Ted Bloecher, statedirector for New York, has alsoappointed Fred D. Stein, LakeHill Road, Burnt Hills, N.Y.12027, the state section direc-tor for Saratoga, Fulton andMontgomery counties. Fred hashis Masters in Social Work andwas formerly a field investiga-tor.Paul Cerny, western regionaldirector, has selected Louis P.Peresenyi, 38 Ave Maria Rd.,Monterey, CA 93940; telephone(408) 372-2536, as state sec-tion director for Monterey andSan Benito counties.J. S. Fouch and Thomas H.Nicholl have recommended theappointment of Alan L. Hein-lein, 811 Tremont, Ottawa, KS66067, as state section direc-tor for the Kansas counties ofDouglas and Franklin.Marc E. Hunker, 355% W. Fre-mont, Fostoria, Ohio 44830;telephone (419) 435-7502, hasvolunteered for the additionalresponsibility as state sectiondirector for Hancock and Senecacounties.Lt. Col. (Retired) Jasper W.Harper, 1300 Bertha Rd., S.E.,Rio Rancho, MM 87124; telephone(505) 898-3080, was approved asstate section director for San-- doval County by John L. Warren,state director, upon the recom-mendation of Joseph S. Accetta.Open areasRecent UFO sighting reportstelephoned to the Center .forUFO Studies on the toll-freenumber by police agencies hasdisclosed that the investiga-tive network of MUFON has somedefinite open counties in spe-cific states. Since MUFON hasvolunteered the services of ourorganization to CUFOS, we wouldnot only seek to accept and in-vestigate more reports fromthis source, but to achieve ourgoal of having every county ineach of our fifty states underthe guidance of a state sectiondirector.Since membership in MUFON isby invitation, -and our direc-tors must be recommended andapproved for their positions,we are inviting present memberswho want to become more activeas leaders to volunteer theirtime, talent, and experience bycontacting their state direc-tor, or your international di-rector, Walt Andrus. We areparticularly interested in mem-bers living in the followingstates: Vermont, Rhode Island,Maine, Idaho, Montana, Northand South Dakota, Oregon, Ne-vada, and Utah.1976 SymposiumThe 19-76MUFON UFO Symposiumwill be held at Webers Inn,Ann Arbor, MI, on June 12 and13, hosted by Bob Stinson andthe Michigan Section. Featuredspeakers already committed areJ. Allen Hynek, Ray Stanford,Dave Webb, Jacques Vallee, andWilliam Spaulding.Mutilation info wantedSKYLOOK plans to explore thetopic of animal mutilations ina future issue. If you havecases, photos, clips, or otherinformation, we would certainlyappreciate receiving them. Wewould, of course, be happy topay any reasonable costs in-volving Xeroxing, photo dupli-cation, etc.
  19. 19. Aspect, conjunction, magnitude . . .terms explainedEditors note: The following explana-tion of astronomical terms has been pre-pared to help readers better understandASTRONOMY NOTES and similar ma-terial which appears in Skylook.By Mark R. HerbstrittAspect—position of a planetrelative to another planet. Asseen from the Earth.Celestial body--a body ex-ternal to the Earth which canbe detected without visualaids, in the sky. Example: Thesun, moon, and planets, stars,etc.Celestial sphere—the spherewhich is above the horizon andon which the visible sky ap-pears.Conjunction—the alignmentof two bodies at their leastdistance of separation in thesky. Example: Mercury one de-gree from theSun.Constellation--large groupsof stars that have an imagin-ary resemblance to objects andanimals on Earth.Magnitude--the visual bright-ness of a celestial body orstar. Example: Venus magni-tude at greatest brilliancy is-4.4. The star Sirius has amagnitude of -1.4; therefore,Venus is 3 magnitudes or about16 times more brilliant thanSirius, the brightest star.Meridian--a great circlepassing through the north andsouth poles.. When a planet ison the Meridian at midnight itis in opposition to the sun or180 degrees from thesun.Transit—when a celestialbody crosses the meridian.Opposition--particular posi-tion of two celestial bodieswhen they are diametrically op-posed to each other. A planetis in opposition when it is180 degrees from the sun. Itthen rises at sunset and setsat sunrise and is on the merid-ian at midnight.Elongation--the inferiorplanets Mercury and Venus arenever more than a certain angu-lar distance from the sun. Thevalue is about 30 degrees forMercury and 45 degrees forVenus. When an inferior planetsuch as Venus is in easternelongation it is east of theSun and sets after sunset. Atwestern elongation it is westof the Sun and rises beforesunrise.Some meteorological and as-tronomical phenomena may bemistaken for UFOs:Meteor Shower--the result ofa shower of shooting stars(meteors) produced by thosemeteors of the swarm that enterthe atmosphere. These showersoccur at certain times of theyear when the Earth encounterslarge numbers of meteors allmoving together along the sameorbit. Example: Perseid meteorshower--maximum August 12. Anobserver might see about 50meteors per hour on this dateafter midnight. Radiant—theconstellation Perseus.Fireball—a meteor brighterthan the brightest planets:Venus, Jupiter etc.Meteor—bodies composed most-ly of iron and nickel which arebrought to incandescence bydisintegrating when enteringthe Earths atmosphere. Meteorsare usually visible for only 2or 3 seconds.Meteorite—a meteor thatreaches the surface of theEarth.Ball lightning—is a ball-shaped luminous electrical dis-charge which occurs during ornear the end of a thunderstorm.Lightning balls vary in sizefrom tiny beads to globes sev-eral feet in diameter. Thecommonest color is red or red-dish orange sometimes surround-ed by a blue haze. A hissingor humming sound generally ac-companies lightning balls. Thesmell is often described as"sulphurous" and is presumablydue to ozone. They are usuallyvisible from 3 to 5 seconds buthave been seen up to 15 minutesstronomyNotesBy Mark R. HerbstrittMarch skyMercury--is too close to theSun for observation this month.Venus--It rises about an hourbefore the Sun and is only 9degrees above the south-easternhorizon at sunrise.Mars—moving from Taurusinto Gemini it is near the mer-idian at sunset and sets about3 a.m.Jupiter--moving from Piscesinto Aries, it is in the westat sunset and sets within 3hours.Saturn—near the boundarybetween Cancer and Gemini, itis high in the eastern sky atsunset.duration.I recommend the followingbooks and magazines for moreinformation on astronomy:(1) THE TAMING OF THE THUN-DERBOLTS--by C. Maxwell Cade.This book gives details of balllightning reports and describesthe differences between UFOsand ball lightning.(2) SPACE NOMADS--By LincolnLa Paz. This book tells ofmeteorite falls, craters causedby meteor impact, the nature ofmeteors, meteor showers,etc.(3) ASTRONOMY MAGAZINE--Mil-waukee, Wisconsin. This maga-zine is one of the best in thefield of astronomy. Gives de-tails every month of positionsof the planets, star maps,beautiful color photographs ofnebula, galaxies, clusters,etc.News clips appreciatedWhile we do not always ac-knowledge newspaper clips sentin, we do appreciate them andfind them very helpful. Thanksfor past efforts—and pleasekeep them coming.19
  20. 20. Recapping and commentingBy Richard HallThis months column is di-rected toward articles appear-ing in the December, 1975,issue of SKYLOOK).Investigations of the Novem-ber, 1975, Arizona abductioncase appear to be shaping up asa prime example of how NOT togo about UFO investigation, andof how a lack of coordinationconfuses the issue, pittingone UFO group against another.In the process, potentially im-portant cases such as this arebeclouded instead of clarified.It would seem that characterinformation about Travis Waltonand his co-workers, developedby trained investigators and/orbehavioral scientists, is theonly way to unravel this story.1975 MUFONSYMPOSIUMPROCEEDINGS(111 pages)"An Expanded Vision of UFO Re-search" by Dr. David M. Jacobs, authorof The UFO Controversy in America."Center for UFO Studies and theUFO Central Situation" by Sherman J,Larsen, president of the Center forUFO Studies."UFO Research: Problem or Predica-ment?" by Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, membeiNational Enquirer UFO Blue RibbonPanel."A Catalog of Humanoid Reportsfor 1974" by Ted Bloecher, co-chairmanof the MUFON Humanoid Study Com-mittee."Interpreting Reports of UFO Sight-ings" by James M. McCampbell,author of Ufology — New Insightsfrom Science and Common Sense."UFO Research Proposals: What,Who, and How Much?" by Dr. JacquesVallee, author of Anatomy of a Phe-nomenon, etc."Unidentified Flying Objects: TheEmerging Evidence" by Ted Phillips,MUFON specialization coordinator.The 1975 Proceedings is availablefrom MUFON, 103 Oldtowne Rd.,Sequin, Texas 78155 for $4.00 post-paid.It is probably wishful think-ing, but wouldnt it be nice ifin major landing, physical ef-fect, and occupant cases themajor UFO groups would comparenotes by telephone and decideon one of two courses of actionto coordinate the investiga-tion:(1) If only one of thegroups had an appropriatelytrained investigator or teamwithin 50 miles of the site,the others would bow out, andthe investigating group wouldshare all of its findings withthe cooperating groups;(2) If more than one grouphad appropriately trained in-vestigators close to the scene,each group would appoint one ortwo representatives to a jointteam of investigators who wouldthen pool all resources and in-formation.Cooperation on sky objectThe problem seems to lie infield investigations, primar-ily. The intergroup coopera-tion in analyzing the January,1975, metal artifact is laud-able. In that case, personnelassociated with NICAP, MUFON,and CUFQS participated in var-ious aspects of the investiga-tion and analysis work.Similar cooperation is great-ly to be desired in such addi-tional areas as photo-analysisand physical trace cases, Anintergroup liaison committee ofphysical scientists and otheranalysts, those who have thenecessary skills and the accessto laboratory equipment, mightbe a workable solution.A UFO Physical Evidence Anal-ysis Group, to which all majorUFO groups would agree to en-trust such cases, could be astrong unifying force. It alsocould command the respect ofthe news media and other opin-ion makers.Canadian familyreports objectKen Sheppard and his familyof North Battleford in westernSaskatchewan, Canada, report-edly observed, through binocu-lars, a strange object about5:30 a.m. on Nov. 18, 1975. Hesaid the object was about 40feet wide and had a large beamof light shining from tire cen-ter and three or four beamScoming from the sides. He saidthe object appeared flat andcircular, and moved in a south-erly direction. (SOURCE: Sas-katoon STAR-PHOENIX, Nov. 19,1975; submitted by Monka Swan-son.)UFO NEWSCLIPPINGSERVICEThe UFO NEWSCLIPPINGSERVICE will keep you in-formed of all the latest UnitedSlates and World-Wide UFO ac-tivity, as it happens! Our set-vice was started in 1969, atwhich time we contracted witha reputable international news-paper-clipping bureau to obtainfor us, those hard to find UFOreports (ie., little known photo-graphic cases, close encounterand landing reports, occupantcases) and all other UFO re-ports, many of which are car-ried only in small town orforeign newspapers.Our UFO Newselipping ServiceReport, is a 20page photo-offset,monthly publication containingthe latest United States andCanadian UFO newsclippings,With our foreign section carry-ing the latest English, Austra-lian, New Zealand, South Afri-can, and other foreign UFOnewsclippings Wepublish moreUFO reports from around theglobe than ANY other publica-tion in the World! Stay informed—subscribe to the UFO NEWS-CLIPPING SERVICE!For subscription informationand sample pages from our ser-vice, write today to:UFO NEWSCLIPPINGSERVICE, Dept, S3521 S.W. 104thSeattle, Washington,98146