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Mufon ufo journal 1975 7. july - skylook

  1. 1. Number 92"We tell it as it is"SKYLOOKThe UFO Monthly75 centsJuly, 1975OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF IVIUFONJ MUTUAL UFO NETWORK, INC.This drawing represents an artists conception of the UFO "men" wore a type of cap, but the witnesses indicate that thelanding and repair near New Berlin, N.Y., on Nov. 25, 1964. men were bareheaded. A complete report begins on page 3.It should be noted that the above sketch indicates that the (Sketch by Priscilla Berggren.)
  2. 2. • A iI-We fell it as it is"SKYLOOKThe UFO Monthly26 Edgewood DriveQuiney, Illinois 62301Dwight ConnellyEditorCarolyn ConnellyBusinessWalter H. AndrusDirector of MUFONTed BloecherHurrianoid/Occupant CasesJoseph M. BrillIron Curtain countriesThe Rev. Dr. Barry DowningReligion and UFOsLucius ParishBooks, Periodicals, HistoryMarjorie FishExtraterrestrial LifeStan GordonCreatures & UPOsGaryGraberArtistRichard HallCommentatorMark HerbstrittAstronomyRosetta HolmesPromotion/PublicityBoh KirkpatrickWest Coast CoordinatorTed PhillipsUFO Landing TracesDavid A. SchrothSt. Louts/Mass MediaJohn F. SchuesslerUFO PropulsionNorma E. ShortEditor-Publisher EmeritusJJ11In This IssueUFO repair reported in New York state .;.:.. 2Possible UFO repair case reported in Montana 12UFO conference to feature APRO, MUFON, N 1CAP^ Center 13VFON ceases operations after 12 years .,,•-„, 14MUFON Amateur Radio Net expands operations 15International Fortean Organization conrerition Aug. 8-10 JjSiMUFON Directors Message ... ;16UFOs Behind the Iron Curtain ^4 . .. 18Recapping and Commenting ,, ^ff 20Astronomy Notes for August .. .- „. ,<**«- 20The contents of SKYLOOK; are;determined by the editor and staff.:and do not necessarilyrepresent the official judgment of MUFON Opinions of contributipjjs are their own..and-donot necessarily reflect those-of the editor, the staff, or MUF0N: Bflbts or other iterns.aiivertised are not necessanjy endorsed by SKVLOOK or MUFON. ,SKYLOOK THE UFO MONTHLY is published monthly by,Dwight Connelly, C6 Edgewood Drive,Qnlncy, IL 62301 USA. Subscription Rates: $8.00 per year in U.S.;tt.OOper year foreign; single copy, 75 cents.Advertising rates: KM per column Inch. All ads sBbject to approval of the publisher.Copyright 1S7S by SKYLOOK THE UFO MONTHLY, It Edgewood Drive, Quincy, IL 62301. Permissionis hereby from this ifsue of this magatine.,provided not more than 200 words are quotedfrom any one article, provided that the author of the arttcle»is given credit, and provided that the statement"Copyright 1*75 By SKYLOOK THE UFO MONTHLY, V> Edgewood Drive, Quincy, IL" is included.Second. Class Postage paid at Quincy, IL. C2301,Page 2
  3. 3. New York state: 1964UFO repair reportedLOCATION: near New Berlin, N.Y.DATE: Nov. 25, 1964.WITNESSES: two women (also 1dog)INVESTIGATED BY: Ted Bloecher and Everett BrazieBy Ted BloecherOn June 2, 1973, I called the primary wit-ness, Mrs. Marianne H., long distance, intro-duced" •• myself, and explained my interest inobtaining a first-hand account of her sight-ing. : Apparently satisfied that my inquirywas genuine and that I was not just somecurious "nut," she willingly provided addi-tional details" about the incident.This report is based upon notes taken and alengthy taped statement made during a three-hour interview, in which Marianne - describedthe landing of two objects on a nearby hill-side and her subsequent four-hour observationof the repair of one object by the two crews—•a group of perhaps as many as a dozen "men."In addition, further information was obtainedin a series of specific written questions thatwere submitted to the witness following ourJune 10 interview. These questions and answersare included in an addendum to this report.The location, of the incident is about onemile north of •• New Berlin, N.Y., on old Route80, just northwest of an area known as FiveCorners (Latitude 42 39; Longitude 75 20).The UFO landings were made on a hilltop about4,200 feet northwest of the observers locale.The date was Wednesday, Nov.25, 1964; Mari-anne is quite certain about the year, as 1964was the first year of her marriage. Likewise,she is definite about the date, as Nov. 24 isher parents wedding anniversary; the incidentoccurred during the early morning hours of thefollowing day,from about .0045 to 0455 EST.Besides Marianne, who was about 20 at thetime of the sighting, a second witness was hermother-in-law, at whose home she was staying.The mother-in-law is a school teacher. Mari-anne grew up in the vicinity of New Berlin.From 1962 through 1964, she attended IthacaCollege, where she" majored in Music. Shemarried her husband, Richard, a chemical engi-neer, in 1964 and, at the time of the sight-ing, they resided in the Syracuse, N.Y., area.During Thanksgivingweek, 1964, Marianne andDick were visiting their parents in NewBer-lin.. : As far as this reporter is concerned, theprimary witness in. the case is entirely credi-ble. Her account must be considered an ac-EDITORS NOTE: Skylook has held this report forseveral months in an effort to obtain as much informa-tion as possible. Initially it was felt that the "cable"(thought to have been left behind by the humanoids)could be located. Then we delayed for the interview byEverett Brazie of the; secondary witness. Finally, weran into the problem of insufficient space. The decisionwas finally made to use the necessary space in light ofthe quality and unusualness of this report Rather thanto summarize, we felt Skylook readers would like thefull details. Therefore, virtually the entire reports ofTed Bloecher and Brazie are included.curate and true report, to the best of her1a-bility, of what she perceived to be a real,,and unique, event.The following Narrative is derived fromMariannes own first-hand testimony; apartfrom minor editing to remove non-essentialmaterial, and revision to maintain propersequence, the words used to describe what tookplace in 1964 are entirely those of the wit-ness. Transitional sections (in brackets)have been derived from notes obtained duringour interview and from our several phone con-versations. A list of specific questions andanswers is included in an addendum.: Falling StarsDick had gone hunting with his father and Iwas staying with his mother so that she would-nt be alone. It was about 12:30 at night andI decided . I couldnt sleep very Iturned on the television. There was an oldmovie I had seen several times; it wasnt veryinteresting to me and I got up and got agingerale, and decided Id look outside andsee what it was 1ike.It was unusually clear for a November night....It had been snowing that year, often inthe evening, and (had been) cloudy, overcastand miserable. But this night was light andvery, very clear. An unusual number of starswere visible; the moon was out, very bright.I stepped out on the porch and it was cold,so my coat and went out again. I waslooking at the stars and trying to.figure outwhere the constellations were and I noticed afalling star. I was looking north northeastarid it fell in an arc, as it usually does, inan easterly direction, toward the horizon.Then I saw another one, only instead ofarcing along the horizon, it came straightPage 3
  4. 4. down. I saw it In about the same spot as Isaw the other one. It appeared to coiae downdirectly over the highway (Route 8, which runsnorth out of New Berlin—TB), or a little biteast of the highway, down by the Five Corners.Then it followed along the brook...more orless parallel to Route 80, which comes direct-ly across in front of the house. I realizedhow strange it was, was clearlyvisible and the hillside above the creek andon the north side of the road was visible a-bove the object. It occurred to me that thiswas an unusually bright light, a brightnessand intensity that I had never seen before.Mercury vapor lamps are extremely bright, butthis particular (light) was even brighter thanthat.A Low HumNot only was the visible part (of the sight-ing) strange, but there was a kind of a lowhum, Jike a drone-hum combination, like a...water pump running kind of laboriously, and itnever changed pitch, it was about the same.I think that my mother-in-law got up to cometo the bathroom and I spoke to her as she camethrough the living room. I opened the doorand said, "When you get through, I want you tostep out here and take a look at something."At this time she usually would let the dogout. They have an English Springer Spaniel,female, very devoted to Dicks mom, and shealways went out at this time of night.The next thing that happened was a car,probably some young people coming home from amovie, came north from New Berlin and turnedleft at Five Corners and was coming along thehighway between me and the creek bed, alongwhere this vehicle was traveling. It wastraveling rather slowly, and this car kept ongoing...Then another car came by, probably aminute and a half later, and they slowed downand pulled over a little northwest of thehouse, kind of on the shoulder of the road,and they were going extremely slowly, and thisflying object slowed way down, practically toa stop. Then it did stop and hovered for amoment, and then it came back towards me, backpast where this car was, and they startedright off (the car—TB) and were on their way!(At this point several things happened al-most simultaneously: Marianne1s mother-in-lawhad come to the door, opened it, and was aboutto step out as the object began moving rapidlyback toward her daughter-in-law, who at thattime was standing on a slight rise in themiddle of the driveway; Marianne, alarmed atthe sudden motion of the object towards her,made a hasty retreat to the porch; the car, ofcourse, "burnt rubber" as it took off up theroad—TB.)When the thing had started to back up, Idecided that maybe ( was a little too closeand I backed up, too! I was within goodsprinting distance to the front door. Mymother-in-law started to step out on the porchand she saw this thing, and she swung the doorright around again...She kind of left it opena little bit, as if she didnt want me to bealone, but she wasnt going to come out there,either! She said she definitely thought "thatwas very strange," and wished that Id comeback into the house. I turned around and saidno, I didnt think I would. The object cameto a stop several hundred feet directly acrossthe road from the house and hovered there...Ifelt like I was being observed, as much as 1was observing.Dog FrightenedAnd then she tried to persuade the EnglishSpringer to come out, so that Id at leasthave some company, and the dog would not comeout of the door. She wouldnt even come pastmy mother-in-laws legs—she just lay thereand I could see her shaking, she was Justquivering.Then another car came by and slowed down.This was the third car. They slowed down andthe vehicle started to go along at the samespeed as the car was traveling; they (thepeople in the car—TB) appeared to becomefrightened, and they floored it and got out ofthere. It kept on going slowly, when thisother car decided to leave...very, very slowlyalong the valley; it followed along the creekbed, followed that up the hi 1Iside...It keptgoing north northwest and went up on the sideof this mountain, about 3800 feet away, ac-cording to the scale on this topographic map.Then it settled down just below the ridge ofthe h i l l , and I couldnt hear the hummingsound, the drone, but I could see the light,it was still there. My mother-in-law said,"Now will you come back into the house?" AndI said no, get me the binoculars, which shedid.My mother-in-law called to me from the frontdoor and said that out of their corner diningroom window, which faces north northwest, Icould see a little better and would I come inand try, because she didnt want me to getcold. Id been out there quite a while and Iwas getting cold, so I did. Shed been watch-ing from the dining room window and I foundthat I could see better...Anyway, sometimeafter it had landed, probably two or threeminutes, I went into the house. My mother-in-law felt considerably better, and I was morePage 4
  5. 5. Top port in darknessUnderpart rafloctsd light1 wldoNote by TB: Vertical and horizontal proportions are not compatible.comfortable and warmer. And the dog stillhovered at her feet. She followed her every-where. She was just petrified, she literallyshook.(According to Mariannes time-table, shewent indoors a little after 1:00a.m.—TB.)As I watched out of the dining room win-dow, I tried to look through the.binocularsand I coulnt see because of the glare on thelenses. She said, "Tip them up and down," andI did, and it cut the glare off so that Icould see what was going on. There seemed tobe movement around this vehicle. My mother-in-law said to me, "What do you see?" and Isaid, "Well, I can see light, and there seemsto be movement around there...You know? Itlooks like men to me.u"i couldnt tell the shape of the object,except that the light seemed to be underneathit and it apparently was setting on legs, be-cause the bottom of the object was up from theground, far enough so that these—Ill callthem "men" for lack of knowing who they wereor what they were, because they were builtlike men--could get under this thing, If theygot down on their hands and knees, or sittingdown; they lay down under it like a man doesworking under a truck or a car. But they hadmore room then .they would have if they hadbeen under a car or a truck.Boxes of ToolsI could see them coming around this vehicleand they brought with them their boxes oftools, like tool chests or something, and oneof those chests took two men to carry it. Idont know if there were two (chests) orthree, but I know there were more than one.They appeared to be coming around something ina slmi-circular movement, as if they werewalking around a round vehicle, or somethingthat had a round shape to it. I couldnt seethe shape of it because of the bright light.It appeared to be a light on the bottom of theobject...that was so intensly bright I could-nt make out the form of the object.I Can See ThemI asked her to take the glasses and tip themup and down to see if she could see movement,and she did; and she said, "Oh,.definitely, Ican see them." And you could tel1 when she saw(the figures), because she stiffened, youknow. It alarmed her, and she said to me,"Definitely, I see them." She said, "Nowyouwatch them and you tell me, because I dontwant to watch them any more."Now, to describe the "people" that I wasseeing: There were about five or six...theyseemed to be dressed in something like a skindivers wetsuit. It was a dark color, andtheir hands were visible apart or out from thewrist of the suit; their skin was lighter thanthe suit they were wearing. They were builtlike men: their heads were on necks, whichwere on shoulders, etc. I could see the mus-cular build of them, their spinal column; theywere standing on two legs like we do, and theyworked with arms and hands that were likeours. The only difference was that they werePage 5
  6. 6. slightly taller than were accustomed to see-ing people—between six and a half to eightfeet tall.(Marianne based her estimate of height onthe size of the bushes she could see in the lower portion of the field on the hillside—TB.)The only ones I could see well were the onesup close to the vehicle where the light wasshining on them, and most had their backs tome, or their sides. They did have lighter skinon their faces and necks, like their hands,because I could see the sides of their facesand necks, some of them...I dont think theyhad anything on their heads. They seemed tohave hair, like we do, although their hairwasnt long, as is the custom today for men towear their hair long, as they do. It seemedwel1-barbered, fairly close to their heads.The profile of their faces on the men thatwere on the ground, underneath the vehicle,was like the profile of a mans face.Repairing VehicleThey,were working on this vehicle like Iveseen my father work on farm machinery; theyseemed to have wrenches and screw drivers, andtools like a man would use to work on a pieceof machinery that had gone bad, or (on) amotor. They took something out from underneaththe center of their vehicle and let it down,gently, with their hands. I dont remember ifthey wore gloves or not to do this. There wasa team of about five men.Sometime before this," about five to sevenminutes after I had gone into the house andfound that I could see better out the diningroom window, my mother-in-law got up and whenshe started to turn around, she said, "Oh,theres another one!" I took the glasses downand I could see another vehicle was comingfrom the west southwest, going east northeast,and it settled down on the crest of the ridge,just above where this other vehicle had set-tled. Four or five more "men" joined the oneswho were working on the ground. It was justafter they (the first crew—TB) had removedwhatever they took but of the center of it,which seemed to be like a motor or a powersupply, or something...The four or five othermen joined them...and they also began to work.I could see men standing in the foreground,down the h i l l a little way.I could see them cutting long—what lookedlike—heavy cable, because it arced, or fellin a loop as they were holding it betweenthem. They were cutting it in exact lengthsand they worked quite hard at doing this. Idont know whether it was because it was soheavy or cumbersome, "or large, or what thereason was, but the cable appeared to be dark,and they used it in fixing this piece ofmachinery. .,They left this—what appeared to be a motoror a power source—directly underneath wherethey took it from and dint take it away fromthere, they left it there and worked on it.When I saw that, when they sat down to work,my mother-in-law told me that it was a quarterafter one. And while I watched them work, andcut and--struggle, they were walking around,were sitting or half-lying down, leaning on anelbow, and kneeling.There were about ten or twelve men in total— I couldnt be absolutely sure, because theywere coming and going, and bringing things andtaking things back to the vehicles.I couldnt see the figures without the bi-noculars. The only thing I could see withoutthe binoculars was the light—well, the twolights. I could see the light below the crestof the hill, and the one avove it, and the oneabove it was not as bright. It was as intense,but it wasnt as large...The one at the top ofthe hill would have been smaller than the fullmoon, and the one below would have been threetimes larger. Whatever was wrong with the ve-hicle seemed to be connected with the size ofthe 1ight.* FrightenedPeriodically, my mother-in-law.would tellme what time it was, and s_he decided shedstay up with me, she said, mostly because,"Number one, I cant sleep till, they leave or.something else happens, and, number two, Iwouldnt leave you here alone for anything inthe world." And, she said, "The dog is scaredto death; shes almost as frightened as I am."I wasnt particularly afraid, I didnt feelany fear. She said she was frightened becauseshe had never seen a light like that before.She wanted to know if we should call thepolice, or some authority, or maybe thegovernment, a U.S. .government agency of somekind; I looked at her and she looked at me andIsaid, "Well, I hate to," and she said, "So•do- I." And I saidj "You~know, if we callsomeone, theyre going to -come.up here withguns and firearms and bother-them, and theyjust want to get that thing fixed and get a-way." And I just didnt want to be botheredwith whatever trouble might occur from it, andshe felt the same way. At that time we didntthink of the trouble that might happen to usbecause of it, but we were thinking they justwant to get this thing fixed and get away, andwe didnt want them bothered by some stupidpersons.Im convinced they know I purposefully did-Page 6
  7. 7. ObjectTool box(not toscale)Not sure wherothe other one was.BushesCopy of Mariannes sketch showing positions of men.nt call the authorities...Im sure they sawme after thet car decided it would go away—Ifelt I was being looked at by numerous eyes. Idont know if you can tell; I can tell whensomebodys watching me. I felt like I was be-ing watched, intensely. My mother-in-law re-marked on that, that she also felt that wewere watched. She said, "I cant explain it,but between you and me and the wooden fence,"she was sure that they realized that we didnot call the authorities, that we werent go-ing to, and wouldnt.At exactly four-thirty by our kitchen clock,the men got down in a team and there were nineof them—there were some behind, a group ofthree, that were evenly spaced around thispiece of machinery: and then there was a lineof men, six men behind them; they seemed to beholding something, or seemed to be ready withsomething. Maybe each one of them had tools,I coulnt see that, but they all seemed to beworking together. They got this thing ready,and there seemed to be a man underneath whowas the leader, and he would gesture to themas if to say,"Now take it easy," and he usedboth hands to gesture with...They got a holdof the thing and they seemed (to be) workingtogether, and he seemed to be saying, "Now,we11 move it."Then, all together, they picked this thingup and they moved it directly upwards andtried to fit it into the bottom of this ve-hicle. It went right up, maybe eight inches...and then it seemed to go off at an angle. Youcould see the bottom, like a plate, or likethe bottom of a motor; you could see that, be-cause the light very abruptly ended there andit was circular, like a dinner plate. As thisthing went up in and then went off, at anangle, the bottom of the thing you could seewas tilted, instead of being level. As theytried to get it in, they were turning it, too,like screwing a screw in; they turned it alittle, and it went back a little bit, but itwouldnt go up in there the way it should.They got it up into the vehicle, I think,except for the last three, maybe four, inchesof it, and it was just off, it wouldnt fit,it wouldnt go. They couldnt get it to goany further, so then they carefully retracedeverything they had done and set the thingback down on the ground again. They worked onit another ten minutes, and then they triedit again, the same method, and it wouldnt go.Page 7
  8. 8. ...They retraced their steps again and put itback down on the ground and worked on itanother ten minutes. These men that had beencutting cable, cut something else that waslike cable, only it seemed to be a little1ighter...and they cut shorter pieces. Theyworked, and they were hurrying—you could seehow they were rushing with this.Crew FrustratedThey tried it again a third time. Theylifted the thing up in there and they got itcloser to going the way it should have thanit was the other two times, but it just would-nt go. It lacked about an inch and a half ofbeing right and it was off at an angle; theycouldnt get it in there the way it shouldhave. One of the men who was with the threewho had a hold of it, and then two or threemen back down the line, made a gesture like,"Its not going to work!" They were exasper-ated, anxious for it to go in right, and itjust wasnt working.Then they took this thing out again and setit on the ground and worked on itfor...maybethree minutes, and the man who seemed to bethe leader gestured to them as if he was say-ing, "Well, now take it easy, well try itonce more, and try to get it to do what itought to." He was on the left side of thismotor. I couldnt hear them, of course, butthat seemed to be about what he was saying.And they very carefully picked the thing upand it went back in.There was just enough of the extra lightthat I could see that the front part of thevehicle (the part toward the witness;—TB) wasround, and the bottom tapered up. Now,whether it tapered up to a cone-shape or wasrounded on top, I dont know...Just beforethey got this thing into the centei—and itseemed to be cylindrical, I dont know whatthe top was like—this intense light came outfrom underneath the vehicle.Anyway, they got it fit in there and theyseemed to be very pleased. It was a minutebefore five minutes of five. I could see themquickly pick up everything they could pick upand the men from the vehicle above them on thehill ran with their material up there; thesemen were running like a man running with some-thing extremely heavy, two men with the toolboxes—the one that required two men to carry.There were at least two more tool boxes,other than the one that took two men to carry,because there were two other men who were la-boriously running. They ran around the sideand I didnt see them after that. It lookedlike they were picking up cable pieces theseother men had left just before that; they ranup the hill with them, and I didnt see themany more, either.At five minutes of five, the vehicle ontop of the hill left. It went straight up—Idont know how many feet—and it shot off, al-most like an instantaneous disappearance, inthe direction that it had come from, westsouthwest. A minute later the other vehiclerose straight up, went to., the crest of theh i l l , rose a little further again, and shotoff in the same direction that the other onehad left in, at the same speed. And that wasit. It had been a long night.Landing TracesThe next afternoon I got up and I said tomy mother-in-law, "I want to go up there." Shesaid that she thought I should. Now my mother-in-law is quite heavy, and shes a tall woman,nearly as tall as I am, but she has arthritisand bursitis, and its hard for her to getaround.I went to the farm house, which is fairlyclose to the road—this property belongs tothem—and I asked them if I could go up there,and they said yes, that I could, and they kindof looked at me strangely and I didnt offerany explanation; fortunately, they didnt ask,so apparently they hadnt seen anything, orhadnt been aware of anything having happened.I said thank you and I went up there; Mom satin the car. She said, "I cant walk up therebut I can sit in the car and watch!"I searched around up there and I found, atthe top of the h i l l and down from the crest atthe same angle I had been observing the nightbefore, three places where something cone-shaped and round at the bottom, very heavy andspaced in a triangle about 15 to 20 feet to aside, had set into the ground. They were atan angle like they were the legs of a tripod,(with) something on it that was very, veryheavy, because one of them had set on a rockand had broken it, and gone down a little waysinto the ground where it was bedrock, or maybeshale. The impressions on the bare ground thatdidnt have any rock underneath were about Ifinches wide and up to 18 inches deep. Theshallowest hole was about four inches deep.There were two sets of these, one at thetop of the hill and one down the slope. Theywere set like an equilateral triangle—onehole wasnt any further from the other two.The CableI searched around and then remembered themen cutting cable, and I went on down the hillwhere there was a lot of tall grass and so on,and began to look around. I dont rememberPage 8
  9. 9. whether I found it that day, or when Dick andI both went back up there after he came backfrom hunting, but it seems to me it was thatday. On the ground, about 50 to 60 feet belowthe lower set of holes, I found a three-inchpiece of what looks like cable. It looked likea strip of something they had missed.The outer part of it looked like the wrap-ping for a cable, tubular. And in the centerof it—it had been cut laterally—you couldsee the strip, maybe an inch wide more orless, something that looked like very finelyshredded aluminum strips laid in-there, and itwas as long as the piece of paper and had beencut; and had the color and feel.of aluminum,although it wasnt aluminum. It didnt behavelike aluminum. Aluminumwill crumple and thiswouldnt crumple. You couldnt crease it. Itwas inside, strips of this, laying inside ofthe paper. You could remove the inside, forthe outside paper had been cut along thelength of the piece, but it was all together.Thats what Ive got, Its at my mother-in-laws, unless it got thrown away. Shewanted to put it up, and I wanted to put it up—you know, keep it, put it away, not let any-body get their hot little hands on it. It wasvery light. It had practically no weight toit at all, including the paper.(The "cable" has not been located;dently someone has thrown it away.)evi-Addendum List of General Questions With Answers byWitness (Marianne):1. Wasthe noise of the object differentfrom that of a helicopter? Louder, softer?Yes. Softer, no whap-whap! Just low hum.2. Did you observe the object throughbinoculars while it was still airborne, be-fore it landed on the hilltop?No.3. On tape, you describe the men as havingfive fingers. Could you see five fingers?l.m not positive. They did not have apeculiar way of handling tools or gesturing—nearly sure they did have five fingers (handsdidnt look odd to me).4. How many pairs of binoculars were atthe house at this time? Could you have used apair stronger than seven-power?One. No.5. How did you know the figures were largerthan normal? Were there any reference points(bushes, fence posts, etc.) that could be usedfor reference?The bushes down the hill were about 5 feettall and "men" were 1i - 2 taller. The mencutting cable were close to these.6. How wide were the holes in the ground?Did they taper?About 1V across, about 18" deep. Yes.7. You said several were as deep as 13inches. What were the shallowest?And deeper. About V.8. About how far apart were the two setsof landing marks?AO-50 feet.9. About how far downhill from the lowerobjects landing marks was the cable youfound?50 - 60 feet.10. When did Dick go up on the hill withyou? Anyone else?The day after returning from hunting, Mon-day after sighting. No.11. Did Dick see the holes? . Anyone else?Yes. Not that I know of.12. About how many people have you des-cribed this incident to over the nine-yearinterval? Any peculiar reactions? Repercus-sions? . ,About 10 people. Yes (whole other story!)Yes, you! Ha Ha!13. Have I overlooked any important ques-tions that may have occurred to you since purinterview? If so, please itemize.Yes. See attached paper"A."Signed: Marianne HDate: 8/17/7313. a. The English Springer did go outsideshortly after the sighting and seemed herself.She seemed to have no ill effects from her ap-parent fright.b. Drawing for sketch has hilltop tooclose.c. Several times (I) observed some-thing being passed along to the men under theobject working on the "power source" (?), or"motor."d. Drawing of arrangement (approxi-mate) of men.e. Tool boxes about 3 or k .feet longby 1 ft or so.f. (There) was a circular path "worn"—hay stubble, smashed down by- walking aroundan object. . .g. I did see "men" come and go aroundobject, while working.Signed: Marianne HDate: 8/17/73Secondary List of Questions Regarding Objectand ItsSize:1. Can you estimate the width of the ob-ject?25 to 50 ft.Page 9
  10. 10. 2. Can you estimate the length of the"legs?"6 - 7 feet.3. Were the legs light or dark? Did theytaper, as in sketch?Light, and tapered.*». Can you estimate the size of the lightunderneath?About 10 ft. Wide.5. Was the light comparable in size to "3full moons" (as on tape) or was the entirelighted underside that size?The light directly under the object wasthat size - between the legs.6. Can you sketch a line across the objectindicating where light and shadow met? Didline arc upward or downward in center?(See drawing, separate page—TB.) Downward.7. Can you estimate the size of the unitthat was removed?2 high and 1 wide.8. Was this unit luminous, or lit by thereflected illumination of the light?Luminous on top - not on bottomc (See draw-ing.) Very intense light from object.9. Can you estimate .the distance from theground to the underpart of the object (orlight)?k - 5 ft.10. What positions did the "men" assumeunder the object as they worked on the unit?Sitting to replace and half lying down toremove, leaning on el bowand kneeling.11. Was the ground around the area illum-inated by the light? How far?Sure - perhaps kO ft.Signed: Marianne HDate: 8/17/73Bloechers CommentsHuman UFOnauts, as unlikely as the idea mayseem, are not novelties with the New Berlinreport; quite apart from the contacted litera-ture, many cases of.human-appearing entitieshave been recorded in association with closeencounters with UFOs. For example, on theevening of Aug. 7, 195^, according to a localpress account, Gabriel and Henri Coupal, 13-and 11-year-old sons of Mr. and Mrs. PhillipCoupal, who lived near Hemmingford, Quebec(just north of the New York state line abovePlattsburgh), reported having seen an objectland in a field on their farm, and its "pilot"get .out. In a taped interview a few weeksafter the event, the boys and their motherdescribed in more detail the circumstances ofthe encounter.The two boys had gone off to one of thefields to pick peas following supper. Hearinga buzzing sound "like bees," Gabriel looked upto see a luminous and multi-colored objectdescending near a barn; hovering some feet a-bove the earth, the spherical, 9-foot objectturned black and a shaft appeared at the bot-tom, extending downward into the ground and,according to the elder boy, "making like aladder." An opening appeared and a very tallman emerged. Badly frightened, Gabriel grab-bed his younger brother and the two fled totheir house. As they raced home on the backof their single horse, Henri looked back andsaid, "I see a big man coming after us."According to notes made from the taped in-terview, the boys described the "man" as beingseven or eight feet tall and dressed in askin-tight, black rubber suit, except for thehead. He was well-built and carried in hishand what the boys described as a "machinegun. Apart from their description of themans "great big round eyes," he was entirelyhuman in appearance, although his black hair"was not combed like the men around here," be-ing cut "differently" and "not very long."These details correspond neatly with the NewBerlin UFOnauts.The interesting thing about the Hemmingfordsighting is that while no further observationsof the "tall man" were made, Mrs. Coupal re-ported that the object remained in the vicin-ity for more than an hour following the boysinitial encounter, apparently touching downbriefly several times in the neighborhood. Itwas observed by a large number of people, in-cluding Mr. C. E. Fetch, a Hemmingford agrono-mist, and Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Laurie, overwhose home the object briefly hovered. Fur-ther, Mr. Petch, examining one of the reportedlanding sites, told of finding traces in theground and skid marks in the grass.It might be fairly asked if the detailsmentioned in the above case that correspondsto those in the New Berlin report could havebeen "borrowed" in order to enhance the credi-bility of the latter case, or for some otherreason. This is not at all likely, as far asthis reporter is concerned. The Hemmingfordcase has not been reported in detail in any ofthe available UFO literature in this country.It is improbable that Marianne would have hadaccess to these particular details, even ifshe was familiar with the UFO literature, (sheis not.)Furthermore, it makes little sense to selectonly isolated details from certain cases assupportive data for an allegedly fabricatedreport; each case is quite distinctly differ-ent in its overall circumstances and the;vari-ations are actually more notable than the com-parisons.Most important, however, based upon my ownPage 10
  11. 11. familiarity with the primary witness in theNew Berlin case, it is simply not within hercharacter or disposition to have "borrowed"isolated details from other reports to use asa basis for creating a false story of her own.Mother-in-lawverifies reportFollowing is a taped interview with thesecondary witness to the New Berlin sighting,Mariannes mother-in-law. The interview wasconducted by Everett C. Brazie for MUFON.By Everett BrazieQ. You were a witness to a UFO landing andrepair on Nov.25, 196^, ten years ago Tues-day. You might go ahead and just relate whathappened and how you observed it.A. Well, I had already gone to bed ofcourse, and she (Marianne) came in sort ofapologetically, waking me up to come out andsee it. I dont wake up very easily—Im verygroggy—and I came out just half asleep. Butwhen I saw it, I woke up instantly and I said,"Oh Mary, come right back in." I just couldnthave her stay out there in the yard. It lookedso menacing, even from a distance.Q. Did you have any idea how large it wasby looking out the window in the yard?A. Well, I cant describe it, for example,like a full moon or anything like that, but itwas large. At the distance that it was, Iwould say that it was as large as our smalltravel trailer (151) out here. It was notjust the light, but what the light was comingfrom. I would say a car,for instance, wouldbe a good comparison.0_. Did you see it when it was right herein front of the house?A. No, she saw that before she came andca11ed me.Q_. It was up on the hill and then landedat that point?A. No, it was up on the hill when she cameand called me, and of course, I just wentout-side and as I say, I was groggy and until Ireally saw it, I didnt thoroughly wake up.Q. Did you have an opportunity to lookthrough the glasses and observe too?A. Yes, we took turns looking through theglasses watching it.Q. Could you describe about what you ob-served through the glasses?A. Well, I would say from our talking itover that I saw just about the same as shedid. Of course shed say, "Do you see this?"and Id say, "Yes," and then I would add some-thing and shed agree. So I think at the timewe were both seeing about the same things. Myimpression that I remember so distinctly waspeople rushing back and forth, hurrying asthough they just had to get this accomplishedand get out of there. Thats the impressionthat it gave me—that they were franticallyhurrying. I dont know whether you could usethe analogy that someone was bringing someonetools. We couldnt actually see tools, any-thing that small, but it just seemed as thoughthey were rushing back and forth bringingthings and doing things. I didnt see thelanding at all. I saw them depart.0_. Could you describe how they departed?A. Well, just a lifting up and thensud-denly, they were gone. I remember thinking,they cant do that—theyd run into the hill —but then I found out afterward that theycould. The hill was this way, and they werejust going right out into space from wherethey were. I found that you could do thatafter we went up there and looked at it. Ijust had the impression that they had comedown and they would have to go up above theh i l l to get out of there, but that wasnttrue.It seemed as though they were there a longtime, but when I looked at the clock (I firstsaw them around one) it was just before five.It was just getting daylight, I do know that,because we kept thinking that we could seethem better if it would get light. But it wasjust the very beginning of light when theyleft, whatever time that would be on thatdate. Of course, it wasnt summer season. Thedays were getting short.Q. It was ten years ago yesterday?A. Yes. As I say, the most striking ttvingto me was that we were watching it so intentlyand when it left, we just turned and looked ateach other without saying anything, it was sostriking.I was most impressed with the dog, be-cause she was a very sensitive dog. Mariannewould say you could talk to her just like aperson, and you could. She would just followme everwhere I went. If I went to the kit-chen, shed go to the kitchen, and so on. Yetshe would not go out when both of us ran outthere. She stood in the doorway and wouldntgo outdoors.Q. Did you try to coax her out?A. We tried to, yes, we tried to get herto come out. I just had the impression thatI was going back to bed and I thought I mightas well have her go out and come back in, andshe wouldnt come out. She wouldnt until ithad gone, and I said, "Well, lets go on backto bed and youd better go out,Lady," and shedid.Q_. This was after five oclock?A. Yes,after it had gone, everything wasnormal again as far as she was concerned, andPage 11
  12. 12. I didnt go out withher.Comments by BrozieWhile at the site, I asked Marianne to againestimate the distance of the landing gear im-prints, and she placed three of us in a tri-angle where she thought she had originally lo-cated them. I paced off each leg and theywere all 20 to 23 paces. This might make thedisc somewhat larger than originally thought.Both objects took off to the northwest at ahigh rate of speed—estimated at two or threeseconds by Marianne. On page 6, para. 3, asshe describes the comparative size, she nowfeels they were the same size.The comparison of the moon as a measurmentis probably invalid as her description of a"moon" is a 12" to 15" sphere. Her mother-in-laws description was about as big as their15 house trailer. Both had a lot of troubleidentifying it exactly. The landing gear marksmay have to be the closest dimension.The field glasses are of German make and donot have the power printed anywhere. I compar-ed looking through my 7 power with theirs andwas unable to make any distinction. Possiblythey could be checked out. They are ColmontF, made by Lutetia (taken from a German of-ficer during thewar).(Credibility)1. Marianne is a devout Latter Day Saintand appears to have some psychic abilities.(Could there be a connection here with theminute detail reported?) She is very intel-ligent and there is no doubt in my mind thatshe saw what she has told us about. Hermother-in-law backs her up, but is more hazy"on the detaiIs.2. Neither family was at all aware of UFOsbefore, and still do no reading or research onthem. They were very interested, however, inan information sheet I gave them on publi-cations,etc.3. Even as the mother-in-law was answeringmy questions on the tape, she found it diffi-cult to refer to what she saw in terms likeUFO, humanoids,etc.Mariannes father-in-law may account forthe missing piece of "cable." His wife is a"collector" and he is not. My suspicion isthat he did away with it. Marianne wassur-prised when he told us that he thought it wasa radar foiling device that is dropped fromplanes from a SAC base nearby. Saturday Iconfirmed this with a friend who was familiarwith the operation. He said they have stoppeddoing this today because some cows in the areahad eaten some of the aluminum streamers andfarmers were up in arms.Page 12Possible UFO repairreported in MontanaEDITORS NOTE: Another report involving possible repairwork on a UFO was printed as a letter to the editor in thequarterly publication CANADIAN UFO REPORT (Box 758,Duncan, B.C., V9L 3Y1,Canada). It is reprinted here with thepermission and kind assistance of Editor John Magor.Sir:I had a strange experience one night earlyin February, 1970, in Montana near GlacierPark.Two lady friends and I went to our cabinon the Flat Head river and wed had a lovelyday. We had sat up late just enjoying thefull moon on very deep white snow, and therewas a good fire in the fireplace.About one oclock we went to bed but sleepjust wasnt for me. I lay in the upstairsbedroom, thinking, when my room was all aglowas if someone had turned a carlight into thewindow, which was impossible as the cabinfaced out over the river.I got up, and down in the lower field was ashape quite long, with a dome and a platformaround it, and sparks were flying across theriver, hitting the bank and flying up into theair.I saw what I thought were two men runningaround my side of the platform. I called oneof my friends and she came to see it and be-came i l l . She lay down for a minute and thenshe, too,watched the fireworks. The lightsor sparks looked like welding-torch sparks,all colors.I think we must have wathced for 30 minutesat least, and all at once it went dark and wasgone before our eyes became used to the dark-ness again.(Editors note: In answer to our requestfor more details of this remarkable incident,the writer sent the following second letter.)There was six feet of snow and the cabinwas built in the woods a mile or so from thetown of Coram on the Flat Head river, 15 milessouth of Glacier Park. There was a mountainacross from the cabin and the river had cutaway at this for many years, leaving a bank500 feet high or so.The men we saw were like earthmen. Theywere about 5 feet 8, wore what seemed likesnow-suits, and their heads were bare. They
  13. 13. worked and walked as anaverage person.The rim which ran aroundthe dome was six feet .wideat least, as these men ranaround with ease, not likethey would on a narrow area.The top was so enveloped inthe sparks that it was onlya shadow. The sparks flewfrom the rim up over thedomej filling the whole areawith bright yellow light.The-sparks were mostly yel-low-white, and .bright blue,with heat like a weldingtorch. These sparks werelarge and would fly over thetop of the dome, skim acrossthe river, hit the bank onthe other side, fly up andback into the river with asizzle sound. This lasted30 seconds or so.We were inside a doorwhich went out onto a smallporch. It was partly opened.The whole area of about twoacres of cleared land seemedto be on fire. Why my friendand I didnt panic and run,I dont know. Neither wereafraid. Then all at once itwas as dark as it couldget.You couldnt see an outlineof a tree.Then it cleared and be-came light as a full moonwould give, and nothing re-mained of the UFO or what-ever.To answer your question,,were the men on the ground?They came from the otherside of the ship and ran a-round to the end of the rimon the other, side. Afterthis you could see them do-ing something near the dome.I do not know if they wereon the ground at first ornot.The ship sat on a pieceof ground 25 to 20 feet, Idjudge. I have problems withmeasurement but it was agoodly size, about 50 feetaround.Mrs. Leona Nielson, -Walla Walla, WA.UFOconferenceplanned forAPRO, MUFON, NICAP, CenterA UFO conference designed toinvolve the directors, investi-gators, and members of APRO, theCenter for UFO Studies, MUFON,and NICAP is planned for theweekend of Oct. 17-19 at theTrade Winds Inn, Ft. Smith, Ark.Bill Pitts, an investigatorfor each of the four major UFOorganizations, conceived theidea of such a meeting, and isin charge of the conference.The theme of the conferenceis "UFO—United For Objectivi-ty."Scheduled to represent "theBig Four" UFO organizations areJim Lorenzen of APRO, Dr. J.Allen Hynek of the Center forUFO Studies, Walt Andrus ofMUFON, and John Acuff of NICAP.UFO debunker Philip Klass isslated to be on the program asone spokesman for "the otherside." He will explain hismethods of UFO investigation,tell why he feels some of thesightings are hoaxes, or mis-identifications, and be open forquestions and comments.Ray Stanford, director ofProject Starlight International,is scheduled to explain PSIsinstrumentation facility nearAustin, Texas.Maj. (Ret.) Dewey Fburnet isto give a background of earliersightings, Blue Book-Pentagonrelationships, Ruppelt, Keyhoe,etc.Pitts says "other big names"have been invited, but confir-mations had not been received bypress time.Commitments to take part inthe conference have been re-ceived from FAA control towerradar personnel, NASA personnelfrom the Johnson Space Center,and NORAD personnel from Colo-rado Springs.While billed as primarily aregional conference (Arkansas,Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana,Tennessee, Mississippi, Kansas,Missouri), the meeting is ex-pected to attract interestedpersons from all over thecountry, as well as a wide rangeof media representatives.Says Pitts: "This will bethe very first time in UFO hi.s-tory for the directors, investi-gators, and members of NICAP,MUFON, APRO, and the Center forUFO Studies to meet at the sametime. A meeting of this typemay never take place, again. Iwant this one to be as success-ful as possible and be remember-ed favorably."Advance reservations shouldbe mailed to Bill Pitts, UFOConference, 500 N. 2nd St.,FortSmith, Ark. 72901. (Office phone501 782-0373; home- phone 501783-075*0Advance reservations will beaccepted until Oct..~1 at $12.50per person; registrationsafteVthat date (including at themeeting) will be $17.50 perper-son. The registration includesall meetings and events, in-cluding the Saturday eveningbuffet dinner. No refunds, dueto cancellations, will be madeafter Oct.1.Motel reservations should bemade directly with the TradeWinds Inn (a Best-Western motel)101 N. 11th, Ft. Smith, Ark.72901 (phone 501 785-4121),specifying attendance at the UFOconference.Highly recommended by SkylookUFOs: INTERPLANETARY VISITORSBy Raymond E. Fowler$7.90(autographed and postpaid)fromRay FowlerP.Oo Box 19Wenham, Mass. 0198**Page 13
  14. 14. In OthersWordsBy Lucius ParishNATIONAL ENQUIRER continuesto feature considerablematerialrelating to UFOs. The May 17issue quoted von Daniken, Drakeand Saunders on religion and ex-traterrestrial life. In the June3 issue, ENQUIRER announced thattheir reward for proof of extra-terrestrial UFOs has doubled.So, if you have any crashedsaucers in your backyard and youcan prove (ah,theres therub!)they came from outer space, youcan be $100,000 richer. Thissame article also announced thefour winners of their $2000prize for best UFO case of 197*».Two articles on UFOs appeared inthe June 10 ENQUIRER issue; onedealt with the French branch ofMensa Internationa], the organi-zation of people with high IQs.It seems that 33% of the Frenchmembers believe in UFOs and 52%of them believe UFOs are fromouter space. The second articlein this issue deals with recentUFO reports from North Carolina.NATIONAL TATTLER for June 1reported on the Bill Bosaksighting of a UFO and creaturenear Frederick, Wisconsin, lastDecember. The June 15 TATTLERcarried an article on Dr.Hyneks recent feature in theFBI LAW ENFORCEMENT BULLETIN.UFOs and the "Devils Tri-angle" were the subject of anarticle in the May 17 issue ofNATIONAL STAR. In the June 7issue, reports of UFO sightingsand a cattle mutilation atFoley, Mo. were featured.The July issue of SAGA has agood article by B. Ann Slate onthe role of the American Insti-tute of Aeronautics and Astro-nautics in researching the UFOsubject. The article includes asummary of the January 1975AIAAAerospace Sciences Meeting,which included a symposium onUFOs.Part 2 of George Earleys in-terview with UFO skeptic PhilipKlass is carried in the Julyissue of FATE. Also in thisissue is Dr. J. Allen Hyneksrejoinder to Klass researchmethods, as exemplified inKlass1recent book, UFOs EX-PLAINED. The Hynek article iswell worth reading.The July issue of PROBE THEUNKNOWN contains an article byBrad Steiger on the "Men inBlack" reports, plus an articleby Haydeh Hewes on possible UFOinvolvement in an Oklahoma cat-tle mutilation case.The Summer issue of UFO REPORTis now out and contains theusual amount of interesting ma-terial. The magazine is appar-ently doing quite well and,hopefully, it will be around forseveral years to come.The August (#3) issue of OF-FICIAL UFOlis also on the standsand shows some improvement overthe first issue. Of course,there was plenty of room for- im-provement and it still has aconsiderable way to go to matchUFO REPORT, but there are someitems of interest in the currentissue. The magazine is also go-ing bi-monthly, beginning withthis issue.A strictly-rehash article onUFOs can be found in the Augustissue of MALE. Save your timeand money.Three recent paperbacks onUFOs and related subjects areHIDDEN WORLDS by van der Veer &Moerman, UFOs FROM BEHIND THEIRON CURTAIN by Hobana 6 Wever-bergh, and MYSTERY OF THE AN-CIENTS by Eric 6 Craig Umland.The Umlands1book has alreadybeen reviewed in this column andthe other tw,o books (both fromBantam) will be covered in fu-ture columns. Due out shortlyfrom Bantam is a new book byAlan & Sally Landsburg, THEOUTER SPACE CONNECTION, based onthe film of the same name. Atleast, three other UFO-relatedtitles are scheduled for publi-cation by Bantam in comingmonths, although no definitepublication dates are known atthis time.VFON ceasesoperationafter 12 yearsThe Volunteer Flight OfficerNetwork (VFON) ceased operationsin June after nearly 12 years ofreporting a variety of atmos-pheric events observed by flightofficers while airborne.VFON began as a small groupof flight officers organizedwithin one airl-i-ne. and expandedinto a network encompassingflight personnel of every com-mercial airline in the world ex-cept those of Japan, USSR, andPRC.From its inception, VFON mem-bers reported approximately4,200 observations: 1,800 fire-bails, 1,900meteors, 150 spacetests and atmospheric probes,300 satellite decays, and 50 ob-servations that were not posi-tively identified.The data received over theyears has been made available toscientists of many disciplinesin many countries. VFON datawas often significant in analys-ing UFO reports.In announcing the end of VFON,Albert Werner of the SmithsonianAstrophysical Observatory inCambridge, Mass., gave norea-sons for the move. He suggested,however, that former VFON par-ticipants report "strange andunexplainable sightings" to theCenter for UFO Studies.Page 14
  15. 15. Carlyle Picnic, Skywatch Aug. 16-17The seventh annual UFOSky-watch and Picnic will be held onSaturday and Sunday Aug.16 and17 at the Boulder Access toCar-lyle Lake, Carlyle, IL.The Skywatch will start atapproximately 6 p.m. Saturday.Dr. Willard P. Armstrong, direc-tor of the UFO Study Group ofGreater St. Louis, will directthe evening activities. JohnPreisack, former assistant di-rector of the McConnell Plane-tarium, will speak about 7 p.m.,pointing out various planets andconstellations..„ Bring your telescopes andbinoculars, as well as your lawnchairs, cushions, or otheritems.W. J. Mills will relate someinteresting cases he has in-vestigated during the first partof this year.Those planning to spend theweekend should make reservationsat one of the local motels: TheHi-Oe-Ho Motel, located on Rt.127 just north of Rt. 50, phone:618 59/t-2*7t; the Motel Carlyle,located just north of intersec-tion of Rt. 127 and Rt. 50 inCarlyle, phone: 618 5<$k-2kW; orthe Sunset Motel, 1631 Franklinin Carlyle, phone: 618 59/»-2/*56.This will be during the busytourist season at the lake andreservations should be made wellin advance.Activities will get under waySunday at approximately 10 .the shelter house area of theBoulder Access. A "pitch-indinner" will be served at noon.Those attending are asked to.bring their contribution to thenoon dinner: paper plates, cups,knives, forks, spoons and fooditems, such as vegetable dishes,meat casseroles, fried chicken,baked ham, pickles, potato chipsand any non-perishable fruit orvegetable salads.Those traveling far may wantto pick up food items at one ofthe local groceries or drive-inchicken establishments. Or ifyou prefer, write to RosettaHolmes, 1690 Hill Drive, Car-lyle, IL 62231, stating how manywill be in your party and en-close a cash contribution totake care of food items youwould like for the dinner.Also, anyone wanting infor-mation and a map of the lake mayalso write to the same address.Afternoon speaking will startat 2 p.m. Presently scheduledspeakers are:Edward F. OHerin,attorney at law, Maiden^ MO.;Clarence 0. Dargie, USAF M/Sgt.Ret. O1Fa11on, IL.; Lou Farish,UFO Researcher and author,Plumerville, Ark.; Rev.John E.Schroeder, St. Louis, Mo.; . Dr.Willard P. Armstrong, directorof UFO Study Group of GreaterSt. Louis.Following the individual talksthere will be a panel discussionfeaturing all the speakers.The beautiful Boulder Accesshas been modernized, now featur-ing completely modern restrooms.A near-by camping area is avail-able for those wanting to bringcampers for. a long weekend toenjoy boating, water skiing,swimming, sailboating, fishing,and many other available activ-ities.The annual UFO Skywatch andPicnic is sponsored by the UFOStudy Group of Greater St.Louis, and is a part of theyearly activities of the Mutua.lUFO Network. Everyone is invitedto attend!Amateur Radio Net expandsAt the Amateur Radio Opera-tors Luncheon of the MUFON Neton July 5, moderated by Dr. Wil-lard Armstrong (W0NC), the dis-cussion centered upon selectinga different frequency in theforty -(JfO) meter band and theestablishment of a twenty (20)meter net to cover a larger areaof the United States and Canada.Briefly, the forty meter netwith Joe Santangelo (WINXY) Wal-tham, Mass., as Net Control willmove from 7235 KHZ to 7210 KHZplus or minus 5 KHZ and meeteach Saturday morning at 0700hours Central Time starting July26, 1975.The new twenty meter phonenet is on 1^,260 KHZ plus orminus 5 KHZ at 1300 hours Cen-tral Time as.of July 27, 1975.The Net Control Station will beselected each week at the start,depending upon which station canbe heard by.the maximum numberof stations. This new net shouldappeal to the "Hams" on bothcoasts and also provide communi-cations to Seguin, Texas, forthe MUFON Director..The present seventy-five meterphone net that has been meetingevery Saturday morning on 3975KHZ at 0800 Central Time forseveral years will continue un-der the direction of MarshallGoins (WA9ARG) in Quincy, II.,as Net Control Station. Thisnet has been very successful forconsistent communications in theMidwestern states of Illinois,Missouri, Iowa, and Indiana,with adjoiningrstates "" whenever the "skip" was morefavorable.Ronald M. Anderson (WA9PAM)of Chippewa Falls, Wl., i.s theover-all coordinator and MUFONstaff member responsible foramateur radio communications.INFO conventionThe 1975 International For-tean Organization (INFO) con-vention (Fortfest 75) will beAug. 8, 9, and 10 at the Shera-ton-Oakbrook in Chicago.Page 15
  16. 16. Directors MessageBy Walt Andrus1975 Symposium a SuccessThe host members of the Mid-Iowa Ufologists are to be com-plimented for their fine plan-ning and execution of the verysuccessful "1975 Sixth AnnualMUFON UFO Symposium" in DesMoines, Iowa, on July 5 and 6.Each one deserves a thanks ofgratitude for a job well done;however, the co-chairmen, For-rest Lundberg and Dr. DesmondBragg, were instrumental incoordinating the committees andproviding inspired leadershipto the group.A featured article appearingon the front page of the DesMoines Tribune newspaper byJames Landers on July 7, 1975,reflected the seriousness of theconference when the bold head-line stated "No Sign of Fanaticsat UFO Symposium." Ted Bloecher,a veteran in the UFO field, wasamazed at the scientific and ac-ademic status of the attendants.(Ted can well remember theFlying Saucer Circuses in NewYork and the side shows at GiantRock).Members traveled from suchwidely distant points as Con-necticut, Massachusetts, NewYork, Alabama, Texas, New Mexi-co, Arizona, California, Wyom-ing, Alberta, and Ontario, Cana-da, to attend the symposium,just to name a few.Hew State DirectorsThe vacancy created by theselection of Richard H. Hall asour new international coordina-tor has been very adequatelyfilled with the appointment ofBruce S. Maccabee, Ph.D., 10706Meadowhill Road, Silver Spring,Maryland 20901, as state direc-tor for Maryland and Washington,A highlight of the 1975 MUFON Symposium was -the panel discussion Saturdayevening. Participating were, left to right: (standing) Forrest Lundberg, moderator;James M. McCampbell; (seated)Ted Phillips, Ted Bloecher,John Schuessler, Dr. DavidM. Jacobs, Dr. Leo Sprinkle, and Sherman Larson.D.C. Bruce will also serve as aconsultant in laser physics. Hemay be contacted at AC 301 593-8685.Another important post hasbeen filled with the selectionof John L. Warren, Ph.D., 111Carlsbad Avenue, Los Alamos, NewMexico 87544, as state directorfor New Mexico. John alreadyhas an active UFO group of "28scientists, engineers and tech-nicians to assist him in thisendeavor. Johns telephone isAC 505 672-3228. The Des MoinesSymposium was the first oppor-tunity that John had to meetMUFON people in person. GordonI,R. Lore was formerly the NewMexico state director prior tohis move to Los Angeles.State Section DirectorsJoe Santangelo, state directorfor Massachusetts, has recentlyappointed former field investi-gators to the position of statesection directors. They are JohnGiambrone, 383 Shirley St., Win-throp, Mass. 02152, for SuffolkCounty; Lawrence F. Rizzo, 67West Street, Apt. 2, Worcester,Mass. 01609, for WorcesterCounty; and Mrs. Merlyn Sheehan,66 Spruce St. Extension, Brain-tree, Mass. 02184, for NorfolkCounty. Joe and his lovely wife,Elda Mae, not only attended theDes Moines UFO Symposium, butstopped to visit MUFON personnelin Quincy, II., and St. Louis,Mo., during their Midwest vaca-tion.George Fawcett, state directorfor North Carolina, is proud tomake the following three newstate section director assign-ments: Joseph M. Eubank, 4111Sunny Court Drive, Durham, N.C.27705, • for Durham, Alamance,Caswell, and Orange counties;Mrs. Bonnie Fabri, Route 7, Box190, Durham, N. C. 27707, forPerson, Granville, Vance, andFranklin counties; and OliverPage 16
  17. 17. Lewis, 2108Nevada St., Lumber-ton, N.C. 28358, for Cumberland,Bladen, Robeson and Columbuscounties. Oliver is a news di-rector for a broadcast stationin Lumberton and recently be-came involved in the."mini-flap"in Southeast North Carolina.As a direct result of the DesMoines Symposium, James E. King,218 S. Main, Albia, Iowa 525315AC 515 932-5788 was selected asthe state section director forMonroe, Appanoose, Lucas, andWayne counties. Professionally,Jim is a banker, but he-also hasa masters degree in physics andastronomy.New ConsultontAnother new consultant thismonth, in addition to Dr. Macca-bee, is Allen S. Mariner, M.D,,3503 W. Lake Road, Canandaigua,N.Y. lM»2lt; Ac 315 33^-7^3, inpsychiatry. Dr. Mariner comesto MUFON highly recommended byTed Bloecher. Dr. Mariner maybe interested in knowing thattwo of his fellow MUFON consul-tants in psychiatry—Jule Eisen-bud, M.D. (Denver, Co) and GreyWoodman, M.D. (Kansas City) at-tended and participated in theSixth Annual UFO Sympsoium.• .1 Directors ElectedAt the Annual MUFON CorporateMeeting on- July 6, 1975, thefollowing .men were elected tothe Board of Directors of MUFONas regional directors: DavidWebb, Waltham, Mass; Elmer Krai,Grand Island, NE.; Paul Cerney,Mt. View, CA.; and Henry H. Mc-Kay, Agincourt, Ontario. Sincethis position is a, two-yearterm^ and in order to elect twonew regional directors eachyear, two of these men wil,lserve for only one year. Theymay not immediately succeed.themselves on the Board so thatgeographical representation maybe achieved.Corporate Officers ElectedThe following corporate of-ficers were re-elected: WaltAndrus, director; John Schues-sler, deputy director; andFields Freeman, treasurer. Theposition of corporate secretarywill be filled with the Boardsapproval at a future date.New MUFON Headquarters.By- the time that this messagereaches our SKYLOOK readers, theMUFON AdministrativeOffice willhave been re-established inSeguin, Texas (35 miles east ofSan Antonio on Interstate High-way 10) The new address is 103Oldtowne Road, Seguin, Texas78155. Both the new Field In-vestigators Manual and the 1975MUFON UFO Symposium Proceedingsreflect the new address.Since the director and treas-urer of MUFON should live in thesame community for financialconvenience, a new treasurerwill be selected by the Boardbefore the end of the year.Concurrent with the move toTexas, monthly meetings will beheld by John Schuessler and WaltAndrus to utilize a managementconcept to be known as the "Di-rectors Office," that will pro-vide maximum direction and co-ordination for MUFON.A thanks of appreciation isbeing extended to Mrs. CarolRuggiero for being such an effi-cient and competent Office Sec-retary. She has been responsiblefor the prompt reply to lettersof inquiry, mailing of MUFONpublications, membership appli-cations, and dues. She has .alsoupdated the UFO sighting reportfiles during the past sevenmonths. We hope to find anequally qualified person inSeguin, Texas, to provide thenecessary continuity for Carolswork.Your Director seeks yourpatience and consideration dur-ing this major move and the in-conveniences created. We areendeavoring to "cover all bases"so the membership serv.ices willnot be impaired in any way.1-•Train with new Investigators ManualIn order to secure maximum ef-fectiveness from the new "FieldInvestigators Manual," allstate section directors are en-couraged to arrange for trainingmeetings with their field inves-tigators.Using the manual as a teach-ing aid and a guideline for theproper techniques in reportingand investigating UFO sightings,the s.tate section director willnot only prepare his or herpeople for the next "flap," buthe w i l l have expanded his scien-tific knowledge of the phenome-non .Some state directors have al-ready met with their state sec-•tion directors in similar in-struction and communication ses-sions, so the state section di-rectors are better, prepared toteach and instruct.This is a 132-page manualedited by Raymond E. Fowler,MUFON director for investiga-tions, with individual MUFON consultants and direc-tors. It is punched for inser-tion into a cover of yourchoice.Every MUFON field investiga-tor, state director, and statesection director is encouragedto purchase a personal copy ofthe "Field Investigators Man-ual." To make this possible,they are priced at cost to MUFONmembers. Other interested peoplethroughout the World have al-ready expressed an interest insecuring their own copies. Theprice is:MUFON Members $2.00Center for UFO Studies 3.00All Others k.OOOrders may be placed by writ-ing to and making a check paya-ble to : MUFON, 103 Oldtowne.Rd.Seguin, Texas 78155 U.S.A.Page 17
  18. 18. UFOs Behind the Iron CurtainBy Joe BrillAkkurotovs ReportsPresented below is a writtenreport by the Honored Navigatorof the USSR V.I. Akkuratov, ad-dressed to the Minister of CivilAviation of the USSR, Ye. F.Loginov:I am reporting in responseto your inquiry concerning themeeting and facts of observa-tions of unidentified flying ob-jects in the Arctic:1. In 1950 we were deployedfor ice exploration in NizhneKresty (Kolymsk). In August ofthat same year, a disc appearedabove the settlement for threedays. Its color recalled thatof the moon, but it was of asmaller size (at an altitude oftwenty to twenty-five degreesabove the horizon in the lowerportion of the sky).The disc usually appeared at1530 hours local time and wasobserved by the entire popula-tion of the village-, causinggreat interest, especially amongus, the flight personnel. Atthis time, aerial balloons werebeing released by the UnitedStates which we repeatedly ob-served and pursued in our air-planes above the territory ofthe USSR. This disc was not atall similar to an aerial balloonin color or in speed of move-ment. After our report to Moscowabout the situation, we weregiven instructions on how wecould approach the disc in ouraircraft ("Catalina" with aspeed of 250 kilometers perhour) and study this phenomenonin greater detail. Climbing toan altitude of 7,000 meters, i.e., to the altitude limit of the"Catalina" and approaching thedisc, we noticed that the discdid not change in dimensions andPage 18EDITORS NOTE: This is anotherin a series of articles which IronCurtain specialist Joe Brill has pre-pared from an unpublished series ofreports compiled by Soviet UFO ex-pert Felix Y. Zigel, assistant profes-sor at the Moscow AviationInstitute.its movements were very slow —from east to west. The color waspearl colored with pulsatingedges and without any antennasor suspension. At 1730hours thedisc took off to the west, gain-ing altitude sharply, until itdisappeared and appeared nomore.A LARGE AMOUNT OF CORRESPON-DENCE WITH THE MAIN DIRECTORATEOF THE NORTHERN SEA ROUTE WASCONDUCTED WITH REGARD TO THISPHENOMENON AND ALL OF THIS MA-TERIAL IS STORED IN THE ARCHIVESOF THE MINISTRY OF THE MARITIMEFLEET.2. In 1956, while conductingstrategic ice reconnaissance ina TU-1* airplane (at 300 to 350kilometers per hour) with Air-craft Commander Nakhtinov in thearea of Cape Jesup (Greenland)and emerging from the clouds in-to c^ear weather, we unexpected-ly noticed that some sort of un-known aircraft whose shape re-sembled a large lens was movingparallel to our general course(180°). It was pearl -coloredwith undulating-pulsating edges.Knowing that American air basesare located in northern Green-land we first decided that thiswas an American aircraft of un-known design and not wishing anencounter with it, we took offinto the clouds. After flyingfor forty minutes along a courseto Medvezhi Island, the cloudcover ended unexpectedly, it wasclear ahead and we again notedthis unknown aircraft along ourleft side. Deciding to examinethis nature of this object ingreater detail, we changed ourcourse sharply and moved toclose with it. The unknownair-craft also changed course andflew parallel with us with aspeed equal to ours. Afterfif-teen to eighteen minutes offlight, the unknown aircraftchanged course suddenly — itflew ahead of us and departedupward rapidly, disappearing in-to the blue of the sky. We didnot observe any antennas, super-structures, wings, or illumina-tors on this disc. Neither ex-haust jets of gas nor an inver-sion trail were noted and thespeed ofvits departure was sogreat that this phenomenon ap-peared to be something super-natural.3. In February of 1967, thecrew of a scheduled IL-18 air-plane (Captain Petrov, NavigatorShanes) 2^7 U& PUGA (flying at650 kilometers per hour) notedthe following phenomenon: In thevicinity of Tiksi, flying at analtitude of 8,000 meters, apearl colored disc slightlysmaller than the moon in shapewas noticed to the left of theaircraft at an altitude of twen-ty degrees above the horizon.The disc overtook the airplane,gaining altitude on a course of90°. The flight occurred duringthe dayl.ight hours with aper-fectly clear sky. The disc didnot resemble any of the existingaircraft. Navigator ComradeShames has a detailed record ofthis phenomenon.In addition to these inci-dents, there are a number ofother encounters with UFOs.Thus, in December of 1966, crewsobserved an encounter with sixdiscs "simultaneously, but orangein color rather than pearlcolored. But since our press
  19. 19. reported at one time that thisis simply light effects and theyhave no relation to aircraft,the flight personnel, in notingsuch phenomena, ceased being in-terested in them so as not to.cause laughter on the part oftheir comrades by stories of"flying saucers."(Signed) Valentin I. AkkuratovChief Navigator of SovietPolar Aviation of the Adminis-tration o/f Civil Aviation of theUSSRKolchenkos Report"On October 31, 1967 the crewof an IL-T* airplane consistingof: Aircraft Commander Cher-nyayev, Deputy Squadron Command-er Karmakov, Co-Pi lot Kolchenkoand Navigator Krasnozhen wereconducting a night flight alongthe route from Khabarovsk toBlagoveshchensk."The flight passed within vis-ibility of green illuminatedreference points and the starrysky. At Tt25 hours (Moscow time)at a distance of 160 kilometersand at an azimuth of 120 fromthe city of Arkhar, the crew ob-served a round, luminous yellow-red object ahead and to the up-per right which was very similarin dimensions and color to theascending disc of the moon.Deputy squadron commander Karm-akov called the attention of thecrew to the fact that at thisperiod of the month only a cres-cent moon rather than a fulldisc should be visible since theflight was taking place on thelast day of the month. The crewcontinued to observe the unknownobject."At this time, the aircraftcommander reported to the near-est air base about this situa-tion and requested the radardispatcher to provide the posi-tion of the airplane and to fol-low to see whether he observedanother foreign object on thescreen. The dispatcherprovidedthe position of the airplane andthen reported: M observe noforeign objects on the screen.1"Within five to six minutesafter the discovery of the uni-Two photos were allegedly taken of a UFO which passed a Boeing 727 near Mt.Tsukuba, Japan, on Sept.27, 1965. (The photos, which have been retouchedslightlyfor printing,wereprovided by Joe Brill.)Hfcthe same mysterious picturewhich we had observed,dent ifled object it began to in-crease in volume and it changedits color to a bright blue (toa color of burning oas) andafter another three or four min-utes, attaining a size threetimes that of the moon, the discbegan to disappear and soon van-ished from sight. ••"At this time, the crew of anIL-lO aircraft, 75593 - enteredinto communication with theground controlers and confirmed"This incident caused manyarguments among our crew: somewere supporters of a ball oflightning of tremendous dimen-sions while others were support-ers of the mysterious flyingsaucers.1Nevertheless, justwhat was it?"R. Kolchenkoco-Pi lotCity of Khabarovsk,Leningrad StreetApt. *t8Page 19
  20. 20. Recapping andBy Richard Hall(This column is directed towardarticles appearing in the May,1975, edition of SKYLOOK).Beware of "UFOs" that dontmake sharp turns, acceleraterapidly, or otherwise defferen-tiate themselves from aircraft,balloons, and meteoric "fire-balls." Advertising planes,helicopters with searchlights,large research balloons, andfireballs lasting 15-30 secondsare among the normal objectsthat often generate false UFOreports. And no wonder; unlessyou have observed them a fewtimes they do not fit commonexperience and do appear extra-ordinary.Was the object over Cincin-nati Nov. 22, 1971*, an adver-tising plane? Pro: The time,after sunset on a Friday even-ing, and the place, "a heavyresidential area," suggest this.So does the slow, ordinary, air-craft-like mot Ion. The "rings"encircling the craft could wellhave been the moving messagelights beneath the wings. Con:No other known witnesses (unlessthey recognized the object as anaircraft), the blimp-like ovalshape, the lines or indentationshorizontally along the fuselage.Usually there is an impressionof rotating windows; in thiscase "the ring seemed to moveslowly around the body, and ithad little lights on it." Couldit have been an ad plane tiltedat a slight angle away from thewitnesses? (seesketch).If I had to make a decisionbased on the information givenfor the Oct. 13, 1967 Russiansightings, I would have to con-clude, "probably research bal-loon." At the risk of soundingMenzelian, the essentially sta-tionary slow-drifting, triangu-lar object sounds for all theworld like a Moby Dick-type re-search balloon (pyramid-shaped,Page 20***•presenting a triangular out-line). These travel long dis-tances and often perplex localauthorities who know nothing a-bout them. The "tail1* verti-cally downward would be the in-strument package. These giantballoons attain over 100,000feet altitude and reflect thesuns rays well after local sun-set (" darkness set in thewhite gradually became reddishand then red."). With good mag-nification you can see folds ofthe plastic and sunlight shiningthrough and reflecting off thesurface ("...the body was trans-parent or semi-transparent; Somekind of lines could be seen in-side the body.").The long period of observationwith no UFO-like (abrupt, drast-ic, speedy) motions fits withknown instances of research bal-loons, not to be confused withstandard weather balloons whichessentially go straight up andexplode minutes. TheRussian reports soujid like goodobservations of an object total-ly unfamiliar to the witnesses,but not really UFO-like;Jf iMercury—is in super i orifcon- .junction on the 1st and duringthe whole month it is too closfeto the sun for easy observation,.,Venus—at the 1st of tlfie ^motyfehit may. still be seen very low iff*the west just after sunset, butby the 27th it is infepi©^ Con-junct ion. ,." ..•Mars—moving ih.tej, fatfru-s andrising before midnigWt:, i t pases a few degrees north of Alde-baran late in the month.Jupiter—risesafter sunset.about 2Saturn—moving into? Cancer,it is nowa morning "star" r.is1-ing about 2 hours^tpejioresun. .-«iV>-y:." "• •The Perse i<d" meteor showerreaches maxiijium on August 12.LiCrWTSBENEATH WrN«r(!)Now. 22, 1974; Cincinnati, OhioAdvertising plane (?)v;