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    Mufon ufo journal   1975 4. april - skylook Mufon ufo journal 1975 4. april - skylook Document Transcript

    • We tell it as it is"Number 89 SKYLOOK The UFO Monthly 75 cents A p r i l 1975 OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF MUFOIVJ MUTUAL UFO NETWORK, INC. Soldiers and newsmen investigate the burned area near Quintanaortuno, Spain, where four military men reportedlyobserved a UFO hovering near the ground on January 1,1975. The story begins on page 3.
    • We tell it as it is" SKYLOOK The UFO Monthly 26 Edgewood Drive Quiney, Illinois 62301 Dwight Connelly Editor Carolyn Connelly Business Manager Walter H. Andrus Director of MUFON Ted Bloecher Hurrianoid/Qecupant Cases Joseph M. Brill international Coordinator The Rev. Dr. Barry Downing Religion and UFOs Lucius Parish Books, Periodicals, History In This Issue Soldiers report UFO in SPAIN— -—^ 3 Marjorie Fish Pi lot says UFO affects his compass——--*—- • 5 Extraterrestrial Life P.S.I, facility has modern equipment—--—•----••— — & Students in Massachusetts report close approach —V 8 Stan Gordon MUFQN reports in brief — — •-•*-:-*•--1Q. Creatures & UFOs MUFON, Center for UFO Studies support UFO news network——11 Mark Herbstritt UFOs Behind the Iron Curtain— ;— 1? Astronomy In Others Words —— l* Rawlins, Wyoming, case stifl open-—"---- —-15 Rosetta Holmes FBI Law Enforcement Builetin.publicizes Center for UFO Studies15 Promotion/Publicity 54 objects, 2y sightings reported in Austria 16 1975 MtJF(5fl Symposium reservations being accepted — --——-17 Bob Kirkpatrick Graber appointed staff artist —— —I? West Coast Coordinator Directors Message—- — —— .--.- — —<._,-_..,-_—.jg Recapping and Commenting- _ --,,-20 Ted Phillips Astronomy Notes————— --——•- £0 UFO Landing Traces David A. Schroth The contents of SKYLOOK are determined by the editor and staff, and do not necessarily St. Louis/Mass Media represent the officiaf judgment of MUFON. Opinions of contributors are their own, and do not necessarily reflect-those of the editor, the staff, or MUFON. Books or other items adver- John F. Schuessler tised are not necessarily endorsed by SKYIiOOK or MUFON. UFO Propulsion SKYLOOK THE UFO MONTHLY is published monthly by Dwight Connelly, 26 Edgewood Driye, Norma E. Short Qoincy, IL CZ3tl USA. Subscription Rates: S&M per year in US.; $}:M per year-foreign; single copy, 75 cents. Editor-Publisher Emeritus Advertiilag rates: IS.N per colnnu inch. All ads sibject to approval ofthe pnbiisiier. Copyright 1*75 by SKYLOOK THE UFO MONTHLY, H Edgewood Drive?;Qniiicy, IL 623*1. Permission is hereby granted to quotefrom this Issue of this magailne, provided not more than ZM words are quoted from any one article, provided that the author of the-article is given-credit, and provided that the statement "Copyright 1S75 by SKYLOOK THE UFO MONTHLY, 2* Edgewood Drive, Quiney, IL" is included. Second Class Postage paid at Qnlncy, IL. 12301.Page 2
    • Soldiers report UFO in Spain LOCATION OF SIGHTING: NEAR sias and Felipe Sanchez. Both "LOOK, LOOK, LOOK" QUINTANAORTUNO, SPAIN. have passed New Years Eve at DATE OF ACTUAL S I G H T I N G : - J A N - home and. regret re- At a moderate speed, the ve- UARY 1, 1975- . : join the mi 1 i tary 1 ife so soon. h i c l e goes along the National NEWSPAPER OR MAGAZINE FROM Ricardo, a carpenter by pro- 623 highway. They pass Puerto WHICH THIS ARTICLE WAS TAKEN: fession, has drunk only one del Escudo, and about 15 kilo- "LA ACTUAL I DAD ESPANOLA" OF glass of cognac; Felipe, a meters later Manolo decides to JAN. 20, 1975. sheet metal worker in c i v i l i a n stop a few moments. He f and SENT BY: PEDRO REDON, MUFON life,, a bit of champagne. Be- Ricardo get out of the car, REPRESENTATIVE FOR SPAIN. fore leaving, Manolo takes a clean the windshield, wh i ch i s SUBMITTED BY: JOE BRILL, IN- Coca-Cola, Ricardo a glass of somewhat dirty, arid stretchL TERNATIONAL COORDINATOR. orangeade, and Felipe a tonic. thei r legs a bi t. ; TRANSLATED BY: DR. WILLARD It is then when Manolo no- ARMSTRONG. ON THE WAY tices the presence of u. star "a which was shining more than1 the BACKGROUND others and was vibrating The M i n i 850, white with a slightly." Ricardo" w i l l re- . New Years Eve. The ,. di sco- red roof, gets going. Its member that, although distant, tique Lotus., at Torrelavega, -is owner, the barman, is driving it seemed lower than normal and in full swing. So great is the it; at his side the carpenter that its flashes were "between crowd of customers that the ,.is seated. Behind, somewhat bluish and rosy." Felipe and barman, Manolo Aguera, in spite sleepy, rides the sheet metal Jose are dozing on the back of being in the mil.itary ser- worker. At k:kO a.m. at the seat. Ricardo and Manolo wake vice, has turned up at the crossing with the highway that them up. For a short time the stroke of midnight to help. He goes to the town of Ontaneda, four watch the star, then con- is stationed at the Engineers they pick up Jose Laso, another tinue on their journey without Academy at Burgos, and is en- companion,, who has been wait- g i v i n g it greater importance. joying a short leave which is- ing some time for them to ar- The soldiers are running drawing to a close. rive. Jose, somewhat younger short of time. At least, they . Shortly before k a.m. two than the other three since he believe that, since they think companions of Manolo arrive at is serving as a volunteer, gets thatreveilie w i l l be at 7 a.m. the .discotique: Ricardo Igle- in the back seat behind Manolo. In reality, the first day of Page 3
    • the month being a holiday, it successively, exactly equally always seemed very distant.w i l l be at 8 a.m. spaced with only a short dis- "Lets see if it now happens It is 6:25 a.m. when Manolo tance of separation between that we w i l l answer reveille onsuddenly l i f t s his hand from each one. "Lets get back to the moon," comments one of them the steering wheel and ex- the car," decides Manolo. in jest. claims: "Look, look, look. I The M i n i 850 advances about just saw something fall from fifty meters very slowly and a- A LARGE BLACK STAIN the sky," describing a parabola gain stops. There is no fog, at a great velocity. the sky is starry, and there The Engineers Academy is "What is that?" shouted Man- the four luminous objects con- practically around the corner. olo, braking to a dead halt. tinue to shine. Through the A new problem confronts the Then the four look and see a rear view mirror they see that companions: shall they or shall strange l i g h t l i g h t up, a l i g h t another car has stopped about they not relate what they have which from its intensity Ricar- 800 meters behind them. A seen when they arrive? Immedi- do only w i l l be capable of com- third vehicle, perhaps closer ately, they decide not to do paring to "that of the lamp than any of them to the phenom- it. "They would only laugh at tower at the football field at enon, is seen on the highway us" they think. "On a night Sardinero." from Vi.l larcayo. like this and at an hour like J The soldiers are afraid. "I this the normal thing is that ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR LIGHTS never had seen a man so ner- people would believe that we vous," Ricardo recalls, refer- were drunk." It is 6:25 a.m. on the first ing to Manolo. Ricardo himself But Manolo is confused; heday of January, 1975. Four always had thought that those begins to weaken, and onlysoldiers who are returning from who would say that they hadenjoying a leave have stopped Felipe insists t i m i d l y on in- seen UFOs were crazy. Now he1*4 kilometers from Burgos, vestigating what was occurring. has been personally involved instartled by a strange phenom- a strange experience. At theenon. They believe they are "DONT LET THEM GET officers bar he tells whatgoing to be late for reveille, IN FRONT OF US" happened to a friend who, likebut nevertheless can do nothing him, works as a waiter.else but get down from the car. "Lets go, so that they dont • Manolos friend speaks of itThey cross to the other side of get in. front of the car," to an officer, and the latterthe highway and there watch for shouts Manolo and attempts to communicates it to Major Llor-two minutes. start it. But it doesnt start. ente, assistant to the colonel, At about ^00 meters (1200 On the second attempt the car who is the director of thefeet) distance, relatively near gives a jerk and starts up at academy. Major Llorente speaksthe angle which National 632 great velocity. with Manolo and makes an ap- forms with the highway that Through the windows, the pointment with the four com-goes to Villarcayo, they con- soldiers continue observing the panions for one oclock that -j template a luminous-body "with lights. Some trees interpose afternoon. Having as a back- the form of a truncated cone." momentarily. They have not ground the climate of cordial- They estimate it at about two travelled even one kilometer ity which prevails in the aca- 3,meters (6 feet) in height—"a when they get to the houses of demy, speaking is easy and theman would fit in easily," w i l l the town of Quintanaortuno and soldiers feel much better af-. recall Manolo—by three meters they decide to stop for the ter having told a l l . (9 feet) in width. thi rd time. An officer visits the zone The strange object emits a Only two of the four lights of the incident, but he does yellowish light which gradually remain. They get out of the car not know the exact place and becomes white on the lower part and they watch them for some- finds nothing. Simultaneously until it ends in luminous jets thing more than three minutes. the academy gives a report of which are directed toward the Finally, considerably excited, what had happened to the Cap- ground on which it has not com- they resume their trip toward taincy Generals Office. Days pletely settled down. Burgos. later, the Captaincy General The attitudes of the soldiers They recall the star which w i l l issue to the press an in- are in opposition. Ricardo and they saw before and they con- formative b u l l e t i n on the mat- Felipe declare themselves in sider the p o s s i b i l i t y that some ter. favor of going closer. Manolo relation between the two phen- About four oclock in the and Jose want to continue back omena exists. They quickly afternoon (January 1) Major to their base at all costs. discard such a hypothesis be- Llorente and the four young men Suddenly, the l i g h t goes out cause although they have con- approach the exact spot where and, with hardly any lapse of tinued seeing the star for a their vehicle stopped for the time, another four l i g h t up considerable time the latter first time. From the highway Page 4
    • they point out the spot wherethey observed the lights, andimmediately they begin to Pilot says compass affectedsearch the terrain. As a result of the NBC-TV openings or protrusions. He In some areas the earth is NEWS UFO Documentary "UFOs Do said there may have been a de-very moist. None of them had You Believe?," Hugo W. Feugen, pression on the top, but thisset foot there previously; 53, the plant engineer for angle was observed only for aLittle by l i t t l e they gradually Conco, Inc. of Mendota, 1 1 1 . , brief second as it was depart-approached the key point. Sud- called the director of MUFON to ing. . •denly, behind a l i n e of bushes, report the, following UFO ex- After pacing him for eightthey discover a large black perience. to ten seconds, w h i l e the com-spot (stain). The spot is in On Nov. 28, 1974, while p i l - pass continued to spin, the ob-reality, a zone of burned oting his own Aeronca "Champ", ject tipped s l i g h t l y and hegrass. It is about thirty to aircraft from DeKalbto Mendota could observe that it was notforty meters long by four at 11:^3 a.m. on a . bright day an elipse, but was round inmeters in width, with some with v i s i b i 1 i t y limited to 6 or shape. " - -clear spots in the interior, 7 miles due to haze, Feugen was As it tipped up on an angle,and has an aspect of having flying at 2500 feet altitude it accelerated to a fantasticbeen burned very recently. with a compass bearing direc- -speed toward the east and was Not a single additional stain tion of 2^0 degrees to compen- out of sight in the "flick ofwas found in the hundreds of sate for a cross wind. the finger" (less than one sec-meters surrounding this area. As he passed over the small ond). ".Feugen d i d not have hisAccord the farmers of the town of Shabbona, Ml., he was aircraft radio turned on, sov i c i n i t y the most recent burn- checking his position on the there is no report of inter- ing of stubble had been done in aeronautical map that he held ference with radio communica-the month of October. in his lap to determine if he tions. He did not have a cam- was s t i l l "on course" with vis- era, thus no photographs, were ANOTHER UFO? ual navigation to his destina- made. ; . tion of Mendota. U n t i l this report was made The speculations in regard When he looked up from his to MUFON, it had been given on- to what was seen by Manolo, Ri- map, he noticed with amazement ly verbally to people at the cardo, Felipe and Jose had that the magnetic compass on Mendota Airport when he landed. their complement in the .news the panel of his older model Hugo has been a private ; p i lot that at 11:30p.m. on the night Aeronca Champ number N82198 was for 3i years and was born in of the second day of January an rotating counter-clockwise at a Holland. He speaks w;i th a officer and several soldiers rate of four .to five revolu- pleasant Dutch accent and ap- saw another luminous object tions per minute. He immediate- pears to be a knowledgeable en- settle down on the firing range ly became concerned for the gineer. He has given his verbal at Bardenas Reales located on radical behaviour of his com- permission to use this report the border between the prov- pass because this was one of in SKYLOOK. [ inces of Zaragoza and Navarra. the few instruments in the air- This report is significant (See February 1975 Skylook). craft used for navigational in that not only was an unusual "The only thing that I can purposes. aerial object observed that say," explains Major Llorente, He looked to his right side could accelerate from about 80 "is that these four young men and saw nothing but the town of miles per hour to some fantas-.are completely trustworthy Shabbona below him. When . he tic speed in less than one sec- soldiers, and that they agree turned to his left, he ond, but it displayed a force among themselves in all that object flying parallel to his that influenced the magnetic they have related. In regard aircraft at the same speed compass on the l i g h t plane dur- to what they saw...that is (ground speed 75 to 80 m.p.h.) ing its proximity to the air- something that neither they nor and altitude, pacing him at 120 craft (electro-magnetic ef- I, nor perhaps anyone, knows." degrees at an estimated one fect). quarter of a m i l e distance. He We have not been successful described the object as being in obtaining a radar confir-INFO convention set shaped like a disc or an mation of this report from Chi- The 1975 International For- elipse. If it was one-fourth cago, nor do we have any] othertean Organization (INFO) con- m i l e away, he estimated the pilot or ground report coincid-vention (Fortfest 75) w i l l be size as 120 feet long and 30 ing with this, observation;. Feu-Aug. 8, 9, and 10 at the Shera- feet thick. It appeared to be gen is very anxious to secureton-Oakbrook in Chicago, Paul a solid object, white or d u l l the names of other witnesses,W i l l i s has announced. silver in color, without any as is MUFON. Page 5
    • P.S.I, facility has modern equipment The above photo (copyright modulated l i g h t " transmission microphone for live documenta-1975 by P.S.I.) shows the de- from a .UFO in case of i n t e l l i - tion of UFO visual images andployment pad and enclosure for gent response to UFO/VECTOR simultaneous monitoring of ver-project Starlight Internation- video-laser transmissions, and bal reactions by the witness isals UFO/VECTOR system compon- (c) UFO photography with great partially hidden behind Dun-ents located at a remote site effective focal length. nams right arm.near Austin, Texas. Components on metal shelves Other P.S.I, equipment, such Staff directors in the photo include: UFO/VECTOR video re- as a video recorder-playbackare, left to right, Robert Dun- corder-playback u n i t for pro- u n i t #2, a six-foot parabolicnam, facility director; Ray v i d i n g signal to intermediate microphone for UFO sound stud-Stanford, project director; and frequency equipment in laser ies, and cameras used at otherSamuel H. Young, photo direc- power source housing, which in P.S.I, research site stationstor. turn provides drive to modula- (for triangulation studies) is Equipment pictured includes tion device internal to laser not 8-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain transmission cell on the tripod The UFO/VECTOR (Video Ex- (catadioptric) telescope (center); Precision Monitoring periment Console for Transi- (right), which serves the Systems -model 100 recording tional-Overt Response) is de-multi-purpose role of l i g h t magnetometer; video monitor; signed to transmit totallycollection for (a) the UFO telescope astronomical mode directional video to even very l i g h t pulse analysis .and re- drive controls; etc. distant UFOs. The unit hasacording u n i t , (b) reception of A video camera with b u i l t - i n very fine aiming system whichPage 6
    • from them. Readers desiring provides M course sighting scope, plus a 20X to 60X zoom additional details are referred Jim McCampbell sighting scope for fine align- to P.S.I.s soon-to-be-publish-• ment of the laser beam toward ed PROJECT STARLIGHT JOURNAL visits in Quincy UFOs. (details are provided in a P.S.I, has just purchased a separate article in this issue Jim McCampbell, MUFON con- second video system, and this of SKYLOOK). S K Y L O O K w i l l con- sultant in research planning one w i l l be used for light- tinue to keep readers posted on and author of UFOLOGY--NEW IN- pulse studies and the recording P.S.I. activities. SIGHTS FROM SCIENCE AND COMMON SENSE, visited MUFON headquar- portion of the. UFO/VECTOR re- ters in- Quincy the weekend of ceiving system (video unit #1 .Feb. 1 to discuss additional is used in driving the laser P.S.I. Journal work with the organization. modulator for transmissions to UFOs). publication plans En route to Quincy from his home in Belmont, Calif., he There is also a new UFO/VEC- announced visited with a MUFON group at TOR photomultiplier-video sig- nal amplifier receiving unit, A new publication, the PRO- the home of Idabel Epperson in } custom made for attaching JECT, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL, Los Angeles, attended UFO ses- quickly to the 8-inch diameter w i l l roll off the press in sion of the AIAA meeting In light-collecting telescope. the near future, according to Pasadena, stopped over in Okla- 1 Stanford says the unit is "so Ray Stanford, director of Pro- homa City, and met with members sensitive that it could even be ject Starlight International, of the St. Louis group. , used without the telescope." Austin, Texas. McCampbell is sending compli- P.S.I, is also adding a Co- mentary copies of his book to Stanford says the new journal each MUFON consultant, and MU- lumbia Research Labs linear w i l l specialize in "UFO hard- FON Director Walt Andrus ex- servo accelerometer (Model SA- data monitoring and signaling plains that "it would be appre- 107) .to provide additional mon- technology, procedures, method- ciated if each consultant would itored data imput into the re- ology, and theory, plus a few pay particular cording system of the P.M.S. attention to UFO cases, from time to time, magnetometer. Stanford ex- that have special relevance to portions of the book related to plains, "If a UFO uses gravitic our research specialty,1,1 his specialty, and pass on to effects, .the unit . should re- Jim any comments." spond with possible important The Journal w i l l feature Andrus suggests that consul- and tell-tale results, especi- technical illustrations by an tants "point out any suggested ally if correlated with the re- experienced technical illus- avenues of further investiga- corded magnetic profile and/or trator who has gone to the PS I tion, if possible, and any spe- the light pulse data." staff from the Data Control cific experiments you would re- The well-known .100-foot Corporation. commend. Dont hesitate to circle of signal lights at the The contents, which w i l l not point out errors, misconcep- P.S.I, facility is being modi- be aimed at laymen, but at en- tions, faulty logic, out-moded fied with a solid-state se- gineers and scientists, w i l l data, and so forth." ;. quencing system, which is ex^ also feature numerous .photos. McCampbell says he w i l l con- pected to be superior to the solidate the comments from con- presently-used electro-mechani- "We have no desire to do-over sultants, and furnish reports the very adequate job that SKY- for distribution through the cal sequencer. Stanford says LOOK, FLYING SAUCER REVIEW, Consultants Newsletter. that by the.end of the year the present 91 spotlights of 150 etc. are doing in the UFO re- porting, field," says Stanford. watts each w i l l be replaced by a circle of 100 strobes of one "We just want to add something that we believe w i l l contribute UFO article printed m i l l i o n candlepower each. a new dimension in direct, ac- In the recent issue of SUN- "A flashing circle of 100 tive UFO hard-data and signal- RISE, Vol. 3 No. 7 published by million total candlepower ing research, etc. Scientists Bitter Carrot Publications, should surely be noticed by and engineers w i l l be invited Inc. in Macomb, 1 1 1 . p r i m a r i l y passing UFOs," Stanford notes. to contribute pertinent arti- for distribution to students at There are numerous additional cles." colleges and universities, Mike technical details and specifi- Mooney, member of the editorial cations which could, and per- Membership in PS I, which in- board, has written a feature haps should, be noted concern- cludes subscription to the story titled "The Case for ing the P.S.I, system for at- Journal, is $8.00 per year from UFOs." Mooney and his photog- tracting UFOs and obtaining PSI, P.O. Box 5310, Austin, rapher recently interviewed various types of information Texas, 78763. MUFON Director Walt Andrus. Page 7
    • GSW requestsinfo exchange GSW (Ground Saucer Watch)consultants associated withW i l l i a m H. Spaulding, MUFONstate director for Arizona,have expressed an interest in BLUE LIGHTexchanging UFO information withMUFON consultants and researchspecialists in many diversifiedareas. GSW and MUFON are closelyaffiliated, with some personnelserving dual roles. Both or-ganizations cooperatewith the Center for UFO Stud- fully Students report close approach ies. LOCATION: PHILLIPS ACADEMY, and a multiple of red lights The following gentlemen, ANDOVER, MASS. "below."listed by name, occupation, and DATE: FEB. 20, 1975 The two girls stopped besideUFO specialty, are interested TIME: 9:00 p.m. a large oak tree (approx. 50in sharing information: TWO MAIN WITNESSES: MISS ft. high). At this point the Dr. Lester Steward, Ph.D., NANCY ROSE AND MISS HOPE SAUN- object stopped its northwardspecializing in Psychology, Bi- DERS movement and came directly to-ology (Occupants); . INVESTIGATED BY: JOHN GIAM- ward them, gradually reducing Robert Howard, logistic sys- BRONE its altitude,, The object stop-tems computer scientist, spec- ped directly overhead so thatializing in electromagnetic ef- On the night of Feb. 20, the girls were looking straightfects and computer pattern rec- 1975, at approx. 9 p.m., the up at it.ognition; two witnesses were sitting on a The object was estimated to Tony Marinello, electrical small stone wall, which is on be 10-12 ft. in diameter, withengineer, specializing as elec- campus. The two girls were just a d u l l grey surface and at atromagnetic project leader; talking and stargazing when height half again as high as Dr. Keith Parizek, astronomy, they noticed what at first ap- the oak tree, which places thespecializing in astronomy and peared to be a plane about to object at approx. 75 ft. offlaser technology consultation; crash. Their distance at this the ground. The object remained . Scott Reading, electronic point was approx. 1200 ft. at this position for 30-60 sec- *•engineer, specializing in ad- The object was about a 20 onds.vanced computer logistics and degree angle off ground level. The object emitted a veryradar technology (Radar/Visual The object seen was going soft hum, much like that of aPattern Study); straight down in the western small electric motor, and dur- Fred Adrian, photographic sky, in the direction of the ing the time it remained over-consultant, specializing in far side of the campus soccer head it exhibited a "rockingadvanced densitometry and spa- field. motion." Both girls said thattial (spectrum) color enhance- At a point just above the the bottom of the object wasment. tree top level it stopped and round and convex in shape, al- As information is exchanged went straight up and stopped at though they could not see anywith these gentlemen, they w i l l an angle of approx. ^0 degrees. sharp definite outline of itssend their various white papers It then moved very slowly (much perimeter.on EME, Ground/Markings, Oc- slower than an airplane) toward Miss Rose indicates thatcupants, and Radar/Visual the direction of the campus in- while the object was overheadsecondary evidence. firmary (north)o she could see a blue light on A l l correspondence should be While this was happening the top of the object which was ofaddressed to: GROUND SAUCER g i r l s were hurrying across cam- less intensity than the redWATCH, 13238 N. 7th Drive, pus to the near side of the light or lights that were onPhoenix, Arizona 85029, where soccer- field. At this point the lower section; she was notit w i l l be distributed to the they were 200-250 ft. away from sure if the red light was oneappropriate consultant or spec- the object. They could only large light or a multiple ofial ist. determine a blue light on "top" smaller lights. She did sayPage 8
    • that the red light being emitt- On March 5th and 6th, calls seen something that was totallyed was much larger and brighter were made by this investigator foreign to their concept of any than the blue. to the Andover Police, Coast known flying craft. Miss Saunders indicates that Guard Headquarters in Boston, . Comments by J. Santangelo,when she saw the object across the Andover State Police bar- MUFON director for Massachu- the soccer field she did see a racks, State Police Headquan- setts: blue as well as a red light, ters in Boston, and the Norwood Although there are some dis- but when the object was d-irect- State. Police Helicopter Base. crepencies between witnesses ly overhead all she could see On March 11th at 9:10 a.m. a descriptions, this is a com-were multiple red lights. call was placed to Fort Devens prehensive report from j Field The girls both said that (Massachusetts), a NG Army Camp Investigator Giambrone. ; Thisthey were terrifeid while the that has helicopters based certainly can be classed! as anobject was overhead. After the there. This call was placed by Unknown Flying Object and a30-60-second period was over, Raymond Fowler (MUFON director Close Encounter. .•••the object "backed up" (toward of investigations). He also • If the investigator is ablethe west-N-west) about a dis- called .(at 9:**5 a.m. same date) to obtain the negatives of thetance of 20-25 ft. and then WBZ a Boston-based radio sta- pictures that were taken andmoved off to the left in a tion that has a traffic control they are of sufficiently goodlarge semi-circular pattern helicopter which is based in quality they w i l l be forwarded(toward the south-southeast and Beverly, Mass, (a few miles subsequently. , from Andover). When I spoke to the invest!-east). All the above calls . placed The object moved slowly to- gator over the-phone he men-ward the area of the bell tower to these different agencies tioned that the g i r l s indicated (located on campus). Both girls were answered in the negative. the object was 10 to 12 feet in.said that the object passed be- They a l l denied any knowledge diameter and that the lightlow the top of the bell tower of any helicopter activity in source seemed to be . about a (estimated height of the tower that area on the night in ques- foot and a half, -in .diameter.65 ft.), . and then disappeared tion. Efforts are s t i l l con- Although this does not appearin the southern .sky. The ob- tinuing to ascertain the origin in his report, the size of the.ject appeared again about 10 of this helicopter. light source is unusual.minutes later, from the same On five subsequent nights Any additional data w i l l > b egeneral direction, but at a (2/26-2/27-2/28-3/2-3/3, 1975) submitted -as an addendum, togreater distance from when it unusual lights this case #MA 75-4. ;was lost from view. ratic manuevers were seen by at A telephone call was made to By this time the, girls were least two students. the South Weymouth Naval " A i rable to contact other students One witness was able to take Station and. they confirmed thatwho were elsewhere on campus photographs of an unusual pbr they did not. have a helicoptergrounds and they too were able ject.over the campus during the up on the eve of Feb. 20,1975. period i n . question; however,to see the red and blue lightsin the distant sky. The object due to an early spring vacation Comments by RaymondE: Fow-kept appearing and disappearing at Phi 11ips Academy, the school ler, MUFON director of investi-for the next one and a half has closed down u n t i l March gations. ; 26th. As soon as the school re-hours and was seen by .a total I have reviewed the subject opens efforts w i l l be made to matter on March 14, 1975. Inof 15 students (most names on obtain a , more detailed accountfile). At 9:20 p.m. one of addition to other helicopterthese other students, David of the sightings of these two checks within the report, IGreef, reported.the UFO to the individuals, as well as any phoned the .,Lawrence .MunicipalAndover Police, who dispatched photographic evidence that they Airport. .One hel icopter oper-patrol car #3 to investigate, might have. Subsequent reports ates;, there,., but only onjweek-but the officers reported see- wi 11 follow. ends. There , i.s heavy, traf f Kcing no unusual activity in .the . .Miss Rose and Miss Saunders at night, 7 days a week,i con-sky that evening. appeared to this investigator sisting of. cargo/commercial At approx. 9:^5 that evening to be two very level-headed 17- aircraft. : (i hr 0 after reporting UFO to year-old girls. , They appeared In. my estimation,- the follow-police) a helicopter appeared to be honest, and • sincere in on UFO reports of "lights-in-over the campus and was flying their reports of the sighting. the-sky" made after the i n i t i a lat rather low altitudes. A At no time did l : get the im- UFO sighting probably can benumber of,, students, saw this pression that they exaggerated attributed to such traffic. Thehelicopter, but were unable to their story. I came away.from i n i t i a l sighting, if reportedobserve any markings on the the interview with the distinct accurately, seems to beia le-craft. feeling that the two. g i r l s - h a d gitimate "unknown." Page 9
    • MUFON reports in brief Kampsville, I.L. ; 6 p.m. No-vember, 197**; investigated by Breckmeyer, IL.; 9:30 p.m., Durand, Wise. (5 miles south-Steve Erdmann; observed by Jan- Jan. 3, 1975; investigated by east); 6:*»0 p.m. Jan. 22, 1975;ice Ewen, 32, and son Gary; saw Mae Jannett; observed by O l i v e investigated by Richard A. Het-object through bedroom window, Kohrs and daughters, plus un- letvedt; observed by Mitchellbecame brighter as it got known witnesses in two other Doverspike, 16, and Mrs. Mar-closer, made "whirring sound autos; bright yellow light; cel la Doverspike; group of highsomething like a jet," white oval shape in distance and intensity l.ights arranged inl i g h t changed to red, hovering circle, s i m i l a r to those ob-when first sighted, self-lum- served previous evening, esti-inous, sharp outline, size of mated 600 yards away.plate at arms . length, a l llights steady, passed over Chippewa Falls, Wise. (1 m i l ehouse, observed *»5 minutes. east); 9 p.m. Jan. 26, 1975; investigated by Richard A. Het- letvedt; observed by Kevin Gui- Keyesport/Tamalco-, IL., 9:30 bord, 23; conical-shaped objectp.m., Jan. 1, 1975; investigat-ed by Rosie Holmes; observed byDebbie Jannett 21; huge bright round when overhead, in view a-yellowish-orange 1ight in east- bout 30 minutes. Mrs. Kphrs, 50, has BS degree and m i l i t a r yern sky above some trees, seem- experience. One previous sight-ed to follow auto, seemed to ing two years ago at Carlylelower and hover, static on Lake, I I . in sky, flying with blunt endradio, witness reported she wasfrightened by experience. forward, estimated length of 1»0 Durand, Wise. (A miles.south- feet, moving about 35 m.p.h. west); 10:15 p. m. Jan. 21, and disappeared in horizontal White Oak,. IL.; 9:1.5 -P.m. 1975;. investigated by Richard altitude. Witness reports pos-Jan. 1..1975; investigated by A. Hetletvedt and Ronald M. sible previous s i g h t i n g , inSteve Erdmann; observed by Anderson; observed by Scott 1965.-Frank M. Brown, 1*6, and Gary Fedie, 16, and Mitchell Dover-and Marsha Harms; noticed red spike, 16. In auto when objectand green l i g h t through car Durand, Wise.; 6:20 p.m. Jan.windshield about 500-600. feet 29, 1975; investigated by Rich-over a"field, "pinkish light ard A. Hetletvedt; observed bydirectly about it," lights Mrs. Al Gund, 66, Mrs. Gundssteady, no shape, no sound, ob- daughter, daughters family,served. 15. minutes. Dennis Buchholtz, Orland Olson, and Marcella Doverspike; white light in sky, appeared to bea- St. -Jacob/Highland, 111.; observed hovering : 150 yards a-, bout 2,000 feet away,- obJong8:20 p.m. Jan. 1, 1975; invest- way at altitude of 600 feet, shape, slowly moving, two pos-igated by Rosie Holmes; observ- spheroid shape, lights arranged sible photos by iJf-year-olded by Charles Green, 42; wit- in ring about 20 feet in diame- grandson (not processed yet).ness driving when he observed ter, intensity of auto head- Observed for 20 minutes. Passed"long and huge", white i l l u m i n - lights but without beams (or near cable TV tower (no EM ef-ated.object moving in front of shafts) of light, couldnot see fects reported), gained a l t i -him about 4 mile—above trees— any body structure due "to tude s l i g h t l y as it moved slow-moving from north :tb south, brightness of lights, noticed ly south-soiithwest at 20 com-estimated length of 1(0-50 feet, no EM effects, seen for 5-10 pass- degrees per hour, laterround at both ends, "looked minutes. Object emitted "rumb- hovering again far a flourescent tube only l i n g like a jet and slowlyvery long and not thin," object started moving, then acceler- Durand, Wise.; 6:30 p.m; Jan.traveling very fast, . no sound. ated quickly and-moved out of 31, 1975;investigated by Rich-Observed for about . 2 seconds. sight almost immediately. ard A. Hetletvedt; observed byPage 10
    • Mrs. Al Gund, 66; elongated ob- ered, changed direction, wentject with b l i n k i n g red light on up at a very sharp angle, andone side and b l i n k i n g blue vanished at "a fantastic MUFUN, Centerlight on other side, seen for speed." No details of wheels,three hours. Previous sighting windows, etc. observed. Object support UFO "may have" made a sound of windon Jan. 29, 1975. as it moved. news network Mount Olive, N.C.; 8 p.m.Feb. 4, 1975; investigated by . Both MUFON and the CenterFrank R. Harrison; observed by Stanton Friedman for UFO Studies are lending support to the newly-organizedBessie Holmes and grown daugh-ter Lois, plus six other wit- schedules lectures News Information Network, which is designed to enable broadcast,nesses; b r i l l i a n t bright l i g h t Noted UFO lecturer Stanton ( / station newsmen to relay and. T. Friedman has released the exchange UFO information following schedule of programs. throughout the U.S. and Canada. April 1, 11 a.m., Normandale The idea was reportedly con- Community College, Bloomington, ceived by Lee Speigel, fi.eld Minn.; April 11, 8 p.m., Grays investigator for MUFON, and co- Harbor College, Aberdeen, ordinated with Gary McKenzie, Wash.; April 16, 8 p.m., Col- news editor for WXLO-FM in New lege of Redwoods, Eureka, York City,, and Mike Douglas, Calif., April 25, 7:30 p.m., news director for WYOO-AM/FM in A Santa-Ana College, Santa "Ana, Minneapolis-St. Paul. Dr.. J. Calif.; Allen Hynek i.s serving as a May 3, 7:30 p.m., Santa Rosa consultant for the network.descended towards witnesses, Jr. College, Santa Rosa, The U, S. and Canada arethen hovered 200 feet away over Calif.; Oct. 7, 8 p.m., El Ca- divided into more, than 120vacant house; four lights on mino College, Torrance, Calif. telephone "area codes to fo.rm. right side, object Was rotat- Friedman .reminds SKYLOOK the basic segments of the net- ing, no sound, about 16-20 feet readers that his fee is "still work. More than 160 stations in diameter. Stayed in Mt. under $1,000" (special rates have reportedly joined the net-,Olive area for two hours. Con- for "piggy-back" enroute lec- work thus far. ".clusion by investigator: UFO. tures), and-that he is usually able to spend a l l day on cam- Los Altos, Calif.; 11 a.m. pus .April 6, 1974; investigated by A veteran of "lectures at 225 Paul Cerney; Chris- colleges in bQ. states, the Following is Jan errata l i s t tine Ezell Johnson, 52, (hus- MUFON Symposium, and NBCs for the article, " "Bloecher, band in auto, but distracted by "UFOs: Do You Believe?," Fried- Webb appreciate contributions traffic); on highway 280, near man is often the source of fav- on humanoids," in the February, Foothill College, spotty fog orable press coverage in con- 1975, SKYLOOK. •with open blue sky, metallic nection with his lectures. 1. Everett Brazie, NeV/ Yorkobject 200-300 feet long, cigar" He may be contacted by writ- state section director,, lives shape, about 50 feet in di- ing to 2*»10i Graham Ave., Re- in Fayettevi1le, New York, not dondo Beach, Calif. 902/8; or La Fayette. c a l l i n g collect 213-371-9800. 2. Ray Fowlers report on the -Feb. l4, .1973, Oklahoma FOR SALE: sighting should be McAlester, . ASTRONOMY BOOKS --First Ok.,~ hot McAllister. ; ameter, Suns rays were sending oh the Moon, Footprints on 3. Richard Hal 1 1ives : int;l l ightning-1 ike ••• reflections" the Moon, Exploring the Breritwood, Maryland, not Brent-from object "for some dis- .Moon Through- Binoculars; wood , Mo, . • tance," object about 50 feet also several old astronomy k. Cedric Leonards reportoff ground and about 200 feet books, etc. Sky and Teles- on the 1966" encounter in Okla-away, had "flat" or "blunt" cope back, issues and other homa has been received; thefront end which had a "flour- astronomy magazines. -UFO exact date was April 22, 1966,escent glow," object appeared magazines also-available. and the precise site was 3to cause turbulence and "churn- Mark R. Herbstritt miles south of Thackervi1le, ing" of the fog, •• object darted 967 Theresia Street Oklahoma, along the Red River forward a short distance as St. Marys, PA. 15857 6 miles north of Gainesville,auto slowed; .then object quiv- Texas, on 1-35. Page 11
    • UFOs Behind the Iron Curtain By Joe Brill Following are some of the . driver, saw a" flying objectreports received in relation to EDITORS NOTE: This is another entering the earths atmosphere in a series of copyrighted articlesthe. Sept. 19, 1967, sighting of which International Coordinator Joe and I saw this same object ora crescent-shaped object near Brill has prepared from the unpub- one of them (I admit the possi-Donetsk in the Soviet Union. lished manuscript of Soviet UFO ex- b i l i t y of there having beenThere are several reports on pert Felix Y. Zigel, assistant pro- more than one) already after itthis sighting in addition to fessor at the Moscow Aviation Insti- had extinguished its speed in tute.the following, but .they are order to perform the bankingquite s i m i l a r , for the most first, I saw the moment when maneuver."part, and are not being includ- the external outline of the (Signed: V. I. Pogorelov,ed because of space .restric- crescent object seemed to be Donetsk-66, University St. 7,tions. > the arc of a circle, and this Apt. would mean that the object was POGORELOVS REPORT perpendicular to me (if we con- PYANYKHs REPORT sider that the distance to the "On Sept.. 19, 1967, at 1920 object was much greater than "On. Sept. 19, 1967, I and ahours (Moscow Time) I observed its dimensions). Otherwise, I group of students of the Tech-the flight of an unidentified would have seen the object not nical and Vocational Schoolcrescent-shaped form of a lum- in the shape of a circular.arc were working - on the kolkhozinous object, fifteen kilo- but in the shape arc of imeni Michurin of Svatovskiymeters east of the center of an el 1ipse. rayon, Luganskaya oblast.Donetsk when it had already "Secondly, as the object "In the evening, after din-gotten dark and only five or moved away, the luminous cres- ner, we were standing and talk-ten minutes remained until the cent surface was transformed ing in the street. It was 1920rising 1 of the full disc of into a vertical band of light hours, (Moscow Time) and thethe moon. which then disappeared. moon had already risen. but was "I noticed the crescent- "From all of this I assume s t i l l very low on the horizon.shaped object while .in my room that the unidentified flying "It was .at this moment I- sawand. then observed it while object had a crescent-shaped an unusua.l phenomenon. A lumi-leaning out the window. The form with a triangular -cross nous object moved rapidly inobject flew from the south to section. Let me note several the southern portion of the skythe northeast at an altitude of details: parallel to the horizon. Itfifty degrees and i n - a horizon- "After my observation of the was very s i m i l a r to a crescenttal plane until it disappeared, objects flight .1 could hear moon moving with its convexityfirst being transformed into a the rumble of the engines of a forward, but only its concavi-vertical band of light. The transport or passenger plane ty boundary was not the arc ofcolor of the luminescence of somewhere in the distant sky. a circle but rather the arc ofthe crescent object could only "The next day, that is on a parabola.-be compared to the honey1 Sept. .20, a taxi driver .(I have "The angular dimensions ofcolor of the risen moon as the number of the vehicle) told the object along the verticalseen from within the boundaries me that on the previous day were approximately the same asof an industrial city. (Sept. 19) he was near Zhdanov, those of a full moon. Interest- "I did not manage to notice (formerly Mariupol) and . at a ingly, somewhat above the lumi-any shaded, that is, non-lumi- time, as he put it, when it nous crescent a flickeringnous parts, details or surfaces was already^ dark but the moon point was ; visible which movedwh.ile observing the object. No was not yet v i s i b l e " he saw the together with it.sound could be heard which flight of a round flying nude-, "The color of the crescentmight have emanated from the us .type object. In flying, the was orange, very simi lar to- theobject. object sparkled strongly in the color .of the risen- moon, but "I concluded that .1 observed t a i l portion. The taxi driver somewhat less bright, in whichthe flight of a crescent-shaped stressed that the object"was regard the -brightness at theobject at the moment it execut- flying toward Donetsk. I as- leading edge was a l i t t l eed a bank from the following: sume that on Sept. - 19 the taxi greater than at the trailingPage 12
    • "-MirsoroO - . Mele,a- ^ ~ --•- - ^v<, - ,Me5n, . edge. It was difficult to de- n termine the height above the * Top line is route of Aerof lot flight .«. j V l . ^ , k L ^ - ^ ~». ^ , , horizon because we stood in a, as 404. Bottom line is apparent trajec- Rub g. ye / ansk ^c^-^o . ^J^le*^ • toryofUFO. •- S"° Vw« °WlUetovo ^^•s^i-^^- • ""^ depression. It was approxi- » ""S^/ ." -ov.vaffl „„„..,.„ • • "U51Cn"S°peTl,-•*-*5^0^i,:" .""/. mately fifteen degrees and we™. . ,,,o* Kramaioii ^ ^^,,_ No 0 @(- j, ° r«bok,y W ,_;..,..•..;-;••;• " -(| g G ffi |u P av1 determined the direction of • oOnejjiowsk ^ . ?.Ti. J» ® "", "k JA^jffll^T •. - i "* brsW flight was from southwest to v sll| &n5kiy Q . ^tk-~ (ia»£orod . * ifl|"^JonBSK_ j- ka ) ^haXhtY TstTTiiv U * ^ northeast. "As it moved away, the object 8 Oroznomkidie Marganets /_. , - O amT O 0oiyay p 1e ° Q. . *^1 ktov . . prRt5V*n3"^^^ .^"^^ j,mo^riikl o. m became smaller, then seemed to / land or settle in a cloud and Bol. or..Tokmak "- :___ ceased being visible. The en- tire phenomenon continued for ten to twelve seconds, but dur- 1^ Aeroflot flight number outline of the half moon disap- ing this time the boys managed I had a window seat on this peared and the object assumed to say that they had also seen flight. Our airplane made a the form of a violet, elongated s i m i l a r appearances before and stop at Lugansk airport- and disc, thirty to forty meterseven predicted accurately that, then we again took off for Vol- long, and it flew on. a parallel disappearing from-.view, the ograd. - We were flying at an course for about one kilometerpuzzling object would flare up altitude of between 1800 and (10 to 12 seconds) changing itsagain. 1850 meters .and it was already co 1 o r a s. i t f 1 ew. "This is exactly what" happen- dark. "It flew at our speed,(.whiched. Four or five seconds after "I was looking out of my was three hundred kilometersthe luminous crescent disap- window most of the time when per hour ( 8 8 m.p.h.). Some 1, peared, several luminous points sparks, like small redlstars,different in brightness and began to appear behind it as if seemingly falling or descending emitted from- it. Then, the freely were visible in that speed of the object increased; part of the sky where this oc- a strong flame appeared lat its curredi rear and the object quickly "The circumstances that the flew away in. the direct-ion ofother eyewitnesses had already Volograd, becoming only a small had similar observations of red dot which disappeared this sort diminished the un- shortly. We conti.nued to fly usual ness of the phenomenon for to Volograd where we arrived at me-. We then speculated that 2000 hours. - this was one of the artificial "The pilots and crew said satellites which had burned up that they had also observed in re-entry into the earths this object:for themselves, butatmosphere. that they had no explanation at "No sounds were heard- al- a l l for what it might have though it was very quiet" and been. i the slightest noise would have "I arrived home to my apart- been noticed." ment in - the city of Volzhskiy (Signed: G 0 N« Pyanykh, at 2200 hours -and told my wife Sverdlovsk, Luganskaya oblast, and son about the incident. My Doneckaya St., Bldg. 60, Apt.suddenly, at 1920 hours, I not- son informed me that at 1930 22) . iced that some kind of object hours that same evening, he had in,the shape of a crescent moon observed a flying crescent- . NAYSHKINs REPORT was suspended in the sky ata shaped object at a great a l t i - s l i g h t l y higher altitude, ap- tude which, when it descended, ., In September of 19&7, I flew proximately twenty kilometers became blue with a violet hue; by airplane to the city of Za- from us. some sort of small stair-like 6 porozhy to spend my vacation - "At first, 1 thought that emission was shot out from be- with my daughter. this was the moon, but then I hind it, and .then he saiid the "I returned from this vaca- saw the real moon ahead. This object departed upward at :a tion on Sept. 19. Iflew from second moon,1 in the form of a great veloci ty." - • the city of Zaporozhye, taking crescent, began to quickly ap- . (Signed: V l a d i m i r Ivanovich off at 1700 hours (Moscow Time) proach our . aircraft, and des- Nayshkin, technician, j Vol-with my destination .being Vol- cended to our level of flight. zhskiy, Engels St., Bldg.t11-A, ograd. The airplane was an I I - When this object descended, the Apr. 33.) . . - : } - • Page 13
    • In Others Words By Lucius Parish UFO sightings by celebrities of the original Regnery edi- U.S. (N.C. residents add 4% have been featured in two re- tion; the "revised edition" sales tax); the overseas rate cent issues of NATIONAL ENQUIR- issued by Ace Books some years (First Class) is $4.87. Order ER. The Feb. 25 issue told of ago contains different mater- from: Pioneer Printing Co. - P. three UFOs seen and photograph- ial). 0. Box 407 - Mt. Airy, N. C. ed by comedian Dick Gregory in A new quarterly magazine, 27030. 1967. In the March k issue, OFFICIAL UFO, is now available. Buddy. Greco recounted his ex- The first issue is largely re- A lot of Ufologists seem to perience with a UFO in 1962. hash and not very impressive, take the subject (and them- The Feb. 23 TATTLER reported but it might develop into some- selves) a bit too seriously at Glenn Fords UFO sighting, and thing worthwhile. The price is times. Not .thatthe implica-.the March 2 issue featured co- $1.00 per issue. tions of UFOs arent—or might median Robert Kleins 1957 I:-am informed that Ernest L. not be—serious, -but, as in a l l sighting. Moyers- THE DAY OF. CELESTIAL aspects of life, Ufologists NATIONAL STAR has also been VISITATION is available from need a sense of humor too. If p r i n t i n g various UFO items re- Exposition Press for $12;50. you agree, then youre certain cently. Ray Stanfords research However, this is merely a re- to like Dan Clements book, HOW and opinions are found in the print" of Moyers previous book, TO BE KIDNAPPED BY UFOLK (AND Feb. 22 issue, along .with a GOD, MAN.- AND THE UFOs, with a OTHER ESCAPES). And dont let two-page feature on W. Va.s t i t l e change and a price in- that t i t l e mislead you; Clem-."Mothman." Australian UFO crease. This gives me mixed ents isnt poking fun at either events are mentioned in the feelings, as the book is cer- UFOs or the people who investi- March 8 issue, plus a feature tainly well worth reading, but gate them. For that matter, he on UFOs and cattle mutilations. Expositions tactics smack of has also been researching the The March 15 issue has a short "rip-off" to me. subject for many years, so he item on last years landing George Fawcetts name is knows whereof he speaks. As he case from Canada which involved known to practically everyone says in his opening chapter: 5" dome-shaped objects. who reads any Ufological liter- "The approach is lighthearted Mysterious disappearances of ature. Since "flying saucers" and perhaps lightheaded. The people and possible UFO in- h i t the headlines in 19^7, intent, however, is serious and volvement in such cases are George has been busily re- the basic facts, though syn- discussed by B. Ann :Slate in searching the subject and col- thesized and dramatized, are the April issue of SAGA. lecting data on sightings. He not fictionalized." I got many • A strictly-rehash article on has now compiled a booklet, a chuckle out of the book and I the Burmuda . Triangle can be QUARTER CENTURY STUDIES OF UFOs think you w i l l also. It might found in the April issue of AIR IN FLORIDA, ,NORTH CAROLINA & even make you forget the time CLASS.ICS. Another article of TENNESSEE. As the t i t l e sug- Cousin Henry got you up at the same caliber can be found gests, George reviews the his- three oclock in the morning to in the May issue of MALE.. The tory of UFO reports in the watch Venus rising! Order the May issue of ACTION FOR MEN has states in which he has lived book from: Clemco - Box 1362 - yet another Triangle article; during the past quarter cen- Manhattan Beach, CA 90266. The this one .mentions a mysterious tury. He also includes- chap- price is $3.95. "circle" off Cape Hatteras, N. ters on the 1973 UFO flap, STRANGE PLANET (A Sourcebook C. which allegedly shows up on American reports during 1974, of Unusual Geological Facts) is certain satellite photos. At and global reports in 1974. the latest entry in W i l l i a m R. the rate things are going, I Lists of recommended books and Corliss 1 hopefully-never-ending may have to start a separate periodicals are also to be line of "sourcebooks" on For- column for Triangle items! found, along with photos, bio- tean subjects. This one covers Recent paperback reprints of graphical information on the such topics as fossil clocks, various books include: Carl Sa- author, etc. APROs Coral Lo- mammoth graveyards, animals gans THE COSMIC CONNECTION; renzen has provided a Foreword "entombed" in rocks, phantom Allen Louis Erskines: WHY ARE for the. booklet. A very .inter- lands and islands, The Deluge, THEY WATCHING US?; Jacques esting example, of one mans magnetic anomalies and rever- Vallees ANATOMY OF A PHENOM- work with UFO data. The booklet sals, ringing rocks, moving ENON (this is a direct reprint is a v a i l a b l e -for-$4.15 in the rocks, singing sands and a hostPage 14
    • of other- unusual phenomena.Nothing about UFOs, per se, inthis volume, but you w i l l finda few references to. the types FBI Law Enforcement Bulletinof artifacts often cited insupport of the "ancient astro- publicizes Center for UFO Studiesnaut" theory. The previous A five-page article by Dr. Discussing the misconceptionbooks in the series—Volumes 1 J. A l l e n Hynek has been printed that "people see what they wantand 2 of STRANGE PHENOMENA and in the February issue of the to see." Dr. Hynek explainedVolume 1 of STRANGE ARTIFACTS— prestigious FBI LAW ENFORCEMENT that "once again, experienceare also s t i l l available from BULLETIN, which has a circula- denies this. Time and again,Mr. Corliss. His next offering tion of 80,000. the witnesses try first ;to ex-w i l l be Volume 1 of STRANGE The article explains the role p l a i n their sighting to them-UNIVERSE, dealing with astro- which law enforcement officers selves: At first I thought itnomical mysteries. STRANGE can play in reporting UFO was a balloon (or an aircraft,PLANET is priced at $7-95, from sightings to the Center via a or an accident on the. road, andthe author at: P.O. Box 107 - special toll-free number.. Dr. so forth), but then we realizedGlen Arm, MD 21057. Hynek also presents a general it just couldnt be1 is a picture of the UFO scene, em- statement I have heard many,Rawlins, Wyoming phasizing the Increasing accep- many times." Such newspapers as THE WASH-case still open tance of. UFOs as a suitable subject of study by scientists. INGTON POST and the SANTA ANA, Replying to questions by Discussing some misconcep- Calif., REGISTER have reportedSKYLOOK concerning a follow-up tions about the UFO phenomenon, the appearance of Dr. Hynekson the alleged experience of Hynek dealt with the charge story in the FBI publication,Carl Higdon near Rawlins, Wyo. that reports are made by crack- providing additional favorable(reported in the December, 197t pots. p u b l i c i t y for the Center.;SKYLOOK), Dr. Leo Sprinkle, who "The facts are quite other- During 197^ the Center forinvestigated the case, replied wise," he pointed out. ."Clear- UFO Studies received kk"} re-on Feb. 12 as follows: ly, pol ice off icers , ports over its toll-free l i n e "Thank you very much for your and m i l i t a r y pilots, air traf- from law enforcement agencies. letter, and for your good ques- fic controllers, scientists, A preliminary assessment, indi-tions regarding the Carl Higdon and school teachers are not in cates that about 71 percentUFO experience. I regret that this category. Experience def- were "nocturnal lights," 17further information is not yet initely shows that the best re- percent were listed as /closeavailable, since the investiga- ports, those with the greatest encounters" (within 500 feet),tion is continuing. information content, come from 8 percent were daylight discs, "The UFO Panel : of the NAT- technically trained, profes- and k percent were uncategor- IONAL ENQUIRER w i l l be meeting sional people, especially law ized. in March, and I hope to encour- enforcement personnel." . The Center has noted, how-age other members of the Panel Dealing with the misconcep- ever, that these preliminaryto consider further procedures, tion that UFO. witnesses have designations often change afterfor example, .polygraph examina- "overstimulated imaginations," the reports are investigated.tion, etc. Hynek stated, "The reports About 5,000 law enforcement "There are many questions themselves argue strongly a- agencies have access to the regarding the information which gainst-this, for the reports do confidential hotline number.has come out, even though I not range over a broad spec-continue to hold the view that trum.Carl Higdon did experience the "There are v i r t u a l l y Highly recommended unusual event. ports of .unidentified SAILING by SKYLOOK "As we l.earn more about the objects, or. of UFOs.with wingsevents which took place, I hope or wheels, and there are no re- 1973 — Year of the Humanoidswe can approach.the questions ports of flying, pink elephants by Dave Webb •you raise: The significance of (FPEs), or of the Empire Statethis case in relation to other B u i l d i n g being seen upside.downs imilar cases. $3.00 from in Pittsburgh....Pure imagina- MUFON : "Thank you for your ques- tion should produce all sorts 40 Christopher Ct.tions; I w i l l try to keep other of things—but concerning UFOs, Quincy, III. 62301 - researchers informed as soon as it does not....Our most puzzl-the investigation is concluded ing reports come from reliable,and a final report written." often .highly-trained, witness- Page 15
    • Traunstein, Austria, area 54 Objects, 29 Sightings reported By Ernst Berger ones, but always with three nothing unusual. At 7:30 p.m. MUFON Central European Section globes in operation and without CET Hans Pritz left the group "feelers" occurred in the and drove to Zwettl together The following is only a brief Traunstein sky. Hans Pritz and with three friends. It was notreview of interesting cases Mr. L., local department store until March 2, 1975, that wefrom the Waldviertel Highlands owner, were the main witnesses. learned the four persons hadin the v i c i n i t y of Traunstein, The Spielberg witness watch- encountered a huge oval "burn-Austria, which have come to ed a pulsating globe following ing, red" object "just over thelight in the course of addi- a spiral trajectory, over the treetops" on their way totional investigations. swamp region to the northwest Zwettl, near Grossweissenbach. We soon had to realize the in August. Nothing new until Also, three yellowish globes"snail feeler" sightings of November, when a low-flying "composed of many parts, like aOctober and November, 1973, cigar or oblong object with a puzzle" were noticed near thewere only one piece for the yellow-orange and red light cigar-shaped light source. Thejig-saw—no isolated phenomena. crossed the road in front of somewhat dramatic Type-l hadA statistical breakdown with the Pritz car in the evening of happened around 7:50 p.m. Thethe deadline of March 2, 1975, the 18th. Gerhart and Hans case is s t i l l under investiga-i.e. after our 6th field trip Pritz gave us an impressive ac- tion and w i l l be published .byfor MUFON-C.E.S., indicates al- count of this small low-flyer, Skylook together with a detail-most permanent activity since which kept only 50 meters above ed report on the other Traun-August, 1973, with 29 different ground level. stein sightings.sighting reports and 5k objects On Dec. 9, a disc flashing I have to add that I delib-involved. vivid colors was .observed erately did not follow Dr. On 2*» occasions shapes or through binoculars by the L. Hyneks suggestion to excludestructural details were observ- family; 5 days later Mr. Pritz UFO reporters with a "repeatered, and two Type-I sightings saw a fuzzy globe with a rotat- aspect" from my studies, buthave been recorded. Details on ing beacon light and a red dot have taken the Pritz and Mr. L.the salient points of interest flying away from it on his way reports at face value. In ourw i l l be translated in May, so to Kaltenbach. Three days be- statistical breakdown, thelets keep to the outlines fore Christmas Eve, 197**, three average number of observers perhere: globes with "peaks" hovered observation proved to be 2.2 In August, 1973, on two suc- near Traunstein, and a winging and kO minutes were the averagecessive evenings near Spiel- ball emitted sparks near a observation time. There can beberg, a globe projecting beams small town in Southern Wald- no doubt something very strangeof "solid light" was observed viertel (possible Type-l). is going on over the lonelyby the owner of a car service A huge globe with multi- woods of Northern Austria.station. The same witness saw colored rays resembling "clock- (Copyright by Ernst Berger,a ball travelling at supersonic hands" was seen from Mr. 1975)speed in early September, and Pritzs uncles near the Pritzwatched a pulsating object house in January this year;which released two "satellites" Hans-Pritz focused his binocu-some days later. All objects lars onto a flickering objectshowed vivid colors which close to the ground three days The Biblechanged in a clockwise pattern, later, and on Jan. 13 a bizarre and Flying Saucersapparently. shape shot down a fiery ray in- by On December 28, 1973, the to the woods behind Mt. Wacht- Dr. Barry H. DowningPritz family at Traunstein stein. A flyover of a cigar 192-page paperbacknoticed a fiery mass manoever- and three red discs was noticed $1.00 postpaid ing in the WSW sky at impos- on the 15th. from SKYLOOKs i b l e speed. Gerhard Pritz re- On Jan. 17 and 27, classical 26 Edgewood Driveported a red egg with a red "dogfights" were watched close- Quincy, IL 62301spotlight cone projecting down- ly by Hans Pritz and his uncle.wards and i l l u m i n a t i n g trees in On March 1, 1975, Ernst Bergerlate January, 197^. In July and one of his investigatorsand August, 1971*, manoevers observed the clear sky together s i m i l a r to the October, 1973, with the Pritz family and sawPage 16
    • 1975 symposiumreservationsbeing accepted Graber appointed staff artist Advance reservations are now Gary Graber, 23, of Mt. Plea-being received for MUFONs sant, Iowa, has been appointedSixth Annual UFO Symposium on SKYLOOKs first staff artist,Saturday and Sunday, July 5 and according to an announcement by6, 1975, at the downtown multi- Editor-Publisher Dwight Con-story Holiday Inn In Oes ne?ly.Moines, Iowa. Grabers previous a r t i s t i c This annual event is hosted contributions to SKYLOOK havethis year by the Mid-Iowa Ufol- included the sketch of Sovietogists and sponsored by the UFO expert Dr. Felix Zigel onMutual UFO Network, Inc. Dr, the January cover,- a sketchDesmond Bragg, department head which reportedly won praise college education with studiesof Drake University, is general from Dr. Zigel himself. . The new staff artist is in science journalism and docu-chairman, and Forrest Lundberg, mentary/entertainment f i l m pro-state-section director, w i l l currently working on special designs for regular columns in duction.serve as the Sympsoium moder-ator and treasurer. the magazine, as well as pos- UFO NEWSCLIPPING Speakers w i l l be David M. sible cover designs. One of SERVICEJacobs, Ph.D., APRO consul- his sketches also accompanies The UFO NEWSCLIPPING tant in history and author, this months "Behind the Iron SERVICE will keep you in-.speaking on "The UFO Contro- Curtain" article. formed of all the latest Unitedversy in America"; R. Leo A state-section director for States and World-Wide UFO ac- Sprinkle, Ph.D., APRO Consul- Henry and Jefferson counties in tivity, as it happens! Our ser- Iowa, Graber says he has been vice was started in 1969, at tant from the University of which time we contracted withWyoming, lecturing on "UFO Re- interested in the implications a reputable international news- search: Game or Play?";.Sherman of UFOs for many years. In ad-; paper-clipping bureau to obtain Larsen, president of the Center dition to his strong interests for us, those hard to find UFO for UFO Studies; Ted Bloecher, in the visual aspects of the reports (i.e., little known photo-MUFON state director for New UFO phenomenon, he says he is graphic cases, close encounterYork and co-chairman of the also interested in the related and landing reports, occupant Humanoid Study Group; and James areas of optical and radio as- cases) and all other UFO re- M. McCampbell, MUFON director tronomy, exobiology, communi- ports, many of which are car-of research and author of the cations theory, bio-cybernet- ried only in small town or ics, advanced power systems, foreign newspapers. fascinating book UFOLOGY—NEW i INSIGHTS FROM SCIENCE AND COM- and state-of-the-art technol- Our UFO Newsclipping Service MON SENSE, speaking on "Interp- ogy. Report, is a 20 page photo-offset, reting Reports of UFO Sight- Graber says he is "an amateur monthly publication containing ings." artist s t i l l exploring tech- the latest United States and Ted P h i l l i p s , MUFON special- niques," while his main in- Canadian UFO newsclippings, ization coordinator, will terest remains in free compo- with our foreign section carry-moderate a workshop session and sition and technical illustra- ing the latest English, Austra- submit a published paper on tion. He hopes to continue his lian, New Zealand, South Afri- "Landing Trace Cases." can, and other foreign UFO newsclippings! We publish more A feature of the published cept for the evening dinner. UFO reports from around the 1975 MUFON UFO proceedings w i l l Individual sessions and dinner globe than ANY other publica- be a submitted paper by Dr. w i l l total $17.00; however, an tion in the World! Stay informed Jacques Vallee titled "UFO Re- advance reservation for the en- —subscribe to the UFO NEWS- search Proposals: What, Who tire symposium is only $15.00. CLIPPING SERVICE!and How Much." Dr. Vallee Advance reservations may beachieved recognition in the UFO made by making a check payable For subscription information field with his first two books to "MID-IOWA UFOLOGISTS" and . and sample pages from our ser-ANATOMY OF A PHENOMENON and m a i l i n g to Forrest Lundberg, vice, write today to:CHALLENGE TO SCIENCE. UFO NEWSCLIPPING treasurer, 3215 Grand Ave., SERVICE, Dept. S-^ Advance reservation prices Apt. 2, Des Moines, Iowa 50312, 3521 S.W. 104thare the same as the 1974 Sym- indicating the number or names Seattle, Washington, 98146 !posium held in Akron, Ohio, ex- of the attendees. . Page 17
    • Directors Message By Walt Andrus We are extremely proud to rector for^Putnam and Pauldingannounce that • James M. McCamp- counties. Dave has been thebell has accepted the appoint- Putnam County CivH Defensement to the Board of Directors director for four years and hasof MUFON with the title of di- a close relationship with pub-rector of Research. lic safety agencies. In addition to coordinating Lou Masonick, state directorthe activities of our Advisory for Minnesota, has appointedBoard of Consultants, he w i l l Raymond L. Warren, 911 22ndbe responsible for guiding and Ave. South, Minneapolis, Minn.overseeing research within the 55404; telephone: AC 612 338-organization. He is the author 3357 as state-section directorof the stimulating book UFOLOGY for Hennepin, Sherburne,— NEW INSIGHTS FROM SCIENCE AND Wright, Carver, and ScottCOMMON SENSE, which.challenges counties.the scientific community in the Eugene T. Lundholm, 2202many disciplines related to the Hughitt Ave., Superior, Wis.UFO phenomenon. 54880; Telephone: AC 715 394- Jim and his lovely . wife, 3765, a professor at the Uni-Carol, reside at 12 Bryce versity of Wisconsin-Superior,Court, Belmont, Calif. 94002; James M. McCampbell • has accepted the responsibilitytelephone: AC 415 593-881*8. for the northern WisconsinJims managerial expertise and past month are the following counties of Douglas, Bayfield,familiarity with many diversi- gentlemen: Burnett, Washburn, Sawyer, Ash-fied engineering and scientific Frederick Kolbe, 125 Christie land, and Iron. Gene is cur-fields w i l l prov.ide the leader- H i l l Road, Darien, Conn. 06820; rently deeply involved in anship and motivation necessary telephone: AC 203 327-0817 w i l l apparent rash of UFO reportsto give.maximum emphasis to re- be responsible for the counties around Gordon and Ashland, Wis,solving the UFO enigma. of Fairfield, New Haven, and Western Wisconsin is being Two new Consultants have Litchfield. The appointment of ably handled by Jack M. Bost-volunteered their services to Mr. Kolbe brings to forty (40) rack, Ph.D., 384 West ParkMUFON—Lester H. Steward, Ph. the number of states in which Street, River Falls, Wis.D., 515 W. Towwley, Phoenix, MUFON is organized. Even though 54002; telephone: AC 715 425-Ariz. 85021 .for biological- MUFON has members or field in- 5730, the new state-section di-psychological cases, and Walter vestigators in all fffty rector for St. Croix, Pierce,A. Mickle, M.D. in the field, of states, we do not consider a Polk, Barren, Dunn, Pepin andelect roen-cepha1og raphy. state organized untH state or Buffalo counties. Jack is Dr. Mickle has also accepted state-section directors are presently chairman of the De-the position of state-section established and functioning. partment of Biology at the Uni-director for the parishes of Nicholas White, 289 No,, Syca- versity of Wisconsin-RiverOrleans, St.Tammany, St. John more St., Hi nek ley, 1 1 1 . 60520; Falls.the Baptist, St. James, St. telephone: .AC 815 286-3692 has Donald L. Worley, a veteranCharles, Terrebonne, Lafourche, been cover DeKalb UFO investigator, 1051 BeechJefferson, Plaquemines, and St. and Lee counties in Illinois. St., Connersville, Ihd 0 47331;Bernard encompassing southeast Nick is an air traffic control- telephone: AC 317 825-6865 hasLouisiana. Walter resides 1 at ler for the nations busiest volunteered to serve as state-5310 Cartier Ave., New Orleans, airport. section director for the Indi-La. 70122; telephone: AC 504 • The possible UFO landing case ana counties of Fayette, Union,282-7068. In addition to his near Ottawa, Ohio, was reported Franklin, Rushville, Wayne,medical profession. Walker is a to MUFON by David W. Spencer, and Henry.private pilot and an amateur 1031 N. . Locust St., Ottawa, James E. M i l l e r , an optom-radio operator K5EOE. Ohio 1*5875; telephone: AC 419 etrist, Box 376, Exeter, Calif. Joining Dr..Mickle as new 523-4873. .Dave has voluntered 93221; telephone: AC 209 592-state-section directors this to serve as state-section di- 3108 has been appointed state-Page 18
    • section director for Tulare and for the names of the speakers, response to reports, which if Kings counties by Paul Cerny, their subjects, and information telephoned -to the Center, would state director for Northern on advance reservations. be referred back to the nearest California. Each state, state-section state or state-section director Raymond E. Fowler, director director, and most consultants for investigation. The close of investigations, is making have received a letter from the cooperation between MUFON and. fantastic progress in the edit- Center for UFO Studies signed the Center for UFO Studies is ing and composing of MUFONs by J.. Allen Hynek reiterating another fine example of the second edition of the "Field the cooperative investigative united effort being displayed Investigators Manual." Other network arrangement that exists to help resolve the UFO enigma. specialists and consultants between the Center and MUFON. such as Adrian Vance, Ron West- Also enclosed was an intro- 1974 MUFON UFO rum, Ted Phillips, and several ductory letter addressed to SYMPOSIUM PROCEEDINGSof Rays close colleagues have "Dear Chief," which explains "UFOs-—An Issue Whose Time submitted sections for the man- the Center for UFO Studies and Has Almost Come" By Ralphual on their area of expertise. the toll free number which may Blum In order that the manual may be be used by police agencies to "Religion and UFOs: The Extra- revised and kept current with report UFO sightings directly sensory Problem" by Barry H.ease, it w i l l be printed on to the Center. Since state- Downing, Ph.D.both sides of 8x1 H" sheets of section directors are responsi- ble for several counties, they "UFO Trace-landing Cases" bypaper and be placed in a three- Ted Phillips ring binder of the investiga- may have a large number of cit- ies and villages, each having "Journey Into the Hill Startors choice. Announcement of Map" by Marjorie E. Fish its availability, price, and their own police departments,means of distriubtion w i l l be in addition to each county "Saucers, PSI and Psychiatry"made known via a future issue sheriff. It is recommended by Bert hold E. Schwarz, M.D.of SKYLOOK. that the letter from the Center "Flying Saucers and Physics" by Joe B r i l l , international co- be reproduced in volume to meet Stanton T. Friedmanordinator, has approved the ap- your needs for each agency. "UFOs, in Relation to Creaturepointment of Jim Smyth, 5 In addition to the letter Sightings in Pennsylvania" byRiversdale Rd., Prehew, Derry Stan Gordon from the Center, each directorNorth Ireland as MUFONs fore- should compose a short concise 1973 MIDWEST UFOign representative for Northern letter describing the local SYMPOSIUM PROCEEDINGS Ireland. MUFON organization, giving the "MUFON—A Dynamic Scien- A revised MUFON "Introductory names, addresses and telephone tific Organization" presented byResume" reflecting the new com- number to be called to report Walter H. Andrus, Jr.bination membership-SKYLOOK UFO sightings. These two let- "UFO Flight Characteristics"subscription dues rate and a ters will help to establish a presented by John F. Schuesslergeneral statement of MUFONs rapport between the police "Landing Traces, Physical Evi-goals, objectives, and organ I- agencies and the local MUFON dence for the UFO" presented byzation structure is now avail- representatives when they are Ted Phillipsable for distribution. All new delivered personally to the "Vision, Photography & UFOs"state or state-section direc- chief of police or sheriff. In presented by Adrian Vancetors have been receiving the communities where local MUFON "Ufology and the Search forrevised version as an explana- groups or representatives are Extraterrestrial Life" presentedtory statement for the news well organized, the police in by Stanton T. Friedmanmedia and as an aid when re- some cities have indicated thatcruiting field investigators. "The Embarrassment of Riches" they would prefer to refer the presented by Dr. J. Allen HynekA l l directors needing a fresh cases directly to MUFON of this two-page form Wider distribution of the "Some Questions Concerning Dr.should write to the MUFON ad- toll-free number to county Menzels Biblical Exegesis" sub-ministrative office at ^0 sheriffs and police departments mitted paper by Dr. Barry H. DowningChristopher Court, 0_uincy, Ml. in areas where MUFON is not62J01. presently organized w i l l u l t i - For the 1974 or 1973 Plans are rapidly firming-up mately bring UFO reports to the MUTUAL UFO SYMPOSIUMfor MUFONs Sixth Annual UFO attention of the Center for UFO PROCEEDINGS, send $3.25Symposium to be held July 5 and Studies that are now being un- ($4.00 outside the United States6, 1975, at the downtown Holi- reported and thus not available or Canada) by check or money order, to MUFON UFO NET-day Inn in Des Moines, Iowa, for investigation and study. WORK, INC., 40 ChristopherPlease refer to a separate art- This recommended local ar- Court, Quincy, III. 62301, U.S.A.icle in this issue of SKYLOOK rangement thus provides prompt Page 19
    • Recapping and commenting By Richard Hall this an open question. stronomy However, it is also note- (This column is directed to- worthy that there is no UFO be- Notes By Mark Herbs*riWwards articles appearing in the havior described in the reportFebruary, 1975, edition of SKY---no "craft" seen either land-LOOK) . ing or taking off. the report May Sky content is apparition-Like Perhaps I should be awarded rather than UFO-like. The fol- Mercury—is at greatest east-a set of horns for playing the lowing questions also remain. ern elongation on the 16th andDevils advocate, but various Anyone who has ever tried to this is a favorable elongation.aspects of the "Creature Inside jump a battery at night and get During all of this month Mercu-Shield of Light" case (October the right cables on the right ry may be seen low in tftev21, 1973) bother me as to its terminals must wonder how this southwest after sunset. ~r-interpretation. could be done without light Venus—is-magnitude r3.7. It Only Len Stringfields fine (page 5), is in the west at sunset andreport makes it possible for me Does the Swallen warehouse sets about 3 hours second-guess, but I am sure have a guard, and if so where Mars—is in the southwestLen would agree that persistent was he at the time? What was before sun riseiand critical questioning is the boyfriend!s occupation at Jupiter^-is in Pisces. It;necessary in "messy" cases of the time, and could it have rises about an hour before thethis type. I also know from been related to the floor tile Sun,experience that follow-up in- fragments? When the car back- Saturn—is in Gemini. It isvestigations can be d i f f i c u l t , fired, could it have expelled well down in the west at suase.tand nagging questions frequent- carbon particles and exhaust and sets-about 3 hours later. ly remain. wastes contributing to the de- The Eta Aquarid meteor .-shower, Len has established that bris found? reaches maxi-.mum on -May 5th.various conventional visual Analysis of the physical There is an eel ipsje... of thestimuli were present in the samples might shed Tight on the Moon v i s i b l e in North Americageneral area that could have possibilities of exhaust on the night of the 2A/th-25th.confused the issue of whether a wastes, corrosion scraped fromUFO was there—3 fire engines battery terminals, and the f>ines this, as a "1 imestone regj^-and a ladder truck, a disabled presence of flares or fireworks ion marked by sinks and i-n<te1p-vehicle whose occupants sought (teenage highjinks?). sper.sed with abrupt ridges,, 1 to get it started, a sec- It might also help to have regular protuberant rocks,-cav-ong vehicle used to jump the the occupants of the two cars erns, and underground streams."battery of the fFrst, and a describe step-by-step exactly This could describe a number "ofpolice scout car. what they did before and during UFO hotspots in theU.S., in- In the midst of this "heavy the battery-jump ing procedure, cluding cavern areas of the Ap- traffic," we have one witness-- starting with their arrival at palachians.Mrs. R.H., who was aware of the the parked car. The first instal Imen-t -of therUFO wave then in progress—who I have no idea what Mrs. R. F. Y. Zigel manuscript looks reported an ape-like creature H. saw, but a process of elim- highly promising, already :pro-behaving like a robot within a ination might establish what v i d i n g grist for the cover-up11 •bell-jar-like dome of light. she did not see. m i l l . The test p i l o t reports (The son, Carl, reports only strongly suggest early Sovhe;,t seeing the battery-jumping ac- knowledge of the seriousness -&f t i v i t y and a bright l i g h t be- UFO reports, but also suggest,yond the parked car, not the MUFON-C.E.S. is a welcome hostile actions toward military. creature. He seems so unim- addition to the fold, and their aircraft. ". , ,.,pressed that he goes back to reports to date have been im- Apraskins subsequenit treat-^ bed). pressive in quality. Some read- ment alsohas parallels in U.S. » It is entirely possible that ers may have been puzzled, as I cases, consistent ei thefi;with- a .Mrs. R.H. did observe something was, by the geological descrip- cover-up or a bull-headed deni- 1 anomalous, and there are enough tion of the Austrian-Bavarian al by authorities that such lb-i- coincidental aspects such as border area as having a "Karst zarre events could the tripped fire alarm to leave morphology." My dictionary de- really happening.Page 20