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Mufon ufo journal   1975 2. february - skylook
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Mufon ufo journal 1975 2. february - skylook



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  • 1. We tell it as it isNumber 87SKYLOOKThe UFO Monthly75 centsFebruary, 1975OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF MUTUAL UFO NETWORK; INC.This photo was alleged taken by a doctor in France on March 23,1974. The red object reportedly had green lightrays extending upward when first seen. The rays were extending downward when again viewed. Additional detailsare on page 18.
  • 2. "We tell it as it isSKYLOOKThe UFO Monthly26 Edgewood DriveQuincy, Illinois 62301Dwigbt ConnellyEditorCarolyn ConnellyBusiness ManagerWalter H. AndrusDirector of MUFONTed BloecherHumanoid/Occupant CasesJoseph M. BrillInternational CoordinatorThe Rev. Dr. Barry DowningReligion and UFOsLucius ParishBooks, Periodicals, HistoryMarjorie FishExtraterrestrial LifeStan GordonCreatures & UFOsMark HerbstrittAstronomyRosetta HolmesPromotion/PublicityBob KirkpatrickWest Coast CoordinatorTed PhillipsUFO Landing TracesDavid A. SchrothSt. Louis/Mass MediaJohn F. SchuesslerUFO PropulsionNorma E. ShortEditor-Publisher EmeritusIn This IssueWoman reports creature in light shield 3UFO responds to signal flare in Alps 8Denmark color photos analysed by consultant 12UFOs Behind the Iron Curtain—the Zigel manuscript 14Were space men responsible for California care paintings? 16MUFON Amateur Radio Net formed in Eastern U.S 17Photo of UFO in France features light rays 18UFO reported lands on Spanish firing range . . . . . . . . .. 19Central European Section of MUFON formed 19In Others Words. , , 20David Webbs new book on 1973 humanoid wave ready 21Speakers announced for 1975 MUFON Symposium 21Poll indicates 40 percent believe UFOs are real 21Possible landing traces found at Ravenna, Italy .22MUFON Directors Message , .23Recapping and Commenting 24Astronomy Notes 24The contents of SKYLOOK are determined by the editor and staff, and do not necessarilyrepresent the official judgment of MUFON. Opinions of contributors are their own, and donot necessarily reflect those of the editor, the staff, or AiU.FQN. Books or other items adver-tised are hot necessarily endorsed by SKYLOOK or MUFON.SKYLOOK THE UFO MONTHLY is published monthly by DwighJ Connelly, 26 Edgewood Drive,Qoincy, IL 623*1 USA. Subscription Rates: S8.M per yearin U.S.;,*».**per yearfpreign; single copy, 75cents.Advertisingrates; $5.Mper column lack All ads nbject to approval ofahe piftuifer:Copyright 1»75 by SKYLOOK THE UFOMONTHLY, MEifewoodDrive.i^^cy^n^KU*^ Permissionis hereby grafted to quote from this line of this magaxiBe, provided»ot more than 2M words are quotedfrom any one article, provided that the author of the article is given credit, and provided that thestatement"Copyright U75 by SKYLOOK THE UFO MONTHLY, 2t EdgewoodDrive, Qoincy, IL"is included.Second Class Postage paid at Quincy, IL. (2301.Page 2
  • 3. Cincinnati woman reportsCreature inside shield of lightBy Len StringfieldPlace: Covedale area of WesternCincinnati, Ohio, adjacent to Swal-lens Store and Warehouse.Witness: Mrs. R. H. (name knownto SKYLOOK), age 48, divorced.Three male children: one married,one in college, and third child, age 13,residing with mother/Good health,normal vision, wears reading glasses.Occupation: occasional babysitter.Notable personal characteristics:neatness of personal appearance, tidi-ness of mobile home.Time of Incident: Pre-dawn, ap-proximately 2:30 a.m., Sunday, Oct.12,1973.Weather: Clear skies, no mist norfog, chilly.Background of InvestigationThe incident became known to thiswriter circuitously through TedBloecher of New York, who is doingresearch on UFO humanoid casesOn Oct. 24, 1974, I reached the wit-ness by phone. She was willing to dis-cuss her close encounter with theUFO,-during which time I took co-pious notes. I was impressed by hersincerity in relating the bizarre de-tails describing the UFO, the occu-pant, the EM effects and the variouscollectable residuals, which shethought might relate to the case.The EncounterMrs. R. H. relates that she awokesometime around 2:30 a.m. becauseofintense thirst, and on arising from herbed was attracted to a bright lightcoming through the drawn curtains.She pulled the curtain apart and wasstartled, initially, by a row of indi-vidual lights forming an arc abouttwo yards from her window.Each light source was as large as a"hand with the fingers spread out."The lights, "maybe six" she recalled,were about 4 feet off the ground andalternately vividly blue and silver"like stars as beautiful as Christmaslights," each "lit up inside" (self lumi-nous), casting no radiance to theground or onto a nearby storage shed.Close up ol the self-luirnnous , transparent capsulewith featureless occupant, the bottom portion of which was obscured by a parked car as witnessedby Mrs Heitfeld Rough sketch by L H Strlnqdeld.The lights were in a fixed positionand did not pulsate. She did not openthe window. No sound was audible,nor odor. . .While the "Christmas lights" stillattracted her attention, the witnesssaid her eyes were drawn next to astrong bright light further out in theasphalt parking court beyond hertrailer. A car was parked on theblacktop about 10 feet from thetrailer, which partly obscured thebottom portion of the light source inwhich an "ape-like creature" ap-peared.Terrified, she watched this area oflight for about two or three minutesand thought the creature appeared tothe rear of the parked car "maybe do-ing something to the car." (It was atthis time she ran to her sons bedroomand tried to awaken him. She yelled,"My God, Carl, get up ... get up andlook at that thing out there!")When she returned to the window,Mrs. R. H. relates, "The creature aprpeared to be further away from thecar, maybe 35feet away." This time itwas inside a "shield of light," the light"looking like a light in an operatingroom." The shield was shaped like aladys umbrella, "the kind that comesdown over the head" (often referredto as a bubble umbrella). The brightlight was within the shield. Therewas no glow of light beyond the shield.The creature "stood, out clearly,"looking like "an ape" with a big waistand no neck. There were no distin-guishable features in the head, butMrs. R. H.s description indicated itwas a side view of a head of prog-nathic configuration with a snout,which tapered downward. The headand body were facing the Swallenswarehouse building, which was to theleft of the witness mobile home. Thebody was entirely gray and was alsofeatureless. Only the arms on eachside of the big waist were moving"very slowly," alternately up anddown.Mrs. R. H. showed me the up anddown motion without bending elbows,Page 3
  • 4. General perspective view of trailer coun showing approximateddistances of Mrs. Heltfelds trailer, the adjacent storage shedthe parked car and the warehouse In relationship to the self-luminous, transparent bell-jar capsule with occupant. Roughsketch by L. H. Strlngfield.which appeared to be the character-istic stiffness of a robot. No otherpart of the body moved. At one point,Mrs. R. H., in trying to describe theobjects shape, held up a bell jar. "Itwas like glass," she said, "a, glassshield that had a bright light inside it.It was round on top."The objects circumference wasestimated to be equal to "six meneach holding hands with their armsoutstretched, standing in a circle."She added, "there was plenty of roominside the lighted dome to hold sev-eral more creatures of similar size.By Mrs. R. H.s estimate, the objector shield was approximately 15 feetin diameter. There were no visibleinstruments or panels inside the self-luminous capsule, although the occu-pants arms appeared to be moving alever that was not visible. Mrs. R. H.relates that the humanoid remainedin view about four or five minutesPage 4during the whole episode.The Sons ReactionThe son, Carl, was urged by Mrs. R.H. to "get up" from a deep sleep. Hearose, and still half asleep, lookedout-side initially toward the Swallenswarehouse building, which had a fa-miliar small lamp under the edge ofthe roof. "Not there," pleaded Mrs.R. H. "Look over there," and shepointed to the shield and creature.When Carl answered "Yeah!," Mrs.R. H. then relates she ran (with Carlstill dazed) to the next room to thetelephone. She did not turn on thelights, dialed the operator, and askedfor the police department.The response by the Price Hill Po-lice Department was blunt: "Lady,weve already been there." (The of-ficer was indicating a fire alarm.)Despite Mrs. R. H.s plea she couldnot convince the officer of the legiti-macy of her story. She described theUFO and its occupant and said, "Itsstill here . . . it cant be human!"Some time later, while the witnesswas still on the phone, Carl recallslooking out the window and saw thatthe parked car was apparently havingengine trouble as a second car hadjoined it and was "jumping" the bat-tery. Carl went back to bed. Mo-ments later, with Mrs. R. H. still onthe phone, there was a very "loud,deep BOOM sound.""Whatwas that?"Mrs. R. H. asked her son. Carl, in bed,replied, "It must be the car starting."Not knowing about the car problem,Mrs. R. H. told the police "wait aminute," and returned to the window.The UFO and its occupant had dis-appeared. Also, the parked car andthe second car that Carl had seenwere gone. Mrs. R. H. returned to thephone and informed the policeangrily, "Never mind, its gone!" Shehung up. She could not go back to
  • 5. sleep, and kept the lights on the restof the night.Carl, however, testifies that he sawthe bright light his mother had indi-cated beyond the parked car whichoccurred before the second car hadarrived.At some unknown point during thislong interval, the UFO and occupanthad departed from the scene asneither Mrs. R. H. (on phone) or Carl(in bed) were watching. The UFOsdeparture may have been triggeredby the sudden appearance of the twoteenagers in the second car.The parked car (owner, a youngman — unknown) had its batteryjumped by a second car (his girlfriends). They had just returned tothe parking area and neither thecouple nor the second car were inview during the time Mrs. R. H. hadlooked out the window. The girl toldMrs. R. H. the next day that they sawno light in the parking lot when theyarrived and had used no light them-selves while jumping the battery. Thegirl also said that her boyfriends car"always had some kind of trouble."There is no way of knowing if thetroubled car was an EM effect, or, ifthe loud boom was caused by theUFO or the cars exhaust.Artifacts and Residuals Found in AreaThe following day, Mrs. R. H.searched the asphalt-covered parkingarea behind her trailer for evidenceof the "terrifying creature." Near hertrailer (beyond about 6 feet of grass)on the asphalt she found a conspicu-ous swirl of ashes, small chunks andpowder. The ashes appeared to havebeen churned by a strong wind or fan.She tried to pick up chunks whichcrumbled easily. She did manage toget several V4 inch-size units andsome dust which she deposited in aplastic bag. This substance was inevidence near the row of blue and sil-ver lights.Mrs. R. H. also discovered brokenfragments of floor tile, manufacturedby Armstrong, in the same area,which appeared to have been scat-tered or flung outward over the samearea as the ashes. Some were flung tothe base of her mobile home. She didnot recall seeing these fragments inthe area before the incident. Thefragments were heavily scuffed.The main witness, Mrs. R. H., standsat the rear of her trailer. The level ofher outstretched arm is the esti-mated elevation of the blue andsilver lights.In further search she discovered a"plastic disc" depressed into the as-phalt, which she admitted may not berelated to the incident. However, she -was impressed by the plastic disc anddug it out of the asphalt with a screw-driver. She then noted that the discrevealed "symbols or foreign letters"which she could not recognize. Thisobject she also put into a plastic bag.When my wife and I investigatedthe case, I suspected that the bluedisc had a man-made explanation/andthat the characters were oriental(later found to be Japanese). I alsorecognized the Armstrong tile (somarked), but could not account for itsfragmentation. The powdered sub-stance remains unexplained,and maywarrant laboratory analysis. Mrs.R. H. does not necessarily relate anyof the residual exhibits to the coloredlights or the UFO (shield and crea-ture), but in her frantic search forevidence she gathered all suspectitems.EM Effect Investigation"The creature was facing the Swal-lens warehouse," said Mrs. R. H. Co-incidently, and perhaps unrelated, isthe fact that the Swallens singlestory warehouse, approximately 125-150 feet from the UFO, had its firealarm tripped by an unknown cause.I checked the Cincinnati Fire Depart-ment (Records Department) andfound that District 3 Fire Tower onGlenway Avenue (four miles away)had responded to this alram with fourvehicles (Engines No. 21, 24, 35 andLadder Truck No. 10) under the di-rection of Fire Marshall RobertMil-ler in response to an alarm soundedat 2:27 a.m. The time coincides withMrs. R. H.s related incident.Mrs. R. H. relates she was unawareof the fire departments responseuntil the next day, when a neighbor in-formed her of the Swallens firealarm and fire department activity.She did not see the fire engines orthe firemen. Fire Marshall Miller re-lates that the vehicles did not enterthe trailer court area (entrance onGlenway Avenue). They entered at3225 Brader Avenue, an area whichwould have been obscured from Mrs.R. H.s vision by the Swallen ware-house building.The Fire Department records re-veal the following: "CompressionSwitch turned off. Sprinkler Systemlost air. Cause unknown. No fire. Re-ceived alarm at 2:27 a.m." Fire Mar-shall Miller reported back to District3 that his vehicles were "back inservice" (case closed, vehicles avail-able for service) at 2:41 a.m. Mar-shall Miller remembers the eventwith this comment: "Somethingcaused the electrical surge to trip thealarm. Could not find the cause."I inquired of Marshall Miller if hehad a vehicle using blue lights or menwearing asbestos suits, which Ithought might account for Mrs. R.H.s experience. His reply was that allfire vehicles use only red lights, andno personnel had reason to don asbes-tos suits. This is only done in theevent of fire.The owner of the Swallen Stores (alarge chain in Cincinnati), Mr. DonSwallen, was informed of the alarmand arrived on the scene. Mrs. R. H.talked to him the next day about thealarm and her UFO incident, whichhe recalled when I checked with him-on the details of the alarm. Swallenverified the fire alarm being tripped,which had no explanation. He alsostated that there was no sign offorced entry of his premises.The alarm that was tripped wasPage 5
  • 6. self-installed by Swallen Stores. OtherSwallen buildings, such as the retailstore adjacent to the warehouse areequipped by American Alarm Com-pany, which according to that com-panys records, do not show theiralarm reacting during the same timeframe.On Dec. 30, 1974, Mrs. Heitfeld man-aged to located the teenagers; theowner of the parked car named CliffFulmer, and Tina Marie Arrico, whoat that time lived with her mother inthe trailer court, and whose car pro-vided the battery jump.I phoned Tina, who related that sheand her friend had returned from adrive-in theatre to the Swallens lotshortly after 2:30 a.m. . . . "no laterthan 3a.m." She stated that Cliffs carwas notorious for its troubles, es-pecially getting it started. She said onthis occasion the battery went dead,and they used her car to jump thebattery. She said, it caused a briefspark and a loudboom.Tina said that a police car arriveda few minutes after their arrival,cruised around the lot, and departedimmediately. Tina said neither shenor Cliff observed anything unusualduring her brief time in the parkinglot. She did not see or hear the FireDepartment activity at Swallenswarehouse.Mrs. Heitfeld states she did not seethe second car arrive on the lot or seethe battery jumping operation.Tina said that the next morningafter she heard of Mrs. Heitfelds ex-perience, she joined in the search forevidence in the parking lot. She con-firmed the deposit of cinders andpowder substance near the trailer andthe fragments of linoleumwhich werenot there before.Tinas reference to a police carchecking the lot indicates the possi-bility that the police did respond toMrs. Heitfelds phone plea for help.I asked Mrs. R. H. if she had beeninterested in UFOs, or had recentlydiscussed the subject. She repliedthat she never had any particular in-terest in UFOs. However, she saidthat she was aware of the fact thatthe subject was in the news in recentweeks. She also related that she hadsometime earlier remarked to a rela-tive, "I dont believe in that kind ofThis is a portion of the small chunks of powder found near the witnesstrailer.stuff." She added, "If I ever saw oneId walk right up to it."She took exception to her avowedbravery during her own encounter.She states that she was petrified, sofrightened that she didnt know whatto do. She did not turn on her lights,fearing the "creature" would comeinto her trailer. She dialed the oper-ator in the dark to have the operatorcall the police. She tried desperatelyto awaken a deep-sleeping son. Shewould not open the window or go out-side until the next morning. She wasupset that the police did not respond.When I began investigating the case,Oct. 24, 1974, Mrs. R. H. remarkedthat it was like living the whole thingall over again and she felt fearful.Her son, Carl, was sincere and co-operative. He surmised during myinitial interview that the blue discwas a part of a firework, but was un-certain of the light source outside thetrailer. He admitted he got up in adaze, half-asleep.Mrs. R. H. comments that "nobodybelieves me about the creature or theshield." She assures me that she wasnot dreaming, as the whole thing wasin view for several minutes.ConclusionI believe that Mrs. R. H. had a realconscious experience and was witnessto unusual anomalies beyond herability to understand. The incidentwas not a hoax. Her choice of descrip-tive phraseology to compare the un-conventional to familiar objects lendscredence to her endeavor to relate thetruth. The EM effects are in the timeframe of her observation as con-firmed by the Fire Department, andthe powdered substance is in my pos-session and available for analysis.Len Stringfield has advisedSKYLOOK that he still has afew copies of his 1957 book,INSIDE SAUCER POST . . . 3-0BLUE. The 6x9-inch 94-pagebook is $3.00, and is availablefrom Len at 4412 Grove Ave.,Cincinnati, Ohio, 45227. This is awell done book by one of thepros in the field. SKYLOOK isproud torecommend itPage 6
  • 7. Jerome EdensclaimsevaluatedBy Richard HallFollowing some, remarks in my"Recapping and Commenting" eol-umn indicating skepticism aboutJerome Eden and "orgone" theory,the author (and "Skylook") receivedletters from Eden demanding a re-traction and threatening a law-suit.Since Edens letterhead carries thelegend "All operations registeredwith U.S. Department of CommerceNational Oceanic & AtmosphericAdministration (NOAA)," implyingsome official connection with thatagency, a follow-up investigation wasmade.Edens letter to the author, datedOct. 4, 1974, made two further asser-tions: that he had "successfully" useda Reich "Cloudbuster" for weathermodification in the northwest, andthat he is "duly registered withNOAA as a Reich Cloudbuster oper-ator."Eden further cited an NOAA docu-ment, "Weather Modification ActivityReports, Nov. 1, 1972, to Dec. 31,1973," with specific page references,as if in support of his claims. Thesalient features of NOAAs reply tothe author, dated Nov. 13,1974, shouldbe of interest to Skylookreaders.(1) Eden is registered with NOAA;if he werent, his attempts to modifyweather would be in violation of Pub-lic Law 92-205. Anyone attemptingweather modification must be soregistered. There is no other signifi-cance to that statement by Eden.(2) Asked whether NOAA recognizedthe "Reich Cloudbuster" as a legiti-mate scientific interest, NOAA re-plied: " . . . no scientific research orcontrolled experiments have been re-ported that substantiate any mea-surable results obtained through us-ing this apparatus."(3) A copy of the report cited byEden was obtained; it, too, merelyindicates that Eden has compliedwith the law by registering his ac-tivities and in no way substantiatesany claims of success.Bloecher, Webb appreciatecontributions on humanoidsCo-chairman Ted Bloecher andDavid Webb, of MUFONs StudyGroup on Humanoid Reports, wouldlike to thank the following contribu-tors for providing valuable, first-handmaterial on occupant references dur-ing 1974. Case references, followingnames of contributors, are identifiedby locale and date:Ralph Blum, New York City: Lox-~ley, Ala., Oct. 17,1973,Everett Brazie, La Fayette, N.Y.:New Berlin, N.Y.,Nov.25,1964.John Carlson, College Park, Md.:Passapatanzy, Va., May 15,1971.Ann Druffel, Pasadena, Calif.: Bur-bank, Calif., Oct. 16,1973.Idabel Epperson, Los Angeles,Calif.: Simi Valley, Calif., Oct. 4,1973;and San Ardo, Calif., Dec. 14,1973.Lou Parish, Plumerville, Ark.:Chingford, England, May 11,1974.Ray Fowler, Wenham, Mass.: Mc-Allister, Okla., Feb. 14, 1973; andGoffstown, N.H.,Nov.2, 1973.. .Richard Hall, Brentwood, Mo.:Brands Flats, Va., Jan. 19,1965.Wido Hoville,Dollard-des-Ormeaux,P.Q.: JoHette, P.Q., Nov. 22,1973; andSt. Cyrille de Wendover,P.Q., June25,1974.Jerold R. Johnson, Austin, Texas:Poteet, Texas, Nov.14,1973.. R. Cedric Leonard, Oklahoma City,Okla.; Randlitt, Okla, April 23, 1966(pending—TB).Larry Moyers, Akron, Ohio: Kent,Ohio, May 12,1973.John Oswald, North Hampton, N.H.:Exeter, N.H., Aug. 1973; Durham,N.H, Sept. 18,1973; Weare, N.H.,Nov.1973 (pend.); Goffstown, N.H, Nov. 1,1973; and Hampton Beach, N.H., May20,1974.Ted Phillips, Sedalia, Mo.: KnoxCity, Mo., Jan. 29, 1967; Tuscumbia,Mo., Feb. 14, 1967; and Edina, Mo.,Jan (early) 1969.Margaret Pine, Greenville, S.C.:Greenville, S.C., Nov.11,1973.Leo Sprinkle, Laramie, Wyo.: Raw-lins, Wyo., Oct. 25,1974.Len Stringfield, Cincinnati, Ohio:Covedale, Ohio, Oct. 12, 1973; andSpringfield, Ohio,Jan: 8,1974!Virgil Tarlton, Barberton, 0.: Ohio,summer, 1952.Walter Webb, Westwood, Mass.:Goffstown, N.H, Nov.2,1973!"In addition," says Bloecher, "weare indebted to SKYLOOK StaffMember Joseph Brill, who has pro-vided copies of all foreign referencesinvolving humanoids and UFO occu-pants throughout 1974. Most of thesecases have already appeared in re-cent editions of SKYLOOK. We lookforward to continued interest and co-operation among MUFON;represen-tatives and contributors during 1975."1974 MUFON UFOSYMPOSIUM PROCEEDINGS"MUFON—A Positive Ap-proach to the UFO Enigma" byWalter H. Andrus, Jr."UFOs—An Issue Whose TimeHas Almost Come" By RalphBlum"Religion and UFOs: The Extra-sensory Problem" by Barry H.Downing, Ph.D."UFO Trace-landing Cases" byTed Phillips"Journey Into the Hill StarMap" by Marjorie E. Fish"Saucers, PSI and Psychiatry"by Berthold E. Schwarz, M.D."Flying Saucers and Physics" byStanton T. Friedman"UFOs, in Relation to CreatureSightings in Pennsylvania" byStan Gordon -"Magnetic Explanation ofUFOs" by Eugene H. BurtFor your copy of the MUFON1974 UFO SYMPOSIUM PRO-CEEDINGS, send $3.25- ($4.00if outside of the Unitedi Statesor Canada) by check or imoney"order to MUFON, 40 Christo-pher Court, Quincy, III. ;62301Page 7
  • 8. In the Bavarian AlpsUFO reacts to signal flaresBy Ernest BergerMt. Hochries (1569 m), withits alpine hut, is a prominentmountain peak of the NorthernCalcareous Alps at the Aust-rian-Bavarian border 70 kms SEof Munich, capital of Bavaria,15 kms SE of Rosenheim, and a-bout the same distance SW offamous Lake Chiemsee, WesternGermany.Mt. Hochries, Mt» Geigelstein(1808 m) and Mt. Kampenwand(1669 m) are the last alpinesummits of Chiemgauer Mountainsoverlooking the colorful planeof Bavarian Alpenvorland (pre-alpine country) with sweepingvistas over the Rosenheim, andChiemsee region, as well asover the Lower and. High Aust-rian Alps to the south. On aclear day you can see the snow-covered peaks of Stubaier andZillertaler Alps at NorthernTyrol.The beautiful surroundingshave made the Hochries region apopular skiing ground, and acable-car has been constructedto take skiers from Crainbachup to Hochries hut.An interrupted supperDec. 10, 1973, was one ofthose typical Bavarian winterevenings with a full moon overthe snowy slopes. Mr FriedrichLennartz, 33, landlord of Hoch-ries hut and mountain rescueservice man, had his supper to-gether with Hochries porterPeter Zettel, 29. .The two menwere sitting at a table in thedining room, so Zettel lookedright through the large pano-ramic window into the darksoutheast towards Mt. Geigel-stein, which is 8 kms distant.Suddenly, at approximately8:30 p.m. GET, Zettel noticed afiery spot at Mt Weitlahnerkopf(1611 m), somewhat to the northof Mt. Geigelstein, and showedThis case was investigated by Dipl.Ing. Adolf Schneider, Ernst Berger,and the investigators of the CentralEuropean Section of to Lennartz. "Really some-thing big and easy to spot,bigger than a fire. First wethought of mountaineers indanger signalling with mag-nesium torches or a burning hutbecause of the brilliance,"Lennartz later told us. "Theground was illuminated all a-round it."It was a quiet night with ex-cellent visibility, no clouds,and only a slight southernbreeze. Lennartz and Zettelgot their Zeiss Ikon binocu-lars, 10x50 and 12x50, openedthe window, and pointed theirinstruments at the "burningspot" in the snow. They wereamazed to see a mysteriousfiery object, which had appar-ently touched down near thecross -of Mt. Weitlahnerkopfsummit and was now restingmotionless in or above a shal-low trough. . .Had there been an aircrash?The landing area is almost 8kms away from a ground projec-tion of Upper Blue 1 airwaywith its heading of 137°/317°Ji.e. running from azimuth 137°over Reit im Winkel and LakeChiemsee to airport Munich-Riem. Or was it a wrecked heli-copter of Bavarias air rescue?The general reaction of Len-nartz and Zettel followed the"escalation of hypotheses" pat-tern, according to Dr. AllenHynek.At closer examination it wasa strange sight even to Len-nartz, .who had been a member ofthe German navy at a specialmarine division for air con-trol, and later at tacticalclose defence reconnaissancefrom 1950 to 1962.Egg-shaped objectThe object seemed to be egg-shaped, pointed end up, andstood upright in the snow (seesketch). The nearby cross ofWeitlahnerkopf was a good com-parison, and Lennartz esti-mated the objects size at 9 by12 (or 14) meters. Its upperthird looked like a yellowishdome, and rotating coloredlights sped around its lowerbody and the outer circumfer-ence .Both men kept their "air-crash opinion" and went intoaction. The landlord signalledwith his powerful US flash-light, and they switched on andoff all lights in Hochries hut,but no reaction was discernibleat Weitlahnerkopf.At 8:40 p.m. Lennartz wentto the mike of his SoramerkampTS 600 wireless set to transmitan emergency exercise call. Wehave to add that Lennartz is nosimple ham operator or hobby-ist, but uses his TS 600 pro-fessionally for alpine rescuepurposes and has built a 15meter antenna east of his hutwhich gives his set an averagebroadcasting range of 300 kms.His code name "Romeo Golf I" iswell-known among 11 meter bandoperators in southern Bavaria,,11 meter band conversationsusually take place between 27215 and 27 275 megacycles.TheHochries wireless set is con-nected to the grid, not to abattery, and has an . output of2.8 watts.Signal attracts objectLennartz reached "UTO II,"Hoslwang," MQskar Echo," andother stations in the Munich-Rosenheim area. At 8:50 p.m.he decided to fire a red signalrocket into the objects direc-tion, which he did. The rocketPage 8
  • 9. Mt. WeitlohnerkopfMt. Geigelstein Hovering point,Dec. 10, 1973x• v^ss-V-^^v -I ..;v.j, ^V^Hochnestype he used explodes 300 toL 400 meters away on the average.I Then he listened again to thewireless conversations, butwatched the object closely. Andhe did not wait very long for a.reaction this time. Suddenlythe object was covered up witha red glow that hid the rotat-ing lights (Lennartz chose a• color between minium and salmonin our color table, later) andstarted to rise slowly.It took 4 or 5 minutes forthe egg to "clear the moun-tains," said Lennartz; that isa minimum height of 200 metersabove the landing spot. "It wasa dazzling red, only the cupolaremained yellowish."Scarcely had they time tosxchange their opinions, whenthe egg accelerated rapidly. Itdashed towards Hochries hut atterrific speed, growing largerwith every second. "Suddenly Ii. noticed static at my carrierwave, but at the same time mytransmitting power was rising.I have no test for transmittingpower at my set, but Munich andBosonheim told me they werereading me extra loud." At amoments notice he picked up acrackling, .continuous carrier,similar to static from a not-suppressed motor-scooter, andsome stations even complainedabout the "unidentified jam-ming station," and Lennartz1voice spread with maximum vol-ume, although he was unable toexplain why.With the mike in his hand hewatched the objects approachand had his first lesson in E8M. effects associated with theUFO phenomenon. Within 10 sec-onds the egg had travelled be-tween 5 and 6 kilometers and itcame to a stand-still less than2 kilometers away over theKlausenberg slope.In case Lennartz estimateof 10 kms seconds for 5 kms(measured on the map) was cor-rect, the object approachedHochries hut at supersonicspeed (the speed of sound is330m/sec for 0°C). Its trajec-tory proved to be straight, notparallel to ground level, butgoing down from 1800 to 1540/50meters."When it was near, you couldsee once again the runninglights," Lennartz explained,"It was soundless and it lookedlike that..." He managed todraw a sketch for us with allsalient details they had ob-served at 1700/1800 meters dis-tance with binoculars.DomeThe curved dome reminded Len-nartz of a cockpit made of per-plex. Its indirect illuminationwas a soft, dead-yellow color,or white light shining througha semi-transparent cupola.Three or four dark "ledges"reached down from the objectstop to the lower rim of the"pilot cabin," giving it theappearance of "pieces for anunfolded parabolic antenna orthe greenhouse of an old.,B-52."The real startling effect,however, was not the dome. Be-low the rim, four rows of pul-sating, colpred lights whirledaround the dark body. Lennartzcompared them to "color organsof a discotheque—red, green,blue and white, white as thelowest line." In our summerinvestigation, we talked withhim about the "strobe belts"for quite a long time, andErnst Berger arrived at theconclusion that the effect wasbasically different from commonpsychedelic lights, or colororgans. Lennartz made clear hedid not see rotating dots,chains of bulbs, or the "phieffect" known in psychology ofvisual perception, where se-quential flashes give the im-pression of movement."They always went from leftto right (counterclockwise),without much system, not all atthe same time," he said. One"light" appeared at the leftedge earlier, the next one abit later and so on. "Liketubes which would lead, all a-round the body and brighten up"one light maximum (no point)per "strobe belt" moved alongat 2 rotations/second. "Smearedlight peaks" is a better term-inus for the hard nut. At thecircumference one more bright"light" seemed to circle thelarge oval clockwise. Whateverit was, one thing is certain:the whole show puzzled Lennartzand Zettel and hid effectivelythe objects dark surface. "Thesurface was rather, gray, maybemetal. Goodness knows.*Lets review the scene ofDec. 10: The object had! arrivedover Klausenberg slope andstopped for half a minute, thencontinued with a right-angleturn travelling into the direc-tion of Klausenalm hut, inwinter an uninhabited propertyacross the Bavarian borderline,in Austria. Two or three min-utes later they saw it hovering10 to 30 meters over a snowypasture on a kind of ridge be-Poge 9
  • 10. tween Mt. Klausenberg and Mt.Zinnenberg (1564 m)„ The statickept crackling in the receiver,so they switched off the set.At 9 p.m. Lennartz noticed awhimpering sound outside thewestern door of the diningroom. When he unlocked thedoor, he found his St. Bernarddog, Barrie, and Dachshund,Susi, and let them in, but won-dered why they had tried to getin there, because the westerndoor is locked throughout thewinter season. Had the objectconfused the dogs?Klausenalm hut gave a goodsize comparison for the nexttwo hours, and Lennartz foundhis estimates to be correct.Object again reactsNothing happened until 11:40p.m., so the landlord decidedto try his "trick" again andfired another red signal rocketinto the south. Quick reactionagain: the red "mantle" coveredup the egg, it accelerated fromzero velocity to an extremerate, and ascended with aslight western deviation. "Itsped upwards at breakneck speedand we lost it among the stars.When it was gone, reception wasclear again." The object hadshrinked into a "star" within30 seconds and into nothing at11:45 p.m. GET.CorroborotionThe Hochries case madehead-lines in Bavaria on December13, but the details given weresketchy, to say the least.Dipl. Ing. Schneider dug underthe surface and, apart from hisinterview at Hochries, cor-roborating sightings came tolight.Bfigitte Drexel, a school-girl, and two of her classmateshad been out with their tobog-gans at Zeller Berger near Neu-beuern, when at sunset an oval,orange-colored object appearedin the sky. A Rosenheim .paperreceived a phone call from Mr.Zoefel,who claimed he had seenon Monday from his flat in thePanorama view from the Hochries Hut of the Dec. 10, 1973, sighting.5th floor a luminous, multi-colored shape over the moun-tains in the Hochries direc-tion.At 10p.m. the same evening,ham operator Mr. Hoffmann(."Neptun I") from Bernau atLake Chiemsee spotted a yellow-orange light in the fog aboutthree or four kms to the NE,but only 50 meters above groundlevel, and "the size of a bung-alow." Similar stories camefrom tobogganers at Grainbach,Mrs. M. at Neubeuern, and work-ers of the Hochries cable carproject.Other sightingsFollowing sightings by var-ious persons in the area onJan. 3, 1974; February, 1974;March 29, 1974; and Aug. 17,1974, there was an interestingsighting on Aug. 23, 1974.Thunderstorms and showers hitthe Northern Alps, except Hoch-ries and its surroundings. At8:30 p. m. Friedrich Lennartzleft Riesan hut (1444 ml. Hesaid jjood-bye to Mrs. Ramsauer,landlady of Riesen hut, andsteered his .jeep into the woodsalong the first meters of the2.3 km long rotten track up toHochries hut.He had only disappeared be-hind the trees when Mrs. Ram-sauer noticed up at Hochriessomething was going on in frontof the starry sky. A strange,lengthy, "balloony object"stood upright left of the hutat the peak and gave off ayellow-orange color of spot-light intensity. It illumina-ted the eastern front of Hoch-ries hut brightly, so Mrs. Ram-sauer called her husband and arelative.The three watchedjthe^ eeriesight through Leitz Trinovid10x40 binoculars. It defin-itely was near, or on, theground to the south or south-east of Hochries hut, biggerthan the house, i.e. about 12meters high. Unfortunately notelephone line runs from Riesenhut to Hochries hut, and theRamsauer family has no wirelessset either. Within 30 minutesof continuous watch—about thetime Lennartz was on his way upthe mountain—the "luminousbanana" appeared at differentpositions around the hut and atlast vanished suddenly.The following day Mrs. Ram-sauer went to see Lennartz andtold him of the sighting, butfound no traces on the groundnear the house at close examin-ation.Whatever had been there, itproduced no E. M. effect orresidue whatsoever. Mrs. Len-nartz, who had watched TV inHochries hut in a room at thewestern side, remembered noth-ing unusual about the set, sig-Poge 10
  • 11. C e E . S .The "pulsations," "satel-View from the Riesen Hut of the Aug. 23 (upper right) and the Aug. 24 (lower left)sightings.nificant difference compared toDec. 10, 1973. - . :In the falling rainMrs. Ramsauer went home a bitconfused. Her interest arousedby the phenomenon, she lookedout again of a hut window afterdusk. Weather was bad on Sat-urday, Aug. 24: Rainfall inthe Hochries region and scat-tered thunderstorms, the skyalmost overcast, winds belowlOkm/hour. Certainly no "sight-ing weather," experienced in-vestigators will say.But 8:30 p.m. arrived and thephenomenon as well. The land-lady was amazed to spot a lumi-nous, motionless object, andquickly she alarmed her hus-band, her sister, her niece, 5members of the Gabriel familyof Frasdorf-Ried, and an ac-quaintance of a Gabriel niece,guests of Riesen hut. The LeitzTririovid 10x40 was passed onfrom observer to observer.Mr. Ramsauer later said theobject resembled an ellipsoidin horizontal position withsolid shape and clear outlinedespite the falling rain. Theellipse hovered low in the val-ley between Hochries peak andMt. Klausenberg (thelow-flyingarea of the February object).Franz Gabriel, peasant fromFrasdorf-Ried, looked at itwith only the naked eye andcompared it to a platter seenfrom the rim, about %. full moondiameter. The 10 witnesseslost it "at an eyes glimpse"5/10 minutes after .Mrs. Ram-sauers call.The Riesen hut interview alsounearthed the sighting of theolder Mrs. Ramsauer (56 years),mother of the Riesen hut land-lady. On Saturday evening,Oct. 27, 1973 (note:. 1 day be-fore the "Traunstein snailmanoevers" at Austria), herdaughter had been at a weddingin the neighborhood and theolder, Mrs. Ramsauer remained a-lone in the hut. Suddenly ayellow-red, orange-shaped ob-ject seemed to .glide down fromSpielberg (1 km distant) to-wards Riesen hut arid throw a"ghostly light" onto the darktrees of the landscape. Aftera turn to the right, it blinkedout instantly.Breakdown and parallelsUntil Dec. 1, 1974, 9 dif-ferent sightings with 10 defi-nite objects, 2 lights, andnumerous "satellites" on oneoccasion have been reported byat least 37 persons in theHochries area (sketchy 1973reports excluded from break-down), and 18 have been inter-viewed at length by 7 fieldinvestigation teams during 6field trips organized by MUFON,lites" and the typical "orangeglow" of the Rochries flap re-ports remind us of the Traun-stein, Austria, manoeveres onOct. 28/29 and Nov. 17, 1973.Supersonic speed, hours ofhovering, and right angle turnsare other patterns remarkableof 1973/1974 activity in Cen-tral Europe—and not only Cen-.tral Europe, of course.To publish data on the Hoch-ries flap first, the translatorhas postponed compilations ofan article on his own investi-gations at Traunstein in Sep-tember and November, 1974. Ac-tivity there has developed atthe same rate as in Bavaria,and the 13 new reports fromWaldviertel Highland show ahighly.similar spectrum of pat-terns.The investigators are sorrythat bad weather conditions andexcessive snowfalls did not en-able a close examination of thepossible landing spot at Weit-lahnerkopf in 1973 and early1974. As we have seen, nothingwas found near Hochries hut,the second touchdown area.Geological maps do not indi-cate major tectonic faults run-ning through the flap area, buta remarkable Karst morphology(dolinss, poljes, disappearingwells) is present NE of Hoch-ries hut, especially aroundRiesen hut and stretching 2 kmsfurther to Laubenstein Basin atMt. Zellerhorti, where the fam-ous Laubenstein caves are lo-cated.Special ideas and critiquesmay be addressed to Dipl. Ing.Adolf Schneider, Konrad-Celtis-Strasse 38, D-8 MUNICH, 70,Western Germany, and ErnstBerger, postlagernd PostantNufdorferstrasse 7, !AT-1094VIENNA, Austria. . •THE UFO WAVE OF 1896 and THEMYSTERY OF THE GHOST ROCK-ETS. One dollar buys both booklets.Mr. Loren E. Gross, 38675; PaseoPadre, No. 305 Fremont, Calif.94536.Page 11
  • 12. Denmark photosanalysedby consultantBy Adrian Vancephoto consultantThe two UFO pictures made byMr. Jorma Viita in the Odense,Denmark, area on June 22, 1974,appear to be consistent withhis report of the sighting andthe statements he quoted fromthree other witnesses (see De-cember SKYLOOK).The graphs correlating size,speed, and resolution withdis-tance, coupled with an approx-imation of the effect of atmos-pheric haze, indicate that theobject was at a distance of1200 feet in the first pictureand at 3600 feet in the second.The vehicle appears to be atan angle of 45 degrees relativeto the horizon implied by thebottom frame of the picture inthe first exposure, but at anangle of 22.5 degrees in thesecond. However, in both casesthe vehicles angle relative tothe sun is +5 degrees, as de-by a study of thereflections on theterminedspecularcraft.Testscameraswith several 35 mmindicate that theytypically require two andone-half seconds to cock and re-lease. Therefore we assumethat this was the interval be-tween the two exposures andthat the vehicle covered some2400 feet in that amount oftime. This is a velocity of650 miles per hour, less thanthe speed of sound and not suf-ficiently high to cause a sonicboom (which was not reported inthe sighting).The image size indicatesthat the craft is about 80 feetin diameter and 30 feet tall.It features 16 window-likestructures encircling an uppermargin, and each of these portsis about three feet tall, sixfeet wide, and has a three-footportion of hull between eachone.Page 12i»IEDITORS NOTE: The two photosallegedly taken by Mr. JormaViita on June 22, 1974, whichwere described in detail in theDecember SKYLOOK, have nowbeen analysed by Photo Con-sultant Adrian Vance, who con-cludes that they are "of an extra-ordinary object that is,in all likeli-hood, not of this earth." To datewe have not been able to com-municate with the three addition-al witnesses (besides the photog-rapher, there was a Germancouple living in France, and aJapanese man), but we are con-tinuing our efforts.The photos were obtained by JoeBrill, International Coordinatorfor MUFON andSKYLOOK.The hull appears to be metal-lic, orange or gold in color,and of sufficiently high lusterto cast specular reflections,just as the ports do when theyface the sun.This indicates that the portsare a transparent material thatreflects the sun at or beyond acertain angle. This angle iscalled the "critical angle" andvaries with the wavelength ofthe light involved. Inasmuchas the reflection is nevertotal and every material ab-sorbs light differently, we maybe able to identify the sub-stance from an analysis of thislight in a spectrophotometer.In addition, copies of theoriginal image made on EastmanKodaks Photomicrography Film#2483 show a blue halo not seenon the original and which hasnot been reproduced withsim-ilar images of ordinary ob-jects.The utter reality of theimages, the nature of its re-flections, especially those ofits consistent orientation tothe sun as well as a reportthat is consistent with the en-tire history of the sightingsof this kind of object lead meto conclude that these areunique photographs of an ex-traordinary object that is, inall likelihood, not of thisearth.
  • 13. Gutless and dullNBC UFO special draws commentsReactions to the Dec. 15 NBCSpecial, "UFOs-Do You Believe?"have generally been negativethus far.Stanton Friedman, formernuclear physicist and currentlya well-known lecturer on UFOs,said, "I was greatly disap-pointed that with a budget ofover $200,000 they managed topresent so little solid infor-mation, when they had so much.".,Friedman was filmed by NBCat the MUFON symposium in Akronlast summer. He notes that theentire MUFON convention wasfilmed, but that much of thedramatic information availablewas left out."NBC surely skipped over theclinchers in almost every in-stance," said Friedman in aninterview by David Branch inthe Santa Ana,Calif..REGISTER."For example, there was nomention of radar cases," de-spite a large number of reli-able radar trackings.. "Andthere was no mention of occu-pant cases, except for theHickson case," even thoughthere are a number of crediblesightings of humanoids. Fried-man was particularly unhappythat NBC chose to ignore theimpressive work done by Marjo-rie Fish on the Betty Hill starmap , and its implications re-garding extraterrestrial life.Friedman also pointed putthat there was nothing said a-bout the involvement of scien-tists in the three major UFOorganizations, and "there wasno discussion of any of thetechnological aspects of UFOs.There was no mention of thepoll showing that a majority ofengineers and scientists be-lieve in UFOs."Asked why the NBC productionwas not better, Friedman said,"I dont know, but I think,mostly from talking to CraigLeake, the producer-director,that there was a lot of anti-UFO attitudes at NBC. So theywere apparently afraid to of-fend anybody and managed,therefore, not to say much thatwould have nailed things down."Friedman concluded, "This filmwas gutless and dull."Mrs. Norma Short, formereditor-publisher of SKYLOOK,said she was "disappointed"with the program. "When JimHartz, who narrated the show,was asked later if he believedin UFOs, he said, No. Whywould anybody spend millions toget here just to pick up somerocks and scare some rabbits?1I wanted to say, Well, wespent millions to go to themoon and pick up some rocks."Dwight Connelly, the currenteditor-publisher of SKYLOOK,said, "I video-taped the pro-gram for future use, but Ithink it was probably a wasteof tape. NBC certainly ignoredthe best evidence available. Ithought the case involving theyoung boy and Dr. Hynek, whois probably the best-known per-son in UFOs, was unimpressiveto say the least."The significant work of TedPhillips on landing cases wasvirtually ignored, though NBCdid have Ted wandering aroundthe Columbia, Mo., site with .acamera while the main witnessdescribed the landing."When Hartz summarized theUFO phenomenon by saying thatthere is no evidence but testi-mony by witnesses, I couldntbelieve it. What a waste of$200,000."Arthur Unger, writing in theCHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR, saidthe NBC special did "nothing atall to resolve any of themys-teries of the flying saucers."While suggesting that thespecial "makes fascinatingviewing," Unger concludes thatthe program "cops out." It of-fers no solutions, no real helpfor you to come to any validconclusions."MUFON Director Walt Andrussaid, "Even though the showdid not meet all the expecta-tions of those familiar withthe UFO scene, it provided veryfavorable exposure to thenations viewers of the work andactivities of MUFON." Andrusadded, "Confidentially, we werea little disappointed in theselection of some of the UFOsighting reports depicted andthe inability of the witnessesto present strong and convinc-ing evidence."Percy Shain, writing in the.Boston EVENING GLOBE, said theNBC special "lacked enterpriseand initiative, relying largelyon previous studies and failingto do enough digging on its ownor to contribute anything sub-stantial to the area. NBCsconclusion that it comes downto a matter of belief, and wemust decide that for ourselves, didnt provide muchnourishment in either direc-tion."C.W. Skipper, writing in theHOUSTON POST, quotes Producer-Director Leake as saying, "Whatyou have is witness testimony.We dont solve the mystery inthe special. We do make theimportant point to be made,that the people are theevi-dence. There is nothing else.No photographs or whatever."Leake is also quoted as say-ing, "I had never paid much at-tention to UFO reports, andonce I started looking intothem I made a conscious effortNOT to believe. Thats;^what Itried to do throughout. But Ikept reminding myself thatwhatever is the stimulus of allthese reports, there is still astory here." ;NBC began research on thespecial last May, and the crewbegan shooting in June. Theyshot about six weeks in 22towns and cities, getting 30hours of film. The editingtook three months.Page 13
  • 14. UFOs Behind the Iron CurtainBy Joe BrillIntroductionI. Ya Furmin, decent of theVoronezh University, became ac-quainted with "reserve pilot"Arkadiy Ivanovich Apraksin onthe "Saratov-Moscow" train andrecorded the following:"A. I. Apraksin spent theentire war in combat aviation.He received the following dec-orations: Red Star, Red Banner,Patriotic War First Class, andthe medals "For the Defense ofStalingrad," "For the Captureof Berlin," and "For Participa-tion in the Patriotic War." Heshowed me the documents award-ing him the decorations and heasked me to record all of this.He insisted that I become fa-miliar with his passport andwith the Saratov visa.First sighting"During 1948-49, Apraksinwas working at a test airfieldat Kapustin Yar in the Baskun-chak area. He^had to test newcombat turbojet airplanes. Heflew in the lower zone of thestratosphere. He could stay inthe air for up to four hours.He repeatedly received thanksfor his outstanding accomplish-ment of missions in testing newequipment."On June 16, 1948,he took aregular aircraft into theair.At an altitude of 10,500 metershe found himself above a solidlayer of clouds. He flew a-bove this "milky sea." Hiscourse was to the south of histake-off point. A half hourafter coming out on his course,he observed an aircraft whichwas of an incomprehensible typeand which was flying on a crosscourse and descending. The ap-EDITORS NOTE: This is the firstof a copyrighted series of articleswhich International Coordinator JoeBrill will prepare from the unpub-lished manuscript of Soviet UFO ex-pert Felix Y. Zigel, assistant profes-sor at the Moscow Aviation Institute.Details concerning Dr.Zigel and themanuscript were reported in lastmonths "UFOs Behind the IronCur-tain." The assistance of StantonFriedman in getting the manuscript.translated from Russian to English isappreciated.paratus had the shape of a cu-cumber. Cones of light beamsemerged from it in a directionthe reverse of the direction ofits flight."Seeing this apparatus,Apraksin, maintaining radiocommunication with the airbaseall the time, reported what hehad seen to the base and re-ceived the reply that thestrange object had been pickedup on radar and received in-structions to descend (land)but did not follow them. Then,the instruction was given fromthe base to Close with the ob-ject and if it refused todes-cend to open fire on it.1Plane disabled"Executing this order,Aprak^sin directed his aircraft tomeet with the mysterious appar-atus. When he closed in to a-bout ten kilometers, the lightbeams from the object in thewords of Apraksin opened up ina fan1and burned through hismachine, in which regard he wasblinded for an instant. At thesame instant he discovered thatthe entire electrical portionof the controls of the airplaneand the engine had gone out ofoperation. Gliding, Apraksindescended and landed withoutdamage. At the last moment, hesaw the strange object in aswift jerk, upward, and then,burying itself in the cloudlayer, he lost sight of it."A detailed statement on thisentire incident was prepared.An expert arrived from Moscowwho examined the airplane indetail, interrogated the pilotand attempted to tear the ac-count to shreads with cross ex-amination questions, and thecomplete testimony was recordedin shorthand twice. These werethen compared for contradic-tions."Then Apraksin was given a45-day leave which he spent inGagra and at his home in Sara-tov. Apraksin was called backfrom leave ten days before itsend. He was called to Moscow,to the Air Force Directorate ofthe Ministry of Defense and wassent to a test airfield in theEuropean sector of the Arctic."In this new location, Aprak-sin was subjected to a thoroughinterrogation on the part ofthe commanders with regard to•that incident1in the air.Then he was shown a statementabout a similar observation ofthe same type of apparatus by apilot whose name was not givento him. In all details of theobservation, the statement co-incided with his personal ob-servation. But this pilotcalled the shape of the .uni-dentified flying object elon-gated1dirigible-shaped. Inhis observation he also noticedthe light beams emanating fromthe object in afan."Apraksin spent three monthsat the polar airfield. He tookoff and flew to great altitudesin a new type of airplane sixPage 14
  • 15. times. Once he flew to the vi-cinity of the North Pole, andin doing so never noticed anyunusual aircraft. Then he wascalled to Moscow and returnedto the airfield in the area ofBaskunchak.A similar sighting"New equipment arrived, andApraksin took part in its mas-tery. First instructions wereconducted under ground condi-tions. The new airplanes had aceiling of up to 15,000 meters.Flights into the air began inthe spring of 1949. Apraksinflew six shorties. Once, aftera flight, another pilot report-ed that he observed somethingsimilar to what Apraksin ob-served the previous year, at agreat distance from himself. Itwas an object of elongated formfrom which bundles of lightbeams emanated. Again, every-thing was recorded in a state-ment and compared with Aprak-sins data. The second pilotdid not close in with the uni-dentified aircraft and he en-countered no complications."On May 6, 1949, Apraksintook off in a new airplane fora test flight. He flew at amaximum altitude. The cloudcover in the take off area waslight but when he found himselfat Moscow latitude clouds cov-ered the ground. He establishedcommunications with Volsk andmaintained communications withthe base all the time.Second encounter"Suddenly an incomprehensibleaircraft similar to the pre-vious one appeared. It flewconsiderably lower. Later, itbegan to descend. Then Aprak-sin directed his aircraft to-ward the flying cucumber.The speeds of both machineswere very great and a collisionappeared inevitable. At a dis-tance of about ten to twelvekilometers a cone of lightbeams was again directed atApraksin. Blindness set in. It.-•rtd~f 4^tfWI1I&___jM^M ^^ffiff Dr. Felix Y. Zigelturned out that the entireelectrical portion of the con-trols were destroyed and, fur-thermore, the front plastic ob-servation window was damaged.The air-tightness of the cock-pit was destroyed and althoughApraksin was in a special suitand protective helmet, he ex-perienced a drop in externalpressure."He was in great trouble, butnevertheless he flew the air-craft, gliding it to the earth.Radio communications with thebase ceased. Apraksin. landedthe airplane on the right bankof the Volga, forty-nine kilo-meters north of Saratov, withgreat difficulty and lost cons-ciousness."When he came to, he was ina hospital at the base. Again"his statements and again theexperts arrived from Moscow.He lay in the hospital (in Sar-atov) for two and a half monthsand then was sent to Moscow. Hethought they called him to theAir Force Directorate of theMinistry of Defense, but itturned out that he was sent be-fore a special medical board ofexperts which sent him to apsycho-neurological installa-tion near Moscow.He spent half a year there.He was treated with psycho-therapy and then with shocktherapy, which was very agon-izing. Several times peopleappeared in white coats, pass-ing themselves off as doctors,but they probably were not doc-tors. They made him repeat theentire story and made tape re-cordings as to how Apraksincompared with recordings:of hisprevious report, apparentlyhoping to discover contradic-tions.Removed from duty"In January of 1950 Apraksinwent before a medical boardwhich adjudged him Group 1Disabled,1removed him from ac-tive duty, summoned his sisterto Moscow from Saratov, andturned him over to her. Theyboth took off for Saratov."In talking about himself,A. I. Apraksin says that he isin full health, that everythingthat he experienced is clear inhis mind and that he reads ar-tistic and special aviationliterature. He does not con-sider himself released from theAir Force but only transferedto the reserve. During 1950and 1951, he went to the Min-istry of Defense twice and wasreceived by a. deputy minister,but he could achieve nothingconcerning his return to activeservice."He was told the same thingeverywhere: You are over fa-tigued, you are threatened withcock and bull stories, and youare not suitable for militaryservice much less the AirForce. But he assures me thathe is in perfect health, thateverything which he saw occurr-ed in fact, that they do notwant to consider him normal forreasons which he cannot under-stand, and that the failure tobelieve his story will bringharm to the Motherland."This report was obtained byDecent I. Ya Furman on Septem-ber 25, 1951, when the factswere still very clear in themind of comrade A. I. Apraksin.Report made by Decent I. YaFurman, City of Voronezh,oblast1prospect of the Revolu-tion, building 36/38, apartment1.Page 15
  • 16. Unexplained intelligence indicatedWere space visitors behind cave drawing?Writing in the Dec. 24 issueof NATIONAL ENQUIRER, Paul Ban-nister says that, according toauthor Eric Von Daniken, anancient cave painting near Cal-ifornia, "hasprovided start-ling new evidence that theUnited States has been visitedby highly intelligent beingsfrom outer space."Professor William Orme-John-son of the University ofWis-consin, who is described as oneof the nations leading bio-chemists, reportedly agreesthat the cave drawing, thoughat least 400 years old, appearsto show details of geneticformulas discovered only in1963. "This painting generallyappears to show the basic lifeformulas," Professor Orme-John-son is quoted as saying. .According to the ENQUIRER,Von Daniken apparently firstsaw the sketch in a book, andincluded it in his book, GODSFROM OUTER SPACE. But Von Dan-iken apparentlyunderstand whatuntil HeinrichSwiss technicalgineer, saw the sketch in VonDaniken1s book and recognizedit as a complex scientific dia-gram.Gosswiler, who has studiedbiochemistry, reportedly toldthe ENQUIRER, "Unbelievable asit seems, the drawing appearsto be a blueprint for artifi-cially inducing the elements oflife. Ive found 20 detailsthat I can identify—even downto a representation of acom-puter punchcard—and havecal-culated that the chances ofthis drawing being meaningfulby accident are one in severaltrillion."The ENQUIRER quotes ProfessorOrme-Johnson, who heads theUniversity of Wisconsins En-zym Institute, as saying, "Thisseems to be a diagram of adid not fullythe sketch wasGosswiler, adrawings en-This sketch of a cave painting in California appears to reflect knowledgenot available when the painting was made 400 to 1,000 years ago.process to make the fundamen-tals of life. It appears toshow how subjecting certainsubstances, like formaldehydeand cyahose solution, to high-tension electrical dischargeswill produce amino acids andsmall molecules. The left sidelooks like an extract from atextbook on cytology—the studyof cells—and the right sidecould be part of a biologytext. The painting certainlyappears to show some of thepioneering experiments of themid-1950s which attempted tocreate the basics of life."The ENQUIRER says that theage of the painting has been"established beyond doubt bytwo experts on the SantaBar-bara area cave paintings,"Campbell Grant and Dr. DennisPower, both of whom are associ-ated with the Santa BarbaraMuseum of Natural History.The ENQUIRER quotes Grant assaying, "Ive seen the originalcave painting which is repro-duced as a line drawing in VonDanikens book. Its a smallpart of a large mural in onecave—and that mural is 400 to1,000 years old. I have an oldphotograph of this paintingthat was taken almost a centuryago—which proves the paintingwas on the cave wall long be-fore this biological knowledgewas available."Dr. Power is quoted by theENQUIRER as saying, "Themuralswere well known to the firstsettlers in the area nearly 200years ago." The Chumash Indi-ans, a dead race, are creditedwith making the murals.Professor Orme-Johnson isquoted by the ENQUIRER as stat-ing that the drawing "couldeasily be the sort of diagram ascientist would doodle to ex-plain a point. But who was thescientist? Thats the big ques-tion. My opinion is that thismight be a poor reproduction ofanother drawing, which wouldfit Mr. Von Danikens theory ofan Indian copying it." (Sub-mitted by J.R. Maxwell).Page 16
  • 17. Amateur RadioNet formedin EastDue to the tremendous successof the MUFON Amateur Radio Netthat has been operating eachSaturday morning at 8:00 a.m.Central Time on 3.975 MHZ forseveral years covering the mid-western states, popular demandand-interest has brought aboutthe formation of a second MUFON"Ham" Net for the EasternStates.Because of the frequency be-ing used and the "skip dis-tance" involved, the seventy-five meter band has been, verysatisfactory for the purposeintended, but our members onboth coasts have been clammer-ing for additional nets thatwill serve both coasts. RonAnderson, WA9PAM, has beenhandling radio communicationswith our members in Australiaand South Africa on the highfrequency amateur bands.Joe Santangelo, MUFON StateDirector for Massachusetts andamateur Radio Operator WINXY,is the Net Control Station fora forty meter net that meetseach Saturday morning at 8:00a.m. Eastern time between 7235and 7238 KHZ. Joes QTH is 194Barbara Road, Waltham, Massa-chusetts 02154; telephone: AC617 893-3257.The net will be concluded by9:00 a.m. E.S.T. so as to relayUFO reports and informationfrom the eastern states to MU-FON administrative offices inQuincy, IL. K8CCG, Bob in Mus-kegon, MI.; W0SWY, Don, in Mt.Pleasant, IA.; and WA9WMK, Don,in Bloomington, IN., will tryto report in on both nets.The MUFON Eastern Net startedinformally on Jan. 25 and..willofficially be in operation onFeb. 1. Joe is taking this op-:portunity to invite any amateurradio operator interested inthe UFO phenomenon to call induring the "controlled net"operation.Ancient Sightingstopic in St. LouisThe January meeting of theUFO Study Group of Greater St.Louis featured a talk on"Ancient UFO sightings", byClarence Dargie, a descriptionof a. recent UFO sighting byDebbie Jannett, and the film"In Search of Ancient Myster-ies." More- than 200 attendedthe meeting, and an estimated100 additional persons had tobe turned away because of spacelimitations, according to DavidA. Schroth, who reported themeeting.Dargie, MUFON State SectionDirector and Field Investiga-tor, told.the group that "thereare accounts of UFOs in thewritings of every civilizationon this earth, without excep-tion." He cited, . for example,the Sumerian legend of "gods"who came down to the earth ingigantic . metal .eggs, builtcities, and taught men archi-tecture, mathematics, and otherarts. He also referred to theMahabharata (the chronicles ofIndia), and suggested that astory contained therein mayindicate that numerious tech-nological civilizations haveflourished on earth over aperiod of millions of years.Ms. Jannett, of Carlyle, IL.,gave a brief account of hersighting on the night of Jan.1, 1975. She said she was re-turning home about 9:30 p.m. inan auto, and that a huge yel-lowish-orange object followedher car. She said she kept theobject in view for 10-15 min-utes, and estimated its size asequal to approximately threemoons.Map, magnetic effect! cases, world 50tMap, ramon UFO sightings SOtMap, 7S up UFO landing, world i SOtMap, angel hair falls, world 50cMap, aigelbalr falls, US SO.Map.UFOoccapanU SOtMap, lop SI UFO landings, tWI.UC? SOtMap, magnetic effects cases 50List of over 300 UFO organizations and publishers ofUFO information $395Heflin set of UFO photos . S395UFO newspaper clippings . 5< each, any amountList of 105 places to obtain UFO information $195Booklist — FreeBILL BEMIS Box 35 Versailles, IL. 62328AIAA hearsUFO expertsat meetingThe American Institute ofAeronautics and Astronautics inconjunction with their annualmeeting conducted a short sym-posium on unidentified -flyingobjects Jan. 20. Peter A.Sturrock, Professor of SpaceScience and Astrophysics, ofStanford University arrangedfor the speakers and served asmoderator.He assembled some of thefinest scientists in the Worldwho are interested in solvingthe UFO phenomenon. Several ofthe speakers are MUFON members,while others are associatedwith the Center for UFO Stud-ies. The speakers and thetitles of their presentationsfollow."The Emerging Picture of theUFO Phenomenon" -- J. AllenHynek, Ph. D. 1"Toward the Identificationof the UFO Pattern" —ClaudePoher (France) and JacquesVallee, Ph.D. (Stanford Univer-sity) ."Statistical Analysis of UFOData" ~ David R. Saunders, Ph.D. (MUFON Consultant in Statis-tics) University of Chicago"The UFO Photographic Evi-dence" — Fred A. Beckman (Uni-versity of Chicago)"UFO Ground Traces"; — TedPhillips (MUFON SpecializationCoordinator, State-Section Di-rector and SKYLOOK Staff Mem-ber)"The UFO and Science — Re-sponse and Responsibility"—Mr.J.P. Kuettner, Chairman of A.I.A.A. Committee on UFOs.Order forms for the presentedpapers may be secured by writ-ing to A.I.A.A., 9841 :AirportBoulevard, Los Angeles, CA.90045.Page 17
  • 18. CoverphotoEDITORS NOTE: Informationforthis article was taken from an- account by Jean Bedet in theOctober, 1974, issue of theFrench UFO magazine LUMIERESDANS LA NUIT. The translationwas by Miss Linda Galloway,Quincy, IL. The photo was pro-vided by Joe Brill, InternationalCoordinator.The photo on this monthscover, was reportedly taken inFrance on the night of March23, 1974, by a doctor. Thecolor slide of the object wasleft on the windshield of anauto owned by Jean Bedet, aFrench UFO investigator, whowas visiting in the village ofTavernes, France, on April 14,1974.With the slide was a notewhich read: "Sir, Excuse mefor this procedure. I am adoctor and you will understandmy position. I took this slidethe night of March 23 on theroute D 15, near the outskirtsof Albiosc while I was return-ing to,my home. My camera is aCanon 24x36 (35mm) with a tele-photo 135mm 2.8 lens. Once a-gain please excuse me."Bedet, upon finding the note,was "happy and skeptical at thesame time, because this pieceof paper had no signature onit." Bedet attempted to getword to the anonymous doctorthat the doctors. anonymitywould be honored, but receivedno response. "He must know me,"reasoned Bedet, "or else he sawthe LDLN (the French UFO maga-zine) sticker on the rear win-dow of my car."The image on the slide wassimilar to descriptions givenby witnesses, which includedBedets wife, to a sighting inTavernes on March 23, the datethe photo was allegedly taken.Mr. Bedet, along with two.otherUFO researchers, had set up aUFO vigil, complete with de-tector equipment, cameras,lights, and recorders, at asmall cabin in the region ofBarjols on March 23, but hadseen nothing at the mountaintop location. The next daythey went into the village ofTavernes, where they were toldof the sighting of a reddishobject with green lines.The object was first spottedby Mrs. Bedet, who had stayedin the village while her hus-band and the others had gone upinto the mountains to set upthe UFO detection/communicationunit. She was in the yard whenshe spotted the object, whichshe said was very high in thesky, about 11 p.m. The weather.was clear and cool (Tavernes isat an altitude of about 1,350feet).When first seen, the reddishobject, about the size ofVenus, had green lines pointedupward from it. Mrs. Bedetcalled Mr. and Mrs. C. M., whoalso saw the object, but nowthe green lines were pointeddownward. Mr. C.M. took sight-ings from the angle of thehouse, trees, and other sta-tionary objects, which permit-ted Mr. Bedet to later obtainfairly precise bearings. Theobject had been located abovethe mountain at 30° NE at aheight of 17°, in alignmentwith Moustier-Sainte-Marie.As the three witnesses watch-First view .Second viewed, the object went up, des-cended, went to the right, tothe left, then to the right toremain for a time. As the wit-nesses were getting cold, theywent home at 11:30p.m.In looking for " otherwit-nesses, Bedet found 18-year-oldA. Bernardi, who said one ofhis friends saw the object inquestion.After finding the slide leftby the doctor, Bedet took it tothe witnesses. "When they sawthe slide," Bedet related,"They cried, "Thats it exact-ly.1"In analysing the photo,Bedet explained, "We know thatit was, according to thewit-nesses, in the direction ofMoustiers-Sainte-Marie. Let ustrace the line of direction. Weknow that it seemed far awayand not much bigger than Venus.In addition, the anonymous doc-tor said that he was on D 15 onthe outskirts of Albiosc. Thevillage is in a valley, thehigh point is situated on theplateau between Quinson and Al-biosc and lends itself to theobservation. The photo, evenwith the telephoto lens, showsthat the object was relativelynear. The closest area on theaxis of the direction Tavemes-Moustiers is situated in thearea of"Villeneuve near Regus-se," Thus, according to Bedetscalculations, the object wasprobably near Regusse when thephoto was taken.Page 18
  • 19. UFO reportedly lands onfiring rangeDATE OF SIGHTING:Jan. 2,1975.LOCATION OF SIGHTING: BardenasReales,Spain.SUBMITTED BY: Roberto Renduelesof Madrid through Joe Brill, InternationalCoordinator.TRANSLATED BY: Bill Armstrong.While details are sketchyand in part contradictory, itappears that some sort of UFOlanded on the firing range atBardenas Reales on Jan. 2. Therange is used by both the Span-ish air force and the "NorthAmerican Air Force stationed inEurope" for training and firingexercises.According to the Madridnewspaper, INFORMACIONES, "Themilitary authorities of the IIIAir Force Region have appointeda judge who will hear the caseconcerning the unidentifiedflying object." The hearingwill be taken to the Ministryof the Air Force.The paper speculates that"the appearance on this rangeof an unidentified flying ob-ject can be due to one of themany electronic countermeasuresexercises which the air forcescarry out periodically. Ifthis were the case (and thedesignation, for the firsttime, of a special judge wouldseem to indicate it), the mili-tary secrecy which surroundsthese exercises will probablyprevent all public informationabout the affair."The UFO was apparently re-ported by a Lt. Campos, who ison the staff at the firingrange. According to the Madridnewspaper, Lt. Campos refusesto provide any information onthe sighting because the caseis in the hands of militaryauthorities and "under judg-ment." The object was also re-portedly seen by other "sold-iers from the detachment.The UFO was described as"giving off rapid flashes" dur-ing the short time it was onthe ground. After taking off,the object "immediately waslost in the sky."The newspaper reports that a"flying accident" involving a"North American Phantom jet"MUFON European group formedThe December 10, 1973, Hoch-ries sighting, reported else-where - in this issue, was notonly an important event of theCentral European scene in late1973, but also the catalyst,together with the "Traunsteinsnails" reported in October, tospeed up cooperational.effortsamong German, Swiss, and Aus-trian amateurs.In the summer of 1974, atInnsbruck, Austria, immediateintegration of all German-speaking and scientifically-orientated researchers into aCentral European section of theMutual UFO Network (Quincy,111., USA) was decided at atwo-day, privately-organizedUFO meeting.MUFONs Central European Sec-tion is an investigative bodytrying to cover the long-neg-lected Central European scenewith a broad spectrum of in-quiries. All findings of MUFON,C.E.S., will be published byVSkylook." Meanwhile the Hoch-ries affair expanded into a lo-cal flap. The same effect wasnoticed at Traunstein. Fieldinvestigations at the sites ofnumerous Hochries observationshave been conducted by Dipl.Ing. Adolf Schneider of Munich,electronics engineer and authorof a German UFO book; Dipl.Phys. Illo Brand, German Repre-sentative of MUFON, coordinatorof MUFON, C.E.S., and a systemsanalyst; Mario Bertossi;MichaelArends; and Ernst Berger, whohas translated and edited thevoluminous Hochries files.occurred in the same area in1972, and that a "strange andluminous obj ect" was seen inthe area at the time of thecrash. Two crewmen parachutedto safety. ;Two guards of the Hydro-graphic Confederation, who wit-nessed the 1972 crash, saidthey observed something similarto a luminous:ball "of the .sizeof a balloon when it was closeand of a pinhead when it wasfarther away," which gyrated inall directions over the zonewhere the airplanes wereUFO NEWSCLIPPINGSERVICE :The UFO NEWSCLIPPINGSERVICE will keep you! in-formed of all the latest UnitedStates and World-Wide UFO ac-tivity, as it happens! Ourser-vice was started in 1969, atwhich time we contracted witha reputable international-news-paper-clipping bureau to obtainfor us, those hard to find UFOreports (i.e., little known photo-graphic cases, close encounterand landing reports, occupantcases) and all other UFO re-ports, many of which are car-ried only in small town orforeign newspapers.Our UFO Newsclipping ServiceReport, is a 20page photo-offset,monthly publication containingthe latest United States andCanadian UFO newsclippings,with our foreign section carry-ing the latest English, Austra-lian, New Zealand, South Afri-can, and other foreign UFOnewsclippings! Wepublish moreUFO reports from around theglobe than ANY other publica-tion in the World! Stay informed-subscribe to the UFO NEWS-CLIPPING SERVICE! ;For subscription informationand sample pages from our ser-vice, write today to:UFO NEWSCLIPPINGSERVICE, Dept.S3521 S.W. 104thSeattle, Washington, 98146Page 19
  • 20. In OthersWordsBy Lucius ParishThe most recent NATIONAL EN-QUIRER articles on UFOs may befound in the issues for Dec. 24(a fascinating study of a Cali-fornia cave painting whichseemingly supports. von Dani-kens theories); Dec. 31 (for-mations of UFOs over Nebraska);Jan. 7 (sightings by policemenin Colorado); Jan. 14 ("sig-nals" from a UFO in New York);and Jan. 21 (a mysterious soundfrom a . UFO in New York). EN-QUIRER also ran three excerptsfrom Berlitzfs THE BERMUDA TRI-ANGLE, beginning in the Dec. 31issue.The Jan. 5 issue of NATIONALTATTLER devoted two pages tothe "crashed saucers and littlemen" story which has gotten somuch publicity recently. Thisarticle includes testimony by aColoradan which supposedly cor-roborates Robert Carrs asser-tions. • . • •With Charles Berlitzs bookbeing #3 on the non-fictionbest-seller list, TIME" wouldhave been remiss in its duty ifit had not printed its usualderogatory remarks about thepopularity of the book. .Theseare to be found in the Jan. 6issue of TIME.I did not learn of the Dick-inson article on the Hill/Fish"star map" in the Dec. issue ofASTRONOMY in time to mention itin last months column. How-ever, Dwight has already donethat most ably, so I will echohis comments and urge you toread this excellent article.Ralph Blum contributes a UFOarticle to the Jan. issue ofTRUE. No new material here,but the old data are presentedin Ralphs always-excellentstyle. Its good to see TRUEdevoting " space to UFO materialagain.B. Ann Slates article inFeb. SAGA tells of an area inWashington which has long beena center of UFO activity. Sci-entific studies of,the sight-ings have been conducted, but,as always, these suffer forlack of funding. Interesting tocompare these studies with thework of Dr. Rutledge in thePiedmont, Mo. area.The Feb. issue of POLICEGAZETTE contains some .inac-curate rehash of the BermudaTriangle mystery.Major Donald E. KeyhoesALIENS FROM SPACE is now avail-able in a paperback editionfrom New American Library; theprice is $1.50."....the UFOs themselvesmay be plastic globules of pureintelligence, and the UFOnautsmay be nothing, more than ex-ternalized mental projectionsrather than the independentpilots they appear to be." Sosays Brad Steiger in his latest(and in my opinion, best) book.Not, I hasten to add, that I a-gree with the comments quotedabove! But, whether or not youagree with Steigers ideas onUFOs, youll find a wide vari-ety of Forteana within thepages of MYSTERIES OF TIME ANDSPACE. Atlantis, archaeologi-cal "erratics," AbominableSnowmen, poltergeists, myster-ious photographic effects—youll find all these and morein the book, along with Stei-gers underlying theme thatreality is largely what we makeit. As Ive said, I dont gofor the concept that UFOnautsand "Men in Black" are no morethan glorified mental images.It seems likely to me that manyof the phenomena associatedwith UFOs are considerably more"substantial" than Steigerseems to think, Even so, thereis a lot of fascinating mater-ial in this new book and I rec-ommend it highly. Whether ornot you can accept Steiger1sideas of reality, he will giveyou some things to ponder. Thepublisher is Prentice-Hall,Inc. (Englewood Cliffs, N. J.07632) and the price is $7.95.Duck, Erich, here we goagain! I am referring, ofcourse, to von Daniken, histheories, and his detractors.The most recent volume takingthe Swiss author to task isentitled SOME TRUST IN CHARI-OTS. It is a compilation ofwritings by sixteen -Australianauthorities, all of whom seemintent on demolishing the en-tire "ancient astronaut" con-cept. Well, Im the first toadmit that von.Daniken is slop-py in his research and one ofthe worlds foremost conclus-ion-jumpers, but I cant saythat Im much more impressedwith the arguments put forth bythe "it isnt true because itcant be true" school of thou-ght. Von Danikens basicpremise—shorn of his over-.zealousness and carelessness—has a great deal to recommendit. By all means, correct hiserrors—intentional or other-wise—but lets dont throw thebaby out with the bathwater. Isuggest you read SOME TRUST INCHARIOTS, remembering that thecontributors have their biasesand vested interests also. Thehardcover edition may be ob-tained from Bailey Brothers §Swinfen Ltd. - Warner House -Folkestone, Kent, England forapproximately $4.50. A paper-back edition is available fromPopular Library for 95<£.John Macveys WHISPERS FROMSPACE is largely concerned withthe possibilities of other in-.telligent lifeforms in the .uni-verse and the ways in whichcommunication with them mightbe achieved. Thus, most of thebooks material will be famil-iar to those who have readother texts on exobiology.Chapter 13, "From What FarStar?," contains Macvey1sthoughts on UFOs and possiblespace visitations. He considersPage 20
  • 21. some of the evidence for UFOs(though ^he is obviously notfamiliar with the bulk of it)and concludes that while visi-tors from the stars may seemrather unlikely, it is best tokeep an open mind on the pos-sibility. He also tells of hisown sighting of a "nocturnallight" which he could not ex-plain. In discussing historicaland Biblical records, he comesup with an anomalous artifactwhich von Daniken and all theothers of his ilk seem to haveoverlooked—a diffraction grat-ing found in an Egyptian tombof the 3rd or 4th Dynasty. AsMacvey says, "....despite theability of the ancient Egyp-tians to work with metals,there is little doubt that theproduction of a diffractiongrating would have been beyondtheir powers." Such tidbits asthis make the book well worthreading. It is available fromthe Macmillan PublishingCo.,Inc. - 866 Third Ave. - N.Y0,N.Y. 10022 for $8.95.Silver and beautifulobject observedby Texas womanDATE OF SIGHTING:Spring, 1958.LOCATION: Kemah, Texas.INVESTIGATED BY: John F.Schuess-ler,MUFON Deputy Director.Nellie M. Herren, 55, wasstanding in her yard at 800Bradford, Kemah, Texas, about 2p. m. when she saw "a longstring of something coming outof the sky; it looked likeburnt asbestos."She observed something "sil-ver and beautiful. About 50feet wide and round like twosaucers. No sound. About 100feet up. Traveling east towest. Going very slow in astraight line. Pulsating withdiamond-like sparkle aroundedge of saucers." The weatherwas described as "beautifulclear dayi>David Webbsbook on 1973ids readyDavid Webb, Physicist andCo-Chairman of MUFONs HumanoidStudy Group, has written and•published a paper in bookletform that not only reports thehumanoid cases of 1973, butanalyzes them in relation topatterns noted by Dr. David R0Saunders and Jacques Vallee.The work is titled 1973-YEAR OF THE HUMANOIDS, AN AN-ALYSIS OF THE FALL, 1973, UFO/HUMANOID WAVE.Ted Bloecher, Co-Chairman ofthe Humanoid Study Group withDavid, provided his completehumanoid file for Davids usein compiling his paper, whichis complete with cases by cate-gories, distribution charts,plus text references.This booklet is recommendedto the serious UFO researcherwho has become disillusionedwith the sensational treatmentgiven such cases by some weeklytabloids.This booklet is availableimmediately from MUFON, 40Christopher Court, Quincy, II.62301 USA for only $3.00 post-paid. Order your copy now,since this is a limited edi-tioniAndrus to speakat Missouri collegeWalt Andrus, MUFON Director,has been invited to speak to astudent assembly at MissouriSouthern State College in Jop-lin, Mo., at 10 a.m. Feb. 12on "UFOs - A Scientific Re-ality."He will present the sameillustrated lecture that even-ing at 6:30 p.m. for a dinnermeeting arranged by Julie S.Hughes, Assistant Professor -ofHistory.MUFON Symposiumspeakers announcedThe Mid-Iowa UFOlogists willhost MUFONs 1975 Annual UFOSYMPOSIUM in Des Moines; Iowaon July 5 and 6 at the beauti-ful downtown multi-story Holi-day Inn. ;Speakers presently scheduledare: R. Leo. Sprinkle, Ph. D.,member of the National EnquirerUFO Panel and APRO Consultantin Psychology, University ofWyoming, Laramie; Sherman J.Larsen, Glenview, II., Presi-dent of the "Center for UFOStudies" and -MUFON State-Section Director for CookCounty; David M. Jacobs, Ph.D.,University of Nebraska - Lin-coln, APRO Consultant in His-tory and author -of the forth-coming book THE UFO CONTROVERSYIN AMERICA; and James M. Mc-Campbell; Belmont, CA., MJFONConsultant in Research Planningand author of the outstandingsemi-technical book on JUFOstitled UFOLOGY — NEW INSIGHTSFROM SCIENCE AND COMMON SENSE.There will be" several(work-shop sessions on specializedareas coordinated by Ted -Phil-lips on both July 5 and 6.:Poll indicatesbelief in UFOsAccording to a poll conductedby the Roper Organization forTHE NATIONAL ENQUIRER, 40 per-cent of Americans believe thatUFOs are real.The highest percentages ofbelievers are: :(1) Those who live in theWestern states (53%). , ;(2) Those in the 18-29 agebracket (51%). -(3) Those earning $12,QOO ormore (47%). | •(4) Those with college edu-cations (51%). !According to the poll, 40percent of the men and 39 per-cent of the women are believers(Submitted by John Schuessler)Page 21
  • 22. ItalyPossible landingtraces reportedDATE OF SIGHTINGS: July 8-9,1974.LOCATION OF SIGHTINGS: Ravenna,Italy.SOURCE OF INFORMATION: News-paper IL REST DEL CARLINO, July 11,1974.SUBMITTED BY: Dr. Marco Marianti,MUFON Representative for Italy, throughJoe Brill, International Coordinator.Two separate night sightingsand possible landing traceswere reported in the Ravennaarea on the night of July 8-9.Bruno Minvallo, who was in thegatekeepers house of Lugo onthe highway to Ravenna, saidthat on the night of July 8 heobserved a mysterious lightmove across the sky in relationto the highway, and that thelight seemed to maintain aheight of about 10 meters (30feet) above the highway. He re-ported the sighting to police.A little later that night asimilar report was made to thepolice by the driver of anauto, Roberto Imolesi, and fourpassengers. "We were travelingto Bologna," said Imolesi,"when at Barbiano I noticed alight in the distance, at thecenter of the highway, right a-bove the white line." Thinkingit was a reflection, he saidnothing until one of the pas-sengers, Gianni Morone, noticedit and asked Imolesi to stopthe car."I got out of the car," ex-plained Imolesi, "and noticedthat the light, yellow anddark, was at the center of ahuge wing, not very well de-fined in the darkness. I hadthe impression that it was inthe form of a cap with a visor,and had a diameter of approxim-ately fifteen meters (45 feet).After we stopped, the lightrose and I began to shout andto make gestures with my armsto call attention of otherpassing autos. The mysteriousobject then made a change in%cC"^L "*4ff:~-:Vi-^:-* - ] • " - S«a&$k3$tT^f-V-1-^,vS^ife^Investigator Marco Marianti stands inside the largest of the circles, which is 25feet in diameter. There was a circular impression 2Vi to 3 inches wide in the circle.* -?iv<- -..-. ••; ••/•,-;».;- • . ,• .• • »—*-** , * * «****•Dr. Marianti looks over the smaller circles which were found. The smaller circleswere 4Vi feet in diameter. There was a circular impression 2Vi to 3 inches wide ineach circle.position, flying in the form ofa circle, returning to thepoint of departure. T searchedin vain to follow it. I metsome farmers who also had ob-served the very same pheno-menon."Similar statements were madeby other individuals, includingSettimio Zambrini, a residentof Barbiano. All said the lighttraveled in the direction ofthe mountains and the sea.The police,-.alerted by call-ers, observed a luminous objectin the sky about 1:30 a. m.(July 9) the same night. .The ground traces were foundon the morning of July 9, and afarmer who had cut the grassthe previous day said the mark-ings were not there on July 8.The traces, located on the dryportion of the bed of the SenioRiver near Barbiano di Cotig-nola, consisted of a largecircle and four smaller eir-This is a closeup of a section of one ofthe rings. Leaves near the circular linewere covered with a thin powder.cles, as well as some "strangeand very thin powder of somesort."Page 22
  • 23. Directors MessageEach State Director, State-Section Director, Staff member,MUFON officer and selected Con-sultants now have their addres-ses and telephone numbers onfile with the Center for UFOStudies in Eyanston, IL., sothat UFO reports received onthe toll-free telephone by UFOCentral may be transmitted toappropriate MUFON personnel forinvestigation.An important letter addressedto all MUFON State Directorsand State-Section Directorsdated Feb. 1, 1975, will bemailed from the Center for UFOStudies by J. Allen Hynek, Di-rector, reconfirming the co-operative status between MUFONand the Center. This letterreiterates the investigativeand reporting procedures estab-lished, whereby all UFO sight-ing reports emanating from UFOCENTRAL shall have the originalinvestigative report sent toMUFON, with a copy to theCenter.Each recipient of Dr. Hyneksletter will also receive a let-ter to be delivered to localpolice chiefs or sheriffs ad-vising the number of the toll-free nationwide "hot-line" toUFO CENTRAL.Your Director met with Dr.Hynek and Sherman J, Larsen,President of the Center for UFOStudies, on Jan. 14 to discussadditional cooperative venturesthat we hope will lead toward asolution to the UFO enigma.The Directors Message thismonth has been devoted almostentirely to the announcementsof new State-Section Directorsand a Consultant, MUFON feelsthat the "grass roots" struc-ture of our organization makesit imperative that Field In-_vestigators and SKYLOOK sub-scribers know who is helping toBy Walt Andrusprovide leadership in theirspecific areas.William H. "Bill" Spaulding,MUFON State Director for Ari-zona and Director of GSW-West,is very proud to announce theappointment of the two follow-ing gentlemen as State-SectionDirectors as part of the out-standing cooperative effort be-tween MUFON and GSW: Robert G.Howard, 4432 W. El CarminitoDrive, Glendale, AZ. 85302;Telephone: (home) ,AC 602 932-5096 for Maricopa (founty, andJerry A. Foster, Box 6723, Tuc-son, AZo 85733; Telephone: AC602 795-0032 for Final and Pimacounties.It is a pleasure to welcomethe State of Mississippi toMUFON with the appointment ofThomas A. Long, 1205 ValleyDrive, Laurel, MS. 39440 asState-Section Director forJones, Wayne, Jasper and Clarkecounties.A key area of Nevada is nowbeing covered when Edward K.Johnson, Capt. USAF. volun-teered to serve as State-Sec-tion Director for Clark County.Ed and his wife reside at 5066Cindy Way, Las Vegas, NE.89102.Lou Parish, State Directorfor Arkansas, will have addedsupport with the selection ofBill Pitts, 2020 South 46thSt., Fort Smith, AR. 72901;Telephone: AC 501 783-0754; asState-Section Director for Se-bastian, Crawford, Scott andLogan counties.Verne R. Winter, Jr., 102316th Street, Perry, Iowa 50220;Telephone: AC 515 465-2167 hasvolunteered to serve as State-Section Director for Dallas andGuthrie counties. Verne is aradio broadcasting engineer andan amateur radio operatorWB0NFJ.A police officer who recentlyconducted an investigation intothe Carbondale, PA. pond forthe lighted object, Edwin E.Bailey, has been appointed tothe position of State-SectionDirector for Wayne and Pikecounties. Ed resides at 187Grandview Avenue, Honesdale,PA. 18431; Telephone: AC 717253-5933,.Additional coverage is nowbeing provided in New Jerseywith the designation of ThomasMonahan, 208 Lexington Avenue,Patterson, NJ 07502; Telephone:AC 201 525-7474 as State-Sec-tion Director for Passaic,Sussex, Berger, Essex, Hudsonand Morris counties.Norman Townsend, a schoolteacher living in Watseka, IL.,60970, has volunteered to ac-cept the post of State-SectionDirector for Iroquois County,Normans address is Box 44 andhis telephone is AC 815 432-3563.Ted Bloecher, State Directorfor New York has picked WilliamK, Blades, 5 Fox Hill Road,Valhalla, NY 10595; Telephone:AC 914 769-7320 as the newState-Section Director forWestchester and Putnam coun-ties.Rodney Schoen, of Mansfield,SD 57460 was recently appointedto the position of State-Sec-tion Director for Brown, Spike,and Faulk counties. His tele-phone number is AC 605 225-3825. Howard M. Sussman, M.D,,a new Consultant in InternalMedicine, is anxious to applyhis expertise to the work ofMUFONs Humanoid Committee.Howard and his lovely wife liveat 8831 Long Point Road, Hous-ton, TX 77055; Telephone: AC713 493-1200.Page 23
  • 24. , 1Recapping and commentingBy Richard Hall(This column is directed to-wards articles appearing in theDecember, 1974, edition of SKY-LOOK) .An important feature of theSpanish truckdriver case (re-peated encounters with UFOs andoccupants along a highway,March, 1974) is the reportedfailure of the trucks dieselengine—the first such E-M ef-fect on a diesel, to my know-ledge.Aime Michel in FLYING SAUCERSAND THE STRAIGHT LINE MYSTERY(p. 211, fn 7) reports an in-cident in Forli, Italy, 11-14-54, when a UFO passed over a•standard-ignition tractor and adiesel tractor operating side-by-side; the standard tractorengine failed but- the diese]continued to operate.This and one or two othercases have hinted that whateverphysical forces are involved,they must be operating on theconventional spark plug system.Have the reporters only as-sumed that the truck had a die-sel motor or is this an estab-lished fact? Either way wehave a lesson for UFO investi-gators: Always obtain completeidentification (.year, make,etc.) of any vehicle which hasbeen affected by a UFO, andespecially details of its ig-nition/motor system (exactmodel, number of cylinders,spark plugs, battery, etc.)Only then will scientistsand engineers have some placeto begin unraveling the mysteryof E-M effects.According to my trusty 1969Britannica (which has a goodsurvey of diesel engines),die-sels for highway vehicles haveelectric starters similar tothose for automobiles, but thefuel is ignited by pressure/heat rather than spark plugs,.Battery capacity-must be muchgreater than that of automo-biles, and 24-volt batteriesare commonly used. However,some tractor diesels incorpo-rate gasoline fuel and sparkignitions to start the dieselengine.Thus the exact arrangementmust be known in order tofigure out the possible signif-icance of E-M effects in agiven case. Ford Motor Companyconsultants to the ColoradoProject also told me that, incases of headlight failures, itis important to onthe exact kinds of relays andfuses. The ideal would, beschematic -diagrams of the par-ticular motor and electricalsystem in question.*****Even though the Ohio steelball has never clearly been aUFO-related mystery, the thor-ough follow-up by MUFON person-nel and others is highly com-mendable. Such tests or "dry.runs" serve to sharpen investi-gative and analytical skillsand to develop the network ofcommunications.Project Starlight Interna-tional (PSIJ seems to havedemonstrated a vital point:Hard data can be obtained if asystematic effort is made to doso. The ^companion story aboutthe Center for UFO Studys ef-forts with instruments at theYakima Indian Reservation re-rports another step in the rightdirection.. PS.I s planned arrayof instrumentation seems highlyappropriate. , •••Professional skeptics whodelight, in TV appearances as?"UFO experts," decrying thelack of "hardevidence," takehead. Who is being;more scien-tific about UFOs—those who de-bunk on theoretical grounds anddont lift a finger to obtainevidence, or those who vigor-ously seek out more evidence?stronomyBy Mark Herbsrritt ,Mercury—is too close toSun for easy observation, being jin inferior conjunction on8th.Venus—is an evening s.tar,;,.standing at about 20 degrees!-,altitude, in the southwest at "*sunset and setting about two/;hours later.Mars--is- about 12 degrees a- "bove the .southeastern horizonat sunrise and difficult to ob-serve. :|Jupiter—:is in Aquarius. It---|is .well down in the west at;^sunset anil?-sets in the early *|evening.: , ... J, Saturn^vis in Gemini. It iS.jjin , .the^eaSt. at sunset.. I**;]cro-sjses7feiie meridian at 9:13 p.Vlm.1Ktgai time. (EST) ,J•Tfte" Al-pha meteor^shower.qcefurs from the 5th to-"-|the loth:t":• -.^ MERCURY^-is;at greatest west-, ern elongation;.on the 6th andis very low in the southeastjust before sunrise.VENUS--is relativelvy- high inthe western sky at sun-set andsets within three hours.MARS—is about 15 .deg-re,es a-bove the,isputheasterri* horizonin the month:it;Canbe / • seen *ver*y.",low in thewest just after sunset* but bythe 21st it rs in conjunctionwith thesun.SATURN--is in Gemini. It isapproaching the meridian at.sunset and sets about an hourafter midnight.Page 24 i