Mufon ufo journal 1975 12. december - skylook


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Mufon ufo journal 1975 12. december - skylook

  1. 1. We tell it as it is"Number 97 SKYLOOK The UFO Monthly $1.00 December, 1975 OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF MUFONJ MUTUAL UFO NETWORK, INC.This photo of an unidentified light is one of two a I leg- consin, during a series of reported sightings. (See page 7)edly taken by a deputy sheriff in Grant County, Wis-
  2. 2. 1 Founded 1967 Editors ColumnSKYLOOK A tentative meeting which the Cen- looks at the strange mixture of back-The UFO Monthly ter for UFO Studies is attempting to grounds and levels of expertise of26 Edgewood Drive set up in April, reportedly in an effort those on the list.Quincy, Illinois 62301 to assess "the state of UFO research," Since sending out the list, Dr. has had some very undesirable side Hynek has informed me that he hasDwight Connelly effects. had some second thoughts concerningEditor The basic problem is a list of 138 who should have been included and persons selected for what Dr. J. Allen excluded.Carolyn Connelly Hynek now says is only the first of what is hoped to be a series of such Both the list and the meeting wereBusiness Manager meant to be secret, but the list and meetings for qualified persons. other information was sent to all 138Walter H. Andrus What are the criteria laid down by persons on the invitation list.Director of MUFON Dr. Hynek for participation? Says Dr. Hynek, the meeting is to be It is unbelievably naive for Dr.Ted Bloecher "attended only by persons with an Hynek to believe that he can send outHumanoid/Occupant Cases established record of serious work 138 letters and expect either the conducted with an open minded scien- meeting or the list of participants toJoseph M. Brill tific attitude. To be more explicit, remain secret, as he requested. Al- this should include only those who ready, copies of his letter are beingThe Rev. Dr. Barry Downing have seriously investigated and re- Xeroxed and passed around. It is,Religion and UFOs ported on many UFO cases in the quite naturally, big news when the field, and those who have written best-known name in UFOs selects 138 Ann Druffel seriously on the subject, again, in an individuals for his personal, secret unprejudiced manner." UFO conference. Lucius Parish Books, Periodicals, History For those selected, there must be What can we in the field learn from at least a temporary feeling of honor. this?Marjorie Fish For those omitted from the magic First, if a select group of scientists Extraterrestrial Life list there is bound to be disappoint- or investigators or whatever are to ment and hurt feelings. Most people be brought together, more care Stan Gordon who investigate and write about should be exercised in drawing up theCreatures & UFOs UFOs like to feel that they are ser- list of participants. ious and unprejudiced—yet many Secondly, it is quite possible to haveGary Graber "regulars" have been left off the list. a private meeting without attempting Artist While Dr. Hynek did leave the door to make it secret. In a field where open a bit for additions to his initial investigators and organizations areRichard Hall list, he said that "in making such almost paranoid in their suspicionsCommentator suggestions I would ask that you hold of each other, attempted secrecy only firmly in mind the strict criteria for makes matters worse.Mark Herbstritt Perhaps a meeting to ascertain inclusion, i.e. that attendees have aAstronomy demonstrated track record." The "the state of UFO research" is not implication and expectation is that needed. Possibly the question has al-Rosetta Holmes the person with a demonstrated track ready been answered. The state ofPromotion/Publicity record would already be known—and UFO research is obviously in a mess included. Besides, no one wants to be when the best-known person in theBob Kirkpatrick a second round choice. field cannot come up with a reason-West Coast Coordinator The actual criteria used by Dr. able list of participants to discuss Hynek remains a mystery when one the question.Ted PhillipsUFO Landing Traces Tbe contents of SKYLOOK are determined oy the editor and staff, and do not necessarily represent the official judgment of MUFON. Opinions of contributors are their own, and doDavid A. Schroth not necessarily reflect those of the editor, the staff, or MUFON.St. Louis/Mass Media SKYLOOK THE UFO MONTHLY is published monthly by Dwight Connelly, 26 Edgewood Drive, Qnincy, IL 62301 USA. Subscription Rates: $8.00 per year in U.S.; $9.00 per year foreign; single copy, 75 cents.John F. Schuessler Advertising rates: 15.00 per column inch. All ads subject to approval of the publisher.UFO Propulsion Copyright 1975 by SKYLOOK THE UFO MONTHLY, 26 Edgewood Drive, Qnincy, IL 62301. Permission is hereby granted to quote from this issue of this magaiine, provided not more than 200 words are quotedNorma E. Short from any one article, provided that the author of the article is given credit, and provided that the statement "Copyright 1975 by SKYLOOK THE UFO MONTHLY, 28 Edgewood Drive, Qnincy, IL" is included.Editor-Publisher Emeritus Second Class Postage paid at Qnincy, IL. 62301.
  3. 3. Travis Walton Alleged Arizona abduction case studied DATE: Nov. 5,1975 (6:15 p.m.) LOCATION: Turkey Springs area,Sitgreaves-Apache National Forest, HcbeK10/2 miles south of Heber, Arizona. WITNESSES: Seven forestry work-ers. TYPE OF CASE: lighted object,light beam, abduction. CONDITIONS: clear sky, excellentvisibility, no unusual weather condi-tions, temperature of 50 degrees, rela- R Xv^Lt«>xtive humidity of 12%, dusk, moon notvisible, sun setting in west, Jupiter kP-e.SeHrtlllftYvisible. The alleged sighting of a UFO byseven forestry workers and theclaimed abduction of one of them,Travis Walton, 22, from a nationalforest near Heber, AZ, on Nov. 5 is The X indicates where Travis Walton was allegedly struck by aaccepted as factual by some UFO blue ray of light from a UFO in view of six other forestry workers.researchers, but others are some-what skeptical. The Sighting Spauldings Nov. 13 preliminary Early in the case, Bill Spaulding of ; According to the Knight News Wire, report of the incident included de-MUFON and Ground Saucer Watch Walton and six fellow forestry work- scriptions similar to those quoted bywas quoted as saying, "We found ers were traveling in a double cab the Knight News Service. In Spauld-some interesting things up there. If truck (four in the back seat, three in ings report, which is based on infor-it is a hoax its one of the best" Ive the front seat) when they first saw mation from Walton and all six wit-ever seen." Later, however, Spaulding the object. Michael Rogers, 28, fore- nesses, the object is described as aindicated that lack of cooperation man of the group, is quoted as saying solid metallic disc which was bright-from Walton and other factors caused that they "spotted this thing in a er than the moon or brightest star,him to question at least some aspects, clearing about 25 yards from the road. hovering 20-22 feet above the ground,of the case. It looked like two pie pans, one upside illuminated as brilliant white—then a Ray Jordan, investigator for down, hovering about 15 feet above blue flash. Sound coming from theNICAP, was quoted in the Nov. 11 the ground." object was described as "electrical-ARIZONA REPUBLIC as saying, "I Rogers reportedly said that the high and low pitch."havent found anything in their stories object "was about 15 feet in diameter, Spauldings report notes that theto indicate a hoax. The young men about 8 feet high, and it had some object was not observed moving dur-Ive interviewed so far are all visibly markings, but they were too compli- ing the sighting, did not change shape,shaken by the experience. Im in- cated to describe. It was glowing all did not change coloring (exceot forclined to believe theyre telling the over—a yellowish white. It was twi- the blue light), did not leave vapor ortruth." light when we saw it, and it seemed to smoke, did not disappear and re- Coral Lorenzen of APRO, who is light up the area. Id never seen any- appear, did not rotate, did not flutterreportedly preparing another book on thing like it before." Another of the or vibrate, but did wobble. No landinghumanoids, is quoted by the Chicago witnesses, Duane Smith, 19, is quoted was observed by the witnesses.Tribune as saying, "From the evi- as saying that the object was a bright The observers were traveling duedence at hand we dont see how any silver and seemed to glow. west at 3-5 mph when the object washoax could have been perpetrated. We Rogers said Walton jumped from observed about 90-100 feet to theare convinced that something quite the truck and ran toward the UFO nrserved about 90-100 feet to thebizarre happened to Travis." She when a bluish light shot from the UFO north, hovering over a wood pile. Itadded that details provided by Walton and Walton fell. At that point, said is not known whether there were air-under hypnosis "match unpublished Rogers, "We all panicked and drove craft in the vicinity at the time of thedescriptions we have received from off. When we came back about 15 sighting.other persons who have had similar minutes later, Travis was gone and The blue flash which purportedlyexperiences." there was no sign of the UFO." hit Walton was 18-24 inches wide, ac-
  4. 4. the witnesses were consistent in their __ accounts of the experience, and that he was convinced that they had not .used intoxicants or drugs on the night ofthe alleged sighting. Mrs. Lorenzen said the witnesses were asked to draw pictures of the craft independently "and all the pictures match." Five days after the apparent abduc- tion, and prior to the return of Walton, his mother, Mrs. Mary Kellett, was quoted by anoother son, Duane, as say- ing that she believed her son was taken on board the craft and that further searching for her son would j be pointless. Mrs. Kellett reportedly had a reputation in Snowflake, AZ, where she resides, as an outspoken believer in UFOs. A The Reappearance Travis Walton reappeared on Nov. 10, five days after the initial sighting. The Arizona Republic reported that Travis called his brother-in-law, Grant Neff. about midnight on Nov. 10 from a phone booth, according to Duanes wife Carol. Travis reportedly told Neff that he had been returned to Earth outside of Heber and said, "I need help and Im hurting. Get Duane down here." Neff reportedly then contacted _ Duane, who was staying with his Sketch by Duane Smith, one of the witnesses to the UFO sighting. mother, .Mrs. Kellett. Neff and Duane then went to pick up Travis.cording to the witnesses who alleged- detector (polygraph) tests conducted Travis reportedly looked exhausted,ly saw it (Smith is quoted in one by the Arizona Department of Public was confused, and had a heavy growthnewspaper as saying he did not Safety. It indicated that five of the of beard when he was found in the -actually see the blue light, but.only witnesses .(Rogers, Smith, Steve phone booth. He complained of "tre-heard one of the others say, "It got Pierce, John Goulette, and Peterson) mendous pain" in the chest and head,him.") Walton was reportedly 10-15 were telling the truth, according to attributing this to tests performed onfeet short of being under the object Sheriff Gillespie. The test on the sixth him while he was on board theJJFO.when hit by the blue beam of light. witness (Allen Dalis, 21) was termed Duane and Carol drove Travis to >One of the witnesses, Kenneth Peter- inconclusive because the witness was their home in Glendale, where Travisson, 25, was quoted by the Associated extremely agitated. ate some cottage cheese, but thenPress as saying that the light beam The polygraph operator has been said he felt ill. Travis reportedly ex- j"kind of lifted him up off the ground. quoted in the ARIZONA REPUBLIC pressed surprise when told he hadHis arms were outstretched and he as saying that the lie detector is 97 been missing for five days, sayingwas knocked to the ground." percent accurate and that it is im- he had been conscious only about two The Disappearance possible for that, many people to be hours of the time he had been gone. The .six forestry workers reported- lying. . :. Duane said, according to the Ari-ly could not find Walton when they Undersheriff Kenneth Coplan noted, zona Republic, that he took Travisreturned .to the scene of the sighting however, that Walton and the other to a private hospital in Tucson, whereafter .overcoming their initial fears. forestry workers had seen the Oct. 20 Travis was given a thorough physicalNavajo County Sheriff Marlin Gilles- NBC special, "The UFO Incident" exam, including a brain wave test, apie was notified, and a ground search, which described Betty and Barney blood test, and urinalysis. The resultsaided by a helicopter, was conducted Hill being taken aboard a UFO, and of these tests are apparently notwithout Walton being located. - suggested that some aspects of the available. All six of the witnesses to Waltons two cases were similar. Carol Walton reported that Travisdisappearance voluntarily took lie Sheriff Gillespie initially said that had a pin-prick wound on his arm4
  5. 5. a swing" at one of them. The crea- tures then left the room. Walton then got up, according to Nolan, and went into another room, which contained a chair. He sat in the chair and pushed buttons on the arms of the chair. The ceiling slid back and he could see stars going by. A crea- ture entered the room wearing a hel- met that looked, like an upside down fish bowl. The occupant smiled, but said nothing, escorting him by the arm to a large auditorium-like room where he saw a spacecraft parked. A device like an oxygen mask was. then placed on Travis face by people who had long hair, according to Nolan, and the next thing Travis re- membered was lying on the pavement /i mile from Heber on the Payson- Heber highway. Travis reportedly said .a device which had been placed on his chest during the examination was knocked - to the floor when he struggled to get Travis Walton up. Sheriff Gillespie reportedly came before his alleged away from his interview with Travis .f experience with "less convinced than before" that the story -was authentic. . Undersheriff 3/a.UFO. Coplan said he "move than ever" be- lieves the abduction is a hoax. "Its just too much, to buy," said Coplan. resembling the mark left by an injec- hot human" aboard the craft. t Famed psychic Peter Hurkos. was tion, but Duane said Carol was mis- Duane is-quoted in the Nov. 12 quoted in -the Phoenix Gazette as say- taken and that Travis had no marks Phoenix Gazette as saying . that ing, "Its a hoax. I believe thefe are of any kind oh his body. Duane said Travis "encountered two kinds of unidentified flying objects; in fact; Travis was in good health. creatures, one human, one almost the government is aware of these. Undersheriff Coplan reported on human. He saw four different kinds But this. one is a hoax. Someones Nov. 12 that Sheriff Gillespie had of craft." fantasy." talked with-Travis at an, undisclosed The Chicago Tribune quoted Travis 7 . The Investigation location in Phoenix and .that Travis as sgyirig he had been examined by . Spauldings Ground Saucer Watch, had told the sheriff that he had been hairless beings in tight-fitting blue. personnel interviewed-Travis on Nov. examined by a doctor, but had not clothing in a white room. The Knight 11 at GSW headquarters for GSW and entered a hospital as previously re- News Service quoted Travis as saying MUFON and reportedly found some ported. Sheriff Gillespie also reported "several" strange-looking creatures discrepencies in the story. Spaiilding that Travis had told him he did not examined him. , . said Duane took his brother away remember the blue light which re- Deputy Sheriff Ken Nolan, who from GSW and "accused us of being portedly came from the UFO, and obtained his information from Sheriff negative after we- questioned him that he thought he had been hit on-the Gillespie, gave this version to The about a couple of holes in the story. head at the time of "the alleged abduc- Arizona Republic: Travis was ex- In the first place, this is not the way tion! amined on board the UFO by strange- abduction victims go about things. We Aboard a UFO? looking occupants in what appeared have, many studies of past abductions. Travis reportedly told Sheriff Gil- to be a hospital. The people who ex- and this doesnt f9llow." : ~ lespie that he had awakened on an aminee him were dressed in tight- Spaiilding, who found "high residual examination table aboard the UFO, fitting blue coveralls. They had no magnetism" at the location-of the and that he was checked by three visible hair. Travis tried unsuccess- alleged sighting, was qupted in the weird-looking beings. According to an fully to converse with the occupants, Nov. 12 Phoeniz Gazette as: saying he.Associated Press story, Duane had but the occupants made no - sound. believed the seven witnesses did see a quoted Travis as saying he had seen When he tried to get up the occupants UFO. He said, however, that "there "two humanoids and others who were tried to hold him down and he .took- are some questions related to the so-
  6. 6. and once formed a pact that if one of them was taken aboard a UFO that he would try to return for the other. Duane said, However, that there had been no contact of any kind between him and Travis while Travis was on board the UFO. : Duane, who shoes horses and at- tends college, reportedly told an Ari- zona Republic reporter just prior to Travis reappearance that he was not concerned about the fate of his broth- er. "Hes having the experience of a lifetime," said Duane, who added that his mother was also convinced Traviscalled abduction." there is no collusion involved. The had been taken aborad a UFO. At one Duane reacted sharply to Spauld- results of psychiatric tests and hypno- point, however, Duane criticized oneings doubts, calling Spaulding a sis show he really believes these of the UFO investigators for saying,publicity seeker. A scheduled Inter- things, that he is not lying." Dr. James prior to Travis reappearance, thatview of Travis by Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Harder, APROs research director abductions usually do not last veryof the Center for UFO Studies, ar- from the University of California, long. "That sure didnt help myranged by Spaulding, was cancelled who has experience in hypnosis, also mother any," said Diiane.BY THE Yaltons, reportedly because examined Travis. Also prior to the reappearance ofTravis ..was "not ready yet." Travis According to Rosenbaum, urinaly- Travis, Deputy Glen Flake expressedalso failed to show for a police poly- sis and blood tests indicated that doubts concerning the story. "Our gen-graph test scheduled for Nov. 14. Travis was not a drug user. eral feeling is that theyre making up However, investigators ,and con- Characters a big story," said Flake, noting thatsultants from APRQ who examined Travis and Duane Walton were out- the six witnesses had discussed UFOsTravis are quoted by the Knight News spoken believers in UFOs prior to the with Travis earlier, and that TravisService as saying they are convinced sighting, as was their mother, Mrs. had reportedly expressed a desire "tothe story is not a hoax. An APRO Kellett. Duane is quoted in the Nov. make contact" with a craft.physhiatrist, Dr. Gene Rosenbaum, 12 Arizona Republic as saying that in Conclusionssays he and others performed "a com- the past 12 years he and .Travis have Because of inconsistent factors, itprehensive battery of psychiatric and seen 12 to 14 UFOs and that "five or is impossible to determine whethermedical exams" on Travis. Dr. Rosen- six were just as definite as anything the case is authentic or a hoax. Ifbaum said in a press release that "our you could imagine." additional information on this case be-conclusion, which was absolute, is* Duane said that he and Travis had comes available it will be printed inthat this young man is not lying, that talked a number of times about UFOs SKYLOOK. Arizona patrol officer reports EM effects By William H. Spaulding patrol. counter. Three officers reported two . Director, Ground Saucer Watch (GSW) After driving for 3 to 4 minutes, his similar appearing objects, with rotat- Western Division vehicle, a 1970 Ford Bronco, exper- ing red and green lights and a bright ienced total EME (electro magnetic white spot light in the middle.. At 10:23 p.m. on Aug. 17, 1975, a effects). The patrol van lost its lights, The UFOs were transversing at a Joint Use Area Patrol officer in engine and even the communications. low altitude, and streaked away with- Keams Canyon, AZ, (60 miles north The-loss of all the Broncos electrical in a few minutes. Then suddenly four of Holbrook) observed a brilliant systems lasted approximately thirty additional objects were sighted hover- white light, from behind his patrol to forty seconds. ing in a rectangular formation, sep- vehicle, that completely enveloped Then suddenly the vehicles lights arated by 12 to 15 celestial degrees. his immediate area. Immediately the came on and the engine started. The The objects, flashing red, green and witness slowed his vehicle and turned officer reported the experience to white, were flying at 5000 feet and to see a red and green rotating light headquarters, which is part of the were visible in the direction of the on an obscured dark shape. The bright official police record. initial EME encounter. white spot light was also visible. This was not the only UFO encount- Later that evening in Tuba City, Getting out of the patrol van, all er that evening. Approximately thirty AZ additional UFOs were reported by three lights went out and there was miles to the north, another patrol both concerned citizens and police total darkness. The officer, who spotted six unidentified flying objects officers. Two separate incidents in- wishes anonymity, continued on his exactly 25 minutes after the EME en- volved brilliant colored objects trav-
  7. 7. eling at tremendous speeds. Investigations Wisconsin sightings reported GSW was initially contacted by the 26th Air Division of NORAD regard- ing the sighting, then the officers from Keams Canyon. Due to the.dis- tance, 300 miles one way, a com- pounded problem of half of our Arizo- na FIs were on vacation and the numerous other UFO sightings occur- ring, in the southwest, the investiga- tion was not conducted until Aug. 23. 1975. A four-member team headed by David Bates, conducted a five-hour investigation which included inter- viewing the prime witnesses, survey- ing the vehicle with magnometers and gauss equipment, and collecting soil samples by a suspect GM (ground marking) area. The EME survey report reveals higher residual magnetic readings near the back and roof of the Bronco, supporting strongly the officers re- port. Our FIs completely checked the engine and its supporting electrical system and found no evidence of burnt wires, loose connections, nor a single "failed" or faulty component. The EME experienced could not be attributed to a normal breakdown. The GM area revealed strange- appearing burnt scrub/trees. A con- trol and test sample was taken and is currently being analyzed by an independent laboratory. The results are pending. The witnesses were extremely articulate and considered trained These photos were reportedly taken by a sheriffs deputy near observers. Additionally they were Fennimore, Wl, on Nov. 4, 1975. The photos are allegedly of a large very knowledgable of the area. bright light seen in the sky at the west edge of the city. Lee Mehciz, Results an investigator for the Center for UFO Studies, is quoted as saying A complete check was made with that the photos show a "typical UFO flying pattern, banking from the AFBs: Luke in Arizona and Hoi- side to side." However, the photos have not yet been analyzed. loman in New Mexico. They both re- This reported sighting was one of several in Grant County, Wl. ported to GSW and the Joint Use Area Farmer Harold Fasten of Patch Grove reported a "ball of fire" hover- Patrol that no aircraft or special ing on top of a hill, lighting up an entire valley about 8 p.m. on Nov. 6. aerial missions were in progress that Following this report, other alleged witnesses said they, had also seen evening. unidentifiable lights near Postens farm. The profile of the sightings does not On the morning of Nov. 4 a 500-pound Holstein was found near lend itself to natural or celestrial Patch Grove with its left ear and tongue cut off by a sharp instrument.. phenomena! Additionally ruled out A veterinarian said the cow had died of pneumonia and "the cuts were weather balloons, birds, space were probably made after death, because there wasnt much blood decay, objects, or any White Sands around it." The .vet said something may have frightened the cow rocket launchings. and caused it to run "an it developed emphysema in its lung." Al- GSW fully believes all the officers though cattle mutilations and UFO sightings are sometimes reported experienced bonafied UFO sightings, in the same general areas and in the same general time periods, most and as our testing data is processed UFO investigators feel at this time that no definite connection has it is expected that this will sub- been established. stantiate this belief.
  8. 8. California report Police and UFOs stations. Their reports were invari-with an official cold and cautious atti- NOTE: In this issue, SKYLOOK be- ably met with ridicule or disinterest. tude. Nowadays the opposite situation gins a continuing column from South- It was not until the organization ofexists. Individual LAPD helicopter ern California. The authors, both Dr. J. Allen Hyneks CUFOS that pilots have indicated that puzzling, MUFON investigators and members police departments throughout the long-lived sightings might be checked of SKYNET, a UFO filter and-track- country became fully aware.of ways out by their surveillance craft. < ing system, are in which sighting reports could be Some policemen, too, have come in touch with effectively handled. forward in recent months to report many other MU- Even before CUFOS entry into thepersonal sightings to MUFON. One ., FON personnel research field, individual policemenparticular case concerned Jack in that area. The throughout Southern California, and Thompson, member of the LAPD, sheer volume of in other states, had begun tentativeand Mrs. Thompson. sighting reports cooperation with local UFO groups. In the summer of 1968, date un- from California An effective link was set up with certain, the couple were traveling provides a rich MUFONs Southern California track- north along Highway 99 on their way field for corre- ing arm, SKYNET, on January 28, to a fishing trip in Oregon. About mid- lative reporting. 1974. It linked the Van Nuys Police night they passed through the tiny Ann Druffel has been actively en- Emergency Board, which covers the Northern California community ofgaged in UFO research and field in- vast San Fernando Valley, with Ripon, about 75 miles southeast ofvestigation for eighteen years. Her trained MUFON investigative per- San Francisco. Three bright whitespecialization is correlative research sonnel. lights were viewed pacing theirfrom varied sources. She has been The San Fernando Valley, part of camper, periodically appearing andProject Coordinator of SKYNET Los Angeles proper, is a giant, disappearing. Presently only one lightsince its beginnings in 1965. heavily settled complex covering was in view. It suddenly "turned Richard Zimmerman is an editor more than 250 square miles. Its law around" and headed toward them. Aand free-lance writer. He has re- enforcement needs are mainly served huge shape loomed into view, sendingsearched UFOs for the past five by the Los Angeles Police Depart- a steady, bluish-green beam towardyears. Specializing in correlative ment. Through the instigation of Offi- the ground.material, at present he is studying cer Maurice Allen of LAPD, SKYNET The off-duty policeman leaped frompossible patterns in UFO sightings became the recipient of UFO reports his camper as the lighted object con-in the Los Angeles Basin. direct from Valley citizens. tinued toward them. Deliberately, Rick Zimmerman, in particular, with an odd, whistling sound, a huge, By Ann Druffel has given of his energy and talents tri-shaped object passed the camper When the Air Force slammed shut in receiving this influx of calls. Re- not more than 100 feet behind and atthe doors of Project Blue Book in searchers desiring to collect data an estimated 200-300 feet altitude. It JDecember, 1969, it advised the public in this manner should be warned thatwas about 55 degrees up from theto report UFO sightings to their local the volume of reports, especially inhorizon, moving from east to west. .police. Although Blue Books demise the early A.M., can try the patienceThe objects bulk subtended an arc :»was no great loss to the field, re- of the most avid investigator! of 20-30 degrees. Thompson estimatedsearchers groaned inwardly at the A New Attitude it to be 40-50 feet long, "like a DC-10advice to "report to the police." Contrasting this cooperative police going over practically overhead." Experienced UFO investigators were attitude with former days, we can A Beam of Lightaware that local law enforcement of- see a vast difference. During an im- It was shooting out a sharplyficials, in general, had neither the portant and intriguing series of defined beam of bright, bluish-greentime nor the ability to separate UFO events on Feb. 5-6,1960, several mem- light which reached the ground, cov-"wheat" from "chaff." bers of the LAPD were witnesses to a ering an area of 30-40 feet diameter. Police and UFOs dramatic sighting. Although indi- The cone-shaped beam was emanat- For several years following the vidual policemen willingly gave state- ing from a distinct aperture in the1969 AF suggestion, UFO witnesses ments to veteran researchers Idabel bottom of the craft.tried repeatedly to refer their sight- Epperson and Marilyn Epperson, at Thompsons sketch and verbalings to their local police and sheriff police headquarters they were met statement describes an object with a8
  9. 9. central cigar-shaped "fuselage," with return home they shared them onlytwo "nacelles" on either side, alsocigar-shaped. He saw no connecting with Officer Maurice Allen. Due to Thompsons position as ang lapd law Pennsylvanialinks between the central part and thesmaller complementary objects — no enforcement..officer, .he did not want to publicly reveal his experience. Tt Sightingswings or tail. Since the vivid lightbeam did not light up the solid por- is a tribute bot^ to the mature public attit.1"!;, Loward UFOs at the present Continue By Stan Gordontions above it, the details of their time, and to the Thompsons them-shapes were not sharply defined. It is selves, that this case has at last come Pennsylvania Center for UFO Researchpossible that the "craft" could have to light. UFO sightings since July of .thisbeen three individualpbjects, remem- At the time of MUFONs interview . year have been coming into thebering the three lights which had with the Thompsons, he was still on Pennsylvania average .paced the Ts camper for several active duty instructing police re- of- two sightings per day. Sjghtlngs.minutes before the dramatic sweep cruits in the use of firearms at the of Jupiter, Venus, and bther naturalacross the highway. L. A. Police Academy. Both witnesses occurrences, have been responsible After crossing the road, the ob- were careful-in their statements and for many of these sightings. However,jects) abruptly disappeared by turn- entirely free from any tendency to a number of unexplained aerial vis-ing out the:central bluish-green beam. embellish details. They have no par- itors apparentlyare still about.Duration of the close-encounter phase ticular interest in UFOs and have For example during the first two.of the .sighting was about two min- preferred over the years to think that weeks of July, numerous witnesses inutes. No interference with the camp- the object/was an experimental air: about a five-mile radius of Latrobeers electrical system was noticed, craft of terrestrial design. However, observed a large .metallic;, cigarnor any,, physical effects reported by they state that the sound emitted was shaped object hovering at .tree topthe Thompsons. definitely not that of any ordinary level. At the, same time,: numerous Puzzled, they, continued their jour- aircraft. They remain puzzled to this reports 6f metallic .appearing, discs,ney, contacting residents of the area day "experimental aircraft" some in formation, were also beingon the" campers CB radio. None of the should have been,.performing, sur- seen. •. , .persons contacted had any knowledge veillance of this type.of the mysterious craft. A Mathematical Analysis On the night of July 10,"-UFO sight- By 2:00 a.m. the couple reached Following the writers investiga- ings were reported throughout manyRoseville, some eighty miles north, tion of the Thompson report, Donald points in the state. Near Chambers-and pulled off into an isolated rest Weitzel, a Southern California engin- burg, a young woman reported thatstop north of town. Sometime after eer, contributed a painstaking mathe- her -vehicle was chased by a thirty-2:45 a.m., Mrs. Thompson was awak- matical analysis based on the dis- foot diameter disc ; for several miles,ened by a loud whirring-whistling tances, sizes and angles provided by while the object remained only inchesnoise, seemingly coming from out- the witnesses. His figures show that above .the roof of her car. Severalside. She opened the campers roof Mr. Thompson was more than con- other witnesses in tthe.area also re-vent, recognizing the same peculiar servative in his estimate ,of 40;56 feet . ported similar sightings simul-sound which had accompanied the for the objects length. Weitzel states taneously.objects low pass some hours earlier. that the objects length was on the order of 190 feet, oddly correlative of On July. 27, near Butler, a woman An Indistinct Shape Thompsons statement that the object reported that a round similar object There was only darkness in the sky with red flashing lights and., legs :atabove, as seen through the vent, but was "like a DC-10 going over prac-Mrs. T. had. an eerie impression that tically overhead." The entire.text of the bottom hovered outside of herthe object had returned and was hov- the MUFON investigation and the window, and just seemed to float onering low over the camper. She subsequent mathematical analysis the air. ,roused her husband from a deep are on file at MUFON headquarters On Augusts, at approximately .4:50sleep, and when he realized what was and at SKYLOOK off ices. p.m., a group- of .witnesses nearhappening, he hurried out the rear The growing tendency of UFOs to Greensburg , repqrtedly .; observeddoor. He saw an indistinct shape show themselves to law enforcement three flat, siver discs hover about 100traveling away into the southerly sky. officers might deliberate feet in altitude then ascend towardHe also recognized the sound emanat- attempts on the part ,of UFO entities the east. A few second later, threeing from it as identical with the,tri- to be viewed by responsible authori- more similar objects flew past them-shaped object -with the vivid light ties. Concerning this,, it is well to heading in the same direction. •beam. It was about one-half mile remember the case of Patrolman We have received dozens of reportsaway, slpwly proceeding into the dis- Herbert Schirmer of Ashland, Nebr., of bright, orange spheres makingtance, and the size of a quarter at who experienced a strange encounter erratic movements in the night skies,arms length. Estimated duration of with an alien craft and its occupants and at times dropping flaming sparks.this visual sighting was approximate- on Dec. 1, 1967. The opening question The reports do not seem to fall intoly one minute. ; fired at Schirmer by the longheaded, the hot air balloon category, due to The Thompsons remained quiet grayskinried entity was, "Are you the the unusual movements of theseabout these odd events; upon their watchman over this place?" lights.
  10. 10. Cult ofThe Two composed of five elements Editors Note: -Dr. Downing is a elements which taken together havePresbyterian minister and the author produced the Oregon UFO cult: l iof the" well-known book THE BIBLE The general emotional strain of livingAND FLYING SAUCERS. His aca- in the 1970s. 2) Christian teaching, 3)demic background represents a com"- the space age mentality and UFOs inbination of science and religion. A particular, 4) influence of EasternSKYLOOK stafi: member since 1974, religions, including mtovements likehe has: contributed several articles Transcendental Meditation and 5)and book reviews. Spiritualism. Thus if we examine the By Barry H. Downing group and divide it into these five Most Skylook readers have prob- familiar elements; we will discoverably beenlqllqwirig the national news "the Anatomy of .a UFO Cult."headlines concerning the Oregon Emotional Straincult whose members are. waiting to . 1) The emotional strain of livingbe taken off to heaven, or another through this decade is evident to all.planet, in a UFO. (A news summary If it isnt Watergate, or the probableappeared in the October issue of. financial disaster of New York City,SKYLOOK.) Most serious students of it is the Middle East. This has givenUFOs undoubtedly regret the exist, many people the feeling of impending -ence of such groups — they just in: doom: .crease the ridiqule that must be borne In this context there are many peo-by serious UFO students. ple willing to listen to any plan for This idea is not so hew — I suggested The cult made for good news cov- salvation — anything to get us out of this in my book The Bible and Flyingerage because of several strange this world before it blows up. In.the Saucers in 1968, as a possibility.aspects. It was founded by a man and meantime, Marshall Herff Apple- b) .The second link between thewoman who never attended.the pro- white is going through his own emo- UFO cult and Christianity is its ob-motional meetings, according to the tional crisis. vious emphasis on faith. If you do notnewspaper accounts available, Even- Applewhite is.a.Presbyterian min- believe the teachings of the cult, youtually it was discovered that the leadv isters son who has a masters degree cannot be "saved.".ers were Marshall Herff Applewhite in music, and is an assistant professor Perfection As A Virtueand Bonnie Lu Trusdale Nettles. of music at the University of St. c) The third emphasis of the group The cult taught that eventually Thomas in Houston, Texas. He also is on perfection. riot new toJesus and his space brothers would sings in the Houston Opera, and for all American Protestant Christianity. Inbe corning to earth in a UFO to take appearances, is hard driving and suc-the 1820s, communities and groupsthe "true believers" to heaven; this cessful. But suddenly he is given a such as Zoar, Oneida, Amana, Shakers"second coming" of Christ happens years leave of absence, according to and Transcendentalists developed,only once every 2000 years, so that University . records, because of many aiming at "perfectipn."those who miss this flight are in "health, problems of.-an emotional Newspapers noted that the Oregontrouble. The true believers must, give nature." ••"-.; • Cult required its members to sell allup everything—family, money, jobs, Applewhite goes to New York, they had, in order to become — and concentrate on meditating, meets a soul-mate, Bonnie Lu Trus- This was probably based on the teach-this process will bring a persons dale Nettles, who then returns to ing of Jesus who said to the Richmind and body to "100% perfection." Texas with Applewhite to open an Young Ruler who asked Jesus what As one disciple said, "99% perfect occult study center. What are the he must do to be perfect. Jesus said,will not do." Those less than perfect elements of the "world view" or "If you would be perfect, go, sell whatwill not make the heavenly "flight. religion they develop? /you possess and give, to the poor, andOne added element of "strangeness" Christian Traditions you will have treasure in heaven;is the teaching ^that each person has 2) It is clear from some of the and come, follow me" (Matthewa spirit or guardian angel to help him teachings of the UFO Cult group that 19:21).in his meditating process. some of the Christian traditions are The group emphasized the idea Good Newspaper Copy maintained, especially three ele- that believers must be perfect in All this made for good newspaper ments. . order to be ready to be transformedcopy, together with the "disappear- a) The group believes in the second and taken on board the UFO on theance" of about 30 people who joined coming of Christ, which they have appointed day. From my personalthe cult, with the possibility that they tied in with the UFO concept—UFOs religious .point of view, it is here thathad already "gone to heaven." providing the vehicle for Christs I reject the teachings of the Cult. It seems to me there are five major second coming and return to heaven. The emphasis of the group is really10
  11. 11. selfish — self perfection. Jesus did Colorado Scientific Study of Uniden- be reincarnated for another 2000not teach self perfection as an end in tified Flying Objects, much to the dis- years before they get another chanceitself. Rather he taught that love of may of serious UFO students, paid to get out of this world. -They, teachGod and love of neighbor is the way to close attention to the "nut fringe." it is 2000 years "between heavenlyself perfection. The emphasis of Dr. Carl Sagan of Cornell .Univer- UFO.trips.Christianity is on love, not on self sity has said-he believes most people j 5) The final element in the teachingperfection. Thus the Apostle Paul in are interested in UFOs to fill re- of the cult is spiritualism. Applewhitehis famous hymn on love said, "If I ligious needs. There is no denying taught that he was in contact withgive away all I have, and if I deliver there is much truth to this view. How- spirits, in particular "Brother Fran-my body to be burned, but have not ever, it is a false logic which con- cis," a monk who died in Greece in-love,-I gain nothing" (1 Corinthians cludes too soon that just because peo- 1818. They .teach, that every person13:3). ple have a religious hunger that they who joins their cult group has a I have seen little, in fact nothing, have created UFOs. : any more than guardian angel or spirit who willin published reports to indicate a call we can say that people have created guide them to perfection in theirto go out and serve the world in this food because they have physical hun- meditation. •-• .- •cult group. In fact, the group is main- ger.- The existence of food and our This whole process of waiting forly withdrawing from the world to need for food happen to match up. the coming of Jesus with: his UFO,try to save its own neck, as it were, Maybe there is both a religious hun- perfection through self denial andand too bad about everybody else. But ger, and a religious match up, in the meditation, is-called "Human Indi-in any case, some of the teachings of UFO area. • • ,- vidual Metamorphosis." or -HIM.Christianity are used, and since Eastern Religions When -you reach perfection; you areApplewhite is a Presbyterian minis- 4) A further element in the cult is ready for your heavenly UFO ride.ters son, it is not surprising he uses the influence of Eastern religions, Coffee, Tea, or Milk?some Christian teachings. seen in the emphasis of the group on Thus, when we separate the indi- One thing to note about the per- reincarnation, and on meditation. As vidual parts of the Oregon UF.O Cult,fectionist teaching. If something goes most., people know, there has been we discover that most of the teach-wrong, if the UFO does not arrive on widespread interest in Transcenden-. ings are familiar to many people inschedule to take true believers on tal. Meditation. The group has un- their separate forms. What is nottheir, heavenly ride, the leaders can doubtedly drawn from this move- familiar is the synthesis. .say, "The reason we failed is that you ment. Again, science has said that It is like being offered a glass, ofdid not obey us and become perfect." meditation . affects the chemical soft drink which is orange, Coke, andThe Bible teaches we are saved not makeup of the body. The Oregon Cult root beer combined. If we -did .notby our own perfection, but rather by group teaches that through self denial know .what was in the glass, it wouldGods grace, by the forgiveness of a and meditation the body will be trans- probably taste very strange. Once-weloving heavenly- Father. In my opin- formed so that it can be taken aboard know the contents, the taste, is not soion, religion that teaches we can only the UFO when it comes. . surprising. Still, it is not a drink mostbe our own perfection is not The group also teaches reincarna- of us are likely to come to love.good news, and it is not Christianity tion. In fact, it is taught that if people Neither is the. Oregon UFO Culteither. do not get on board this "Second likely to become a favorite religious UFO Image Coming" of Christ, they.will have to.. movement in. the United States. 3); Another element of the UFOCult obviously is that it has drawnon the UFO image as part of its planof salvation. UFOs provide a link withthe- universe, something Christianityhas lost in the past century. Eventhough Jesus said he came fromheaven — from the outer Universe —the age of science found this hard tobelieve. If UFOs are there, we canagain believe — in the name of truthand science — that heavenly beingsare looking out for us. Most scientists find that the re-ligious aspect, of the UFO problemjust muddies the scientific UFOwater. I can sympathize with the frus-trations of men like Dr. J. AllenHynek is trying to deal with the UFO "Hoaxed again! Sitting out here with this crowd in the middle of"religious nut fringe," of which I amundoubtedly, a part in the. eyes of nowhere, waiting for a mythical spaceship, penniless, hungry . . .many. Dr. Edward Condon in his and now this lousy wind." 11
  12. 12. In Others Words By Lucius Parish UFO information in the ~weekly and the result is a well-written vol- terrestrials.tabloids has been at a low point in ume which holds the readers interest Andrew Tomas is currently work-recent weeks. The Nov. 4 NATIONAL throughout. Contactees, fairy lore, ing on a new book. W. RaymondENQUIRER reported on a February "creature" sightings, the. 1896-97 air- Drakes GODS AND SPACEMENUFO sighting at an ICBM missile site ship reports — all are tied together THROUGHOUT HISTORY is now outin Montana. Dr. R. Leo Sprinkles in an attempt to show their common from Henry Regnery Co. in hard-comments on the reliability and integ- origin. Personally, I find the conclu- cover. His GODS AND SPACEMENrity of UFO witnesses were featured sions unconvincing, but one must ap- IN GREECE AND ROME will bein the Nov. 16 issue of NATIONAL preciate the attempt to look at the published in England by Sphere BooksTATTLER. The Nov. 18 issue of THE data in a new way. I regard THE (paperback) later, this year and willSTAR contained a none-too-compli- UNIDENTIFIED as required read- probably be published in the U.S. bymentary article .on the recent Fort ing. It may be ordered from Warner new American > Library (SignetSmith, Ark., UFO conference and the Books - P.O. Box 690 — N.Y., N.Y. Books). ... • • . •current state of UFO research. 10019. The price is $1.50, plus 25<t for Richard E. Mooney, the author.of postage. COLONY:, EARTH and GODS OF The December issue of MALE has a AIR AND DARKNESS is currentlyrehash article on Soviet UFO interest ; Serge Hutins ALIEN RACES: AND working on a third book. Peterand the January issue of the maga- FANTASTIC CIVILIZATIONS and Krassas WHEN THE YELLOWzine has an article on the "Devils Robert Charrouxs MASTERS OF GODS CAME is now set for publica-Sea" in the Pacific Ocean. THE WORLD are very much alike in tion by Bantam Books in April, 1976. many ways. Both books contain a Erich von Danikens IN SEARCH B. Ann Slate contributes an inter-esting article to the December issue mixture of facts and speculations OF ANCIENT GODS is now available about alien colonizers in Earths pre- in a Bantam paperback, but minusof SAGA. -This deals with UFO and history, lost continents,: underground"creature" reports in/around Ed- civilizations, secret societies and the the color photos contained in the hard-wards Air Force Base in California. cover edition. John Wallace Spencers usual subjects covered by the more first book has been revised and re- At this writing, the No. 5 (January prolific writers on the theme of titled LIMBO OF THE LOST - 1976) issue of OFFICIAL UFO is on "ancient astronauts." The Charroux TODAY. This is also a Bantam paper- the stands. As usual, it contains some book contains some various items of back. good material, including articles by interest scattered through it,, but The January issue of BEYOND Joe Brill, Ray Fowler, Don Worley, Hutins material consists largely of REALITY will be a "UFO Special," Richard Hall, Don Berliner, Wendelle rehash from the works of other so this might contain some material C. Stevens, Hayden Hewes, R. writers, including Charroux. Both of interest. Michael Rasmussen and others. books are available .from Berkley The DEVILS SEA: by .Elizabeth Recent new. paperbacks include •Publishing Corp. — 200 Madison Ave. Nichols is, unfortunately, just oneRichard Winers : THE."DEVILS — N.Y.; N.Y. 10016. MASTERS OF more collection of rehash in paper-TRIANGLE 2 and Adi-Kent Thomas; .THE WORLD is $1.50; the Hutin book back form. The Bermuda Triangle,Jeffreys THEY DARED THE is $1.25 (plus 25<f per book). the Devils Sea in the Pacific, UFOs, DEVILS TRIANGLE. Both titles On the subject of "ancient astro- Atlantis, mysterious disappearances will be reviewed in future columns. nauts," readers might like to know —youve read it all before in a dozen THE UNIDENTIFIED by Jerome about some of the forthcoming books different places. Interviews with such Clark and Loren Coleman is an in- on the subject. Erich von Danikens people as Irene Hughes, -Maxine triguing book which presents the MIRACLES OF THE GODS is due out Ashwer and the late Otto Binder pro- theory that UFOs and other forms of in paperback from Delacorte Press in vide a semi-bright spot in the book, paranormal phenomena are arche- February, 1976. His new movie, a but these are not enough to recom- typal images from humanitys col- sequel to "Chariots of the Gods," mend it to anyone other than the For- lective unconscious (a la the ideas of should be released this fall. tean bibliophile who must have every- the late Dr. Carl Jung) — a sort of Josef Blumrich, the author of THE thing of this sort in his collection. planetary poltergeist activity,. cre- SPACESHIPS.OF EZEKIEL,-is work- The book is available for $1.25 (plus ated and sustained by our mental ing on another book which deals with 25<f for postage) from: Award Books— imaginings. The authors have gath- the supposed relationship of certain 350 Kennedy Drive—Hauppauge, NY ered their data from many sources American Indian tribes with extra- 11788. - .,12
  13. 13. 1973—Year of the HumanoidsSoundless orange half-globe The Center for UFO Studies is pub-reportedly photographed in France lishing, a second edition of David Webbs 1973 - YEAR OF THE By Richard Hall the UFO hovering over a viaduct. It HUMANOIDS. The first edition, pre- MUFON International Coordinator was described as a half-globe of in- viously available from MUFON, is (Report from NOSTRA, 27 aout tensive orange color. 30 meters in now out of print. (August?) 1975 submitted by Jean •.diameter and totally soundless. It was The revised edition is to include Bastide, translated by Jacques now 12:30. more than a dozen new cases to bringDeschenes). . The UFO disappeared again, so the the total to more than 50. A UFO chase on Aug. 22. 1974. in trio drove : toward Chantraines. En- For price and other information Andelot, department of Haute-Marne route they encountered the UFO write CUFOS, P.O. Box.11, Northfield. in .northeast France, proved to be a again sailing above a field. They pur- IL 60093. ;, terrifying experience, for the wit- sued the object for two hours, ending nesses. up in Blancheville. Finally the UFO- AIAA papers available About 11:30. on Saturday night. took off for good, and the witnesses Dominique .Sarnie,. 18, was driving to caught their breath. Copies of the AIAA papers by Blancheville-Chantraines. Near a • Then, still frightened, they fled Hynek, McCampbell, .Vallee. Fried- railroad crossing he suddenly saw a back to Andelot; without, incident, . man, .Robert M.-. Wood, Dr. Alvinluminous object in the sky and belatedly realizing that one of their Lawson, Niels Sorensen, .and ten stopped his car to investigate. The tires was flat.. . others . are available: from . UFORI, UFO disappeared for a moment, then Police were notified next day. and it POB 502, Union City, CA 94587.^ - appeared again only about 100 meters was learned that there .were other The regular price is $6.00, but•away. . . . . - , witnesses. It was reported that some : SKYLOOK readers may obtain a copy Startled, Dominique swung his car specialists were studying the photo- of the 150-page nicely-illustrated vol- around and returned to Andelot to graphs. ume for $5.25 postpaid. , get his friend, Patrick Pingat. To- gether they returned .to the site and BOOKS FOR SALE Patrick took two photographs of the The,following hardcover books are from Skylooks UFO library. ; UFO. When it seemed to approach Some are review copies no longer needed, spme are duplicates, etc. again, they fled back to Andelot. .Most have dust jackets ( D J ) and are in good to excellent condition. This time Dominique got his father, Some are getting pretty hard to find. We need the space and themoney, andthe three returned and again saw so hrst come first served at $5.00 each, postpaid. Please include second choices it possible, as .most ot these are one of a kind. Please do not Magazine to reprint send cash. 1 " : . , . . • * ». * * *- • . . .- .; Star Map issue Flying Saucers—Serious Business by Frank Edward, 1966 (DJ) Stephen Walther;1 publisher of Incident at Exeter by John G. Fuller, 1966 (DJ) !ASTRONOMY magazine, has in- Mysteries of Time and Space by Brad Steiger, 1974 (DJ)formed Stariton T. Friedman that the They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers by Gray Barker, 1956 (DJ)magazine will publish a 32-page full- Flying Saucers Have Landed by Desmond Leslie and George Adamski. 1953 ( : DJ). : , - -color reprint of the article, "The ZetaReticuli Incident" by Terence Dick- Planet in Trouble—the UFO Assault on Earth by Jerome Eden. 1973 •(DJ) - - •- .;.••enson. The Inexplicable Sky by Arthur Constance, 1956 (DJ ) The article, which originally ap- Is Another World Watching? by Gerald Heard, 1951 (DJ).peared in the December,1975, issue Aliens from Space by Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe, 1973 (DJ ) :of ASTRONOMY, is an excellent and Flying Saucers and Common Sense by Waveney Girvan, 1955 (noDJ)comprehensive presentation of Mar- Aboard a Flying Saucer by Truman Bethurum, 1954 ( D J ) jorie Fishs work on the Betty Hill Behind the Flying Saucers by Frank Scully, 1950 (cover worn, no DJ)star map. Included in the reprint will Inside the Space Ships by George Adamski, 1955 ( D J )be all the subsequent letters, com- They Live in the Sky by Trevor James, 1958 (DJ, autographed) ;ments, and critiques which have ap- The Flying Saucer Conspiracy by Maj. Donald E.Kehoe, 1955 (DJ)peared in subsequent issues. Flying Saucers Uncensored by Harold T. Wilkins, 1955 (DJ) •• The cost for the reprint,.due out Flying Saucers from Outer Space by Maj..Donald E. Keyhoe; 1953 (DJ)"in a month or so," is $4.00 postpaid.It is highly recommended. Order SKYLOOKfrom ASTRONOMY, Suite 204, 757 26 Edgewood DriveBroadway, Milwaukee^ WI 53202. Send Quincy, Illinois 62301check or money order (no cash). 13
  14. 14. Probably of Earthly origin from sky1 analyzed By John L. Warren and Joseph Accetta was subjected to metallographic ex- ly under the surface coating suggests Los Alamos UFO Study Group amination. The section• was subse- post heating of .the iron after it was MUFON state director for New Mexico and MUFON state directorfor quently examined using x-ray fluor- cast. . -- Los Alamos County escence, electron microprobe and ion The presence of the rosette pattern probe analysis. Whereas electron of cast iron plus the fact that there is A Mr. Tillapaugh reported an object microprobe is sensitive to the lighter a lead-based surface coating sug- which allegedly fell from the sky in chemical elements, the ion probe is gests that the post heating was not the morning hours of January 12, 1975 better for determining the presence extreme, in contradiction to the con- on his farm in Schoharie County, New of heavier elements. clusions drawn by the Northwestern York near the town of Carlisle. (May, Basically, the analysis done at Los investigators. The oxidation probably 1975,SKYLOOK,page8.) Alamos verified many of the chem- occurred over a long period of time, According to Mr. Tillapaugh, the ical findings of Northwestern Uni- certainly it would not have occurred object crashed through some trees, versity investigators, but disagreed as a result of falling through the glanced off his tractor, bounced to the with some of the interpretation of earths atmosphere from outer space. ground and landed on a patch of ice, their metallographic analysis. The The ion probe revealed that the bro- where it produced a small cloud of object showed no residual radio- mine is probably a surface contami- steam and melted its way to the activity. Conspicuously absent was nant. The lead isotope ratios were earth. The object, which weighed ap- radiation from Mns4 which has a half- measured and compared with a stand- proximately one pound, appeared to life of 312 days. ard sample. The ratios are the same be a piece of metal with a brownish In 1962, Los Alamos examined a and once again point to an earthly: coating. origin of the object piece of a Russian space capsule The local sheriff was unable to iden- In conclusion, our studies lead us tify the object and was put in contact which fell in Wisconsin. TheFrom this of Mn54was easily detected. presence to believe that the object is of earthly with Mr. Ernest Jahn of NIGAP, who we would have to conclude that the origin and probably of human manu- subsequently requested help in identi- object has not recently been sub- facture, although like the sheriff of fication from J. Alan Hynek of the jected to cosmic rays from outer Schoharie County, we are. unable to Center for UFO Studies. Professor space. It is unlikely that it is a piece identify its functional origin or ex- Hynek had some chemical and of space junk. . plain why Mr. Tillapaugh observed it metallographic analysis of the object to fall from the sky and melt ice. carried out by Chicago Spectro Ser- X-ray examination showed no.sig- If one sets aside Mr. Tellapaughs vice Laboratory and students of Pro- nificant voids or cracks. X-ray fluor- observations for the moment, it might fessor Meshii of Northwestern Uni- escence studies reveal the main con- be suggested that the object was part versity. The preliminary analysis in- ; stituent to be iron with varying of an old manufactured piece such as dicated that the object contains iron, amounts of aluminum, silicon, man- a container for casting or refining has a rust coloration, is magnetic, ganese, zinc, copper, molybdenum, lead, or a lead coated bearing sur- and has experienced extreme thermal bromine, tin and lead, but no nickel. face for a moving piece of machin- shock. The absence of nickel would tend to ery. If the object had been buried in The object found its way to Los eliminate its origin as meteoric. The the earth some time, it might have Alamos Scientific Laboratory early brownish coating on the outside con- acquired the sulfide coating to the in September for further analysis. tained large amounts of lead and sul- lead, but that is not obviously true. The portion of the object which was fur, with iron manganese, zinc, cop- received from Prof. Hynek was sub- per, molybdenum, and bromine also It should be noted that a quick jected to several tests in order to try being observed. The chemical compo- check at the New York Historical to determine its history. sition of the main portion of the Association in Cooperstown (about Its residual radioactivity was mea- object are consistent with known 50km from Carlisle) reveals no his- sured in a low background counter. compositions of common cast iron, tory of iron smelting in Schoharie It was x-rayed, to look for gross in- or socalled gray iron. County, but does record the establish- ternal structures such as voids or Metallographic examination also ment of a foundry in 1846 to produce cracks. X-ray fluorescence was used concludes that the object is basically plows. to determine some of its chemical an oxidized gray cast iron with a lead The object has been returned to constituents. A 4-mm section was based partial surface coating. There NICAP and a full report acknowledg- sliced from the object parallel to face is not evidence to conclude that the ing the efforts will be compiled with- created by a section made by North-- object did not originate on earth. in the next month. (Submitted by Walt western investigators; This section The extensive oxidation immediate- Andrus) 14
  15. 15. V Man reports Australian UFO groups active daylight disc in checking numerous reports By Eugene T. Lundholm September 15, 7:00-7:20 p.m. By Richard Hall mania indicates a total of 133 reports, Garner Hadland, Bayfield, WI, MUFON International Coordinator 37 of which were considered "Un- owner of local Gable.TV station, re- Keith Basterf ield, , research of- known." Astronomical objects, satel- ported that he had seen a circular ficer for a group called UFO Re- lites, and aircraft are indicated to-UFO hovering over the hills of Bay- search in South Australia,. has con- be the cause of most mistaken re- field in daylight. tacted MUFON desiring to establish ports. , . . . ... .. It appeared to have no windows, an exchange of information. He re- A separate report from Paul Jack- looked like it was made of "cast ports that an Australian Coordination son, MUFON research associate in aluminum,"- had a dome on the top Section (ACOS) has been set up in Tasmania, included notice of an and a hump on the bottom, size about. New South Wales, combining the ef- Australia-wide UFO conference held 100 feet in diameter. It was tilted, forts of various Australian groups to Oct. 4-6 in Terrigal, New South.Wales. which allowed a better view. Had- have liaison with Dr. Hyneks Center Participants included six UFO groups land also stated that there were for UFO Studies. from five states, all part of the Aus- "vapor trails" leading upward into MUFON has personnel in New tralian Co-Ordination Section, (ACOS) the sky. It was hovering down over South Wales, including Representa- for the Center for UFO studies. the trees and one side of it, the side tive for Australia Michael Guider, in Agenda items included investigation away from the sun, was bright Queensland, and in Tasmania. Mr. methods and techniques, and discus- orange... Basterf ield has been invited to repre- sion of present and future .develop- He went home to get his camera, sent us in South Australia. ments. . r • •. but his wife and son ex- A copy of Newsletter No. 12 pub- Jackson,.who is correspondence of- cited that they hurried.out forgetting lished by UFO Research included the ficer for the Tasmanian UFO Investi- the camera, for which he is still kick- following reports: gation Centre (TUFOIC), enclosed a ing himself. When the arrived at the Nov. 5, 1974, at Wyoming, N.S.W., copy of their News Sheet No, 16 indi- scene the UFO had moved, but they Harry Pinhorn was eating his lunch cating that October 1975 is the 10th followed it until it zoomed off; outdoors at 12:15 p.m. when he no- anniversary of the founding. of He mentioned in his telephone con- ticed that all the birds had stopped TUFOIC.. .._.- : versation that one other man had ob- whistling. The newsletter notes a large num- served the vapor trails in the sky but Looking up, he saw in the NE sky a ber of close-range sightings in recent apparently did not see the object. I silvery-gray egg-shaped object travel- years, including car pacings, electro- have asked him to check for any other ing east in a straight line. It stopped magnetic effects,, and landings. . observers. to the east of him for a few seconds, On June 26, 1975, near^Runnymede, He has the book, THIS BAFFLING then rose vertically until it was lost a motorist noticed some lights over WORLD, by John Godwin, and told me to sight. The sighting lasted about a roadside paddock about7 p.m. and the object he saw resembled a picture a minute. The sky was clear, no stopped to investigate. He .saw a dark on page 84, the picture in the lower clouds, no wind. No sound was heard gray oval object with red flashing photograph being observed by two and the UFO left no trail. lights around its base an estimated people. I have asked Hadland for a Dec. 13, 1974, at about 11 p.m. a 400 yards off the road and 40 feet up. written report. woman in .Ainslie, Canberra, was in When the object started to approach her bedroom when she noticed a him, the witness drove away. Humanoid reports wanted bright circle of white light on the Jackson also enclosed data on by MUFON study group . bedspread. Looking out the window 3/6/75 Mt. Gambier; S. Australia air- she saw a vivid red sphere with cones line pilot sighting which seems to A catalog of humanoid cases by or spikes of lighter red projecting have been a satellite re-entry; How-Ted Bloecher is to be published by the from it. rah movie film case of 5/12/75 inCenter for UFO Studies during 1976. The woman went into the kitchen which UFO maneuvered in vicinityBloecher and David Webb are co- to inform her husband, and together of a rainbow, but he says the film ischairmen of MUFONs Humanoid they watched the object move slowly of very poor quality due to faultyStudy Group. westward through an arc of about 20 zoom lens; Campbeltown, Tas., Information regarding humanoid degrees. Then it suddenly changed 7/16/75 case in which drive of a milkcases, especially those not previously color to brilliant white and acceler- tanker saw a UFO estimated to bepublished, sent to Bloecher ated away almost instantaneously to as large as his tanker make passesat 317 E. 83rd St., New York, NY 10028, the southeast. The night was calm over highway; what looked like dooror to Webb at 64 Jacqueline Rd., Apt. and clear. hatches and windows were clearly10, Waltham, MA 02154. A summary of 1974 reports in Tas- visible along the object. 15
  16. 16. Burned areas, imprints, etc. Several possible traces reported in 1975 By "Ted Phillips witnesses heard weird sound outside APR 26; 1975 (0200). Chomeday, window; one witness awakened from Lavah;vQue., Canada. Two young wit- JAN 01 1975 (0625) Quintanaortuno a deep sleep. Next morning a 10 ft. nesses saw a bright light descending (Burgos, Spain). Four soldiers were long, semi-circular track found on behind a school building for a few driving to the Army Engineering lawn. (LenStringfield) seconds. A piece of metal and a hole Academy in Burgos when one of-the JAN 12 1975 Carlyle, New York. found. (Howard Gontounick to Len men/saw a light moving;toward the Object seen flying over field, frag- Stringfield) ground, at high speed. The four ment hit tractor. (NICAP Investiga- MAY 01 1975 Manche,,France. Not stopped the car and watched a bright tor, March and June, 1975) translated. (LDLN) yellowish object near the ground FEB 10 1975 (1900) Annadale, New MAY 03 1975 (1200) Mexico City, some 1200 feet away. The object ap- York. Two witnesses saw a glowing Mexico. Pilot of light aircraft saw peared as a "truncated cone," 7 feet orange light 400 ft. away, shaped like three metallic discs pacing aircraft. . high and 11 feet long. It emitted white a football. Thin trees broken 4 to 5 ft. One object struck .bottom of aircraft beams 6 f , light towards the ground. above ground, bark charred and blis- leaving dents and scratches. Con- They watched the object for some tered, thicket tangle pushed to firmed by radar. (Dr. J. Allen Hynek) time and there were other witnesses. ground. (Staten Island Advance, ;2-14- MAY 10 1975 Carman, Man., Can- Two parallel burned areas were .75)";, ada. "One UFO is said to have; landed found 210x42 feet and 105x42 feet, 52 . . MAR 03 1975 Laurieton, Australia. in a field. The Winnipeg Planetarium feet apart. There were several holes 12 ft. circle, shaped like a washer, investigated and found radioactivity,. in the burned areas. (Vicente-Jaun grass dead. Six other circles found in four times higher than that of the sur- Ballester Qlmos—Catalogue of 200 area. (Laurieton Advertiser, 03-05-75) rounding land:" (Center for UFO type l.UFO events) MAR 13 1975 Mellon, Wisconsin. Ob- Studies from Dan Bjarnason, CBC) , JAN 02 1975 (2330) Air Force Firing ject seen to land some distance away. MAY 12 1975 (2330) Peesane, Sask., Range, Arguedas (Navarra, Spain). Four imprints found. (Center for UFO Canada. Two witnesses saw an object Members of a military patrol ob- Studies) with green light for 10 to 15 minutes. served very intense lights moving MAR 13 .1975 (1300) Gilroy, Cali- It moved aWay to the E. Perfectly slowly then stationary on the ground. fornia. 14-year-old Ronda Ridge saw a round circle found 5 ft. in diameter, After being notified, officers watched round silver object with a band of ring width of 6 inches. Samples and ahalf-sphere which ascended. The yellow lights approaching her home. photographs taken by RCMP. (Res objects were seen by about 30 people Object stopped, hovered a few sec- Bureaux) for 3 or 4 minutes. Traces were found. onds and moved away. Sighting dura- JUN 06 1975 (Ottawa, Ohio. Five in- (Vicente-Jaun Ballester Olmos-Cata- tion of 20 minutes. Area of depressed dentations found in farm field, 2-3 logue of 200 type 1 events) ..grass found. (Gilroy Dispatch, 03-21- inches deep. (Mutual UFO-Network) JAN 04 1975 Mariemont, Ohio. Two : 75.) . . . - JUN12 1975 (2200) NE West Vir- MAR 27 1975 (0054) Aritioch (or ginia. Four witnesses saw extremely Brentwood), California. Two wit- bright lights over tree tops, a , red nesses, 14 .and 16, saw an oval object flashing light and two bright spot- which made 90-degree turns and hov- lights. They lost sight of the lights for MUFON ered over trees. A tube emerged from a brief time, rounded a curve in the 103 Oldtowne Rd. the object with a nozzle at the end. An road and saw a disc 40 feet away just orange ball of light descended, lev- off the edge of the road. Base of ob- Seguin, TX 78155 eled off over a field. While hovering, ject was dark, spotlights at top. Four Phones: the object rotated and they could see imprints found 19 ft. 6 inches apart three portholes. It finally flew be- and charred grass: (Ted Phillips in- 512-379-9216 tween two pine trees to the NE. The vestigating for the Center for UFO (MUFON headquarters and area -between the two trees was Studies) - Walt Ahdrus home) damaged and a depression IVz feet JUN 16 1975 (0022) Greensboro, North long, several inches wide was found Carolina. Three witnesses reported a 512-379-8850 in the field. (Antioch Ledger, 03-29-75) disc which descended vertically, hov- (Director Walt Andrus APR 06 1975 (1715) Pembroke, ered for eight minutes, moved up and place .of employment) North Carolina. Seven witnesses saw down, then landed. Ascended again, five circular red lights descending moved up and down, lights went out. into a field behind trees. Six burnt Depressions found in grass.- (The areas found. (Ted Phillips investigat- Greensboro Record, 06-20-75) ing for the Center for UFO Studies) JUL 1975 Sharon, Ont, Canada. Ring 16