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Mufon ufo journal 1975 1. january - skylook

  1. 1. "We tell it as it is" 75Number 86 The UFO Monthly January, 1975 OFFICIAL PUBLICATION Of MUFONJ MUTUAL UFO NETWORK, INC.Dr. Felix Y. Zigel, assistant professor at the Moscow work. In future issues he will quote directly from Dr.Aviation Institute, is probably the top expert on UFOs Zigels Russian manuscript, which Brill has obtainedin the Soviet Union. In this issue of SKYLOOK, Inter- through an unofficial source and had translated.national Coordinator Joe Brill describes Dr. Zigels
  2. 2. In , Italy, landing case 3 SKYLOOK Close-in lighted globe in California Criticism of Eric Von Daniken continues S 8 The UFO Monthly Tasmania, Australia, has rash of sightings -10 26 Edgewood Drive Gordon explains need for creature research .. .. .. .13 Quincy, Illinois 62301 UFOs Behind the Iron Curtain discusses Zigel 14 Auto damaged by glowing object 15 In Others Words . . . . . . . . 16Dwight Connelly Project Starlight International explained 17Editor MUFON Directors Message 18 N.C. group checks reported UFO 19Carolyn Connelly Recapping and Commenting . .20Business ManagerWalter H. Andrus EDITORIAL COMMENTDirector of MUFON As noted briefly in the last issue of ent, In the meantime SKYLOOK andTed Bloecher SKYLOOK, the basic subscription MUFON will, of course, continue toHurrianoid/Occupant Cases price for the magazine will be $8.00 work as a unit in serving members per year, rather than the $10 previous- and readers.Joseph M. BrUl ly announced. MUFON members will Under the new $8.QQ per year sub-International Coordinator pay a combination dues/subscription scription rate, SKYLOOK will not price of $12 per year, effective Jan. 1, have much leeway in absorbing -in-The Rev. Dr. Barry Downing with special provisions for multi- creased printing costs, UNLESS sukReligion and UFOs member households and members scriptions rise dramatically in the under the age of 18 (see Directors next few months. Subscriptions haveLucius Parish Message in this issue). been increasing gradually, out theBooks, Periodicals, History Also as announced in the last issue, rate of increase needs to be faster if SKYLOOK will remain a financially the pep-unit cost is to be kept in lineMarjorie Fish independent publication, as it has in these times, of rising costs. We willExtraterrestrial Life since 1967, rather than merging com- continue to dp many of the things we pletely with MUFON at this time. would normally expect a commercialStan Gordon SKYLOOK will, of course, continue printer to do, and this will help, butCreatures & UFOs to serve as MUFONs Official Publi- we need the help of our readers, too. cation, as it has since 1969. Through a Here is what we are asking you toMark Herbstritt series of meetings, both MUFON and do; contact your local libraries, bothAstronomy SKYLOOK agreed that it would be public and school, and request that best to delay the proposed merger, they subscribe to SKYLOOK. In addi-Rosetta Holmes pending completion of organizational tion, get ONE other person to sub?Promotion/Publicity changes now underway scribe, If all our readers would do this MUFON is in the process of stream- (or even a substantial number), theBob Kirkpatrick lining its Board of Directors struc- per-unit price would go down dra-West Coast Coordinator ture to reflect the extensive growth matically. Members of UFO groups? of the organization, and this process who are now sharing copies can helpTed Phillips will take a great deal of work and by purchasing individual subscrip-UFO Landing Traces time. It is hoped that the proposed tions (they make nice files and col- reorganization can be finalized at the lectors items).David A. Schroth 1975 MUFON Symposium meeting in A significant increase in subscrip-St. Louis/Mass Media Des Moines, Iowa, in July. As details tions would mean we could hold the of the reorganization are decided, line on subscription rates, and prob-John F. Schuessler SKYLOOKs eventual financial rela- ably enlarge and otherwise improveUFO Propulsion tionship with MUFON can be deter- SKYLOOK. mined more adequately than at pres- Will you help? :Norma £. Short SKYLOOK THE UFO MONTHLY is published monthly by Dwight Connelly, 26 Edge-Editor-Publisher Emeritus wood, Quincy, IL. 62301 U.S.A. Subscription rates: U.S. $8.00 per year; foreign $9,00 per year. Single copy, 75 cents. Second Class postage paid at Quincy, IL. 62301. Advertising rates: $5.00 per column inch. Minimum charge of $5.00. All ads subject to approval of editor —2—
  3. 3. Jul)LlP, 1974 Italian UFO leaves—traces Sent to MUFON by: Dr. Marco over their heads and the girls waved it to be of any real importance, but Marianti, MUFON Representative their arms in a sign of greeting and then they went out on the balcony, of for Italy. suddenly they observed in the lower their house and all the members of Submitted through Joe Brill, Inter- section a light go on and off inter- the Ragni family (the father, the national Coordinator for MUFON. mittently. The flashes of light were mother, Giovanna and her brother very well separated from each other. Guido) observed in a distant field a First phase: Time: 10:35 or 10:40 "They were like normal lamps . . ." very strange thing which was similar p.m. Date: July 10,1974. "They were of a white yellowish color to what Giovanna .had reported to all Three girls, Maria Grazia Gandini, and very bright," the witnesses re- of them. Patrizia Cremonesi and Giovanna ported. It was a luminous sphere which Ragni, were walking along the street The object slowed in its velocity seemed to hover at a short distance when Giovanna Ragni called the at- and made a "gentle turn" always in above the ground and emanate a pul- tention of her companions to a "very an undulating flight and then again it sating light which varied in its in- strange light" which was moving very resumed the right angle turn toward tensity and in color without ever com- quickly through the sky. the earth and in departing in a wavy pletely going out. In the moments of It had a diameter apparently great- flight disappeared behind a house. great intensity, the light assumed a er than that of a star, and its color After having run along the street a very strong red, while in the momentsit- changed from yellow to reddish- little further, the girls observed more of less intensity the color became a orange. The "thing" approached with clearly a sort of "spot of fire" which clear orange. a right angular diagonal type of di- shined forth in a field on the horizon. Guido Ragni, a security policeman, rection with regard to the earth and Second Phase: Time: 11:25 p.m. picked up the telephone and called with a very wavy type of motion, so Date: July 10,1974. the fire department of Pavia, but he that the witnesses had the impression Giovanna Ragni returned home and was informed that if he was not that it had the form of a perfect reported what she and her friends had speaking of a real fire that was "semisphere." seen to her family, and they did not spreading, they could not respond be- The "strange thing" passed directly give her story any attention or think cause this affair would not be of their UFO KE(?£ OOOf- -r—< 1- F4M .T/J* /rtrt^ 6 To -i 1—(—t- U.T" H^ V
  4. 4. concern. about ten meters in diameter, flat on The policeman returned to the bal- its base, part of the object going ver-cony and noticed that many other tically up. Meanwhile, the witnessespersons were standing and observing were truly frightened and they scram-this luminous object in the field, from bled into their car and sped away asthe balconies of nearby houses, but he fast as possible. The mother observedalone decided to go and investigate other particulars: a sort of "pillow"for himself at close range. He asked of red dust between the base of thehis sister to go with him. His mother, object and the ground below it" and amoved by a protective sense for her sort of "fixed light" pointed towardson, insisted and also went with them the ground in the lower part of theto get a better look at this thing. object. Third Phase: Time: 11:45 p.m. They calculated that the UFO wasDate: July 10,1974. about three hundred meters from These three individuals climbed them, and they heard no sound norinto their automobile and after leav- smelled any odor nor had any othering the main highway they threadedtheir way along a dirt road whichtook them into the area that theywere interested in, but instead of see- The electrical power the "luminous object" they sawnothing but complete darkness. to the road. On the other broadside of The day had been hot and serene— the rectangle there were three burnta typical Italian summer day in July tracks in the form of triangles point-—the moon had already set and the ing towards Pavia.night was dark and perfectly clear. It should clearly be pointed out thatEverything was in order, and in the the field where these traces were dis-sky many stars were shining which covered had been sprinkled abundant-seemed to smile down ironically, but ly after the harvesting so that on thethere were no strange noises heard. 13th of July the ground was still Now, rather completely confused, soaked with water, so that, a normalthe policeman supposed that all the fire was simply impossible. witnesses, himself included, had been While investigating this sighting, deceived by a very unusual natural the Carabinieri discovered another phenomena, and after a short while trace on the road which bordered on they decided to go back home. But the field. There was a circular im- then the mother let out a scream, and print of about one and a half meters Guido turned suddenly to see what it This sketch of the alleged UFO ap- in diameter (one meter and 50 centi- was. There in the field hovering was peared in the Aug. 1, 1974, edition meters exactly) and very definitlythe same object they had seen from of "Corriere dlnformazione." "fresh," according to the Carabinieri.the balcony of their house, shining Some newspapers reported that twobrilliantly. E-M effects of any kind. persons (Mr. Vecchi and his daughter It was a "luminous semisphere" of Fourth Phase: Time: 00:15 hours. Elda, who live near the landing site) Date: July 11,1974. between 11:45 and 00:15 hrs. went On returning home, the policeman into the corn field to extinguish a Two "very scorched" ,Ragm called the Carabinieri (Italian little fire that was burning. areas national police) of Pavia and with Very near to the landing traces them returned to the site. The UFO there pass electric power lines, and was no longer there, but they dis- there is also an electric power cabin covered a very large trace on the directly in front of the burnt trace on ground formed by the stubbles (the the other side of the dirt road. grain had been cut previously by the Two very intensely burnt areas ap- peasants) which had been burned and peared in the center and the right of scorched in a circular manner, with the rectangular trace, and also the a whole line of dust and ashes scat- circular imprint found on the road. tered on the surface. All of the witnesses seemed honest The traces were many meters from and sincere during the interviews. a very dusty road which ran along- The Commanding Officer of the se- side this grain field. The trace had the curity police guaranteed the unim- form of a rectangle (about 30 x 15 peachable seriousness and alertness meters), with the broad side parallel of the principal witness, Guido Ragni. —4—
  5. 5. California, May 23, 1974 Close-in lighted globe reported By Ann DruHel diamond light points, or whether the MUFON Inrestigator impression of extra outside lights on This sighting on May 23,1974 involv- the rest of the bottom was caused bying an unidentified flying object is reflection from the intense band, therecounted in detail for three main tiara effect around the middle. Butreasons: the entire bottom half was so brilliant •1. The closeness with which the < I I I t I / / / / / that it gave the same effect.UFO approached the witness; O OOOOOCM3OOO OOOOOOOOOOO "When the globe was coming at me, 2. The wealth of detail regarding it was very slow, even seemed closethe UFO as noted by an exceptionally O O P • O o to hovering at first. I dont rememberobservant and eloquent witness; and it growing in size as it came nearer. 3. The nature of the witness herself Its slow speed enabled me to get aand the effect of the UFO upon her good look at it. It was in full closewhich might provide some clues to a view for about 25 seconds.suspected link between UFO activity "At no time was there any lightand parapsychology. beamed at me or the surroundings Since the witness, Miss Ethel Berg- from the thing. It radiated by itselfman, 64, is exceptionally well-read, and within itself. It cast no shadowseducated, and uses very clear and on the ground, at least none I noticed.meaningful language, most of the text of I was staring at it so intensely Iwill be in her own words. The nar- vestigator), or about six to eight feet didnt notice anything else around me.rative has been taken from a .45 .min- in diameter. All -I could think of was At no time did the lights on the ob-ute tape recording made at the scene that they found me there and they ject blink, but the lights around theof the sighting. It is essentially se- thought theyd have some fun. I center gave off sparkles, not in regu-quential, but has been edited down to havent been out since Ive lived here lar rhythm, though. It was rather thea manageable length: at 1:00 at night. irregular dimming and brightening of The Sighting "It was right in front of me, full scintillation, like a diamond, or the "At 12:57 a.m. (just past midnight) size, when I first saw it. The thing that sun reflected on water, rather thanon that day, I stepped out onto my hit me was the two different types of blinking. It wasnt an on-and-off deal,second-story balcony to shake out the lighting on it. On the top half of the but a constant scintillation.drapes. Im that way. I do things when sphere, the inside had a glow like an "After it approached me, movingthe mood strikes me. I was banging illuminated milk-globe lamp, but east to west, it veered to my rightaway at the drapes on the balcony more translucent, really more like a (south) went just over a tree aboutrail, which faces east. I noted that the frosted incandescent light bulb. You twenty feet away, and then startedclouds were very high and thick, but couldnt see through it — it was like leaping up and off southwest at athey did not cover the sky. They were solid incandencent radiation, very in- diagonal. I ran to the corner of thetorn and ripped, and a lot of dark sky tense. porch because I wanted to see whatshowed between them. Diamond-Like the back looked like. Naturally I "I had my eyes again on the drapes, "Then right in the center of the wasnt going to miss anything.when all of a sudden I felt that a globe, just like a dividing line, were Fin Visiblebright flashlight was in my eyes. gleaming diamond-like points of light, "In the darkness around the ball ofStraight with the line of my vision, pinpointing the outside. This very light I saw a little fin or fish-tailedright over a red roof on the next block, sharp lighting made a contrast with thing sticking out from the bottom.I saw a bright white light so brilliant the solid lighted portion above, even (See Sketch 2) Ive never been able tothat I couldnt see any nearby points compared with the intense glow figure the exact shape. I saw thein relation to it. The object had me above. It was like a diamond tiara shadow of an outline. There was nomesmerized immediately, not in the around the sphere, astonishingly appurtenance over or under it, justsense that I didnt know what I was bright. These points seemed to be that little protuberance in the rear.doing, but I knew Id never seen any- extra lights coming from the outside. "The fin was darker than the back-thing like it and probably never will (See Sketch 1) ground of the sky, because the skyagain. But it didnt occur to me that "This diamond effect must have around here gives off a little sheenit was anything out-of-space until gone around to the other side. It from reflected lights of the city. I gotlater on. seemed to encircle the sphere. I cant a look of about five seconds at the "It was a perfect circle, and the remember, because of the sharpness back. On the back, the upper part wassize seemed to be about the size of a of the light, whether the entire bottom not so bright. The glow still camewall there (pointing behind the in- of the globe was sprinkled with these from the center, but the under part of —5—
  6. 6. the globe still reflected the same the object was, in fact, really thatscintillating kind of glow, only not so close to her. The same applies to herbright as on the front of the thing. The judgment that the object passedglow was enough, however, to make a above the nearby tree.shadow out of the fin-shaped thing. The fact that she did not at any "I didnt see exactly where the fin time notice it growing in size as itwas.attached. It could have been up „ "moved toward her" indicates to meinto the body of the thing and stick- that- it was, in actuality, very out from beyond the perimeter. Its failure to grow in size hints that itThat doesnt mean that it couldnt was much nearer to her than a blockhave been stuck on up on the body, away (400 feet) when first seen, evenonly that the light prevented me from though it seemed to her that it wasseeing it among the glare. If I had to over a red roof on the next block whenchoose a color for the fin, Id say it she first saw it. was dark brown. The sensation of its moving nearer No Sound was doubtless caused by its moving "Lwas fascinated by it. There was ftff- from five degrees elevation to seven- no sound at all. I have unusually good teen degrees elevation during its hearing, being able to detect, the low- "slow approach." Did the object, in est and highest sounds audible to the forget to do it in the morning. Its fact, "materialize" close to her, just * human ear, according to audiometer not like I was going out looking at the as it seemed to "dematerialize" at its tests Ive had. In fact, even ordinary sky, even. disappearance? noise bothers me, like my landlord "It was like Jung calls synchro- The object subtended an angle of. handling lumber or hammering in the nicity. It cant be coincidence, be- about two degrees arc. She compared back yard. cause Ill probably never again see it to the size of a small bottle cap "The oddest thing of all was the anything like that so close. It aimed held at arms length, after searching way it disappeared. It leaped up into straight at me, and then when it came through her house for an adequate the southwest sky and disappeared. close, it veered right off." comparison, since the investigators When it took off, it was so fast it was Viewing Angles usual comparison objects, aspirin, gone in the blink of an eye. It never After the interview, angles were ob- dime, penny, quarter, etc., did not suit got up into the clouds. My impression tained by the investigator from the her. The bottle cap is about one and was that it disappeared maybe like places on the porch where the object one-half inch diameter (3.8 centi- it went into another dimension and was viewed. The object was first seen meters). became invisible. You saw it, and at 80 degrees azimuth, and was at 200 The great apparent size, the wit- then it disappeared and it was gone! degrees azimuth when it disappeared. ness unshakeable belief of closeness, "Im mystified about how I saw it When first seen it was at five degrees and the fact that at no time did it pass come down so low. I never actually elevation, and seventeen degrees ele- behind any of the many available ref- saw it go behind or in front of any- vation at disappearance. erence points in and around the yard thing, but it seemed to be maneuvered At its closest point east to west give credence to the possibility that in order to avoid bumping into the toward Mrs. Bergman, it was seven- the object was, indeed, very close, wires and trees in the back yard. In teen degrees elevation, and main- perhaps on the order of twenty feet fact, I thought it was going to land in tained that elevation as it passed away. These points also give credence the back yard! above a tree by her garage some to the possibility that the object was, "I saw it certainly no less than twenty feet from the southeast corner as the witness thinks, maneuvering thirty seconds, and it seemed as long of her porch, traveled through the about the yard and house (and around I1 as a minute. Not only do you lose southern sky, and finally disappeared her?). track of time, but youre just in a dif- at seventeen degrees elevation in the The tree over which it seemed to ? ferent mood when you see something southwest. . pass had branches reaching up to • like that. Youre not thinking of the It is about nine feet from the spot about fifteen degrees elevation. There passage of time, youre thinking that where Mrs. Bergman was shaking her was no evidence of burned branches, heres something youve never seen drapes to the corner of the porch wilted leaves, etc., on this tree. before and youre concentrating on where she moved quickly to see the Personal Data.On Witness observing it. back of the object. We reenacted the "It certainly wasnt more than a entire sighting to obtain an estimate Miss Bergman is divorced, no chil- block away when it came upon me, of its duration. It came to between 27- dren. She lives alone in a densely this I am certain. Look at the timing! 30 seconds. settled area of Los Angeles, on the Its a funny thing for me to do, shak- The angles indicated that the ob- second story of a rental unit, situated" ing out dust from curtains at that ject, in relation to her, was just above in the backyard of her landlords hour of the night, but the thought just a telephone wire some twenty feet home. Miss Bergman is Jewish, was occurred to me Id better do it while from the porch due east, but of course formerly married to a man with an. I had a few minutes because I might we have only her own judgment that Irish surname, but took back her —6—
  7. 7. BEC DOUX El SES AMIS KEN MEAUX-EARl COMEAUX rumi CETAIT QUOI C ETAIT CETAIT UN DECES LES PRIX OE SONTTROP OWE OF THOSE . FELLOWS. HE RAIDS * iii AT WAS TWM , WHAT A/AS THAT? PRICES TOO HI6H. GWN6 6ACKmaiden name when she divorced. her (curiosity?) nection. She is retired, having formerly She was entirely free of a prideful Parapsychological Aspects manner. She spoke of the possiblebeen employed as a medical secre-tary. She is well-educated, with two Toward the end of the interview, psychic connection only when di-years of law school training. She the investigator on impulse asked rectly asked by the investigator, giv-seems an extremely intelligent per- Miss Bergman if she considers her- ing answers to specific questions. Sheson. During the interview and two self "psychic." She unhesitatingly re- was as objective in her mannersubsequent phone calls she has not plied that she did. She told of having discussing the psychic factors as shemade any attempt to embellish her gone through an "awakening of grace" was in her straightforward descrip-original account of the sighting. in 1947, and since that time she has tion of the sighting. realized that life is not a quest for Investigator Druffel points out the She states before the incident she personal success or comfort but similarities between the Bergmanhad never given thought to UFOs be- rather a period of opportunity for sighting and the sighting by Darrelfore. She was very skeptical about ones personal spiritual development. Nickels in Oklahoma on Nov. 30, 1973stories shed heard, but now that she She considers herself Jewish but (May, 1974, Skylook).has seen an unidentified flying object doesnt practice any orthodox re- Meteorological and wind conditionsherself, she accepts them as real. ligion. She accepts Christ as her for the day and time of sighting indi- She states that she has trouble spiritual leader. She feels that she is cate that the object was travelingwearing a watch (a fact that seems to "an old soul," one which has lived counter to the flow of wind.crop up from time to time among other lives before in its quest for per-UFO witnesses). She has tried brandname after brand name, but they sonal development. UFO course plannedeither refuse to run or run too ir- She speculates that the object at U of Alabamaregularly to do any good. She has no- might possibly have found her differ- A Course entitled "UFOs: A Scien-ticed, too, that electrical appliances ent, not only because of her effect on tific Approach""will be taught Mayin her home have abnormally short electrical equipment, but also be- 12 through May 30 during the Interimuse-lives. Radios go out after only a cause of her concentration on psychic Term at The University of Alabama,few months, her television is often in and spiritual development. She felt Tuscaloosa, Ala. Professor E. J.need of repair, her refrigerator gives that the object "had an existence in Planz, Associate Professor of Metal-shocks. another dimension," but temporarily lurgical Engineering and MUFON appeared to her eyes in a physical State Director for Alabama, is,con- She has wondered often, even be- state for whatever its reasons mightfore the UFO incident, if the electri- ducting the course. charge in her body is somehow Anyone interested in enrolling inabnormal. She speculated about the She commented that since the spir- the courss may obtain particulars bypossibility that the UFO might have itual or psychic world is of a vibra- writing to Dr. Donald Noble, Directordetected this about her, accounting tory rate different from the physical Interim Term, Box BG, University,for its extremely close approach to universe, there might be some con- Alabama 35486. — 7—
  8. 8. Serious researchers dubious Criticism of Von Daniken continues By David Branch . . . can be seen in quantities in the Santa Ana Register Cairo and other museums . . . (He) Copyright 1974 by David Branch may well ask why the Egyptian priests lied so shamelessly to the Von Daniken: If I find that what traveler Herodotus (about allegedIve written is wrong, then I will be gods from the sky . . . but we maythe first to correct i t . . . I never in- equally well ask why the modernvent anything. Herodotus (Von Daniken) with all the contrary facts before him should Interviewer: In the book ("The so shamelessly continue the decep-Gold of the Gods") you say (archaeol- tion."ogist) Moricz led you in darkness, —E.C.B. MacLaurin, head of the fthen gave yon the command, "Switch Department of Semitic Studies, Uni- "on your torches!" You write, "We are versity of Sydney: "Von Danikensstanding dumbfounded and amazed in chief weakness is sheer ignorance ... the middle of a gigantic hall" Is that —Photo by Dwight Connelly (His) book is superficially plausiblewhat really happened? Eric Von Daniken was a featured but cannot stand up to examination.." Von Daniken: No, that is not true. member of a discussion panel at the —Barbara Thiering, lecturer inIt is what I call theatrical effect. — first conference of the Ancient As- Hebrew and Biblical Studies, Univer-"Playboy," August 1974. tronaut Society last summer in sity of Sydney—specialist in the Dead Chicago. Sea Scrolls: "Von Danikens state- The 25 million-copy international ments about the Dead Sea Scrolls re- best-selling books by Erich von Dani- is now teaching. "Playboy demolished veal ignorance of basic fact and basic ken ("GodsiFrom Outer Space," "The Von Daniken," Lawson said to me methodology."Gold of the Gods," "In search of the recently. —Gordon Whittaker, lecturer inGods," and "Chariots of the Gods?"), Prior to reading the Playboy inter- Aztec Civilization at Brandeis Uni- in which the Swiss author argues that view last week, I had discovered versity, U.S.A.: "Von Daniken ap- astronauts from outer space visited "Some Trust," a compilation from pears to have gone out of his way to the earth in ancient times, have come Australia of authoritative analyses of distort and ignore the known facts of under devastating attacks recently. Von Danikens "Chariots." Salient Aztec civilization." (Von Daniken has become a mod- statements from "Some Trust" fol- —N.K. Weeks, lecturer in Ancient ern phenomenon; his theory, a world- low: History, University of Sydney: "From wide fad. In America, Playboy maga- —A.D. Crown, senior lecturer, De- the point of view of the Mesopota- zine said recently, "Von Daniken partment of Semitic Studies, Univer- mian evidence, this book is so full ofranks in popularity ... somewhere be- sity of Sydney: "There can be little error, mis-statement and untruth astween the streaking and the exorcism doubt that a group of responsible to be worthless."craze. Chariots is in its 44th paper- scholars drawing on their training —Clive Houlsby, chartered civil en-back printing, with U.S. sales esti- can demolish the arguments put for- gineer, Australia (who analyzed Vonmated at 5,000,000 copies.") ward by Von Daniken in his Chariots Danikens claims of outer-space in- Both in a book titled, "Some Trust of the Gods?, for there is barely a fluence in the construction of the fin Chariots" (Popular Library: New statement in the book which will Egyptian pyramids): "It seemsYork; 128 pp., 95$), and in a cutting stand scrutiny." fatuous of Herr von Daniken to have finterview in Playboy magazine —Colin Gauld, lecturer in Science built such an extensive theory on such * (August, 1974), the "evidence" sup- Education, University of New South readily disprovable premises."porting the ancient-astronaut hypoth- Wales: "Von Daniken makes some Although authoritative opinions doesis is dismantled to what some remarkable statements about specu- not in themselves disprove the an-critics believe to be an irreparable lation which he openly contradicts in cient-astronaut theory, they do indi-degree. other sections . . . This inconsistency cate that serious readers should ap- One scholar who has followed the borders on academic dishonesty!" proach Von Danikens books withVon Daniken controversy, Dr. Alvin —Professor Basil Hennessy, visit- caution and skepticism. And "SomeH. Lawson, professor of English at the ing professor of Near Eastern Ar- Trust" contains numerous concreteCalifornia State University at Long chaeology, University of Sydney; for- objections to Von Danikens views.Beach, is conducting studies into the mer director, British School of Ar- Playboy interviewer Timothy Fer-logic and semantics of the UFO (un- chaeology, Jerusalem: "Von Dani- ris asked Von Daniken, at one pointidentified-f lying-object) debate as kens non-existent rope (used to con- during their three-day talk, for hispart of a course in UFO literature he struct the Great Pyramid in Egypt) strongest evidence that astronauts —8—
  9. 9. landed on Earth in ancient times. Inreply, Von Daniken cited a stone carv-ing in Yucatan that allegedly showsan astronaut piloting a rocket. "— at his nose he has what I wouldcall an oxygen mask," said Von Dani-ken. "He is operating some controlswith his hands, turning somethingon—you can recognize every detail—and the heel of his left foot seems tobe on a pedal which has differentadjustments. Behind him you seesome circles, some boxes, all kindsof mysterious things. And outside is aflame like an exhaust." Aztec specialist Gordon Whittaker,however, points out that a quetzalbird (the national bird of Guatemala)is perched on the nose of Von Dani-kens "rocket." "But then," Whittaker continues,"Von Daniken does not mention therather distasteful skull with the bigfangs pictured below the astronautsseat either. Nordoes he mention thelife-expectancy of the astronaut, whois sticking his head outside therocket. "And now that I think about it, theastronaut must have taken his trendyjacket off, since all I can see is anecklace and ornament on his chest.His shorts are sadly too much likethe commonplace Maya kilt—he prob-ably picked it up on his travels. Hisantenna could easily be mistaken fora Maya hairdo—camouflage, I sus-pect. "One has to hand it to Von Danikenfor not being fooled by the arrogantmembers of the Establishment whosay that the relief only shows aMayan dignitary on a throne abovethe skull of the Lord of the Earth, and that the dignitary is about to pluck afruit from the Tree of life, on top ofwhich is a sacred bird representingthe zenith direction. "After all, who ever heard of anastronaut in the company of a bird blasting off into space in a tree?" Interviewer Ferris asked Von Dani-ken in conclusion: "In Gold of theGods... you suggest that the bananawas brought to Earth from space.Were you serious?" I mean what I say seriously. In other he was convicted of "repeated and "No and not many people realize ways, I mean to make people laugh." sustained acts of embezzlement . . .that," Von Daniken said. Playboy reports that at the age of fraud . . . forgery — and served a "Is all your writing a put-on?" asked 19 Von Daniken was examined by a year in prison. At his trial, a court-Ferris. . psychiatrist who said he displayed a appointed psychiatrist described him " . . . yes and no In some part.".-.. "tendency to lie." Some years later as a liar and a criminal psychopath." —9—
  10. 10. Tasmania, Australia, reports was shaped like a sharp dome; be- by the witnesses at the time of the neath that, green, pink, and occasional sighting. The weather tallied withLight in sky white and pale blue light moved from witnesses descriptions, being fine atat Scamander left to right around what appeared to be a disc like an unturned plate. This first with increasing clouds later. No one else viewed the UFO, mostReported by: Paul B. Jackson, lower part did not appear solid, but people being in bed at the time. MUFON Research Associate, The rather was an area of light. Tasmanian UFO Investigation Cen- Its apparent size was about one- tre. sixteenth moon sized; at Vz a mile Familybuzzed/Submitted by: Joe Brill, International this could roughtly be a width of at Coordinator. least 20 ft. plus. Shocked by UFO It was a lucky day for the Tasman- The light from the object did not Investigator: Mr. R. Brooks. f:ian UFO Investigation Centre when make shafts in the sky, but rather Sent to Joe M. Brill, International Roger Brooks, a senior English Mas- twinkled brightly. Coordinator, by Paul Jackson, Cor- ter and Garry Bensemann sighted a Clouds began to appear some half respondence Officer, Tasmanian UFO •UFO at Scamander on Aug. 30, 1974. hour after the object was first Investigation Center.Their meticulous notes on the sight- sighted; Jupiter and the stars wenting resulted in one of the best docu- dim, but not the UFO—only when it Date of Sighting: Sept. 16, 1974.mented reports to the Centre. disappeared south into the increasing Location: Near St. Helens, Tas- About 10:20 p.m. the two men were cloud did it fade about 11:50 p.m. It mania, Australia.out walking a dog on Scamander was seen again just after midnight Since May, northeast Tasmania hasbeach when the dog became excit- very distant before going into clouds seen cars followed, hunters ap-able; it was then they noticed what again after some 12 minutes. proached, and brilliant low levellooked to be a bright aircraft light, Movements UFOs, but on the night of Sept. 16estimated to be Vz a mile out over the In relation with St. Patricks head to the UFO came south to the St. Maryssea to the southeast. the south, the UFO appeared to be the area a number of miles inland from After watching the light moving same height of around 1,600 feet: The the Aug. 30 case at Scamander.erratically for 10 minutes and realiz- light was first seen to the southeast The sighting was headlined in theing it wasnt a plane, Brooks tele- and came northward initially. Hobart "Mercury" of Sept. 21 under,phoned the Hobart Airport; they in When it was moving in a darting, "UFOs BUZZED FAMILY." The pa-turn gave him the Centres telephone hovering pattern the witnesses set up per told the story of the Richards fam-number. their rectangle of sticks. There was ily being terrorized by a UFO. Fol- Sightings Officer Ken Bennetto was no circular or curved flight noticed. lowing up the paper story revealedable to give Brooks hints on how to At times it moved at slow steady the location of the sighting was inobserve the strange light and the two car speed, then the speed of a fast fact on the Ansons Bay Road four towitnesses then formed a simple rec- car, and at other times like the speed five miles north of St. Helens, a smalltangle with sticks driven into the of an aircraft on take off. port 12 miles north of Scamander.sand. Watching the light, they logged When it was stationary it would re- The sighting area is only 20 milesits flight path. main in the one position for some 10 southeast of the Gladstone district. The UFO darted at strange angles to 20 seconds before moving on. When Mrs. A. Richards of "The Marshes," taround the sky, hovered, altered it travelled away to the south gaining about 12 miles north of St. Helens,speed and flashed colored lights. elevation, it did so steadily but at an was returning home from Launceston ,. The UFO had been moving vaguely increasing speed. .with her two children, Janine (8 yrs. ,jnorth and was due east of the wit- Conclusions old) and Kathleen (5 yrs. old). Afternesses by 10:45 p.m. Then it started Scamander is over 150 miles from stopping at her sister-in-laws, move steadily south along the coast Hobart, situated on the states east Richards continued on home. Kath-so the witnesses rushed to their car. coast, being only 35 miles as the crow leen, by now being very tired, went toThey drove some 8 or 9 miles south of flies southeast of Gladstone. The re- sleep. The car at this stage was run-Scamander, keeping the UFO in sight. port certainly fits in well with the ning well.However, it was moving faster than UFO Flap from the North East and a Mr. R. Brooks of Scamander, anthey were, and became fainter; by further sighting at St. Marys soon English teacher, visited the witness11:30 p.m. it looked like a moving after.. on behalf of TUFOIC and we are in-star and at 12:15 a.m. disappeared Checks with DCA proved that there debted to him for the following nar-into increasing clouds. were no aircraft in the sighting area, rative. - Description of UFO while our astronomical adviser dis- Sequence of Events The UFO was mainly composed of counted satellites. The brightest as- It was dark with light drizzle whenlights. The brightest, a pale yellow, tronomical object, Jupiter, was noted Mrs. Richards approached a bridge — 10—
  11. 11. series of 1974 UFO sightingson Ansons Bay Road approximately with the car except a hot hood-four to five miles north of St. Helens. probably the radiator had boiled. Mrs.She noticed that the car radio went Richards finally continued on home. UFO straightensstatic. Previously there had been womans hairgood reception and she hadnt noticedthis trouble before. Husband Second Witness This Report sent to Joe M. Brill, Following the radio going static, the At the time of the experience Mr. International Coordinator, by Paulsky marked by the witness field of Richards, who was waiting at home, B. Jackson, MUFON Research Asso-vision ahead was lighted brightly. As saw lights in the sky and heard a dis- ciate for Tasmania, The Tasmanianthe car crossed the bridge it lost tant roar. He though it was his wife UFO Investigation Center.power on a gentle incline, then driving along the farm road and took It was raining with mist on thestopped dead and all the lights of the little notice, expecting her to arrive mountains when Mrs. W. (name oncar went out: headlights, radio, heat- at any minute. He was surprised when file with SKYLOOK and the TUFOIC)er, and dashboard — total darkness the car did not come over the hill. parked 200 yards from the junction ofexcept for the light in the sky. the Tayene and Diddleum Plains Mrs. Richards tried to start the Car Checked roads late on the afternoon of, but after ten seconds a deafening The next day a St. Helens garage 22,1974. The area is roughtly 30 milesvibrating noise enveloped the car proprietor, Mr. G. Stone, examined northeast of Launceston, Tasmania,"like 30 to 40 large jets. I felt my head the car thoroughly and could find Australia.was splitting oepn. I thought the nothing wrong; the radio worked and She was waiting for a relative toworld was coming to an end," said the electrical system was in working arrive. Owing to the steep bank onMrs. Richards. The noise forced her order. the left side of the road, she parkedio cover her ears. on the wrong side to ensure that log Kathleen was still asleep, but After Effects on Witness trucks using the road would see theJanine said the sound was "deafen- The day after the event, Mrs. car on the narrow" Almost simultaneously, quite Richards arms and fingers were Mrs. W. heard over the car radiopainful electric shocks began pene- badly swollen and she had difficulty that the time was 5:20 p.m., then alltrating their bodies—like electric vi- in walking. She had a numb right face of a sudden the whole area lit up, thebrations, far worse than a shock from and a red mark (2 cent size) above bright light penetrating the interioran electric kettle. (Mrs. Richards her right eyebrow. She claims she did of the car, and at the same time theguessed about 400 to 500 volts). This not bruise herself, but that the vibra- radio developed a very high pitchedall lasted for about a minute, during tions did it. whistle.which she thinks she screamed. Despite-tranquillizers the witness The witness leaned over, intending A Choking Gas nerves have been in a poor state since to turn the radio off. In this position Then the car was filled by an in- the incident. Mrs. Richards consulted she could see up the hill on the left visible smell—a penetrating gas, far a doctor, who felt she was suffering side of the road and noticed at once a stronger than commercial bottled from severe emotional reaction. The glowing orange and silver object gas, and nothing recognizable. Janine children suffered no after effects. coming between two grees and down smelt it too and both leaped out of Mrs. Richards says her greatest the hill towards the road. the car for air. "All I wanted was frustrations have come from trying The object was moving slowly and fresh air and to breathe properly," to convince people of what happened. appeared the size of a large car. It said Mrs. Richards. She has never had any form of men- was 15 to 20 meters high and drop- They dragged Kathleen, who was tal disorder or delusions. She doesnt ping down towards the road. dazed, half awake, from the car and drinkand has not been sick. . Mrs. W. now panicked and started fled down the road. By this time there her car and backed up the road. The Investigators Conclusions was only light in the sky. UFO kept approaching until it was at Around 9:45 p.m. they reached the Mrs. Richards was badly shaken by fence top height in the middle of the house of Mr. H. Chappel, about two the occurrence, and though some de- road, about 20 to 30 meters away, as miles from the car. Mr. Chappel was tails might have become confused, estimated the witness. The car radio.alarmed by Mrs. Richards uncon- she has genuinely.been frightened by was still emitting a piercing noise. trolled state. He returned with his something. She says, "I ,am hardly After backing up the road some 100 brother and Mrs. Richards to the car likely to make up a story like this, yards, she backed over the edge and and there was no sign of any light. why should I?" People the investiga- the car stuck. The UFO now became The car started faultlessly although tor spoke with described the witness stationary tor about 60 seconds in there was little water in the radiator. as sane, healthy, hard working, and front of the witness. Mrs. W. was very Mr. Chappel is a mechanic, and at sincere, and were emphatic that this frightened and found that the glae that time could find nothing wrong was not a made up story. from the dome-shaped top of the ob- — 11 —
  12. 12. ject made it hard to discern the upperportion of the object. gmur CONGE-rail* After hovering briefly, the UFO , HARD Ddipped over to the right and moved DISCERN.away from the road over a .valleyarea alongside the road (to the south-west, after coming initially Irom thesoutheast). It then went straight upfarily fast and was lost from the wit-ness field ol vision. Mrs. Ws nerve-shattering experience had lastedthree to tour minutes. Mrs. W. was very shaken by theincident and was sick for a number ofdays with nervous tension. Her fresh- AFF&OED T& SEWXRATEly permed hair turned straight alter INTO 4- SECTIONS IT MOVED OFF.the encounter with the UFO. Mrs. W,did not believe in UFOs prior to thesighting, although her husband did.Her relatives said she should reportthe sighting. It would appear the presence of theUFO affected the cars radio. Before this daylight sighting. The RAAF did was not available for inspection atthe sighting it was claimed to be in not visit the sighting area, but inter- the time.perfect working order, but has suf- viewed the witness by telephone. Explanations such as weather bal-fered from distortion since. The Centers Northern Representa- loons, aircraft, helicopters, and The next day when the car was tive, John C. Dean, visited the sighting meteorlogical phenomena were all towed home it was noticed how ex- area and checked the surrounding ruled out, leaving us with a good low ceptionally clean the front of the car ground for any marks or magnetic level daylight sighting. was. although the rest was still dirty. variations. Nothing was found. Mrs. It is interesting to compare the Previously there had been cat foot- W. was still disturbed by the incident report with the "automobile stop" prints all over the hood, but the front when Dean called to see her two near St. Helens six days earlier and was cleaned as though given a good weeks after the encounter. The car about 30 miles to the east. cut and polish. Neither the witness nor her husband felt it was possible for the hood to be cleaned by the rain of the previous day while the rest of Ancient Astronauts conference the car was so dirty. The Second World Conference on single occupancy room), and the Con- The UFO was domed on top, but Ancient Astronauts .will be held in ference ticket. Mrs. W. found it hard to see details Zurich, Switzerland, on May 29, 30, 31, Depending upon the number of pas- because of the intense orange/yellow 1975, at the Hotel Movenpick-Holiday sengers, the group may spend either light that it gave off. The. witness Inn. The admission price is $25 per two or three weeks in Europe, with therefore found it hard to give an person. The conference is sponsored participants on their own after the estimate on the size of the dome. by the Ancient Astronaut Society. Conference, or a part of an escorted Beneath the dome the UFO was Thus far, the list of speakers in- bus tour through Switzerland, Austria silvery/grey, with a wider brim on cludes Erich Von Daniken, Jacques and Germany, depending on the de- which the witness thought there could Bergier, Louis Pauwels, Jean Sendy, sires of the group. have been portholes. Below were 6 to Peter Krassa, Baron Johannes Von Additional information is available reversed stepped bands estimated to Buttlar, Peter Doberer, Dr. Adolf from the Ancient Astronaut Society, be about five feet in depth. The ob- Schneider, Frede Melhedegaard, 600 Talcott Rd., Park Ridge, IL. 60068.jects width was some twelve feet. Josef Blumrich, and Dr. Luis Navia. SWISSAIR will make arrangements At the base in the center was a for a group flight which will leavesmall revolving disc, and below this Attention MUFON HAMs: Mo- Chicago OHare at 6:45 p.m. on Tues- bile and Tuscaloosa Counties ina protruding box or tube of short day, May 27. The flight may also stoplength. The tube object appeared to Alabama need Amateur Radio in Boston to pick up passengers. The Operators for MUFON Net-split into four sections as the UFO exact price has not been determined,sped,off. work. Please refer to Robert but it will be approximately $625 per Boyd, 121 Huron Road, Mobile, The sighting was initially reported person, including round trip air fare Alabama 3660 (AC 205) the Royal Australian Air Force. from Chicago to Zurich, four nightsThey could find no explanation for at Hotel Movenpick (based upon — 12-
  13. 13. Creatures and UFOs Multi-discipline research needed By Stan Gordon to be a combination of two factors: NOT THE SAME SPECIES. Most of the readers of SKYLOOK psychology and politics. This is the most important item toare probably aware of the research I Families changed remember. The news media has beenhave been doing on incidents involv- In regard to the psychological fac- responsible in most cases for callinging Bigfoot-like creatures, which in tor of the, Bigfoot incidents, I have these creatures "Bigfoot," since theysome cases seem to be connected found in many cases, particularly in look so similar. At this time the onlywith UFO activity. the family lives of the creature wit- major difference that really sep- Within a short time after I became nesses, that their normal personality arates the Earth-type Bigfoot and theinvolved in this, particular area of re- pattern was drastically changed be- creatures connected with the UFOssearch, I.started to feel pressure of cause their loved ones refused to be- is that the latter have only three toes.disbelief of the events from a few in lieve that they could have seen such a This factor has shown up throughoutthe general public and several re- creature. I know of one case where the country.spected UFO researchers. This is the daughter of a doctor had seen a Reports widespreadsomething that I would expect from creature, and upon telling this to her Just within the past few months,an uninformed citizen who might be father, he became enraged and nearly a handful of other researchers haveignorant of the UFO subject, but I am threw her out of the house. begun to look into this data, and theyquite disturbed at the attitude of the I am familiar with a number of are uncovering the same exact typeUFOlogists. . cases of parents who have punished of incidents in their locales. Reports An open mind their children when they continued to of these creatures have again in- I have always -learned, as a very insist that they had seen a "Bigfoot." creased in Pennsylvania. We alsoactive UFO investigator, to go into all There were several families nearly have reports from many other states,cases with an open mind, no matter broken up by divorce due to the fact including New York, Illinois, Tennes-how strange the circumstances might that one of the mates refused to be- see, and California, where these samebe. Just because a case you confront lieve the others encounter. types of events are occurring. •might be unique to you as an investi- It seems as though humans have As I have mentioned in past ar-gator, that doesnt mean that a simi- made up their minds. that if such ticles, and as I will discuss in futurelar event didnt occur somewhere things arent supposed to exist, then reports, there appears to be a greatelse in the world. they cant. amount of psychic phenomena and In many cases that I have been in- The second factor that I mentioned psychological changes which have oc-volved in, it wasnt until years after seems to be primarily that when an curred to some of those involved inthe initial investigation that another incident is reported that doesnt fit these incidents. These cases should beincident of almost identical detail the basic ideas or patterns which studied by not only scientists and an-was reported. I also have learned that have been accepted by ah individual thropologists, but by psychiatristsa good researcher doesnt give an as fact, then this person tries to tear and psychologists as well.opinion on a case until he has person- apart the event as being untrue, even At this office we are presently do-ally made an attempt to learn all the though in most cases little attempt ing a massive study of large hairydetails of the incident, and properly has been made to investigate the oc- ape-like creatures from throughoutevaluate the findings. currence. Or else the knowledge of the world, and we are hoping to come I now find myself in a position the event is purposely forgotten in up with some answers. If any re-which some UFOlogists occupied a order not to interfere with his present searchers have any cases of thesenumber of years ago when they ex- theories. types of sightings on file, particularlypressed their beliefs that three-foot Very little research cases involving these creatures andtall humanoid-like creatures accom- As I stated before, the most critical UFOs seen at the same time, I wouldpanied some UFO vehicles. Since problem in regard to the Bigfoot-UFO appreciate it if you would send a copynone of these small humanoids have cases is that very little research is of the report to me to compare toever been captured, this belief was being conducted into this area of other cases. I am convinced that thisprimarily based on the numerous UFOlogy. In most cases, a researcher particular area of UFOlogy is theworldwide sightings of such crea- upon hearing of a Bigfoot report, nor- most important aspect of the phe-tures. mally doesnt investigate further, nomena that has ever been uncov- Today the majority of UFOlogists thinking that there is no UFO tie-in. ered.accept the possibility that these hu- What must be stressed is that even Any comments or suggestions con-manoids do exist, but only after more though the creatures which have been cerning this research is welcome byof these encounters were brought to in some cases observed with a UFO writing to the Westmoreland Countylight. The problem of disbelief from look almost identical physically to the UFO Study Group, 6 Oakhill Avenue,both the public and UFOlogists seem Bigfoot or Sasquatcb, THEY ARE Greensburg, Pa., 15601. -13-
  14. 14. UFOs Behind the Iron Curtain By Joe Brill In this months article I would like At the end of November the the entire effort introduce SKYLOOK readers to a DOSAAF Central Committee under However, the reports were assem-Russian scientist who has for many the chairmanship of Army General bled in manuscript form by Dr. Zigelyears been interested in (and who A. L. Getman adopted and passed a and titled "Sightings of UFOs Overhas attempted to prompt the Russian resolution on the dissolution of the the USSR" Vol. 1.1 had supposed thatgovernment into a serious study of) Department on UFOs. None of the there was a hope for a Vol. 2, and Ithe UFO phenomenon that has been members of the Stolyarov Committee had heard from a few sources thatreported in the Soviet Union. were invited to this session, which such a Work did exist, but to date all His name is Felix Y. Zigel and at called for the dissolution of this new my efforts to secure it have resultedpresent he is an Assistant Professor department, nor were any of the in ought. In several of the reports,at the Moscow Aviation Institute. He members ever informed as to the photographs were taken of the objectsis a Candidate of Physico-Mathemat- cause for this decision by the in question but none of these photo-ical Sciences and he graduated from DOSAAF. It was done without their graphs were included with the docu-the Moscow University in 1942. He re- knowledge or involvement. ment.ceived his Candidate Degree in as- An article entitled "Again Flying Had Dr. Zigel not had the insighttronomy at the USSR Academy of Saucers" was published in Pravda on to take the time required to performSciences in 1948. Feb. 29, 1968. This article was auth- this work we would never have known On May 17, 1967, a group of well- ored by several members of the USSR about these UFO sightings at all. Be-known and respected Russian scien- Academy of Sciences who were ob- cause he did take this time to do whattists met in Moscow to form an un- viously misinformed and unversed on he believed was necessary, and hopedofficial body whose purpose it would Ihe UFO subject. Their article pre- that someday this information mightbe to conduct a preliminary scientific sented a very poor excuse for an ex- find its way into the proper hands ofinvestigation of Unidentified Flying planation of the entire UFO pheno- those who could judge its worth by itsObjects. menon, but it was stated with much content, we have at least some idea In October of that same year a com- authority and prestige, and they were of the sort of reports that have beenmittee was set up with the title of the not seeking any debates or opposing made there.UFO Section of the All-Union Cos- opinions on the matter. The question Through many months of inquirymonautics Committee, and a retired was settled that UFOs did not exist. and requests (with no assistanceAir Force Major General was elected At least to those authors and in the from any Soviet official offices, pub-as the chairman. This chairman was Soviet Union that is all that is neces- lications, or individual officials), IMajor General Porfiri Stolyarov. Dr. sary. secured a copy of this rare documentZigel was elected as the deputy chair- However, many reports had been in its entirety. Another year passedman of this committee, and he agreed received from that initial television before it was completely translatedto serve at this position as he was appearance, and several well-written into English. And now it is finished,anxious to see that this subject was at articles on the subject by Dr. Zigel and now it will be revealed to the pub-last receiving the attention he were published in Soviet magazines lic that this document exists and wasthought it so rightfully deserved. and these could be valuable if placed assembled by Dr. Zigel in the hope Then on Nov. 10, 1967, General in the proper hands. None of the re that serious UFO researchers every-Stolyarov and Dr. Zigel appeared on ported observations were vere scien- where could benefit by his effort toMoscow Central Television to an- tifically investigated by the Soviet record what was reported to the Rus-nounce the creation of this new De- authorities. sian UFO Committee in 1967.partment of UFOs of the All-Union So, in March of 1968 Dr. Zigel began Dr. Zigel is to be commended forCommittee on Cosmonautics of the the tedious job of sifting and sorting his foresight and courage in recordingDOSAAF (Equal to the Department out these reports that had been sent these observations, knowing that theof Defense), and asked the viewers in, and then began to type out these Soviet government would never allowwho had observed UFOs to send in a reports so that they would not be lost such a document to be published therereport of their sightings to this newly- to posterity. in his own country. He has also con-formed department. The conse- In the end, this work consisted of tinued to encourage his governmentquences of this appearance proved 200 typewritten pages of Russian, to initiate a serious study of thisto be unexpected. Hundreds of reports with some 250 observations. Most of problem.came in, telling of Soviet citizens these reports were of bright lights, For the next several months I amsightings of what appeared to them but there were some very excellent going to select some of the betterto be UFOs. reports that if lost would have made reports from this manuscript of Dr. — 14—
  15. 15. Bright object damages car By Stan Gordon mission to investigate the sighting, A At 7:50 p.m. on Oct. 12,1974, Mr. and six-member field team arrived at theMrs. Eugene Loyal were resting in location that afternoon. Radiation UFO course taughtthe living room of their mobile home readings were first taken, which A special class* called "UFOs: Aoutside of Connellsville, Pa. Mrs. showed only normal background read- Mysterious Reality" has begun ses-Loyal noticed a bright orange glow ings. It had rained during the night, sions at the University of Californiacoming from the curtained window in so if there was any abnormal levels at San Diego (UCSD) Extension inher den, and ran to the window to it probably would have been reduced San Diego, Calif. Instructed by Robertopen the drapes, thinking that there by then. P. Treash, B.A., the courjse is designedwas a fire outside toward the front of The team then interviewed the wit- to provide an overview of nearly alltheir residence. When they were nesses, took photos, made measure- aspects of UFO study. The first ses-opened, an area of about 40 feet was ments, and took samples of the resi- sion opened with an overflow crowd.drenched in a bright orange color. due on the car and on the ground. TheThe couples 1969 Grand Prix was team members found the white ash onparked within the glowing area. the roof of the trailer where it had UFO NEWSCLIPPING Mrs. Loyal then yelled to her hus- discolored the aluminum paint. Also, SERVICEband that there was a burning orange samples of the residue were located The UFO NEWSCLIPPINGobject just above the tree moving for about a 400-foot area into the yards SERVICE will keep you in-toward their trailer. The couple went of other residents in the trailer park. formed of all the latest Unitedout onto the porch and watched the It was noticed that insects that came States and World-Wide UFO ac-object move in a straight line toward in contact with the material on the tivity, as it happens! Our ser-a wooded area. When the object was car would struggle and would die in a vice was started in 1969, atin the distance ifdidnt appear to be short time. which time we contracted withburning. Further interviews with the wit- a reputable international news- The next morning the couple was nesses revealed that the object was paper-clipping bureau to obtainleaving for church when they noticed about 30 feet away from the trailer for us, those hard to find UFOthat their newly painted black car and about 50 feet high when first ob- reports (i.e., little known photo-had dozens of small burned holes, served. The object itself was a very graphic cases, close encounterwith a white material around them, bright orange and appeared to be and landing reports, occupantall over the body. They also noticed about 3 feet in size. No definite shape cases) and all other UFO re-pieces of a white ash material in their could be determined, but it appeared ports, many of which are car-yard scatterd about. The couple then to be more elongated than round. No ried only in small town ornotified the state police. sound or smell was detected by the foreign newspapers. The WCUFOSG Control Center then witnesses, and they didnt observecontacted the Loyals and asked per- anything fair from the object. The Our UFO Newsclipping Service object was moving from SW to NE. Report, is a 20 page photo-offset,Zigels so that SKYLOOK readers and No TV or radio interference was monthly publication containingthe general public will fully realize noted, and the witnesses dog did not the latest United States andthat Russia has had her equal share act abnormal during the incident. Canadian UFO newsclippings,of unusual encounters with UFOs On Oct. 14, consultants to the with our foreign section carry-over her own territory. UFOs are WCUFOSG ran a chemical analysis ing the latest English, Austra-not any highly-secret Russian aircraft on the material and found it to be lian, New Zealand, South Afri-or weapon as many people would like magnesium oxide. This material is can, and other foreign UFOto believe, and the accounts forth- commonly found in flares. Magne- newsclippings! We publish morecoming will prove that beyond ques- sium, however, normally is bright UFO reports from around thetion. white in color when burning. Further globe than ANY other publica- Beginning with the February, 1975, investigation is being made into the tion in the World! Stay informedissue of SKYLOOK I will be quoting case. The possibility exists that some- -subscribe to the UFO NEWS-directly from Dr. Zigels paper, and I one -could have tied some flares to a CLIPPING SERVICE!know that all of those who have won- balloon; however, there are severaldered what has been seen in Russia aspects to the case which are not For subscription informationover the years will find these ac- easily explained. and sample pages from our ser-counts most interesting and educa- vice, write today to:tional. UFO Literature course UFO NEWSCLIPPING Thank you, Dr Zigel, for your time Prof. A. H. Lawson, Dept. of Eng- SERVICE, Dept. Sand the courage to state your case in lish, Calif. State Univ. at Long Beach, 3521 S.W. 104thdefense of the existence of the UFO Long Beach, Calif., is now conducting Seattle, Washington, 98146phenomenon, whatever it mifht be. a full-fledged course on UFO Lit. — 15—
  16. 16. In Others Words By Lucius Parish NATIONAL ENQUIRERS latest are $7.50 for 6 issues and well worth pro-UFO papers by Dr. Hynek, thearticles on UFOs include an Italian the price. late Dr. McDonald and others. How-sighting/landing trace case and Mu- Jacques Vallees second book, ever, that pretty well sums up myhammad Alis latest sighting, re- CHALLENGE TO SCIENCE, has re- opinion of this collection of writingsported in the Nov. 26 issue; an Italian cently been reprinted in paperback on the UFO subject. Everyone, ofjet pilots sighting report, in the Dec. 3 by Ballantine Books. This edition con- course,.is entitled to an opinion onissue; and the results of an EN- tains material not found in the pre- UFOs, but only those persons whoQUIRER-commissioned public opin- vious paperback edition from Ace have conducted actual research intoion poll on UFOs (4 out of 10 Ameri- Books. Vallees ANATOMY OF A the subject are entitled to an in-cans believe UFOs are real), in the PHENOMENON is also scheduled to formed opinion. The majority of theDec. 17 issue. be reprinted by Ballantine shortly. scientists whose papers are included Two recent paperbacks are W. R. in this volume have not talked to UFO The Dec. 8 issue of NATIONAL Drakes GODS AND SPACEMEN OF witnesses or made other on-the-spotTATTLER featured a 16-page "pull- THE ANCIENT PAST and Robert investigations. Therefore, for all theirout" section on the "ancient astro- Charrouxs MASTERS OF THE supposed "expertise," their opinionsnaut" concept. Most of the material WORLD. Reviews of these titles will are worth no more than those of thewas reprinted from ANCIENT appear in future columns. average man in the street. I wouldSKIES, the bi-monthly newsletter of John Michells first book, THE also suggest that the book is some-the Ancient Astronaut Society. The FLYING SAUCER VISION, has re- what misnamed. This was a "debateDec. 15 TATTLER contained two cently been reprinted in a British by scientists," not a "scientific de-UFO-related articles; actor Charles paperback edition by Sphere Books bate." There is usually a vast differ-Pitts told of his underwater sighting Ltd. — 30-32 Grays Inn Road — Lon- ence between the two.of a "submarine"-type UFO, and Salt don WC1X 8JL, England. Michell wasLake City barber/Ufologist James one of the first writers to examine Volume 2 of William R. CorlissWardle received some well-deserved myths, legends and other historical STRANGE PHENOMENA is nowpublicity. Wardle has an outstanding material in a search for UFO-related available from him (Box 107 — Glencollection of UFO literature and data. The present edition contains a Arm, MD 21057) for $6.95. As with thephotos. new introduction, but in other re- first volume in this series, the current spects, is unchanged from the origi- offering is definitely worth your at- The January issue of SAGA has tention. A variety of "Fortean"another article on possible links be- nal. It also includes the photographs which were omitted from the Ace phenomena from many sources aretween UFOs and Bigfoot. Interesting, included.but rather speculative. The Winter Books paperback edition. Well worthissue of SAGAS UFO REPORT is reading, it is available from the above Charles Berlitzs new book, THEnow out and contains the usual address for $2.00. BERMUDA TRIANLE, is currentlyamount of intriguing material. SAGA A very good booklet by Loren E. a very hot item in the bookstores. Itis also issuing a UFO ANNUAL, con- Gross, THE UFO WAVE of 1896, is has been in the "top 10" non-fictionsisting of reprints from various issues currently available. This is not an all- best-sellers in recent weeks. The bookof the UFO REPORT, as well as one inclusive accounting of the California contains the usual amount of familiarnew article, columns on Ufological "airship" sightings of 1896, but it is as material, but it also includes sometopics, etc. This will sell for $1.00 complete a summary as has yet been accounts which have not been well-and will be available in January. published. Gross does omit some con- publicized previously. Various peo- The January issue of STAG and the tactee accounts from the airship era, ple who have "escaped" whateverFebruary issue of MALE contain but the booklet is still a very good forces supposedly lurk in the TriangleUFO articles. To my mind, the STAG value for $1.00. Copies may be ob- area have told of very strange phe-article is highly questionable. The tained from the author at: 38675 nomena. A number of UFO sightingsMALE piece is just rehash of a re- Paseo Padre No. 305 — Fremont, Cal- are also discussed in the book. Ber-cent ENQUIRER article on sightings ifornia 94536. litz draws no firm conclusions, butat Calvert, Texas, with a fictional UFOS: A SCIENTIFIC DEBATE, includes speculations on space visi-occupant case thrown in. edited by Carl Sagan and Thornton tors, Atlantean power plants, extra- Readers might like to know that Page, is now available in a paperback dimensional visitations, etc. WellFLYING SAUCER REVIEW has edition from W. W. Norton & Co., Inc. illustrated with photos and drawings,again changed its address. The new — 55 Fifth Ave. - N.Y., N.Y. 10003. THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE is cer-address is: P.O. Box 25 — Barnet — The price is $3.95. It may not be very tainly worth reading. It may be ob-Herts. ENS 2NR, England. Current objective to say that the only portions tained from Doubleday & Co., Inc. —subscription rates for FSR (sea-mail) of this book worth^ reading are the 245 Park Ave. - N.Y., N.Y. for $7.95. -16-