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Mufon ufo journal   1974 9. september - skylook
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Mufon ufo journal 1974 9. september - skylook


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  • 1. SKYLOOK The UFO Monthly Number September OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF MUTUAL UFO NETWORK, INC. 82 1974 In this artists conception, the alleged con- Additional details on this unusual case begin ontact expedience of Dionisio Yanca is recreated. page 4.
  • 2. Editors Column As MUFON Director Walt Artdrus notes in hiscolumn in this issue, some changes are in concerning MUFON dues and SKYLOOK subscrip-1tions.. Those who have checked the rates of otherUFO publications know what a bargain SKYLOOK hasbeen. No other official publication comes closeto approaching SKYLOOKs combination of frequen-cy, number of pages, and-subscription price--notto mention quality of contents.^ One reason that SKYLOOK has been ablesto offerso much for so little is the fact that much of In This Issue Director^ Messagethe editing and^ publishing work has been don"eNby More details on Ydnca case~--—-somewhat primitive^, methods. This is possible- -Astronomy notes —; •—• -. 7while a publication is relatively small, and it UFO emerges from water—• -. 8can be done for a short period of timer- -When a Will President-Ford-open-files? 9publication becomes larger,, operations should be UFO Landing in Italy---— 9more efficient, and should rely less on voluntary Occupant reported in New Hampshire 10labor. This requires additional operating funds, Close look at UFO in New Hampshire <—11and the chief sourc^e of operating funds-sts*" sub- UFO flap in New Hampshire —13scription revenues, Vin^SKYLOOKs case. UFO in Spain responds to lights 14 Rather than going at the matter of increasing Pennsylvania sighting continue 15the subscription rate piecemeal to_-account^for Africa UFO UFOs reported hours Argentine observed for 16 16increased printing costs one month and increasedpostage or something else the next, a comprehen-x Argentinepilot reports object Bolivian crew chases UFOs 1 1sive plan is being developed. It is expectedthat this plan wilK^enable SKYLOOK to better ~-In Othersand Commenting- Recapping Words^ ; 18 20serve MUFON as an officiM^publication, and that NBC Special .De"a.^lS-— 20it will put SKYLOOK on a firm financial basewhich allows professional 1 typesetting and perhaps"an increase in sizeT72^"^ -1—^^ ~ ~ __ ~"~~ SKYLOOK has been designated the official publication of the Since the last rate increase (when Norma Short ^Mutual UFO-Netvork;-however, membership in MUFON is notwas editor-publisher), SKYLOOK has begun using ^required to subscribe to~Skylook7?and membership in-MUFON does not automatically include~a~subscriptiorTto Skylook. Mem-photos, has improved the cover, and has utilized bership in MUFON, which is $2.00 per year and by invitation, isjustified columns for a more professional appear- handled through the MUFON office, 40 Christopher Court,ance. All these things cost money or time, or Quincy, 111. 62301.both. In addition, printing and paper costs con- Advertising is available in Skylook at 10? per word, $1.25 pertinue to rise. Postage expenses have also in- display line, or $5 per display inch (lx3/2). Minimum charge $5.creased. In short, some sort of increase in sub- Advertisements subject to approval of editor.scription price is inevitable. The only question Skylook, the UFO Monthly, is published monthly by Dwightis the amount. Connelly, 26 Edgewood Drive, Quincy, Illinois 62301. Subscription rates: United States and Canada, $5.00 per year; foreign, $6.00 per year; 50 cents per copy. In deciding on the amount, SKYLOOK and MUFON Second class postage paid at Quincy, IL. 62301are.looking at not only the present, but the fu-ture. Can the number of pages in SKYLOOK be ex-panded to include more material we are now un- Dwight Connellyable to include each month? Can the overall ap- Editor-Publisherpearance of the magazine be improved? How much Mrs. Carolyn Connellycan we expect expenses to rise over the next 12 .Business Managermonths? How much of what we are now doing byhand should be done by machine if SKYLOOK is to Staff:be placed in a secure position where it does nothave to depend on so much voluntary labor? Norma E. Short Joseph M. Brill We would like to hear from our readers before Lucius Parish John F. Schuessler Marjorie Fishwe reach a final decision. One thing we guaran-tee: SKYLOOK will continue to be the best bargain Mark Herbstritt Bob Kirkpatrick Ted Bloecherin UFO magazines, even after the increase in sub- Ted Phillips Rosetta Holmes Stan Gordonscription rates. - David A. Schrotb Walter H. Andrus Dr. Barry Downing —Dwight Connelly
  • 3. Directors Message By Walt Andrus The Sixth Annual UFO Picnic and Skywatch at Indiana. His business travels will be conduciveCarlyle Lake in Illinois, headed by Rosetta and for making contacts throughout the state in hisDick Holmes and sponsored by the UFO Study Group quest for competent people to represent MUFON asof Greater St. Louis on July 20 and 21, 1974, was state-section directors and working with existinganother enjoyable event, growing in stature ejach groups.year. Visitors from nineteen states and Mexico In Illinois, .the following gentlemen have al-attended the picnic, most of which was recorded ready become actively involved as new state-sec-on film by the NBC News film team as part of the tion directors: T. H. "Bert" Hearle, 702 W. Fay-UFO Documentary for television-now scheduled for ette, Effingham, IL. 62401; telephone AC 217 347-showing on Sunday, Dec. 15, 1974. 7667, for Effingham; Clay, and Cumberland Coun- The growth of MUFON has been so fabulous since ties. Bert is chief engineer for radio stationour annual UFO Symposium in Akron, OH., that most WCRA and is an amateur radio operator WB9BAW.of this message will be devoted to acknowledging George A. Aubert, Box 267, Carmi, IL. 62821,and recognizing the people who provide the telephone AC 618 382-8841, for Hamilton and Whiteleadership in their states, communities, and counties. George is the traffic manager and an-nations. nouncer at radio station WROY in Carmi. William We are indebted to Ralph and Judy Blum, authors M. Salus, 120 West Church Street, Harrisburg, IL.of the current best selling UFO paperback, "Be- 62946; telephone AC 618 252-3511, covers Saline,yond Earth—Mans Contact with UFOs," for their Gallatin, Pope, and Hardin counties in south-recommendations to readers to contact MUFON. This eastern Illinois. Bill is news director forbook alone has brought in a deluge of inquiries Station WSIL, Channel 3, in mail and the volunteered services of many com- In New York these two men have volunteered topetent UFO investigators and researchers. It is serve as state-section- directors: Harold S.anticipated that the tremendous exposure given to Bates, R. R. #2, Box 170, Hudson, N. Y. 12534,MUFON in the new book published by Warner Paper- telephone AC 518 828-6940, for Columbia and.back Library titled, "The New UFO Sightings," by Greene counties; and Gary Levine, Ph.D., C.P.O.Glenn McWane and David Graham, will further Box 485, Kingston, N.Y. 12401, telephone AC 914kindle the postal service deliveries to our door. 331-3823, who covers Dutchess and Ulster coun-Several of the chapters in this book are resumes ties. Gary is a college professor at Columbia-of the speeches given at the 1972 MUFON UFO Con- Greene College and has his doctorate in Soci-ference in Quincy, II., and 1973 follow-ups. ology.Glenn McWane is a MUFON State-Section Director In addition to his duties as Deputy Directorfor Iowa and has been associated with Brad of MUFON and a Consultant in Astronautics, JohnSteiger in the firm "Other Dimensions." F. Schuessler, P. 0. Box 58485, Houston, TX. Speaking of recent books, we enthusiastically 77058, telephone AC 713 488-2884, has acceptedrecommend the hardback written by Raymond E. the position of State-Section Director for theFowler titled "UFOs: Interplanetary Visitors," Texas counties surrounding Houston of Harris, Ft.with the Foreword by J. Allen Hynek, published by Bend, Brazoria, Galveston, Chambers, Liberty,Exposition Press, Jericho, New York. (See other Montgomery, and Waller.references to Rays outstanding book and contri- Paul Cerny, State Director for Northern Cali-bution to the field of UFOlogy in Lou Parishs fornia, has appointed Miss Carol J. Wells, 11column in this issue of SKYLOOK.) Ray is, with- Plaza Drive, Mill Valley, CA. 94941, telephone ACout a doubt, one of the finest and most thorough 415 383-4995 as State-Section Director for Marin,field investigators in the United States today. Napa, and Sonoma counties. It is with extreme pleasure that we Robert Stinson, State Director for Michigan,nouncing the appointment of William H. Spaulding is proud to announce the selection of Robert State Director for Arizona. Bill resides at Swett, 1121 Center Street, Muskegon, MI. 49442,13238 N. 7th Dr., Phoenix, AZ.-85029; telephone telephone AC 616 777-2474, as State-Section Di-AC 602 942-7216. He is best known in the Phoenix rector for Muskegon, Ottawa, Oceana, and Newaygoarea for his active research organization, G.S.W. counties. Bob is amateur radio operator K8CCG and(Ground Saucer Watch) founded in 1957 with his checked in for the first time on the MUFON Ama-brother, Jim, of Cleveland Ohio. teur Radio Net on Saturday, Aug. 24, at 0800 COST Mark D, Ward, R.R. #2, Box 68A-1, Noblesville, on 3.975 MHz. Another amateur radio operator,IN. 46060; telephone AC 317 773-1344 has accepted with a technician license W8MTJ, has accepted thethe important assignment of State Director for (Continued on Page 19)
  • 4. Similarities to Hill contact case noted More details on Yanca case Submitted by: Joe Brill, International Co- EDITORS NOTE: Additional informationordinator concerning the alleged Oct. 28, 1973, con- Translated by: Bill Armstrong tact case involving Dionisio Yanca, 25, an Sources: "Gente Y La Actualidad," Buenos Argentine truck driver, has been obtained byAires, Argentinea; La Nueva Provincia Joe Brill, International Coordinator, and translated by Bill Armstrong of St. Louis. Dionisio Yanca, 25, a truck driver, on Oct. As noted in a previous account in the March,28 of last year, at 01:15 hrs. (1:15 a.m.) stop- 1974, issue of SKYLOOK, no final conclusionsped on the side of Route 3, 18 kilometers from - should be drawn on the basis of these second-Bahia Blanca and lived through an amazing exper- hand reports. While interesting, details ofience, according to his version. From a luminous .the case have not. been verified by competentobject descended two men and a woman of extra- UFO investigators. As additional informationterrestrial appearance. A group composed of psy- becomes available, it will be reported inchiatrists and psychologists, a specialist in .SKYLOOK.traumatology, and a hypnotist submitted him toseveral sessions of hypnosis and pentothal. His —"What are you doing now?"story covered several hours; this is the syn- —"I am going to change the tire...Theres athesis of the tape recordings which the investi- yellow light coming..., like the headlights of agators made in this amazing case: Peugeot." (Perhaps a car or bus) The voice of Dionisio Yanca is gradually get- "I am dropping, dropping slowly into a pasture ting weaker. Falteringly he responds that .. hefield...I feel cold. I get to the road and begin feels a great tiredness; a profound fatigue. Histo go along it. I dont know who I am...WHO AM state indicates a complete and total collapse.I?...I want to know what time it is, oh I.wish I ---"WHO ARE YOU?...WHAT DO YOU WANT?...No,.could find someone to help-me...Where might there please dont do anything to me...Take the truck"be a police station?.. .Where am I coming .from?...- and the money..."Where am I going?...Who am I?..." —"Who are you seeing Dionisio?" The above was recorded on tape and stated by a ---"Them, two men, also there is a woman."humble youth, named Dionisio Yanca. And today we —"How are they dressed?" are listening to him. There is a writing desk, a "Silvery suits, very close fitting to the tape recorder, which at this moment has been body and boots and gloves." stopped, and at the other side a vigorous, robust —"What color are the gloves?" man of graying hair, serene, affable: it is Doc- . —"Yellow, orange-yellow." tor Eduardo Matas, one of the psychiatrists that "Are they talking to you?" formed part of the team which has examined min- . —"No, but I sense a humming, like a hive ofutely Dionisio Yanca by means of long and ex- bees or a badly, tuned radio."hausting sessions of hypnosis and pentothal. The ---"Are they threatening you?"tape recording rewinds rapidly in the recorder, "No. One is approaching, takes .my hand andthe apparatus begins to reproduce a new dialogue. pricks me with an instrument."The voice of Doctor Eladio Santos, the hypnotist, —"Are they hurting you at all?"comes out a bit weak, but sounds clearly, with an ---"No."accent which inspires .confidence and relaxation. ---"What is this instrument like?"The voice of Dionisio Yanca is lower, monotone — ""It is similar to an electric shaver."and tired. His gasping and at times shortened —"What are they doing to you now?"respiration is heard. —"They are carrying me. Where are they carrying me?" —"Tell me what you were doing after midnight In the earlydawn of October 28, in a state ofon the 27 of October?" total amnesia, Dionisio Yanca arrived at the mu- —"I am leaving the Esso station on Don Bosco nicipal Hospital of Bahia Blanca. He had awaken-street. I have a punctured tire and .1 will have ed in a pasture field of the Rural Society. Heto change it." . . walked or was taken by some automobile to the —"Where are you travelling?" hospital. The place where he recovered conscious- "Along Route 3." (The place will later be ness is at some nine kilometers and a half fromidentified because, on the roadside, on the the point where the truck which he was drivingshoulder, the truck which Yanca was driving was remained parked. • In the interim, there had oc-found with the tire jack in .place and with the curred two hours (approximately).wheel prepared for making the change.) Sunday morning Dionisio Yanca is examined by
  • 5. Doctor Ricardo Smirnoff, a specialist in trauma- order that he would agree to this interview, was tology and forensic medicine. According to that that the names of- these collaborators would not examination the youth does not show visible be disclosed. lesions, but he resists anyone touching his head, —"Im climbing up with the two men"... like someone who has localized there a very sore —"Where are you climbing, on a staircase?" place or a bad headache. Just barely perceived —"No, along a ray of light." . - (but atf that moment they are not given much im- —"Tell me what you are seeing?". portance) are some light scabs on the left eyelid . "The floor is like lead...silvery, there is in the form of tiny dots or points. Later this only one window and it is round." detail will be fundamental in the investigation —"What can you recall about what you are of the case. seeing?" - .- The state of confusion continues in Yanca un- . ---"Like a ship."" til the next day (the 29th), but already he has —"Describe to me everything you see." been able to remember everything that happened -.--"There are, many instruments, f many,, two from the moment he left .the service station up to televisions, a one of the televisions "this point." Naturally, "this point" is the red are seen the stars.." signal lighted up on the recorder indicating that ---"Are they speaking to,.You?" the tape has stopped. —"The radio speaks to me." Dionisio Yanca, the previous night suffered —"In what language is the radio speaking to from nightmares. He is tired and depressed. That you?" afternoon he recovers and agrees to the request ---"In Spanish." formulated by the-doctors : to submit, himself to . —"What are they saying?" pentothal and establish thus what happened in —"That I should not be afraid, that they are those two fantastic hours. However, by his ac- friends, that they have been coming here for a count, he left the hospital and moved to the long time." . . . . . modest house of his uncle located at 1600 Chubut —"Do they tell you from where, they come?" Street. A few days later when the nightmares, "They told me that .that is one of their with strange beings from another planet in them, secrets." . -i .;,... , . • . __ , continued, distressing him intensely, he came to —"They have-spoken with other, men on earth?" the office of Doctor Eduardo Matas in search of ---"Yes, since the year 1950." . .: ... help. A second session is set up and that night --.-"What are they doing?" •.<.-. Dionisio Yanca is interviewed by a group of psy- .They want to learn if we. can live on their chiatrists directed by Doctor Matas. Some tests planet." .... . . . . are carried, out and the truck driver sketches the —"What is it like where you are?" identi kit (a particular method of making a --.-"Illuminated. ..Yellow.. .there is something sketch, used by most law enforcement agencies to like :a safe (strongbox)." determine, the appearance of a certain person) of —"What are you looking at now?" the strange visitors. At this point the first —"The cigarette lighter. They have it over major doubt appeared in the investigators con- a table together with my watch and-my pack of cerning Yanca1s personality and in regard to the cigarettes." - , - . . . , . . . veracity of his version: the drawings reproduce — "Continue telling us." . . the beings much too similar to the heroes of pop- -.. —"The woman, puts on a glove, black, with ular comic strips of science fiction.. Days later some little -tacks in. the.palm.; She approaches. it will be realized that this doubt, even when it She touches me." is perfectly founded, also has a solid refuta- At that- moment during the hypnotic session tion. Yanca brings his hand to- his forehead covering An electrpcardiogram was done in order to es- (trying to-cover it, better said) the left eye- tablish whether he can receive pentothal, and lid. He recoils* -like someone who feels a prick this, step completed, the truck driver returned to there and enters into a profound lethargy. When the house of his uncle with the promise of pre- he comes out his next memory is "I am falling, I senting himself at the office of doctor Matas on am falling slowly; into a pasture :field...They the night of November 6: However, that night he have tcld me that they will come again tolook does not keep the date, and it is necessary that for me...1 -feel cold...I arrive on the road and I the doctors go to the humbl-e, little house on begin to walk oh" it...Who am I...? Who am I..:?" Chubut street. Dionisio Yanca has dined abundant- In a state of hypnosis Dionisio Yanca repro- ly and has drunk two glasses of wine; this is duces the moment of total amnesia experienced on sufficient to prevent . the pentothal from being waking .up in the pasture •field of the Rural ..administered. Instead, the first session of hyp- Society. • After that first session of hypnosis nosis is .carried out-. • . there will follow .two others and one session with The panel of professionals brought together to pentothal. Everythingsaid by Dionisio Yanca has investigate the Yanca case is directed by Doctors been recorded in several hours of tape record- Matas and Santos and made up moreover of two psy- ings. In each one of the. sessions the truck chiatrists, a specialist in traumatology, and two driver repeats exactlythe same story without any psychologists. One of the conditions imposed, in contradictions. But, it -is worth mentioning that
  • 6. it is noticed that it is under the pentothal when with Doctor Matas to the country estate of DoctorYanca has revealed complementary details which Eladio Santos.did not appear under hypnosis. —"Is Yanca telling-the truth Doctor Santos?" —"Doctor Matas, are you in agreement with the — -"HE TELLS HIS TRUTH. I was the greatestresults of this investigation?" (Asked by the skeptic in the group on beginning this investi-reporter writing this article) gation, and now the only thing I can say is that "No, and I would like to explain. We have submitted to methods which in normal practice arecommitted many errors. Listening closely to the confidently acceptable, like hypnosis and pento-first recording, for example, one can notice that thal, he has said what he belives he has livedthere are some questions which carry implicitly through."the answer. This was corrected when the hypnosis —"By means of those methods up to what pointwas conducted exclusively under the direction of is the truth discernible which the subject feels,Doctor Eladio Santos." lives, and transmits, compared with the truth —"How do you explain, scientifically the not- which is objective and is real?"able similarity between the identi kit made by "That is exactly the limit of the ques-Dionisio Yanca of these supposed extraterrestrial tion..." Now, we have arrived at a criticalbeings with the conventional illustrations from point: to the defects in the method employedthe comic strips?" (recognized by Doctors Matas and Santos) is added ---We have compared the sketches of Yanca with an unavoidable question: the truth such as eachthe illustrations made by Mr. and Mrs. Hill in one of us can perceive it cannot coincide withthe United States in 1961, and the similarity is the objective truth, depersonalized, if we may betruly astonishing. Although this does not dis- permitted to use that word, not to correct, butmiss that primary objection, it does follow, on illustrative.the other hand, that the Hills were attended and —"Are the treatments with hypnosis or pento-treated by means of psychiatry and hypnosis." thal infallible?" —"What other similarities are there between ---"There is no infallible method. But in thethe experience of Mr. and Mrs. Hill, a married traditional cases it does make it possible forcouple who were apparently taken on board a fly- the subject to recall the memories kept in the ing object during a period of two hours, -and the sub-conscious. On freeing internal barriers and case of Dionisio Yanca?" repressions, the subject cannot control himself —"Amnesia at the moment immediately following and tells his truth." the contact, fatigue, nightmares, hallucinations. —"But even thus is it possible to lie?" The picture in both cases retains a great simi- —"It is possible. But, besides the hypnosis, larity." Yanca has been submitted to an exhaustive psy- —"Is it probable that the knowledge of the chiatric examination. His life has been gone overHill case on the part of the investigators might minutely. His past has been traced patiently andhave induced in Yanca the replies that might there are no indications that might suggest that favor moreover your expectations?" he has lied to us. Naturally his story is not —"No, for most of us the Hill case was hard- sufficiently conclusive to establish firmly his ly a reference. The book which John Fuller wrote contact in a spaceship with extraterrestial be- on that story which is called "The Interrupted ings. On the other hand, the analysis of YancasJourney" I read only after beginning the Yanca personality refutes the possibility that, he mightcase. However, I would like to make the warning be a hoaxer." (or give the notice) that all this process has Patiently we have listened through severalbeen contaminated by those initial errors in such long hours the tapes recorded with the storiesa way that one cannot attribute a total veracity of Yanca in search of some fallacies. They do notto what Yanca has said, not even in the state of appear. He uses simple words in accord with hishypnosis or under the effect of the pentothal." habitual language and his cultural level. He is —"In what degree did Yanca1s conduct change not a "charlatan." He needs to be stimulatedor vary since then?. with questions. When he cannot answer about the —"Although his outward and daily conduct was action which is transpiring at that moment, hemodified (and this cannot be related because it answers invariably, "I wish I knew...I dontpertains to the clinical history of the patient) know..."this does not invalidate the worth of his story:you have observed the coherence of all of his Under the effects of pentothal his story stories. In each session he has repeated exactly (burdened with the heaviness of mind caused bythe same story. A hoaxer, for example, would the drug) becomes somewhat more precise. Therehave tried to be more precise, to point out de- he indicates that the ship has an ox-eye and alsotails. Yanca related everything he observed with he tells that at one moment while he was on boardhis limited vocabulary and with the same limited they connect "two tubes," one to a high voltageimagination which he has revealed in the tests tower, the other to a little lake. At that hour,which were given to him." on that day, the consumation of electric energy It is already past mid-day and we have to stop increased substantially, but the experts explain-for lunch, immediately afterward we going ed that this could have been due to various
  • 7. causes. Coincidence, or something more? Yanca had problems in the case of his uncle.He went away to Trelew and there he worked at his trade as a truck driver. He had a sweetheart,Marta Gaitan, whom he had met after his strange adventure. The girl has already purchased her Astronomybridal gown and is planning to get married. But the young man has not written to her since-twomonths ago. She knows nothing of him nor can his Notes By Mark Herbstrittattitude be explained. Marta wrote a letter tohis parents and they answered that they did notwant to know anything about him and that they had SEPTEMBER SKYprohibited him from coming back to his home in Ingeniero.Jacobacci, a the province ofRio Negro. . • MERCURY is too close to the sun for observation Yancas contact with .the supposed extraterres- until the end of the month.trial beings began; at 1:15 a.m., and concluded in VENUS is a morning star rising in the northeastthe early dawn in a pasture field. The story about an hour before the sun.which he gives has then lapses in time. MARS is too close to the sun for easy observa- --^"Effectively. We; have reconstructed the tion.road apparently covered by Yanca from the moment JUPITER is in Aquarius. It rises about at sun-in which he woke .up and shortly after he knew set and is visible all night. It is at opposition from some truck driver- that it was after three on the 5th.oclock in the morning. He remembers that he has SATURN is in Gemini. It rises at about mid- lost his watch. His story now already in the in- night and is well up in the east at dawn.terior of the flying object covers approximatelyone half hour. This means that there is a period in his life (one and a half hours to two hours)which is sunk in a total amnesia." to the hum of bees in a hive, and that they prom- —"Is it not possible to recover that portion ised him to return. of time which he has experienced with the methods Argentine groups dedicated to investigatingused?" the UFO phenomenon, including the Tracking Com- "We have not succeeded in doing so." mission for Extraterrestrial Bases (CORBE) and —"Is it probable that the supposed extra- the Center for Investigations of Extraterrestrialterrestrials might have erased from his memory Phenomena (CIFE) have attempted to study this andthe recall of what occurred in that time?" other cases. Edgarde Luis Abrego and Oswaldo —"One can suppose so." Anabitarte, of CIFE, who think they have located —"In a manner that not either hypnosis or the site of the alleged encounter, near the ser-pentothal has been able to recover that time vice station "El Chole," were unable to find any-which lacks?" thing there to aid them in their investigation. ---"I have already said:that. It has not been The two investigators did loeate a man (unidenti-possible." fied) who indicated that at approximately 9:30 p. The conclusion which the Doctors Matas and m. or 10:00 p.m. (date not given; presumably itSantos formulated concerning the "Yanca Case" can was Oct. 27) he and his wife observed a verybe summarized as follows: "We need in the future strong and very large light which after severalto avoid the errors that we have committed minutes disappeared instantaneously.through lack of an • adequate technique. It is Yanca has told investigators that the occu-necessary that investigators take all precautions pants were humanoid, tall, blond, had slantingin order to avoid that the information received and protruding eyes, broad forehead, and weremay be contaminated; Also, there exists a great dressed in one-piece light gray (silver) suitsresponsibility on the part of the media of dif^ which were close-fitting and similar to thosefusion (press, radio, T.V. and so forth). used by frogmen. He said the encounter occurred It is necessary to remove all semblance of as he was preparing to change a tire on hissensationalism from events which, although they truck. Yanca said he noticed a light some 3,000escape our traditional methods of knowledge, can- meters behind him, which was approaching rapidly.not therefore be dogmatically denied or refuted. After turning around he saw three beings, who We have no way of proving that Yanca was not raised him up by taking hold of his shirt a Flying. Saucer. Nor do we have a method He said the object was located about ten meterscapable of proving that he was.- Dionisio Yanca away, and was about four meters off the ground.has recounted under hypnosis and pentothal always The object was described by Yanca as a brilliantthe same story. And his story is that he was in yellow color, and violet on the base. It was a-a flying saucer with two tall,,.blond men with bout four meters in diameter, and his descriptionshort hair and a blond woman with long hair, that was judged by investigators to be similar to athose beings had silver-colored suits, r.that they saucer-shaped object photographed over New Jerseyspoke among themselves-with.a.-murmuring similar in the U.S. in 1952.
  • 8. iWitness says UFOcame out of water MUFON investigator Robert D. Neville has sub-mitted the following account of his interviewwith Frank S. Kinsey, conducted Nov. 3, 1973: It..."was about ten years ago," (Circa 1964)Mr. Kinsey begins. "It was down behind the hillsin Ventura, Ca., where the government put in anew dam up there." (Casitas Dam.) "It was adrizzly day--cloudy." He estimated the-time ofday as 11 a.m. "My brother-in-law took me upthere. We were standing there, chatting for a-bout ten or fifteen minutes and then, all of asudden, I heard sort of a loud noise and watersplashing, and I looked out into the lake andheres this object coming out of the water.- "I was so flabbergasted...! was speechless tothink I could see something like that which Ivenever seen before...Andit was a round object and -The above photo was taken of a UFO (objectit looked like it had a cone on top, where a per- in upper left) after the object came out of theson was looking out at us. I had a camera around water near Casitas Dain, according to the witnessmy neck, but I completely forgot the camera due and photographer, Frank S. Kinsey. The photo,,to the fact that I was so astounded" to see some- which was taken about ten years ago and revealedthing like this coming up out of the water. It only recently, was reportedly taken on infraredcame out of the water, Id say about twenty or film, using a Super D Topcon 35mm camera with athirty feet, and hovered By that time, my 33mm 2.8 wideangle lens set at f/8. The shutterbrother-in-law and I got to talking and..,I hap- was set at 1/25. This photo is currently beingpened to remember that I had my camera...and just analyzed by MUFON Consultant Adrian Vance foras I was getting the camera up to my eyes, this authenticity. Results of this analysis will beobject started moving away, and I just barely got published when near the edge of the film; then, within a fewseconds it disappeared out over the mountains,... Id say about ten or fifteen miles away. (.it had) portholes to it, that was absolutely "...As it was speeding up, it started changing still. The faster it turned (the more) it changed colors, from a real dark lavender color up to a color, as though it were transparent, and lights real bright orange-yellow, and thats the last I were going through it. saw of it." Describing the object in more detail, Mr. Kin- "When it came up out of the water, it was likesey added that the main body was cylindrical in a funnel sucking up water. It brought the watershape, drumlike, with the "observation cone on up with it due to the fact that it was whirling top" in which he saw windows or portholes. Mr. so fast. Kinsey noted that the object appeared to be a- "...It looked to me as though it were well in-bout 20 or 30 feet in height, and that inside it sulated and well made...It had a gleam to it, it"looked like a being looking out at us," a human- had a shine to it, like nothing Ive ever seen.oid form. "I could see the eyes staring at us. Ive seen a lot of metals here on earth that hadI happened to have a pair of binoculars with me a high gloss, but nothing like this that Iveat the time. I picked them up and looked and ever seen."could see a person looking out at me. "Ive kept my mouth shut all these years due to "It looked like it was a real thick heavy the fact that people ridicule people..." glass of some kind, or maybe it might have been It should be noted that Mr. Kinsey was an Air a plastic of some kind—you know, never seeing Force pilot during World War II. He is a veryanything like that before." Mr. Kinsey noted respected member of the community.and a very out- that the object or a portion of the object ap- spoken and direct individual. In this investiga-peared to be rotating rapidly upon its axis. tors opinion, Mr. Kinseys familiarity with con- "What was moving on the object was the outside ventional aircraft and his unquestioned honesty cylinder. It was turning around at a very high and sincerity provide this report with a high de-rate of speed...It made an awful loud noise like gree of credibility in spite of its very unusuala jet taking off. The faster it turned, the content.louder the noise was the ears. The only other known witness to the sighting "The center part up on top that looked like (Mr. Kinseys brother-in-law) is now deceased.
  • 9. Will President Ford Landing described in Italyopen files on UFOs? Date of Actual sightings: Tuesday - July 9, 1974 § Thursday - July 11, 1974 Location: Pavia, Italy and just outside the city By David Branch Santa Ana Register of Ravena, Italy Newspaper: "El Faro" (Edited) Pavia (Italy) - July 12 - (Efe) - An "uniden- The fact that Gerald R. Ford has become Presi- tified Flying Object" last night (July 11) landed dent appears to create an unprecedented chance at a place at the edge of the Italian city of for a complete revision of the governments pol- Pavia, according to the declarations given to the icies on UFOs--a policy change that could result police by numerous witnesses, who watched this in the release of all previously hidden UFO in- event. formation. The UFO had a spherical shape, and from its President Ford, while House minority leader, base it was emitting an intense yellowish light courageously urged open congressional hearings on which later turned to red, and on its upper sec- the subject of UFOs. tion it had a sort of very extended antenna. Fords carefully worded statement on UFOs, re- According to the witnesses the object did not leased April 21, 1966, called for open investiga- give off any sound, and after remaining-station- tion by the House of Representatives, to include ary for some ten minutes it took off suddenly, testimony by reliable witnesses to UFO phenomena. climbing at a high velocity. Police patrols The complete text of Fords historic news re- which were dispatched and went to this place lease in 1966 follows: where the mysterious sphere landed found the "The Air Force has informed me it is arranging grass and the soil burnt. for a study by high-caliber scientists of some of Among the numerous witnesses, who claimed tothe UFO sightings which have never been ex- have seen the landing of the UFO are included aplained. city policeman, Ugo Ragnij who was in the company "This study will be placed under contract soon of his daughter Giovanna when at about 23:30 hrs.after July 1, start of the new fiscal year. It (11:30 p.m.) he observed in the sky a luminouswill be carried out by a university which has no point which was approaching the earth at a ter-close ties, with the Air Force so that the find- rific speed (velocity). The police officer ings will be completely objective, Air Force of- stated that together withhis daughter and other ficials tell me. persons he remained sometime, watching the flying "Those people engaged in the study will be saucer, motionless, on the ground and that he ap-high-caliber scientists who have never taken a proached to within about four hundred meters fromposition on UFOs, the Air Force said. It will be the UFO.made clear to them that they are not being hired This is the second appearance within a littleto come up with findings in support of previous more than 48 hours of an unidentified flying Ob-Air Force statements regarding UFOs, I am in- ject in Italy. Last Tuesday (July 9th) numerous formed . persons reported to have seen a strange object "The Air Force said there is too much effort "which had a spherical shape, was giving off ainvolved to ask these scientists to make this week luminosity, and remained motionless, and study without pay. silent at 15 meters above the ground, before set- "The report will definitely be made public, tling down slowly on the ground gradually losingthe Air Force assured me. The whole purpose of luminosity." This UFO landing took place lessthe study is to clear the air as far as the pub- then ten kilometers from the city of Ravena and lic is concerned. a few steps from the highway which leads to Bo- "This, of course, was my purpose in recently Ionia.requesting that public hearings on the subject of (This article sent from Roberto Rendueles ofUFOs be conducted by either the House Armed Ser- Madrid to Sylvia Meagher of New York City to Tedvices. Committee or the House Science and Astro- Bloecher, who in turn sent it to Joe Brill.nautics Committee. .Translation from Spanish by Bill Armstrong.) "It was as a result of my call for a congres-sional investigation that the Air Force now is right direction."arranging for a study of UFOs by topflight scien- But the Condon study, at the University of Col-tists not connected in any. way with the Air orado, which the Air Force assured CongressmanForce. Ford would be "objective," has failed to satisfy "I would have preferred a congressional in- critics of official UFO projects, who point outvestigation with witnesses to include reliable that 30 per cent of the cases examined remainedpersons from among those, who say they have seen unexplained. And questions have been raised asUFOs. I still think this would be beneficial. to whether the negative study effort, released inBut the UFO study by a panel of scientists, with Jan. 1969, was not itself an attempted cover-upthe report to be made public, is a step in the of UFO facts. (Copyright 1974 by David Branch) 9
  • 10. New Hampshire Occupant sighting reportedInvestigated by: John Oswald morning the tide had removed all traces exceptSubmitted by: David F. Webb. that there was still a trace of red where the hatch had opened. . SYNOPSIS The sighting area is in Rockingham County a- bout 1600 feet north of the north bank of the This is an interesting report of a midnight Hampton River and its junction with the Atlanticlanding of a UFO with an occupant seen to egress Ocean. The coordinates are N 42 5403"; W70from the craft. The sighting duration is fairly 4841.4". The area is 1.8 mi. due east of a pro-long, but unfortunately only one witness is in- posed site for a nuclear power generating sta-volved and his background is questionable. The tion. The site is in a salt marsh in Seabrook,sighting occurred onthe tide line of an ocean N.H. Work:is underway to test.feasibility of con-beach in New Hampshire. struction. Tubes used to cool the processed water The witness, whose name must be kept confi- from the plant will be put under the marsh anddential", was swimming alone at the beach at Hamp- exit at the ocean at the beach where the landington Beach, N.H., at about midnight on Monday, May occurred.20, 1974 (0 hr. EOT). He lives in nearby Hampton. No other reports have yet surfaced from thisHe saw a disc-shaped object approach horizontally night in the Hampton area. However, a close ap-over the ocean, then make a vertical descent over proach sighting did occur in Nashua, N.H., aboutthe beach and land. .The craft was 50-60 ft. in 35 minutes west some 3-4 hours before the Hamp-diameter and domed both above and below with a ton Beach report. Investigation is pending onsort of rim. It had four legs with pads on the this one.ends, several (running?) lights, and radiated The area around Hampton has been a "hot" oneheat. The UFO had -a humming and/or pulsing for good, low-level reports for some time. Itsound, apparently throughout the encounter. lies within 10 miles of Exeter, where the famous The UFO may have sat on the beach some minutes 1965-66 concentrations took place. Evidence ex-before a hatch folded down from the underside of ists that the area has never really stopped beingthe craft as if it were hinged on one side. A active. Hampton is the place where an allegedramp then slid out the hatch opening, apparently landing with an occupant also occurred in 1973.with a humanoid standing on it. At this .time Attempts to trace this report have met in fail-(about 12:30 a.m.) a separate electrical motor ure. A very recent sighting took place on Junesound could be heard over the "pulsing hum" eman- 6 in South Hampton when 5 people in one car ob-ating from the UFO (did the motor sound appear to served an inverted mushroom-shaped object emmit-come from within the UFO?). ting sparks (see following article). Pease AFB is The occupant was 6 ft. or more in height and .in Portsmouth, only 10 miles east of both Exeterdressed in a type of coverall from head to foot and the Hampton area. Of further note is that(some confusion here: was it a one-piece suit, Goffstown, N.H., the scene of two importantwas it light-colored?). Evidently the witness humanoid reports in early November, 1973, is 40thought the suit was somewhat bulky. Two hoses miles west .of Hampton Beach.(respirator?) ran from about the rear of the jawbones to a junction at the back of the neck, then THE INVESTIGATIONone hose continued down to the back. The human-oid stepped to the sand for only seconds, where- This report is composed almost entirely ofupon he returned inside the craft which closed up material given me by John Oswald who lives inand lifted off in the reverse sequence. The wit- this area of N.H. Less than 24 hours after theness reported "a wetness" about 70-80 yd. from sighting, the employer of the witness phoned Johnthe occupant as he egressed from the bottom of about the sighting. -John then held a one-hourthe UFO. The entire sighting lasted between 20 taped interview with the witness on May 21.and 60 minutes. Checks with the local, police and Coast Guard net- As soon as the UFO left, the witness examined ted no reports for that evening.landing imprints with his flashlight. Where the The day after the sighting the witness toldfour pads had sat on the sand there was a deep the tale to his employer to get it . "off hisrose-colored paste with a thick liquid in them. chest." The employer indicates the man is pleas-The prints were deep and large (no sizes), partly ant and a good worker. The witness is 32 yearsbecause the landing occurred in the tideline area old. John reports that he does have some.mentalwhile the tide was at least part way out. There problems; at least he is somewhat "simple-was also a spot of the rose-colored material on minded." Also he reported a similar UFO sightingthe sand under where the hatch had opened. By 2 years ago (see below). However, he is physi- . 10
  • 11. Close look at UFOin New Hampshire WHITE GLOW FROM DARK WINDOW-LIKE SQUARE RECTANGULAR OPENINGSubmitted by: Dave WebbWritten by: Diarmuid McGuireSource: Amesbury, Mass., News COLORED At about 9:30 on Thursday evening, June 6, BURSTS OFVivian Stevens of Locust street, South Hampton,left a PTA meeting at the South Hampton Ele- SPARKS •mentary School with her niece, Helen Mispilkin,and two of her children, Richard, 11, and Barb-ara, 10. Heading home in Mrs. Mispilkins dark greenVolkswagen station wagon, they proceeded downFern avenue and turned left on Route 150, alsoknown as Exeter road. As they came around the corner, Richard, who pffrwas sitting on the right side of "the car, sawsomething in the sky. SHINY TAN SURFACE "Look at that bright light up there," Mrs..Stevens recalled her son saying. p-;,.-. The other occupants of the car also saw the.bright object. UFO sketch derived from witness descriptions At first she thought ,that it was a light on atower, Mrs. Stevens said later. But it seemed to Stevens said.follow the car north along Route 150. "There were all colored lights on it. A red As the Volkswagen approached Locust street, light would come on and a green light would comethe thing appeared closer and larger. on." "When we came to take a right hand turn to Mrs. Stevens made a drawing of the object shecome down here, it shot over," Mrs. Stevens said, saw. It was like a childs top, she said, exceptindicating that the object crossedthe angle be- that the bottom was round instead of pointed.tween route 150 and Locust street. The bottom part was like a bowl, perhaps 15 "It got ahead of us and stayed in front of us, or 20 feet across, "not quite as big as my swim-right over the tree in the pasture." ming pool," Mrs. Stevens said. As they reconstructed the scene Monday after- The round pool in her yard is 24 feet in diam-noon, Mrs. Stevens and Mrs. Mispilkin pointed out eter.a prominent elm tree in an overgrown pasture On top of this was a smaller section whichwhich was on their left as they turned on to appeared to be about five feet across.Locust. The tree is about 100 feet from the road. There was a red light on the top part. The "There was no sound at all to the thing," Mrs. bottom part seemed to have brilliant lights a- round its edge. The red lights seemed particu- larly bright. (Continued from preceding page) "It was red, then it was blue, then it was cally healthy, a good worker, cheerful, likeable, green, then all colors at once," Mrs. Stevens and a serious Christian., He claims never to have said. read any UFO books and, in fact, says the only In the center, between the two parts, there book he reads is the Bible. Oswald does not be- was a white light that seemed to shoot sparks. lieve that such a simple person could fabricate a "I could kind of see something in it, spinning UFO report with all the detail and "classic" UFO around," Mrs. Stevens said. character reported. The two women and the two children went into The witness older report occurred again on an the Stevens home, a small white house about 200isolated beach, this time on Lake Champlain near yards from the corner. "They told Mrs. Stevens, Burlington, Vt. The UFO was chalk-white and son, Todd, who was graduated this Sunday from landed in daylight on the beach. It was shaped Amesbury High School, and his girfriend, Kathy like a double convex lens and also had legs. He Ouellette, about what they had seen. observed it for 30 minutes to an hour before the Todd and Kathy left soon after the others UFO took off. No occupant was seen. arrived. They did not see anything unusual on John reports the witness is willing to take a the way to Kathys home in Amesbury. lie detector test. John is continuing his in- Todd. left Kathy at her house on High street.vestigation, concentrating on the mans back As he turned down Locust street on his way home, ground. Obviously many questions still remain. he saw the same bright object, still above the 11
  • 12. elm tree in the pasture. "He came in and said, Mama, its still How Mrs. Stevens drew the objectthere," Mrs. Stevens remembered. "So we all jumped in the car and went down tosee it." This time they crossed Route 150 and went ashort distance up Highland Road, which goes up ahill past the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank CynewskiJr. From their vantage point on the hill, theycould see the object clearly. It appeared to beabout 400 feet away at this point, still near thebig elm. The thing was not entirely motionless. "It just stayed there and kind of wavered,"Mrs. Stevens said, describing a kind of flutter-ing motion with her hand. The various observers had diverse reactions to to Raymond E. Fowler of Wenham, who belongs tothe phenomenon that they watched. Mrs. Stevens, the National Investigating Committee on Aeriala widow and mother of five, thought that it was Phenomena (NICAP).exciting. "They have given a perfect description of what "That thing was so beautiful," she said later. many other people have seen" Fowler told the "Id love to go up in it, as long as they News Monday night.brought me back." "For some reason or other, the southern New Mrs. Mispilkin admitted that she was frightened Hampshire area has been a hotbed of sightings,"by the thing. Todd Stevens seemed unimpressed. he added. As they watched the thing from the rise on Mr. Fowler contacted John Oswald of NorthHighland road, Mrs. Stevens decided to go into Hampton who has long been active in the effort tothe Cynewskis house and tell them about the ob- obtain scientific information about strange ob-ject. jects like the one seen by Mrs. Stevens and her Just as she left, an airplane approached the family.area and the thing began to descend on an angle Oswald spoke to the five witnesses to the in-into the pasture or the sandpit which lies behind cident for .several hours Monday night and againthe field. Tuesday morning. On the basis of these inter- "It didnt move smooth. It would waver like views, he concluded that they saw something whichand jet like," Mrs. Mispilkin recalled. is unknown on this planet. As the object sank from view, a bright red "I dont see any reason not to take their storyglow lighted the field from somewhere behind the at face value," Oswald commented later, noting elm. that three adults and two children had viewed the Todd Stevens noticed that the plane seemed object over a prolonged period of time and from anoisy in contrast to the thing they had been fairly close range.watching, which was silent. "Information from their viewing pretty much By the time Muriel Cynewski came out of her rules out anything of terrestrial origin," hehouse with Mrs. Stevens, the object had disap- added.peared. There was nothing unusual to be seen ex- Oswald noted that UFO sightings in the Exeter,cept the circling aircraft. New Hampshire, area routinely involve a brightly Mrs. Stevens and her family returned home. lighted flying object which follows a car andThey went outside again about 11 p.m. and heard then hovers over a field before disappearing.what sounded like more than one aircraft, still But he felt that the thing seen by Mrs. Stevens circling the field where the bright object had and her family had some unique features.disappeared. "It was quite an unusual UFO, a rare bird," he None of those who saw the strange object re- said.ported the incident at first because, Mrs. He said that he preferred not to comment fur-Stevens said, they felt that no one would believe ther until he had discussed the results of histhem. On Monday, however, Mrs. Stevens called interviews with Raymond Fowler and others knowl-Pease Air Force Base in Portsmouth, hoping to ob- edgeable on the subject.tain some information about what she had seen. Oswald said that the aircraft which arrived on But the Air Force did not tell her anything, the scene of the sighting could have beenMrs. Stevens said. Instead she was asked to des- directed to the area by radar operators at Peasecribe what she had seen and advised to report the AFB who had picked up an unidentified object on incident to the local police, which she did. their screens. Her account of the sighting was tape recorded But it would be impossible to confirm thisby the Air Force, Mrs. Stevens said. theory, he added. The Air Force routinely re- Word of the incident was passed on by the press fuses to release information on such incidents. 12
  • 13. lights to each other. As this light activity UFO flap reported continued, the objects were noted to ,be rising. At 5:11 Deputy Hodges left the scene and at in New Hampshire 5:17 the Tilton police left the scene. Tape recordings were made of the sightings by The Lakes Region of New Hampshire appear to officers Alden and Paine, excerpts of which fol- be one of the current UFO hot spots as numerous low: sightings are reported and citizens turn out in ALDEN: "At .times it is silhouetted in the sky, droves to "skywatch." about a quarter mile away... It just dove away." The current wave got underway on Sunday, Aug. ALDEN: "We flash our blue lights, and it 11, as reported by MUFON Investigator Larry Spei- seems to flash back. It just wheeled around, gel: swiveling around, with blue and red lights. Its Early in the morning of August 11, Tilton now about a half to a quarter mile away. The police officers Mark Paine and Mike Alden were lights get bright, then dull. When we flash dispatched to 1-93 to watch for and stop a sus- lights, it responds by changing colors." pect automobile. They were sitting in their VOICE: "I dont know about you but Im nervous cruiser facing west and watching the southbound as hell. Look at em moving,- Look at em change! lane for the car that never showed up. They Its coming at us. Look at em dive!" radioed in a normal timecheck at 3:30 a.m. VOICE: "We see a beam from time to time come At 3:31 a.m., the dispatcher at the Belknap downfrom it...when we flash our blues it gets County Sheriffs office received a transmission closer—flash the blues. Be advised that this from the Tilton cruiser stating they had what ap- thing is signaling us back." peared to be a UFO in sight, south-west of their • (Sounds of light switch clicking on and off.) position, at the Sanbornton turn-around. VOICE: "You know whats going to happen? Were Between 3:31 and 3:47 Deputy Steve Hodges of going to be called a bunch of lunatics." the sheriffs department verified the sighting. At one-time during the sighting, Alden said the Meanwhile, the Belmont cruiser was on its way to object moved to within a thousand yards. At this the scene. They had a camera in thir cruiser point an outline could be observed. "It seemed and they were going to attempt to v photograph the to be saucer-shaped," he said. Paine said the object. object was eliptical in shape, with a dome on top At 4:00 a.m. the Belmont cruiser arrived at of it. He said the object was about 30 to 50 the scene. Officer Michael McCarty and Special feet in diameter. Officer Norman Stanley confirmed the sighting. Dr. William K. Widger of Biospheric Consultants Within the next fifteen minutes the Gilford International in Meridith noted that while some cruiser joined the other two cruisers at the UFO reports may be generated by aircraft lights turn-around. Significant of the arrival of the and meteor-showers, some reports, such as those Gilford cruiser is the fact that the officer in by officers Alden and Paine "simply defy rational the cruiser spotted the object before he joined explanation." The month of August, he explained, the other cruisers. iThis confirmation can be is noted for meteor showers, and the area had heard on the tape that the Tilton officers had been undergoing these in recent weeks. Recent running at the time. military flight operations in the lakes region The Tilton, Belmont, and Gilford officers could also have accounted for some sightings, he lined up their cruisers in a straight line con- said. figuration- -Tilton in front, Belmont center, and Numerous sightings have been reported to police Gilford in the rear. They proceeded to flash . in the area over a period of several days, espec- their blue -lights in alternating sequences in ially from Tilton, Guilford, and Belmont. Among order to try to get a response from the object. the many reports were: It is still uncertain as to whether a definite --A "landing" on top of Belknap Mountain. response from the object was observed. --A "cone-shaped object with a green tint and At 4:19 Officer Alden observed a second object. a red glow on the bottom" over the lake in the At 4:30 Officer Paine observed a third object. Weirs Beach area. The three objects now visible to the officers --A "hot dbg or saucer-shaped" object over formed a triangular formation: the first in the Lake Opechee with "red, green, and white lights." southwest, the second in the northwest, and the --A report by Kathy Lagiuex, 12, that her en- third to the east/southwest. tire family saw an "orange egg-shaped object" go Between 4:39 and 4:41 a fourth object was seen across the sky at Prescott Hill. The object was rising at a high rate of speed and appeared to be "very bright" and was being followed by three heading south toward Concord. airplanes. "It dropped something and then we saw At 5:02 a.m. the Belmont curiser left the turn- it go behind a mountain and disappear. It then around to resume its normal patrol. started coming up over the mountain and.was puls- For the .next couple of minutes (5:03-5:04) an ating." She said the object was moving much unusual amount of light activity was observed faster than the planes. from the three objects in the triangular forma- --"Blue and white lights" over Lake Winne-. tion. It looked as if the objects were" beaming pesaukee which "hesitated and then took off." 13
  • 14. UFO in Spain responds to lightsDate of Actual sighting: June 14,1974Location of sighting: Medellin, SpainSource: Newspaper "Pueblo," June 22, 1974, by J. M. AmilibiaSubmitted by: Sr. Pedro Redon, MUFON Represen- tative for Spain, through Joe Brill, Inter- national CoordinatorTranslated by: Bill Armstrong On June 14 at 4:30 a.m. Santiago Pulido Romero, times he feels a shiver—a shiver which comes46, married, father of six, a native of Medellin, with the memories.was allegedly a witness to an unusual encounter "When I went out of the house, it was stoppedwith a UFO. The sighting allegedly involved in- over the farm. The light that was coming fromtelligent behavior by the UFO, as well as the the apparatus was so strong that it seemed likeprecsence of occupants. The reporter investiga- it was daytime. It was then that I thought ofing the incident has described the witness as a turning the headlights of the car on it to see"simple and, according to my judgment, stable what was happening.. It came at me like a flashworker, incapable of imagining such a thing." The of lightning. I turned the lights out and itsighting reportedly took place near the castle of then remained quiet for awhile, and then began toMedellin. move up and down." "I was going that morning," Santiago is saying, "How was the apparatus moving about?""still at night toward the farm of my father. On "At a high velocity and rotating on its ownpassing that grove of trees, a strong light axis, although at times it also would make a zigstruck me in the eyes. I saw a very strange pot- zag or would remain motionless or move like ashaped object which was flying at a low altitude. pendulum. At one moment it looked like a starI would estimate it at about 100 meters altitude; and the next moment it was right beside me. Atit was travelling at an incredible velocity, as times it appeared to me that it was moving like arapid as I could follow with my eyes. It was to whirlwind. You know?; but like an unbelievableone side of the castle. As the apparatus was whirlwind...In short I dont have any words tocoming toward me an overwhelming fear filled my explain this very well."body. It occurred to me to turn out the lights "What was its form?"of the car and to continue in second gear very "Underneath or below it was round with a kindslowly. My body was trembling all over. I tell of tower which terminated in a point on top. Theyou that you have to see how imposing a thing round part was transparent and from the interiorlike that is. . came out an intense yellow light. The tower "The fact is that the apparatus was following shone like at about 70 meters on my right. When I got "You say that it was transparent. Did you seeto that hill I turned my lights on again and anything in its interior at the times when thethe apparatus came toward me again at a great object eame near to you?"velocity only to go away again when I turned the "Yes. I,saw-clearly three men. Three men verylights out once more. to the farm and saw tall, more than two meters, who were moving stif-that it was staying near the gate at an altitude fly as though under orders and who had somethingof about 100 meters, although sometimes it would on their heads like helmets or something similar.climb up and at times come back down. My first They moved about on foot. I tell you it wasintention was to shut myself up in the house, so something to see."I did this. Then, a little braver, I went out "What size would you estimate it was?"clutching a pitchfork .(hayfork) just in case... "The round part was about twenty meters in di-Imagine the fear which filled me so much that I ameter and the tower about ten meters in height."even thought about running toward the mountain "Did it emit any unusual or special noise?"where I know some very good places to hide my- "No, it moved about in complete silence."self..." "How long were you watching it from the farm?" Apparently there are still remnants of that "Well, until the sun began to rise, which waspanic in his body. Santiago speaks with complete about 6:00 .(a.m.) It was then that it went awaylucidity re-telling step by step what he saw. At at a great velocity, being lost to sight in the 14
  • 15. Pennsylvania sightings continue By Stan Gordon Reports of Unidentified Flying objects in Penn- at it. In a few minutes another car came up be-sylvania never seem to stop. Since April of this hind the couple and the light just dimmed out andyear, some 70 UFO sightings have been under in- disappeared. The witnesses, upon arriving home,vestigation by the Westmoreland County UFO Study called the state police arid they referred- theGroup. Most of the sightings were found to have call to us.a natural explanation. Hot air balloons, North-, Prior to the above report, on April 13, a num-em lights, advertising aircraft, and planets ber of cases of low level UFO activity were re-were found to be the reasons behind some of the ported near the Westinghouse Waltz Mills Nuclearmore recent cases. Nevertheless, there still are Plant. These reports described an elongatedseveral, cases which cant so easily be explained silver object that was hovering at an altitudeaway. . . of a few hundred feet. The object had one very On April 20, at 2:45 a.m. near Delmont, Pa., bright light in front. The next day a mechanicaltwo witnesses in a car observed a bright round engineer and his family driving on 1-70 nearorange ball "that glowed like the Sun" that was Waltz Mills observed a UFO at 8 p.m. The objecthovering over a group of trees. The light would that they observed appeared to be slightly largerget very bright then dim out and again become than a Cessna aircraft. When it first was ob-very bright. The witnesses stopped their .car and served it was falling straight down out of thewatched it for about 20 minutes. The object fin- sky and they thought it was a plane going toally appeared to dim out for good. The witnesses crash. The object suddenly stopped about a hun-left the area and in a few minutes were startled dred feet above the tree line. The object thento find the orange.light was now following behind disappeared behind the tree line. Actually thetheir car at a height level with their back win- only thing that was seen were 5 red lights thatdow. .The witnesses stated that the object was so gave the impression that they were all connected.bright at this point that you could hardly look At about the same time, residents near Latrobe were phoning in reports of a circle of red lights. (Continued from preceding page) that hovered low in the sky, then moved .away at adirection of Villanueva. When my sons arrived at fast pace toward Greensburg. State Police sentthe farm I was still white, white like milk...For a car to the Waltz Mills area to check the re-as long as I live I do not believe I will ever port after they notified us.forget this. Never. I swear to you that this is .Even though not unidentified, on the eveningall true and that is what matters. I have always of April 19 at 8:15 p.m. hundreds of observersbeen a skeptic about such things; I used to think watched a bright white bolide (exploding meteor),that they were inventions of vagabonds or dream- pass over a large area. The meteor was observeders; I used to think that they were foolishness. over the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland,Now, I know that something, exists. I dont know and West to explain myself but there is something." "What do you belive it was?" "Beings from other worlds. What I saw, .the Ted Phillips to speak apparatus that is, is not of this world, because here there cannot be anything similar to it. That in St. Louis Sept. 15 I believe, at least, because I have never seen Ted Phillips, Skylook staff member and MUFON anything similar...Those, who might wish to study secretary, will be the guest speaker at the fall the matter, those who believe ,may ask me whatever meeting of the UFO Study Group of Greater St. they wish." Louis, Inc., on Sunday,. Sept. 15 at 3 p.m. at the "The time at which it was.closest to you, at Community Meeting Room of the Farm and Home Loan what distance was it from you?" Association Bank, 7801 Forsyth, Clayton. "About fifty meters. It was terrible, impres- Phillips, an inspector with the Missouri State sive and so silent and so brilliant...Now, I Highway Department, will speak on "UFO Landings: dont go out anymore in the early morning. Before A. Case for Physical Evidence." .Phillips, of going to the farm I wait until the Sun rises." Sedalia, Mo., has conducted specialized research This is the story and testimony of . Santiago on physical traces found at alledged UFO landing Pulido. But there are also other people of the sites for the past five years. His world-wide town who claim to have seen the object. A young files contain over 650 physical landing trace re-man, for example, who was.going from La Oliva to ports,- and he is considered the foremost author-Medellin saw it from the highway. It was report- ity in the. United States on UFO traces left be- edly observed by two citizens of San Benito. And hind after reported landings. He recently became also it was said that two traffic police officers the specialization coordinator for MUFON. -had said to some friends in. the town that they Phillips talk will be open to the generalalso saw it. public, free of charge. 15
  • 16. African UFO observedfor several hoursDate of actual sighting: June 14, 1974Location of sighting: -Hattingspruit, Natal, South AfricaInvestigated by: Carl Van Vlierden, MUFON Repre- sentative for South Africa. Submitted through Joe Brill, International Coordinator The two drawings above were sketched by the witness. The drawing at the left is the end view of the object, while the drawing to the right is the side view. Mr. McCallum said he could not Five witnesses reportedly watched a UFO with see the ends of the object when the side view wasportholes for a period of hours in the early presented, due to the light coming from themorning of June 14. The principal witness, Mr. "portholes" and shining toward the ground. TheI.D. McCallum, 31, first saw the object about 5 object was viewed through 10x50 binoculars.a.m. when he arose to go to the bathroom. Lookingout the window to check the weather, he observedthe UFO, which was emitting an intense whitelight. Instead of the rain which had been fore-cast, the stars were shining brightly. Argentine UFOs reported "During the first hour of observation," Mc-Callum explains, "the -UFO snaked along at a Date of Actual Sighting: July 11, 1974 (Thurs-leisurely pace with 8 intensely bright lights day)shining towards the ground almost as if it was Location: Managua, Granada and Mazaya, Argen-looking for something. There was no sound, and tina I estimate the size as approximately as big as a Name of Newspaper: "La Nueva Provincia" (BahiaBoeing 737 without wings or tail (the object was Blanca, Argentina), July 12, 1974cigar-shaped). "It emitted a reddish light on end view and Submitted by: Joe Brillmoved in the direction of the flash each time a Translated by: Bill Armstrongflash was emitted. "At 6 a.m. the UFO switched off the side lights Managua, 12 (Associated Press) - Authoritiesand almost resembled a star. After sunrise the of the Air Force and of the Army affirmed thatcraft could still be seen with the lights shining persons from various points of the country re-and the sun reflecting off the body." ported seeing last night (July 12th) an unidenti- In addition to Mr. McCallum, four others watch- fied flying object.ed the object: Mrs. McCallum, Mrs.1 L. Martin, Mateo Gonzalez, a radio operator at the con-Mr. 0. W. Haschke, and Mr. R. Fortman. The latter trol tower at the international airport of thisthree witnesses reportedly viewed the object at city, said that the object "was three times larg-Dabmar Engineering, where Mr. McCallum works. All er than the full moon" and was giving off "an in-reportedly viewed the object through-binoculars. tense light." . Mr. McCallum explains that "between 5 a.m. and Colonel Orlando Gutierrez, commander of the6 a.m., when the craft was still low, no photo- National Guard in Granada, a town forty-five kil-graphs were taken because we did not have suita^- ometers to the southeast, said that he saw theble equipment or telephoto lens. Nobody was call- object about 19:00 hrs. . (7:00 p.m.). "At firsted because we did not know when it would disap- when I observed it I thought it was an aircraft,pear. From 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. the craft started but it was shining with green and red lightsascending-, and it resembled the morning star in which illuminated a good part of the city." Thebrightness before sunrise. After sunrise it was local control tower took note of the presence ofstill visible if one-was shown the position." the object at 19:30 hrs. (7:30 p.m.). The oper- Mr. McCallum reports that his wife suffered ators said that they had no reports of any air-"arc eyes" from watching the-intense light of the craft in flight at that time.UFO. No other effects were reported. "The arc Citizens of the town of Mazaya, located be-eyes received by my wife from the light of the tween Managua and Granada, thirty kilometerscraft must have been caused between 5 and 6 a. from here, also said that they had seen the ob-m.," McCallum explains, "as she preferred to ject. "It was going toward the Pacific," said aview the craft with -the naked eye than with the resident. Other persons from the three townsbinoculars which I used all the time except for agreed that the object was flying silently at anthe one occasion when she did make use of them." altitude of about"three hundred meters, -but onMr. McCallum concludes: "Well, all I can say is account of the luminoisity few of them were ablewhoever it was, what a pity they are so reluctant to observe its shape. "Its velocity was slow,"to make contact with people on Earth-in general." said the colonel. 16
  • 17. Argentine crew reports UFO Bolivian pilot chases objectDate of actual sighting: April 2, 1974 which looks like a topLocation: Marcos Juarez and Central ArgentinaNewspaper: La Nueva Provincia, April 3, 1974 Date of actual sighting: Nov. 8, 1973 Location: La Paz, Bolivia Submitted by Joe Brill Newspaper: La Nueva Provinica, Nov. 10, 1973 Translated by Bill Armstrong Submitted by: Joe Brill Translated by: Bill Armstrong Buenos Aires, 2 (Telam)-—"After today, I willnever again laugh at those who have claimed to La Paz, Nov. 9—(Associated Press)--A strangehave seen a .flying saucer." This statement was flying object in the form of a top and with smallconstantly repeated this morning in the metro- openings little windows was sighted inpolitan airport by the crew members and passen- this city and .fruitlessly pursued by an expertgers of an aircraft of the airline Austral, which military pilot.while in the vicinity of Marcos Juarez .crossed The object was seen by hundreds of persons andpaths with a UFO. The object was.flying at an its presence was verified by the control tower ofaltitude of .22,000 meters, from north to south the international airport "El Alto," whose, radioand also was seen by the crew of the Argentine operators tried in vain to obtain identificationAirlines aircraft and the control tower operators of the same or to communicate with its presumedof Pajas Blancas, in Gordoba (Province). crew members. The . event occurred on Thursday Jacinto Amuedo and Franklin Escudero, captain afternoon but, up to today was still the subjectand co-pilot respectively of .the Austral air- of the most varied conjectures among those whocraft, stated that the object "did not resemble were able to .observe it.any known type of airplane or balloon." "It was The strange. UFO was located initially at someround and somwwhat flat and extremely brilliant," 12,000 meters altitude over the snow capped moun-they added. The UFO was sighted at 09:30 hrs. tain "Illiman" which overlooks this city. It waswhen the commercial airplane was returning from first seen by the crew of an aircraft of theCordoba with seventy passengers on flight 401, at Lloyd Bolivian Airlines which was coming froman altitude of 8,000 meters. Lima on a regular flight. The presence of the Amuedo and Escudero commented that at 08:60 strange and luminous object was communicated tohours, when they were heading toward Cordoba, the commander of the Air Force pursuit group ofthey heard by radio the pilot of flight 806 of that city, Major Norberto Salomon, who at thatArgentine Airlines reporting to the control tower moment was making a practice flight. The com-of the existance of a flying apparatus which was mander then pointed his "Super Sabre" which hedescribed as, "not a plane, nor a balloon nor was piloting in the direction of the UFO. Theanything known" and requesting the assistance of aircraft developed a speed, the pilot said, ofthe nearest radar in an-attempt to.detect it. On 1500 kilometers per hour (About 930 miles anlanding at that province (that is , at Cordoba), hour).they found that the control tower operators were Major Salomon said that he had been able to"somewhat out of control." They also had seen approach up to some 2000 meters of the strangethe strange and mysterious object. object which, up to that instant, was remaining - Later the crew members of the Austral aircraft stationary. The strange object, he relatedhad the unusual opportunity of personally seeing afterward, had the form of a top on whose sides,the flying saucer when they were in mid flight one could make out openings which resembledreturning to Buenos Aires and when they .still little windows. "When I had managed to approachwere discussing the case, which up to that point up to that distance," he added, "it began to slipthey knew only indirectly. away at an incredible speed," according to the The news ran like a lightning bolt among the aviator. Major Salomon related that he tried topassengers, who crowded against the little win- pursue the object, but that the latter in a rapiddows of the right side of the airplane to watch maneuver positioned itself swiftly in the samethe spectacle. When they arrived at 10:05 hrs. place where he had been only moments, before. Thenat the metropolitan airport the people who were it climbed (or ascended) in a vertical movementin the station area crowded them to hear the con- and became . lost in a few seconds from sight ofversation of the "UFO of Marcos Juarez." The Major Salomon. .hostesses (Liliana Espinosa, Graciela Patterson, It was hoped (or expected) today that the AirSusana Valaitis) and the stewardess (Alicia Fon- Force might release some report concerning this aneia) only managed .to say that "it was some- latest event. A cause of unrest and of a great hing impressive/ it was very impressive." number of questions without answers. However, At the radar station it was reported that they for many neighbors of "El Alto" the event did not ould not detect the UFO owing to.the great dis- cause any major surprise. "Every night," said a ance. •• : - - -. • neighbor, "We see something similar." 17
  • 18. In Others Words By Lucius Parish NATIONAL ENQUIRER continues to head the list An intriguing booklet of some 23 pages, withof weekly tabloids containing reliable UFO in- the title, A REVISED COSMOLOGY, has recently comeformation. The Aug. 18 issue told of UFOs over to my attention. My lack of training in physicsOklahoma during last years flap; the Aug. 25 prevents me from giving this dissertation theissue featured Dr. Berthold Schwarzs comments on sort of review which it deserves, but I can saythe reality of UFOs; and the Sept. 1 issue con- that it makes for very interesting reading. Ba-tained two UFO articles--one dealing with a N.C. sically, it concerns the authors theory of "in-sighting and the other being actress Sheila Mac- stantaneous gravitation," the need to revise ourRaes account of her two UFO sightings. In ad- present cosmological concepts and the applicationdition, recent issues of the ENQUIRER have re- of his theory to UFO maneuvers. The price of thepeated the excerpts from Erich von Danikens booklet is $3.00. It may be ordered from theCHARIOTS OF THE GODS? which were first published author, Merrill B. Taylor, at 1309 Broadway -a few years ago. The Aug. 18 issue of NATIONAL Little Rock, AR. 72202.TATTLER carried the report of a UFO/ occupantsighting by a Springfield, Ohio, resident. The Robert Charrouxs FORGOTTEN WORLDS is a typ-July 20 and 27 issues of NATIONAL STAR contained . ical conglomerate of material relating to space iinteresting summaries of the current UFO situ- visitors in antiquity, lost civilizations and allation, devoting considerable space to the opin- the other topics now so familiar to readers ofions and research of Dr. Hynek. books on "ancient astronauts." Only two chapters i I might mention that I am not attempting to of the book are devoted to UFOs, per se, although icover all the tabloid articles on UFOs, as it is the theme of extraterrestrials is found through-very difficult to pick up any of these weekly out the book. As I am somewhat of a "literary;papers without finding something pertaining to masochist," I always try to read everything ofUFOs. Most of it is either re-hash or fiction, this sort which I can find, no matter how muchso I dont feel it is even worth mentioning. An re-hash it contains. If you feel the same way,excellent example of what Im talking about can try the Charroux book. The hardcover edition isibe found in the Aug. 18 issue of NATIONAL NEWS available from Walker § Co. - 720 Fifth Ave. -EXTRA. N.Y., N.Y. 10019 for $12.50. A paperback edition One of the better articles dealing with Erich from Popular Library sells for $1.25.von Danikens theories can be found in the Julyissue of the EAST-WEST JOURNAL. It is written by What is the life of a UFO researcher like?!Peter Tompkins and is well worth reading. The interesting story of one "UFO chaser" may be The Sept. issue of SAGA features an article on found in Raymond E. Fowlers recent book, UFOs--the Florida "mystery sphere" which was the sub- INTERPLANETARY VISITORS. Having been privileged Iject of so much attention recently. Although to read some of Fowlers detailed UFO reports, IIvarious researchers have "identified" the object can say that his investigations serve as modelsas a valve used in paper mill operations, the of thoroughness. Dr. J. Allen Hynek, in a Fore-author of the SAGA article does not seem to be word to the Fowler book, states that he knows noiconvinced. UFO investigator who is "more dedicated, trust- The opinions of Star Treks William Shatner worthy or persevering than Ray Fowler." That ison UFOs are detailed in the Fall issue of PROBE high praise indeed. The book is filled with UFOTHE UNKNOWN. This issue also contains an article reports which have been personally investigatedwith an "ancient astronauts" tie-in, plus a "Ber- by the author and his associates. UFO photo-muda Triangle" report. graphs are included, as well as drawings of UFOs Recent paperbacks include: SOME TRUST IN and other illustrations. Fowler speculates on theCHARIOTS edited by Castle § Thiering (Popular meaning of UFO visitations and updates the bookLibrary) - EXTRATERRESTRIAL VISITATIONS FROM PRE- to include a section on the flap of 1973. FonHISTORIC TIMES TO THE PRESENT by Jacques Bergier a highly readable account of one mans adventures (New American Library) - THE GOLD OF THE GODS by in UFO research, I can certainly recommend UFOs--Erich von Daniken (Bantam) - IS ANYONE OUT THERE? INTERPLANETARY VISITORS. It is priced at.$8.50iby Stoneley § Lawton (Warner Paperback Library) - from Exposition Press, Inc. - 50 Jericho Turn-LEGACY OF THE GODS by Robert Charroux (Berkley) - pike - Jericho, N.Y. 11753. (EDITORS NOTE: SKY-THE HOME| OF THE GODS by Andrew Tomas (Berkley) - LOOK readers may obtain personally autographed^THE HOLLOW EARTH by Raymond Bernard (Dell). De- copies of the book for the special price of $7.9Ctailed reviews of some of these titles will ap- by writing directly to: Ray Fowler, Box 19, Wenpear in later columns. ham, Mass. 01984.) 18
  • 19. Directors Message sible. Since our present system of asking members to subscribe to SKYLOOK separately has proven to be (Continued from Page 3) somewhat inefficient and confusing, we are makingposition of State-Section Director for the Ohio plans to automatically include a subscription tocounties of Licking, Knox, and Perry. He is SKYLOOK with the annual MUFON membership. ThusGeorge E. Hoadley, 917 E. Main Street, Newark, the one-year dues (including both the MUFON mem-OH. 43055, telephone AC 614 345-6076. bership and the SKYLOOK subscription) would be Thomas M. Gates, 631 Oneida Drive, Sunnyvale, payable at the time an individual joins MUFON,CA. 94087, telephone AC 408"733-9799, has been and on each subsequent anniversary date. Sinceappointed to the position of Consultant to MUFON the SKYLOOK subscription would expire at the samein Astronomy. He is the Director of Space Science time as the membership dues, members would have afor two planetariums and observatories and is an very effective reminder to renew both (we haveinstructor in Astronomy in the Sunnyvale area. found that SKYLOOK subscribers are very cognizant Two new legal advisors have joined MUFON to of when their subscriptions expire).volunteer their services where apropos. They are As we make this . change in procedure, we mustSanford Kelson, 1616 Berkwood Drive, Pittsburgh, also consider a more realistic MUFON dues struc-PA.15243, telephone AC 412 279-5822; and Donald ture. As the responsibilities and services ofL. Andrus, 312 N. Webster, Harrisburg, IL. 62946, MUFON continue to grow, it becomes obvious thattelephone AC 618 252-4301. Both are attorneys-at- our current two-dollar annual dues are inade-law and active in UFO research. quate. Very few members realize, for example, MUFON is not only showing solid growth in that the MUFON administrative office is operatedNorth America, but our network of representatives entirely be volunteers. In order to keep abreastin other nations providing liaison between MUFON of the deluge of mail, and in order to maintainand the UFO organizations in their countries is records properly, a part-time secretary must soontaking giant steps forward. Joe Brill, Inter- be employed. Additional funds are also needed tonational Coordinator, is very proud to announce finance MUFON1s expanding role in researching andthe following appointments as representatives for investigating the UFO phenomena. Moreover, therethe nations indicated. is increasing pressure on MUFON to expand its ITALY: Dr. Marco Marianti, V. Cino da Pistoia educational activities.7, Bologna 40136, Italy. SPAIN: Pedro Redon-Trabal, Bailen, 149 Bar- SKYLOOK, too, has been operating on a budgetcelona - 9, Spain. which is just too small to ensure the continua- AUSTRALIA: Michael Guider, Royal Exchange P. tion and expansion of a quality publication which0. Box R32, Sydney, N.S.W. 2000, Australia. will serve the needs of MUFON and the general NIGERIA: Dr. 0. E. Hogan, P. 0. Box 19, N. public (see the Editors Column on page 2).Waniba via UYO, South Eastern State, Nigeria, Further information concerning the proposedAfrica. combination dues structure will appear in the ROMANIA: Jeno Miklos, Medical Research Center, October SKYLOOK after consultation with the MUFONTimisoara, Romania. Board of Directors is completed. Paul Brian Jackson, 1 Heemskirk Street, Bel-lerive, Tasmania Post 7018, Australia, has beennamed Research Associate for Australia. Walt Andrus to speak Directly related to Joes international re-sponsiblities is the expanding group of trans- in California Oct. 26lators available to translate UFO reports into MUFON Director Walt Andrus will be the fea-English for MUFON. For example, outstanding re- tured speaker at two UFO programs in Sacramento,ports translated from Spanish by Willard P. Arm- Calif., Oct. 26. The first program, slated forstrong of St. Louis, Mo., have and are continuing 3 p.m., is for students. The second program,to appear in SKYLOOK. Two gentlemen, long active open to the general public, has been set for 8 UFO circles in Japan and now residing in the m. Both presentations will be at the CaliforniaU.S.A., have volunteered their services as Jap-, Exposition Fairgrounds.anese translators. They are Tomooki Watanabe, The programs are being sponsored by the Sac-731 18th Street, Denver, Colorado 80202, one of ramento Lions Club as a special fund-raising pro-the founders of CBA International in Japan, arid ject. The tentative admission charge is $1.00Gunzo Tanaka, 766 Holly Street, Denver, Colorado for students for the afternoon program, and $2.5080220, telephone AC 303 321-2506. for the general public for the evening program. The presentations will cover the most out- There has been a certain amount of confusion standing UFO sightings reported in recent years,:-oncerning the cost of SKYLOOK for MUFON members, such as the Delphos, Kansas, landing; the Pasca-is well as the method of subscribing to it. Some goula case; and the Lawrence Coyne helicopterMembers have assumed that SKYLOOK was a part of case. Andrus will illustrate the program . with1UFON dues, since SKYLOOK is MUFONs Official slides from the MUFON collection.ublication, although the $2.00 per year dues for Paul J. Kelley, MUFON State Director for Sac-1UFON should suggest that this would not be pos- ramento County, is in charge of the program. 19
  • 20. Recapping and commenting By Richard Hall The Directors Message in July 1974 Skylook, map. It is ironic that she is doing his work fordiscussing the. Akron symposium, was strongly en- him, whereas in the long run Sagan, if he sitsdorsed by the Washington, D.C., area contingent the fence carefully, will come out as an astron-that attended. All were impressed by the sub- omer who skeptically—but actively—studied UFOs.stance and serious tone of the talks and meet- That UFO history task force might well have aings. A post-symposium back-yard luncheon meet- sub-group to document the activities, logic, rea-ing was held for D.C. area members July 20 to son, and argumentation of scientists as applieddiscuss MUFON and UFOs. Guests included Ted to UFOs.Bloecher, Larry Bryant, Paul and Ron Willis, JohnCarlson (astronomy consultant), and several can-didate and present MUFON members. Also in the July issue...Ted Bloechers report NBC UFO specialon the 1946 sighting demonstrates not only thatretrospective case investigations are possible, set for Dec. 15but also that they are valuable and important (a The NBC News one-hour documentary film depict-message that fell on deaf ears at the Colorado ing what is being done to resolve the UFO phenom-UFO Project). In fact, a MUFON committee or task enon is presently scheduled for Sunday, Dec. 15,force on UFO history, to document and flesh in at 9 p.m. Central time (10 p.m. Eastern time).Theearly UFO history particularly, might be a good film will not only explain what the three majoridea. UFO organizations in the United States are doing Ernest Bergers Austrian sightings included a to seek the answers to this phenomenon, but will"full moon" and secondary "moon" case which he take viewers to the scenes of several outstandingdoubts could have been "moondog" (paraselene) UFO sightings to meet the participants and sharephenomena. ("Sundogs"--or parhelion—have also their views.been implicated in UFO cases). Technically, On July 19, the six-man film crew flew to"moondogs" themselves appear only to the left or Quincy to record on film the work being performedright of the moon at distances of about 22 and 45 by the Mutual UFO. Network under the guidance ofdegrees (which would not fit the present case). its Director, Walter H. Andrus, Jr. After fourBut the full range of luminous phenomena that can hours of detailed filming, with many "re-takes,"be associated with "moondogs" or "sundogs," as I writer-producer Craig Leake obtained the sequen-understand it, are not confined to these posi- ces and effects desired to tell the MUFON story.tions. Both are caused by light reflection and Besides the interview held in the Andrus home,contrary to the report, visible clouds need not the NBC crew journeyed to Carlyle, IL., to coverbe present. While at NICAP I once saw a well-de- the annual MUFON picnic and include it in theveloped multiple parhelia ("sundogs") over Wash- film. The news team also spent two days at Akron,ington, complete with luminous arcs in addition OH., .June 22 and 23, filming MUFONs Annual UFOto the spots. Startling and impressive, but hard- Symposium, where nationally-known speakers pre- ly UFO-like. (See "halo" in any good encycloped- sented papers.ia) . The NBC Documentary has been over four months The ad for Villa, Fry, Allingham, and Adamski in the making, with eight weeks of editing fol-photographs with no disclaimer by MUFON made me lowing the filming. The crew had 70,000 feet ofwonder what impression that would leave with film to cut to 2,200 feet for the 51 actual min-readers fimiliar with the histories of these utes of documentary! The films budget isgentlemen ( ) If we must be so "democratic" as ?. $190,000!!! The news team traveled throughoutto accept such ads, shouldnt we at least state the United States gathering information for theirthat some investigators consider them to be ex- film. Stops were made at Evanston, IL., to talktremely dubious? At NICAP we investigated 3 of with the Director of the Center for UFO Studies the 4 in some detail, and found ample reason to in Northfield, IL., Dr. J. Allen Hynek of North-be highly skeptical. The same applies to Jerome western University; at Pascagoula, MS.; at Tuc- Eden and Reichian "orgone" theory ads in past son, AZ., to study the activities of APRO; and at issues. Kensington, MD., to view the work of NICAP. The image in my mind of Carl Sagan_.on the Dick The documentary is presently scheduled to fol-Cavett show and at Goddard Space Flight Center, low a "Bob Hope Special" which NBC considersMaryland, sneering and joking about UFOs con- their very best exposure time. SKYLOOK will car-trasts sharply with the creative and constructive ry reminders of the showing date, as well as anyresearch by Marjorie Fish on the Betty Hill star revision in scheduling. 20