Mufon ufo journal 1974 6. june - skylook


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Mufon ufo journal 1974 6. june - skylook

  1. 1. "We fell it as it is" Number 79 SKYLOOK The UFO Monthly June, 1974 OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF MUTUAL UFO NETWORK, INC. This is one of two photos reportedly shot by ton River at Bradenton, Flo.., on Deo. 13, 1973.Patrick Thrush of a UFO hovering over the Braden- The complete story begins on page 4.
  2. 2. Large UFO with windows In This Issue reported by Florida witnesses FORT PIERCE, FLA., NEWS TRIBUNE, JAN. 20, 1974 Directors Report. . ;—-—- "2 --Four witnesses reported sighting a large UFO a- Florida Sighting and Photo 4 bout 10 p.m. Jan. 18 over Ft. Pierce, and two of Possible Ohio Landing Case— -r 6 them said the object had windows. Multi-Witness Sighting in Austria -7- 8 Astronony Notes—— -—--- 13 Danny Prezkop, 13, and- Jeff Snead, 10, said Behind the Iron_ Curtain -^ . — --14 they saw the object approach from the north and Carlyle Lake Picnic • •=—•—•—~ IS descend to Indian River -level. "It was bright-In Others Words . 16 orange, almost too bright to look at," said Prez- Around the Network • : 17 kop. "And it hummed something like an airplane,-Southeast Missouris Rutledge— 18 but it was- going far too fast for that." . Both Uri; Geller Criticized . 20 youths said they saw what appeared to be windows in the aft-section of the cigar-shaped object. "It was big," said Prezkop, ."maybe 20 feet long .SKY-LOOK has been designated the official publication of the and 10 feet high, but this is only a guess. And Mutual UFO Network; however, membership in MUFON is not it was coming fast. It had a tail of orange fire required to subscribe to Skylook, and membership in MUFON does notautomatically indude a subscription to Skylook. Mem- coming from the tail like .a comet, but we knew it bership in MUFON, which is $2.0U per year and by invitation, is wasnt a comet." He said. the object, began to slow handled through the MUFON. office. 40. Christopher Court, down and drop toward the water. "It got real low Quincy, 11.1.62301. . - - - . • - until we thought it was going to land. Then we Advertising is available in Skylook at 10$ per word, $1.25 per could see a barge or yacht traveling up river and display line, or $5 per display inch (IxSVz). Minimum charge $5. for a minute we thought -the thing would hit it, Advertisements subject to a| proval of editor. thats how low it was. Just as it looked sure Skylook, the llFO Moothly, is published monthly by Dwight there would be a crash the object lifted, in- Connelly, 26 Edgewbod Drive, Quincy, Illfnois 62301: Subscription rates: United creased speed, and vanished to the south. Al- Suites and Canada, $500 per year, foreign, $600.per year, 50 cents per copy ways I have wanted to see a UFO, and now I have." Second class postage paid at Quincy, It. 62301 The boys notified the Coast Guard and were told to call again if they saw the object again. Skylook A neighbor, Michael Small, 16, .also reportedly The UFO Monthly saw. the object, as did his mother, Mrs. Thomas I. .Small... "It was so "bright you could hardly look 26 Edgewood Drive at it," said Mrs. Small, . "and it seemed to come Quincy, IL. 62301 right down on top., of us. Ive never, been so frightened in all my life. She said the orange- Dwight Connelly : red object was "huge. It was round with" some kind Editor-Publisher of fins .sticking out from the sides. It came down so low I just didnt know what was going to hap- Mrs. Carolyn Connelly pen. Then it began to lift and went off so fast Business Manager you could hardly keep track of it. I thought it went straight up, but .nothing in this world trav- Staff: els as fast as that thing did." The family call- Public Relations: ed" the sheriffs office and were treated polite- Mrs. Rosetta Holmes 1690 Hill Drive West Coast Coordinator Carlyle, 111. 62231 Bob Kirkpatrick Spinning disc reported in Missouri Walter H. Andrus Mark Herbstritl 40 Christopher Court 927 Theresia St Following is a report from MUFON investigator Quincy, 111. 62301 St Marys, Pa 15857 John F. Schuessler: Norma E. Short Ted Phillips On Sept. 28, .1973, at 11:30 p.m., Mary E. Carr Box 129 Stover, Mo. 65078 P.O. Box 615 of Black Jack, Mo.,, was called outside by. one of Sedalia, Mo. 65301 her daughters to view an- aerial obj ect hear their Joseph M Brill 228 N 12lh St David A. Schroth home. Mrs. Carr reports that the object "was 4517 A Pennsylvania Quincy, 111 62301 St. Louis, Mo. 63111 disc-shaped, with green, red, and white. lights. Lucius Fansh It was spinning, and there was a humming, sound. It John F. Schuessler Route 1 P.O. Box 9 was about 20 feet long, and was spinning from the Plumerville, Ark. 72127 OFallon, Mo. 63366 south to the north." Two other daughters also witnessed the sighting.
  3. 3. Directors Message By Walt Andrus May 31, 1974, commemorated MUFONs fifth anni- Astronomy at the University of Alabama in Tus- versary, making it the fastest growing UFO organ- caloosa. His amateur radio call letters are ization in the-world. With State or State-Section W4KDP. Directors in thirty-six states, three Provincial GREY M. WOODMAN, M.D., 9628 Lydia, Kansas City, Directors in Canada, and Foreign Representatives Missouri 64131, telephone AC816 942-3423, has in fourteen countries around the world, MUFON is volunteered to serve MUFON as a Consultant in emerging as the leading - UFO organization in the Psychiatry. He will concentrate his. study on in- United States. -There may be-a few people who terviews with reported contactees. An Englishman might consider these statements boasting. For by birth, his interest in UFOs extends back to anyone who questions these -statements, they the "FOO" fighters during World War II. should simply look at :the record and" ask them- Joe Brill, International Coordinator, has selves, "Who is providing the leadership in UFO selected ROBERTO ENRIQUE LUIS BANCHS, Cespedes research in the United States?" In reality, this 3422, Buenos Aires SUC. 26, Argentina, as MUFONs is a tremendous compliment to every member com- Foreign Representative from Argentina. Roberto posing the grass roots structure of MUFON. The is a university graduate and now an architect in majority of our leadership, motivation, and re- Buenos Aires. search is being done at the local and state level MUFON is very proud to announce that two State Some of the finest UFO researchers in the world Directors for Amateur Radio have been appointed are proud to carry and present their MUFON ident- in Iowa and Indiana from the loyal ranks of the ification cards. A THANKS to all of you for a weekly amateur radio net operators. DONALD F. fabulous job. CAMPBELL, Amateur Radio W0SWY, 709 Cedar Lane, Paul C. Cemy has appointed MARVIN E. TAYLOR, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa 52641, telephone AC 319 385- Jr., Route 4, Box 500-8, Sonora, California 95370 4634, and K. DON HOOGERHYDE, Amateur Radio WA9WMK telephone AC 209 532-5216, as State-Section Di- 4201 Curry Court, Bloomington, Indiana 47401, rector for Tuolumne and Calaveras Counties in telephone AC812 825-9290, have not only recruited northern California. Marvin, now 38 years of age, MUFON members, but have stirred up an interest in has been studying UFOs since 1947, when he-was UFOs with "Hams" around the Midwest. attending Junior High School. He has since ob- The MUFON UFO SYMPOSIUM in Akron, Ohio, on tained his B.S. in Business Administration and June 22, 1974,- will also be our fifth such event now also lectures on UFOs. in as many years. The sixth MUFON Picnic will be MELTON E. MURFF, P.O. Box 793, Marlin, Texas held Sunday, July 21,1974, at Carlyle Lake Reser- 76661, telephone AC817 936-5818, has volunteered voir at Carlyle, Illinois, with Rosie and Dick , to serve as State-Section Director for Falls, Holmes as hosts. We will eagerly look forward to Limestone, McLennan, Milam, and Robertson Coun- meeting many of you at these two fine affairs ties in Texas. Melton has had three personal UFO this summer to thank you personally for your won- sightings, being confirmed by three to five ad- derful work on behalf of MUFON and UFO research. ditional witnesses. Ken Steinmetz, State Director for Colorado, Date omitted in May issue U-Haul story has appointed LAURENCE T. CHILDS, 8585 West 44th Avenue, Wheatridge, Colorado 80033, telephone AC- In the story on page 19 of the May issue of 303423-6894, to the position of State-Section Skylook concerning the reported experience of Director for the city of Denver and Adams County. two brothers, driving a U-Haul truck and being Larry is a jeweler by profession; he has had chased by UFOs, the date of the incident was extensive training in astronomy and aircraft in- omitted. The incident reportedly occurred on struments. Feb. 14, 1974. We apologize for the omission. A welcome addition to North Carolina occurred when George Fawcett appointed FRANK R. HARRISON, July issue to be later for Symposium news Mount Olive College, Mount Olive, North Carolina 28365, telephone AC919 658-9363, as State Section The July issue of Skylook will be mailed Director for Wayne, Lenoir, Sampson, and Duplin later than usual so that material from the Counties. Frank is the Chaplain at Mount Olive June 22. Symposium in Akron can be included. College and is well known,for his UFO investi- Mailing will probably be completed by July gations and lectures in the area. . 8, but the actual delivery date cannot be Professor Ed. J. Planz has recommended ROBERT accurately predicted because of great vari- N. WHITEHURST, ,Ph. ,D., Box 1569, University, ation in mail delivery in various parts of•Alabama 35486, as a Consultant in Radio Astron- the country. omy. Dr. Whitehurst teaches both Physics and
  4. 4. Photos, rocks offered in Florida sighting EDITORS NOTE: The following story has been held for two issues by Skylook in the hope that additional information would be forth- coming which would either verify or discredit the reported sighting. Unfortunately, the wheels of investigation have turned slowly in this case, and there seems to be no reason to continue to hold this report. A segment of film sent to MUFON Photo Consultant Adrian Vance has been returned by Vance as unreli- with a 1.4 lens wide open, -a 1700 electronic able for investigative purposes because it flash unit, and panatomic film. The scene was has been clipped from the original full roll. also illuminated by the high beams of Thrushs There has been nothing but a preliminary an- auto. The shutter speed was set on automatic, alysis from the marine geologist who is ex- and Thrush said the shot was probably taken at amining rocks allegedly related to the sight- 1/30 of a second. He said the object was "not ing. Other collaborating evidence is yet to giving off much • light of its own," and that fo- be checked and analyzed. There have been cusing was difficult. He said he set the focus conflicting reports in the press concerning at about the midway point, and that the object the sighting and the location of the rocks was slightly out of focus at the f/1.2 opening allegedly related to the sighting. Most of used. Thrush said that "we did a Kodalith (high the information in the following article contrast film) series -on this for images that comes directly from a taped interview of the might not have picked up on various densities." witness by Larry Moyers, MUFON director for He said that.on the lighter image a dome-like Ohio, who talked with the witness while in section coming from the bottom of the object was Florida. The facts stated in this article are observed which was "definitely not visible" on therefore based on this interview of the wit- normal prints of the negative. The lighter ness. print showed that the entire image was connected, he explained. Patrick Thrush, 16, of Bradenton, Fla., report- Thrush said the projection from the object atedly observed a UFO hovering over the Braden first appeared to be about four or five feet inRiver Dec. 13, photographed the object, and re- diameter but tests he made with the high-contrasttrieved rocks which were dropped from it. Kodalith film indicated that what appeared to be Thrush was driving towards a friends house a- an extreme width of the tube-like projection wasbout 9:10 or 9:15 p.m. when he saw what appeared a "flarewas "definitely that he now feelsperhaps a jection effect," and much narrower, the pro-to be a plane going down. Wishing to investigate,he drove down Manatee Avenue, a main thorough- foot and a half at its thickest—maybe more.fare. After crossing the first bridge, he saw There are some people who say it possibly mightnothing, and started to turn around on the em- be some source of light. On both the light andbankment. As he was going back toward a hill the heavy contact prints you notice a segmentationhigh beams of his car lights revealed an object as though it were emitted in bursts. It showshovering over the Braden River, about 20 or 25 an expansion like light, but it did not have a glow of its own. It was reflective, like newly-feet above the water. molten lead." There was no illumination in the He estimated the diameter of the object as water, he noted.about 20 or 25 feet, and said it was about 11 or12 feet thick. There was "some type of a pro-, Thrush said he observed the object for 4% to 5jection going down into the water." He got out. minutes. After he had taken two flash photos,of his car to look at the object,- then returned during which the angle of the projection from theto the car to get his camera "and took several craft changed somewhat, the projection was re-exposures," two of which were usable. tracted into the craft, and the object began mov- Thrush said he was using a Canon 35mm camera ing toward Thrush, "Making several loud noises."
  5. 5. He described the sounds as "not quite a thud, but southward, appeared to stop, then disappeared.sort of a clank. A metallic noise like someone In nearby Palma Sola Park, George Montgomeryhitting metal underneath the water." reportedly saw a strange light in the sky at a- As the object began to move toward him, it bout the time of Thrushs sighting, according tochanged to a pale bluish green around the bottom the Register.and lower sides. Thrush ran from the object after The Register also noted that Thrush agreed toit came within 15 feet, but he stopped about take a lie detector test, although there has been50 feet away, which he considered a safe dis- no information that this was done.tance. The craft then passed about eight to ten Stan Friedman, physicist and noted UFO lec-feet over his car, and he said he heard it drop turer, interviewed Thrush and obtained a samplesome objects, "several being in the water, and of the rock, according to Skylooks West Coastone of which hit the hood of my car." He said he coordinator Bob Kirkpatrick. Friedman does notattempted to take another photo, a time exposure,, yet have an analysis of the rock, which he des-but "my camera didnt take the shot because I was cribes as resembling metallic slag. The St.moving." The1object changed color as it picked Petersburg Times described the rocks as beingup speed, .becoming"reddish-orange, then into the warm and dry when found, but Thrush did not men-.infra red spectrum" as it left. tion this in his interview with Moyers. He returned to his car and backed it up a few The St. Petersburg Times also reported that afeet so that he could use his car lights and a preliminary investigation of the rocks by marineflashlight tosearch for the bojects he heard geologist Dr. Larry Doyle of the St. Petersburgfall. "I managed to find three metallic-like cin- branch of the University of Southern Californiaders or rocks on the ground," he said. One was indicated that they were cinders produced by anabout two feet from where the front of the auto extreme heat source. He reportedly expressed anhad been, one three feet from the front, and one interest in doing a more extensive analysis.ten feet from the front. "No rock exceeded 3/4 Thrush has been universally described in newsinch in diameter,-" he said, and the car hood was stories as unusually brilliant. A former sciencenot damaged. The rocks were initially identified fair winner, he reportedly did trigonometry andlocally as iron pyrite, but Thrush says that the advanced algebra in the seventh grade. Bored withrocks are "much denser than iron pyrite," and do school, he dropped out to set up his own elec-not have "the same coloring or glitter effect. It tronics business. His knowledge of physics andwasnt until Dr. Doyle at- the University of South his command of vocabulary appear to exceed thatFlorida looked at it that he proved that it was of most college graduates. He is an amateur pho-not iron pyrite." tographer who occasionally works as a profession- It was reported in the Santa Ana Register that al, and he understands photographic printing andanother possible witness to the sighting was John processing very well.Dowdy, 18, who was on the Morgan-Johnson Road a- Thrush says his background on UFOs was re-bout two miles east of Thrushs location. Dowdy stricted to "two popular books by Frank Edwards,"says he looked up and observed a "bright orange and that he had never run into any reference to aobject going really fast." The object turned projection or tube from a UFO. Kirkpatrick reports as an interesting sidelight that Thrushs mother told Friedman that three I credential-carrying government agents had visited [ Thrush and applied pressure on him not to talk a- bout the incident, then later withdrew the pres- sure. It is unknown whether she actually saw the individuals in question, or whether she was told [about them by Thrush.The rock at the right, • nacpiified byphotography, isone of those re- .portedly dropped by-a UFO observed by Pat-rick Thrush on Dec. 15, 1973, hovering over theBradenton River. pnoto bv Robert Bawdsn
  6. 6. In Ohio Possible landing site checked (] • if of the indentation. The field had been plowed the The following preliminary report of a pos- first week of November, 1973, at an 8" depth, and sible UFO landing site was compiled for MUFON no one had been in the field until Tuesday, April by Dave Spencer of Ottawa, Ohio. The site 23, 1974. Then last Friday or Saturday Mr. Hilt- has since been checked by Ted Phillips, MUFON ner found the indentation and called the sheriff secretary and landing trace specialist, but on Monday. his findings were not available at press time. The sheriffs department had UFO reports in Phillips has collected soil samples for an- that area last November as well as in the south- alysis, and additional soil samples have been east part of the county. We talked to the people sent to Walt Andrus by Spencer. Any addi- of the area and no one, including the Hiltner tional information will be printed as it be- family, had seen anything around the Hiltner comes available. farms. The Hiltner family is very air minded and have two aircraft and a small air strip on their farm.Subject: UNKNOWN INDENTATION IN EARTH SURFACE We took soil samples on Monday from the blastDate: May 1, 1974 area, from the pod area, and 1 1/8 mile south of At 4:15 p.m. on April 29, 1974, Putnam County the site in the field. The samples were taken toSheriff Beutler called and asked if we would look the Allen County Civil Defense office located inat an unknown indentation in the earth surface. Lima, Ohio. The CD director, Mr. Frank Hempker,We agreed and called Walter H. Andrus Jr., who checked the soil for raioactivity and foundasked us to go ahead and help the sheriff, take none. However, radioactivity has only 1/10 lifepictures, and make measurments. At 4:40 p.m. the for every 7 hours and the indentation was possib-sheriff picked up the writer and drove to the Roy ly as old as 6 months, so any radioactivity couldHiltner farm located on Putnam County road 18A have dissipated.Section 6 Palmer Township, Ohio. . Hempker called the Ohio Adjutant General office The location of the indentation is % mile west at Columbus, and was referred to D. Redman, whoof county road 18, % mile south of county road A, made notes and advised the sheriff to contact the^ mile east of county road 19, and 3/4 mile north Public Affairs office at Lockborn Air Base,of county road B section 6 Palmer Twp. There are micro wave towers located 6 milessouth on county road 19, another 4 miles north inHenry county, another 6 miles west. The BowlingGreen University TV tower, which is over 800 ft.high, is"located 10 miles directly to the east ofthe site. The indentation looks as though it was made by7 legs or pods, with 2 round cylinder holes inthe center of what appears to be an 8 foot circu-lar blast area. The 2 cylinder holes in the cen-ter seem to be bottomless. Using a 6 ft. prod thePutnam county engineers can push down with onefinger and not touch the bottom. The 8 ft. blastarea contains burned dirt which is very hard andcrusted. On and around where the feet or podswere located the dirt has been blasted up 4 to 6inches from the 8 ft. area of burned ground.Where the feet or pods were located the engineerspod had to be forced down, indicating the objectthat had been there was of considerable weight. The Putnam County engineers checked the areaout for broken tile and found no tile in the area View of one of the possible pod indentations.
  7. 7. Missouri man reports three objects in sky The following is based on a reportfrom MUFON field investigator John F. Schuessler: Mike Haney, 25, of OFallon, Mo., said he was sitting on his front steps listening to the radio about 6:15 p.m.on April 31, 1974, when he saw an object shaped like a cigar come from the south- west and move toward the northeast. "I thought it might have been .an airplane; tilted at an angle that . I could not see the wings," he said, although he noted that all the jets he had seen in.the sky had been leavingvapor trails. "Then I called my neighbor and his wife out—and my wife.. Two more.objects appeared,"-.but these were View looking down at the two olyUnder holes in headed in the opposite direction from the firstthe center of what appears to be a burned area. object, from northeast to soughwest. "All of us agreed we had never seen anything like these bb-Columbus, as they may wantto" check the site. .-jects." - - . • - ••-•• , . - . ;Hempker came to Putnam county Tuesday and looked .. He said the first two objects were "extremelyat the site with the Sheriff. He feels that some- shiney metal with no wings" and "traveling muchting had been there: faster" than planes. Thethird object was des-SUMMARY cribed as "not as shiney". as the first two ob- • The diameter of the blast or heatarea is 8 -ft. jects, "but again no wings." The third object The outer diameter of the pod area measures 16 .appeared to-be smaller than the first two; heft. from tip to tip. said. - • • • The feet measure 3 ft. across. There were 7feet or pods. The distance between the pods was90 inches for four pods, and 66 inches apart for UFOthree. NEWSCLIPPING SERVICE The cylinder-like holes in the . center blastarea have-a diameter of 12 inches, and are 12 •The UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICE will keep youinches apart. informed of all the- latest- United States The earth surface around the complete hole or and World-Wide UFO activity, as it happens!indentation seemed to be blown upward, making a Our service was started in 1969, at which4-inch ridge around the area. The indentation is time we contracted with-a reputable inter-8 inches deep. . national . newspaper-clipping bureau to ob- tain for uSf those hard to find UFO reports (i. e., little known photographic cases, close encounter and landing reports, oc-Arkansas sighting reported cupant cases)- and all other UFO reports, many of which are carried only in small HARRISON, ARK., DAILY TIMES, MARCH 27, 1974— town or. foreign newspapers.Just after 8 p.m. on March 26,. Mrs. Nina Coffey,who lives one mile east of Bear Creek on Highway Our UFO Newsclipping Service Report, is a14, went out to burn trash and noticed a bright 20 page photo-offset, monthly publicationlight to the south. Her first impression was that containing ; the latest United States andBear Creek Acres, had installed a new night light, Canadian UFO reports, with our foreign sec-but the light hovered for a minute, then turned tion carrying the latest English, Austral-"real fast" and moved southeast. Mrs. Coffey ian, New Zealand, South African, and otherasked her 13-year-old son to bring binoculars, foreign UFO reports! We publish more UFOand when he returned the light had turned around reports from around the globe than ANY otherand began . moving toward them. Her son,, Sammy, publication in the World! Stay informed—looked at the object through the binoculars and subscribe to the UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICE!said, Its no plane." As Mrs. Coffey took the For subscription information and samplebinoculars, the• light turned at a right angle _to pages from our service, write today to:the west. Looking through the binoculars .shecould see the UFO from a side :view. She said it ..UFO NEWSCLIPPINB SERVICE,. Dept. S.was cigar-shaped and at least 70 feet long, and ,3521 S.; W..104thnot very far above the treetops. After the object .Seattley Washington 98146turned west it disappeared.
  8. 8. Report from Austria UFOs with feelers seen FIRST SIGHTING EDITORS NOTE: Although the following report, from Vienna, Austria, takes up a Johann Pritz went to bed at 8:00 p.m. Central great deal of valuable space, it is felt European Time and slept well until 0:30 a.m. on that the significance of the sightings Monday, Oct. 29, when he started up. His friend and the detailed reporting justify this. .Karl Fichtinger was knocking at the bedroom win- We believe that such reports, when avail- dow. "He wanted me to come out and look at an able, are more valuable than several extraordinary thing in the southern sky. I routine newspaper accounts, single witness dressed, went outdoors and there it was. You sightings, and the like. This report and might have taken it for a star at first glance, photo appear, in Skylook through the efforts but watching it more carefully you would see it of Joe Brill, International Coordinator. was much nearer, giving off a different light and strange periodical light signals." Pritz got By Ernst Berger his 8x40 binoculars and aimed it at the "star" Representative for Austria over the woods.LOCATION It was "some kind of luminous globe" . with Traunstein in the Zwettl district is a small fuzzy edges, motionless at 9 degree elevation.rural community on a range of hills overlooking The yellow-orange, light looked calm and steady,the "Highlands of Ottenschlag," a southern part not dazzling, but "restful to the eyes." "Theof the "Waldviertel Highlands" in the northwest whole surface was shining brightly, you couldcorner of Lower Austria. 911 meters over the hardly see its shape. And it was artificialAdriatic Sea level, Traunstein is surrounded by light, bright enough to catch your eye at once.coniferous forests (beech, fir, and spruce fir But the striking detail was the signal."trees), lakes, open fields and by littered bould- The so-called "signal" consisted of two beamsers. The village of Traunstein is situated 8 of ."curved light" that were slowly projected up-kilometers NE of Mt. Weinsberg (1059 m high), wards from the main body. It was hard for Mr.which is covered by the Weinsberger Woods - a Pritz to describe the details:. "Well - it lookedwild and sparsely populated area, 9 km W of like snail feelers. The two yellow-orange beamsOttenschlag and 25 km SSW of the Allentsteig came out--it was light, but it crept up slowly--military operating ground near Zwettl (chief were projected upwards and bent outwards high at the river Kamp, a deserted and cold Then it would stop progressing, the two tipsregion (one of Austrias "zero degree poles"). turned faint green, some green mist fell downIndustrial underdevelopment, "landflight" and sideways and the rays were gone. You would waita low population density in the Zwettl district for about 5 seconds and the game started again -make the Traunstein sightings a good example for extending, stopping, green, switch-off. Peri-Vallees "first negative law," though no land- odically."ing was observed. Pritz said the "feelers" were about 4 or 5WITNESSES times the diameter of the fuzzy globe, but a Johann Pritz (age 21), the main witness of our goniometric test on the site later revealedcase, is a compositor working for a printing he was rather underestimating, the length beingoffice at Zwettl. His .brother Gerhard is a 6-7 diameters. And they were not only high butlocksmith of 16 years. Both are intelligent perfectly clear, "like two lines drawn with acountry guys with good eyesight, somewhat taci- piece of chalk, only dark sky between." Theturn, but perfectly reliable in my opinion. To- light wasnt solid, but it behaved like solid.gether with their mother they live in. a small Mr. Pritz had never seen anything the like.farmhouse near a double bend in the minor road In our investigation I asked him to re-liveleading out of western Traunstein. both phases of interest "in real time," first aWEATHER . • bit too slowly, then a bit too quickly, and used According to Viennas Central Meteorological my stop-watch for the test. We got 7-10 secondsStation "Hohe Warte" a stable European high had for a complete "extension" and the tip turnedfull influence on Austrian weather throughout yellow-green 2 or 3 seconds before "switch-off."the night from October 28 to 29, 1973. The local The second test for the dark phase showed aweather report from Zwettl station reads: "28.10. greater variance - the beams reappeared after 2-519h - no clouds, calm, -2 deg, no precipitation. seconds. The maximum duration for a full period29.10. 7h - clouds 1/8, calm, -6 deg, no precip- would be 15 seconds, which means at least 4itation, minimum nighttime temperature -7 deg." "signals" per minute. Pritz remembered also shortIt was a cold, starry night with excellent visi- beams shining downwards from the objects bottombility, no moon after midnight, only Mars and constantly, and a slight shift of colors towardsJupiter in the sky. green and red on the edges (compare with second
  9. 9. -yeuow - a far-reaching view over the heavily wooded high- V lands to the southand east. Some minutes later - they strolled down the access road, reached the minor road, walked around the double bend ap- proaching the and up to "Wachtstein" again. "We kept that route for the rest of the night and tried to oversee what was goin on up there. And there was something goin on, believeA A me!" At about 2:00 a.m. the object up in the south 3 went into operation. Mr. Pritz watched carefully Phases "Suddenly a red dot, well, detached itself from the bottom of the globe and moved away to the east at breakneck speed--! dont think an air- craft would fly as fast. . (We saw-an Austrian military jet manoevering to the south in full daylight at the time of our investigation,.so Mr. Pritz knew what he was saying.) I kept my eyes glued to it, but suddenly it was. gone - the red light went out. Just a few moments later, the light flashed up again. It had changed to a bright yellow-orange, like the object up in the south, and started to give off the same strange signals. It really puzzled me." The trajectory was interesting - the red dot first did a vertical descent of 4 or 5 degrees, then it raced off towards Ottenschlag horizont- ally, stopped, disappeared, a fuzzy globe reap- peared, the first "signals" and descend- ed until it reached its final hovering point at 4 or 5 degrees elevation in the east. The red dot had no definite shape; it looked like an aircraft running light, but shone steadily in the color of carmine, as our color test revealed later. Pritz and Fichtinger arrived at the prospect point. Two objects were hovering in now: The possible "mother ship" in the south (Pritz wasnt sure whether the dot came out of it or from behind) and the "missile" over the Ottens- chlag region to the east Both objects continued their monotonous "signals," so the friends looked away, turned to the west, and got their next shock. "I would not believe my eyes. No. guess Domed Disc where that huge thing came from!" 4) The access road runs down into the southwest. The first house to the right after passing thesighting), but it was a minor effect and much prospect point is a two-storied country housemore exposed to subjective errors. with two pylons carrying electric cables over the Pritz found no explanation for . what he was rooftop. A dark object was hovering in the di-seeing. It was definitely no conventional air- rection over pylon one. I asked Mr. Pritz tocraft or satellite, and a star with "feelers" sketch it. He did with some hesitation: "Imwould be hard to believe. "We saw lots of shoot- no artist--you see, it was a flattened structureing stars that night (orionids and taurids), but with a, well, it looked like an armoured turretwe could tell the difference.. And; temperatures of a tank, on top, but without a gun-barrel." Hewere low in the openr-we wouldnt stay there just was drawing a classical domed disc. "It was veryfor nothing. "Fichtinger told me hed first seen near and I wasnt drunk, you know, I went to bedit around 11:30 p.m. on Sunday. Hed also shown at 8:00 p.m. But we wouldnt believe our eyesit to neighbors (a couple)." any longer. I asked Karl: What are you seein1? The .two friends decided to continue their and he told me, that and that. I said yes, thatswatch. They went up to "Wachtstein," passed the it, you see what I see. It must be true."Catholic church of.Traunstein and stopped at a Really a spectacular sight for two country guysprospect point on the steep access road leading who have never read a book on the topic, onlyto the center of Traunstein, from where .you have sketchy press reports: The disc with its clearly
  10. 10. outlined upper rounding plus dome was hanging inthe WSW at 17 degrees elevation (+_ 2°), envelopedin a diffuse yellowish light which seemed to comefrom behind. Its bottom line wasnt straight butcurved and rather indistinct as the yellowishlight reached peak brilliance there. The surfacehad a violet-black color and "it surely was solidmaterial, nothing fuzzy like the two others." But that wasnt all: from the dark cupola two"feelers" of curved light went up into the nightsky, got greenish tips, vanished and came out a-gain at a stretch. "It was the moment I thought,thats a guided operation! Theyre emitting thesame light signals and belong together," Pritzsaid. He had no idea how far away the disc was,but it seemed "close at hand." His goniometrictest results gave us a diameter of 35 meters forthe maximum distance, i.e. 2 kilometers. "I wasglad to have waited for such a long time. It wasquite impressive and we didnt pay much attentionto the eastern object anymore." Consequently they failed to see the next ma-noevre there. Turning around after a while, Pritzand Fichtinger spotted three smaller globes near The above photo shows the location of the Oct.the "missile," one to the left and two to the 28-29 sighting at Traunstein. The author hasright,making up a "chain" with regular intervals."And they all gave off the same signals, red dot appeared, descended-and dashed away, nowthe same time." Full operation. Six objects were into the opposite direction, to the south. "Firstin the sky now: the domed disc to the WSW, the .1 thought, look, its flying back to the big one"mother ship" to the SSE, the "missile" to the (the "mother ship"), but it passed under it andeast and three "newcomers" around it. went off into the west at dizzying speed. We lost All were completely noiseless and a remark- sight of it after seconds."able view, "like bright mercury vapor street Five objects -remained and continued theirlamps. You would pass a house or a group of "mission," whatever it was.:. "Gradually, the threetrees and lose sight of it, but find them again smaller objects line started to move,at a glance. Maybe a hoax, but it looked as if very slowly, but you could see it, and southboundthey were all standing at the same altitude, but (along the railroad track?). They went to theonly in the southern hemisphere. We searched the south a little, stopped for a long while, movednorthern sky and found.nothing." again, and so on." I examined his idea afterwards and must say it At 4:30 a.m. on Oct. 29—five hours of obser-wasnt irrational: suppose the disc hovered 2km vation for Fichtinger, four for Pritz--theaway at 500 m altitude (=17 ) and the other ob- friends decided to go home. The three globes hadjects kept the same level, the "missile!1 would be travelled to the southeast and kept their alti-6 km away, right over the railroad track Zwettl- tude and formation at 150 azimuth, in the direc-Martinsberg and near the Ottenschlag crossing, tion over a barn. The "mother ship" and the domedwhereas the "mother-ships distance would be 3km. disc were still motionless. Pritz said good-bye 3:00 a.m. was near. A lonely car came down the to Fichtinger and went to the porch of his house.road, but it did not stop and kept to a certain "I looked up to the sky a last time and. all wasroute, like the two friends. "He was drivin the to be seen very clearly. It was Monday morning,same stretch again and again. We couldnt see a working day, so I entered the house and went tothe reason why." Somewhat later two persons ap- bed again. But I couldnt sleep and when I lookedproached. "We tried to show to them what was out at 6:00 a.m.(about 30 minutes before sunrise)goin on, but they were pretty blue and called us they were gone." From the first moment of Fich-nuts." And the two "nuts" remained the only wit- tinger s watch until 4:30 a.m. the "mother ship"nesses, no matter how they tried to catch others had given off at least 1200 "signals." The domedattention. "We would knock at doors and try to disc emitted 550 and the "missile" 360 (minimum).wake someone up, but nobody cared. Maybe they Things took their usual course: Pritz toldtook us for drunkards or burglars and, well, you his colleagues at the printing-office about thesee, a highland village isnt the safest spot -at hair-rising night and-they phoned the editor of3:00 a.m. Finally we gave it up." "Zwettler Nachrichten" (the local newspaper). The six objects "signalled" on and on. Beam Pritz "was interviewed for "Landesrundschau," aup, a tinge of green, mist, beam off. At about weekly transmission of Oesterreich Regional3:30 a.m. the "missile" moved again. The-"signal" (second program of the Austrian Radio and Televi-stopped, the yellow-orange light went out, the sion Company "ORF"). It was broadcast on Oct. 31, 10
  11. 11. 00 dream in the objects observed by the witnesses, (Photo provided by Ernst Ber^r through .Joe as*well as the flicfrt paths which they took. Brill, International Cooridinatcr. ) 1973, and star reporter Ossy Wanka asked Prof. place at about 4:15 p.m. GET. Meurers, the director of Viennas University Shortly after 6:00 p.m. Johann Pritz was on Observatory,-for a statement. Meanwhile the storyhis way home from a visit at Arbesbach. (15 km NNW had reached KUHIER, a popular Vienna paper, and of Traunstein) driving his Volkswagen along .the they published the negative comment of a second minor road Schoenbach-Traunstein. Between Schoen- astronomer. "Zwettler Nachrichten" contributed bach and Ullrichschlag the road is southbound one of the most stupid articles I ever read and running towards the vast Weinsberger Woods before the discussion cooled off until mid-November. a bend-off to the east. "Suddenly it struck my We had arranged for a field investigation witheyes. Something was hanging low over the treetops Mr. Pritz on Nov. 18, 1973, and drove to Traun- in a southern, direction. I looked at it, an .stein that fine Sunday morning. Snow had fallen oblong, flattened shape standing on end, giving over the Waldviertel Highlands in the meantime off the same peculier light signals. I said No, and it was difficult to keep the car on the icy it cant be true! and looked away." road. At 10 past 10 a.m. we reached the Pritz After his radio interview and press publicity house. We were late and Mr. Pritz was already Johann had been exposed to heavy ridicule in his waiting for us in his green Volkswagen. "Good small community: "They said we had been drunk morning! Its fine youre coming today. Weve or crazy, seein things. Its enough for you to seen it again yesterday evening. I wonder are we see such a thing, your reputation doesnt "courtt. goin crazy or what is it?" he said,a bit shaken.The whole press story was no advantage for me. To our b.iggest surprise we had arrived for a People are highly skeptical and only a few showed "near hot-line investigation." A multiple witnesstheir interest. So I thought it over. Should I sighting had taken place only 15 hours before oursay anything about the new object? Deepen my arrival at Traunsteih. It was a chance we never madness? After , all I stopped near Ullrich- had before. The second incident was .fresh in schlag, left the car and watched it for a while. their memories and we concentrated on the four It was there, over, the woods, and the signals main witnesses (basically our regular investi- were the same. I went on." . gation time was calculated for the first sighting The car reached Traunstein at about 6:15 p.m. alone, not for interviews with 10 persons). and Pritz stopped • at . . his house to get the bi- SECOND SIGHTING noculars. His mother was watching TV and Johann told her to look out. of the living room-window. Weather was fine in the evening of Nov. 17, Ke found his -8x40 field glass and went outdoors 1973. An outlier of the British.high.had reached again, where he met Gerhard and his friend Erich Central Europe in the morning and precipitation Leitgeb. The four watched it for a while. Mrs. ceased in Lower Austria. (The last snowfall at Pritz came to the window, before she returned to Traunsteih had been on Friday.) The.local weather the TV set, and Johann trained. his binoculars on report from Zwettl station runs: "17.11. 19h - no it. He had made up his mind what to do next. "We clouds, wind NW 24 kmh, 1 deg, no precipitation, jumped into the car and drove into the center to maximum daytime temperature 4 deg." Sunset took get some additional witnesses, immediately. I 11
  12. 12. knew nobody would believe our story without a during the whole observation.back-up." Whatever it was, the "Traunstein object number Fifteen minutes later Johann had found six re- seven" carried out one of the most complex, in-spectable persons: Josef Habegger (owner of the teresting and apparently senseless missions Ilocal department store), his wife, a third person ever heard of, and it was a pleasure to investi-from the store1, Karl Fichtinger and Leopold Wag- gate the sighting only hours after its end. Im-ner. Karl Teuschl, the local tobacconist, had agine the inevitable confusion and contradictionspromised to join them after driving his car to in the four person-interview, had the investiga-the garage (which he did). The nine persons took tion taken place weeks later!their stand near telephone pole two on the minor 7:00 p.m. passed by. The crowd stood androad before the double bend. It proved to be a stared in head-shaking silence. "Look, its dis-good observation point: the object was hovering appearing again!" they said to each other, nowsome distance away (no estimation possible) at 5 and then. Johann remembered he had promised the +1 elevation and 200/210 azimuth in the direc- editor of "Zwettler Nachrichten" -to phone him im-tion of a depression in the treeline. Now they mediately, "shbuld the thing come again." "Ihad time to observe the manoevres more precisely. told them, Ill go and ring up the editor, but "Id say it was even more peculiar than any- dont forget to say you have seen it, too! andthing wed seen the first night," Johann said. drove to the nearest telephone in the center."The main body .was oblong and shining in a bright Meanwhile the TV play had finished and Mrs. Pritzyellow-orange color. The light seemed to orig- decided to watch "the program outside." The groupinate at the outer surface. According to our at the other side of the double bend scattered,goniometric test the diameter would have been 32 only Gerhard Pritz and his friend Erich stood andmeters at a distance of 2,5 kilometers. Was it observed the object.the domed disc again, now standing on end? Mrs. "It blinked again red and green, shrinked,Habegger used a field glass, too. But it just until it was small and blood red, the disc put upwasnt necessary—you would see enough with the and "set" very slowly," Gerhard told us. "Yes, itnaked eye, every detail. sunk into the woods at a sloping course," Leitgeb Two "feelers" were clearly visible among some added. Mrs. Pritz saw it, too. "About four min-"minor feelers" (less high and prominent) and in utes later it was gone." The two guys started topermanent operation, as usual. Their height was run into the center, where Johann was still try-enormous, about 80 meters at the supposed dis- ing to ring up the editor, who wasnt at home, intance, high as a church tower, (about 2 40 in fact. "They came and told me, Its gone! had Ithe night sky, i.e. five times the full moon). known it before, Id-never gone away to the tele-A second variation was the permanent shift of phone." The object had disappeared at 7:15 p.m.colors on the left and right side of the main and the two friends now returned home, where theybody, "some kind of color fusion," as Johann put talked with Mrs. Pritz about the observation. Sheit. The light turned "a sparkling red" at the was concerned about it: "It was eerie. Is a newleft, then it vanished and a "yellowish green" war goin to happen?"appeared at the right, vanished and the whole At our arrival, discussions among the Pritzprocess started again. family were still going on. Johann had decided Later, Johann described the third and most not to inform the editor about the new sighting.spectacular variation: "Suddenly :the signals "Its no good for us." And we got a first (andwould stop and the whole body would shrink away. last) impression of "public attitudes" at Traun-It was, well, like letting the air out of a toy stein: our measurements at the access road causedballoon: the light dimmed, turned red more and a jolly good laugh in a nearby house. "Let emmore, as if it would cease glowing, burn out, and "laugh," Johann said, I know, what I have seen."the whole thing nearly shrinked into nothing. But And his brother confessed: "I also made fun ofa few moments before the end it would blow itself it, you see, til yesterday evening "up, rapidly, gradually resume its yellow-orangelight and the feelers would come out again." COMPARATIVE PHENOMENOLOGY Wheras the "signal", i. e. the "feelers,"followed the old pattern of Oct. 28/29 (7-10 The Traunstein "snail feelers" are a rare pat-seconds "projection", green tips, 2-5 seconds tern,. but no novelty, as we were to find out bydarkness etc.), the "shrinking and blowing-up searching our records for similar cases.process" had a different frequency: the "Shrink-ing" took 3-7 seconds ("real time test" done with Remember the excellent Taize report by Mr.Gerhard and Johann) and the "blowing-up" was done Lagarde, GIDR (a translation appeared in Flyingfaster. Both processes, you see, had their fixed Saucer Review (FSR) July-August 1973, p.16): Theduration, but the "fully- blown-up state" between torchlight cone of a witness in the field wastwo "dim-and-brighten processes" had not. "You "deflected" by a strange "hedge" on August 18,would look at it a minute or so, til it shrinked 1972, and beams of light shining down from theaway again, but sometimes it signalled for two main object looked like "pylons," i.e. solid. Mr.minutes or the like," Gerhard remembered. Johann Lagarde also mentioned he had investigated a 1968and his mother nodded consent. No sound was heard case at Vinlliers-en-Morvan, where the beams of 12
  13. 13. UFO documentary slated Astronomy for fall on NBC News By Walt Andrus Notes MUFON Director Many of us were disappointed when the NBC News By Mark Herbstritt "White Paper" on UFO 1 s was cancelled last fall. However, NBC News is very aware of the tremendous JUNE SKY interest in the subject and has now scheduled a Mercury--is at greatest eastern elongation one-hour documentary on UFOs to be viewed this on the 4th, being about 18 degrees above the fall on Saturday evening during "prime time." western horizon at sunset. Craig Leake, an NBC News writer/producer, hasf Venus—is a morning star rising about an been assigned to this ambitious undertaking.i hour and a half before the Sun. On April 20, Craig flew to Quincy from New•.. Mars—is low in the west at sunset and sets York City and spent from 10:00 a.m. to 10:30p.m.f:i within about 2 hours. with MUFON personnel discussing plans and ideas Jupiter--rises about midnight and is near the for producing this film for TV. He had spent meridian at dawn-. the prior day with Dr. J. Allen Hynek in Evari1 Saturn--early in the month it is low in the ston, Illinois. west just after sunset, but later it is too close We have suggested to Craig that the documentary to the Sun for observation, conjunction being on film have as its format the positive scientific the 30th. activities that are taking place at the present time to resolve the UFO phenomenon. This will light had behaved like a solid. include the work of Dr. Hynek and the Center for In FSR Case Histories, August, 1973, I came a- UFO Studies in Northfield, Illinois, MUFON, APRO, cross the new SOBEPS investigation report (p.2) and NICAP as the major UFO organizations in the on spectacular Belgian sightings of July 4, 1972, U.S.A., some solid UFO cases filmed at the scene, among them a report from Ellezelles: farmers ob- and other MUFON functions, starting with the UFO served "beams of light, having the shape of arcs Symposium at Akron, Ohio, the UFO course being in a circle." taught by Professor E. J. Planz at the University Striking similarities are to be found in Rev- of Alabama, and the MUFON Picnic at Carlyle Lake. erend Gruttwells excellent report on the 1958/59 We look forward to working with Craig and the New Guinea Wave (FSR Special. Issue No. 4). On NBC film crew when they -come to Akron and Quincy June 27, 1959, a bright object was seen from to film some of the MUFON sequences. As more de- Baniara, with three shafts of green light emanat- tails develop, we will keep SKYLOOK .readers in- ing from the base. They were blotted out at reg- formed on the film progress, including the "show ular intervals. According to the witness, Patrol date and time." Officer Smith, "they did not exactly flash on and off but seemed to lengthen and shorten in a most peculiar, way, as if they were objects being pro- Special symposium meeting truded and withdrawn. They did not appear to be solid legs but only rays of light." An early scheduled Ted Bloecher and Dave Webb would MUFON members on humanoids case of the "solid light" and "snail feeler" like to solicit the participation of SKYLOOK phenomenon in the same night as the spectacular readers in the collection and analysis of humanT second Boianai sighting! On August 3,4 and 8, oid reports (when these beings are clearly as- 1959, Mr. Smith saw his "snail" again, with the sociated with UFOs they are called occupants.) same "feelers", near Mapouna, Wakwapu and Bini- If there is enough interest, a Working Group may guni: "These (the shafts of light) seemed to re- be established. Ted has probably the .worlds cede into the object (they did not simply go out) most complete collection of humanoid reports; and then reappeared later." Dave is working on a report analyzing the Fall, Strangely enough, on August 8, 1959, at Bini- 1973, wave of humanoid reports in the U.S. guni, a second fluctuation was observed: "During Both members plan to attend the June .22 the time the light was stationary, it was not Symposium in Akron, Ohio, and would like to meet static. It appeared to expand and contract... with those interested in this aspect of the UFO When large the light appeared brighter, and when phenomenon. They plan to hold an informal dis- small dimmer. The same shafts of green light ex- cussion session during the noon to 1:30 p.m. tended from the base of the object. It is pos- lunch break on Saturday, the 22nd. The location sible that the object was approaching and reced- will be announced at the meeting. ing in line with the observer, but I saw no lat- Webb is MUFON State Director for Massachusetts, eral movement whatever." and Bloecher is State-Section . Director for New --Copyright, "Ernest Berger" York City and Long Island. 13
  14. 14. UFOs Behind the Iron Curtain By Joe BrillA UFO LANDING IN ROMANIA? /.A ODAIA The following information concerning this . .case was provided by .Professor Calin Turcuof Valenii de Munte, Romania and Mikai Mateivia articles they have authored on this in-cident in various Romanian publications. Between the hours of midnight and 01:00 hrs.of the night of September 27th-28th, 1972, an un-identified flying object was sighted• near thecity of Posesti in the Prahova district of Ro-mania. The lone witness to this appearance was a nightwatchman of the C.A.P. Company, of Posesti. Hisname is Vasile Carabus and at the time of thesighting he was located on the slope of TabacioiHill, which is directly south of the village ofValea Plopului. His location that night was oneand a half miles southeast of the purposed land-ing site. What Mr. Carabus observed was as follows: "Isaw a bright object in the sky, like a very TREEbright star with a tail. This object had a di-ameter slightly larger than Venus and a burning passed since the initial " sighting and discoverytail of about two meters when it moved. I first of the site to when a serious investigation wasnoticed it in the northeast sky and after being started. . .stationary for a short while it began to descend What was found at this site was as follows:slowly at a forty-five degree angle until it dis- The corn stalks were crushed to the ground andappeared from my sight at a place called La torn to pieces, They ,were thrown radially aroundOdaia. During the entire time I watched this giving the impression that whatever crushed thething I heard no sound at all, nor were the ani- stalks was probably rotating at a high speedmals in the area disturbed; either in landing or taking off or both. "I didnt pay much attention to this event.-and There were three trapezoid -shaped depressionsI didnt mention to anyone what I had seen. It found. Each was 1.5 meters in length and eachwas not until three days later ;that I heard the was exactly 120 degrees from the others.. It wasnews about the markings and the blown ground that estimated that the weight of the object which waswas found at La Odaia. That is what made me de- supported on those three traces found was atcide to tell what I had seen as there might have least, several.tons, but it was impossible to de-been some connection involved." termine if this ground impact was the result of The first to discover the strange markings only the weight of, the object itself, or becauseand disturbed ground, were the people of Valea of the impact made in the landing or take off.Plopului. The area is cultivated with corn and There is no trace of any burnt or scorched areassome apple trees. Professor Turcu and two local at the site. .farmers Aurel Dumitru and Vasile Nicolae examined Even though the ground at the site is quitethe site. Also Professor Elena Nedeiea and her inclined, the area which is bordered by the de-students found this site .while on an agricultural pressions ,was torn . and settled to make a hori-practice, and they were puzzled by what they zontal platform between two power lines of highfound. voltage. -These high voltage lines are located After the site had been visited and trampled each at 135 meters from the site. One is direc-on by several hundred people, the .autumn rains tly to the north while the other is directly tocame and it was not until November 28th of that the south. Both lines run east and west..same year that a serious .investigation was be- . The site is 200 meters north of a country roadgun. The first photographs of the markings were that connects Posesti with Starchiojd.taken on December 1st of that year. If the depressions are connected with imaginary It is a real tragedy that two full months had 120 degree arcs the result is a circle with a di- 14
  15. 15. Outstanding speakers announced for Carlyle Skywatch, picnic A group of outstanding speakers and activity leaders will be on hand for the Sixth Annual UFO Skywatch and Picnic July 20 and 21 at the Boulder Access to Carlyle Lake, Carlyle, 111. The Skywatch will kick off the weekend, start- ing at dusk on Saturday. Dr. Willard P. Armstrong will direct the observations, and he will appre- ciate having volunteers assist with their energy and equipment (short-wave, walkie-talkies, etc.) in setting up communication posts around the lake. Those interested in helping should contact him at 6908 Kingsbury, St. Louis. John Preisack, assistant director of the McDonnell Planetarium in St. Louis, will assist with astronomical ques- tions and give a talk. Weather permitting, sky- viewing will continue through the night for those interested in participating. Above is a copy of a photo of one of the threetrapezoid^shaped depressions found at the site. The all-day picnic will get underway promptlyEach is 1.5 neters (4% feet) in length, and each at 10 a.m., with the morning to be spent in soci-was exactly 120 degrees From the others. The alizing. Those wishing to eat with the groupdepression in the ground indicates a weicfrt (or should bring a contribution to the potluck din-impact) of several tons. ner. Speakers for the picnic scheduled thus far in-ameter of 4.5 meters. In the very center of this clude Lucius Parish, who writes for Skylook,circle is a hole which is carrot shaped. It has Saga, Fate, and other publications; Clarence 0.a diameter of 14 centimeters across the surface Dargie, retired Air Force master sergeant and UFOopening and extends down 2 meters to a point. lecturer; and Walt Andrus, MUFON director. Could this center hole have been made by. sometype of grounding or soil sample analyzation de- The - Boulder Access is located northeast ofvice? Carlyle, 111., on the Boulder-Ferrin Road. Arrows The radius from the edge of the center hole to will mark the way from the Boulder-Ferrin Roadthe trapezoid depressions all measure equally. sign on Highway 50 (approximately 8 miles east ofEach measures exactly 2.20 meters as shown on the Carlyle). A map of the area may be obtained bysketch. sending a stamped, self-addressed envelope to The site is situated in an area which is bord- Rosetta Holmes, 1690 Hill Drive, Carlyle, 111.ered by -three apple trees. Two are 5 meters and is 7 meters distance from the center hole. Inthe information I have secured on this case there . The Boulder Access area is known for its rec-is no mention of any damage or deterioration to reational facilities, including camping, swimmingany of the three trees on the perimeter of the boating, hiking, and skiing. Mrs. Holmes notessite. that there is "a beautiful wooded area" surround- Lastly is the fact that there was. a light radi- ing the Shelter House.ation at this site. The radioactivity detected Mrs. Holmes stresses that "everyone" is in-was gamma rays. The reading was 8 milliroentgen vited. "You do not have to be a member of anyper hour. This is a light radioactivity, but the UFO group to attend," she says. Last year morequestion remains, why is there any in such a re- than 200 persons participated in the weekendmote location as this is. Gamma rays are known be very penetrable and for this reason the An Afgan made by Mrs. Holmes will be raffledpropulsion systems we employ in space launches do off at the picnic in order to raise funds for anot give off any such radiation. PA system for the picnic and other UFO uses. A What was at this site did.and it registered on portable radio has also been donated by Frankthe geiger-counter used there. Brown for the drawing. Tickets for the drawing Did an extra-terrestrial spacecraft land at La are $1.00 each by mail from Dot Christian, 758Odaia? I cannot say for sure, but one thing is Lemay Ferry Road, Lemay, Mo., 63125. Checks forpositive*, the evidence was there that compares to the $1.00 donation should be made out to UFOother such findings from around the globe.Another Study Group. Tickets will also be available atpiece for the puzzle which is slowly beginning to the June Symposium in Akron and at . the picnic.give us a glimpse of the entire picture. You do not have to be present to win. 15
  16. 16. 5 In Others Words By Lucius Parish A considerable amount of UFO . material has titled INTERCEPT—BUT DONT SHOOT) and John G.recently seen print in various issues of NATIONAL Fullers THE INTERRUPTED JOURNEY.ENQUIRER. The May 5 issue told of sightings overNew Brunswick, Canada. Reports of Minnesotasightings were given in the May 19 issue, along William R. Corliss has recently begun a projectwith seeress Jeane Dixons views on UFOs. Her which will be of great value to both UFO and,..For-present statements represent quite an "about- tean researchers. Mr. Corliss proposes-to publishface," considering that she has previously said a series of sourcebooks on unusual natural phe.-UFOs were secret experimental devices of Earthly nomena, ancient man and other themes of .a similarorigin. Now she says they are from a "hidden nature. His first two volumes, STRANGE PHENOMENAplanet" ini our solar system, crewed by women. and STRANGE ARTIFACTS, are now available. Addi-One wonders if this "new revelation" might have tional volumes are in preparation. STRANGE PHE-,anything to do with Mrs. Dixons supposedly NOMINA. probably contains more material which/forthcoming book on UFOs? The ENQUIRER issue of would appeal to the Ufologist, as itincludes re-May 26 featured the Florida "mystery sphere" ports .of nocturnal lights, meteor-like phenomena,,which has been receiving so much publicity of ball" lightning, light wheels in the sea, etc., a-late. long with many other types of unexplained events. NATIONAL TATTLER for April 28 spotlights the STRANGE ARTIFACTS will be of interest to thoseresearch of North Carolina investigator, George persons interested in the "ancient astronauts"Fawcett. This issue contains some interesting theme, as it contains material on ancient con-reports and photos collected by Fawcett. structions, legends § myths, "erratics" and other A new column by Hayden Hewes, "Out of This such topics. Most of the data are taken fromWorld," is now featured in each issue of MODERN scientific journals dating back into the 1800sPEOPLE. The first few installments have included (or earlier, in some cases), although some moreprofiles of James McCampbell (author of UFOLOGY) recent accounts are also included. Mr. Corlissand George Fawcett. , has acted as a compiler and has added his com- The May/June issue of BEYOND REALITY contains ments where appropriate. Many of the sources areUFO material by George Earley, Arthur Shuttlewood the same as those used by Charles Fort, althoughand Hayden Hewes. The Earley article on lasers these are the complete accounts, rather than justand UFOs is perhaps the most interesting of the short excerpts. The two books are availableforthree. ," $6.95 each from Mr. Corliss at Box 107, Glen Arm, An article by Dr. Andrija Puharich (Uri Gel- MD 21057. They are highly recommended.lers biographer) in the May/June issue of PSY- I suppose the phrase, "interpretation of evi-CHIC outlines the various types of extrater- dence," would best sum up James M. McCampbellsrestrial beings who are supposedly communicating book, UFOLOGY. Mr. McCampbell has surveyed UFOwith Geller and Puharich. literature and analyzed UFO characteristics in Stuart Nixon, formerly with NICAP, contributes an attempt to "come to grips with the physicalan article on UFO sightings by astronauts in the nature of the UFO phenomenon," as Dr. J. AllenJune issue of FATE. This is both incomplete and Hynek puts it. Both Dr. Hynek and Dr. Jacquessomewhat misleading, so it is not the best sum- Vallee have praised the book. The evidence ismary of such reports which has seen print. broken down into such categories as electrical An excellent article on. military encounters interference, physiological effects, flight andwith UFOs is found in the June issue of SAGA. The propulsion, pilots and passengers, activities onauthors are Stanton T. Friedman and B. Ann Slate, Earth, etc. McCampbell feels there is no need toalways a winning combination. John Keels regular reach into the esoteric realms of hypotheticalcolumn is also in this issue. "parallel universes" to explain UFO activities. Tommy .Roy Blann has an article on recent Texas To his credit, he proposes re-examination of old-UFO reports in the Summer issue of PROBE THE UN- er, more controversial aspects of Ufology, suchKNOWN. . . . . as the contactee cases. This has been long need- The July issue of .PSYCHIC DIMENSIONS contains ed and it is good to see an author of McCamp-an interview with Erich von Daniken, but.little bell s stature who is aware of this need. . Hisnew information is included. proposals for future UFO research are also of TRUE magazine is now offering $5,000 for proof considerable interest. UFOLOGY is certainly oneof burnings, blindings or other injuries caused of the better books to be published in recentby UFOs. years. "It may be obtained for .$3.95 in paper- Recent paperback reprints of older UFO books back ($10.00 in hardcover) from: Jaymac Co.,12include Renato Vescos INTERCEPT--UFO (originally Bryce Court, Belmont, CA 94002. 16
  17. 17. Around the Network Director- John F. Schuessler of the UFO Study A course entitled "UFOs: A Scientific Ap-Group of Greater St. Louis announced at the proach" was taught May 13 through May 31 at theApril 21 meeting that he will be forced to resign University of Alabama by Professor E. J. Planz,as president of the St. Louis group, as he is be- associate professor of metallurgical engineeringing transferred to the Johnson Space Center near and MUFON State Director for Alabama. The courseHouston, Texas, by his employer.McDonnell Douglas included such topics as history of ufology, clas-Astronautics Co. In Houston, Mr. Schuessler will sic UFO sightings, organizations and publicationsbe working with the astronauts in the crew sys- in ufology, collaborators and non-collaboratorstems division of the space shuttle program. in ufology, and the scientific approach. The Vice President Bill Christian noted that since presentations included use of slides, • photos,the St. Louis group was formed and since Mr. tapes, and films. Dr. J. Allen Hyneks book, "TheSchuessler has been the main sparkplug behind it, UFO Experience, A Scientific Enquiry," was usedthe UFO has been made a respectable subject for as the basic text. MUFON symposium proceedingspublic discussion. and other materials were also used-in the course. In other action at the meeting, several recent Speakers scheduled for the course included Dr.UFO reports from the St. Louis area were discus- Hynek; Professor George Toffel, Department ofsed. Two members of the group, Miss Marlies Dom- Chemistry, University of Alabama, anti-gravity;broska and Mr. Thomas Mulligan, observed two red Dr. Horace Washburn, professor emeritus of thelights on the evening of March 24 for about five Department of Finance, University of Alabama,minutes from different locations in Lemay. These sociological and psychological effects; Sheriffremain unexplained. Fred Diamond of Pascagoula, Miss., the Pascagoula Three teenage girls reported seeing two cyl- case; Edward Brown, news bureau, University ofinder-type objects flying parallel in a clear Alabama, the Condon Report; and Dr. Robert White-blue sky at 2:45 p.m. April 9 over a residential hurst, Department of Physics, University of Ala-area southwest of St. Louis. This sighting also bama, object size measurements in space. Alsoremains unexplained. scheduled was a trip to the Meyer Planetarium at Several calls were received which were traced Birmingham-Southern College to familiarize stud-to sightings of an advertising airplane, which, ents with celestrial bodies that could be mis-when viewed from a distance, presented a classic taken for UFOs. Professor Plantz :acknowledges"flying saucer" image, having a configuration of Dr. Arlen R. Zander of East Texas State Univer-an illuminated disc (viewed edge on) with either sity, Dr. Thornton Page, NASA, Johnson Spacea red or green light at each end. Center, and Dr. Robert F. Greegan of the State Chief Investigator Leo F. Wicklinski discussed University of New York at Albany for their as-his investigation of a reported sighting by three sistance in putting the course" together.adults in Illinois near St. .Louis which involved *******a bright light, "a tingling sensation" on thepart of onewitness, and a description of the ob- The "International Symposium" on UFOs heldject which included seven "windows" in the dome May 9 at McDonnell Planetarium in St. Louis drewsection of the object. an audience of about 400, according to Dave. In, other action, the formation of a new sub- Schroth, and about 50 latecomers had to be turn-committee was announced by the Rev. John Schro- ed away. John Schuessler and Guillermo Aldunati,eder. This subcommittee will concentrate on re- from Argentina, were the featured speakers.ports of psychic and paranormal phenomena associ- Aldunati was featured on two TV interviews.ated with UFO experiences. It will be headed byBoard member Cliff Palmberg. Portholes, spinning object reported The new address of the .UFO Study Group ofGreater St. Louis is P.O. Box 6631, St. Louis, SCRANTON, PA., TRIBUNE, FEB. 25, 1974--A UFO63125. with flashing red . lights and what may have been ******* portholes was spotted over East Mountain by sixCLIPPINGS WANTED city policemen shortly before dawn Feb. 24. The Skylook appreciates receiving clippings from object was first sighted at 5:50 a.m., appearingour readers, and would like to encourage other as a very bright stationary object in the skyreaders who spot UFO articles or related mater- with red lights on the side similar to aircraftial to send it to us. Original clippings are identification or "running" lights. Patrolmanpreferred. After using such originals we send Donald Decker said he saw the object move north-them to the UFO Newsclipping Service, an ex- ward, then stop. Patrolmen Eugene Walsh andcellent service with which we are happy to ex- Anthony Pica viewed the object through binocularschange information. If originals are not avail- and reported it was spinning and appeared to haveable, Xerox copies are appreciated. We attempt portholes. Patrolman Thomas McGinnis said theto give credit to those sending clippings when object became difficult to see as the sky grewthe clippings are used in Skylook. brighter and created a light background. 17
  18. 18. Southeast Missouris Dr. Harley Rutledge To resume on-site summer research This summer, Dr. .Harley D. Rutledge, head of of the Greater St. Louis UFO Study Group:the Physics Department at Southeast MissouriState University, will resume full-time investi- On anomalous lights in southeastern Missouri:gation in the area of Piedmont, Mo., in an effortto explain, the many sightings of mysterious RUTLEDGE: "....I have discounted most explan-lights in that section of southeast Missouri.Dr. ations (for such phenomena).whether scientific orRutledge, who has studied the sightings since otherwise, because of the plethora of differentFebruary of 1973, could not have been character- sightings--the different types of things that weized as "pro-UFO" before beginning his investi- have seen. You just arent going to come up withtaion, which was partially financed by the St. a simple explanation."Louis Globe-Democrat. After studying the lights,however, Dr. Rutledge seems to believe there is KMOX: "....So youre not prepared to say whatsomething there that cannot,as yet, be explained. they are; youre just saying that theres some-Nevertheless-, he is still understandably reluc- thing down there."tant to publicly draw conclusions as to what the lights may be. RUTLEDGE: "I say that there is something A team of scientists and advanced science there, we have evidence for it, its mysterious,students, led by Dr. Rutledge, documented more and we are measuring its physical properties.than 100 sightings during a three-month period of Thats as far as I can go..observations last summer. In reporting this ac-tivity, Dr. Rutledge concluded the following: "....Strictly speaking, we are putting scien- --The objects are able to maneuver at speeds tific equipment in the field. There is somethingestimated at thousands of miles an hour. there to measure, we can prove it, and we dont --They are able to make right-angle turns at want to go too much further than that....speeds that would crush conventional aircraft. --The objects are of .a variety of shapes, "....In several instances, Ive seen what Iranging from cylindrical to bell and bullet thought were stars in the sky, and it turned outforms. that they were not stars. They were at rest/ In --The lights can blink.on or off at will. The some cases, they moved; in some cases, theycolor of the lights varies from red, blue and switched off "amber to bright white. In some cases the lightsproduce the effect of popping strobe lights of On size and sound:great intensity. --At times the objects appear to have intel- RUTLEDGE: "....We have made a size determin- ligent control and seem to • follow prearranged ation in a case or two. One of the objects thatflight paths. we have categorized is a double-light: you have a --The objects seem to be propelled by a power fore light and an aft light, and some kind of anot yet harnessed by man, possibly ion or mag- fuselage connecting them. We can see this atnetic energy. • night. You can see this all the way across the Rutledge says that at least $5,000 is needed sky. There are no other lights to it, but we dofor a continuation of the investigation this sum- believe theres a fuselage connecting, and wemer, and he has appealed to interested groups and have made a measurement of this--of course, an indirect measurement--of about 13 feet...."individuals to make tax exempt contributions toProject Identification, Business Office, South- KMOX: " Any sounds?"east Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau,Mo. 63701. He notes that he has contributed more RUTLEDGE: "I have had, I would guess, over athan $500 of his own money to the project thus hundred sightings on the 99 nights that Ive beenfar. out, and Ive never heard any sound, to date." His plans for this summer include the use ofmore sophisticated equipment for tracking thelights, as well as a thorough search of the ter- _ KMOX: "You personally have made about a hun-rain where some observers have reportedly seen dred sightings?"objects land and depart. He says he would liketo eventually set up a statewide system of train- RUTLEDGE: "Yes."ed observers to report the movements of the ob-jects. KMOX" "Are UFOs a natural existence or source Following are excerpts from an interview with in the universe, or are they of a supernaturalDr. Rutledge by KMOX radio, St. Louis, Mo., on nature that we are able, now and then, to visual-March 26, 1974, as compiled by David A. Schroth ize?" 18