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Mufon ufo journal 1974 5. may - skylook

  1. 1. "We tell it as it is" Number 78 SKYLOOK The UFO Monthly May, 1974 OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF MUTUAL UFO NETWORK, INC. This photo, allegedly taken near Conejo, Cali- Sky look by MUFON photo analyst Adrian Vance. Seefornia, in 1973, is evaluated in this issue of pages 6 and ?.
  2. 2. In This Issue UFO exchange program?Around the Network 4 The desirability of a world-wide network of UFOSymposium program schedule 5 researchers has been emphasized many times. TheCone jo photo 6 most important reason for such a network, of1951 sighting revealed 8 course, is the need to exchange information re-West Coast report 9 garding sightings and research. And while .com-In Others Words 10 paratively few persons interested in UFOs haveEzekiel, engineering, and theology 11 the opportunity of visiting their counterpartsPennsylvania sightings 12 overseas, the possibility of personal contactsMysterious metal ball 13 in foreign countries should not be overlooked.UFOs Behind the Iron Curtain 14 One such visit was arranged for Dr. J. AllenOklahoma sighting of wildy-lighted UFO 15 Hynek by Harold H. Fulton, MUFON director forPhysicist Edward Condon dies 16 New Zealand, in September of 1973. FultonBrothers report chase by flying lights 19 checked with the four New Zealand UFO groups forUFO over Turin, Italy 20 their reactions, then set about working out a travel schedule. The anticipated one-week visit turned out to be only half that, since Dr. HynekSKYLOOK has been designated the official publication of the also wanted to stop in New Guinea, AmericanMutual UFO Network; however, membership in MUFON is not Samoa, and Australia. Even so, plans were maderequired to subscribe to Skylook, and membership in MUFONdoes not automatically include a subscription to Skylook. Mem- to provide the type of fact-finding tour of Newbership in MUFON, which is $2.00 per year and by invitation, is Zealand which Dr. Hynek originally had in mind.handled through the MUFON office, 40 Christopher Court, Led by MUFON Field Investigator Bruce Harding,Quincy, III. 62301. a six-man team set up a three-hour stopover for Advertising is available in Skylook at 10$ per word, $1.25 per Dr. Hynek in Christchurch, which was covered ex- display line, or $5 per display inch (lx3/ 2 ). Minimum charge $5. tensively by the media. With four others, Fulton Advertisements subject to approval of editor. met Dr. Hynek at Wellington Airport, where again Skylook, the UFO Monthly, is published monthly by Dwight there was coverage by the media. From there Dr.Connelly, 26 Edgewood Drive, Quincy, Illinois 62301. Subscription rates: United Hynek was taken to the home of MUFON Field In-States and Canada, $5.00 per year; foreign, $6.00 per year; 50 cents per copy. vestigator Drew Kefelas, which became the centerSecond class postage paid at Quincy, IL. 62301 for the visitors 25-hour stay in Wellington. Witnesses to UFO sightings were brought to the Kefelas home by Kefelas and MUFON Field Investi- Skylook gator Kevin Drake. Paul Norman, public relations The UFO Monthly officer of the Victorian UFO Research Group, hap- 26 Edgewood Drive pened to be in Wellington, so he was invited to Quincy, IL. 62301 meet with Dr. Hynek, and Fulton expresses hope that the visit renewed liaison with Victoria. Dwight Connelly From Wellington, Dr. Hynek went to Aukland, where Henk J. Hinfelaar acted as his host. Again, Editor-Publisher Dr. Hynek was afforded the opportunity of talking with witnesses to UFO sightings. Also on hand was Mrs. Carolyn Connelly Tony Brunt, who had founded the Aukland Univer- Business Manager sity UFO Research Group. Staff: Fulton reports that Dr. Hynek had the oppor- tunity of talking with witnesses to some first Public Relations: class sightings during his visit, including a Mrs. Rosetta Holmes daylight sighting by six adult witnesses exterd- 1690 Hill Drive West Coast Coordinator ing over an hour. The extensive press coverage Carlyle, 111. 62231 Bob Kirkpotrick of Dr. Hynek tended to bring out additional re- ports, according to Fulton. Walter H Andrus Mark Herbstritt This visit by Dr. Hynek illustrates the poten- 40 Christopher Court 927 Theresia St. Quincy, I I I 62301 St. Marys, Pa. 15857 tial for combining travel with UFO research. While most of us do not carry the credentials or Norma E. Short Ted Phillips Box 129 P.O. Box 615 fame of a -:Dr. Hynek, many Skylook readers do Stover, Mo. 65078 Sedalia, Mo b5301 fit into the category of serious UFO researchers, Joseph M. Brill David A. Schroth and thus would be welcomed by their counterparts 228 N. 12th St. 4517 A Pennsylvania overseas. Likewise, most of us would be more Quincy, 111. 62301 St. Louis, Mo. 63111 than willing to host our friends from other Lucius Parish John F. Schuessler countries. Such visits could add a great deal of Route 1 P.O. Box 9 Plumerville, Ark. 72127 OFallon, Mo. 63366 knowledge and enjoyment to our somewhat unique avocation.
  3. 3. Directors Message By Walt Andrus Professor E. J. Planz, State Director for.Ala- at the Howley Welfare Building.- Forrest.has donebama, has appointed two college instructors .from a fine public relations job in a . very conserva-Alexander City State Junior College as State- tive UFO community. Space in! SKYLOOK is .at aSection Directors. William B. Carr, P.O. -Box premium; however, I would like to digress from699, Alexander City, Alabama 35010, telephone policy and publish the names of a few of our newAC 205 283-2542, a biologist by profession, is members from Des Moines, due to their exceptionalresponsible for the counties of Tallapoosa, Cham- caliber—Desmond H. Bragg, Ph.D. (Drake Univer-bers, Clay, and Randolph. John A. Cookorinis. sity), John H. Lethcoe, Jr. (East H. S. teacher1425 Flint Street, Montgomery, Alabama 36107, and amateur radio K0DLP), Julia Hockett (MENSA),telephone AC 205 263-2839, has been assigned Heloise M. Allen (MENSA), Richard C. Edwards, andMontgomery, Lowndes, Autauga, and Elmore count- Mrs.. Idela Patterson.. Keep up the fine work,ies. John not only has a Masters Degree in Forrest"and Harold.Physics, but he is an amateur astronomer, having Ralph and Judy Blums new book, "Beyond Earth:an eight-inch Reflecting Dyna-Scope by Criterion Mans Contact with UFOs,"(Bantam Book T8374) hasTelescope. resulted in a-deluge of mail seeking additional Ted Bloecher,. author of the book, "Report on information about MUFON from readers. Numerousthe UFO Wave of 1947," has recently agreed to MUFON Staff, Directors, and Consultants are ac-accept greater responsibilities in MUFON as knowledged by Ralph for their contributions andState-Section Director for metropolitan New York cooperation in helping to, make his book an im-City, Nassau, and Suffolk counties. Ted resides mediate success. Ralph has shared with theat 317 East 83rd Street, New York, New York readers of his book the vast accumulation of UFO10028, and may be contacted by telephone at AC information .that he assimilated in preparation212 TR9-3099. Ted has expanded, his. specialization for the now defunct "NBC White Paper on UFOs,"from early "modern" UFO reports (1947-1951) to. We are all looking forward to hearing:Ralph speakthe collection and organization of occupant ref- at our Eifth Annual UFO Symposium, when hewillerences which now number 1000 cases. He will ap- concentrate upon the 1973 mid-October UFO -sight-preciate receiving details on occupant cases from ings.MUFON members. Through the outstanding work of James E. Kloep-pel, State Director of .Astronomy for Iowa, Law-rence A. Lacey, D.V.M., 9 West 40th, Sioux City, Radio hams invitedIowa 51104, telephone AC 712.258-1568, has beenappointed State Section Director for Woodbury,Sioux, Plymouth, Ida, Monona, and Cherokee coun- to Symposium luncheonties, Dr. Lacey, also an amateur astronomer, has This is a call to all amateur radio operatorsa Criterion 6Tinch Dyna-Scope. (often called "hams" for short) to come to the Joe Brill, International Coordinator, is ex- special luncheon meeting of the MUFON Radio Nettremely proud to make the following appointments: at the June 22 MUFON Symposium in Akron. PurposeErnst.Berger, a very active UFO researcher in of the meeting Is to get better acquainted, sinceVienna, has volunteered to serve as a Field In- many of those who check into the net regularlyvestigator and Correspondent for Austria. Jose have never seen each other, and also to discussVictor Scares, Caixa Postal 72, Gravatay, R.G.S. net operation and possible added net schedules at94000, Brazil, is our new Foreign Representative other times and frequencies. Bill Armstrong,to Brazil. Jose is a member of other UFO organ- W0NC,.. will preside at the luncheon and the dis-izations, such as SBEDV in Brazil, SOBEPS in cussion will be handled by Ron Anderson, WA9PAM,Belgium, and ADIASA in Spain. Director of the MUFON Amateur Radio Communication Harold E. Cowdin, State Director for Iowa, has At present the MUFON Radio Net meets every Satur-appointed. Forrest. R. .Lundberg, 208 W. llth St., day morning at 8 a.m. Central Time on 3975 Kilo-Apt. 44, Des Moines, Iowa 50309, telephone AC 515 Hertz. See March 1974 SKYLOOK, page 14, for more282-7139, as State-Section Director for Polk and details.Warren counties. Forrest is to be highly com-" Wives, families, girl friends will wel-mended forhis enthusiasm and leadership in or- come at the luncheon. If you plan to attend, beganizing a new UFO Study .Group .in Des Moines di- sure to so indicate by checking the box for MUFONrectly affiliated with MUFON., Their first meet- Radio Net Luncheon on the advance registrationing at the Y.W.C.A. on March 21 has been success- form. Payment for the luncheon will be arrangedfully followed with a second on April 19, 1974, on June 22.
  4. 4. 1974 SymposiumJune 22 in Akron Plans are firmlng-up for the Fifth Annual UFOSymposium sponsored by the Mutual UFO Network inAkron, Ohio, on June 22, 1974. Hosting this sym-posium will be the Flying Saucer InvestigatingCommittee (FSIC) in Akron, and the ClevelandUFOlogy Project (CUP) at the Akron-Cascade PlazaHoliday Inn, 5 Cascade Plaza, Akron, Ohio 44308. Speakers for the Symposium and their subjectsare: Ralph Blum, "From Scoffer, to Skeptic, toBeliever ,in Twelve Hectic Months"; Walter H.Andrus, "The Mutual UFO Network and Its Inter-face with the Center for UFO Studies"; Ted Phil-lips, "UFO Landing Case Traces"; Rev. Barry H.Downing, Ph. D., "Religion and UFOs: The Ex-trasensory Problem"; Marjorie E. Fish, "JourneyInto the Hill Star Map"; Berthold E. Schwarz,M.D., "PSI, Saucers, and Psychiatry"; and StantonT. Friedman, "Flying Saucers and Physics." Larry Moyers, MUFON State Director for Ohio,will introduce the speakers and the Mayor of Akron will deliver a short welcoming statement. Two additional papers will be published in the 1974 MUFON Symposium Proceedings along with the above listed prepared speeches. Stan Gordon,MUFON State Director for Pennsylvania, will share Berthold Eric Schwarz, M.D. his study of "The Possible Relationship of Crea- ture and UFO Sightings," and Eugene Burt, author and $4 per night for each additional person oc- of the book "UFOa and Diomgnetlsm" and a science cupying the room. teacher In Memphis, Tenn., will explore his The Akron Convention Committee has volunteered theory for the power source of UFOa. their complete support to the MUFON Symposium The Annual Corporate Meeting of the Mutual UFO which promises that the arrangements and servicesNetwork is scheduled for Sunday, June 23, 1974, will be outstanding. Detailed ticket prices for from 9 a. m. to 12 noon at the Holiday Inn in the Symposium sessions and dinners were not conjunction with the Symposium. Amateur Radio available to meet the publishing deadline of thisOperators are invited to make advanced reserva- issue of SKTLOOK, but will appear in the May tions to attend the special luncheon Saturday issue. There will again be a special "package noon for the MUFON NET with Dr. Willard P. Arm- price", for the entire Symposium. The easing of strong, W0NC, presiding. Tentative plans are be- the gas shortage is very encouraging, so make ing made for a workshop session Sunday afternoon plans now to attend the 1974 MUFON UFO Symposium. dealing with the techniques of UFO field Inves- tigations, moderated by Ron Westrum Ph. D., MUFON Consultant In Sociology. Ideas generated during Fortean meeting set The second annual convention of the Interna- this round-table discussion will be utilized in tional Fortean Organization (INFO)—and the cen- the preparation of the second.edition to MUFONs tenary celebration of Charles Forts birth—will "Field Investigators Manual." be held August 9-11, 1974, at the Shoreham Ameri- Hotel and motel accommodations in Akron will cana Hotel in Washington, D.C. be arranged by the individual participants ( xe- Called "Fortfeet 4 " the meeting will Include 7, cept speakers) directly with the motel reserva- information and speakers on UFOs and typical For- tions department. For the convenience of those tean phenomena which may or may not be related to attending, 180 rooms have already been "blocked- UFOs. Richard Hall, State Director of MUFON for off" at the Akron-Cascade Holiday Inn for our Maryland and D.C., and a UFO consultant for INFO, Symposium attendees. Tour local Holiday Inn would reports that he attended last years convention be happy to make your reservations through their and that INFO does high quality work and is fact- HOLIDEX Computer System and confirm in writing. ually oriented. The Holiday Inn Directory states that the regular Registration is $10 for INFO members and $16 room price at the Akron-Cascade Plaza is $18 per for non-members. Write: INFO, P.O. Box 367, Ar- night with either one or two beds for one person; lington, Virginia 22210, Telephone: ( 0 ) 528- 73 $23 for two people for the same accommodations; 1263 or ( 0 ) 979-5179. 73
  5. 5. Hynek views UFO scene Dr. J. Allen Hynek of Northwestern University cannot explain many of the things they describe.told an audience of about 150 on March 3 at Mc- We must, however, remember that the "U" in UFOKendree College, Lebanon, 111., that interest In simply means "unidentified"—not necessarily vis-UFOa ia at an all-tine high. itors from outer space." Disclaiming any political allusions or in- Following his talk at McKendree College, he andsinuations, he observed that when one compares MUFON secretary Ted Phillips answered questionsseveral recent Gallup polls, one sees that more from the audience. Concerning speculation regard-people today believe in UFOs than believe In Ing UFOs and the ETI (extraterrestrial Intelli-President Nixon. gence) hypothesis, Dr. Hynek commented, "UFOs As he has done frequently. Dr. Hynek Illus- are a real phenomenon, but this visitation fromtrated his talk with slides and cartoons, point- outside earth may not be an explanation....Sup-ing out the persistent ridicule with which the pose— and I say this as pure imagination—supposecartoonists have approached the UFO phenomenon, a thought-form can be projected elsewhere andand distinguishing six basic categories of UFO have it materialize there—sort of beamed downreports. a la Star Trek1? Or, another possibility is: how Dr. Hynek mentioned one occupant report which do we know that the things that we see around usapparently has not been publicized yet in any of represent the sum total of our environment? Kay-the UFO literature, possibly because the witness- be, as some mystics and other people have told uses have asked for anonymity. He also described for centuries, there are other planes of exist-this sighting In a speech made at Stanford Uni- ence...."versity in February. The sighting was as follows: When asked if he thinks the USAF or other gov- "This one occurred about two months ago in New ernment agency is withholding information onHampshire," said Dr. Hynek. "This man and his UFOs, he replied, "I would have to say that Iwife had just gone to bed when the man saw a think so. Because I know that while I was a partlight coming under the door.* He got up, turned of Blue Book, there were a number of cases thatthe light off in the living room, and found that never got into Blue Book....It does seem unlikelythe living room was dark and the light was coming that, as active as this government is in allfrom the outside. He had a dog which was rather sorts of investigations, that this wouldnt bevicious. (In fact, when our Investigator went being touched by somebody." there, the dog wouldnt let him through until he Bringing the evening to a close, Dr. Hynek men-was called off.) The man went to the door, opened tioned an upcoming NBC White Paper on UFOs, it, and found that the illumination was coming In which he Is working on. It Is to be aired in Sep- from outside In the region of these two creatures tember in prime time, with Rod Serling as the (a slide is projected on the screen showing a narrator. "So at long last, Im becoming a Holly- line drawing of two humanolds)i The dog rushed wood star," he quipped. "Were getting some very out, got half way to the creatures, stopped Interesting things from NASA, and, believe it or short, his hair bristled and stood on end, and he not, from the Air Force as well. Its going to be came cringing back to the house. And what do you a blockbuster." suppose those creatures were doing? They were picking up rocks and putting them into a bag. Dr. Hyneks book, "The UFO Experience," which This case had only two witnesses. It never hit has become one of the most widely-accepted publi- the papers, and the people simply didnt want cations on the subject, will be released in their names used at all." paperback in May by Ballantlne. Dr. Hynek was quoted in a recent press release (Reported by David R. Schroth. Background clip- that he doesnt have a theory abcut what UFOs pings provided by Bob Klrkpatrick, Charles Kahl- ert, Luclous Parish, and Angelo Capparella.) are. "I dont necessarily believe that we are being visited," he said. la a recent issue of Family Weekly, Dr. Hynek was asked, "When you Back SKYLOOKS wanted were In charge of the Air Forces UFO inquiry, you rejected the existence of UFOs. Now you The following back copies of Skylook are verify the experience of two men In Mississippi needed to complete our Skylook office file: 1 who say three creatures spirited them aboard a through 30, 33 through 52, 54, 55, 57, 59, 61, flying saucer. What gives?" Dr. Hynek replied* 64, 70, 72. VI did examine these men under hypnosis, and have If you have any or all of these available, stated their experience was very real. I have not please contact the editor, listing price desired. changed my mind about apace visitors. But I have We also have requests from readers for other changed my mind about UFOs being simple misper- issues which we cannot fill, so if you are not ceptions of common things. I am now quite con- especially saving old Skylooks, we can probably vinced that we do have a very real and as yet un- find buyers. explained phenomenon going on. I believe people As a service to our readers, we will run freewho report UFOa are sincere, and I, for one. ads for persons having back copies available.
  6. 6. r is a dopyof the photo allegedly taken by object was one-half to three-fourths of a mile a-two youths on Feb. 8, 19733with a Polaroid camera way, and about 800 feet above the ground.near Conejo, Calif. The two estimated that the Conejo photo similar to others In an adjoining article, Adrian Vance analyses Seven months earlier, in the summer of 1972,a photo reportedly taken by two Conejo, Calif., two 14-year-old boys, strangers to Huettner andyouths on Feb. 8, 1973. Following is an account Coimbra, reported a similar sighting in the sameof the incident from the March 20, 1973, Thousand general area, according to the News-Chronicle.Oaks, Calif., News-Chronicle. The youths, who wish to remain anonymous (Skylook The two youths, Richard Coimbra and Kurt Huet- does not know their identities), were reportedlytner, both 15, were reportedly shooting still camping in the back yard at one of their homesphotos for a class project when they noticed the one night when they saw someting "half round andobject. Prior to sighting the object, they had very bright with three diamond-shaped things onseen commercial planes in the vicinity, and at it." These were "pretty big" and brighter thanfirst thought the object was a plane. One of the the rest of the object.boys reported that the object "was silent." There "It went too fast to be a jet," one of the boyswas "no hum flame, or smoke, and it looked to be said, "and it made no noise." He described it asrotating. We saw it for about 30 seconds, then looking flat-surfaced, then taking on a saucerit went behind the trees and clouds and outof shape when it banked. He added that a lightview." seemed to be coming from it, and also advancing They estimate that it was about 800 feet in before it. The other youth said, "It was largethe air, and perhaps a half to three-fourths of a and either grey or silver. There was no moon, butmile away. Huettner estimated the diameter of we could see it pretty good with the binoculars."the object at about 70 feet. Both said the object He added that it was flying pretty high and glid-speculated that it was some kind of device being ing effortlessly, and making no noise. The fam-tested by the government, but Coimbra thought ily of one of the boys reportedly sat up for fivethat intelligent life from some other galaxy or six evenings watching in the same general di-mighty have been piloting the craft. rection, but without success.
  7. 7. Conejo photo: as analysis On Feb. 8, 1973, at 4:45 p.m. two 15-year-oldyouths observed and took a picture of a UFO witha Polaroid "Square Shooter" camera near Conejo,Calif. The young men estimated that the objectwas a>out 800 feet in the air and one-half tothree-quarters of a mile from their position. The UFO appears to be a domed disc, tiltedslightly with a bright light emanating from alarge area or port on the bottom of the vehicle. An extreme enlargement of the Conejo print,Examination of the print shows that the image is which was. originally shot on Polariod color film,almost exactly two millimeters in width. Inas- shows an image which is not nearly as sharp asmuch as the camera has a focal lenght of 114 mm would be the case with a better lens and a finewe can use the ratio of 2/114 to estimate the grain black and white film. The photo appears toUFOs diameter if we can determine the object be authentic, however, according to the findingsdistance. Lieutenant Colonel R.F. Bowker, United of Mr. Vance. •. > •States Air Force Retired, investigated the sight-ing for MUFON and determined that the tree seenin the picture was 96 feet from the camera posi-tion. The image of the tree is very crisp and theportion of sky that was photographed shows highlevel cloud formations with very little groundhaze. The quality of the UFO such thatwe conclude that it was no less than 1000 feetfrom the camera and probably more like 2000 to3000 feet quoted by the young men. At 1000 feetthe UFO would have a diameter of 18 feet, at adistance of 2000 feet its diameter would be 36feet and at 3000 feet the object would be 54 feetin diameter. We favor the 2000 foot estimatewith the UFOs diameter on the order of 30 feet. The image indicates that the object is ratherflat on the. bottom and if we make such an as-sumption the oblate appearance of the image canbe used to determine the degree of tilt. If thedome-like top is excluded, measurements of anenlargement provided by Colonel Bowker indicatethat the oblateness is in the ratio 13/31, or0.238, which is the sine of 14°, the degree oftilt. This is a shallow degree of tilt and itappears that if we could tip the object to ver-tical the aspect ratio, including the upper dome,would be about 1:4, heighth to width. In addi-tion, the undersides would appear to curve down- This photo, which bears some resemblance to theward slightly to the light-emitting port, or Conejo picture, was reportedly taken in March,panel, which includes one-third of the underside 1967, by Augusta Arranda of Lima, Peru, whilediameter. The area of the port, or panel, ap- visiting a . friend at lungay in the Huascaranpears to be flat or open and described only by mountains. It was allegedly shot with a 40-year .the outer ring of the vehicle itself. old Voigt lander camera,, using color film. The object bears considerable similarity tothe object photographed in Oregon on Nov. 22, tiple image phenomenon seen in the Oregon Photo-1966, by an anonymous biochemist. The analysis graph, .but the observation suggests a much moreof that photograph was outlined in our own story casual cruising locomotion than the rapid escape"The Oregon Photograph" in PhotoGraphic Magazine, pattern seen by the Oregon witness-photographer.January, 1973. Both of these vehicles are possi- The Conejo photograph appearsto be authentic.bly the same size, much the same shape, but dif- The young men have made a good Impression on thefer in color with the Conejo UFO appearing to investigators who have talked with them. Theirhave a silver top and the Oregon UFO having an story is consistent with the photographic evi-observed "gold" or yellow upper surface. dence, and what they have recorded is consistent The Conejo photograph does not show the mul- with other pictures of UFOs.
  8. 8. RE VOL VED COUNTERCLOCKWISE The object observed by the Scwell family in house, the witnesses got a close look at the1951 first moved slowly along a row of trees, side, top, and bottom, (Sketch by Roland Throne-then disappeared completely before coming back, berry, for the Jiuntsville, Alabama, Times)past the house. When the object passed near the Family Reveals 1951 UFO Sighting A close-up, daytime, multi-witness sighting of east, turning counterclockwise as it moved overwhat appears to have been a UFO was revealed pub- nearby trees about one-fourth mile from, thelicly for the first time in February, 23 years house. "It was going on a straight course, fromafter the incident reportedly occurred. Mem- west to east," stated Mrs. Sowell, "It was goingbers of the Sowell family had kept quiet about at a very slow rate of speed, and it sort of dar-what they had seen on a Louisiana farm on Jan. 1, ted instead of moving steadily."1951, until the recent flap and the attendant The sky was described as being clear and blue,discussion by scientists. there was no fog or haze, and the sun was up over In an article in the Feb. 5, 1974, Huntsville, the horizon.Alabama, Times, science writer Barry J. Casebolt The family watched the craft for 15 to 20tells the long-delayed story, based on an inter- minutes, as it darted around the farm. Finally,view with Mrs. Katie Sowell, a medical secretary, it banked and "just disappeared straight up. Itwho now lives in Huntsville. -At the time of the was completely out of sight for a second or two,"reported sighting she had been visiting relatives said Mrs. Sowell. At one point the craft alteredwhile her husband, who is a pilot and a retired its course to move past the house, enabling theDepartment of Defense employee, was out of state. witnesses to see the top, bottom, and side of the At about 7 a.m. on the morning of Jan. 1, 1951, object. .on a farm near Oak Grove, La., her brother- Windows, apparently not- transparent, werein-law, who operated the farm, ran back into the sandwiched between the two upside saucers, ac-house, very excited, and "told everybody to get cording to Mrs. Sowell. The witnesses "tried ourup and outside in a hurry," Mrs. Sowell recalls. best to see in the windows that looked like glass"He said there was a flying saucer out there... but we couldnt see anything." She estimated thebetween the barn and the house." diameter of the craft at 30 to 50 feet, about the About a dozen people ran out of the house to size of her six-room house, and described thesee the craft as it "swooooooshed" from west to (continued on next page)
  9. 9. West Coast report Local hotline established By Bob Kirkpatrick Continuing UFO" column in The Register, Santa Skylook West Coast Coordinator Ana, Calif. , presented an illustrated lecture, "UFOs Over California," March 21 to the Greater SANTA ANA --In January, United Press Inter- Los Angeles Chapter of the American Society for national moved a story reporting that Dr. J. Industrial Security. Allen Hynek, head of Northwestern Universitys Branch, author of the forthcoming book, In- Department of Astronomy and for years one of the quiry At Red lands, and co-owner: of the exclusive leading authorities on UFOs, had established a personal files and papers of the late Capt. Ed- Center for UFO Studies. ward J. Ruppelt, former head of the Air Forces The story also revealed that. Hynek had sent out Project Blue Book, .has become more and more in some 4,000 letters to law enforcement agertcies demand as a lecturer in Southern California. In throughout the U.S. furnishing them with a pri- addition, he has served frequently as a panelist vate UFO "hotline" number to the center, with in- in TV and radio "specials dealing with the UFO structions for handling UFO - reports from citi- issue. zens. The "hotline" channel has carried a number of calls, many of which have been relayed back to LOS ANGELES -- On March 21, KFWB. Radios even- the area in which the UFO incident occurred so ing news program aired an interview on its "hot- that UFO investigators could interview the indi- line" with J.F. "Ben" Herr in San Diego. The in- viduals involved. terview was apparently triggered by -an AP dis- In a parallel]effort to channel citizens UFO patch describing efforts by a group in the San reports in the Los Angeles and Orange counties Diego area to launch a UFO monitoring system. area, The Register has been publishing weekly an According to Herr, the project involves some area "hotline" number—the 24-hour telephone num- 35 engineers and scientists in the San Diego area ber of the California UFO Research Institute who, assisted by funds from APRO, have developed headed by UFO Researcher and lecturer Stanton T. a magnetometer capable of sensing a UFO some 15 Friedman. UFO incident reports received are then miles distant. coordinated with Mrs. Idabel Epperson, MUFON Under the monitoring project, expected to be- state-section director for the Los Angeles area. gin early in April, 15 of the new devices will be positioned in Southern California. When a UFO is detected on one or more of the magnetometers , the group will then try to correlate this "sensing" LOS ANGELES -- David Branch, co-author of "The with visual sightings. A 16th magnetometer, according to Herr, will 1951 sighting reported . . . soon be shipped to Marseille, France, where num- erous sightings have been reported. (continued from preceding page) ********* outer skin as "polished brass." It was perfectly- round on the top and bottom, and no antenna or other hardware was visible, she said. It looked For those interested in Friedmans lecture like it was very heavy, said. Mrs. Sowell. The Schedule, his itinerary (as of March 27) is fur- craft reportedly came so. close to the witnesses nished here: that they could see the partitions between the rows of rectangular "windows" that looked like May 4 Calif. State U., Long Beach, Cal. mesh symbols. She said there was no visible means 21 College of Marin, Kentfield, Cal. of propulsion. 31 Moorpark, Cal. "No one on earth that I know about—and my June 22 MUFON Symposium, Akron, Ohio. husband is-a pilot—knows how to suspend a craft in the middle of the air with no moving parts," said Mrs. Sowell. "I felt at the time that there UFO material for trade—I have many pho- was an intelligence greater than ours." She adds, tos, slides, clippings and books on UFOs however, that "I dont think there are any alien that I will trade for similar UFO material. beings wafidering around here, and I am not a UFO Send trade list to: Ron Smotek, 5625 Thomas •nut or anything." - (Clipping sent by Betty R. St., Maple Hts., Ohio 44137. Parker)
  10. 10. In Others Words By Lucius Forish Reports of French UFO sightings may be found now available on the April 7 and April 28 issues of NATIONAL Other recent paperbacks include Josef Blum-ENQUIRER. The ENQUIRER is still off-ring a rich s THE SPACESHIPS OF fiZEKIEL, Alan § Sally$50,000 reward for proof of an extraterrestrial Landsburgs IN SEARCH OF ANCiENT MYSTERIES, JamesUFO. M. McCampbells UFOLOGY.Brinsley Le Poer Trenchs The March 17 NATIONAL TATTLER reported on UFO TEMPLE OF THE STARS, Ralph Blums BEYOND EARTHsightings by astronauts, including the latest re- and W. Raymond Drakes GODS AND SPACEMEN IN THEports from the Skylab astronauts, plus summaries ANCIENT WEST. Complete reviews of these titlesof public statements on UFOs by the American and others will appear in future columns.spacemen. Forthcoming hardcover books on UFOs and related MIDNIGHT continues to feature some rather subjects include Dr. Frank Salisburys UFO DIS-questionable material dealing with alleged UFO PLAY OVER UTAH, MYSTERIES OF THE EARTH by Jacquescontacts in Florida and South America. These Bergier, and .THE SIRIUS MYSTERY by Robert K. G.articles may be found in the March 18 and March Temple. These latter two titles are to be pub-25 issues of the newspaper. lished in England, with possible American edi- A re-hash of recent sightings and speculations tions to follow. We also understand that Johnabout UFOs and blackouts are featured in the Keel and Phillip J. Klass both have books comingMarch 3 issue of NATIONAL INSIDER . The March 24 out in early 1975.issue recaps the Aurora affair, while the April14 issue contains another article on the Llancacontact case from South America. UFO The March issue of YANKEE contains an articlesummarizing the Betty fj Barney Hill contact case. NEWSCLIPPING SERVICEThis contains a small amount of new information, The UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICE will keep youbut is largely familiar material. informed of all the latest United States The April issues of TRUE and ARGOSY feature and World-Wide UFO activity, as it happens!articles dealing with the 1973 flap. Again, Our service was started in 1969, at whichmostly re-hash. time we contracted with a reputable inter- BEYOND REALITY for April presents an interview national newspaper-clipping bureau to ob-with Erich von Daniken which is of some interest. tain for us, those hard to find. UFO reportsVon Danikens fourth book, IN SEARCH OF THE GODS, (i. e., little "known photographic cases,is due to be published in England in. June, so an close encounter and landing reports, oc-American edition will probably not be far behind. cupant cases) and all other UFO reports, Jerome Clark presents an interesting article on many of which are carried only in smallthe Piedmont, Mo., UFO uproar in the May issue-of town or foreign newspapers.FATE. Some interesting drawings and eyewitnessreports make this worthwhile. Our UFO Newsclipping Service Report, is a John Keel returns to the pages of SAGA with an 20 page photo-offset, monthly publicationarticle on invisible UFOs in the May issue. containing the latest United States andKeels column, "Ancient Astronauts, Modern Mys- Canadian UFO reports, with our foreign sec-teries," may also be foimd in this issue. tion carrying the latest English, Austral- The first quarterly issue of the SAG UFO RE- ian, New Zealand, South African, and otherPORT is now on the stands. Perhaps half the arti- foreign UFO reports! We publish more UFOcles in this issue contain new material, with the reports from around the globe than ANY otherremainder being reprints from various back issues publication in the World! Stay informed--of SAGA. subscribe to the UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICE! The renewed public interest in UFOs, stemming For subscription information and samplelargely from the recent flap, has brought forth pages from our service, write today to:several reprints of older UFO books. AdamskisBEHIND THE FLYING SAUCER MYSTERY, Fullers IN- UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICE, Dept. SCIDENT AT EXETER, Mongers FROM OUTER SPACE, 3521 S. W. 104thMichels THE TRUTH ABOUT FLYING SAUCERS and Wil- Seattle, Washington 98146kins FLYING SAUCERS UNCENSORED are among those 10
  11. 11. Ezekiel, engineering, and theology The Spaceships of Ezekiel, by Josef F. Blumrich design as a space craft, including its natural (Bantam Books, 1974, 179 pp., $1.95), is reviewed braking ability while descending in the atmos- by Barry H. Downing, pastor of Northminster Pres- .phere. The"wheels" of Ezekiel turn out not to be byterian Church, Endwell, New York, MUFON Relig- space craft as some others have suggested, but ion Consultant. • . rather are real wheels attached to the four heli- By Dr. Barry Downing copter units (the living creatures), which form Since Josef F. Blumrich is a NASA rocket de- part of the landing gear. signer, it is not surprising that he has recently As Ezekiel says, the unusual wheel construction applied for a patent for a new type of wheel sys- which inspired Blumrich1s patent enabled the tem for space vehicle landing gear. His new wheel space vehicle to travel on the ground "in- any of will give a space vehicle total mobility on the their four directions without turning as - they ground without requiring the wheels to change di- went" (vs. 17). These are a few highlights of Blumrichs ex- rection.. egesis, .and I recommend that every serious UFO His system involves placing something like small barrels on the rim of the main wheel. student examine this book carefully. Religious These barrels . can rotate at variable speed in liberals, will not like Blumrichs work because it either direction, independent of the main wheel treats Ezekiels "vision" too literally. Many conservatives will not like it either because it rim on which they are mounted. This main wheel rim also has independent speed and rotation di- is too naturalistic. But Blumrichs work repre- rection control. By controlling the direction sents one of the most convincing arguments so far and speed of rotation of both the wheel and the that some, if not several, of the Biblical re- barrels, the space vehicle riding on these wheels ports concerning contact between man and angels can move in any desired direction. can be interpreted in light of our emerging^ space While .it is not surprising that Blumrich should age technology. Certainly this approach does develop an idea such as this, it is surprising open a potential Pandoras box for religious that his invention was inspired by the "wheel leaders. within a wheel".of Ezekiel, as he explains in his .he does not tryan engineer, not religious impli- Blumrich is to deal with the a theologian, so new book The Spaceships of Ezekiel. His theories were recently explored on the NBC TV documentary cations of his exergesis. Neither does he try to relate Ezekiels UFO to the pillar of cloud of "In Search of Ancient Mysteries." the Exodus, the chariot of fire of Elijah, nor According to his exegesis of chapter 1 of the ascension cloud of Jesus. He has given an Ezekiel, Blumrich believes vs. 4 describes the engineer .s interpretation of what Ezekiel saw. total space vehicle coming toward .Ezekiel as "a But someday soon, the theological wheels have to great cloud, with brightness round about it, and start turning. fire flashing forth it were gleaming bronze. Ezekiel sees a metallic space ship with rockets biasing. Connected to this space vehicle are "the likeness of four living Businessman reports UFOs creatures" (vs.5), sometimes called the cherubim, SHENANDOAH, PA., EVENING HERALD, NOV. 24,1973 which are the landing gear. The landing gear --R. Michael DeLong, a Robesonia businessman, re- looks something like men, with mechanical arms ported to police that on Nov. 19 he was driving attached to them which enable the craft to per- south of Pottsville when he saw a "V" of five in- form a .soft landing. After the vehicle.lands, tense red lights speed over the horizon, heading the helicopter "wings" drop to the side to avoid toward Tumbling Run. "It was pitching toward the heat of the rocket unit. earth from 30 degrees off the horizon to the hor- The main space craft unit, referred to as the izon," said DeLong, an experienced pilot. "likeness of a firmament, like a shining crystal, He estimated that the object or objects trav- spread out above their (the helicopter units) eled at 400 to 500 miles per hour. Because of heads" (vs. 22), according to Blumrich is shaped the intensity of the lights and the short dura- like a childs top. The part which you would tion of the sighting, he said he could not tell grab to spin the "top" is the command module, if it was five separate objects flying in forma-perhaps made of transparent plastic revealing the tion, or. whether the five lights were connectedpilots seat; "above the firmament over their somehow. He said he could not estimate the size heads there was the likeness of a throne, in ap- of the objects, but thought they were about 2,000 pearance like sapphire" (vs.26). On the throne feet high coming to the horizon. "I know posit- is, the likeness of a man, the commander, who feet high coming to the horizon. "I know posi-.eventually talks,to Ezekiel. tively that what I saw was nothing flying that I- Blumrich explains the desirability of the "top" am familiar with," -he concluded. 11
  12. 12. UFOs and creatures Pennsylvania sightings continue By Stan Gordon didnt mention UFO, she just wanted to know if MUFON State Director, Pennsylvania there were any choppers in the area. She was told that there was a commercial jet on approach The year 1974 has so far shown a decrease in from a different direction which she could see,UFO activity as compared to the previous year. but there were no other aircraft in the area atThe WCUFOSG which serves as a 24-hour statewide that time.UFO clearing-house has investigated 57 UFO re- Feb. 6-Ohiopyle-At 10 p.m. two witnesses con-ports as of April 11, 1974. Many of the cases fronted a number of dark, hairy 7 to 8-foot tallwere found to have a logical explanation. The ape-like creatures, walking upright like a manfollowing are some of the more interesting cases and having eyes of fire that glowed in totalthat still are under investigation. darkness. The creatures were seen at the same Jan. 26-4 a.m., two adults parked in car were time a bright pulsating red light was seen hover-frightened by a round object the size of a barn, ing a short distance away. Animals including anthat swooped down in front of their parked car Eskimo Spitz were shaking in their cages andthen rose up into the sky at terrific speed. The wouldnt make a sound until following day. Stateobject had a flat top and ridges around the side Police at the scene were convinced the witnesseswhich might have been windows. The car radio was were sincere, and after seeing animal reactionson at the same time and it became filled with they believed that something unusual did occur.static until the object departed. This incident Feb. 7-Laurelville-At 12:55 a.m. a man travel-occurred on Rt. 66 outside of Greensburg. At 7:45 ing between Woodale and Laurelville off of Rt.a.m. another similar UFO was observed by several 982 saw a 30-foot disc-shaped object about 100witness near Trafford. feet away and about 150 feet above a field. The rJan. 27-2 a.m., a number of drivers on the Pa. object had red, green and blue lights on theTurnpike near Irwin reported to the toll booth bottom and had a solid white top. It made a hum-operators that they had observed UFOs simultane- ming sound and there was a strong chemical smellously. A number of witnesses reported what look- in the area.ed like (2) bright car headlights moving through Feb. 27-9:20 p. m. Uniontown State Policethe sky in a descending fashion. A lone woman alerted UFO Control Center. A man in S. Uniondriver who would have been in the area where Twp. reported that he saw 2 bright lights in theothers saw the lights descend was in a near hys- sky that he at first took to be helicopters. Bothterical mood when she reported that she had seen lights were at low altitude. Suddenly one of .the2 bright lights like headlights in the sky to her lights disappeared. In a few seconds the lightleft. She said they suddenly disappeared and in appeared to rest on the ground about h to a milea few seconds they appeared parallel with her away. The light after about a minute disappearedcar. The lights were very bright and shining from the ground and the light in the sky alsodown on an angle towards the road. The lights vanished. State police dispatched 2 cars to theappeared to be attached to a dark shape which al- area to search, but nothing could be had red lights mounted on it. The object made March 12-9:10 until 10:05 p.m. Small flap inno sound but managed to keep up easily with the about a 25-mile area of Greensburg. The firstcar that was far exceeding the 60 mph turnpike reports from Jeanette - indicated that a formationspeed limit. The woman said what frightened her of 3 lights, consisting of two smaller whitemost was the fact that as long as the .object lights with the larger one below them were movingwould follow next to her car, her automobile at a-low altitude over the tree tops and movingwould constantly lose power as if the car was go- much too slowly for aircraft. The two smallering to stall out. When the object departed her lights disappeared after about 3 minutes, and thecar operated normally. larger light then moved east. Reports then came Jan. 28-10:30 p.m., Sewickley (Near Pittsburgh) into UFO Control Center from residents in thetwo women reported observing a very large silver Eastern sections of the county. A bright lightfuselage-shaped object descending to an altitude as well as balls of blue lights were reportedof about 150 feet above a group of trees before hovering near the Hempfield High School. Stateit moved out of sight. The object had a bright Police Troop A at Greensburg called UFO Controllight in front and back, and there was also a red Center to confirm the reports, then dispatchedlight in front. The object was about a of a 27cars to the area. The objects seemed to movemile away and no sound was heard. One of the back and forth between Carbon, Hempfield, Fortwomen is quite familiar with aircraft because of Allen and Jeanette. A UPI photographer calledher husbands former occupation, and realizing control to inform them that he was trying tothat it was something unusual she called the con- obtain photos of the objects, but that theirtrol center at Greater Pittsburgh Airport. She intensity was too weak. He said what his family 12
  13. 13. Mysterious metal ball apparently man-made Dr. J. Allen Hynek has reported after a meet- ing with the National Enquirers UFOBlue Ribbon Panel in New Orleans April 20 and 21 that the steel ball found by the Antoine Betz family near Jacksonville, Fla., is apparently man-made, al- though still somewhat mysterious. The ball was found April 6, and examined by the Navy a few days later. Under the direction of Chief Petty Officer Chris Berninger, the Navy concluded that the object was not explosive, and is made of a high grade stainless steel. In a telephone interview with Mrs. Betz, MUFON Direc- tor Walt Andrus was given the following statis- tics: the ball is 7.96 inches in diameter, weights 21.34 pounds, and has an outer shell a- bout one-half inch thick (which would apparently withstand a pressure of 120,000 pounds per square inch). Mrs. Betz says there are three or four smaller spheres inside the ball, which rattle and move about when the ball is shaken, and there are no detactable seams to indicate a weld or a plug.was watching appeared like blue-white stars. The The ball is magnetized, and has north and southobject would come out of the . SE and move west/ magnetic poles which are about 150 degrees apart.They observed a total of .4 objects each follow- Mrs. Betz says the ball can roll about on aing the same path about a ^ minute apart. When flat table top, apparently under its own power,the 1st one came across it hovered a short time in a non-concentric circle for as long as tenthen flashed a few times-and continued on its minutes--without rolling off the table. She saysway. At least two of our investigators who were the ball displays maximum activity on bright,dispatched to the areas observed lights that they sunny days. She also reports a possible high-couldnt explain. In both casesthe objects took pitched sound being radiated when the ball is inoff at high speed before they could obtain a pic- motion, probably above 15,000 hertz in frequency,ture or a better ;look. . —. -;. but within a dogs hearing range (the Betz toy March 13-8:30 p. m.-West Newton-a fellow on a poodle reportedly began to whimper and cover itsdeserted back road reported that he saw a cluster ears when placed near the ball).of lights in the sky. ahead of him. Suddenly the An identification of the ball was not avail-lights dived down to ,within a .foot of the car able as Skylook went to press, nor were the fullroof. The lights continued to move over top of reports of the examinations by the Navy and thethe car until they were out of sight. Thewitness Enquirer panel available. Any additional infor-said that as the lights approached, the radio be- maiton of significance will be reported in futurecame filled with static and his headlights became issues.very dim. He also.mentioned that his battery com-.pletely discharged, to -40 as indicated on hisampmeter. His car .didnt stall out, however. North Carolinian reports light in sky Immediately after the incident as the witness A report by Mrs. Dean Sprehe of Charlotte, N.continued home, he instantly . became very tired C., of a strange light in the sky has been for-and couldnt keep his eyes open. He in fact had warded to Skylook by her sister, Mae Jannett ofa slight accident and.hit a guard rail. .The wit- Beckmeyer, 111.ness stated that he never became . so suddenly Mr. and Mrs. Sprehe and son .Russel were driv-tired as on this occasion. ing on 85 near Freedom Drive at about 6:30 to March 23-12:55 a.m.-Hanover Twp.-Two Game Com- 6:45 p. m., Oct. 26, 1973, when, they reportedlymission officers on patrol saw 300 yards away noticed an object northeast of the Richway storefrom their-car,an object "like a giant fuselage" about 600 to 1,000 feet high. "At first I thoughtabout 6 times the length of their car. The object it was Snoop the police helicopter," said Mrs.from the windows reminded them of the old pullman Sprehe. "At.first it just hovered in one spot andrailroad cars. There was no sound, and the object lights blinked on and off, then it started toemitted a pulsating•••. light towards the ground. move across the sky slowly, then suddenly speed-When the officers got out of the car to observe ed up and made very erratic zig zag movements andit better, it began to move away into a valley. just-disappeared. We could hear no noise." 13
  14. 14. UFOs Behind the Iron Curtain By Joe Brill On Thursday, Nov. 23, 1967, between 8:45 and9:00 p. m. three Unidentified Flying Objects wereobserved over the city of Zagreb, Yugoslavia. TheUFOs were observed by many people in that cityand several members of the Croatian Natural Sci-ence Society Astronomy Department viewed thisphenomenon and took photographs of it. The members of the society were gathered to-gether for a meeting at the Observatory atPopovs Tower when the UFOs were seen. "It was around 8:45 p.m.," said Zoran Farcich,a senior at the high school at Tresnjevka. "Istood at a window and all of a sudden I could notbelieve my eyes. Southeast under the star Alde-baran, in the constellation of Steer, I sightedthree bright objects; that is, three glowing dotswhich eminated bluish colors. It appeared thattwo of the objects were motionless, while thethird moved in the distance. Immediately, I ranto my photo laboratory and asked my colleague toget a camera and take some photographs of thisoccurence. I had a very difficult time convinc-ing him that this was not a joke." "Really, I could not believe it at first,"stated Damir Gradish, a student at the school forapplied arts. "I ran toward the window and thereI saw two bright and one darker objects. We al-ways keep cameras ready and it did not take melong to get a camera with a tripod and to takesome pictures. I used "Agfa" film of 32 dins and tion about the so called flying saucers, and theyI exposed it for two minutes. All the while I were always discounted by scientific analysis.could observe the bright objects and follow them But, in my opinion it is impossible that the pic-with my binoculars." tures taken by Damir show any of the known celes- At the same time Zoran called upon Darko Fej- trial bodies. You see, these are three objects ofzagich, a most articulate young student at the fairly intensive brightness. Under similar con-Tresnjevka High School, to take a small "Zeis" ditions it is impossible to see such objects intelescope and observe the bright objects. the sky. Here we are dealing with something very "I also saw these three objects, but by the out of the ordinary and unknown."time I had set up the telescope they were gone.,I There was a great deal of excitement among thereally dont know what to make out of this ap- members of the Astronomy Department which waspearance. They could not have been satellites, only understandable. They had managed to observesince it would not be possible to have three along with many other Zagreb citizens and to se-satellites together like that, and even if .they cure documented proof of the unusual appearancewere synchronized to fly together, they certainly in the sky on Nov. 23, 1967. What were those ob-could not have had such a brightness and intens- jects seen? The only answer we can conclude isity. Besides all of this, the satellites would that they were three Unidentified Flying Objects.have had to follow a specific trajectory and On that same day at 7:30 p.m. a UFO was sightedmaintain a certain speed." near Kolasin. UFOs were alsoreported to have been seen over Niksich and the village of Slatine The young members of the society were at a loss in explain the origin of these objects. These are the facts of what was seen that day, Another member of the Astronomy Department, and it all took place during a period of timeKresimir Cosich, a graduate of the high school, when Yugoslavia washaving one of the largest UFOstated; "We have often received various informa- flaps to occur in that country. 14
  15. 15. Close look at wildly-lighted UFO reported WEATHERFORD, OKLA., NEWS, NOV. 30,1973--Darrel Nickels, a 19-year-oldcarpenter, reportedly got a close-up view of a wildly-lighted UFO a-bout 7:30 p.m. on Nov. 29, and hissighting seemed to be at least par-tially verified by other sightingsthat same night. Nickels relates that he was driv-ing on a rural road near Dead Wo-man s Crossing when he spotted whathe at first thought was a helicop-ter. "The top part of the thing wascovered with about 30 flashing red,white, and blue lights like the kindon top of ambulances and policecars," he said. He continued to drive slowly to-ward the bridge, and the craft hov-ered about 30 feet to one side andabove the crossing. He slowly droveacross the bridge until he was about30 feet from the object, where hestopped his car and shut off the en-gine. He could hear no sound. "Ilooked for about three minutes, Iguess. Then a bright light came onfrom the side of the object and This drawing of the UFO reported by Darrel Nickels was madeshined up and down the creek," he by Weatherford police officer Kenneth Butler from informationrelated. "I took off north down the provided by Nickels.road." Describing the object to police, he said it was Nickels sighting, and were spaced as if the 20 feet wide, 9 to 10 feet high, and had was continuing southwest.several "pads." It had about 30flashing red, andwhite, and blue lights; did not seem to noticehis car; and made no noise. Nickels said the Hundreds see UFO over Italycraft appeared to have a silver dome and a"darker Hundreds of residents of Milan, Italy, sightedband on the bottom third of the object. an Unidentified Flying Object swirling above the The report by Nickels was one of several re- city March 28. Witnesses told police that theports, including 35 to 40 phone calls to the object, flashing green lights, moved above theWeatherford police and a dozen persons coming di- Cathedral Square and was visible for nearly tworectly to the polico station, according to hours. Police used floodlights in an attmept toWeatherford police dispatcher Jimmy King. Follow- identify the Nickels sighting, King sent a teletype to Police gave no explanation for the phenomenon.state authorities about the sighting, and in a Milan airports reported that nothing unusual hadfew minutes he received a reply from Blackwell appeared on their radars. Similar appearances ofthat one of their police officers had also re- Unidentified Flying Objects were reported fromported seeing strange moving lights in the sky. the Piedmont and Venetian regions of Italy in theMost of the reports on Nov. 29 had one thing in past few months. (Reported on Paul Harvey News,common: they occurred near the same creek as the Chicago, March 29, 1974. Submitted by Joe Brill) 15
  16. 16. Author of famous report Physicist Edward Condon dies Physicist Edward Condon, who headed a panel of them. Of those which were selected, some had al-scientists at the University of Colorado employed ready been labeled doubtful by NICAP, which hadby the Air Force in 1966 .to study UFOs, died cooperated in providing reports.March 26 at Boulder, Colo., at the age of 72. Lows attitude toward the study is apparently His famous 1,500-page report, which sold about revealed in his written suggestions to University200,000 copies, claimed that "there is no evi- of Colorado administrators on Aug. 9, 1966, priordence" that flying saucers exist. The report to becoming project administrator: "In order tosaid, "It is regarded by scientists today as es- undertake such a project, one has to approach itsentially certain that intelligent life exists objectively. That is, one has to admit the pos-elsewhere, but with essentially no possibility sibility that such things , (as UFOs) exist. Itof contact between the communities on planets as- is not respectible to give serious considerationsociated with different stars. We therefore con- to such a possibility....we would lose more include that there is no relation between intelli- prestige in the scientific community than wegent life elsewhere in other " solar systems and could possibly gain by undertaing the investiga-UFO phenomena as observed on Earth." The report tion.... Our study would be conducted almost ex-said that Earth could not expect to be visited by clusively by non-believers, who although theyspaceships from other solar systems for at least couldnt possibly prove a negative result, could,10,000 years. and probably would, add an impressive body of The Condon Report was widely attacked by such evidence that there is not reality to the obser-persons and groups as Dr. J. Allen Hynek; Major vations. The trick would be, I think, to describeDonald E. Keyhoe; NICAP; Congressman J. Edward the project so that to the public it would appearRoush, chairman of the 1968 Congressional hear- a totally objective study, but to the scientificings on UFOs; the 35,000-member American Insti- community would present the image of a group oftute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, which in- non believers trying their best to be objective,cluded the majority of leading aerospace scien- but having an almost zero expectation of findingtists; and a number of others. (Author Frank Ed- a saucer...."wards suffered a fatal heart attack while plan- Many of the scientists assembled to work onning an expose of the procedures being used by the Universityof Colorado study expressed a moreCondon.) open attitude toward the question of UFOs, but Dr. Condon was well known as a non-believer in they could investigate only the cases given themUFOs even before the Colorado study was made. by Condon and Low. Two of them, Dr. David Saun-The day after the project was announced, he said, ders (who currently operates the computer at the"It is highly improbable they exist." Not long University of Colorado where MUFON reports areafter the study was underway, Condon was quoted tabulated) and Dr. Norman Levine, were instrumen-in the Rocky Mountain News as saying, "We have to tal in attempting to put pressure on Condon andtake it on faith that the Air Force is not trying Low to investigate the better cases and to ac-to deceive us...Maybe they are.. I dont care tually interview witnesses in such cases. Formuch." On Jan. 25, 1967, three months after the these efforts, both Dr. Saunders and Dr. Levinestudy began, he was quoted as telling two scien- were removed from the project. Dr. Saunders latertific societies in New York that the Air Force recounted his experience in his book UFOs? Yes!did not take UFOs seriously. "My attitude right As noted in a related article in this monthsnow is that theres nothing to it, but Im not Skylook, Dr. Condon continued to defend his anti-supposed to have a conclusion until we finish." UFO views until he died. Condon and the project administrator, Robert (Reported by Bob Kirkpatrick; some of the back-J. Low, had been given the exclusive authority to ground material was taken from .Maj. Kehoesselect which cases the group of scientists would latest book, Aliens from Space, Doubleday andstudy, and they selected only about 100 out of an Co., Garden City, N.Y., $7.95, which covers theestimated 15,000 which were made available to Condon project thoroughly.) 16
  17. 17. Additional information reportedon cloud-like Concorde photos Two accounts concerning the object photographedJune 30, 1973, by a French Concorde aircraft fly-ing over central Africa during an eclipse (MarchSkylook) have been received by Skylook: Disc reported in Alaska Jacques Bonabot, GESAG director in Belgium, FAIRBANKS, ALASKA, DAILY NEWS-MINER, MARCHsaid on March 21 that his group has checked out 19, 1974--A Ketchikan physician and his familypress reports and "made a special research with said they watched an object south of the city forthe French scientists," and "we know what occurr- about ten minutes on March 18. The doctor saided. The case remains unidentified, but no pos- it was moving, from east to westat a high rate ofsible speculation is given. Sothe. whole discus- speed, stopped suddenly, then reversed direction.sions were made in a too swiftly series of events He described it as disc-shaped, and madein the press and TV." Bonabot promised details several "back and forth movements" and glowed -in the June issue of the groups magazine, which from gray to red to bluish green before fadingof course has not been received yet. . from view in a southerly direction. Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos of • Valencia, About an hour later a group of people at theSpain, told .Skylook March 23, that "Dr. Claude Ketchikan ferry terminal said they saw anotherPoher of the Centre Spatial de Toulouse, one of object low on the horizon. Coast Guard and FAAthe scientists more deeply involved in the evalu- officials said there were no reports of aircraftation of the Concorde photo, has informed me in a in the vicinity at the time. The sightingsprivate letter that their analyses have showed brought to three the number reported since Marchthe object to be a 1 "high altitude meteoroid dis- 14 when a state trooper and state ferry employeesintegration cloud, " and thus an IFO rather than reported a glowing object. (Submitted by Mrs.a UFO. Jean Anderson)No evidence Dr. Condon a non-believer to the end EDITORS NOTE: The following appeared in the 1969, p.l.)March 6, 1974, edition of the Santa Ana, Calif., An examination of the Condon Report itself,Register. It was written only three weeks before however, indicates that Condons recent state-Dr. Condon died, thus indicating that the well- ments are in disagreement with facts discoveredknown scientist had not changed his public views by his own Colorado Project staff. If UFO re-concerning UFOs. ports "always turn out to be sightings of a na- tural phenomenon," one might ask, why did the By David Branch and Robert B.. Klinn Condon Project fail to explain 30 per cent of the Although over 15 million Americans believe that total number of cases it examined?they have seen unidentified flying objects Condon also stated in last months letter: "I (UFOs), one famous physicist at the University of undertook a thorough investigation of the manyColorado says that they are all mistaken. Dr. reported sightings of UFOs." The Condon committeeEdward U. Condon, writing last month to readers actually looked at only about 100 UFO cases—aof the "National Enquirer" newspaper, stated that small fraction of the estimated (at that time) 5when "UFO reports .and photos are not faked and million total sightings; or the over 10,000 re-can be tracked down, they always turn out to be ports in Air Force files.sightings of a natural phenomenon." The physicist also wrote; "The Condon Report Condon thus maintains a staunchly anti-UFO at- shows that in no case was there any evidence totitude first expressed eight years ago during his support...(th) out-of-space theory."days as head of the Air Force-funded University One wonders why Dr. Condon did not mention Case 2 in his letter. This dramatic event in-of Colorado UFO study—an attitude responsible for volved a combination radar-visual tracking of ahindered research and decreased news coverage of UFO AT Lakenheath, England, August 13-14, 1956.UFOs for the last 5 years. For in his influen-tial final report, released in January, 1969, An unknown object out-manuevered and flew fasterCondon concluded that "nothing has come from the than pursuing jet aircraft. The Condon Reportstudy of UFOs during the past 21 years..." and concluded: "In summary, this is the most puzzling"further extensive study of UFOs probably cannot and unusual case in the radar-visual files. Thebe justified..." ("The Scientific Study of Uni- apparently rational, intelligent behavior of thedentified Flying Objects," Bantam: New York, UFO suggests a mechanical device of unknown ori- (.continued on next page) 17
  18. 18. Strange light in sky drops orange stream Following is a report investigated by Mrs. light hoax. Clinker said the obj,ect was largerIdabel Epperson, MUFON Director for Southern Cal- than a full moon. The object stopped moving atifornia: one point for about two seconds. When about two Environmental Factors: 56 degrees, clear, miles from him, the object turned west, traveledmostly calm (slight wind from east), bright moon. about an eighth of a mile, and then went south James F. Clinker, a former fighter pilot and again. On four occasions the object•dropped anformer policeman, was driving, from Glendale, orange-colored fire which was darker than theCalif., west on Foothill Blvd. about 11:40 p.m. light, and which was thick at the top and narrow-on April 12, 1974, when he noticed "a very bright er as it neared the ground, he said. Clinker saidorange light" to his left. He estimated that the he saw no outline of any craft, due to the dark-light was about five miles south of him, and a- ness and the intensity of the light. The objectbout two miles west of Haynes Canyon Road. He got disappeared behind some hills about ten milesout of his car to watch the object. Clinker esti- south of the witness, according to his report.mated the object was about 700 feet high, and Clinker notes that he has not had a drink of al-traveling north about 20 miles per hour when coholic beverage for more than 20 years. In hisfirst observed. He said the light did not flick- only previous sighting, he and about 20 neighborser, and was too bright to be a candle or a flash- saw a UFO about 2:00 in the afternoon in 1947.Dr. Condon a non-believer to the end . . . (continued from previous page) of the objects...the degree of similarity betweengin as the most probable explanation of this the reports is note-worthy, especially sincesighting." (Condon Report, p. 164.) times of observations and locations of observers Or one can cite Case 46 (pp. 396-407)—the fam- were not the same...In summary, we have a numberous McMinnville, Oregon photographs of a disc- of reports that are highly consistent with oneshaped object, taken May 11, 1950. The Condon another..."analyst concluded: "...all factors investigated, One of the most puzzling and perhaps revealinggeometric, psychological and physical, appear to statements that Condon made in his letter is thatbe consistent with the assertion that an extra- the Air Force has "spent a minimal amount of timeordinary flying object, silvery, metallic, disk- on the (UFO) problem during the past 4 or 5shaped, tens of meters in diameter, and evidently years." Officially, the Air Force has spent noartificial, flew within sight of two witnesses." time on UFOs. One wonders if the "minimal" time(p. 407.) referred to by Condon is an inadvertent admission (In the light of such evidence, one scientist of suspected secret research projects.commented: "I seriously wonder if Dr. Condon read Two questions remain unanswered: in light ofhis own report before writing his conclusions.") the high percentage of unexplained UFO cases in Condon further stated in his letter to the the Condon Report, including the sightings by"Enquirer" that "when people do witness an actual American Astronauts, why did Condon conclude thatevent, their descriptions of it vary so widely there is no reason to conduct further research?that they cannot be used as scientific proof of And why does Dr. Condon, five years after releasethat event." of his report, continue to issue statements at Again an incident in the Condon report contra- variance with known facts about UFOs?dicts this remark. Case 18 (pp. 300-305) details Nuclear physicist Stanton T. Friedman, an in-investigation of "descriptions of objects known to ternationally known .UFO authority, states: "Con-have been hot-air balloons. The Condon staff con- dons contribution to the University of Coloradocluded that a "comparison of the event as des- study was certainly negative and his actionscribed by the launchers with the reports of acci- since the publication of the Study even more so."dental witnesses reveals obvious similarities re- Copyright 1974 by Robert B. Klinn and Davidgarding size, shape, color, and relative position Branch. . 18
  19. 19. U-HoulorUFO-Haul? Brothers report chase by flying lights The following report was investigated by RobertJ. Kirkpatrick, MUFON investigator and West CoastCoordinator for Skylook: Environmental conditions—clear, about 20 de-grees, calm, many stars. Larry E. Kinsley, 37, and his brother Robertwere moving their parents furniture in a U-Haul silvertruck from Buhl, Idaho, to Hemet, Calif., whenthe reported sighting occurred. At about 4:15a.m.., as they were traveling on Highway 93 about £e<L50 miles north of McGill, Nev., near Cherry CreekMountain, Larry was awakened by his brother, whowas driving,and told that a UFO was following thetruck. Larry did not take his brother seriously,and went back to sleep. About 10 minutes later,Larry was again awakened, and this time saw a Said Larry, "As we sat there in the middle ofround, orange object that appeared to be ten feet the road with the motor running, we observed aoff the desert floor. "I couldnt tell how far huge silver metal ball with a dome on top andaway it was," he said. sharp wings, standing still over a hill to the left. It was pulsating." C4- We of road Larry explained that "we were scared half to death as we observed a huge light on the road in front of us that had a red light on top of it. We thought it was moving toward us. It appeared to be maybe a mile ahead of us. I got out of the truck and shined my flashlight at it, but nothing happened. I then looked under the truck to dis- cover the drive shaft turning." He got back into the truck,"fearing for my life," and the brothers watched the light move closer. "We felt that we were in a vacuum of some kind and isolated from the rest of the world." This lasted about 20 Rema ins minutes, "then it seemed to disappear and it was over." O O After flagging down a car and getting a ride to McGill, they obtained another U-Haul truck and returned to the scene. "After we unloaded the and truck, he (the station man) had to shove it off the highway, as both wheels would not move," said "I then looked out the right side of the cab Larry. "I dont know if it was mechanical failureand saw three more smaller objects that were or whether it was the UFOs that disabled us. Ihigher up and were blue. One of them was flick- guess I will always wonder the rest of my life."ering off and on. The other two remained con-stant." Larry was told by his brother that the Robert B. Klinn and David Branch, in a columnorange object had been on the right side of the in the Santa Ana Register, wrote that in an in-truck, and had passed the truck, crossed over the terview the U-Haul dealer said that the entireroad, and come up to the left side of the cab. rear end of the truck had to be replaced—the"We were moving at about 55 miles per hour," said tires, the rear axle, the outside housing, andLarry, "and at that moment it felt like we had the gears. The dealer said that when the towbeen hit by a blast of wind or force field,"which truck lifted the rear of the U-Haul truck themade the truck seem to float and sway above the rear wheels "just fell right off."highway. The lights on the truck flickered on The witnesses are both salesmen: Larry sellsand off, and the engine started to miss." Robert real estate, and Robert sells for Nationalthen reportedly lost control of the truck. Be- drinks. Larry summarized their experience byfore Robert could stop, the transmission selector stating, "We were both of sound mind and body,jumped out of "drive" into "neutral," and the and we both saw the Objects together and experi-truck coasted to a stop. enced the same feelings." 19
  20. 20. UFO over Turin, Italy, chased and seen on airport radar Astronomy NATIONAL ENQUIRER, FEB. 10, 1974--0n Nov. 30, 1973, at Caselle Airport in Turin, Italy, pilot Notes Riccardo Marano was returning rom a flight in a small plane when the control tower informed him that a UFO was hovering high over the runway. By Mark Herbstritt "Suddenly, when I was about 2% miles from the MAY SKY runway," explains Marano, "I saw it--an enormous luminous globe giving out a tremendous light Mercury--is too close to the Sun for observa- which went from violet to blue and even red. Illtion. admit I was frightened, but when it moved away as Venus--is a morning star rising in the east if it had spotted me, I followed it."about an hour before the Sun. He said the object was traveling about 300 Mars--is in the west and sets three hours af- miles per hour, and that he followed it for a-ter sunset. while before deciding he was running low on fuel. Jupiter--is in Aquarius. It rises about 2%. "So I hit the throttle and lunged for it," saidhours before the Sun and is well up in the south- Marano, "but it took off with a whoosh—straighteast by dawn. up in the air at about 3,500 miles an hour--and Saturn--is in Gemini. It is in the west and disappeared completely. Whatever it was, it suresets about 3 hours after sunset. could travel. Ive never seen anything like it." The Aquarid meteor shower occurs from may 1-6. The only official comment was made by Col. Franco Rusticelli, the airports base chief: "On the evening of Nov. 30, a luminous object was seen either stationary or moving very slowly westTwo reports of strange lights of the airport. It was picked up on radar. Noth-sent from Fayette County, Iowa ing similar has been seen before, and we had no air activity at the time." He confirmed Maranos Two reports of strange lights in the sky have pursuit of the object.been forwarded to Skylook by Fayette County Iowa Livio Patrini, ground controller at the air-State Section Director LeRoy R. Lathem. port, said, "I can confirm the object was sighted The first sighting was made at 1:30 a.m., Oct. on radar and chases by the pilot of a plane. At15, 1973, by a Mrs. Hibbens, of Oelwein, la., who the time the sky was clear, the moon was full,was ganging up laundry when the whole sky ap- and visibility was excellent. Before it disap-peared to light up, she reported. There was an peared I watched it in the sky for at least 10object about tree level with white lights, she minutes."said, and the lights were outlining the shape and Six days before the airport sighting, Francocriss-corssing trhough the middle of the object. Contin, a University of Turin biology student,She said she watched it for a minute, and it claims to have photographed a bright object inslowly started to move upward, making a swishing the area, and newspapers received several othersound. Mrs. Hibbens said the object looked like reports at the time. Contin said that he anda football all lit up. Her son came out of the Margarita Belmondo were sitting outside his househouse and saw the object as it went out of sight, when they saw the object. "First it was lunin-according to the report. ous, and then it was dull, and then it would go A second sighting was made at 6:10 p. m., red like a burning ball," he said. "I grabbed myOct. 32, by Mrs. Goldie Fox, of Oelwein, who. was camera and got a couple of shots. When I de-driving east on Highway 57 about four miles east veloped the film at home I was absolutely stun-of Cedar Falls when she reportedly noticed a ned. One print showed a distinct cigar-shapedsolid bright green light, shaped like a football, outline, and another showed it like a ball ofcoming from her left about 200 feet high. She light disappearing behind a hill." Miss Belmondostated that there was no noise or flashing light. said the object had moved across the sky "in aAfter watching it for one minute as it slowly straight line, and then took off vertically atmoved across the highway before disappearing incrediable speed."from sight, she resumed her normal speed. She Domenico de Franceso, a security guard at thereports that a truck driver in front of her also airport, said he had sighted the object severalapparently saw the object, since he hit his times before Contin had taken his photos on Nov.brakes, causing her to apply hers. 24. (Submitted by John Schuessler.) 20