Mufon ufo journal 1974 2. february - skylook


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Mufon ufo journal 1974 2. february - skylook

  1. 1. Number 75"We tell it as it is"SKYLOOKThe UFO Monthly February, 1974OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF MUTUAL UFOJ«TWORK, INC.Stan Gordon, MUFON State Director for Pennsyl- investigations of possible relationships withvania, points to a plaster casting of a Big- UFOs , has kept Gordon and his group busy. InFoot" track which he says is "typical of the the background is the UFO control center whichthree-toe tracks found in Pennsylvania." The is manned 24 hours a day. (Story on page 6)sighting-, of such creatures, and the resulting
  2. 2. Aa all but the neue*t oft *ub*criber* know,Skylook ha* a .new editor and publisher, h&ternever mi**ing a monthly publishing dateT^incebecoming publisher a*, well a* editor in 1969,t.[rs. MoAJna Short had to give up Skylook becauseSkylook na6 come a £ong way *ince 1969, bothin teAim> of, quality and number o$ reader*.Hav-ing produced ah ibAue oft Skylook now, I know howmuch work Morma ha* given to tluA publicat-tion. frankly, I wonder how one per*on couldhave done what Uorma ha* done.HeA major inteAut ha* been the production o&tiie be*t UFO periodical in tliit* country, and^Itliink *he ha* done thit> i>jitli the valuable helpo& the MUFOW o-tgan^za-tion and her reader*. In.tuA-tUng oueA. the reivi*_^ Skylook^ *he made itclear that *he ex.pect.ed Stiylook: ~to, continue toimprove.One sometime* wonder* wliat-improvement realtyi*. What i* progru*, and w!ia.t i* merely-move-ment? In applijing tlii* question to Skylook,your new editor ha* attempted to retain the e*- -Acntial character o$ Skylook wliich Molina and^themany other contributer* liave"•--developed.^^kt^tlLC*ame time, it *eem* important to begin *ome new-tu.ng4 uikicli are now poA&ibte. because o$ a-better financial *ituation [i.e. more *ub*crip-tion* -cncome -t/ian eveA be^o-te). The mo*t *ig-ni&icent new feature wi£l be the u*e o{) photo*and drawing*, wliich are *o important to *tdyingand understanding the UFO ^cene. Other, lu*important, diatige* (dill include -two column* o^copy per page, and perhap* a heavier cover and a&ew larger headline*.Whatever mechanical change* are made, theEditor PublisherDwight Connelly26 Edgewood DriveQuincy, 111. 62301Walter H. Andrus40 Christopher CourtQuincy, III. 62301Norma E. ShortBox 129Stover, Mo. 65078Joseph M. Brill228N. 12th St.Quincy, 111. 62301SkylookPublic Relations:Mrs. Rosetta Holmes1690 HillDriveCarlyle.Ill 62231Staff:Mark Herbstritt927 Theresia St.St Marys, Pa. 15857Ted PhillipsP.O. Bon615Sedalia, Mo. 65301David A. Schroth4517 A PennsylvaniaSt. Louis, Mo. 63111Lucius Parish John F. SchuesslerRoute 1 P.O. Box9Plumerville, Ark. 72127 OFallon, Mo. 63366point. Moreover,enough ^or ourIn This IssueDirectors Message 3Boys Says They Hit UFOs With Flashlight AAre Creatures and UFOs Related? 6UFOs Behind the Iron Curtain 3Humanoid Report 7--— 91973 Big--For UFOs 10AroundJThe Network 12Object Changes 13In Others Words :=L^ 14Astronomy Notes • 15quatity of, Skylook witl continue to depend onthe e&fcrt* o& *ta&& member*, MUFfl,/, and other*who have done *o much to provide article* and*uo*criber*. The new editor ha* already been-the recipient o$ t!ie*e e^orts, tnis good loitl,and the. type ou which made Skylook^wha1:it if*. ,/o doub-t out ^aith^ul reader* will note .that/this edition ofr Skylook it, {^our pages *horter~than usual, lluch o( the production equipmentwhich we will be *uing if> on order, and we areborrowing equipment and_ faacilitieA^jit^tltiAwe <>cel Sat 16 page* i*.time, on the job-i- A4 4ponwe get our £ect firmly on tlie ground, we willpick up tho*e four page* *o that you, our read-e/L6, do not get *hort-clw.nged.Among the many individuals who have helped inI did not *pecif1ica.Wj mention Walt hndAu*,director. The transition would have beencult without liif> friendly counseling,, and va*t *tore Oj knowledge.Likewise, ilorma ha* continued to work hard tomake the transition as *mooth as po**iblef Hard-ly a day pa**e* that I do not receive *omethingin the mail firom her and *he lias agreed to re-main on the Skylook *ta(l(i.La*t, but not least, I would like to acknow-ledge the work that my wi^e, Carolyn, had donein producing Skylook. She could be con*ideredthe busines* and production managers, i^ we had*uch title*, andit would be di^icult indeed tofunction without her.Thank* to -tho4e Apeci&icaltLy mentioned, andto the many not *peci{lically mentioned. Withoutyour e^ort* there would be no Skylook.Vwiglit ConnellySkylook, the UFO Monthly, is published monthly by DwightConnelly, 26 Edgewood Drive, Quincy, Illinois 62301. Subscription rates: UnitedStates and Canada, $5.00 per year; foreign, $6.00 per year; 50 cents per copy.Application to mail at second-class postage rates is pending at Quincy, Illinois62301.
  3. 3. Directors MessageIOWAHarold E. CowdinBY WALT ANDRUSBoth coasts of the U.S.A. are represented inthe latest appointments of State Directors forWashington and Massachusetts, extending MUFONcoverage to 34 states.Jacob A. Davidson,2503 N. E. 147 th,Seattle, Washington98155, telephone AC206 363 - 1579, hasvolunteered to or -ganize the state ofWashington by secur-ing competent State-Section Directors ingeographically ar-ranged groups ofcounties.David F. Webb, 64Jacqueline Road, Apt#10, Waltham, Mass.02154, telephone AC617 893-2638, hasconsented to rep-resent MUFON inMass. Dave, has aB. S. in Physics andis presently involved in theSKYLAB project.He, comes to MUFON highly recommended by RayFowler.MUFON is very fortunate in having Harold E.Cowdin, 8838 Woodmayr Drive, Norwalk, Iowa,50211 (near Des Moines), telephone AC 515 285-6171, agree to serve as State Director forIowa. He received his B.A. from the Universityof Nebraska in Education with graduate work atIowa State University. He retired as a regularAir Force officer in 1965 at the age of 39after serving 22^ years in the U.S. Army andAir Force in various responsible commandsthroughout the world. Since retiring, he hassubsequently worked as a professional engineer,specialist-logistics in our outer space programfor G.E., and is now president and director ofmarketing and sales for the Middle River Manu-facturing Company, Indianola, Iowa.Widely known UFOlogist and lecturer, GeorgeD. Fawcett, 607 North Main St., Mt. Airy, No.Carolina 27030, telephone AC 919 786-5410,formerly a State-Section Director in both Ten-nessee and Morth Carolina, has agreed to acceptthe responsibility as.State Director for NorthCarolina. George has his B.A. .from LynchburgCollege and has done extensive post-graduatework. He has served as a professionaltf.M.C.A.NORTH CAROLINAGeorge D. Fawcettdirector for over 20 years. During his job as-signments throughout the east, he organized UFOstudy groups in New England, Pennsylvania, andNew Jersey, as well as in Florida.We are proud to announce that another State-Section Director has been elevated to a StateDirectorship post. Robert L. Stinson, RobertL. Stinson, 1762 Devon Street, Ypsilanti ,Michigan 48197, telephone AC 313 482-5446, hasassumed the position of State Director forMichigan after a very creditable record of hav-ing secured some outstanding talented people tohelp resolve the UFO enigma in Michigan. Hehas his M. A. degree in conneeling and is pres-ently employed by the Michigan Department ofEducation in Vocational Rehabilitation. Bobattended the 1973 MUFON Symposium in KansasCity and plans to be in Akron, Ohio, or. June22, 1974,, for our Fifth Annual UFO Sumposium.Bob has selected John C. Sherwood, 120 W.Hanover, Marshall, Michigan 49068, telephone AC616 781-5478, to be State-Section Director forthe Michigan counties of Calhoun, Kalamazoo,.Jackson, and Branch. John has an A. B. fromAlbion College and is now a newspaper reporterfor the "Enquirer and News" in Battle Creek,:Michigan. Johns interest in the UFO .phenomenon(Continued on page 16)
  4. 4. Boys Say UFO HitFlashlight(Condensed from a report to MUFON by Donald R.Carr)Shortly after 7 p.m. on Nov. 16, 1973, two11-year-old boys entered a vacant lot next doorto the group of four houses In which they live,in Lemon Grove, Calif. After passing a clump ofbamboo and coming into the open, they saw alarge object about 20 feet wide and 11 feet tallsitting in the darkened 80x100 foot lot.The boys slowly approached the object, andafter about five minutes Richard (last name de-leted by request) rapped on the object three orfour times with the flashlight he was carrying.The rapping produced a metallic sound.The object, which the boys described as darkgray, immediately came to life. ••A dome on top of the object, about as high asits diameter, became illuminated with intensered light (a very, very brilliant spectral orChinese red) which lit up the entire area aroundthe boys. At the same time, the object, whichhad been resting on legs about 18 inches fromthe ground, rose to about three or four feetfrom the ground.A row of green lights around the peripheralrim of the object began to blink in sequence,and the object started to rotate, making a-"notvery high pitched" sound which the boys des-cribed as "wooooo woooo shooo."The rate of rotation became very high withthe red light blinking on and off. Then the redlight went off momentarily, came back on, andthe object rose into the air, still making thesound.The boys began to run, felt chills and tinglyand "we started getting weak. We could nothardly run."When the boys were interviewed a short timeafter the sighting in the presence of theirmothers, both mothers said the boys were not inthe habit of concocting tall stories, and thatboth boys were extremely excited when they cameinto the house.The boys described the object as being aboutthe size of their living room, kitchen, and• bathroom combined, which would be about 20 feetsquare. Later, in the field, they indicated aheight against an adjacent tree of about ten or11 feet.The investigation in the field revealed twoholes in the ground, six. inches by six incheswquare, and six inches deep. They were aboutsix feet, eight inches apart. A third partialdepression forming an equilateral triangel withthe two holes was apparent on a slight rise ofthe ground level. The holes were 40 feet froma back fence, and about 23 inches from a sidefence.Dead grass seemed to be lying in a counter-Cclockwise circular pattern. The ground isclayey, and was extremely dry and hard. Thesquare holes appeared to have been sheared bysomething extremely heavy. Color slide photoswere taken of the reported landing area thenext day after a light rain had fallen.Residual magnetism was checked in a piece ofsmall diameter pipe lying in the field, and in
  5. 5. Are Creatures &UFOs Related?Scan Gordon, Pennsylvania state director forMUFON, has spent a very busy 1973 investigatingUFOs and creature sightings. He told Skylookon Jan. 14 that his statewide 24-hour UFO clear-inghouse investigated "close to 600 reports"during 1973, and this does not include the "hun-dreds of creature sightings that were investi-gated." ., r Gordon got into the "creature" area of inves-tigation because "there is some evidence thatsonm of these creatures are UFO related. I thinkthat the creature data is extremely importantfor all serious UFO investigators to be awareof. There is a great deal more involved in itfrom the puzzle we are beginning to put to-gether. This data will be released as soon aspossible." he said.Gordon, who will present a paper on UFO-creature cases at the 1974 MUFON Symposium,notes that "these creatures are apparently show-ing up all over the country. Similar creatureshave been reported in Illinois, Tennessee, andOhio in resent weeks."The wave of creature sightings in Pennsyl-vania began in June, and intensified in August,and Gordon had as many as five persons manningtelephones and two-way radios communicating withother members of the group who were interviewingwitnesses and looking for physical evidence.The typical creature has been pictured aseight to nine feet-, tall, covered with hair,walking upright on two legs, having long armswhich hang below the knees, long legs* a 50 to57-inch stride, large orange-red eyes thatfaintly glow, an awkward gait except when run-ning, and sound like a baby crying, and an odorlike rotten eggs or spoiled meat.Evidence, that the creatures are related toUFOs is mostly circumstantial, least so far asreports thas far released, are concerned: Thereappear to have been increases in creature re-ports about the sane tine as there have been in-creases in UFO reports, there have been reportsof creatures near the areas of hovering UFOs,and footprints and other physical evidence ofcreatures have been found near some UFO sites.Perhaps the most interesting case thus farpublicized concerns a reported creature sight--ing in a wooded area by two girls about 9:30 p.m. on Sept. 27, 1973. The two reported thatthey encountered a white, hairy creature aboutseven or eight-feet tall, carrying a lumines-cent sphere in its hand. Both girls were re-portedly white with chock when they returnedto their house.The father of one of the girls went into thewoods (he owned the property), according to thedaughter, and stayed for over an hour. However,in an interview the father denied having goneinto the woods, and he stated that there weresomethings that shouldt be discussed. HeTypical three-toed print found In Pennsylvania.sadded that he didnt want anyone tramping a-round in his woods. The man reportedly exper-ienced a personality change following the epi-sode. After the incident described by thegirls, a "plane" was reportedly seen shining abright light down into the woods.Whether or not there is a tie-in with UFOsthere is little doubt but that the creatures doexist. Tracks, hair, feces, and sightings byreliable witnesses lead to the almost inescap-able conclusion that these creatures have beenobserved in Pennsylvania during the past fewmonths. How many of the creatures there are inttiat area is difficult to estimate, since theyhave been reported both singly and in groups ( a"family group" was reportedly seen by fivepersons on a golf course one night; the witnes-ses estimated the creatures heights at fourfeet, six feet, and eight to nine feet).Most of the sightings have been at night, al-though there have been daylight sightings. Nocreatures have been captured, although at leastthree have been shot at. Following one shootingwith a .35 calibre deer rifle, four "clots" ofwhat were thought to be blood were obtained. Theclots turned out not to be blood, but they haveyet to be identified. Likewise, identificationof hair and feces samples is still pending.While some of the ^ Pennsylvania "Big Foot"
  6. 6. the chain link fence surrounding the field.Reading of the pipe was -3.5 gauss at one endand +2.5 to +3.5 at the other end. Residualmagnetism of the fence was approximately 5.0gauss. These are apparently normal readings,so there was apparently no magnetizing or de-magnatizing field,around the object.A canvas of the neighborhood revealed thefollowing reports of TV interference at 7:20p.m. on Nov. 16. 1973:-Mrs. Catherine Chase stated that intense TVinterference occured at approximately 7:20 p.m.on Channel 10. .Daughter Thiel noted TV interference shortlyafter 7 p.m. which was so intense that sheturned the TV off.An unidentified resident in a nearby home re-ported wavy lines on Channel 8 at 7:20 p.m.A unidentified resident of another nearbyhome reported that the TV screen went white onchannel 6 at 7:20 p.m.An additional 25 neighbors were checked, butthey either did not have TV on or did not re-member.Editors Note: The reported sighting waslater investigated by David Branch and RobertB. Klinn, who have written a number of UFOstories for the Santa Anna Register.In a Dec. 5 story they reported that aneighbor of the boys had tried to use her tele-phone about 11 p.m. on the night of the sight-ing, and noted unusual static. Two days latera repairman reportedly discovered that at leasttwo telephone lines near the sighting area hadbeen fused together. He reportedly suggestedthat a strong magnetic field could have fusedthe lines.The Santa Ana Register also reported thatSan Diego physicist Neil Davis had estimatedthat several tons of pressure would have beenrequired to make the indentations in the vacantlot.NORTH CALIFORNIA GROUP PRODUCES SIX-PAGEBROCHUR ON UFOS, MUFOHThe Northern California Division of MUFON,under, the direction of Paul Gerny, has beenmaking a detailed six-page brochure describingUFOs and MUFON available to interested persons.Nine photos of UFOs are featured on thecover of the 1974 brochure, while the insidepages include diagrams of commonly-reported UFOshapes, a detailed account of recent closerangeUFO sightings, a brief look at ancient sightings, a short article on the reporting of sight-ings, a look at possible physical reactionscaused by UFOs, and considerable informationregarding MUFON and the scientific study ofUFOs.FLYING. LIGHT SHAKESTOO BOYS ON LONELY ROADThe following account is taken from a reportto MUFON by Lawrence Willett, Arkansas StateSection Director:On Dec. 29, 1973, at about 6 p. m., SteveFlippin, an honor student in his junior year ofhigh school, was riding with a frieSd, JohnHamp, in a car to Steves house. The road ledthrough a heavily-wooded and more or less deso-late area about two miles northwest of Flippin,Ark. About 100 yards from an intersection, theysaw a white light which f they at first thoughtwas a reflection. The light rose to just abovethe level of the tree tops, and came towardthem, decending to below the level of the treetops to about 15 foot above them, and slightlyin front of them. Steve, who is described as aquiet, respected youth, of high intelligence,-said the light was eight to ten feet in diameterand appeared to be a sphere. The outer fringeshad a transluscent appearance, while the middlehad a much brighter white light. He said he hadthe impression it was a solid object. Their carwas moving, and they were both very frightened.John Hamp, the driver, stepped on the gas, andat that instant the.object went straight up. Thewitnesses never stopped to see where it wentfrom there. They had heard no sound (the win-sows were up), had felt no unusual effects, thecar lights did not dim, and the motor did notflater. (The above report was based on an in-terview with Steve Flippen; the other witnesshad not yet been interviewed when the report wasmade via letter.)MOTHER, 9-YEAR-OLD STARTLEDBY OBJECT STOPPING NEAR CARMrs. Beverly Bechman of Waukesha Town, Wis.,and her 9-year-old daughter were driving southon Guthrie Road about 6 p. m. on Nov. 29, 1973,when she noticed a very bright, almost whitelight which was blinking.She pulled to the side of the road, and sheand her daughter watched the object through thewindow. The object stopped about 500 feet offthe ground after moving toward the car from theeast. It made no sound.After stopping briefly, the object quicklyleft. When the light was going away, it appear-ed to be steady. .(From Waukesha Freeman news-paper; reported by Ralph Miller.)STRANGE OBJECTS SEENFrom the Jan 2 Daily Democrat, Lamar, Mo.,comes a report that Vernon County farmers havebeen seeing strange objects in the sky. CharlieSimpson said he saw a flying saucer which wasglowing and which had portholes, according toan unidentified friend who was with him at thetime.
  7. 7. creatures bear some resemblance to the FoukeMonster of Arkansas, the Sasquatch of the North-west, the Missouri Momo the Everglades "SkunkApe," the Maryland Syksville monster, and other,there are a number of differences, includingdifferences in footprints. There are also dif-ferences in the descriptions given by Pennsyl-vania witnesses, probably based in part onvariations in the .creatures, and possibly inpart on .pre-conceived ideas of what monstersare supposed to look like.For UFO investigators, the relationship orthe monsters to UFOs is more important than thesimilarities of the creatures to each other. AnOct. 24 incident near Uniontown, Pa., repre-sents another in a series of apparent UFO-creature tie-ins which, intrigue UFO investi-gators like .Gordon. About 15 persons-claim tohave witnessed the landing of a huge reddishball-like object, but the view of the incidentreported, by George Kowalczyk is of most inter-est. .. Kowalczyk was driving when he saw an orangelight in the sky over his fathers field. Heparked his truck, and took his -.30-16 rifleand two neighbor boys to investigate. The ob-ject slowly descended apparently to-the ground."This time it was completely white. It wasabout 100 feet in diameter, as big as a house,with a dome on top. It was very,, very .bright,"Kowalczyk reported .to investigator Gordon. Theobject sounded like a large lawnmower.At about this time one of the neighbor boysspotted something moving along a fence. ICowal-czyk described two creatures, one about eightfeet tall and the other about seven feet, bothwalking stifflegged. The creatures were com-pletely covered with a dark, grayish hair, hadlong arms that extended almost to the ground,were making crying sounds like a baby, andsiaelled like sulphur.One of the youngsters ran away in fear, andKowalczyk fired a shot into the air. As thecreatures began to approach him, he shot direct-ly at the creatures. "The larger creature madea moaning sound, raised his right hand, and thelight in the field disappeared and the soundstopped," said .Kowalczyk. "The two creaturesthen slowly walked away."Kowalczyk stated that his eyes began tobother him at the time, and that the lights onhis pickup truck dimmed. Both Gordon and astate trooper noted that the witness was vis-ibly shaken by the incident.Ho physical signs of a landing were evident,but the grass had been clipped low by grazingcattle. No footprints were found at the scene,according to Gordon.(Editors Note: while details of the Kowalczyksighting were printed in the December Skylook,it was felt that this unique report would bearrepeating as well in completing the overallcreature story in Pennsylvania.)MANY WITNESS STRANGE OBJECTNEAR GREENSBORO, N.C.The following, accpunt was taken from a reportfiled by Dr. Arlan K.1Andrews, MUFON consultantThe following, account was taken from-a reportfiled by Dr. Arlan K. Andrews, MUFON consultant:For a period of more than two hours on thenight of Mov. 14, 1973, up to nine witnessesobserved at least one brilliantly lighted, glow-ing object performing a variety of manauevers ina relatively dark and isolated rural area notmore than five miles from the city limits ofGreensboro, N. C., population 150,000. About6:30 p. m. Sharon Mclntyre saw a bright lightthrough the trees, heard a rustling sound in thetrees, and noticed that.the dogs were upset. Sheand her husband watched the light for 15 to 30minutes. It sometimes remained motionless, andsometimes made quick vertical and horizontalmotions faster .than an airplanes. Anothercouple, the Minors, also watched the object. Mr.Mclntyre and Mr. Minor chased the object Ina carbut could not tell which roads led to it. Theywent to the Andrews house, arid the Andrews, whohad also seen the object, agreed that it was anegg-shaped, turquoise, and perhaps ten feet long(vertical) by three to five feet wide. Later,about 3:30 p. m., Mrs. Mclntyre and Mrs. Minorwere leaving the Mclntyre home when they saw awhite light .-coming over the nearby hill. Theyfirst thought it was truck headlights, but thensaw that it was an oblong, flowing object light-ing up the sky and the ground around it. Thewomen ran back to the Mclntyre porch, then backto the road. The object appeared to have backedup somewhat, and began spitting out colors in aband around the middle. Then the object made awide sweep along the horizon,- and settled ddwnbehind, the trees and out of sight. The twowomen were an estimated 300 feet from the objectwhich seemed to have been about 25-40 feet inits horizontal dimensions, and perhaps five toeight feet high. The pulsating colors appearedin the center . portion of the object in a se-quence of turquoise, amber, and white, rapidlymoving from right to left. Mrs. Mclntyre hadthe impression of more depth to the object thanmerely a cigar- shape, but could not be sure,since she saw only the oblong shape. An inde-pendent observer, Harold Hopper, reported see-ing a bright white light which seemed to havebeen coming down for a landing about the timethe two women observed the object. .*105 places to write for UFO informationand clubs to join*4 authentic UFO photos taken in 1965 atSanta Anna, California*Book list on over 50 UFO titles.All for $2.95 from Bill Bemis, P.O. Bpx 35Versailles, 111. 62378 .(adv)
  8. 8. UFOs Behind the Iron CurtainBY JOE BRILLThe following information was related to me ina letter from the witness on July 9, 1973. Thesighting took place on August 31, 1970, nearTurnov, Czechoslovakia.In reply to your letter regarding the UFO Iobserved let me tell you the following:The ovservation was completely accidental,since I have never before paid any attention tosuch things, even though I have always been in-terested in happenings on the earth and in theheavesns, especially in the field of ..astronomy.I have a close friend, who is working as anastronomer.My wife had wanted to visit a former studentin a distant village, who was getting marriedand so, I went along with her. It was eveningand we were walking through the woods on ourway to the train depot. It was 8:45 p.m. andthe train was scheduled to leave the station at9:00 p.m. This was when we first noticed theUFO. The station was poorly lighted and on thehorizon one could see the contours of the woodedhills in a silhouette of the last rays of thesetting sun.Suddenly over the horizon there appearedan object flying in absolute silence. It wasemitting red colored rays of light in onesecond intervals. It had a trail-like light,which appeared to be about three times longerthan the light rays it was shooting up from thecenter of the top part. The light rays beingshot upwards seemed to be timed at about .onceevery three seconds.My wife was the first to see this object,since I was busy with cleaning my dirty shoesin a pail of water which had been brought to usby the station attended. Hearing her yellinghe too ran out and then stood in wonder at thisappearance. Then,.I toox looked toward the hor-izon and observed this flying object which ap-peared to be a little smaller than a cigarettefilter or a Czech twenty cent piece.The base was flat and the top was slightlydomed. From the center of the dome the lightrays could clearly be seen shining upward. Thecolor was wonderfully clear ruby. It was flyingin complete silence, straight forward and levelwith the horizon.First, I thought it was some kind,,of machine,which suddenly appeared above the wooded hillline, but at second glance I had the feeling itwas something very strange. My whole body feltstrange about what I was seeing out there. Theobject left the silhouette of the hills and flewover the valley between, and it took about fiveminutes to travel this distance. It was loca-ted at 25 to 30 degrees above the horizon line.The total time of the entire observation was8 to 10 minutes.The distance between the two hills of thevalley is 2 kilometers and it took 5 minutes tocross this distance between the hills.When the object had disappeared, I looked atmy wife and the station attendedt and they look-ed at me. We all felt we had seen somethingwhich was not of this planet. We almost missedour train and I told my vwife that I believed wehad seen something in which I had never beforebelieved existed.No mention of this incident was reported inthe public news and I sent a report to the Ast-ronomical Observatory in Ondrejov, but I havenever received any reply to that letter.Turnov is a town of 14,000 population and thelocation at which we saw this UFO was about"12to 14 kilometers from Turnov.The UFO was moving in a straight course fromthe Northwest to the Southeast. There were atotal of three witnesses. The UFO was last seenas it disappeared behing the hill on the otherside of the valley. What surprised me the mostwas the absolute silencewhich was evident allthe time of the observation. :I would estimate that we were about 2 kilo-meters from the UFO. It covered a distance of110 to 115 degrees of the horizon. It was verybright and very clear in it;*s ruby color.That is to the best of my ability the ac-count of what I and two others observed at 8:45p.m. on the 31st of August, 1970, at the rail-road depot near "Turnov. :. I was born on Dec. 2, 1911, and my wife onDec. 25, 1916. I am an artist and a writer. Mywife is a teacher. She teaches the 9th yearstudents. We both have college educations. Ilike to study physics, social behavior and phil-osophy. I have travelled extensively in my owncountry as well as many other countries. My in-terests are, and always have been, in the realthings and not in fiction or theoretical ideaswhich cannot be proven.I have told you what I observed and I have noanswer for it, but I know that it was there andthat I saw it. Something which I can notexplain.With Hearty Greetings to You,Mr. Karel Hynk and wife
  9. 9. Humanoid ReportA UFO sighting involving a near landing, apowerful beam," and possible humaneids has beenreported in California by two Vietnam veterans.The two were driving on Highway 101 about 36miles north of Paso Robles on Dec. 14, 1973,about 9:43 p.m. when they observed a hoveringUFO which seemed to be shooting a steady flame-like beam to the ground, causing the earth toglow.The beam • was coming out of a black cone-shaped object which protruded from a large hov-ering sphere, according to one of the unidenti-fied veterans, now a biology major at the Uni-versity of California at Santa Cruz. The beamwas.similar to a line of tracers from a heli-copter gunship, he said, but the beam was solidred with no arc to it. It was hitting the groundand throwing up dirt and other material.The pair stopped their car to get a betterlook at the object, which was hovering an esti-mated 800 feet from the ground. One of the Wetsstated that it was bigger than any helicopter hehad ever seen, and was definitely not a helicop-ter. He described it as an amber spheroid.The beam shot out and then stopped; the conebegan to move into the sphere. During thismanauver a cloud of vapor came out around thecone shape. The vapor was described as egg-white or chalky-white, and more or less trans-parent. The sphere itself was amber in colorthrough most of its .center, and it gave off awhite,.light.The witness emphasized that the observationtook place on a very clear night with no clouds.After the cone was drawn inside, the spherebegan moving horizontally, then took off at a60-degree angle from the observers. The vel-ocity of the sphere was described as incredible,aoving from a hovering position to a point whereit appeared to be the size of a star in lessthan 10 seconds.The two observers then, got flashlights inorder to explore the area where the beam had hitthe ground. The area, still glowing, was des-cribed as sort of an elipse, about 25 feet longand about 10 feet wide. The perimeter of thering was glowing red and then yellow, but aring in the center was not glowing.The two observers were about 30 feet apartwhen one of them reportedly shined his flash-light on two cylindrical shapes which appearedto him to have crinkly aluminum skins and standabout 6 feet high. The objects about 50 feetaway, appeared to be almost humanoid, statedthe observer, and there was a glow at the baseof them.He yelled at his friend, dropped to one knee,and again shined the flashlight in the directionof the shapes, but they were no longer there.The glowing area suddenly stopped glowing afterabout five minutes.Soil samples and other possible evidence atthe site are being collected and analyzed,according to a detailed news story of the inci-dent written by Robert B. Klinn and DavidBranch for the Jan. 2, 1974, edition of theSanta Anna Register, from which this acountwas taken.(Information on the above sighting was repor-ted by Charles G. Kahlert.)SHINEY SILVER UFO CRUISESBESIDE WOMAN ON HIGHWAYThe following account was prepared from in-formation supplied to Skylook by Mrs. GeriWilhelm, Skylook reporter and investigator forthe Ohio UFO Investigators League:At approximately 7 p.m. on Dec. 1, 1973,awoman who wishes to remain anonymous was driv-ing with her 13-year-old daughter on Route 33,near Sugar Grove, Ohio. The daughter firstnoticed lights in the sky, thought to be a heli-copter.Then the object descended toward the car,circling to the left of the vehicle before com-ing alongside and cruising at 35 m. p. h. (thedaughter glanced at the speedometer). The craftwas described as shiney silver in the shape of acigar. It had a green light at one end, and ared light at the other. There was a pulsatingwhite light in the center which shined into thecar, becoming so bright that the woman hadtrouble seeing the highway. She said she feltthey were photographing her. She said she wasnot frightened, but that her heartbeat was veryrapid.The light stayed fixed on her car for atleast 15 minutes. The object made no noise, andwas described as being at least as large as thewomans Buick.The object eventually went quickly across themedian of the divided highway, headed backstraight for her car, then pulled up and ascend-ed into the sky. The entire experience lastedabout an hour. After the object had left, themother and daughter reportedly became very giddyand happy—thrilled that they had had such anexperience with a UFO.MORE THAU 3,000 OBJECTS NOW III SPACEAs of Dec. 9, 1973, there were 3,009 objectsin Earth orbit, including Earth orbiting pay-loads, Earth orbiting debris, space probes, andspace debris, from 10 nations and NATO. Of thisnumber, 2,909 are from the U.S., and 914 fromthe USSR;In the month of December, 27 satellites re-entered the Earths atmosphere,, and it was esti-mated in., the Volunteer Flight Officers News-letter that nine satellites would "decay"(reenter the atmosphere) during the month ofJanuary; The Soviet Cosmos 501 payload isexpected to "decay" Fib. 10. These reentriesoften look like meteors or fireballs.9
  10. 10. Big forUFOsBy George D. FawcettMUFOM State Director, North CarolinaAfter all but ignoring UFOs since 1969 thenations press and news media in 1973 gave prom-inent space to sightings—both in this countryand overseas. The massive wave of UFO sightingsworldwide in 1973 opened up a "new ara" inpublic and official acceptance.The current flurry of UFO sightings actuallystarted with the opening of 1972 (contrary towhat is generally thought) and brought with it aflood of UFO landing reports on a global basisthat is expected to spillover into 1974.Over 80 landings of UFOs were recorded anddocumented from 24 states in the U. S. A. andfrom over 11 foreign lands. Overseas these ex-cellent encounters came from such places asEngland, Canada, Africa, Argentina, and Austra-lia, Mexico, France, New Zealand, and CentralAmerica, with Austrailia heading the list.Stateside, such on the ground experienceswere reported from North and South Carolina,Pennsylvania, Alaska, Oklahoma, California,Iowa, Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio, Mississippi,Louisiana, Alabama, Virginia, Michigan, Mis-souri, New Hampshire, Florida, Maryland, Wis-consin, Kansas, Colorado, New Jersey, and Ari-zona. California, Tennessee, Mississippi andGeorgia ranked in that order for UFO landings.Most controversial of all were the sightingsof UFO occupants on the ground or through win-dows in low level flights. Such encounterswere reported in conjunction with landings ornear landings in 12 states and two countriesoverseas.These experiences were recorded in Dobsonand Copeland, N. C. at Gaffney, S. C.; atRobesonia, Penn.; at Balls Ferry and Chatsworth,Cal.; at Athens and Danielsville, Ga.; at GilesCounty and Watauga, Tenn.; at Pascagoula, Miss.;at Falkville, Ala.; at Danville, Va.; at Hampton.N. II./ at Pensacola, Fla.; at Baltimore, Md.;at Kimbra, Australia; and at Bahia Blanca, Ar-gentina.For the most part the UFO occupants (UFOnautswere around 4 feet tall, dressed in diverssuits and/or white coveralls (with and withouthelmets) and they seemed to be busy with sur-veilance and speciman gathering. These types ofreported UFO happenings almost led to panic sit-uations at varied localities across our nationand overseas.Trigger happy and badly frightened witnesseshave shot at UFOs and sometimes their pilots atFt. Beaufort, South Africa; at Griffin and Dan-ielsville, Ga.; at Gadsden and in Mobile County,Ala.; and in Georges County, Tenn. . In some ofthe incidents the bullets bounced back, whilethe emotional excitement made for bad.marksman-ship at other locations.The U.S. Air Force, the•Department of Defenseand tne Federal Aviation Agency were involvedwith UFO-jet interceptions and were greatly con-cerned by the growing number of radar trackingsof UFOs reported from the Eglin AFB, Fl.; fromCivil Defense radar in Columbia, Hiss.; fromFt. Sill, Okla.; from Bahia Blanca, Argentina;and from Vancouver Island, British Columbia.Pilot reports of UFOs were often reported byboth commercial and military pilots from BraniffEastern, Pan American, Delta Airlines, ColoradoHORAD Air Force pilots, BOAC, TWA, Bell Huey JetHelicopters, Scandanivan Airlines, and privateAustralian and Missouri pilots.General George S. Brown, U.S. Air Force Chiefof Staff admitted for the first time that UFOshad triggered many air, sea, land battles earl-ier in Vietnam. The DOD and FAA issued new UFOregulations, and the USAF started two new UFOstudies, code-named Old New Moon and Blue Paper.Other radar trackings came from military-basesin Maryland, Arizona, Delaware, Massachusettsand Washington State.Reports of UFOs came from the governors ofOhio and Georgia, from President Abi Amin ofUganda, from Skylab-2 astronauts, from policeand law enforcement officials in all 50 states,and from highly qualified scientific observers.Astronauts Gene Cernan and Gordon Cooper statedthey believed UFOs represented "other civiliza-tions" and "visitations from afar" over a longperiod of time, a thought shared and spoken $>ySenator Barry Goldwater alBo in 1973.The 1973 Gallup Poll indicated that 15 mil-lion Americans had seen UFOs to date and thatover 51% of the population had accepted UFOs asbeing real, both astonishing increases over thelast Gallup Poll on UFOs which was taken in 1966.Dr. J. Allen Ilynek, astronomer at Northwest-ern University opened a "Center for UFO Studies"in early December, just after a secret Rand Cor-poration study, as well as a two-year study bythe American Institute for Astronautics andAeronautics (AISA) recommended new UFO . studiesafter the previous ill-fated Air Force ProjectBlue Book and University of Colorado CondonCommittee UFO probes had failed to either ex-plain or duplicate the UFO phenomenon.While others investigate, a large number ofscientific, aerospace companies and technicallaboratories have set up anti-gravity and arti-ficial gravity projects, many under secret con-tracts, in an all-out crash project to try toduplicate the technology inherent in UFO ob-servations. Some of them are military, AEC,NASA, NSF, RCA, MIT, Bell, Boeing, Covair, Mar-tin, Lockheed, Douglas, Hughes, Air Force Flight10
  11. 11. UMITED STATES, DISTRIBUTION BY STATE: 1973Alabama... 16Alaska 1Arizona 8Arkansas; 71 California; 42Colorado 22Connecticut 1Delaware.:......... 2Dist. of Columbia.. 0Florida •. 1Georgia 23• Hawaii 1Idaho 1Illinois. :22Indiana. 11Iowa 8Kansas 5Kentucky 29Louisiana. 13Maine. 12Maryland 2Massachusetts 3Michigan 32Minnesota 13Mississippi 20Missouri... 115MontanaNebraskaNevada ,New Hampshire.New Jersey ,New Mexico ,New York..:North Carolina...,North Dakota1013708140Ohio 352Oklahoma 8Oregon 2Pennsylvania 600Rhode Island 2South Carolina.... 24South Dakota 0Tennessee 19Texas 47Utah.. 0Virmont 0Virginia 5Washington 4West Virginia 13Wisconsin 7Wyoming 0Total 1,566Dynamics and Air Force General Physics Research.In the meantime a large number of UFO photo-graphs and movie film were taken in 1973 inNorth Carolina, Alabama, California, Pennsyl-vania, Georgia, Ohio, S. Carolina, Italy,Peru, Missouri, Tennessee, Washington State andAustralia—v/hich are still being evaluated andanalysed.Electro-magnetic- interferences with carmotors, headlights, houselights, CB radios, TV,radio, masnometers and other communication de-vices were widely reported in conjunction withUFO encounters, as were numerous cases of ani-mal re-actions and human physiological effects.UFO-related power failures (documented overthe past almost 3 decades) again cropped uptime and time again in 1973 on March 14 inPiedmont, Mo.; on May 26 in Morwell, Australia;on June 23 in Columbia, Mo.; on Sept. 10 inAtlanta, Ga.; on Oct. 16 in Yazoo, Miss, and onNov. 11 in Farmsville, La .just to mention aPlanet in Trouble—The UFO Assault onEarth, by Jerome Eden. Shocking details ofactual battles between Dr. Wilhelm Reichand the UFOs! shows how UFOs are destroy-ing Earth; what Earthmen can do to surviveMust reading for serious UFO researchers.Hardcover, $7.95 postpaid. Order fromEDEN, Box 34QEDEN, Box 34-s, Careywood, Idaho 83809.(adv.)few of the growing incidents on a global basis.At UFO landing sites, impressions and groundmarkings, such as burned 20 to 30 ood circles,tripod landing-gear marks, background radiationincreases above normal, chemical soil changes,denuded vegetation and dehydrated and depressedareas have : been found, along with many depositsof both metallic and non-metallic fragments.Many reported ammonia, sulfur-like and ozone•odors near UFOs.On Oct. 3 a motorist suffered impared visionwhen burned by a UFO at Jacksor, Mo. while onOct. 19 at Rutledge, Ga. another witness wasburned on her face by the heat given off by anapproaching UFO. Over 170 cases of eyewitnessesbeing burned, blinded, paralyzed and injured byUFOs in close encounters have been documentedsince 1945, so that witnesses of UFOs are urgednot to touch or approach UFOs on the ground un-til more can be determined about their originand nature.Consistent features of UFOs are being repor-ted independently by witnesses thousands ofmiles apart. In 1973 two important books werepublished, both of which tell it as it really isDr.. J. Allen Hyneks book THE UFO EXPERIENCE (aScientific Inquiry) and Major Donald E. Keyhoesbook "ALIENS FROM SPACE."For many in 1973 UFOs became part of .theirexperiences and alien appeared to be the correctadjective used to describe- the growing number ofworldwide UFO sightings that were being reported.CHARIOTS OF THE GODS? FILM REVIEWED"Chariots of the Gods?," the film version ofErich von Danikens controversial bestseller,has been given a good review by the Atlanta Ga.,Journal. In a Jan. 2 column by Barbara Thomas,the film is described as adding credibility tovon Danikens theory. A "well-chosen musicalscore" and "imaginative photographic techniques"are said to "add a feeling of suspense andeeriness to what could easily have been a dullviewing of artifacts." Ms. Thomas notes that"there are parts of the film where detail isconspiculously lacking, and we wish the narra-tor would give us more time to absorb what hehas shown us before hurrying on to the next dis-covery."The Latrobe, Pa., bulletin reports that or.or about October 19, 1963 a Paul Brown of AthensGa., saw two four-foot tall creatures emergefrom a UFO which landed on the highway. Brownreportedly shot twice at the occupants, whowere dressed in what appeared to be silveruniforms.11
  12. 12. Around the NetworkUFO STUDY GROUP OF GREATER ST. LOUIS PUBLISHESFACT SHEET FOR PUBLICThe UFO Study Group of Greater St. Louis hasproduced an impressive four-page UFO Fact Sheet,which is available free from the group.The Fact Sheet includes a photo of a UFO, adefinition of what a UFO is, an explanation ofthe purpose of the St. Louis study group, achart of the basic shapes and types of UFOsan explanation of physical evidence, and advicefor those who witness a UFO.Copies are available from P.O.Box 9, 0FallenMo. 63366.SALEM, ILL., PROGRAM PLANNEDClarence 0. Dargie, state section director,will be the guest speaker for the Salem, 111.,Lions Club Feb. 5 at the Salem Holiday Inn.STAN GORDON TO TEACH UFO COURSEPennsylvania State Director Stan Gordon willteach an adult education course entitled "UFOs--Fact—Myth?" beginning Feb. 13 at the Westmore-land County Community College.ROBERT SMULLI1IG TO TEACH UFO COURSERobert Smulling of the Tri-State UFO StudyGroup will teach a ten-week adult educationcourse on UFOs at Southeast Iowa CommunityCollege, beginning Feb. 5.RALPH DeGRAW DISCUSSING UFOSON TY, AT CLUBS, IN SCHOOLRalph C. DeGraw, Iowa State-Section Director,on the "Last Word" program on WMT-TV in CedarRapids. He was scheduled to speak Jan. 7 at theCedar Falls Jaycess, and at the Waverly KiwanisClub Feb. 14. He has been asked to teach a one-day course on UFOs at the New Hampton HighSchool on Feb. 22.McKAY TEACHES COURSE ON UFOSAT ONTARIO INSTITUTE FOR EDUCATIONHenry McKay, Director of the Canadian pro-vince of Ontario for MUFON, has been teaching aten-week course on UFOs at the Ontario Insti-tute for Studies in Education. McKay, who hasinvestigated hundreds of Canadian sightings overthe past eight years, says his most interestingwere probably a succession of burn marks. Thefirst involved a farmer who, in 1969, was sur-prised by a bright light given off by a dome-like object in his- field. The next day a burnmark, 30 feet in diameter, was discovered wherethe object had landed. Soil samples showedthere had been a sudden, inexplicable change inthe soils composition. (From Toronto Sun; re-ported by Gene Duplantier.)Stanton T. Friedman, "the only space scien-tist in the world spending full time on UFOs,"will be among the speakers at the 1974 MUFONSymposium in Akron, Ohio, June 22.Friedman, who lectured on 93 29states in 1973, is scheduled for the followingstates - . -speaking engagements over the next few months:Feb. 2, 3, NRE Convention, Houston, Tex.;Feb. 4, Platte Cmty Col, Columbus, Neb.; Feb.6, Miami U, Hamilton, Ohio; Feb. 8, JohnsonCCC, Overland Park, Kan. (near Kansas City);Feb. 21, Dekalb Col, Clarkston, Ga. (near At-Lanta); Feb. 25, Valencia CC, Orlando, Fla.;Feb. 26, U of Miami, Miami, Fla.;March 8, Grossmont Col. (near San Diego);March 19, Belleville CC, Belleville, 111.; March20, Mgt Club, Battlecreek, Mich.; March 27,Lycoming Col, Williamsport, Pa.April 1, Southwest Col, Chula Vista, Calif.;,April 2, Butte Col, Gridley, Calif.; April 3,Columbia, Calif., Jr Col; April 4, Merced.Calif., Col.Groups interested in sponsoring talks byFriedman may call collect at 213-376-9626 (24-hour service), or write at 2420 Grant Ave., Apt.3, Redondo Beach, Calif. 90278. He notes that"piggy back" rates would apply in conjunctionwith the above listed dates.JOHN SCHUESSLER TO TEACHUFO EVENING COURSE IN ST. LOUISJohn Schuessler, director of the UFO StudyGroup of Greater St. Louis, and Skylook staff-er, has been asked to teach an eight-week even-ing course entitled "UFOS—The Great Mystery ofOur Time" by the Metropolitan Colleges _(St.Louis University), beginning Jan. 30.ST. LOUIS GROUP MEETSThe January 13 meeting of the UFO Study Groupof Greater St. Louis featured John F. Schuesslerplaying a tape of his interview with two St.Charles, Mo., police officers who observed a UFOOther activities included a description ofthe MUFON amateur .radio net work by Dr. W. P.Armstrong; a discussion of the Pascagoula, Miss,abduction case; and reports on UFO programs inthe mass media.The next meeting will be at 2 p.m. Feb. 17at the Lemay Bank & Trust Co., St. Louis. (Re-ported by David A. Schroth.)TRI-STATE UFO GROUP MEETSOfficers for the coming year were elected Jan.16 at the regular monthly meeting of the Tri-State UFO Study Group in Quincy, 111.:John French was elected chairman; Lon Moller,vice chairman; Wanda Brill, secretary; and Mrs.Ann Viar, treasurer.The next meeting will be at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 20at the home of Fields Freeman in Quincy.12
  13. 13. Object ChangesRobert B. Klinn, who teams with David Branchto write UFO stories for the Santa Ana, Calif.,Register, was able to get a story first handabout 2:30 a. m. Dec. 20. 1973, at Pacific Pal-isades, where he lives.Arriving home from viewing a UFO motion pic-ture film taken by a physicist, Klinn was pagedby an excitedneighbor, Michael Wagner, who hadbeen watching a large, yellowish-white, glowingblob moving very slowly over the .horizon off theSanta Monica-Pacific Palisades beach. A heli-copter -with its flashing lights was to the left.Klinn got a 16-power spyglass, and observed avertical column of very bright, round, yellow-white .lights bisecting a horizontal line ofsimilar lights. Additional columns of lightparalleling the vertical column would systema-tically appear, disappear, and reappear. Thenthe1whole complex of lights took on the shape ofa triangle when two additional lines of lightsappeared,, joining the top of the first verticalcolumn with the left and right ends of the hori-zontal line of lights.After about 45 minutes, Klinn readjusted thetelescope-and .was able to clearly see the edgesof a huge, cigar-shaped machine illuminated byfour or five huge, pulsating, flashing, roundlights along the length of the object. Thelights were much brighter than those observedearlier, and they covered most of the width ofthe object.The lights were flashing rapidly, but alsoappeared to be inter-relating with each other,seemingly smashing into each other from theright part of the cigar to the left, as if thelights traveled through each other. When thelights smashed together there was a tremendousflare-up of intensity of the light which washit. Then the smashing activity would reversedirection.At the top of the cigar and seemingly at-tached to it was an appendage angled at about 45degrees forward and pointed at the end. The ap-pendage had three huge lights running its lengthbut these were not flashing as rapidly as thoseon the cigar. The cigar also had a "tail" tothe right, angled downward about 30 degrees.Suddenly the top appendage began moving back andforth the entire length of the object. The ap-pendage then became vertical in respect to thecigar. Then the entire object quit moving, andappeared as a pointed dome topped disc (the ap-pendage appeared to have widened to become thepointed dome with no lights on it except for ared light at the apex of the dome). The largeflashing main lights on the cigar were stillvisible. Then all the lights flickered for afew seconds, and then all went off. Wagner hadfirst seen the object at 2:15 and the lightswent out at 3:37. .Klinn was told that a Santa Monica policeOfficer had observed the light, and estimated be about one mile off the coast, but the of-ficer later denied having seen it. (From anarticle by Klinn in the Dec. 26, 1973, Santa AnaRegister.)Missouri SightingsBy Ted PhillipsOn Nov. 26, 1973, two coon hunters entered awooded area north of Lincoln and encountered alarge reddish-orange sphere. The hunters hadjust turned their dogs loose when they noticedthe light across a field at low level. Asthey tried to approach the object they saw aherd of cattle. Suddenly they saw the dogspassing the cattle. The dogs jumped into thetruck and refused to leave it. The huntersfoined the dogs and drove toward highway 65.The reddish sphere paced the truck along a nar-row gravel road. As they reached highway 65 theynoted another reddish sphere hovering near thehighway to the south. The second object wasjoined by the first and they moved away at highspeed. The objects were also seen by the fatherof the two young men at ar distance of about 2mile. The objects were flying very near a highvoltage line and parallel to it.On Dec. 2, 1973, Mr. and Mrs. Jay R. Hodgesobserved another reddish-orange object at about2315. Mrs. Hodges related their experience: "Isaw this orange glow out the window towardCenterview and told Jay there must be a fire.Then I went to put on my glasses." Hodges him-self described the phenomena as "a 300-footlong red-orange shape floating above the treelevel." Hodges, who once was an aircraft me-chanic, added, "We had about seven or eight min-utes to study the thing and I tried to thinkthrough every possible aeronautical principlefor an explanation. Long before it disappearedI had decided it made no earthly sense." Theobject was shaped like a bowl. The object fi-nally moved away from the witnesses and disa-peared.The latest Missouri report took place on Jan9, 1974 about 3 miles south of Sedalia. At 0820the three witnesses, ages 50, 48 &27, were dri-ving west on Rte V when they saw an object be-neath the clouds-descending slowly. The objectwas ringed with multi-colored lights. It wasseen only a short time and disappeared behind aridge and was not seen again. The report is un-der investigation and as the object may havelanded, a search of the area will be made. Thereis a heavy snow cover and burns or marks couldbe visible. Any additional information will bepublished as soon as available.13
  14. 14. In OthersWordsBY LUCIUS PARISHNATIONAL ENQUIRER continues to feature con-siderable UFO material. The Jan. 6 issue con-tained two articles: one dealt with SenatorGoldwaters belief in UFOs; the other told of alow-level sighting .in Chattanooga, Ten., duringthe October flap. The Jan. 13 issue reported onsightings in Indiana. In the Jan. 20 issue,actor William Shatner of "Star Trek" fame toldof his experience involving a UFO and ESP intheCalifornia desert, which he credited with savinghis life.NATIONAL NEWS EXTRA also reported the Gold-water UFO remarks in their Dec. 23 issue. TheJan. 6 issue carried an article on the GoffstowhN.H., close-approach case which was featured inthe January issue of SKYLOOK.The December issue of ESQUIRE contained aninteresting article on Erich von Daniken and thecontroversy which still revolves around him.In the December issue of CHANGES, the opinionof R6d Serling, Isaac Asiraov, von Daniken, Dr.Carl. Sagan, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, former astro-naut Edgar Mitchell, and others are detailed.An interesting collection of thoughts on the UFOsubject.Scottish astronomer Duncan Lunans "alienspace probe theories are put forth again inthe January issue of ANALOG. Lunans book, MANAND THE STARS, is due to be published by BantamBooks within the next few months.The February issue of FATE has a report onthe Pascagoula, Miss, case, but unfortunately,this was written before all the facts were madepublic and some of the information is incorrect.Excerpts from Major Donald Keyhoes book,ALIENS FROM SPACE, are featured in the Februaryissue of SAGA. SAGAs UFO Specials will be pub-lished on a quarterly basis in 74 and are nowavailable via subscription; $3.00 for 4 issues.An anonymous Air Force sergeant is supposedlythe author of an article in the February issueof MALE. It tells of various alleged sightingsnear Air Force bases in various parts of thecountry. It may be true, but considering someof the nonsense published by MALE and similarmagazines in the past, I have my doubts.OTHER DIMENSIONS 74 is the first in a seriesof yearly annuals devoted to all aspects of thepsychic, occult and paranormal. Although UFOsmay not fit into either category, the magazinedoes contain an article on the subject, mention-ing MUFON and other UFO organizations. This isavailable on newsstands for $1.00.The latest two booklets from Gene Duplantierare now available for $1.25 each. These aretitled SUBTERRANEAN WORLDS OF PLANET EARTH andSPACEDUST. The former is a collection of mater-ial concerning supposed cavern worlds, the hol-low .EARTH, etc. :Contributors include RichardShaver,Mary & Tom LeVesque (of HOLLOW HASSLE),and others. SPACEDUST is a-.collection of mater-ial very similar to Genes OUTERMOST publica-tion of a few years ago. -It includes contacteestories, theories on lost planets and histori-cal UFOs, as well as a variety of other topics.Very.nicely put together. <SKYLOOK reader Richard Heiden has suggestedthat I mention a book now available in a-Spanishedition and which, hopefully, will be translatedinto English at some future date. It is entitledTEORIA DE PROCESOS DE LOS OVNI (THEORY OF UFOPROCESSES), written by Miguel Guasp. Sr. Guaspsays it is possible to predict the site of aUFO -observation, given the local time and thelatitude. For those who read Spanish arid whomight want a copy of the book, it can be orderedfrom the author at: C/Dr.;Vila Barbera,:8-10a-Valencia-7, Spain. The price is $4.00.Brad Steigers .latest paperback, ATLANTISRISING, contains quite a bit of material relat-ing to UFOs, space visitors of old, etc. Thebook was written about-4 years ago, so it is notanother attempt to cash in on von" Danikenspopularity. The publisher can be blamed for thelong delay in making the bookavailable. Frank-ly, there isnt much here that you havent readelsewhere, but it is still an interesting syn-thesis of ideas. Available from Dell Books -P.O. Box 1000 - Pinebrook, N./J. 07058 for 95<?,plus 15c for postage. . - UFO OVER TURIN, ITALY SEEN BY THOUSANDSThousands of persons in the Italian city ofTurin reported seeing a mysteriousflying objecton the night of Dec. 4, 1973. The object regis-tered on the radar screen at Turin airport, andwas clearly visible to the naked eye. .It seemed to rest motionless in the air forseveral minutes and rotated on its axis. Aspolice reached a spot more or less under the ob-ject it suddenly shot upwards at great speed anddisappeared.Two days earlier a private pilot said hechased a UFO over Turin airport, and he esti-mated its speed at 3,500 miles per hour. Apilot for Alitalia Airlines said he followed thesame object forabout h. miles in his DC-9 be-fore the UFO disappeared. (Reported by MikeJaffe)14
  15. 15. AstronomyNotesBy Mark R. HerbstrittFEBRUARY SKYMercury—From the 6th to the 16th it may bepossible to see Mercury low in the west justafter sunset. By the 24th it is in InferiorConjunction.Venus—It is a morning star, and by the 15thit is visible low in the southeast for about twohours before sunrise. It is at greatest brilli-ance on the 27th.Mars—Moves from Aries into Taurus; it isabout on the Meridian at sunset and sets aboutmidnight.Jupiter—It is too close to the sun for observation, conjunction being on the 13th.Saturn—It is well up in the east at sunset,and sets about 3 a.m.The alpha aurigid meteor shower is visiblefrom the 5th to the 10th. Comet Kohoutek shouldstill be visible in small telescopes.TALLAHASSEE TO ATLANTA PLANEOBSERVES UFO AFTER TOWER ALERTCapt. R. C. Cook, preparing to charter 730from Tallahassee to Atlanta on Nov. 12, 1973,was advised by Tallahassee FAA that the towerhad seen a UFO pass over the city doing about2,000 at 3,000 feet, and that it was invisual contact southwest of the field and lowover the trees.After taking off and completing a left turn,Capt. Cook and his crew sighted a round, glowingobject low on the horizon " and climbing awayfrom us." The light, which was spherical, waspulsating from very bright to quite dim, but wasalways visible. The color would drift frombright red to white, and occasionally the crewwould see some light yellow or green.The plane was an estimated 15 miles from theobject throughout the sighting. Tyndall Ap-proch confirmed visual sighting of the object,and Panama City said it saw the object, plustwo others which Cook could not see. Capt. Cookreported that the objectis movements seemed"evasive," and he did not consider it prudent toattempt to close on it.After requesting clearance to Atlanta, Cooknoted that the object had "reversed its coursewith us," and now following the plane northboundAt this point Cook began his descent, ending theobservation.(from December, 1973, Southernaire, an aviationmagazine; reported by Ed Brown.)NEBRASKA DIRECTOR KRAAL REPORTSNUMEROUS UFOs IN PAST FEW MONTHSElmer Kraal, Nebraska State Director forMUFON, has sent us a number of reports receivedduring the past few months, including two whichturned out to be weather balloons and the re-entry of a Russian rocket. Included among thereported are:Sept. 23, 11:15 p. m. Grand Island: a greenlight changing to white reported 20 degreesabove the horizon for 15 minutes by two witnes-ses.Oct. 7, 10 p.m., Grand Island: a gold, spin-ning object shaped like Apollo spacecraft withred lights on each side and one white light ontop was reported hovering at 20 degrees for 1hour. It then gradually moved straight east andupward to 75 degrees before disappearing, ac-cording to witnesses.Oct. 17, 8:30 p. m., Big Springs: up to sixsaucer-shaped objects partly hidden in haze werereported by several witnesses. The objects var-iously hovered and traveled from west to north-east. Immediately after, web-like material wasobserved falling to the ground (a sample isunder study). Later the same evening an Inter-state 80 traveler from the west reported seeing6 meteors or stars falling to the east.Oct. 18, 12:42 p. m., Fullerton: two duckhunters reported seeing with the naked eye andwith binoculars six capsule-shaped objects,white in color with the middle third all black,flying overhead in a tight, shallow V formationfrom NW to SE. Sighting was for 2 minutes inclear sky with unlimited visibility.TWO WOMEN OBSERVE LIGHTHOVERING IN CHICAGO AREAThe following account was taken from a flUFOMreport by Laurence P. Rybak, field investigator:Two women, who have asked that their names bekept confidential, were driving in Berwyn, 111.,at 5:15 p. m. on Jan. 4, 1974, when they saw ahovering object with two bright lights in frontshining straight ahead, and smaller lights around the sides.As the object began to move, the witnessesfollowed it for one-eighth to one-quarter mile.When moving, the two bright lights were turnedoff, and red tower on object was seen. Theobject was seen about 75 feet above the groundand about 300 feet from the witnesses as ithovered over a high school athletic field whenthe witnesses parked near Riverside Ave. andHome Ave.The object then disappeared fromview north behind the school building at a rateof speed of a small aircraft. The large brightlights were turned off as it left.Please check the subscription expiration date on your address label to seeif this is your last month for your current subscription. We encourage you torenew in advance so you do not miss any issue.If you are moving, please send us your new address by the 20th of the monthpreceding our next issue date. We must pay postage on all undelivered mag-azines, and we would rather use this money to improve Skylook.15
  16. 16. (contlnued from page 3)started back in his "teens," which is a fineincentive for our younger members now enthus-iastically serving in the category of "SKYLOOKReporters" or "UFO News clipping Service."In Iowa, Ralph DeGraw, Route 1, Hazleton,Iowa 50641, telephone AC 319 636-2620, has beenre - assigned as State - Section Director forBachanan-, Blackhawk, and Delaware Counties.Ralph has been in great demand by the newsmedia and civic organizations as a speaker inhis locality as a consequence of our recent UFO"flap" in the southeastern states.George D. Fawcett, State Director, hasappointed Richard C. Austin, 5595 Murray Road,Winston-Salem, Worth Carolina 27106, telephoneAC 919 924-8419, as the State-Section Directorfor these North Carolina counties: Forsyth,Guilfiord, Surry, Stokes, Rockingham, Yadkin,Davie, Davidson, and Randolph. Richard is pre-sently chairman of the recently organized "TarHeel UFO Study Group."The majority of New Hampshire is now covered,with the appointment of the following two State-Section Directors:Peter A. Morrison, 38 Bowman Street, Laconia,New Hampshire 03246, telephone AC 603 524-7585,will be responsible for MUFON organizing inBelknap, Strafford, and Merrimack Counties.Peter is the radio news director for WKBR inManchester and has a college degree.John M. Meloney, Box 59, Claremont, NewHampshire 03743, telephone AC 603 542-2111, hasbeen assigned to establish a rapport with UFO en-thusiasts, police agencies, and the news mediain Sullivan and Cheshire Counties. John has donegraduate work after receiving his college degreeHe would like to set up a world-wide system forreporting UFOs by ships at sea as is presentlydone by the airline pilots through VFON and HerbRoth.James G. Maidhof, 4003 Charlotte, Kansas CityMissouri 64110, telephone AC .316 754-7954, hasvolunteered to serve as State-Section Directorfor the Missouri counties of Jackson, Clay,Platte, and Cass. After receiving his B.A. inAnthropology from San Diego State College, Jimwent to the University of Arizona in Tucson asa Graduate Research Assistant to work toward hismasters degree in Anthropology and Archaeology.Fields F. Freeman, 1IUFON Corporate Treasurer,would like to remind members that 74 membershipdues are now being received. Anyone who joinedMUFON and paid their $2.00 dues during the 4thquarter of 1973 has already been credited withtheir 1974 dues and received their new MUFOH UFOnetwork identification card. The cards will beissued as 1974 dues are received by your direc-tor.The world-wide coverage of UFO sighting re-ports by the entire news media during the recentflap has revitalized the interest of the scien-tific community and the general public. Scien-POLICE OFFICERS CHASELIGHTS III ST. CHARLSJohn Schuessler filed the MUFON report fromwhich the following account was taken:Reuben Abbington and. • Alvin Regot, St.Charles, Mo., police officers were riding in Car5 at 4:25 a.m. on Jan. 5, 1974, when .Lt. Regotfirst noticed a stationary light at. about 300feet above the ground. Both officers observedthe object, which they discerned as two brightoblong (retangular) white lights. Then thewhite lights dimmed, and a red light rotatedaround the center of the object. The objectmoved slowly west, then stopped and moved di-rectly toward the observers. Having stopped thepatrol car and gotten outside, the officersstood their ground and Lt. Regot shined a spot-light toward the object in an effort to make outa shape (he had previously shined the light atthe object when it had been stationary). Theobject stopped several hundred feet from theroad, and barely cleared Mamelles Hills, thehigh point in the area. As it accelerated itmade a sound like escaping steam. When the ob-ject accelerated, the officers raced after it inthe patrol car-, but could not catch it. The redlight and both oblong lights could be seen whenthe object was coming and going.CONSTABLE CHASES AERIAL OBJECT:GETS CLOSE AND AUTO-GOES DEAD .The following is based on a report by JamesJ. LaChute, MUFON field investigator, and astory in the New Orleans State-Item:On Oct. 7, 1973, Constable Charles Delk wascalled to a Petal, Miss., address to investigatea reported sighting of a UFO. Nothing was seenuntil Delk was driving back, when he spotted anobject over Petal High School.He described it as "like an old-tiney top"with a short antenna on top. The wide portionwas upward, and was surrounded by a yellow bandof light. Its estimated diameter was 30 feet.Delk says the object hummed.The object was followed for approximately 30miles, and Delk says four lights were flashing.The object went toward the Tallahalla Swamp, butwhen Delk got "pretty close to it" his motor"killed." The motor remained dead for about 15minutes, during which time the motor would notgrind and his radio did not work.When his car again started, "like nothing waswring," he again followed the object through thetown of Ovett and past a swamp. Then the objectreportedly did a "double flip" and dissapearedtists were quietly stepping forward to volunteertheir services in an effort to help resolve thegreatest scientific problem of our time.The sensationalists and "kook fringe groups"are being phased out of the UFO picture. Theyare being replaced with the educated and exper-ienced scientists and engineers who are bringingEheir expertise to bear upon this enigma.16