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Mufon ufo journal 1974 12. december - skylook

  1. 1. Number 85SKYLOOKThe UFO Monthly75 centsDecember, 1974OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF MUFONJ MUTUAL UFO NETWORK, INC.;iThis is one of two color photos allegedly taken of aUFO byMr. Jorma Viita on June 22,1974, at Odense,Denmark. In addition to Viita, there were allegedlythree other witnesses to the sighting and photo-graphing. Viita also allegedly shot three photos ofa UFO in February, 1974 (see November SKYLOOK).The story of his latest photos begins on page 8.
  2. 2. SKYLOOKThe UFO Monthly26 Edgewood DriveQuincy, Illinois 62301Dwight ConnellyEditorCarolyn ConnellyBusiness ManagerWalter H. AndrusDirector of MUFONTed BloecherHurrianoid/Occupant CasesJoseph M. BrillInternational CoordinatorThe Rev. Dr. Barry DowningReligion and UFOsLucius ParishBooks, Periodicals, HistoryMarjorie FishExtraterrestrial LifeStan GordonCreatures & UFOsMark HerbstrittAstronomyRosetta HolmesPromotion/PublicityBob KirkpatrickWest Coast CoordinatorTed PhillipsUFO Landing TracesDavid A. SchrothSt. Louis/Mass MediaJohn F. SchuesslerUFO PropulsionNorma E. ShortEditor-Publisher EmeritusIn This IssueSpain: man says occupants chased him 3UFO photos allegedly taken in Denmark 8Rawlins, Wyoming, occupant case 10Object in water checked in Pennsylvania 12In Others Words 13UFOs Behind the Iron Curtain 14Ohio steel ball returned to foreign nation — .15PSI releases photo of UFO posing site 16Yakima Indian Reservation UFO stakeout 17Directors Message 18Astronomy Notes 20Recapping the September issue 20STATEMENT OF OWNERSHIP, MANAGEMENT, AND CIRCULATION1. Title of publication Skylook the UFO Monthly; 2. Date of filing: Nov. 15,1974; 3. Frequency ofissue: monthly; 4. Location of known office of publication: 26 Edgewood Drive, Quincy, IL. 62301;5. Location of headquarters or general business offices of the publisher: 26 Edgewood Drive,Quincy, IL. 62301; 6. Names and addresses of publisher,editor, and managing editor: publisher,Dwight Connelly, 26 Edgewood Drive, Quincy, IL. 62301; editor, Dwight Connelly, 26 EdgewoodDrive, Quincy, IL. 62301; managing editor, none; 7. Owner: Dwight Connelly,26 Edgewood Drive,Quincy, IL. 62301; 8.Knownbondholders, mortgagees, and other security holders owningor holding1 percent or more of total amount of bonds, mortgages, or other securities: none; 9.Optionalcompletion by publisher mailing at the regular rate: blank; 10. For completion by nonprofitorganizations authorized to mail at special rates: blank; 11.Extent and nature of circulation: A.Total number of copies printed, average for preceding 12 months, 1,200; B. Paid circulationthrough dealers and carriers, street, none; mail subscriptions average each issue during pre-ceding 12 months, 950; actual number of copies of single issue published neartest to filing date,1,036; C. total paid circulation average each issue during preceding 12months, 950; actual numberof copies of single issue nearest to filing date, 1036; D. Free distribution by mail, carrier, or othermeans, (1) samples, complimentary, or other means, average number of copies each issue duringpreceding 12months, 30; actual number od copies of single issue published nearest to filing date,none; (2) copies distributed to news agents but not sold, average number copies each issueduringpreceding 12 months; 3; actual number od copies of single issue published nearest to filing date,none; E. Total distribution,average number copies each issue during preceding 12 months, 983;actual number of copies of single issue published nearest to filing date, none; E. Total distribution,average number copies each issue during preceding 12 months, 983; actual number od copies ofsingle issue published nearest to filing date, 1,036; F. Office use, left-over, unaccounted, spoiledafter printing,average number copies each issue during preceding 12months, 217; actual numberof copies of single issue published nearest to filing date, 164; G. Total, average number copieseach issue during preceding 12 months, 1,200; actual number of copies of single issue publishednearest to filing date, 1,200. (Signed) Dwight Connelly, publisher.Skylook, the UFO Monthly, is published monthly by Dwight Connelly,26 EdgewoodDrive, Quincy, Illinois 62301. Subscription rates: United States and Canada, $5.00per year; foreign, $6.00 per year; 50 cents per copy.Second class postage paid at Quincy, IL. 62301.Advertising is available in Skylook at 10<f per word, $1.25 per display line, or $5 perdisplay inch Minimum charge $5. Advertisements subject to approval of editor.—2—
  3. 3. Iglesias case: Spain, March,1974Truckdriver soys occupants chased himThe following is a detailed report on theMaximiliano Iglesias case of March21 and March 22, 1974, as written bySr.. Pere Redon and Sr. Joan Crexells.PART IThe Witness"My name is Maximiliano IglesiasSanchez. I am 21years old. I am fromSalamanca. A truckdriver. I workhere, in Lagunilla, in the service ofSr. Aquilino Garrido Bernal, with thisvehicle. I am dedicated to the trans-port of materials wherever he ordersme. I normally go, quite frequently,all throughout this district. I go,quiteoften, into that sector where theseships appeared to me." (translatorsnote; the word ships is used insteadof spacecraft or UFOs as we woulduse).Thus the witness presented him-self to newspaper reporter Don AngelGil, who interviewed him for the "LaGaceta Regional" (Regional Gazette)of Salamanca.Sr. Gil describes the young man tous as "of normal physical appearance.Blond. With expression totally nor-mal. And from his form of relatingthe events seems to have a normalmind and an order of ideas and of ex-pression without confusion nor con-tradictions, keeping in mind hehas undergone an official investiga-tion under the direction of the CivilGuard and has told the story a greatnumber of times."Angel Gomez Escorial, special en-voy of the magazine from Madrid"White and Black," commented in thisrespect: "Maxi Iglesias does notseem very imaginative. If he is lying,he does it to perfection. Our impres-sion is that he is a stable individual."Later, Maxi explains to the news-paperman that this summer he willgo into the military aviation serviceand that "I do not know what I amgoing to do when this military serviceends. Perhaps I will go into theArmed Police."In respect to his employers opinion,Sr. Garrido says: "He is a very hardworking young man, very serious andincapable of lying."Finally, it is interesting to point outthat the young man attended primaryand secondary school in Salamancaand that at the age of fourteen beganto work as a mechanic. Maxi told ourcorrespondent in Bejar, Sr. VicenteRico .Gil, that he does not readany-thing about science fiction or similarthings and that he likes very much toread about the life of animals.The SourcesThe first news of the case was writ-ten in "The Regional Gazette" of Sal-amanca, through an article by DonAngel Gil which was published onMarch 29. The newspaperman appar-ently became aware of the observa-tion thanks to an interview made afew days after the events occurredby an announcer of Radio Bejar, ofwhich we possess a recording on cas-sette.Throughout the 30th and 31st ofMarch the entire Spanish press wasechoing the observations of MaxiIglesias, when the mini wave of1974came to full climax. Finally, it isworth citing the article which ap-peared in "White and Black" ofMadrid with the date of April 6.Our correspondent in Bejar, Sr.Vicente Rico Gil, interviewed thewitness on May 21, that is to say twomonths after the events took place.Of this interview, we possess an ex-tensive recording on cassette whichtogether with the broadcast tapefrom Radio Bejar have constitutedthe fundamental pillars for the edit-ing of this work. (Sr. Vicente RicoGil collaborated with our associate,Albert.Adell, in the investigation ofthe case of the Pantano GabrielGalan, the dam which is found rela-tively near the place of the eventswhich now concern us.First ObservationBetween 9:30 and 10:00 p.m. ofMarch 20, 1974,Maximiliano Iglesiasarrived in his truck at Pineda, in ful-fillment of his job. Once this wascompleted, Maxi went to visit hissweetheart, who resides in thisvil-lage.About 2:15 or 2:30 the earlymorning of the 21st, after havingpassed by the village of Horcajo onhis return to Lagunilla, Maxi ob-served a white and very strong lighton the highway some 700 to 600meters away. In the beginning hethought it involved another truck orcar. He switched his headlights tohigh beam and back several times sothat the other vehicle would pass withits lights down but,it was not thus:"The very bright light which almostwas blinding me" did not decrease(or diminish).Maxi continued forward until hewas obliged to stop on the edge of theroad, since he was driving off thepavement because of that light whichprevented him from seeing the road.(It is necessary to point out that theyoung man used the brakes on thetruck, meanwhile the diesel motorcontinued torun).Before continuing, he againswitched his headlight beams up anddown two or three times. On this oc-casion the light lowered its intensity,remaining like about that of a houseof the country, that is to say with aweak intensity. Then he went on downthe road until reaching about 200—3—
  4. 4. meters from the light.Then he again signaled with hishigh beams and it was at this mo-ment when he realized that there wasSomething strangewas on the highwaysomething very strange resting onthe highway: "I was surprised," hesays. Almost instantaneously, all thelights of the truck went out as wellas the motor of the same. The areawas illuminated only by the weakluminousity which the ship was emit-ting.The UFOThere was a metallic structure ofplatinum or steel, solid, of smoothedges and without rivets nor open-ings (doors, windows . . .). It musthave been about ten to twelve meters(30 to 36 feet) in diameter and wasresting on the pavement on threeround feet one half meter high. (Maxistated that the object stuck out oneach side of the road, which wasabout seven to eight meters wide).The UFO was giving off a weaklight, but the light was uniform on allits surfaces; it was a light "like I hadnever seen before," so that it wasdif-ficult for him to explain its nature.To the right, and at about fifteen orseventeen meters altitude, anothership was seen, stationary and with alight even weaker. (On the recordingby our correspondent, Maxi says thatthis second object wasdark).The Two BeingsSuddenly, from the right of the shipon the ground appeared ("I dont knowwhether they were there already orif they came out from somewhere")two beings, which stopped in front ofthe UFO at the center of the road.Those "persons" moved together,although not synchronized, and theybegan to motion to each other withtheir arms ("like the tourists do").Then they looked at him, and one ofthem pointed to him. Shortly after-ward, one of the beings turned half-way around toward the ship and dis-appeared suddenly to the right, fromwhere they had appeared at the begin-ning. The other one remained watch-inghim.In a short time, the former one re-appeared from the same place andwent to join his companion. Theylooked at each other and again re-turned toward the ship, disappearingto the right of the UFO. A few sec-onds later the object raised upslowly,giving off something like a hum,which could not be heard when it wasstationary.What were these persons like? Ac-cording to the description from Maxi,they must have been about 1.9 or 2meters (6feet) high. They were wear-ing suits similar to coveralls, closefitting, without creases, which cov-ered the entire body; the cloth wasbrilliant like the ship and similar torubber ("like-the frogmen"). Theirwalking was perfectly normal: "Theywalked with naturalness," stated thewitness. Their arms and legs werelike ours, in proportion. They did notappear to be robots.This article was published inthe September issue of STEN-DEK magazine, and MUFONand SKYLOOK were given per-mission to use it through Sr.Redon, the MUFON Represen-tative for Spain. The completetranslation was done by Dr.Willard P. Armstrong from theSpanish version, and it was ob-tained for MUFON by JosephM.Brill, International Coordinator,for publicationin SKYLOOK.In regard to the face—let us re-member that they "looked" at himand that they "looked at each other"—Maxi states that he could not seeeither at this time nor on the secondobservation, no matter how much hetried, how they looked at him. Thisdetail worried him a great deal. Onthis occasion the witness excusedhimself by the fact that he was about200 meters (600feet) from the beingsand that it had all occurred at night.Conclusion (for the first observation)The ship had climbed up very slow-ly in an oblique line to the right, untilit was located parallel to the othermotionless ship, with a distance be-tween the two of one or two meters.In this operation the ship did notchange itsluminousity.At this moment, Maxi says to ourcorrespondent that "although I wasafraid, I thought that they were let-ting me pass and I passed by, sincethey had not done anothing to mewhen they were close." So he startedthe truck and everything ran again,engine and lights, and he passed by.However, at about 150 or 200 metersbeyond the place of the observation,Maxi stopped the vehicle in order tosee what the two objects were doing.He put out the lights and climbeddown, being able to determine howthe illuminated ship again landed onthe same site.Then "I was really afraid and I gotout of there as fast as possible, sinceI told myself: I am getting out ofhere, because I dont want anytrouble." He arrived at his house inLagunilla and went to bed withouteating any food.Reactions in the VillageOn the following morning Maxiexplained his adventure. During themeal he related to various neighborsof the town what had happened, butno one believed him at all. However,in the afternoon, the son of his em-ployer went to see him and told himthat he believed him, since the nightbefore the television station had giventhe news about the case in Seville,the one about the commercial travel-ler, Mr. Sanchez.Second ObservationIn the afternoon of that same day,March 21,Maxi again went to Pinedato take a load of construction ma-terials, hurrying with the unloadingso that he would not be getting backhome very late. As soon as the un-loading was finished, and as was hiscustom, the young man went to visithis sweetheart. In a long conversationhe explained to her what had hap-pened just a few hours before.Then she insisted that he shouldremain, and not return to Lagunilla,since it was beginning to be late andshe was afraid to have him go outagain that night. The other membersof the family said the same thing.But Maxi, not listening to their ad-vice, began the trip back a few min-utes after 11p.m. that night. (This isa fact of interest, since in this way ithas been relatively easy to calculatethe exact hour at which the eventswhich we are relating occurred.)It was approximately 11:15 p.m.when he arrived at the point of the—4—
  5. 5. previous observation of the verybright light. And the phenomena wasrepeated. This made him think, "Herethey are again." But, since on theformer occasion they had not doneanything to him, he continued on hisway until being stopped at about200meters from the bright light.Three ships restingon the groundOn this occasion the light was pro-duced by three ships resting on theground. The point where he wasstopped is exactly the same as on theother night, since he knows very wellthis highway and remembers itthrough some details; therefore hededuced that the UFOs were locatedexactly onthe same spot.As was pointed out, Maxi stoppedthe truck, and similarly to the formeroccasion, all the lights of the truckand the engine went out (with a back-fire, let us remember that), so that itwas all dark, a thing which permittedhim to observe perfectly everythingthat would develop moments later inthe zone illuminated by the threeships.These were on the ground, one ofthem on the asphalt and the othertwo to the right of the witness, in astraight line to the side of the roadand in the field. The separation be-tween could be determined at abouteight or nine meters and giving thesensation that the three were locatedin the same plane.The light—from each one.of them—was quite weak; no differences inintensity being distinguishedbetweenthem, all being illuminated equally.As on the previous night, there ap-peared suddenly four persons, norwas he able this time either to deter-mine if they came out through someaperture or if they were alreadythere. The four beings went to thecenter of the road, that is in front ofthe ship resting on the asphalt.The four looked toward him "atten-tively"; meanwhile it seemed as ifthey were talking to each other bymeans of gestures. Moreover, theypointed toward where he was lo-cated, and in a few moments theybegan to move in his direction. Thewalking was normal: they placedtheir feet on the ground and advancedat a normal pace.Maxi, "somewhat upset" on per-ceiving this maneuver, opened theright hand door of the cab and beganto run along the highway, being ableto perceive how the four beings alsohad begun to race after him. Conse-quently he chose to go off acrosscountry. The initial distance whichseparated them was about 200meters(the distance between the ship andMaxi), but in spite of his efforts theadvantage gradually decreased, adetail which he determined fromtime to time by looking back to see ifthey were following him.At the end of two kilometers or alitUe more, Maxi saw on his right aditch for drainage or irrigation. Ex-hausted as he was he did not hesitatelonger and threw himself headlong soas to throw them off the trail, sincenow the four beings were dangerouslyclose: "they almost laid a hand onme" were his words. Although he didnot know the purpose of the ditch,Maxi supposed that it was intendedto conduct irrigation water, since hewas now covered from head to footwith mud.From this hidingplace he was ableto follow closely the movements ofthe four individuals. Thus, Maxi ob-served that the four were "close to-gether in an attitude of search, cir-cling around his vicinity at a distanceof some 14 or 15 meters. In spite oftheir proximity they did not manageto spot him, since he tried to crouchdown and not make any movementwhich might reveal his presence.Although the night was dark andfrom time to time it was drizzling,hecould distinguish the figures in thevicinity without making out detailsof the same, in spite of having themso close. At one moment he was ableto observe how the four "persons"spread out, surely with the intentionof covering more ground for thesearch; then they came back to-gether. (In the interview with ourcorrespondent he says: "They sep-arated, took several turns around,and when I again stuck out my headthey were not there. I waited a littlewhile and ..."). Then they wentawayoff to the left.In a short time, and since theyseemed to have gone away, Maxi de-cided to leave the hiding place. Hecrossed the highway and walkedtoward the right, until-he arrived atabout 1500 meters from Horcajo,making out the lights of the village.The young man did not dare to callany of the neighbors, since it was toolate and because they never wouldbelieve him if he made them accom-pany him and the UFOs would havedisappeared by that time.Immediately he sat down, remain-ing in this position for some ten min-utes. Meanwhile he smoked a cigar-ette in order to calm himself. Thenhe cautiously returned to the placewhere the truck was located in thebelief that the zone would be de-serted. However, it was not thus: thethree ships were still there; of thefour beings not a trace was seen.Immediately he went toward the1974 MUFON UFOSYMPOSIUM PROCEEDINGS"MUFON—A Positive Ap-proach to the UFO Enigma" byWalter H. Andrus, Jr."UFOs—An Issue Whose TimeHas Almost Come" By. RalphBlum"Religion and UFOs: The Extra-sensory Problem" by Barry H.Downing, Ph.D."UFO Trace-landing Cases" byTed Phillips"Journey Into the Hill StarMap" by Marjorie E. Fish"Saucers, PSI and Psychiatry"by Berthold E. Schwarz, M.D."Flying Saucers and Physics" byStanton T. Friedman"UFOs, in Relation to CreatureSightings in Pennsylvania" byStan Gordon"Magnetic Explanation ofUFOs" by Eugene H. BurtFor your copy of the MUFON1974 UFO SYMPOSIUM PRO-CEEDINGS, send $3.25- ($4.00if outside of the United Statesor Canada) by check or moneyorder to MUFON, 40 Christo-pher Court, Quincy, III. 62301—5—
  6. 6. vehicle, observing that the right handdoor was closed, and he rememberedperfectly that he had left it open whenhe fled. So that before climbing intothe cab, he took a turn around thetruck just in case and looked in to seeif there was something or someone in-side. But everything was normal.Once inside he attempted to start thevehicle going without success, sinceon turning the key the engine did notstart.Then he closed the door producingthe consequent sound; almost simul-taneously the four individuals sud-denly appeared in the center of thehighway as at first. They again mo-tioned to each other with their armsand looked at each other. Immediate-ly they went off to the right of theship resting on the asphalt where theydisappeared.And after a few seconds the shipbegan to move, climbing slowly with-out the illumination changing inten-sity. It climbed and moved sidewaysaway from the center of the road,locating itself exactly over the othertwo which were in the field at analtitude of about 15 or 17 meters. Onthis occasion also was heard a hum-ming sound, which stopped when theUFO stopped moving.The impression which Maxi gotfrom all of this was that they wereleaving the road open to him as onthe preceding night. He again at-tempted to start the truck, succeedingon the first attempt and turning onthe lights as easily as in a normalsituation. "And I buzzed out of there."However, just as before, Maxistopped his truck about 200 metersafter passing them with the intentionof seeing what would happen there-after. He put on the brakes, turnedout the lights, climbed down and "inspite of all that had happened to me,I headed toward them." Leaving thehighway he took a path toward thethree objects, since the one whichhad left the way open to him againhad landed. Then he was able to ob-serve how the four beings were doingsomething in the gutter.The witness approached silently, lo-cating himself behind some bushes ata distance of about 8 or 9 meters fromthem. He tried to look closely at thenearest ship so as to be able to spyoutsome opening in it through which thebeings must have been coming outand going in. But he was not able todistinguish any openings since all ofit was compact and with smooth,walls.Those beingswere workingon the highwayFrom his hiding place he saw howthose beings were working on theembankment of the highway.For this,two tools were being used: one in theform of a capital T and the other wassimilar to an enormous horseshoe. Inthe first place they would push intothe ground the one that had the formof a T, grasping it by the shaft, untilit reached a depth of about 8 or 9centimeters (about 3 inches). Thenthey would draw it out and push intothe hole the ends of the one similar toa horseshoe. They did not removeeither earth or roots. He could seethe process on two occasions: "Theywould take them out and they wouldpush them in; I saw this done twice,"he said.In spite of having the best possibleconditions for being able to capturesome trace of their faces, Maxistated that no matter how much hetried he could see nothing. Appar-ently, the head was covered with thesame .material which made up therest of the garment. However, as wehave already pointed out in the firstobservation, Maxi was intrigued bythis detail. In this regard he tells us:Question: "Did all four work withthe tools?"Answer: "Not all of them. Onewould hold the tool which was like aT inverted, and another the onewhichwas like a horseshoe; meanwhile theother two were standing there watch-ing, or at least in that attitude sincethey were looking to see. They had tosee because they were looking."Maxi remained in this observingposition for less than three minutes,"which for me was a long time." Thenhe decided to retire since now fearwas superior to curiosity. At no timedid the beings turn towards where hewas located, which perhaps indicatesthat they did not perceive his pres-ence in spite of the proximity. Thebeings were not talking nor emittingany sound.He returned to the truck, startedoff without difficulty and headed forLagunilla, where he arrived visiblychanged by the experience he hadgone through.On the following day he explainedto his employer what had happened.The latter advised him to report thisto the Civil Guard, and he went thereaccompanied by the son of his boss.At the branch station in Lagunilla hetold his story in complete detail. Theofficer in charge contacted head-quarters at Bejar. After three days alieutenant from the latter station ar-rived and questioned Maxi. Then,bothwent to the place of the events, wherethey found some strange tracks.The TracksOn the highway, at the point whereone of the ships had landed, they dis-covered a straight line as if the as-phalt had been scored by a very hardobject.On the embankment nearby therewere two scratches, produced surelyby the two tools mentioned pre-viously.No matter how much they searchedthey could not find anything more.However, after a few days there ar-rived in Lagunilla two persons fromMadrid. They said they were mem-bers of a UFO group and that theywere equipped with several pieces of,apparatus.With a Geiger counter they went tothe place of the events, recordingradioactivity in a zone of 200 metersround about. On the other side theydiscovered three circles of about 12meters (39feet) in diameter in whichthe grass was knocked down; notraces of the landing gear feet werefound, since the ground was veryhard (during the second observation,however, the witness stated that itwas drizzling).For his part, Maxi declared that onthe morning following the chase hefound that the battery of the truckwas discharged. The electrician ofthe village recharged it without no-ticing anything unusual. Perhaps theyoung man left some light burning—6—
  7. 7. during the entire night.Two Other ObservationsAt 12:45 a.m. on Saturday, March30, when Maxi Iglesias was in Pinedaat the house of his sweetheart, Anun-cia Merino, both of them heard astrange noise. On going out to seewhat it was, they observed in the skytwo large spotlights at about 800 or900 meters altitude. (In the recordingby our correspondent, Maxi statesthat it involved two ships). The spot-lights, of a very intense white light,were flying over the zone.Sweetheart, unclealso see objectThe fourth and final observation byour man took place in the companyof two persons: his sweetheart Anun-cia and the uncle of the latter, DonNicolas. The events occurred on aMonday at the beginning of May whenMaxi went to Salamanca to be ex-amined so as to obtain a first classdrivers permit.It must have been approximately6:30 in the morning, and they had al-ready passed Valdefuentes goingtoward Guijuelo when Anuncia sawin the sky a strong white light whichdisappeared after a few seconds sorapidly that she had no time to alerther travelling companions. Severalkilometers later, when there wereonly four or five kilometers yet to goto the main highwaywhich would leadthem to Salamanca, suddenly theysaw a very strong light which wascoming toward them at a very highspeed. Anuncia burst into tears sinceit appeared that the light was goingto crash into them.It was a ball of white light,brilliantand blinding, which prevented onefrom looking directly at it. When itwas some hundreds of meters fromthe vehicle, the light changed its di-rection, passing over the car and be-ing lost from sight behind them. Sinceat this precise moment the auto wasclimbing up a small hill, they believedthat on getting to the top they wouldbe able to observe where the light inquestion was going. But when theylooked, it had already disappeared,not even a trace of it being perceived.The witness reaffirms his beliefthat they did not see any shape. Theimpression that the three witnessesfelt was very strong, since they de-layed several minutes to calm them-selves before continuing their tripto Salamanca.ConclusionsAs the reader will have been ableto observe, this story suffers fromsome obscure points ... This is duetothe fact that the witness MaxiIglesias went off to military serviceshortly after the interview with ourcorrespondent Sr. Vincente Rico Gil.With this in mind, on receiving hiscassette recording, we sent to him acomplete questionnaire with the pur-pose of clarifying doubtful aspects.Unfortunately, the young man al-ready was at camp, a fact which hasmade it difficult to complete thisarticle. In spite of this when we re-ceive new facts we will duly informour readers.In regard to the material at ourcommand, we will point out severalinteresting details which requirecomment.The first and most important is tomake reference to the little or no fearexperienced by Maxi throughout thetwo principal observations. Aboveall we must remark that to no one—and less to a young man of 21 yearsis it pleasant to confess that he hadbeen afraid. And this will be moreserious in a Latin country.However, paying close attention tothe first interview carried out—theone by the announcer from RadioBejar—we discover how at the endof this one Maxi confesses withoutambiguities: "There is no need to goon about bravery: before, I did notknow what fear was, but now indeed Iknow what it is." In the same way,Maxis tone of voice is more securein the interview with Sr. Gil—madetwo months after the events—then inthe one with the radio announcer,made a very few days afterward.Very tightly linked with the fore-going stands out Maxis boldness ondaring two times, and when theoretic-ally the danger had .passed, to stopand climb down from the vehicle inorder to see what was gping on.Andthis boldness was very much relatedto the profession of the witness: atruck driver.Another interesting aspect and onewhich is evidence in favor of thetruthfulness of the story, consists ofhis evident preoccupation with nothaving seen their faces. Throughoutboth recordings Maxi stands his,ground on this in an insistant tone.On the other hand this is clarifiedwhen reference is made to "They arelooking to see; they have to be seeingbecause they are looking." Maximight have been able to explain thatthe beings had no faces, althoughwithout making reference so insist-ently to the specific detail.Very similar is the problem of thesudden appearances and disappear-ances of the beings on entering andleaving the ship. Let us recall thatthe first thing that Maxi did when hewas spying on the four persons was tolook closely at the body of the UFOso as to discover any type of openingthat might explain this incongruity.Finally, among the aspects not tooclear are the following: he did not say.anything to his family about whathappened;, how is it possible thatthree tracks should exist in the fieldif only two ships landed in it; as wellas details referring to the beings,the ships, the tracks, the investigationconducted by the Civil Guard.We do not wish to end this articlewithout again giving thanks to Sr.Vicente Rico Gil for his investigationwork on the site.A REVISED COSMOLOGYByMerrill B. TaylorHow can UFOs make sharp, rightangle turns, or instantaneousstops and reversals?How can they fly at speeds of3-4,000 m.p.h., and yet fail tocreate sonic booms?This booklet presents a revisedcosmology in which these "im-possible" phenomena might notbe impossible.Physics says that these phenom-ena cannot happen. But they dohappen, •as attested by manythousands of observers. RE-VISED COSMOLOGY explainshow they CAN HAPPEN!Price $3.00, postage paid from:1309 Broadway Dept. SlLittle Rock, Ark.72202—7—
  8. 8. UFOreportedlyphotographedin DenmarkMr. Jormo Viita, who in February, 1974allegedly took three black and whitephotographs of a UFO (November Sky-look), has now taken two more excel-lent photographs of what is reportedlya UFO. This time he used color film(Kodacolor). Following is Mr. Viitasstory of this second encounter. Thesighting was first reported to the UFOstudy center of Finland, although thephotos were taken in Denmark:"I am again informing you of aUFO sighting. I am not trying to overemploy the UFO Study Center of Fin-land, but I do not know of any othermeans than this. The encounter tookplace on the 22nd of June, 1974, atabout 2:30 p.m. I was driving my bi-cycle across Odense, Denmark, as somany times before."I was about one kilometer awayfrom my home. I came to the edgeofa sparse forest, and saw a Citroentype car approaching in front of me.When it was approximately twentymeters away it suddenly stoppedmaking the hummingsound of a car.I was a bit surprised, because Ithought the driver had switched offthe motor. The car went on silentlyfor a few meters and then it parkedon the side of the road."I was only a few meters awaywhen I saw two persons getting outofthe car: a man, who was the driver,This is the first photo allegedly taken of the "goldish thing" by Mr. JormaViita onJune 22,1974, at Odense, Denmark.and a woman. Suddenly she saidsomething and pointed her fingertowards the sky. I looked up in the di-rection where she waspointing."Then I saw a goldish thing comingfrom behind my back. I stopped mybike at once. I had a camera holderaround my neck and my camera wasloaded with film. I took the first pic-ture of the UFO when it made a gen-tle curve. I waited for a moment andthen took the second picture, but atthis moment the UFO was alreadyMUFON international coordinator JoeBrill has attempted to contact two ofthe three additional witnesses in thiscase—the German couple living in France—hot has been unable to do so because ofstrikes in France which have affectedpostal and telephone services. As verifi-cation, or the lack of it, is made, SKY-LOOK will report itThis account and photographs pro-vided to MUFON and Skylook byIlkka Seppanen, MUFON Representa-tive for Finland.Submitted through Joe M. Brill, In-ternational Coordinatorfar away and speedingup."I was almost certain that my sec-ond shot would fail, because the UFOflew so fast. It seemed to me .that theUFO was shrinking, but in reality itwas speeding up. I walked over to theother witnesses and asked them ifthey had seen the same thing. Athirdperson had also come out of this car."I noticed that the car had Frenchplates on it. I asked them if theyspoke any Danish and the driver ans-wered that he could speak Swedish.The man and the woman were Ger-mans who were living in Paris,France. The third person was a youngJapanese boy. He was spending hissummer holidays in Europe. They allagreed that they had seen the sameUFO."The woman seriously panicked. Shesaid she felt dizzy and ready tovomit. The others were all right."The driver told me that the motorhad suddenly stopped running. TheJapanese boy had a cassette tape re-corder on the back seat and it toostopped. We discussed the matter fora long time and came to the conclu-sion that the UFO had probablycaused both the failures."The Japanese boytold me that lateat night one day in August of 1973 aUFO flew over the city of Toyama.There had been at least 400witnesses.There had also been car failures andelectricity problems. The Germans,as well as the Japanese boy, had notime to stay in Denmark, although Iwould have wanted them to testify forme. However, I did manage to gettheir names and addresses."I have not informed the Danishauthorities about my encounter, be--8-
  9. 9. This is the second photo, taken "a moment" after the first photo, "as theUFO was already far away and speeding up."cause I wanted to send this report toyou in Finland. I dont know why Ihave been given the honor of seeingthese UFOs so often. I dont knowhow I could prove these things. I haveheard that persons like me have beeninterviewed under hypnosis. I amready to accept this challenge."The UFO we saw looked like around craft. However, the picturesshow it as a flat one. We all had dif-ferent opinions about the shape. TheGerman estimated its flying altitudeto be 600 meters, the Japanese boysestimate was 400 meters and thewoman thought the UFO was only 60meters above the ground. My ownestimate was anywhere from 200 to250 meters."The color of the UFO was goldishyellow, but a strong sphere of greencould be seen surrounding its bottom.We could also see some sort of win-dows, but we never saw the wholeofits bottom."The time between my two shotswas about two seconds. Our observa-tion time was a little less than a min-ute. Enclosed are the names and ad-dresses of the other witnesses."Next big flap predicted for 1977Dr. David Saunders, professor ofPsychology, University of Chicago;co-author of UFOs? Yes!; and direc-tor of the UFO computer program atthe University of Colorado, was inter-viewed on St. Louis KMOX radio theevening of Sept.27.On the question of predicting fu-ture waves of UFO reports, Saunderssuggested the next one should occuraround December of 1977,at about60degrees ease longitude—possiblyaround Moscow or Persia. He ex-plained that extrapolation of this sortis made possible by examining theapproximately 5-year cycle of suchwaves over the past 30 years (be-ginning in 1947).Asked for his opinion of the natureand origin of UFOs Dr. Saundersreplied:"... I dont think UFOs are any onething. I think that some of them, per-haps, are visiting us from a great dis-tance; some of them, perhaps, arevisiting us from a very short distance,but in a direction that we haventbeen thinking of...". . . Were accustomed to thinkingin ordinary three dimensional space. . . but if we were to think for a mo-ment of four or five dimensionalspace, then something could be com-ing from a very short distance in thatfourth or fifth dimension . . . thatsanother kind of possibility.. ."IFrozen bodiesfrom sauceral950shoaxThrough the dubious efforts of aretired University of Southern Flor-ida instructor, the old, old undocu-mented and discredited story of acrashed UFO,the finding of 12bodies,and the "deep-freezing of those; bodies by the Air Force has been pub-. licizedagain.Robert Carr, who apparently wasattempting to generate interest in asymposium Nov. 1-3 in Tampa, Fla.,told the story on radio talk shows inCalifornia and Florida.The story was apparently firstwidely publicized in the early 1950sin a book by Frank Skully, who seem-ingly was taken in by a hoax. Skullylived to regret his involvement withthe story, but Carr has apparentlyfound that it still creates a certainamount of interest.Many listeners to Carrs radio talkshows got the impression that thecase was a current one, rather thanone which supposedly took place in1948.The press accounts concerningCarrs speculations have varied agreat deal, disagreeing on whetherthe alleged case took place in Cali-fornias Mojave Desert or near Aztec,N.M.; whether the space vehiclecrash-landed or made a soft landing;and even whether there were twovehicles or only one.A quick check of responsible UFOgroups indicates that not one .takesthe case seriously, despite the factthat Carr has publicly claimed a long-time affiliation with NICAP. NICAPdid not even bother to note the allegedcase in its highly detailed and infor-mative "The UFO Evidence" (1964),edited by RichardHall.UFO material for trade—I havemany photos, slides, clippings, andbooks on UFOs that I will trade forsimilar UFO material. Send tradelists to: Ron Smotek, 5625 ThomasSt., MapleHeights, Ohio44137.—9—
  10. 10. Contact with occupants on Oct. 25, 1974, reportedRawlins, Wyoming, caseThe news story:By Sue Taylor(Rawlins, Wyoming, Daily Times,Oct. 29,1974)"Everyone will think Im a quack,but it really happened," Carl HigdonsaidMonday.He was referring to his elkhuntingtrip Friday which turned into a bi-zarre experience for him.Higdon was hunting south of Raw-lins on the north boundary of the na-tional forest about 4p.m. Friday whenhis "experience" began to unfold."I walked down over this hill andsaw five elk," Higdon said. "I raisedmy rifle and fired, but the bullet onlywent about 50 feet and dropped. Ilooked over to my right and there inthe shadow was this sort of manstanding there."Higdon said the "man" was aboutsix-foot-two and weighed 180pounds.He was dressed in a black suit andblack shoes and wore a belt with astar in the middle and a yellow em-blem. He was quite bowlegged andhad a slanted head. His forehead andfacial features were similar to hu-mans but he had no chin. His hair wasthin and stood straight up on his head,Higdon said."He asked me if I was hungry andI said yes," Higdonsaid, "So he tossedme some pills and I took one. I dontknow why I did it — I never takepills of any kind unless a doctor pre-scribes them, not even aspirin."Higdon said the "man" then pointedwhat resembled a long finger at himand the next thing he knew he was ina seven by seven foot cubicle withtwo "men" and the five elk."He asked me if I wanted to go withhim and I said yes, Higdon said. "Itold my wife a long time ago, whenthese stories about UFOs and strangecreatures were coming out, that if Iever got a chance, I would talk withthem or go with them."Higdon said the "men" placed a hel-met on him with a strap around hisneck. Six wires were sticking outfrom it on three sides, Higdon said.The "men" then told him they weregoing "home" which was 163,000 milesaway."In no time we arrived at this talltower similar to a rotating restaurantlike the Seattle Space Needle," Hig-don said. "The lights there were sointense and hurt my eyes a lot and the"men" said our sun affects them inthe same way."Higdon noted that the "men" werenever in the sunlight but always inthe shade.Because the light was so intenseon his eyes, Higdon said the "men"said they would take him home."The next thing I remember is talk-ing to Roy Fleming on the radio," hesaid.Fleming is manager of the Mad-dox Well Service and Higdon is em-ployed by AM Well Service of River-ton."My truck was about three milesfrom where I parked it," Higdon said."Its only a two-wheel drive and wasin a mud hole where no one without afour-wheel drive would attempt togo-" .After Higdon was rescued by theCarbon County Sheriffs officers, hewas taken to Carbon County Memor-ial Hospital for observation."My doctor said there were nobruises on me and I wasnt bleedinganywhere, but Im still suffering fromheadaches and a backache," Higdonsaid.Higdons wife said she and twofriends went looking for her husbandwhen he failed to return home on timeand as they approached the area theysaw a bright red, white and greenlight resembling a large star. Mrs.Higdon said it was too high for a heli-copter but too low for an airplane.Higdon said he does not drink anddoes not take drugs of any kind.— 10—The investigation:By R. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D.On Tuesday,Oct. 29,1974,1 receivedtwo telephone calls: from Rick Ken-yon, art teacher in the public schoolsof Rawlins, Wyoming; and from Rob-ert Nantkes, vocationalrehabilitationcounselor of Riverton, Wyoming.Each man is known to me personally,and each is a person of high intelli-gence and integrity.The telephone calls dealt with thesame topic: the UFO experience ofCarl Higdon, as reported to Sue Tay-lor of the Rawlins Daily Times (Vol.LXXXVII, No. 204),Tuesday, Oct. 29,1974. (See article preceding this re-port.)According to the newspaper article,Carl Higdon (an oil driller for theAM Well Service of Riverton, Wyo-ming) had been hunting elk on thenorth edge of the Medicine Bow Na-tional Forest (40 miles south ofRaw-lins) at 4:00 p.m., Friday, Oct. 25.Then, approximately at 6:30 p.m.,
  11. 11. a puzzle to investigatorshe called on the radio of the pickuptruck which he had been driving. Bytalking with his boss, Roy Fleming,Carl was able to give directions aboutthe approximate location of the pick-up truck. He said that it was parkedapproximately three miles fromwhere he parked it initially; it was ina "mud hole" where no one woulddrive a two-wheel-drive vehicle.A rescue party (Sheriff Ogburn,Deputy Sheriff Ed Tierney, Roy Flem-ing, Bob Rosacker, Dave Martin,Harold Schurtz) drove several four-wheel-drive pickup trucks into thearea. With difficulty, they found Carland the truck (approximately at 11:40p.m., Friday, Oct. 25).The truck wastowed out by the four-wheel-drivetrucks.Mrs. Margery Higdon, Carls wife,was with Mr. and Mrs. Don James;they were waiting about two or threemiles from the area where Carl waslocated. During the rescue operation,they observed a flashing light forabout 20 minutes—changing from redto green to white, in a pulsing pat-tern, and moving in an arc which wasdescribed as "three feet," at armslength.When Carl was found, he was de-scribed as dazed and confused; he haddifficulty in talking and recognizinghis wife. He said he was taken to Car-bon County Memorial Hospital, ap-proximately at 2:00 a.m., Saturday,Oct..26, for observation, and releasedaround 10:00 a.m., Monday, Oct. 28.During his hospitalization, Carlsaid that the physician, Dr. Tongca,had X-rays taken. Carl was told thatthe films were OK. (However,he hadbeen hospitalized for "TB" at onetime in Kimball, Nebraska. ChestX-rays in 1958, and 1970,had indicatedthere were scar tissues on his lungs,according to a Kimball physician.)During his recent hospitalization, anurse, Ms.. Ella Petterson, told CarlJhat he was "OK," and his blood was"OK"—in fact, it was "super," "veryjrich."i Carl is hopeful that information canbe obtained from medical personnelwhich will support these statements.However, the Sheriff has made somepublic statements which raise ques-tions about his acceptance of thereport.Kenyon said he had interviewedCarl Higdon and obtained the basicdescription of his experience, plussome drawings of the "man." Carlhad agreed to other interviews, plusthe use of hypnotic techniques, for thepurpose of obtaining further informa-tion about his experience.On Saturday, Nov. 2, Nantkes and Imet with Kenyon, who had arrangedan afternoon appointment with CarlHigdon at his home. From approxi-mately 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., wetalked with Mr. and Mrs. Higdon,their children, and several relativesabout their reactions to the events ofOct. 25. The pendulum technique andother hypnotic procedures were uti-lized to obtain more information fromCarl about his UFO experience.Then, on Sunday, Nov.17,1974, Ken-yon and I talked with Carl Higdon, hiswife and children, from 11:30 a.m. to1:00 p.m., including an hour of hyp-notic procedures. Also present for ashort period was Mrs. MarilynJames,who described her reactions to theexperience of observing a flashinggreen-red-white light over the areawhere Carl was waiting for the res-cue party.During the interviews, photographswere taken of the map area (Section5,87 West, T14 North) where Carl hadbeen elk hunting. Also, photographswere taken of the bullet which Carlhad retrieved and placed in his can-teen pouch. He was willing to releasethe bullet, so that Dr. Walker, APROConsultant, might examine it. How-ever, he asked that it be returnedafter theexamination.Carl indicated that he was willingto have his name associated with theUFO report; however, he wishes thathis address be omitted from any pub-lication of the report. He believesthat most people accept his story, buthe wishes to prevent any "crank"calls.My impression of Carl Higdon isthat he is a man of integrity, withaverage education, but a keen senseof curiosity about the world aroundhim; he is an outdoors man andseems to have developed good skillsof estimating size and distance.Although the sighting of a singleUFO witness often is difficult toevaluate,, the indirect evidence sup1ports the tentative conclusion thatCarl Higdon is reporting sincerely theevents which he experienced. Hope-fully, further statements from otherpersons can be obtained to supportthe basic statement.1973 MIDWEST UFOSYMPOSIUM PROCEEDINGS"MUFON—A Dynamic Scien-tific Organization" presented byWalter H. Andrus, Jr."UFO Flight Characteristics"presented by John F. Schuessler"Landing Traces, Physical Evi-dence for the UFO" presented byTed Phillips . ."Vision, Photography & UFOs"presented by Adrian Vance"Ufology and the Search forExtraterrestrial Life" presentedby Stanton T. Friedman"The Embarrassment of Riches"presented by Dr. J. Allen Hynek"Some Questions Concerning Dr.Meniels Biblical Exegesis" sub-mitted paper by Dr. Barry H.DowningFor your copy of the 1973MUTUAL UFO SYMPOSIUMPROCEEDINGS, send $3.25($4.00 outside the United Statesor Canada) by check or moneyorder, to MUFON UFO NET-WORK, INC., 40 " ChristopherCourt, Quincy, III. 62301, U.S.A.
  12. 12. Object in water checked in PennsylvaniaInvestigator: Douglas K. DainsArrived at Carbondale, Pa., approx-imately 10:30 a.m. Nov. 11, 1974.Checked in with acting Police ChiefDottle. He explained to me that threeteenage boys had reported seeing aobject fall from the southern sky andland in a sump pond just at the edgeof town. The object was estimated tobe in 7 to 8 feet of water and about20feet off the north shore.The pond in which the object landedhas a very loose bottom, thus recov-ery had to be done with extremecare. Chief Dottle said that the policetried to recover the object Sundaymorning with a net attached to a pole.It was at this time that the light wentout. This led to the assumption thatthe object had been covered with silt.Officer Mark Terella, who made theattempt to recover the object, statedthat he believed the object to be abouttwo feet in diameter. He said he alsohad the impression that the objectwas attached to something larger.I asked Chief Dottle if we could useSCUBA Divers. He said, "No, its toodangerous and I wont take the re-sponsibility for having someone hurtor killed!" I then asked if we coulddrain the pond. He said he wouldcheck with the owner and he was surethere would be no problem. After ob-taining permission, I was escorted tothe scene.Upon arrival at the scene I wasvery impressed with theprofessional-ism the CAP (Civil Air Patrol)showed. They had set up an entrypoint and sealed off the rest of thearea as best they could. After enter-ing the area we proceeded to takeGeiger counter readings and magne-tometer readings, all with negativeresults. I also took water samples.By this time the press and specta-tors had started to come in. Weman-aged to interview Bernard Gillott, age17, of 123—42nd St., Carbondale. Hewas one of the first to observe theglow in the water, whichhe describedas an amber color with a bright whitecenter.We then found Jim Brano of 117Spring St., Carbondale. He was oneofthe original two who were first on thescene. Jim.was summoned by thethree boys whosaw the object fall. Heestimated that 15 minutes hadelapsed from the time the boys sawthe object fall to the time he wascalled.He described the glow as a lightyellow with a diameter of about 5feet. The light seemed to pulsate. Jimsaid that it took about 5 minutes tocomplete a cycle. Very bright to verydim. He left about 7:30 p.m. and re-turned at 11:30 p.m. Jim said that dur-ing that time the light appeared tohave moved from the position whichhe first observed it.The crowd had now become veryintense. We were able to locateJerome Gillott, Jr., who took photosof the light. He gave us the time, Fstops, etc., which he used whilephotographing the light. This will besent whenwe obtain the photos.Now the newsmen and spectatorswere all over. We were unable to lo-cate another witness at this time. Atapproximately 12:30 p.m. the Carbon-dale Fire Co. started pumping pro-cedures. A backhoe was also used todig a dranage canal at the south endof the pond.Operations were terminated by2:30p.m. whenChief Dottle decided to usea SCUBA diver for recovery. Thediver, Mark Stamey, from Auburn,N.Y., recovered a railroad lanternwhich was in the on position and verydim. Officer Terella, who made thefirst attempt of recovery on Sunday,stated (in strict confidence) that thelantern wasnt what he had in the net.At 3:30 p.m. the other investigatorsand myself had a conference. Wewent over the days events. I learnedfrom Matt Graeber, of UFORIC,thatJohn Lloyd, age 14, and his brotherBill were two of the original threewitnesses who saw the object falling.According to Matt, John Lloyd de-scribed the object as having a trail-ing edge which looked like a sparkler.The front of the object appeared to bea yellowish red with no definite out-line. John didnt see the object hitthe water.When asked about any odor in theair, he said, "Yes, like a gas stove."I plan on interviewing John and hisbrother this week. I also hope to talkto Bob Gillette, the third witness.When these interviews are completeI will forward same.There have been other reports thatthe lighted area was bubbling whenthe police arrived and that one of theofficers shot at it. We are unable toconfirm this.UFO NEWSCLIPPINGSERVICEThe UFO NEWSCLIPPINGSERVICE will keep you in-formed of all the latest UnitedStates and World-Wide UFO ac-tivity, as it happens! Our ser-vice was started in 1969, atwhich time we contracted witha reputable international news-paper-clipping bureau to obtainfor us, those hard to find UFOreports (i.e., little known photo-graphic cases, close encounterand landing reports, occupantcases) and all other UFO re-ports, many of which are car-ried only in small town orforeign newspapers.Our UFO Newsclipping ServiceReport, is a 20page photo-offset,monthly publication containingthe latest United States andCanadian UFO newsclippings,with our foreign section carry-ing the latest English, Austra-lian, New Zealand, South Afri-can, and other foreign UFO.newsclippings! Wepublish moreUFO reports from around theglobe than ANY other publica-tion in the World!Stay informed—subscribe to the UFO NEWS-CLIPPING SERVICE!For subscription informationand sample pages from our ser-vice, write today to:UFO NEWSCLIPPINGSERVICE, Dept. S3521 S.W. 104thSeattle, Washington, 98146— 12-
  13. 13. In Others WordsBy Lucius ParishBy Lucius ParishThe steady stream of UFOrelatedarticles in the weekly tabloids con-tinues. As mentioned in a previouscolumn, most of these really arentworth the time it takes to read them.The exceptions are, of course, suchv publications as ENQUIRER andTATTLER.The Oct. 22 issue Of ENQUIRERtold of August UFO sightings in NewHampshire and included transcriptsof tape recordings by policemen asthey were viewing the UFOs. In theNov. 12 issue, ENQUIRER featuredsome September sightings from var-ious Oregon towns.The Oct. 27 issue of INSIDER con-tained two articles of interest. Oneconsisted largely of excerpts fromRaymond Fowlers recent book; theother told of shoot-outs with UFOsand quoted N.C. researcher GeorgeFawcett.TATTLER presented an article onthe Falkville, Ala., "occupant" photoin its Nov. 24 issue. There is nowspeculation that the incident involv-ing police chief Jeff Greenhaw mayhave been a hoax. This issue ofTATTLER also gives a few briefcomments on UFOs by MargaretMead, as a sort of follow-up to herrecent article on the subject inREDBOOK.The December issue of SAGA con-tains an excerpt from Charles Ber-. litzs recent book, THE BERMUDATRIANGLE. Although a great dealofthe mystery surrounding the "Tri-angle" area may well have been"manufactured," it is hard to denythat some very odd things apparentlydo take place there at times. The Ber-litz book will be reviewed in a futurecolumn.The February issue of MALE isscheduled to contain an article aboutthe many UFOs allegedly seen overthe years at the small town of Cal-vert, Texas.The Winter issue of SAGA UFOREPORT should also be available onthe newsstands by the time.this col-umn appears.R. Michael Rasmussen, editor ofTHE UFO REPORTER, has recentlycompiled a ufo bibliography whichmay be obtained from him (at P.O.Box 2656, La Mesa, CA92041) for $1.00.This is a 21-page listing of variousbooks on the UFO subject, givingbrief details of each books contents.This is not an all-inclusive list, ofcourse, but if you have friends whowant to know what is available in theway of UFO literature, this would bea very good publication for them toexamine. It is also interesting tocheck through the bibliography anddetermine just how much of the liter-ature you have actually read.Dr. Frank Salisburys long-awaitedbook, THE UTAH UFO DISPLAY,is now available from The Devin-Adair Company, 1 Park Ave., OldGreenwich, Conn. 06870. The price is$7.95. The book deals largely withsightings of UFOs which have oc-curred since 1956 in the Uintah Basinarea of Utah, the authors homestate. Thanks to the research effortsof Joseph Junior Hicks of Roosevelt,Utah, Dr. Salisbury was able to in-vestigate the activity in the UintahBasin and interview some of themany UFO witnesses. The sightingdata are most interesting andcontainsome familiar descriptions.Dr. Salisburys comments and spec-ulations as to the nature of UFOs andtheir possible motivations are alsoofinterest, although it seemed to methat he was a bit ambivalentat times.He also has some of his facts a bitmixed up and seems to display an uri-familiarity with much of the previousUFO literature. While I am all infavor of scientists (Dr. Salisbury is abiologist at the State University ofUtah) writing books on UFOs, I feelthat they—of all people—owe it totheir readers to present the facts re-sponsibly. Nevertheless, I did findthe book well worth reading. THEUTAH UFO DISPLAY containsphotos, drawings of the UFOs de-scribed in the text, and various tablescontaining details of all the reportsin Mr. Hicks files, astronomical data,etc. There is also a foreword by Dr.J. Allen Hynek.I admit to haying mixed feelingsabout a new book of Jacques Bergierand the editors of INFO JOURNAL.The title, EXTRATERRESTRIALINTERVENTION: THEEVIDENCE,is somewhat misleading, although itmay be appropriate. The majority ofthe books material comes from arti-cles in various issues of INFOJOUR-NAL, with a few new contributionsbyBergier. The INFO data are excellentand certainly well worth your atten-tion. From UFOs in colonial NewEngland to a half-million-year old"sparkplug," this collection of articleson various mysteries will hold yourinterest.The book is divided into four sec-tions—"Vanished Civilizations"; "Ex-traterrestrial Beings Among us";"Strange Creatures"; and, "ForteanPhenomena." Perhaps the most an-noying part of the book is Bergiersmarked anti-UFO bias, as well as hispenchant for telling his readers tohave an open mind, while he displaysa closed one. Even so, the INFO infofrom Paul & Ron Willis is well worththe price. The book is available fromHenry Regnery Co., 180North Michi-gan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60601 for$7.95. .In closing, it is sad to note thedeath, on Oct. 14, of Otto Binder. Hislast book (co-authored with Max H.Flindt), MANKIND-CHILD OF THESTARS, was reviewed in last monthscolumn. While I did not always agreewith the subject matter of some ofOttos many articles, I did respectand admire him as a writer and re-searcher. His many friends will misshim.— 13—
  14. 14. r8atafon KecskemetH U N G A R YeoofonThe map of the encounters over Romania and Hun-gary includes 1. Trajectory of Romanian airliner(TAROM), 2. initial trajectory of UFO, 3. point whereUFO changed direction, 4. new trajectory of UFO,5. trajectory of Hungarian airliner Malevf, and 6.point of encounter of Hungarian airliner with UFO.UF(ys Behind the Iron CurtainThe majority of the following informa-tion was obtained from the daily news-paper "Elore" of Bucharest. The articlewas titled FLYING SAUCERS OVERBIHOR and was printed in the Aug. 20,1968, issue of this publication. The calcu-lations were made by the UFO Circle ofBucharest to whom I am indebted for thiswork.The Romanian pilot, Captain Ben-jamin Gabrian, and his crew of aIL-18 commercial aircraft of theTAROM Romanian Airline have ob-served an unidentified flying objectin flight and have related the follow-ing:"The date was Aug. 19, 1968. Wewere flying at an altitude of 7,600meters (24,934 feet) over the Oradeaplain, just this side (Romanian side)of the Hungarian border. All at once,only one kilometer (Vz mile) to ourright side, at about 300meters aboveour plane, we sighted anoval-shapedobject that was travelling at a highrate of speed in the opposite directionto the direction to which we were fly-ing."It was emitting an extremelyBy Joe Brillbright greenish light. The only thingI could think to do—more by virtueof professional reflexes—was to lookat the dial of my wristwatch. It wasexactly 8:21 p.m. (20:21 hrs.). I con-tinued to observe this luminous ob-ject for several seconds, until after asudden increase in its velocity it van-ished out of sight to the west."Replying to a question, CaptainGabrian specified that the oval ob-ject remained in sight "for about 10to 15 seconds, sufficient, however, todetermine with my crew, AlexandruNiculescu and M. Constantinescu,itsapproximate size. It was, as far as wecould estimate, 2.5 to 3 meters indiameter as seen from ourplane."We called in on the radio to theVienna airport, from where we hadtaken off,to report our observation.We inquired if there were any otheraircraft flying in our vicinity, whichwe might encounter on our flight path.The answer was No, not within arange of 400kilometers (248miles)."I thought that it might have beena meteorite. Yet, meteorites follow onfalling in approximately verticallines, while the object we observedtraveled along in a perfect horizontalline. Then, there was that dazzlinggreenish light, emanating from it inflight which left no doubt about theexistence on board that cosmic space-ship (if I may be permitted to call itthat) of an artificial light source, re-sembling that emitted by a voltaicarc."A few minutes after our communi-cation with the airport in Vienna,theairport at Budapest informed us thatthe crew of a plane belonging to theHungarian MALEV Airline companyreported that, only two and a halfminutes after our observation of thisUFO, a strange object had passednearby to their plane and that the ob-ject was coming from the east andheading west."Considering the distance betweenOradea and the point where the ob-ject was observed for a second timeits speed could be calculated at 14,000kilometers (8,694 miles) per hour.This speed is such that no earth builtaircraft could attain such a velocity.There is one specially designed air-— 14—
  15. 15. Ohio steel ball returned to foreign notionBy Walt AndrusThe steel ball that appeared on thecover of the October, 1974, issue ofSKYLOOK has been identified. Thisarticle is a follow-up on the investiga-tion conducted by Theodore Spickler,MUFON State Director for West Vir-ginia, as reported on page18.MUFON Director Walt Andruscon-tacted John Webbat the National En-quirer immediately after Spickler re-turned from his interviews in Lowell,Ohio! Webb dispatched Steve Kenney,a reporter, and John Miller, photog-rapher, to the scene. They workedthrough Mrs. Helen White, Box 324,Lowell, Ohio 45744, a reporter for theParkersburg (W. Va.) Sentinel whoinitially conducted the interviews andalerted Larry Moyers, MUFONStateDirector for Ohio,who,in turn, calledAndrus.John Miller took the steel sphere toLantana, Fla., for an investigation bythe National Enquirer newspaper todetermine its origin, since it definite-ly appeared to be foreign space debris.After the Olie Wagner family had notheard anythingfrom the NationalEn-quirer they demanded that the spherebe returned to them since it had fallenon their property. About a week later,Steve Kenney returned the ball toMr. Wagner, since the National En-quirer had apparently completed itsidentification as to its origin.On Oct. .23, 1974, Lt. William G.Baker, U.S.A.F. from Wright-Patter-son AFB, Dayton, Ohio, arrived at theOlie Wagner home with written in-structions to pick up the steel sphereso that it might be returned to thecountry of origin. Lt. Baker gave OlieWagner a copy of a 1967.treaty whichcommits the United States to returnsuch items that fall on our soil to thecountry of origin. Olie Wagner re-fused to give up the .steel ball untilhe consulted, Paul Thei-sen, who recommended that he com-ply with the Air Force instructionsand the treaty.Don Jenkins, MUFON Field Investi-gator in Tarzana, Calif., and an aero-space engineer employed by Rocket-dyne, suggested the following pos-sible applications of the steel spherewhen he compared it to similar usesby the United States:"It would seem probable that thesphere recovered was a high pressurepropellant tank, probably fuel of anamine type. I suggest smelling asample of unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine (UDMH) or hydrazine tosee if the odor is similar to thatsmelled after recovery. The secondpossibility is that it was the oxidizertank, possibly redfuming nitric acidor nitrogen tetraoxide. A third casemight be a pressure bottle, but thatwouldnt smell unless some propel-lant blew back into the system. Thetank also seems Russian, judgingfrom the crude weld seam and lackofvendor tag or part number."Jenkins supplied a copy of a cross-sectional view of a typical pressuretank used on our space probes. TheLowell sphere is identical to thesedrawings. Spickler saw four of theseU.S.A. spheres on display at the spacemuseum of the Smithsonian Institutein Washington, D.C. recently, and issatisfied that they are the same asthe Lowell sphere.The National Enquirer found outthat NORAD had predicted a debrisfall on Ohio from a Russian satellite.From a source available to MUFONthe satellite decay prediction wasNORADs Catalog Number: 7389,Sat-ellite: 74459A, Source: USSR (Rus-sia), Name: COSMOS 669 Payload,and the estimated decay date wasSept. 7, 1974. Actually this particularsatellite No. 7389 decayed on August8,1974, per the same MUFON source.Sept. 7, 1974 was the actual decaydate of two other Russian satellites,Catalog Numbers 7423 and 7397. Thesetwo were identified as 74-068A and 74-032A; the first being COSMOS 674Payload and the second COSMOS 654Debris. Since it was a daytime re-entry, it is unlikelythat it would havebeen reported by anyone in the air orfrom the ground except for the sonicboom which was reported in the im-mediate area. Only the Russianscould be reasonably certain whetherthe steel ball (pressure tank) wasfrom COSMOS 674 or COSMOS654.Andrus comments, "When one con-siders the number of people who vol-unteered their time, efforts and per-sonal expenses to identify this pres-sure tank, and the reasonable scien-tific techniques applied, we can bevery proud of every MUFON mem-ber involvedfrom the east to the westcoast. Commendations and congratu-lations to each of you for a job welldone, includingthose of you who mustremain anonymous."(Continued}craft of the U.S.S.R. which at an alti-tude of 80,000 meters 262,467 feet)has achieved a speed of 7,850 kil-ometers (4,875 miles) per hour underultra special conditions. This per-formance was achieved under condi-tions of a low density of the atmos-phere as well as the craft havingbeen constructed of temperatureproof alloys and making use of a hugetractive power.In the Oradea case the phenomenawas successively observed by twoseparate airline crews belonging totwo different airline companies, ex-cluding the possibility of a misobser-vation; and also excluded is the pre-sumption that the crews had hallu-cinatory states or they would nothave been competent enough to esti-mate the cross country flight peri-meters.According to the study undertakenby the UFO Circle of Bucharest theUFO observed over the Oradea plainwas comingfrom a direction oppositeto that of the plane, i.e. about SEE-NWW, decreasing its own speed onmeeting the Romanian aircraft, andthen changing direction to directlywest, instantaneously increasing itsvelocity.If the velocity decrease on en-countering another flying objectraises problems of intentionality andif the change of direction accordingto a perfect broken line and the in-stantaneous acceleration raise enig-matic problems within Newtonianphysics, then the scientific implica-tions are major ones. In addition toan intelligent hand in the directingof UFOs, one remarks an irrational(at least to us) pilotingskill.-15-
  16. 16. PSI releases photo of UFO passageResearchers at Project StarlightInternationals (P.S.I.s) scientificdata detection, monitoring, and sig-nalling site in the hill country 15-20miles northwest of Austin, Texas,have reportedly taken a photographof the passage of an unidentified fly-ing object over their research site at8:55 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 2.The photo shows the strange sine-wave path often reported in UFO ob-servations. (However,P.S.I. ResearchDirector Ray Stanford cautions thatthis particular effect might, conceiv-ably, be due to atmospheric insta-bility.) But, most importantly, itclearly records two high speed, 90degree turns made by the yellow-white object.Analysis of the photo by P.S.I, pro-fessional staff members Stanford andSamuel H. Young (formerly LOOKphoto editor) yields the evaluationthat no known man-made satellite oraircraft could have performed themaneuvers recorded.If, as seemingly atmospheric ef-fects on the objects light apparentlyconfirm, the object was moving out-side the Earths denser atmosphere,the angular velocity (visually esti-mated at 3 degrees per second) dur-ing its two 90 degree (right angle)turns suggest those turns may havebeen made in excess of 10,000 milesper hour.There were seven known witnessesto the passage of the Oct. 2 UFO overthe research site. The photo was re-corded in Tri-X film via a 300 milli-meter (focal length) telephoto lensusing 35mm film.While the sky was exposed on filmperhaps 10 seconds, the UFOs pas-sage before its light instantly cut offwas exposed only an estimated 2 to 4seconds, during which the entire pathand two turns were made. The cam-era was stabilized on a heavy-dutytripod. The UFO was filmed near thezenith, approaching from southwest."The photo demonstrates," the pro-ject director said, "That UFOs arenot so illusive and as difficult to getdata on as some people have ima-gined. We only regret not having hada sensitive magnetometer and otherinstruments set up to obtain otherhard data. That must wait a whileuntil our P.S.I, lab is complete."For now, the fact that such ob-jects, whatever their origin,can make90 degree turns at high speeds,coupled with other data collectedover the years, should cause scien-tists worldwide to at least probe theaspects, technological and physical,of such objects and events. It is in theinterest of reporting our researchresults to laymen and scientists, alike,that we release this first photograph-ic result of a full years,observation,detection, and recording efforts at theP.S.I, site."(Technical note: Distortion of startrails in UFO tracking photo is due tomotion of camera after UFO lightceased (upper left) before camerashutter was closed.)P.S.I, is a research division of theAssociation for the UnderstandingofMan, Inc., a non-profit research andeducationalorganization.-16-
  17. 17. Yakima Indian Reservation, WashingtonUFO stakeout describedBy David Branch(Reported in the Nov. 20 issue ofthe Santa AnaRegister)In a soon-to-be-published major ar-ticle in Saga Magazine, writer B.Ann Slate reveals that low-level un-identified flying objects reportedlyseen for almost 10 years on the Yak-ima Indian Reservation, Wash., havebeen monitored recently by scientificinstruments and photographed.- Bill Vogel, staff fire control officerstationed at the reservation, in 1971first called the sightings to the atten-tion of Dr. J. Allen Hynek,astronomerand director of The Center for UFOStudies.Hynek asked electronic engineerDavid Akers to check into the re-ported UFO activity. Akers, equippedwith instruments from PrecisionMonitoring Systems, San Diego, de-signed to obtain magnetic, spectro-graphic and photographic data, be-gan an investigation.Akers efforts became "the mostscientifically-monitored UFO stake-out in the history of saucer investi-gation," reports writer Slate. "And itsstill going on. For almost a decade,one rectangular section of some 2,800square miles . . . has been a hot-bedof reported continued UFO ac-tivity. Only no one talked about ituntil recently."For his initial field study, Akersset up six portable observation pointsmanned from sunrise to sunset.He was not to be disappointed. At4:15 a.m. on the first night of hisstake-out, he sighted one luminous,round light. His investigative reportstates:"It was joined by another similarlight at 0437. They were at an eleva-tion of 10-20 degrees and well belowthe ridge of the hills . . . The objectswere apparently round, with a red-dish-orange glow . . . The light flick-ered noticeably . . . They appeared tomove independently, circling andchanging places in relation to oneanother —"On almost every evening of hisobservations, Akers had observedUFOs: red lights which sweep backand forth over the terrain ahead ofthem using an amber beam as ifsearching for something; luminousorange balls hovering and blinkingnear the base of hills; intense whitelights moving so fast they gave theimpression of a white streak beforestopping and darting in another di-rection.Akers has also studied data re-corded by fire control officer Vogel.One particularly dramatic incidentreportedly happened to the 11-year-oldson of a woman who runs one of thereservations cigarette stores."The boy had walked to the mail-box to get the afternoon mail," Slatestates, "when an object he describedas big as a large airplane, gray incolor, silent and shaped like a platecame over him. Terrified, he ran forhis minibike and headed . . . to hisgrandmothers house for safety. As helooked back... the huge craft was fol-lowing at a low altitude. The boystopped his bike and ran into theheavy brush at the side of the road inan effort to hide. The vehicle movedslowly over the brush for a time as ifsearching for him. Then it shot away."Following the incident, the boy wasvery nervous and tense, and spoke ofthe object for the next several days.In his report, Akers summarizes hisfindings: ". . . genuine UFO activityhas been and is still taking place ona more or less regular basis in theToppenish area (of the Yakima Res-ervation).Dr. Hynek comments: "The investi-gation served to establish the realityof the phenomena but increased thefrustration by not being able to do aproper job."To accomplish the "proper job" towhich Hynek refers would require atleast one full-time specialist to bestationed permanently in the areawith additional equipment. Akers hasonly been able to spend limited timeon the project.UFO sightings are continuing, mak-ing additional research extremelypromising. One of the most recent isdocumented in official Police Depart-ment Report No. 930-74, which liststhe subject as "Possible U.F.O.""This ... sighting by three persons,"writes Slate, "concerns a mass oflights which not only .moved erratic-ally up, down and forward, but whichfollowed their car along a reservationridge. If the auto sped up, so did themulti-colored lights, oscillating in acircle around a darkened nucleus.body. Then ... the UFO moved away.This occurred in August of 1974."COPYRIGHT 1974SKYIOOK,MUFONmerger delayedThe previously announced mergerof SKYLOOK and MUFON, whichwas to have been effective Jan. 1,1975,has been delayed indefinitely.Commenting on the delay, SKY-LOOK Publisher Dwight Connellysaid, "Plans made some weeks agohave just not jelled, for a number ofreasons. One reason is the fact thatMUFONs impending reorganizationis still in the process of being workedout, making MUFONs future de-cision-making structure an unknownat this time. It is difficult to makeconcrete plans and commitmentsuntil the reorganization is complete."A second factor is the expected in-crease in the workload at MUFONheadquarters as a result of expectedTV publicityand possible governmen-tal announcement concerning theUFO phenomenon.The new MUFONoffice secretary has simply not hadtime to adjust yet,, and it would notbe fair to MUFON members or SKY-LOOK readers to add the many dutiesinvolved in publishing the magazineonto an inexperienced person."Connelly announces that the sub-scription price for SKYLOOK willincrease to $8.00 per year, beginningJan. 1, rather than the previously an-nounced $10.00 per year.— 17—
  18. 18. Directors MessageBy Walt AndrusIt is with extreme pride that we announce theappoint-ment of Leonard H. Stringfield to the MUFON Board ofDirectors position of Director for Public Relations. Len,who resides with his wife, Dell, and fourteen-year-olddaughter, Camille, at 4412 Grove Avenue, Cincinnati,Ohio45227, telephone AC 513 271-4248 (home) and AC 513762-6965 (business), has been serving since 1971 as StateSection Direction for Hamilton, Clermont, Warren, andButler counties and will continue in this dual role.Len is probably best known as Director of CivilianResearch, Interplanetary Flying Objects, which hefounded on March 10,1954, and its bulletin,the C.R.I.F.O.sNEWSLETTER, changing its name to C.R.I.F.O. ORBITon July 1, 1955. (Your Director is very proud to possesscopies of this publication, starting with Volume I, No. I,on April 7,1954.)In October, 1957, Leonard published his book titled"Inside Saucer Post. .. 3^0 Blue" that he dedicated to hisfirst two daughters, Colette and Denise. He simply .ex-plains the book as "CRIFO views the status quo: a Sum-mary Report by Leonard H. Stringfield." It is interestingto note that Ted Bloecher had suggested that the title ofLens book should be "The Midnight Oil," which wastypical of Leonards UFO work duringthat era.Professionally, Len is Director of Public Relationsand Marketing for DuBois Chemical in Cincinnati. Withseventeen years of professional P.R. experience and overtwenty years in the UFO field, Len is without a doubt thefinest choice that MUFON could make for this importantposition to spearhead our public awareness program atthis crucial point in UFO history..As promised in the November issue of SKYLOOK, thenew address and telephone number of Laurence T.Childs,State Director for Colorado is 3165 Gray St., Denver,Colorado 80214, telephone AC 303 232-8063 (home) andAC 303233-3909 (business).Mrs. Idabel Epperson, State Director for SouthernCalifornia, was delighted to announcethe appointment oftwo new State-Section Directors during a meeting in herhome on Oct. 27 on the occasion of the visit of your Di-rector to Los Angeles. These two distinguished gentlemen,both instructors at colleges or universities, are Alvin H.Lawson, Ph.D., 5861 Huntley Avenue, Garden Grove, Cali-fornia 92645, telephone AC 714- 894-9315 (home) and AC213498-4223 (business), for Orange County, and John F. P.Zen-gel ("Fritz"), M.S., 13767 Lakota Road, Apple Valley,California 92307, telephone AC 714 247-6033 (home) andAC 714 245-4271, Ext. 33 (business), for the large SanBernardino County. (Incidentally both men are teachingcourses about UFOs ... Al at California State Universityin Long Beach, and "Fritz" at Apple Valley CommunityCollege.)Florida is expanding its MUFON coverage with theappointment of Jerome D. Dunaway,P.O. Box 5249, Clear-water, Florida 33518, telephone AC 813 447-8547, as State-Section Director for Pinellas and Hallsborough counties,which encompasses Tampa and St. Petersburg. State-Section Director for Palm Beach County is Gary E.Stemm, 424 KirkRoad, Palm Springs, Florida 33460 tele-phone AC 305 965-4852 (home) and AC 305 588-0088 (busi-ness). Gary is a reporter for the National EnquirerNewspaper in Lantana, Florida, and vitally interested inthe UFO phenomenon.A feature article in the "VOICE OF MOTOROLA"concerning Walt Andrus and the Dec. 15 NBC TV NewsDocumentary titled "UFOs: Do You Believe?" producedpositive results when Robert E. Greer volunteered hisservices. Bob resides at 5425 Lee Circle, Forest Park,Georgia 30050, telephone AC 404 363-6545 (home) and AC404 366-6035 (business). Bob, a project manager for Moto-rola Communications Division, is the new State-SectionDirector for Clayton, Fulton, Cobb, and Douglas Counties,which includes Atlanta,Georgia.Joining the ranks of women representing MUFONinIllinois as State-Section Directors is Mrs. Ronald (LaurelE.) Gaines, 224 Crest Lane, Apt. 105, Kankakee, Illinois60901, telephone AC 815 939-4183, for Kankakee and Iro-quois Counties. Laurel, who has studied UFOs since1962,and is an artist and the mother of two children, has madethe decision to become more active in the researchphase.Thomas H. Nicholl, State Director for Kansas, hasannounced the appointment of Edwin C. Steuart, 2008Browning Avenue, Manhattan, Kansas 66502, telephoneAC 913 539-5523 (home) and AC 913 776-9200 (business) asState-Section Director for Riley, Geary, and WabaunseeCounties. Ed was formerly a Field Investigator.West-Central Minnesota is now being representedby Jerome Clark as State-Section Director for Clay,Wilkin, Otter Tail, Norman, Mahnomen, and BeckerCounties. "Jerry" and his wife, Penny, reside at 3108South 5th Street, Apt. No. 1, Moorhead, Minnesota 56560,telephone AC 218 233-2514. Jerome has his B.A, fromMoorhead State College and is a writer by profession.He was formerly associate editor of Fate Magazineand has had numerous articles published in SAGA mag-azine, FSR (Flying Saucer Review), as well as Fate.Jerry and Loren Coleman have co-authored a book titled"The Unidentified: Notes Toward Solving the UFO Mys-tery," to be published by Warner Paperback Library latein the spring of 1975. Jerome is also collaborating on abook with Lou Farish to be titled "A Century of Unidentified Flying Objects." Jerry ,was a house guest of Waltand Jeanne Andrus during the third week of November-18-
  19. 19. Nebraska Planetariumprogram developedJack A. Dunn, coordinator of theRalph Mueller Planetarium at theUniversity of Nebraska—Lincoln,continues to draw the crowds to hisproduction "The Mystery of UFOs."Shown three times a week since theend of August, the planetarium spe-cial on UFOs has averaged 70 personsDunn is making his productionavailable to other planetariums inthe Midwest and to MUFON mem-bers in Nebraska. Now a MUFONmember, Jack created his 35-minutepresentation with the assistance ofMutual UFO Network members Pro-fessor Carroll L. Moore of NebraskaWesleyan University and Elmer Kraiof Grand Island Senior High.Schuessler speaksJohn F. Schuessler, deputy directorof MUFON, presented a program en-titled "Whats New in UFOs?" for theHouston, Texas, Management Club onNov. 20.Mrs. Shorts addressWe have had requests for the cur-rent address of former Skylook Edi-tor-Publisher Norma Short. We aresure Norma would enjoy hearingfrom UFO people. Her address is600West 4th Street, Salem, Missouri65560.and was the speaker for the monthly meeting of the Tri-State UFO Study Group on Nov. 20 in Quincy, Illinois.George Fawcett, State Director for North Carolina,has made significant reassignments in his state to obtainbetter coverage and properly utilize the fine talent in theTarHeel UFO Study Group. George will again be respon-sible for Surry and Stokes Counties in addition to hispresent position. Richard C. Austin, 5595 Murray Road,Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27106, telephone AC 919924-8419 (home) and AC 919 723-2441 (business) has beenassigned the counties of Forsyth, Yadkin, Davie, Iredel,and Rowan. Nolie L. Bell, 350Pine Ridge Drive, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27104, telephone AC 919 765-4865(home) and AC 919 969-1374 (business) is responsible forDavidson, Rockingham, Guilford, and Randolph Counties.Nolie is a former U.S. Navy Intelligence officer andis presently an Engineer for the Westinghouse Corpor-ation.Joining Larry Moyers in Ohio as State-Section Direc-tor is Richard Lee Hoffman, 150Cannonbury Court,D-2,Dayton, Ohio 45429, telephone AC 513435-0413 (home) andAC 513 435-2353 (business) for Montgomery, Preble, andGreene Counties. (These counties are adjacent to thenorth of those counties represented by Leonard String-field.)We welcome another Oregon husband and wife teamto MUFON as State-Section Director for Coos County.Frank C.-Schneider, M.A.,P.O. Box 5538, Charleston, Ore-gon 97420, telephone AC 503 888-5490 (home) and AC 503888-3234, Ext. 285 (business), is a psychology instructorat Southwestern Oregon Community College.John C. Kasher, Ph.D., 9710 Erskine Street, Omaha,Nebraska 68134, telephone AC 402 397-7542 (home) andAC 402 554-2511 (business), an Associate Professor ofPhysics at University of Nebraska at Omaha, has volun-teered to serve as a Consultant in Physics. John alsoteaches Astronomy and is an amateur astronomer.The MUFON Board of Directors, with the enthusiasticapproval of Ted Phillips, has elected Ted to the positionof Specialist Coordinator, leaving a vacancy on the Boardfor a Corporate Secretary, since Ted filled a dual role.It is anticipated that one of our legal advisors may beelected to this post on the Board. Subsequent issues ofSKYLOOK will announce the names of others nowservingon the Board of Directors and the plans to elect RegionalDirectors.In order that our specialization committees will bemore effective in MUFON,we would like for all membersto make copies of their reports destined for specialistchairmen to be distributed in the following manner:One copy to the Specialist Chairman, a second copy toTed Phillips, MUFON Specialist Coordinator, P.O. Box615, Sedalia, Missouri 65301,and the third copy toMUFON,40 Christopher Court, Quincy, Illinois 62301 (which willinclude SKYLOOK). Inadvertently, your Director did notinclude both names of the Co-Chairmen for the OccupantsCommittee in a past issue, which should have been TedBloecher, 317 East 83rd Street, New York, N.Y. 10028,and David F. Webb, 64Jacqueline Road, Apt. 10, Waltham,Massachusetts 02154. Ted Phillips is also the specialist inlanding trace cases.One of the membership categories in MUFON foryoung people under eighteen years of age is that of"UFO NEWS CLIPPING SERVICE." This same cate-gory applies to many of our senior citizens who prefernot to be involved in field investigator work, but have thetime to scan and access to many publications; thus a tre-mendous source of UFO related material. By fullyutilizing our news clip potential, we feel we can notonly serve SKYLOOKwith the latest news clips, but beofgreater aid to our MUFON Staff member, Rod B. Dyke,who publishes the U.F.O. NEWSCLIPPING SERVICEat 3521 S. W. 104th, Seattle, Washington 90146. MUFONwill reproduce your clippings for our use and forwardthe original copies to Rod Dyke so that they may beshared by UFO research groups all over the world.MUFONs philosophy of sharing UFO material has beenone of the major reasons for its phenomenalgrowth.Harold Cowdin and Forrest Lundberg would like toremind our SKYLOOK readers that the Sixth AnnualMUFON UFO Symposium will be held July 5 and 6,1975, in Des Moines, Iowa, at the beautiful multi-storyHoliday Inn. Speakers who have already agreed to speakare R. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D., from the University of Wyo-ming in Laramie, and Harley R. Rutledge, Ph.D., Headof the Department of Physics, Southeastern MissouriState University in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.— 19—
  20. 20. AstronomyNotesBy Mark HerbstrittJANUARYMercury—During the last half ofthe month it can be seen low in thesouthwest just after sunset.Venus—Can be seen very low in thesouthwest for about an hour aftersunset.Mars—is too close to the Sun to bewell seen.Jupiter—is in Aquarius. It is wellpast the meridian at sunset and setsabout four hours later.Saturn—is in Gemini. It is at oppo-sition on the 6th when it is at itsbrightest, and rises as the sun setsand is visible all night.Sirius—the brightest star in thenight sky can be seen in the southeastat 9p.m. local time.St. Louis groupselling deeds,bumper stickersThe UFO Study Group of GreaterSt. Louis is offering 4"xl4" bumperstickers asking, "U C a UFO?" anddirecting those answering in the af-firmative to contact the St. Louisgroup or MUFONs home office. Thecost is 50cents.Also available are 4"x4" decals.Onedecal features the MUFON emblemand address, while the other featuresa cartoon and "Ima UFO nut!" mes-sage. The decals are available for 25cents each.The St. Louis groups address isBox 6631,St. Louis, Mo. 63125.Recapping and commentingBy Richard Hall . . .(This column is directed towardsarticles appearing in the September,1974, edition of SKYLOOK.)Yanco CaseThe Yanca case, purporting to de-scribe contact with comic-strip-like,blond-haired space people, naturallyraises more questions than it an-swers. Most of all, it demonstratesthe need for well-qualified psychia-trists and psychologists in UFO in-vestigation.One wonders how these beings canhave a "similarity . . . truly astonish-ing" to the spacemen described bythe Hills unless something has beenlost (or distorted) in the translation.The little details conforming to otheroccupant cases (drawing off electri-cal energy, silvery suits, hummingconversation, levitation, interest inphysiology ... ) raise this immediatequestion: How much, or how little,was Yanca familiar with UFO liter-ature and lore?- Casitas Dam PhotoThe 1974 photograph of the UFOemerging from the lake, once again,leads us to questions about thewit-ness; not intended to be cynical,necessarily, but important to thor-ough investigation. Why did Mr. Kin-sey take along binoculars and cameraon a casual visit to a dam on a cloudy,drizzly day? And why infra-red film,which is not used in normal photog-raphy? Was this a fresh roll of film,and the first picture taken on it? Nomention is made of photographingthedam or other scenery.Top-shaped UFOsI find reports of "top-shaped" UFOsintriguing, and one of the many cross-cultural problems of UFO investiga-tion that I hope Joe Brill and hiscolleagues can help to elucidate. TheNovember 8, 1973top-shaped UFOseen by pilots over Bolivia was ap-proached within about 2000 metersby the Air Force pilot. On May 5,1958, a pilot over San Carlos, Uruguay,saw a UFO "shaped like a childs topapproach and hover about 2000meters away, but the pilot was ableto close in to about 700meters beforethe UFO shot away (see The UFOEvidence, p.120).The question is, what shape-is achilds top in Bolivia and Uruguay?Even in the U.S. there is some varia-tion, but the classic top is conical onthe bottom and rounded on the uppersurface. Some are flatter and moredisc-like than others, and some havemore pronounced rims or flangesthan others. Roger Shepards arrayofUFO shapes appearing on page 229 ofthe 1968Congressional "Symposiumon Unidentified Flying Objects" in-cludes several . distinctly differentforms that could be described as"top-like." This general configuration,of course, and its relationship to ro-tating or spinning UFOs, may bemore than coincidental.—20-