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Mufon ufo journal 1974 10. october - skylook

  1. 1. SKYLOOKThe UFO MonthlyNumber83OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF MUTUAL UFO NETWORK, INC.October1974This steel ball, measuring about 11% inchesin diameter, was found Sept. 7 on a farm inSoutheastern Ohio. According to a witness, theball fell from the sky. The sphere is apparentlyman-made, and may be a satellite. Story on page18.
  2. 2. In This IssueDirectors Message 3Canadian farmer sees UFO 15 feet away 4Man claims humanoids pursued him •—5UFO seen near Los Angeles :—6Argentine airliner flanked by UFOs —. 9Indiana couple reports close encounter :—• 9New Jersey UFO makes "grinding sound"——• 9"Sparkling wedge" in Austria— . 10UFOs Behind the Iron Curtain 14MIB reports wanted : • 15In Others Words • • 16Is Erie von Daniken a Fraud? : 17Steel ball found in Ohio • 18Argentina sighting ~- ;.—19Astronomy Notes : •—19Recapping and Commenting- —20SKYLOOK has been designated the official publication of theMutual UFO Network; however, membership in MUFON is notrequired to subscribe to Skylook, and membership in MUFONdoes not automatically include a subscription to Skylook.Mem-bership in MUFON, which is $2.00 per year and by invitation, ishandled through the MUFON office, 40 Christopher Court,Quincy, III 62301Advertising is available in Skylook at 10<f per word, $1.25 perdisplay line, or $5 per display inch (IxSVfe). Minimum charge $5.Advertisements subject to approval of editor.Skylook, the UFO Monthly, is published monthly by DwightCoqnelly, 26 Edgewood Drive, Quincy, Illinois 62301. Subscription rates; UnitedStates and Canada, $5.00 per year; foreign, $6.00 per year; 50 cents per copy.Second class postage paid at Quincy, IL. 62301Dwight ConnellyEditor-PublisherMrs. Carolyn ConnellyBusiness ManagerStaff:Joseph M. Brill Norma E. ShortLucius Farish John F. Schuessler Marjorie FishMark Herbstritt Bob Kirkpatrick Ted BloecherTed Phillips Rosetta Holmes Stan GordonDavid A. Schroth Walter H. Andrus Dr. Barry Downing
  3. 3. Directors MessageBy Walt AndrusWith the appointment of Gordon I. R. Lore, State Director for New Mexico> MUFON is noworganized in thirty-eight states. Gordon is a.former assistant director of NICAP, senior authorof the book "Mysteries of the Skies; UFO.s inPerspective," author of "Strange Effects fromUOFs," and now editor of his own newsletter fromUFO Research Associates. He and his wife resideat 10013.Erlitz Drive, N.W., Albuquerque, N.M.87114; telephone: AG 505 898-6132.;-•,--.. -We are also proud to announce that Theodore R.Spickler, Box 180, Route #4, .Wheeling, W.V.26003; telephone: AC 304 242-2474 has volunteeredto serve as State .Director for West Virginia. Tedis a physics professor at West Liberty State Col-lege and just recently conducted a personal in-vestigation for MUFON of .the steel sphere (prob-ably a foreign satellite) which fell near Lowell,Ohio, on Sept. 7, 1974 (see article in thisissue). - . . •David W. Schwartzman, Ph.D., 906 N. LarrimoreSt., Arlington, VA. 22205; telephone: AC 703 532-6589 has been selected as MUFONs State Directorfor Virginia. Dave is chairman, Department of1Geology and Geography, at Howard University inWashington, DC, and also is serving MUFON as aconsultant in Geochemistry.Other consultants appointed this month fromthe academic community are William D. Welch, Jr.Ph.D., 839 Boswell, Crete, Nebraska 68333; tele-phone AC 402 826-4186 for .Astronomy. Bill hashis Doctorate in physics and teaches at DoaneCollege in Crete, Neb. Dorothy J. Gore, Ph.D.,5 Elsah Hills Dr., R. R. 1, Elsah, II. 62028;telephone: AC 618 466-2933 a professor in earthsciences at Southern Illinois University (Ed-wardsville) .has volunteered her services as aconsultant in Geology. Eugene F. Mallone, 5Beaver Park Rd., Apt. 4, Framingham, Mass. 01701;telephone: Ac 617 875-1191 has his S.B. and Aeronautical Engineering from M.I;T. and isnow a Doctoral Candidate at Harvard School ofPublic Health. Gene is devoted to the study-ofinterstellar communication and propulsion;methodsand is best known as the compiler of. the "Bibli-ography of Interstellar Communications andTravel." He will serve as a-consultant in Inter-stellar Communications. .Ed Planz, State Director for Alabama,, has an-nounced that Robert R. Boyd, 121 Huron Road,Mobile, Ala. 36609; telephone: AC 205.661-0318will be the State-Section Director for Mobileand Baldwin Counties. It is .a pleasure to in-troduce two lovely ladies as State-Section Direc-tors—Carol R. Belden, #45.Elsah Hills Drive, R.R. #1, Elsah, II. 62028; telephone: AC 618 466-2933 for Jersey and Calhoun counties in Illinois,and Lorraine Duchesne, 205 Main St., Berlin. N.H;03570; telephone: AC 603 752-7503 for Coos Countyin New Hampshire.. (Every county is now coveredin New Hampshire which is MUFONs goal for everystate.) Carol is a: real estate broker and gen-eral building contractor, while Lorraine is alegal secretary.- ;. .The study of the .UFO phenomenon has becometruly a scientific problem to the academic world.Evidence supporting this statement is apparent inthe number of college or university professorswho. are volunteering their expertise to help re-solve this enigma. Benton Jamison, Ph.D. 7 Doug-las Road, Delmar, N.Y. 12054; telephone: AC 518439-7596 has been selected to be State-SectionDirector for the New York counties of Albany, . .Rensselaer, Saratoga and Schenectady.. Ben is amath professor at State University of New York atAlbany. Art Koskela, a math .instructor living atRoute 2, Box 164, Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. 54494;telephone AC 7151 325-5932 is the new State-Sec-tion Director for Wood, Portage and Marathon;ounties in Wisconsin. .It is- with the deepest sorrow that we acknowl-edge the passing of our former State Director forColorado, Ken Steinmetz, on August 29, 1974. Coirsympathy is extended to his wife, Phyliss andtheir-three daughters. We have all lost a truefriend in UFOlogy. . -., In addition to.the NBC-NEWS TV UFO Documentaryto be aired on December 15, 1974, there are sev-eral film companies producing full length motionpictures on.UFO1s to be distributed to the na-tions theaters and no doubt later to the tele-vision networks. The actor Glenn Ford is appear-ing in.a."World Premier Movie", for NBC-TV on Oct-ober 1, 1974, 8:30 p.m. POST titled .The Disap-pearance of Flight 412" which will have a UFOtheme;During a recent telephone visit David M. Ja-cobs, Ph.D., at the University of Nebraska, ad-vised that he was technical story consultant tothe ..Sandier Productions-motion picture film whichwill contain several outstanding UFO photographsmade available through the cooperation of the De-partment of Defense and NASA. -This is a positivesign that .the United States Government is takinga softer stand on the UFO issue, .preparatory tomaking their .own revelations to the public.In addition to serving as Corporate Secretaryto MUFON, Ted Phillips is also our specializationcoordinator. In this latter..capacity, he is ac-. (Continued on page 15)
  4. 4. In Saskatchewan, CanadaiFarmer sees UFO 15feet awaySource: THE LEADER, Regina, Saskatchewan, CanadaSept. 10, 1974.Submitted by: W. J. Wiley and Dan GloverLANGENBURG (Staff) - If flying saucers are yourcup of tea, Edwin Fuhr has a six-place settingfor you.At least he did have...and still does, sort of.It all started about 10:30 a.m. a week ago Sun-day when the 36-year-old farmer was swathing arapeseed field about six miles north of Langen-burg."The rape was lying real flat so I was movingslow to pick it up, not watching where I was go-ing. But I knew I was getting near the sloughand would have to"turn up on another row so Ilooked up."At first I thought it was one of those tinduck blinds like you see in that outdoor sports-man magazine. I thought maybe my brother-in-lawhad set it up as a joke. I got off the swatherand was going over to give it a kick to scarewhoever was in it."But Edwin never got closer than 15 feet awayfrom his "duck blind.""All of a sudden like, I noticed the grasswas moving... turning near this thing. I justwatched it for about two minutes and then noticedthat the whole thing was turning."I backed up slow. I wasnt going to turn myback on the thing. When I got back up on theswather I noticed there were another four to theleft of me, all revolving. I just froze on theseat and didnt move."For the next 15 minutes Edwin sat motionlesswatching the five • "stainless steel" objectshovering about a foot off the ground.He wanted to take off on the swather but hecouldnt make his hand move to the gear lever.-He wanted to run, but his legs wouldnt move."I was terrified. I froze...couldnt do any-thing," he said."Then they took off...straight up. There wasa grey vapor coming from underneath them and- astrong downwind. I had to hang on to my hat andit knocked the rape down.".It took two minutes for the objects to dis-appear into the clouds and another two minutesfor Edwin to again descend from the swather."I wanted to be sure they were gone." .Cautiously, he walked over to the outer rim ofthe slough.Beneath the spot where he had seen the firsthovering object, there was a depression in thefoot-high grass about 11 feet in diameter.The grass on the outside was flattened andtwisted in a clockwise ring. In the center, itstood erect.Then he found four more circular depressionswhere the other objects had been spinning."I felt the grass to see if it was warm. ThereI/feel and there wasnt anyshowed up at thetheyd seen thesethese ringssaid Const.was nothing you could:smell."Edwin figured hed done enough swathing forthe morning and headed back to the farmhouse forlunch. : ,"I didnt know how to tell my folks. The wifejust stared at me and said I was nuts. Motherwouldnt believe it at all but had figured Idseen something."Word started getting around, the way it doesin rural communities where almost everybody isrelated, and on Monday, Const. Ron Morier fromthe Langenburg RCMP detachmentFuhr farm."They took me out to wherethings in the slough grass. I sawabout 10 to 12 feet in diameter,"Morier. ."Something was there and I doubt it was a hoax.Theres no indication .anything had been wheeledin or out and Mr. Fuhr seemed genuinely scared."The RCMP gathered all the information theycould, including photographs and measurements,and sent the material to the Upper Atmosphere Re-search Section, Astro-Physics Branch, NationalResearch Council, in Ottawa.been no word from the council."Some farmers are afraid to work the fields,"Const. Morier said. "At least thats what I hearon coffee row."Could the objects return? According to Mr.Fuhr, they did. Or at least one of them did.A neighbors dog started barking Sunday aboutmidnight and kept it up until 3 a.m."The people who owned the dog said they could-nt stop him from barking and that he kept look-,ing over here," Mr. Fuhr said.No one .saw anything that night, but Mondaymorning when Mr. Fuhr returned to the site, therewas a sixth ring; exactly the same as the.others.He figures that since word started getting a-..round about the landing, 2,000 people have tramp-led through, over and around the circular depres-sions.But they are still there and very visible."It was Friday before Mom would even go have alook," Mr. Fuhr said."They all believe it now and Mom figures Itsabout time to move into town."As yet there has
  5. 5. Near Lagunilla, SpainMan claims humanoids pursued himDate of Sighting: March 20, 1974 & March 21, 1974Location: On the Highway between Horcajo andLagunilla, SPAINName of Newspaper: "Daily of Cadiz" March 30,1974Translated by: Bill ArmstrongSubmitted by: Sr. Pedro Redon, MUFON Represen-tative for Spain, through Joe Brill, Inter-national Coordinator.Salamanca--A young truck driver has been pur-sued by four beings which had climbed down fromseveral UFOs, according to his report:During two consecutive nights and in the sameplace, in the district around Valdehijaderos;ofthis province, a young truck driver has seenseveral UFOs, and on one of the occasions he gotout of the truck, which had been stopped, and waspursued by four beings which he could see.Maximilliano Iglesias, 21 years old, who hasa reputation for truthfulness in the town of La-gunilla, where he lives, declares that he is notlying.The young truck driver--in an interview publi-shed today by "La Gaceta Regional" (Regional GSL-.zette)—says that several days ago he was return-ing at 2 a.m. toward Lagunilla. When close toValdehijaderos, next to Bejar, he was dazzled bya powerful light, which he thought might be com-ing from some truck, so he switched on his head-lights for passing; but in a short time in adistance of two hundred meters he observed stop-ped on the highway a strange object "like a plateplaced on top of another large and round one"; atsome 15 or 20 meters, also stopped, he saw in theair another similar apparatus.From the one that was parked on the highwayemerged two beings, one of which pointed to thetruck. They returned into the apparatus and thelatter rose up, going away with the one which wasstopped in the air. The truck did not get goinguntil after a while. On arriving home the youngman went to bed frightened and told nothing aboutit on the following day.That same day he had to return later to bringmaterial along the same road, and on returning toLagunilla at about 11:30 p.m. at the same placeas the previous day, he again encountered threeships stopped on the highway. They (ships) wereof a silvery color and had a diffused, glowinglight."I stopped the engine," Maximilliano has said."The truck was not moving. I got out of the cab.Suddenly, I saw four figures out there. I dontknow if they were already out or if they cameout. I didnt know if they were men or women.They came toward me. On seeing them I ran awayfrightened. I took off in the direction of Hor-cajo across country. They were following me.They were running much faster than I. I was be-coming exhausted and I was able to throw myselfin a ditch full of mud. They passed by me verycloset-about two meters--without seeing me. Isaw them pass. They were tall, about two metersand they had aims and legs, but their faces Icould not see. I did not hear any voices at all.On seeing them pass in the distance, I returnedto the truck. I remembered that I left the dooropen and it was closed now. I thought that some-one was inside and so I approached slowly andlooked in. I didnt see anyone in there. I dontremember if it was cold or hot. Imagine how -Imust have felt. I again saw them in the distanceand they were looking at me again. They pointedwith their arms. They climbed into the ships andthey took off. Then, I saw them again come downand get out with some tools which I could notmake out. With these tools they were making someholes. And at last they went away. The truckcould not move since it had a damaged battery."On the following day the truck driver relatedwhat had happened and the Civil Guard (the localpolice) began an investigation into the case. Onreturning to the place of the occurrence therewas found a hole which the truck driver claimedhe had not made. "It is true, everything I say,"added Maximiliano Iglesias. "Why would I lie?Anyone can believe me that wants to. I did nothave any idea about this. I dont remember manydetails, but indeed I noticed that on taking 5fthe ships gave off a loud sound, a strong whist-le, which for a moment left me deaf. Now, I havecalmed down and I can only say one thing: Ifon that second night instead of going alone, Ihad gone with someone else and if he had beenbraver, I would not have run away. I would havestayed to see what would have happened."1974 MUFON SYMPOSIUM PROCEEDINGSThe 1974 MUFON Symposium Proceedings is avail-able postpaid for $3.25 in the U.S. and $4.00elsewhere. The proceedings covers the 1974 Sym-posium in Akron, Ohio, as well as additional sub-mitted papers. Articles include "UFOs—An IssueWhose Time Has Almost Come" by Ralph Blum; "Re-ligion and UFOs: The Extrasensory Problem" byBarry Downing; "UFO Trace-Landing Cases" by TedPhillips; "Journey Into the Hill Star Map" byMarjorie E. Fish; "Saucers, PSI § Psychiatry" byBerthold E. Schwarz; "Flying Saucers and Physics"by Stanton T. Friedman; "UFOs in Relation toCreature Sightings in P isylvania" by Stan Gor-don; "Magnetic Explanation of UFOs" by Eugene H.Burt; and "MUFON--A Positive Approach to the UFOEnigma" by Walter H. Andrus. Orders should besent to 40 Christopher Court, Quincy, IL. 62301.
  6. 6. UFO seen near Los AngelesBy Walter H. GreenawaldMUFON Field Investigator. SUMMARY: An apparent UFO was seen over thecity of Simi Valley, Calif. (Los Angeles suburb)at approximately 11:45 p.m. PDT on 19 June 1974.The unknown was seen by at least five groups ofpeople and one group, the Gonzales family ofMission Hills, Calif., experienced a relativelyclose approach from the UFO.LOCATION: Primarily over the central portionof Simi Valley, Calif., located approximately 33miles NNW of central Los Angeles. The area ofmost of the sighting activity was within theboundaries of Cochran, Erringer, Royal and Se-quoia .streets. • . .WEATHER: Clear and.moderately warm. No ap-preciable inversion layer which usually occurs atthis time of year locally. The stars were.spark-ling. There was no moon and no appreciable wind.WITNESSES: Mr. and Mrs. Ted (Patti) Fair, 1720Regan Circle, Simi Valley, Calif. 93063, (805)526-0600; Mr. and Mrs. George (Martha) Gonzales,14674 Hiawatha St., -Mission Hills, Calif. 91315,(213) .365-6530; Several members of the SimiValley Police Dept., including the watch comman-der; A relative of Mrs. Gonzales, above, who -isa commercial airline pilot and wishes to .remainanonymous. The author of this document triedseveral times to get information from this sourcebut was refused; and unknown persons who turnedin the initial UFO report to the Simi Valleypolice. .SIGHTING BY MR. AND MRS. FAIRAt approximately 11:45 p.m. after the last ofthe late news on TV. Mrs. Ted (Patti) Fair turnedon her police monitor . radio and heard a requestfrom the police radio dispatcher to have a policeunit check out a report of a UFO over nearbyBrower St. She went outside and scanned the hor-izons without seeing anything. When she lookedoverhead, she saw a stationary red disc. She ob-served the device for perhaps a minute before herhusband, Ted, became curious and joined her.. Hetoo, saw the object and both described it as a"stop light" red disc with an apparent diameterof a 3/8" diameter button held at arm!s lenght.While Ted watched the UFO, Patti went back inthe house and phoned the Simi Valley police, whosaid that they were also aware of the strange de-vice and were observing it from the police sta-tion near the corner of Cochran and Sequoia Sts.After being observed for another minute or so,the object started to move slowly to the ENE andthen quickly disappeared over the local horizonwith great speed in approximately 5 to 8 seconds.The local horizon was estimated at 20 degreesfrom the point where they were standing in thestreet. During the movement of the UFO away fromTed Fair, he said that he observed two filamentsof light that protruded from each side of the UFOas if they were the leading edges of swept backtype wings of a conventional aircraft. The bril-liance of the object was comparable to that ofthe was that of a "red stop light." TheUFO made no noise...absolutely silent.A teenage neighbor girl (Joyce) also saw thedevice about the time it disappeared, but she ap-peared very shy and was reticent about answeringquestions.: Mrs. Fair went into the house and monitoredthe police again and the very next call she heardwas from an unknown • woman who was driving northon Yosemite St. north of Los Angeles St. who re-ported a gasoline type fire spread across thestreet behind her at approximately Los AngelesSt this she observed in her rear view mirror.She made a U turn and went back to check; therewas no evidence of fire. This event could beseemingly related to the UFO sighting. The authorchecked with a fireman stationed in Simi Valleyseveral nights later as to any strange fires thatnight...he could not recall any.SIGHTING BY GONZALES FAMILYOn the same date, 19 June, 1974, and at ap-proximately the same time.. ...11:50 to 11:55 p.m.the Gonzales were driving north on Sycamore St.towards Los Angeles Simi Valley. They hadbeen visiting relatives on Rosette St. and werereturning home to Mission Hills in the San Fer-nando Valley. As they neared the bridge nearElizondo Ave., George remarked about the heli-copter, as it had no other lights and was all red(described as the color of an emergency roadflare) and very bright. It could be seen clearlythrough the front windshield at a 45 degreeangle, and was noted by Mr. Gonzales as well astheir seven-year-old son...(the child seemed tobe very frightened by the event). They stoppedthe car and shut off the engine and could hear nosound. Goerge estimated the altitude at thistime at 1000 feet...and the light was noted asround and bright and very red.They decided to drive to a market down the.road" and call Marthas brother-in-law, who was acommercial airlines pilot, thinking he would be.interested in this thing and could possiblytell them what it was. They continued driving tothe corner of Los Angeles and Sycamore Sts. to aRalphs supermarket and called her brother-in-lawfrom a phone booth outside the market. As theydrove to the market, a distance of approximately% mile from the bridge, they noted that the UFO-seemed to converge with them at the intersection."
  7. 7. BK DOUX ET SES AMIS KEN MEAUX-EARL COMEAUXSORRY. REGULAR CUSTOMERS OAJLY!The UFO approached their position in a somewhatundulating motion up and down and eventually camedirectly overhead while they were making thephone call. Mrs. Gonzales talked for severalminutes to her ih-laws, and several persons fromthe Rosette St. vantage saw the device, some 1^miles from the Gonzales location. At the time ofclosest approach, Mr. Gonzales estimated that theUFO came to within 600 feet of them. The Gon-zales (both) estimated the apparent diameter atthis time as that of a softball held,at armslength...a large apparent diameter.-The Gonzales were questioned at length relativeto this close approach. The Simi Valley policeand the Fairs may have seen the object at thesame time...this could be possible based on theapproximate time, and the fact that Mrs. Faircalled the police and they said that they wereobserving it at the same time as the Fairs. Cal-culations were made based on the sighting datafrom the two locations, and the UFO diameter andaltitude came out to the following: UFO altitudeof the Fair house - 12,500 feet. UFO diameter -157 feet.The foregoing was based on the watch comman-ders estimate of the elevation angle of approx-imately 60 deg. The UFO diameter appears to be.large compared to most previous reports (but notimpossible.)-By taking the above UFO diameter .and working•backwards, one can estimate the distance awayfrom the Gonzales at the closest approach and thetime of their first sighting. In the case wherethe Gonzales first observed the UFO directly a-head and somewhere near Los Angeles Street,George estimated the apparent diameter at ahalf dollar at arms length. The horizontal dis-tance computes to approximately 3750 feet or ap-proximately 0.7 miles; when this is spotted on.the map; it puts the UFO over the .intersection ofWisteria and Larch Streets and close to BrowerSt. This position could certainly be subsequentto the Fair and Simi Valley police locations ifthe device suddenly dropped in altitude betweenthe two previous locations. In the second casewhere the UFO approached the Gonzales family atthe supermarket,, it was estimated that the devicecame within 950 feet, certainly a very close ap-proach for so large an object. At this point Mrs.Gonzales: said: "My little boy had to go to therest room...he was shaken up. We started runningafter we had hung up the phone (phone call to herbrother-in-law) to the service station rest room.As we were running, I turned around to see if itwas still there and the light spun around boy said Its taking off! It tookoff towards the west. It shot off like a shootingstar and then came straight at the earth!...wethought it would crash into the earth... and therewas going to be some kind of explosion. Theremight be some kind of radiation so lets get outof here.". The object at this time ultimately disapperedby rising and dropping in a ballistic type tra-jectory some distance away. They estimated thatit disappeared in several seconds. Mrs. Gonzalessaid that as it moved away initially that shenoticed a spinning and pulsing white light aroundthe periphery (along with.the overall red light) a CCW direction when looking up. Mr. Gon-zales remarked that he thought the UFO left somekind of a trail, like a comet:"We felt that when we started running towardsthe service station that we frightened it... ithung around so long until we started running. Ithink it sensed that we were watching it. We didnot notice anyone else looking at the strangething although we saw several other people near
  8. 8. (Continued from preceding page)the supermarket and Union service station."SIGHTING BY SIMI VALLEY POLICEEvidently several members of the .Simi Valleypolice department observed the UFO before andduring the time that the Fairs were spotting it.The police were originally alerted by persons un-known as indicated by the original radio trans-mission to any unit to check the UFO over BrowerSt. and then during the Fair sighting by Mrs.Fair who phoned in. At this time, the policesaid, "We know, we are observing it right now."The watch commander admitted that he saw.a redlight in a SW direction and estimated it to beover Los Angeles St. at approximately 60 degreeselevation. This was approximatly 11:45 p.m. on19 June, 1974. Several members of the policestationed at the central station observed the de-vice. From the area of the parking lot where thewatch commander stood,, there was unobstructedview toward the west and SW. The watch commanderstated that the UFO disappeared in a SW direc-tion; i.e., towards the Pacific Ocean, and in 5to 10 seconds. This direction does not correlatewith the Fairs direction and essentially was theexact opposite. This could only happen if thedevice dropped close to earth between the twovantage points which were approximately 7000 feetapart. The descriptions of departures of theFairs and police seem- to indicate that the UFOdisappeared over the local horizon many milesaway. This could have been an illusion, perhaps,if the UFO had dropped to a low altitude betweenthe two locals as evidence by the Gonzales in-formation whichindicates that this indeed didhappen. The time correlations between the threesightings are not exact and probably no closerthan +5 minutes.One area of concern was the watch commandersestimate of the elevation angle of the UFO. Ifthis was in error, and he overestimated to theextent that the angle was only 45 degrees insteadof 60 degrees, the UFO altitude over the Fairshouse is approximately 8000 feet and the diameterreduces to approximately 100 feet. This note ofa possible error is not intended to indicate thatthe watch commander erred, but points out what achange of this magnitude does to the calculationherein.CONCLUSIONSThis sighting appeared to be a true unknown(UFO) based on multiple and "unknown to eachother" type witnesses.The UFO was described as intelligently con-trolled, curious, silent, stop light red and roadflare red, capable of disappearing in severalseconds, circular (disk shaped). Additional lighteffects were noted during acceleration. The di-ameter of the UFO was probably 100 to 150 feet., . • .COMMENTS :As an investigator in this sighting, I muststate some beliefs and personal opinions. Thisincident seen by upwards of 20 people could,nothave been" contrived. I believe in the sincerityof the people that I interviewed and was some-what concerned over the effect on the Gonzales...they appeared to be ,awed by the event. I do notthink- that the Gonzales had any preconceivednotions- one way or the other, nor were theyespecially well read on UFOs. The Fairs, ..on theOther hand, were more casual, although .they gotexcited during parts of their interview. I be-lieve that this sighting impressed them and Isensed that" they believed that "UFOs could ex-ist" prior to this sighting. Each had read anearly book by Keyhoe.Ted Fair had sought me out the day after theirsighting, knowing that there was someone at theplace where we both worked who was interested inUFOs. Ultimately he found me and I .requested aninterview after he described what they had seen.Several days later,I was contacted by. the SKYNETpart of MUFON in Southern California and:it"wassuggested by Mrs. Ann Druffel that I contact theGonzales. Atthe time I did not know that thetwo sightings were related. During the Gonzalesinterview, I requestedthat I be able to talk toher brother-in-law since he would be able to fillin with valuable details about the close approachphase. However, for reasons not known to me, hedoes not want to, or cannot for good reason, dis-cuss this event. •Another peculiar aspect of this event was theattitude of the Simi Valley police. They werevery suspicious at first of .the investigation,and would not allow a tape recording to be made.The first question to me was, "Are you govern-ment men?" Not that they :are not prepared forcrime and related activities, but I think thereis no overall plan for-UFO types of complaints.The watch commander mentioned something about anAir Force (or Marine)" officer who was nosing a-round Simi Valley after the famous Gary Chopicsighting of October•, 1973.I had the feeling that they .were not tellingme all they knew. -- The UFO Study Group of Greater St. Louisis offering for sale a 3% x 5 color photo ofa UFO color chart. ,A must for all UFO in-vestigators to identify UFO colors displayedas you interview UFO witnesses.Send $1 ($2 outside United States) checkor money order payable: to: UFO Study Group ofGreater.St. Louis, P. -0-. Box 6631,. St. Louis,MO. .63125. • ;: .
  9. 9. NBC Special slated Dec. 15A segment of the upcoming NBC documentary onUFOs, scheduled for Dec. 15, was shot at MUFONheadquarters in Quincy. MUFON Director WaltAndrus, seated at desk, is being interviewed bywriter-producer Craig Leake.Civilian Argentine airlinerflanked byflying saucersDate of Actual Sighting: March 13, 1974Location: Somewhere Between San Juan and Cordoba,ArgentinaPublication: The magazine "ATOM" No.4 (June-1974)Submitted by: Joe BrillTranslated by: Bill ArmstrongOn March 13 an aircraft of Argentine Airlinesthat was making flight 537 from San Juan to Cor-doba, (commanded by Captain Escurra and Retegno),in reaching an altitude of approximately 6,500meters, were flanked by two UFOs which accord-ing to witnesses from the phosphorescence andother charteristics were "Flying Saucers." Dur-ing several minutes they seemed to accompany theaircraft in its flight, as if they had intentionsof studying it, but then they disappeared, at adizzy velocity. The pilots did not make anystatements (once more silence). However the pas-sengers were able to confirm what gave them athrill.Indiana couple reportsclose encounter in autoThe following report is based on an investi-gation by MUFON Field Investigator Francis L.Ridge of Mt. Vernon, Ind.Mr. and Mrs. Gary (Georgeanne) McCarty weretraveling south on Highway 69 between Solitude,Ind., and Farmersville, Ind., toward Mt. Vernon,Ind., on July 30, 1974; when they spotted an ob-ject silhouetted against the moonlit haze. Theobject, which appeared to be about 1 to 2 milesaway, had a clear shape, with three lights.The object continued toward the McCarty ve-hicle, and the McCartys stopped their car afterdriving 1.6 miles beyond the point where theyfirst saw the object. According to the witnesses,the object appeared to come to within 50 to 100feet of the McCarty vehicle, which remained stop-ped for approximately 2 minutes. "You wouldntbelieve how big it was," Mr. McCarty told the in-vestigator. The witnesses estimated the diameterof the object at 6 to 7 car lengths, or about 150feet. The object was now observed to have fourlights, rather than the three seen when the ob-ject was first spotted. The lights were describ-ed as being "like headlights."The speed of the object was estimated at "0 to20 m.p.h., mostly 5 m.p.h. There was no soundfrom the object. No additional objects were seen.The object appeared to hover "like on water," ac-cording to the witnesses. Mr. McCarty said hethought the object was going to land, and thatthe witnesses had scared it off.The McCartys said the object did not appear tointerfere with the operation of their vehicle.After observing the object for about two minutes,they continued south on Route 69 for two-tenthsof a mile, then stopped again. They had roundeda curve, and the object was not seen again. Thetotal duration of the observation was estimatedat 8-10 minutes. The sighting was reported tothe county sheriff.New Jersey woman reportsUFO made grinding soundASBURY PARK, N.J., PRESS, March 26, 1974--Carol Grimes reported seeing a UFO at about 10:30p.m., March 24, as she was walking •home. "Iheard this grinding sound, something like a motorbut unlike anything I had heard before," she ex-plained. "Then I looked up and saw it. Therewere no lights, but I could see it because thesky was light." She said the object was aboutthe size of a helicopter. Miss Grimes said shespotted a couple walking some distance away, andthat she looked at them with thoughts of gettingadditional witnesses, but that the object wasdisappearing into the night toward Asbury Parkwhen she looked back at it.
  10. 10. In Vienna window of Austria"Sparkling wedgereportedBy Ernest Berger -Representative for AustriaIn this article, I will cover additional sight-ings in the "Vienna window" area of Austria (seeJune and July issues of Skylook for previouscases).The next report came from Mrs. T. (name knownto author and Skylook), a commercial councillorswidow in her sixties, who lives together withsome Japanese lodgers in a detached house at Sim-mering, the llth district of Vienna. Her houseis situated 400 meters north of the Vienna Cen-tral Cemetery (1st gate) and 800 meters NW ofthe crematory. 5 kilometers to the ESE is Vien-nas only refinery, and 5 kilometers furtherVienna Airport with its runways, both at Schwe-chat. Mrs. T. is very familiar with the planespassing low over Simmering and Schwechat, and atnight they are easily identified by their wingtipand tail lights and the awful roar. The flyingobject of mid-December, however, was a "bird ofanother color."The force of habit (her late husband alwayswanted his first cup of coffee at that time)wakes up Mrs. T. every night between 3:00 and4:00 a.m. GET. In the night of December 12/13,1973, at 3:08 a.m., out of a sudden impulse--"!dont know why I did it"—she jumped to the win-dow to see a "most fascinating thing" in the sky."It was so beautiful I had to keep my eyes gluedto it til it disappeared behind some buildingsto the southeast. It was sparkling in manycolors, mostly blue and red, and had a steadydeep blue (color test: ultramarine blue) marginall around. I stood and stared, and when it wasgone I said: What a pity!" The same "hypnoticlight" that had caught Mrs. Busswegs eye wasnow pouring down onto Simmering.Vienna had a perfectly clear sky that night.The full moon to the west was out-shining thestarlight. Mrs. T. had no time to pull away thecurtain from her sleeping room window (looks intothe south), but we made sure the thin fabriccant cloud the view anyway. "I first thought:Heaven, whats this? It cant be an aircraft.And it was most beautiful, sparkling. A taperingfront side and rounded off behind, with a narrow,shiny blue strip all around. I found it strange;the tapering part in front, just the opposite (ofan aircraft wing or a fireball plus tail, aerody-namically. wrong) . And it was gliding slowly alonga straight trajectory, really fascinating. Inever saw anything the like. After no more thana minute or so, I lost it from sight. I was dis-appointed ."In contrast to the steady hem around the"wedge," Mrs. T. saw a definite movement insidemargindotsThe ^sparkling wedge"according, to Mrs. T.or on the body: "The;whole shape. was filled withtiny colored dots and they iredesced .or spark-ed." (Compare with Mr. -. Busswegs statement in"Hovering Sparkler near Enzesfeld," July,: Sky-look.) Mrs. T. had some difficulty • to describeits brightness, "but" it had;no..dazzling effectjit was too much distant." We agreed on ,full moon.brilliance. The body outline/was sharp, no tail,no rotation or ground illumination effect.- And(of course) no sound.At first sight the "sparkling wedge" moved overthe top of a weeping willow tree on the otherside of the street, azimuth 200° NESW and eleva-tion 27/28°. Its longitudinal axis was in linewith the straight trajectory, angle of dip 27°towards the southern horizon. The wedge descended"at aircraft speed" and disappeared behind therooftops of a modern block of buildings at 140°azimuth and 6/7 elevation. A real-time-test doneat the site gave a maximum duration of 10 and aminimum of 6 seconds. The striking time dilata-tion effect (Mrs. T. talked about "a minute orso" first) adds weight to the strangeness of herencounter. "I was deeply impressed all the fol-lowing day long," she said.Her time and size estimations were more pre-cise: "When it was gone I looked at the grand-father clock immediately—8 past 3:00 a.m. (+ 2or 3 minutes clock variation).Then I wanted somesize reference. I opened the window, leaned outand looked at the full moon (to the west). Imsure the thing was somewhat smaller than 3 timesthe full moon--about two and two thirds." A val-uable information. That is about 1° 20/25" inthe sky. It was rather far away and we computeda maximum axial diameter of 58 and a minimum of62 meters for a supposed distance of 2,5 kilo-meters, somewhere over the Vienna Basin.As usual, there had been no air traffic duringthe sighting. Whether the "sparkling wedge" wasonly the sub-structure of another object or along "teardrop" with dots all over the surface10
  11. 11. (that would mean that the blue margin was somekind of "radiation layer") is open to specula-tion. But the aerial show was not over.On the night of Friday, Dec. 14, 1973, between3:00 and 4:00 a.m. GET, Mrs.. T. was wide awakeagain and had just walked out of her sleepingroom into the living room, when "the wholeworld turned a fiery red." The sky was overcastat that time and the color seemed to come fromeverywhere, illuminating the whole landscape out-side and the clouded sky. Though Mrs.. T. hadnever heard of the book "Incident at Exeter" byJohn G. Fuller, it seemed as if the Exeter objectwas now buzzing Eastern Vienna."It was horrible—like the end of the world!"Mrs. T. looked out of the southern window, thenran across the blood red room and the corridor topeer out of the latticed back door into thegarden. "An awful beauty—the whole sky red, thehouses, the ground, only the bare trees pitch-black, but without a shadow." From somewherediffuse light seemed to pour ..through the cloudcover. Mrs. T. had the distinct feeling that itwas coming from above. In a real-time test donewith Mrs. T. we timed 20 seconds for the "redperiod.." Then the red light went out suddenlyand everything was dark. "I tried to listen to athunder, but there wasnt any."After a minute or so, a blue light of the sameintensity was "switched on." It lasted for about16 seconds (real-time-test) and Mrs. T. watchedit with growing amazement--or fright; she did notadmit she was frightened during the whole epi-sode. "It really must have been some kind ofsupernatural phenomenon. I know I should havegone outdoors to make sure what it was, but, yousee, it was very cold and the rule of the jungledidnt allow me to do so. I thought of atomicbombs and ball lightning..." We asked her toshow the colors in the color table, and they werenearly the same as the vivid colors of the"sparkling wedge" the night before: a scarlet redand some kind of "washing blue" or cobalt blue,pale cobalt blue, to tell it exactly. Both were"bright as moonlight, but much more intensive."The blue disappeared suddenly and the night wasdark again.Mrs. T. believed the nightmare was gone andwent to the W. C. (bathroom). She saw anotherlight through the window--"Maybe it was yellow.And when I came out again, it.was gone. The darkintervals between the light phenomena had thesame fixed duration every time, a minute or so."Mrs. T. walked back into the living room andlooked out into the south. The next light ap-peared. "It was far away to the .south, all red,below the line." The arc of light above thesouthern horizon (Vienna Basin) reached up to anelectrical cable (the "line") on the other sideof the street and somewhat higher, not much. Ele-vation of the cable measured from T. living roomwindow: 8 . "I thought: now its goin* away."The light went out and the witness entered thekitchen. "I firmly believed it wouldnt return--but it did, after the same period of darkness."This time Mrs. T. got a shock and did notnotice the color, "but it was across the wholesky, the same thing. And that was the end." Thekitchen window looks out into the west, the backdoor window into the north (so does the W.C. win-dow) and the living and sleeping room windows in-to the south. Mrs. T. was sure the 5 sky lightshad covered the whole hemisphere. With a lastsentence of amazement (or resignation): "Heaven,every night a thing like this!" she went to bedagain.The following morning she went shopping andmet a neighbor. She risked to ask him about the"thunderstorm." "No, havent seen such. You see,Im sleeping at night," he remarked, "but a womanin the supermarket complained of it. It hadfrightened her to .death, she said, changinglights, illuminating everything. She had thoughtsomething was blowing up." 5 kilometers fromSchwechat refinery thats no silly thought. Thereare some fireworks in Prater (second district, a-cross. the Danube channel) every year, but notthat day and certainly not at 3-4:00 a.m. No firewas reported in the area, no air crash either. Nonoise was heard during the "thunderstorm." Mrs.T. has no radio, and her TV set was switched offduring the sighting.Mrs. T. was no ideal witness, somewhat talka-tive and careless. Her interest in a scientificinvestigation was only temporary. She refusedrather roughly to answer two additional questionsat the site about a month later. However, we ar-rived at the conclusion that her observations hada real background. She wanted no publicity andher.vivid descriptions (though somewhat funny)proved to be illustrative and intelligent for usduring the 3-hour interview. To fabricate andtell a story like that without the twinkling ofan eye is too much for an average Vienna brain.The Schwechat airport weather data were consis-tent with Mrs. T.s claims. December 12/13 nightclear, -8 centigrade, wind SE 14 km/hour. Decem-ber 13/14 night sky overcast, wind SW 25 km/hour,showers in the morning.But what about other witnesses? The Japaneselodgers had not seen it and laughed at Mrs. T.s"imagination." But Mrs. T. had a back-up and shetold it right away: "Mr. S. (lets call him-S.)has watched it, too. He said it to me a few daysafter my own observation."CORROBORATION- A "COLOR PUZZLE"Mr. S., a pensioned electrician of 54 years,lives in an old, detached house only 100 metersfrom Mrs. T.s. He had not attributed any weightto his sighting ("I saw, was amazed, and forgotit") but it proved to be valuable indeed. Aftersome persuasion on the phone he agreed with us to"unearth" the whole story again at the site.Mr. S. also wakes up at about 4:00 a.m. regu-larly and this old habit made him a witness of11
  12. 12. (Continued from preceding page)the "color spectacle." It happened about aweekbefore he met Mrs..T. and he was sure the sky hadbeen cloudless at that night. Together with theSchwechat data it gives us a clue about possibledates: for .Simmering the only clear nights be-fore Christmas 1973 were December 10/11, 12/13(the "wedge") and 18/19.We were eager to hear his report: "It was aclear nieht and I was wide awake at 4:00a.m.Suddenly there was a flash outside the bedroomwindow (1st story, closed window, looking intothe NNE). It was the moment I stepped out of mybed and I heard no sound at all. The wall of thehouse nearby reflected something very bright that--well, must have been in the Vienna Woodsregion, to the west. Now whats goin on there,I thought, and quickly rushed out into,thekit-chen, opened the window and there I saw it."The kitchen window looks out into the SSW,andthe "thing" stood over the WSW horizon. It illum-inated the whole countryside, the scatteredhouses and backyards as far as Mr. S. could see.And it looked immaterial—some kind of arc risinggradually at 220 azimuth NESW and up to an elec-trical cable at 230 , from elevation zero to 5 or6 maximum. The arc was resembling a "rainbow onthe ground," but without the typical color.stripes. Mr. S.: "I cant tell you the numberor names of the colors involved, I only looked atit as a whole. It was intensive, a compositionof blended rainbow-colors. You see, coloredspaces merging into a whole, like some aqua-relle."To say it more popularly—a huge "color puz-zle" with lots of colors, chiefly red and orange,rested on the horizon in the Vienna Woods direc-tion. The glaring light did not dazzle Mr. S.He compared it to a stage illumination: "Likebrilliant colored floaters, switched on by someunknown assistant. A quiet picture, really rest-full. And it disappeared like a welding arc—power switch-off, arc collapses and is gone."(Compare patterns with Enzesfeld "sparkler" andMt. Anninger incident following).Now we asked two questions: Was it a sourceof light itself or a reflection from something?Was it like an aurora borealis? Mr. S. repliedstraightforward: "Yes, it was luminous. Butyou,may compare it to the fuzzy glow of sometruck headlights approaching you at night on thehighway, and behind some hilltop. Youll see anarc of light growing larger, luminous, and themoment youll reach the hilltop it collapses.With one difference, and thats the movement."The "rainbow arc" was steady and showed no move-ment or intensity variation whatsoever.Question two: "No. No chance to distinguishbetween the colors of the arc at a glance, butyou can do it in case of a northern light." Thestreetcar line of Simmeringer Hauptstrasse (mainstreet) runs along 100 meters from Ss house,but there are no streetcars in operation at 4:00a.m. Without a streetcar you cant produce sparks(the explanation was first suggested by Mrs. T.).S. saw no planes approaching Schwechat, either.We timed the sighting. From Ss first look to the"switch-off" moment the "puzzle" had been shiningat least 15 and definitely not more than 30seconds. The frame of the kitchen window cutsout the sky at 240/250° azimuth, but S. was surethe "puzzle" had continued into the west, maybenorthwest, sector. Mr. S. talked about it withother persons, but (we have already mentioned it)he did not attribute any value to it and couldnot remember other witnesses names. Like Mrs. T.he had also a second sighting in store for us.Its no spectacular one,but a necessary piece toour puzzle:...AND A "WELDING ARC"Some days after the "color puzzle event," Mr.S. went for a walk with his dog at about 7 or7:30 p.m. He walked along Udelweg, a quiet lanewith front gardens to the left and right, nearhis house. Approaching a bend to the left he sawthe lights of central Vienna shining at the west-ern horizon.behind a gate and some bushes of theadjacent backyard. It was the direction towardsthe Vienna Woods again.Suddenly the dark sky flashed up "like abright welding arc." It shone much more brilliantthan the "color puzzle," a dazzling light. "ButI was not dazzled, because it did not shine rightat me but into the sky." One could see a flat-tened semicircle of brilliant sky again, quietlight, no movement etc.No sharp edges—the lightpower came to an end gradually at about 7 ele-vation, above the brushtops of the garden and agarage. It was a glaring white, like "super sum-mer lightning," but without variations of bright-ness. 5 or 10 seconds later it collapsed the sameway as the "puzzle." The. time was enough to as-certain its azimuth—we measured 270/280 forits point of zero elevation to the north andits left part was cut off at 250 by the house.If we remember the maximum elevation of the"color puzzle arc"—5/6 —and compare the azimuthlines we have to realize it was another color,but the same arc, originating from the same un-known spot in the direction of the Vienna Woods.The sky was clear and Mr. S. is familiar withplanes, as Mrs. T. It could not have been asimple beacon or running light, and a welding arca city block away wont light up the sky at 7°.We said good-bye to Mr. S. and wondered what wasgoing to happen next in the "Vienna Window."The Case For the UFO (Annotated Fassimile Edi-tion) Dr. M. K. Jessup, $25.00Anatomy of a Phenomenon, Jacques Vallee, $5.95105 Places to Obtain UFO Information, $1.95Stock set of UFO Photos, $3.95Others available, Bill Bemis, P.O. Box 35,Ver-sailles, II 6237812
  13. 13. Pennsylvania experiences increase insightingsBy Stan GordonSince the end of July and continuing throughAugust, there has been a sudden increase in UFOand creature activity in the state. A largenumber of the better sightings have been origin-ating in the mountainous areas, and have occurredduring the early morning hours.During the early morning hours of. July 13 anumber of calls were received from the Pittsburgharea, reporting a large dirigible-shaped objectwith a red light on the bottom that was movingeast of the city. On July 20 at 12:55 p.m. aresident of the South Hills section of Pittsburghobserved a long white elliptical-shaped objecthover among the clouds for several minutes beforedisappearing out of sight at a high rate ofspeed. On July 20 and again on July 24 therewere a number of reports of bright yellow lightshovering over the state game lands near Ligonier,Pa.At 3 a.m."on the morning of Aug. 12 a familynear Latrobe observed a large oval-shaped objectthat appeared "as large as the fuselage of alarge jet plane." The object had rotating red,white, and green lights moving around the outsideof the main structure. During the early morninghours of Aug. 13 and 14, reports were receivedfrom West. Mifflin of a formation of four brightwhite rings moving in a V configuration.On-Aug. 21, between 9:25 and 10 p.m., a smallUFO flap occurred in Allegheny, Westmoreland, andFayette counties. Most witnesses reporting ob-serving from one to three bright orange sphericalobjects that were visible in some areas up to 15minutes. One report from White Hall in AlleghenyCounty stated that the bright orange-yellow ob-ject, which looked diamond-shaped, appeared to bethe diameter of the Sun, according to the wit-ness. After several minutes it decreased to thesize of a star, then moved out of sight. Severalresidents of West Point City watched a brightorange light hover near Pleasant Unity. As itmoved closer toward them, it increased in sizeand became a dome shape with a bright orange beamof light on the bottom.There have been increases in creature activitysince the end of July. We presently have severalreliable reports, and many rumors of sightingsare being followed up. In June two witnesseswere shocked to see a "Bigfoot"-like creaturestanding near a parked car in a residential sec-tion near Greensburg. The creature was describedas being about 6 feet tall and covered with darkhair. The creature was hunched over and neverstood straight up. The eyes appeared to have ared glow to them; That was the only feature thatcould be seen in the face area. The arms andlegs appeared very long. One of the witnessesDave Baur, a Westmoreland UFO Study Groupmember, watches.over the groups displays- at theSLYBAC Control Open House at Saltsburg, Pa. TheUFO group, directed by Stan Gordon, has its head-quarters at Greensburg, Pa.screamed, and the creature started to walk slowlytoward her. It made a loud sound which the wit-nesses said sounded like "when a dog has some-thing caught in its throat." When the creaturecontinued to approach the observers, they bothscreamed. The creature then turned around andwith very large steps went down behind a houseinto a wooded area. In July, several three-toedfootprints were found near a creek in the samearea where this creature had been seen.UFO investigators should be very cautious wheninvestigating sightings of bright orange objects,similar to oversized stars, that move slowlyacross the sky, then suddenly begin to drop whatlook to be flares. In many cases these will turnout to be hot air balloons. On the night of July7, between the hours of 9:50 and 10:43 p.m. thepolice departments as well as the UFO controlcenter had their hands full checking into suchreports. Apparently someone was launching thedevices not far from the Jeanette area, and theywere being carried by wind currents towardsGreensburg. State and City police were delugedwith calls reporting the sightings. One policeofficer near Mt. Odin Park reported that one ofthe lights passed low-over his head, and that hecould hear a crackling sound. This would indi-cate that the plastic was burning. When the de-vices are airborne, however, they can look quiteunusual and fool even an experienced observer.13
  14. 14. UFOs Behind the Iron CurtainAgain, I would like to thank Jeno Miklos, theMUFON Representative for Romania, for sending tome the following information. Also, my sincereappreciation to Dimtru Ichim of Ontario, Canada,for his fine translation of this material forMUFON.The following information was published in theMarch 9, 1974, issue of the magazine "Flacara"(The Flame) of Bucharest, Romania:• At dawn, on Feb. 8/n1974, a few"minutes aftersunrise, ten girl students .from the ChildrensHome in Valenii Munte were the witnesses of anamazing show: They observed from the dormitorywindow, in the direction of-the village-of Bugheade Jos (which is a distance of approximately twokilometers), two yellow-orange, incandescentspheres over a grove of trees which are relativ-ely close to the dormitory building.Those two spheres (or discs) the girls observ-ed were hovering motionless just above the treetops and they were covered by a jelly-like (gela-tine) halo, transparent, egg-yolk like. Afterabout fifteen seconds (as it was verified bytests performed on each student), the two spheresapproached one another very slowly, fused andtook on an ellipsoidal form (shape).The new object, in an apparent size of approx-imately twenty-five centimeters (ten inches) atarms length (hence the real size was calculatedthereafter at being seven meters (twenty-threefeet), .kept the same color and white-like cover-ing. Then, suddenly, the strange object began toshift slowly towards the southwest and unexpect-edly increased considerably its speed and disap-peared. After the disappearance of this brightobject, there remained for awhile over the treeline a kind of milky fog, and the sky which untilthat time was-covered by clouds became clear in avery short time.Professor Calin Turcu, from whom this data wassecured, arrived there an hour after the eventhad occurred. Taking into consideration and put-ting the witnesses statements to the test, hesucceeded in fixing the zone of the supposed ex-traterrestrial vehicle, using the point of obser-vation for this particular case at one of thedormitory windows. In the company of those tenwitnesses he started to walk straight to the des-ignated place where the object had been seen.Behind the tree line there were found two freshtraces in the ground; a sort of concave littleditches similar to those left by a motor vehicleslipping. Being a ploughed field, the tracesBy Joe Brillwhich were found could not have been made by any-thing other than a tractor. Anyway, for awhile,this was the first opinion of the researcher.Then some strange details incredibly complicatedthese first conclusions.First, the gauge (the distance between theparallel ground markings) of those two "tires"was much too great to have been made by a trac-tor. Second, the ground was not settled, asnaturally it is supposed to be under the pressureof the tires spinning around on the same place.Thirdly, nothing was found to show any sign thatthe "tractor" once having escaped from the muddyground went on ahead. It must also be mentionedthat a spot of strange green liquid was found ineach of these ground markings.And, even more arguments for stimulating us toformulate the fantastic presumtion that the ob-ject, with a changeable geometry, landed righthere by a row of trees. As a matter of fact itwas not the first time we were witnesses to uni-dentified flying objects in that part of ourcountry.The six days prior, on Saturday afternoon,Feb. 2, 1974, an incandescent object was observedhovering over Teleajen Valley and ChiosdurilorDepression, being seen by literally hundreds ofpeople.Professor Calin Turcu, a scholar and a pas-sionate researcher of UFOs, visited individuallyDrajna de Jos, Ogretin, Posesti, Tiriesti, Car-bunesti, Valea Plopului, Valea Sorejii, Star-chiojd, where he has interviewed over 300 peopleand has taken 80 written statements. This time :again, the witnesses statements regarding theflight of a bright object, shifting direction and Ithe time of actual visual observation, were a isurprising coincidence.The supposed space vehicle, which was of a iyellow-orange color, this time had an ellipsoidalshape similar to a cigar. It flew through thesky with an unbelievable speed, was covered in agreenish halo and emitted a j et of sparks throughthe end of a sharp tail. Looking skyward, loamA. Turcu (15 years old) declared: "I saw toward!the place where the sun had gone down a lightwhich suddenly stopped. It was similar to a mag-nesium flame. Then it took the shape of an egg;of blue color and it was very bright and had along tail following behind it."Another youth, Constantin Cojocaru (16 yearsold), described it as: "An object with an el-lipsoidal shape, sharp to the extremities, of abright white color, having below a red-orange14
  15. 15. The drawings of the school girl, MiranelaBurtoiu, features the appearance, the form, andthe merging of the two incandescent spheres whichwere observed in the early morning hours of Fri-day, February 8, 1974, near the village of Bugheade Jos, Romania. ,prominence spinning very rapidly."Here is the narration of Professor ValariuSirbu from Valenii de Munte: "On Saturday, Feb_.2, at about 6 p.m. I observed a bright phenomenaof pink-orange color shifting over the city skyfrom west to east. The object had an ellipsoidalshape and it had an intense light and was shift-ing with a dizzy speed." Alexandru Grigorescu,the superintendent of the "Nicolae lorga" HighSchool had the idea the space vehicle had arocket shape -emitting from one end a jet flame;and Gh. Chesculescu, a driver from Starchiojdvillage, saw it as green with a bright red tail.What about all these strange phenomena des-cribed above, on the testimonies of so many eyewitnesses? Hallucinations or common psychosis?Its hard to accept or believe that, as (so manyof them are children or country people) theyhavent heard all their lives about the supposedexistence of UFOs. The-objects they have seen,were they not ball lightning made by electromag-netic phenomena, meteors, balloons, strange cloudformations, new types of airplanes or remnantsof rockets previously sent into earth orbit.Obviously, at this time there is no one personof this earth to give us the answer. What is thetruth? Who can say for sure. For now, we present"the facts and hope that someday we will procurethe answer from them.MDB reports wantedRonWestrum MUFON consultant in sociology, hasproposed a clearing-house for Men In Black re-ports. "It appears," says Westrum, "that someMUFON investigators and witnesses they have in-terviewed have been bothered by harassment _ofvarious kinds. It might prove useful to have onecommittee in MUFON to deal with these problems."i Westrum requests that experiences with haras-sment be reported to him at 404 W. Summit, AnnArbor, Michigan 48103. "While we appreciate allcontributions," he explains, "our primary concernis first-hand accounts of this nature. Second-hand accounts are necessarily less valuable andharder to check." Westrum says he plans statis-tical report on MIB experiences if enough infor-riation is forwarded to him.Directors Message(Continued from Page 3)tively appointing committee chairmen to head upeach speciality so that all cases directly re-lated to the committees specialization will bemailed to the chairmen. Some of these committeesand their chairmen who are already active are:Ted Phillips—UFO landing-trace cases •" --Stan Gordon--Creature or Bigfoofreports ••~-?-Ted Bloecher--Humanoid and Occupant sightings-Ted Spickler--Electro-magnetic • interactionsand possible plasma" effectsHerb Roth—Pilots UFO sighting reportsSince the workshop session at the Akron MUFONSymposium offered participants an opportunity toshare and discuss their specializations, thesewill become an integral part of- future sympos-iums .Forrest Lundberg, Harold Cowdin, and the Mid-Iowa UFOlogists have announced that they will bethe host club for the 1975 MUFON UFO SYMPOSIUMto be held Saturday and Sunday July 5 and 6 atthe downtown Holiday Inn in Des Moines, Iowa. Asa preliminary preview to this outstanding annualevent, Walt Andrus presented anlecture at Drake UniversitySeptember 28; 1974, sponsoredgroup affiliated with MUFON.Combining the dues structure of MUFON member-ship and SKYLOOK subscription as one package willsoon be announced in detail. As elaborated- inthe September issue of SKYLOOK, the research.andmembership services provided by MUFON requiresan administrative office secretary on a part orfull time basis. This, of course, will result inan increase in the total fee. A new "AssociateMember" status to MUFON is being proposed forthose people who are unable or prefer not to par-ticipate actively in the field investigators orresearch program, but who want to subscribe toSKYLOOK and help financially in the support ofMUFON. The MUFON Board of Directors is cognizantof these needs and - their response has been-veryfavorable.illustrated UFOin Des Moines onby the Des Moines15
  16. 16. In OthersWordsBy Lucius ParishThe NATIONAL ENQUIRER continues to lead thefield among the weekly tabloids, insofar as re-liable UFO material is concerned. The Sept. 8issue told of a sighting by airline pilots andair traffic controllers during the Oct. 73 flap;this issue also featured an article on Dr. FrankSalisburys new book, THE UTAH UFO DISPLAY. TheSept. 22 issue reported on the many UFOs whichhave been seen near the small Texas town ofCalvert in recent years. In the Sept. 27 issue,Dr. David Saunders1computer studies of UFO flapsare detailed.NATIONAL TATTLER for Aug. 25 quoted L. J.Lorenzen of APRO as saying the government wouldsoon release information concerning the realityof UFOs. Maybe so, but dont hold your breath!Peter Lorre Jr. told of his UFO sighting in theSept. 1 TATTLER: Dr. Carl Mclntire related themto religion and prophecies in the Sept. 8 issue;and a recent N.H. sighting investigated by RayFowler was featured in the Sept. 29 issue.The Aug. .31 issue of NATIONAL STAR containedseveral letters from readers, commenting on theSTARS two-part UFO series in previous issues andtelling of their own sightings.NATIONAL INSIDER for Sept. 8 gave additionaldetails concerning Charles Hicksons claims oflater contact with Ufonauts, plus an article onthe L. J. Lorenzen statements mentioned above.Margaret Meads opinions on UFOs may be foundin the September issue of REDBOOK. Her commentsindicate some research into the subject and arewell worth reading.The October issue of SAGA contains a round-uparticle on UFO occupant reports, written by War-ren Smith. Little new material here.The Fall (#3) issue of SAGAS UFO REPORT isnow available. This publication continues tofeature interesting material and improves witheach issue.THE UFO REPORTER is a new bi-monthly magazinewhich serves as the official publication of theInternational UFO Bureau. The first issue isnicely produced and contains some interestingmaterial. A complimentary copy may be obtainedby writing to the magazine at P. 0. Box 2656, LaMesa, CA 92041. The subscription rates are $5.00for 6 issues.F. W. Holidays book, THE DRAGON AND THE DISC,has now been published in a paperback edition byPopular Library. The title has been changed toCREATURES FROM THE INNER SPHERE; the price is$1.25.Two recent books by Robert Charroux can be ad-ded to the ever-growing list of titles on thesubject of "ancient astronauts." Both books, THEGODS UNKNOWN and LEGACY OF THE GODS are availablein paperback editions for $1.25 each. It istempting to say that if you have read one Char-roux book, youve read them all. They all containmaterial relating to ancient space visitors, At-lantis, Biblical mysteries, UFOs and all theother subjects weve come to associate with thistype of literature. Charroux tells of his exper-iences with a "silent contactee" who has alleged-ly received a voluminous amount of material—scientific and otherwise—from extraterrestrials.A future book incorporating this informationmight well be of more interest and value than allthe previous Charroux books, so one hopes thatthe author will consider such a venture. Both ofthe present books can be obtained from BerkleyPublishing Corp., 200 Madison Avenue, N.Y., N.Y.10016.Another recent paperback from Berkley isAndrew Tomas TOE HOME OF THE GODS. This is sim-ilar in many respects to Tomas previous book, WEARE NOT THE FIRST. Primarily, it is concernedwith the Atlantis legend, although material onprehistoric civilizations, legends of space visi-tationsi ect., is included. Tomas seems to beamong the more reliable writers on such topics.The book may be obtained from the same addressgiven for the Charroux books; the price is also$1.25.Peter Kolosimos TIMELESS EARTH is his secondvolume dealing with mysteries of the past. Un-fortunately, there is little in this book whichhas not been discussed in the first book or re-hashed endless times by other writers on the samesubjects. As with the Charroux books, it is alengthy admixture of facts and speculations aboutancient space visitors and advanced civilizationsof the past. Some interesting photographs areincluded, but this is not sufficient reason topay $7.95 for the book. If you want a copy, thepublisher is University Books, Inc., 120 Enter-prise Ave., Secaucus, NJ 07094. However, I thinkId wait for the inevitable Bantam paperback edi-tion!Many Ufologists probably consider Carl Saganto be the "new Menzel." That would be an under-standable—and perhaps deserved—picture of theman. He has been quite the UFO skeptic in recentyears and shows no signs of taking the subjectmore seriously in the future. However, to givecredit where it is due, this Cornell Universityastronomer has produced an interesting look atall aspects of space and space travel in hisrecent book, THE COSMIC CONNECTION. If you want16
  17. 17. Is Erich vonDaniken a fraud?By Barry H. DowningOne of the recent subjects being written a-bout in the wake of Chariots of the Gods? Isthis: Is Erich von Daniken a fraud? It is alegitimate and difficult question. It has beenraised in such recent diverse, publications asDaniel Greens article "God Flies a Saucer" inthe July 6, 1974, issue of The National Observer,as well as in an interview with von Daniken inPlayboy (a member of my congregation showed methe article.)- On July 11, on a nationwideCanadian Broadcasting Company interview, thefollowing statement was put to me: "Now thatErich von Daniken has been shown to be somethingof a fraud, will this tend to discredit your workwith UFOs and religion?"We usually think of science as being abovefraud. But recently a well respected medicalresearch man was fired for "painting" some miceto "fake" the results of his cancer research. Infact, that may be only the tip of the icebergwhen it comes to the whole issue of science andfraud. There have been recent questions raisedabout the appropriation of funds for scientificresearch by Congress. How many of these projectsare really important, and how many are just .milk-ing taxpayers? How many scientists have beenpart of the planned "overruns" in our militarycontracts?While people do not expect to find fraud inscience, they expect to"find it in religion. Isee ads in cultist magazines which read "howprayer can make you rich and famous." (The wayis to sell people books on how prayer can makeyou rich and famous.) A more common example isthe person who worships faithfully every week,but who does not practice any of the values hesupposedly worships. Dr. Hugh Schonfield haswritten the book The Passover Plot, in which heiargues that Jesus never died on the cross. Hewas taken down before he died, and revived by hisIdisciples, who then together "faked" -the resur-Irection. All this not to mention the "tent"religion in America which has often been nothingbut a con game. Is von Daniken a fraud? The answer is partlythe latest findings on the solar system, the in-?ide story of the "message plaque" on the PioneeriO spacecraft and other such topics, you will en-joy Sagans book. When you come to the chapterc»n UFOs, just slowly shake your head and grityour teeth (as I did). Sagans lively style ofwriting, plus the excellent photos and illustra-tions, make this a pleasureable excursion intothe universe. An Anchor Press book, selling for$7.95, THE COSMIC CONNECTION may be obtained frompi>ubleday § Co., Inc., 245 Park Ave., N.Y., N.Y.yes, and partly no. Von Daniken has spent timein jail for some type of tax fraud, of which heclaims he, like Jesus, was innocently convicted.Beyond that are the questions of the extravagantclaims he makes for the accuracy of the PiriReis maps, his "beyond all doubt" interpretationof the land markings on the Nazaca plains, or forvarious cave drawings.One of the most damaging things against himinvolves his more recent book The Gold of theGods, in which he claimed to have been led by aMr. Moricz into an underground cave in Peru whichwas filled with all kinds of extraterrestrialartifacts. Now Mr. Moricz claims he never ledvon Daniken into any.such cave. Von Daniken sayshe promised never to tell, then went back on hisword. What happened? I cant help but wonder ifmaybe von Daniken has been conned. Either he wasled to a cave which was "set up" for him, or heheard a great story about a cave, and just had toprint it, true or not. After all, with publisherssaying, "write more, find more," and having al-ready covered the earth several times, how muchmore sensational material could von Daniken find?So, being desperate for new material, I suspectthat von Daniken "bought" something in Peru thathe shouldnt have. Maybe we will never know ex-actly what.One of our temptations in life is to look forquick, simple answers. When they dont come, infrustration we may paint some mice—Jesus calledit white washing tombs. Von Daniken notes thatif he had written his book in a careful scien-tific style, no one would have bought it. I thinkhe is right. The public wants quick, simpleanswers. The scientific approach is not simple,nor quick. If von Daniken has conned the public,it is because the public prefers von Daniken toscience, or true religion.So when we come down to the fraud charge a-gainst von Daniken, it turns out to be too quick,simple, and unscientific. It is partly true, andpartly not true. Von Daniken has asked a questionwhich many people hope goes away: Have space be-ings influenced our past? Since there is noeasyanswer, the best thing is to get rid of the manwho asked the question, and charge him withfraud.In our own UFO field, we always face fraud.On the one hand, we wonder about governmentstatements about UFOs. If the government is ly-ing, we do not call it fraud, we call it nationalsecurity. On the other hand, every time someonetells me his UFO story,.! say inside, "Am I beingtaken?" Sometimes I am. People say to me, "Doyou know for sure that UFOs are related "to theBiblical religion?" They frown with disappoint-ment when I say, "I am not sure." I would liketo say, "I am sure." But that would be fraud.17
  18. 18. Appears to be man-madeSteel ball found in OhioBy THEODORE SPICKLER-• Associate Professor of PhysicsWest Liberty.State CollegeMUFON Field InvestigatorTHE SPHERE IS FOUNDKeith Hammerman was squirrel hunting on theSoutheastern Ohio farm of Ollie Wagner on Satur-day morning, .Sept. 7, when he heard a loud sonicboomfollowed by crack, then a swishingnoise. Then he saw .about 50 feet ahead throughthe low scrub trees a smoking area and detected athick sulphurous type smell. By this time he wasquite frightened and (probably) ran the 3/4 to 1mile back to his car parked on a back countrydirt road. He drove to the Wagner farm home anddescribed what had happened.Wagner followed the instructions Hammerman hadgiven him and trudged off early Saturday eveninginto the brush in a search for,the source of Ham-merman1s fears. After three hours he finallyfound a sphere neatly buried in the ground withonly a small circle showing to view.About 100 .feet before arriving at the site,Wagner detected the strong odor described as sul-fur-like, but yet clearly NOT sulphur. He hasnever sinelied anything .like it:and was aided infinding the sphere by following .the smell. Thetop of the sphere was clearly shiny, yet bluish-gray in color. He plucked it from the ground andcarried it home. (Around 8:30 Saturday night).. - ANALYSIS , - • . 7 • Wagner and his wife, "Goldie,." had both hearda few sonic booms sometime .that morning, and sev-eral sonic booms, up to a possible four in numberwere heard by many witnesses within a few miles,of Lowell. Jerry.Schwendeman, Clifford McNabb,Clyde Jackson, Frankie McCreery, and Judy Hooverreported hearing the booms.Hammerman has correctly described how the ob-ject should have sounded. Since it was .movingtoward him at a. supersonic speed, it would havelanded before the boom. After landing the shockwave would reach his ears (nearly instantly),then the sound of impact of sphere againstground, followed by the whistling noise.The probable impact time was between 10:20 and10:30 a.m. This is consistent with the state-ments of the sonic boom reporters.The impact site is moist "white clay" coveredby a thick layer of the type of moss collectedfor Christmas tree decorations. No crater wasmade; the sphere left a clean, hard impression inthe clay where it obviously struck at a greatspeed. The bottom of the hole was 15 inches fromthe undisturbed ground level.Since the sphere is about 11% inches in di-ameter there was presumably a 4% inch depressionto the top of the sphere. Pieces of bluish-grayablated metal from the object were cleanly im-bedded into the side of the, hole, and a graystreaking stain could be seen radiating inwardtoward the bottom of. the hole from around thesides. A thin layer of clay was heated to a very. high temperature and baked onto the bottom of thesphere. Keith reported much steam rising fromthe site, which is to be expected considering thehigh moisture content of the clay.The hole is slightly inclined from the verti-cal; a trajectory of about 10 degrees from thevertical is indicated with the angle inclined to-ward a bearing of 310 degrees (northwest).There was a clear area among the young saplingsthrough which the sphere could have passed exceptfor one dead branch. On this, branch at the ex-pected location a twig was freshly broken (unno-ticed by Wagner until brought to his attention).The sphere weighs about 20 pounds, is 11% in-ches .in diameter, and has a thick seam around thecenter that could be a, weld. It has.,two "latch"type protrusions along the side opposite to oneanother and has two other highly melted cylind-rical protrusions along the ends at 90 degreesto the seam. One of these protrusions is notquite sealed. A % inch hole extends, into thehollow interior. . . The sphere rings with a clear sound .when;struck and exhibits no radioactivity. The sur1face of the sphere is ablated (Shows evidence ofhaving melted and .streamed over the surface.Some bubbles formed). The bluish-gray color istypical of steel that has undergone a heat treat-ment similar to atmospheric entry.The shiny upper side was still shiny Sundayevening (around 5 p.m.) when first seen by HelenWhite of the Parkersburg Sentinel. She could ;still.barely make out the strange odor comingfrom the interior of the sphere. By Tuesdayevening the shininess was completely gone as alsowas the odor.- CONCLUSIONS iiThis is no hoax! Ollie Wagner is straight,;sincere, and puzzled by the sphere. He wants anexplanation and also hopes there may possibly besome financial reward of unknown origin (Thislast idea was planted by friends and relativesand Helen White of the Sentinel).At this point we can only speculate as to th^.origin of the sphere. Ideas range from some kincl18
  19. 19. Twofrom Argentina claimseparatenight sightingsLocation: Rada Tilly, ArgentinaNewspaper: La Nueva Provincia, March 16, 1974Translated by: Bill ArmstrongSubmitted by: Joe BrillComondoro Rivadavia, Chubut, March 15th,(Telam) (Translators note—Comondoro Rivadavia isa seaport town on the Atlantic coast at the ex-treme southeast corner of the state of ChubutProvince which is quite a bit south of BahiaBlanca and even farther south of Buenos Aires.)The number of skeptics in relation to the ex-istance of "flying saucers" this week has de-creased by two persons: a business employee anda radio announcer who claim to have seen the ap-pearance of a UFO in the neighboring seashorevillage of Rado Tilly, to the south of this city.The employee is Antonio Contreras, who works in alocal business establishment. The announceridentified only by his initials V.N.--is a memberof the staff of L U 4 Radio Patagonia Argentina.Contreras says that at midnight of last Sunday(March 10) he was in Rada Tilly when he saw "anobject whose light rose up over the sea in thepath like a corkscrew and returned then towardthe water." The object, as Contreras explained,maneuvered through space for ten seconds and thendisappeared "with a surprising impulse in asouthwesterly direction."For his part, the announcer related that in theearly morning of Saturday (March 9th) while hewas coming from Rada Tilly toward this city (Co-modoro Rivadavia), a strong light blinded him sothat he had to brake his car to a halt on theshoulder of the road he was traveling. that, seconds later he opened his eyes andsaw that the light was rotating over his automo-bile, disappearing almost immediately at an"amazing velocity toward the west."of ballistics ordinance to a primitive foreignsatellite. U.S. space debris is unlikely to beso heavy. Steel is not an appropriate materialto use in a weight conscious device. I have noIdea as to the typical construction characteris-:ics of foreign satellites; possibly China orItaly has shot up a simple, crude device forpolitical purposes. Possibly this device was in-tended to hold some valuable fluid under pressuresuch as liquid helium or agas.The agency which keeps track of all satellitesand parts should be contacted for the identity ofaiy object due for reentry. I would be very muchsir-prised if a terrestrial explanation cannot bequickly produced.AstronomyNotesOCTOBER SKYBy Mark Herbstritt.MERCURY is too close to the sun to be wellseen.VENUS is a morning star but to close to thesun for easy observation.MARS is too close to the sun for observation,conjunction being on the14th.JUPITER is in Aquarius. It is well up in theeast at sunset and sets before dawn.SATURN is in Gemini. It rises about an hourbefore midnight and is past the meridian at dawn.The Orionid meteor shower occurs from the 18thto the 23rd.The following used books are available atthis time. Some have dust jackets, some areout of print. All have tight bindings andare in good readable condition or better.Sold first come, first served at $5.00 eachfor hard cover books, and $1.00each forpaperbacks, postpaid. Listing of a partic-ular book does not constitute an endorse-ment or recommendation.Hardbacks $5.00 eachFLYING SAUCERS HAVE LANDED by Leslie andAdamski, 1953REPORT ON UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS byEdward J. Ruppelt; 1956INSIDE THE SPACE SHIPS by George Adamski,1955FLYING SAUCERS FROM OUTER SPACE by DonaldE. Kehoe, 1953Paperbacks $1.00 eachTHE BIBLE AND FLYING SAUCERS by Barry H.Downing, 1968Please enclose a self-addressed stampedreturn envelope for refund of your money ifthe book you request has been sold. ThankYou.CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEASterling Silver "flying saucer" tie tac(for men) or pin (for women). We securedseveral of these for the Symposium at Akronthis past summer, had to reorder, and nowhave a few available again. A great dooropener for sightings, conversations, recruit-ment. $5.00 postpaid.SKYLOOK26 Edgewood DriveQuincy, 111. 6230119
  20. 20. Recapping and commentingBy Richard Hall(August SKYLOOK, No. 81)Ron Westrums hypothetically deceitful space-men, who might but do not necessarily exist, ashe points out, would make UFO research impos-sible. If we make the assumption that we are de-liberately being misled, then the only "counter-strategy" would be to discard what our senses andour science can tell us about UFOs and start sub-stituting pure imagination. I prefer to leavethat approach to John Keel. We have plenty ofagent provocateurs who would like to have us be-lieve that they have a superior pipeline totruth. Jim McDonald had a term for them: "noisegenerators." When it comes to the motives of UFObeings, I agree that most anything is possibleand further discussions of this type may havesome value in challenging our preconceptions.But lets keep them in perspective. UFO beingsmay not be deceiving us; we may be deceivingour-selves.The Morehead Planetarium "saucers in a labor-atory" story is undated, so I dont know"whetherit is a repeat of the same story released 7 or 8years ago or a klassic re-issuance of a pseudo-theory in which additional experimentation isdeemed unnecessary. I will make the same criti-cism of it now that I did then: where in theearths atmosphere are the glass tubes that wouldallow the containment necessary for these "UFOs"to be created, presumably by lightning? And ifwe do have atmospheric glass tubes, are theyter-restrial or extraterrestrial in origin?! Where are the near-vacuums in the atmosphereclose enough to the ground that these glowinggasses can be seen and reported as UFOs? Whatabout non-March and non-September and non-thunderstorm UFOs? If in fact these "apparitions"appear in" areas of momentary low pressure...justprior to being occupied by air from an adjoininghigh pressure area," they must of necessity be asinsignificant and transient as swamp gas. Or isit "plasmoids?"j From deceitful spacemen to atmospheric appar-itions, we are witnessing human reactions to UFOreports representing attempts to fit them intoour scheme of things. Over the years the samepolarization between omnipotent spacemen (savethe phenomenon) theories and natural anomalytheories has been present. On one end of thespectrum we have suffered through Adamskisgolden-haired saviors, cosmic game-players, anddemonic kidnapers of humans; on the other,Klassic "plasmoids," Donald Robeys ice "meteor-oids," and Norton Novitts electrified bugs.| Lets not become too enamored of our theoriesuntil we have accomplished a great deal more datagathering and careful investigation, and untilthere is a real scientific investigation of UFOs.Dabbling prematurely in meta-UFOlogy is a danger-ous practice.UFOsin labCOMMENT ON "UFOS CREATED IN THE LABORATORY"By Theodore SpicklerAssociate Professor of Physics:West Liberty State CollegeThe "UFOs" generated by A. F. Jenzano in thelaboratory cannot be even remotely compared withany hypothetical atmospheric plasmas that mayexist under natural conditions. I have createdthese "hovering fleets" myself, as have countlessstudents of physics throughout the country intheir normal laboratory work.A vacuum about one thousand times greater thanthe lowest of atmospheric low pressures must beproduced within a sealed tube. Tens of thousandsof volts are then applied to this device forbreakdown to occur with a resulting plasma lightshow. Mother Nature must go to the extremes ofthunderstorm production to be able to generatethe necessary voltage gradients: we should not besurprised at plasma demonstrations during naturalstorms, only dismay that theory has not yetcaught up with these ball lightning displays.Surprise is properly aroused when strangeplasma type shapes flit around in the atmosphereunder relatively .calm weather conditions. At suchtimes the natural electricity in the air CANNOTcombine with so called pockets of low pressure toproduce natural plasmas with which to fool errantMUFON watchers. There is no theory that can cur-rently explain such observations:.I am unwilling to rule out a plasma explanationfor some (indeed only a few) UFO sightings; wemust bear in mind that even the scientificallyaccepted ball lightning reports are not yet ex-plained, which suggests possibly a natural mech-anism of unknown origin at work.I am willing to rule out so-called explanationsthat have holes in them of such a vast extentthat Evel Knievel himself would surely fail toclose the gap. Jenzano has created a fiction ofthis latter type.The Corona discharges sometimes observed a-round high voltage lines do bear a resemblance tothe Jenzano laboratory glows; the mechanism ofproduction is similar. However theory does notsuggest that these power line discharges can forminto large blobs of light many tens of feet indiameter moving away on missions of generatingUFO reports.20