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  • 1. No. 35 L e t t s Separate Fact fkom Eantasy ~ebmary 1969UFO Sigl~tingsi n 1owmand I l l i n o i s k t e r a s i x month l u l l unidentified flying objedt r e p o r t s a r e comingin. On the evening of Jan. 9 a t 8:30. p,. m. a single .bright l i g h t mow-ing up r i v e r from the area of the dam was observed and reported byl o c a l residents., It w a s f i r s t seen moving north over the r i v e r on a~ a r a l l e lcouxse t o .%hewitnesses car.kt f i m t it kept pace with .the car, then sped ahead suddenly, s t o pped and hovered. The l i g h t changed %o amber and.was ,observed f o r abouiiten minutes hanging approximately 400 f e e t over the river. It thendimmed and moved over Iowa and disappeared. It was noted t h a t , a s itdisappeared i n , the distance a plane came i n from the e a s t t o land a tKeokuk airport, . . . .- IThis is the f l f t n UP0 .regorted within tne 1ctst.month. A bluishl i g h t which -sl;ly have been on the ground w a s watched nor5h of HamiAton; a bright white l i g h t w a s seen e-ast of Jlamilton; a f i e r y orange b a l l +travelliri~up-rivet w a s o.bserved; and a s i l v e r d i s c w a s seen in daylightmoving north of Warsaw; A J l sightings were made by a$ l e a s t two ersons.(qource, Keokuk, Ia., ?HE DAILY GATE CITY, Crebdit- Robert Smulllng7-dm--plying Object Near Slpcingfield, Ma. Jan. -12-. .An miisual - f l y i n g object was observed by a Green County deputy onthe evening of Jan, 1 2 about 9: 30 p.m. and it w a s ,described as. B b r i g h tglowing, stay-like object. It was a l s o observed by Ted 2hi-llip J P ~brother-in-law and h i s wife a s they were on t h e i r way home from church.They reported the obj.ect w a s i n the northern sQ and would ho-ver, thenmove i n a c i r c l e ahd -hover9again4- . f . > - . . .Mr. & i l ~ i ~ s is ,checkingf urthermon, t h i s sighting a s well a s fourotherk reyorted 1.n-the Springfield area, during.January, andwe hopeto fi-giTe.:"more : +.hishbur; : . ~ & ~ 6 ~ ,i.$,sue,. . . . ... ., . . . . > ,.,. . . . . - . . . , ..., *----.-IUFO o r Venus? $Three Missou-ri cities--Joplin, Webb City and Cartervjlle reported astar-like object seen Jan. 2rid. One wltneas s a i d the object hoveredabout 15 ,xinutes. before moving. h o t h e r observer sdid it seemed t o moveup and down i n the sky. - . -Our Ozarks reporter,- Ted Phillips, Jrr suspects the object may havebeeq the planet Venus, but bas written She obee-rvem as-kingf o r .more de-.. . .t a i l e d informdtion, I
  • 2. Sfiitor m d 2 u b i l s h c r , ~ o ~ r n aEm s h o r t , Box 129, Stover, Mo-. 6W78***%****************$*****************+********************************- ?Publishzd rponthly . Subsuription-4iO months f o r d2.00 u n t i l March 1st.SKYL~OKt n c n returns t o r e g u l a r p r i c e af 83.00, per -year ( ~ n i t e dS t a t e s2rld Cr;lna.tdn billy). S u p l e copy 25&i,-v1rl:;? -- , dv..-.+,L b i s i q r a t e s .Ir-&r.uu%Lr . . y y y a & . - ~ h n n h ~ K * XY I C M / X X . + - X R ~ ( ) C X X X X %n )OC%XXX)CS(K X - ) C - X K K J ( X J ( X S ~ X K * * X * ~. . . . . . . . , . . . . .J . .YoliGy.:~To s c p r n t r f a c t frbm .fontasy..:,,Tothe, b e s t o f our knowledge,,a l l : , n n t z r i n L hscd -is.from r e l i a b l e sou.ri3es.. To t h e b e s t of o u r a b i l i t y , , ,. . ,ws ti.i.l 1.t it, is,. . i.: t. . I : . 1 . .C . . . . . . . , / . .~ e r ~ ~ i s s i , & : . t b .use onr n ~ t e r i a l . .is.&eely p r 6 q i d e d f u l l. , , ... c r e d i t : 1is given by u s i n g SKYLOOK, Box..129,,Stover, Mo., as source.. . .. - ---We wolcome UFO r e p o r t s ; newspcpcr c l i p p i n g s , and l e t t e r s from readers.~atdri:llw i l l be rotu.rncd when requested.******S t a f f and S p e c i a l C o ~ t r l b u t o r aI . .Ted P h i l l i p s , J r . , K c p o r t ~ r ,and. Feature W r i t e r , 1113 Wake Ave., S e d a l i a ,- No. . . .~ o - ~ . . ~ c - k i ~ l l i . s s l o r ;U:~UStildy Group o f G r e a t e r St. Louis ,.. P. 0. Box 9,. a:. .,(Ii l d l o n , 1%. . _ , ,. ..: . . .. .. . . .. . ..., . . . .. .. . . .. . . . . . . .Jid:,,L.s"., ... ,,-BT. . cnro:t$, :Secretary.,. . ahoy-e -group,- 4517 .AL. ~ e m s y l v a n i a . ,S t . Loui,s "1 . 1 i n s , . J!r.;,. Co-Ciiairgnn,,, I l l i n o i s S, c,ti o n o f d R O , 40. Christo-; . a ,.. . . .phGr Cour.t, ~ i u i n c y , Ill. ~.Lucius ,$?iri.sh, d r i ~ e rixi. t h e Ufology-:Field,,. Route 1, Plumerville, Ark.., .Tim kublm.im, Oklahoma Ksprcsentative ; 1741 S.W. 17, Oklahoma City , O k h :Kurt Glcmscr, Cmzda Rep.rcsentt,2tive, 48.9 Krug, St., Kitchner, 0.n-tns:i.o,.Cm.=.Mrs., A. E, Holi:ics, I1linoi.s 3,ctign. , QRO Reporter,. . 169,O. H i l l . ~ r h e , ,C r l , 111. . . , ,Ccrbyq Jacobs, Tri-State UFO Study,..Group R e p o r t e r ,. . . P d m y r a , MO. , . .,. . .. .. . .. . . . . . .. . . . . .- - , . . -.-.---, ,--------,-.-.-.--..-.,, --i. . . : , .5FO s s - L r . Bnllooi~s? . I . ,. .-, . .. . . . :. . . . . . . .. : fiiu.:U & B ~ ~ -fo-i;oi;%:ilgpckrcd o n psga 5 of 1iri.fi;is n e i s p L p d r wi:il: ti-*;.front .page c,,rried h o a 4 l i n e s of u n i d e n t i f i e d f l y i n g 0bjectELs e ~ n.:mZ rcgortzd. fron ,s2vdra1 i l r e . ~ ~ .. &f(O a d 1V.ICt& i n v e s t i g a t , o r s ..wer,",*ont-.i;he .s;cene.as well . as,r e - p r l s e n t n t i v e . ~of l o c a l ufology groups-, ,a n d the A i r P & C ~ prornisgd. to 2nvest.igak.e--however., a l a t e r stol3; ie . .t o idc:i%iiy the s t r a n g e l i g h t s as b a l l o o n s s e n t . u p b;y a p u b l i c i t y seek-i n g ruot;:arznt owner. Since t h i s p u b l i c i t y s e e k e r was n o t i d e n t i f i e d byn..:ime, sane doubt rcmaina as t o t h i s "~explan;rition"--hdwever,a w a i t i n gf u r t h c r dcvclopmcr,t, SKYLOOK Is h o l d i n g up the s t o r y u n t i l .- f u r t h e r.r e p o r t s #arc in.V, urgently request a l l r e z d e r s who have i n f o r m a t i o n on t h i s t om z i l it t,o SKYLOOKas soon as possible. W, l i k e a complete r e p a tf o r our I!hrch i s s u e ,------SpoofogrnmIIXLPolicyna!rer t o Dr. Condon: lWell, done, thau. gopd =and. fn-i.thfu1.s c r v a n t . I
  • 3. With tlie EditorThe Condon Report 1s out and its contents hardly a s u r p r i s e t o anyone whz :is followed i t s progrcss (?) during the University of, Colo-r c d o t s taro year study of unidentified f l y i n g objects, While Dr. Ed-v. -(! G. CI-andon, who headed the investigation, consistently refused t o-6 -60 ~ > e , m r t e r s ,there were lLleakslbfrom time t o time--some fromIr., . X _ L _ - L Li3 group from those d i s s a t i s f i e d with i t s operation ,md somec - %o..: ~iL.:rulalogy groups offering cooperation and f i n d i n g it t o be.~ r t ~ : . ~ .; ;d- h:ch of 7;i:is came out i n the a r t i c l e i n LOOK, s o widely readL.-.s bo -?-,2f- ILO filrtllur mention here.ik-. tdaerzil public-was conditioned t o accept the conclusion Ihthatn o t h i ~ g . h a scome froin the study of UFOs i n the past 21 years which hassddeu -to s c i e n t i f i e knowledge .I! While the s c i e n t i s t s gave themselves. anout iil wrltlng "If ilew evidence appears, l a t e r , t h i s report can bea p p ? o p r l ~ t c i yrcvlsed in a second printing,I6 the tone of $he r e p o r tw c s bvch that, the negative aspccts were emphasized. Some of the head-I x e s c. k 8 i e d by the cress are: "Pilore UyO Study Callkd Waste of Time!,( ~ l , ca;. Louis Globe-Democrat ), WFO Study Finds No Tjes wlth m o t h e r~orld"(!"lheHerald-irJlligtL, Quiacy, 111.) , "UFOi s Not From Another WorldtL( a l t o n (111. ) ~elegrauh), hBPOts Not Space Vehicles" (St. Louis Post-D~s~:..-;cL),"UFOs Earthly, S c i e n t i s t s AgreetL ( ~ u l s aDaily world), andW P G ~ t , l d i e sOver 21 Y w r s Aed UD t o NothingIP ("The Evening Nowst, h r -riskt --r,P2.).Iio-&dv2r, lnost of the .news media does not f e e l the sub-ject is closed .The iri. .& d11Y TirdS s a i d , Jan. 14, "ln any event i t appears unlikelyt h a t I..> 1,485 page, 3-volume report w i l l s e t t l e the UFO argument. Ifail)-th; ,I;, it w i l l probably f u e l the f i r e . ". .Thz i i u n . t . l c y - ~ r i . n k ~ e y ~ ~ d - n e w sr e port o n t e l e v i s i o n t h e . evening of3 ~ i n . ~1 0y d e brief ,mentionof the Condon r e p o r t , but a l s o sh0we.d :photo-g3ai5is o i. UEC,. s (including two - taken by our astronciuts :while.i,n.o,rbit)not been " e ~ p l a i n e d . ~Keyhoe w a s i n saying the condongroup hadn o t examined. 3%of the,.r e l i a b l e u n e , ~ l a i n e dsightings supplie d. - . , - , ..5y NICrLE~., . . . , . . . . .. . . ., . , .. ... .- T,he- Kernphis . M o m & r c i a lI~pp2a11to f ,Jan. 1-1headlined. i t s s t o r y , ,ltiicgo~!t on UFOs I s Challenged". and quoted at length,Srom :-Qyhoe:,;:Mc.Donald arid Dr. Saunders i n their..challenge.t o the Conddn r e i o r t . McDog+.la.-w:>.s..quoted ..as saying Condon approached , the stuey with a -Itba-skc-aliy,c;ostld &id, ,..wi;ile{Keyhoewas q u o t e d i n sajping ,Condon from t h e . .. ..outsk,< ircq.,iorltly :described t,he. proj c c t as ("a,lot-of nonsense. ,...,. .:,-trc & r e p a r t i c u l a r l y i n t e r e s t e d i n the :ltT&a ~ i i l ~Worldt sIL&cco&&:;I+be Condm group !,s:.conclusions .were given;:,but:-.those who disagree-;wer,ea l s o &i-;ui? sgace. Donald 3. Keyhoe, r e t i r e d ..ikc.i.ne major who, heads. . . .. . ,;icA; 3 s.:.id hc f;.els the C.ondon group tLdidnot"live,up t o its .-agree-:.n ~ n t2i 3 f u l l + c a l e , objective inves.tigation as specified in the A i rForce c t , ; ; ~ r n c t ~ ~;.,.~r.- J3mcs 3. ~ c ~ , n a l d, s,cnior nhy-s-icist.at..:the. Uni-vcrs.iFg._,ofATizbnaI., ~ n s i i t u t e.of Atmos.pl~+ricBys-ids,wns - ciuoted - i n ,saying, ti12 group tlwGst~dan unorccedented oppo.rtunitytt. t o make the .f i r s t . r;;?al..att2pl:3t2% a . sc.ien-t;ific study of the UPOirob1em.; and Dr. :D - .- av,ld 1irn& l a a e r s , . Univsrs 1ty of - ~ o l ~ r , a d o : p s y c h o l o b i ~ %.wtlo w a s .f ire.df.ron tnc- Condon- group, said thzre were instcinces.of.lJPU"sightings in-- r.-th.c. .-f ina1--r;.-.ortrt0-,-b-iiS;knbQ~eage--wwh-i-ch .-1..t.b .,,"l,~.i G . c ~--fi-l--eg but7nnOOt---~;0- L, "trei?d-t oL Pstrengthen the hypothesis t h a t ,.-UfO!s, might. :be v i s i t o r s fromo u t e r space. He c h i n s the study i s .shallow and inmany c a s e s based on, ,-p~dcoilce.p~tions=d- inadequate evid-ence. . ( ~ r .S8knd.cr,booR.. . :ttUFOs--Yeatt5s now on t i ~ c.news s tands.
  • 4. . , . , .9 . .: . . . , . , . .s . - . , ., .. . .. .I . . .. .I . .. I . . .,. . I. -. ... ,.,.. ..C,ondox XeepOrt (continued).. .:. .. . .: .The w ~ i t ~ r : c v i d ~ n t ~ ~did some research; f o r the report went on a sf ol1ow.s,,.;and we :quo"t;e:. :, . . . . . . , .. . ! ,. . ., . . , a,..,Ther a p o r t . inclub&a,:det a i l s of several dozen individual caS C s ,including a.do-zenor s-6 i n : t h e . s o u t h centralarea; which in-. ,exudes Olrl~noma. :,. I ,- . I nmpsi;~c&ks, no :towhs 0-r:,exact locations were -revealed, buttms:$oss.ible: t o narrow down t h e regidn referred t o , b y reading. . .!the otiizr- details. I. . . . ,- On2 case involved a ser.?ea oP six..,UFO r e p o r t s from the area off~w~.-souti?[:cGn$~&l-d i t i c s ,in t h e !:wiri+cr ,bf -..l967.Neither c i t y was. riii!i~ed,b u t t h e m q s ,a ref ~ r e n c etol a: J : ~ @ i n ~ ,MO., police officer.. The ihvestig$tors.took thos,e s i x s i e h t i n g s seri.ously since. a l l were.reported by police ofpiher,s. e.xce4pt.~h&bne. case involvingttren-agepranks-t-eri;.. ,..- ., : ~ ~ ~ e : ~ l i s t i n c l u d e d atiighwoy Patrolmnanl report of a &&rangel i g h tt h a t nnd ;causzd,,a-motbrig% s c a r t o s t a l f . Investigators ,said the. .. . :;pd;troknkn had s6el-i-~upitar.,. A,,,. Sk6rf f and $okice chiaf ,. b.@th-:re@ort.edseeing .a..",bright, blue ,l:-Gloiid-like_d i s p l a y , I t , - which the .ifiestigat,6rs traced t o the Eglin ;.. . , , , ,I . . . ,*i;8cici.t., . ..-! . . ii liiige silvery o b j e c t rapo2tcdby a police lieutenant and a "brightlight" seen by. a police sergeant were not e-xplained. . ../ .N o t - connected ~ 5 t h .;that parti.cular s g r i e s of six si&itings. but i n, $hesame: r e g i o n eaYlidr: :1967; w a s t h e sighting of "strange l i g h t s ". . . . . by ii grbup ofi,.teen-a&rs. . .-IiiVcstigato r s saiil a tJle,- y O ~ n g ~ t & ~.appari.htly saw,grdi.nary l i g h t s . ..OR the prairie o r possibly a conventional aircraft.. . .....,.Investigato,rs. also checked i n t o a: "large b a l l of bright l i g h t ".seen -over the.,.southc q n t r ~ lUnited.Sntatcs b y a bomber c r e w i n 1957.. .s. f t n l 6 o - was p i c k ~ dLp on. ra,day.. lt;The,phen,omenonremains unidenti--f. . i e a , It,:;.thhe-repor-t said., ..: , ~no.thcr,:south c e n t r a l area . U F O chock&dout,,by the Colorado group.was s&n i n -the $ i n t e r o f 1966.and de,scr2bed a s a pulsating, redd- . , ,ish;li&it. wkibh : t o n e d b r i e f l y t.o a b r i l l i a n t . . w h i t e j thkn resumedi t s e u r l i 3 r character." Investigators ruled evidence i n s u f f i c i e n t , t oexplein it f o r certain ,but,. said it lnight ,have .6e9n.automobile head-~ k h t ~*. . o f Qubte) . " . ., . 3 .. . . . J . , " . . . . . .Yor thc mrlny whd fee1 the Condon report less thnn a f n i r review ofcvidcnce ( t o pct it mildly), Keyhoefs st-?ternent is germane: "If wea l l o k tlils repopt to go unchdilenged, tjlose who mike lkgitimate UFOsightxqgs w i l l be subjbct to r i d l c ~ l e . ~ ~L . Ivde. thank a l l w4o mailed i n News c1ipyi;ngs. %e good sampling of press:rsacti-on gives US the picture.In writing us r e the report, John Schucsslcr feels much of it is notworthy o f ,comncnt, but i s bothored a t the recommendation of schoolcensorship. The report stated sonie public school students are .beingeducationally .h$rmed by absoxbng tmso~indand: erroneoust" reading mat-e r i d l s on ~ ~ 0 ~ sand ltwe stron-gly r e ~ o m n e n d ~ ~teachers s t o p giving themcreqit f o r reiidihg, saucer books and a r t i c l e s . " . ., . : ....O p , r , ~ e r s o & ~ : o b s ~ r v . ~ t i o n - - i fi t is true that m&eytnlks, you wouldthink"$500,,0 0 0 ~ , c o , u l ~minags to .n?y : m n m t.ha11 thh~~s)?;ts. . . .. , . . . 1 . . ..
  • 5. T H P A S T R 0 N 0. M Y*C 0 R N E R* * * * * By Ted Phillips, Jr. *. *The planet Venus s e t s soue four. hours a f t e r sunset and i s now a tmagnitude,-&., the. a h n e t. . f s. disc.. is 52% iliuminated.. . ,Piaiars ~ 1 s . e ~about one and a half hours .past midnight and i s 1strnagnitade. The planet moves from Virgo t o Libra.J u ~ i t e ris v i s i b l e from about and hour and half before midnighti n tiis constellation Virgo. It is mag. -1.,7.Sa t u n , i n .Pisces, I s y i s i b l e i n the high southern sky u n t i l mid-night. It is the same magnitude as Mars, however h r s w i l l soon bem c h b r i t h t e r than Saturn a s it nears the earth. Mars w i l l be evenbrighter than JupiteP by mid-May,The constellation of Or2on is an area of high i n t e r e s t during thewinter months., It i s ringed by bright s t a r s ; B e l l a t r i x t o the north-west; chG red giant betelgueseto the northeast, Saiph and Higel t ot h e s o u t h D 2One pronlnent feature l s r t h e belt, three bribht s t a r s i na n e a t row--they are. ulnitak, LLnilam and Mintaka. . South of the b e l ti s another row o f t h r e e s t a r s , a - l i t t l e f a i n t e r thzn the b e l t , themiddle I1star" i s t h e Orion nebula., .M-42, a no st f a n t a s t i c sight even iwith a small telescope. The nebula appears a s a giant green cloud.. * * * * *soviet Union Launches Prooes to the Planet Vems.. ,On .Tail. 5, 1969 the Soviet Union launched an unmanned probe to-.ward -,;he planet Venus. The probe w i l l t r a v e l a.distance of some 155.-million miles t o the cloud covered planet. -%e Venus. 5 probe weighsabout one and a qQarter tons and i f a l l goes well, w i l l s o f t land onthe planet in mid-May. A ~ o t h e rprobe, the Venus 6, was launched-some f i v e days l a t e r andi s scheduled to s o f t land on the ni&t side oft the planet. The=nus4 probe reached Venus on Oct. 18, 1967..Considerable inf o-mation was obtained fib? the planet atmos-phere. It was. learned that the atmosphere consisted mostly of carbondioxide and registered teaperatures of 536. degrees Fahrenheit. The planet noves around the sun in 225 days and has a diameter of some7,575 milcs. Through a. telescope V-enus appears a s a tiny moon, goingthrough the various ?bases as does our mom. Visually, the planetappears a s a yellow-ish-white in color; no surface d e t a i l s a r e visible;due to th-e cloud cover over the e n t i r e planet. Venus has no satel-l i t e s , a d the plandt is the brightest object i n the heavens otherthan the moon ahd. sun. --By Yed Phillips,- Jr.iUFO Gvcr Australia . IThe lielbourne (Australia) SUJ r e ~ o r t e dA u l ~ ~ s t7, 1968 thflt Baysideresidents sighted a ,ltglowingl-object over Port ~ i l l i pBay the nightbefore, while a so~ithlQlbouine wohm silld sue saw a -large, b r l & tobject traveling "i.n an up 2nd down motion" towdrds Geelong a b o ~ t -7: 3 0. . - the -same night. -Other reports a hal-f -an hour- l a t e r said- the -object -was mpving a t a fas* r a t e from Geelong+ It was described there as:cone-shaped, bluish i n color, and with a white t a i l .(Credit, Lou Fanishb... . . I.
  • 6. Strange Object on RoadJThe lady from whom t h i s report was obtainedemphatic i n not wanting her name, o r the exactby Ted Philli-ps, Jr. w a sl o c a t i o h of the s i g h t i n ggiven and we - w i l l wltl&old t h e t &formatlon,,(,it is i n our f i l e s ) . andc a l l tlie lady Mrs. cimltE;z+nd t h e . area concerned a s "south of Sprlngfleld.i.irs., . .S m i t h. , -.. a n d. . . a, . _ .teen-age- companbon, a young g i r l , w e r e on t h e i r wayhome f r.om a.neeting, :,drivi,ng:,sohth!.;on.,~i.~hw~$,.76--&,solid . surfaced, 2.4f t . .w&e ~ o a d r ,.wen-triey,*saw,a *large, grayi-shcolored object (describ5das..!egg-shaped !I:), sg,$.t.ing:.,o.n::the l.:ef t l a n e o f i-.,thehighway, a p p a r e n t l y coveri~l~~.th~-~kht.i;~re~3% f +$,. and extendi-ng:sbm6 three f ~ e to i i e ~- onto therig!:.tl,$. l a n e , as ,wel!, #as,ariother three .feet over ,.-the shoulder of t h e Jef tl a n e , making the object a t least. i8 f e e t -in.diameter,-.,. : : - . I ., .,..jzl:lere; w a s p~.:.i..&u~gil?ati.on : of:, any .kind,.,but,;as..IVIr,s., S@th.j,neared. t op a g u t h e -objedt .on,;the,right lz:ne.,-;a,light appeared about, two t h i i d . t h eway -:e~p the-;side.,. o r .agout 8 f e e t up-.-froni t h e road. T-he diffused l i g h twas .y,eilow-white :in:c o l o r ~ a n d- c i r c u l a r iil shape and seemed t o be, Vehi-lid. . .a,-grzl1.e.ol..some..,tylje... iLlrs. Smith. looked up at t h e light .asthey . . ,passed :arid I s a i d :;a gr.ille sinil-iar -:t o t h a t of a trailer..truck.extended.from.the:light-downward..:.Hercompanion had. the:impr;ession-t@e,.obje,~,ti t s e l f y a s a a ; - f o o t. , o ~ , , a .f o o t . and a h a l f above t h e surface of t,he highway,bu% neicher could say i? the object were standlag on l e g s or"suspendedi n a i r , so f l e e t i n g was t h e i r i m p r e s s i o n of the whole, and no doubtexcitement played a role:, i n t h e i r inabiJity ...t0 . .grasp, all; detai>s. Indeed,the , t e e n ager..was so Trightened, -she was crying as .they.-passed t h e object?here(:was:no:.s b u n d a t :any time, but a s t h e observers glanced back a f t e r1eaving::-thGi.~scenei..-mor:eLlighd.,seemed" t o .be.emanating- . from,>the object ,and :over kt:e.:.highway. - . . ,r, . . < . . .. . . .. .. . . - ....3 , . . . . hs.. smith l e f t the : g i r l a t her home, then on reaching her own home,persuaded her husband t o r e t u r n with her t o t h e - s i t e o f the strarige ob-j eC,t.; Ih.is.. drive requiqed , an .hour .and .wllen .they reached kh.e site., theobj&ct7Aad:left,-the scene:. N e i ~ h e y ,6pt.o u t of,,the c a r , a n d f r o m their.. . .positlion Were..unable it6 detect "a?ly ,marks 1ef.t ,on the -road . surface; ., . . , _ . , 3 . : , : . - , -, . .I. .,I I . . . - .( . xliir.. . i 3 h ~ i l l i p ~ . r , ~ ~ p ~ , 0 ~ ~ t ~ s sPi+,&.. Smith . i s an i n t e l l i g e r i t woman-who holds ap o , s i t i o n ~ ~ ~ i c h ~ . . r ~ e q u ~ s .education and s t a b i l i t y . He does -not, doubt h e rstory. This: s,ight.&ng..g,ccurred. i n .b y o f 1967.. . - . .. - I . ... :.. " . .. .> I.. ,... , . . . .. ----. . . -., . .. . . , .- . .. ., , , .D , o g _ ~ l a r t s -rrastir 30 UFO , . . . ..... . ..- .- . .. , .1,t-:wasabout ..9:3.0 the night: of Feb. 19, 1967; when . k t o n Bayne ( n o th i s r e a l ,;name).,, . a Mjss:ouri-.farmer i n the Ozarks,: Stepped ,gutside h l s home$.o: see . why h i s . dog was.-barlring..-He s a w a .redd.ish-.glow .in a.wo0de.d areasome 140 f e e t from h i s house and thought huftters had s t a r t e d a f i r e , andwent t o investigate. Soon the s i z e of tlie l i g h t aro,used:-further curl-o s i t y and he walked f a s t e r . :/hen he reached a fence some 90 f e e t fromwhat+he.:now :.:cdi>g:see t o be a nul2i-colore.d 0.bjec.t,.. .it .s.tar$ed t o r i s e ?anfi..climbed i r e r t $ . ~ a l l . ~t:o:an .estimated_s l t i t u d e . of 300 :fe.et. It: th.en,.-,,.t u r n e d : : a i : b r ~ h t ; g r e e nand disaapeared. i n t o ,thed i s t a n c e a t a h i g h...r a t e. ..of.. Sp,ee.d.:: T..her.e:was.:no sound during the rent i r e : sighking..,,, .. . ,> I . . . . .. .. . . . . . . . ."Ped Phil1ins:,,-Jr.,,who obtained- :this r e p o r t , . chec1c.e.dwith s.everal.,-r e s i d e n t s -of the a.r.ea,.;i&l.:of ;~horn, a t t e s t t o .t h & ob$e-t-ve~bkirip;.d man. ..- ..,,... .. ,.:.. . . - ,.. , . Iof g0o.a .s%a,nd:ing-,.and.no,. t e l l e r of ta1.l stbri.es. . . ., . .. > . > , :.
  • 7. Joiln Keel, author,. New York, 3. Y. . . Thanks f o r the sample copy of3KVYL0c)K.- It w a s most i n t e r e s t i n g . Noted y m r s u b t i t l e : Z e t f s separatef a c t from fantasy." p h i s is exactly what I v e been s-truggl.ing t o do. Irecentlx di2 two a r t i c l e s on YJFO FACTS AND FANTASIES1"yhich w i l l appeari n HLTE nt?gazme sornetim,e i n the ncar future. I have found t h a t nost oft h e aczepted l l f a c t s l to-f ufology a r e a c t u a l l y based upon speculation andran do^ L r a g e i i t s of l x o ~ g l e t einforjildtlon. defore we can r e a l l y g e tdowi~t o a hard study of t h e s i t u a t i o n we must weed out a l L the wishfulthiiikl-13 and speculation and develdp a body of. legitima$e, evidence. Thesndless c o l l e c t i o n of anecdotes r e a l l y accomplishes very l i t t l e ,- lThosc of u s who have been tryi-lg t o i n v e s t i g a t e t h e phenomenon first-hand a r e handicspped by t h e , l a c k of media i n t e r e s t * * * I suggest youwatch for- the-following: WLE, March 69 a r t i c l e on. "myst.erious meteors"/IULE, Bgril 6 3 ; a r t i c l e on CIA and UFOs; SAGA, Feb: 69,.~a r t i c l e on l l i x t l s nieil cases; FAYE, lkrch 69,, a r t i c l e on physical-evidence; FLY-I K G SAULAH i3dVIS16 ( ~ n g l a n d )s p e c i a l , ..iIORTH A14.d1<ICAN REPUHT, i n depth-a r t i c l z on many in2ortant but neglected aspects of the phenomenon. I- - a l s o rccommzad the soon-to-be-released ~ i rForce bibliography on UBOl i t e r a t u r e as must11reading f o r a l l ufologists.The Condon Xeport i s due t o be released in t h e next few days. Dr.Saundkrs i s currently. i n IWC to,pj?omoi;e h i s book which w i l l be issuedsimulLaneously. It docs look as"if t h e LOOK a r t i c l e last year gxea;tlydiminished public incerest in. the Condon Report.IThe nkin problem has b z m the tendency t o oversimplify a most .comp-l i c a t e d s i t u a t i o n . Ufologists and t h e i r organizations have s l i g h t e d - amajor partion of t h e available data because it simply does not conformt o t!le i)op~!lar theories. The whol-e key t o untangling --this mess i s t ostudy -a l l the data, not merely "acceptable" fragments4of .it, Essent-i a l l y , the UFO nhenonenon is a massive, w c l l - ~ l a n n e d - a i v e r s i o ndesignedto: conooal a much broader and i n f i n i t e l y more comglex situhtion. %isis:.;why. 1 urge all .ufologists t o s"d; 5ox2br 3kp --z,.Es: c1;0ln jl n-l Y2.r-fare,. iJe ~nuyt*ulders:taaa t h e ,tac,tlcs b e m 6 emgloyed bef:ore we CaD g r W pthe whole maning. (Editort 14ote: Thank you, 1;lr. Keel, Tor your, mosti n t e r z s t m g l e t t e r . Ne . a r e intrigued by the statement i n your f i n a lparagra2h r e the UP0 phenomenon being a It1massive ,..well-planned diversiondesigned t o conceal a much broader and i n f i n i t e l y mo,re ,complex a situ-ation." Would you care t o enlarge on t h a t i n a n a r t i c l e f o r a futurei s s u e of SKYLIOOK?)II .7 - .Jodn Whritennour, ~ d i t o rof S A U C J R SCOOF:. . 4 s-erilously a m very-glad t h a t you have decided t o pick up where the o t h e r l e f t off. .a l lb u l l e t i n s , and as many as possiblz, a r e badly needed i n t h i s f i e l d . Themore t h a t are put out - the more peopl-e a r e going t o be kept informed.And - you know my slogan - an IPITFORIUD 1 U B L I C W I L L NGT PANIC!Donald A. Johns,oq., Editor of FLYIiTG SAUCER OBSEI~ZR. , I am particu-Zarly pleased with your new f eaturc IbThe nstronomy Corner," 1 -believeu f o l o g i s t s nee$ a s much ,background in astronomy as they can get.- -- - -Zditor s N O % ~ : Thanks; all; for writing,- Rcacexs----this-is? YOUR- . -page. Let !,hear from ,you,- - -.I--- --
  • 8. UFO Expert uddre s s e s Missouri and , I l l i n o i s Study GroupsA sequence of color gho$.og&yhs ob:.two f l y i n g saucers taken i n theAndes 02 l e r u may, i f authenticated, provide the most conclusive evi-dence #of t h e existence: of UFOs y e t attainted,.according t o Richard Greeiwell of L i b , Peru, who addressed the Tri-State UFO Study Group29 cj,:mlc;y, Ill., Wediit.s?.ay rii&t, Nov. 20th. The l e c t u r e was sponsoredby the I l l i n o i s s e c t i o ~oP APKO, withaWalt Andrus a s chairman., Oh Noirr 2 5 t h ~Greenwell addressed t h e UFO Study Group of ~ r e a t e rSt .* LoClis, I n the main brxclri- of the St. Louis Public -Library, with JohnP, Schiressler, as cha4rman. There, as i n Quincy, h i s t o p i c w a s "ACurrer,: Appraisal of the UFO Phenomenon i n South umericatl, with g r e a t- i n t e r e s t evinced!by both groutps.According t o Greenwell, the people and governments of South ~ m e r i c atkke UFOs far niorei seriously than do peoplh i n the United S t a t e s . He-bl:zrxs a n atmoophbre of ridicule f o r the r e l a t i v e lack of i n t e r e s t andterm the general,d i s i n t e r e s t of United S t a t e s scientists tshameful."He b e l i e v e s , t h a t the kmerican psychology is not geared t o the readyacceptance of the $den of f l i g h t s o r i g i n a t i n g from other planets, con-t r o l l e d : by nore advanced beings.*,"For kmericzns who belong t o a n a t i o n t h a t is r a t e d the most power-- iul: i n . the .world, i t is r,ot a comfortable thought. L a t i n iunericanscan accept the- idea c o r e - r e a d i l y because the existence of a far adpanc-ed ( e x t r a t e r r e s t r i a l ) n a t i o n does not nalce t h a t much :dif?er.ence .,-,Wenyour n a t i o n is maybe 1 5 t h i n i n t e r n a t i o n a l importance, it doesnrtbother lyou t o be l 6 t h , " Greenwell ,declared. -, I,Xe*.&draitkt h a t UFO adherents hclve been hampered by a l a c k of phy-. s3cal evldence; s u c h - a s the wr2ckage of a s+ce s h i p . "APliO does havet h e fa~rloi.~~~ng~iesiurn-Lflncisfrom B r a z i l , alscovered I n 1957, but inves-t i g a t i o n of the reIn&lns i s s t i l l inconclusive," he s a i d .2 + -I . , . .APRO has a Large nulnber of photographs of u n i d e n t i f i e d c r a f t , botha i r b o h e ahd on the ground and photos of. striated l i g h t s , but struc-t u r e a r e what i n t e r e s t APRG members. "A.tnospheric phenomena and swampgas-arc explanations f a r strcnge l i g h t s t h e t a r e seen f o r a few seconds Hbut x t f o r s o l i d objccts , f l ,irlg c r a f t with .portholes ,seen , f l y i n g satlow a l t i t u d e s , " Greenwell stressed. "We need phys.ical evidence," he( continued),
  • 9. Scientific Community Advised t o )Keep.an Open Mind"D r . Berthold E. Schwartz, assis-tont attonding psychiatrist a t Mont--- c a r , 3 . J., Conmmity -Hospital, has d e c k r e d t h a t four persons whomhe examined a f t e r they had claimed f irst-hand &UFO.experiences are"sound. " ,Nrlilng i n the October "Medical Timesthmagazine, &. Schwartz, whosu-b-jectcd the four"to 7.n intensive psychiatric study, leaves l i t t l edoubt-as to t h e i r s m i t y ,IEl, Cirocts the s c i e n t i f i c community--as has University of Arizonaphysicist, D r . Jams !lcQorldd, longly and, loudly--to tdke a r e d assess-ment- of the UFO prol3lem. He asks science t o exdmne the physical,psychologic~land psychic .effects suff w e d ,by the subjects which remainunsolved,I- ,I n one instance,, 2 subjcct suffered temporary blindness and hoarse-ness with h i s UL;O contact. I n another a subject developed severe mus-c ~ l a rwenhcss and wasting following h i s contact wi,thb.a UFO.,- In one encounter, involving a "monster, " Dr.. Schwartz noted there ,were evidences of strange, triangular irnpressions of %law marks" andthe presence of an Unidentified c h a r , colorlesss fluid. In .addition,he said, the p-ztro1m::n who photograghcd the impressions and gatheredthe liquid sample6 suffered an inexplicable, and unexpected . i l l n e s sl a t e r that same day, D$: ~ c k w a r t z,particularly asks medical doctors , -s.ometimes the firstt o come across UP0 rcports, t o Itkee.p an open mind l e ~ t - , h eunwittinglyd i s c o u r ~ g esignificant reports from those who night have had v a l i dc2peri.;-nces, and t h u s i.nflic9 damage on them. *(,%urce, Berkeley Dail? Gazette" Oct. 15, 1968. Credit, LOU Farish.)----- : ..-,..- -Henry Ford I1 Sees UFOI.Hcnry Ford I1 wns one of a planeload of Executives ,who saw aUP0"on a trip-home t o Detroit from the Hemisfair (inTexas a few months2g0,W e saw something round and white, l h l u O r d sclid. I t 4 1 dontt1&now. what itwas; btit it dcsinitely: wasnt t .a ; The Ford company J e t s t a rwas traveling aboxt. 550. m.p!.h; a t close to 40,000 f c e t . " A l l of asudden this b i g object-appeared," Ford isaid. I - I t .looked l i k e a dish.It st:?yz,.d with us, "out some distanceaway. - I asked o u r . p i l ~ tto radiothe A i r Force t o send a figh,ter plane up f o r a look. He didnft want t obecause he w2s acraid they wocld- think he was a kook.. . I IFord didnvt mzke a press announcemunt a t the time, but w a s willingtto t a l k ::bout it la-ter. !.I r e a l l y gaw this,It he said. tlItw a s quite athing." Others on the plane confirmed Fordt%-story. "We a l l ssw it.I t a true s~tory, "one, said,(Source, Detroit News, O c t . 2, -.l968. Credit, John ~ c h ue s s l e r )----- - . - -Coming Next Month--h Analysis of .the-.Hen i n Black- .- - - - - . . -SKYLOOK regrets lack of space t h i s month f o r a very i n t e r e s t i n g a r t -i c t e by Kurt Glemser. This w i l l appear i n the M,?rch i s s u e and i s aSKYLOOK exclusive. Dontt m i s s it!
  • 10. UFO Expert ~ d d r e s s e sStudy. Groups (continued)contir~ses. "Up t o now, we just have testimonies--thousands. On a juri- -d i c i d l basis,-wetve won our case, because you only need two witnessesi n a court oflaw; ~ ~ - 6 ,however credible witnesses a r e , the phys-icistsa r e not going t o be convinced, Even i f the president-elect saw a UFOand reported it, a l o t of people would doubt h i s observational a b i l i t y . "Greenwell t11i;iks t h a t many UP0 f l i g h t s a r e made by remote control,b u t s i x may be manned f l i g h t s .Be has j u s t conp-le-t-ed h i s r"irst, book on UPOt s , "TJn Estudio Sobre.Los Oyilisl (A Study of U Y ~ S ) ,one of the f e w b ~ o k son the subject t obe written- and published i n Ssanish.. .In Pebruery 1968 Greenwell represented APRO on an extended tour ofSouth kxerica which took him t o Chili, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.While. iin Argentina be spoke with o f f i c e r s of the Argentine Navy and A i rkorce, aid Pound these official ageilcies regard the UFO problem verys e r i o ~ ~ s l y .iviorerec&tly he has s2oke.n on the problem of UI-Usbefores c i e n t i ~ l cand cultural, l n s t r t u t i o n s such ds the a f f i l i a t i o n of Eem-v i a n Engineers, the Astronomical &sociation of Peru, the GeographicalSociety- of P e m , .and he Peruvian-American Cultural I n s t i t u t e .SOLth -Ainerican UP0 witnesses very in background and profession-s o m h b c peasants an3.a number are. commercial p i l o t s , Greenwell reports."It is q a i t e impossible f o r some witnessings to hav6.:been suggested byforeign reports because of the i s o l a t i o n of t h e people. %ome w i i n e s s e ~a r e Q U ~ C ~ T J ~Indians who pco?le the relnoter parts of Ecuador and i t sneighSoriling countries. These Indians c a l l the UFO s s i l e n t boards. "II I However, ILcontacteeI individuals--those who claim t o have been trans-ported on space c r a f t to Venus or other planets, o r to have communicatedwith ZPO crewmen are considered t o be "dubious1 witnesses by the APROinvestigators i n Latin America, just as they are here.Grcenwell i s spending some time in Tucson with the Lorenzena beforeretunling .to ,Peru.L 4E d i t o r V sNote: This was written from material sent t o your e d i t o rby Walt h d r u s and John Schu-essler.and includes quotes from the UuincyH -I G ) . .-----,TO- Moon by Flying Saucer?John ~ e a r l e ,36, an zngineer , says he can beat the woridts rocketexperts t o the nioon, by f l J l n k saucer. He has been worklrlb on flyingsaucer designs i n the Berkshire v l l l a g e of klortlmer (Xngland) f o r 18ykars. Heclaims he has conducted several succesgful t e s t Tlights withunmanned saucers, usjng a device that produces an anti-gravity s t a t e .H i s only problem i s he needs a c o u p l e m i ~ l l ~ o ndollars.to finance h l ~moon venture. (we c a n t r e s i s t the suggestion t h a t the man fromMortimr name h i s saucer llSnerd.tb.) (*source, NEW YORK TIMXS, Credit,Lou ~ a r i s h )---Subscribe to SMLOOK today--10 months f o r $2.00 u n t i l March 1st.. . IThen $3.00 per year.Send check o r moneyordcrto Norma E; ShoTt, Box 129-, .Stover, Mp. -65078
  • 11. I .Cox .~;:_,r up--Article by D r . J. Alien EIynek r e t h e Cond )n Report inAp$ll i;sl.-e alf the 11S2;lletlr? of the. Atoraic S c l e n t l s t s . I- - I1illt?31ble aiii 21J ~trgS d ~ c a r s "by I3&ry H. Dowiling , published- -by.- - - - J . B. i ; l ~ ~ d i n c o t tCo., , Xast-ri,shiqgton Slimre, P h i l a d e l p h i a , Pa. 19105,for- $3,95-;--Tf?e a u t : ~ o r - - 1 sa-3rl?sby t e r l a n - n i i n l s t e r with-d-egrees -in--Yhy---s i c s alld Theology - (~e,camne:ided by- W & l t ~ n d r u s)+ .
  • 12. . m inte3esting note on the Steve lvhchalak case i s t h a t the Ottawagavcr;iu:dllt 11as r e f ~ s e dTO mite gublic various reports of its positionon -tile ma:ter, and aLso refuses -to give any reason f o r its stand. LouFarlsh sent us t h i s item from the CALGARY HERALD. . . Kurt Glernser~ r i ~ t ~ she ohserved a bp.11 of yellow l i g h t over Kitchener (Ontario, can)almut 6: 20 D e n . Jaiicary 4th. He described it as being Ithe s i z e of a:,;ll:f d o ? - l ~ ra t arm1 length. It was flying slowly i n the v i c i n i t y ofd tie+:s. I ouseYv2d the object f o r ten seconds." ,Ihen the object,1.1 f ~ i lvlc?w, 81:liljly vdmshed lute turnlnb out a light. T h i s abruptc:.isb!?ptarcl~icei s siinllar t o that described by the three Hannibal (MO. 1wonen i n another report in t n i s issue. . . we saw the photographs TedP h i l l i 2 s took of the llVFO-almostll and they are excellent. We both f e l the had a scoop t h a t G~ouldmake hlstory. Since.Ted has accepted Dr..Hynekts exglanation, who are we to express doubt--but the idea of aimeteor stanbing s t i l l f o r s l x ~ i i n u t e ss t i l l !bothers us. . . John Schu-e s s l e r writes the Co1iG.on re-;~ortseems t o have triggered new i n t e r e s tiil UFOs (instead -0: closing the door on the subject) and he i s receiu-ing 1;,oi1e clippings, material e t c than before. Same thing a t our desk.What s zhat old sa;lilg a bout an ill wind?. . . . we Ire glad to seeTOPSIDE back on deck again. Its e d l t o r , Carol Halford-Watklns, writesus i l i n e s s ha.d delayed ~ t spublication. . . many, nany thanks t o JoanWhitenour ( e d i t d r of SuLJCiiH SCOOP) and Jen Stevens (Bditor of SKYWATCH)who r e ~ ~ ~ o n d e dto our c a l l f o r nelg with pages of typewrltten instruct-ions ;nd h i n t s on c u t t ~ - n gs t e n c i l s and operating a mimeograph. Don1%think we would have managed without t h e i r help a s .we had never cut as t e n c i l o r operated a mimeogrzph u n t l l the January i s s u e of SKYLOOK,We -have .tilafil~edthem by l e t t e r , but we want t o publicly acknowledgeour debt OX gratitude. . . an6 this i~ a .good time t o thank otherswho havea-01fered good advice and encouragement. .ITinafiks, a l l . . . we""are loolang forward to the -next issue of CAPRO. Brian Cannon writes-"Ait; %henonent we are involved with three hard cases one of which hasu s q u i t e m ~ e r e s t e d , It deals with a sigbting i n Nova Scotia by Can-adian Force$ ncssonvel incl~l.?ingground and a i r observation a s wellas rarlar corroboration ( s i m ~ l t a n e o u s l y ) .A c t u ~ l l ywe seem t o be i n themidst of a minor wave t h t - m a y increase i n intensity. I . . . a t the timewe a r e wrlcing t h l s , Ted Pl11111gs is In S p i n b f ~ e l d( M O . ) investigat-uig UFL) a c ~ i v l t yrrl thdt area, a d we noge t o have some good reportsf o r A , ) r i l . . . . Gene Duplantlgr (s;uUC&S, bP~Ci3& SCIENCE) i s anothere d i t o r who has,given u s moral., support from the f i r s t -issue of SKYLOOK,Did you know he does h i s own a r t vrork? It adds a .lot to h i s f i n e mag-- azine (17 .~!~etlilndSt. ,Wi-llowdale, Ontario, Canada). .-.we alwaysw i a d up with more material than we can use and f e e l l i k e a mother withs i x kids and only f i v e t i c k e t s to the circus. Which one g e t s l e f t out?Wed l i k e t o use li a l l (,why dont we? Postage, that1, why) but wehave to "pick and choose1tahd we do our best. I f your story wLisnftused, don1t think i t wasn t appr$cisted7-and it may turn up l a t e r i na specla1 report. 0-r backlog of materlal often enables us t o come upwith a b i t of i a f o r m t i o n t o add i n t e r e s t t o a current report. Of courseoile ~ r o b l e mL s FIttDZTG t h a t b i t of elusive information we know i s some-where in our f i l e s , but wetre trt;fingt o work out a system. . . . if YOUw i l l wr;Le Dr. Serthoid Eric Schwarz, 74 South ~10untainAve., Montclair,N. J. 07042, h e l l send you a f r e e reprint of h i s a r t l c l e "UFOs:. De-l u s i o ~o r Dilem;mI1whlch appesred i n the October issue of .utMedicalTimes. We quoted from t h i s orclcle i n L s t monthfs Si(YLOOK, Thisa r t i c l e a s worth read~t3~--serr,f o r lt. . . . . 7Ckexing o u t ,Ye Ea-
  • 13. had picked u p , h z r daaghter in.Cary and was t r a v e l i n g toward u l g o n q u i non the Cr-?ry-A1gorlqu.i.n B;acktop when t h e o b j e c t w a s noted by h e rdsl~!dhZ?l:a It ap?sara2d t o be following h e r c a r , she t o l d p o l i c e . Theystoy;?2d9 gat o u t O? t h c a r m d wkitched i t , she s a i d and d e s c r i b e d itas b c - ~ gb r i g h t r e d OR t h e bottom a d a g r e e n i s h yellow on top. Mrs.iL.ttizr s a i d she became frightened- and went t o t h e W i l l i a m s home. There~t sc-;.,~cd t o s e t t l e in-.the trees.,, t h e n r o s e and disappeared.3 . c m a n s a i d he l a s t saw it t r a v e l i n g westward toward Huntley wherei t " ~ - w n ? a r !t o be ~~,$-~;g,h-$-s11n,se,t~~~~n$-t r p it disappeared about9 p.r.,.----b l g C e l e s t i a l . Torch Job h s Town Talking ...Chicaco Tribune, Jan. 27, 1969--AI n i c c e of " c e l e s t i a l garbage" w a sincincm..ted e a r l y yc:jt2rC!:ir~t , and it hzis t h e whcle town t a l k i n g . T h i s p i e c e ci d-.lft wood from o u t e r =;,+ice was. ~ u r n e dup i n t h ee a r t h atrflospii2re aid s e t o i i ;t b r i l l l u r l t f i a s h a c r o s s ~ J i d ~ e ~ ts k i e s. f o r a s p l i t second aT f2:5G a . 1 ~ 1 ~The f l a s h was accompanied bjr soundsiailw t o a s o n i c boom,Jast e x a c t l y what it w a s no oile w i l l know f o r s u r e , but t h e r e a r ep l e n t y of t h e o r i e s f l o a t i n g ar.o:md. J a n e s Wray, a n a s s i s - t a n t professorof astrol:omy a t ITorthwc.stern u n l v e r s l t y , s a i d t h e c e l e s t i a l skyrocketc o c l d kL-d.2 bee3 a &ece, of "space debris." T h i s could Be. a remnant ofa C L C ~ o r p i e c e of rock progelled- i n t o s p c e from an e x p l o s i o n on aid i s t a n t star o r p l a n e t . The b r i l l i a n c e of t h e f l a s h does n o t *necess-arily i c d l c a t e k h c t h e r t h e d e b r i s was l a r g e or small, " Wray s a i d .C-. 2: A l l e n Hylie~,J o r t h w e s t e r n t astronomy d e p a r t m n t chairman,s a i d tile f l a s h couid have been caused by t h e r e e n t r y of a burned-outs e c t l o n of a p r e v i o u s l y f i r e d space f l ~ g h t ,e l t h e r from t h e UnitedSbh5es .or tke S o v i e t Unioq, *- * * "The o n l j t h i n g t h a t puzzles me isthh-c 20s-c m,e%eors oy, ,$~gq-rf;ragmcx~tsJuy~,,some s o r t of tall. It seems% h a t This was n o t the c&se in t h i s mornlngts f l a s h , " Hynek s a i d .> > I ,- ik. and M,S; Domrnick Garifo, 10131 Chestnut St., Y r a n l i n Park,teie-l;;oiied. TIM T ~ i i 3 & 3 L O r c p o r t s e e l a g a burning o b j e c t t h e s i z e ofa s,2r,BL1.i f a l l from the sky aild h i t sone telephones w i r e s on t h e north-west corner pf Oak ?ark avenuc and Roosevelt road.. ."1 wek*northbound i n Xl:i q r k avon;le when I stooned f o r a t r a f f i cs i ~ n a l . Than tl-tis o b j e c t , wi.th a t r a i l ?-,ont t b r e e f e e t l o n g , fell.f r c x tile s i ~ yaild s o r t of 6 i s i : l t e ~ r a ~ r : d.~;ie;llt i ~ l tt h e w i r e s , I Garifos;ld. ."The o b j e c t w,:;: ah G r l l l m n t 1ldlde c o l o r and rcuallled b r i g h t f o ra u o ~ tf i v e Secolids 2s i t feli d o o u t JijO ieet from us." ( ~ r e d l t ,TedP h i l l - i ~ s , 2r.)----We Gcbfed Again---?Ie charged s t e n c l l brands before we f i n i s h e d c u t t l n g- stenci-ls- on-tkis -nar,tht 3;;i";.XI<-aiid a i d n t d i s c o v e r util t o o l a t et h e p a r g l a markings wcre SLli,"drent--co;~secjuently, we a l n o s t r a n offtht7 bci--Lorn 01 the- page i n soxe c a s e s . Give us time and maybe we wl-ll;l e a n , YC Zd.
  • 14. FIorz on January Sighting in I l l i n o i s .The February issue of SICKLOOK t o l d of I l l i n o i s newspapers giving. hekdll-iks. t o aJanuaFy sighting of straage l i g h t s which was l a t e r ex-ulairi&2 i?s:balloons bearing cou2ons good f o r f r e e meals in a l o c a l, restaurafit, However, the restau~santowner supposedly seeking publicitywas ~ o tiiientifled by hame and no regort has been made of anyone find-i-..-g, rrit, of the ~ h r e cbeiloons or the coupons. T h i s explanation was giv-,217 i n -~l?c: !Daily-Courier-N,ws". ( ~ l g i n ,Ill.) on Jan. 14th, while the"IIer,L<-;i~;ig~of Qu~ilcy,said the phenomenon %as nothing more thanthe reflec-bed liglits of airplanes which were c i r c l i n g while awaitingl?~.ila~ilginstkuctions from the Ot Hare International Airport tower. ILyle Kr?,use, a photographer and APRO member, Union, Ill., sent usthe news;Jager clippings of the ;Tafl; 9th sighting, along with t h efollow-up balloon explanation and gave h i s opinlon t h a t it was improb-able ~ h r e eballoons wotild agpear dver several different c i t i e s on acalm night with no w ~ n d .I& also sent i n reports t o the APRO headquart-e r s i n T~lcson,IThe orbiginnl r c - ~ o r t ,as t::ken from a r t i c l e s i n Elgin and Woodstocknewsp: !?crs, fioll-ows, a~zdour renders c-:n keep the above "explanations"i n nind as they f ~ l l o wt h i s account: ~ l g o u ~ u i nPolice Sex. Xussell Hiclomn went t o the area of Edgewoodand H,xisi:n Roads where peoijle wer5 reported to be observing an unusuallighted object i n the sky. Ofl reaching the area he too saw "areddish-orange c i r c u l a r oall of lmlense size" hovering and f l y i n g i n t h e skyI and. !is S. i d it w-ent towc~rdsBzrrington and then west towcrd Huntley..In .his r e p o r t to police C l i i e f Ned Sanfilippo, Hickman sald, "This mnybe rather hard to believe,. but with other, witnesses, my sincerity and- a ,since=.e in-terest of the investigators there must be something t o it."( T ~ Oirlvesrtigat,ors of ,the IJational Invest i g a t inn ~ofnmittee on & r i a lPhenomena--Sherman Larsen, of Glenview, and Chester Gain, of Northbrook,1i:id. h e n a l e r t e d when, the object wcs f i r s t sighted and were, on thescc32 ,)Chief Sanfilippo, who was attending a lecture when t h e reportsfirs* mme, -in,said the incident caused a l o t of confusion. He saida woman who was driving to Mgonquin from Fox River Grove reportedt h a t the object followed her. k man clearing snow saw the object overthe celitcr of a f l e l d a d sw-@rethe object wasntt a plane or helicopt-e r b c c ~ u t eit wznt up, forward ~ m dthen reversed its course. Orange- , a n d w A ~ e;3ulsating l i g h t s were identified with the object.i rllhe ndxt bay, F,idoy, Jan. 10, Cary police reported thay had one.call on the -incident ahd Fox R i ~ " r Grove police a l s o said they had ac a l l n%ut it.; The f i r s t s ~ g h t i n gwas mads about 7:30 p.m. an. 9 ) and the objectstahed hi the red f o r ,-ul hour ~lildLL h l f , H l c h ~ i l nsaid. He was talk-ing t o iiay:ie ~.&.clriil iYoz~tof ;fie 11,ck reslderlce a t bouth llrive andCardi~lai-wdn both saw The object appecr t o l i g h t i n a f i e l d , thenr i s e q,,~.il;erapidly and disappear. . Robcrt ~ i l l i k a s .of Iit. 1, 30x 80, reported- he had seen the object.He descri3ed i t as lozk4ng ILe a s t a r with i t s elevation changing,7 -I :.,enci?r.- . i 1 - 2 , K1-,--. r +llcugh t It was red in color., . .Ivirs, Vera Matter of 1309 &ndeeRoad reported to that she(pnnt in ~ ~ ~ r 7n n novf 4-1
  • 15. (Peoria Group 1five.stigates. . . Continued)police t h ~ ta l a r g e , round blue object i n the sky took c o n t r o l oft s e i r car.C a r % ? r , , a s s i s t a n tmanagdr of aBen Schwartz Food Mart i n Zeoria,kn: I;~l.-.lmeier,who met through l o c a l c h a p ~ c r sof national UFO organ-iket,,,~~s;met a gear and a half ago with a group of Richwoods High~ z i ; ~~lstudents who Lei been doing some studying i n t h e uf ology f i e l d .Two di ;Ir,,sc boys, Rick Reynolds, of 1029 W. Burnside D r . , and JackSintl-.-r, of 600 B r i a n ~ o o d ,now a r e on the club1s executive committee.IF^>--?,^:.,+,;.._,..,I word-of-ncuth, Science Fn.ir exhibits and. a program f o r theSpalLing I~stit~7tr3Sciznce Club, the group a t t r a c t e d more rnembcrs.. Tl?zy neet t;h.t. scconl? Pionday or" every month a t Kellar: Presbyterian.- ., . ,CL 1 ~ i - ~ l l l .I iiejrlo~d6il,..s adreed :to Act as clearingilouse f o r a l l reportsof u:.;L1 ~ )1 s .a;;d..is +Sri,~~g tile i e o r i z h a reslcerlts who see strange ob-j e c t s in-.the sky t o c a l l him.Last B.ugust the group conducted its f i r s t major investigation ofa possible UP0 i n t h e Northnoor k i i l l s v i c i n i t y . It turned up 15people who reported sceing lefive red lid-ts" i n the sky heading e a s ttoward the r i v z r ,rlli-,c l ~ g l i t st ~ ~ . r n c dnorth s c p ~ r a t e l y ,and one blinked out. Becausethe l1&-its turned scpzracely ~indbecause they were just red, theycould nat have been a? airplane, che group reasoned. The GreaterPeoria AlrL,ort said they were probably helicopters. However, " a l l thewltnces9s said ths only sound was a quiet e l e c t r i c hum," said Lzird S .C a r t ~ ~ r ," I - I e l i ~ o p t e ~ sarz vcry noisy. No one has been a b l e to explainhew they could sound l i k e that."a l t h o ~ g hCartzr hus never seen an object he could f e e l sure wasa UP(?, he re;jorts viewing "two things xhat couldntt bc 100 per centexplained.L s t s7merhe s a w a "very high .flying white li&t moving northt o s o ~ t h . "I wou-Ld have thought it w a s a s a t c l l i t c , but s a t e l l i t e sdonf$ 30 north to south.1s, l9e oth7:r incidcnt occurre.i a~o11ta year ago. !I saw som?thingfl;;i:~g dowl~t l ~ cr i v e r and t ! i ~ u & t it w s s a plzne. But it had threered c i s two ~ i which were biinxing c l l i ~ r n a t r l y .I don1 believeany g L n e s hvc3 J U S ~red l l & ~ t s , ~ ~sald Carter. "It was f l j l n g a t ah e i & ~ t~ C S Schan the F i r s t ha tlo;lal dank k3uild~llg." (Source clnd Cre-dit--a2apted from an a r t i c l e In the PEORIA JOJRNAL STAR of Jan. 20,1969, and information given bir Wzlt Andrue)Edieorfs Note: 112 i n v i t e t h i s f i n e group of a c t i v e investigatorst o appoint a SKYLOOK rogorter t o keep us informed of t h e i r findings.---SAUCER i.LZG-4ZINE i s a monthly non--profit publication of UFO f a c t s ,Besid2s publishing the latest WO slghting i n S.M. there a r e theseregdlnr ?eatures - Glcrns2r exclusives, Xyewltncss i n Ohio, Reportfrom- thc Reprcscntatlvcs, Ssucor Scene. -12issues - $2,00 - SampleCopy - 1CG. Address - 1311 IVlaln S t , , Bellevue, Nebr. 68005..--Adv.
  • 16. P e o r i a Group I n v e s t i g a t e s Strange Sky Sightiiigs,ZILe A e r i a l Yhenor:iena, Club of P e o r i a , Ill., i s a s k i n g a r e a r e s i d e n t st o r e l o r t $ h e i r personal UFO s i p h t i n g s w i t 1 1 the assurance that eachii12 i v ~ d ~ l a lr e ; ~ o r tw i l l Sc givcn thorough examination.9 - e 30,-membergroup under t h e s ~ o n s o r s h i r ,o f the I l l i n o i s SectionxF,?O I L ~9s d i r e c t o r , k l r d S , Carter of 726 N. d t . Anthony Place.iJq. J.2 t l - e j do n o t d l s 2;;s the c o ~ l c l u s l o nof t h e K=jr Force finclncedstudy ~ , u t90 per c x t of r e g o r t s of UrO1 s a r e unexplainable, theyf e e l i t s t h e r c m l n i r r g LO p e r c e n t t h a t should be worked on," s a y s32,;: ,lh?aCy$sSof 129, Mdadows u v e . , East Peoria, a member of t h e execu---~ i v cc x x i t t c o ,, irtii;ts-h&self r e g o r t s s e e i n g two UFO1s 9 one when h e w a s w i t haiiocfi2r rxr??bf~rof ihc o r g a n i z a t l o n executive committee, Dale Dufel-meier- ihc two were hzadmg south on iioute 24 t o a t t e n d a l e c t u r e by- R i c k r d G r ~ e n w e 1 1( s 2 e Fcbr~~rzrjrSKYLOOK) a t t h e Tri-State UlQ meetingi n Qu.i.ncy." J u s t soutkwc~stcf 3ekin, s a i d Natts, "I saw a r e a l b r i g h t whitelight--.:,x~ch :brighi;cr than a s t a r - - t o t h e l e f t of the highway. BeforeI COL-ladg c t Dufelmeicrts a,ttzn-tion, it faded out. A few minutes l a t e ra 1it;;~ta ~ p c a r e don the r ~ & is i d e of t h c n i g l l ~ ~ y , ,It was v e r y S a ~ n t ,then i;ilree o r f o 2 r scconds k t c r 1-t became v e r y b r i g h t . Then I realiz-e d i t was chc s a m ~t h i n g I x d seen on the l e f t , "He a r d Dufclmeier, a r u r a l Itorton f a r d z r , (Watts is an employeea t the fuoria C a ~ c r g i i l ~ i rT r a c t o r Co.) watched tile l i g h t f o r about lor n ~ i ~ u t c s.before*i-t fkd2d .okt again, Near Lewis town it appeared a g a i nt o ;kc- .~.ibfit,1:luch c l o ~ c rt o the ground, On f a d i n g o u t , i t ltft al i t t l e ?:o;md glow i n tcie sky and t h e glow f i n a l l y disappeared."Akc~ut.l0,rriiles s o u t h of IIewistown t h e l i p h t a ~ p e a r e da g a i n on t h eleft, ;in? we watchec7i i t u n t i l vc rc-?c%ed Qiiricy, I t Watts reported.r~l12r3 two regorteci t:!<ir s.=&tlnd d~ Lhe Trl-Stdr;e laeetlng and mcidea recordlilg of e r e e n w e l l f s l e c t u r e f o r tlieir Peoria ldlembers whowcrc. ~ 1 , i b ~ l ~t o a t t e n d D -bJzt2ia says kc s a w aa eveil s t r a n g c r UFO about 4 :30 a.m. Scpt. 24,,1966, w:xlc lie w a s walkmg through East Peoria. "I saw a glow -in theskyc. 815 go% bigg2r and bigger. As I was waiking a c r o s s t h e 150 v i a -dllct ?-.s 1 w xi o b j e c t ~fiuchbrlbh-cer, about t h r e e tlmes t h e s l z e of t h emobn, c m m g toward roc until i ~ ;was h a l f the s i z e of a house, I-.i;hought-1C, was commg r i g h t on top of me."Thzn suddcr~lyit disappczred,I1Matts s a i d t h e light "wds about t h e cclor of a mercury vapor s t r e e tl i t It sccmed 20 have a mechanism i n s i d e j u s t working and glowing. I~ f - t q $t h e glow .disappeared, :tfztts s a l d he n o t i c e d t h a t a white vaport r a i l I;& gone o ~ tt o tile r ~ , , h t or" where the glow had been. He theo-r i z e d t h a t . t h i s t r a i l was frc~rrl tne z c t u a l o b j e c t and the glow he s a wwas % s h i e l d n b u i l t up a t t-lgh speeds.On t h a t same day, about the slime tlme, two Peorians r e p o r t e d t o(continued on n e x t page)
  • 17. ~ p - ~p..., l - S t a t e Study Grou? neld its monthly meeting on Wednesday,JZ..~.. 22, 1969, a t the . F i r s t United Presbyterian Church in Quincy, Ill.I.-, V ~ l t~ r ~ i l r u s ,Co-chairnan of the I l l i n o i s section APRO andrnernb~; o l the T r i - S u t e group reviewed the case of Steven Hichalak.Jliclic.la;; c 2 , . ~i n t o d i r z c t contact with an u n i d e n t i f i e d landed object--c,:. 1 ; ) ~ 33, 1967, aild received very s e r i o u s r a d i a t i o n i n j u r i e s . Thei n c j 2.21,t occurred a t Yalcon Lake near Winnepeg i n Manitoba, Canada,I:li~,iiL;& whs o a t p r o s p c t i n g apd saw the o b j e c t on the ground, approach--ed a-16 $tit ;:is ?ece up t o qn oyening which appeared t o be a window,6, o-wdrved vzry brlgkt l i g h t s on the i n s i d e and estimated the wallsof t:l> s+;z s h i p $a be about 20 inches thick. Xe touched the sideof the ship a d i t scdnca l i k e s t a m l e s s s t e e l , with no welding, noj o l n t s znci no r i v e t s . It wus, not t o t h e touch and t h e r e was an odorl i k e burinrlg s u l i @ u and a burlling e l e c t r i c motor and the odpr re-# rnblnl:u ill the ~nansluilgs f o r scvzral days,--Tile object took o f f a t h ~ g hspeed and Michalak received severechest u~.~r;lsa i d 0th :r minor burns. ).Ie was hosfiitalized and examinedf o r s ~ z n sof r a d i a ~ l o i land tile case was mves-tigated by -the Canadiantov~r.1ment. , -D r , 3aluh Theobald, a r a d i o l o g i s t a t S l c s s i n g H o s ~ i t a l ,Quincy,analyf- 2 the sy~~-~?tornsof M i ~ : ~ a l = i k ~ ~injuries and made a medicaldiagnosis of the r a d i a t i o n hirns,( ~ i ~ e d i t ,Corbyn Jacobs, SKYLOOK re;?ort,er)1lli:iois Newspaper Givews Views of Tri-State Group,. 11:11 ., A i r Forcots unidentified f l y i n g object r e p o r t w i l l , f i n d nod ~ f l ? - i ? ~ r samong m e ~ b c r sof the,Tri-State UFO Study G r ~ u p , "s t a t e d t h e. Jan, 20th e d i t i o n of "The Herald-Whig", (Quincy, I l l . ) . "The reasoni s S ~ T I L ~ ~ C. Kenbers ..just don1t agree with the findings o.f the two-y c a $5OCI, 000 report. "-11m1llle Tri-State .groups ~nc;:~Scrsa r e not a 1 o n e . i ~t h e i r c r i t i c i s m , "t h e m:w;;?aper continued. "Othur ifitemst e d persons who have beena c t i v ir ;TO, study .and many s c i e n t i s t s across the country have spok-en o a t ai;ainst the report."&l~mbthe many objdctions, according t o Walt Andrus, of Quincy,who ms stgdied U r n s f o r several years, aqe the u n a c i c n t i f i c cone$-sloiis i f l the report and its c r i t i c i s m of UFO study i n schools.F ~ l C : r ~ t ~a l s o n:!wd sevt.rc:l s c i e n t i s t s who disagreed with ther e p o r t ,ihe r e m l n d d r of Li~ca r t i c l c d e a l t with a neeiing of the Tri-StateS t ~ c l yG~oup, covcred elseslh~xe.i n SKYL03K.. - - . .It i s hearte:?inp I;c, know t h a t scTe of the press i s r e ~ o r t i n gthe"pro" ~1swcll as the !con11i n t h e ufology f i e l d .
  • 18. Group to See UP0 Photographsn~ p - eTri-Stx te UFO Study Group w l l l meet Wednesday, March 1 9 , a t7 - 2 L ill the F l r s t Unlted Iresbyterlan church, 8 t h & Broadway,QLtl.l:yIll. The s$e&;e,r w i l l be Walcer Andrus, Chalrman of the 111-L L ~ J L , ~S2ctlon of%APdO,on the subject "Analysis of UFO Photoera2hs.",o -hQ~.l.tw i l l S!IOWselected slides from h i s l m g e c o l l e c t i o n of UFOphhhbccg-~a3hsoiaCie- throughout the world during the past 20 years. Hewi-l!. d i ~ ~ ) h y :authentic UL% p i c t a r e s t h a t have been investigated and. a n a ~ y : : c ~by cocytanl; ghoto aiialysts. He w i l l explain how manyp i c e>---l-v l r ~ 303 fly1118 SYUC-ershave been produced and l a t e r proven t o befhl 0.1-. - ..LbV.n Ll;xaii!pleu *o2lfarao~shoaxes w i l l a l s o be presented,Zveryone interbsted lc unidentified f l y i n g objects should takeadva;itdgc of chis Plne opportunity t o l e a r n more about the UFO phe-nomt.n&,-b--Har~iibal;Mo. rdovei?_Sne UFO- ,miLLLFCC employees of Motorol?, Inc. ( ~ u i n c y ,111.) saw a !rounds i l v e r b a l l " i l o v ~ r l ~ L g111 tile s ~ ywhilz mlvLllg ~ 1 0 ~ 1 ~frou work theevenill:; of >cb. 11, 1909. rlld sii6,~tln,WLS lnitcle near P d l l Creek,Ill., :!,,-tile naliflibab cutoIi w t s t of s t a t e hithway 57 a t 4:25 p.m,The o b ~ c r v e r s ,a i l of Hannibal, who watched the object f o r f i v eminuc?s, were: Mrs. V i Gregory .(supervisor a t ~ o t o r o l a )RFD 3;Judy R i c h r d , 3023 Darr St. ; and Mrs. Bonnie Carter, 2924 I k r k e t S t .The sun w a s shining b r i g h t l y , but there w a s no r e f l e c t i o n fromthe c ~ a l twhich each described, on belng interviewed, a s being around s i l v e r b a l l . It was a d u l l s i l v e r t o white i n color andappear-.ed t o Se "one-foucth the s-izc of the noonin diameter. It was observ-ed hovering agalnat the blue slry f c r f i v e minutes, and then disappear-ed ii1:;tactl-y and w,~thouta p p a r a n t motion. . There were a f e w cloudsi n the southurn sky.14,s. Grcgorjr a:ld l4.r~. Cartzr saw a similar, object a t the same1ocat:x during the rnouth of iloveniber , b u t h e s i t a t e d t-o r e p o r t it- un~11 ~ i i e *,i?e.brua.ry.si&ting occurred. ( c r e d i t , Walt lindrus )--*A-Ne twr Scen Over.r)alr.lyra, FloeA vf:ry brlght rficxeor was o b s ~ r v c dover 2almyra on thc night ofJan~rtl,y 26th zbov=t one a.n. It;was trr,vc,ling from the southeastand eis:il)pcared LA .iJ>e nor1;horn sky, l i n h t i x g the countryside with avery b r i p h t l i g h t , regit it, Corbyn Jacobs)- *-----. I . T e l l your f r ~ e n d sabout bkYhOIIK-- ,. . *. I I ..I
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  • 20. I l l i n o i s Section xPHO and the Tri-State UFO Study GroupsNew Officers f o r Tri-State Group I.The Yri-State UFO Stitdy~Group met January 8, 1969, and e l e c t e d offi-c e r s f o r the year. The following were selected t o be i n s t a l l e d a t the-January 22nd meeting and w i l l serve throughout 1969:. Chairman, RobertSmulling, Hamilton, 111.; Vice Chairman, Robert G, Bybee, a i n c y , 111.;Secretary, Mrs. I.lel r race) Oberling, Coatsburg, I l l . ; Treasurer, Mrs .C a r l (dudy) Tournear, Quincy ; Director of Investigations, Ronald Whit-l e y , Qcincy; Publicity chairman, Paul Sula, Hannibal, Mo. ;, ErogramChairnen, M r . and 1 % ~ . A, S. Yetzoldt, mincy;, House and ReceptionChalrnan, PIrs. 23, J. (Anita) Lavery, yuincy; and SKYLOOK Reporter, Cor-byn Jacobs, Palmyra, Mo.--- Group t o Hear "The Gordon Koehnke storym Feb. 19The Tri-State EFO Stuey Group w i l l meet Yednesclay, Feb. 19, 7:30 p.m.a t the F i r s t Presbyterian Church in Quincy, Ill., t o hear and discussand evaluate "The Gordon koehnlre +tory.lThe tape recorded interview with Gordon Koehnke nade by Walt Andrusand Bob Smulling Dec. 29, 1968, a t Davenport, I a . , w i l l be played somembers tail hear Gordonts s t o r y a f t e r which the group w i l l t r y t o ar-r i v e a t a conclusion on the a u t h e n t i c i t y of the U r n photographs and thet h r e e d i f f e r e n t sightings reported. The photographs w i l l be on display.Miss Sandra J. Eber, C l i n i c a l Psychologist, f o r the Tri-State group,has analyzed the correspondence between W a l t h d r u s and Koehnlce a s wella,s telephone c a l l s and w i l l give her opinion a s t o the character ofKoehnke aiid the c r e d i t a b i l i t y of h i s sightings, Bob and Walt w i l ls t a t e t h e i r conclusions following t h e i r personal interview with Gordon.This case has a l s o been under study by Dr. Allen Utke, AssistantProfessor of Chemistry a t Wisconsin S t a t e University (~shkosh),. D r .Utke is an Advisor and Consultant to A e r i a l Phenomena Research Organ-i z a t i o n of Tucson. Both Bob and klalt had the opportunity t o comparen o t e s and opinions with Dr. Utke i n Rock Island, Ill., on Dee. 29 andt h e i r summation should prove very interesting.Nark t h i s speaking date oil your February calendar, t e l l your f r i e n d sof t h i s opportunity t o l e q m more about the UFO phenomena, and plan t oattend. - ,- - M Y - - - - - . .. ---- - .- .. . .Another Date t o CheckWalt undrus, co-clxlman of tne I l l i n o i s Section APRO, and a memberof the Tri-State Group w i l l sgeak on the s u ~ j e c tof u ~ o l o g ya t the4-H Center, 4 miles south of lkxico, No., daturday n i g h t , IQrch l s t ,a t 6 p. m. IIe w i l l address the Great Rivers Council, Order of theArrow, Boy Scouts.-----A. warm welcome to our pages from your SKYLOOK edj.tor!