Mufon ufo journal 1968 5. may - skylook


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Mufon ufo journal 1968 5. may - skylook

  1. 1. UFO AT GOWER, M3. .According t o a recent report i n t h e KANSlCITY TIMES, a UFO was seen over the Gowerarea on Feb. 9th. It was "a bright d i s c - s med object emitting a sound l i k e the- whirof a wire spinning i n the air.", A report was made t o t h e Air Force ProjecBlue Book and Major Hector Quintanilla, Jr.,heading that project, contacted Mr. John C.Riley, Jr., City Aviation Director at St.Joseph, reguarding the sighting.Further details have not been learned a tt h i s time and SKYLOOK welcomes information.SIGNALS FROM OUTER SPACEThe press--American and foreign--kasI been giving considerable space since thefirst of the year t o wh6t may be signalsfrom intelligent beings f?mm outer space.Professor S i r Martin Ryle, head. of Cam-bridge Universitys Redlo Astronomy Dept.(Ehgland), sums up t h e reaction of many ofh i s colleagues when he declared, "This isprobably the most exciting astronomicald i s c o v e q of all time."The signals--0ccuring at re@& in-te-mals (contrary t o the irregular radioslgnals from the stars)--were first dis-covered by the new, large radio telescopeat Cambridge University, Aug. 6th of lastyear, but no public announcement was madeu n t i l February of t h i s year when thetechnical data w a s given i n a Bjritlshs c i e n t i f i c journal.About the same hgland was recei.c;ingt h e signals, they were also being recordedat the worlds largest radio-radar tele-scope at the Arecibo Ionospheric Observ-atory, Arebebo, Puerto Mco, where thedish-shaped antenna reflector is 1,000f e e t i n diameter and the high frequencyantenna is 96 feet long, suspended 435 f e e tabove the reflector.Engineers a t Stanford University, bykeeping i n touch with the _ m l i . h apd-Puerto R ican- observatories- and --following-(continued on page-.- four).SCHROTH COMPARES UFO3SThe November issue of SKYLOOK carried ab r i e f story of a large unidentified objectseen f r o m differerent areas i n Greene County,3ct. lkth, and reported by the Springfieldpress. To recap, f i v e s h e r i f f s deputiesspotted the UFO f r o m various parts of thecounty between 6 and 6:15 am. Inmon, Kordalisand Deckard w e r e on Highww M near South Cam-pell whem they saw the object, which Inmondescribed as giving the impression of beingsuite large. He said it appeared t o have twonblong-shaped windows with a white glow com-ing f r o m the i n t e r i o r and a long red flamecoming out of the rear. Kordalis said the~ b $ X tappeared t o be traveldng w e s t at a rate3f speed, then turned south and disappeared.He estimated the object t o be about the s i z e3f a four-engine plane, without t h e wings o rtail, and t h a t it had two m s of l i g h t swhich looked l i k e lighted windows. The lightswere not bunking and appeared white o r bluishwhite.Young and Osuchowski said they saw a 50foot streak of red-orange l i g h t . They estimat-ed its a l t i t u d e a t 1000 t o 1500 f e e t fromt h e i r position at the public school a t %isDQc.(continued on page three)1897 UFOs IN MO.-ILL.During t h e month of April, 1897, a myster-ious "airship" resembling an oversized cigar, and green lights, and having a hiss-ing .aoynd, w-m seen over-many c i t i e s i n theMidwest. On April 7 it xas seen by many res-idents of Omaha, and two nights l a t e r by WestLiberty, Iowa, and then the same night bythousands i n Cucago. On A p r i l 1 0 it was seenLn Quincy ( I l l . ) hovering first over SouthPsrk, then racing across t h e r i v e r t o the westend of t h e railroad bridge, back t o the Riv-ervlew Park ares r)nd then out over Melrosewhere a -fanner, Corneliw m y , saw it. OnRpril ll it waa seen over Milwaukee coming i nfrom the lake and on April 13 it was repbrtedabove Hannibal,-. - . where one man said he saw a&e trailing f r o m it; Ori-&;ril 14 @&@azoo,- - _ (continued on page..six)_- _ - _ _ _ -
  2. 2. swCK Page mc$2.00 per year, publish=d once a month.Send subscriptions t o t h e PubllsherrJohn F a r r e l l Kuhns3 u East 48th S t r e tKansas City, Missouriall2Send reports t o t h e Editor:Mrs. N o m ShortBox 129Stover, MO. 65708Assistant m i t o r :,Mr. .$ed Phillips, Jr.Ware Avenue 1. , . Sedaua; . m-.,65301 . .. .- ..., ../Classified ad of not more than threelines, 254 one t h e , 354 two issues;504 three times. Boxed ads--254 per col-umn inch; 154 per inch on second run.Write f o r special r s t e s on balf page o rpage ads.CASH MUST ACCOMPANY ADSend all advertising to t h e Publisher.With the a i t o rW e recommend t h a t those of you who havenot already done so read "Flying SaucerFiasco," John G. Fullers report i n theissue of LOOK.We had been given some reason t o believet h e forthcoming Condon Report on unidentifiedflying obdects wodd be a f4r and objectiveconsensus of a year and a haif of scientificinvehtigation with no s t r i n g s attached." O u rrecent reprint of Herbert Shuldiriers "Can WeTrust t h e upcoming Conaon Report?" supportedthe implied promise t h a t govemenh policy(believed by many t o be as "scientific" 86the o s t r i c h s purported motive i n sticking itrbead i n t h e sand) would bave no part i n the Condon groups study and report t o thcpublic. A t .long last Science would t r i w q bover Policy and spades would be called spadesNever again would a v e i l of swamp gas bedrawn across a clear report; never again woulca star visible on one side of the earth be"moved" t o the opposite side t o explain astrange object i n t h e sky; and never againwould "plasma" be t h e magic word t o cover argr.thirig that "swamp gas" and st-, would not.There have been h i n t s recently that t h esame old wool is going t o be pulled over oureyee. Both NICAP and APRO have voiced strongdoubts and the former has fully endorsedh r l l e r e apticle. Othem have questionedthere being any real change i n the modusoperandi. Some of Condons staff has re-signed and sane have been f i r e d because oft h e i r voiced dissatisfaction with the pro-jects operstiom.Fuller c a l l s it "a half-mlUion dollartrick" t o mike ue believe an objective in-vestigation has been under way. If he i scorrect i n his blunt statement and he seemst o have the evldence t o back it--then werebeing set up f o r another bedtime story cal-culated t o put ue to sleep and end our an-noying l l t t l e questions. Like t h e ostrich,w e l l have our eyes and ears fill of "sand"and t&en we wont see o r hear a thing. Areyou ready t o accept your non-think sedative?M r e Bad news i e the announcement Dr.Rmmk E. Stranges w i l l host a new TV s e r i e son UFOs being planned f o r t h i s fall by NBC.This combined with word we have receivedthat the Carroll Watts alledged saucer r i d eis t o be t h e subject of one half-hour showseems t o indicate t h i s is going t o be aseries calculated t o heap so much ridiculeon t h e subject of UFOs that any mention ofone w i l l e l i c i t a beUy laugh.%ranges, ae you know, has authored abook, which he c- is m e , about a c i t i -zen of Venus who has been employed at thePentagon since 1959.A series baeed on what has REALLY beenobserved by responsible citizens would befar mre interesting than contactee yarnsof saucer rides and conversations withl i t t l e green men.WHAT WAS IT?O.A. Hughes, .of Pulaski County, Ark., waes i t t i n g i n h i s boat on Lake Winona when heheard a funny noise which at first soundedl i k e a blue-winged teal taking off, thensuddenly burst into explosive sound.Mr. Hughes said he instinctively duckedand when he jerked h i s head around therewas a huge splash i n t h e lake about 200yards lmm h i m and geyser of water shot upi n t o the air. He said t h e sound was l i k ethat of a 105 howitzler, but he has no ideaof what caused it. He called t h e Air ForceR u e t o see i f it could have come fmm anaircraft of some Idnd, but they said itcould not. It remains a stery. From theARKANSAS w,&ril 91 , 1968.
  3. 3. SCHROTH COMPARES--COWTINUED FROM-PAGE ONEDavid A. Schmth, secretary of the UFO StudGroup of Greater St. buis, points out s M L a ri t i e s between t h i s sighting and the fernomChiles-Whitted UFO of July 24, 1948. PilotsClarence S. Chiles and John B. Whitted w e r emaking a scheduled Eastern Airlines DC-3 t r i pf r o m Houston, T e n s , t o Atlanta when theysighted the UFO 20 miles southwest of hbnt-gomery. The object flashed by within 700 feetand both pilots hsd a good look. Edwaad 3. Rupp e l t i n his "Report on Unidentified FlyingObjects" (chapter 3) quotes the pilots as s a pi n g the object had a B-29 fuselage and "therewere two rows of winliows f r o m which brightl i g h t s glowed" and "a 50-foot trail o r orange-red f b e " amd " a glow l i k e a blue fluorescentl i g h t shone from t h e inside." Keyhoe, i n his"Flying Saucers, Top Secret" (Chapter VI) - ::writes, " I t was about 160 f e e t long, cigar,shaped and wingless." The same description i sgiven i n the brenzens f i r s t book on flylngIUF 0 Research Group baa just vritenthe #1 issue of UFORG RATELINE. See ourad on page four.AT THE NEWS S T !By Ted Phillips, Jr.LOOK--May lb-"Flying Saucer Fiasco", areport on t h e Colorado UFO project by JohnFuller.SCIENCE-& MJ3CHANICS--~ 5,12,.19--"Flying Saucers Here and Now" by Frank M-wards. MaJr 1%-"U.S: A i r Force Project UsesDoctor t o Prove. Cops Report of Flylng SaucerBy Hy-pnotism."73 MAGAZINE--May 1968--"me UFO Net" byWayne Green.UFO BJ3COMEs mResidents of C a s t l e Rock, Colo., who havebecome so accustomed t o UFOs the mention ofone hardly lifts an eyebrow- any more, didthink they h d one worthy of note last monthwhen several saw a flying object "at l e a s t50 feet long with flashing lights". But t h emystery was solved when a mother i n - t h e foot-h i U s community e ~ l a i n e dher son had beenexperimenting with plastic bags and lightedcandles.B - - - -. ..GV&?TISE IN YOUR SKYLOOK! !!I !!!1 !- - - -.- -. --see page-two f o r our & r i t e sPage Three SKYIQOKUFO I N KOREAAn older sighting was reported on May 5by Gene Zfmmermsn, of 155 St. Florent, Flor-iesant, to the UFO Study Group of GreaterSt. buis. Mr. Zimtnennan, who i s a contractcoordinator st the McDonnall Douglas Corp.i n St. b u i s , wa.8 i n Korea when he made thesighting one hot, clear morning back i nSeptgnber 1952.He and mix others of h i s group wereabout 40 miles northeast of Seoul andhe waa cleaning a machine gun when he glanc-ed up t o notice a bright object i n the sky.A t f l r a t he thought it might be a piece ofpaper blowing i n the wind; but as it camecloser at tremendous speed out of t,he north-west the men could see it was a cone-shapedobject reflecting the bright surilight. Thewind was from the eouth, "bout 25 miles perhour. The object moved due west and was i neight about G o mlnubm.UFOs OR MBIElRS?Two interesting reports appear i n theSssue of SKY AND TEXE3COPE.On k c . 28, 1967, 3 pm, PST, R. A. Steegof Oakland, Calif., was preparing t o photo-gralph Canis Major when a b r i l l i a n orange-colored object appeared fmm the southernhorizon. A t . first it had constant brlght-ness, slow speed and l e f t a conapicuoustrail. A photograph was taken with a Honey-well-Pentx -camera. The object was vi-siblef o r one minute and 45 seconds. After theobject disappeared, the trail was seen f o rover an hour.On March 3, 1968, 9:49 pm, EST, twopeople i n Hubbard, Ohio, observed two objectsmoving t o the northeast, each breaking into;flour-fragments. The eight ?mgmentsLirerebrighter than i n the original form. Theymre in sight for about 40 seconds and " l e f ttrails l i k e j e t a i r c r a f t vapor trails."Ted Phillips, Jr., our assistant editor,say^; i n h i s opinion, the objects in bothi n s t a w e s were i n sight f o r a much longertime than-is t h e n o d burning time f o r ameteorite, and he cannot agree with the as-tronomical explanation of "meteors" i f thetiming given is correct.Ted has been studying astronomy since theirge of eight, was Junior Representative f o rthe -Md-States Region of t h e Astromical - -&gq@:ic1 9 2 8 3 3 wab. . . . . . . . . .P ~ g i d e q tbf. . -t h e. . . . -s6G.a As,t~n?myGllow .for.f;hree,-yees,.- .... -. . . . . . .. -. . . . . . . . . . .
  4. 4. LPage Four SKYLOOX Page kar. - . I .Interested In ~ o v e h e n isecrecy?. ,UFORG i sWhat do USAF Regulations 80-17 and JANAF1 4 6 ~s t a t e concerning policy towards m a ?Where did the Air lbrces explanation ofthe "swanp gas" sightings s U p up?Is Project GBUDGE still available t o thepublic, o r i s it purosely being withheld?Read the answer t o these and other questionsi n the #1 issue of UFO= DATELINE. Send50# to:The UFO Research Group720 DoqroU. Street N E, ~rana~ a p i a s , m c h i g ~49505S1GNCLT.S--COHTIMTE=D,FROM PAGE ONEbheir directions, were able t o pick up t h esignals on t h e i r 150 goot dish antenna i nApril of this year, being the first observer-tor$ i n North America t o do so.H:T. Howard, senior research engineer atthe Stanford Center f o r Radar htmnomy, re-p ~ & ~they have received the signals severaltimes during the early morning hours fm 3t o 6 am on a frequency of 112.8 megacycles i nthe a i r c r a f t navigation band. They come i nshort pulses, exactly 1.337 seconds apart andLast .1 of a second. The signals are so weakby the time they reach Standpord, near the SanFrancisco airport, they cannot be actuallyheard by human e m but are recorded visuallyon tape. Their source i s belleverd t o be betweethe s t a r s Vega and Altair and about 180 l i g h tyears away. The nearest stars F e some threel i g h t years away.The National. Radio Observatory i n West V i rg i k a also has reported picking up the signslssince Standfords success.It is reported the British have discoveredfour pulsars i n various parts of the sky, andthese are d o being studied by the AreceboObservatory. Dr. Frank D. Drake, who headscorn ell!^ Puerto Rican observatory, reportst h a t three of the pulsars generate pulses ofalmost identical length. They range from 38t o 40 thousandths of a second.The intervals between the pulses w e fiwnone t o one and a third seconds, each pulsarhaving its characteristic rate. The fourthone differs i n varLous ways. Its pulse ratei s only a quarter of a second. Its pulsesconsist of a single, very sharp signal andi s estimated t o be three tines closer t o t h eearth than the others which a r e believed t obe within the Milky ww, our owngal-.Drake calculates the most distant pulsamme some 300 Ught yeam way, whereas thenearest is about 100 Ught years distant.Cambridge scientists, as well as some~ t h e r s ,admit the p s i i b l i l i t y of sidnals~ e i n gbe& t o us from intelligent beingsLn outer space. One Cambridge s c i e n t i s tsaid, "We have noticed t h a t occasionally thestrength of the signal is a l i t t l e weakernnd this produces a sllghtly different tone.Ws variation could be some kind of code S i rBernard Lovell, British astronomer, says,sed sdds, "There i a certainly the possibil-I t y of the signala coming from an i n t e l l i -3ent l i f e source."American scientists have also expressedsimiLar b e l i e f s and Al Bialek, formerlyKith the government Space Technology Labor-m y i n Los Angeles, says even i f the sLg-nals are not aimed directly at us, they maybe produced by an intelligent civilization as"directional beams o r l i g h t houses f o r aspace navigation system, similar t o our uwneystema f o r air and sea mvigation.For technical e ~ e r t i s eon these pulsedradio sources, see N A m , ~01.218, April13, 1968, and AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECH-NOLLXY, April 29, 1968.-THESE ARE NOT UFO Sby Ted Phillips, Jr.The planet Mercury s e t s some 40 minutesa f t e r the sun throughout the month of m.The red palnet Mazs w i l l be setting shortlya f t e r sunset also. The very b r i l l i a n Venusw i l l be seen f o r only 30 minutes before sun-r i s e t h i e month. Jupiter appears a s a verybright sky object all of m. Saturn can beseen f o r about two hours before sunrise.UFO GROUP MEETSb r e than 100 attended a meeting of theTrl-State UFO discussion Group i n Hemilton,Ill., a t the high school W c h 15.The Aprll meeting of the UFO BtudyGroup of St. buls was held with JohnSchuessler at St. Charles 2 pm Sundw, April21. ( ~ c h u e s s l e r saddress i s now P.O.Box 9, OFallon, b. 63366. )This p u p asks f o r pmnrpt reports ofU I X S and tlelghone c a l l s i n the St. Louisarea any hour of the day o r night a t EN 8-0087 ma 8 3 2 - ~ 8 7 .
  5. 5. 1897 UFOs--COWrINvn, FROM PAGE ONEMichigan, saw it and Madison, Wisc., thoughtit was a publicity scheme of the RinglingBrothers, who had been i n the city the daybefore. On A p r i l 1 5 it raced a Wabaah t r a i nf o r about 10 miles between Perry Sprlng andVersailles, less than 300 feet off theground. Q,cmn Luck, a Quincy insurance manon the train, said it couldnt possibly be aballoon. A t Campt Point, Deputy Sheriff Rothsaw it west of the town and at Mt. SterlingF.W. Pottger, station angent, and PostmasterDavis said it grazed the Presbyterian Churchspire. The folluwing night it raced theWabash again, with Conductor Mallory andBaggageman Richardson saytng it looked l i k eA huge cigar with some sort of wings sprout-ing from it.This i s from C a r l Iandrums "Quincy Quiz"i n the HEENID-WHIG, Qulncy, Ill., Feb. 15.It w a s i n answer t o W a l t Andms, Jr.squestion as t o when the first unidentifiedflylng ob.Ject was observed i n o r nearQuincy.TULSA GROUP HEARS WAITS TAPEThe Oklahoma State Chapter of APRO met atthe public library i n Tuba, April 11, with50 o r more people present and we have a re-port from one who was there.A l l listened f o r an hour and a half t o atape recording of Carroll Wayne Watts, 29year old Texas fanner, who has been i n thenews since he f i r s t told, and then denied, as t o r j of encounters with space people andrides i n a space ship i n which he w a s givena physical examination by a machine which"hugged" him.Watts broke down a f t e r a l i e detectort e s t on Feb. 25, according t o the Amarillopress, and said his story of seeing a graycylindrical spacecraft and gray squattyMartians was scripted by a Panhandleartist and memorized i n fouk sessions ofhypnosis. The photographs which were alsofurnished by the artist, were claimed byWatts t o be pictures of the UFO.Back t o the tape--Watts said on his wwfrom b c o t o Amarillo, he was beaten up bytwo men and threatened a f t e r wwch he de-clared his story w a s a hoax. That night Lhis house was shot at by speeding motmists.Now, apparently over his fright, Wattsi n s i s t s on the tape he did t a l k t o spacemen and rode i n t h e i r ship.O u r informant doesnt buy any part of- this remarkable t a l e and-thinks, as does youreditor, the inxitation t o t e l l his s t o r y on- a TV series slated f o r t h i s fa1 (see .editorial) accounts forhis about face.Bill Courter, heading the meeting, also@petard t o put l i t t l e stock i n the story,but plannd t o accompany Watts t o Chicagof o r the TV interview.SAUCER MAGAZINE F3ETtEWEDThere are rmany saucer publications i ncirculation, end we intend t o review time t o time. We have been favorablyFmgressed by som--as SAUcE3.S SPACE &SCIENCE---andthen there are others.FIXIPJG SAUCERS INTERNATIONAL, o f f i c i a lJournal of the Amalgamated Flylng SaucerClubs of America, Inc. is published a t 2004N. Hwver St., h s Angeles and i s a quarter-ly, six issues f o r $3.00. The March issue of16 pagee had more than ten devoted to "TheBob Renaud Story1--dl about his contactsBnd saucer rldes with Space People from theplapet Korendor-and more t o come i n thenext issue. There is a page diagram of the"Korendian Scout Ship.One column is devoted t o a list of lect-urers who w i l l be glad t o address your groupspeaking on t h e i r contactee experiences.C)ne is Hal. Wilcox who hss made two tripevia flying saucers t o the planet "Selo I nthe Alpha Centaur1 system." W s gives thejeneral idea.Another column advertises boob, Dr.3trtmges included. Another book is abouta r g e Adamski "returning t o earth i n at?lying saucer the dw after he died." Wellthis. gives you the_general idea!OUFj . .PUBLISHER.. .. . S ADDRESS. .. HAS. . .. . . . CHANGED.. . . . . ~John F a r r e l l Kuhns311 E. 48th St.Kmsas C i t x , k.6 4 m
  6. 6. FRCM RAINBOW PRESS . . . . . . . . .. .UFO GUIDE 1947-1967TIE MOST COMPLETE SOURCE-BOOK AVAILABLE- International b2bliographies (Lists) of books andmagazine a r t i c l e s on UFOs, flying saucers , andl i f e on other planets.- World-wide directories of flying saucers organiza-tions, professional groups and research centersconcerned with space research and astronautics.- Partial list of sightings, 1947-1967.- International directory of flying saucer magazines,and general index.- 100 pages, $2.95.- Lists authors, t i t l e s , places and names of publishers,I dates and prices of books, pamphlets, g o v e m n t doc-uments, conference proceedings and periodical a r t i c l e si n 10 languages, but ALMOST ALL I N DIGLISH.- Bibliography on LIFE ON OTHER PIANEXS includes pertinentdata on Astronany, Religion and Exobiology, the scienceof l i f e outside Earth, and covers the period f m 1967t o the 1600s.- Of interest t o exobiologists, religionists, intelligent. laymen and students.III RAINBOW PRESSiF.0. Box 937,.Beverly H i l l s , California 90213(Advertisement