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Mufon ufo journal   1968. 4. april - skylook

Mufon ufo journal 1968. 4. april - skylook






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    Mufon ufo journal   1968. 4. april - skylook Mufon ufo journal 1968. 4. april - skylook Document Transcript

    • UFO OBSERVED AT C W E RANGE I N MO.By Ted Phillips, Jr.A t 7 am Feb. 14, 1968, an object of un-known origin was observed on t h e ground i na very rugged area of south-central Missouri.The following report i s taken from a tapedinterview with the writer on Feb. 17, and acopy has been sent t o D r . J. Allen m e k , A i rForce Scientific Consultant on UFOs.It was 7 em and the sky w a s quite clearand bright; no stars were visible. Theobserver w a s walking towards a large barnlocated some 100 f e e t east of his house,when he noticed one of h i s cows lookingout i n t o a f i e l d behind t h e barn. H e thenobserved the UFO on the ground some 335 f e e tfrom h:m. A t t h i s point he uas l ~ o E r !through several scattered trees. He movedt o t h e ~ o r t h e a s tcorner of the b m andP upt o t h i s point, he thought the object was aparachute.On moving a few f e e t further, he sawseveral s m a l l "objects" moving under the UFOwhich was 285 f e e t from him. The observersaid the "cbjects" r e r e movlr? q d t e repidly;they seemed t o have arms, also moving a t ahigh r a t e of speed. It was t h e observersopinion these s m a l l objects were m t human.They seemed t o be about the same color as t h eUFO, with novisible neck, head, o r legs;however, he was some distance may and t h eobjects seemed t o be about two and a halff e e t tall. The UFO w a s setting on a sheftonly s l i g h t l y t a l l e r than t h e objects. Theobserver started through t h e f i r s t fence, a tthis point 210 f e e t from t h e UFO t h e mallobjects started moving around behind theshaft and entering it on the side may f r o mhim."As I came through the first gate, Ipicked up two rocks, p r e t t y good size, oneof them was. I got up there t o about 30 f e e t*om it and it was setting there, kind ofrocking slightly. The wind was blowing outof the east, and I thought, Boy, heregoes, Im going t o knock a hole i n t h a tthing and see what the h e l l it is! I cut(continued on page three)SEAWLJI POST INTEZLIGENCER, Feb. 19th.Haw does inches of i c e get on a pond whenit i s n t freezing outside?What w a s t h e curious formless hulk thtglowed l i k e a reflector?Reeidente of Veshon Island ponderedtheae questions yesterday i n t h e aftermathof an i c y "flying saucer incfdent.Setting f o r t h e e e r i e tale wes a gravelp i t on the island.A t .2 am Sunday morning a group of is-land teenagers noticed a f l a s h of l l g h tnear t h e p i t .Going t o investigate, t h e boys saw anobject "about the s i z e of ti c m , " t b - a hita form was indescribable.The "thing" sent off a bean aboct t h es i z e of a cars headlight.Frightened, they sought out a K i f i gCounty deputy sheriff, and brought him t ot h e gravel p i t .It had vanished when they returned.Biit t h e water i n t h e grm-el pik, &out50 feet f r o m edge t o edge, was coveredwith two inches of ice.Yet other bodies of water near t h e pondhad no i c e i n them.lest this t a l e sound l i k e a lark, insteadof a flying saucer report, it is supportedby King County s h e r i f f s deputy Don Holke,whom t h e boys had summoned.Holke said t h e i c e s t i l l waa thickenough t o walk on Sunday afternoon. Andhe added another b r i e f thought: "The i c ew a s clear, and a funny thing; it had nowater on top of it although it w a s rain-ing all day."NMT MONTHScientists receiving signals from outerspace. Please send us any information youhave on t h i s subject..We hope t o receiveenough material t o give us the informa-t i o n f o r a good report
    • S-OK Page Two$2.00 per year, published once a month.Send subscriptions t o t h e Publisher.John F a r r e l l KuhnsUniv. of Missouri at Kansas City5100 Rockhill Roadroom 319 C-BKansas City, Ivtlssouri64110Send reports t o t h e Editor:Mrs. Norma E. ShortBox 129%over, W. 65708Assistant Editor:Mr. Ted P h i l l i p s , Jr.ll13 Ware Ave.Sedalia, bb., 65301With t h e EditorWe a r e alwqys sorry when we cannot meetour publication date, and we hod t o combinet h e l a s t two issues of SKYUOK, but thingsa r e looking up now and we f e e l it is s a f e t osay you w i l l receive you- copy once a monthi n t h e future.As you know, our publisher i s a collegest11.dent and he has t o cut s t e n c i l s and runo f f copies o f f on a mimeogrwh a f t e r hereceives t h e t y p m i t t e n lay-out from us--a l l t h i s alorg with h i s school work and .Lome days t h e r e just a r e n t enough hourst o go around.John t e l e p h ~ n e dus from Kansas Cityt h a t he has m d e d i f f e r e n t arrangementsf o r p r i n t i w . SKYLOOK now and .he f e e l s t h etime probleu i s solved.We thank you f o r your patience and f o rcontinuing t o send i n your reports whicha r e deeply. appreciated--in f a c t , we couldnot publish without you.Again, we urge y o a t watch your pressf o r UFO repdrts and t o send t h e clippingt o t h e editor, being sure t o give the n m eadthe newspaper and the date, so we cang i v e c r e d i t i n using the story. Most of allwe waif; your own UFO sightings and investiga-tions. Some of our readers have never sentus a story. If you a r e interested i n UFOs,then surely you have seen a UFO, know ofsoineone who has (and can g e t t h e i r s t o r y ) ,o r ycu read about a sighting i n YOUR news-paper. SEND THE?? I N .Thank you!RUSSIAN SCIENTISl! SPEAKS OUTP a r t I1 (continued f h m ~ p r i l )From February issue SOVTET LIFEThe b e l i e f t h a t UFOs a r e r e a l i s a l s oborn out i n t h e f a c t t h a t these enigmaticobjects m e not only v i s i b l e t o t h e nakedeye, but have d i s t i n c t imsges on photogra-phic p l a t e s and a r e recorded by such impar-t i a l "witnesses" as radar screensAir Force Major Eaidukov, on a night mis+sion above t h e Odessa Region on April 4,1966, noticed on t h e screen of h i s planesradar a strange object which w a s a l s o spot-ted by ground-based radar units. Within 15uinutes &he object dropped from 31 t o 18mileei and i n t h e next quarter of an hour t o11miles, The UFO remained unidentified.Maneuver and pursuit. The well-known-SovLet p i l o t , chief navigator of Sovietpolar aviation Valentin Akkuratov, describesone of h i s encounters with flying discs:" I n 1956, engaged i n s t r a t e g i c i c e reconnaissance i n a TU-4 plane i n t h e area ofCage Jesup reen en land), we dropped down fromt h e clouds t o f a i r weather and suddenly no-ticed an unknown c r a f t moving on our port-side p a r a l l e l t o our course. It looked verymuch l i k e a large pearl-colored lens wi.thwavy pulsating edges. A t first we thoughtit was an American a i r c r a f t of an unknowndes:Lgn, and since we did not want t o en-counter it we went i n t o t h e clouds again.After we had flown f o r 40 minutes towardBetxr Island, t h e cloud cover ended abrupt-ly; it cleared ahead and on our portsidewe saw once again t h a t same unknown c r a f t .W i n g up our minds t o see it a t closequarters, we changed our c o u s e abruptlyand began t h e approach movement, informingour base at Amderma of %he maneuver. Whenwe changed our course, t h e unknown flyingmachine followed s u i t and moved p a r a l l e l Iat our speed."After 15 t o 18 minutes of f l i g h t t h eunknown c r a f i sharply altered i t s course,sped ahead of us and rose quickly u n t i l itdisappeared i n t h e blue sky. We spot;l.ed noaerials, super-structure, wings o r porthcYLeson t h a t disc. Nor did we see- an exhaust gaso r condensation trail. It flew a t what seemedt o us an impossible speed.":No Prejudices. Until recently no s c i -e n t i f i c study of UFO3 has been made i n theSoviet union; More t h a t h a t , t h e prevail-ing and, i n my opinion, .mistaken view w a st h a t UFOs a r e common o p t i c a l phenomena i nt h e Earths atmosphere. There w a s no col-l e c t i o n of UFO observations and t h e general(continued on page. four)
    • The FLYING SAUCER OBSERVER i s anothergaucer publication t h a t has come t o ourattention. Its e d i t o r and publisher i sDonald A. Johnson, and t h e address is SandH i l l Road, Portland, Connecticut. I n add-i t i o n t o UFO news, Mr. Johnson runs an ad-v e r s t i s e r service, l i s t i n g a r t i c l e s and/ormagazines etc. f o r s a l e and t r a d e , andkeeps up on saucer publications. Subecrip-t i o n r a t e s a r e 5 issues f o r 50#, 10 f o r$1.We a r e pleased t o have h i s permission t ouse a r t i c l e s *om h i s magazine, givingproper c r e d i t , and we have accorded Mr.Johnsori t h e same courtesy i n quoting fromSKYLO9K.MORE MEN BELIEnJE I N SAUCERSAccording t o a recent i s s u e of t h e TULSADAILY WORLD, a survey conducted by a TulaneUniversity p o l i t i c a l science professor sbwrt h a t more men than women believe i n f l y i n gsaucers from outer space.D-r. David R. Deener, who conducted t h esurvey as a p a r t of h i s c l a s s i n space law,says that over q$of Tulanes engineeringstudents believe i n f l y i n g saucers and a r e100% i n support of t h e U.S. space programand believe the United S t a t e s should spendt h e money necessary t o b e a t Russia i n get-t i n g a man on t h e moon.A freshman c l a s s at Wesleyan Universityi n Wddletown, Conn., is conducting a studyof the UFO phenomena under t h e leadershipof Prof. Thornton L. Page who was a memberof t h e Robinson Investigating Committee onUFOs, 1952.The c l a s s has served as a prototype f o rnewly established courses at o t h e r univer-s i t i e s . The students have heard t a l k s byD r . J. Allen W e k , Dr. James. McDonald andother UFO inves-clgators and have appearedon l o c a l TV discussion program.So much i n t e r e s t i s being show i n t h ecourse, some students have already decidedt o go i n f u r t h e r research after college.( Credit: FLYIlVG SAIJCER OBSERVER).ADVERTISE I N SKYIX)OK, SEE PAGE FIVE!!!UFO I N MI. --CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONEdown on it, and t h e rock stopped along about15 f e e t from it and j u s t h i t t h e ground. Thenext rock I thought I would throw on top ofit and it j u s t h i t something and bounced."I ( t h e w r i t e r ) then asked t h e observeri f he could h e w any sound. He s a i d he couldnot.He s a i d t h a t he could s e e no se& o rr i v e t s . "It j u s t looked l i k e a b i g s h e l l , agra,yish-green looking o u t f i t , and under-neath it were t h e s e oblong holes where t h el i g h t s were combg out. They were so brightyou couldnt see when you g o t up there. Ithought I w a s going r i g h t up t o it. Igot upt o about here" (about 15 f e e t from the UFO)"and t h e r e it was--I j u s t walked up againsta w a l l ! I couldnt see it at all, t h e r e wasjut a pressure. ""When it took o f f , . i t just rocked back andmoved r e a l f a s t t o t h e l e f t of t h a t ridge.It made no sound at all and disappeared i nseconds. The shaft was pulled up i n t o it asit took o f f . The growid was r e a l muddy, butit d i d n t leave any marks at all.""How long did you s e e t h e object?" Iasked."It was about f i v e minutes.""Did t h e object look l i k e it was metal?""I never seen anything l i k e it, it look-ed l i k e a shiny s i l k o r something, 1 neverseen anything l i k e it before. It shined,s o r t of, l i k e s i l k o r something, I couldntt e l l . I was going t o t e l l though i f I couldhave h i t it with t h a t rcck."I then asked him about t h e l i g h t s ."They were underneath t h e r i m of it, t h e r ewere several, they were changing colors sof a s t you couldnt t e l l har many t h e r e were.They were 6 o r 8 inches long and about a f o o ta;part, they were all t h e colors of t h e rain-bow. "Eds note: This is one o f t h e most i n t e r -e s t i n g sightings reported i n our s t a t e , t oour knowledge. Ted P h i l l i p s v i s i t e d t h escene of t h e sighting, walking over t h ef i e l d s with t h e farmer, who wants no publi-city, and measuring and photographing t h earea. Ted talked t o this man f o r three hoursand said, " I believe him."O u r a s s i s t a n t e d i t o r has had a l o t ofexperience chasing down UFO r e p o r t s andinterviewing obsemers and i f he believest h i s man--then so does your editor.age Three SKYLOOK Page Three
    • RUSSIAX SCIENTIST--CJYT. FROM PAGE TWOimpression was t h a t flying saucers a r e fan-t a s i e s . The s i t u a t i o n ROW i s changing.I n 156e the Nauka Publishing House oft h e -1SS.R Academy of Sciences i s scheduledt o bring out a book t i t l e d POPUUTED OUTERSPACE, edited by *****.The anthology w i l l have a special sec-t i o n devoted t o t h e UFO problem, withc o n t r i ~ u t i o n sfrom American s c i e n t i s t sJoseph Hynek, James McDonald, Jack Valleyand Frank Salisbury, s s t i c l e s by Sovietwriters and UFO observations made i n t h eSoviet Union.Soviet observations of UFOs, l i k e thoseI cited e a r l i e r , were not taken from a sys-tematic collection of information of t h i skind; they were spontmeous responses t ozy a r t i c l e i n SMENA. This f a c t wasrantstheconclusion t h a t there have been many moreW O observations i n t h e USSR. We have alreadjcollected some dozens of well-documentedreports and accowits.I n M R ~1967 a sponsoring group of sci-ent,ists, t h e military, writers and publicfigures met t o form an unofficial bodywhose purpose it would be t o conduct apreliminary s c i e n t i f i c investigation of .UFOs. **-H* The organization s e t upOctober 1967, i s called t h e UFO sectionof t h e All-Union Cosmonautics Committee,with headquarters a t t h e Central House ofAviation and Cosrnonauti.cs i n tbscow. A i rForce Major General P o r f r i Stolyarov waselected chairman of t h e section.Those of us who a r e p a r t i c i p a t i n g i nt h i s new and exciting program have an am-b i t i o u s program of work ahead. The f i r s ts t e p w i l l be t o organize t h e collection ofr e l i a b l e informaklon of UFOs. That w i l l bedone a t the outset by^ t h e existing systemaof astronomical, meteorological and geo-physical observatories, s a t e l l i t e and space-rocket tracking s t a t i o n s and t h e radar in-s t a l l a t i o n s of c i v i l i a n a i r p o r t s and t h ehydrometeorological service. A l l these or-ganizations can make UFO observations withequipment now available.I n t h e design stage are s p e c i a l devicesf o r photographing UFOs and record:Lng t h eradiation and magnetic disturbances whichthey may be responsible for.Guest from Other Worlds? The recorded--.-observations 1.~i.11serve t o check hypotheses.These hypothese should not, i n my opinion,,attempt, -to explain the nature of UFOs i nterms of familiar phenomena. Judging byother surprises, nature has some i n s t o r en)rua here too, and we must be ready f o r per-haps a r a d i c a l "reassessment of values."The hypothesis t h a t UFO8 originate i nother worlds, t h a t they a r e flying c r a f t fromplanets other than Earth, merits t h e mostserious examination.Observations show t h a t UFOs behave "sensi-bly." I n a group formation f l i g h t they main-t a i n a pattern. They a r e most often spottedover a i r f i e l d s , atomic s t a t i o n s and othervery new engineering i n s t a l l a t i o n s . On en-ccuntering a i r c r a f t they always maneuver soas t o avoid d i r e c t contact. A considerablel i s t of these seemingly i n t e l l i g e n t actionsgive t h e impression t h a t UFO8 a r e investi-gaking, perhaps even reconnoitering.Curioasly enough, t h e number of UFOsobservations increases as Mars approachest h e earth. Is t h a t pure coincidence?Some people think t h a t UFOs have appearedI n t h e Earzhs atmosphere only during thepast two decades. This is not t h e case. TheUFO phenomenon has been observed throughoutt h e history of mankind, there a r e medievaland ancient reports s t r i k i n g l y similar t o ours.Among the e a r l i e r UFO reports, a s an ex-ample, may be t h e well-documented observationsof a l a r g e saucer i n 1882 a d a "processionof bolides" i n 1913. These reports s t i l l a-w a i t investigation.The mosz remarkable UFO phenomenon i s t h efamous "Tungusky meteorite." In recent yearsSoviet s c i e n t i s t s have established t h a t theTu~?guskyexplosion had every parameter of anair nuclear b l a s t . The USSR Academy of Sci-ences Reports (volume 172, Nos. 4 and 5, 1967)have studies by Alexei Zolotov t o prove t h a tthe Tungusky body could not be a meteoriteo r a comet.I n the Sumner of 1967 t h e J o i n t I n s t i t u t eof Nuclear Research at Dubna published astudy by Vladimir Mekhedov, who concludes t h a tt h e Tungusky b l a s t l e f t considerable residualradioactivity , Finally, as recently as 1966,a f t e r analyzing t h e sum t o t a l of observationson t h e Tungusky bodys f l i g h t , t h i s w r i t e rshowed t h a t before the b l a s t t h e Tunguskybody described i n t h e atmosphere a tremendousarc of about 375 miles i n extent ( i n azimuth),t h a t is, carried out a manuever.A l l these new r e s u l t s warrant the conclu-sion t h a t t h e Tungusky body seems t o have beenan a r t i f i c i a l flying c r a f t from another planet.Sould t h i s be f i n a l l y confirmed by investi-gations now i n progress, t h e significance oft h e Tungusky d i a s t e r would be inestimable.(continued on page f i v e )
    • ,RliSSIAN SCIENTIST--C6NT. FROM PAGE FOURBut t h i s , incidentally, w i l l pose newproblems, If we a r e indeed being studiedby creatures from other planets, what i st h e i r purpose? Why a r e they so stuiouslyavoiding any d i r e c t contact? Is their un-s o c i a b i l i t y the r e s u l t of so high a levelof development t h a t they study us from t h a t"height" just as we look upon and studyants? O r i s there s t i l l t h e p o s s i b i l i t y ofcommon understanding since we are born i nthe same Universe and obey t h e same laws ofnature ?Yes, there a r e many questions, but alla r e i n the d i s t a n t fbture. Our study ofUFOs may lead t o q u i t e different conclu-sions and present mankind with q ~ j i t ed i f f e r -ent problems.The important thing now i s f o r us t o dis-card any preconceived notions about UFOsand t o organize on a global scale a calm,sensation-free and s t r i c t l y s c i e n t i f i c studyof t h i s strange phenomenon. The subject anda i m s of t h e investigation a r e so serioust h a t they j u s t i f y any efforts. It goes with-out mying t h a t international cooperation" i s vital,.- UFOs I N NEW JERSEYOn the night of March 25, some 25 pepaons,including four policemen and a minister, re-ported seeing two unidentified flying objectshovering over Metuchen, New Jersey, and thepolice followed t h e objects f o r about amile before they disappeared,According t o a s t o r y i n t h e ARKANSASGAZETTE, March 27, t h e Rev. Wm. Tarr of t h eF i r s t Baptist Church was t h e f i r s t t o reporta f t e r seeing an orange glow hovering justabove t r e e top l e v e l with a l a r g e r glowingobject above it.Police investigating t h e report also sawt h e UFOs and said they were about 50 f e e tabove t h e ground and moved away when spot-l i g h t s were shined on them.The St. buls POST-DISPATCH of March 27,&so carried a story of flying obJects seeni n t h e Metuchen, N.J., q e a e a r l i e r i n t h eweek, but stated t h a t Police Chief EdwardLeiss identified t h e objects as being pLas-We .3&J we have reached the point wherewe can do our readers a service i n accept-ing advertising. Cssh must accompany the ad,Advertisirg r a t e s : Classified ad of notmore than 3 lines, 254 one time; 354 t.woissues; 5O$ three times. Larger boxed ads--254 per c o l m inch; 15# p e r inch on secondm.Write t h e publisher f o r s p e c i a l r a t e s onhalf peg;e o r page ads.BJRNIN2 OPJTCT SIGHTEDAn airplane p i l o t , flying a j e t a t 17,000f e e t between Hartford, C t ., and Boston, m a . ,reported seeing a f l a s h go across the skyfrom t h e . northemt t o t h e southwest when hema about 100 miles south of Boston about6:04 pm. He reported t h e sighting t o theSmithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (March27) and a spokesman f o r t h e observatory saidt h e object could have been Echo 1, expectedt o plunge t o earth from its o r b i t i n l a t eMarch o r e a r l y April.A t about the same time a group of a s t m n -oapr fans i n Keene, N.H., reported t h a t tenof them saw a f l a s h i n t h e northern sky overNew Hampshire, and s d d it appeared t o be ameteor. Reports of a flashing l i g h t also -came f r o m h n c h e s t e r , N.H. (ARKANSAS GAZE;TTE,FLYING OBJECT HITS CAROn March 26, a round, f l a t object spunout of t h e sky and caused $500 damage t oDonald S c o t t s automobile. Flying saucer?No, it was a flying manhole cover which tookoff l i k e a gient t i d d l y ~ i n kvhen h i t by a.snowplow at ~eward,N.Y., w c h 26. ( s t .h u i s POST-DISPATCH).AT THE NEWS STANDBy Ted Phillips, Jr.SAGA MAGAZINE--April issue. Big Article on"Flying Saucer Invasion Bases" by John Keel..SAGA MAGAZINE--My issue. "Do Flying Sau-cers Come From Cuter Space?" by Brad Steigerand Warren Smith.FATE--bhy issue. " L i t t l e Men From ITFOs" byCoral b r e n z e n . The Iarenzen book "F:lyingSaucer Occupants" reviewed by Lucius Farish(A S-OK contributor).NATIONAL -March 31- -"Russians SayThat Flying Saucers F,xist. " "Flying SaucersHere and Now" by Frank Mw&rds, running as as e r i a l .THE BIBLE AND -FL-TNG SAUCERS--Book byBarry H. Downing, p r i c e $3.95, published byPage Five SKYTOOX Page Hve
    • Page Six SRISIX)OK Page SixWinston Rogers and f i v e relatives werequitting work at the Ferndele farm on t h eOuachita River, three miles sold& of MalvernArk., Feb. 29, when they all aighted a strangobject i n the sky.Rogers said it just seemed t o be hangingi n the sky l i k e an upside down parachute. Itwas black and shiny, he said witb somethingt h a t looked l i k e strings hanglng from the topand _something l i k e legn hanging down f.mmthe bottom. It was h d t o t e l l how big itwas, but he guessed it t o be about 4% t o 5f e e t i n diameter. While they were watching it&out a mile from t h e farm.Rdgers called t h e Mzrlvern police depazct-ment, but officers were unable t o find anytrace of the object.We are indebted t o Iucius Farish, ofPlumberville, Ark., f o r this tory fromthe ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT. ---ANOTHER HOM?One of our readers, Mrs. John Ray, of W-phis, Tenn., writes: "John and I saw what wewere sure was a UFO on Sunday night. . .ThisLarge, bright, orange ball floating t o andf r o i n t h e western slqy. It had a green Hght(small)which seemed t o go on and off, and itmade no sound. I watched outside f o r aboutf i v e minutes, then here came a Copter--makingaJ.1 s o r t s of racket, of course. It appearedt o be investigating as no one ever sees the"Chopper" a t night. It works i n daytime a thigh t r a f f i c hours, broadcmting t o motor-ists, etc. Well, t h e Chopper went straightsouthwest and so did " t h i s thing." Severalpeople saw it and callcd in."Mrs. Ray enclosed a cllpping from thebbnday (March 18) COMMERCIAL APPEAL whichstated t h e p i l o t of a private plane was t h efirst t o report t h e ob,ject after which theFederal Aviation Agency and airport controltower employees were swamped witb. calls.A spokesman f o r the FAA theorized "thatsomeone w a s playing with c d l e e and ap l a s t i c bag again." No explanation w a sgiven f o r the choppers night f u g h t .lllilSEND I N YOUR REPORTS BEFORE THE loth!UFO STUDY GROUP FORMED I N ST. TdiJISThe U.F.O. Study Gmup of Greater St. Tauisw a o e s t d l i s h e d March 24th t o serve as aninformation-gathering and f act-finding orgari-ination fox residente of greater S t , Louis andsurrounding area.The gmup plans t o conduct on-the-spot In-vestigations of all UFO sighting reports whichcome t o its attention. Upon receipt of a UFOreport, efforts shall be made t o dispatch aninvestigating team equiped with s t i l l andmotion-picture cameras, tape-recorders, andvarioue other detection equipment of necess-i t y .b n t h l y meetings of members and publicd k e w i l l be spomored as w e l l ~ E Ioccm-ioBlal lectures by noted authors.AByone sighting EL UFO and living i n t h esea mentioned, should telephone RaymondNe-e a t EV-8-0086 o r David Schroth at832-1187. C d l s w i l l be answered at any hourof t h e day o r night. Anyone wishing more in-formation concerning t h e Study Group and itspoliciea may- write t o t h i s tddrese: U.F.O.Study Group of Greater St. b u i s , P.O. Box 223,st. Charles, M., 63301.John Schuesaler, engineer with t h e Mcbnnel.Douglaa Corporation, of St. Louis, i s directorof the etudy group and has amassed a wealthof information and reports on UFOs from hislong and intensive study.He hae frequent speaking engagements andaddressed the Creve Coeur Jaycees April 8 on"UFOa--Science Fact o r Science Fiction."Publishers Note: See page seven f o r drawhgs-t o accompany t h e story, by Ted Phillips, Jr.,about the close range encounter with a UFO.Seepage one f o r story beginning.DFOR RESIDENTS OF GREATER KANSAS CITYTo report UFO sightinge ,and encokters,p l e t s e c a l l John Kuhns a t 81640-1-7799,day o r night. Also any questions t h a t .youmight have concerning ufology, the APRO.MLmouri Section, o r .various other s t a t eUFO organizationa; the above telephone ne.. isalso aplicabte. ,John would also l i k e t o receive any and allsuggestione.that you might have t o contribute&put SKYLQOKand/or t h e APRO State section;t h i s applies t o all SKYIQOK readers.
    • UFO OBSERVED AT CLOSE RANGE IN MOO.UFO as described to Ted Phillips, Jr,wooded ereefenceF m where W O was observed.