Mufon ufo journal 1968 2. february march - skylook


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Mufon ufo journal 1968 2. february march - skylook

  1. 1. bol. 1-No. 6&7 Lets Separate Fact from Fartasy February & March 1968 4IISAUCER CHASES CAR .THE EVENING NEWS, Harrisburg, Pa. There wasmore i n area skies than snow and r a i n t h i s pastweek-end; a t l e a s t 42 persons reported UFOsightings, three women reporting one a t closerange.: !lThen it r e a l l y got interesting, " Cook said.t h e witneeses s a i d they saw : % . a t definitelyappeared t o be a door opening t o t h e r i g h t s i d e(Cont. on page 5)IMrs. Gladys Lehman, Mrs. Charles L i t t l e and jCathy Benhill, a l l of Mechanicsburg and emplcy- fe e s of the Cumberland County Nursing Home, working on plans f o r our g e t together in -.c a r l i s l e RD 1, l i t e r a l l y were accompanied t o !Columbia, with f u l l cooperation of t h a t c i t y swork by.a UFO l a s t Friday (Jan. 12) morning. chamber of Commerce who w i l l gladly furniatlThe three were i n a car approximately a information on hotels, motels, transportation,half.mile west of Mecbanicsburg on Trindle Rd. , p r e s s and radio coverage, etc.a t 6:10 a.m. Traveling west they said they were you ace interested and will plan t ojoined by a UFO which cruised along t o t h e i r . attend, write TODAY t o John F. Scheussler,e i g h t f o r about two miles, "lot more than 3Gn 1p.0. Sox 223, st. C k r l e s , Mo., 63301: wef e e t i n the a i r . /welcomes suggestidns f o r t h e program, andIt then swerved i n front of t h e i r car and Ihe have some idea of how rna,n~r w i l l plantraveled ahead of them "in t h e middle of t h e 1to bz present. .LORENZENS MAY SPEAK .John Scheussler sent us a copy of a l e t t e rhe receiued from Jim b r e n z e n , who heads APRCa t t h e Tucson, Arizona, headquarters, and Mr.Lcrenzen has t e n t a t i v e l y agreed t o attend aSpring meeting t o be spcnsored by the M i s a x r iAPRQ chapter. As-xepmted;in t h e January issue, John israod" f o r another two miles, then passed overt o the l e f t and continued westward toward. c a r l i s l e .ASKS RED AID I N UFO STUDYKANSAS CITY T~&s.Feb. 24.--Dr. Edward U.Condon, Driector of an A i r Force-financedThe women reported t h e incident t o George ;investigation of unidentified flying objects,B. Cook, of 9 3ienwood Dr., Camp K i l l , chair- ;said yesterday t h z t he has appealed t o theinan of the lokal subcommittee of t h e National : s c i e n t i s t s of t h e Soviet Union to cooperateInvestigations Committee of Aerial Phenomena. Iin a study of flying saucers. I IThey described the UFO a s being shaped l i k ea pancake, ,Cook said; and they added ,it wasabout 30 f e e t i n length, its center section five.t o seven f e e t thick, tapering off a t the endsThe appeal, i n t h e form of a l e t t e r f r o mCondon, was realyed three weeks ago by t h epretigiousN a t i o n a l Academy of Sciences t ot h e Soviet Academy, Concon said f r o m Boulderi n d sides. The Center section appeared t o / Colorado.h i v e off a whihe haze and t h e object had a*pul- I +tor*snote: This seemssating r e d - t a i l l i g h t .1;f The f o l l ~ w i n gday, at 6:20 a e m * thesame women a I 0 n g . a t h 17 other employees of the. cumberland County Nursing Home viewed anothert o kn7i p a t e .$he Condon group i s taking a ser-ious-look at the pr&lem and a meaningfulreporishould come from their study, l t t s abig stepforward.UFYI a l i t i l e more than a block south of Trindle, Rd. near Claremont Rd, ,, ,$oak said he interviewed many of t h e 17 w i t -besses and s a i d they t o l d him the UFO was about350 f e e t i n t h e a i r and t h a t a6 they watched it,t h e object rose slowly, stopped, gave off awhite haze of l i g h t t h a t changed t o red, red-orange, and back t o white.LSORRY WERE LATE!!1!!!11!1We a r e sorry we a r e out l a t e , and hopeyour philosphy i s "better l a t e than never. "Our publisher, John Kuhns, was up t o h i sears i n extra school work and j u s t couldntcut t h e s t e n c i l s any sooner.--He t e l l s ush e l l try h i s b e s t t o keep up i n t h e f u t u r e
  2. 2. SKYLOOK$2.00 per year, published cnce a month.Send subscriptions t o t h Q u b l i r h e r . . .~ a t i $ ~ arre1.1 Kuhs_ . ~ n i + . "of Missouri a t Kansas City5100-Roekhil-1 Road . .. ...__...^_........... I . - - . ..-... . . .- . -room 31-9 C:B....... . _.... ---... . ,Kansas Citji, Missouri- 64110 ...Send.reports. . t o the ~ d i t o r:, . . . ......., - .Mrs. Norma E. ShortBOX 129Stover, Mo. 65788Assistant Editor:! .FLYING BUBBLE I N COLORADOWe c r e d i t t h e Ownesboro, Ky. MESSENGER ofJan. 4th with t h e most complete report wehave read on Coloradoqs :flying bubble. :Castle RoakPs S h e r i f f Q sdeputy R. S. Weimer saidabout a dozen "reliable citizens: reportedCseeing a big i l y i n g bubble over t h e twon t h enight of January 2nd. Howard Ellis., businessman, &?a f i r s t saxthe bubble hovering about 50 feet above him:It had a dozen l i g h t s :the color of car head-l i g h t s t h a t have mud on them shining down onhim. The bubble seemed t o be transparent ands i l e t n .Others watched t h e object a s it hoveredover t h e Douglas County courthcuse and then itshot s t r a i g h t up and disappeared, shootingout a couple b a l l s of flame.An A i r Force and Ferderal Aviation Adminis-Mr. Ted F h i l l i p s , Jr. !tration spokesman said no a i r c r a f t were known1113 Ware Ave. 1t.o be i n the area a t t h e time, and Morris,,, -Sedalia , Mo. , 65301 jFelming, d i r e c t o r of t h e Douglas County C i v i l.. . ~ e f e n s eAgency, said h i s agency would t e s tWith t h e Editor 1 blood t o see i f any radiation ofA school teacher i n Pennsylvani;? s e n t us two urlknown o r foreign matter was i n h i s blbod-Iclippiiig3 on UFOs from t h e teachersq and c,lass ,st,ream. Since he was the c l o s e s t person t o t h eroomse e d i t i o n s of January copies of MY WEZKLY iobjeci.READER, an American Education publication. d I If any of our readers have anything f u r t h e rreview was given 01unidentified flying on t h i s s t o r y , send it i n and well use it..objects i n t h i s country since 1947, includingseveral outstanding. .emmples. t en ti on was madeof: t h e . A i r Force OoeratibnBlue Book and t h eColorado study,now i n operation, While t h ea?ticles.contain nothing %6wX t o t h e averager-atleri it i s .riewsworthy t o note t h e study ofa e r i a l phenomena i s being called t o t h e a t t e n -t i o n of.grade school -teachers and pupils.I One fi-equentl.)i reads of college students whoany, d r 38 not b e rn&nbei.s of APRO. or NICAP me,et-1 THESE ARE NOT UFOqSby Ted P h i l l i p s , J r .During February Echos 1and 2, Pageos andIErplorer 19 w i l l be visible. Mercury and Mars w i l l be seen i n the western sky. r i g h t a f t e rsunset. Venus w i l l be v i s i b l e f o r a very shorttime before sunrise. Jupiter and Saturn a r ea s i b l e with t h e former r i s i n ~about sundown.Iing t o organize groups t o study ufology, n t h ! TULSA GROUP ME%ISf a c u l t y sponsorhip and membership. An PPRO membership meeting was held i n TulsaThe recent issue of the UFO INVE;STIGATCR, the the evening of January 17th with a good a t t e n -NICBP publication, c a r r l e s a story of t h e first ance reported by B i l l Courter, chairman ofbcollege UFC f i l t e r centei* organized a t Fkanklin / A P R O ~Oklahoma. section. Speakers were RobertPierce College i n Rindge, N.H., with f u l l cooperdstiff and Hayden Hewes, of Oklahoma City anda t i o n of t h e colleges president Frank S. hembers of t h e International UFD Bureau head-DePietro and Dean, Dr. Clifford H. Coles. A 24- !*arters i n t h a t c i t y .hour s e t u p handles reports of UFO sightingsphbned i n any hour of the day o r night, and1 TRUCK DRIVER SEES DISCgood ones a r e immediately reported t o t h e Dr. , Ted P h i l l i p s , our a s s i s t a n t e d i t o r , i n t e r -Co~dongroup. bewed a truck d r i v e r , who did not want h i s~t the univeristy of California a non-credit pme used, who sighted an unidentified object the;evening of April 5, l a s t year, about 5:15 p.m.course on UFOs ha$ been introduced and 60 stu-dept5,:attended t h e f i r s t two-hour class. The d r i v e r was on highway No. 50, west of Sedalis4 ~ i r s tthing you know, one can admit a n inter- knd saw a d i s c shaped object, s i l v e r i n color,e s t i n UFOqs without being considered a kook1 hovering overhea yd. He described -it a s*nd had a good view of it f o r a minute or more.SEND I N YOUR RJ3PORTS TODAY!
  3. 3. -------..- - - -- - . - - - - -- --- --Fa-ge Three Skylook Page Three i1- I THE GREAT UFO PRGBEMILL TRACK UFO sCan We Trust the Upcoming Condon Report?The EVENING NEWS, Harrisbarg, Pa., recently 1 By Herbert Shuldinercarried a s t o r y of infra-red detection used i nI (Reprinted courtesy of Popular Sciencetracking unidentified flying objects. Monthly ( c ) 1967 by Popular Science Publish-T%JOinfra -red detection devices and inf ra-red ing Co, )lamps, along with other instruments valued a t After 20 years of swirling controversy,almcst $13,000 and including walkie-talkie . science is taking its most searching lookFadios, base radio u n i t s and geiger counters . I i n t o t h e mystery of UFOqs.have been recieved by George B. Cook, of Camp The intensive probe i s headed by Dr. EdwarcH i l l , chairman of the l o c a l subcommittee of I U. Condon, former heard of the Natioaal Bur-LTCAP and senior squadron 308, Civil Air Patrol, eau of Standards, and currently professorThe equipment was a g i f t from Lt. Col. David . of physics a t t h e University of Colorado.S. Keffer t o the two area u n i t s working jointly. He i s aided by up t o 30 t o p s c i e n t i s t s fromi n l o c a l UFG investigations. (Editorvs Note-- every f i e l d t h a t might f i g u r e i n the study ofsee f r o n t page story. ) flying saucers. Condon was handed t h i s hotWhen a UFO report comea t o Cook now, he has potato by t h e A i r Force, which has f a i l e d t oaccess t o more than 300 CAP members and 94 s a t i s g y many thousands of believers with i t sl o c a l r a i o s t a t i o n u n i t s throughout t h e four explanations of saucer sightings. Theyqveccunties of the Harrisburg area, : given him about $500,000 through the Lni-Col. R. B. Willingham, CAP squadron cornman- v e r s i t y of Colorado t o make an objectiveder, has had an avid i n t e r e s t i n UFOqs f o r i study t h a t , it s i hoped, will s a t i s f y be-years, daiing back t o 1948 when he was a lead: , l i e v e r s and skeptics a squadron of F-94 j e t s near t h e Mexican I Can t h e Condon study f i n a l l y solve t h eborder i n Texas and was advised by radio t h a t r i d d l e of f l y i n g saucers, which has persistenthree UFOq s .!flying inf ormationit were near. ! l y eluded m l l i t a r y investigators? Is it a nHe plcked them up on h i s plane radar and was attempt by t h e A i r Force t o white wash t h einformed one of the UFOPs had crashed a few , subject?miles away from hlm i n Mexico. He went t o t h e POPULAR SCIENCE took a close look a t t h escene s f the crash b - ~ tx2s prevented by the work s f t h e Ccnden team ts bring you t h i sMexican authorities from making an investiga- : progress report on t h e great UFO probe a st i o n or coning any closer than 60 f e e t . *on , t h e first year of t h e investigation i s con-t h a t vantage point the wreckage seemed t o plet e d .consist of "numerous pieces of metal polished : Condon entered t h e scene with the detachedon the outside, very rough on the inner sides. o b j e c t i b i t y of a n outsider with no specialknowledge of saucers. His reputation a s aELECTRIC JOLT CUTS SONIC BOOX tough-minded s c i e n t i s t was firmly establishedOne of the intriguing f a c t o r s i n the f a s t when he headed the National Bureau of Stand-moving space vehicles i s t h e lack of t h e sonic , ards from1945 t o 1951. Condon reorganizedboom. John Schuessler sends US an a r t i c l e from: t h e Sureau, modernized its operations, anda January issue of the ST. 33UIS GLORE-LDEM~L. mov,?. ;iss c i e n t i f i c functionsoutof theCRATwhich covers a revolutionary approach t o p o f i t i c a l arean, r e s i s t i n g Congressionalt h e problem of sonic booms ( with i n t e r e s t l w pressures f o r such things a s t h e approval ofconnotations r e flying saucers). e s s e n t i a l l y worthless products.s p k k e r s f o r the Northrop Corp t o l d a news A, m e n Mind. Condonqs a t t i t u e d towardconference t h a t a discharge of e l e c t r i c i t y i n t o UFOswhen he started the probe was: witmthe- a i r ahead of faster-than-sound a i r c r a f t may an g n o s I simplydonq t know, B U ~henot only lessen t h e i n t e n s i t y of booms but a l s o , believed there was a need t o find out whethercut aerodynamic drag *:: t h e discharge of I there is a physical r e a l i t y t o saucers, and i fe ~ e c t r i c i - ~ ~ahead of a f a s t moving object re- / so, their origin. They study is open to anypels the molecules of a i r ahead and makes them possibiqity, and the theory t h a t ~ ~ 0 8 sa r eget out of t h e way. The molecules then tend t o extraterrestrial i n originhas not been ex-flow smoothly around the object instead of cluded from t h e considerations.jam~ingup i n f r o n t of it. This cotnpression o f , H i S chief aides include Dr. Robert J, Low,a i r ~ 0 e l c u l e Sahead of Supersonic d r a f t creates.! a meteorologist; Dr. h a n k l i n I. ~ ~ ~ ~a na Pressure wave which r e s u l t s i n a sonlc boom , astrophysicist, and a n airglow specialist;when it h i t s t h e ground. b and s i g n i f i c a n t l y , Gr. S t u a r t W. Cook,The Boeing Co.,the National Aeronautics and chairman of Colorado~spsychology department.Space Adminrstration a r e interested In the new MarU. skeptics mostsaucers orginateinl i n e of research.I [/, .,? , ,, ,2 1 ye LC-,,,- -;i
  4. 4. PAGE FOUR SkYLLJOK PAGE FOUR6UFO PROBE--CONTINUED Even t h e 41tooks.:1 Condon is w i l l i n g t oi --1 l i s t e n t o anyone involved i n saucer s i g h t i n g ~t h e minds of t h e viewer. Regardless of t h e i r ;backgrounds, a l l h i s aides share CondonPs a .--even the a s Hall puts it. He recent-l y attended a saucer congress i n New York!objective approach and h i s feeling t h a t moreinformation i s needed t o determine the originof UFOPs.Nothing Hidden. The Condon team ha9 completfacces t o t h e f i l e s of Project Blue Book, theA i r Force o f f i c e f o r UFO investigations. Therea r e over 15,000 UFO reports i n i t s f i l e s - -about 20 percent of t h i e s e sightings t r u l yunidentified.Maj. Hector Quintanilla J r . , d i r e c t o r ofBlue Book, says CondonPsaides have asked f o ronly about 400 case h i s t o r i e s of the oldersaucer sightings. These a r e t h e c l a s s i ccases t h a t have been extensively w r i t t e n abouti n UFO l i t e r a t u r e .Although Project Blue Book continues t oinvestigate saucers, it gets nothing i n returnfrom Condons team. .:Its a one-way s t r e e t , "Quintanilla says. "I d o n v t want t o b i a s himi n any way, so I dont request anyting f r mhim. .:Dondon and h i s aides have conferred withDr. J. Allen Hynek, chairman of NorthwesternUniveristyqs Department of Astronomy andS c i e n t i f i c Consultant t o Project Blue Book,who has looked i n t o many of t h e A i r Forcesmost puzzling casses. They a l s o questioned~ i rForce a c i e n t i f i c adviser Jacques Vallee ont h e methodology employed i n Project Blue Rookq:investigations .The conferences were followed by a meetingl a s t June a t t h e University of Colorado, whichwas attended by about 100 of t h e 140 A i r F{orceCFO investigating officers--every base has onet o tighten report procedures i n a n attempt t ogain a more s c i e n t f i c description of saucarssightings.Condon has not confined h i s inquiries t oA i r Force and s c i e n t f i c personnel.. He a l s ohas called i n some of the A i r ForcePs severestc r i t i c s t o g e t t h e i r views on saucers. Offi-cers of t h e National Investigations Committeeon Aerial Phenomena (NIcAP), a n organizationt h a t believes t h e r l s something t o flying sauce r s , have v i s i t e d Boulder t o submit evidence.Retired Marine Corps Major Donald E. Keyhoeand Richard J. Hall, N:CCAP1s t o p o f f i c i a l s ,have occasionally consulted with Condon sgroup t o review the organizationqs documentedsightings.H ? 1 1 says Condon i s making a broad f r o n t a la t t a 4 on the whole problem andHI couldnst bemore ?leased.: Asked i f he thought Condon-migk: whitewash the saucer myster, Hall says,!I .lPt think he would. . .City that heard many of the way out believersand :contacteesi7 (those whc claim t o have ,contacted crews from outer space). One of t h espeakers a t t h e Congres was Vi-Venus, whoclaimed she was from the planet a f t e r whichshe was named. Hall says t h i s type givesserious suacer researchers a black eye andNICAP b y c o t t e d t h e New York congress.However willing t h e Colorado researchersa r e t o consider even bizarre "evidence,: theya r e seriously attempting t o zero I n on UFOosi n a s c i e n t i f i c manner. They a r e especiallyanxious t o investigate current casses t h a tcan be observed from s t a r t t o f i n i s h .One of t h e i r biggest accomplishments i st h e establishment of a team of trained in-vestigators around t h e country, who can g e tt o t h e scene of any importanb UFO sightingwithin 24 hours with cameras and otherequipment.The Condon group a l s o hope police depart-ments whill make e f f o r t s t o get photos ofUFODst h a t can be s c i e n t i f i c a l l y analyzed.They have devised a meticulous questionnaire ?f o r saucer reporters t o f i l l out--size, shape,color, motion, and other c h a r a c t e r i s t i c s . Theanswers a r e fed i n t o a computer and t h e scien-t i s t s hope eventually t o discover a d d i t i o n a lpatterns of saucer pehnomena .The Colorado investigators follow up t h equestionnaires with phone c a l l s t o t h e personsfrom whom a reports originate. I f they can-not c a r l i f y a report i n a phone conversation,and the sighting is deemed of s u f f i c i e n t i m -portance, investigators go t o t h e scne t ocheck it out.& D e on the Scene. Some casses y i e l dsolutions e a s i l y when investigators g e t afirst hand look a t the scene. In a recentConneticut sighting, f o r example, a :glowingobjectn turned out t o be an e l e c t r i c a l a r c ,created when t h e wet branches of t r e e s slappedagainst, and short-circuited, a power l i n e .But other cases continue t o puzzle i n v e s t i -gators.Two of Condonvs team recently t r a v e l l e d t othe Winnnipeg, Canada, area t o investigate aweird story of a man burned by t h e exhaustof a saucer." The victim claimed he spotteda strange, saucer-like vehicle i n a clearinga s he wlalked through t h e bush. When heapproached t h e vehicle, he heard vocal soundscoming from inside. He peered i n the openhatxh and t h e vehicle suddenly took off i n av e r t i c a l climb, erattting a j e t exhaust t h a tburned fcoht.i mon Page Five)
  5. 5. PAGE FIE3 SKYLOOK PAGZ FI!Eby mid 1968 when preparing the report--cer-SAUCER CHASES C.4R -- CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 t a i n t o be a best seller--will begin.bP the object, which they estimated t o be 40t o 50 f e e t round. From t h e door opening,four very d i s t i n c t red smaller objects wereemitte; a t an evenly spaced intervals a t 45degree downward positions.The four smaller red objects disappearedbelow treetops and f i v e more objects came outof the UFO .:door.--- these f i v e being white i ncolor.A similar UFC phenomenon was seen by t h eRev. Richard Mossir, of Dillsburg RD 3, Sat-urday a t 9:05 p.m., who said he had witnesseds i c red ulsating objects leaving a whitegaezl3J o ject which seemed t o explode i n thesky a s t h e r e ojbects l e f t it.Other sightings were reported i n Summerdale( a UFO hovering over a house), RutherfordHeights, Regina S t . , and throughout t h e WestShore area between Camp H i l l and C a r l i s l e andup i n t o Perry County.The sightings were investigated by Cook andNICAF sub-committee members: Col. Robert B.Willingham and Robert L. Rineard, both ofMechanicsburg, and Ivan Kerns and John W.Steigieman d r . , both of Carlisle.Cook s a i d he had statements from 42 personswho witnesses UF3s on Friday and SaturdayBefore the report i s realsed t o t h e public,it w i i i be reviewed by a special committee oft h e Natioml Academy of Sciences. They w i l lcheck t h e Condon groupPs s c i e n t i f i c methodsand determine whether t h e i r conclusions a r es c i e n t i f i c a l l y valid. After t h e Academyapprpves t h e report, it w i l l be made public.W i l l Anything be Held Back? The A i r-Force answer i s t h a t the report w i l l not beclassified. The Condon group is pledged t owithhold any data on c l a s s i f i e d a i r c r a f t o rmissles it might come across i n i t s investi-gations, but an A i r Force spokesman says;Everyone knows p r a c t i c a l l y everything weahve now. Can you t r u s t the upcoming Condon R e p ~ n t ?The e d i t o r s of POPULAR SCIENCE believe -Youcan. The reputstion and character of Condonand h i s aides insure t h a t t h i s study w i l l beno white-wash, a s some predict, but w i l l layt h e groundwork f o r a b e t t e r understandingof UFOqs i n general and reports of sightingsi n particular.The g r e a t UFO probe should a l s o s e tb e t t e r Standardsfor continuaing studies oEEkying saucer .+epocts. and: the ..r s l a t e dmysteries of the univers i n which we l i v e .(Jan. 12-13). .: And those a r e ~ n l ythe ones MORE FUNDS PFOR UFO STUDYIve-talked.with, " he said. !Im sure they Y e The A i r Force has awarded t j e University- many more. ::of Colorado a t Coulder arbund $180,000 , t oTHE GREAT UP0 PROBE--CONTINUED FROM PAGE FOUR continue t h e study of unidentified f l y i n g. -..The man struggled out of t h e bush ~ 6 t hburns t h a t a c t u a l l y required hospital t r e a t -ment. But when released, he was unable t olead t h e s c i e n t i s t s t o the clearing. The s i t eis s t i l l undiscovered.Because of such f r u s t r a t i o n s , t h e Condongroup i s hoping f o r an opportunity t o usetechnical equipment t h a t could yield s c i e n t i f -i c data more precise and easier t o analyzethan the testimony of witnesses. But therehas been no qpportunity t o capture a UFQ i nt h e a c t .White they wiat f o r such a break, theobjects under dirkction of Dr. Condon.This w i l l extend t h e project throughSeptember of t h i s year. Project coordinatorRobert J. Low reports t h e Operational phaseof t h e UFO investigation should be finishedby June 30th a f t e r which t h e report w i l l bewritten and submitted t o tine National Academyof Sciences f o r review. It w i l l then be sentt o t h e USAFs Office of S c i e n t i f i c Researchand it is not known when o r how t h e A i rForce w i l l release the report t o t h e public--o r whether it w i l l be slanted toward A i r .Force :policy:, we might add.Colorado s c i e n t i s t s a r e attempting t o check LETTER FROM AUTHORs c i e n t i f i c a l l y some of the s3range things t h a treportedly have occurred when UFOqs have been The Skylook editor had a l e t t e r from Ottospotted--power f a i l u r e s and car engines- going 0. Binder, author of WHAT WE REALLY KNOWdead a f t e r drivers reported they saw a UFO. ABOUT FLYING SAUCERS, on of t h e best paper-Every pcwer f a i l u r e attributed to UFOqs back we have read on f l y i n g saucers. M r .is being scrutinized. Condonqs group has ap- Binder hopes t o find new meterial m for OURpro?ched a number of power-company experts SPACE AGE, h i s syndicated panel which has ;-. af o r a i d i n pin pointing the cause nf each been running d a i l y f o r seven years i n manypower f a i l u r e . newspapers, and asks t o be placed en ourKen w i l l the Condon group complete t h e i r mailing Their research should be wrapped up,
  6. 6. PAGE SIX SKYLOOK -PAGE SIX-1 c r u s t explains t h e meandering l i n e s and ap-ARGOSY-- Jan. ,1966- -"FLying Saucers, Our Se-c r e t Weaponii--story of a i r cushion vehicles usedi n Vietnam war, no UFCs-GRIT--Feb. 11--"Saucer Ladyz;--good a r t i c l eon Maryland UFO.FATE--Feb. 1968, ::UFO Off Shag Harbor and"Oddball Saucers That Fit No Pattern.THS NEW REPORT CN FLYING SAUCERS--A Fzwce ttPublication. 754.POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY--article by Dr. Hynekon how t o photograph a UM.TRUE--March 1968, What Was the Thing ~%ert h e Great Lakes?,:SAGA--March 1968, "Flying Saucer Silencers. ". TKE FLYING SAUCER READER--Edited by Jay Davida Signet book, 75C. Very interesting..THE REPORT ON UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS:by Edward J. Ruppelt, An Ace book. 50#.UFODS1968--K.M.R.Publication. 755.SOVIET LIFE-- February 1968. Good a r t i c l e ,W?OS Where do They Come From?:CORONET--March 1968. "The Wildest FlyingSaucer Story of Them All"--a rehash of t h eSnippy story.RUDDB--February 1968. "UFOs A t Sea. " -LECTURES CN THE MOONDr. Donald H. Menzel, senior decientist i nastrophysics a t t h e Smithsonian I n s t i t u t i o n andd i r e c t o r of t h e Harvard College observatorylectured on !The Moon A s An Abode of Life: a t a . qt h e Mcknnell Planetarium i n St. Louis, Jan,lS.John Schuessler, among those attending thel e c t u r e , reports Dr. Menzel believes water andan atmosphere probably existed on;the earth?smcon sometime i n i t s history. He bases h i s the-ory on photographs taken by the Surveyor space-c r a f t and believes the f i r s t astronauts t o landoq t h e moon w i l l f i n d f o s s i l s of ~ p r v ~ i o u smoonl i f e.AT THE. hRWS STAND / parent erosion of the surface of the Ted Phillips, J r . IHe thinks t h e l i n e s a r e dired up r i v e r bedsNATIONAL ENQUIRER, Jan. 14--59 Pecple Terri- arid s t a t e s some s c i e n t i s t s have f l a t l y calledf i e d When F2ying Saucer Cuts Radin, Dims Lights them r i v e r beds, He .siad it probably wouldwithin t h e nekt decade.While Dr. Menzel did not mention UFOPsour readers w i l l be interested i n knowinghe has written two books on unidentified%ing ob,jects.SNIPPY BACK I N THE NEMSThe TULSA WORLD, Feb. 11, reports ananalysis of t h e remains of Snippy, t h e Color-ado horse, shows nothing unnatural about thedeath. You remember Snippy, of course, t h ehorse whose " n a t u r a l 1 death caused so muchexcitement i n the Alamosa, Col. area l a s tSeptneber .The remains were examined by s i x s c i e n t i s t sa t t h e Desert Reasearch I n s t i t u e of t h e Uni-v e r s i t y of Nevada and :They said t h e horse i:might have been h i t tin the neck by lightning. IDr. Richard Norton, who drafted the f i n a lreport, concluded: ::Since the death of t h ehorse took place during the thunder stormseason and i n a n area where thunderstorms a r ecommon it i s possible t h a t t h e horse could .have been struck i n the neck by lightning andk i l l e d . : And i f t h a t doesnqt g9 over--al i t t l e swamp gas, anybody?Well . . ; r e s t i n peace, Snippy.-RUSSIAN SCIENTIST SPEAKS OUTOur able a s s i s t a n t e d i t o r , Ted P h i l l i p s ,J r . , called our a t t e n t i o n t o a f i n e a r t i c l ei n the February issue of SCVIE2 LIFE,"Unidentified Flying Objects3 written byFelix Zigel, Doctor of Science (~echnology)a s s i s t a n t professor a t t h e Moscow AviationI n s t i t u t e covers :Ifi r s t the f a c t s severals t r i k i n g and r e l i a b l e UFO observations; andthen conclusions.hJe found t h i s a r t i c l e so i n t e r e s t i n g f o rmuy reasons, we a r e reproducing it almaatOn Airliner. Excellent report on t r u l y mys-t e r i o u s sighting, Feb, 18--.Excellent UFOphotos . .: a r t i c l e on best UFO photos everseen by Canadian Defense o f f i c i a l s . Feb. 25--The astronomer doesnt belive volcanic action i n i t s e n t i r e t y , with permission of t h e pub-f a u l t e caused by mcvement of t h e moons I Deletion of J i s t s ~f namesg meaning-~:&::~:z: our readers, and other ommissions w i l lbe indicat d b t h e usual a s t e isk.rconf. on page seven?have taken 100,000,000 years f o r the atmos-phere and water of t h e moon t a d i s s i p a t e t oi t s present dondition. Assuming theoryi s correct, Menzel said, t h e r may be deposits2,000 UFO Sightings Reported i n Pennsulvanja:, of water i n t h e form of i c e trapped i n pocketsgood a r t i c l e on the Harrisburg f l a p of l a s t /under t h e surfate of tlje lpoon and thesesummer. !deposits could be mined by astronauts andIBCHANIX ILLUSTRATED, Jan. , 1968-- "How lwater and oxygen produced for e a s i e r survivalFlylng Saucers Can Injure You.:: ;on the lunar surface.SAGA--Jan., 1 9 6 8 - - ~ ~ ~ ( ;Jbstery--Outer Space His theories a r e i n t e r e s t i n g and may beCalling Earth?:: /proved o r disproved by lunar exploration
  7. 7. F i r s t Account. The place of observation isXa;:&~stzn, the field c q of a geophysical- - -axp-.3.ition... from a ~enin&adresearch insti--. -;.;i<:. The nearest populated locality, Koktal,is 11miles away. The time of observation isA u q s t 16, 1960, al=ou-t 11 P.K. local time.According t o Fater cf Geology and Itinerol-orgy Nikolai Soche:=mov, the c q chief, asixange, luminous M y suddenly appeared over ,thb ~ o u n t a i n son the east- slope of thevalley. It was mming frm north t o south, ard.3:% visible , d i a ~ e t ~ rwas one and a half t k si c:::qer Li:&q 14; 11s.AA , few seconds k t e r the body disa2pearedb-?h a r r ~ m t a i nt9p: reqpeared and hc .?ddsc?ilhieast, keeping constant spied and height,3kov2 th? ga-rth. The b d y d e s c r i b d an arc i n-( :,.:. sky arld d i s q p e a r d behind t h c mountains,:!-!_ezvi?gno,trace.ibc unickntificd flying. :---jectwas observed:-.y c:irjht 2 c k n t i f i c workers, mcmbcrs of theg m p h y ~ i c ~,lnt. On July 26, 1965, latviancst~rzn~inerskbcrt Vitclniek , Yan &lderis; 2 i d Xxie-rra.ldaVitclnidc were studyirig nccti-I , - 8 . .--I:.:,: ( ~1;;; at a cbxrvation station at-- . .(JJ~:~.P _ i 9:35 7.i::. acy noticcci an unusually1.. -,j:.t~ t z st&ing ~lai.- i n a wssterly dir-.:. :. .i::.:; . k;;:~dC7; a t through binoculars with a- ... .-..---..lfj,,,., :,:,:? of cigl~tdiar;i&ers, the "star"".. -,L,,Yi itself Into a smll, f l a t speck. The~::~.ic?s~iqetkm disclosed the following incrcd-. picture.. . .. .In &e heart or a lens-shaped disc, which~Fi.2s s t r ~ m ~ ~ sestkiatd to bc about 325 f ~ tacross, v7as clearly evidmt a thickened part,a ,wll sFh=e. Arm~qdth2 disc, a t a distanceof tGo diamtcrs, m r c tbxbe spheres resm- the one i n the center. The spha-es s l m1y rotated aroun6 ihc disc a s the cntire sys-tm disninishd i n sizg, gradually leavingthe 3art.h.. . Scine 15 t o 20 minutes l a t e r the5phercis man to-imve away from t h s disc, asif .reccdinq i n different d i r z t i o n s . Thep . I- -,,-,,p,,t,c i n the center also l e f t its place and;23vcd may. Finally a t 10 P.FI. a l l theseshiniqg awrald green bodies wcrc So f a r. m q that thc a s t r o n m s l o s t s i g h t o f than.9 i . s strange picture was observed i n the~?3::.kernpart of the sky a t about 60.5.::qrmxsahvc the hcrizon. The .:itronmerscszk~;l-t&that tile cniqnntic objects wereb u t 60 miles dmvz thc Earth.Third ~ccount.A long radiogram carrived a tcEficc of the mgazine "S....ena," f o rvi;~:ichI had written an a r t i c l e on UFOs. it wassent by st Mate Bashashin on behalf of thecrcw of the Soviet ship Izhevsk.On August 2, 1967, a t llz30 P.-M. Wscowt k - ,while crossing the Norwegian Sea i n awesterly direction, Izhevsk sailors witness-cd this unusual phenmnon, said the radiogram:"There were three of us i n the cabin--Captain Markov, Senior Engimcr Ivanov andmyself. Sysoyev, :. - - ..igator on duty, reporteda strange p h e n m n i n the sky. We ran tothe bridge and saw a sphcre-like b~hitishspot mving southward."A few minutes l a t c r a bright spot f lardup high in the sky. For a couple of secondsit rush& headlong f m west to c a s t a t anangle of -.5d q r e e s to the Earth, gettingmuch larger. S u d d d y it came to s, stop andwith a play of bric&t rainbaw cc1.0rs (yellow..prdcminating) hcgan throwing off sparks -and b c c m cnvcloped i n a white shroud."Oncc again t h e s p h c r e l i k c wkite ncbulaman mving south. Thc p r o c d e was re-.. On the f i f t h and last irnep e t a l four tf .--the spots behavior chmged. It stoppcd mi"-way, turned over and a s d the shape of anq g with the thicker end up. Then a p e r f u lwhite jct qirtcd frm the i a v a d,afterwhich t h e cgg grew pale, becm envclopcdi n white mist - -- vith its white t a i l , ke-gan to head soutnd~.rd.A l l t h i s strangc cclcstial activity wasvisible f o r an hour and thm vanish& intot h i n a i r .Fourth Account. Not one kt several re-ports camc F r m astronawrs of khe Y m t a i nAstrophysical Station, USSR Academy ofSciences, 12 miles Z -mKislovodsk, Caucasus.In July 1967 the station received letters£ran local newspapas reporting the f l i g h tof a strange reddish crescent across tksky a t 9:20 P.M. on July 17.I n the very early morning of July 18, 1967,astroncnner H. I. Potter, who was o b s m -the 1-on a t the Mountain Station, noticeda strange formation against a clear .starrysky a t 2:50 A.M. ~ s c mt h . A white cloudappeared i n the northeast at an elevationof about 20 degrees. Its d i a m t c r was twicea s long a s t h a t of thc Pbon but its nosewas several tires less bright.The cloud i t s e l f had a dcnse milkywhitecolor, with a rosy rcd ~ u c l e u sclearly dis-cernible near its northern erd. The cloudexpanded and grew paler. A few minutesl a t e r the white cloud dispersed campletely,hut tlie reddish nucleus rarainal. Toward(cont. on page eight)
  8. 8. daybreak it.lost its outlines ard thcn dis-appeared. Photographs showing, its changes. .wme t a h . .. .A t 8 :40 P.M. on ~ u g u s t.El, 1967, a t t h e sameKountain Station a s t r o n m r Anatoli Sazanovobservcd an unf&likir Plyirig ob] fct,.It wzsshapcd like c;n"asMtrical cresc&t, with .Ctsconvex side turnd i n the direction of its.mvcment. Narrow, f a i n t l y -luminous ribbonsresembling. the condensation t r a i l of a j e tplane fiAlowed k h i n d the lmrns of the crcs-cent., Its d i a m t e r .was tlm-thirds that of the. . ,Koon,, ::.. i...- was not a s bright. . It was yellowwith a r ~ d i s h-tinge.The obja t .was flying, horizontally i n thenorthern of the sky, fram i~...jtto east,a t - a b u t--20degrees h v e the. h r i z o n . Itr~:.,-~-:i:ledthe distance fran Ursa Yajor t o Cas-niopcya i n half a ininute. A ?:f., :?t s t a r of thef i r s t magilitude was moving a t a constant dis-t a x ? ahead of the.crescent.A s it mvd away from thc obse:wers, thedrescent, tumcd into a ,mil discalicl then i n s t m t l y disappearzd.Thc rc-ystcrious objc.-.; wa.s seen by 10 ofthe s t a t i m s s c i m t i f i c wrkers. It was a:lso!xscF~edi n Kislovodsk, .L x 2 d i n g to Sazamvtil? crescent was 12 miles away, aid it wasRi) 1 ~ 5 : ~than 500 f e e t across.@tical .Il.lusion? k t us stop l ~ r eand draw.c ..:.2U!~lecsr,!-.l.usions. Even jf a l l the UFO evidenceci:~:i:t:;cl t o no more than these faur account.:i.ti?- C ~ C X that the evidence mists. Thefr? ,r-" Of the ~ t t mis, howcvcr, that many.skg~sq:-dsof such obscrvations have been doc-u; th6 past 20 years. They cam fromdozensof countries and virtually every cornzrof our planet ,,including the Arctic and Ant-arctic. The UFO plienmnon is too widespreadt o bc dismissed lightly.A s:".;I :- :; i ixbcr of scrious sciientists art3nct satisfied w i t h explanations charactmi--zing the sightings a s visual aberrations. Itgoes without saying that the phencxnenon at--t r a c t s , and w i l l unfortunately continue to,a l l sprts of publicity-seckers. Wit w do notstop using money because there are counter-f+kers. The task of science is, precisely,the obligation to distinguish between theblse and the true.Thcs, i f science considres f l y i i q saucersa hall~cinatio.n,it still .must explain thecause of the global psychic illness. That nlaywell be a s d i f f i c u l t to establish a s the truenature of UFOs.The wcll-known American astrophysicista3nal.d -bnzcl says t h a t flying saucers areoptical phenmna i n the Earths atmosphere.Because of Professor Wnzcls scientificprestige the explanation is generally zccept-el. But it does not hold water. As soon asvie go on f r m t h i s generalization to c o n c r e ~i~?tcrpretationsof concrete observatior-; itb-.comcs evident that UFOs w i l l not r . i - c+hcmselves to optical phcnmna of L L rikragc,Minkow o r halo typc. Try the Wnzel expla-nation on the four accounts we citkd carlier.Nothing intelligible w i l l m g e . What w es e a to kc d e a l i ~ gwith hcre is a k i d ofr e a l i t y still unocplorcd.Thc appearance of iXs is almost alwaysaccompanied by a lumincsccncc of a i r and theformation of an atmspheric plasm. This f a c tis thc basis for thc "plasma" hypothesis ofU I V s a s accumulations of atmospheric plasmof the &illlighrning typc. But t h i s cxpla-nation dccs rot hold up either. B a l l is always a product of thunderstorms,a d thc appearance of UFOs has no relationt o mather, Ball lightning diameters a s arule run four t o f i v c inchcs, no lxger; thed i m t c r s of flying discs arc tnes a d cvcnh ~ m d r d sof times that size. The bchavior ofUlOs, their shapes and othcr physical pro-pcrtics arc quite different f r m what wkncx11 of b a l l lightning.Saucers and Balls. To find a clue to thenature of UFOs, LE must study a l l thc reportson these surprising and, t o my mind, r c a lobjects. Only a scientific analysis w i l l re-veal the truth.What is, hwcvcr, clear al-ready is t h a t UQ phencmcmn can bc objec-tively analyzcd and c l a s s i f i d . T1-E UFOclassification adopt& by foreign invcsti-gators is also confirnu3 by S m i c t o b s w e r s .By day when o b s m c d f r m Earth o r planes,UFOs zppcar as bright discs with a metallictmge. A s s i s t a n t Professor VyachcslavZaitscv observcd such a flying saucer in1964, above Eologoyc7 from a TU-104 a i r c r a f tmtking a scheduld flight. The huge brightmctal disc s l i d under the liner s belly,madc a turn a d a t s a c distance took acourse parallcl with the a i r c r a f t . Ab .lging core resembling a cabin could beseen i n the heart of the disc. After flyingal.ongsidc the plane for scvc-ral seconds, itswerved abruptly disappeared.A sinilzr object was observcd by goedetica s t r o m e r L-la Tsekhanovih i n the sum-( a n t . on page nins)
  9. 9. m of 1965 near Sukhumi, Caucus. Thc UFO madea swift mamuvcr over the sea, then headedfor thc muntains. Thc a s t r o m c r was, how-ever, able t o see that t h e central protrudingpart of the disc had holes which stmwd t obe lit £ram the inside.UFO m v m n t s arc peculiar. Sonetimcs theyhover over thc earth for tms of minutes. Inflight they can dcvclop incrodiblc. spds andaccelerations.A t 9:45 on the evming of June 17, 1966, onthe outskirts of Enlista a team of geophysivcists from the Institute of O i l and a s Indus-tiy , Volgograd, led by V. G. Krylar , noticeda r d d o s j pbkcct moving across the sky. Itwas shapd like a smll disc.Suddenly the body bcgan t o f a l l swiftlyalonq a helical trajectory, its r d d i s h- - - - --- --,PAGE NINE SKYLIXlK PAGE NINE Ithe objects and observed than during theirpxicd of hovering.: The objects then kegan to slawly d r i f t(downward t o the alarm of thc onlcmk~s.donna siad, "I wanted to run a s far away ?s1could. : Suddenly charging t o ascent, theobjccts rose, leveled off, then again Stoppedbriefly before mving off in the sam! north-westerly direction. They seat& t o trwels l a d y until thcy werc mrth of t ~ w nwherethey "zoamd off" and diszppeard.Mo noise m s reportal 4 the objectssccmed t o be solid i n form. Others in Free-burg also reported seeing the objccts and itwas l e x n d they had been tracked on radar.The next day rumor circulated that thcAir Forcc had keen testing a ncw type ofcolo; chiming to bright white-blue. Thcn there hclico~tcr,but the !&icri group not h y -was sort of a flare, a d instead of thc body ing that. hey arc £&liar w i t h helicopters,a bright-blue round cloud appeared. It Mrs. Pkier said, a d b s i d c s there was noquickly spread out and meltc. away. sound.Depending on the viewing angle, flying Kenneth A. Klamn, of &llcvillc and adiscs look flattmed or cigar-shapcd or f o m r wcathcr forcaster and private pilot,spherical. In some cases a UFO appears as a also observed the objects and sent in acrc,szcnt, turning into a disc bcforc your eyes4report to John Schucsslcr.(cont. i n April) IHe was drving along P~hinStreet in Belle-. v i l l e and obswcd the six objects, flyingSIX UFOsOVER MISSOURI AND IILLNOIS ! f r m the east t o thc vest. F- of thcm, heSix unidcntificd flying objccts w a c seenGVCX ~ C & J T ~&- Eellcvillc, 111.; and St.Wuis and Cape Girardcau on Friday night,January 19, this yocur.Thanks to John F. Schucsslcr, of St.Chzlcs, and &wid A. Schroth, of St. Louis,who obtain& reports of sightiws and a newsstory £ram the EPEEBURG TRIBT, wc arc!to piece together an account of the UFOs assc?mby scvcral witnesses.Phil Nichols, 16, of Smithton; Donna 14eicr16. and hcr mother Mrs. Armin Plcier,I siad, w e r e flying i n a "follow the lcadcr"1fashion i n a straight lin while the fi£thobjzct ficw zig-zag ~~ the first f a r1a t a high rate of sped. Thc sixth object ?j seawd to bc much higher thsn the othms arul/traveling f ~ s t c r .The objccts wcre in sightI &ovt cme micute. Mr, Klamn also report&sccing the flashing lights, bt heard nosoud. His f i r s t impression m s the objectswcrc roving too slowly t o be conventionalaircrclft, but it occurrcd to him thcy mid k helicopters fran the Scott A i r Fbrce Base.buanagarte, a ncighbor of the tki~rsta:]. saw the six objects from the Wicr hOfid315G8. ~ & h State S t r e t, i n Erccbwrg . Latcr Iintaviewed by Jcrry Brown, also of Frceburg, Ithe following rcprt was given--Phil =andDonna .were standing in from the the housc, facingnorthmst when suddenly six objects cam into ,vicw £ram the dircxtion of New Athens, head-. ,ing northwesterly. It was seven oclock on a :clcar night and thc bright lights on theobjccts were outstanding. Thcre were red and :green flashcs and a white pulsating light.,The description was similar t o conventional;aircraft until the objects wcre directly overhead a d cam to a dcad stop. By this t bLWS. I 4 e i c r and her neightor were also watching ,iLXz CALL r!!!!!!!!!!!!John Schuessler, who has h e n trying toplan 2 stabwide meeting of Ufologists i nColmbia smth this spring, tells us hes i n t getting much response frm SKYIXXlKrcders. Have YOU written to John to tellhim y w are interest&? If mt, write him m.The purpose of thc meting is for a gettogetha of Rissouri APRO mxbrs to getacquainted, discussing ufology, listening toguest speakers, and caning up with ideas to£urther the sutdy of UFO sighkings.If you are intcrested and have suggestionsfor the program, write TODAY t o John Schues-slcr, P.O. Box 223, St. Charles, Nissouri,63301.
  10. 10. I PAGE Tm SKMXXlK PAGE TEN 1 SOVIE2 ASKED TO AID IN UFO PROBEUFOs I N FOUR ST= Dr. Condon, director of an A i r ForceEVENING NEWS, Harrisburg, Pa. ,.Parch 4. financed investigation of UFO s ann0Lmced Feb.k s i d e n t s of several states, including Pem- 23d, that he has asked scientists of--thesylvania, Ohio; ?Jest Virginia, and Ksntucky, Soviet Union t o cooperate i n a study of flyingr e p r t e d seeing numerous unindctificd flyinq saucers.objects streaking through tb skies l a s t night. The letter from Condon was realyed threeA spokesarun for thc.Greatar ~$n<:i&-gtlG-,~ ~ e k sa r l i c k by the prcstigidus Nationalport Control Tower sald the UFOs were prob-- Fd=adlmy of Sciences t o the Soviet Ac?.demy.ably a meteorite breaking up. The request was pranpted by ncws reports fmnThe Ohio Highway Ps-trol said residents a l l floscow quoting info& sources a s saying theover the state repxted seeinq the same obic! g o v e m n t had set up a specicd corn-State Police in ~ e n n s u l b a ~ a ,Ckst v i r g k i aard Kentucky also r e c e i v d telephone callsfrom curious persons.Som observers said they saw " t m brilliantwhite UFOs with long tails, " whilc others re-ported a string of objects "rsnging mywherefrom gold i n color t o v x i o u s shades."A story out of Washington, D.C., carricdby the KANSAS CITY TIMES, Plach 7, t h l st o say: A brlght , uniden t l f lecl flying objectspottcd by hundrec!s of pcrsons in the east andthe southeast l a s t M y m y have kxxn a pieceof space junk, a Pentagon s p o k e m said yes-terday.An Air Force officer said reports of amving, slightly flickering light by thc A i rForces project Blue Book which investigatesUFO sightings, but a s p o l ~ e msaid thecl~jecthad a l l the e m r k s of a piece ofspace debris, p s s i b l y an old rocket booster.The Nozth :Amerfcan Air;Ce.5- .c!omrd inC ~ b s i d o Springs, - -lch.&ceps track: of a l l thehcardwzre i n the sky, told the National Acre-m u t i c s & Space Administration it was unablet o confirm o r contradict speculation that theSunday sightings represented r e e n t r y of pertof the Soviet spacecraft Zond 4 launch& lastSaturday.Editors Note: If any of our readers have=my local reports on the above sightingsplease send them in. -E N G ~ ~ E XADDRESSES GROUPJohn F. Schuessler of St. Charles, a.seniordesign engineer employed by Pk=Donnell Astro-nautics Co., of St. Louis, spoke at a meetingof the Tri-State UFO Dsicussion Group i nHannibal, Wednesday night, Feb. 21st a t theArrch Street Plethodist Church.mission t o investigate reports of flyingsauccrs.Condon said hc hasnt had an answer yet,"but. I guess its too soon t o expcct om. "In a telephone interview from Boulder, Colo.,Condon declined t o say whether h i s researcht o date has mde him a bcliever in flyingsauccrs." I m getting t o bc more one way than theothcx," he said, "but I m not going t o tellyou what that way is."Condon, a physicist now on the Universityof Colorado faculty, f o m r l y headd the U.S.Bureau of Standards. He was n& director ofthe UFO study 15 mnths ago ard k a d s ther p b e designod t o find out whether unidcnti-£ i d flying objects are natural p h e m n a orpossibly aircraft frm distant plsnets.Dr. Condon said the investigation w i l lnot be complet& u n t i l sametime i n June,according t o the ST. MUIS GLOBE-DEPERAT ofFeb. 25th, and the report w i l l not be madepublic u n t i l Mvcmbcr or Dccaker.Cordons letter "said i n esscncc, that wzrcdoing a job for the Ilmcrican A i r Force, adwe have an interest i n any similar research,you m y be doing-- ard w e l l ke glad t o ex-change i n f o m t i o n vrith you. So, the lettersays, how shall we get together? "The KANSAS CITY TIMES on March 1st r e p r t e dthat Dr. Condon, 66, was confind t o his. hamcxa f t e r a "recurrence of a heart ailment; onFeb. 23th. H i s condition ms not consideredserious.The report was also made that Dr. Condonhad asked for and received Dr.J. .Allen Hyneksfiles of uxxplained LEO cases. D r . Hyndc hasbeen a UFO consultant t o the Air Force for18 years and is Director of the Dearborn obser-Officers were i n s t a l l d a t t h i s meeting withvatory at ChicagoB i l l Schelen of (Xlincv, I l l . , nand. Chairman. -$he group w i l l m k t again &ch 20th a t the~amiltokHighSchool i n Quincy w i t h m t i n g s0-pen t o anyone interested i n the scientificSEND YOUR REPOFUS IN BEFORE THE loth!study of the UFO phenorwna.
  11. 11. - .:,. . - - . --- ---.PPCE %Em:j,.,ii--!., ;:-., ( . ; - . . - . I1-..,. L. .>c 1 . ::--.....---....--.--I SKEK-- .-.. ..- , . _.. _. ---...---;.. i1A big c i t y nkSpaperrecently devoted four g o v e r m n t "policy" w i l l 1.wter downcol-As with double hc?;dlincs t o 2. report on .his report h? may 2 1 ~ 0wish t o take mcep-" m - - ~ d ~ ~ t i f i ~ e " ,a new bmk by Phillip J. :tion dnd w i l l have the Soviet and Dr. Hpeksi(lass. you ccm purchase - a copy of t h i s erudite findings t o back his own conclusions.(?) classic for $6.35. t o help youdecide if [ UFO STOPS CARSyou must add t h i s volme t o your library,m911tell you r;lr. Klass has solved themys- K a r l Farlow, 25, of Dawlcy, ~hrophire,tfq. unidentified flying objfbs--1m unidcnt-[~n3lard;driving his truck, and a man with afi&flying objects--art. whirling .globs of : r h ~ O Mcompanion in 3. Jaguar Tl?crcapprmchingelectrified gas" o r t o boil it a l l down t o jeach other, coming from opposite directions,one wofl--"p12.m. " His "in-censive study Fhen the engines, lights of both vehicles Kdbrings hiin to t h i s conclusion. !a prtable r?.dio i n the truck suddenly f a i l d. N I ~officials szy i?c. is an i n s t m t expert 3.S a hovercd O V ~the surface of the roadwho knows bems cabout UFO S.: ibctween the t w o vehicles. Thc tiw was thegr- KO is convincd t h a t any size, shapc, ! f i r s t week i n Novcmbcrr 1967, and the placecolor, ctceters UFO is p i a m . Onc. can read IJ~Sa rozd i n S ~ u t ~ m p t o n ,England.h i s book LXI~ wonder no mrc. j Farlow, who n7.dc thc report, said he ~ ~ I ~ s~ 1 1 ,we are still wondering. How & ~ ~ u t jshaking with fright and unable t o k l i e v e h i syou? /won eyes a s he sat i n h i s truck cab mdIncidentally, G J ~also wonder why the aver- bmtchd the 15-f00t wide, ~gg-shapedUFO hover,IcJen c w s p p r c o m n t s on a report of UFOs jfor two minutes. The object, noiseless, rose,being sight- over a four s t a t e m a v ~ i t h2 kmrtic?illy for 40 feet C X I ~ thbn glidcd offbrief p g r , , p h , or ignores it f n t i r ~ l y(nore leastcrly st .a vfanttassticx sp&; i ~ e r e u p noften the latter),kt gives front p g c space ithe lgihts of b t h vehicles b l ~ z e dagain.a - d hmdlincs t o any story debunking TJEDs- 1 The tm drivers comparcd notes, but the+hen a sighting turns out t o be plastic bags C S a ~ z r soccupants "not wishing t o hc in- w i t h lightcd candles, the boys settinq up bolv&liz left the scenz. Fzrlow drove to thethe ho& have a i r !ictures takcn md make $?e&c& call box. ~ tonce a Hcampshirc patrolfron .pagz with a l l the p b l i c i t y which pro- iccz rushcd t o the s p t and Faxlow was inter-bably motivatccl their prank. bicw2d. k c l ~ v e dpolice constable Roy IJinehm,;"Mr. Farlow -appear& to lx quite sobcr and~ i & e r t j , l ~ s s ,this faei &gfs---eveq &ymare ~ m dmore resonsiblc citizens LXC seeing p r y firghtencd .: Another policman said,.adrsporting unidentiricd flyinq objmts, I:lde have no reascn t o s u s p x t t h e i n f o m m thias lying. F$$w szid.,I not z drinking..?.nil d m m d s for serious1:i~vc.stigation increasi?We rc.r;md Dr. Condons asking Soviet " Efforts to contact thd Jaquar drivers c i e n t i s t s t o cooperate i n the investigation pere unsuccessfui.j This story wzs cczried i n the TOROhLEY)of UFOs as a step fomcvd. rhilc Dr. Cordon bAILYSTNI, Nov. 7, 3d wc obtainid it frmis careful not t o s t a t e h i s views on W sne Duplmtiers fine SAUCERS,prior t o r ~ l m s i n gh i s report t o the govern-& s.IwE, 17 ShctlLuul St., F7illow-mcnt, it doesnt seem plausible t o think hcO r i t x i o , Canada.would invite Russias coopx-2-Lion i f he hascaw t o the conclusion thm is nothing t oinvcstig&e.On blturch 1st the IXNSAS CITY TI~ES a~nounccd;Dr. Condon has requcstd the list of sightings 1from J. Allen Hynck, another strm i n the windas we speculate L?S t o D r . Condons u l t h t ~ j$cnclusions. !I n this connection the U.F.O. INVESTI~TOR:j ,NICAPs publication, carried a story i n their irecen issue t o the e f f m t that Dr. Hp& hasLumouncd that i f the Colorado Projfct s con- 1clusion is ccsnplctcly negztive-denying UFOrcality--"He w i l l take the raps off his pr- I.-ma1 Eiles of good unocplaincd czscs &kake ti?m public. i 1IIt occurs t o us that i f Dr. Condon mtici-i . .
  12. 12. i Combined February and March I s s u e s.............Saucer Chases Car.. .page one..............torenzens Hay speak "Asks Red Aid i n UFO Study . . . . . . . . . I. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .With The E d i t o r . .Flying Bubble i n Colorado.. ...... I IThese a r e Not UFOsTed P h i l l i p s , Jr. . . . . . . . . . . . I..............Tulsa Group Meets.. "...........Truck Driver Sees Disc..W i l l Track UFOs.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .E l e c t r i c J o l t Cuts Son5 c Boom.. .. "The Great UFO Probe"Can We T r u s t the UpcomingCondon Report?"Herbert Shuldiner . . . . . . . . . . . .More Funds f o r UFO Study ......... ".............L e t t e r from Author.. "A t t h e News StandTed P h i l l i p s , Jr. .......... "11...........Lectures on the ~ o o n . .Snippy Back i n the News.. . . . . . . . . . .Russian S c i e n t i s t Speaks Out., . . . I 1S i x UFOs over Missouri a n d .I l l i n o i s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I .Last C a l l . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .uFoVsi n Four S t a t e s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IEngineer Addresses Group. . : . . . . . . I 1S o v i e t Asked t o Aid i n UFO Probe. "With the E d i t o r . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .UFO Stops Car .................... "I II ItwoI II II II It h r e eI IIIfiveI Is i x1 1III InineI It e nI II IelevenI I