Cseti miscellaneous items of interest (with many links)


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Cseti miscellaneous items of interest (with many links)

  1. 1. MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS OF INTERESTInterview with Edgar Mitchell - St. Petersburg Times (Florida) February 18,2004UFO Prevents Blast at Chernobyl Nuclear Plant - from Pravda Sept. 16 2002National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958 (NASA Charter)Sec. 102. (a) The Congress hereby declares that it is the policy of the United States that activities inspace should be devoted to peaceful purposes for the benefit of all mankind1991 NASA video from Shuttle STS-48 showsdirected-energy beam attack on UFOAll subsequent video feeds from space scrambled and delayed by NASAExtraordinary maneuvers of daylight UFO captured for several minutesby Air Forces cameras on Nellis Test Range in 1994Video shown at Congressional briefing by CSETI"Control doesnt know what type of aircraft this is either....."Lt. Col. Charles Halt and Sgt. Jim Penniston describe pyramid shapedUFO that landed at Bentwaters AFB in 1980 which Penniston was able totouchSample of Best Available EvidenceIncludes UFO sightings reports from ex-Presidents Reagan (1974) and Carter(1969)Two UFOs detected during "Star Wars" weapons testWelcome to Earth from Raytheons Exo-Atmospheric Kill Vehicle(EKV). Trillion dollar war machine all dressed up with nowhere togo - except Space.List of possible downed/crashed ET and terrestrial (ARV)craftRoswell just one of many since development of Star Wars, TeslaE/M weaponry, alien reproduction vehicles (ARVs), and covertpolicy of "not on our planet". 260+ crashes, downed craft & anomalous incidents todate.At least three nations now have their own electro-gravitic craftRoswellColonel Philip J. Corsos book "The Day After Roswell" details how, as Chief ofArmys Foreign Technology Div. in 1961, he "seeded" the Roswell alien technologyto giants of American industry. Note that when Col. Corso was questioned by onejournalist about the number of craft that crashed in the incident, he held up threefingers.M. Sgt. Frank Kaufman, in his first filmed interview, describes trackingone Roswell craft and explosion on radar, finding the wreckage and discovering fiveET bodies. Also shown are his contemporaneous sketches of the craft and bodies.Jim Ragsdale, in a video shot in hospital five days before his death inJuly 1995, describes how a second craft almost crashed on top of him and hisgirlfriend at a different location near Boy Scout Mountain, and how he entered thecraft and inspected four dead ET bodies and the crafts interior.(Complete video available from Ragsdale Productions)Col. Corso on video
  2. 2. "Give this information to the young people of the world and this country."Ailing witness to 1965 Kecksburg, Penn. crash of ET craft draws pictures ofrecovered craft and ET body he saw at Wright Patterson AFB(Complete video available from Stan Gordon Productions)The Brazilian "Roswell" - 1996 crash by crippled ET craft atVarginha draws front page headlines from the Wall Street Journal. Live ETsrecovered and covert US forces on the scene.The Russian "Roswell" - UFO crash at Hill 611, Dalnegorsk in 1986The Welsh "Roswell" - 1974 crash of UFO at Llandrillo, WalesNew book by researcher Nick Redfern alleges that two ET bodies were alsorecovered at the crash site.The 1967 Shag Harbor, Nova Scotia UFO crash Part IThe 1952 Washington DC UFO flapThe 1965 Edwards AFB UFO incident - CSETI Congressionalwitness recounts all-night monitoring of base by up to 12 UFOs. Confirmation ondeclassified control tower tapes. 600 scientists attending conference there at thetime including Apollo 14 Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, who confirms event.The Magnetic Propulsion System of Interplanetary Spacecraftby George AdamskiAir Forces Nuclear Flying SaucerUFO photographed next to President Carters helicopter in PanamaOur Mysterious Spaceship MoonExcerpts from Don Wilsons classic book about Moon anomalies(now out of print)Vision 2000The New Science Now Emerging for the New Milleniumby Tom BeardenPlants detected ET signalsExcerpt from "The Secret Life of Plants"Visitors from Space - Chapter 4Alternative 325% of this 150 page book is Disinformation - the rest is most probably not. Itdetails the Control Groups off-planet plans.Tom Beardens Internet Book - "Matters Arising"This 259 page epic was removed from the Net almost as soon as it was posted - youcan see why when you read it. Recommend you download and print it.(Note: I failed to download a few formulae before it disappeared, so that is why theyare missing)Dark Matter or Dark Energy?by T.E. BeardenGroundbreaking new paper solves the vexing "missing gravity" known as the "darkmatter" problem in astrophysicsJames Jesus Angleton - Deputy Director of Counter Intelligence & Guardian
  3. 3. of The CIAs Greatest SecretReport on the Brazilian Octagonal MothershipOrganization Charts purporting to show how AlphaCom and MAJI integrate into theIntelligence and outside Contractor CommunitiesChart 1Chart 2"Spark of Life"Frank EdwardsThe ARV story in briefMarch 1999 West Australia Crash ReportAdditional Images of Roswell CrashET body discovered in Lansing, MI in 1996?Report on 1994 UFO landing in Zimbabwe witnessed by 62 schoolchildrenSecond Russian in Space Filmed UFOsLong history of communications from MarsThe Vatican Observatory in Arizona"If there is life, then it will be very much part of Gods creation"Col. Corso and the Philadelphia ExperimentConfirmation of Time Travel in 1944 by the USInterview with Lt. Col. Thomas E. Bearden (ret.)Scalar Electromagnetics and other topicsExcellent companion piece to Dr. Greers Position Paper "The Crossing-Point"United Nations Registry of Space ObjectsUpdated May 17, 1999 by Harvards Jonathan McDowellIncludes registered and unregistered satellitesUFO landing traces from Brazil - May 26, 1999The Anti-deficiency Act (renders Black Projects illegal)Whos Killing the Star Wars Scientists?1989DilbertLight relief - Webmasters choiceThe federal government created 6,620,154 secrets in 1997, according to themost recent audit of federal security operations.Many of those are scientific secrets, but less than 1.5% actually involved thekind of atomic secrets considered crucial to national defense, severalexperts said.In addition, there are 5,002 secret inventions registered with the U.S.Patent Office--devices considered so critical to national security that theirvery nature must be withheld from the public.� Los Angeles Times 1999Note: A CSETI source advises that these "critical secrets" are probably secrets that have been stolenfrom the legitimate patent holders.
  4. 4. Many thanks to NII.NETfor the free Web Hosting for the videos.