Cseti member's real video gallery 1.


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Cseti member's real video gallery 1.

  1. 1. Members Real Video Gallery IDownload Real One Player (free)Video Web Hosting provided free of charge by NII.NET(note: these videos take up an enormous amount of space)Interview with Lt. Col. Tom Bearden (retd.) on Free Energy and the new TeslaElectromagneticsCydonia Part 1 - UPN Channel 13 News Investigative ReportCydonia Part 2 - UPN Channel 13 News Investigative ReportUPN visits NASA (CalTechs) JPL looking for answersThe Sturrock UFO ReportUPN News Channel 13 Investigative ReportThe Moon AnomaliesUPN News Channel 13 Investigative ReportNASA Ames refuses to discuss on camera after initially agreeing to do so.Termination of 1989 Soviet Phobos 2 probeJanuary 12, 1994 Greeney Mountain, Colorado UFO crash is confirmed bysatellite.NORAD has local Sheriffs go and investigate, then sends them to a decoylocationSee the video (from "Sightings")The 1967 Shag Harbor, Nova Scotia UFO crash Part IMcGill AFB, Florida, 1967. Publisher of base newspaper sees 4 flying saucers parkedin restricted area on the base, is told by base Adjutant General that "this particular aircraftcan go fast enough and high enough to achieve space flight."ET probe flies round "Concorde" during test flightLarger picture (best with high-speed connections)UFO crash - 1969 March - Sverdlovsky, USSRComputer simulation of crash (RealPlayer)UFO crash - 1969 March - Sverdlovsky, USSRComputer reconstruction of ET from autopsy (RealPlayer)Lyndon Johnsons 1964 Election Campaign CommercialA sign of the times (Real Player)Alleged UFO filmed downtown Mexico City, 6 Aug 1997(Real Player - 28.8)US and Soviet Astronaut/Cosmonaut UFO sightingsexcerpted from The Learning Channel - "UFOs - Above and Beyond"Includes STS-82 Hubble Mission, Gordon Cooper and othersRunning Time - 6 mins.(Real Player - 28.8)CSETI team in Mexico vector in UFO live on TV
  2. 2. RMIT of Dr. Greer, Shari Adamiak, Trudy Guyker and Bob Hargrove on location nr. Mt.Popocatapetl are filmed for special for The Learning Channel in 1997Running Time - 4 minsSee stills from this event(Real Player - 28.8)UFO monitors missile launch at Vandenberg AFBInterview with Dr. Robert Jacobs on "Sightings" re. November 1964 incidentRunning Time - 7.5 minsUFO re-programs nuclear missiles at Malmstrom AFBMilitary witnesses discuss this seminal incident during which a UFO shut down andrestarted a dozen nuclear missiles at two bases on March 16th, 1967Running Time - 8.5 minsWatch "The UFO Coverup" - Larry King Live from Area 51in RealVideoOctober 1st, 1994 - this was Larry Kings highest rated show ever at the time.Featured guest include Dr. Steven Greer, Stanton Friedman and Kevin Randle.The complete show with no commercials (runs about 1 1/2 hours)Watch First Half Hour (First & Second Segments) (28.8 Kbs modem)Third SegmentFourth SegmentFifth SegmentSixth SegmentSeventh SegmentVideo of 1962 Mars landing from purported secret US-Soviet unmanned probe in1962from the defunct TV show "Strange Universe" (1998)This appears to be the same footage that was first shown on Anglia TV in the UK at 9pm on June 20th,1977 in "Alternative 3". Anglia subsequently claimed it was a hoax, but the authors of the show continueto claim it as factual.Cosmonaut Victor Afanacyev describes the structured UFO that followed his spacemission in April 1979 ("Sightings")Running Time 2 mins 30 secsDalnegorsk UFO crash in eastern Siberia, 1986 ("Height 611")Secrets of Hangar 18 at Wright-Patterson AFBVideo from the Carp, Canada UFO crash(the "Guardian" footage)1947Radio broadcast by Kenneth Arnold, Maury Island UFO crash witness, plus review ofyears events.1908 UFO explosion over Tunguska, SiberiaJim Ragsdale, in a video shot in hospital five days before his death, describes how thesecond Roswell craft, which had collided with the first one, almost crashed on top of himand his girlfriend at a different location, and how he went in the craft and inspected thebodies in the morning.Full video available from Ragsdale Productions
  3. 3. Kogi message to "younger brother"Warnings from the remote inhabitants of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, ColombiaFascinating 1990 BBC documentary "From The Heart of the World"The Elder Brothers WarningPlay VideoCourtesy www.thule.orgAiling witness to 1965 Kecksburg, Penn.crash of ET craft draws pictures of recoveredcraft and ET body he saw at Wright Patterson AFB(Complete video available from Stan Gordon Productions)The "Big Wow" signal that was received at the Ohio State University radio telescopefacility on August 15th, 1977The Brazilian "Roswell" - 1996 crash by crippled ET craft at Varginha draws frontpage headlines from the Wall Street Journal. Live ETs recovered and covert US forceson the scene.1962 crash of UFO near Las VegasNORAD radio communication with America West Flight 564 Boeing 757 confirmstracking large UFO on May 26, 1995 over New Mexico at 30,000 ft."Length unbelievable"The 1952 Washington DC UFO flapDouble orbs fly into Lake Ontario, Canada - October 5th, 1999Video of UFO crash in the desert (White Sands, NM?)The Welsh "Roswell" - 1974 crash of UFO at Llandrillo, Wales accompanied byearthquake, giving all indications of a scalar electromagnetic attack which also triggeredlocal fault zone.Video report - intelligent Martian radio signals received in 1924The 1965 Edwards AFB UFO incident - CSETI Congressional witness recounts all-night monitoring of base by up to 12 UFOs on declassified control tower tapesSpanish Government de-classifies all UFO files - video report