Cseti additional position and briefing papers (with many links)


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Cseti additional position and briefing papers (with many links)

  1. 1. Additional Position and Briefing Papersby Miscellaneous AuthorsAlternative / Suppressed Technologies Tom Beardens Web Site The Astronauts Magnetic Boots Wilhelm Reich and Orgone EnergyConvicted on spurious charges, he died in jail after all his bookswere burnt by the FDA. One of the grandfathers of weathermodification with his "cloudbuster", which was observed by LarryWarren at Bentwaters AFB. Rife-Bare Technology Viktor Schaubergers Flow MechanicsBrilliant and unschooled, his discoveries were eagerly watched byRussia and the West, and were purloined and taken deep black bythe U.S. after WWII. Memory of WaterJacques Benveniste Cold Fusion and Zero Point Energy (radio transcript)Dr. Bob Hieronomous, 1996 Over-Unity Device Installed in Minuteman MissileAstronomy Anomalous Lines on EuropaArthur C. Clarke Phobos is Artificial StructureSoviet Colonel Galina PopovichBibliography The Day After Roswell - Col. Philip J. Corso, William J. Birnes.1997. Ignore the obligatory "evil-alien" slant expected from amilitary man, this is a must-read. First printing with Forward bySenate Armed Forces Chairman Sen. Strom Thurmond (deleted inlater printings) is a collectors item. Forbidden Science: Journal 1957-1969Jacques Vallee "Alien Agenda - Investigating the Extraterrestrial PresenceAmong Us" - Jim Marrs, 1997 "Above Top Secret: The Worldwide U.F.O. Cover-Up"Timothy Good "The Listeners"James GunnNovel based on a factual incident involving the receipt of an extra-terrestrial message by the Arecibo listening post in Puerto Rico. "NASA, Nazis and JFK"
  2. 2. Reprint of the 1970 Torbitt Document, containing apparently well-documented trail linking the heart of the Nazi war machinevia Project Paperclip into the genesis of NASA and its political controlover the US space program and security systems. Allegedly basedon working papers from agents within the Customs Dept. and theNarcotics Bureau. "The Trail of the Octopus"ex-DIA agent Lester Colemans saga details the complicity of theDEA office in Cyprus in allowing drug shipments by Syrian PremierHafez Assads brother into Detroit. A ploy which ultimately led tothe downing of PanAm Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. Of notebecause illegal drug sales have long been rumored to be a source offunding for "black" projects. Rule by SecrecyJim MarrsConsciousness The Universe as a Hologram Controlled Remote ViewingFAS resource Remote Viewing (Part 1) - David Morehouse 1997 Interview inNexus Magazine. Holographic nature of the Universe, true structureof space and time, essential reading. Remote Viewing (Part 2) - David Morehouse 1997 Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research - Prof. Robert G.Jahn, 1997Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research - Engineering andConsciousness - Roger NelsonEarth Changes Updates on Current Volcanic Activity Global Current Earthquake Information Remedial Geotechnical Work? - 1992 "Almost Inconceivable" Changes in the Geomagnetic Field The Steens Mountain ConundrumEnvironmental As Alaska Melts, Scientists Consider the Reasons WhyNew York Times If Climate Changes, Who Is Vulnerable? Panels OfferProjectionsNew York Times U.S. Officials: Major Environmental Disaster in Mexico Armys Huge Supply of Nerve Gas Poses Some UnnervingQuestions Signs of Boom and Doom
  3. 3. Contries richer, Earth poorer Western States Drinking Water Contaminated with RocketFuel - No known removal process Environmental Health Information ServiceIncludes List of Chemicals and Chemical Processes Known andAnticipated to be Carcinogens. Superfund/EPA Hazardous Waste SitesFinal National Priorities List (NPL) Sites(1194 Sites as of September 29, 1998)Proposed National Priorities List (PNPL) Sites(66 Sites as of September 29, 1998) Suns rays cause salamander deformitiesGenetic Engineering Findings on extending lifespan of flies holds promise forhumansGovernment / Business U.S. Defence Secretary Cohen expresses concernabout eco-terrorism using scalar electromagneticweapons. Free EnergyDr. Greers meeting with Sr. Federal Reserve Board official A Citizens Guide to the Federal BudgetNot exactly the whole story, but its a start Off Budget Debt If only the US were as free as Hong KongMilton Friedman (Nobel Laureate) - Wall St. Journal, 1997 Information about excessive secrecy in the US nationalsecurity system - Paul McGinnisHealth The REAL Fluoridation FactsHistorical A 1961 lecture by Canadian scientist Wilbert Smith abouttechnical liaison with ETs
  4. 4. Inter-Species Communication Dolphin School, Peter Russell, 1997 The Crop Circle Connector Thirty-Seven Anomalous Signals Received from Deep Space -SETI, 1994Legal Area 51 toxicity lawsuit gutted by 9th CircuitUpdate Secretary of Defence can conduct biological experiments onpopulation if two public officials agree NASA Law prohibited Extraterrestrial Contact (Repealed in1991)Militarization of Space U.S. Ground-Based Laser Hits Satellite 1997 US National Space PolicyNational Science and Technology Council, 1996Note: Addenda are Classified! Space Handbook - A Warfighters Guide to SpaceVolume I - Maj Michael J Muolo, Air University Air Command andStaff College, 1993 AF 2025 - the Air Forces Air University looks decades into thefuture and identifies concepts, capabilities and technologies whichwill be needed for the U.S. to remain the worlds dominant air andspace force in the 21st century. Implanted brain chips, weathermodification - its all here! 1997 Spacecast 2020 - the Air Forces Air University identifies futurehigh leverage space technologies that will best support thewarfighters mission to defend the U.S. through control andexploitation of air and space. Note: many sections omitted orclassified, including Counterforce Weather Control. 1994 NASA video feed from Shuttle shows attack on UFO1991Military / Industrial / Weaponry The Yakuza and Free Energy Time Polarization - Significance and Weaponization Quantum Potential Weapons Col. Corso confirms "Philadelphia Experiment" Tesla electromagnetic weapons testing report from Australia- "Bright Skies"Harry Mason Black Budget, Christopher Weir, 1997
  5. 5.  Evidence for Military Kidnappings of allegedUFO abductees, Dr. Helmut Lammer, 1997 NRO loses $4 billion, Tim Weiner, 1996 Pres. Eisenhowers farewell speech, 1961Mind Control Zapped by Science, AgainThis article is extremely important, as it shows how easily hoaxedUFO/ET experiences can be induced electromagnetically More findings of Project MILAB:Looking behind the alien/military abduction agenda,Dr. Helmut Lammer, 1997 Mind Control Technology, Katharina Wilson, 1997 Military Use of Mind Control WeaponsJudy Wall, 1998Movie/Video "Farewell Good Brother"Interesting documentary about post-WWII contactees, some ofwhom devised effective contact protocols to initiate communication.1992 "The Gods Must be Crazy"A charming little tale set in Botswana that is a metaphor for ourattempts to understand ET technology. 1979 "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"Spielbergs Classic. Almost a Documentary. 1977 "UFOs are Real"Excellent 70s documentary. Stanton Friedman was consultant.Nuclear - click to visit this sectionPolitical NASA stonewalls Congressmans request to find out aboutairbrushing UFOs from NASA photos before release to public.
  6. 6. Religion Anglican Bishops believe in Alien LifeSunday Times Vatican theologian admits on Italian TV that ET contact isReal Vatican admits Galileo correct (in 1992!)Los Angeles TimesScience / Technology Radar - problem for early UFOs Alien Life Forms May Be Inside EarthThe Sunday Times Scalar Energy AbuseLt. Col. (retired) Thomas Bearden Scientific panel concludes some UFO evidence worthy ofstudy - Prof. Peter Sturrock, Stanford University, June 29, 1998 Wings of LightNew Scientist, 10 January, 1998 Gravity Bibliography - Bob LazarEnter USERNAME and PASSWORD given on his site and proceed tohttp://www.boblazar.com/protected/BIBLI.htm Electrons Know You are WatchingUPI, February 1998 Teleportation achieved in Lab?Associated PressNote: a CSETI Witness advises that this was originally achieved inblack programs in the 1950s Tiny Insect-like Satellites proposed for SpaceLos Alamos National Laboratory. Chinese Scholars Tap Physics To Learn About Flying Saucers -Wall Street Journal, November 7th, 1997.(and the US denies their existence?) Scientists make frog levitate with magnetismNijmegen High Field Magnet Laboratory UFOs and Mainstream ScienceBernhard Haisch, Ph. D., Editor-in-Chief, Journal of ScientificExploration. Anti-gravity device gives Science a liftElectronic Telegraph - Sept. 1, 1996 Unconventional Flying Objects: A Scientific AnalysisPaul R. Hill, 1995 Explanation of Appearance and Coloring of ET Craft, Paul R.Hill, 1995 (excerpt) How Hot is UFO Radiation?, Paul R. Hill, 1995 (excerpt) Electrogravitics Systems, Aviation Studies (Intl) Ltd. 1956Sociological
  7. 7.  Commentary - Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, 1998 Economy, Politics, Physics and New EnergyJosef Hasslberger The Structure of Scientific Revolutions - Thomas S. KuhnWorld Peace World Peace 2000