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  • 1. CSETICSETICSETICSETIThis issue is dedicated to the memory of Shari Adamiak, who was CSETI’s Research Director and WorkingGroup Coordinator. Shari was a friend, colleague, and teacher and touched many lives. Our Ambassadorsto the Universe Training Retreat in Crestone, Colorado in June 1998 is also dedicated to Shari, and herpresence will be felt in all of our endeavors, now and in the future.CSETI director and founder, Dr. Steven Greer, wrote a touching tribute to her that we share with you inthis issue. We also include training reports written by Shari last year, and a transcript of the talk she gaveat the Prophet’s Conference last October.In This IssueMessage from the Director 1997 Crestone TrainingTribute to Shari Adamiak CE-5 RetrospectiveBeyond Contact Best Available EvidenceTheoretical Evidence 1997 England Training ReportCriteria for Privatization 1998 Hawaii Training ReportCrash Reports Working Group ReportMessage From the DirectorTHE CSETI PROJECT STARLIGHT DISCLOSURE STRATEGY:UPDATE AND CLARIFICATION8 April 1998copyright 1998 Steven M. Greer M.D.For over four and one half years, CSETI hasbeen diligently implementing a strategicplan to effect a disclosure on the UFO/ETIsubject. Recent misinformation anddisinformation regarding this process whichhas appeared on the Internet and elsewherenecessitates a reiteration of that strategicplan and an update on the process.In the summer of 1993, a group of CSETIadvisors and military consultants met todiscuss how to best develop a reliable pointof contact (POC) to the US government.This was felt necessary after a number ofCSETI CE-5 [Close Encounter of the 5thKind] encounter incidents had occurredwhich resulted in team members expressingconcerns about covert attempts to interferewith the CE-5 diplomatic initiative. It wasfelt a reliable POC was needed forcommunication and briefing purposes, thusreducing the likelihood of an undesiredoutcome or event.Ultimately it was decided that we shouldpursue various POCs within the ExecutiveBranch of the US government and themilitary and to approach congressionalleadership at a later point in the process.A strategic plan was devised to 1) collectand identify the Best Available Evidencerelated to UFOs/ETI; 2) identify top-secretmilitary and intelligence witnesses to thematter who were willing to come forwardand disclose what they knew; 3) create ateam of briefers and advisors to ExecutiveBranch officials and military officials whowould conduct briefings and recommendnear-term disclosure of the subject and theNewslNewslNewslNewsletter of theetter of theetter of theetter of theCenter for the Study ofCenter for the Study ofCenter for the Study ofCenter for the Study ofExtraterrestrial IntelligenceExtraterrestrial IntelligenceExtraterrestrial IntelligenceExtraterrestrial IntelligenceVolume VII, No. 1Spring 1998
  • 2. end to secrecy related to the subject.Eventually, a number of consultants becameinvolved with the briefing and disclosureprocess, including national security thinktank heads, friends of the President andothers. Continued networking resulted inbriefings for senior Clinton Administrationofficials, including CIA Director JamesWoolsey.During these briefings, we recommendeddecisive government action to end thesecrecy surrounding this subject and that theAdministration should work to disclosesubstantial facts about the UFO/ETI issue assoon as possible. In the materials providedfor senior White House, CIA, DOD andother officials we set out the rationale for thetimeliness of this disclosure and the dangersassociated with continued secrecy. We alsoclearly stated in writing that if thegovernment did not coordinate thisdisclosure, that we would bypass thegovernment and work to disclose thesesecrets unilaterally. However, we made itclear that it was in the nation’s (and world’s)best interest to have so weighty a matterdisclosed cooperatively by the government.Unfortunately, very senior Executive Branchofficials, including the CIA Director, seniorPresidential advisors and Pentagon officialsfound it difficult to penetrate the ultra-secret‘black’ programs dealing with this subject.As CIA Director Woolsey pointed out to me,they cannot disclose what they do not knowor have access to.It is now a matter of public record thatAssistant Attorney General and closePresidential friend Webster Hubbell hadbeen asked officially by the President tolook into the UFO issue (see Hubbell’s book‘Friends in High Places”). Hubbell statedthat they were not satisfied with the answersthey were getting from NORAD andelsewhere. It is disturbing to think that thePresident - our Commander-In-Chief - andhis inner circle may not have high enoughclearances to be briefed fully on thismatter…After a period of extensive briefings for US,foreign and UN leaders, it became obviousthat 1) these leaders were deliberately beingkept in the dark on the subject and 2) thatthey did not possess the courage or politicalwill to take on the covert apparatusmanaging the UFO/ETI matter. In fact, theywere visibly shaken by the situation.As more and more top-secret witnesses,documents and other evidence wasidentified, it became clear that - unless aPresidential executive order effectivelyended the secrecy and resulted in disclosure- that our next best option would be toidentify a member of congress who wouldcall for and hold open congressionalhearings on the subject.At this point, a number of old wags in theUFO subculture stated that we should justcome forward with what we knew, identifythe top-secret witnesses and let it all comeout. This facile strategic recommendationoverlooked three major problems:1) The foundation of the disclosure processis the pool of dozens of top-secret militaryand intelligence witnesses to unambiguousUFO/ET events and programs. Thesecourageous witnesses have asked for a safe,effective and official means of coming outwith their testimony, if at all possible.CSETI felt a moral responsibility tovigorously pursue an officially sanctionedvenue for so momentous a disclosure, if atall feasible.To this end, CSETI has - for 4 1/2 years -attempted to secure the highest, safestofficial venue possible for this disclosure.These courageous military witnesses haveasked this of us, and we have faithfullypursued that request. Some of thesewitnesses are in fear for their lives; othersfear other sanctions and punishment. All ofthem would prefer to come forward in an
  • 3. official setting, freed from the restraints oftheir national security oaths etc.2) The disclosure of the reality of UFOs andETI is no small matter. Neither the CSETIleadership nor our witnesses wanted toappear to be upstaging the US government,the UN or other concerned governments. Itwas imperative that we make good-faithefforts to get our national and world leadersto deal with this subject officially, prior to aunilateral privatized disclosure. Theimplications of such a disclosure are so vastand so profound that only a very recklessperson or group would attempt to effect thisdisclosure without first offering to workcooperatively with our governments. Wehave assiduously created a paper trail whichfully documents these efforts, lest we laterbe accused of disclosing the ultimate secretwithout first consulting with thegovernment. While this process has been inturns tedious, rewarding, exasperating,expensive and time-consuming, we arecertain that it was the right thing to do.3) In the absence of significant funding for aprivatized disclosure, the best and most cost-effective way to achieve this goal was toconvince the government or the Congress totake on this task. A congressional hearing,obviously, would be funded by theCongress. A private disclosure will need tobe funded by - who? Those who think thatyou simply hold a press conference with thewitnesses (arranging that -including flyinginto one place, lodging etc dozens ofwitnesses- would alone cost tens ofthousands of dollars, if not hundreds ofthousands) have never dealt with big mediaon this subject. We are not willing to exposethese witnesses unless it is strategicallyeffective. There is no point in taking suchrisks unless there is a reasonable likelihoodthat the status quo will be changed. Toprivately see that this is the case -with nosupport of congress or the government - willbe a complex and expensive undertaking, faroutside the resources of the UFO communityat this time (or at any time in the past).In light of the above, from 1995-1997CSETI pursued a number of briefings withmembers of Congress. One year ago, onApril 9, 1997, we convened the historicCSETI briefings for members of Congress,White House figures and senior militaryfigures, among others (see the CSETIReport on the DC Briefings). Since April of1997, we have continued to providebriefings and recommended to keycongressional committee chairmen that openhearings be convened as soon as practical.Hundreds if not thousands of CSETIsupporters have written these keycongressional leaders recommending openhearings on the UFO/ETI subject.I have personally met with numerousmembers of Congress. Key committeechairmen have been fully briefed and givenunambiguous evidence and top-secretwitness testimony, in person and onvideotape. And everyone is tossing this hotpotato to someone else’s committee. Notunlike the refrain Not In My Backyard, itappears our leaders are saying Not In MyCommittee.To recap, we have over the past four and ahalf years assiduously fulfilled a strategy toidentify the best scientific evidence andgovernment witnesses, brief and adviseworld leaders, members of Congress, thePentagon, the UN and others and have fullydocumented this process. We have doneeverything humanly possible, at immensecost in funds, time and human life, to seethat this process was done properly. In goodfaith to our witnesses we took no shortcutsand have consistently asked the President,the Congress and others to allow thisdisclosure to take place officially and safelythrough proper channels.While we are willing to continue to briefmembers of Congress, Pentagon leaders andother government leaders when called upon,and while we still prefer official governmentinvolvement in this disclosure, the time hascome to begin these disclosures without thegovernment. We cannot allow this process
  • 4. to be delayed indefinitely by bureaucrats ortimid politicians who will not take on thisresponsibility.The opportunity has been offered to them,and we continue to offer our cooperationshould Congress or the President decide todo the right thing and become involved inthis disclosure process.Ultimately, however, the time comes whenclosure is needed regarding the governmentbriefing process, and ‘we the people’ shouldexert our rights to free speech and comeforward with the truth as we have found it.Without the cover of a Congressionalsubpoena, many witnesses may be reluctantto step forward. However, we know that themost courageous and resolute governmentwitnesses will come forward with us,independent of the government. They, morethan we, are weary of the excessive secrecyand ridiculing which surrounds this subject.With these courageous witnesses, we willcome forward with a privatized, civilian ledprogram to disclose the truth of this subject,in the most credible, highest and mosteffective manner possible.This will consist of a world newsconference, multi-part prime time exposedocumentary series, compendium books anda world scientific summit. This process,once begun, must be relentless, high quality,serious and thorough.Ironically, numerous members of Congress,White House staff, and very senior JointChiefs of Staff personnel haverecommended that we bypass thegovernment altogether and come forwardwith the evidence and witnesses.Of course, this is somewhat self-serving,since it gets them off the hook and ignoresthe fact that many of our best witnesses willnot come forward without officiallysanctioned approval and immunity fromprosecution for violating national securityregulations. Nevertheless, after four and halfyears of thorough strategic implementation,the time has come to see that the truth comesout via a civilian, privatized multi-mediaprocess. And we have been told by membersof Congress that once this happens, thelikelihood of open Congressional hearingswill be significantly enhanced.These are the crossroads at which we findourselves: The Congress, like Caesars’sSenate, pursues trivialities while Romeburns, and the main stream news mediaregards the pursuit of sexual peccadillos asthe summit of investigative reporting. Howtragic.Meanwhile, it is left to the people to resolveone of the most important issues of our time:That we are not alone, that intelligent life isvisiting this planet, and that a cabal of covertprograms and entities are hiding the truthfrom our leaders and from the people. Andthe means for generating immense amountsof pollution-free energy is hidden away inblack projects, while the earth’s geophysicalequilibrium is increasingly upset.I suggest we move on.Steven M. Greer M.D.,Director of CSETIwww.cseti.org*********************************A Tribute to Shari Adamiakby Steven M. Greer, M.D.Shari Adamiak passed on to the worlds of Lighttoday, January 20, 1998 at 9:50 am MST.Shari made her transition in the presence offriends and loved ones, peacefully andwithout pain.I ask that everyone pause to say a prayer forShari and the progress of her soul in thepresence of God.What words can contain our sense of lossand of the love we all shared with Shari?Since 1991, when we first met at a lecture inLos Angeles, Shari has been a pillar ofstrength and support, an indefatigable
  • 5. colleague, a true friend, an intrepid fellowexplorer, an irreplaceable confidant and afearless lioness without whose dedicationCSETI could not have realized its manyhistoric achievements.She has been my right hand and trustedassistant for over six years. Whether bravingthe dangers of the remotest parts of LatinAmerica or assisting with meetings at theoffices of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in thePentagon, Shari was there with me - and forall of us. She never faltered and she nevergave up.Unphased by the barbs of critics or themachinations of relentless covert operations,she resolutely worked for a time of peace - apeace universal, for the earth and forcountless worlds beyond.How many wonders did we witnesstogether? From walking in the shadow ofsome of this world’s largest volcanos withextraterrestrial spacecraft floating silentlyabove us, to watching a dozen top-secretmilitary witnesses tell an assemblage ofCongressmen the truth about UFOs, Shariand I saw events unfold of such greatsignificance that only the passage of timewill reveal their true and ultimatesignificance.And through it all, Shari was filled with ajoy, an excitement and energy, an almostchild-like curiosity and wonder at themysteries of creation and the astonishingpotential of these times.Even as her body began to fail her, sheevinced a spirit of such grace, courage andlove that all those who knew her wereamazed and blessed by her example.Just two months ago, in November of 1997,she journeyed to Joshua Tree wilderness inCalifornia with me. There she experiencedwhat she loved most: the oneness with thestars, the universe and the communicationwith those peoples from other planetsvisiting our turbulent world.Fighting weakness, pain and increasingparalysis of her right arm and leg, Shariwent into the desert each night, undeterredby the growing obstacles posed by herphysical condition. And there, through thecrossing point of light, we saw the depths ofspace and the people and spacecraft fromother worlds, who await our own coming ofage as a people. Nothing would keep herfrom this purpose.Now, a great light has gone from this world,but it shines forever brightly in the realms ofeternity. I know Shari was ready for thisgreat journey: Precisely 7 mornings beforethe morning of her passing, we crossed overtogether to the other side, if only for a while.Awestruck, we witnessed a Light - aPresence- so beautiful, emanating from thecenter of creation. No words can depict it; itwas beyond anything the intellect can grasp.An infinite brilliance, golden white in thecenter and becoming more peach, pink andmagenta as it expanded infinitely before us,suffused us in a sea of love, joy and beautyunlike any experience of my life. It was theexperience of the consciousness of God -pure light, unspeakable love and peace. Andpermeating that Spot were millions of voicesjoining as one, singing a melody too sweetto recall. And the refrain was: “We are allone in Spirit”.Knowing that her time was near, I came toDenver yesterday to see her to the otherside. Last night while saying prayers, sheemerged from the coma, and with a look ofgreat joy on her face, opened her eyes. I toldher all was ready for her transition to theworld of Light, and that she should go whenshe was ready. I could hear her acknowledgethese words, and a large tear welled up inher eyes as she knew that our time togetherin this world was nearly over.This morning, we were called to herbedside. As we gathered, we said prayersand prepared her spiritually for thetransition. As lights and a breath of greatspirit filled the room, we saw it was time,and I said: “Shari, go into the eternal light”.
  • 6. With that, she took her final breath andascended to Providence...Even while knowing the joy and love of herpresent state, the loss is nonetheless severe.But let us remember her thus: She lives inthe worlds of Light, joyous, and she wouldwant us to continue the work to which shededicated her life - the establishment ofUniversal Peace, and the creation of acosmic civilization.Shari AdamiakAnd we find hope in the knowledge thatthose who have passed on to the next worldbecome the leaven which raises this worldof existence. Shari and I discussed her futurework, from beyond the veil of light, whichwould advance the cause of peace andenlightenment in all the realms of God. Ihave no doubt that she will serve well fromher new home in the eternal and become oneof the angels of peace.Without peace, there can be no progress onthis Earth. So let us work for peace withhearts filled with love. For when we passfrom this world, all we really take with us islove - endless, infinite love.Steven M. Greer M.D.Director of CSETI20 January 1998Notes from the Prophets Conference -“Beyond Contact” PanelShari AdamiakReproduced here with much gratitude to andpermission from Notes From The ProphetsConference, available on the World WideWeb, at http://www.aloha.net/~axiom/The Prophets Conferences/Axiom are verygrateful to have had the participation ofShari Adamiak at our October [1997]gathering. Her depth of insight, intelligence,understanding, caring and love are there toinspire us all. This was her final message toa large public group, and we feel that it is ofgreat value and importance.“It is wonderful to be here at a conferencecalled The Prophets. I think that each andevery one of us in the coming months willfind that we individually have a prophecy tobring; to share with the rest of the world. Ithink that you’ll find it unfolding withinyou. I think that’s part of the reason whywe’re all here today; because we are allpieces of this puzzle and it is reaching thepoint where it’s forming a wonderfulpicture, and it has the capability of being acouple of different pictures in the very nearfuture. I’m convinced that things like this;people like this (referring to the otherpanelists); minds thinking in this way, canhelp us and the world to create heaven onearth.“I really appreciate everything the panelmembers have said so far and agree witheverything they have presented, and I totallyagree with Annie (Annie Kirkwood -panelist), that there is just ‘ONE’.“One of our models in CSETI is: ‘OneUniverse, One People’. And as we progressin this work of contact, the deliberateseeking of contact, what we have found - themost striking thing of all - is that we are somuch more alike than we are different.“It’s a very big lesson realizing that the out-moded things of our civilization do not need
  • 7. to be carried off this planet. When you thinkabout some of the sheer terminology that isused: alien, abduction, mutilation. They’reall things that have to do with them and us,things that have to do with victim andperpetrator, things that have to do withviolence.“We need to let this racism go, and then gointo this new age realizing that there aremany, many other intelligent civilizations inthe universe. They are our brothers, and weshare much, much more of life with themthan what we would find as difference.Regardless of whether we look completelydifferent, one thing we do share isintelligence and consciousness. In our workwith contact, and we have been veryfortunate and blessed to have had someincredibly close contact, the one overlyingfinding for all of us is the absolute unity andthe absolute kindness.“We have spent hours - hundreds of hours -in the field deliberately inviting contact -seeking contact. We have never once hadanything, even in the slightest bit, beunfriendly, aggressive, harmful, frightening,or anything else like that. No one who hasever been involved in our work has hadanything resembling an abductionexperience.“My own personal experience goes back tovery early childhood where I literally grewup with the ET playmates. My family waswell aware of this. My mother had a verydifficult time accepting it, so it wasn’tsomething that I spoke about very often.And, as it goes with many people, the samehappened with me, contact stopped when Ibecame a teenager. This often occursbecause they want you to have a normaladolescence. They want you to learn toaccept yourself and to form your ownidentity. So they tend to withdrawsometimes during those formative years.Contact continued when I was in mytwenties.“All of my contact as a child had beenabsolutely helpful and absolutely loving;teaching me incredible things about theuniverse; about the laws of physics whichwe have yet to discover.“When I was in my twenties I had somerather frightening experiences, butknowledge is the best teacher, and I realizedthat these didn’t fit the pattern of anythingthat had ever occurred to me before. I beganto realize that there’s a whole gamish [sic]of experience to be experienced. Everythingunfortunately often gets lumped into the ETcategory. Yet we forget that there are astralbeings and spirit ghosts. There aredisembodied spirits; there are those that aredead who don’t wish to be dead, who don’teven know they are dead and who don’twish to give up the earth plane. There are allsorts of things like this in the spirit world.All of these things tend to be lumped in thecategory of ET experience. Andunfortunately, many of these -quote/unquote - ‘abduction’ scenarios mayindeed not be necessarily due to the ETs.“We have also done a great deal of research,and as you may know, we have amassedquite a number, nearly 150, livinggovernment and military witnesses, some ofwhom know that there is a human abductionprogram and who remember parts of it;remember actually being a part of it. Andbelieve me, it’s no accident that blackhelicopters are seen around places wherepeople have encounters. It is no accident thatmany people have come to during anencounter experience, to see people standingaround them in military uniforms. I alwayssay that there is a great deal moreinformation out there, and there is indeedsomething occurring. There is somethingreal happening, but not necessarily, if at all,due to the ETs. In our range of experiencewe have had many different types of beingsencounter us, both in the etheric and luciddream state, and in their physical form.Very, very few of these encounters fit yourcommon ET description, or your commonabduction scenario. Very, very few.
  • 8. “I actually was afraid to talk about this formost of my adult life, but I started havingdreams that there would come a time when itwould be important to share thisinformation. It is now necessary to helppeople understand other civilizations in theuniverse. I was kind of dragged kicking andscreaming out of the closet on this issue, andI realized there would come a time whenindeed I would have to speak about it.“When I began this, I contacted WhitleyStrieber, after he wrote ‘Communion’, andbegan doing some work with hisCommunion Group. I quickly found, after afew months, that the people, in the group asa whole, were not interested in learningmore about this magnificent other part ofreality that had touched their lives. Theywanted instead to get support for continuingto feel as victims. I did not consider that tobe growth. I considered that to be closingthe eyes to the most magnificent thing that’shappening on this planet.“Then in 1991 I heard Steven Greer speak inCalifornia, one of the very first talks he evergave, and he described exactly my feelings;my experience. He and I had shared many ofthe same things. Besides the fact that we’vehad this rich spiritual encounter all of ourlives, we’ve both done a lot of work inmeditation. He’s a physician and I’m aparalegal, so we both had extremely logicalminds as the basis for these ratherextraordinary experiences. I wasn’t really anorganization joiner, but I figured he wasdoing the absolute best thing possible byforming an organization to promote the ideathat it’s high time that we acted asdiplomats, and welcomed these visitors toour world: so that we might learn moreabout them; so that we might stop holdingthoughts of fear and some kind of anger; sothat we allow them to see a face on us; toapproach us, and to perhaps share some oftheir scientific stories. The best way to dothat was to deliberately seek communicationwith them. As we well know, our knowledgein anything grows from communication, andas we grow in communication we grow inunderstanding, and as this understandinggrows it grows in knowledge, and it’sendless, and endless, and endless. And thenout of this comes the time when you becomemore interested in this, and you begin to seethat we and other people in the universe aremore alike than dissimilar. It’s like standingin a little room, and all of a sudden the wallsall fall away, and you can see reality, andIT’S BEAUTIFUL TO REMEMBER.”May these words of Shari Adamiak beremembered.************************************Theoretical EvidenceExcerpt from THE UNIVERSE AS AHOLOGRAM - DOES OBJECTIVEREALITY EXIST, OR IS THEUNIVERSE A PHANTASM?In 1982 a remarkable event took place. Atthe University of Paris a research team ledby physicist Alain Aspect performed whatmay turn out to be one of the most importantexperiments of the 20th century. You did nothear about it on the evening news. In fact,unless you are in the habit of readingscientific journals you probably have nevereven heard Aspect’s name, though there aresome who believe his discovery may changethe face of science.Aspect and his team discovered that undercertain circumstances subatomic particlessuch as electrons are able to instantaneouslycommunicate with each other regardless ofthe distance separating them. It doesn’tmatter whether they are 10 feet or 10 billionmiles apart.Somehow each particle always seems toknow what the other is doing. The problemwith this feat is that it violates Einstein’slong-held tenet that no communication cantravel faster than the speed of light. Sincetraveling faster than the speed of light istantamount to breaking the time barrier, thisdaunting prospect has caused somephysicists to try to come up with elaborate
  • 9. ways to explain away Aspect’s findings. Butit has inspired others to offer even moreradical explanations.University of London physicist DavidBohm, for example, believes Aspect’sfindings imply that objective reality does notexist, that despite its apparent solidity theuniverse is at heart a phantasm, a giganticand splendidly detailed hologram.----------from Reality - the Holographic Universe -03/16/97 This file was posted asREALITY.ASC on the KeelyNet BBS onFebruary 24, 1991.Vanguard notes... This is one of the mostfascinating files we have seen since it seemsto offer a hypothesis which “synthesizes” amultitude of phenomena including thatgenerally classed as “paranormal.” Relatedfiles on KeelyNet are the complete MINDseries and VEDA1.Criteria for the Privatization of Disclosure of InformationRelated to UFOs/ETIby Steven M. Greer M.D.10 April 1998A number of people have asked forclarification of plans and criteria related tothe disclosure of top-secret governmentwitness testimony and other evidence relatedto the UFO/ETI matter.The privatization of this process, whichwould by-pass the currently non-responsiveUS government, requires a carefully plannedand executed strategy in order for thisdisclosure to be effective, safe andmeaningful. Clearly, there is no justificationin exposing multiple top-secret governmentwitnesses and sources unless the risk ofdoing so is surpassed by a reasonableexpectation of benefit.The expected goals and benefits of such aprivatized (civilian led) disclosure are:- To establish for the internationalcommunity- including mainstreamscientists, politicians, religiousleaders, media and others- thereality of the UFO/ETI matter, thusaltering the current status quo whichlargely dismisses the subject asfictional- By achieving the above, engagingthe international community in aserious discussion regarding theevidence related to the ETI matter,its implications and what actionsshould be taken to further study theissue. This would also end theexclusive covert management of thesubject which has been on-going forover 50 years and which is a threatto world and national security;- Effect this disclosure in a mannerwhich will avoid unnecessary panic,anxiety and xenophobia byconducting the disclosure strategy ina manner which is hopeful,scientific and neutral.Components of the disclosure are:- A multi-part prime time majornetwork documentary series whichwould present the best availablescientific evidence and top-secretwitness testimony to a globalaudience; this series will berestricted to major mainstreammedia and will not be available tothe minor and tabloid media- Compendium books and othereducational materials to thedocumentaries- A well-organized, main-streampress conference and briefing tocoincide with the release of thematerials mentioned aboveA global scientific conference to beconvened following the disclosures whichwould look at all of the evidence and make
  • 10. recommendations for further study andactionCriteria of evidence to be included in thedocumentaries, books and other materialslisted above:- Top-secret government witnessesand aerospace witnesses tounambiguous UFO/ETI events andprograms. These witnesses will bevetted and include ONLY first-handwitnesses with documentedinvolvement with the military orgovernment and who have a cleanlegal/criminal record;- High-quality government documentswhich demonstrate the reality of theUFO/ETI matter and whichdemonstrate the reality of long-standing covert interest in thematter;- Independently analyzedphotographic, video and movieimages of unambiguous UFO/ETIobjects;- Objects of Extraterrestrial Origin(OEO) which have beenindependently analyzed by qualifiedscientists who have no financialinterest in the verification of theOEO.- Other cases and evidence which arenot anecdotal and which havemultiple points of corroboration- Audio tape, radar tapes and otherelectronic evidence which has beenindependently verified.Exclusion Criteria: The following types ofcases will not appear in the disclosurematerials:- Anecdotal cases such asidiosyncratic personal sightings andexperiences, allegedcontactee/abductee cases andrumors of events;- Second hand government witnesses- unless extremely compelling and ofVERY high rank and credibility- Unverified and non-analyzedimages, documents, tapes, OEO etc.- Wildly speculative cases, theoriesand belief systemsFeatures of the international pressconference and briefing:- To be held contemporaneous to theairing of the disclosuredocumentaries- To be held at a suitable venue withadequate credibility and gravitascommensurate with the importanceof the event, in Washington DCParticipants restricted to :- First-hand top secret governmentand military witnesses to UFO/ETIevents- Respected aerospace andaeronautics figures- Mainstream and credentialedscientists- Noteworthy political figures andleaders- All others will be observersInvited media restricted to :- Major mainstream media (print,radio, TV etc)- Science and political reporters forspecialty areas(astronomy, geo-politics etc)- Major International mediaTabloid and minor media will not be invitedThe Global Scientific Conference onUFO/ET Phenomena will include thepresentation of the best scientific evidenceand top-secret first-hand governmentwitness testimony. Participants are restrictedto the following:- Scientists and researchers withPh.D. or minimum Masters degrees- Top-secret government UFO / ETIwitnesses- Select Scientific leaders- Select Think-Tank leaders andofficials- Science reporters from mainstreamand specialty media and journals
  • 11. Proceedings will focus on:- The presentation of evidence andtestimony- Analysis and Discussion of same- Recommendations from theScientific Advisory Board toscientific, academic andgovernmental leadersThe above plans are contingent on theidentification of sufficient funding toproperly fulfill these plans. Inadequatefunding and/or attempts to diminish thedisclosure by identifying it with tabloid andfringe venues and media outlets will resultin non-disclosure and/or postponement ofthe disclosure process. We see no point inputting forth important and top-secretwitness testimony and other criticalevidence in a venue (or through a process)which would be obviously ineffectual fromthe outset.The maintenance of these high standards iscritical to the success of the disclosureprocess.Crash Reports - Past and Presentby Tony Craddock1963-Atlantic OceanChicago. Saturday 26th August, 1967.We keep hearing of old secret governmentprojects that are not documentedanywhere.....In 1963 a Polaris nuclear submarinesuddenly came up to the surface,interrupting its stated mission, which calledfor a long submerged cruise in the Atlantic.All personnel were told to remain below. Afew superior officers went up to the tower.They are said to have come down with threehumanoid bodies in clear plastic bags. Thesub dived again and rallied the East Coast attop speed. The vessel had accomplishednone of its stated objectives, which includedthe test-firing of several missiles. As for thebeings, they looked like shaved monkeys.Perhaps they were indeed monkeys,recovered from a classified spaceexperiment?*******From “Forbidden Science”, by JacquesVallee, Marlowe & Co., NY 1996 Valleewrote the foregoing when he was associatedwith “Project Blue Book”.In fact, according to a CSETI Witness whowas there, they were ET bodies recovered bya Titan II missile retrieval ship downrange.The ship was civilian owned but undercontract to the US Government.The ship tracked an anomalous incomingobject on its radar, and the next morningwas vectored in to its exact location byMission Control.The object consisted of a six foot squareescape pod, which clearly was originallypart of a larger craft. Inside were three 40inch-long dead ETs. They had no hair,vestigial ears and noses, big eyes, an olive,almost Italian, complexion and four fingerswith no opposable thumbs. They wore silverflight suits.After retrieval, they were placed in thefreezer, and then transferred over to thesubmarine described by Jacques Vallee, thecrew being sworn to secrecy.Later, a military ship came alongside andretrieved the escape pod, which was toolarge to fit on the submarine. A securityofficer was transferred onboard the retrievalship, and stayed there till the ship arrivedback at port, after again impressing on thecrew the requirement for secrecy.
  • 12. Interestingly, prior to this event, the missileswere always going off course and missingthe target area on the range. After thisincident, the Titan missiles hit the area withcomplete accuracy. The assumption is thatthe ET’s were in fact interfering with thelaunches to try to delay our nuclear launchcapabilities.Many years later, the Witness had to have anunexpected operation. As he was beingwheeled into the operating theatre, a securityofficer in a suit suddenly materialized, andstayed during the entire operation to ensurethat security about the incident would not bebreached while he was anaesthetized.Ambassadors to the Universe Training, Crestone, ColoradoJune 1997 - A Perspectiveby Shari Adamiak,September 1997In mid-June, thirty-seven people arrived inthe alpine oasis-like town of Crestone,Colorado to study and participate inCSETI’s Ambassadors to the UniverseRetreat. This was the fourth year in a rowthat CSETI held a training retreat inCrestone. Crestone is an anomaly. Nestledagainst the massive Sangre de CristosMountains, this unique town is home totwelve different spiritual centersrepresenting most of the world’s majorreligions. From nuns to Tibetan monks, alldwell harmoniously together in theirrespective spiritual centers. Sangre deCristos means “blood of Christ”. Themountains are thus named because on rareoccasions, when the clouds are just so, thesun setting behind the San Juan Mountainsto the west turns the snow-capped Sangres ablood red.Crestone is located in the world’s largest,highest and most pristine alpine valley - theSan Luis Valley, also cryptically known asthe Mysterious Valley. CSETI’s colleague,Christopher O’Brien, has written a bookentitled “The Mysterious Valley” whichchronicles some of the many legends foundhere. It is also known historically as “TheBloodless Valley”. Not only were no battlesever fought here, but those who drewweapons were asked to leave. The valleywas revered by native tribes as a place forgood medicine, vision quests and learningfrom nature. The San Luis Valley runs 200miles from north to south. Midway, alongthe Sangres, can be found The Great SandDunes. These are the highest dune fields inNorth America and moreover, are the site ofsome of the highest and lowest magneticfields in the country. The visible result is avery shallow, wide creek which flows at thebase of the dunes which boasts undulatingwaves. The enigmatic dunes are visible formany miles. From the distant past to thepresent, numerous accounts of UFOsightings - indeed, even a crashed disc -have been reported.Towering just south of the Great SandDunes looms Mount Blanca and its manyslopes. Revered by many Native Americantribes as one of the sacred mountains, this“Sacred Mountain of the East” is consideredthe keeper of knowledge. An apt title, asmany UFOs have been seen around theBlanca Massif. A revered and respectedcolleague of CSETI’s, a medical doctor,clearly saw from his small plane a metallicdisc literally vanish into Mt. Blanca someyears back. Needless to say, this was not inthis man’s usual paradigm and he was verytaken aback by the sight. During CSETI’s1994 retreat, we were searching for a field
  • 13. site near dusk at the northern edge of theGreat Sand Dunes. We had pulled up in acaravan of cars and were reconnoitering thesite for its merits. In the clear flat lightbefore the sun began to set, we all saw asmall plane flying low and slow. It attractedour attention as it was headed straighttowards a crevice in the Blanca Massif (thesloping mountains that border Mt. Blanca onthe north). We were afraid the pilot washaving difficulty - it appeared that we weregoing to unfortunately witness a dreadfulcrash. The pilot kept flying on a beelinestraight for the crevice, through which noplane could physically pass. We watched inanticipated horror for the inevitable crash.But the plane flew directly to the crevice andcontinued going! It seemed to slice throughthe rock with the same ease it had just beenpassing through thin air. We had witnessedfor ourselves one of the mountain’s manylegends. What we had assumed was a smallplane surely was either a masked ship or aholographic projection. It certainly was notsimply a small airplane. Interestingly, ourteam observed the “plane” in many differentways. Although all agreed that it appeared tobe a private prop plane, there was noagreement on its color. We have noted thisdiscrepancy often during events of highstrangeness.We had another unusual ‘plane’ event occurat our training retreat in June of 1997.During our second night of field work, wewere approached by a military-looking planeflying rather low on a course that took itdirectly over our team. Professional pilots inthe group noted that the lightingconfiguration was unusual; it had lights ononly one of its two wings. CSETI’swebmaster, Tony Craddock, was quick tovideo the overflight. When he analyzed thefootage frame-by-frame, he noted somethingelse. A small, green light or probe appeared.As Tony describes it: “It came fromnowhere, flew right by the fuselage, andthen flew out of the picture in an almostlinear track, slowing slightly only as itpassed the plane.” He verified that it appearson video for two seconds at the most. (SeeTony’s video clips on the CSETI web site athttp://www.cseti.org.) CSETI teams haveseen this in Mexico as well, when a red-lightprobe accompanied the huge triangular craftthat visited our five-person team near Mt.Popo in early 1993.We spent time each day in remote viewingtraining. Dr. Steven Greer, CSETI’s founderand director, has developed a technique wecall RV2- Remote Viewing and RemoteVectoring. In each CSETI training, the teammembers are surprised and pleased to seethat they can soon begin to develop thisinnate skill, and this Crestone training wasno exception. We had some remarkablyaccurate ‘hits’ when team members wereasked to remote view events that wouldtranspire in upcoming field work, and inareas where the team should be located tohave contact experiences. On our secondnight of field work, a very distinct orangeorb of light was observed by several teammembers, including Dr. Greer and TonyCraddock.On the third night, while projecting over atransceiver a tape of tones that are themusical translation of the mathematicalfractals from the calculations in the Mayancalendar, used with permission granted toCSETI by its creator M. DeCygne, Iobserved a large red disk momentarilyappear over a low slope of the nearbySangres. When I reported this to Dr. Greer,he stated that minutes before, he had aremote sense of that exact type of sightingoccurring soon. This was one of manyproofs of the remote viewing and sensing inwhich we were engaged.The team’s growing proficiency at RV2wasparticularly accurate the afternoon we spentat the Great Sand Dunes in finding a fieldsite for that night. After much discussionand pouring over maps, we decided to go toMt. Blanca that evening. The journey to thepicnic area and Zapata Falls revealed several‘hits’ that teammates had picked upremotely, so many that we knew this was thespot for us to be that evening.
  • 14. As we all began to pull out our dinnertimesnacks, the sky grew ominously black. Soonlightning was flashing over the San LuisValley sprawled out before us in our 100-mile view. As lavender streaks reacheddown to the nearby dunes, Dr. Greer askedeveryone to stay in their vehicles. We knewthis was killer lightning, and Colorado hasone of the highest death rates from lightningstrike. Again, Tony Craddock’s videotapingproved Dr. Greer correct -- frame-by-frameviewing reveals lightning originating with astreamer from the ground up first - from thevery road on which we were parked.We were fortunate to be treated to an hourand a half of one of the most spectaculardisplays of nature as lightning almostcontinuously struck far and near.Sequestered in our vehicles, most of theteam members went into Coherent ThoughtSequencing, or CTS, a CSETI field protocolfor focusing and directing thought. Duringthe light show, Dr. Greer and I were lookingdirectly out in front of us, across thenorthern half of the valley. Suddenly, alarge, metallic disc appeared momentarily inan opening in the clouds directly in line withour Jeep’s windshield.Yellowish-white, it was absolutely crystalclear for the fractions of seconds that it wasvisible. Had it flown rapidly from the top ofMt. Blanca to vanish into the cleft in theclouds? Our sense was that it did indeed. Isthere a UFO base inside Mt. Blanca? Afterthe lightning ran its course, it began to rain.Another hour and a half inside the stuffyvehicles produced some interesting events.Dr. Greer twice had manifestations of brightlights in the small amount of space betweenhis knees and the dashboard.Other team members later reported someunusual events as well. One gentleman whowas near the far end of the string of cars wasstanding outside for a few minutes when hesaw a large dark disc materializemomentarily. Was this the same craft?Another man sensed someone standing closeto him, although he knew no one else wasnearby in the rain. Other team membersreported sensing and feeling energy formsclose by. After the rainfall, everyone piledout of their vehicles and began observingflashes of colored light occurring randomlyaround the mountain top. Brilliant colorswould flash momentarily and were seen byall of us. Soon, an event began to unfold onthe rocky path towards Zapata Falls. Morethan just light flashes began to manifest.Forms of light, balls of light, short columnsof light, scintillating shimmers and morewere reported. The events began to bereminiscent of what we experienced inMonterrey, Mexico in December of 1994.We picked our way in the dark up the pathto a clearing in which close encountersensued. Some teammates said they felt ashortness of breath during this event and thetime leading up to it, which ended once theencounters concluded. I saw a brilliant blueneon-like light appear in a very precisegeometrical arrangement. Many of usobserved light forms standing in front of us.It appeared that a meeting was to occurbetween Dr. Greer and other life forms.Before the rest of the team was called up, weheard invisible moccasined feet softlywalking around us. Were these the nativeelder guardian spirits of this sacredmountain? As Dr. Greer said afterwards,“you have either seen or you’ve not seen”.There are human operations occurring onand perhaps inside Mt. Blanca at present.The airspace over Mt. Blanca is nowrestricted. If there are military or quasi-military projects here, it would be verydangerous indeed for extraterrestrial craftand life forms to make an overt, lengthyappearance. Something very real, albeit notsolidly physical, occurred on Mt. Blanca thatnight and many people witnessed it.But a very solidly physical trace remained.Dr. Greer had his compass with him, in thebreast pocket of his jacket. This is the samecompass he has carried in all of our fieldwork for the past six years. It is the samecompass which in the course of an hourrotated around magnetic north 360 degrees
  • 15. during the near-landing event in AltonBarnes, England in July 1992. After the hourof aberrant behavior, the compass in 1992returned to its completely normal,functioning state. It had stayed that waysince 1992. Here, the next time Dr. Greerlooked at his compass was two days after theevents on Mt. Blanca. We were stunned tosee that the compass was altered. It nolonger registered north as true. It wasapproximately 140-160 degrees turned andregistered north as somewhere near duesouth. In July of 1997 at our training inEngland, the compass was still altered, andhas not returned to normal functioning tothis day. We have photographs to preservethis data.Our final night together as a team inCrestone was spent at a lovely hot springsfacility. We met at our lodgings to caravanto the hot springs, with Dr. Greer and Ileading the way since we knew how to getthere.When we pulled out of our lodgings andcontinuing for twenty miles, the radardetector in our vehicle kept sounding. Itwould register on X and K bands both, therewas no regularity to the signal or the timebetween signals. Only our team’s vehicleswere behind us and we were in the vastemptiness of the San Luis Valley as wetraveled. We drove straight into athunderstorm and thought we would have tocall the event due to lightning danger. As wecame near the hot springs, twin streaks oflightning shot down to touch the earth inbrilliant lavender light on each side of thehighway. Our vehicle drove between them,through the crossing point of light createdby the lightning. It was a poetic andenigmatic moment.As we pulled into the hot springs, the rainbegan to stop and we all enjoyed a beautifulnight under the moon and stars together. Anumber of events occurred while we wereall in the hot springs. Unusual satellite-likeobjects originated from the handle of the BigDipper, began to travel south or west acrossthe sky and then vanish in a streak as theyshot vertically out of sight. However, one ofour team members has since researched theobjects and they were indeed satellites, theirtrajectories and times of appearancecorrelating with satellite chart print-outs.Several of the satellite passes terminate withwhat is designated “Shadow Entry” on thechart, giving the appearance of “shootingvertically out of sight”. However, two otheritems that cannot be explained were seenfrom the hot springs.Webmaster Tony Craddock clearly saw ablack flash whizzing by at an altitude ofseveral hundred feet coming from thedirection of Mt. Blanca. I observed a dark orblack object which streaked across just feetover our heads directly over the hot springspool. Other sightings were registered thatnight, both in the hot springs and afterwardwhen some of the team journeyed once moreto Mt. Blanca, gifting us with some beautifulevents as we ended our 1997 Crestonetraining retreat.************************************CE-5 RetrospectiveOn July 27, 1967, Garey Storey of Newton,New Hampshire observed a flashing disc-shaped UFO through his home telescope.Mr. Storey’s brother-in-law thenimpulsively flashed a flashlight at the UFO3 times, whereupon the UFO went intoreverse and flashed back at the men 3 times.The two men, both former radar operators,began to flash repeatedly to the UFO, andeach time it would respond in the exactsequence sent by the men. This exchangewent on for at least a dozen times, and thenthe UFO flashed all of its lights anddisappeared behind the tree line.[pp.9-10, “The World’s Greatest UFOMysteries”, by N. Blundell, R. Boar]
  • 16. Best Available Evidence1986: Japan Airlines 747Case Over AlaskaOn the night of November 17, 1986, a JapanAir Lines Boeing 747 freighter flight,commanded by Captain Kenju Terauchi,was approaching Anchorage, Alaska, whentwo small unidentified lights and one hugelighted object were sighted visually and onradar for more than a half hour. CaptainTerauchi, a 29-year veteran flyer, said, “Itwas a very big one - two times bigger thanan aircraft carrier.” With permission of FAAair traffic controllers, he took evasive actionas the object maneuvered around hisairplane. The objects moved quickly andstopped suddenly, once moving abruptlydirectly in front of the airplane. At one time,the light was so bright that it illuminated thecockpit. At a press conference on March 5,FAA spokesman Paul Steucke said: “As faras we know, the whole crew are people ofintegrity and did report what they sawaccurately.”Ambassadors to the Universe Training, England - July 1997by Linda Willitts ,with Introduction by Shari AdamiakFor the first time, CSETI held anAmbassadors to the Universe TrainingRetreat in England. We selected the time tocoincide with the five-year anniversary ofthe near-landing in 1992 in Alton Barnes.(See “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind,Contact in Southern England”, by Steven M.Greer, M.D., 1992.) This same week in 1992was also when the CSETI team projectedand meditated upon a specific cropformation to appear. The precise designappeared in a wheat crop that same nightand consequently has become the CSETIlogo.CSETI extends its deepest thanks to memberRon Russell for ‘goading’ us into doing thisretreat, finding a lovely country house inwhich to stay, and assisting us with everyfacet of the training. His help, and CSETIU.K. coordinator Neil Cunningham’s help,was invaluable since both CSETI directorDr. Greer and research director ShariAdamiak had diminished energy due to theirbattles with cancer. Ron sandwiched ourtraining between two tours of his own.After his first group left, Ron was concernedthat he had not chosen proper lodging toaccommodate the entire CSETI retinue. Thehouse was a lovely 18th century house, butwith some 18th century problems. Althoughthe plumbing had been modernized, itproved less than ideal for Ron’s tour group.Ron told us that the night his first group left,he was outside in part of the lovely lawnsand gardens ruminating on whether thehouse would be adequate for the CSETIteam. He said that he sent a thought to theuniverse, asking if he had done the rightthing in securing this house for our use. Ronsaid that immediately three lights appearedin the perfect shape of the CSETI triangle.Moreover, there were beams of lightconnecting all three orbs, making it a perfectdepiction of the CSETI crop circle and logo.Ron felt that he indeed had receivedconfirmation that all would be well. Soon,one of the lights flew off into space at a highspeed. Then another sped off in anotherdirection and then the third vanished in likemanner. It was a fascinating CE-5experience for Ron. And, indeed, all wentwell. Our group had no problem with theplumbing, like the groups before and after ushad.
  • 17. After all fifteen people participating in ourretreat converged in southern England fromtheir various corners of the world, Ron andNeil Cunningham led us all to a magnificentcrop formation in Alton Barnes. The cropformation had chosen the area called NorthField for its appearance. This is a steeplysloped field of wheat which allows one toview the crop circle in its entirety from theroad--a rather rare and most welcomeoccurrence. Somewhat similar to a torusring, thin intersecting lines surrounded acentral circle. Even though the crop circlehad been there for at least two weeks andwas somewhat trampled, the beauty of thisperfect, enigmatic formation was notdimmed. One of the major Londonnewspapers sent a reporter to WiltshireCounty within the next few days whophotographed crop circles and wrote anarticle. The reporter stated that he hadvisited the Alton Barnes formation and didnot see how any human agency could havehoaxed it due to the fact that it lay on a steepslope.We walked all around in the center of thecrop circle and in the rings, which wereapproximately three feet wide. It radiated avery peaceful energy. Our group sat in acircle around the center point and meditatedin the afternoon sun. Eventually, we left thatlocation and drove to Oliver’s Castle, wherewe had heard a new crop circle had appearedthat morning. From the top of a grassy greenhill with a gorgeous view of the surroundingarea, we looked down on a lovely cropcircle, not quite as large as the Alton Barnescircle, but perfect and new. The geometricdesign seemed to have a signature-the letter“S” at the bottom left of the design. Apoliceman was nearby and said that thefarmer did not want people walking into hisfield, so we left for a Pub dinner.The English summer sun didn’t set untilaround 10:00 p.m., so our night researchcommenced fairly late each night. Thisnight, our second of the training, wasexciting because we had permission fromthe Alton Barnes farmer, Tim Carson, tospend it in the large torus crop circle that wehad visited earlier that afternoon. Our groupwas alone in the center of the circle. Around12:30 a.m., a couple of us decided to walkthrough the wheat field towardsWoodborough Hill to get a closer look at alow-lying fog bank that had partiallyobscured a distant group of trees. Wewalked down a tram line into the dark,watching the fog bank to our left. It seemedto move as we approached it. I thought itmight be an optical illusion, but the groupback in the circle said it actually movedback and forth, first obscuring the trees; thenallowing them to become visible again.The next morning brought news from Ronthat another major crop formation hadappeared overnight. Since the appearance ofnew formations had only recently picked up,and since we had just landed in the country,we took this as a most agreeable form ofwelcome. That morning, we drove to SilburyHill which many of us climbed to see theformation. It was a huge Koch fractalexecuted in the wheat-- a large multipointedsnowflake shape with star-point edges andmany small circles around its perimeter. Wehad been warned not to attempt to enter theformation; the farmer was disagreeable andwould simply mow through it and ruin it. Aswe watched, we could see a handful ofpeople within the circle and no sign of anirate farmer.We decided to find the tram line thatconnected with the formation and visit forourselves. Once inside, we noticed a decidedlack of unusual or heightened energy that iscommon in most intricate formations.However, our exploration revealed that theenergy was extending outward and was mostnoticeable in the small circles on the edges.We had not gotten a vantage point fromwhich we could see the entire design as awhole. When we returned home, Ron hadpictures hot from the developers. We couldscarcely believe our eyes. The formationnear Silbury Hill was a most complex,lovely and huge design - an accuraterepresentation of a Koch fractal.
  • 18. We spent the late afternoon at the housewhile rain fell outside. Dr. Greer decided tocancel a night trip to Stonehenge because ofthe rain, so we had a training session indoorsand watched a video of UFOs. He and Shariwere tired, and decided to go upstairs and dosome healing treatments. The rain stopped,the sky cleared, and most of the rest of thegroup went outside to the large back yard todo our research. Dr. Greer had told us to beoutside for the 10:30 to 12:30 “sightingwindow”.At 11:34 p.m. (the same time that 5 of ushad an anomalous “shooting star” sighting inthe yard the night we arrived in England),we all saw a bright white ball shoot frombehind the big tree in the back yard in anarc, ending at the bay window corner of thehouse at the second floor level. It wasclearly not a shooting star-it kept its roundshape and didn’t leave a trail, and to all of usit appeared to have entered the housethrough the bay window. Ron said “That’swhere Steven’s room is!” We were all verymoved by that, because we had been askingfor help in healing Shari and Dr. Greer.The next day, when we told them about oursighting, Dr. Greer said that an ET in theform of a lavender/white ball of light hadcome in through his window at 11:34 p.m.while they were doing healing work! Theball of light entered his window, thenappeared as a softly lit ET form about 3 to3.5 feet tall, by the fireplace in his room. Itwas of humanoid shape and a sort of softelectronic/hologram type form. It was verykind, and Dr. Greer and Shari could tell thatthe ETs were excited about their work andhoping that they could continue.The last few of us stayed outside that nightuntil 2 a.m., and we had many sightings ofsmaller things: satellite-type lights thatmoved quickly across the sky, and manyalleged shooting stars over the house. Thehouse was clearly the site of most of theactivity. Several times we saw anomalouslight activity in the house-flashes and glows.A special night research event was plannedfor July 26-the fifth anniversary of theCSETI sighting of the craft in the field at theCarson farm in Alton Barnes. We planned tomeet a group of Colin Andrews’ peoplethere, and another UK CSETI group wasdoing research at a site on the other side ofWoodborough Hill from us. It rained mostof the day, but stopped by dinner and weheaded for the field. We drove past thefarmer’s house and onto the paved farm roadalong the field where the ‘92 sighting hadoccurred. It was a Saturday night, but soonthe local military began dropping flares. Itwas good to see the flares, because thePhoenix, AZ lights last March 13 had beencalled flares, and we could see that there isno mistaking flares for anything else-theylinger in the sky for only a few seconds andthen drop, leaving obvious smoke trails.Besides the 15 people in our training group,there were at least 15 people in ColinAndrews’ group, so there were a lot ofpeople milling around that night. We allsettled down on the paved farm road, sincethe grass along the sides of the road was wetand muddy from the rain. Dr. Greer led thewhole group in one of his wonderfulmeditations. Afterwards, we started seeingvery suspicious white and amber lights toour left. Soon, the military started droppingflares to our left, as though trying to chaseaway any ETs or confuse our group. Thisevent had been publicized, so was no secret.At one point our security team, Ron, Neil,and Carl, saw a woman walk robot-like fromout of the field and through our group. Theyspoke to her and she spoke back the samewords they had said (hi, hello, etc.). Ronsaid they recognized that there wassomething very weird about her, but theywere somehow made powerless to act ontheir suspicions. A woman in our group,Kay, also noticed her and thought sheseemed very robotic. The next day, indiscussing her, we determined that she wasnot a member of Colin’s group. Anotherreport will be written later by the members
  • 19. of our group that noticed this strangewoman.Towards the end of the night, we werestanding around on the road next to thevehicles, and it appeared that someone hadflashed a flashlight beam horizontallythrough our group from behind us. Dr. Greerturned around and asked the people behindus if they had done it. No one had used aflashlight. No sooner than we turned backaround, a similar light flashed from behindus. Again, no one had done it!The next afternoon, after our morningdebriefing, we went to the Tumulus we hadvisited earlier. On top of the hill, under thecanopy of tree branches, Dr. Greer led us ina powerful meditation using the distantsacred site of Silbury Hill as a focal point.When we walked back to our locked van, hediscovered that his seat had been movedupclose to the steering wheel, but that wasnot the way he had left it when he locked thevan. Later, during dinner, the van’s alarmwent off spontaneously several times. Dr.Greer noticed that the skylight was openwhen he went out to silence the alarm, butwe all had made sure that the windows andskylight were closed before we went in fordinner.After dinner we went back to the house toget our gear together for the night’sresearch. Some of the group were tired andwanted to stay in the back yard; the othernine of us, including Shari and Dr. Greerheaded for the Koch snowflake crop circlewhere we had planned to go this next-to-the-last night in England. It was dark when wegot there, and the landmarks had beenchanged by the people who had visited it inthe days since we first walked into it when itwas brand new. We chose a tram line wethought would lead us to the edge of thesnowflake, and started walking through thedark, quiet wheat field. It seemed to betaking longer than it should have to reachthe circle, so I walked ahead, leaving theothers to rest with their gear. I soon foundmyself in the center of the large, silent cropcircle. I called to the others, and Dr. Greerand Shari soon appeared. We were the onlypeople in the crop circle for 10 or 15minutes, so we walked around its entireperiphery, in and out of every point, feelingits peaceful energy under the dark sky.Dr. Greer chose a point at the tip of thesnowflake, and we spread our tarps andbegan to settle down as the other membersof our group arrived in the circle. Ron soonjoined us, and several strangers entered thecircle and quietly found their own corners inwhich to settle down, a few of themintending to sleep there. It was very peacefuland the weather was mild, though damp. Wesaw quite a lot of activity in the sky, mostnotably a boomerang/arrow shaped allegedshooting star that was quite spectacular andobserved by all of us. Around 1:30 a.m.,someone drove up to the edge of the wheatfield and shined a large spotlight over thecrop circle. It looked as though we weregoing to be chased out, so we hurriedlypacked up our gear and headed out down thetram lines. As we reached the end of thefield near the base of Silbury Hill, westopped and looked with amazement at themist and moon over the Hill. It was veryethereal, like a scene from another planet.July 28, our last full day in England, we metfor breakfast, had a debriefing of theprevious night’s experiences, and drove overto the nearby Bowood Gardens. We walkedthrough the large, grassy park to a big treenear the lake, and with the lake as abackdrop, Peter Sorenson and Ron Russellvideotaped Dr. Greer as he discussed thefoundation for interplanetary unity and hisvision for the future of interplanetaryrelationships, consciousness – thefundamental substrate of existence, ETs andthe new cosmology, the Crossing Point ofLight, Project Starlight and Disclosureplans, ET intentions, and what we can all doas individuals to work for universal peace.Afterwards, we walked through the BowoodGardens and the large Bowood Mansion.Later, we went out for our last pub dinner,
  • 20. where we sat at the outdoor tables andenjoyed the lovely evening. We spent ourlast night of research out on the big lawnbehind the house. It was dusk when we wentout there, and we visited with the gentlecattle in the adjoining pasture as darknessfell. Dr. Greer, Shari, and I situatedourselves facing the house, which wasnearly obscured by the large trees in theyard. With the distant trees to giveperspective, we all noticed that a large starwhich had risen from behind one big treewas slowly drifting east, while all the otherstars in the sky drifted west. It would nothave been noticed by a casual observer, butwe watched as this big, twinkling “star”moved east from behind one tree nearly 40degrees over the course of an hour until itdisappeared behind another big tree! Dr.Greer had said earlier that he had a “feeling”that the ETs would do something subtle, butobvious to us on this last night in England.We all understood that we had participatedin another communication with ETintelligence.England Training ParticipantsCSETI Advanced Researchers Training, Hawaii - February 7 - 11, 1998by Pat and Tony CraddockAfter checking in to our Hotel itimmediately became apparent that thingswere off on the right foot when a pod ofHumpback whales swam by, spectacularlybreaching out of the water. And it wasequally apparent why it is called “BlueHawaii”, as the ocean is truly an amazinglyradiant blue not seen elsewhere.After a dinner hosted by CSETI’s founderand International Director, Dr. Steven Greer,the twenty-one well prepared participantsdrove out to the field site for researchtraining that night. Seven of these folks werelocally resident in the Hawaiian Islands.Others came from Japan, Canada and the US(some originally from Mexico and the UK),and included people from all walks of life,including scientists, pilots, Doctors and onePh.D.The research site was located at around4,000 ft. on the flanks of Mauna Loa, theworld’s largest mountain.As the training progressed, the morningswere left free for rest and private activities,the afternoons were spent in class, and theevenings were spent in the field, with theexception of the last day, when class wasconducted during daylight hours on-site onMauna Loa.This format worked well, and, as is usuallythe case, the Remote Viewing “hits” by class
  • 21. members got better and better as the trainingprogressed. The importance of doing this ina classroom setting is that results are easilyverifiable, and serve as an experiencetemplate for comparison during actual fieldwork.During the course of the training, Dr. Greergave a tour-de-force exposition of thetechnologies that the ET visitors use andhave at their command. His explanation ofthe importance of the crossing-point of light,and how nonlinear technologies then dropoff into the subelectromagnetic domain wasmasterful, and we are indeed fortunate thatthere is someone who will share thisknowledge with the world at large, to whomit rightfully belongs. But not only that, hewas also able to dovetail all this not onlyinto today’s current world situation with itsdominance by morally bankrupt covertoperations, but also into its rightful place inthe grand cosmological tapestry. And that, atthe end of the day, is the most importantthing of all.Afternoon SessionOn-site during fieldwork, reticence from theET’s was the order of the day - hardlysurprising given the arsenal of “tracking”technology mounted on the nearby crater ofMaui’s Mt. Haleakula. However they didcooperate with a panoply of subtleelectromagnetic, optical and acoustic effectsfrom their phase-shifted non-visible domain,and a number of anomalous effects wereobserved by many members of the group.These included moving lights on the ground,stationary blinking lights in the night sky,“fairy lights”, auras, rippling sheets of lightpassing through the group and in the sky,high-pitched synthetic voice-like sounds,remote-viewed information, and even briefglimpses of structured craft as “blackflashes” during some daylight sessions.Daytime Field Lecture - Note Purple HazeIndeed, one photograph (above) captures apurple haze over the group during a daytimefield lecture. Many participants remote-viewed ET’s in and around the group duringthese sessions.The formal section of the CSETI Trainingended with the heartfelt thanks to Dr. Greerfrom all the participants. This was the firstTraining that CSETI had put on since ShariAdamiak passed on, and her spirit andinspiration were heartfelt.Hawaii Training Participants
  • 22. A number of CSETI participants stayed over fora couple of days to participate with Joan Oceanand John Float in a “Swim with the Dolphins”adventure with the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins.Joan Ocean WorkshopThis entailed a round-trip boat ride ofseveral hours North from Kailua Harbor tofind a suitable dolphin pod, and then theopportunity, if it was deemed suitable, toenter the ocean and swim with them andexplore a consciousness connection.To me, the most impressive part was beingable to hear them chattering while we werestill out of the water, and, once in the water,to hear the song of a nearby humpbackwhale, which was, to me, totally unexpected.The sight of the dolphins in and around us inthe water was also, of course, a thing ofbeauty.Spinner DolphinsThe weather conditions on the second daywere somewhat less co-operative than on thefirst day, but the dolphins continued to tagalong and demonstrate their remarkable“spinning” prowess, and a number of closeencounters with Humpback whales occurredas well. Regardless, many people were ableto successfully participate in the group swimon both days.After a 90 minute drive, we arrived at theHawaii Volcanoes National Park at the endof the day, and proceeded to check out thesights before the light went. These includedseveral views from Crater Rim Drive of theKilauea caldera and steaming lava fields,sulphur deposits, and the Thurstonunderground lava tube. During the twilightat these locations, we signalled with ourlasers and also engaged in the RV contactprotocols.To our surprise, after our last sightseeingstop, the dome light in the rented FordExplorer had been turned on during ourabsence - the group were unanimous thatthis was anomalous, as it had been thesubject of some discussion prior to leavingthe vehicle unattended (“Are you sure youturned the light off?”).As it was now around 7:15 p.m., the grouprepaired to Volcano House, which overlooksthe caldera, and after making a dinnerreservation, exited on to the overlook toobserve the caldera in the twilight and awaitthe call for dinner.At 7:32 a lone satellite passed overhead(Cosmos 1939 according to the charts), andKay Gibson saw a reddish ball streak acrossthe sky before leaving the group of four togo inside for a few minutes.Shortly after she left, a flashbulb seeminglywent off just behind the group. But therewas no one there. The location was abouttwo feet above the ground and three feetbehind the group in front of the Hotel giftshop. While the group was animatedlydiscussing this High Strangeness, anotherflash went off again. This one was aboutfour foot above the ground and about sixfoot behind the group in front of the diningroom. Again – no one was there!
  • 23. Kay Gibson returned to find a veryperplexed group of researchers, who shortlythereafter repaired to the Volcano DiningRoom for a superb meal and “end-of-term”silliness celebrating the presence of ourunseen visitors.And as if that wasn’t enough, we then drovedown Chain of Craters Drive to attempt toobserve the new lava flow at night. Halfwaydown after rounding a bend we stopped inawe. There under the full moon were redglows all down the lava tube running downthe cliffs from the caldera, and at theocean’s edge, a further red glow and cloudsof steam as the unending cycle of earth-building in the raw could be witnessed.We drove to the edge of the lava field at theshore, but as it was an eight-mile round-triphike over treacherous old lava at night to thenew flow, the group decided to stay put andcommune with nature on this balmy andmagical evening before returning to Kona.Note: When Pat and Tony Craddockreturned to check out the area again the nextday, the Park Services employee in the gift-shop told us about how a UFO landed in hergarden in nearby Glenwood several yearsago!Working Group Report: Santa Barbara, California - March 14, 1998by Tony CraddockParticipants: Pat and Tony Craddock, andtwo new Members, Peter and Carol.6:59 Recorded a satellite passing over zenithin the direction approx. North. Confirmed onchart as Cosmos 2058.7:09 Carol spotted another satellite likeobject move over zenith headed approx.South - East. Nothing in the bright categoryon the charts.7:29 A satellite - like object passedoverhead headed in the direction of North,and the group’s attention was drawn to it byCarol. With three members observing, all ofa sudden it flared up for a period of severalseconds to be the brightest object in the sky.The satellite charts showed NO BRIGHTSATELLITE passing over at this time.Bingo!7:33 I saw a satellite-like object pass overzenith and shone the spotlight at it. After Ishone the spotlight at it, a meteor like objectinstantaneously originated where I hadshone the spotlight, and shot off due Southaccording to Peter (I couldn’t see it beingbehind the spotlight). This was alsoobserved by Carol. While recording hisimpressions into my tape-recorderimmediately afterwards, Peter saw anothermeteor like object originate in exactly thesame spot at zenith and shoot off due Westthis time. No bright satellite shows for thistime period.7:49 Observed a satellite-like object movingtowards North-West, Cosmos 1606according to the charts.7:54 Carol saw two stars one inch to the leftof Sirius that appeared to be dancing roundeach other, but on later observation couldonly see one. They did not respond to lightsignals.7:56 A satellite went over zenith headed dueNorth, again did not respond to light signals.Cosmos 2219.8:44 After CTS and playing the tones, Caroland I both observed a very bright plasmalike shooting star track from North to Southat a noticeably slow pace leaving aphosphorescent trail behind it.
  • 24. 9:15 Due West at about 45 degrees Petersaw “the brightest shooting star I have everseen” traveling from the North to the Southhorizontally. It was very bright orange and“sorta slow”, and looked decidedlyanomalous to him, leaving a big orange trail.During the second round of CTS, Peterobserved at least 3 “black flashes” divestraight into the ground, the last two nearlysubliminal black flashes, both at 45 degreesto the horizon, were near or at the same spot.As conditions were cold and windy, webroke camp shortly after the second round ofCTS at 11:40.Our two new members are to be commendedfor their hardiness in 30 degree weather,gusting winds and fog. Amazingly they haveboth volunteered to do it again!It is also interesting to note that shortly afterarriving on site, when we were in blowingfog, Carol had a clear impression ofsomeone behind her chair for a brief period(there was no-one visible). And Pat also sawsome “fairy lights” behind where our truckwas parked, in addition to a fuzzy grey/blackblob that sat at the bottom of Orion’s sword,covering the bottom of his tunic, and thenmoved off.I also saw several “black flashes” scorchoverhead at various times during the night.Did we or did we not have a CE-5?Although it is sort of like trying to call afoul-ball in baseball, given the wealth ofanomalous sights we saw, the consensuswas, yes.But it wasn’t over yet.Carol writes: “The next day, 3/15/98, threevery strange events occurred, all within 60minutes of each other.”“The first was a strange incident involvingmy phone and computer. While using mycomputer and being connected to theInternet, the designated phone line rang on aphone that should have presented a busysignal to the caller. As I answered it, Ichecked to verify that I was still activelyconnected to the Web. I was. I was able touse that phone line and the Websimultaneously!”“The second incident came 15 minutes afterthe first. I began to fill the washing machinewith water, soap and clothes and pressed theknob to stop it until I had a chance to addmore clothes. I was distracted by somephone calls and about 30 minutes later, themachine started on its own. The originalsetting was not “soak” or “timed wash”. Itwas OFF. Startled, I inspected the machineand let it finish its cycle.”“The third incident came when I heard thewasher finish its rinse cycle. I went into thelaundry room and found the dryer dooropen, as if it was waiting or anticipating meputting clothes in it. This was very strangebecause the dryer door is in my way if open,and I would not open it until I was ready touse the dryer. I had a distinct feeling thatsomeone was in my house. To be quitehonest, it was a bit unsettling!”“Overall, my feeling during the field workwas great excitement. When we saw theobject flare up, I felt we made a contact. Iam looking forward to my next fieldouting.”High Strangeness indeed!Tony CraddockWorking Group CoordinatorSanta Barbara, CaliforniaTony and Pat Craddock