Cseti 10. talking points for educating your community


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Cseti 10. talking points for educating your community

  1. 1. ANNOUNCEMENT OF EXTRATERRESTRIAL CONTACT:TALKING POINTSFollowing the Disclosure that Contact has been made with Extraterrestrial civilizations, itis imperative that leaders speak to the public in a calm, reassuring and positive manner.Rogue covert interests have made it clear that they will ‘spin’ such an event to advance amilitaristic approach by engendering fear and spreading false and frighteningdisinformation concerning one or more such ET civilizations. Such disinformation is, infact, already fully embedded within the public consciousness of the subject. The UFOsubculture will use such an event to advance all manner of bizarre theories anddisinformation as well: Abductions, mutilations, invasion, hybrid breeding programs,secret ET groups working with some covert human military operations, etc. There mustbe a sane, rational, forward-looking and hopeful tone and emphasis presented by leaderswho understand the issues thoroughly.Lexicon:Never use the terms: Alien, Abduction, Mutilation, Invasion, Conspiracy.Do use: Extraterrestrial; Extraterrestrial People; ET Civilization; ContactKey Talking Points:1. It has been announced that we are not alone in the Universe: that other intelligentlife forms exist who have visited Earth. A new chapter in human history has nowopened: one that holds much promise and hope for progress and new knowledge.2. The existence of other Extraterrestrial Civilizations has been known for sometime. In the past some authorities, for a number of reasons, felt that this should bekept secret. But now the time has come for this to be known and accepted openlyby all of the people of Earth, and we must look forward towards the future and notto the past.3. There is no evidence whatsoever that these ET visitors are in any way hostile.They appear to want to understand us and have made contact in Peace. We shouldreach out to them with the best the human spirit has within it – and go peacefullyinto a future filled with hope, wonder and promise.4. It is imperative that we now Disclose the information that all governments haveon this matter and, in particular, the information regarding the wondrous newsciences that have resulted from studying these Extraterrestrial Spacecraft. Suchsciences hold the key to a new physics and to new sources of energy andpropulsion that can give humanity the ability to have a truly sustainablecivilization on Earth without pollution and with abundance for all.
  2. 2. 5. We also must work as a world community to develop policies towards theseExtraterrestrial Visitors that are peaceful and mutually beneficial. We must gointo space peacefully and avoid in any way the militarization of the relationship orthe weaponization of space in any way.6. We are calling on the international community to develop a Council on Inter-Planetary Relations to gather together the best, the brightest and the wisest peoplehumanity has to offer to continue this Contact and develop policies andprocedures to ensure a continuing peaceful out-reach to these extraterrestrialcivilizations.7. To the people of Faith around the world, we emphasize that God has seen fit tocreate many intelligent beings in the Universe who – just as we humans do –possess consciousness and intelligence and are part of His plan for this vastUniverse.8. Let us go into the future with hope – and with wisdom. Let us avoid the pastpitfalls of fear, prejudice and conflict. It is now time for not only the realization ofthe unity of humanity but indeed of all life in the Universe. It is time for not onlyworld peace, but for universal peace.9. It is in this Peace that the universe will spread wide its arms to accept us into thefamily of other planetary civilizations. It is indeed a new chapter in humanhistory. Let us make it one of peace, of endless progress and of promise for all ofhumanity.Frequently Asked Questions:How long have we been visited by these ET civilizations?Answer: This is not precisely known, but it is possible we have been observed for a verylong time. Certainly, during and since World War II there has been an increase insightings and encounters. It appears that these ET visitors are quite concerned withwarfare and especially the development and use of nuclear weapons. In a mere 100years, human technology went from horse and buggies to early space travel and nuclearweapons. This apparently is of some concern to them, for obvious reasons.What about all these reports of abductions and the like?Answer: While some people may have had contact of various sorts, there is no evidencethat anyone has been harmed or any violence committed to humans. There is evidencethat these ET visitors have been concerned with the damage to the Earth’s biosphere andenvironment and perhaps - by extension - to the fortunes of humanity as a biologicalspecies. It appears that they have been studying these issues as the world has
  3. 3. industrialized using technologies that cause damage to not only the Earth but also humangenetic damage.Are there ET life forms already living amongst us?There is no evidence that this is the case. Certainly, there have been reports of closeencounters for decades however.Who has known about this and for how long?Certain classified operations within many countries – some working together - haveknown of this for decades. Recently, the French and British governments have releasedthousands of previously classified pages of reports and investigations of encounters. Ithas been studied and the secrecy was as much out of uncertainty as anything. But now itis known to the world and we must look to those who have expertise in this area to assistus in educating the people of the world. There are many great leaps in science possiblethrough these studies, especially in the area of energy generation and propulsion.But can’t these new energy technologies be used for weapons?Any new technology can be used for conflict. And this is why it is imperative that all thepeople of the Earth must unite and vow to use this knowledge only for peace - andrestrain by any means necessary anyone who would use it for conflict or warfare. We canunite to do this and thereby ensure that this new physics is used only for the good - and inthe process create a peaceful, abundant, just and sustainable civilization on Earth. Onlythen can we go into space as a suitable civilization and take our place among the familyof advanced planetary civilizations in the Universe.Does this mean that God does not exist and the Bible was wrong?Not at all. The fact other beings exist in the cosmos only adds to the glory of a SupremeBeing. He has created a universe teeming with life and other intelligent life forms- withwhom we have more in common than our differences will ever be. For we can see that allsuch intelligent life forms possess awareness, intelligence - a soul. Are we not then morelike them than different? The concept of ‘Man’ then takes on a universal dimension –which only adds to the power and beauty of the Great Being.What if some of these ET civilizations attack us?After over 60 years of documented contact and encounters, there is no evidence that anyplace on Earth has been attacked. There is no evidence whatsoever that these civilizationshave any intent other than a peaceful one. They are, however, concerned with ourtendency to create wars using potentially world - destroying weapons of massdestruction. If we solve the problems on Earth, it appears that they will welcome us withopen arms into the family of advanced planetary civilizations. We must set our irrationalfears aside and go with hope into this future.