Bob Dean | Bringing in the LightLos Angeles, April 2010[Excerpts]:“Oh my gosh, dont get me started! Im going to have to ge...
because you just dont come out and speak openly about something like this to the public, becausethe public wasnt ready. An...
Once it dawned on me that there was nobody there, I dont know what really went through my mindat that time other than the ...
BD: In Vietnam, another case – helicopter. There were about six of us in the chopper, plus the twocrewmen and were choggin...
BD: When I was at SHAPE Headquarters in Paris. I went there in ’63, 1963.KC: Okay. So at that point… Im going to assume th...
Well, these objects had damn near triggered World War Three. On the 2nd of February in 1961 theyhad a major flyover where ...
KC: Exactly. So way back when… Because at this point, you know, were talking ’64 and yourebeing brought into the loop, but...
having almost total recall of that world and this world in my previous lives now. [Kerry laughs] Imalmost – and I will say...
BD: I want to leave one more thing with you before we close this off. I told you this at dinner lastnight, I was astounded...
KC: Sure. I understand.BD: But out of respect and love for you Ill answer a couple of questions if I can. But if we really...
Now, if we can get them to see that, this transition which is going to be painful and awkward andtroublesome, and its goin...
They took him to S4, they went down the elevator to three different levels. He had a red card, a bluecard, and a green car...
BD: Its... No, no. It used to be Nebraska. It used to be Colorado Springs. Now the headquarters… Iswear to God the headqua...
BD: Fusion! My God, and weve got it, but the American people dont know. I mean, they payelectrical bills on their house, t...
BD: No.KC: Have you asked them?BD: Yes.KC: Okay.BD: And I generally would get the same answer that I got last year.KC: Whi...
like: This is what we want you to say? Or: This is what we would like for you to do? Have theygiven you any specific instr...
thats been going on, and weve been in the middle of that before. Well, thats still going on.But I have learned and I will ...
KC: [laughs] Right.BD: And I love Joe.KC: Uh-huh. I understand.BD: I spent most of my life working with Joe Six-pack. But ...
Islam, Christianity, and Judaism all started in the Middle East because they decided that that was anappropriate place to ...
But theres going to be a revolution in Iran, probably before the end of this year. And hopefully, youknow, hopefully – and...
show you a clone of us? And they are able to take... to help us take our soul from this body and putit into a new body?KC:...
DC: Well, I know you were dying when I saw you last.BD: Well, my son accused me of committing suicide slowly. You know, I ...
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Bob dean bringing in the light, 22p


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Bob dean bringing in the light, 22p

  1. 1. Bob Dean | Bringing in the LightLos Angeles, April 2010[Excerpts]:“Oh my gosh, dont get me started! Im going to have to get myself a Jack Daniels and then wellreally have an interview here!”“I was in the back seat of a car with a couple of them and we were going down the highway inthis... near Ajo, Arizona, which is not far from the Mexican border, and we went into a fog, and thenext thing you know [laughs], we went into a portal.”“My God, they dont want us to know about the Aerospace Command here, would you believe that?Trillions of dollars a year are going off to a military command that the American people dont evenknow exists?”“Its not courage, Baby. They rubbed me the wrong way, I got angry! Thats why I sued the Sheriff.”Beginning of Interview:KERRY CASSIDY (KC): Hi, Im Kerry Cassidy with Project Camelot Productions and were herewith Bob Dean for our third interview, which is going to be very exciting because Bob is going topull out all the stops and tell us everything hes never told us.Wed like to welcome you, Bob Dean. Were here at Laughlin, actually, and it is February of 2010,just to mark the time, because after this many things may change. Isn’t that right?BOB DEAN (BD): Theyre changing every day... and they ain’t seen nothing yet!KC: Okay. [laughs] So tell me, what is new in your world? And why is it that you feel that you cancome forward at this time and actually talk about something that perhaps you didnt tell me in ourlast two interviews, and feel that the time is right to talk about now?BD: Im not at all sure the time is right, but I felt that I had to be candid and be honest about a partof my life that Ive never shared before. I was a bit of a coward over the years, to be honest withyou.I had a personal intimate relationship with non-human Intelligence since I was three years old. AndI became totally convinced and concerned, and accepted and committed to the idea when I was incombat in Korea, when I was in combat in the jungles of Southeast Asia, and my life was changed,and my life was saved time and time and time again – situations where I should have died,situations where all my friends around me died and I didnt. I got wounded, but Im here.And over the years more and more and more it became quite clear to me that something else wasgoing on. Then after I went through a series of past life regressions a number of years ago, the lidwas lifted, as it were, off of my little teapot of subconscious and conscious memories.Not only did I begin to not just remember, but in some cases I literally re-lived events, things,happenings, in other times, in other places. And I think that series of past life regressions probablyis what triggered full-scale memory realisation of my intimate involvement with, as I say, non-human Intelligence.But I seldom shared that with anybody because, as you can well understand, in this world, in theUnited States [laughs] in the 20th century – and Im a child of the 20th century, for good God’ssake; I was born in 1929, I grew up during the Depression, so Im a child of the 20th century. Youjust didnt come out and speak openly and honestly about something like this.And to be honest with you, there were places they could have locked me up, literally. If Id beencandid about it and open about it while I was on active duty in the military, I might have been putunder observation or something, you know.The people who may be listening and watching this Im sure understand exactly what Im saying,ChairmanAsksAboutWellIntegrity,Desi
  2. 2. because you just dont come out and speak openly about something like this to the public, becausethe public wasnt ready. And I’ve had misgivings whether the public’s ready even now.Now, you and I have had a little difference of opinion [Kerry laughs] on how aware and howprepared the public is...KC: Absolutely! Absolutely.BD: the reality of the extraterrestrial presence. For many, many years I strove to bring this out.I educated in Congress, on The Hill, House of Representatives, Senate offices, to have hearings onthe subject and bring the whole damn story out.And then over the years I developed the attitude that maybe the people really werent ready for it.Youre convinced that they are, and Im convinced that some of them are. But Im convinced that themasses are not.Anyhow, I love you dearly and well disagree on that. [Kerry laughs]KC: Okay. Well, so you have past life experiences.BD: Past life memories, yes, from…KC: Youve also had ET experiences…BD: Many.KC: …since you were three years old. I dont know that youve ever actually related the one thathappened to you when you were three. Do you want to put that down here or do you want to go in adifferent direction?BD: Well, that was the beginning and Ill touch upon it if you think its pertinent, yeah.KC: I think so.BD: Well, my dad was a railroader and at that time we were living in Covington, Kentucky. Dadwas in and out of Cincinnati and thats why Covington was an appropriate little place to live.Being a Pisces, Ive always loved water, and the nearest water to where we lived in Covington wasan industrial canal that had been dredged just about a block from my house… for a foundry, wherethey carried ore into the foundry and they carried the slag back, and so on.Anyhow, this industrial canal was very steep. It had been dredged; the sides were very steep, 40 feetfrom the bank down to the water. These heavy ore barges were going back and forth from time totime. I loved to go down there as a little tyke and throw little pieces of wood into the water and Idthrow pebbles on the... you know, play my little games.Well, my little game got away from me one day and I tumbled off the edge into the water, 40 feetdown… little play-suit on. Good God, its vivid like it was yesterday!Here I am splashing around at the bottom of this wall of mud, striving to get out, clawing at theedges of this thing, and the more I clawed the wetter it got and the more slippery it became. And Imsoaking wet and, you know...To my three-year-old mind it struck me that: This has been a short trip; Im going to drown. Imdying; Im ready to go under. I kid you not that three-year-olds are pretty bright, pretty sharp, prettyperceptive. And here I am, Im ready to go... its been a short trip.But about that time a powerful pair of hands grasped me from behind, got me under the arms – I feltthem; I can feel those hands even now – lifted me up 40 feet out of that canal and placed me on thebank of this industrial canal. Im soaking wet and covered with mud.Nobody behind me. I mean, Im in the water in the canal and theres nobody behind me, but Iremember this powerful pair of hands lifting me up and putting me on the bank.
  3. 3. Once it dawned on me that there was nobody there, I dont know what really went through my mindat that time other than the fact that: Im in deep trouble. Im in deep doo-doo, because when mymother would see me, I know she would know that Id violated all her rules. And God, I knew I wasgoing to get it – whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack! Shes crying at the same time sheswhacking me, you know, because she knew Id been in the water down there.And the event itself… [blip in audio, words missing] ... but it was in there.I think over the years that memory surfaced from time to time and I found myself looking back andthinking: Did I imagine that or was that real? And then as I got a little older and became aware of allof the other events of my life when it happened where I should not have lived, that surfaced againand again, that event.KC: Well, youve told me, you know… Can you describe some of those incidents in which youlived and others didnt? You dont have to go into too much depth, but just to give people a taste ofwhat youre talking about. What you mean by that?BD: Like what?KC: Well, you said in some cases you were in a military situation in which all the people aroundyou died and you did not. Can you describe a couple of those?BD: Well, I can remember one: I was an infantry platoon leader. I was a Second Lieutenant when Igot to Korea in 1951. I led an infantry platoon in combat – 32nd Infantry Regiment, 7th InfantryDivision – in one of the God-most-awful bloody wars weve ever had. They refer to Korea as “theforgotten war,” but for those of us who were there – and there arent a hell of a lot of us left – wevenever forgotten. We never forgot it.There was one time we were on an attack and we knew that we were going to engage a Chinesedivision. Now, the Chinese had come into the war in ’50, at the end of the year in 1950. Youveheard about the winter there, the Chosin Reservoir events and all of this. Well, thank God I wasnt inthere.But when I arrived the Chinese were in full commitment to the war and there was a fresh Chinesedivision in front of us and we were attacking that division. We’re moving forward through a pineforest in the mountains and I hear music and I thought: My God, what the hell? Wheres the musiccoming from? My favourite... one of my favourite pieces was the Grieg Piano Concerto and Imhearing the Grieg Piano Concerto!Well, my company runner, my radioman, comes up. He says: Lieutenant? He says: Where the hell’sthe music coming from? I hear music back there.And I says: I hear it, too. Go find out if any of those nitwits in the outfit have gotten a radio or areplaying a tape or something… you know, because here we are moving forward into an attack thatturned out to be one of the bloodiest wed ever had. Id lost about a third of my platoon that day andtheres some music being heard – Grieg Piano Concerto, one of my favourites.We got into combat. Well, my runner came back later and he says: Lieutenant, nobodys got a radio,nobodys playing a tape. And he heard the music, too.And we went through this mess, lost a bunch of kids. After it was all over with Im sitting therethinking about it. I didnt get a scratch. Where the hell did the music come from? Was I fantasizing?Well, I couldnt have been because my radioman heard it also, the company runner heard it. Smallevent.There was another event later that involved sitting around a fire after a day’s activity and… aboutsix of us. I get up to take a pee. I step away 20 feet, a mortar round comes in, lands right on top ofthe damn fire, kills everybody. Im unscathed, untouched.KC: Unbelievable.
  4. 4. BD: In Vietnam, another case – helicopter. There were about six of us in the chopper, plus the twocrewmen and were chogging away and, you know, not very high, maybe 600 feet. I look down andI see holes in the floor of the helicopter – and there were no holes in it when we got in it. [Kerrylaughs] Holes in the floor!And I looked to somebody and said: There werent holes in the floor of this damn thing (it was aHuey) when we got in it.And he said: No, there sure as hell werent.The next thing we know is an AK47 round got into the engine, froze the engine up, down we went,the ’copter crashed, burst into flame. I was the only survivor. [long sigh] Forgive me… thememories are vivid. I walked away unscathed.Well, over the years I began putting two and two together, and not being terribly bright but notbeing stupid, it began to dawn on me that somethings going on here and its tied in with that eventwhen I was three years old, and its been going on and on and on and on.Well, they finally got to me. They finally got to me and I began to realise that when I incarnated onthis planet, I must have come for a purpose – not just to have a good time, you know, jollies and all– but I must have come for some reason.Well, then a series of face-to-face meetings took place between me and them. And I must tell youand make it very clear: I have never been abducted, because that’s not a word I use. Literally I havebeen invited and...KC: Are you saying that you were having these meetings while you were in the military?BD: To some degree, yes, but not as blatantly and openly as it happened later.My face-to-face confrontations with them have been pretty regular in the last 20 years. And that’snot an accident in itself, because when I started speaking openly and bluntly about theextraterrestrial presence in 1991 in Tucson, Arizona, and violating my National Security Oath in abig way, thats when the overt, blatant, face-to-face meetings began to take place.KC: So did the meetings happen… In other words, Im wondering if the meetings spurred you on todisclose, or whether or not you decided to disclose and then suddenly youre having face-to-facemeetings?BD: A great deal of both.KC: Okay.BD: My decisions, I think, were based basically on my anger and frustration with the Americangovernment for lying to the people for so many years – my anger and frustrations at the Americanmedia and the public itself, of not paying attention, not being interested, not giving a damn, notseemingly willing to even care about this greatest story in human history.So it was a little bit of both. I think their involvement has been a major factor, and I think my owndecision, as I began to realise over the years who I was… I mean literally, spiritually, who I was andwhy I came here.KC: But, you know, you told the story in the first interview of finding this book, in going into asafe, while you were a Command Sergeant Major.BD: Well, I was a Master Sergeant at the time.KC: Okay. And the name of the book is the...BD: An Assessment.KC: An Assessment. And this was when you were in Europe, right?
  5. 5. BD: When I was at SHAPE Headquarters in Paris. I went there in ’63, 1963.KC: Okay. So at that point… Im going to assume that the memories that you’re talking about, evenwhen you were three years old, were these gone? Had they been buried and then were triggered?Was there any kind of interaction that you actually had prior to that? Or after that?BD: When I first was exposed to The Assessment in the war room, in SHOC, in Paris in 1964, afterit was published in the summer of ’64, I read it and it was a bit of a shock. And there was alsoanother factor, Kerry, where I said, you know, kind of: Ive known this. Ive been aware of this. Thisis not really that big a surprise to me.Reading it on paper, seeing it in this Cosmic Top Secret document, made an impact: Ah, you know,the military for three years have been studying this.No, the whole thing… The Assessment, I told you before it was about that thick [measures the sizein the air] but it was filled with Annexes and Appendices, ten of them.I read the books. I read the Appendices, the Annexes. I looked at the photographs. I studied theautopsies – there was a crash in northern Germany, for God’s sake, where they retrieved a crash of aUFO with twelve small bodies in it. And the impact was pretty impressive, but there was a part ofme that somehow knew this was all true. I was...KC: Did you ever think that they set you up? [Bob laughs] Did you ever think that they let you dowhat you did?BD: Well, who are we talking about? Who set me up and who let me do this?KC: Well, you tell me.BD: Was it the military guys? Was it the Colonel who threw the thing on my desk and said: Readthis, thisll wake you up? Or was it them? [pointing upwards]KC: Right.BD: And Ive come to a point in time where Im convinced that they generally are calling the shots.Now, it could have been a little of both. I mean, the Colonel may have said: Look, you know,Master Sergeant, youre dosing off – it was three in the morning. [gestures, book being tossed on adesk] Plop. Read this. Itll wake you up.But I think that they had a hand in it. [points upwards again] I think theyve had a hand in damnnear everything, Kerry, the more I have grown older and a little wiser and more perceptive. Im at apoint in my life where I dont miss much. I pay attention.KC: I agree with that. [laughs]BD: And I have learned over the years that there are bigger players in this drama, this humanexperience. They are major players and have been from the very beginning.KC: Okay. But you actually must agree that when you go “those guys upstairs,”[points upward] tosome degree theyre also working with the military. I mean, we know this now.BD: Yes. Yes, we do.KC: And I dont know when or even if that was in the report, or whether you became clued in later,just how much dialogue with the....BD: Kerry, the report itself was a military study for three years and it had a purpose, and it wassimply this: To determine whether there was or was not a military threat to Allied forces in Europein 1963 - ’67 and so on, because these things had been flying all over central Europe for years.Gordon Cooper told me one time, he said: They were all over the damn place when he was flyingthe jets over in Germany in the years before he became an astronaut.
  6. 6. Well, these objects had damn near triggered World War Three. On the 2nd of February in 1961 theyhad a major flyover where they came out of the Soviet sector, Warsaw Pact, flew over centralEurope and Germany. Over the southern coast of England… over the Channel, they turned north information, obviously under intelligent control, and then this flight disappeared off of our radar overthe Norwegian Sea.KC: And were talking about flying saucers?BD: Were talking about large metallic circular disc-shaped objects, obviously under intelligentcontrol.KC: Okay. And is it possible that these were actually built by the Nazis and then...?BD: Well, now you bring up a question that Im not prepared to give you an answer to here, becausethis is after World War Two. Weve learned over the years, for those of us who’ve been payingattention, that the Germans had technology far beyond what most people were told.We learned that the Germans had incredibly advanced… apparently some form of extraterrestrialtechnology, because Germans were flying circular discs back... oh God, according to my friend JimNichols, they were flying them in the ’30s.KC: Okay. But what I want to know is when you became clued in as to the relationship between theETs… And Im assuming your dealings were with the Nordics, and you can correct me if Im wrong.BD: The ones that Ive generally met face to face with were Tall Blondes.KC: Mm-hm. And the military… like at what point...? Because youre actually being… in beingshown that document and being clued in, youre being brought into a club, as it were.BD: That was no accident. My being exposed to The Assessment in 1964, I dont think was just afluke.KC: So they brought you into the “old boys’ network” at that point, in a deeper way.BD: [laughs] Yeah, thats probably very appropriate. Yes.KC: Okay. And you had friends, as you say in our other interviews, in high places, both with themand with some very specific individuals in your career path, Im sure.BD: Oh yes.KC: And some of those individuals may also have been responsible for keeping you alive to thisday.BD: Well, theres no question about it.KC: Okay.BD: Theres been an on-going war, and I know you are aware of this. Our so-called “authorities”,our Elite… What is it we refer to? The Powers That Be... theres been a battle going on inWashington and other places for many, many years, a division between the “authorities.”There are those who say: Weve got to bring this all out. Weve got to tell the people; the peopledeserve the answers; they need the information. Itll help bring about an expansion ofconsciousness, which is essential to our survival.And then there are others who say not only: No, but: Hell no. This story is so damn big we cant tellthe people because theyre not ready.And that little war has been going back and forth. Well, Ive encountered both sides. Ive had people,you know, from this group and from this group and, to be honest with you, Ive ended up agreeingwith this group and agreeing with this group: Yes, its got to come out. No, it cant come out. Wediscussed this at dinner the other night...
  7. 7. KC: Exactly. So way back when… Because at this point, you know, were talking ’64 and yourebeing brought into the loop, but youre not actually... Im assuming youre not having face-to-facecontact with the ETs at this point?BD: Not at that time that I can remember. Now, I may have had them…KC: Sure.BD: …but I didnt remember. Because these guys are so advanced, not only technologically, butspiritually and sociologically… Were dealing here, Honey, and you know this, were dealing with aType 2 Civilization.Now, in the last few years Im convinced that there is a major Power that’s in this game that is aType 4 Civilization. Now were getting into the realm here of spirituality, where evolved beings ofthis more advanced group are literally angelic, at least to our sense, you see?We humans, were so fundamental, were so primitive in our views and these advancedtechnologically civilizations out there, some of them are so... My God, talk about a million yearsahead of us. Some people, somebody here at this conference...KC: I appreciate all that, but I want to bring you back on point because I want to know when it wasthat one of these “old boys” pulled you aside, said: Would you like to take a ride? Would you like tomeet a friend of mine? I mean, when did this happen? Are you going to spill the beans with this?BD: Well, I cant spill the beans about that because that particular thing you describe didnt happen.My first awareness of being invited and taken aboard and taken for a ride through the portal,through the doorway, was orchestrated by them. [points upwards]KC: All right. Where was this located? Where did this happen?BD: It happened when I was in Tucson, Arizona, many years ago.KC: But you were out of the military at that point?BD: Yeah. I retired in ’76.KC: Okay. So during your time...BD: I came out of the closet in ’91.KC: Right. So during the time in the military, youre saying that you never actually, at leastconsciously, met with any of these people?BD: Not conscious remembrance, but Im convinced probably I did because, as I was about to tellyou, they have the capability of manipulating your awareness. They can take you away and wineyou and dine you and show you lots of things and bring you back and erase from your consciousmemory that entire experience, and you wont remember it unless there is a triggering mechanism oran event that will happen that you will say: Oh my God, that happened, you know?Theyre pretty good at that. And they do it essentially for our own benefit because if we were towalk around with total consciousness of that world and this world, we really would be locked up inan institution, you see, because the average guy cant deal with living in two worlds at the sametime.Now, its happening to me now. And you sat and had dinner with me last night and you saw thetears. The tears were the result of me being in... Im now living in two worlds, this one and that one.[points upwards]Ive been around the block a time or two. Im a tough old bird. Ive seen things, Ive done things Idont even want to get involved with. So I, you know, Im not an innocent. Im not, you know, justsinging, coming down the lane, you know, flowers flying and all that.Ive been around a bit, Im kind of tough, but at the moment I am living in two worlds because Im
  8. 8. having almost total recall of that world and this world in my previous lives now. [Kerry laughs] Imalmost – and I will say this with Jim sitting there – Im almost a basket case, but hes known me foryears.Ive been through hell and Im still here, and Im as ornery as ever and Im going to be around foranother year or two at least, maybe a little longer, because I have not finished yet what they [pointsupwards again] wanted me to do.But Im sitting here with you this afternoon, telling you that I have been there [points upwards]many times, and I am living in two worlds, with full memory of previous lives, and it’s difficult forme to deal with.KC: Okay.BD: And I want you to think about that because you may be confronting some of this yourself ifyou havent already.KC: Well, I have to say that I have, and I believe more and more people are, and, you know, this hasto do with the different “Waves” of people that are here on Earth at this time, as you know. And thisis part of the reason that I feel it’s so important to reveal what youre talking about.BD: I think its important or I wouldnt be sharing this with you. And one of the triggers that reallygot me convinced of it was an old friend, Neil Freer. Now, I prodded Bob Brown to bring Neil in asa speaker this year. I prodded him to bring Jim Nichols in as another speaker and I was happy withthat.Neil had the courage just this last year to write a white paper which he submitted to the web. I got acopy; I gave a copy to Brown last year. Neil came out and openly admitted that he has had arelationship with non-human Intelligence since he was seven. And I thought: You old codger you,youve got the courage, why the hell dont I have the courage? And being a coward for all theseyears… [Kerry laughs]Ive shared many things, I really did. Ive shared many things. Ive even had threats on my life.Those bastards even put out a contract on me some years back (and I was informed of that by afriend in DIA) because I had stopped being merely a nuisance and I had become a threat. They weresetting me up for one of these one-car accidents or, you know, whatever. Or a coronary, whatever.They have these means of doing that.And then I got word from another friend in an Agency, a retired friend of mine from militaryservice, who said: Hey, they pulled the contract on you. Youre not in danger any more.And I says: What happened?And he says: Apparently they got the word from [points upwards] a higher authority, which hedidnt clarify who this higher authority is, but they lifted the contract on me and Ive been blithelydancing down the path ever since. And Ive got a couple of good years ahead of me and Im going tocontinue to do it.KC: Okay. Well, let me just say that youre not a coward; youre the last person on the planet thatwould be classified that way. But I appreciate the humility that makes you say that in relation toNeil coming forward in relation to his ET experiences. And you did talk about this on tape with us.BD: Yes, briefly, but I never really…KC: But you never...BD: …never really opened up completely about it.KC: Right. Okay. And so actually thats what youre doing today, and more power to you because ofthat.
  9. 9. BD: I want to leave one more thing with you before we close this off. I told you this at dinner lastnight, I was astounded… You know, Ive seen so many things. It takes very little to really astoundme anymore. I mean, good God, when you remember your previous lives and you remember beingin their world and in this world and all…When I learned that they have the capability not only to manipulate time and matter… and we talkType 3, maybe a Type 4 Civilization. I was confronted with a reality that even today still stuns me,that you or I or any of us can be taken, invited, gone aboard, taken a trip with them, be gone six oreight weeks and then come back in your bed ten minutes after you left, after having been gone sixor eight weeks.Now, I say to my dubious friends, my sceptic friends, put that in your damn pipe and smoke it andrealise that that is a reality. Were dealing with technology that can manipulate matter and time. Andyou better damn well get yourself prepared for what youre about to face, because if you thinkquantum physics is a shock, you ain’t seen nothing yet.KC: So were talking time travel, right?BD: Of course.KC: Were talking time travel in... along with ET experiences. And were also talking portals. Andactually I dont think you have mentioned the word portal in the past and Im curious if you candescribe what... In other words, if you went through a portal, you went through a portal in a craft?Or you went through a portal, you stepped through a stargate? Have you done that?BD: Let me tell you this, the first memory I have of going through a portal was in the back seat ofan automobile on a highway in southern Arizona. Now, years ago that would have gotten mecommitted, that statement alone!I was in the back seat of a car with a couple of them [points upwards] and we were going down thehighway near Ajo, Arizona, which is not far from the Mexican border, and we went into a fog andthe next thing you know, [laughs] we went into a portal, and I had about an hour and a half, twohours, of missing time.KC: When you say you were going down the road with a couple of these guys, were they physical,here on the planet with you, or was this inter-dimensional?BD: Yeah. They were physical. They were as material as I was – flesh, blood, everything, bones.Yes.KC: Now, you and I know that, as you said, some of these people are walking the halls of thePentagon today.BD: Yes.KC: Okay. And Im wondering if you have any regular interaction with any of those people.BD: Ive had interaction with them from time to time. It seems like it was kind of a, you know, asituation where: Oh, while were here, lets chat. No, I think it’s been orchestrated.KC: Okay. But what Im going to ask you is to go down some roads that you havent gone downbefore.BD: How much time have you got on your tape? [Kerry laughs]KC [to Cam operator]: How much time we got?Cam operator: Forty minutes and we’ve got about 20 left.KC: Okay. Weve got another tape to go, so were going to be fine.BD: Well listen, Kid, I know you. You and I have been around a bit together and Im not sure Imgoing to be able... I dont have the fortitude to spend the entire afternoon here.
  10. 10. KC: Sure. I understand.BD: But out of respect and love for you Ill answer a couple of questions if I can. But if we reallywanted to deal with this whole issue wed be here all afternoon and half of tomorrow and we stillwouldnt get all of it in, because its that big.KC: Well, let me ask you this and you can take off on this topic, but my understanding is that part ofthe reason they wanted you to talk and they encouraged you to come forward – and youve beenencouraged both by some people you havent mentioned and also by “them,” as you say – and it’sbecause we have some things coming down the pike in the next few years – and this is 2010, afterall – that people need to be prepared for. And if they dont start realizing that there’s more than onereality and realizing that they live, you know, that they have past lives and theyre going to havefuture lives...BD: We live in an infinite Universe with infinite possibilities.KC: Thats right. That theyre immortal beings and so on. In other words, thats what’s before them.Theyre going to have to... their mind is going to have to take that in, so it better start somewhere.BD: Listen, you and I are players in this game. Were contributors. Youre a major contributor. Whatyouve done with Camelot is… Ive told you before, you have no idea the extent and the scope ofwhat you’ve accomplished. Youve reached the world. You turned me into a damn celebrity and Ididnt want to be one! [Kerry laughs]The point Im getting at is that youre a major player here and things are going to be happening herein the next few years that are going to challenge the masses of people.I have said before and Ill say it again: When it all happens, when it all comes out, its going to bringabout an expansion of consciousness thats going to change the world, that we are not going to bethe same species, were not going to be in the same world. The present reality will fall away and anew reality will...Its going to take an expansion of consciousness, Kerry, to even deal with these truths and thats whyIm speaking out.KC: So lets push the envelope.BD: Thats why Im pushing the envelope, and you are, to get people, and prod the people, to say:Look! Damn it, youve got to wake up and realise the world you live in.And thats why I am so angry at the establishment scientific community. They are so hard-headedand closed-minded about this whole thing. They... Would you grasp that most of them will not evenaccept the reality of the human soul? That there is a divine spark in each and every one of us that isfrom the Source?We are each of us God-sparks, the soul, the immortal everlasting human soul that lived before, isliving now, and will after. There is no end. Now, when people are beginning... when they grasp that,who they are and whats in them…!I go back to the beautiful old Sanskrit term, the Hindu teachings. Beautiful, beautiful... oh, theBhagavad-Gita is a masterpiece. They refer to the dweller within, the imprisoned splendour. Thatsone of my favourites – the imprisoned splendour.And one of the Hindu holy men that Ive always admired and respected was Yogananda. Heestablished what he called the Self-Realization Fellowship and people missed the point of what thehell that even says – Self-Realization – the realization of your true self, the recognition that you area God-like immortal being.Now, thats what the people out there and those who watch and those who listen have got tounderstand: You are an infinite spark of divinity yourself.
  11. 11. Now, if we can get them to see that, this transition which is going to be painful and awkward andtroublesome, and its going to be a bumpy ride, but by God, if they could only grasp who and whatthey are, itll help them through that.That transcendent transformation that the entire race is going through, its going to be painful. Itslike coming out of adolescence into adulthood, but if they can grasp the power within them andbring it out... God, weve accomplished what we came for!KC: [laughs] I understand.BD: I know you do.KC: And I agree with you. But what I want is, I want some nuts and bolts information from you,because information is Light and information will start to creak open that door. And what we needare some tantalizing facts of whats really been going on behind the scenes. Okay? Not only in thegovernment, but…BD: You’re talking about the government cover-up?KC: Yeah. Absolutely. Or, you know, some of the things you may have seen – access tounderground bases, invitations. Have you gotten a ticket? You know. You understand what Imsaying here?BD: I’m not sure... Ive been in underground facilities for years. When I was working with FEMA Iwas part of a program called C.O.G. (Continuity of Government). We worked for years puttingtogether civil defense, emergency services, disaster response.And Ive been in underground facilities that you wouldnt believe – massive, massive – all over thecountry. Theres one under Fort Huachuca, which I may have told you once before, that is gigantic.These are massive facilities. My only criticism at the time was that some of them were so luxuriousfor the politicians that that ticked me off. I felt that the politicians didnt deserve those luxuriousfacilities.Yeah. Weve got massive underground facilities all over the country, all over the planet. Weve gotrelationship, official military relationships, with the off-planet Intelligences. We have a majorfacility in the middle of Australia. Its called Pine Gap.The point Im getting at is that our military, our Shadow Government, is deeply involved withextraterrestrial operations.KC: And you know this how?BD: By people who have come up to me, and said: Dean, Ive got to tell you what happened to melast month… or where I was last month.And I say often, I used to say: Why are you telling me?And he said: Well, people seem to listen to you and you have enough respect that you can go publicwith it and I think they need to know it.I was one of them, the first one of them, who revealed the information that we have a portal of sorts,a kind of portal, located at 14 levels below-ground at S4. A Naval Lieutenant Commander told me.He says: I was ordered to put on my summer uniform, pack my bags and get my briefcase. He wasordered to go to this facility which he didnt... well, it was S4, on the other side of the mountain atPapoose Lake.And he says: Why are you asking me to put on a summer uniform when it’s cold as hell here? Evenin Las Vegas it was cold.And they said: Just do what youre told. Put on a summer uniform, pack your bag and show up here.
  12. 12. They took him to S4, they went down the elevator to three different levels. He had a red card, a bluecard, and a green card. At the bottom of the facility, 14 levels below ground – its like taking a 14-storey building and burying it – at the bottom he got through the door and there sits a G-I. I can’tremember whether he said it was Army, Navy, Air Force or what. Doesnt matter. At that level itdoesnt matter.They said: Commander, welcome. Come on in. And he walked through this door from the elevator,and the kid says: Welcome to Pine Gap.KC: Wonderful!BD: And the Commander says: What the hell are you talking about?He says: Sir, youre in Australia.Commander says: No, were in Nevada.And the young man says: Sir, when you just walked through that door, youre in Australia.KC: Incredible.BD: So he came up to me and he says: Im telling you this because I know that people will listen toyou.At that time Id been travelling and speaking publicly a number of times and I shared it.And then another… [laughs] …another active-duty type came up to me one time and said: Why thehell are you telling these damn stories? He said: Thats classified. You’re not supposed to tell thosethings, you know. Thats sensitive!And I says: Well, would you believe that it was shared to me by a man who out-ranked you?Well, that goes on and on, Honey, that goes on and on.KC: So its because its not necessarily your direct experience, at least at this time, it is because youknow people that come up to you, people that trust you, people that know you’re on the circuit andthey want you to do… be sort of like a messenger?BD: Yeah. A lot of the classified material that Ive been given and I have shared has come from avariety of sources, both military and in Intelligence operations, by people, some of them Ive knownin my career, some of them Ive served with. The one in DIA, he was with me in South Vietnam. Hewas a Master Sergeant there when I was out there. Now hes working as Civilian DefenseIntelligence.So yeah, Ive been getting a lot of information because I am an avenue which apparently the publichas come to respect to some level, and the Intelligence, military guys, have learned that whensomething must come out that they think should come out, I bring it out.KC: Okay. Im going to ask you a question...BD: The reason... Wait a minute. I’ve got to tell you that one of the reasons I think Ive beensuccessful is I have never compromised any of them in their personal careers and their lives,because, for many of them, saying things to me that theyve shared is dangerous because of thecrowd that doesnt want it out.My God! They dont want us to know about the Aerospace Command here, would you believe that?Trillions of dollars a year are going off to a military command that the American people dont evenknow exists?KC: Youre talking about Space Command?BD: Aerospace Command! Its commanded by...KC: Okay. Is that located in Nebraska?
  13. 13. BD: Its... No, no. It used to be Nebraska. It used to be Colorado Springs. Now the headquarters… Iswear to God the headquarters is in orbit!KC: Right.BD: Now, trillions going to Aerospace Command.There is a Four-Star Air Force General, who, last I checked last year, was commanding: LanceLord. Interesting name. Ive often swore up and down that Lance Lord is one of them. [pointsupward] Lance Lord commands the Aerospace Command and its a joint services Space Commandthat the American people dont even know exist. It puts NASA to shame.KC: Okay. Is it an international organization?BD: Yes. Yes, it really is, because there are British officers serving right along with United StatesAir Force and Navy officers. Yes. And weve done that now since World War Two.KC: Okay, British; and what about Australian?BD: UK... ah… are you familiar with the UKUSA Pact?KC: Ive heard of it.BD: UK / USA, signed in 1947. Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Great Britain and the USsigned a pact called the UKUSA Pact in 1947 and weve been like this [gestures, hands claspedtogether] ever since.KC: Okay. So weve got a Space Command and this is doing what? Going out into interstellar...doing interstellar travel? Because weve got whistleblowers talking about super-luminal travel,faster than the speed of light.BD: I was told about hyper-luminal flight 20 years ago by a retired aerospace engineer who spentmost of his career with Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, and for some time with Lockheed Martin and…ah...KC: And theyre going where? I mean, were talking outside this solar system. Right?BD: Leaving the system, yes indeed. When Ben Rich before he retired and died – Ben Rich who ranthe Lockheed Skunk Works – said at one of his retirement dinners, he said: You know, we can takeET home. And he said: Weve got technology thats 100 years beyond what establishment sciencewill believe. And when he said: We can take ET home, were talking about hyper-luminal flight.Weve had anti-gravity and weve had zero-point energy for, well, 40 years. And one of the thingsthat gets me frosted so much, I think…You know, my fuse sometimes can get very short and its thenature of who I am and how I was trained and raised. Bless their hearts, the American people outthere who have been paying the damn bills for all these years deserve to know this!Every time I go to a filling station and put gasoline in at $2.75 a gallon [Kerry laughs] in my car, Iget pissed off because we dont need to do this. This is going into the pockets of the George Bushfamily and the rest them, you know, the bunch of idiots and nitwits. Anybody thats got a billiondollars and wants more, theyre not people I can get along with.KC: I agree with that! So okay, were talking super-luminal travel, weve talked about a stargatebasically under S4 thats going over... I mean, youre also aware of Los Alamos, I imagine, the timetravel thats being conducted from Los Alamos?BD: Yeah. Well, it was Los Alamos where they had a contained and sustained fusion reaction over30 years ago, controlled and contained sustained fusion reaction.KC: Okay. What does that do? What does that…?BD: Well, thats an infinite energy forever.KC: Okay.
  14. 14. BD: Fusion! My God, and weve got it, but the American people dont know. I mean, they payelectrical bills on their house, the air... The summer in Phoenix, for God’s sake, the air conditioner’sgoing night and day, 114 degrees outside. Every time the bill comes due, my wife has a fit. [Kerrylaughs]And I happen to know that we have fusion energy and that shouldnt happen, that we dont need todo this, and were being manipulated and dangled on a string. Oh my God – dont get me started!Im going to have to get myself a Jack Daniels and then well really have an interview here. [Kerrylaughs]KC: All right. Well, I dont mind! [laughs][Start of new conversation with Jim Nichols in room]BD: Anyhow, a guy sticks his head in and he says: Oh, Mr. Dean, you got a minute?And I says: Sure, come on in, and I says: Sit down, sit down.And he says: Thank you. He says: Ive been interested in just dropping in and saying hello. And hesays: Ive heard some of your interviews. Ive seen you on the tube. (I think I was going through thelawsuit at that time.)JIM NICHOLS (JN): Sounds like it.BD: And he said: Been fascinated about some of the things youve had to say.And we sat and had a pleasant conversation for over 30 minutes. And he said: Look, I want to thankyou for your time, you know, Ive enjoyed it. He says: Youve answered my questions.He got up, smiled, shook hands, and out the door he went. He got out; couldnt have been 30seconds, I got up from my desk because I realized I hadnt found out who the hell this guy was.JN: Right.BD: He didnt give me a card. He introduced himself. I think he gave me his name but I couldn’tremember what it was. And I get up and I jump out the door and Im going out and I head for theelevator because I figure hes gone down.To get in to that Sheriffs Department you had to go through security downstairs. You had to layyour driver’s licence out. They give you a little pass when youre in the building; they find out whois it you want to visit and then they let you in. They often will call up and say: Mr. Dean, youve gotsomebody who wants to say hello, or whatever.I had not asked him who he was, so I go jogging out, looking – hes gone!I called downstairs to the security guard, the guy on the desk. I says: Look, stop whoever justvisited me before he leaves. I want to find out who the hell Ive been talking to.He sys: Dean, theres nobody visiting you. I mean nobody went through here, nobody checked in.He says: Nobody can come up and you know...I said: Now, I just spent 30 minutes talking to a pleasant young man in my office and he got up andleft and I didnt find out who the hell he was.And the Sheriff’s Deputy says: Hey Dean, theres nobody. Are you all right? Are you fantasizing,for Christs sake? Are you guys drinking something up there?And he didnt check in, he didnt check out – he just dropped in and visited me for 30 minutes andhe looked just as human as you and I do.JN: Was he a blue-eyed blonde?BD: No.KC: So have any of these individuals ever shared with you where they are from?
  15. 15. BD: No.KC: Have you asked them?BD: Yes.KC: Okay.BD: And I generally would get the same answer that I got last year.KC: Which is?BD: I asked the woman who I was chatting with during the break last year here at the conference.She and her husband – I thought “husband”; they looked like a pair – were chatting amiably,pleasantly, shaking hands, looking straight into each other’s faces, as human as you and I.And in the middle of the conversation I got this gut feeling, which Ingo Swann describes as beingan intuitive gut reaction to… When you meet an extraterrestrial there is a part of you that respondsat a gut level. Its an intuitive awareness, somehow, that this is different. And thats what proddedme a year ago to say to him: Youre not from here, are you?And she got a big smile and then I felt a little embarrassed. I said: I dont mean like are you fromMiami or New York or Los Angeles? I said: Youre not from here, are you?And she smiled and spoke up and said: No, were not from here. And I think shed been reading me,because they do that.And I said: Where are you from?And she says: If I were to tell you, I dont think youd understand.And I didnt accept that as a slur or an insult. I understood she said honestly: You wouldntunderstand.Well, later it hit me that what they were probably talking about is from another dimension.And several times I’ve confronted them in my relationship and asked them: Where the hell are youfrom? – you know, a planet, star system, even another galaxy.Did you know that the real Galactic Federation headquarters is not even in our galaxy?Now, you put that in their pipes and let them smoke that and see what kind of response you get. Imean, were not talking about inter-planetary or inter-stellar, were talking about inter-galactic.Were talking about inter-dimensional, all of the above, and our “authorities” have know this sincebefore I retired in ’76.But anyhow, she said very honestly: No, were not from here, you wouldnt understand, and I shookhands with you.She came up to me in San Jose at the Bay Area. Didnt see him. She came up and she looked, cameover, ran across the room. She says: They didnt believe you when you told them, did they? [Kerrylaughs] They didn’t believe you when you told them.And I says: No, they didnt believe me.KC: You actually shared that at our Awake and Aware Conference.BD: Did I?KC: So this had to be after that.BD: And she says: That was to be expected. Dont worry about it.KC: Okay. Well... [to Jim] Okay, what do you want to say?JN: Just one more thing: In any of these encounters, have they ever specifically told you a message,
  16. 16. like: This is what we want you to say? Or: This is what we would like for you to do? Have theygiven you any specific instructions? Or is it just: Hi, were friends... just to let you know were here?BD: Well, Ive gotten... A great deal of what Im doing has met approval. Ive got a great deal ofwhat Im doing has pleased them. Ive gotten this from what I gather to be a rather high spirituallevel, that what Im doing is what I came to do, what Im doing is crucial and important, what Imdoing is necessary, and what Im doing is making a difference, which is why I came out of fiveyears of seclusion.KC: What I want to know is if you can talk about what you have learned about the future from theseindividuals and/or from meetings or, you know, these whistleblowers, in essence, that have come upto you behind the scenes from the military and been talking to you, because we did an interview andyou talked about Nibiru.But, I mean, beyond that, are you being told what some of the plans are? Are you being told, forinstance, about China and a future war? Such that we got a... we have a recent whistleblower whostalking about what he calls “The Anglo-Saxon Agenda,” in which a nuclear war is actually planned.My belief is that these kinds of things will be stopped, but there are... We have gotten otherinformation from people like Pete Peterson that indeed these are on the agenda and that they may beallowed to transpire, in certain ways.BD: Ill tell you what Ive gotten, for what its worth: We do have a future and its glorious, and Ithink I said that in Spain last year.KC: Mm-hm.BD: Were in for some difficult times. This transition through this adolescence into adulthood as aspecies is going to be painful and there are going to be some difficult and awkward times.But no, there is not going to be a nuclear war because theyre not going to allow it because theplanet is too valuable – the flora and fauna in this zoological garden is too precious.And they have already intervened several times. They made their point during the Reaganadministration; they made it to Gorbachev when he was in office. They’ve made the point manytimes. They made it at Rendlesham Forest, Bentwaters, when they melted the warheads.Theyve made the point that: Were not going to allow you nitwits to start a mess, a holocaust thatsgoing to end up halfway destroying this beautiful, beautiful planet. Now, youve messed it up badenough as it is with your garbage, you know.But no, theres not going to be a nuclear war and theyre not going to allow it because, frankly, wedont own the planet.And this little titbit came out, of all places, in a movie called The Day the Earth Stood Still – thesecond one that came out – when Klaatu or whatever his name was says: You dont own this planet.This planet is not yours, and that little titbit was dropped in the middle of that movie. And as I say, Iconclude that in this subliminal education program... Same with Avatar.KC: But Bob, are you also being made aware that there is also a war going on in-between variousET groups?BD: I know there is a struggle going on, but it is not a full-scale war.KC: Okay.BD: There is a struggle between one group. Apparently theyve got a divided family, the clan. Theclan has been divided for a long, long time.KC: Youre talking about the Anunnaki, in terms of Sitchin.BD: Yeah. Yeah. Theres been this… ah… what do I call it... dysfunctional family situation and
  17. 17. thats been going on, and weve been in the middle of that before. Well, thats still going on.But I have learned and I will point this out and I want to make it clear on the tape that there is ahierarchy out there and there are Intelligences in the hierarchy above us that have an agenda of theirown. Among the different groups that are coming and going, some of them have an agenda of theirown.But there is a hierarchy here and I have learned this first-hand and I have been urged to share this,that there is a higher hierarchy out there that is predominantly spiritual – and were talking about aType 4 Civilization, the kind of people that we would refer to as angelic. Our ancestors would havedeified them. Our ancestors, for God’s sake, deified the Anunnaki, and they sure as hell werent“gods”; they were as rotten in many ways as we are today.KC: But aren’t the Anunnaki…? [overtalk/ inaudible]BD: But there is a spiritual hierarchy here.KC: I understand.BD: And this planet and this race, this species, and the life form on this planet, is so precious thatthis planet was “Terraformed.” Life was introduced here as a part of a plan. Now, that plan is stillunderway.Now, the higher levels in that hierarchy have apparently grabbed some of the lower levels (aboveus), grabbed them by the shirt and [gestures, slapping round face with hands; Kerry laughs] andgotten their attention and said: Hey! You ain’t going to be able to pull this off anymore becausewere not going to let you screw it up. You screwed it up when you genetically manipulated themand engineered them as a slave race. And now youre going to contribute to make sure that they canmake this evolutionary jump which they are about to make as a species.And this hierachy out there, I would say, is where this lovely young man from Galilee incarnatedfrom.KC: Okay. So youre talking about sixth dimensional beings?BD: Oh my God, were talking about Beings from a higher dimensional level. Yeah.KC: Okay. So what do you know about, for example, the children that disappear off the planet?BD: It’s not children… its not just children. Do you have any idea how many people disappearevery year?KC: Adults as well, but especially the children. Yes... so have you been talked to about that?BD: Hundreds of thousands disappear.KC: Thats right.BD: Many of them, its a matter of choice. Many of them would like to get the hell out of here. A lotof them are taken… [long sigh]… and taken to other places.KC: Right.BD: They are... many of them are alive and well in other places, other planets, other dimensions.KC: Okay.BD: Yeah, the number of people who disappear every year… The government, the so-calledShadow Government, is aware of that. Nothing they can do about it because theyre not in control.KC: Okay. And are you also aware that there are simultaneous realities going on in which differenttimelines are playing out? Have you tapped into this?BD: Yes, yes... but dont try to explain that to Joe Six-pack on the street.
  18. 18. KC: [laughs] Right.BD: And I love Joe.KC: Uh-huh. I understand.BD: I spent most of my life working with Joe Six-pack. But dont try to explain that.Yeah, theyre... Look, when youre dealing with advanced technologies, advanced spiritually-developed civilizations that are like Kaku calls Type 3, 4, who can manipulate matter and time…Our concept of time is fundamental. I mean, our concept of time is childlike. Time is not at all whatwe think.One of the things Ive learned in my travels is that you cannot separate space and time. Space/ timeis a given. Its a unity. When you travel in space, you travel in time, and almost all of them whocome here from incredible distances… And those trips take just a few seconds in many cases, youknow [makes whoosh sound] from there to here. I mean, were talking about guys dropping in from65… 200-light-years away. [snaps fingers] Theyre here.KC: And again, you know this because of your own experience interacting with them in whichtheyve told you this, or because other military personnel have come to you and told you this?BD: Both.KC: Okay.BD: Both – to the point that I was totally convinced that I wouldnt have the courage to share thiswith you.KC: Okay.BD: Im not the only one whos had this happen to him in his life. Im one of the oldest old fartswhos speaking out about it, but Im not the only one.Youve talked to lots of different people who’ve been the same places Ive been, who’ve met thesame people Ive met, and whove learned the same things Ive learned. So my little two cents, forwhatever its worth, is not the only bit of information, and youve been getting it from a variety ofsources. Some of them are not that reliable… and I see you smiling, but most of them are.Disinformation is a problem weve got. We had it from the beginning. And I jokingly… I think Isaid it to you last night, about the case where we had this disinformation program underway by thebunch of clucks back in Washington and they spent a lot of time and money putting this out, this bigdisinformation thing to get people, you know, focused here – and then they found out that thedisinformation information they were putting out was true! Boy, dont you think that caused a stir atLangley! [laughs] Oh boy!KC: [laughs] Yeah, thats actually a great twist.BD: Ive developed a sense of humour about the whole thing, particularly when I found out that thehuman race has a future, the planet is not going to be destroyed; that the kids who found the box ofhand grenades are not going to be able to play with them and destroy this beautiful planet. Now,along the way there are going to be some difficulties.KC: Okay. What do you know about… for example, what do you know about the Middle East?BD: The Middle East? Oh that...KC: Are you aware that theres a major portal there?BD: That cauldron is one of the primary focuses of the experiment because that particular cauldron– and I use that term particularly with a choice here – was selected because of the populations thatexist there, and have existed there. And part of the major experiment that’s underway was initiatedthere.
  19. 19. Islam, Christianity, and Judaism all started in the Middle East because they decided that that was anappropriate place to stir up and prepare… What do they call it? The chemical...?KC: Petri dish.BD: Petri dish. The Middle East is a Petri-dish…KC: I understand.BD: …in a laboratory that they have been operating from the beginning of time. Good God, evenZoroaster was there.KC: Okay. Well, I want to know about the modern-day Middle East. I would like to know if any ofyour contacts are talking to you about whats going on, for example, in the Gulf of Aden?BD: Hm. Why there?KC: Because theres a collection of Navy and all kinds of ships from all over the world, from whatwe understand, and Im just wondering if youre getting any reports...BD: How did you find out about that?KC: Weve a whistleblower by the name of Aaron McCollum who went on the record, took a lot ofcourage to do so. Im just wondering if youve been given any information about that particularstargate and whats going on there?BD: First of all, let me tell you that there are different places on the planet where stargates haveexisted for eons. They were established and located there because geologically there was amineralogy available in the granite or the crystal or whatever, that were particularly appropriate fora stargate, for a portal.Theres even a place in Arizona called Portalis. [Kerry laughs] The Indians knew of a portal there200 years ago. The Spaniards named it Portalis, a little town out there. I havent been there but itssoutheast of Tucson, I think... maybe northeast. Anyhow, there are portals here, there andeverywhere. Theres one up in Utah. You know. You read the book, I think, The Hunt for theSkinwalker?KC: Sure.BD: Theres a portal there. Theres portals here, there and everywhere. Theres a portal at Rainier.They can open a portal any place, any time that they choose. They can open a portal along thehighway between Ajo and Tucson at two in the morning [snaps fingers] just like that.KC: Okay. But to get back to the Gulf of Aden?BD: Well, Im sure there are a couple of portals there.KC: And are you aware of any specific goings on there that have to do with... because myunderstanding is that they are actually... I mean, theyve got a massing of troops that arehappening… [sound of someone knocking on door]… in Yemen… and were going to have to cutthis very short. But are you aware of this to some degree? Have you been getting reports? And youdont need to be specific but I need an answer, and you’ve been...BD: The Gulf of Aden, you say.KC: Mm-hm. Yes.BD: Well, it may be tied in with the fact that there is going to be a revolution in Iran, and thatspretty definite.KC: Okay.BD: And its not going to be one that we will initiate; its one thats going to be initiated from withinIran itself. And that collection up in the Gulf of Aden is probably connected to that.
  20. 20. But theres going to be a revolution in Iran, probably before the end of this year. And hopefully, youknow, hopefully – and Im pretty certain this is going to happen – its going to keep the Israelis frombombing the Iranian nuclear facilities.KC: I have one more question before we draw this to a close and Ive already got a great ending, sowe dont need to go into one here. But I want to know if youre aware of some synthetic beings thatare coming into the planet at this time?BD: What? Synthetic?KC: Yeah, beings that...BD: Where did you get that from?KC: Well, from various whistleblowers.BD: You know, some of the little Grays are synthetic.KC: Okay, but this is a specific kind of being that is actually arriving from outer space on the planetat this time.BD: A laboratory product, so to speak.KC: Of a sort, yes.BD: Synthetic... Non-physical?KC: But they look for all intents and purposes like you and I.BD: Yeah... go into a laboratory and churn them out, you know?KC: Okay.BD: I was told by a scientist one time not too many years back that when the little guys were foundinside the ships at Roswell and other places, in Kingman and whatever, some of them survived.Some of them had been banged up a little bit but they were alive, literally alive. And the military inthose days thought: F**k! They may be coming after them; theyll come back for them, you know?Well, they didnt, and the military and the scientists have concluded that they went back to thelaboratory and made some more, like we make potato chips, you see? And that sounds awfully cold-blooded, doesnt it?! But it isnt. When you can manufacture a living creature, a biological android,as it were, in a laboratory... [sighs] …KC: And we can do that now, cant we?BD: We? [points to himself]. Who are we talking about, we?KC: Well, Im asking you. Go in any direction you want.BD: Youre talking about the Shadow Government, our side…KC: Yeah. Absolutely.BD: Kerry, let me tell you this in closing, that there are things going on in laboratories in thiscountry, and laboratories in the United Kingdom, in Australia, in China, that the Christianfundamentalists would have a fit over if they knew about.We… yeah, we are cloning human beings, and thats just “science.” Were doing the same thing theAnunnaki did 100,00 - 200,000 years ago. Were cloning human beings.Aboard some of the ships… There are laboratory ships out there, and youve gotten this from otherwhistleblowers. On some of those laboratory ships there are vast containers filled with clonedhuman beings.And would you believe – you probably would because youve been doing some homework – that ifthey were to take me and you and Jim or any of the others of us out there, they might be able to
  21. 21. show you a clone of us? And they are able to take... to help us take our soul from this body and putit into a new body?KC: Yes. Yes, Ive heard this before.BD: That is a reality. Now, you see, that in itself is sensitive. How do you go tell that to Joe Six-pack out there? How do you tell that to a Muslim fundamentalist or a Christian fundamentalist? Orany fundamentalist?Well, as I jokingly have said when I was speaking over in Dallas: You look for the door and youcheck the windows so you can find a way to get the hell out of here if the chairs start flying.Because I did that in Dallas a number of years ago and I thought: Man! Man, Im in deep troublehere! And at the end of it I had 800 people out there.[addressing someone else] Shianne / Cheyenne… bless her heart; remember her? She was mysponsor.Unknown voice: Yes.BD: After it was over with, I got a standing ovation. But down the centre aisle, here this littlechubby round guy with a Bible under his arm… Hes heading down the aisle and hes headingtoward me and I thought: Oh God! Im in for it, because I had said some pretty blunt things,particularly about my good friend from Galilee, you see, as to who he really was. And I thought:This little dudes going to get me and were going to be rolling on the floor here and hell probablybeat the hell out of me, because he was a pretty tough-looking little guy.He leaps on the stage – I didnt think he could physically do it – had his Bible under his arm. Hethrew his arms around me: Brother Dean, God bless you! Youve said it the way it needs to be said.And I could have, you know, I almost keeled over. [Kerry laughs] Brother Dean, you said it! Andwe were hugging and kissing, you know, and we were great friends. [Kerry laughs]Now, there was a fundamentalist who I didnt offend and God help them, I hope there are more ofthose out there. And Im sure there are.KC: Well, Brother Dean, you said it like it needs to be said! [Bob laughs]BD: Well, Sister Kerry, its been my pleasure, Honey. And Im not making fun of thesefundamentalist people. Some of them are my best friends and God loves us all.KC: That’s right. Absolutely.BD: Thank you for your time.KC: Thank you…BD: I’ve enjoyed it.KC: …for your courage and your service to humanity.BD: Its not courage, Baby. They rubbed me the wrong way, I got angry! Thats why I sued theSheriff. Thats why Im doing what Im doing.KC: First you get angry and then you decide what to do with that anger and that takes courage. Andyou’ve got that.BD: Well…Thank you.DOLORES CANNON (DC): Bob, Im so glad that youre back doing it again.BD: Listen, one of the reasons Im back doing it is because of you!DC: Me?!BD: Yeah.
  22. 22. DC: Well, I know you were dying when I saw you last.BD: Well, my son accused me of committing suicide slowly. You know, I said...DC: You said: Im over, Im done! I said: No youre not. Youve got a whole lot you could share.BD: I said: Im up to here with this shit. Im not going to do this anymore.DC: You were like this… you were hardly moving. And look at you! Youve come back!BD: Youve been a person who Ive respected and admired for years. I just want you to know that.DC: But Im just glad to see youre back among the living. Youre doing what youre supposed to bedoing.BD: Well, thank you. It means a lot to hear it from you.###