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A consolidation showcasing few of my best and most recent works

A consolidation showcasing few of my best and most recent works

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  • 1. mufaddal abdulhussainArchitecture Portfolio School of Architecture and Planning, Manipal University B. Arch. | 2006 - 2011 Ladies Horsing Club – Al Mushrif, Dubai (competition) Ezra, Hydrotherapy Centre – Jabal Hafeet, Al-Ain (design thesis) Varna, Market at Military Parade Ground – Bangalore, India (competition) Integrated Township – Mangalore, India (urban design) Primary School – Shimla, India Art Gallery – Manipal, India Building Construction Details Sketchbook & Art Photography
  • 2. Al Mushrif, Dubai | 2009LADIESHORSINGCLUB competition entry winner
  • 3. 2009LADIES HORSING CLUBLocation Al Mushrif, DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATESPlot Area 310,982 m² (77 acres)Total Built-up 4,700 m²CONCEPT & DESIGN CRITERIASymbolism: Function & Zoning:Equestrian centres always associate with The design of Equestrian facilities often includes various otherone of the oldest sports in the history of sporting and leisure activities and requires careful planninghuman kind and with one of the earliest considering wind direction. Keeping this in mind the site hasdomesticated animal. Returning to nature been utilized to keep the areas used for riding horses awayis reminiscent of this historical from the areas used for jogging.relationship between man and animal. The main building is located at the highest point of the site toThe building is deep rooted in nature by provide a view which radiates outwards, while maintaining itsthe use of natural material and is well privacy from viewers below. The orientation of the buildingpoised through its slanting lines. Tents remains responsive to its local climate granting maximum usehave been used to revive a dying tradition of glass in the north allowing complete utilization of diffusedand to echo the shape of nearby dunes. natural light to light up its interior spaces.
  • 4. The building is broken down into 3 wings:Administrative & Daycare BlockFunction Hall BlockActivities BlockThe main entrance is located in the centrally placed Admin &Daycare Block, which branches out into the functions block onthe left and the activities block on the right. These twodirections create a strong line of datum and provides a senseof direction leading to the horsing activities and leaves scopeof expansion for future facilitiesThe function hall block has a separate entry with a pre-function space accessible for use during larger gatherings. Thehalls provide flexibility of space with foldable partitions thatcan be tucked away neatly to create larger or smaller spaces.Services are hidden in a chamfer behind the buildingThe activities block commences into the lockers, showers andchanging areas to be used by the gym and future sportingfacilities with an exit provided towards the same. The mindand activities hall zenith’s at the end leaving all three sidesopen to lush landscaped views which is imperative for itspurpose.External amenities, namely the swimming pool is covered witha light structure to provide shaded areas allowing it to be usedthroughout the year. The pool sits at the centre point of thedatum to provide inward views from the café, restaurant andlobby.The stables are located on the western corner of the site toavoid any unpleasant odours carried in the air and leave a vastexpanse of natural riding area in front.The water bodies were integrated with the landscape such thatthe canopy over the main entrance forms the source and flowsinto streams eventually culminating at smaller ponds. Theseintertwining streams within the hills of the desert landscapesignify the life giving power that water holds in these aridregions.
  • 5. street view
  • 6. aerial view
  • 7. ezRa A HYDROTHERAPY Jabal Hafeet Mountains, Al Ain | 2011 CENTRE t h e s i s design
  • 8. ezRa
  • 9. ezRa
  • 10. 2011ezRa HYDROTHERAPY CENTRELocation Jabal Hafeet Mountain Range, AL AIN, UNITED ARAB EMIRATESPlot Area 68,782 m² (17 acres)Total Built-up 13,850 m²about theproject aim & objective scopeJabal Hafeet, Al Ain is located To provide a world class Close proximity to Abuan hour away from the capital Hydrotherapy Facility which can aid Dhabi City which is aAbu Dhabi. Jabal Hafeet is in rehabilitation of victims suffering rapidly developingknown for its natural hot from rheumatism, partial paralysis, tourist and sports hub.mineral springs and plush sports injuries, accident injuries,natural landscape in the middle spondalytis, joint pains. It is the site of a naturalof the desert.Indeed an Oasis, It hot spring geyser whoseis built at the foothills of the To utilize the natural mineral springs water is said to haveEastern Mountain Ranges and and surrounding infrastructure to medicinal properties.have become an extremely gain into the untapped potential ofpopular hotspot for tourists and this exclusive location. There are existing chaletsfamily outings. The surrounding available for rent alongarea has been developeed into To provide not only a functional and with two hotels on thea pedestrian friendly zone with well planned therapy centre but also mountain which providechalets and cottages available a therapy centre which is attractive excellent scope forfor rent on a daily basis. Play in form and reflects the context of rehabilitation therapiesareas and kids pools are located the site. which require a longernearby. duration of stay. Providing contemporary architecturalThe source of the Hot Mineral solutions and a translation in using The site offersSprings has been accentuated elements of traditional Emirati breathtaking viewsby a geyser shooting into the Architectural influences andair around a man-made lake methods.
  • 11. Case study of Thermae Vals in Switzerland
  • 12. back elevation - holistic treatment centre
  • 13. revit renderings holistic treatment centre
  • 14. holistic treatment centre
  • 15. view from lake - revit render+photoshop
  • 16. physical model
  • 17. physical model
  • 18. physical model
  • 19. M.G. Road, Bangalore | 2008 V A PEOPLE’S R N MARKET Temporary bazaar structure competition A on military parade ground entry winnerphysical model
  • 20. 2008PEOPLE’S MARKETLocation BANGALORE, INDIAPlot Area 24,220 m² (6 acres) College Level Entry Group of 8
  • 21. SEC. & ELEV.
  • 22. 2010INTEGRATED TOWNSHIPLocation MANGALORE, INDIAPlot Area 1,618,400 m² (400 acres)CRZ Setback 100mResidential Units 5,570 TOWNSHIP HILLTOP LUXURY NORTHRes. Built-up Area 537,120 m² (133 acres) APARTMENTS ENTRANCELIG | MIG | HIG 2:4:1 HILLTOPUrban Design Studio Group of 4 LUXURY VILLASThe design brief required us to plan,program and develop a masterplan for a"Riverfront Township". CATCHMENT AREAThe project was to focus on making this aSELF SUSTAINABLE TOWNSHIP with the PRIMARY SECONDARYability to provide all possible services and SCHOOL SCHOOLammenities to its inhabitants. Theseinclude Shopping and Retail Areas, Officeand Commercial spaces, Educational MIG APARTMENTInstitutions, Residential Units ranging from COLONYLuxury Riverfront Villas to Multi-storyApartment Communites, Basic Healthcare,Recreational and Leisure Areas. RIVERFRONT LUXURY HIGHRISE COMMERCIAL AREA HOSPITAL GREEN BELT BUS / TAXI DEPOT TOWNSHIP SOUTH ENTRANCE RIVERFRONT LUXURY VILLAS RESORT
  • 23. Shimla, Himachal Pradesh | 2007PRIMARYSCHOOL
  • 24. climate 2007 DON BOSCO PRIMARY SCHOOLanalysis Location Plot Area Total Built-up Shimla, HIMACHAL PRADESH, INDIA 18,000 m² (4.5 acres) 2,730 m² Capacity 660 students The objective required us to design a primary school in the hillstation district of Shimla with special emphasis on making the building a “Sustainable Design” To achieve this goal, an in-depth climatic and user analysis was carried out. A Psychrometric Analysis for Shimla District was conducted using weather data provided by the metrological department. A detailed climatic report was also prepared studying the prevailing wind direction and sunpath for a 12month cycle. Keeping these considerations in mind, the building was designed to have the benefits of both passive heating and passive cooling using the ‘Trombe Wall’ for the summer and winter months. The final form was influenced from the wingspan of birds which is supported at the centre of its body. This resulted in a vaulted structural configuration leaving the classroom area free of psychrometric graph & climate chart columns intruding with the movement of students. The end of the cantilever - vaulted wings are supported with columns and the difference in roof level between classrooms and laboratories provide diffused natural light and ventilation.
  • 25. a AIR CHANGE n Air Change is the amount of air required to completely replace a the air in a room or building; it is not re-circulated air l A minimum of 6 air changes / hour y are required for a school building in most of its classrooms and other s ancillary teaching and activity areas According to Bureau of Indian Standards i ILLUMINATION LEVELS s Lux is a ( S.I. ) unit of illuminance equal to 1 lumen per square meter incident on a surface.  Classroom Desk Top, Chalkboards 150-300 L U X  Laboratories/Workshops 200-300 L U X  Library-Reading Tables 150-300 L U X  Drawing, Typing 300 L U X  Toilets 150 L U X  Manual Training 150 L U X NOISE LEVELS Maximum acceptable noise level in classrooms and other teaching areas is 40 dBm a x i m u m p r e v a i l i n g w i n d d i r e c t i o n o v e r 12 m o n t h s
  • 26. user study interaction matrices LEGEND NECESSARY PREFERRED NOT REQUIRED
  • 27. plan
  • 29. view from playground
  • 30. view from landscaped sitout
  • 31. 2007 | Udupi DistrictART GALLERYLocation Manipal, KARNATAKA, INDIAPlot Area 400 m²Total Built-up 240 m²The objective was to design an Art Gallery inManipal with instructions to make the building aform of art in itself. The unique structure wasenvisioned to be built from ferrocement.The form was inspired from the squeezer of anorange juice machine. This sculptural form wasdepicted by making the roof plan and ground floorplan of the same shape (star or asterix) buttwisting them at exactly 45 degrees.The building is a single floored structure with itsstepped roof left accessible for open-air informalworkshops during the evening. The ground floorhouses the administrative services along with asmall snack bar and souvenir shop. The first floorhouses the gallery spaces.
  • 32. ground floor plan first floor plan site plan
  • 33. l o n g i t u d i n a l s e c t i o n BB’
  • 34. east elevation
  • 41. acrylic on wood
  • 42. pen rendering
  • 43. fuji watercolors
  • 45. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME mufaddal abdulhussain