Architecture Portfolio 2015


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A consolidation showcasing few of my best and most recent works

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Architecture Portfolio 2015

  1. 1. m u f a d d a l a b d u l h u s s a i n Architecture PortfolioSchool of Architecture and Planning, Manipal University B. Arch. | 2006 - 2011 Early Learning Centre School – Sukhumvit 49/4, Bangkok HQ – Thonglor, Bangkok Aga Khan University Hospital Interiors – Stadium Road, Karachi Atelier 39 – Sukhumvit 39, Bangkok Ladies Horsing Club – Al Mushrif, Dubai (competition) Ezra, Hydrotherapy Centre – Jabal Hafeet, Abu Dhabi (design thesis) Varna, Market at Military Parade Ground – Bangalore, India (competition) Art Gallery – Manipal, India Sketchbook & Art Photography
  2. 2. The design intent was to provide an entirely new and fresh feel to the dilapidated townhouse and maximize internal planning for classrooms. The proposal was developed as an enlightening, minimalist building with full height internal and external glazing to bring in ample natural light into all classrooms. An emphasis was given on providing a sustainable greenness to its surrounding envelope to enhance indoor-outdoor interaction and learning experience. This vertical green zone extends horizontally into a landscaped playground and has been kept as a pivotal point in layout as well as view. ELC SCHOOL Location Sukhumvit 49/4, BANGKOK, THAILAND Plot Area 260 m² Total Built-up 660 m² (3 Floors) Type Townhouse overhaul Scope Structural annexation, Architectural and Interior renovation, MEP refurbishment & Landscape design COMPLETED 2014 | Bangkok The entry is defined between existing traditional Thai houses on both sides. For the building, a similar architectural language of clean and simple lines has been adopted to make the entire sprawling school site feel cohesive. Although they are parcels of land developed over time and connected to one another.
  3. 3. c l a s s r o o m s & c o r r i d o r
  4. 4. a d m i n i s t r a t i o n & o f f i c e
  5. 5. HQ Location Thonglor, BANGKOK, THAILAND Plot Area 3,032 m² F.A.R. 1:8 O.S.R. 4 % Land Use Brown Zone (High Dense Residential) Total Built-up 24,256 m² (36 Floors) COMPLETED 2014 | Bangkok HQ is an upmarket condominium situated in the heart of Bangkok. The architecture responds to the narrow site by playing with the vertical volumes using interlocking massing in an extremely simple yet sophisticated manner. The building displays this interlocking of volumes on both sides, elegantly defined using black and white Venus marble. The building core has been positioned to face the existing high-rise "The Eight Thonglor" on the east side, leaving the remaining 3 sides open to grand views from within the units. The architecture has carved out interesting spaces for creating spectacular interiors. This include a catwalk on the mezzanine and the floating library above the water feature. Some of the key design features include a water feature at the top of podium level, interlocking stone garden at entry, triple volume glass lobby and opulent finishes of imported Italian marble.
  6. 6. p e r s p e c t i v e
  7. 7. 96.00 m. 53.60 m. 43.50 m. 38.30m. 13.60m. 6.00 m. 10.0 0 m. 6.00 m. 6.00 m. 6.00 m. 6.00 m.
  8. 8. p e r s p e c t i v e p e r s p e c t i v e a s b u i l t a s b u i l ta s b u i l t
  9. 9. f i t n e s s c e n t r e & l o u n g e
  10. 10. AGA KHAN UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL Stadium Road, Karachi | 2012
  11. 11. Water is the source of life. Its hues and colours evoke feelings of calm anticipation and hope leaving a soothing and relaxing effect on the body as well as the mind. This colour palette has been infused with the positive effects of healing through nature, art and geometry forming the core concept for the interior spaces designed within the New Private Wing of the Aga Khan University Hospital. From a purely doctrinal viewpoint, geometrical designs, being free of any symbolic meaning (which is the case in Islamic art), could convey a general aura of spirituality without offending religious sensibilities. In addition, the purity and orderliness of patterns and symmetries could evoke a sense of transcendent beauty which, at best, would free and stimulate the intellect (rather than trap it in the illusions of mere representation). AKU HOSPITAL Location Stadium Road, KARACHI, PAKISTAN Plot Area 6,340 m² Total Built-up 13,730 m² (b + 4Floors) Scope Interior Design for New Private Wing Interior Area 9,400 m² 2012 | Karachim a i n w a i t i n g a r e a
  12. 12. r e s t a u r a n t v i p e n t r a n c e v i p f a m i l y r o o mv i p p a t i e n t r o o m
  13. 13. l i f t l o b b y c o r r i d o r p a t i e n t r o o m n u r s e s t a t i o n
  14. 14. ATELIER 39 Location Sukhumvit 39, BANGKOK, THAILAND Plot Area 2,948 m² F.A.R. 1:8 O.S.R. 4 % Land Use Brown Zone (High Dense Residential) Total Built-up 23,500 m² (2b + 36 Floors) 2014 | Bangkok “When the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art.” - Leonardo da Vinci The objective was to design exclusive residences for our client which was woven around the Art of Living concept featuring original works by 7 artists and sculptors. The 36 storied structure is conceived as two separate wings split along its length rising high with alternating terraces. These intercessions or stepped terraces break the long length of the facade and provide the tower with its key design features – the conservatory, sky lounge, terraced sculpture gardens, spa and counterstream pools.
  15. 15. p e r s p e c t i v e s
  16. 16. LADIES HORSING CLUB Al Mushrif, Dubai | 2009 c o m p e t i t i o n e n t r y w i n n e r
  17. 17. LADIES HORSING CLUBLocation Al Mushrif, DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Plot Area 310,982 m² (77 acres) Total Built-up 4,700 m² 2009 C O N C E P T & D E S I G N C R I T E R I A S y m b o l i s m : Equestrian centres always associate with one of the oldest sports in the history of human kind and with one of the earliest domesticated animal. Returning to nature is reminiscent of this historical relationship between man and animal. The building is deep rooted in nature by the use of natural material and is well poised through its slanting lines. Tents have been used to revive a dying tradition and to echo the shape of nearby dunes. F u n c t i o n & Z o n i n g : The design of Equestrian facilities often includes various other sporting and leisure activities and requires careful planning considering wind direction. Keeping this in mind the site has been utilized to keep the areas used for riding horses away from the areas used for jogging. The main building is located at the highest point of the site to provide a view which radiates outwards, while maintaining its privacy from viewers below. The orientation of the building remains responsive to its local climate granting maximum use of glass in the north allowing complete utilization of diffused natural light to light up its interior spaces.
  18. 18. The building is broken down into 3 wings: Administrative & Daycare Block Function Hall Block Activities Block The main entrance is located in the centrally placed Admin & Daycare Block, which branches out into the functions block on the left and the activities block on the right. These two directions create a strong line of datum and provides a sense of direction leading to the horsing activities and leaves scope of expansion for future facilities The function hall block has a separate entry with a pre- function space accessible for use during larger gatherings. The halls provide flexibility of space with foldable partitions that can be tucked away neatly to create larger or smaller spaces. Services are hidden in a chamfer behind the building The activities block commences into the lockers, showers and changing areas to be used by the gym and future sporting facilities with an exit provided towards the same. The mind and activities hall zenith’s at the end leaving all three sides open to lush landscaped views which is imperative for its purpose. External amenities, namely the swimming pool is covered with a light structure to provide shaded areas allowing it to be used throughout the year. The pool sits at the centre point of the datum to provide inward views from the café, restaurant and lobby. The stables are located on the western corner of the site to avoid any unpleasant odours carried in the air and leave a vast expanse of natural riding area in front. The water bodies were integrated with the landscape such that the canopy over the main entrance forms the source and flows into streams eventually culminating at smaller ponds. These intertwining streams within the hills of the desert landscape signify the life giving power that water holds in these arid regions.
  19. 19. a e r i a l v i e w
  20. 20. A HYDROTHERAPY Jabal Hafeet Mountains, Al Ain – Abu Dhabi | 2011 CENTRE ezRa d e s i g n t h e s i s
  21. 21. ezRa
  22. 22. HYDROTHERAPY CENTRE Location Jabal Hafeet Mountain Range, AL AIN – ABU DHABI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Plot Area 68,782 m² (17 acres) Total Built-up 13,850 m² 2011 ezRa Jabal Hafeet, Al Ain is located an hour away from the capital Abu Dhabi. Jabal Hafeet is known for its natural hot mineral springs and plush natural landscape in the middle of the desert.Indeed an Oasis, It is built at the foothills of the Eastern Mountain Ranges and have become an extremely popular hotspot for tourists and family outings. The surrounding area has been developeed into a pedestrian friendly zone with chalets and cottages available for rent on a daily basis. Play areas and kids pools are located nearby. The source of the Hot Mineral Springs has been accentuated by a geyser shooting into the air around a man-made lake To provide a world class Hydrotherapy Facility which can aid in rehabilitation of victims suffering from rheumatism, partial paralysis, sports injuries, accident injuries, spondalytis, joint pains. To utilize the natural mineral springs and surrounding infrastructure to gain into the untapped potential of this exclusive location. To provide not only a functional and well planned therapy centre but also a therapy centre which is attractive in form and reflects the context of the site. Providing contemporary architectural solutions and a translation in using elements of traditional Emirati Architectural influences and methods. aim & objective about the project Close proximity to Abu Dhabi City which is a rapidly developing tourist and sports hub. It is the site of a natural hot spring geyser whose water is said to have medicinal properties. There are existing chalets available for rent along with two hotels on the mountain which provide excellent scope for rehabilitation therapies which require a longer duration of stay. The site offers breathtaking views scope
  23. 23. Case study of Thermae Vals in Switzerland
  24. 24. r e v i t r e n d e r i n g s h o l i s t i c t r e a t m e n t c e n t r e
  25. 25. v i e w f r o m l a k e r e v i t r e n d e r + p h o t o s h o p
  26. 26. p h y s i c a l m o d e l
  27. 27. p h y s i c a l m o d e l
  28. 28. FARMER’S MARKET M.G. Road, Bangalore | 2008 c o m p e t i t i o n e n t r y w i n n e r p h y s i c a l m o d e l Temporary bazaar structure on military parade ground V A R N A
  29. 29. FARMER’S MARKETLocation BANGALORE, INDIA Plot Area 24,220 m² (6 acres) 2008 College Level Entry Group of 8
  30. 30. SEC.&ELEV.
  31. 31. ART GALLERY Location Manipal, KARNATAKA, INDIA Plot Area 400 m² Total Built-up 240 m² 2007 | Udupi District The objective was to design an Art Gallery in Manipal with instructions to make the building a form of art in itself. The unique structure was envisioned to be built from ferrocement. The form was inspired from the squeezer of an orange juice machine. This sculptural form was depicted by making the roof plan and ground floor plan of the same shape (star or asterix) but twisting them at 45 degrees. The building is a single floored structure with its stepped roof made accessible for open-air informal workshops during the evening. The ground floor houses the administrative services along with a small snack bar and souvenir shop. The first floor houses the gallery spaces.
  32. 32. ground floor plan first floor plan site plan
  33. 33. l o n g i t u d i n a l s e c t i o n BB’
  34. 34. SKETCHBOOK & ART
  35. 35. S T U P A A T S A N C H I
  36. 36. J A M I M A S J I D
  37. 37. a c r y l i c o n w o o d