Ud 5 mass media 2 the radio


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55 minute lesson plan created for CRIF online course Medios de comunicacion social

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  • (you give them a striking piece of information as for example) “Obama won the US Elections. I woke up this morning and as usual, I turned the radio on and there it was. He had made it! Again!” I always listen to the radio when I have breakfast. They will mention their mobiles but we can show them the pictures to revise alarm clock, car radio and so).
  • I have downloaded 5 podcasts and using audacity I have extracted the first seconds of each programme. I hope that now they want to know where I’ve taken those and I will connect to bbc/podcasts  and lead them to the following activity.
  • They have to do a treasure hunt based on the podcasts they can find on the site. I have used a really basic tool ( webposterwizard) An interesting variation of the activity would be to record their answers and thus creating their own podcasts on Mass media voxopop . Unfortunately I’m more than aware of the lack of mics available in schools so I’d rather leave the task for homework.
  • The question I would post is What’s your favourite radio programme? Why?
  • Para finalizar la actividad les dirigiré a la última respuesta de la treasure hunt para que descubran las infinitas posibilidades de aprendizaje. Para enlazar con la siguiente actividad elegí un podcast sobre hábitos televisivos.
  • Ud 5 mass media 2 the radio

    1. 1. Almudena Vicente-Franqueira Díez
    2. 2. WARMER: 6 minutes – whole class Did you listen to the news last night? Haven’t you heard? What about you? Do you know which station I listen to? (they will mention the radio stations they know and I will write them on the board) What type of stations do you listen to? ( radio formula, Top Forty) Where do you – or your parents – listen to the radio? On which device?
    3. 3. ACTIVITY 1 (5 minutes)
    4. 4. ACTIVITY 2(5 minutes)INDIVIDUAL/PAIR WORK Listen and match the type of programme with its genre. For example, sport -1. Programme Genre ListeningNewsMusicSportLearningDrama(soap opera)
    5. 5. NOW YOU! Do you know where I’ve taken those ? Click on Podcast bbc
    6. 6. ACTIVITY 3: 25 minutesLet’s learn a bit more aboutpodcasts on the BBC .Ready for a treasure hunt?Click onMASS MEDIA RADIOOnce you find out the answerssend them to my e-mail.
    7. 7. HOMEWORK What’s your favourite radio programme? Why? Record your answers on Mass media voxopop
    8. 8. ACTIVIDAD 4:ROUND UP (10 minutes)Do you watch more orless hours than theaverage UK kid?Check it on 6 minuteEnglish tv addict