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LESSON PLAN BASED ON RADIO PODCASTS.podcasts available on request.

LESSON PLAN BASED ON RADIO PODCASTS.podcasts available on request.

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  • 1. MASS MEDIA THE RADIO MODULO 9WARMER: 6 minutes – whole classConnection to previous unit Mass Media 1:The Press Did you listen to the news last night? Havent’t you heard? (you give them a striking piece of information as for example) “Obama won the US elections.I woke up this morning and as usual, I turned the radio onand there it was. He had made it! Again!”I always listen to the radio when I have breakfast.What about you? Do you know which station I listen to? (they will mention the radiostations they know and I will write them on the board)What type of stations do you listen to? ( radio formula,Top Forty)Where do you – or your parents – listen to the radio? Onwhich device? ( they will mention their mobiles but wecan show them the pictures to revise alarm clock, carradio and so).I will continue by mentioning that my favourite programme is broadcasted/ on air at 11o’clock in the morning but I still listen to it. How can I do it? ( they will say that I cando it online but I want them to get to the word podcast.)If they didn’t say the word Iwould tell them that I listen to it on my car way back home. They will get the worddownload at some point. If they still don’t come up with it I will give them the word andthree possible meanings for them to choose.ACTIVITY 1 (5 minutes)What’s a podcast? In pairs discuss which is the right choice. Give arguments for youranswer.Is it… a) the act or process of downloading data? b) a multimedia digital file made available on the Internet for downloading to a portable media player, computer, etc..? c) a means of compressing a sound sequence into a very small file, to enable digital storage and transmission? 1
  • 2. MASS MEDIA THE RADIO MODULO 9Now they are ready for the following activity.ACTIVITY 2 (5 minutes) INDIVIDUAL/PAIR WORKListen and match the type of programme with its genre. For example, sport -1. a) Sport b) News c) Music d) Learning e) Drama(soap opera)I have downloaded 5 podcasts and using audacity I have extracted the first seconds ofeach programme.I hope that now they want to know where I’ve taken those and I will connect tobbc/podcasts and lead them to the following activity.ACTIVITY 3: 25 minutesThey have to do a treasure hunt based on the podcasts they can find on the site. I haveused a really basic tool. Click hereThis is the way they will see the page but they would have signed in before.Once they find the answers, they would send them to me by mail. 2
  • 3. MASS MEDIA THE RADIO MODULO 9An interesting variation of the activity would be to record their answers and thuscreating their own podcasts on Mass media voxopop. Unfortunately I’m more thanaware of the lack of mics available in schools so I’d rather leave the task for homework.The question I would post is What’s your favourite radio programme? Why?ACTIVIDAD 4: ROUND UP (10 minutos)Para finalizar la actividad les dirigiré a la última respuesta de la treasure hunt para quedescubran las infinitas posibilidades de aprendizaje. Para enlazar con la siguienteactividad he elegido el siguiente podcast.6 minute English tv addictTras escucharlo tendrán que contestar a la siguiente pregunta.And you? Do you watch more or less hours than the average UK kid? 3