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Private practice  -managing multiple priorities 2012

Private practice -managing multiple priorities 2012






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    Private practice  -managing multiple priorities 2012 Private practice -managing multiple priorities 2012 Presentation Transcript

    • Private Practice Nutrition:Managing Multiple Priorities Bonnie Y. Modugno, MS, RD More Than Food, Inc. November 4, 2012
    • What does private practicemean to you? _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________
    • What does private practicemean to you? Creativity Autonomy Freedom $$$ Fun Fulfilling
    • What does private practicemean to you?  Total responsibility Creativity  Make all your own Autonomy decisions  No paid vacation, Freedom sick leave, etc. $$$  Unpredictable income Fun  Isolation Fulfilling  No security
    • Questions to ask yourself What skills do I presently possess?  Inventory your capacity for self motivation —especially when things are not going well  Assess your ability to promote yourself and your services  Determine your need for flexibility vs. stability
    • Questions to ask yourself How confident am I that I can do this?  What is my motivation?  Is now the time? What does success mean to me?
    • Bonnie Y. Modugno, MS, RD1. Preparation: 1. Public Health Nutritionist 2. Nutrition Instructor: SMC, UCLA Extension2. Stepping into private practice 1. NutritionWorks Nutrition Counseling (DBA)  Office shared with 5 psychotherapists  Previous space in home, gym, sports medicine facility  Best work influenced by process orientation of therapy  1:1 counseling  Referral by word of mouth, physicians, therapists  Fee for service
    • Bonnie Y. Modugno, MS, RDMore Than Food, Inc 1. Food and nutrition consulting  Restaurant and food service consulting  Menu consultation  Staff in-services  McDonald’s Owners of Southern California (MOASC)  PR firm, advertising, regional office consultation  Staff in-services; presentations  Media Support  Public speaking  Expert Witness  Family law practices; child nutrition cost and adequacy 1. LA County
    • Bonnie Y. Modugno, MS, RDMore Than Food, Inc  Author  Book chapters  Fitness video inserts  Lay periodicals  Handouts  Professional publications  Public Speaking  Continuing education for professionals  In-services at worksites  Community presentations
    • Private Practice:Integrating Personal and Professional Philosophy Our bodies are much better prepared to adapt to scarcity We have not figured out how to handle abundance We have created an environment of indulgence We live in a society that values efficiency and convenience It takes conscious commitment to eat well and live an active lifestyle Most people are challenged to consistently eat well in this environment
    • Working with McDonalds Corporation Owner/Operators  Market Coops  Advertising  Public Relations
    • The new look of fast food: McDonaldsSalads and More: A MOASC Initiative
    • McDonalds Menu Choices  Variety: Extra Value Meal Options  Happy Meal Option  Swap fries for apple dippers  Swap sodas for milk, juice  Extra Value Meal Options  Swap fries for side salad, apples, parfait  Swap regular sodas for bottled water or other beverage  Eliminated Super Size French fries and soft drinks from national menu as of 2004  2011 Happy Meal
    • The beginning Prior experience  6 years in public health  3 years teaching at SMC Network  1 referral source Structure  Worked out of home  Prepared forms  Billing  Records  Handouts
    • Building the practice Set up office in gym  Trade out for space Marketing Mentorship
    • Growing the business  Teach less, speak more  Expanded referral sources  Networking  Referral source  Web site  Word of mouth  Previous clients  ADA List serves  Business contacts  Many false starts  I grew uphttp://download.journals.elsevierhealth.com/pdfs/journals/0002-8223/PIIS0002822305022224.pdf
    • Financial reality Overhead  Rent, parking  Office furniture/equipment  Supplies/Materials  Fees and taxes  Business  Professional  Benefits  Vacation/sick leave  Medical/dental/life insurance  Unemployment/disability/retirement/ Lack of insurance reimbursement  Medicare  Third party payers
    • By the numbers What will you charge per hour? Self employed people engage in revenue generating activities 900-1350 billable hours a year  $______/hr X _____hrs = $_______/yr
    • By the numbers What will you charge per hour? Self employed people engage in revenue generating activities 900-1350 billable hours a year  45 working weeks per year  20-30 hours per week  Costs of doing business  @ $2000/mo office/business expenses  @ $1600-2000/mo benefits
    • Practice today Historically strong practice, but not always what I thought it would be  Variable hours, income stream  Compliment private practice with public speaking, corporate consulting  Do my best work everyday to earn client’s trust, respect and loyalty  Flexibility, variety are the best benefits
    • Private Practice Nutrition Questions and Answers Closing Remarks