Olympic sponsorship pitch powerpoint


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Olympic sponsorship pitch for Canadian Sailing Champions.

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Olympic sponsorship pitch powerpoint

  1. 1. A Short Plan1. Hello. We’re Kula.2. Sailing, Branding, and ROI.3. An Opportunity to Lead.4. Your Questions. Our answers.
  2. 2. Hello. We’re Kula.We are one of Canada’s top ranked 470sailing teams.We are a young team.We like oceans, speed, creative thinking, andnew sailing technology. We have raced ourboat everywhere from Miami to Thailand.
  3. 3. A little more about us.Members of the 2010 Canadian Sailing Team.Placed 3rd in North AmericanChampionships.Placed 15th in the World Cup Miami ORC.Sponsored by the C.Y.A. and Sport Canada.
  4. 4. And. . .We are two athletes on our way to the biggestcompetition on the planet. . .
  5. 5. Now, why bother you?Because you are...A company with sport products.A company whose customers sail or watchsailing.A good corporate citizen with a love for sport.
  6. 6. Canada. The planet.Meet your company.Over 1 billion people will watch the 2012Olympics.But only a handful of individuals will actuallycontribute to making this global phenomenonhappen.At London 2012, be more than a spectator.Take your place alongside the world’s biggest
  7. 7. And in the next 10 minutesYou’ll learn how you might just have your ownofficial Olympic team.At a really fair and un-Olympic cost.
  8. 8. But first, who reallywatches sailing?Not a high profile sport like track and field.But sailing can be used to target businessleaders, decision makers, and other highprofile, affluent, urbane,ocean-loving people.
  9. 9. DemographicTypically, males aged 35-55, well-educated,affluent, and influential. 25% earn 70k peryear; 75% earn over 75K per year.They just don’t watch sailing. They follow itonline, buy boats, take lessons, buy specialsailing watches (from Rolex), and harass usat sailing events.
  10. 10. What will Kula do?Help you connect with your customersthrough their passion for sailing.Boost your corporate image and raiseawareness of your company’s mission.Refresh staff morale and reinforce yourcompany’s identity with the pride of having
  11. 11. What else will Kula do?Sport is a powerful connector.Use it to give a human face to your business.Bring your brand promise into 3-D with a sportthat matches your message.Increase customer engagement and showauthentic support for athletes by supporting
  12. 12. Sailing Sponsorship ROISailing sponsorship often generates a higherthan usual ROIbecause. . .1.) Cost of sponsorship is relatively low.2.) Targets a highly focused audience.
  13. 13. ROI (con’t)BluQube, a U.K. accounting softwarecompany, boasts a 500% return on theirsailing sponsorship dollars.BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Volvo, LouisVuitton, CIBC, Lexus, Sony, Puma,Telefonica, and Rolex all have been long termmajor sponsors.
  14. 14. But more than luxury. . .Sailing has worked well in B2B marketing.Adds green to your brand.Creates awareness of your company’scommitment to renewable energy.
  15. 15. From sails to sales.Kula doesn’t just want to have you stick alogo on our sail. And then. . .Wait. Pray. Hope.We want to engage, engage, engage.
  16. 16. Kula gives you aninsider pass. . .Kiosk at World Cup Sailing Events.Online media to promote and build interestin our story.Tie in with our social media campaign.Traditional media and P.R.Close ties to Yacht Clubs.
  17. 17. Online CommunitiesWebsites like Sail-TV supplement a lack oftraditional TV coverage.Sailworld.com receives 3 million hits permonth. In Australia alone.6.4 million searches for “sailing” on Googlelast month.Over 30 podcasts on iTunes, including officialthe Volvo sailing news podcast.
  18. 18. Sailing and your brandSailing makes sense for companies involvedin renewable energy.It harnesses the power of nature, working withcurrents, wind, and human technology toachieve success.It is clean, efficient, and requires tactical skilland a respect for natural forces.
  19. 19. So why us?We see our ambition, your company’s values,and our sport as a positive movement in theworld.We are young. Our biggest wins are still tocome.Invest in us now. And lets build a story andbrand partnership.
  20. 20. In sum,Kula can help your company. . .1.) Make your B2B marketing more effectiveby growing awareness of your company withfuture prospects.2.) Bring your brand promise to life.3.) Reinforce your company’s identity withyour own official Olympic team.
  21. 21. What we needWe are asking for a large corporate sponsorto invest $150,000—a frugal, but workablebudget that will allow us to hire a coach, andtrain at the elite level.
  22. 22. Your support will. . .Show your dedication to young Canadianathletes by providing authentic corporatestewardship.Gain local, national, and internationalawareness of your company as a local andglobal citizen.
  23. 23. Our concrete deliverablesProfessionally written SEO Optimized BlogTax deductionProfessional P.R. ServicesSocial BuzzOn-going Market Research
  24. 24. Our concrete deliverables (con’t) Personal Brand Ambassadors at ISAF World Sailing Cup Events Invest Now and Save Later Team Building Naming Rights Logo on Sail and Boat
  25. 25. Pause & reflect To take advantage of this opportunity, email kula470@gmail.com or call 250 812 6420.