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this will help you to know what the Stakeholders are, their types and how can you identify them

this will help you to know what the Stakeholders are, their types and how can you identify them

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  • 1. Stakeholders Presenter :Mubashar Mehmood Roll no : 1632 Class : BS SE 5th (Evening)
  • 2. Definitions System stakeholders are people or organizations who will be affected by the system and who have a direct or indirect influence on the system requirements A stakeholder in an organization is (by definition) any group or individual who can affect or is affected by the achievement of the organization's objectives Stakeholders are people who have a stake or interest in the project
  • 3. Types There are two types of stakeholders: Primary Stakeholders Secondary Stakeholders
  • 4. Primary Stakeholder People or groups seen by the business to be vital to the organization's success or failure. For a restaurant a supplier may be consider a primary stakeholder as it’s entire reputation depends upon the quality of food from supplier
  • 5. Secondary Stakeholder People or groups who feel evolved in organization’s success or failure, whenever or not the management agree. Local resident who may be affected by traffic noise from deliveries or by pollution from smelly or smoky factory or farm
  • 6. Stakeholder Analysis Understanding your clients/ beneficiary interests, needs and capabilities Clarify all groups that might have interest in the project or project concept Identify potential opportunities and threats to project implementation Identify initial risks from stakeholders Plan which stakeholder will participate in each project cycle,when and how Realise what are there expectations
  • 7. Stakeholder Analysis How do they regard other stakeholders on the list What resources will they commit for the projects?
  • 8. Conclusion Business need to think about there public image and the issue of stakeholders simply urges firms to think more widely of the effects of their business activities.