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TUT EDU401 Session 5

  1. 1. Tshwane University of Technology Faculty of Humanities Department of Education Studies Educational Management (EDU401T & EDU402T) Presenter: Dr Muavia Gallie (PhD) Session 5 & 6 Week: 7 - 8 March 2011 Content1. Assignment;2. History of parental involvement;3. School governance and management;4. Advantages of cooperation between parents and educations;5. Statutory provisions regulating governance;6. Functions and duties of SGB;7. Conclusion 1
  2. 2. Assignment 1.21. Identify a school in your community. Write a two page introductory report on the history, location, etc. of the school.2. Collect documentary proof, and/or policies of all 18 functions and duties that must be performed by the School Governing Body.3. Wherever documentation and/or policies are absent, acquire those from a neighbouring school, and share this with your research school.4. When this happens, collect a letter from the principal, indicating the areas with which you assisted them.5. Conclude your assignment by writing a two page report on the state of ‘school governance’ at your school, with recommendations and advise. History of Parental Involvement• Parent-Teacher (Student) Associations - PTAs and PTSAs;• Management Committees;• School Boards;• Governing Councils; 2
  3. 3. School Governance and School Management• School governance = principal, representatives of parents, teachers, other staff and learners (in secondary schools); - decision making in order to facilitate the policy processes in the school; - does not deal with the specifics, but rather the principle issues at hand; - decision making focusing on the improvement of teaching and learning in the school; - includes community benefits and needs.• School management = principal and school management team; - professional activities related to the core business of education; - decision making in the best interest of the learners; - involves the day-to-day running of the school.Advantages of cooperation between parents and educators• Democratisation of education;• School climate;• Parents’ expertise;• Education time;• Improved communication;• Parental duty; 3
  4. 4. Statutory provisions regulating governance• Composition of the governing body; - Principal; - Elected members; - Co-opted members;• Election of SGB members (term of office; nominations; disqualification and removal of members; dissolution of SGB; vacant positions; representivity; total members; category representatives)• Election of office-bearers and committees (chair; treasurer; secretary = all 1 year; committees may co- opt experts from outside); Functions and duties of SGB 1. Drafting of a constitution (definition of concepts; name and objectives; member categories; office-bearers; filling vacancies; resignations; committees; expulsion; functions; meetings [once per term; annual general meeting; record minutes; inspect minutes; report per term]; dissolution; amendments to constitution); 2. Mission statement (rationale; target group; service provided; orientation i.t.o. survival and growth; management philosophy; responding to school community needs; public business image of school); 3. Language policy (LoL and LoI); 4. Religious policy (attendance on free and voluntary basis;) 5. Code of conduct for learners; 4
  5. 5. Functions and duties of SGB … Cont. 6. Suspension of learners (fair hearing; 1 week; more, by SG); 7. Admission policy (no test; not discriminate; no refusal [fees; mission; indemnity agreement]; age requirements); 8. Supporting the staff (verbal to physical assault; intimidation; harassment; insult); 9. School hours; 10.Financial matters (school fund, banking account, pay money into account, secure and protect assets, purposeful use of funds; 11.Movable and immovable property; 12.Service to the school (volunteerism); Functions and duties of SGB … Cont.13. Recommendations for appointment of educators (appointment, promotion or transfer only on recommendation of SGB to HoD; HoD can decline based on ‘procedure’, non- compliance’, ‘not registered’, ‘proof of undue influence’, ‘undermine democratic values and principles’); - Correct procedure to be followed (advertise, apply, elect interview committee, interview [+observers], shortlist of 3, send recommendations to HoD, HoD appoints); - Correct criteria for refusal of recommendation (affirmative action appointment vs best interest of children; equality and equity during interviews by SGB; transfer of excess educators; appointment or replacement of temporary educators);14. Educators employed by the school (working time; leave; remuneration; termination); 5
  6. 6. Functions and duties of SGB … Cont.15. Financial management (estimate needs, obtain funds, administer finance) - adhere to general legal requirements and educational legislation (financial discipline, involve all in planning budget, share budget, evaluate budget regularly, adhere to budget planning);16. Additional functions (maintenance and improvements of property, extra-mural activities, selection of subjects, paying service providers, other);17. Closure of school (SGB must know, enough time, submit petition, consider petition);18. Non-functioning of SGB (HoD appoints persons to exercise these functions; 3 months, not longer than 1 year). End. Thank You! 6