Recount and Narative


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Recount and Narative

  1. 1. English Assignment “Recount Text and Narative Text” Muhammad Afdhol Rizaldi IX-3 SMPN 8 Tangerang Selatan
  2. 2. The following text is for questions number 1 and 2 Last Friday, a friend of mine asked me to accompany him to buy a new shirt at a department store. We left home at 03.00 p.m. by motorcycle. As soon as we arrived there, we went to the clothes section. I let him choose one. An hour later, I got bored watching him confused in choosing a shirt. So I left him and went to the cassett counter. Thirty minutes later, I went back to the clothes sections but I couldn’t find him there. My cell phone was broken so I couldn’t call him. I went to the parking area. I saw his motorcycle was there but I couldn’t find him. I waited for him for a few moments then finally I gave up and decided to go home. When I arrived home, my mother told me that my friend called. She said that he was in the department store looking for me. My mother asked me to come back to the department store. Reluctantly, I walked to department store and you know what? When I arrived there his motorcycle was not in parking area. He just went home. I was very tired. There was no other choise, I had to walk home again. When I arrived home, I was so tired. I was very angry but when I saw my friend’s broad smile greet me in front of the door, I just could not help laughing 1. The text above is about… A. An embarrassing day B. Shopping with mother C. The writer and his friend D. My friend and his motorcycle 2. The writer couldn’t contact his friend because… A. He went home alone B. His cell phone was broken C. He was in the parking area D. His friend was still choosing a shirt The following text is for questions number 3 to 6 On Saturday night, we went to the Town Hall. It was the last day of the year and a large crowd of people had gathered under the Town Hall clock. It would strike twelve in twenty minutes’ time. Fifteen minutes passed and then, at five to twelve, the clock stopped. The big minute hand did not move. We waited and waited, but nothing happened. Suddenly someone shouted,”It’s two minutes past twelve! The clock has stopped!” I looked at my watch. It was true. The big clock refused to welcome the New Year. At that moment, everybody began to laugh and sing. 3. When does the clock stop? A. At 5.12 B. At 11.55 C. At 12.00 D. At 12.02 4. Why did the people gather under the Town Hall clock? A. To welcome the New Year B. To see the newly bought clock C. To strike the laughing people D. To stop people who shouted 5. What does the first sentence tell you? A. The opening of the story B. The problem that the writer met C. An intiduction of characters
  3. 3. D. The funny thing in the story 6. When did the event happen? A. in the middle of the year B. the end of the year C. Christmas celebration D. at the weekend as usual 7. Which of the following is not true according to the text? A. the writer was waiting to celebrate the New Year. B. the writer brought a watch. C. the writer was very happy. D. The writer celebrated the New Year with his family. The following text is for questions number 8 to 10 It was the beginning of July, My parents and I were a plane heading home from our vacation. A crew announced the passengers that we were going to land in the airport in a few minutes. While listening to announcement, I was looking outside through the window and saw how dark the sky was. It was raining heavily and lightning sparked here and there. Suddenly, I felt the plane went bumpy. The impact was low at the beginning, however it gradually became terrible. Everything shook terribly. People started to scream in fear. I hold my parents’hands. I heard my Dad was praying while Mom tried to soothe me. Fortunately, our plane landed safely at the airport under that extreme weather. I thanked God for saving my parents and me. 8. What was the writer’s mother doing during the turbulence? A. She was holding her husband’s hand. B. She was calming the writer down. C. She was praying for help. D. She was crying in fear. 9. The turbulence was caused by… A. The bad weather B. The size of the plane C. The height of the flight D. The damage on one of the machines 10. What is main idea of paragraph 2? A. The writer saw that it was raining heavily and lightning outside. B. The writer was enjoying the announcement made by the crew. C. A crew was announcing that they were going to land soon. D. The lightning outside scared the writer. The following text is for questions number 11 to 13 On Friday morning, 27 March 2009, the sit Gintung dam which is located in Cireundeu southern part of Tangerang burst. It happenend early in the morning at about 04.30 Indonesian Western Time (WIB), when people in the nearby area were still sleeping without potion on flee. The incident happenend because of heavy rains. The dam could not hold back the water and collapsed. A big water full of rocks and pieces of wood destroyed small poorly built houses. It also swept away cars and broken telephone lines. The flood water reaches the height of up to four metres.
  4. 4. Hundreds of houses were totally damaged and a lot of prosperity lost. More than 100 people died and many more still lost. The total lost could reach billions even trillions of rupiahs because of the disaster. It was really a horrifying disaster in early 2009. It made a lot of people lost their husbands, wives, sons, daughters, relatives and properties. It was an unforgettable disaster happening close to the country’s capital of Jakarta 11. What is the text mostly about? A. Flood in the Jakarta province B. The Bursting of Situ Gintung dam C. The victims of the flood disaster D. Heavy rains in Situ Gintung 12. “A big water full rocks and pieces of wood destroyed small poorly built houses” What does the underline word mean? A. Broke into pieces B. Entered slowly C. Go in gradually D. Cut into pieces 13. Why did the Situ Gitung dam burst? A. Because it contains of lot of water B. Because the flood water reached a height up to four metres C. Because it coldn’t hold the water from the heavy rains D. Because it is located in dangerous area The following text is for questions number 14 to 17 My friend, Hendry is diligent and smart student in his school. He gets up at 4.00 a.m. every morning. He always goes to school ealier than his friends. He goes to school by public transport and sometimes goes home by motorcycle with his uncle. He’s never absent. After school he usually helps his parents. They have a cloth store beside their house. In the evening he studies his lesson and he does the assignments given by his teacher. He seldom watches TV. He hardly ever goes to bed late. 14. How does Hendry go to school? A. On foot B. By motorcycle C. By train D. By public transport 15. What is Hendry like? A. He is diligent and smart student. B. He goes to school with his uncle. C. He’s sometimes absent in his classroom. D. He does his assignment after going back from school. 16. Whisch statement is TRUE based on the text? A. Hendry always goes to school late. B. After school, Hendry usually helps his parents. C. His uncle sometime goes to school by public transport. D. Hendry is never diligent to do hid assignmets. 17. “After school he usually helps his parents.” Line 4 The underline words can be replaced with. . . A. His father and grandfather B. His mother and grandmother C. His brother and sister D. His father and mother Accident
  5. 5. Last week, Mr. Damiri’s wife had an accident. Her youngest child, Yusuf, was at home when it happened. He was playing with his new toy car. Suddenly Yusuf heard his mother calling, “Help! Help! He ran to the kitchen. His mother had burnt herself with some hot cooking oil. She was crying with pain and the pan was on fire. Mr. Damiri had gone to his office. The other children had gone to school. Yusuf was too small to help his mother, and she was too frightened to speak sensibly to him. But he ran to the neighbour’s house and asked his neighbor to come and help his mother. The neighbor soon put out the fire and took Yusuf’s mother to the clinic. When Mr. Dardiri came home, his wife told him what had happened. He was very proud of his son, “When you are a man, you will be just like your father,” he said. 18. Who took Mrs. Damiri to the clinic? A. her son B. her neighbour C. her husband D. her children 19. The main idea of the second paragraph is. . . A. Mrs. Damiri had an accident. B. Mr. Damiri was proud of his son. C. Yusuf asked his the neighbor for help. D. Mr. Damiri and his other children had gone. 20. How did the neighbor help Mrs. Damiri? A. He called Mrs. Damiri’s husband and ran to the kitchen. B. He called the fireman and put out the fire. C. He put out the fire and took Mrs. Damiri to the clinic. D. He called the fireman and advised Mrs. Damiri to stay calm. The following text is for questions number 21 to 24 One day, long ago, some sailors set out to a sea their sailing ship. One of them brought his pet monkey along for the long journey. When they were far out at sea, a terrible storm overturned their ship, Everyone fell into the sea, and the monkey was sure that he would drown. Suddenly a dolphin appeared and picked him up. They soon reached he island and the monkey came down from the dolphin’s back. The dolphin asked the monkey. “Do you know this palce?” The monkey replied, “Yes, I do. In fact, the king of the island is my best friend. Do you know that I am actually a prince?” Knowing that no one lived on the island, the dolphin said, “Well, well, so you are a prince! Now, you can be a king!” The monkey asked, “How can I be a king?” As the dolphin started swimming away, he answere, “That easy. As you are the oly creature on this island, you will naturally be the king!” 21. What does the text tell you about? A. The sailors and their pets. B. The monkey and the dolphin. C. The king and the prince. D. The dolphin and his friends. 22. What happened to the sailors’ ship? A. The terrible storm overturned it. B. It drowned with all her loads. C. It hit an island under the sea.
  6. 6. D. Its machine stopped working. 23. What does the dolphin like based on the text? A. A wild creature. B. A helpful animal. C. A good swimmer. D. A nice friend. 24. What moral massage does the story have? A. We should help one another in our real life. B. We must not act like a real monke in the woods. C. Those who lie and boast may end up in trouble. D. We may not talk too much about some new things. The following text is for questions number 25 to 29 Once upon a time, there lived a woman who had two daughters. The younger daughter was nice and kind hearted, but the older one was greedy and mean. The older girl always bullied her younger sister. One day, both of yhem went the forest, looking for firewood. When they were taking a rest, a poor old woman came and begged for a drink. The older girl said sharply, “God away! I don’t have anything to share with you.” But the younger sister said kindly, “Drink as much as you like.” She poured water into a tin of cup for thr old woman. “Thank you, child! I wish to repay your kindness with gift, and you will have your gift also.” Said the old woman. And suddenly the old woman disappeared. The two girls went home and met their mother. When the younger daughter explained what had happened, the jewels dropped from her mouth. And when the older one began to speak, out of her mouth came three snakes every time she spoke. 25. What is the title of the text? A. The kind and the greedy B. The kind family C. The jewel and snake D. The woman and her two daughters 26. How many characters are there in the story? A. Two characters B. Three chracters C. Four characters D. Five characters 27. What did you learn from the story? A. The kindness will repay with the unkindness, B. The kindness will repay with kindness. C. The kindness will repay with thw badness. D. The badness will repay the kindness. 28. “the older girl always bullied her younger sister.” The underline word has the same meaning with. . . A. Obeyed B. Loved C. Took care of D. Intimidated 29. What is the purpose of the text? A. To entertain the readers about a story of two sister. B. To describe the kind-hearted Girl. C. To retell a story of forest. D. To inform a story of an old woman. The following text is for questions number 30 to 33 Once farmer owned a donkey and a lapdog. The donkey worked hard all day,
  7. 7. hauling heavy loads. The lapdog stayed with his master all day, and lived in the house with him. He did not work, but was allowed to sit on the master’s lap. The donkey grew jealous of the lapdog. Perhaps if I behave like the dog, like wag my tail and jump on the master, the master will start loving me as much as he does the dog. So the donkey decided to wait for his chance. One day, when he was left unattended, the donkey broke his halter and ran into the farmhouse kitchen. There the farmer sat at table. The donkey rushed uo to him and began wagging his tail vigorously, and knocked off all the china from the table. He then started jumping around and frolicking like a little dog, and finally plonked himself down on the farmer yelled for help. The farmhands came running in and dragged the donkey off to his stable, and gave him a beating he did not forget for the rest of his life. 30. What made the donkey jealous of the dog? A. The halter that he has to wear. B. The beating that he has. C. The farmer’s care to the dog. D. The chance to stay inside the house. 31. What is the main idea of paragraph 3? A. The donkey wanted to be love by its master. B. The way the farmer treated the donkey. C. The things done by the donkey to be loved. D. The dog’s habit is like by the master 32. The best title for the text is? A. The farmer and his dog. B. The donkey and the lapdog. C. The farmer and the donkey D. The dog and it’s master 33. What can we learn from the text? A. It is good to share things with others. B. It is not good to help others. C. It is not good to be envious to others. D. It is good to keep your promise. The following text is for questions number 34 to 38 Malin Kundang Once upon a time, so the story goes. There was fisherman who lived with his wife and son in a village near the mounth of the river Batang Arau in West Sumatera. They made their living by fishing, and they were very poor. Their son, whose name was Malin Kundang, was a spoiled boy because he was their only son. His family loved him very much. They spoiled him, and Malin became lazy, selfish and naughty. He even became a burden to his parents. One day Malin Kundang’s mother was weaving a cloth when suddenly Malin Kundang came and grabbed her spool. He was about to run away with spool when he fell and hurt his forehead just above the eyesbrows. He cried and his mother came to help him. She cleaned and bandaged the wound. It healed quickly, but it left a large scar on his forehead. 34. The communicative function of the text is … A. To tell the condition of Malin Kundang and his parents. B. To tell the experience happened in the past. C. To describe Malin Kundang. D. To amuse the readers.
  8. 8. 35. Did Malin Kundang’s parents have other child? A. Yes, he did B. Yes, they did C. No, he didn’t D. No, they didn’t 36. The following statement is NOT correct according to the above text … A. Malin Kundang’s family lived in poorness. B. The story of Malin Kundang came from West Sumatera. C. There was no other child in Malin Kundang’s family. D. Malin Kundang became an uselfish boy because his parents loved him very much. 37. “…. became lazy, selfish and naughty.” The antonym of the underline word is … A. Kind B. Cruel C. Careless D. Temperamental 38. We can find the complication of the story in paragraph ….. A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4 The following text is for questions number 39 to 40 One day, a boy got up with the feeling that the day was going to be unlucky day for him. He found that it was already 6.50 a.m., he rushed into the bathroom. In a hurry he did not see a piece of soap lying on the floor, he stepped on it and slipped. Then, he went into the dining room for his breakfast. He gulped down the tea without realizing that it was very hot, so it burned his tongue. He got dressed and rushed to the bus stop. Unfortunately, he just missed the bus. He heart sank and knew that he would be late for school and his teacher would be angry with him again. 39. “He gulped down the tea without realizing that it was very hot, …” The word it refers to A. The tongue B. The toats C. The tea D. The coffee 40. What happened with the boy when he got his breakfast? A. His breakfast was not ready B. He did not prepare it C. He burned his toast D. He hurt his tongue Let we end by saying “Alhamdulillah..”