The Learning Revolution crowdsourcing event


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The Learning Revolution crowdsourcing event

  1. 1. samedi 11 mai 13
  2. 2. Hi!• Andres Livov : first documentary,A Place Called Los Pereyra,tells the story of how life in a tiny community in the Argentinewilderness is unexpectedly changed by a a group of teenagestudents from Buenos Aires visiting on a charitable mission. Thefilm opened in theaters accross Canada and screened in festivalsaround the world.• Heri Rakotomalala : engineer, entrepreneur, photographer,montréaler. Heri is a partner at SeedingFactory, Jolietta, andgenerally makes things happen in the Montreal startupentrepreneurial ecosystem.samedi 11 mai 13
  3. 3. Schedule• 15mn presentation of the theme• 2 hours thinking / creating / prototyping• 15mn each team present their visionsamedi 11 mai 13
  4. 4. Video design event• The event encourages experimentation andinnovation – participants come togetherwithout a team, without an idea and aregiven a theme (the learning revolution) toincorporate in their new-to-the-worldideas while meeting new people.• We will supply info/raw material/drinks/food... the rest is up to you!samedi 11 mai 13
  5. 5. • 11 mai 13
  6. 6. The documentary“The Learning Revolution” documentary will findthe most hopeful, thought-provoking, fun andinspiring examples of what the learning experience isabout and will feature an incredible cast ofvisionaries whose ideas are inspiring change.We will travel to select corners of the world wherepeople and communities are not just thinking abouthow to reinvent education, they are doing it now!samedi 11 mai 13
  7. 7. The is a hub to learnand exchange views about the future of education.Anyone can create an account, publish ideas, vote,interact and share. Contribute your stories, views &examples. Push the limits and envision what thefuture of education could look like. Some of thismight even make it to the film!samedi 11 mai 13
  8. 8. How• Global :We’ll go find the most inspiring stories from around the world.• Free access : Because we believe education is about sharing andempowerment, this film will be accessible to everyone onYouTube for free.• Copyleft : No copyright!You’ll be able to copy, remix, use and share as youwish.• Fair Made :Already heard of Fair Trade? We want to make sure everyoneworking on this project gets paid fairly.• Crowdfunded : Be part of the international community that made thispossible!samedi 11 mai 13
  9. 9. Crowdfunding• Crowdfunding is a way for filmmakers and their audiences to makeprojects happen together.• Project creators set a funding goal and deadline. If people like aproject, they can pledge money to make it happen.• It is, in essence, how arts fundraising worked in past centuries, withMozart, Beethoven,Whitman,Twain, and other artists funding theirworks in similar ways — not just with the help from kings and queens,but by soliciting contributions from smaller patrons, often calledsubscribers.• In return for their support, these subscribers might have received anearly copy or special edition of the work.samedi 11 mai 13
  10. 10. TLR Project• Launch May 21st• Get people excited about “Can you imaginethe future of education?”• A video to get parents, students, innovatorsand organizations to contribute, share, andjoin the websitesamedi 11 mai 13