Technology innovation in Africa - 2012 Landscape


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Technology innovation in Africa - 2012 Landscape

  1. 1. Innovation technologique pour l’Afrique
  2. 2. Technology Innovation in Africa 2012 Heri Rakotomalala - OpenIt4Africa
  3. 3. Challenges?• Under-developed technology community• Difficult access to financing• Poor access to global innovation networks• poor Government support• ... the worst: biases!
  4. 4. In the past two years• Networks, investors, education: Omidyar network, MEST, Savannah Fund, VC4Africa meetups• Infrastructure development: Mobile and Broadband Internet• Gov initiatives to boost creativity and innovation• Universities
  5. 5. A growing number of innovation centers• iHub in Nairobi,• ActivSpaces• iceaddis• Jokkolabs• Burundi Business Incubator, Cairo Hackerspace, Co-creation Huyb Nigeria, Wennovation Hub Nigeria, Akendewa, etc.
  6. 6. Real Numbers• 91% of sub-Saharan Africans own a mobile phone• 71% send 3 or more text messages per day• 12% access the Internet on their mobile at least once a day• ... but 55% “not comfortable” using a computer
  7. 7. Case: East Africa
  8. 8. Internet Users in Kenya 2010 2011 200,000 10,500,000
  9. 9. Uganda Kenya Tanzania Rwanda Internet 4m 10.5m 5m 1.2m users Internet 12% 26% 11% 12%penetration Mobile 600,000 4,700,00 500,000 1,200,000penetration
  10. 10. Landscape• Innovation centers: iHub (Nairobi), iceAddis (Addis Abeba), Hive Colab (Kampala)• IDEOS Phone (Android phone for the African Market)• 649 million mobile subscribers +86m in 2012• +81% growth mobile data consumption• Center of the global mobile money revolution• Leading events and conference: PIVOT25, DEMO AFRICA
  11. 11. IDEOS from HUWAEI $100 Smartphone, now $70 +400,000 units sold in Kenya
  12. 12. Mobile application development• Google Africa has launched the Google Android Developer challenge, with the winners getting $25,000 for their apps• a dynamic, competitive market• Savannah Fund, incubators, meetups & events• $40 million to $165m (2013) in mobile value added services
  13. 13. M-PESA•UDDI•M-PESA processed a total volume oftransactions $17,21 billion, well pastWestern Union. Can send money to70 countries, 900 businesses, 25 banks• Partnership with over 37,000registered agents for low-cost retailbaking: “Banking through yourshopkeeper.”• Based on local needs (micro-billingand flexible payments)
  14. 14. Opportunities• Services in North America (FB, tripadvisor) are also popular ... but:• open source, open government, mobile government• mobile health, mobile education• financial services (utility and bill payments, mobile to bank)
  15. 15. Balance of Power From West to East• Young / old• Growth (world’s fastest growing economies) / Contraction• New markets and needs / Saturated markets• Mobile / Computer• Breaking the status quo / Maintaining the status quo
  16. 16. Future: Access to global innovation networks?• Bring networks to Africa: • OpenIt4Africa: the launchpad of tech projects for Africa • Coders4Africa• Expose/export African innovation and enginuity to international markets• Facilitate financing, networking, skills transfer
  17. 17. Ressources•••• coders4africa•• iHub blog