MTV Age of Sinnocence - a special report


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A special report on the MTV Youth research

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MTV Age of Sinnocence - a special report

  1. 1. anMedia Marketing SuppleMent
  2. 2. insideanMedia Marketing SuppleMentApril 16-30, 2011Focus on 04 The Age of Vices The Indian young make for a complex target group for marketers. They are addicted to brands. They love them and live them. They are fickle minded yet aware. Have the contours of marketing to thethe young youth changed? An analysis.conSuMerThey are as transientas the era they livein. Exploring the nextbig idea of marketing 06 Tagging the Digital Socialites The youth today is hooked on to the digital media. Is it the thrill of being connected 24x7 or the respite from the prying eyes of theto the young and society. Is the world wide web the favourite hangout?unveiling the presenttrends, insights and 10facts that might help in Tracking the Transienceengaging the youngand the restless. Aditya Swamy of MTV India gets chatty and reveals the trade secrets ofAn analysis. marketing to the young.ByANKIT BHATNAGAR 14 Keeping the Young Hooked How are TV content producers across the world fighting to keep young viewers’ interest intact. Virginia Mouseler of The Wit writes. 16 Studying the Tribe What is the young consumer looking for - the Next Big Thing or brands and products that are more authentic, humane and more mature? Reinier Evers of helps find the truth. 20 The Real Conundrum Do the young still lap up reality TV in India or is it another trend in the passing. What’s the reality of the reality TV. A closer look at the quagmire. By Ankit Bhatnagar a f a q s ! r e p o r t e r i april 2011 03
  3. 3. opening remarks The Age of Vices the indian young make for a complex target group. they are addicted to brands. they love them and live them. they are fickle minded yet aware. How are the contours of marketing to the youth changing, an analysis. By ankit Bhatnagar the youth Might be the SaMe acroSS the country with the SaMe thirSt for good thingS in life, but I the MarketerS ndia offers multitude of experiences and 15-year-old will experience that in just four are finding it challenges. What is true of multiplicity days,” says Aditya Swamy, Channel Head, increaSingly of this country is also true for the world MTV India. of its youth, a fascinating section of the India is thriving and so are the tough to customer base that is existentially located aspirations of its young. Lust and greed reach out. across different regions, social groups, are two pillars that drive the behaviour, economic segments, educational levels and thinking and the mindset of the young and even sartorial choices. the restless in India. Some say the need to The world of youth is ever changing flaunt greed is only one side of the small- and highly dynamic therefore challenging town growth story. Those who are yet to to map and analyse. “Today, the rate of join the gravy train are working hard at it. change in a 15-year-old’s life is far more Author, columnist and former CEO than that in a 35-year-old. While an adult of Procter & Gamble, Gurcharan Das in will experience change once in four years, a his book India Unbound narrates a story04 april 2011 i afaqs! reporter
  4. 4. media marketing supplementthat illustrates the small town India’s the country with the same thirst for thesocial fibre. “I did a Bharat Darshan while good things in life, but marketers are stillworking on India Unbound. In a village, I finding it tough to reach out to them. Saysmet a 14-year-old named Raju, who served Cristian Jofre, ex-Senior Vice Presidenttea and coffee at a wayside dhaba. In the Marketing and Creative Director, MTVevenings, he was learning computers. He Networks International, “Youth is aconfidently told me that he had found the dynamic group, akin to technology it is fastsecret of success - learn Windows and 400 moving. Keeping in mind the pace withwords of English. Raju reflects the spirit which the group is moving to ever newof small-town India: hunger, ambition, a passions, brands shouldn’t grow old andwillingness to work hard.” stay young and refreshing.” aDiTYa SWaMY Fulfilling that ambition now appears As one of the most widely followed youtheasier. The media expansion, including brand in India, MTV took it upon itself tothe growth of the DTH industry, has understand the DNA of the youth and comedemocratised experiences and aspirations. out with a well-researched marketing study.When asked how has the dose, frequency, Across the world more than 135 millionform and medium of entertainment individuals tune in to MTV annually, MTVrequirements changed over time? has the largest following on the FacebookAnuradha Sengupta, Features Editor, in India (19,67,086 at the last count) and aCNBC TV18 says, “I think the 70 million or commendable one on people who are said to use the internet According to Jofre, brands that haveregularly are consuming entertainment done it right are:very differently today. I know I am. A lot of Adidas – The way it has moved from aNUraDHa SENGUpTanews is consumed online with twitter links a sports brand to a fashion brand isto news sites; songs and promos on Youtube commendable. Adidas sells celebrities in aand Torrents downloads of shows.” different way. According to Swamy, while meeting Xbox from Microsoft – The brandcontestants for MTV Roadies he found that adopted a very good way of changingthe youth from Tier II towns, were not something technological to somethingquite different from those in the metros. emotional.“They dress the same way, use the same Nike – The masters of customisationgadgets, consume the same net content. online and in-stores.There is a homogenisation of young people. “Intelligent marketing today calls forOnly the small town guys have a hunger to touching customers at a deeper emotionalprove themselves more,” he says. level,” Jofre says. CriSTiÁN JOFrÉ The youth might be the same across When you are talking to passive viewers a 30 second TV commercial isn’t enough In The Power of Cult Branding, Matthew to turn them into active users. You have Ragas and Bolivar Bueno listed the golden to touch youth at an interactive level. rules of cult branding as: There is no one law or rule to reach out • Consumers want to be part of a group that’s to the youth. A brand needs to harness different a lot more touch points. To enter their • Cult brands show daring and determination video games, you’ve got to have 10-20 • Cult brands sell lifestyles second commercials. Companies are now • Cult brands always create customer communities investing in “Community managers.” One • Cult brands are inclusive needs to be outgoing when marketing. • Cult brands promote personal freedom “You need to b able to get in touch with people online and off line.” Jofre adds a f a q s ! r e p o r t e r i april 2011 05
  5. 5. From the desk oF mtV insight studio TAggiNg The DigiTAL sociALiTes the youth of today is addicted to the digital media. is it the thrill of being connected 24x7 or the respite from the prying eyes of the society. Why is the world wide web the favourite hangout? read on. favourite across all age groups. 26-29 year olds are high on emailing with 92% per cent saying they send emails throughout the day while only 42 per cent of 15-24 year olds email on a daily basis. Multimedia usage and downloads loses its appeal for the older audience. What’s the brouhaha with social media? Why is the Youth addicted? It’s simple. Social media allows them respite from the prying eyes of the society and their parents. They can say what they feel without any inhibitions, share their ideas and opinions and even stalk others without getting caught. The www universe allows anonymity, opportunity and hangout. The social media not only provides fun, it also allows them to explore new T relationships, know more about the world awareneSS he youth today is a social animal and lends them a voice to speak out with iS a key in both the real and virtual worlds. no parental control. It is a dream world Tweet, poke, hashtag, sexting, for the young people who crave by-product torrent, tag, BBM - these common words for freedom of expression of hanging out in their vocabulary today didn’t exist five and exploration. at the digital years ago. 85 per cent of the youth connect So, what do they do Media. to social media more than once a day. More on social media? It’s than 75 per cent of the youth get on the the easiest way to keep internet to email, use multimedia and surf in touch with for personal interest at least once every their friends, day. No surprises why MTV calls this they say. They generation - Digital Socialites. share everything MTV and TNS recently conducted from the most a study to understand the lives of this insignificant to the generation that compulsively lives on the most intimate detail internet. Social media, we found, is a of their life there. They06 april 2011 i afaqs! reporter
  6. 6. media marketing supplement YOUTH CONNECTiNG MOrE THaN ONCE iN a DaY pErCENTaGE OF YOUTH ENGaGiNG iN THE aCTiviTY aT lEaST ONCE iN a DaY100% 100% 90% 90% 95 92 80% 80% 88 89 85 70% 70% 77 80 77 74 60% 60% 65 64 50% 50% 59 48 53 40% 52 40% 46 42 30% 30% 39 20% 20% 28 26 10% 10% 5 5 0% 0% Social e-mailing Multimedia personal ng ing ed ia est rts nd ng ou t eti ng ncl rki ail ter po er ea n mi ab es g i ng networking interest etw o e-m ult im al in w s, S eath ledg catio e ga w se rchas l tick o pin cketi ln M rso n ne d w now edu nlin bro pu trave Sh e ti 15-20 yrs 21-25 yrs 26-29 yrs cia pe an k o ovi So Malso live vicariously through their friends’ CONviNCiNG pOWEr OF MEDia FOr NEWSupdates. The most important thing is to keep in 100% 90 touch with friends and get updates from 90% 87 86 83 81 them. Social media is an easy way out; 80% 73 Secondly, social media drives awareness 70% 65 by letting them stay on top of what’s 60% happening in the world around them; 51 50% Video sharing is still not as big as sharing pictures; 40% newspapers television Social Media Magazines word-of- blogs radio Viral Videos Making new friends is not the primary Mouth driver of social media – they would rather connect to existing friends than aGrEE THaT SOCial MEDia CaN GO WrONG make new friends here; Also, there’s a very clear divide between 100% 94 95 90 94 92 93 94 92 professional and personal lives. 80% 60% Awareness is a key by-product of hangingout at the digital media. 87 per cent of 40%people read or surf for news online at least 20%once a week. News search may pertain tomovies, sports or politics. With knowledge 0% total Male female Metros non-Metros 15-20 yrs 21-25 yrs 26-29 yrsat the fingertips, thanks to Google andthe lot, cool quotient is being redefinedas the one with maximum exposure andexperience. It could be gadgets, music, The social media not only providessports or anything else that might holdtheir fancy. The advent of technology has fun, it also allows youth to explore newchanged the basic definition of ‘being cool’. relationships, know more about the Digging deeper into the debate ofTraditional versus New media, it is evident world and lends them a voice to speakthat the convincing power of the digital out with no parental control. a f a q s ! r e p o r t e r i april 2011 07
  7. 7. From the desk oF mtV insight studio media has the substance, the new media dons character and has more room for interactivity Newspaper is still the most trustworthy vehicle for news However, even in digital space, they trust select brands, portal and blogs and not mere search results However, they consume news from both these sources with equal fervor. Boys are more social than girls on digital media. While 63 per cent of the men say that they’re on social media because they can meet new people and make new friends. A whopping 67 per cent of the women disagree with them and are not happy about random ‘friend requests’. Yes, social media does pose a vital question of loss of privacy. Do they care? 94 per cent of this practical generation agrees that personal information put out on social media can go wrong if not handled correctly. However, while 90 per cent of the 26-29 year olds share information on social media after much deliberation, only 75 per cent of 15-24 years do so. But,irreSpectiVe of media is catching up with the stalwarts in does that stop them from sharing personal traditional media. stuff? Not really, the digital world is toowhether one iS 93 per cent of them believe social media addictive to let go!Selling a cola makes them more aware of current Well, finally, it’s all about entertainmentor a condoM, trends across the world that ‘Digital Socialites’ care about. Theyyouth reMain the 89 per cent turn to social media for news hit social networking sites when they wantMoSt reSearched and trends for their dose of updates to catch up with friends . Commenting onentity. They feel that while the traditional pictures, getting connected to old friends,
  8. 8. media marketing supplementbrowsing through random profiles, keeping unfriend your brand in a click! the internetabreast with the gossip in their friends’ putS the brandlives is the new entertainment. It’s cheap, About MTV insight studio Wit’s cheerful, it’s voyeuristic fun and it’s hether it’s in admission lines or in at par with theall that they need to keep occupied. 93 per the college corridors or behind the youth, allowingcent of the youth say they re-visit a site condom vending machines, or in the clubs dialogueSonly if they find it entertaining. and hangouts, MTV Insights Studio brings between equalS. Irrespective of whether one is selling acola or a condom, youth remain the most THE NEW TriBEresearched entity in the corporate world.Why? Simple, this entity changes every2-3 years. Technology has accelerated the W elcome to the big board room debate – are new-age youth values different? MTV dissects the Youth Values into three distinct clusters. Calibrate your (brand’s) values to click with the Youth of Today .change and has transferred the power over Dominant values: Driven by a stubborn confidence of breaking into the big league,to youth to make them the most assertive, these Young people are ready to slog it out to make it big. The super ambitious youthexpressive, practical and promiscuous thinks with an open mind, experiments and takes risks to defend own beliefs. What’s interesting is that immediate Family continues to be important for the Indian Youth. And,generation ever. The drive to share, body worship is definitely a virtue! Experiential living rules the roost as every sensationexpress and connect has been multiplied is heightened and enjoyed to get the maximum impact out of life.exponentially across the 20 somethings. Peripheral values: Neither are these values are supremely important, nor are theyThe digital media has broken the curfew discarded as redundant. Honesty, welfare of others and true-friendship lie somewherehour posed by the parents. Social media on the fringe and are no longer the driver values. Leisurely and chill-out way of life is out-dated; the young folks love to work hard to earn their independence and self respect. Subdued values: These values are fast fading and let’s not get judgmental andBoys are more social than sentimental about them. Loyalty, self restraint, obedience and inner harmony are not the hot favorites amongst the Young Turks. The approval from society is not something that girls on digital media. spur them on. And, they are extremely short term focused and do not strive for a lasting contribution at in future. While 63 per cent menprefer meeting new people you the latest from the life of the youth. and making friends, 67 This unique understanding comes from per cent women disagree being a part of their lives every day and not from watching them from the outside. with them. We do this through continuous studies and researches on what’s trending withhas allowed a two-way communication the youth. In addition, MTV iSpeak whichwith the youth and their icons. 89 per is a network of youth in age of 18-24cent of youth love to research about their years from colleges across 10 cities is apurchases online before loosening their continuous connect to the youth life.purse strings. The internet puts the brand Digital Socialities is a study commissionedat par with the youth, allowing dialogues jointly by MTV and TNS in 2011 to studybetween equals. It transforms the one way the internet habits of the digitally savvy.advertising into two way communication. The respondents aged 15-29 years haveWhile traditional advertising merely relays at least two of the following accounts-the communication message, the digital Facebook, Orkut, Twitter or Linkedin.presence gives the brand a character. But, The 450 respondents included in the studyit also empowers the youth to broadcast were spread across 20 cities in India. Youththeir feedback on the brand. One wrong research conducted across 3300 youth in agepost can get the Digital Socialite fans to of 15-24 years across 16 cities in 2010. a f a q s ! r e p o r t e r i april 2011 09
  9. 9. interView aditya SwaMy i channel head i MtV india TrAckiNg The TrANsieNT yuppies the youth marketing expert talks about the tricks of the trade. Does the young generation in india thrive as a gang (live together, think together) or do youngsters here have a strong individuality? how do brands harness that? Interestingly, Youth think collectively and act individually. Consider the two most happening social media platforms Facebook and Twitter. Facebook is a group- think platform where the youth hangs out as a gang – sharing, commenting, poking each other. Twitter is a classic case where less than 20 per cent of the users actively tweet, while the rest are onlookers and followers. The young get twitchy if their gang don’t ping them on their handsets. They are connected 24X7 to the wider cosmos of friends. Even while in the same room, you will catch them sending chat messages to each other. While family and siblings are always there for support, friends are the partners in crime The essence of youth lies in and they belong there. their transience, they change However, they do have an extremely strong sense of individuality. The trend as quick as time. The need to track them now is not about fitting in the gang, but standing out and making your own mark. daily is of prime importance for At MTV, we have seen this across all all the brands. reality formats like Roadies, Splitsvilla,10 april 2011 i afaqs! reporter
  10. 10. media marketing supplementStuntsmania. They way. So I dont see conflict, the trendneed to be jack of all I see life management, today iS nottrades, but master both from the side of about fitting inof one. In daily life, parents and the younger the gang, butthe youth show their generations. Moms with Standing outindividuality through daughters at reality show and Making yourtheir customized status auditions, dads giving own Mark.updates, manicured pics their sons their first sipon profile, hair styling, of beer, parents preferingmix and matched fashion the daugther to be atsense. While they take home with the boyfriend,ample inspirations from sex education classes atmoviestars, they adapt home and school are allthe fashion and never examples of this becomingadopt it literally. of ‘happy modern family’.is the difference between urban india is home to the largest populationyouth and their contemporaries of youngsters, is it an opportunity?in countryside stark? Are brands how big? how are social dynamicsreaching out to only selected few? expected to change in coming years?Why? The current generation is born with twoIn fact the gap between urban and rural dysfunctional genes: multi-tasking andis rapidly reducing. Young people in attention deficit. The youth love continuoussmaller towns are far more ambitious and change and radical innovations. Yes,impatient, their hunger to get ahead of the radical draws attention and the era ofmetro kids is infectious. The sheer time subtlety is passé. Marketers need to wakespent online is much higher in smaller up to this truth. An IPL for example needstowns and hence they are connected to to be bigger and better every season.what is happening not just in the metros Another very vital shift has been thatbut across the world. Their behaviourmight be a little more conservativebut their thinking and aspirations are while faMilydefinitely not. and SiblingS are Successful brands have realized this alwayS there forand this can be seen from the kind of Support, friendSproducts/services and communication that brands and users are being treated more are the partnerSone sees on the national media. as an equal. We are living in an era where in criMe and the you can tweet to your favourite icon and young belonghow has the older generation taken to get a retweet from him/her. Brands are there.the changing youth trends? is there a bending backwards driving interactivity.conflict or a secret pact?Generation gaps are breaking down rapidly. how has the entertainment (dose,Parents are friends and that is because frequency, form and medium)today’s parents have grown up as children requirements changed over time? isof liberalization. Fighting the youth will internet and ipod taking the sheen offonly take you further away from them. the idiot box?Align with them and you will go a long In this era of multi screen engagement, the continued on page 22 a f a q s ! r e p o r t e r i april 2011 11
  11. 11. guest Column keepiNg The youNg hookeD How are tV content producers across the world fighting to keep their audiences’ interest intact. analysing the business of tV broadcast for the young. Virginia mouseler T CEO – The Wit V is obsessed with youth, hence the invention of reality TV and the current development of Social TV. I founded The Wit 15 years ago and since then I’ve watched all the new TV and web TV shows launched worldwide. Maybe even more so than any other industry, TV is obsessed with novelty, launching new products. TV because young Americans grew up Every month in our online database we watching Nickelodeon, then MTV and when enter approximately 600 new shows. they became adults they had a hard time Our subscribers, from broadcasters to finding network television on their remote producers and to advertisers, originating controls. With the phenomenon spreading from dozens of countries, ask us every to the rest of the world, broadcasters day: Which show is the new hit, which decided in the 1990s to stop teenagers and one is likely to be the next one? TV young adults from watching new channels is obsessed with novelty and youth. TV or the developing internet. MTV invented is innovating and progressing thanks to reality TV with “The Real World”, other and for young viewers. TV broadcasters channels across the world invented “Big worldwide seem to be stimulated by young Brother” and reality TV started spreading viewers’ behaviours, also prompted by a all over the world. In order to give young major fear of young viewers lose interest viewers what they seemed to be searching in TV, watch it less and no longer watch for and could no longer find on the small it when they become adults. In the US screen - the possibility to interact on TV, over the past 30 years, the networks have to identify themselves with people on TV, gradually lost a lot of their viewers to cable to feel like anything could happen. But14 april 2011 i afaqs! reporter
  12. 12. media marketing supplementright when young viewers seemed glued to in thetheir TV sets because of reality TV, new netherlandS,screens appeared to distract them from endeMol’S Secrettheir TV sets. Via computers, smartphones, Story, countS aSFacebook, Twitter, young people worldwide Many followerSwant more than before to interact, control,give new directions, and comment on online aS on tV.what’s on TV, everywhere and constantly. but financiallyConsequently, TV is now seeking to invent it’S not enough.the TV of the social networking era, the‘social TV’, or connected TV that wouldadjust to the new simultaneous consumermodes of TV and the Internet. In Europe in 2011, Endemol imagined the mike to young, so they can talkthe Zoom concept where people compete about their lives, tell their stories, becomeagainst each other to be the one that heroes of reality series, entertaining and/generates the biggest buzz or repercussions or meaningful shows. Anxious to reachon social networks, race towards digital a wider commercial target than thefame. In France, in March 2011, a variant 15-24 year olds, and willing to attractaround the idea, Club Vip, failed to young parents, TV seems preoccupiedattract impassioned viewers for the young with giving life lessons to young adults.ordinary contestants’ race towards fame. Teaching them how to leave the familyYoung people’s liking for commenting and nest, find a job, a life partner or startmocking TV programming via their social a family. Titles speak for themselves,networks was not enough to support the Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents whereTV audience and business model of a parents watch their teens party; Workingshow created on this distanced approach. Girls on making a living without parents;Because Internet viewing is not enough to Tool Academy, to learn living as a couple;finance or save a TV show via advertising. Dad Camp to become a good father;This is TV’s dilemma today: in the Big Meets Bigger, to not gain too muchNetherlands, the reality soap Secret Story, weight and many other shows aimed toproduced by Endemol, counts as many raise awareness about the dangers offollowers online as on TV. But financially sex, illegal drugs and alcohol.Anotherit’s not enough. example of nightmare for a young, spoilt Therefore, while waiting to find the and out of control British teenager is tonext great idea that will entertain young be sent to India for a week and forced toviewers, TV content producers are giving follow a local family’s strict rules. This is what happened to one of the heroes in Producers are giving the British reality series World’s Strictest Parents aired on the BBC. It is said the mike to the young, that these teenagers recovered from the to talk about their lives, culture shock ready to change their ways, their minds enriched and their acting tell their stories, become more mature. I hope that this exchange and encounter with the community of theheroes of reality series and “friends” of MTV India will teach us all a meaningful shows. lot and bring us a lot of innovation. a f a q s ! r e p o r t e r i april 2011 15
  13. 13. guest Column sTuDyiNg The Tribe What is the young consumer looking for - the Next Big thing or brands and products that are more authentic, humane and quite simply more mature? a trendwatcher helps find the truth. read on. reinier eVers to start? For youth (and in fact for all consumers), the search for social status is at the heart of almost every purchase and action. And what we’re seeing, in India and around the world, is that for an increasing number of people, status is increasingly not just about owning the biggest or most expensive, but can also be about acquired skills, about eco- credentials, about generosity, or about being connected to name a few. Now, that’s not to say that Indian youth aren’t still chasing the material dream, but that there are increasing opportunities for brands to reach out to people with new aspirations. And the opportunities for consumer brands in India are truly awesome. Because as well as having a vast youth population, India’s young people are getting ever more urban and thus more accessible, richer T and more open to trying new products and deep Social he ‘global marketplace’ is a bit of a experiences. and cultural cliché now, but you only have to dive We call these new consumers Citysumers into one of the many global youth -increasingly young, increasingly urban changeS tribe studies to see that when it comes consumers who are addicted to the here- don’t happen to youth, their motivations, and their and-now, experiences, choice and freedom, oVernight. relationships with brands the similarities flexibility and rawness, unrestricted coMpared to worldwide far outnumber the differences. opportunity, and yes, the hunt for the Next Many other Younger consumers are well-connected Big Thing. trendS, theSe and well-informed, and expect to feast on Urbanisation and its associated social changeS MoVe at only the best-of-the-best delicacies. change is leading to another trend a glacial pace. But for youth brands, understanding that we are seeing in Indian youth: what makes young people tick must be Maturialism (mature materialism). right at the center of their offering. Where Younger generations have grown up16 april 2011 i afaqs! reporter
  14. 14. media marketing supplementimmersed in consumer culture: they There are increasing‘get’ it. But just as sources of socialstatus are fragmenting, so are the opportunities for brands to reachexpectations of consumers. Savvy,streetwise youth are increasingly out to people with new aspirations.bored, if not downright distrustful of Opportunities for consumer brands inthe conventional consumer-producerrelationship, and now look for India are trulybrands and products that are moreauthentic, more human, and quitesimply more mature. There’s an obvious link between thebroad spread of more liberal attitudesand increasing Indian urbanisation.As new arrivals find themselvesdistanced from traditional social andfamilial structures, and are exposedto a wider range of alternative goods,services, lifestyles and experiences,their tolerance to these alternativesgrows, as does their interest. Now, deep social and culturalchanges don’t happen overnight.Compared to many trends, thesechanges are moving at a glacialpace. And while we’re certainly notsuggesting that everyone becomesoverwhelmingly liberal as soon asthey move to the city, the clear trendis for urban populations to have morediverse living arrangements, andhave more socially liberal and tolerantviews towards abortion, euthanasia,casual sex, homosexuality, religion,drug use, women’s rights etc.
  15. 15. interView piyuSh SharMa i ceo and publiSher i MaxiM india Music Works has grown many folds. From automobiles, to glamour and lifestyle, to movies and music, to education and business, to sports, there is a publication to appeal to every individual and every interest. can music-related literature be successful in india? Any examples. Yes, music related literature has great potential in India as shown by the success of Rolling Stones. Media Transasia India Ltd. itself launched its music title called Blender and ran it successfully in India for almost two years before the title shut down globally. Encouraged by the response and identification of potential that music related literature has, we are planning to launch another music title in India shortly. Music related literature has great potential in india, the young here are also keen on opting is the indian youth serious about music as a profession today? Why? music as a profession. excerpts. What are the reasons? Music is definitely one of the few shortcuts to success. It’s the success of TV shows how have reading habits of the indian like Sa Re Ga Ma and Indian Idol which youth changed over time? have really encouraged and further opened Since the two decades, the general up the youth to look at music as a career. publishing horizon revolved around These TV reality shows have pulled out business and general publications like talent from the very corners of the country Outlook and the India Today. Publishing and helped them believe in achievability has come a long way now. Publications are more focused and there is better fragmentation of target Encouraged by the audience along with better interface for response we got for media content like current digital as opposed to the paperback in the olden Blender, we are planning to days. launch another music title With domain specialisation and quality advancement, the readership spectrum in India shortly.18 april 2011 i afaqs! reporter
  16. 16. media marketing supplementof success. YOUTH aND THE livE pErFOrMaNCES Even on a smaller more local scale, thegrowth in potential for music professionals M TV VJ and festival director of Asia’s premier music carnival Sunburn, Nikhil Chinapa talks about music, marketing and thethrough local Rock shows, club events and ties that can work both ways.stage performances has been tremendousbecause of which the youth of today Bollywood still rules the roost when itconsiders music a more realistic career comes to entertainment for the Indian youth.option than before. They are not averse to You can’t throw a blanket on what today’s youth likes, but Bollywood and desi beatstry their hands at what they are passionate have to be the Lowest Common Denominator.about. With emergence of smart phones, music is flourishing and is in everybody’s reach.What clicks with young indian readers? Indian rock bands play mainly in Desigadgets and gizmos, bollywood, languages and English. With internet and NikHil CHiNapaHealth and fitnesss, automobiles or smart phones, it is possible to pursue all kind of music and genres today. A large part of all youth activities, be itfashion? motorsport; rock-climbing; cricket; literature or music, is dependent onTo capture the young Indian reader, it has marketing and spreading the word around. Music, on the other hand, is ato be a balanced blend of all. Since the very personal choice. It’s a philosophy, a way of life!youth look out for variety, a little dose of If a buzz is created and you are encouraged to sample some kind ofeverything helps. music, you never know which new sounds you are going to explore. Indian youth is open to experiment and therefore enjoy live performances. The onus of popularising live performances lies on the india a celebrity-obsessed nation? Music concerts should not just be about Bryan Adams, Shakira, Pinkcan today’s young play leadership Floyd, Iron Maiden or Akon; mid-level talent should also be encouragedroles or do they like to follow and and promoted.emulate? Music ties into fashion and fashion ties into lifestyle, therefore musicWe are celebrity obsessed for sure. Stars is an integral part of the youth’s DNA today. The sooner the marketers realise this, more successful will they be with their respective productshere are more larger than life than and brands.anywhere on the planet. But it’s their The research to put together Sunburn - the largest music dancesuccess stories that give the youth the festival in Asia comes from the lives we live and the experience we have.belief in themselves to achieve similargreatness.Great examples are success stories like overwhelmed by their star presence.those of Virat Kohli, Yusuf Pathan etc., I think it’s fair to say that the youth todaywho have achieved star like status similar is showing ample leadership potential into the Sachin Tendulkars and the Kapil every field except some unchartered onesDevs of the game while being inspired not like Politics.
  17. 17. reality CheCk The reAL coNuNDruM from beeps to the blame game and from fanning controversies to five minutes of fame, reality tV has come a long winding path. Do the young still lap it up ardently following every twist and turn or is it another trend in the passing. What’s the reality of the reality tV. a closer look at the quagmire. By ankit Bhatnagar trait and this generation is particularly schizophrenic. But I’d describe today’s youth as somebody impatient to succeed in life.” Being true to the mindset that the Indian conditioning brings along, most of the youngsters are walking the path decided for them by their parents, but are increasingly exploring or looking out for other opportunities. “This impatience expresses itself in loud, reckless behavior,” Lakshman adds. The youth might be changing but the change is barely perceptible. Biases that existed years ago are still present. “Weird notions about societal beliefs, tradition, superstitions are still floating around. But there is another world emerging that is a lot more tolerant and radical. The change is slow but it is there,” says Raghu Ram, the brain behind MTV’s cult reality series MTV Roadies. The youth today is aware that life is not just about fun, gadgets, girlfriends and boyfriends, there is more to living. “I’ve always been of the opinion that the young T are a force, they should become a force,” the probleM iS not he young today are both loud, Ram adds. reckless, promiscuous on one The recent protest by the civil society with the young, hand and street smart, practical had tremendous backing of the young it’S with the and focussed on the other. Says Rajiv brigade. Anna Hazare triggered a spark Social Scrutiny Lakshman, host of MTV Roadies and twin but the cause got a widespread support attached to brother of Raghu Ram, “No generation and endorsement thanks to the cyberspace. whateVer they do. can fit into any clear-cut personality “The youth had something to say there as20 april 2011 i afaqs! reporter
  18. 18. media marketing supplementwell. It was an episode of a person leading play safe and lack of confidence and self-and stirring public emotion,” he says. belief,” says Ram. The change is more visible in The only focus of the reality-basedmetropolitans may be the young there properties today is to garner revenue andhave easy access to the Facebook, Twitter become popular. It should rather be toand the electronic media. “I saw a lot of create cult. It’s a gamble. Most of the timesambition in smaller towns too. In places it doesn’t work out. Some reality-showlike Patna, the youth want to arrive in makers think that they can drive mileagelife, are enthusiastic and more focussed,” by using expletives, cuss words and abusesRam says. on the national television. Reality TV has become a pack of cheap thrills today. raGHU raMreality TV and the young While it has propagated voyeuristicReality TV is changing with the ever- pleasures of Indian viewers, it has helpedchanging youth in India. TV producers are few people discover their onscreen keeping in mind the thirst of the small Palak of Roadies Season 6 behaved in atown youngster, who has a lot to prove in certain way on screen and landed a role inlife. Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao on Sony. Dolly Is the obsession with the Five Minutes Bindra, the loud and controversial inmateto onscreen fame wise and justified? Or is in the Bigg Boss last season has got severalit nothing more than a shortcut to success? new offers. Looking at such examples Says Raghu Ram, “The problem is not others want to capitalise participating onwith the youth, it’s with the social trauma reality television and make a name.or scrutiny attached to whatever the young According to Rajiv Lakshman, “TV raJiv lakSHMaNdoes. It’s not that the young brigade is programming genres don’t work, ideasunruly and indisciplined, the way we are work. Reality shows in television willshaping our youth today is flawed. The remain a strong genre, although the‘image’ for the society is the problem.” success rate of shows will not be as high Everybody today needs to decide what as in the past.”will help me and what will not? “For reality television, I feel there is “I dislike Indian reality television no single India or youth, there are manycontent because it lacks imagination identities and mindsets to cater to,” heand confidence in itself,” said a media says. Reality shows, if done with honesty,practitioner. Every Indian reality TV show will reveal some aspects of youth. butis a copy of something successful. it will not be applicable to the young “This shows medocrity, the tendency to generation as a whole.
  19. 19. reality CheCk the youth today roadies and its craze become more than a TV show. It was think Struggling The theme of Roadies this time is very different in 2003, when we started. ‘Shortcut to Hell.’ It’s based on a trend The perceptions are changing every year. iS for loSerS. among youth to follow shortcuts, faster Television environment is changing. At they want to routes. The youth today think struggling MTV we differentiate ourselves, we do by-paSS all is for losers. They want to by-pass all what we do. Struggle. they struggle. They want everything and want According to Raghu Ram, “At an obvious want eVerything it now. It’s truly the Fast Food generation. platform Roadies presents a pessimistic and want it now. Sticklers for controversy may be, but they world view where such situations are it’S truly the faSt seem to accept it alright. created that breed negative behaviour. Poonam Pandey, the female who vowed At the not so obvious level, it shows the food generation. to bare all if the Indian cricket team wins viewers that real face of every participant.” the World Cup might have faded away When you can have the opportunity to not from public memory, but due to her quirky go the wrong way, how many make the vow she has now managed an entry in the right choice. Unpredictability of the show fourth season of the Khatron Ke Khiladi on is also what clicks with the viewers. Colors. Everybody strives to be a talking The Roadies spirit include courage, guts point on reality television. and attitude. It represents all that is Cool. Before Roadies came along, there was If all the aspirations and ambitions of the no platform for the young to speak up. youth can be condensed in one word its Issues like pre-marital sex, homosexuality, COOL. The young want to be percieved love marriage, live-in relationships were cool in the way they talk, the cellphones all within the closet, never discussed one- they carry, the people they hang out with, on-one. Through platforms like Roadies the role models they have, social issues perceptions are put forward. Auditions they take up. Anna Hazare is cool, having for the show are in-your face and quite a India Against Corruption badge on your revealing. Over the years Roadies has Facebook profile is cool. continuing from page 11 web and mobile have only ensured a deeper connect importance and thus, MTV iSpeak was born. It is with the viewer. While Roadies is on, you can chat a hangout of a network of the young from colleges with Raghu on a voice chat on your phone and tweet across 10 cities. These ambitious, extroverted, your friends on what he just said to you. It has moved opinionated youth has been handpicked by the MTV. the engagement from one way to two ways. We meet them every day (online) to discuss their life and thoughts ranging from news headlines, politics, Are brands doing enough to understand the career aspirations to frivolous dating tips, and needs of the youth? stories of love life. These online and offline meetings Most of the research studies today are typically ensure we stay connected real-time and have a firm onetime affair that ends up being a reference guide grip on the youth pulse. for brand marketers for a year or two. As a brand MTV decided to share these insights with the catering to this segment for decades, we at MTV are people to whom youth insights matter. MTVPlay. well aware of the fact that two years are not enough in was launched last year to share all that MTV to grip the young peoples’ pulse. The essence of knows. While we started off sharing just the trends, youth lies in their transience, they change as quick the site now allows data downloads and research as time. The need to track them daily is of prime updates.22 april 2011 i afaqs! reporter