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50 Great Products For Startups
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50 Great Products For Startups


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50 great product for your startups to use! Don't try to build everything! There are lots of great product to solve your pain. Earn time!

50 great product for your startups to use! Don't try to build everything! There are lots of great product to solve your pain. Earn time!

  • Great stuff - Thank you for taking the time to put it all together and sharing.
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  • This is a fantastic and extremely comprehensive list. Is there any chance you could repost a break down with a bit more detail on each of these products and maybe give your top 10 must haves for startups? Or am I being lazy? One of the things with startup companies (where I am with my business) is at the beginning there is no time to really spend the time on some fantastic online social media tools. People share great ideas but many companies know they look great but get bogged down in the day to day running of their business and don't find time to really understand the great products such as you have listed in this post.
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  • I can add too to the list : how does your audience feel and why they feel that way?
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  • Awesome collection! Thank you for sharing! :-)
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  • great list!
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  • 1. 50 Products For Startups Don’t try to build things already made! There are lots of products that solve pain most of startups has! List ot Top 50!
  • 2. @mtufekyapan Your social media look is important! Optlook makes possible to manage all meta-tag with zero technical skill! Just use Optlook API and marketers now can change social media look!
  • 3. @mtufekyapan Want to send emails and newsletter? Sandloop takes care every technical detail. Just use it and don’t face any problem!
  • 4. @mtufekyapan Want to create simple mobile app? In tapcanvas you can create simple mobile app easily.
  • 5. @mtufekyapan If want to create a mobile product, makes possible to create prototype fast and easy!
  • 6. @mtufekyapan Want to send welcome, thanks, and feedback email? Userfox makes possible it!
  • 7. @mtufekyapan Having trouble for finding name for project? Use!
  • 8. @mtufekyapan I know, I know. You want to show your product with a video but you don’t have budget for it! goanimate makes possible to create videos with zero technical knowledge!
  • 9. @mtufekyapan When your user sign up, they can have lots of question and visiting helpdesk is the hardway to contact. Uservoice makes possible to easily interact with your user.
  • 10. @mtufekyapan Deailing with billing and payment is really painfull! waweapps makes it easy!
  • 11. @mtufekyapan Cloudsponge makes possible to import contact feature easily.
  • 12. @mtufekyapan Check your and competitors websites general errors. (Especially for seo)
  • 13. @mtufekyapan Your code run but do you sure it run well? track your app performance and show you where your code crush!
  • 14. @mtufekyapan Want to create some basic feature for your mobile app? is a source code market place. You can buy it!
  • 15. @mtufekyapan Want to optimize your mobile app SEO in app store? This is a free mobile app seo tool!
  • 16. @mtufekyapan Big images is always big problem for web! kraken solve it without change quality of your images!
  • 17. @mtufekyapan Back-ups always risky things. back-up your site in cloud so you don’t concern!
  • 18. @mtufekyapan Want to get more request and fast response from Google Analytics? Use!
  • 19. @mtufekyapan Want to become creative when creating content? luma7 is helpful tool for discovering new idea!
  • 20. @mtufekyapan filtrr2 Think a JS library makes possible to filter your images like Instagtam. filtrr2!
  • 21. @mtufekyapan With you can implement speaking text feature to your app!
  • 22. @mtufekyapan Just select your icon and download it as a font-icon format.
  • 23. @mtufekyapan Want to create menu like Facebook and Google mobile app? jpanelmenu makes easy it!
  • 24. @mtufekyapan Intro.js Intro.js is the library for onboarding new user in your app with messages!
  • 25. @mtufekyapan Create your button on browser and get it both css or png!
  • 26. @mtufekyapan Beatiful preloaders with their source code!
  • 27. @mtufekyapan Free, high resolution pictures!
  • 28. @mtufekyapan sassme.arc90 Create new colors with changing brightness, contrast, hue etc.
  • 29. @mtufekyapan Don’t try to build your search engine! Swiftype takes care site in search!
  • 30. @mtufekyapan Easy to use effective media server for your app!
  • 31. @mtufekyapan Avoid same account login with two different pc!
  • 32. @mtufekyapan Show different messages and visual in landing page based on visitors location!
  • 33. @mtufekyapan Track your competitors website and social media posts, report them.
  • 34. @mtufekyapan Need some legal doc? It is open source legal document sharing platform.
  • 35. @mtufekyapan What is trending on internet right now? Fresh shows hot content on internet!
  • 36. @mtufekyapan Don’t build crawler, kominolabs turn your browser API!
  • 37. @mtufekyapan Manage your Wordpress panel like a project management tool!
  • 38. @mtufekyapan Intercom for mobile app!
  • 39. @mtufekyapan Track your competitors A/B testing screens!
  • 40. @mtufekyapan Create responsive team page easily!
  • 41. @mtufekyapan Show ads on Facebook who don’t open your email! Don’t miss anyone!
  • 42. @mtufekyapan Want to seed your press kit? It send your presskit to reports!
  • 43. @mtufekyapan Real-time, in site search app!
  • 44. @mtufekyapan Want to show mobile visitors your mobile app or open in app? Use smartappbanners for it!
  • 45. @mtufekyapan Track your competitors emailing strategies!
  • 46. @mtufekyapan Lots of ready to use front-end library!
  • 47. @mtufekyapan Wirelessly reflect your iPhone and iPad screen to your monitor!
  • 48. @mtufekyapan Create your own wiki page!
  • 49. @mtufekyapan Buy high resolution pictures just for 1$!
  • 50. @mtufekyapan Want to create MVP? is great solution for you. Create your real, working app with drag and drop!
  • 51. @mtufekyapan Need some privacy policy, terms of condition? Tremsfeed has some question for your business! Answer that and get your legal documents!