Understanding Personality and Temperament


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Slides from 2013 Preparing Your Child for Success seminar hosted by The Bear Creek School annually in Redmond, WA. Slides are excerpts from the presentation "Understanding Personality and Temperament" by Denise Peeler.

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Understanding Personality and Temperament

  2. 2. What impression are we making on our kids?“Impress them on your children.Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk alongthe road, when you lie down and when you get up.“ Deuteronomy 6:7
  3. 3. Personality Presentation General characteristics of each personality Personality comparisons Applying personalities to parenting
  4. 4. Personalities Perspectives
  5. 5. LION~ My Way Challenge and Control 10% Leader Problem solver Courageous Passion Perseveres Purposeful Motivated by a vision Competitive Crave competition and pressure Weaknesses: Runs people over
  7. 7. OTTER~ The Fun and Creative Way Recognition and approval 25-30% Encouraging Enthusiastic Joyful Creative Idea person Loves adventure and surprise Craves spontaneity Fun Weaknesses Interrupts often and moody Disorganized, misses details of directions
  9. 9. GOLDEN RETRIEVER~ The Easy Way Appreciation and Security 30-35% Caring Loyal Honest Humble Easy going Peace maker Servant Crave consistency Weaknesses: Lazy Indecisive
  11. 11. BEAVER~ The Right Way Quality answers and Value 20-25% Responsible Very detailed Conscientious Obedience Organized Analytical Discerning Crave organization and details Weaknesses: Critical Inflexible
  13. 13. Personalities Perspectives
  14. 14. Personality Trait - FEARSLion Otter Greatest Need:  Greatest Need: Respect and control  Approval Being important  To be loved Greatest Fear:  Greatest Fear: Loss of control  Disapproval  Feeling UnlovedBeavers Golden Retrievers: Greatest Need:  Greatest Need: To be accurate  Appreciated and Needed Greatest Fear:  Greatest Fear: Making mistakes  Unappreciated and not needed Embarrassment
  15. 15. LIONS AND OTTERS Lion: Otter:Great starters  Great starters Talkers  Talkers Outgoing  Outgoing Global thinkers  Global thinkers Love a challenge  Love a challenge Leaders  Leaders Craves change  Craves change Risk taker  Risk taker Generates ideas  Generates ideas
  16. 16. LIONS AND BEAVERSLion:  Beavers:Black and  Black and white thinkers white thinkersTask focused  Task FocusedCritical  CriticalControlling  Controlling
  17. 17. OTTERS AND RETRIEVERSOtter: People focused Golden Retrievers: People Unmotivated by tasks focused Dislike conflict  Unmotivated by tasks Takes the easy route  Dislike conflict Optimists  Takes the easy route  Optimists
  18. 18. BEAVERS AND RETRIEVERSBeavers: Golden Retrievers:Great finishers Great finishers Enjoy clear guidelines  Enjoy clear guidelines Listeners  Listeners Quiet and reserved  Quiet and reserved Followers  Followers Likes routine  Likes routine
  19. 19. LION - my way Give choices (What do you want to do today?) Celebrate when they persevere or show courage Give opportunities for challenge Take time to be one on one Give them a big picture view Give leadership jobs within your family Minimize talking; follow through with action Give clear expectations of consequences Let them experience consequences for choices Try to not be bated into conflict or a battle
  20. 20. Teach: Leadership qualities Healthy relationships with peers Letting others go first
  21. 21. OTTER – fun and creative way Foster creativity through creative projects (i.e. cooking, crafts, woodworking) Be spontaneous (i.e. create a scavenger hunt) Create fun experiences Foster group activities (i.e. sports, classes, neighborhood gatherings) Play games as a family Encourage activity. Let them MOVE!
  22. 22. OTTER – fun and creative wayTeach: Organization Time management Slow down Problem solving and think ahead Joy of hard work
  23. 23. GOLDEN RETREIVER – easy way Give one on one time (cooking or sewing) Provide safe experiences to take risks Give opportunities to develop friendships Give clear expectations Create a safe and nurturing environment Use a soft, gentle voice Reward their acts of service Serve together as a family in the community Display healthy conflict resolution without using anger
  24. 24. GOLDEN RETREIVER – easy wayTeach: Value of hard work Sharing their ideas Goal setting Standing up for themselves Healthy ways to help others
  25. 25. BEAVER- right way Provide structure and predictability Ask questions Reward critical thinking Allow them to join you in tasks Highlight one mistake at a time Provide toys which exercise their analytical minds i.e. legos, puzzles, building a model car
  26. 26. BEAVER – right wayTeach: Value of play and fun Give opportunities to develop friendships Show them how to lovingly share criticism Mistakes are avenues for learning
  27. 27. Personality Trait - CLASSROOM Lion Otter  Compliment with a challenge and vision  Compliment publicly  Loves independent projects  Love adventure and surprise  Craves competition and pressure  Enjoys working in groups  Enjoys challenging work  Crave spontaneity  Likes to have freedom/ thrives with choices  Thrives on creative projects  Fast worker  Enjoy open ended assignments  Tends to enjoy Math and Science  Very fast worker  Loves art, writing and social studies Beavers Golden Retrievers  Compliment specifically  Servant in your classroom  Crave organization and details  Detailed thinker  Enjoy clear guidelines  Craves consistency  Do not like open ended assignments  Dislike competition and pressure  Prefer paper and pen to projects  Dislikes getting in front of class  Detailed thinker  Does not want to be embarrassed  Slow worker  Likes to have clear directions to follow  Enjoys worksheets  Slow worker  Enjoys Math, Grammar and Science  Enjoys social studies, spelling and grammar
  28. 28. Personality Trait OverviewLion: Peter, Paul, Joshua Otter: David, Barnabas Challenge and Control 10%  Recognition and approval 25-30% Leader  Encouraging Problem solver  Enthusiastic Courageous  Joyful Passion  Creative Perseveres  Idea person Purposeful  Loves adventure and surprise Motivated by a vision  Craves spontaneity Competitive  Fun Crave competition and pressure  Weaknesses Weaknesses:  Interrupts often and moody Runs people over  Disorganized, misses details of directionsBeavers: Noah, Martha, Nehemiah, Jacob Golden Retrievers: Mary, Moses, John Quality answers and Value 20-25%  Appreciation and Security 30-35% Responsible  Caring Very detailed  Loyal Conscientious  Honest Obedience  Humble Organized  Easy going Analytical  Peace maker Discerning  Servant Crave organization and details  Crave consistency Weaknesses:  Weaknesses: Critical  Lazy Inflexible  Indecisive