Sept 7 (biomolecules lipids proteins)


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Sept 7 (biomolecules lipids proteins)

  1. 1. Biology I: Introduction to Bio-molecules Mr. Nettles
  2. 2. Agenda-Wed., Sept. 7, 20111. Warm-Up – 5 min2. Lesson – 30 min3. Wrap-Up – 5 min4. Cell Projects (due Fri.) – 20 min
  3. 3. Today’s Objectives• I will identify and distinguish between the four major groups of bio (organic) molecules.• I will articulate five key things about lipids and proteins.
  4. 4. Warm-Up1. What is the monomer of a nucleic acid?2. What two organelles are related to carbohydrates ?3. This an example of a___________. A. Sugar B. Protein C. Nucleic Acid
  5. 5. For each (bio) organic molecule, you NEED to know 5 things!1. AKA (other names): other names it can be called2. Monomer (building block): name of the monomer3. Purpose (what it does): job in our bodies4. Examples: things that are that organic molecule5. Related organelles: what organelle it has to do with
  6. 6. Lipids• AKA: Fats, oils, waxes
  7. 7. Lipids• AKA: Fats, oils, waxes• Monomer: fatty acid
  8. 8. Lipids• AKA: fats, oils, waxes• Monomer: fatty acid• Purpose: form boundaries (makes up the cell membrane!)
  9. 9. Lipids• AKA: Fats, Oils, Waxes• Monomer: Fatty Acid• Purpose: form boundaries (makes up the cell membrane!)• Examples: lard, vegetable oil
  10. 10. Lipids• Related organelle: -Cell/Plasma membrane: made of lipids!
  11. 11. LipidsThink!• What are the monomers of lipids called?• Give one example of a lipid.
  12. 12. Proteins• AKA: enzymes, polypeptides – Enzymes make up a significant part of the cell membrane in living organisms.
  13. 13. Proteins• AKA: enzyme, polypeptide• Monomer: Amino Acid
  14. 14. Purpose: What do proteins do?• Some control the rate of reactions and regulate cell processes.• Some are used to form bones and muscles.• Others transport substances into or out of cells to help fight diseases.
  15. 15. Proteins• AKA: enzyme, polypeptide• Monomer: Amino Acid• Purpose: Do the work of the cell !!
  16. 16. Proteins• AKA: enzyme, polypeptide• Monomer: Amino Acid• Purpose: Do the work of the cell !!• Examples: enzymes, lactase, hemoglobin, insulin (suffix ‘ase’)
  17. 17. Proteins• Related Organelle: -Ribosome: makes proteins!
  18. 18. ProteinsThink!• What are the monomers of proteins called?• Give one example of a protein.
  19. 19. Carbohydrates, Nucleic Acids,Lipids, or Proteins?
  20. 20. Amino Acids
  21. 21. Form Boundaries
  22. 22. Monosaccharides
  23. 23. Does the work of the cell- carries out different cell functions like fighting disease and transporting substances in and out of the cell
  24. 24. Starch
  25. 25. Carry genetic information
  26. 26. Lactose
  27. 27. Nucleotides
  28. 28. DNA and RNA
  29. 29. Fats and Oils
  30. 30. Energy Production and Storage
  31. 31. Polypeptides
  32. 32. Lactase
  33. 33. Cell Membrane
  34. 34. Wrap-Up1. What is the monomer of a lipid?2. Give two examples of proteins?3. Phosphatase is a __________. A. Lipid B. Protein C. Sugar
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