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Aug 28 (labeling plant cell)
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Aug 28 (labeling plant cell)


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Biology I Mr. Nettles
  • 2. Agenda- Monday, Aug. 29, 2011
    • Introduce Projects – 10 min
    • Test Corrections/Review – 20 min
    • Sketch and Label the Plant Cell – 30 min
  • 3. Cell Projects
    • Analogy Collage :
      • Draw a typical plant or animal cell on a small (6" X 8") piece of drawing paper.
      • Paste the drawing in the center of a large sheet of construction paper or a small poster.
      • Draw pointers or arrows from the cell structures leading to pictures cut from magazines or newspapers.
      • Write a functional analogy expressed in the your own words that describes the relationship between the picture and cell structure.
        • For example : If you had an arrow pointing from the Golgi Apparatus to a picture of a UPS truck, your analogy could be written like this: “The Golgi Apparatus packages and transports organelles like UPS packages and transports computers for Dell.”
  • 4. Cell Projects
    • Rap or Song:
      • Using the information that you’ve learned about animal and plant cells, create a rap or song.
      • You can rap or sing about many topics including:
        • an organelle and its function
        • the differences between organelles
        • the similarities between organelles
        • or any other APPROVED topic
      • Your rap or song must have at least two verses and a hook (or chorus). You can have more than two verses if you would like. I don’t won’t to limit your creativity.
      • Raps and Songs cannot include any explicit lyrics. In other words, NO CURSING.
  • 5. Cell Projects
    • Poem:
      • Using the information that you’ve learned about animal and plant cells, create a poem.
      • Your poem must be at least be 10 lines (or verses).
      • Refer to the topics list in #2.
    • Mini-Essay:
      • Using the information that you’ve learned about animal and plant cells, write a mini-essay
      • The essay must be at least three paragraphs, and each paragraph must have at least five sentences.
      • Refer to the topics list in #2.
  • 6. Test Corrections
    • Use your notes to correct the problems that are marked incorrect on your test.
    • You may work in groups or collaborate to make test corrections.
    • Test corrections must be turned in by the end of today!!
    • By turning in test corrections, you will earn up to10 percentage points to your score!!
    • We will review the correct responses on Wednesday during class time.
  • 7. Today’s Objectives
    • I will identify the organelles in plant and animal cells.
    • I will articulate the function of organelles in plant and animal cells.
  • 8. Sketching the Plant Cell
    • You will sketch a drawing of the plant cell on the next slide.
    • You will label the following organelles:
      • Vacuole, Mitochondria, Chloroplast, Ribosomes
      • Golgi Apparatus, Endoplasmic Reticulum
      • Plasma Membrane (same as Cell Membrane)
      • Nucleus, Nucleolus, Cytoplasm
      • Peroxisome (similar to a lysosome)
    • On a separate sheet of paper, you will use your notes to create a chart, listing the function of each organelle.
  • 9.