Designing itineraries for EXPO2015 focus on Brescia and its province


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Design 15 thematic itineraries according to the indications provided by Explora in collaboration with a specialized tourism company (UTAT) and local territories focusing on the city of Brescia and its province.

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  • Others: this itinerary will be held in late summer/early fall (August-October)
  • Day 1: Welcome to Milan! After a generous breakfast in the hotel (NH Hotel), you will meet your tour guide in the lobby and he will conduce you though the streets of Milan for a cultural and artistic walk around. First, you will admire the paintings in the famous Pinacoteca di Brera (30 minutes guided tour). After, you will pass through the elegant area of Brera, arriving in front of the world renown Teatro della Scala, that has welcomed the most famous etoiles through the history. Nearby, you will also get a unique experience inside the the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele (“Sciscià le bal del toro”) and then forward to the majestic Dome with its “madunina” on the top (to reach it, you may as well use the elevator).
    For lunch, the guide will conduce you to the restaurant “Cracco”, a 2 Micheline-starred restaurant, that will propose you traditional dishes revisited in a contemporary key.
    After lunch, you will continue your tour in the city with a sightseeing by bus. Before the dinner to the Giardino di Giada, you will enjoy the Armani Spa.
  • After breakfast, your tour guide will meet you in the lobby to conduce you to the EXPO. Your day will be focused around different clusters, such as the one related to Rice and the World of spices, to continue, then,with the Italian Pavillion and the Chinese one. For lunch, you will have a Slow Food experience on the Mediterranean Hill.
    In the late afternoon, after a quick refresh in the hotel, your guide will show you the very modern area of Piazza Gae Aulenti, and then will bring you for an exclusive aperitivo in Corso Como 10.
  • Your entire day will be dedicated to the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci. First, a private car will take you to admire the Cavallo di Leonardo, designed by the artist to celebrate Francesco Sforza. You will then be taken to Santa Maria delle Grazie, home to the masterpiece of the “Last Supper”. Continuing, you will visit the interactive Museum of Science and Technology, discovering some of the main inventions, such as the Mobile Run Boat and the Beating Wing. For lunch, your will be brought by your private chauffeur to the close Cantina di Manuela
    During the afternoon, you will relax a little bit having a nice sightseeing by boat on the Navigli, originally planned by Leonardo.
    For dinner, you will go to the Il teatro Restaurant of the Four Seasons, where you will enjoy a fish based meal.

  • Day 4: In the morning, after breakfast, you will leave for the city of Brescia. Here, after checking in at NH Hotel, you will have a guided visit through the main attractions of the city, stopping by Piazza della Loggia, Piazza Paolo VI (with its old and new Domes) and the Tempio Capitolino. After this walk around, you will have lunch at the Osteria La Grotta, mentioned both in the Slow Food and the Gambero Rosso 2013 guides.
    After lunch, you will discover the Monastery of Santa Giulia: the visit will have a focus on the way the Romans used to eat (manufactures used to cook, to prepare particular food, to eat etc.).
    You will enjoy your dinner at the Carne e Spirito restaurant, mentioned on the Gambero Rosso 2013 guide.
  • Day 5: If yesterday you had a look on the past, today it is future time! Your day will be fully dedicated to the visit of three of the excellences of Lombardy, in terms of food & manufacturing production.
    Your private coach will take you from your Hotel directly for a visit at the company “Ambrosi”: here you will have a close view on the cheese production, which made the company well-known in the national and the international panorama. After a product tasting, you will then move to visit the company of ILCAR Bugatti, leader company in cutlery, kitchen articles and small appliances.
    Hungry? Don’t worry, you will now move to Cantine Bellavista where you will have a nice lunch accompanied by a wine tasting. After lunch, you will have a guided visit in the company, that even if was founded 40 years ago, uses cutting edge technologies in their production.
    In the late afternoon, you will go back to Brescia and after refreshing up a little bit you will enjoy a dinner at the restaurant L’Artigliere, mentioned in the Gambero Rosso 2013 guide.
  • Others: this itinerary will be held in late summer/early fall (August-October)
  • After your arrival lunch will be served in the multiple times awarded Joia restaurant, that, as you might know, is also mentioned in renowned international and national reference books such as Michelin and Gambero Rosso Guides: here you will get to enjoy the real “Taste of Italy”.
  • After lunch you will start your city tour starting from the famous La Scala Theatre, followed by the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele that overlooks the suggestive Piazza Duomo. You will continue your tour in the renowned Corso Vittorio Emanuele that will lead you to Piazza San Babila where your coach will come pick you up to take you back to the hotel where you can relax at the hotel’s spa or, if you prefer, you can continue your in Via Montenapoleone, where a personal shopper will help you through the shops. In the evening you will enjoy one of the newest areas of the city, Porta Garibaldi and you will enjoy an authentical happy hour with the locals at “10CorsoComo”: one of the most fashionable lounge bars of the city.
  • Wake up with the taste of an excellent continental breakfast before moving to the Expo site. The main focus of the visit will be on the Mediterranean Hill where you will enjoy the Mediterranean food in one of the “slow food” restaurants and, afterwards you will discover the Lake Arena, the heart of the visit where, with a series of exhibitions you will realize the importance of the lakes theme in the region.
    After going back to the hotel, and before dinner, the Spa will offer you some special treatments.
  • After breakfast, at 8.30 you will move from Milan to Sirmione. At 10.30 you will arrive at the Palace Hotel Villa Cortine where, right after the check-in, you will start to discover this ancient city with a guided tour that will bring you to the Catullo Caves. You will enjoy your lunch at the Micheline starred restaurant “La rucola”.
    Once you get back to the hotel you will be more than welcome to enjoy a massage in the Spa. After this relaxing moment, you will savor the specialties that will be served at an exclusive barbecue that will make your stay in Sirmione even more pleasant.
  • Is there a better way to start off your 4th day than with an organic breakfast? After this a boat will take you to Desenzano and Gardone where you will visit the Roman sites of Villa Romana and the Vittoriale degli Italiani, places full of historical meaning for the entire nation. Moreover you will have an exclusive lunch on the boat and after that you will move from Desenzano to Brescia for a visit to other important roman sites such as the Monastery of Santa Giulia, Tempio Capitolino, Piazza della Loggia and Piazza Paolo VI. A coach will wait for you to move to Boario where you will taste an excellent dinner in the Rizzi Acquacharme Hotel and Spa. where you will be hosted.
  • After your breakfast you will go visit the Unesco Site Lago Moro and you will have lunch in the traditional restaurant “La Pergola”.
    After this you will leave for a small village of Bienno, rewarded as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy by the Consulta del Turismo dell’associazione dei comuni italiani and you will have a guided tour . Coming Back you will have a special treatment in the hotel spa and the dinner.

    On your 6th day you will enjoy, after your breakfast the Terme di Darfo Boario. After your relaxing time you will move for Ponte di Legno where you will enjoy a lunch to the sporting club restaurant and you will visit the small village and the close Passo del Tonale where you will see inspiring landscapes.
    You will come back in the hotel and the end of your day the staff will take care of you with an exclusive gala dinner. After lunch you will come back to the hotel where experienced therapists will cuddle you with the best treatments you could wish for at the spa.
  • after your breakfast you will move to Lovere: there, you will have a visit through the city (piazza XIII Martiri, San Martino and San Giorgio, Accademia Tadini). Right after the visit, a boat will wait for you to take you to the Franciacorta Golf Club, across the Iseo Lake, passing from Monte Island where you will get the chance to purchase souvenirs such as typical local foods, especially the renowned specialties bottled in oil. A welcome back aperitif will await you in the Club, after which you can either choose to start a basic golf course or enjoy your free time relaxing as you prefer.
  • Designing itineraries for EXPO2015 focus on Brescia and its province

    1. 1. 1. Agenda 1. Agenda 2. Objectives & Purposes 3. Pivot method 4. Destination analysis 1. Competitiveness Evaluation 2. Attractiveness Evaluation 3. Evaluation of the macro themes 1. Competitiveness 2. Attractiveness 3. Matrix competitiveness-attractiveness 5. Itineraries 1. Structure of of the itineraries and pricing 2. Online Promotion 3. Hidden Treasures – Wellness for Russian Leisure Tourists 4. Food & Manufacturing – Food & Wine for Chinese Business Tourists 6. Appendices 2
    2. 2. 3 2. Objectives & Purposes Designing 15 thematic experiential itineraries for Expo2015, focusing on Brescia and its province, targeting Chinese business tourists and Russian leisure tourists in line with the guidelines provided by Explora. 3
    3. 3. 4 3. Pivot* method 1. Brescia analysis • Competitiveness - Analysis of the available tourism resources, services and infrastructures : – Accessibility – Accommodation – Analysis of the tourism resources – Analysis of the offers already on the market • Attractiveness – Estimation of the markets size and potential. Considering: – Analysis of tourism flows – Analysis of tourists perceptions (tripadvisor, booking, …) – Analysis of tourist guides 2. Target analysis • First hand information from Caldana Travel Service • Secondary data (online and offline) 3. Creation of itineraries • Classification and selection of macro themes • Itinerary design: » Maps » Logistic information » Detailed planning » Pricing 4 *Pivot is a project initiated by Lombardy Region to develop and enhance the tourism of the region, both for national and international markets by boosting the existing tourism resources through new, innovative experiences.
    4. 4. 4. Destination analysis: competitiveness evaluation: • Accessibility ✔Great international flight improvements for the time period of EXPO2015 ✗No information on accessibility improvements for the target markets ✔Good national and regional accessibility with different means of transport ✔Brescia benefits from Milan Malpensa: Direct flights from China & Russia • Hospitality ✔Great number of different structures for accommodation ✗Could be a critical point since the target markets prefer accommodation with high standards and international recognizable names • Territory Resources ✔Great variety of attractions, creating different macro themes for our itineraries ✗Some of the resources linked with the territory can not be exploited during the Expo time because of the season (e.g. ski resources) ✔ Cultural resources certified by international institutions (UNESCO) ✔ Food & Wine is a well developed field in terms of competitiveness ✔ Nature & Active Tourism is a theme with important resources, in terms of quantity and quality, such as landscapes and possibility to practice sport5
    5. 5. 6 4. Destination analysis: competitiveness evaluation Competitiveness Macro-themes Sub-Themes Qualitative Competitiveness Evaluation Competitiveness Art & Culture Culture For Brescia City, Art & Culture represents the most important theme as well as for the province. High Lakes In the lakes area the theme is related to the great resources existing, such as Villas and historical buildings. Nature & Active Tourism Sport For Brescia city is not well developed while for the province it has a strong relevance HighWellness This theme is strongly related to the lakes area. Nature It is a theme mainly concentrated on the lakes although the mountain areas are also important. Food & Wine Wine It’s a theme highly relevant in particular to the Garda and Iseo Lake areas and Franciacorta High Food Great variety of top level restaurants in the province and important offer of awarded products. 6 • Considering our analysis all macro-themes are highly competitive with a great variety of attractions and offers
    6. 6. 7 4. Destination analysis: attractiveness evaluation • Tourist paper guides ✗ Only half of the guidebooks analyzed actually mention Brescia. ✔ When Brescia is mentioned, it is actually always very advised in terms of art & culture… ✗ … But no other themes are mentioned as connected with the city of Brescia ✔ For the province as such, instead, a great variety of themes of tourism are recommended ✔Overall, the amount of information provided by different guidebooks is varying, both for the city and for the region • Tourist online portals ✔Brescia (City & Province) is more well-known on the travellers review portals than on online guides ✗Food & Wine seems not to be the main reason to go to Brescia & Province… ✔ … But as soon as they experience they mention it in their reviews ✔Culture and the Lakes seem to be some of the most important point of interests for peer travellers 7
    7. 7. 8 Analytical Evaluation Attractiveness* Attractiveness Tourist Guides On-line Reviews Evaluation Art & Culture 78,5% Well focused on Art & Culture High number of reviews on & High Nature & Active Tourism 18,1% High focused on the lakes and the hot springs, insufficient recommendations on other offers such as skiing High focused on the lakes and the hot springs, insufficient recommendations on other offers such as skiing Medium Food & Wine 3,4% Hardly mentioned in the tourist guides analyzed Many reviews on restaurants concerning TripAdvisor; and low mentions on other portals Low 4. Destination analysis: attractiveness evaluation *The percentage represent the weight of the macro-themes presented by the 10 tourist guides that were analyzed. number of mentions of attractions categorized under a macro-theme divided by total number of mentions of attractions in the ten guide books analyzed; To calculate these percentages 10 Tourist Guides were taken into consideration (Slide 44). • Art & Culture is definitely the most popular macro-theme regarding attractiveness • Nature & Active Tourism is mostly focused on the lakes, but some sub-themes are not taken into consideration in the tour guides (Ski activities) • Food & Wine doesn’t seem the main reason for tourists to go in Brescia; however this theme has a high market potential since there are important tourist flows travelling for food & wine (both leisure and business travelers)
    8. 8. 9 4. Destination analysis: final evaluation of macro-themesAttractiveness High Art & Culture Medium Nature & Active Tourism Low Food & Wine Low Medium High Competitiveness • Art & Culture represents the main macro-theme for Brescia & Province due to both a strong concentration of valuable local resources and the existence of an international awareness. • Nature & Active Tourism in the province is highly competitive reaching from the lakes to skiing. However guides and reviews are mainly related to the lake areas ignoring other offers. • Food & Wine is highly competitive with its many excellences, but it doesn’t seem to be well recognized in terms of attractiveness.
    9. 9. 5. Itineraries 5.1 Structure of the Itineraries and Price Assessment 5.2 Online promotion 5.3 Food & Wine 5.4 Art & Culture 5.5 Nature & Active Tourism 10
    10. 10. 5.1 Structure of the Itineraries and Price Assessment € Benchmarking to existing itineraries (, € Comparison to todays standard prices • Transportation • Accommodation • Attractions € Mark up by 10-15% € Creation of price categories • €500-700  €700-1000 €1000-1200 €1200- 1400 €1400-1600 €1600-1800 €1800- 2000 NB: 1) Awareness of possible price increase for the EXPO2015 period 2) Reminder of possible price decrease for group bookings and repeated bookings • Title • Theme • Target segments (adults, senior, young, groups, single,..) • Full description – Starting point, legs and ending point (list and map of the cities and territories involved) – Accessibility and availability of means of transports (cars, bikes, railways, highways, public transports, …) – Length – Accommodations and restaurants • Blackout dates and timetables for the main tourism attractions included in the itinerary 11
    11. 11. 12 5.2 Online Promotion • Explora website • Sistema Brescia for Expo2015 website (including the institutionalwebsites) • Online Tour Operators & Travel Agencies Aviasales – Travelmenu – Tui – Caldana – Alpitour – eLong • Social Medias Twitter/Sina Weibo Facebook/Renren/Vkontakte Youtube/Youku Instagram 12
    12. 12. 13 Macro Themes Titles of the itineraries Target market Food & Wine Food & Manufacturing Chinese Business A taste of Lombardy Chinese Business Art & Culture Five senses experience Russian Leisure Planning for the Future – sustainable innovations for cities and its inhabitants Chinese Business Itinerart Russian Leisure Think big Chinese Business Behind Expo: Brescia, Bergamo, Verona Chinese Business Venice: la serenissima and Expo 2015 Russian Leisure Taste of North-Italy culture Chinese Business Nature & Active Tourism Lombardy’s hidden treasures Russian Leisure Wellness for everyone Chinese Business A broad spectrum of element – Water: on the wave of change Chinese Business Discovering lakes Chinese Business Charming Garda lake Chinese Business 13
    13. 13. Food & Manufacturing 14
    14. 14. 15 Targets Chinese Business Tourists interested in discover old e new food techniques production during the EXPO period A small group of 6-10 individuals Segment: entrepreneures Objectives 1. To discover and to show old and new companies that operate in the food sector through mixing up the history and tangible examples around Lombardy 2. To stimulate possible partnership, the want to come back and word of mouth 3. Act as an extension from the central theme of Expo2015 – Food & Innovation Price: 750,00 €
    15. 15. 16 This is our route! Day #1-2-3 Day #4-5
    16. 16. 17 Day 1 - First discovery of Milan 30 min. Guided Tour Madonnina with elevator 09.00 – 12.00 : Walk around of the city 12.00 – 14,00 : Lunch at Cracco restaurant 14.30 – 17.00 : Sightseeing by bus 17.30 – 19.30 : Refreshing up in the hotel 20.00 – 22.30 : Dinner at Il Giardino di Giada
    17. 17. 18 •Clusters •Slow Food Restaurant •Mediterranean Hill •Italian Pavilion •Chinese Pavilion Day 2 - 18
    18. 18. 19 Day 3 - Leonardo Discover & Experience 09.00 – 12.00 : Discovering Leonardo 12.00 – 14.00 : Lunch at La Cantina di Manuela 14.30 – 17.00 : Sightseeing by boat (Navigli) 17.30 – 19.30 : Refreshing up in the hotel 20.00 – 22.30 : Dinner at Il Teatro Restaurant
    19. 19. 20 Day 4 – Brescia and its ancient food techniques Santa Giulia 10.00 : Arrival at NH Hotel 9.30 – 12.30 : Visit at the main attractions of the city 12.30 – 14.00: Lunch at Osteria La Grotta 14.30 – 17.30: Visit of the Monastery of S. Giulia 17.30 – 19.30 : Refreshing up in the hotel 20.00 – 22.30 : Dinner at Carne e Spirito
    20. 20. 21 Day 5 – The excellences of Brescia in food and manufacturing Santa Giulia 9.00 – 10.30 : Arrival and visit at Ambrosi Spa 11.15 – 12.30 : Arrival and visit at ILCAR Bugatti 13.15 – 15.00: Lunch and wine tasting at the Cantine Bellavista 15.00 – 17.00 : Visit in the company Cantine Bellavista 17.45: Return at NH Hotel and refreshing up 19.30: Dinner at L’Artigliere restaurant
    21. 21. Lombardy’s hidden treasures 22
    22. 22. 23 Targets Russian leisure tourists interested in a luxury and exclusive trip during the EXPO period A small group of 6-10 individuals Segment: couple, high income, high cultural and education level… Objectives 1. To discover the beauties, to show elite places and relax leisure tourist through a very exclusive experience around Lombardy, mainly around Spa, Thermae and Lakes 2. To stimulate come back and word of mouth 3. Act as an extension from the central theme of Expo2015 – Nature & Active Tourism: Wellness Price: 1.000,00 €
    23. 23. 24 This is our route Day #1 & 2 Day #3 & 4 Day #5 & 6 Day #7
    24. 24. 25 Arrival at Armani Hotel & Lunch at Joia Restaurant Linate airport: 8,2 km, 17 min Malpensa airport: 45,4 km, 42 min Central Railway Station: 2,1km, 6 min
    25. 25. 26 Day 1: First discovery of Milan 30 min. Guided Tour 15.00 – 15.30 : Guided visit at the Pinacoteca 15.30 – 17.00 : Walk around in the downtown 17.15 – 19.00 : Shopping in via Montenapoleone/ treatments in the Spa 20.00 : Aperitivo in CorsoComo10 Madonnina with elevator With a personal shopper
    26. 26. 27 •Mediterranean Hill •Restaurant Slow Food •Lake Arena •Guided visit to Italian Pavillion •Armani Spa •Dinner Day 2: 27
    27. 27. 28 Day 3: Sirmione 10.30 : Arrival at Villa Cortine 11.00 – 13.00 : Visit through the city 13.30 – 15.30 : Lunch at La rucola restaurant 16.00 – 18.30 : Treatments at the Spa 19.30 : Barbecue OPTION: Helicopter to see the Garda Lake Area 28
    28. 28. 29 Day 4: Excursions 9.00 – 13.00 : Visit of Villa Romana and Vittoriale 13.00 – 14.30 : Lunch on the boat 15.15 – 18.00 : Arrival in Brescia and walk around 16.00 – 18.30 : Treatments at the Spa 19.30 : Arrival in Darfo Boario and dinner in the hotel Rizzi Aquacharme Hotel & Spa
    29. 29. 30 Day 5 & 6 Day 5 10.00 – 12.30 : Walk around Lago Moro 13.00 – 15.00 : Lunch at the restaurant La Pergola 15.30 – 17.00 : Visit of Bienno 17.30 – 19.00: Treatments at the hotel Spa 19.30 : Dinner in the hotel Day 6 10.00 – 12.30 : Relax at the Terme di Boario 13.30 – 15.30 : Arrival at Ponte di Legno and lunch at the Sporting club 15.30 – 18.00: Walk around Ponte di Legno/Passo del Tonale 20.30 : Gala dinner in the hotel
    30. 30. 31 Day 7: Moving to discover 9.00 – 11.00 : Visit Lovere 11.30 – 15.00 : Navigation Iseo lake with lunch and stop in Monte Isola 16.00 : Arrival in Iseo and moving to Franciacorta Golf Club 17.00 : Welcome Aperitif Late afternoon: Chance to play golf Dinner in the hotel
    31. 31. Appendix: A. Competitiveness analysis B. Attractiveness analysis 33
    32. 32. Appendix A: Competitiveness analysis 34
    33. 33. Accessibility • Railways: • Milan-Venice route; supplied by long distance trains (Trenitalia) • Milan-Verona Porta Nuova route; supplied by regional trains (Trenord) • Highway: • A4 Torino-Trieste (that passes as well in Venice and Bergamo) • A21 Torino-Brescia (that passes as well in Cremona and Piacenza) 35 Weaknesses Only Malpensa Airport reaches China Strengths At least 2 flights every day from China to Milano Malpensa «Gabriele D’Annunzio» unuseful for Expo’s purposes «Valerio Catullo» in Verona reaches Moscow Improvements Agreement with ETIHAD Airways for the Expo2015 period • Airports: • 4 close airports (Milano Malpensa, Gabriele D’Annunzio, Caravaggio, Valerio Catullo) • Direct Flight from China & Russia only to Milano Malpensa
    34. 34. 36 Brescia province: Foreigners Tourists preferred Accommodation 2013 Source: Our Elaboration on data PROVINCIA DI BRESCIA - Assessorato Cultura e Turismo - Ufficio statistica • For the second two most important markets plus the two target markets the preferred accommodation is Hotel •Germany, first per number of arrivals, prefers mostly other kind of accommodations •Chinese and Russian tourist prefer 4- and 5-star hotels 36 Germany The Netherlands United Kingdom Russia China Others 40.3% 3.2% 7.5% 2.9% 0.7% 45.3% 43.6% 22.5% 3.7% 1.2% 0.1% 28.9% Others Hotels
    35. 35. 37Source: Our elaboration on Osservatorio Turismo Lombardia’s datas • The 3 stars Hotels and the Private and Second Houses are the most representative structures. •The 4 and 5 star hotels - that are preferred by our target markets - represent only the 8%. Hospitality Offer: Structures for Brescia & Province 2013 Structures % on total structures # of Available Rooms Total Others 996 57,9% 23.454 Total Hotels 724 42,1% 20.902 TOTAL 1.720 100% 44.356 37 214, 12% 323; 19% 125, 7% 12, 1% 62, 4% 392; 23% 157, 9% 134, 8% 301, 17% 1* + 2 * 3* 4 * 5 * Resorts Private & Second Houses Agritourism Camping; Holiday Villages; Hostels; Rifugi Alpini B&B
    36. 36. 38 The analysis of the local resources focuses on the macro themes indicated by Explora 38 Spa & Wellness Sports & Active Tourism Nature & Green Business Art & Culture Fashion, Design, Handicraft & Shopping Religious tourism Music, Theater & Performing Arts Business Wine & Food Experience Business Nature & Active Tourism Art & Culture Food & Wine Territory Resources
    37. 37. Territory Resources: Food & Wine Wine DOCG* Wine DOC* Wine IGT* Franciacorta DOCG Bonarda dell'Oltrepò Pavese DOC Benaco Bresciano IGT Capriano del Colle DOC Montenetto di Brescia IGT Casteggio DOC Ronchi di Brescia IGT Cellatica DOC Sebino IGT Lugana DOC Valcamonica IGT Garda DOC Benaco Bresciano IGT Riviera del Garda Bresciano o Garda Bresciano DOC San Martino della Battaglia DOC Valtenesi DOC . Wine route “La Strada del Franciacorta” is network of local companies that provides a journey of 80 km which aims to promote and develop the wine potential of this area. * 39 • Certified local wines: A pillar for the local production -
    38. 38. Territory Resources: Food & Wine Territory • Mountain and country side areas: culinary tradition associated with meet (oil beef, venison and sausages) • The lake areas: culinary tradition associated with fish. (The carp, trout, eels are the contours of the most famous dishes such as stuffed baked trench and bleak, which, after having been put to dry in the sun, are cooked on the grill) * (, • A rich local cuisine strictly connected to the territories Products (2014)* Cheese 13 (3 D.O.P.) Olive Oil 2 (D.O.P) Mushroom 3 Fruit 3 Pasta 2 Bread 1 Honey 7 Truffles 8 40
    39. 39. Restaurants 2014 Guide Michelin ( • 13 mentioned restaurants • 3 restaurants with one star • 7 restaurants with one star and wine list • 1 restaurants with two star and wine list • 2 restaurants big gourmand Gambero Rosso ( • 39 mentioned restaurants • 11 restaurants with one fork • 3 restaurants with one prawn • 3 restaurants with two bottles • 16 restaurants with two forks • 4 restaurants with two prawns • 2 restaurants with three prawns Association Slow Food Italy / Brescia ( ) • 23 restaurants “slow food ” 41 It exists a rich offer of a high quality and top class restaurants: i.e. ¼ of the Michelin restaurants mentioned for the Lombardy Region (49) are present in Brescia’s province (13). Food & Wine: The Players
    40. 40. Territory Resources: Art & Culture Brescia & Province * # of Churches, Shrines 105 # of Towers, Fortresses and Castles 45 # of Villas, Palaces, Historical Buildings 40 Word Heritage site (UNESCO) Orange Flag (T.C.I.) Val Camonica Petroglyphs Bienno Stills of Alpine arc Gardone Riviera Santa Giulia Museum Tignale * ( Cultural resources Quality awards for the territory National and International top Quality Certifications Valuable Cultural Heritage 42
    41. 41. Top 10 Technical Museum (58 in Brescia and Province)* Top 10 Art and History Museum (53 in Brescia and Province)* Museo della civiltà rurale (Acquafredda) Museo di Santa Giulia, Civici musei di Brescia Museo della seta, della canapa, del lino( Adro) Museo Diocesano di Brescia Museo del ferro (Biennio)(Odolo)(Brescia) Spazio Aref Museo della stampa (Artogne) Museo musicale bresciano Museo dell’auto d’epoca ( Breno) Complesso monumentale di s. Martino ( Desenzano) Museo Agricolo e del vino (Capriolo) Il Vittoriale ( Gardone Riviera) Museo dell’energia idroelettrica ( Cadegolo) Civica raccolta del disegno ( Salò) Museo delle mille miglia ( Brescia) Centro documentazione sul periodo storico della repubblica sociale italiana (Salò) Museo delle armi ( Brescia) Museo 4 torri ( Travagliato) Museo nazionale fotografia e cinematografia (Brescia) Museo Risorgimentale ( Montichiari) Territory Resources: Art & Culture Cultural offerings * ( 43 A cultural offer linked to the Local Traditions and History A cultural offer linked to the Local Productions and National Excellences
    42. 42. Territory Resources: Nature & Active Tourism Nature & Green Active tourism Territory Resources * Records Lakes 3 (Garda, Iseo, Idro ) Mountains: 2 ( Stelvio, Adamello ) Natural parks : 23 Natural Reserves : 8 Alpine Valleys : 3 (Val Trompia, Val d’Avio e Monte Calvo) Archeological Parks: 8 (Capo di Ponte, Ceto, Cividate Cumano, Boario Terme, Manerba del Garda, Sonico, Sirmione, Sellero ) Streams and waterfalls: Val Sabbia Territory Resources * Records Hiking, Trekking All the areas Mountain Biking All the areas Horseback riding All the areas Paragliding Lago d’Idro Water sports (Kayak, Canoe, Rafting, Swimming, Kite Surfing, Windsurfing, Sailing) Lago d’idro, Garda , Iseo Water park Canevaword Amusement park Gardaland * ( 44 Land of Lakes, Mountains and Natural parks, Ideal for Water, Land and Air Sports
    43. 43. Appendix B: Attractiveness 45
    44. 44. 46 Brescia & Province: Foreign Tourist Arrivals & Overnights per province – 2012 / 2013 Provinces Arrivals (000) 2013 Var. % (2013-2012) Overnights (000) 2013 Var. % (2013-2012) Brescia 1.939 0,8% 8.077 -7,1% Bergamo 748 -10,4% 2.559 4,9% Como 4.493 3,6% 4.290 -3,2% Cremona 114 -25,5% 322 -31,3% Lecco 183 -1,1% 528 -32,2% Lodi 40 -34,4% 133 -20,8% Mantova 350 23,7% 745 1,8% Milano 7.116 0,9% 26.323 3,4% Pavia 229 -3,0% 1.168 16,3% Sondrio 172 48,3% 768 30,4% Varese 5.013 -8,3% 1.772 -29,9% • Brescia is the fourth destination in Lombardy in terms of number of foreign arrivals and the second destination for number of foreign overnights in Lombardy • The average stay (4 days) shortened because of overnights decrease in 2013. Source:OurElaborationonIstatdataJanuary-December2012-2013
    45. 45. 47 Country 2012 2013 ∆ 2012-’13 Arrivals (000) Russia 1.049 1.088 3,7% China 254 298 17,3% Analysis of target market in Italy: Russia & China 56.7%22.5% 20.8% China 2013 Leisure Business Others 68.7% 20.0% 11.3% Russia 2013 Leisure Business Others •Russian and Chinese markets represent a small percentage of the total foreign tourists arrivals (1,8%) •Russian tourists show a higher interest for leisure tourism than for business trips •Chinese tourists show a more balanced mix of interests, but with a growing business segment 98.2% 1.4% 0.4% 1.8% - Other markets - Russia - China
    46. 46. 48 Top 20 Foreign Arrivals 2012 -2013 in Brescia & Province 2013 1 Germany 2 Holland 3 United Kingdom 4 France 5 Switzerland and Liechtenstein 6 Austria 7 Belgium 8 Russia 9 Denmark 10 Israel 11 Czech Republic 12 USA 13 Poland 14 Sweden 15 Romania 16 Other European Countries 17 Spain 18 Norway 19 Ireland 20 Finland … … 22 China 2012 1 Germany 2 Holland 3 United Kingdom 4 France 5 Austria 6 Switzerland and Liechtenstein 7 Belgium 8 Denmark 9 Russia 10 Israel 11 Poland 12 Czech Republic 13 USA 14 Sweden 15 Spain 16 Romania 17 Other European Countries 18 Norway 19 Ireland 20 Finland … … … … 23 China Germany, Netherlands and United Kingdom are the top 3 markets Russia & China are growing 48 Source: Our Elaboration on data PROVINCIA DI BRESCIA - Assessorato Cultura e Turismo - Ufficio statistica
    47. 47. 49 Brescia province: Foreign Tourism per nationality Germany 41,3% Holland 8,9% United Kingdom 6,3% Russia 2,3% China 0,5% Others 41% • Germany is the most important geographical market • China & Russia have low presence (3% combined) but show an interesting growth (respectively 30,9% and 21,6%) • Chinas and Russian presence in Brescia is bigger compared to the same presence but on the entire Italian market Country 2012 2013 ∆ 2012-’13 Arrivals Russia 22.141 28.987 30,9% China 5.294 6.438 21,6% 49 Source: Our Elaboration on data PROVINCIA DI BRESCIA - Assessorato Cultura e Turismo - Ufficio statistica
    48. 48. 50 0 50,000 100,000 150,000 200,000 250,000 Hotels Others Peaks in July and August, in line with the national seasonality In average the tourists prefer hotels than other kind of accommodation The high season correspond to the EXPO2015 period 50 Source: Our Elaboration on data PROVINCIA DI BRESCIA - Assessorato Cultura e Turismo - Ufficio statistica Arrivals
    49. 49. 51 Tourist paper guides Tourist guides sold in the top ten geographical market for Lombardy 51 Guides Analyzed # pages Brescia # pages province Themes Brescia Themes province Michelin, Italie du Nord 5 1/3 culture food&wine Traveldk, Eyewitness Travel,Italy 1/2 2 culture sport, culture, nature, water, food&wine, wellness Lonely Planet, Italy 1 7 culture National Geographic traveler, Italy 0 1 N/A Touring Editore, Lombardia 10 21 culture Frommer's, Italy 2013 0 5 N/A culture, wellness, eyewitness travel, Milan and the lakes 0 5 N/A culture, naturePenguin group, The rough guide to the Italian Lakes 3 9 culture Fodor's travel intelligence 2013, Italy 0 4 N/A Rick Steves', Italy 2011 0 0 N/A N/A • Only 5 out of 10 tourist guides actually mention the city of Brescia • Just 1 tourist guide does not mention the province: this is because of the great importance given to Lake Garda • Brescia city is always connected with the theme of art&culture • Food&wine macro-theme considered just in 2 out of 10 tourist paper guides analyzed • Nature & active tourism macro- theme mentioned in 8 out of 10 guides analyzed
    50. 50. Travellers Review portals Online Guides Other top websites* *insufficient or not relevant information Tourist online portals Analysis of the most seen tourism portals to understand the tourists’ perception of the destination 52
    51. 51. 53 137 365 reviews on Province of Brescia (16.06.2014) Chinese & Russian travellers do not seem to use (Corresponding Chinese online portal: Qualitative reviews in general are positive about the province and its attractions Category Hotels Vacation rentals Attractions Restaurants Forum # of reviews 41 234 301 6998 87474 1258 53 Top 5 attractions in Brescia # of reviews Average score* 1. Associazaione Brescia Underground 67 4,88 2. Duomo Vecchio di Brescia 156 4,72 3. Museo di Santa Giulia 254 4,61 4. Brescia Castle 236 4,30 5. Teatro Grande 69 4,43 *Not provided by Average score was calculated by multiplying the number of votes in each category by its value (i.e. excellent = 5, terrible = 1), summing all values then divided by total number of reviews.