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Ciak Si-cilia: Marketing plan
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Ciak Si-cilia: Marketing plan


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MTM IX students present their Marketing plan project on "Ciak Si-cilia - Cinetours". …

MTM IX students present their Marketing plan project on "Ciak Si-cilia - Cinetours".
How to make this company more attracting?
Students' solution is to develop interesting tours combining movies, locations and culture.

Published in: Education, Travel, Business

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  • 1. “ON SET” TOUR OPERATORProject CIAK Si-cilia
  • 2. EXECUTIVEMANAGEMENT TEAM• Aries Criscione: Destination Manager• Yulia Davydova: Marketing Manager• Myriam Granozio: Financial Manager• Sara Lucarini: Sales Manager• Carolina Mardegan: Chief Operating Officer
  • 3. OUR BUSINESS• Activity  Tour Operating• Destination  Sicily• Core product  cine-tourism packages• Ancillary services  museum tickets, kidsentertainment activities, boat trips, etc.• Headquarter  Milan
  • 4. WHAT IS CINE-TOURISM?• A recent socio-cultural phenomenon thatrepresents a particular type of tourismgenerated and powered by the cinema• The images of movie sets can capture, intrigueand push the viewer to know and visit thoselocationsHOW?
  • 5. WHY CINE-TOURISM?• Growing market  in Italy very fewtour operators create and promoteMovie tours in a systematic andorganized way• Great potential of attraction• Important challenge for the futuredevelopment of Sicilian and Italianterritory
  • 6. GOALS• Create new tourism products which give addedvalue to the vacation and allow the visitor tolive a richer and more engaging experience• Promote local heritage• Increase days of stay or/and cash flows ofarrivals outside of the peak season• Take into consideration all types of cine-tourists
  • 7. STARTING POINT SICILY• One of the most fabulous regions of Italyattracting movie directors by its natural beauty• Plenty of archeological sites• Mirror of Italian art, culture and literature• Known for its extraordinary food & wine• Enormous but unexpressed potentialPerfect premises to embody and promote the brand“Italy” at an international level
  • 8. ART&CULTUREAgrigento, Anfiteatro & Tempio della Concordia
  • 11. SEGMENTATION• First time users• Mainly adults: singles, couples, families• Medium/average income• Midscale social class• People interested in movies, art, literature andculture• Workers and retired people• Price middle/high
  • 12. TARGETING• Niche and attractive market, that is going togrow because we don’t have any aggressivecompetitor, as T.O. don’t renovate themselveswith interesting offers• Differentiated marketing strategy: separatepackages for families with kids by providingentertainment services
  • 13. POSITIONING• We would like to position our products onspecific attributes and not against other touralternatives;• We built a unique bundle of advantages:- Tailored offers on our customers` wants- Different packages for different length ofstay- Kids services
  • 14. CONSUMER BEHAVIOR• Cultured and movie goers• Middle-class• Influenced by primary group (family, friends,neighbors, coworkers)• Adults and retired people• Motivation created by big interest in movies,importance of lifestyle factor
  • 17. PRODUCT• Core Product: Movie-tour package• Facilitating Product: means of transport, inboundconnections, accommodation, meals, guided tours• Supporting products: children activities, tickets formuseums, entrance to local initiatives such asconcerts, wine and food events, etc.• Augmented Product: professional and local tourguides able to manage differentiated groups, verifiedkindness and welcoming attitude of service deliverysystem.
  • 18. PRICE• We set our price after having analized themarket, the competitor set and consumerneeds buyer-oriented pricing.• The marketing objectives for the first year is togain the Product-quality leadership: our priceis a medium one and alined with theexpectations of the consumers.
  • 19. PLACE• In the value delivery network we play the role of bothWholesaler and Retailer because we mainly sellpackages directly our final customers either on andoffline, however we also provide our product to travelagencies.• Our distribution channel is between Channel 1 and 2,with the most attention on the first one, and itsefficiency depends on promotion.• We are a conventional distribution channel
  • 20. PROMOTION• Launch event: free mini cine-tours, promotionthrough our local facilities, little banquetoffered with local products, acknowledgetourists• Self-marketing:- Personal website- Registration on Social media
  • 22. DAY 1 : arrival to the airport“Falcone Borsellino”,located in Palermo.DAY 2: visit the Arabic city ofPalermo with its citycenter and the mostimportant monuments.DAY 3: visit Mondello shore.
  • 23. DAY 4: visit the small city ofCorleone where “Il Padrino”(The Godfather) was set.DAY 5: visit Salina and thearchipelago of Eolie Islandswhere part of “Il Postino”(The mailman) was set.DAY 6: visit the city of Cefalù.
  • 24. DAY 7: visit Savoca locatednear the town of Messina,tour of old Medieval center.DAY 8: visit Bagheria where“Nuovo Cinema Paradiso” and“Baarìa” were set.DAY 9-10: visit to the popular fairof Palermo called “ Vucciria”,where it is possible to seeand taste all typical Sicilianfood and culture.
  • 26. DAY 1: From Catania airport we go toRagusa Ibla city. Small tour ofthe city center where the fiction“Il Commissario Montalbano”was set: piazza Duomo with itsbeautiful stair case, the churchof San Giorgio, and thecommunal garden.DAY 2 : visit the city of Siracusa andwhere the movie “Malena”was set and the Duomo ofSiracusa”, typical church ofthe city.
  • 27. DAY 3 : small tour of the city of Ragusa.Here part of “Il CommissarioMontalbano” was set and wecan see San Giovanni cathedraland then move to the marineriver of “Marina di Ragusa”.DAY 4: visit the Commissario Montalbanohouse located in Punta Secca.The front side reminds where theCommissary was used to walkalone and think about his cases.In the afternoon we move to thecity of Punta Braccetto where wecan see the archeological site ofKamarina.DAY 5: visit the city of Donnalucata, Scicliand Noto. We can walk aroundthe various Baroque buildings ofNoto such as Palazzo Iacono.
  • 28. DAY 6: visit Donna fugata Castlewhere the movie “Il Gattopardo “and one episode of “Il CommmissarioMontalbano” were set. Visit theinterior part of the castle and the“Tabacche Cave”.DAY 7 : visit of the city of Modica and thechurch of St. George, mentioned inthe World List of the Goods of thehumanity of the UNESCO. Thisbuilding is the result of thereconstruction of six/eighteenth-century, after the disastrousearthquake that struck Modica in1613, in 1693 (the most seriousepisode) and during 1700. Modica isalso famous for the Euro Chocolatefair, where is possible to eat not onlychocolate but all typical Sicilian food.
  • 29. DAYS 8-9 : in the morning tour of thebeautiful places around Etna.From the Cathedral squarewith the black elephants, wepass close to the RomanTheater and the Villa Prettyup to SantAgata Cathedral.Trip to Taormina city in theafternoon.DAY 10: some free time in Taormina anddeparture from Catania airport.
  • 31. STRENGTHS• All-inclusive packages• Innovative idea in a niche market• Tailored tours• Interesting offers to all members of the family• Cultural and educational aspect of the trip• Direct interaction with local people andnational cuisine
  • 32. WEAKNESSES• Limitation of location (just Sicily)• Some movies are not that much popular abroad• Lack of staff speaking different languages• Transpost communication inside the country isnot well organised
  • 33. OPPORTUNITIES• To grow into big international tour operator of non-traditional tourism• We can be the first in touring a blockbuster’s majorlocations• By widening our inventory in future we can get profitfrom trasnportantion and lodging• We will create many jobs• Will bring Italian tourism to a better level in terms oftransportation and staff training
  • 34. THREATS• If big players such as TUI start to competewith us in the same market on the sameproduct, it will be very hard to survive• The short-lived notoriety of certain films couldalso threaten the durability of the activity
  • 35. PLANS FOR THE FUTURE• Expand to international market, mainly focusing onemerging countries (Middle East, Asia Pacific, SouthAmerica)• Widen our movies` portfolio• Develop our business in new destinations• Attract more customers by varying packageproposal (e.g.hunting tourism, fishing, climbing)• Improve our networks and agreements with ourprofessional staff inside the new destinations• Strong promotion (TV, radio, newspaper ads)
  • 36. FINANCIAL PLANStart-Up Budgeting:Share Holder’s investment  €52.500All the fixed costs without the salaries
  • 37. FIXED COSTS (12 MONTHS)- Agreements and contracts with local authorities &establishing partnerships – €5.000- Energy, Internet & Mobile connections – €4.000- Promotion Campaigns – €10.000- Web site creation and maintenance - €1.500- Software & Reservation Systems – €20.000- Employees’ salary – €70.000- Office rent in Milan – €12.000 (12 months)Total Fixed Costs: €122.500,00
  • 38. VARIABLE COSTS(PER UNIT)- Local transportation (leased just for the trip):€30- Air tickets (bought on the moment of trippurchase): €100- Accommodation plus half board: €500 (10days)- Kids entertainment program (if required): €6per hour
  • 39. BREAK-EVEN ANALYSIS• Fixed Costs: €122.500• Variable Costs per unit: €630• Price for a single tour: €1.100• Break-Even Point: 260We suppose we will reach our Break-Even Pointafter having sold 260 packages.Our goal is to reach the BEP in one year
  • 40. GeneralJet-setterCasualSerendipitousCINE-TOURISTSTYPOLOGIESHe is excited about theidea of being in a movieset, but he doesn’t want toparticipate in any relatedactivityAfter having seen a movie, wantsto visit the location but also whatis nearbyThe real cine-tourist: he getsto the destination only to visitthat specific movie set becausehe feels familiar with itHe doesn’t choose a place afterhaving seen a movie, althoughhe takes part on the activitiesrelated to it (movie tours)