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Framingham State University MSN Program Ning slide show by Mary T. Mathieu and Cindy DeLuca

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  • Mary to start, do introductions.
  • Cindy and then Mary to do You Tube.
    The leading online platform for the worlds’ organizers, activists, and influencers to create social experiences that inspires action.
  • Cindy and Mary to demo MSN blogs.
  • CINDY entirely. Brown, Ellen, Martha, and Good Charlotte, Linkin Park – way to let fans connect with them and have an insider look into their daily activities.
    100% of NING users found it through word of mouth or internet searching.
    >300 K active NING networks – millions of people everyday are coming together across NING to connect around topics they are passionate about.
    High school teachers, college professors use it to connects with other educators and students.
    Non-profit, such as Eve Ensler who runs (help stop violence against women.)
  • Mary to do
  • Cindy to do. $2.95 mini (group), $19.95 Plus/Core (MSN) and $49.95 for Pro (unlimited, i.e. Band Ning partnered with Pearson publishing to cover the fees. Also partnered with WEGO Health around health focused communities to keep NING free for people & orgs who couldn’t afford monthly fees. This allowed them to connect directly with their most important customer base: students & teachers
    Enjoy your goodies while we proceed with the presentation. Donations are being accepted to cover the cost of FSC MSN Ning site.
  • Cindy. Does anyone recall this famous comment?!
  • We are having a bake sale to support our professors’ maintenance of our MSN blog. Cupcakes for a cause. Help yourself. Donations accepted.
  • Cindy to talk and Mary to log in to Ning
  • Mary to do.
  • Mary to do.
  • Cindy to do.
  • Cindy to ask.
  • Ning presentation 10 13-10

    1. 1. presented by CINDY DELUCA, RN & MARY T. MATHIEU, RN FSU MSN PROGRAM FALL 2010 Ning
    2. 2. What it is... Platform for creation of social network site Ning in Chinese means peace URL = Slogan – Create your own social network for anything. Located in downtown Palo Alto, CA. Competes w/ MySpace, Facebook You TubeTube What is NingWhat is Ning
    3. 3. Ning History Developed in 10/2004 Founders Marc Andreessen and Gina Bianchini Initially free, until 04/2010 Dr. Bechtel started FSC MSN 2012 FSU MSN BlogFSU MSN Blog FSU MSN 2012FSU MSN 2012
    4. 4. Who uses Ning? We do! Politicians Talk Show Hosts Musicians Educators Non-profits
    5. 5. Ning Pros Make clinical, teaching, and scholarship connections (Skiba, November/ December 2008). Developers have some creative control. iPhone interface as of 03/2009. Interaction w/ fans Sharing insight and connecting w/ friends Connect w/ experts on any subject. Public or private
    6. 6. Ning Cons Cost of service  Three Fee schedules  Effect on non-profits Technical Glitches reported
    7. 7. I REFUSE TO “I refuse to pay”
    8. 8. CUPCAKES FOR A CAUSE Bake Sale To Support NING
    9. 9. Ning Site Creation Branding and visual design freedom Unique member profiles Public or Private Invite and Share
    10. 10. Ning Site Creation (cont.) Latest Activity - Real-time status updates RSS Feeds - Ongoing access to blogs/websites Photos and Videos – Upload and share Chat - Online in real-time Groups – Dedicated discussion Discussion Forum – like Blackboard Blogs – as a tab or on main page Events – organize and track Ning Apps – additional features
    11. 11. Ning Demonstration You Tube VideoTube Video How to NingHow to Ning
    12. 12. References Skiba, D. J. (November / December 2008). Nursing Education 2.0: Social Networking for Professionals. Nursing Education Perspectives. 29. (6). 370-371.
    13. 13. Question and Answer Period
    14. 14. Thank you for listening!