Nic Hong Portfolio 2009


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Nic Hong Portfolio 2009

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE EDUCATION & QUALIFICATION: Nicholas Hong Master of Arts in Design School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, 2004 Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, 1992 A Master of Arts in Design graduate from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Nicholas is an integrated creative with over 17 years of experience. Before Diploma in Graphic Design returning to Hong Kong, he worked in Canada for eight years, with simultaneous Department of Design, Sha Tin Technical Institute, Hong Kong, 1988 focuses in both conventional advertising and interactive development, providing him with invaluable international creative exposure in additional to his native Hong Kong. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Prior to joining Bates 141, he worked with MRM Worldwide, Rapp Collins/Tribal May 2008 – Present DDB and J. Walter Thompson. He has delivered direct and digital focused Creative Director, Bates 141 - Hong Kong campaigns for clients including Intel, Dell, Microsoft, HSBC, J.P. Morgan Asset Management,, Abbott Laboratories, McDonald’s, Master Card and January 2007 – April 2008 San Miguel Brewery. Creative Director, MRM Worldwide - Hong Kong (a division of McCann WorldGroup) August 2003 – December 2006 Nicholas has won various awards including Kam Fan, HK4As Interactive and Creative Director, Tribal DDB / Rapp Collins Hong Kong (a division of DDB Hong Kong) Direct Awards, John Caples Awards, Digital Media Awards, Webby Awards, Asia Interactive Awards, Internet Advertising Competition Awards, New York May 2002 – July 2003 Festivals and Awards. Creative Director, RC Communications Ltd., Hong Kong October 2000 – September 2001 Creative Director - Interactive, Market Catalyst International Ltd. (now Bates 141 Hong Kong) April 2000 – September 2000 Creative Director - Interactive, Thompson Connect (a division of JWT, Hong Kong) November 1994 – March 2000 Senior Art Director, High-Touch Communications Inc., Montréal, Québec, Canada January - September 1993 Art Director, Creation House, Hong Kong September - December 1992 Graphic Designer, Steiner & Co. (formerly Graphic Communication Ltd), Hong Kong October 1988 - October 1989 Graphic Designer, Creation House, Hong Kong
  2. 2. Promotion Website Digital Media Awards 2008 Intel Silicon Commander Gold Award, Best Tech/Telecom Campaign THE OBJECTIVE: Intel® vPro™ and Intel® Centrino® Pro processor technology offer advantages that impact a company’s entire fleet of PCs, both desktops and notebooks. So it’s a complicated dynamic to communicate to the target audience of I.T. managers and decision makers. THE STRATEGY: Rather than just telling the product story, Silicon Commander lets the target audience experience it for themselves with a virtual test drive. The game mirrors the daily routine of an I.T. Manager with “Agents of Chaos” such as viruses and malfunctions making life difficult for players as they command fleets of robots that stand-in for desktop and notebook PC clients. Players start off with “Basic” clients and must control resources wisely to upgrade to “Pro” clients that prove easier to manage, offer better security, and higher performance – the three core benefits of the real-world products. Why It’s Worthy In both scale and strategic approach, Silicon Commander raises the bar for advergaming. Unlike typical in-game product placements or single player “mini-games”, Silicon Commander is a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game (MMORTS) that pits thousands of players against each other. Strategically, a subtle approach to branding was also taken. The two product badges featured in the corner of the game’s interface. Results The game has attracted over 10,000 registered players from across Asia Pacific.
  3. 3. Promotion Website Digital Media Awards 2008 Intel Operation Inside Silver Award, Best Tech/Telecom Campaign THE OBJECTIVE: When choosing a new notebook PC, too many consumers are distracted by exterior factors such as design, price, and bundled accessories. Unfortunately, these marginal features can come at the expense of performance. THE STRATEGY: "Operation: Inside" is a six-part series of CGI animated webisodes that draws attention to the most important consideration inside a satisfying PC purchase – the processor. The interactive story promotes Intel® Centrino® Duo processor technology by challenging consumers to play the hero, Agent I, and look beyond the surface when making key choices. In each webisode, viewers watch a one-minute clip that leads to a choice between two like items – such as two getaway vehicles. Viewers must dig out the key factor differentiating the two choices. Correct choices lead to exciting escapes, while the wrong choice inevitably leads to Agent I's capture at the hands of Dr. Superficial and his band of Evil Henchmen. Assisting Agent I is an Intel processor that blazes to life during crucial moments to lend brainpower to the mission. Also lending support is IQ, the mission's brainy Tactical Lead, who imparts insights and advice to viewers during blog-style mission debriefs. Why It's Worthy Online advertising is constantly evolving to stay fresh for viewers. First it was banners, then interactive experiences, then video. Operation: Inside takes the next step with an interactive video experience with a richly engaging storyline and arresting art direction.
  4. 4. Promotion Website HSBC Flexi-Rewards THE OBJECTIVE: The 4 million customers of the HSBC Credit Card reward programme have always received a glossy yearly catalogue of goods they can redeem. But it was a take it or leave it programme of fixed products and fixed redemption prices. HSBC wanted to get away from the expense and environmen- tal costs of the printed catalogue and give the customers more choice. THE STRATEGY: HSBC moved the entire programme online and put the customer in charge with a powerful new offer to - “Buy what you want and pay what you want!” The online programme was called Flexi-Rewards and emphasized flexibility and choice by allowing the cardholders to pick and choose the products they wanted and pay with any combination of cash and reward points that suited them. The flexibility of the online environment also enabled the bank to easily change the products offered to show they were in tune with their customers needs. This was a completely new approach for loyalty marketing. RESULTS: The Flexi-Rewards programme was the first in its class for an online shopping and reward point platform offered by a bank in Hong Kong. By using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) the Flexi-Rewards site ranked no.1 in Google and Yahoo HK search. By reducing the paper used in printing catalogue, HSBC saved over 4420 trees. At the same time, with such move, the client had sharply reduced the operation cost of the program over 70%. Source: HSBC
  5. 5. Integrated Interactive Campaign New York Festival 2005 Interactive and Alternative Media Awards HSBC Online Credit Card Tax Payment Finalist Certificate (Ambient) THE OBJECTIVE: To significantly increase over tax time last year, the number of people paying their tax using HSBC’s credit cards through the bill payment service of online@hscb. Newspaper Print Ad Hong Kong’s personal income tax is relatively low and levied once a year. It is a time of year when many financial institutions, including HSBC, are advertising a whole raft of salary tax loans at competitive rates. Few people, who pay their tax in one lump sum, were aware that they could do so through the Internet, and fewer still by using their credit card. This however was the challenge facing the agency. Cut through the tax-related clutter proposing a novel payment service that could be perceived as unnecessarily expensive, at a financially difficult time of year, to a financially canny audience. THE STRATEGY: To leverage the HSBC credit card loyalty scheme, whereby spending earns Reward points, to be redeemed for goods and services, in a novel, compelling, and attention grabbing way. As the Reward points gained are in direct proportion to the amount spent on the credit card, paying your tax by card, in one or two lump sums, can potentially generate a significant amount of Reward MTR Door Sticker points. So attractive was this the previous year that (according to Bank records) some financially canny individuals had been doing the “unbelievable”, voluntarily paying other people’s tax bills. Armed with this insight, the Agency created a campaign based on the simple fact: “Incredible, but true. Rewards for taxpayers online” Online Banner To lend credibility to the proposition, the creative execution echoed that of real life news i.e. press ads mimicked the media in which they appeared, with stories of people paying other people’s tax, people paying their tax then flying for free; and “real people” were seen reading the news in the MTR. This news format enabled the Agency to pursue the “full story” surrounding the promotion, giving readers a wealth of important supplementary information such as how different people can benefit, the range of Reward point redemptions, how to operate the bill payment service, how to apply to raise your credit card limit online if necessary etc. - all packaged as readable, spoof news stories. This treatment was continued online, the campaign page including links to such supplementary information, such as payment demonstrations. Online tax payment increased by more than 500% over the same time last year.
  6. 6. Email Campaign DM Asia 2006 HSBC SmartPoints Finalist (Best Digital Email Campaign) THE OBJECTIVE: HSBC advertisements no longer use the hard selling approach, instead choosing a more educational style to help easy brand recall by the customer. HSBC wanted Tribal DDB to communicate with their online customers to encourage on line banking and to “soft sell” additional banking products. The strategy was to devise an e-mail communication that would immediately engage the customer. The SmartPoints campaign was created to promote ‘Smart internet banking tips’. It used e-related or financial knowledge as a hook to gain customer interest in HSBC’s Internet Banking and to build traffic to the designated web page. Target Market - Primary Target: Personal Internet Banking Customers who use HSBC Internet Banking for some transactions. - Secondary Target: HSBC customers who use the HSBC branch as their major bank channel. Describe Market Competition Online banking competition is intense as most banks introduce special offers for online banking product and services. THE STRATEGY: An e-DM was sent to customers each month containing e-related financial tips to generate curiosity and arouse interest – ‘Knowledge at your finger tips’. To attract customers to the landing pace, each month different financial products and services would be highlighted in a question format teaser, e.g. “How often do people check stock prices?” or “How would you describe the best way to bank?” The landing page contained “smart tips” on the different online banking products and service such as e-IPO and securities issue. To encourage transactions via HSBC Internet Banking, special offers were used such as credit card reward points or special discounts. Main Communication Message HSBC offers you Smart e-Banking tips as well as exclusive offers every month. Budget Yearly budget around HKD 1 Million. RESULTS: Issue Email Open Rate Page View Highlights January 41.7% 32,411 Tips sharing: 1690 entries February 38% 152,724 Quiz: 28,239 entries (22,834 with correct answers) March 36% 28,902 Referrer registration: 1,244 (with 2,231 referees) April 38% 54,526 Registered customers: 10,433 May -- 182,051 Registered customers: 9,468 (up to 25 May) (up to 25 May) Source: HSBC
  7. 7. Promotion Website 2004 HK4As Interactive and Direct Awards McDonald’s Fish McDippers Gold Award (Brand Building/Promotion Website) THE OBJECTIVE: To give online support to the promotion of a new McDonald’s food item, the Fish McDippers. THE STRATEGY: To leverage customer expectations of McDonald’s based on past online experience, and create a mini site to propagate full promotion details. The usual tactic is to email a database built of self-selected (mostly) young customers who tradition- ally respond well to McDonald’s promotions. They are Internet savvy and have shown a keen interest in a previous promotion sites which involve games, TVCs, screen savers, printable coupons, and various other downloadables. In this case, this familiarity with McDonald’s promotional sites was the driver. The site address was displayed on all the other advertising and printed collateral and the customer elected to visit in expectation of “entertainment.” This mini site contains three sections; Dip to discover (the promotion details); Dip into the TVC (watch online) and Dipping Mania (the game). This game takes alight-hearted look at the act of dipping and the reader is told: Fish McDippers – the new golden crispy fish sensation. With two savory sauces that complete this tasty creation. Add the 9 funky dipping styles to spice up the play. Then go with the flow and start dipping away! On click through they are presented with a track-suited character energetically demonstrating the funky dip action of their choice. These 9 actions including such as Zen Fish, Soaring Fish, Piercing Fish, Fish Dragon, gently spoof the martial arts that are so familiar to the target Hong Kong audience. A Tell-a-Friend function is added for onward referral, viral marketing.
  8. 8. Promotion Website Web Awards 2005 McDonald’s Classic Moments Standard of Excellence THE OBJECTIVE: McDonald’s has been introduced in Hong Kong since 1975 and sees their 30th anniversary as an excellent time to re-establish close ties with the customers, build relevance and connect emotionally with them. THE STRATEGY: McDonald’s is the only large scale US-based fast food chain in Hong Kong that has consistently done well and been widely accepted by Hong Kong customers. Other chains like Burger King or Wendy’s have come and gone while KFC and Pizza Hut are not as popular and lack the emotional associations that McDonald’s has with customers. Most Quick Service Restaurant advertising is retail driven and McDonald’s is the only brand that can claim an emotional territory in Hong Kong people’s hearts. To utilize the online channel, a unique approach takes the above-the-line proposition, McDonald’s Classic Moment to the next level - The 30 Classic Moments online campaign was born, 30 local celebrities including a pop singer, an action-figure designer, a musician…all contributed their own classic moments spent in McDonald’s from any time in the past 30 years. To keep up the momentum throughout the 30-day campaign period, a classic moment was added to the site everyday. To read all 30 stories, the viewers needed to visit the site everyday. This built up their habits and association with the McDonald’s site. Besides reading others’ story, everyone was welcome to participate. The viewers could upload their own photographs in the “Sharing Classic Moments” and tell their own classic moment story online. Through this feature, we created an interactive platform to let customers share their experience with McDonald’s as well as their friends and families. In the end, hundreds of stories and photos were received and a wallpaper with all the photos to form the McDonald’s Golden Arches was created and sent via email to acknowledge each contributor. Such was the response to this celebratory ‘bonding’ exercise with the public that increase the site traffic more than three-fold in the first month.
  9. 9. Social Media Application Café de Coral Master THE OBJECTIVE: Café de Coral, the biggest quality fast food chain in Hong Kong, wanted to win back teenage customers who had switched to grab-n-go junk food. So they got the teens to run the business. THE INSIGHT: Teens don’t listen to anyone. They don’t read. They don’t watch TV much. They switch off if you try to lecture them or sell them anything. But they do listen to each other on social networking sites. So that’s where we went to reach them with an enticing offer. THE STRATEGY: We made teens an offer. Rather than lecture them about eating better quality meals, we challenged them to run one of our restaurants. During the summer school holidays Café de Coral developed an online role-playing game – Café de Coral Master - in which participants started as junior staff in a virtual Café de Coral and moved up to become the manager. To gain faster promotion they had to answer questions about cooking, proper eating and healthy ingredients, but they had to find the answers themselves on the website, through friends or by visiting a real Café de Coral. The more successful they were at the game, the more they learned about Café De Coral’s quality and values. RESULTS: As the teens were doing everything themselves within their own ‘community’ the idea spread fast and within 2-weeks of the launch, more than 12,000 teenagers had installed Café de Coral Master on their Facebook. The game finally reached over 25,665 users.
  10. 10. Integrated Interactive Campaign 2005 EFFIE Awards “Join In” Finalist THE OBJECTIVE: Newspaper Print Ad To maximize the renewal numbers amongst subscribers. Mini Site The South China Morning Post’s online publication was due to start its second year of paid subscriptions. But there was a problem. The subscription fee was to be raised significantly from the original HK$249 to HK$399. By agreement, individual customer who had paid by credit card would have to be renewed at the original price, but also informed that the price will increase the following year. All other subscribers would have to be persuaded to renew at the higher price, straightaway. THE STRATEGY: To invite customers to “Join in” and enjoy the greater interactivity online afforded by the new features of South China Morning Post is Hong Kong’s leading English language paper and can justly claim to be an integral part of the fabric of Hong Kong life. This sense of community is enhanced even further by its sister online publication, whose interactivity allows the reader to become a contributor E-mail – to join in. The strategy was a two-pronged approach. Firstly to place ads in the newspaper that succinctly spoke to the complementary, interactive nature of the online publication, These ads would be echoed online with banners and campaign pages delivering the interactive content message. This strategy was designed to reinforce existing subscribers’ loyalty, and even entice new ones. The second prong of attack was more direct, comprising a customized email campaign followed by Online Banner tailored popup reminders. This effort was underpinned by further online banner ads leading to new content campaign pages. In the email campaign, the key message “Join in” is reinforced by leveraging the new content feature “On the Spot”, a new interactive space where readers can email questions directly to opinionated Post writers – live. The subscriber’s online reading habits, based on page view data, determined which was their most likely area of interest (business, sport, local news, arts etc) and the appropriate journalist was then used as a hook to deliver the new content/subscription message. “Want a rant with Kevin Sinclair?” for example. RESULTS: Despite the very sharp 60% increase in subscription fee from HK$249 to HK$399 there was actually an increase in subscription renewals over the previous year to an unexpectedly high rate of 65%. Source: SCMP
  11. 11. Integrated Activation Campaign Abbott Reductil “I Decide” THE OBJECTIVE: The campaign either illustrates these moments of decision, or reaches out to the consumer on actual occasions that could warrant such a decision…to stop being fat. To increase the market share of Reductil, a relatively new prescription weight loss drug in the Hong Kong, in a market already awash with plethora of products promising a quick fix. The lunch box is a popular Hong Kong means of taking the mid-day meal. We leveraged this fact to literally put our message into the hands of consumers in and around two business districts. Each box THE STRATEGY: contained a pack of low fat soya milk, some sugar free cereal beverage and crackers, as well as a As a prescription drug it faced certain regulatory restrictions that other weight loss products didn’t, product leaflet and a body mass index table printed on the other side. The key message was that a but the fact that it could only be used under medical supervision also gave us an authoritative edge, healthy meal is not enough… a gravitas that others lacked. The seats of the double-deck bus in Hong Kong are pretty tight. We make use of this and put up a Rather than promising dramatic weight-loss-in-a-bottle, as so many products do, we chose to pair of stickers on the back of the seat… identify much more closely with the consumer, to talk directly to them at certain key moments of decision. The creative highlights the very important, in the fundamental point each “weight loss Three radio commercials were created and run at the hourly time check, featuring three different consumer” must encounter in order to be successful in their quest for weight reduction – “the situations that could prompt a moment of decision…to stop being fat: running for and missing, the moment of decision”. bus; window shopping for low cut jeans and tight T-shirts pants; setting off the overload alarm in an elevator leaving the office in the evening. The whole message of hope is summed up in the crucial phrase “I decide”.
  12. 12. Integrated Activation Campaign Abbott Reductil “Healthier Hong Kong Movement” THE OBJECTIVE: A press conference on obesity was held in late May followed by press releases to increase the public’s awareness of obesity as a growing health concern. Then by June, Reductil launched four Having significantly grown Reductil’s market share the year before, we targeted to expand our client’s “Healthier Hong Kong Movement” road shows in selected shopping malls - to provide fitness sales by growing the market itself. information, test for signs of weight problems, and channels to seek professional help if necessary. A Reductil ‘Healthier You’ gift pack was also distributed that contained a BMI calculator, healthy waist THE STRATEGY: ruler and weight-related information booklet. As the competition in the weight loss field comprise mainly of a plethora of products promising a quick fix, it was decided to leverage Reductil’s prescription status, it’s ‘health’ credentials to broaden As a complement to the rather clinical setting of the Healthier Hong Kong Movement road shows, a the customer base to appeal, not simply to a limited number of people looking to loose weight for “Belly Dance” contest was organised to add a lighter fun element to the campaign. The contestants fashion/fitness reasons. were recruited from magazine advertising which created a cross-media marketing synergy with the event. We leveraged on the product’s connection with medical professionals to provide support to our campaign which addressed Hong Kong peoples’ concerns about health-related weight issues. The Overall, 3000 people’s data was captured from the road show and the contest, and a dramatic “Reductil Healthier Hong Kong Movement” campaign was created. increase in call centre traffic was recorded.
  13. 13. Flat Mailing HSBC “Apple-a-day” DM THE OBJECTIVE: To increase customer usage of HSBC Internet banking service, online@hsbc. Although people don’t need to make financial transactions online@hsbc everyday, we could at least foster the notion that regular attention through online@hsbc could be beneficial, that the more you did online@hsbc, the better your financial health would be. THE STRATEGY: To equate regular usage of online@hsbc with financial well-being through incentives for certain transactions. We could do more than draw a direct comparison between daily checking of your financial status and the health benefits of proverbial “Apple-a-day”- we could actually make it better for your financial health! This Apple-a-day concept was manifest from the very beginning with a mailer designed to clutter bust through an impressive origami-inspired flat piece carrying the image of a tasty green apple, together with the slogan and key promotion details. No matter which version of the mailer was received, the core visual remained the same. The promotion was split between two audience segments, those who were regular users of online@hsbc, and those who were deemed “inactive”, i.e. those who had registered but had not logged on for over a month. The former group would receive an invitation to take part in both promotions. The first promotion was a simple lucky draw. Every time you made a specific transaction online@hsbc, you’d receive an “apple”. Each apple represents a lucky draw entry. The more transactions you made, the greater your chances of winning one of three exclusive cash prizes of a HKD36,500 SOGO Gift Certificate. The second promotion was customized to each customer. They had to perform certain transactions, depending upon their financial relationship, within a fixed time to qualify for gift coupons.
  14. 14. Loyalty/Relationship Marketing Invitation DM HSBC Gold Rush Ranch THE OBJECTIVE: A loyal relationship is built upon trust and positive experiences. HSBC’s strategy is to come top of mind whenever their customer has a lending need. With this in mind our strategy was to create a distinctive campaign to supplement their back-to-back ATL advertising schedule through out the year. A relationship- building event was introduced to show that HSBC pays attention to and looks after its customers and their families. Rather than simply providing a traditional loan offer, a more unique approach was chosen to leverage the relationship between HSBC and its customers. With an emphasis on a wholesome family event filled with adventure, exploration and excitement a Wild West theme came about, which later evolved to being named the “Gold Rush Ranch” held at Hong Kong’s Welcome Pack most famous amusement park, Ocean Park. Target Market - Cash needy customers who borrow from the bank Follow-up Mailer - Middle aged: 35-53; 40/60 male vs. female; 97% married - Average income: HK$20,000 - Full-time employment in sales and service industry - Not well-educated: 56% secondary education; 30% below secondary Describe Market Competition There is intense competition within the loan market segment. With the keen competition under the lending market in HK, pricing, quick turnaround time and ease of application are the key product features to stand out from competitors. THE STRATEGY: To kick off the event 100,000 DM packs were sent to target market families inviting them to participate in a lucky draw to win two free tickets to the Gold Rush Ranch event, while at the same time 4,000 families were selected by lucky draw to win free tickets and a Gold Rush Ranch game Event Pictures pack. The second phase involved decorating Ocean Park to resemble a Gold Rush town where helpers and customers enlivened the environment by dressing as cowboys and Indians. During the evening RESULTS: there were simple interactive games for the whole family to participle in, such as counting gold nuggets and tracking down wanted people. To sustain the atmosphere, the final phase of the event - A total of 2923 families (7870 people) participated in the event involved each participating family receiving a special follow up DM – a photo of them at the Gold - Received 1285 surveys after the event with positive comments collectively Rush Ranch serving as a memento to remind them of their special experience. HSBC may perhaps - Comment from client: be the first bank in HK to send an event photo to each individual participating family. “We received a lot of positive feedback and were delighted to see all the happy faces of the participants' families. By all means, this event has further strengthened our customer relationships with the loyal Main Communication Message population. It also played an important role in grooming this customer base, and I strongly believe that our HSBC values you and your family thereby providing an uplifting and unique experience without any customers will certainly feel that HSBC is putting their interest at heart. As time goes by, it will highly be likely conditions. that these participants become our core customers and they will stick with HSBC whenever and wherever there is a banking need.” Budget – Lisa Wong, Head of Marketing Development & Segments, Marketing Asia-Pacific, HSBC Hong Kong Around HK$300,000
  15. 15. 3-Dimensional Mailing HSBC Real Good Deal DM THE OBJECTIVE: To promote uptake of HSBC products and services amongst a very specific target group, identified by the client as “Cash Needy”. THE STRATEGY: The agency decided to present these products and services to the target audience in a simple, straightforward manner, with the emphasis on additional incentives of a relevant and practical nature over and above the usual product benefits and promotions. We named these “Real Good Deals.” Research, not to mention common sense, indicated that these ‘cash needy’ people were always looking for the best deal. They were quite prepared to shop around for it, often having relationships with several banks and financial institutions. Trying to attract them to HSBC products by such means as lifestyle rewards, consolidation of financial accounting, or brand experience alone was therefore deemed inappropriate. That said, the target audience is in large part family-oriented, the parents very keen to provide their children with the best they can, the most secure home life, educational opportunities etc. They recognise the advisability of planning for the long term as well as addressing short term financial needs. They are receptive to the notion of investment and insurance products through HSBC. The strategy positions Real Good Deals as HSBC’s response to and recognition of, their family commitments, giving genuine practical help over and above any other promotional activities. In this case this extra help is in the form of shopping coupons of not inconsiderable value to cash-strapped parents. The creative execution is very specifically designed to reflect this extra dimension. Given the understandable financial constraints imposed by mass mailing, we have deliberately chosen to design a Real Good Deals house style which calls for the conceptual use of 3D. To give substance to the “reality” of the practical benefits of the scheme, we always make the benefits literally “stand out”. This is echoed in the logo itself which is drawn as a “solid” 3D block. The Real Good Deals themselves, the key extra financial benefits, literally stand off the pages of this 3D cut-out mailer. The domestic situations depicted show the Bank understands the unexpected and sometimes unwelcome expenses that pop-up from time to time in everyday living.
  16. 16. Integrated Advertising Campaign 2004 John Caples International Awards JF Asset Management MasterSaver Third Place (Consumer Campaign) THE OBJECTIVE: At a time of low interest rates offered by the banks, our client wanted to promote their monthly investment plan, something they had not done for years. Many people were very well aware of the company and it’s fund products but had not heard of this particular (potentially) profitable alternative means of accumulating savings in the long term, including existing investors. TVC THE STRATEGY: Unlike JF’s individual funds, this product could not be promoted via the usual channels (banks and partners). The challenge was to create awareness in the wider marketplace, on the one hand, and target existing investors on the other. For both regular investors and the generally money-savvy Hong Kongers, investment usually implies large lump sum upfront payments. To correct this notion and convey the simple nature of this savings product, our creative succinctly positions JF MasterSaver as “Investing at your own pace”, evoking an emotional response, as well as a rational reason to pick up the phone. The simple concept rolls out in print, showing shoes of various styles representing the different rates of monthly contributions. Of course the more you pay in the faster you save. The message is delivered with gentle humour and everyday simplicity in a 30 second TVC which is an animated progression through the shoes’ paces, from the flip flop saving pace of HK$1000 per month, right through to running shoes accumulating a lot more in the long run. This ran on TV and on a giant plasma screen near the company’s Investment Centre in the heart of Hong Kong’s business district. Print Ad A powerful direct mail piece would talk to the existing customers, leveraging the strong house graphic style of rich red with white line drawings. Shoes of various styles appropriate for walking at different paces, convey the various rates at which you can save, with an actual “offer-on-a-shoehorn” to help you into the face lane (of saving) The same motif of shoes was utilised in the nearest MTR exit and the Central Underpass to the Star Ferry. This busy pedestrian underpass also leads to the JF Investment Centre, Jardine House. And the impact of the giant shoes billboard proved a supremely appropriate call to action to ‘step this way’. RESULTS: Rolled out on DRTV, outdoor, press, and direct mail, the very memorable campaign created an 80% increase in walk-in business at the Investment Centre, 150% increase in telephone DM Billboard enquires. Source: JF Asset Management
  17. 17. 3-Dimensional Mailing 2006 HK4As Interactive and Direct Awards MSN Creative Showreel Bronze Award (3-Dimensional Mailing) THE OBJECTIVE: THE STRATEGY: The objective was to showcase the creative potential MSN has as a preeminent online advertising With an understanding that trade industry people are a fickle bunch with little time to spare the channel to media houses, advertising agencies and advertisers, whilst forging a stronger relationship packaging needed to make an instant impact. Our intentions were that the DM pack would serve as with the creative community. a sensational door opener leaving a lasting impression later encouraging subsequent action by trade people. Upon viewing the work on the CD-ROM our thought was that it was very entertaining and THE CHALLENGE: enjoyable, similar to watching a series of short films. However, we felt that it needed a more uplifting name and description and decided on Creative Showreel since this would immediately emphasize The challenge was to create a DM pack for Microsoft to compliment their CD-ROM containing and describe its exciting and creative content. We were weary of the work being ignored or worse innovative advertising clips. being viewed as a chore. This led to us to the insight that the showreel should be experienced as a recess from daily work, a treat and furthermore be consumed as a tasty snack. By embellishing this insight we created a snack pack concept for the exterior and inserted an actual bag of chips to compliment the Creative Showreel and satiate the viewers appetite.