Effective delegation
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  • 2. Subject: Business Practice Level4 Topic: Delegation in the workplace
  • 3. Oh no, I completely forgot about this meeting. I will now have to rush to get to town and I still have so many other things to do today Nelisa, you must really think about delegating some of your tasks, before you suffer burnout.
  • 4. I don’t know how to delegate and whom to delegate to. I am sure that there is someone competent in your department who knows what to do, have the authority to do it and know how to do it.
  • 5. I know, but I am so used to doing most of the tasks myself. How will I go about delegating these tasks? You must issue clear instructions. Come with me then I will write down the steps on the board in the office
  • 6.
    • Identify a suitable person for the job
    • Prepare the person, explain the task clearly and make sure they understand you
  • 7.
    • Make sure the person has the necessary authority to do the job properly
    • Keep in touch with the person for support and monitoring of progress
    • Always acknowledge a job well done
  • 8. I am really not sure if I can trust someone else to take over my duties
  • 9. Well, if you delegate you will feel less stressed and overloaded at work By delegating you can build up a strong and successful team of employees
  • 10. Where will I still find the time to explain the tasks to someone else? There are two good reasons for delegating I am scared that someone else will not do the task the way that I want it done I am already so busy
  • 11. 1. While others are working on certain tasks, you can spend some time creating new ideas and concepts 2. By involving others in your projects, you will be developing their skills and abilities
  • 12.
    • Is this a task that you must do yourself, or can someone else do it?
    • Does anybody else have the skills or expertise, or can they be trained, to complete the task?
    • Does delegating the task provide an opportunity to develop someone else’s skills?
  • 13.
    • Will this or a similar task occur again in the future?
    • Is there enough time available to delegate the task effectively?
    • Does delegating the task provide an opportunity to develop someone else’s skills?
  • 14. How will I determine who to delegate to?
  • 15. Is there time and resources available for training? What skills and experience does the person already have? Can the person work alone and independently?
  • 16. What do they want from their job? Do the person have time for the work? Will delegating the task require rescheduling of the person’s responsibilities?
  • 17. Ok, now I now why, when and to whom to delegate, but how do I delegate? I am however not very good at asking people to do work for me You need not worry, if you follow the following principles
  • 18.
    • Prepare the person
    • Identify boundaries & limitations
    • Include employees in the delegation process
    • Provide lots of support
  • 19.
    • Concentrate on the outcome
    • Avoid upward delegation
    • Maintain control
    • Acknowledge a job that is well done